A talk given by the Tallasee King and head men of the Upper and Lower Creek Nation, 1782 May 28

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A Talk given by the Tallasee King and Sundry Head Men of the Upper and Lower Creek Nation this
28th May 1782. [deleted text: To the H ]
The Tallasee King says that he has come with his Head Men of the Tallasee and that this Day we are now face to face in order to speak the truth and renewing the Friendship that their Fore Fathers made before them.
This Day we have met with our old Friends to Speak the truth to each other & Says he meant that he [added text: should ] met [meet] the two Kings to talk in Order that their Days may be happy hereafter, as for his Part he means nothing but Peace and quietness and that he believed that the Master of the Breath has caused [added text: it [illegible text] ] that now the Time is drawing near that there will be nothing but Peace [added text: & quietness ] in the Land. What has made him take so much Trouble in making Peace is on account of their Women and Children which they Love [added text: he ] Says that the French was their old Fathers and that the [added text: Americans ] Spaniards and the Dutch have strove to assist them that they might live upon their own Land. He says that he has come many a time backwards and forwards in Order to keep Peace and quietness and that is what he is now come for, and nothing else but that the Path between them & us may be kept white and straight that they may pass backwards and forwards as usual. He says that it was ordained that our Children should eat out of one Dish that is one with a Red Hand and the other with white and that as Brothers and Friends & not to have a Forked Tongue to ea [added text: c ] h other but to speak always one thing. He Says the [unclear text: French ] have heard his Speech and that he has seen them, as also the Spaniards have heard his Talk, likewise [deleted text: also ] the Dutch and makes no doubt that the Virginia [added text: King ] has also heard his Talk, that the Days has formerly looked as though they were cloudy or as if a heavy cloud hung over [deleted text: th ] us but that now it appears that the Cloud is breaking and that soon it will be all calm and clear. He hopes that the day is [deleted text: ner ] [added text: near ] at hand that it will be in your Power [deleted text: [illegible text] ] [added text: to assist us & that you will ] not to forget us. He says that he is very glad that the Time is now at hand that Peace and Plenty is so near but that it depends entirely upon our Warriors how soon for they have been long a Suffering. He says that he desires that the great Warriors that are now laying near Savannah and Charlestown and also the Virginia King at Philadelphia may be acquainted with this Talk that when these Places are taken and the French and Spaniards may me [added text: e ] t they may all know that the upper Towns of the Creek Nation in general have been their Friends He says that this [added text: is ] True talk and that this [added text: is ] all at Present but to let all the Beloved Men [added text: that they ] may know it. Presents a Wampum Bead belt and Says that this Belt has been sent as a War Belt and has been sent through every Nation through [added text: all ] the [added text: [deleted text: all ] ] Norward by the Norward Indians as a Token of War to all the Nations that they might all join in [deleted text: one ] War against the Virginia King therefore he desires that the Belt may be [deleted text: [illegible text] ] sent back to them with a letter and acquaint them that they hope by this Time they have [deleted text: sent ] [added text: seen ] their Error as they must have suffered as well as them by taking such false Talks from the [illegible text]

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Presents a number of white Beeds [Beads] as a Token [deleted text: from ] [added text: of ] Friendship from [deleted text: all the ] Sundry Towns of the Nation viz. The Cussetaws, The Hichetaws Parachocolau, Hoconey Savoucolo, & Usshatcee, & Savocolouchees.
Presents a [added text: white ] Pouch.
Which he says is a Token of Peace and which he has held fast that it contains some Tobacco which he desires all the Head Men and Warriors may smoke out of it as Friends.
Presents a white wing
Which he says does belong to another Warrior who was very assiduous in carrying the Talk from this Place to Mobille and Pensacola that formerly he was a Warrior and was red but that now he had turned white and that he now intends nothing But Peace and Friendship.
The Head Warrior Speech of the Tallasees
Says as for his Part he has nothing to Say but to agree with the Tallasee King in talking nothing but Peace and goodness and that he agrees with everything he has said and that this is the Day they have all met together to hear and see one another in Peace and Friendship. He Say he must let us know that Peace is not his Business as a Warrior but his King has talked to him and told him [added text: to be ] at Peace and that on that account he has received the white [document damaged] Wing that now [document damaged] for Peace. He says that David [unclear text: Tait ] and [illegible text] was determined to raise them to come down and go to War but that he went to the King for his advice and to know what to do but he advised them to sit still and not to have any hand in it as he had Women and Children which he loved. He Says that the [deleted text: Virginia People ] [added text: Americans ] gave him a Talk not to concern on the one side or the other but to lye [lie] still which he has followed and has always strove to do all the good he could untill [until] this Day after a great Deal of Trouble & Poverty
Presents a Commission which he received from Charlestown [deleted text: which he received ] [added text: in his [unclear text: 9 ] yrs. ] to do good and that soon after he heard [deleted text: [illegible text] ] [added text: of ] the Death of one of his People [added text: which caused [unclear text: Tears to come ] ] but still he remained as a Friend as he promised he would be and has been ever since and now presents his Commission to shew [show] his integrity that the next Man to him [added text: on the right Hand ] is a Warrior and that his Talk has always been good that he now he is removed to his own Town because the Talks in the Town where he lived where [were] disagreeable to him
He says as for his Part he looked upon it as his Duty to look [deleted text: upon his Duty ] [added text: upon his King & ] to obey [deleted text: his King ] [added text: him ] which he always has done.

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May 28, 1782

Copy of Tallasee Kings Talk --
1782 -- 28 May


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