Pandora [volume LXXXIII 1970]

y/To Be Nobody But Yourself in a world which is do-
ing its best night and dayday and night to make
you everybody but yourself means to fight the
hardest battle any human can fight and to never
stop fighting."
e.e. cummings
They come from all over
from Macon
i and Cambodia, Brooklyn
and Chatsworth, Hull and
nd Jesup, Atlanta and Clayton,
They come because they are curious about something
about themselves . . .
They come because they
heard that Georgia had a
good Chemistry Department
or because someone thought
they could play football or
because three generations of
ancestors were Georgia
alumni or because they
couldn't get in anywhere
else or didn't try or be-
cause they wanted to be
lawyers or veterinarians or
wives or because someone
offered them lucrative
fellowships or because
Columbus College was just
too small-time or for 15,000
other reasons.
They come to a university that is
both two centuries old and one day
old. Some will stay for a quarter or
two; some for four years; some
will live here the rest of their lives.
n j
il r--
The University is people. People becoming something
they were not before . . .

laughing, singing, and
People making things
and discovering,
people discouraged
and helping,
ople growing up and
aking out,
people touching
daring, seeking, and

puss pigg


People changing
and marching
and changing things .

South** Standard Newspaper
WtttNESOXt, OCTOBER 13, 1969

JViet Moratorium
Arrives with
Both Sides Ready
see So. 4. \
m in \
of the 1
j. Mike Cuel- 1
-v Orioles to \
,-ary. will J
irom '
WWA \\\tj
liM Backers Rallying:,
Foes Flying Flags
PfW W*riw
Across the groat length snd breadth ot the nation, the stags
was set lor Vietnam Moratorium Day Wednesday, a protest by
Americans who oppose the war.
OthcB, however. arc ex^cledll* House ol
.to fly Hies in support ot U.S.tUve. to oo the side ol H,.
policy to fletaun-* counter-1, He 'died epwisors ot the
demonitreUoo by what one (demonstration, which otlgmeted
spokesmen called America's lonttm student greups, ' Com-
"sllent malority." Imuiusts and anarcMsta who
In scope and In style, the J Continued on Page t-A, CoL l
Wedesday moratorium loomed \__ _________________
as a maidlestatlon ol a nation i
divided over Its Vietnam poli-
In streets, in churches, on i
composes and at state and ted' \
era! capitois, lacets ol the \
planned antiwar demonstration:
included mam rattles, parades.
teach-ins, lorums. prayers and',
iha reading ot the names ot'.
Vietnam war dead.
Leaders snd backers ol the'
moratorium have called tor a\
nonviolent disruption ot the or-
dlnary dally routine, and law\ By DV.'ANE RtNER
wtorccment oKtclala have ex- \ ..
pressed no great outward con*\ 'JAMIINGTON The VI
aaMtawvwMMe cern. Some cities called extra'^ Vtcuinml
' t duty, but mainly \i&i*hdcd lor lack o! a quo*
Vud!&xo TvawUy, ij

>Jljprajtf^^Biap|Mfey; ._jp-~. %,. _ >.y 1 11 /<rX~5 Jk f ^ W Jl * Ain58HWft.V-T-ifl.iit* tfe15 jgtd MUBBilllP^tifift if t wp^tiMKS&i ^^KUSi.TfBiS Ok > uSffi,i38SslfeWaUfc^lt iTVS"** 55kBiB
,^Br'^pi.aM|NaMHr|X9kMP|?Fta&igM T j)v'IrnHj
jsctK ^ s pHII^|L^:J[ ||]hSK u| w i
,- r~ ; Lm|^%M m v s| I ra a^l^K Vk> i^HH^^. :' ^WSHF :JH& IT. ^^HP^iSfairc JRk i' i

1 AM 7
whoraw IH[ rm

'The War's Over!'
'The War's Over!'
'The War's Over!'
'The War's Over!'
"I fully expect (only) six more months of hard fighting."
General Navaree, French commander-in-chief, Jan. 2, 1954.
"The Communists now realize they can never conquer
Iree Vietnam."Gen. J. W. O'Daniel, military aide to Viet-
nam, Jan. 8, 1961.
"(The War) is turning an important corner."Sec. of
State Rusk, March 8, 1963.
^^S'Victory ... is just months away ... I can safely say the
end of the war is in sight."General Paul D. Harkins, Com-
mander of Military Assistance Command in Vietnam, Oct. 31,
MB'The United States still hopes to withdraw its troops
from South Vietnam by the end of 1965.ESec. of Defense
McNamara, Feb. 19, 1964.
"We are not about to send American boys nine or ten
thousand miles from home to do what Asian boys ought to
be doing for themselves."Pres. Johnson, Oct. 21, 1964.
^^5'We have stopped losing the war."Sec. of Defense
McNamara, Oct. 1965.
^^5'We have succeeded in attaining our objectives .
General Westmoreland, July 13, 1967.
". . . We are enlightened with our progress . . . we are
generally pleased ... we are very sure that we are on the
right track."President Johnson, July 13, 1967.
". . . We have never been in a better relative position."
General Westmoreland, April 10, 1968.
BB"We've certainly turned the corner (in Vietnam) 3Sec.
of Defense Melvin Laird, July 15, 1969.
"We're on a course that is going to end this war
Pres. Nixon, Sept. 29, 1969.
(Reprinted from The Billboard of Wilson College in
Chambersburg, Pa.>-
Vo SSj8\
he Red
Tuetday, November 11, 1969
addox Calls Moratorium]
[Treason, Harmful to War
Staff Writer
Regardless of the moti-
I vies of those participating in a
I movement such as the Viet-
1 nam Moratorium, the end
I result of their acts is to aid
I and abet the enemies of the
I United States of America and
I the enemies of freedom,
I declared Gov. Lester Maddox
I in a recent campus appear-
I ance sponsored by the Univer-
| sity Union.
Speaking to a packed house
lir, the Memorial Hall ball-
Iroom last week, the governor
I drew some disapproval from
1 his audience with his com-
Iments on various topics, espe-
I daily the Vietnam war and
| moratorium.
Refering to the morato-
Irium, the governor said many
I well-intentioned persons were
I committing accidental trea-
Ison, and others were commit-
| ting deliberate treason.
The short range goal of the
I leaders of the moratorium is
I to end the war in Vietnam by
1 handing victories to the ene-
mies of the United States,
said Maddox.
The long range goal is to
overthrow the government of
the United States and replace
it with a form of Communism
which form has not been di-
MADDOX SAID the war in
Vietnam must be ended, but it
must not be ended by the un-
conditional surrender of the
United States.
Certainly, in my opinion,
we never should have gone
into Vietnam, he said. I
think were there because we
surrendered to communism in
Cuba and we compromised
with it in Korea, the gover-
nor declared.
house and clothe it in
Washington, D.C. and other
parts of this country,
he added.
Laughter and disapproving!
rumblings greeted that com-
ment and prompted a scolding |
from the speaker. You invit-[
ed me over here to speak my I
beliefs, my convictions. If you I
cant be young people decent I
| enough and respectful enough!
] to act like young people, |
I either you should go or I [
| should go or you should shut!
up till I finish.
Following the applause and!
laughter generated by his I
reprimand, Maddox said al-|
though he believes American!
combat troops should never!
| have been sent to Vietnam, the [
United States is committed!
I now.
IF ANY person wants to I
aid the Communists and other!
enemies of the United States j
and hurt our country and be-|
tray our fighting men, he|
declared, they should join I
with the Communists, the I
mistaken and the misguided |
others in the moratorium.
If they want to help the I
fighting men and our counry,|
they will stay out of the mora-f
i torium, the Governor assert-1
Following his address.!
Maddox moved to the recep
tion room upstairs to field
individuals questions. The
period was marked by some
emotional outbursts by both
questioners and the Governor
as many questioned the exec-
utive on specific points.
Asked about education and
integration, Maddox stand-
ing on a table so he could be
heard E- queried the audi-
ence, Which do you want
crowd yelled.
Thats sickening, Mad-
dox retorted.
As one giant voice, the au-
dience retorically responded,
Integration is sickening?
Yes, the governor re-
plied, when youre telling
one people they cant get an
education unless its with an-
other group.
IM NOT against integra-
tion, Im against forced inte-
gration, because its criminal,
its sin, its wrong, Maddox
explained. Because if its
forced, you deny at least one
party the right to be free.
A student accused him and
other public officials of over-
looking the situation at Alto
Institute, a training institute.
The student, who said he had
been there, said conditions
were bad and prisoners were
being treated wrongly.
Any man who says Im
overlooking Alto is a liar, in-
cluding yourself if you say
that, Maddox retorted angri-

People awakening to their role in
nature . . . people concerned with the
quality of life and . . .
with the quantity of life.

Miss Pandora Beauty Pageant
Paula Nunnally, Sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha
Alice Brown, Sponsored by Delta Delta Delta
Terri Norris, Sponsored by Delta Gamma
Lynn Williams, Sponsored by Sigma Chi




k~?4 sin Lf A

imir^ |ysiu^^
Assistant News Editor
"(Dean) Rusk's appointment is the
most outstanding achievement of the
University Law School since Dean
(Lindsey) Cowan came to the University
in 1965," said George (Buddy) Darden,
speaking recently about the appoint-
ment of Dean Rusk to the University's
law faculty.
Darden, a former student body presi-
dent and 1967 graduate of the Georgia
Law School, is assistant district attorney
of the Cobb County Judicial Circuit.
Darden's statement reflected the posi-
tive reaction of the more than 25 law
students, faculty and law school alumni
interviewed. Despite definite efforts to
locate persons opposed to Rusk's ap-
pointment, none could be found to bal-
ance the reaction.
YUNG CHIANG, currently professor of
International and Comparative Law,
stated that there is no opposition on the
faculty and that the majority of students
approve of the appointment.
"I am very glad he was approved and I
feel that the majority of law students
feel the same way," said Bill Anderson, a
first year law student.
Ed Hollman, second year student, said,
"In the law school we have some pretty
conservative students. Even some of my
friends who are very much to the right
approve because they feel the man has
something to offer."
The University System Board of Re-
gents confirmed former Secretary of
State and native Georgian Dean Rusk as
professor of international law by a 9-4
vote on December 29.
VOTING AGAINST the appointment
were Regents Roy V. Harris of Augusta,
leader of the Rusk opposition; Carey
Williams of Greensboro, John A. Bell, Jr.,
of Dublin and Anton F. Solms of Savan-
nah. Regent T. Hyram Stanley of Colum-
bus was not present.
Gov. Lester Maddox, who had re-
mained fairly quiet on the appointment
until the morning of the Board of Re-
gents meeting, announced that if he
were a member of the Board, he would
vote against confirming the appoint-
ment. Rusk will assume the post in Sep-
tember of 1970, according to Cowen,
Law School dean. The position will be no
different from any other faculty mem-
ber, Cowen said.
"Dean Rusk is a man of extraordinary
experience and abilities. He will have
broad responsibilities" in the areas of
teaching and research.
IT HAD BEEN rumored that Cowen
wants to build a nationally prominent
School of International Law and that
Rusk was just the important name that
Cowen needed to start his plans to
work. However, Cowen said when asked
about these plans, "What we are trying
to build is a school of national stature
not a separate school exclusively of In-
ternational Law.
"International law becomes more
important every day. Every lawyer needs
background in this area," Cowdn stated.
He also said that within the limit of
space, Rusk's classes, as other law cours-
es, will be open to the University.
When asked if Rusk's visit at the first
of fall quarter, had been a chance for
Rusk to ask for the position, Cowen
stated that Rusk had been asked long
ago to accept the post. "In fact the first
inquiry had been sent to Rusk in June of
Anti-Rusk sentiment stems from what
some political personalities termed his
liberal" posture as secretary of state to
presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon
B. Johnson, and his role in the U.S. pol-
icy in Vietnam.
THERE WAS also some discussions as
to Rusk's qualifications since he does not
have a law degree.
"Mr. Harris has proven a law degree is
not assurance of enlightenment."
According to news accounts, some
regents and politicians mentioned the
marriage of Rusk's daughter Margaret
Elizabeth to a Negro, Guy Gibson Smith,
w hen she was a coed at Stanford Univer-
sity in 1967. They said her marriage was
not the major reason for opposition to
Rusk, however.
"This qualifications aspect has been
clouded anyway," said Anderson. "When
a man has served as Secretary of State
under two presidents, it is almost irrele-
vant to say he is not qualified. He prac-
ticed international law every day. To say
a class couldn't glean from the man is
Gerald Tanenbaum, a third year law
student, commented on the question, "I
think that Mr. HarrisTias proven that a
law degree is not an assurance of en-
Carl Cannon, a third year law student
and editorijn-chief of the Georgia Law
Review, said, "The most absurd reason I
heard for anyone voting against Rusk
was, "I'm against any controversial per-
son teaching in the University System."
The statement was made by Regent
Carey Williams.
WHEN ASKED his feelings concerning
the question of Rusk's not having a law
degree, Chiang said, "I think he has
studied Political Science in college and
since he has been in the government so
long and International Law also relates to
politics, he has plenty of qualifications.
The direct contact of Rusk with impor-
tant persons will be an asset to the stu-
Hollman did not approve of the ac-
tions of the Board during the discussions
of Rusk's appointment. "I feel that the
law school knows what it needs and
these people should appreciate the
ideas of the administration and stu-
Stephen Ege, assistant professor in the
law school felt "Harris' remarks were out
of place and had no bearing on the
man's qualification to teach."
"DEAN RUSK'S presence will be an
asset to the law school and to the Uni-
versity community generally, because he
has a very impressive background, espe-
cially his experience as Secretary of
State," Ege said. "Also, I am pleased that
the objections based on his personal life
were overcome."
"Rusk's appointment will be significant
in increasing the prominence of the Law
School. It will be important in the re-
cruitment of faculty and students," Ta-
nenbaum said.
Commenting about Rusk's salary,
which raised a few eyebrows throughout
the state, Chiang said, "Forty-five thou-
sand dollars for a prominent person like
Rusk is quite proper. It may be surpris-
ing in this area but in other parts of the
country it is not."
Chiang added that he had received a
letter from a friend teaching at Harvard
Law School who congratulated the Uni-
versity on its choice and felt the ap-
pointment will be very good for the
image of the University.
School graduate studying at the Univer-
sity of the state bar exam, spoke of the
effect of Rusk's appointment on the
state. "By having him in the University
system, it will attract more scholars
throughout the state. He will be a great
asset to the school and to the state. He is
one of the most brilliant men that Geor-
gia has ever turned out."
"Looking back on a law school career,
having Rusk for a professor would be
one of the most outstanding experiences
one could have. Law is not just a status
quo thing, it is learned through human
experience," Farrar said.
"THE ACTIONS of the Board of Re-
gents were absurd and backward.
Whether they agree or disagree with
him, the fact is, he is a brilliant man and
diversity of opinion should not be any
basis for opposing him. If you just had
one opinion in law school, all you would
turn out is a bunch of one opinioned
lawyers which would result in static
growth of Georgia law," Farrar added.
James B. Blackburn, an attorney in Sa-
vannah and a Georgia graduate, said, "I
think the Regents would have been in
great error had they not approved
Rusk's appointment, especially on the
grounds that they expressed."
"We should be very proud that a man
of his stature and his ability has retruned
to the state. It is so seldom that our na-
tive sons of distinction return, we should
feel honored," Blackburn said.
DARDEN SAID of Rusk, "He is the
most qualified person today to teach this
course other than those presently in
Both Blackburn and Darden com-
mented on the turbulency and the seri-
ousness of problems which faced Rusk as
secretary of state. The distinction with
which he served two presidents during
these violent days says much for his abil-
ity, Blackburn and Darden felt.
Another alumnus of the University law
school, asking that his name not be
used, stated his approval of Rusk's ap-
"Whether I agree with his philosophy
or not, Rusk will be a credit to the law
school. The law school is really coming
up in prestige," he said.
As to the opposition of certain persons
to Rusk's appointment, he said that they
were clearly the reactionary group in the
He asked that his name not be used
because "I have to run for reelection
down here and this is Maddox Country."
In pursuance of the goal of rooting out the evils of racism and fostering a sense of group
identity among black students at the University, the members of the Black Student Union are
making the following demands of the administration:
1) The establishment of a Department of Afro-American and African Studies.
2) The active recruitment of black scholars and athletes.
3) The reservation of at least 150 slots in each freshman class for black students until
the black representation is proportionate to their percentage of the population.
4) The immediate appointment of a black person to the Board of Regents.
5) The resignation of Roy Harris from the Board of Regents.
6) The selection of an advisor for Afro-American students to be selected by black stu-
7) The immediate cessation of the playing of "Dixie" at University functions.
8) The establishment of a student-faculty exchange program between the University
and the black schools in the state system, to wit, Albany State College, Fort Valley
State College, Savannah State College.
9) The active recruitment of native black Africans.
10) The employment of black instructors to be placed in the classroom rather than in
research departments.
11) The employment of black men and women as dormitory advisors and housemoth-
12) The establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee to investigate "red neck" instructors.
13) The placement of black students who seek employment in responsible positions
rather than in the shelves on the back side of the library.
14) That a committee be established to investigate the racially discriminatory practices
of social sororities and fraternities.
15) That a "pass-fail with an evaluation" system be established for black students rather
than the regular grading system.
16) That black industries be encouraged to come to the University to recruit employ-
17) That Kappa Alpha (KA) be banned from campus.
18) That all blacks who have flunked out of the University be readmitted.
19) The establishment of an Afro-American dormitory.
20) The initiation of an orientation program for incoming black students to be con-
ducted solely by Afro-Americans.
21) A fund be established to aid black students who are suffering financial difficulty.
22) A wage increase for campus employees in service departments and the placement
of black employees in managerial and other responsible positions.
Mr. Robert Benham, President
Black Student Union
1250V2 South Lumpkin Street
Athens, Georgia 30601
Dear Mr. Benham:
As you have suggested I am addressing this letter to you in your capacity
as President of the Black Student Union even though that organization is
not an officially recognized campus organization. In formulating this
response to your demands as listed in your letter to me of February 26,
1969, I have consulted with a large number of University officials and
members of the faculty.
I am replying below to the demands in the order raised in your let-
1. A number of courses are currently being offered which have
academic relevance to Afro-American history and culture. Aca-
demic departments of the University are encouraged to offer
educationally sound courses in this area and consideration is
presently being given in the College of Arts & Sciences which
could result in an inter-disciplinary major in Afro-American
studies. The University does not view as academically sound or
legal a separate Department of Afro-American Studies staffed
only by black professors and open only to black students.
2. & 3. All student recruiting activities of the University Admissions
Office are non-discriminatory. Representatives from the Admis-
sions Office attend all college night activities to which they are
invited and will go to any other high school in the state which
invites them. Generally, college nights or days are held at some
high school in a given vicinity and all high school students in
that area are invited to attend. Attendance from predominantly
black high schools has increased in recent years. The Admissions
Office will send a representative to any predominantly Negro
high school that so requests and last year eight such high
schools were visited.
The University of Georgia Certificate of Merit is awarded to high
school juniors in the top five per cent of their class. Approxi-
mately sixty per cent of the high schools in Georgia participate
in this program and last year ten predominantly Negro high
schools participated. Thirty-six blacks were awarded the Certifi-
cate. All recipients of the University Certificate of Merit award
are invited to an orientation program for them at The University
of Georgia. Fifteen blacks attended the program last summer.
An orientation conference to college life was held on January 18
and of the 200 students present trom the Ninth District, fifty-six
were black.
As for the recruitment of athletes, Athletic Director Eaves has
advised all coaches by memorandum that the University would
recruit regardless of race, creed, or color. A Negro student has
been designated to receive a tuition and books scholarship in
the Spring Quarter if he is academically eligible to compete. To
date, six Negro athletes have been offered full scholarships
(three in football, two in track, and one in basketball) or would
have been had they been academically eligible. Twenty-one
Negro athletes in the State have been screened and evaluated
by our coaches.
4. & 5. The composition of the Board of Regents is established by the
Constitution of the State of Georgia (Article 8, Section IV). The
Constitution vests authority for appointment of members of the
Board in the Governor of the State. Obviously, my office has no
authority to grant these demands.
6. If by "advisor for Afro-American students" is meant academic
advisor then the University would have to insist that academic
advisors are now available to all students. Academic advisors are
assigned on the basis of the student's program of studies and
not on the basis of ethnic or racial origins. The tutorial program
makes tutors in a number of academic areas available to any
student who needs or wants to take advantage of it. Any recog-
nized student organization or group on campus may select its
own faculty advisor.
7. Since many diverse groups perform on the campus, we do not
regard it an appropriate function of University authorities to
determine what musical compositions are to be played. Such
prior restraints could constitute a form of censorship.
8. The machinery for establishing such a program presently exists
within the framework of the University System of Georgia. We
are constantly exploring cooperative arrangements with other
institutions in the System. At the present time, a number of co-
operative arrangements exist between the University and the
predominantly Negro institutions in the State and region. For
example,, the Institute of Higher Education at the University is
conducting a number of programs with the predominantly Ne-
gro institutions. Included among these programs are the follow-
1. Program for Newly Appointed College Administrators. Of six
colleges participating in this program, one is predominantly
Negro. Of twelve individual participants, two are black.
2. Annual Administrative Team Leadership Conference. Of thir-
teen senior colleges participating, six are Negro institutions with
20 individual participants.
3. Pre-Doctoral Seminar composed of Title III Fellows and Uni-
versity of Georgia pre-doctoral assistants. Of 21 individual partic-
ipants, nine are Negro.
4. Conference on Effective Academic Teams. A total of 35 col-
leges participated, five of which were predominantly Negro.
5. On-campus summer experience sponsored under Title III to
encourage college seniors to do graduate study. Three seniors
from Savannah State attended The University of Georgia under
this program in the Summer of 1968.
9. The University does not recruit international students. All appli-
cations from foreign countries are channeled through the prop-
er admissions offices, graduate or undergraduate. All applica-
tions to date from African students request financial aid. There is
financial aid for the foreign student only on the graduate level
for those who can qualify as departmental graduate assistants.
One such assistantship is held this year by a native born student
form Kenya who happens to be of Asian background. Academic
qualifications were the sole basis for consideration. A depart-
mental Graduate Assistantship in Drama is held by a Negro stu-
dent from the Bahamas. A Jamaican holds a similar assistantship
in Sociology.
Students from Nigeria on the undergraduate level seek entrance
to U.S. institutions, requesting complete financial aid. Whenever
feasible, these are referred to ASPAU (African-American Insti-
tute) with which all affiliates of NAFSA (National Association for
Foreign Students Affairs) and ME (Institute of International Educa-
tion) work in close harmony. The University of Georgia is an
affiliate of NAFSA and HE.
The Board of Regents has created a Division of International
Studies for the entire system. Dr. C. C. Murray, the Director of
the Division, is presently making an analysis of the programs
now in effect on the several campuses for the purpose of coor-
dination, cooperation, improvement, and development in inter-
national educational exchange.
0. It is established policy at the University to recruit the best quali-
fied instructors available without regard to race, color, or creed.
At the present time, there are two Negroes holding University
faculty positions. Four other Negroes are employed by the Uni-
versity to teach in a special graduate program. For the summer
of 1969 at least two additional Negroes will be employed by the
|| University's College of Education. In addition, there are five
Negroes employed by the Cooperative Extension Service, three
of whom hold faculty rank and two are special agents. Academic
departments and other units of the University seek to recruit
without regard to race and in past years an undetermined num-
ber of offers have been made to Negroes over the country but
have been declined by them in order to accept positions else-
1. Housemothers. We seek to employ the most qualified applicants
f based on (a) age, (b) education, (c) experience in rearing a fam-
ily or working with youth groups, (d) personality, (e) attitude
!< regarding youth, and (f) health. Our applicants come by way of
referrals from present employees or initial inquiry by interested
persons. No black person has applied or requested an applica-
tion. Race has not entered into our consideration of applicants
and a black applicant wiJLcertainly be given equal consideration.
Resident Assistants. Resident assistant applications are evaluated
on the basis of their (a) expressed interest in the position, (b)
demonstrated leadership abilities, (c) academic record, and (d)
personality. Applicants are referred by current resident assistants
and other staff, or they may apply directly. Two black students
applied in the past. One subsequently dropped out of school
and withdrevy his application. The other was appointed in the
Fall of 1968 and is presently a resident assistant in Milledge Hall.
A third has applied for Fall Quarter 1969 appointment. We wel-
come the application of any black student.
I2. The University does not establish ad hoc committees to investi-
gcte any professor.
!3. All students who wish to work part-time while in school or full-
time during the Summer are given assistance. Anyone who qual-
ifies for the College Work-Study Program is assigned directly
from the Placement Office with only two major considerations:
first, the number of hours and the time of day available and
second, special skills or talents and career or discipline interest,
limited only by the availability of a suitable working spot. Jobs
other than those on the Work-Study Program are posted as re-
ceived and referrals are made to the person authorized to hire
on the basis of job requirements as stated and availability of the
student. Placement service is not given to an employer who is
not an Equal Opportunity Employer.
In addition to the Library, Negro students are presently assigned
to the Institute of Higher Education, the Office of the Dean of
Women, and the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business Admin-
istration, Education, and the School of Home Economics. The
Library reports that although a number of students (black and
white) are assigned to shelving books, at least one Negro stu-
dent is serving on the front desk.
14. The University requires, under the supervision of the Director of
Student Activities, that all organizations officially recognized by
the University sign a non-discrimination agreement. The state-
ment that all organizations, including sororities, and fraternities,
i- sign is as follows:
"The race, color, religion, or national origin of a student duly
I enrolled at The University of Georgia will not bar eligilility for
membership in this organization.
All social sororities and fraternities at The University of Georgia
have signed the compliance required by the Department of Stu-
dent Activities and all discriminatory clauses have been removed
by the national groups represented on our campus.
15 The University of Georgia regards as educationally unsound the
' establishment of a grading system based purely on race. Not
only is such a racially discriminatory system educationally un-
sound but legally questionable.
16. Employers from all types of business, industry, government, and
education ask to visit the campus for recruiting purposes. Other
than that they must be Equal Opportunity Employers, there are
no restricting requirements and all are welcome.
17. Kappa Alpha (KA) is a duly constituted and recognized social
fraternity and is in compliance with the provision of the Depart-
ment of Student Activities. The University cannot arbitrarily abol-
ish such an organization.
18. The admission and readmission policies of the University are
conducted without regard to race. The proposal to readmit all
black students who have flunked out of the University is not
only educationally unsound but it, too, could be challenged le-
gally on the grounds.of racial discrimination. Moreover, such a
policy would result in a serious impairment of academic stand-
ards of the University.
19. The establishment of an Afro-American dormitory is not educa-
tionally sound. It would also be illegal since it would be a form
of racial discrimination.
20. An orientation program for black students conducted solely by
black students is not educationally sound and quite possibly not
legal, since it would involve racial discrimination. A black stu-
dent was selected for a position as student orientation leader for
the Summer, 1969 Orientation Program. Applications for these
positions are open to all students and all qualified and inter-
ested students are encouraged to apply. Further, suggestions on
how to improve the orientation program with a view toward
making it more meaningful to black students would be wel-
comed by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction.
21. Financial aid programs (loan, scholarship, grant, and work-study)
carry non-discriminatory clauses. All such funds are awarded on
the basis of need as determined through our regular proce-
dures. The greater the need, the greater the possibilities of aid,
both in: type and amount, as exemplified by the Educational
Opportunity Grant program and by our Special Alumni Fund.
Educational Opportunity Grants are based upon the amount the
parents are able to contribute, with the grants being higher
when the parents' contribution is lower. They cannot exceed 50
per cent of need and must be matched by other funds. The Spe-
cial Alumni Fund was created by individual gifts to assist needy
students this year.
Two of twelve, or 16.6 per cent, helped by this program were
Negro students.
Funds without restrictions of any sort (racial, sex, academic dis-
cipline, career choice, etc.) are much to be desired as they ben-
efit everyone with need. Special funds are exhausted quickly,
leaving eligible students without assistance. Unrestricted funds
enable us to help the students with the most need first.
22. In this area, the University has accomplished the following:
1. The University has promoted many Negro employees to the
supervisory level.
2. The University has an active program for recruiting secretaries
and clerks without regard to race. Under this program pre-
dominantly Negro high schools and vocational schools are
3. No discrimination exists between Negro and white employees
in the rate paid such employees by job classification.
4. The University is complying 100 per cent with the Minimum
Wage Law.
5. The University recently developed a recruiting program for
managerial employees and at the present time we are looking
for accountants and other types of college graduates from
many institutions including Atlanta University and Southern
Texas University. We plan to expand our search for Negro
managerial personnel.
6. In a census taken last March, the University employed 799
Negro employees, including male and female. Of these, 65
were professional personnel, 16 were technicians, 76 were
skilled or semi-skilled employees, 469 were service workers,
and 173 were laborers or unskilled. Since that time, we feel
certain that the number of employees has gone well over 800.
I hope that the foregoing indicates that I have attempted to give
a reasoned reply to the demands made in your letter, and I have
sought to provide you with factual information regarding the
progress of The University of Georgia. As President, I will always
be deeply interested in helping students as individuals or groups
solve or adjust to the many problems they may face while atten-
ding The University of Georgia."
Fred C. Davison
Black Student Union
(News Release)
History has shown and experience has taught black people that Georgia is deeply en-
trenched in the southern pig sty of racism and intends to remain so unless it is shaken at its
bigoted foundation. This fact is exemplified in the response of the vested university authority
to the demands of black students. The gist of the reply was that "hell no black folk have no
right to determine their own educational destiny." Once again black students see that white
racism is the order of the day and humanitarian efforts take a back seat at the University of
Black students are making demands because they can no longer tolerate the concerted ef-
forts on the part of the University to make "honkies" out of black folk. As in the days of the
Old South, the Neo-slavemasters have declared that it is illegal, unnecessary and educationally
unsound for black people to obtain a meaningful education. Davison declared in essence that
it was illegal for niggers to learn about their past, their heritage, and their contemporary racist
society from a black perspective. (A good slavemaster realizes that a slave with a book in his
hands is a dangerous foe). Hence the efforts of the University to perpetuate the slave mental-
ity among blacks will continue unless blacks cleanse their minds of 400 years of cracker sop-
ping and whitewashing.
Davison's response and the academic community's responses are proof of the blatant racism
that permeates the University environment today. Cries of separatism in reverse, black racists,
and foes of integration have become substitutes for "niggers and spooks stay in your place."
The demands of black students are too urgent to be dismissed as temper tantrums of a hand
full of black fanatics.
White racism, covert and overt, prevents whites from understanding that what this society
calls an education is nothing more than a course in "HOW TO MAKE IT IN HONKEYDOM."
The fork-tongued and power mad administrators speak with tongue-in-cheek when they
praise integration. They have taken what was once a great stepping stone in civil rights and
have made it a hitching-post of oppression. We realize that the destiny of this state is inextric-
ably intertwined with the destiny of black people, therefore we will not permit the University
to castrate black skull.


"Do we need dissent? I
believe that we need to
arouse ourselves to do
more than we have
done. I feel I must dis-
sent against the war in
Vietnam. I believe that
we went there in a pure
power grab, at the mili-
tary and industrial level."
"The reason that injus-
tices occur is that human
beings allow themselves
to be unaware of injus-
"The real violence in
this country is not in the
streets. It is in the corpo-
ration offices where life
and death decisions are
made on a basis of
whether or not profits
will be maximized."
"The public must es-
tablish a tradition of
questioning product de-
sign, instead of blindly
trusting industry to mar-
ket only safe products."
Ralph Nader, Memorial Hall, Winter, 1970..

TO: History Fadulty February 25, 1970
SUBJECT: Faculty re-evaluation; Committee on Special Problems
In a recent consultation, the Provost stressed certain oointa to the
Head relative to this faculty, namely: that appointment in the rank
of assistant professor carries no implication of renewal from year
to year; that all such appointments are continually and competitively
subject to review; that a substantial turn-over from year to year
may thus be expected; that normally several years will elapse before
a final determination to retain an assistant professor will be made.
Upon the Provost's reconmendation, it has been determined that a
re-evaluation of the personnel of the Department of History at the
assistant professor level will be undertaken.
To advise the Head in this important matter and in the employment of
additions to the faculty, a Committee on Special Problems is hereby
appointed, composed of the three senior professors in years of service
to the University of Georgia. These are Professors Horace Montgomery,
J. C. Vinson, and Wilbur D. Jones.
Evaluation will be based on evidence of sincere interest in the advancement
of the University and improvement of the total program of the Department.
The criteria for retention will be the individual's total contribution
to the Department and the University, based upon COMPATIBILITY, as well
as teaching and research.
It is emphasized that by compatibility is by no means meant rigid conformity
but rather a willingness to work with a reasonable spirit of cooperation
for the good of the whole department, and to refrain from antagonism and
irreconcilability. It is felt that individuals who are unhappy with the
circumstances of their professional environment, and who are unable to
resolve these problems over a period of years, cannot satisfactorily
carry out the requirements of their appointments. It is no service
either to the individual concerned or to the University to encourage such
persons to protract their stay at Georgia.
Without meeting the standard of compatibility, it is felt that the prime
mission of the Department - superior teaching - cannot be fulfilled.
Genuine interest in teaching is an essential - both on the undergraduate
level, and after stifficient experience, on the graduate level. Senior
members of the Department - and particularly the above committee - will
be asked to evaluate the teaching of the assistant professors, as well
as other aspects of their performance.
Research and publication is an important aspect of a faculty member's
contribution to the Department, though it may be nullified by deficiency
in the other two. Advancement in rank is obviously closely related to research.
Also associated with early research and publication efforts should be
expression of interest in the graduate program, manifested by participation
in such aspects of the program as may be suitable, pending appointment to
the Graduate Faculty.
It is stressed that this endeavor is in keeping with the spirit of the
Provost's efforts to improve the quality of the faculty, and is undertaken
with his full knowledge and consent, ffy sole concern in this matter will
be, as it has been, to promote the most effective contribution this Department
can make to the University's program.
R. G. McPherson, Head
cc: Dr. S. W. Pelletier, Provost of the University
Dr. H. Boyd McWhorter, Dean, Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Fred C. Davison, President
What problems face this University?
A widely representative committee is, at this very time, involved in a detailed self-study of every aspect of The
University of Georgia. Faculty members, administrators, students and alumni are taking part in this study which
should produce a report of strengths and weaknesses as well as a sort of blueprint for the 1970s.
In the meantime, I see two major challenges for the institution in the days that lie ahead. The University has had
unprecedented support the past few years from the University System Board of Regents, the Chancellor, the
Chief Executives, and the General Assembly of Georgia, and the people of the state. One of our greatest chal-
lenges is that of accountability for this support.
Closely related is the challenge of maintaining a realistic as well as an idealistic course as an institution of higher
learning during a period of rapid change. Our success shall depend not only upon what we contribute to the
survival of mankind, but also upon the influence which we exert on the quality of his life. The value of the hu-
man spirit and its longings, the need for inquiry and scholarship, the necessity for contemplation and reasoned
interchange, the demands for imagination and initiative, courage and self-discipline cannot and must not be dis-
Give any comments on the university, the student body, the faculty, and the administration. . . .
As the University moves into the 1970s, our resources are greater than at any time in our history, and our promise
is brighter than ever. Th is could not be the case without vision, dedication, courage, and perseverance on the
part of faculty, students and administration.
During the past few years, the faculty and administration have been actively engaged on a broad scale in evaluat-
ing and planning programs and in gathering the resources necessary to create programs for study, research, and
the extension of knowledge. They are keenly aware of a changing world, and they are jealous of the quality of
resources they desire for the University.
Large numbers of faculty and administrators are working long hours beyond their normal duty schedules so that
the University may continue to develop as an institution which offers opportunity equal to the best in higher
At the same time, students have been involved in assuming responsibility for self-government and in working
with key faculty and administration groups on matters of general concern to all members of the University com-
munity. Students too are working long hours beyond those spent in the classroom toward the development of
The University of Georgia in the present and for the future.
The spirit of enthusiasm and determination which characterizes the work of these groups is being communicated
to alumni and friends of the University so that we can say, unequivocally, that more people are more actively in-
terested in and more effectively involved in the building of the institution than at any time in its history.
In your opinion how does The University of Georgia rank among schools of the nation?
Institutions of higher education are varied and complex, and the task of "ranking" presupposes certain agreed
upon measures, quantitative and qualitative. On the other hand, the development of institutions is like that of
personsa continuing process. Their resources are constantly changing. During the past decade, the University
has developed rapidly, and we are moving toward national and international recognition on a number of fronts.
Members of our generally excellent faculty have been singled out by their peers throughout the country and
around the world for the quality of work done in their disciplines.
These men are creating programs which are attracting the best qualified undergraduate students in the history of
the University, along with graduate students from major institutions throughout the country and postdoctoral stu-
dents of rich and varied experience.
Library resources include excellent and rare collections. While 170 years were required to reach the first million
volumes, at the current rate of support we shall add a second million in eight years.
Support by independent agencies of programs provides some indication of quality of resources. The University
ranks 46th in the nation in federal funding for research, and in the South we are among the top.
Performance of students in a wide range of endeavors from competition for fellowships and assistantships to de-
bate, judging, and design, is another reflection of excellent resources and imaginative interchange.
The number of Ph.D. degrees granted gives some indication of the depth of resources. At the University, the
number increased from six in 1960 to 121 in 1969, and the institution has become one of the top one hundred
institutions in the nation in the number of doctorate degrees awarded.
While our central role is teaching, the University has obligations in the fields or research and extension of knowl-
edge. The institution has moved rapidly to the forefront in discharging these responsibilities, and our influence is
being felt far beyond the borders of the campus. In short, the skill, imagination, and performance of our faculty
and students are constantly being put on the line and, in the keenest of competition, faculty and students are
acquitting themselves with honor. This, after all, is one of the most important indications of achievement where
an institution iljconcemed: the degree of success with which it serves its constituencies in a time of rapid
What changes have there been in the kinds of students at UGA?
During the past five years, the University has been going through a period of what we might call controlled
growth. The number of freshman students entering the institution has been stabilized at approximately 3000 per
year. During the same period, the number of first year professional students has increased from 286 to 413, and
the number of graduate students has risen from 1,397 to 3,182. An increasing number of the latter, of course, are
candidates for Ph. D. degrees. The percentage of women students enrolled during this time has risen slightly
from 37 per cent to 39 per cent. The number of out of state students and the number of international students
have increased.
All of this indicates several important points. Competition for admission in the freshman ranks has become
keener each year, and the qualifications of entering freshmen have been rising each year. A realignment in per-
centages of undergraduate and graduate and professional students is contributing to a more serious academic
atmosphere. The quality of programs, particularly at the graduate level, is attracting attention outside the bounda-
ries of Georgia.
What comments do you have concerning student-faculty-administration communication?
Our society seems to experience difficulty in communication today for a number of reasons. A great deal of our
difficulty seems to spring from the fact that various groups develop and speak their own languages in terms of
their own interests exclusively. This inevitably builds walls and leads to confrontation rather than discussion and
debate. It is not unreasonable to assume that at any given institution of higher education, students faculty, and
administration have one underlying purpose: to contribute to and take part in an interaction of people and ideas
that will lead to development of the participants.
Learning is a continuing process to which many elements contribute. An open, receptive mind, an urge to teach
and share, a desire to master certain skills, a willingness to set prioritites and discipline one's resources, an ac-
knowledgement that failure often preceeds success, and an awareness that while lightning flashes of inspired per-
formances are exciting, the art of working and living demand preparation and practice ... all are necessary to
effective communication in an institution of higher learning.
If we start from this point, together we can recognize ourselves as seekers, as creators and citizens of a commun-
ity which values the highest and noblest attributes of man but one which fully recognizes his less noble aspects.
Within such a community each is given his opportunity to succeed or fail. He is also given his opportunity to
communicate. He bears a responsibility to listen as well as talk, to think as well as react, to respect as well as be
respected, to question as well as answer, to create and build, to grow and mature.
What changes do you foresee for the University in the next decade?
Progress of the University during the next decade should be shaped to large extent by findings of the self-study
now in progress. I should think that we may expect a continuation of orderly, controlled growth which has
marked the last years of the sixties. Concern for the highest quality of resources and the necessity of accountabil-
ity should mark the addition of faculty, the creation of programs, and the acquisition of physical resources.
A gathering and focusingand perhaps regroupingof resources, some of which has already begun, should pro-
vide us greater depth and breadth of knowledge and experience as we teach and learn for a new century. For
example, within recent years the University has established a number of institutes including one for ecology and
one for community and area development. Each of these institutes serves as an instrument for bringing the ap-
propriate resources of widely divergent disciplines toghether for teaching and learning on a more flexible basis
than that provided by departmental organization.
A further use of technological advances in learning should be expected. A great deal of groundwork has been
done toward innovation in teaching. The next decade may be expected to bring further stimulation of self-
teaching through these technological advances. At the same time the application of such advances should free
teachers and students for more fruitful personal interchange.
5. W. Pelletier, Provost
"The University of Georgia has a long and noble history and today is on the
threshold of its greatest era. The sixties have witnessed great expansion of facili-
ties and strengthening of support for the institution. The University is now un-
dergoing a rigorous self-study which will provide both chart and compass for the
decade ahead. This self-study will enable us to make resonable projections and
provide a basis for sound planning.
"The next decade will see the University of Georgia move from regional leader-
ship to fulfill its destiny on the national scene. The University is now in an envi-
able position. Although its rapid expansion resulted in some growing pains, it
now possesses ever-improving facilities, an able faculty, and a splendid student
body. The real glory of this institution is its students-its raison d' etre and the
central focus of its history, its present, and its future. Although the thrust of the
institution is threefoldinstruction, service, and researchits central purpose is
to give our student body, the finest anywhere, the best education obtainable."
"A major problem facing all universities is the matter of the mission or purpose
of the University. There are those who maintain that the University should re-
main an institution concerned with recording and transmitting knowledgea
place where reason prevails and individuals feel free to experiment with ideas
and issues. There are those who are seeking to redefine the University's purpose
in terms of social action. Others would insist that the University must take polit-
ical postures if it is to be effective in this and future decades. I personally feel
that the University cannot officially as an institution afford to take political pos-
tures and that it can remain e ffective only in avoiding such. The University cer-
tainly has a responsibility to educate individuals in all fields of knowledge in-
cluding the social action fields. All members of the academic community should
as individuals certainly be encouraged to express their social concerns through
acceptable channels."
O. Suthern Sims, )r.
Acting Dean, Student Affairs
Students are becoming increasingly concerned
about their role in institutional governance. They
are further concerned about effective teaching
and the general quality of their educational expe-
rience. I believe that students will continue to
press for inclusion in the decision making pro-
cesses within the University and that they will
continue to bring to the University community a
wealth of knowledge and experience."
"I would hope that faculty will continue to show
an interest in good teaching and in the personal
development of students. In a university as large
as ours, we do need to experiment with programg
that will allow faculty and students to associate in
both formal and informal activities. The University
of Georgia ranks at the very top of state sup-
ported institutions in this region and has several,
nationally recognized academic departments1, I
feel that with continued support the University
will achieve its goal of national eminence."
Joseph R. Berrigan, Assistant Professor, Department of History
Why did you select Georgia as the institution to carry on your teaching and research?
I had grown quite disenchanted with the private university in which I had taught for eight years and in
which I had been the head of the History and Political Science Department for three years. I came to
Georgia becuase Dr. Parks was impressed enough with my credentials to ask me to come. I felt that a
change of air and environment would be quite salubrious. I looked forward to working with a group of
young, energetic, productive sholars, several of whom have since left.
How do you think Georgia ranks among other colleges in the nation?
Somewhere in academic limboneither at the top nor at the bottom. There are enough excellent faculty
members and a growing number of fine students. We can never reach academic respectability as long as
we are harnessed to an administration that is either reactionary or Utopian; quite simply, personal rights,
of both students and faculty, must be set above academic Confederatism or rigid 1984ism.
Are most students at Georgia truly interested in a quality education?
A growing number are, but the majority is still silent and stupor-prone.
What is your opinion on a faculty structure in which research and teaching are distinct, separate staffs?
It would not work. Teaching must come to be respected, but separating the two staffs would work just
the opposite effect.
Using proposed curriculum changes as a guide, in what direction do you think the University is moving?
Slowly, unwillingly in many cases, towards the twentieth century.
Do you sense a lack of communication between the faculties of North and South campus, and do you
consider such a lack of any importance?
There is a lack of communication among all departments, not just between the North and South campus.
Only a few organs exist for faculty interplay, such as the AAUP, or the Faculty Advisory Committee. This
situation does hamper the growth of faculty cohesiveness, which must precede true power.
What problems and advantages does a state university provide from an academic standpoint?
Problems: many more poor students; centralized, faculty-debasing administrative structure; pervasive hos-
tility to intellectual'work and to the expression of incompatible opinions; tradition of faculty impotence
and student inertia. Advantages: large number of colleagues, now spread across the U.S.; constant chal-
lenge posed by the problems; increasing number of good students; possibility of building a graduate pro-
gram, a good library, and a sound undergraduate program, as well.
Do you have any additional comments to make on the University as a
whole, the student, administration, etc.?The last several months have un-
derscored my contention, based on my experiences of modern universities
and my knowledge of medieval institutions, that the future of the Univer-
sity rests firmly with the will of both students and faculty to make this a
decent, even great institution. I do not consider the administration as an
enemy or even an obstacle in this undertaking. Administrators are aca-
demic servants; they exist to make the educational system function
smoothly and as effortlessly as possible. They are a kind of academic lubri-
cant; wnen gears stick ana friction occurs, they have failed in their only
role and they should be replaced. A central problem here is that over the
last century and a half the servants have usurped the function of students
and faculty; they have become masters. Our task must be to teach them
their proper role.
Why did you select Georgia as the institution to carry on your
teaching and research?
I like the people, the climate, and the potential of the South, and as
a native southerner, feel that southern intellectuals should bring
their talents to bear on the problems of the South.
How do you think Georgia ranks among other colleges in the
It probably ranks in the 2nd echelon of state universities but seems
to have the will and energy to rise to a higher level.
What is your opinion on a faculty structure in which research and
teaching are distinct, separate staffs?
I know of no university in which research and teaching are treated
totally as separate entities, though I believe some of the science
departments have men whose time is devoted entirely to research.
In the humanities research and teaching should complement one
another; and that teacher who feels he has discovered some new
knowledge of insight may touch an immediate but important few in
the classroom, but may reach a much wider audience in the pub-
lished article.
Are most students at Georgia truly interested in a quality education?
The students here are about the same as they were at other schools
where I've taught. Most want to learn, some do not want to study.
Using proposed curriculum changes as a guide, in what direction do
you think the University is moving?
I think that the curriculum changes in no substantive way indicate
that the University is heading in a different direction from the pres-
ent course, though the leadership in the College of Arts and Sci-
ences possesses the will and the ability to meet future demands on
the curriculum.
Do you sense a lack of communication between North and South
Not only do I sense a lack of communication between North and
South campus but between most of the individual units within each
of these two campuses. In a university with approximately 20,000
people there is a need, it seems to me, for a daily student newspa-
per in which announcements of events of the day would be pub-
lished and current topics discussed throughout the week rather
than in the disjunctive manner now employed. Such a newspaper,
of course, should be free of any faculty or administrative censorship
and its elected editor might well be a physics, economics, or English
Do you have any additional comments to make on the University as
a whole, the student bo'dy, administration, etc.?
In 1970 I suspect the University stands at the entrance of an exciting
era. The ingredients for greatness are gathering here: bright stu-
dents, able faculty, adequate buildings, but the necessary catalyst to
produce excellence may prove elusive. In our eagerness and striv-
ing for excellence I hope we do not confuse substance with reputa-
tion, activity with achievement, quality with quantity. I hope also we
have learned from the experience of prominent universities in the
turbulent sixties, where the most brilliant professors and the most
gifted administrators had become too busy to talk with students,
until it was too late. If we can keep the joy of learningthe ecstacy
of discoveryin our students (and in ourselves), we will have suc-
Edward E. Best, Associate Professor, Department of Classics

Why did you select Georgia as the institution to carry on
your research?
When I finished graduate work in the Middle West, I
wanted to get a job with a southern state university, but I
didn't originally pick Georgia; jobs were so scarce in 1940
that an opening at the University of Georgia was the only
one I could find! However, when other job offers did come
in later years, I remained because the University proved to
be a good place to develop new ideas in ecology at a time
when this field was scarcely recognized at most institutions.
How do you think UGA ranks among other colleges in the
It is difficult to rank large state multiversities as a whole be-
cause of their large size and diversity of departments and
schools. Every large university has its strong and weak de-
partments, its good and bad teaching, etc. Faculty, like stu-
dents, are so highly mobile these days that the strength of a
department can change in just a few years. However, based
on the standard measures of excellence (faculty-student ra-
tio, research output, salaries, facilities, etc.), Georgia has in
the last decade become competitive nationally, but barely!
More important, in some subjects the University can now be
rated at the top.
Are the students at Georgia truly interested in a quality
Some are and some are not. One can get a quality educa-
tion at Georgia if he goes after it, but too many students,
want it handed to them on a silver platter. I believe the
president reported recently that Georgia compares favorably
with others in this region in the number and quality of merit
scholars and graduate students, but that the average under-
graduate still ranks low on national tests. I think there are
too many students on campus who have no real interest in
advanced study in any specific subject and thus waste the
junior and senior year; they, and society, would be better
off if this group completed a two-year junior college degree
and then got their further education on the job.
Eugene P. Odum, Alumnae Founda-
tion Professor; Department of Ecol-
What is your opinion on a faculty structure in which research and teaching are distinct, separate staffs?
Since the state university is designed and supported by the taxpayers to serve in three ways, namely, teaching,
research and public service, there has to be some separation in that some staff needs to devote all or most of
their time to one of these functions in order to have a continuity in each major function. However, I think the
strongest faculty is one in which most members have the capability and the motivation to do some of all three.
Fhus, doing research, writing, and engaging in public service are a form oMteaching" and do contribute to class-
room teaching. The problem is time; the demands on faculty members has become so great these days that class-
oom teaching sometimes suffers. Both individual faculty members and the administration share the responsibility
of avoiding over commitments that reduce the quality of elementary teaching.
Do you sense a lack of communication between the faculties on north and south campus?
ifes, a lack of communication between the sciences and the humanities is almost traditional because each blames
:he other for society's ills! I am personally involved in doing something about this. Because of the environment
crisis the ecologist can do a great deal to "integrate" the "segregated" professional group. This year the Board of
Regents has approved our idea of a campus-wide "environmental center" and the National Science Foundation
tas granted money to help build a special building where lawyers, economists, sociologists, humanists, etc., can
meet on neutral ground with all the equally fragmented pure and applied scientists so as to improve communica-
tion with students and citizens. The total study of man and environment as a basis for planning is certainly the
great challenge of this decade. I am glad I can say that Georgia is a leader in the nation in this sort of effort.
fas there been a good student response to the study of ecology and the problems ecologists are attempting to
vt first Georgia students were somewhat apathetic, but the response is now good. The student organization "Bal-
ance" has good leadership and is doing a great deal to channel efforts along constructive lines. I think the slow
tesponse here has been an advantage because it has resulted in constructive rather than disruptive activism. We
lope the environmental center will provide leadership for continued and increased constructive involvement of
he whole University. Before one "sounds off" and becomes involved in reform movements, one must do his
homework" first!
jive any comments on the University as a whole, the student body, etc.
ihe University, like society in general, is suffering through a sort of "adolescent" change that comes when
jrowth must slow down and a quality steady-state must be the primary concern. Up to now, the emphasis has
teen on growth,more buildings, more students, more faculty, etc., with not enough effort devoted to planning
(head and to maintaining the quality of what has been created. "Maintenance" must now receive greater sup-
iort in budget allocations. The evidence of poor planning, poorly located and poorly constructed buildings, rav-
ged campus vegetation, hasty faculty recruitment, congested traffic, etc., is evident everywhere. In ecology we
iften talk about a principle that says: The larger and more complex a system, the greater the energy necessary to
.pump out disorder." The University has now "matured" and must devote major attention to maintaining quality
/hich means a major positive effort to control growth, perhaps to the point of actually decreasing (over a period
f time) the number of uninspired students on campus by diverting more to community colleges where they can
eceive the closer, personal attention needed to develop their motivations and talents.



' | JT.
I * 1

Life is not a cabaret,
my friend;
it's a perpetual
"What for?"
"Just lemme see it."
"1 don't have it with me ... Is there a law against that?"
"No. But there is against what you're doing."
"What? You mean walking on the grass?"
"And picking a flower. That's a twenty-five dollar fine. Fraid
I'll have to give you a ticket."
"Wowyou gotta be kiddinglook . . . I'll put it back."
"You trying to get smart?"
"Hell no. But ... I mean, no flower's worth twenty-five dolla
"LookI'm gonna let you off this time. But listen"
"Next time just be sure you stick to the sidewalk. That grass
wasn't put here for you to walk on."
C'C e.' I*-
ToTitu with
Annual Maaffng
"Y'allplease listenthis is really important. Susue Sasser from Vidalia is
coming to this party and we've just gotta' get her. She's being rushed by
all the big names, but my old roommate talked to her last night and she really
likes us. But y'all have gotta' be cool. She's really down to earth and
doesn't like people gushing all over her. And pleaseeverybodykeep
rotatingwe've got to know these girls for the cut session. And even if we
don't want somebody, don't ignore her 'cause it looks real bad to the other
rushees. Especially if two girls are from the same hometown . . . And hey,
y'all, nobody was singing worth a flip at the last party. You've gotta'
project, pick somebody out we want and look her straight in the eye and smile
. . . And during the skit, y'all keep looking around at the rushees and
laughing with them. Don't act like you've seen it forty times. Okay, now
here they come. And don't forgetSusue Sasser from Vidalia.
"Feel anything yet?"
"You really gotta hold it in . . . the longer the better."
"Aaaaahakaaah . . . khaaaaaa."
"That's it. Good. Make it burn."
"Did you get high the first time?"
"Zonked, man. You're just not opening the right doors. You
just gotta relax and let it happen."
"I think I hear somebody outside the door."
"Relax, man. This is a dorm, whaddya expect? Now listen,
I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll put this paper bag over
your head, see? That way you're bound to get something
just by osmosis."

"Wait a minute."
"Huh? What is it?"
"Well, I don't know. I just thought we ought to slow down."
"Just . . . because. You know."
"Why? Do you think we're doing something wrong?"
"I don't know."
"Aw look, honey. We're not doing anything wrong. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I love
you. You know that. And you love me, don't you?"
"Well, yes___"
"Then everything is okay."
"You don't think I'm too . . . well, . . ."
"Of course not. You're beautiful. And I love you."
"And you don't think I'm bad?"
"Of course not."
"You know, I've never done anything like this with any other boy
. . . I mean, I guess you don't know, but I haven't."
"I know you haven't. And I don't want you to do anything now
that you don't want to. . . . If you want me to take you back to
the dorm right now, you just tell me and I will."
"No. I don't mean that. I just . . . well, I just care what
you think about me. And I just don't want you to think that
I go around all the time, and, well, you know."
"Of course I don't think that . . . But I'll tell you what.
I don't want you to feel bad, so why don't we just sit here and
talk for awhile. Okay?"
"Okay . . . Oh, I feel so silly now ... I love you so much!"
"I was in love with him, but he was just playing. I finally just
got fed up with THE HOUSE, going over to the apartment and him
slobbering all over me."
"I practice taught last quarter in Atlanta. I don't know what
I'm going to do, maybe go up to New England and work in a
resort or something. I don't want to just go to Atlanta
and get married."
"My mother's always sending me clippings out of newspapers.
Dear Abby and all that crap. You know, headlines like
LSD Orgy Ends in Death or VD Rate Near Epidemic Proportions.
She must really have some kind of fantastic fanatasy life down
in Cartersville."
"How 'bout lettin' me fix you up with that coat. That's
really a hot item this year; we're sellin' a lot of them. . . .
No one's going to be wearing anything but skins this year.
Bought 300 of those belts in New York last week. . . . Well,
we have your tassles and your buckles. You need both
really. . . . And a tie. You'll want one of these very wide
ones, won't you, in either silk or wool. . . . And what
about socks? Underwear? We have it in colors now, you
know. White's really out. . . ."
"The days just aren't long enough. I mean, I'm in class till twelve and
then I eat and lay in the sun for a couple of hours and then I have a lab
and then I go over to the house for dinner and by the time I get in from
a date there's just not much time left to study."
"Wow. I really like your bellbottomsthey're freaky."
"She lives down the hall from me; kinda cute, but quiet, keeps to herself,
studies a lot, I don't think she's your type."
"We had some planted out behind the house, but one night we got scared
and dug it up."
"I just don't see what Roman bathrooms have got to do with accounting."
"She talked about her trip to Europe last summer like it was some kind
of exclusive intellectual initiation rite."
"What you do is you just take your charge card downtown and charge a
twenty-five dollar dress, then you go back the next day and exchange
it for cash, and your mother'll never know. . . ."
"Okay, okay, I'm cominghello! ... Oh hello, Mother . . . Well, yeah,
I've been sort of expecting a call from a boy I just met . . . Well, that
doesn't mean 1 don't want to talk to you. 1 didn't mean to sound disap-
pointed . . . Oh, I'm doing fine . . . They're okay . . . Well, I mean,
they're just ordinary old classes. Nothing to get excited about ... I
don't know, I haven't had any tests in any of them yet. How are you and
Daddy? . . . Oh, I'm sorry . . . Well, no, I don't think I can this week-
end. I've - uh - got a paper due Monday . . . Yeah, maybe I can then . . .
He did? . . . Well, I just haven't had much time to write letters. Tell
him 1 will just as soon as I can if you see him again . . . Well, to tell
you the truth, Mother, I have another date for that weekend . . . Well,
he'll just have to be disappointed. And I really wish you'd stop encouraging
him ... I do still like him, butI don't knowhe just doesn't seem
to fit in up here . . . Who? . . . Oh, well his name is Paul. He's from
somewhere in Florida. Sherry introduced me to him ... I don't know. I
guess he's in one of her classes or something . . . Just one so far . . .
Oh, Mother . . . Well, you know you can't believe everything you read in
Dear Abby. I mean, even if it's true, it doesn't have anything to do with
me . . . MotherI've only had one date with him! ... I know, I know.
But you really don't have to worry about me, okay? . . . Okay. Tell Daddy
I said hello . . . And, hey, if you try to call this weekend, I'm staying
with a girlfriend of mine . . . No, she doesn't have a phone . . . I'll be
fine, Mother. Promise. We're going to have a ball..Okay. Bye!"
"I like him, he's cool. I mean, he just walks in and starts
talking, doesn't even look at a book, just spouting off
names and dates and everything, you knowlike he really
likes history or something."
"Sometimes I think there are really only about eighteen
girls living in Creswell. Just a lot of mailboxes and old
clothes hanging around."
"I just couldn't believe it. I had seven old tests, took two
pills, stayed up all night going over them, and that
schmuck made up all new questions . . ."
"Miss Dempsey, what was your reaction to the chapter on
Kant's epistomology? . . . "Outasight."
"239. Man, they'll have to be on the California beaches
before they get to me. A guy on my hall had 22. His old
man's on the draft board, and he won't even help him
"See anything?"
"Naw . . . Hey, wait a minute . . . Whoo-eee . . ."
"Well . . . ?"
"Herelook up there in the uhlet's see . . . the fourth
window over from the right on about the . . . seventh floor.
"Yeah, yeah."
"Okay. Give'em back."
"Wait a minute."
"Why? What's she doin?"
"She's coming over closer to the window."
"Let me see."
"Just a minutejust a minute."
"Come onwhat's she doing now?"
"She's taking it off."
"Uhno. No, not everything. But enough."
"All right. Let me look."
"I don't believe it."
"You wouldn't believe it."
"Quit hogging the thing. Come on, let me see."
". . . too late . . . Hereshe pulled down the shade . . .
Boy you really missed a good one that time."
"You studying for a test?"
"Yeah. I have one next period, and I haven't studied much yet."
"Oh. Me too. What've you got."
"English what?"
"221 . . . Aren't you going to look over your notes or something?"
"Naw, I can pull a C without cracking a book. I flunked the last one, but I
got the old tests for this one . . . You ever had Zoology?"
"Jees, you better be glad . . . Course I guess maybe it'd help if I went to class
sometime . . . You sure do study hard."
"I try."
"Make good grades?"
"I guess so."
''Shoot. I bet you do. You remind me of my sister. She always makes good
grades. She comes home with all A's and I come in with a couple of D's and
F's and they just can't understand why I can't do as good as she does . . .
You have any brothers or sisters?"
"Where you from?"
"Atlanta, but . . ."
"Oh. My roommate's from Atlanta and I just thought maybe you knew him. What
high school did you go to?"
"No. He went to Dekalb I think ... I think that's where it was . . . I'm from
Juniper myself. Know where that is?"
"I didn't think so. Not many people do. Well, let's see, you've been to Macon
haven't you?"
"Well, it's about forty miles east of Macon."
"Oh, well . . ."
"Well, there's the bell . . . Guess I better get going."
"Sure was nice talking to you. Are you over here every day at this time?"
"Oh. Well, maybe I'll see you around sometime anyway."
"And good luck on your test, hear?"
Jan Blanchard
Vice-president of the Student
Randall Seabolt
President of the Student Body
Brenda Bulter
Secretary of the Student Body
Interviewer: What do you think is the purpose of the Student
Government Association?
Jan: I think Student Government should serve as a sounding
board for student opinion concerning policies that affect stu-
dents in the University community. It should also be a means
of communication between students and faculty and students
and administration.
Brenda: I agree. Student Government should be the students'
voice in the University channels since there are student repre-
sentatives on many University committees and recommenda-
tions from SGA go to administrators. The students should also
be informed of Student Government's progress in getting
these recommendations acted upon.
Randall: As I see it, there are five forces within the academic
community which should be in a balance of power: the stu-
dents, faculty, administration, alumni, and Board of Regents. It
is one of the purposes of SGA to put pressure on the faculty
and administration to back up the pressure they in turn are
putting on the Board of Regents to get changes enacted.
Interviewer: How effective do you think SGA has been this
Randall: I think we have laid the foundation for respect for
SGA. Right now we have no powers except the Judiciary and
the Student Activities Fund allocations. However, this is a good
start and the administration has respected the way we have
handled these two areas. The problem is, when something
goes wrong, everyone sees it; otherwise no one notices.
Interviewer: How could we get more student participation in
Brenda: It would help for students in SGA to have more re-
Randall: There are no earth-shaking proposals left, but there
are a lot of responsibilities SGA could work toward getting.
Jan: If the executive officers were paid, more people might be
interested in the campaigns and there might be more compe-
tition for these offices. This would help insure getting the most
qualified candidates in office. We are one of the few large
universities that do not have paid officers. It is also important
to convince the students that the Student Senate has much
more responsibility than a high school Student Council.
Committee on Social Issues
Jack Brookner
Presidential Candidate
Student Senate
Parliamentarian, Student Senate
Vice-president, Demosthenian
NDEA Fellow in Economics
Executive Committee, Young Democrats
Graduate UGA, 1967
Student Representative Assembly
Nelson Garnett
Presidential Candidate
Founder, Married Students Council
Minister to Married Students
Student Senate
University Self Study Committees
Alpha Psi Veterinary Fraternity
Student Chapter, Am. Vet. Med. Assoc.
ROTC Commission in Air Force
Graduate UGA, 1968
Mike Webster
Vice-presidential Candidate
Chi Phi Fraternity
Secretary, Inter-Fraternity Council
Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Fraternity
1970 Easter Seals Chmn., Fraternity Divi-
Circle K
Dialogue '69
Honors Program
Dee Dee Baggs
Secretarial Candidate
Student Senate
Student Senate Majority Whip
Secretary, Chi Omega Sorority
Gamma Alpha Chi
Angel Flight
Pandora Staff
Student Advisory Committee to Alumni
Academic Affairs Committee
Dialogue '69
United Party
Bob Hurley
Presidential Candidate
Student Senate
Minister to Student Affairs
Executive Committee, University Faculty
University-Community Relations Board
Orientation Leader
Chairman, Dialogue '69
University Leadership Board
Freshman Camp Counselor
Omicron Delta Kappa , Biftad
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Mike Willoughby
Vice-presidential Candidate
Student Senate
Chairman, Academic Affairs Committee
University-Community Relations Board
University Council Library Committee
Alumni Advisory Board
University Self Study Committee
Maureen McLaughlin
Secretarial Candidate
Student Senate
Academic Affairs Committee
Judiciary Committee
Election Code Committee
Chmn., Faculty-Course Evaluation
Co-ordinator, Student Government fld
Public Relations Chmn., University lit
University Self-Study Committee
Dialogue '68 and Dialogue '69
The Committee on Social Issues Platform, 1970-71
The Committee on Social Issues has not issued a formal platform statement;
however, in a recent interview with the Red and Black, Jack Brookner, CSI
candidate for Student Body President listed several of his campaign issues.
Brookner said that the failures of student government lie not with a lack of
communication with the students but with a failure to work on programs
which interest the students.
Brookner proposed quarterly referendums which "give an expression of
student opinion on important issues which, although there would be a small
turnout, would approximate the percentage on either side of the issue."
Another area which Brookner felt could be improved was student participa-
tion in the student government elections. "By mailing IBM cards to students,
requiring them personally to fill in the ID numbers that only they know and
deposit them in boxes around campus, there would be a much higher per-
centage of people who would vote," he said.
Brookner suggested that the University should appoint a faculty member or
administrator to act on behalf of the students in dealing with the administra-
tion. He said that a committee consisting of a faculty or administration mem-
ber and some students would be able to "cut some red tape in processing
He also said the question of the University discriminating against women
students is a very important issue in the campaign.
"There is a higher percentage of women who are working today in order to
help support their families and this makes it necessary for them to obtain just
as good an education as men," Brookner stated. "Also, women are citizens
and the University is supposed to give equal treatment to all citizens and is
not supposed to discriminate against anyone."
Brookner feels that the student body president's cabinet should correspond
in organization to the administrative departments.
Brookner also stressed the importance of the initiation of a campaign to
build a new student union building.
Another issue on the CSI platform which Brookner presented was the estab-
lishment of a day child care center. He believes this center would free more
women to work and go to school, and it could also provide a source of jobs
for students.
(Reprinted from The Red and Black)
Student Representative Assembly Platform
Realizing the continually increasing opportunity available to students within the University System, the Student
Representative Assembly maintains that the rights of the individual student should be properly represented for all
transactions which involve his educational and environmental well-being. This representation is by all groups and
persons on campus joined in a strong effort to improve student government and student life here at the Univer-
sity of Georgia. The SRA advocates consideration of the following proposals for Student Government during the
academic year 1970-71.
A. That a thorough study for extensive revision of
the Cultural Affairs Program here at Georgia be
initiated with the purpose being the offering of
the best talent both in the cultural and popular
aspects of the program to the University com-
B. That the Student Government Association take
a more active interest ^furthering the fulfill-,
ment of student needs by the Athletic Associa-
tion with a constant approach of cooperation to
assist with the Athletic Assertion's many com-
plex problems.
A. That a Legal Aid office be set up to offer, :stit-
dents at the University expert advice on matters
pertaining to the various aspects of criminal and
civil law.
B. That the University strive to improve the effi-
ciency of the placement office in its efforts at
finding work for students and student wives.
C. That the University study the possibilities of
more low-cost housing and a University-spon-
sored trailer park.
A. That Freshmen be allowed to live in the fra-
ternity or sorority houses when they have been
classified as a third-quarter freshman.
B. That any dorms still lacking phones be immedi-
ately given this much needed improvement.
C. That steps be taken as soon as possible to pro-
vide the minimum standards of fire equipment
so as to improve the conditions of the resi-
dence areas on campus as far as fire safety,
especially the older dorms.
A. That the University strive for an improved
transit system for the campus in concert with
the best utilization of the campus parking to
benefit the students.
B. That, as far as is feasible, the students living in a
dorm be given priority with regard to parking
areas near their residence area.
C. That efforts be taken to obtain improvements in
the entire University Food Services system.
D. That the University use all possible means to
obtain funding for the building of a new Uni-
versity Union complex.
E. That the University strive for the ending of all
discrepancies between University and State
regulations concerning the use of alcohol on
F. That the Student Locater system be expanded
to provide effectively this much needed service
for the students of the University.
G. That the Library hours be lengthened during
exams and that a room or rooms in the new
addition be designed and designated as study
rooms which can remain open all night.
H. That an equitable system of seating at all sports
events be arranged that is consistent with a pol-
icy of providing a higher priority to the Univer-
sity student.
I. That suggestions be made to the University for
the improvement of its'facilities for more diver-
sified use of the Coliseum.
J. That the University include lockers in the cafet-
eria areas such as are located at the Bookstore
for the protection of a student's individual be-
K. That a program of reduced rates for students go
into effect at the Bookstore and that student
help be hired to the greatest possible extent.
A. That the University assist the Married Students
Council in whatever means possible to obtain
the Day Care Center which would greatly aid
married students by allowing them to work and
supplement the family income.
A. That the various schools and colleges follow the
lead of certain schools (Business, Journalism,
and Agriculture) and set up Councils to provide
a forum for student thought between the ad-
ministration, faculty, and students of each par-
ticular school.
B. That a campus or student-run Radio Station be
financed by Student Activities fees provided this
passes thorough investigation and is set up
under a board of communications.
C. That the Student Government Association use
this and all other means of communication to
provide a better liasion between the elected
representatives and their constituents.
D. That the President of the Student Government
Association set up an Advisory Council consist-
ing of the chief executives from the various
major organizations on campus to aid in better
communications and understanding between
SGA and the campus organizations.
A. That the present Physical Education program be
reviewed with the intent of providing a less-
structured system and that more educationally
stimulating programs be included.
B. That the Administration be asked by Student
Government for the inclusion of a one-day
study break between the end of classes and the
beginning of final exams each quarter.
C. That the University follow the planning of cer-
tain schools on campus and list the name of the
professor beside the classes which he shall
teach each quarter.
D. That the University and SGA look into the pres-
ent plans for pass-fail grading and faculty-
course evaluation to determine the most feasi-
ble plans for further action.
:. That the appropriate administrative channels
take into consideration the off campus students
and set a definite policy to follow during incle-
ment weather and that this policy be an-
nounced publicly at such a time.
This platform is not to be considered as final
party policy. The contents are subject to change
in response to student opinion. This listing of
ideas is only a sampling of the total responsive-
ness that SRA has toward all the students of the
University of Georgia.
1970 United Party Platform
As mature participants in the University community, University students have a right and a responsibility to have
their voice heard in all matters which pertain to them.
As an organization of concerned adults, student government must assume a vital role in the institution of all policies
and programs of the University.
Through the continual work of United Party members during the past year and with their 1970 platform, they have
demonstrated their unabiding concern for the improvement of the University.
Though the United Party, progress has been made. Student Government has become a respectable organization.
With the enactment of this, the 1970 Platform, we, the members of the United Party, believe that progress in the Stu-
dent Government Association can be continued.
Before any significant changes can be made in the University by students, certain changes must be made in the
Student Government Association. To this end, we, the members of the United Party, propose the following:
A. To increase the efficiency of the executive
branch of student government we recommend:
1. Reduction in the number of student minis-
ters with advisors to various areas working
under the ministers. All areas of University
life will still be represented, but in a more
workable and organized way.
2. The Vice-President of the Student Body shall
coordinate the efforts of the ministers, their
advisors, and any programs in the executive
3. In order to improve communication between
the Student Senate and Executive Branch of
Student Government, the Secretary of the
Student Body shall coordinate all efforts of
the Executive Branch with the Student Sen-
B. To increase the efficiency of the Student Sen-
ate, we recommend:
1. Rigid enforcement of the Senate attendance
2. Reduction in the size of the Student Senate.
3. Smaller committee size. Absences at commit-
tee meetings will be reported to the Senate
by the Committee Chairman. Continued ab-
sences may result in the removal of the Sena-
tor from the committee.
4. T|||improve continuity in the Senate from
year to year, we propose an effective orien-
tation program for Student Senators.
There are four areas of grave importance to which the
Student Government Association must direct itself. By
working in the areas of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs,
Business and Finance, and University Relations, we, the
members of the United Party, submit the following pro-
posals which will directly benefit the University students.
I. In the area of Student Affairs, we propose the fol-
i * lowing changes which will directly benefit student
life at the University:
A. The institution of a Complaint Service within
Student Government. The service would consist
of University officials coordinated by S.G.A.
members who could answer student questions
concerning pre-registration, registration, and
various administrative problems.
B. Complete control of the Cultural Affairs pro-
gram should be given to the students.
C. Since the Union leadership believes that next
year will be the time to work for a new Union
builpi'ng, we suggest that the Student Govern-
ment Association work very closely with the
Union to acquire the new facilities.
D. The United Party suggests that a detailed inves-
tigation be made of the Athletic Department
with special emphasis on:
1. Investigating the manner in which contracts
for concessions at all athletic events are
awarded, with special emphasis on the rea-
sons for exhorbitant prices.
2. Changing the student stadium seating at
football games based on the premise of in-
creased and improved student seating ar-
E. The acquisition of more tennis courts and other
recreational facilities for University students.
F. Students should participate in the formulation
of the University catalogue and the publication
of the catalogue should be on a year-to-year
G. Removal of the compulsory residence hall re-
quirement by fall of 1971.
H. Approval of alcohol regulation revision.
I. Approval of the visitation rule revision in dorms
and Greek houses.
II. In the interest of improvement of the University
of Georgia as an academic community, we, the
United Party members, propose the following:
A. Expansion of faculty course evaluation to all in-
troductory courses with the publication of the
results for students and faculty.
B. Adoption of pass-fail system for non-major
C. Creation of student advisory boards in all
schools and colleges which lack them.
D. Student voting membership on all college and
departmental committees which directly affect
student life.
E. The adoption of a co-op program which will
allow students to gain valuable work experi-
ence while attending college.
F. Institution of more inter-departmental courses
and the expansion of team teaching.
G. Institution of regular, inter-departmental ma-
jors, and the continued support of the Afro-
American Studies Program.
H. Regularized procedure for the institution of
new majors and a reassessment of the standing
curriculum in all colleges.
I. Study of the physical education department's
use of the pass-fail grading system.
J. Study of the effectiveness of a compulsory
physical education program.
K. Publication of a complete list of courses and
instructors one quarter prior to the appropriate
pre-registration period.
L. Expansion of the independent-study program
for all students.
MJnvestigation of the quality of instructors cho-
sen for introductory courses.
N. More two and three hour courses on the intro-
ductory level.
O. Permanent late study room in the main library.
P. Investigation of the criteria used for appoint-
ment, promotion, and the retention of faculty
Q. A study of the effectiveness of the entire aca-
demic advisement program.
M The United Party recognizes the increasing cost
for a student to gain an education. To assist the
students in meeting these rising costs, the United
Party proposes the following in the area of Busi-
ness and Finance:
A. To continue the improvement that was made in
the University Bookstore, we propose:
1. Continued efforts tofachieve a 5 discount on
text books.
2. Investigation of the possibility of increased
used book purchases in the University
B. To improve the traffic situation on campus, we
1.. Institution of the proposed peripheral park-
ing system with an improved and free bus
2. A total evaluation of the parking sticker and
zoning system presently being used.
C. A thorough investigation of the food services in
the University cafeterias and Bulldog Room to
include such areas as food costs, servicejffnd
IV. The final area in the United Party platform is cer-
tainly an area that needs vast improvement. To
- increase communication among all groups in the
system, the United Party proposes the following
changes in the area of University Relations:
A. In the area of campus communications, we
1. Final implementation of a University radio
2. All Senate absences should be reported
through the Red and Black.
3. We support the continuation and improve-
ment of Dialogue and other University com-
munications conferences.
B. In the area of community relations we suggest:
40$ The establishment of a rent-control commit-
tee to assist students in their dealings with
off-campus housing.
2. A comprehensive list of off-campus housing
facilities should be made available to stu-
3. Increased student participation^n the Un9
versity-Community Relations Board and the
Ethics Committee of the Athens Chamber of
C. In the area of alumni relations, we propose:
1. Wider student participation in the newly cre-
ated "Georgia Forum," a state-wide student
speakers bureau.
2. Greater student participation in the recruit-
ment of freshmen.
"There is a lot of apathy on campus
and also a lot of cynicism, most of it
unfounded. I guess the only way it will
be counteracted will be for Student
Government to actively pursue student
interests and try to be responsibe to the
opinions of the students."
Jack Brookner
"Yes, there is apathy because for one
thing SGA has not benefited enough
people and these people have never
felt any impact. Students have not been
aware that Student Government has
been affecting them."
Nelson Garnett
"There is apathy on campus. SGA has
not gotten the publicity it deserves." 1
Bob Hurley
"There is a definite lack of concern.
This stems from the fact that students do
not see SGA as an effective group for
change. Instead they see it as a group of
self-seeking individuals more concerned
with building their own interests."
Mike Willoughby
"As far as apathy on campus is con-
cerned, we are alarmed at this in SRA.
You can't expect people not to be apa-
thetic because they never hear about
student government."
Mike Webster
"While SGA is not a perfect system,
the fact remains that more and more
people are becoming involved and in so
doing are helping to upgrade the system
and introduce more opinions which are
more representative of true student
Dee Dee Baggs
"Yes, there is apathy. People dor#
see things being accomplished whicfi
leads to frustration and they become
Maureen McLaughlin

United Party
United Party

Student Representative Assembh
Bob Hurley
President of the Student Body
Mike Willoughby
Vice-president of the Student Body
Dee Dee Baggs
Secretary of the Student Body
"The purpose of the Student Govern-
ment Association is to represent every
student at the University in any aspect.
Our job is to find the problems and to
try to improve the situation. Student
government has succeeded in the as-
pect that it has made steps from a pop-
ularity contest to something meaning-
"The purpose of the Student Govern-
ment Association is to convey student
opinion and intent to the administration
and to creatively deal with problems on
campus. It has not fulfilled its purpose
because there are not enough people
involved who are vitally concerned and
capable. Students have a right to be
heard, and student government has a
right to work for the University. A basic
lack of ideas ... is an indication of ir-
responsibility on the part of the campus
"The Student Government Associatior
should be just what it statesa systeir
of governmenta voice for every*
dent. The Student Government Associa
tion does have certain powers arijinj
from this relationship with the student
It also can, should, and now is gaining!
strong voice of power with the adminis-
tration . Both aspects give the studentsj
necessary right to have responsible ac-
tion in situations concerning their even
aspect of their University lives. Student
government is beginning to have a re
sponsible effectstudent government
particularly over the past two years is
beginning to be more representativeo
the student body. While the Studer
Government Association is not a perfetj
system, the fact remains that more an
more people are becoming involvef
and in so doing are helping to upgradt
the system and introduce more opinio#
which are more representative of true
student feeling. Every time the student
opinions are expressed and actiom
taken on a recommendation made,
feel that the student's position attht
University is strengthened."
Bob Hurley, United Party 2367
Nelson Garnett, Student Representative Assembly 1813
Jack Brookner, Committee on Social Issues 405
Mike Willoughby, United Party 2531
Mike Webster, Student Representative Assembly 1982
Dee Dee Baggs, Student Representative Assembly 2248
Maureen McLaughlin, United Party 2220
"Election^!) involved valid proof of irregularities in voting. The candi-
dates that were voted for were not revealed because the ballots were so
obviously placed with forethought so that they would beiftund. Such an
irregularity in the Journalism School promoted validity to all other rumors
concerning ballot irregularity.
Chaotic as it may have seemed to the average student, Election 70 was
very similar to Election '69 when there were also rumors of irregularities. In
that election, however, concrete evidence was never found. Hopefully,
Election 71 can prove to be a more efficientlSlection both on the part of
the Election Committee and the individual student government workers
who do the actual mechanics of the election.
Election 70 was not an effective election because only 4500 students
voted. This is only about 25% of the student body. The main irregularity in
my viewpoint was the neglect that the student body showed toward its stu-
dent government. In future elections, with the increased delegated respon-
sibility to student government, the students will have to relinquish their
apathetic air toward student government if student government is to effec-
tively serve them.
Student government must realize that it is the student life and that in
order to function, it is going to have to reach the student life to find out
how students feel on issues concerning them individually and collectively."
Price Corr
Chairman, Elections Committee
Vice-president, Student Senate
People becoming part
of other people. The University
becomes more than a last
refuge for childhood . . .
And then, suddenly, it's over,
ipaki tsA n
The crowd

always watching . .
as long as the team wins.
The coach,
the leader
molding individuals
into a team.
individuals playing as one

team . .
always important
in some way . . .
experiencing excitement, anger, tension
GEORGIA'S COACHING STAFF: Kneeling, l-rSam Mrvos, Billy Kinard, Jim Pybum, Erk Russell,
Vince Dooley, Frank Inman, Ken Cooper, Mike Castronis; Standing, l-rDick Copas, Sterling
DuPree, Doc Ayers, Barry Wilson, Byrd WhigFiam, Pat Hodgson, Warren Morris, Tom Jones.
Vince Dooley
Head Football Coach
Georgia 35
Georgia 30
Georgia 41
Georgia 17
Georgia 40
Georgia 30
Georgia 3
Georgia 13
Georgia 3
Georgia 0
S. Carolina
Ole Miss
Ga. Tech
Georgia 6 Nebraska 45
Steve Greer
Tommy Lyons
Steve Greer
Spike Jones

Bottom Row (L-R): Pete Rajecki, Andy Knox, Glenn Davis, Rex Putnal, Bob Chandler, Paul Gilbert, Spike Jones, Mike Cavan, Head Coach Vince Dooley, Mike Douglas, Jack Montgomery, Phil
Sullivan, John Griffin, Donnie Hampton, Don Graham, Sammy Eskew, Julian Smiley, Ed Allen. Second Row (L-R): Billy Carroll, Jimmy Shirer, Johnny Cobb, Barry Outlar, Lenny Ellspermann, Bill
Darby, Buck Swindle, Bruce Kemp, Trav Paine, Steve White, Harold Callaway, Steve Sleek, Mike Oakes, Jim McCullough, Craig Elrod, Bob McDavid, Stan Boggus. Third Row (L-R): Dennis
Leath, Ronnie Huggins, Grant Bennati, Johnny Campbell, Steve Farnsworth, Bucky Kimsey, Joe Tetrault, Chip Wisdom, Tommy Lyons, Wayne Humphreys, Bob Poss, Tommy Couch, Steve
Brown, Steve Kitchens, Mike Lopatka, Raymond Jones, Kendall Keith, Steve Chamberlin, Steve Greer. Fourth Row (L-R): George Demos, Mayo Tucker, Hugh Gordon, Ronnie Rogers, Royce
Smith, Jimmy Wood, John Jennings, Tim Callaway, Ronnie Adkins, David Saye, Wayne McConnell, Dennis Watson, Curtis McGill, Paul Fersen, Larry Brasher, Ken Dumbleton, Wayne Byrd,
Tom Nash, Dennis Hughes. Top Row (L-R): Ken Shaw, Lee Daniel, Mixon Robinson, David McKnight, Billy Brice, Mike Greene, Ray Dicharry, Phillip Russell, Charles Whittemore, Mike Rich,
Chuck Heard, Lon Chatfield, Paul McPipkin, Larry McKnight, Mike McCoy, Wade Brantley, Bill Bassett.
Tom Brennan
Barry Cohen
Jerry Epling
Nick Gimpel
Andy Harrison
Rod Jacobs
Bob Lienhard
Greg Main
Randy Mateling
Cort Nagle
Tom Superka
Lanny Taylor
Cauthen Westbrook
Herb White
Ga. 98
Ga. 80
Ga.' 70
Ga. 78
Ga. 72
Ga. 66
iGa. 82
Ga. 72
iGa. 68
iGa. 61 Tennessee
<Ga. 71 Kentucky
iGa. 71 Auburn 67
Ga. 94 Ole Miss 86
Ga. 79 Miss. St. 76
Ga. 68 Florida 64
Ga. 74 Ga. Tech '69
Ga. 94 Vanderbilt 90
Ga. 86 Alabama 94
Ga. 55 Tennessee 57'
Ga. 86 Kentucky 116
Ga. 86 LSU 88
Ga. 94 Ole Miss 79
Ga. 77 Miss St. 86
Ga. 85 Florida 69
Ga. 88 LSU 99
Sewanee 67
Ga. Tech 92
Illinois 81
Alabama 57
Davidson 74
LaSalle 76
Brig. Young. 89
Vanderbilt 68
Auburn 64
Bob Lienhard
Alan Chadwick, James Ray, Jerome Jackson, Dick Conn, Lee Lenderman, Hal Bissell, Preston Camp, Bill Forehand, Gregg Byrd, Ron Martin,
Terry Peoples, Buzy Rosenberg, Gene Swinford, Donnie Allen, Rick Kimsey, Kim Braswell, Rusty Lawson, Ricky Lake, Torn Brown, Robert
Hunnycutt, Steve Field, Jim McArthur, Spike Wigelius, Julian Hall, Sam Burns/Chris Hammond, Dan Martin, Chip Wallace, Calvin Stephenson,
Mac McWhorter, Sandy Misenhamer, Phil Jennings, Ken Sellers, Charles Chavious, Terry.Wells, Richard Parkhurst, Danny Carpenter, Danny
Dantzler, Doug Burnett, Conrad Moon, Milton Bruce, Tim Cahoon, Donnie Vance, Jim Curington, Rusty Hines, Lynn Hunmcutt, Herb Malone,
Tim Goodwin, Gary Salter, Ronnie Smiley, Steve Tillitski, Tommy Smoak, Eric Rawls.
Tom Abrahamson
Lee Collins
Mark Gianfrancesco
Ronnie Hogue
Rick Hollman
Greg Jernigan
Ronnie Merlin
Chip Vaughn
Terry Varner
Steve Zilko
Bruce Anglin.,.
Frank Avant
||>hn Baker
Bruce Ballard
Richard Boyer
Stephen Bradley
John Cunningham
Bill Dawkins
Mark Eisner
James Fortner
Keyes Hayes
Reginald Holliday
Boleslaw Janowski
David McEver
Robert Murphree
Douglas Peters
Craig Presley
Wayne Prosser
Mike Ramos
Danny Thaxton
Fred Walker
James Wisehart
Lee Cunningham
Varsity Gymnastics Coach

Press Anderson
Clint Ashford
Ross Bradford
Chuck Dimling
Jack Hazen
Marci Humphries
Howie Kirk
Mike Magarahan
Tom Sidders
Ray Stang
Bobby Sturgess
David Timberlake
Don Watson
Bill Williams
Tommy Youngblood
Alan Gentry
Varsity Swimming Coach
Donald Cash, Kevin Cleveland, Ralph Deloach, Craig Elrod, Reid Goodman, Leon Hall, Steve
Kitchens, Steve Knipp, Mike Martin, Bob McKinney, Charles Orck, Frank Petroski, John Pettry,
Ronnie Reeser, Gerry Scott, Marc Mead, Allen Williams.
Frank Keller
Varsity Wrestling Coach
w .Jtm, - - -
Speck Towns
Varsity Track Coach

William Alewine
Richard Barnes
Eddie Baxter
Wade Brantley
Jeff Burnette
Charles Carson
Scott Carson
Mike Cercone
Billy Collins
Reid Conyers
Benjie Durden
Kip Feist
Larry Fenley
Maxie Foster
Cris Gunter
Ray Hamilton
Mike Hawkins
Eddie Hullender
Bill Harp
Bill McChesney
John McCord
Bill McDermott
Richard Patterson
Foster Paulette
James Pinion
Kenneth Rosser
Robert Sasseville
David Settle
Joey Shearhouse
Jimmy Tuggle
Albert Ward
Danny Williams
John Wolf
Brant Bailey
Danny Birchmore
Charles Browder
Mike Cmaylo
Norm Holmes
Rocky Huffman
Martin Kilpatrick
Zack Rice
Harry Scott
Bob Tanis
Jim Watrous
Dan Magill
Varsity Tennis
Bill Boswell
Terry Diehl
Harris Hines
Gary Holloman
lloyd Liebler
Lyn Lott
Allen Miller||||
Geoff Searcy
Bob Trotter
Tommy Valentin
Danny Yatesf^'
Howell Hollis
Varsity Golf Coach

Stelle Chandler, Editor
Richard Lindemann, Business Manager
Susan Brown, Managing Editor
Clate Sanders, Photographer
Assisted by Barbara Thornton
Ed Fortson
Dan McClure
Bill Drath
Barbara Shelldrake
Norman Lewis
Tom Landrum, Military Editor
Janet McNew, Assistant
Bruce Edwards, Assistant
Betty Johnson, Greek Editor
Mary Olson, Classes Editor
Chuck Warren, Sports Editor
John Methvin, Assistant
Lee Lovvorn, Organizations Editor
Tommy Altman, Index Editor
Honoring scholars in the Liberal Arts since 1776.
University of Georgia chapter established 1914.
Good character and superior scholar-
ship in all fields of study are recognized
by selection for Phi Kappa Phi.
Founded 1897. University of Georgia
chapter established 1923.
A secret organization
Cleve Tedford, President Sam Dickson
Robby Williams, Secretary Mlkf; Donovan
Mitch Flinchum
Paul Baxter Rober|fFortson
Darrell Begnaud ,'.John Foster
Fred Brown Earl Harris
Robert Chanin
Larry Judy
Tom Lovett
David Lucas
Malcolm McArthur
Ted Outz
Charles Pannell
Jim Pannell
Sonny Perdue
Martin Pinckney
Randall Seabolt
Terry Smith
Cary Tye

The highest honor a
male student can attain.
Honorary Members
A. Henry C. Brown
B. George P. Butler
C. Samuel H. Sibley
D. Edward E. Dougherty
E. Walter A. Harris
F. Holcombe Bacon
G. Mansfield P. Hall
H. Frank K. Boland
I. Henry G. Colvin
J. Walter S. Cothran (Peter)
K. John.W. Spain (Will)
L. John T. Dorsey
M. Frank R. Mitchell
N. Harry Dodd
O. Charles H. Black
P. Walter R. Tichenor (Tic)
Q. George T. Jackson
R. Walter B. Hill
S. Charles M. Snelling
T. David C. Barrow
U. Robert E. Park
V. Henry C. White
W. Andrew M. Soule
X. Willis H. Bocock
Y. Steadman V. Sanford
Z. Charles M. Strahan
AA. Herman J. Stegeman
BB. William S. Morris (Sylvanus)
CC. George F. Peabody
DD. Ernest A. Lowe (Rastus)
EE. Thomas J. Woofter
FF. Thomas W. Reed
GG. Harry J. Mehre
HH. Harry N. Edmunds
II. Harold Hirsch
JJ.o Edgar L. Secrest
KK. Harmon W. Caldwell
LL. Paul W. Chapman
MM. Robert R. Gunn
NN. John D. Wade
OO. Hughes Spalding
PP. Charles H. Herty
QQ. Ellis M. Coulter (Merton) '
RR. William O. Payne
SS. James W. Butts, Jr. (Wally)
TT. Henry A. Shinn
UU. William M. Crane
VV. William O. Collins
WW. Egbert E. Cocke, Jr. (Erie)
WX. Omer C. Aderhold
WY. John E. Drewry
WZ. Herman E. Talmadge
XX. Robert O. Arnold
YY. Charles J. Bloch
ZZ. Frank D. Foley
AB. Roy V. Harris
AC. Joseph A. Williams
AD. Thomas H. Lokey (Hamilton)
AE. Richard B. Russell
AF. Paul Brown
AG. John O. Eidson
AH. James A. Dunlap
Al. Philip M. Landrum
AJ. Marion T. Butler (Tyus)
AK. John L. Cox
AL. Marion B. Folsom
AM. Eugene R. Black, Jr.
AN. Harold M. Heckman
AO. Marvin B. Perry
AP. Carl E. Samders
AQ. Jack J. Spalding, III
AR. Augustine O. B. Sparks
AS. James W. Woodruff, Jr. >
AT. William L. Dodd (Lamar)
AU. Francis M. Bird
AV. Pope F. Brock
AW. Robert C. Wilson
AX. B. Sanders Walker
AY. Inman Brandon
AZ. Jfesse Draper
BA. Alex A. Lawrence, Jr.
BC. Jasper N. Dorsey
BD. Charles W. Duncan (Sonny)
BE. Philip H. Alston, Jr.
BF. J. Phil Campbell)
BG. Alfred O. Halsey
BH. Fred Davidson
Bl. Vince Dooley
BJ. Jack Ray
1. Andrew H. Patterson
2. William D. Hooper
3. Lawrence A. Cothran
4. Garrard Glen
5. Charles R. Andrews
6. Edgar E. Pomeroy
7. Alexander P. Adams (Pratt)
8. William S. Blu.n
li Charles W. Davis
10. Marion D. Du Bose
11. Robert P. Jones
12. Andrew J. McBride
13. Robert J. Travis
14. Tinsley W. Rucker, Jr. (Tennie)
15. Merritt M. Thurman
16. John Banks
17. Remer L. Denmark
18. John E. Hall
19. Richard M. Charlton
20. Harry H. Hull
21. Horace C. Johnson
22. James B. Ridley
23. William R. Ritchie
24. John B. L. Erwin
25. Ferdinand P. Calhoun (Phinizy)
26. Frank K. McCutchen
27. Augustus L. Hull (Longstreet)
28. Henry J. Lamar
29. Wilson M. Hardy
30. Noel P. Park
31. Walter J. Hammond
32. Lamar C. Rucker
33. Sterling H. Blackshear
34. Marion M. Dickinson (Marvin)
35. Andrew M. Calhoun
36. Cam D. Dorsey
37. Marion S. Richardson
38. Billington S. Walker (Sanders)
39. Sanders A. Beaver (Sandy)
40. Francis M. Ridley
41. Glenn W. Legwen
42. Samuel R. Jacques (Randolph)
43. Ralph Meldrim
44. Mianon H. Smith
45. Wallace M. Miller
46. Minor Boyd
47 William R. Turner
48. Julian F. Baxter
49. Harold W. Ketron
50. John D. Bower
51. Frampton E. Ellis
52. Frank B. Anderson
53. Robert P. Brooks (Preston)
54. Lucien P. Goodrich
55. Isaac S. Hopkins (Stiles)
56. Joseph I. Killorin
57. Marmaduke H. Blackshear (Hamilton)
58. Virlyn B. Moore
59. Thomas W. Connally
60. George W. Nunnally (Winship)
61. Theodore T. TurnbuH'.
62. Walter W. Patterson
63. Arthur R. Sullivan
64. Charles H. Cox
65. Roderick H. Hill (Rodney)
66. Harold W. Telford
67. Arthur L. Hardy
68. Jaohn E. D. Younge
69. Walter O. Marshbiirn
70. Hugh M. Scott
71::john A. Brown
72. George Hains, Jr.
73. Daniel Y. Sage
74. Isaac C. Levy
75. Lansing B. Lee
76. J. Loring Raoul
77. James J. Ragan
78. Robert S. Parker
79. George P. Whitman
80. William L Erwin
81. Harrison J. S. Jones
82. Carroll D. Cabaniss
83. William G. Brantley, Jr.
84. Philip R. Weltner
85. Ambrose H. Carmichael
86. Richard K. Smith (Kyle)
87. William W. Brown (Wed)
88. Frank H. Martin
89. Charles N. Feidelson
90. John K. McDonald, Jr.
91. Henry L. J. Williams
92. Robert H. Jobes, Jr.
93. Sidney O. Smith
94. Morton S. Hodgson
95. Herman P. De La Perriere
96. Floyd C. Newton
97. Claude L. Derrick
98. Wylie C. Henson (Clayton)
99. John B. Harris
100. Young B. Smith
101. Daniel H. Redfearn
102. Jerome C. Michael
103. Dwight L. Rogers
104. Edgar V. Carter, Jr.
105. James E. Lucas
106. Harle G. Bailey
107. Edward M. Brown
108. Hosea A. Nix (Abit)
109. Omer W. Franklin
110. Eralbert T. Miller
111. Henderson L. Lanham, Jr.
112. Hinton B. B. Blackshear
113. Washington Falk, Jr.
114. Alexander R. MacDonnell (Alec)
115. Herbert C. Hatcher (Cliff)
116. Paul L. Bartlett
117. Edgar L. Pennington
118. Edwin W. Moise (Warren)
119. George C. Woodruff
120. Evans V. Heath
121. Millard Rewis
122. Robert B. Troutman
123. Arthur K. Maddox
124. John A. Sibley
125. Lloyd D. Brown
126. Clifford Brannen
127. George T. Northen
128. William A. Mann
129. Harold D. Meyer
130. Benton H. Walton
131. David R. Peacock
132. Virgil E. Durden
133. Charles E. Martin
134. Edgar B. Dunlap
135. Robert L. McWhorter
136. Robert H. Freeman
137. Zachary S. Cowan
138. E. M. Morgenstern
139. James M. Lynch
140. Henry L. Rogers (Levy)
McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr., P.P.
141. Bentley H. Chappell
142. Casper I. Funkenstein (Ira)
143. Frank Carter
144. Tinsley R. Ginn (Rucker)
145. Aaron B. Bernd
146. Russell H. Patterson
147. Victor Victor
148. Hoyt H. Welchel
149. Lewis A. Pinkussohn
150. Clark Howell, Jr.
151. David K. McKamy
152. David F. Paddock
153. John G. Henderson
154. Edward J. Hardin
155! George S. Whitehead
156. James B. Conyers
157. Charles W. Jacobson
158. Hugh L. Hodgson
159. Robert W. Wesley
160. George L. Harrison
161. Charles M. Tanner, Jr.
162. W. H. Quarterman, Jr.
163. Robt. L. Callaway, Jr.
164. Joel B. Mallet
165. Thomas A. Thrash
166. Max L. Segall
167. William H. Sorrells (Holman)
168. William O. White (Osmonde)
169. John P. Stewart
170. Neil L. Gillis, Jr.
171. RoffSims, Jr.
172. John H. Carmical
173. Howard H. McCall, Jr.
174. Irvine M. Levy
175. Hinton F. Longino
176. Richard W. Courts, Jr.
177. Lucius H. Tippett
178. Otto R. Ellars
179. Roger H. West
180. Robert L. Foreman, Jr. (Trot)
181. James M. Hatcher (Madden)
182. Dewey Knight
183. Lewis S. Davis (Whitey)
184. Wallace P. Zachry
185. Irvine Phinizy
186. Robert D. O'Callaghan
187. Charles M. Chandler (Murphey)
188. William M. Dallas (McKenzie)
189. Claude H. Satterfield
190. Frank W. Harrold
191. William D. Miller
192. Arthur Pew, Jr.
193. Robert E. L. Spence, Jr.
194. Chester W. Slack
195. John R. Slater
196. Everett W. Highsmith (Way)
197. Ashel M. Day (Bum)
198. Charles Strahan
199. Hillary H. Mangum
200. William H. Stephens (Hugh)
201. Preston B. Ford
202. Nathan Jolles
203. Owen G. Reynolds
204. John P. Carson (Pate)
205. Walter D. Durden (Dawson)
206. Welborn B. Cody
207. Malcomb A. McRainely
208. William F. Daniel (Frank)
209. Ellis H. Dixon
210. Freeman C. McClure

Mike Ley, D.S.B. James Pannell Cleve Tedford
211. Lewis H. Hill, Jr.
212. George J. Clark
213. Charles A. Lewis
214. Joseph J. Bennett, Jr.
215; John A. Hosch (Alton)
216. Charles G. Henry
217. James K. Harper (Doc)
218. Herbert H. Maddox
219. Josh L. Watson
220. Charles R. Anderson
221. Edward M. Gurr
222. ' Harvey M. Cleckley, III
223. Walter C. Carter, Jr. (Colquitt)
224. William Tate
225. Charles F. Wiehrs .
226. John H. Fletcher
227. James D. Thomason
228. John H. Hosch; Jr.
229. Thomas F. Green, IV
230. Walter E. Sewell
231. Lester Hargrett
,232. Charles L. Gowen
233. Martin E. Kilpatrick (Buster)
234. John D. Allen '
235. Horace D. Shattuck
236. George D. Morton
237. Gwinn H. Nixon,
238. Alexis A. Marshall
239. Carlton N. Mell
240. Ernest P. Rogers
241. Walter T. Forbes, Jr.
242. George S. Johnson
243. James R. Chambliss (Rollins)
244. Ernest Camp, Jr.
245. Allen W. Post
246. Alexander-^. Clary, III (Steve)
247. Frank K. Boland, Jr. (Kells)'
248. Ivey M. Shiver, Jr. (Chick)
249. William H. Young, Jr.
.250. Isaac K. Hay
251. George E. Florence, Jr.
252. Thomas A. Nash
253. Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr.
254. Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr.
255. Hallman L. Stancil (Luke)
256. Daniel C. Tully
257. Robert L. Patterson, Jr.
258. Hoke S. Wofford
259 John S. Candler, II
260. Glenn B. Lautzenhiser
261. Rufus B. Jennings
262. Craig Barrow, Jr.
263. Robert G. Hooks '
264. Joseph H." Boland
265. Guy C. Hamilton, Jr.
266. James J. Harris .
267. William A. Kline, Jr.
268. Kankakee Anderson '
269. James E. Palmour, Jr.
270. Henry G. Palmer
271. Frank K. McCutchen, Jr. (Kelly)
272. Dupont G. Harris, Jr. (Guerry)
273. Robert D. Feagin, Jr. (Doug)
274. Mattox L. Purvis
275. Joseph M. Oliver
276. Marvin H. Cox,
277. Ellis G. Arnall
278. Herbert S. Maffett
279. Sandford W. Sanford
280. John W. Maddox
281 Mark D. Hollis
282. William S. Latimer
283. Vernon S. Smith (Catfish)
284. William M. Strickland, Jr.
285. James W. Mclntire
286. Charles M. Gaston (Marion)
287. McCarthy Crenshaw
288. William M. Hazelhurst
289. Leroy S. Young
290. Frederic Solomon
291. Virlyh B. Moore, Jr.
292. William T. Maddox
293. James M. Richardson, Jr. (Milton)
294. Morton Hodgson, Jr.
295. Troy R. Thigpen, Jr. (Randolph)
296. Robert G. Stephens, Jr.
297. John W. Calhoun, III
298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. :
299. John P. Bond
300. Harry S. Baxter
301. Winburn T. Rogers
302. John D. Bowden, Jr. (Dan)
303. Joseph C. Strong (Carl)
304. Augustus L. Rogers (Lee)
305. James W. Wise (Walter)
306. William T. Bennett, Jr. (Tap)
307. William C. Hawkins (Colbert)
308. Robert T. Anderson
309. Wade C. Hoyt, Jr.
310. Charles C. Harrold, JS'S-;^
311. Charles B. Anderson, Jr. (Ben)
312. Edward H. Baxter
313. Dyar E. Massey, Jr.
314. Seaborn A. Roddenberry, III (Andy)
315. Morris B. Abram
316. Floyd C. Newton, Jr.
317. James Q. Lumpkin, Jr. (Quinton)
318. Robert B. Troutman, Jr.
319 Robert P. McCuen
320. Ambrose G. Cleveland, Jr. (Bus)
321. Robert C." Norman
322. Julian D. Haliburton
323. Isma L. Price, Jr. (Lee)
324. Howell Hollis, Jr.
325. Kenneth A. McCaskill (Alex)
326. William S. Smith, Jr. (Stanford)
327. Lee T. Newton
328. Jack B. Matthews
329. Ernest S. Vandiver, Jr.
330. Frank L. Gunn
331. Alpha A. Fowler, Jr.
332. Clarence J. Smith, Jr. (Jay)
333. Bernard C.- Gardner, Jr. (B.C.)
334. Verner F. Chaffin
335. John C. Meadows, Jr.
336. Clifford C. Kimsey
337. Thomas C. Penland
338. John B. Miller
339. Woodie A. Partee, Jr. (Gus)
340. Frank F. Sinkwich
341. Irb S. Exley
342. Ellington M. Norman (Murray)
343. Forest L. Champion, Jr.
344. George D. Lawreiice
345. Jesse G. Bowles
346. James P. Miller
347. Aubrey R. Morris
348. James C. DeLay
349. Fluker G. Stewart
350. Charles L. Trippi (Charlie)
351. John E. Sheffield, Jr.
352. William F. Scott, Jr. (Fred)
353; Frank S. Cheatham, Jr.
354. Dan M. Edwards
355. Robert M. Joiner
356. Dempsey W. Leach
357. William H, Burson
358. Melburne D. McLendon
359.. John Rauch
360. Albert M. Wilkinson, Jr. (Mims)
361. Kirk M. McAlpin
362. Bryan K. Whitehurst
363. John E. Griffin
364. Harry L. Wingate, Jr.
365. James L. Bentley, Jr.
366. Porter O. Payne
367. James A. Andrews
368. Samuel R. Burns (Ray)
369. Harold C. Walraven, Jr.
370. Robert J. Healey
371. Raliegh G. Bryans
372. Lawrence T. Crimmins
373. George R. Reinhardt (Bob)
374. William A. Elinburg, Jr.
375. William B. Phillips (Barry)
376. Walter T. Evans (Ted)
377. Thomas A. Waddell'
378. Robert S. McArthur
379. Edward L. Dunn, Jr. -
380. Michael E. Merola
381. William H. Justice
382. Nicholas P Chilivis
383. Michael W. Edwards
384. Talmadge E. Arnette
385. Carl J. Turner
386. Claude M. Hipps
387. Burton S. Middlebrooks
388. Henry G. Woodard
389. Cecil R. Spooner
390. Howard K. Holladay
391. Phil C. Beverly
392. Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. . -
393. Hassel l. Parker
394. Robert K. West
395. James D. Benefield, Jr, (Dewey)
396. Wesley L. Harris-
397. Frank V. Salerno
398- William D. Moseley (Darrell)
399. Charles R. Adams, Jr.
400. Daniel W. Kitchens
401. Edmund R. Brathowski (Zeke)
402. Donald L. Branyon, Jr/-; ' '
403. Randall T. Maret
404. John R. Carson
405. Robert L. Blalock
406. Logan R. Patterson (Reid)
407. Quentin R. Gabriel
408. Jay D. Gardner
409. Frank W. Seiler
410. Richard P. Trotter
411. Joseph P. O'Malley
412. Kermit S. Perry
413. Jule W. Felton/Jr.
414. Jabez McCorkie, III (Jake)
415. John J. Wilkins, III
416; Norma S. Fletcher
417. Lindsay H. Bennett, jf/-,
418. Robert S. Lowery, Jr.
419. Donald G. Joel
420. John R. O'Toole'..
421. Joel J. Knight
422; Edward W. KiMorin
423. George M. Scheer, Jr.
424. Joseph H. Marshall
425. Nathan G. Knight
426. Robert A. Rowan
427. David K. Hollis, Jr.
' 428. Monte W. Markham
429. Emmet J. Bondurant, II
430. Jay C. Cox
431. Ben S. McElmurray, Jr. (Swain)
432. Harry E. Hendrix
433. Theron C. Sapp
434. Bryce W. Holcomb
435. Thomas E. Dennard, Jr.
436. James P. Walker, Jr.
437. William A. Davis, Jr.
438. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr.
439. Thomas R. Burnside,. Jr.
440. James P. Yarbrough
441. Charlie B. Christian
442. Earl T. Leonard, Jr.
443. Francis A. Tarkenton :
444. Thomas M. Blalock
445. Ronald L. Case (Pete)
446. Linton R. Dunson, Jr.
447. Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. (Wyck)
448. Bryant F. Hodgson, Jr.
449. John H. Crawford, III
450. Augustus B. Turnbull, III
451. William R. Monfford, Jr.
452. James H. Blanchard
453. Edward T. M. Garland
454. Wyatt T. Johnson, Jr.
455. Richard N. Lea
456. James L. Aldridge (Larry)
457. Albert W. F. Bloodworth (Franklin)
458. Jake L. Saye, Jr.
459. Ben B. Tate
460. Charles B. Haygood, Jr.
461. Alexander W. Patterson
. 462. Larry C. Rakestraw
463. David C. Tribbey
464. Charles L. Bagby
465. John A. Rhodes
466. McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr.
467. Neal Hamilton Ray
468. Donald C. Dixon
469. James C. Pitts
470. George B. Watts
471. Bruce Gary Bateman
472. George W. Darden
473. William Roy Grow
474. Turner Lynn Hughes
475. Robert Glenn Etter
476. William Morgan House
477. William Ralph Parker> Jr.
478. Robert Foster Rhodes
479. Dennis L. Fordham
480. Rutherford.C. Harris (Rullie)
481. Thomas W. Lawhorne (Tommy)
482. Mike Ley ;
483. William P. Payne
484. Randall Seabolt
485. Robert L. Williams
486. Robert Chanin
487. McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr..
488. James Pannell
489. Cleve Tedford
An honorary society for outstanding fraternity men.
Robert Chanin
Mike Ley
Ted Outz
Fritz Rosebrook
Robby Williams
The highest honor a University woman can attain.
Pam Way, President
Nancy Hobgood, Vice-president
Phyllis Van Dyke, Secretary
Susan Blount, Treasurer
Joyce Bozman
Brenda Butler
Margie Cohen
Susan Creel
Melissa Houseal
Gwen Pittman
Kaye Shadix
A national honorary service fraternity for men.
David Lucas, President
Tommy Lyons, Vice-president
Mike Donovan, Secretary
Stan Singleton, Treasurer
Paul Baxter
Bo Bolander
Mike Casper
Robert Chanin
Richard Dixon
Robert Fortson
Henry Garrard
John Griffin
Tommy Harper
Earl Harris
Larry Judy
Bill Murray
Dink Nesmith
J. O. Nixon
Ted Outz
Jim Pannell
Martin Pinckney
Zack Rice
Randall Seabolt
Andy Seery
Harry Scott
Terry Smith
Cleve Tedford
Jerry Walker
Robby Williams
A national leadership fraternity for men.
Cleve Tedford, President
Sam Dixon, Vice-president
Malcolm McArthur, Secretary-Treasurer
John Albright
Paul Baxter
Mike Casper
Mike Donovan
Mitch Flinchum
Earl Harris
Bob Hurley
Tommy Lyons
Dink NeSmith
Ted Outz
Randall Seabolt
Terry Smith
Jerry Walker
Robbie Williams
The highest honor a freshman woman can attain.
Beth Harber President Mary Bruno MargaretGray Julie Richards
Pam Avery, Vice-president Debbie Dimond Paula Nickerson Be,ty Lou Young
Kathy Raville, Secretary
Kay Jobson, Treasurer
The highest honor a freshman or sophomore male can attain.
Tony Smith, President
Alan Levow, Vice-president
Terry Sullivan, Secretary
Pat Swindall, Treasurer
Kyle Brannen
Bob Brussack
Mike Castronis
Price Corr
Cader Cox
Ronnie Garber
Don Gilmore
Gene Haley
Robert Hunter
Bob Hurley
Tom Landrum
Alan Manheim
Tim Mundy
David Muschamp
Al Pearson
Victor Pena
Andy Scherffius
Steve Smith
Steve Stuart
Dale Twilley
Jim Watrous
Mike Webster
Joel Wooten
Mike Wright
An honorary scholastic sorority for freshman women.
Katherine Ravine, President
Susan Thrasher, Vice-president
Anita Smith, Secretary
Nancy Hadsell, Treasurer
Corinne Alexander
Linda Almond
Kathryn Anderson
Brenda Beasley
Rachael Benator
Mary Boswell
Mary Britton
Patricia Bruce
Roberta Byram
Jane Caldwell
Cathy Clements
Mary Coley
Candace Collins
Jan Cox
Faye Dan be
Kathryn Darsey
Joy Davis
Anna Dombrowski
Daron Douglas
Carolyn Ellis
Patricia Finley
Julia Foard
Brenda Jane Gannam
Janis Gatlin
Susan Gehrlich
Jean Goldsmith
Margaret Gray
Carol Green
Julia Gunter
Delina Harden
Jill Haskins
Judy Herrin
Barbara Hiers
Mary Hiller
Wanda Holley
Linda Hopkins
Kay Hughie
Kay Jobson
Nan Johnson
Mary Kerwin
Judith Lantzy
Grace LeVan
Mary Lewis
Joyce Lifsey
Julie Martin
Sandra Martin
Anne McCormick
Kathryn McCoy
Marlene McDonald
Sara McGee
Mildred Mclnnis
Karen Morgan
Jan Myers
Carole Nash
Katie Pedrick
Laura Philips
Darsa Pinholster
Christine Pitchford
Nancy Rainbow
Patricia Raymond
Kathryn Reeves
Marith Reheis
Glenda Richardson
Catherine Robinson
Deborah Ruffin
Susan Sands
Ann Simpson
Shirley Singleton
Donna Stephens
Denise Tarvo
Barbara Thomason
Elizabeth Thompson
Martha Travis
Patricia Walterhouse
Jerry White
Linda Whitten
Sharon Wilson
Penny Wooten
J ean Wycoff
Dana Yon
Aria Young
Elizabeth Young
Jean Zuckerman
An honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men.
Terry Sullivan, President
Tom Nash, Vice-president
Bob Tritt, Secretary
Gene Haley, Treasurer
Charles Allen
Amos Anderson
Charles Anderson
Walter Barrow
Jonnie Batten
Laurie Battle
James Beasley
Daniel Birchmore
Michael Boone
Robert Booth
Joel Brewer
Gerald Briggs
Dwight Brown
John Burel
Richard Burgess
Walter Burt
Walter Bush
Frank Butler
Jerry Carter
Charles Cauley
Joseph Causey
Maynard Cliff
Hugh Cromer
George Crowley
Sam Davis
Alan Dinerman
William Dodson
Stephen Eggers
Mark Eisner
Johnny Evans
Robert Fitzpatrick
Ronald Garber
Ambrose Gill
Paul Golden
Luther Griffin
Henry Griffith
Sidney Harden
Ronald Harris
Frank Hayes
Luther Hays
Charles Heard
Victor Henderson
Samuel Heys
George Hodges
William Hodges
Cleveland Holliday
Richard Hollinger
Donald Holmes
Mark Howell
Gregory Hughes
Charles Hunnicutt
Steven Hunt
Robert Hunter
John Jacketti
Michael Johnson
James Jordan
William Jordan
Jackson Joseph
Steven Kendrick
John Kovacich
Alan Levow
Michael Loomis
Tim Loyd
Ronald McClure
Michael McCoy
Jeff McDougal
Morton Mclnvale
Byron Mangum
Alan Manheim
Guy Martin
William Miller
Roger Mize
William Moredock
Tim Mundy
David Muschamp
Frederick Oelschig
Ronald Ogle
Alfred Pearson
William Pelletier
Robert Pollard
David Popowski
Charles Pugh
Don Richerson
Raleigh Robinson
Hugh Ruppersburg
Robert Seigler
Hugh Shearer
William Sims
Hansell Smith
Stephen Stewart
Clifford Sticher
Bernard Storey
David Taylor
Stephen Taylor
Terry Thomas
William Tomberlin
Wesley Wadsworth
William Wagner
William Wallace
Roger Ward
Robert Warren
David Weatherford
James Whatley
Jones Whitworth
Stephen Willoughby
Joel Wooten
John Worley
A service organization for men.
Dink NeSmith, President
John Albright, Vice-president
Rick Owens, Secretary
Paul Baxter
Kyle Brannan
Larry Carson
Cecil Cheves
Cader Cox
Tommy Craig
Allan Eidson
Larry Elliott
Henry Garrard
Dick Gayle
Don Gilmore
Jerry Guthrie
Bill Hartman
Michael Howell
Robert Hunter
Bob Hurley
Mike Ley
David Lucas
Tommy Lyons
Tim Moran
David Muschamp
Jim Pannell
Al Pearson
Doug Peters
Greg Petrie
Chris Sackellares
Harry Scott
Randall Seabolt
Tony Smith
Steve Stewart
Pat Swindall
Cleve Tedford
Larry Torrence
Dale Twilley
Mike Webster
Robbie Williams
Jim Wisehart
The highest scholastic honor a junior woman can attain.
Gayle Rogers, President
Mary Debnam, Vice-president
Melissa Houseal, Secretary
Beth Harris, Treasurer
Becky Brown
Alice Chandler
Estelle Chandler
Brenda Davies
Martha Garrett
Carolyn Griggs
Vivian Hammond
Harriet Teasley
Linda Ward
Carolyn Yongue
The coordinating body of the Honors Program.
Thomas Gilliland, President
Vaughn Maples, Vice-president
Susan Weir, Secretary
Candy Collins, Treasurer
John Albright
Monika Bargman
Danny Birchmore
Susan Brown
Sam Davis
Bob Haley
Annette James
Richard Lindemann
Lee Lovvorn
Bill McLeod
Rita Poetter
Gayle Rogers
Randall Seabolt, President
Jan Blanchard, Vice-president
Brenda Butler, Secretary
John Albright, Publications
Paul Baxter, Men's Affairs
Brooks Franklin, Business and Finance
Nelson, Garnett, Married Students
Gene Haley, Housing
Melissa Houseal, Women's Affairs
Bob Hurley, Student Affairs
Adrianne Massey, Student Functions
Jeff McKibben, Athletics
Dink NeSmith, Public Safety
Gwen Pittman, Academic Affairs
Steve Roberts, Health Services
Jim Pannell, President Patty Errigo, Recording Secretary
Price Corr, Vice-president Robert Fortson, Treasurer
Lee Lovvorn, Corresponding Secretary
Philip Beegle
Holly Bellinger
Susan Brown
Glenn Butler
Candy Collins
Matt Crews
Sunny Dodson
Nan Freeman
Charles Green
Mary Alice Green
Tommy Harper
Linda Hobgood
Becky Horton
Lynn Lavender
Susan Lemly
Maureen McLaughlin
Leslye Morgan
Tim Mundy
Wyn Nash
Steve Parthemos
Rita Poetter
George Reid
Terry Sullivan
Bob Wagner
Norak Whallen
Mike Willoughby
Dirk Zipf
Joe Belew Barbara Bowen
Peggy Bloodworth Mary Bruno
Margie Cohen Beth Harber
Sarah Ann Dickinson Nancy Hobgood
Cindy Pryles Julie Richards
Kathy Raville Vickie Van Vleck
Cecil Cheves Jim Gatewood
Sid Eason Charles Hunnicutt
Chip Fairdoth
Alan Levow
Andy Seery
Charles Siler
Victor Pena
Jim Watrous
Cliff Woodson
Joel Wooten
Mike Wright
Kay Agnew Paul Bolster
James Baldwin Mac Cawthon
Curtis Blackwood
John Fuller
Paul McBride
Danny Neil
Linda Newton
Neil O'Connell
James Porter
Jimmy Sheriff
Mahla Swinford
Tom Hamby
Harry Thompson
Henry Wall
Betty Lou Young
Dee Dee Baggs
Steve Elkins
Betty Johnson
Jo Ann Rock
ke Agnew
see Copelan
my Perdue
Jerry Cable
Ted Silver
Tom Arndt
Ken Grahl
Linda Bankson
Joanne Everts
Robert Bolander, Chief Justice
Earl Harris, Clerk, Associate Justice
Bill Bailey, Associate Justice
Kay Hodges, Associate Justice Merry Tyler, Associate Justice
Dunham McAllister, Associate Justice Pam Way, Associate Justice
Charles Panneljichief Justice Pat Taylor, Clerk Patty Bruce Jane Evans
John Timmons, Chief Justice
George Crowley, Clerk
Linda Evans
Patty Little
Zack Rice
Patsy Walsh ' K.''^^^BwJeanne Watts
Janice Ward Steve Williams
Bill Phillippe
Irene Cox
Mike Jones
Lee Somers
Kathy Tuttle
Susan Akin Ronald Ginsberg
TRAFFIC COURT Carol Andrews Lisa Rowan
Barry Bierman
Proctor Chambless
David Fox John Rice
Mike Lassiter Gwen Yawn

-V' J|
. - ^B

Jim Lapeza, Chief Justice Brenda Beasley Lawrence Camp Bruce Edwards Sheena Harrington
Jim Watrous, President
John Willy, Vice-president
Barbara Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer
Bill Wooten, Business Manager
Mary Britton
Price Corr
Nan Freeman
Fran Golcman
Glenn Hobbs
Melissa Houseal
Charlie Hunnicutt
Doug Kidd
Steve Mahon
Aprile Mathews
Harry Sewell
Tommy Sewell
Charles Thomas
Claudia Trammell
Joel Wooten
An organization to coordinate activities for women students.
Teri North, President
Candi Logue, Vice-president
Faye Mullis, Secretary
Jan Cox, Treasurer
Jackie Dick, Programs Chairman
Tricia McKibben, Creswell Programs Coordinator
Pam Andersen
Debra Cason
Becky Crawford
Teresa Cullen
Sara Hasson
Helen Hickman
Carol Joyce
Fran King
Virginia McChesney
Barbara McLaughlin
Sallianne Messenger
Jin Patten
Gail Redel
Susan Rowe
Janice Schaeffer
Susan Seaver
Anne Shelley
June Ashley Simpson
The bi-weekly campus newspaper.
Michael Howell, Editor
Sandra Scaramucci, Business Manager
Ronnie Feinberg, News Editor
Becky Leet, News Editor
Sam Heys, Sports Editor
Sharyn Kane, Feature Editor
Pat Rogers, Managing Editor
Jo Ann Rock, Advertising Editor

Danny Baker
Heyward Baxter
Ronnie Campbell
Tony Cartledge
Tom Crawford
Bill Collins
Steve Elkins
Shayne Fair
Alice Lovejoy
Fred Manget
Howell Medders
Larry Mitchell
Doug Monroe
Rob Novit
Mike Parrish
Becky Partain
Marica Patelos
Lynn Pressley
Allen Rogers
Lynn Sparrow
Steve Stewart
Annette Wilkinson
Phil Turner
Scott Pope
Larry Fenley
Dwain Fitzpatrick
Alice Garrard
Tom Giffen
Nancy Hall
Judy Harbour
Cee Howard
Robinette Kennedy
The quarterly campus-wide magazine
Nancy Lyerly
Sue Popovich
Margaret Redd
Cindy Short
Eileen Sumner
Fred Turner
Dianne Cuvernet
Steve Ellis
Jane Evans
Linda Ferrell
Daryl Forrester
Lane Freeman
Tricia Graham
Judy Langford
Susan Blount, Co-editor Marguerite Allgood
Robinette Kennedy, Co-editor BiBald"ln
Keith Graham, Managing Editor joey Cummings
John Williams, Articles Editor
Tommy Barnes, Fiction Editor
Dianne Penny, Art Editor
Fred Zimmerman, Photographer
Judy Bagby, Business Manager
Joey Cummings, Promotions Manager
An agricultural periodical.
Sheena Harrington, Editor
Barry Bierman, Business Manager
Beverly Rheney, Managing Editor
Roger Allen, Circulation Manager
James Bramblett
Kyle Branan
Richard Dixon
Charlene Edwards
Carol Green
Tom Hamby
Barbara Harris
Jim Hicks
Elinor Leland
David Levie
Bart Rhodes
Patsy Terhune
A service club.
Dick Moore, President
Emily Brisendine, Projects
Lynda Maxwell, Secretary
Susan Crenshaw, Treasurer
Don Adams Harriet Brown
Ray Brown JimCalleson
Deb by Cost
Paula Crouch
Georgia Fusselfl
Jack Hancock
Richard Harris
Christy Hawls
Mary Anne James
Doug Kidd
Cathy McCabe
Kathleen Mendenhal
Clyde Mitchell
Rachel Morgen
Cheryl Mumford
Marilyn Murray
Susan O'Brien
John Parker
Becky Partain
Jimmy Paschal
Terry Pike
Lynn Posey
Kim Quillian
Andy Seery
Mary Sullivan
Craig Watson
Jan Williams

A service sorority for women.
mm a ) 5 Fr i
rwUmP Im is i m
Ann Ford, President Lynn Bell
Judy Bateman, Vice-President Jackie Botts
Murray Warnocle, Secretary Vicky Burt
Gayle Rogers, Treasurer EmMyClaxton
Debbie Clemons,'
Erica Cochran
Barbara Coley
Linda Cosby
Gail Couther
Nancy Crookshank
Lane Davis
Cathy Deas
Jan Dunlap
Peggy Farr
Jane Fitzpatrick
Linda Fleming
Janet Foster
Nan Freeman
Sandy Gill
Kato Goodhue
Dunneah Gordon
June Granade
Kathy Guy
Tricia Guy
Vickie Hall
Brenda Harris
Diane Harris
Jan Hasler
Darcia Heard
Judy Herrin
Mary Ellen Houston
Mary Jane Judge
Dianne King
Grace LeVan
Gail Maloof
Gloria Martin
Pamela Martinson
Cathy McCutchen
Pam Meisner
Deborah Meredith
Betty Moon
Marilyn Moore
Barbara Moss
Cheryle Mumford
Marilyn Murray
Gayle Myers
Pammi Parsons
Melissa Pharr
Anne Pierce
Terry Pike
Sally Pope
Michelle Rahavian
Becky Reaves
Adriana Rodriguez
Sally Rogers
Robyn Sewell
Ruth Slickman
Joanne St. Claire
Ruthie Tucker
Lee Waddell
Wanda Watson
Betsy Whitaker
Bonnie Whitehead
Melissa Whittemore
Donna Williams
Missie Woodruff
Jennifer Wright
The college Beta Club.
i * j
ll 1 H" iMKi \ pH iJli
* r*.

Lee Waddell, President
Howard Montgomery, Vice-president
Toni Morris, Secretary
Cathy Thorpe, Secretary
Mimi Caldwell, Treasurer
Susan Ansley
Peggy Ahrenhold
Susan Awtrey
Adrianne Caldwell
Mimi Caldwell
Karen Chambers
Nancy Cline
Ginger Coley
Shelia Cook
Sherry Connell
Debby Cost
Gary Davis
Jane Fitzpatrick
Barbara Flaherty
Jane Flatt
Carolyne Frowein
Georgia Fussell
Richard Gerson
Gaynelle Goodman
Penny Grogan
Gail Hall
Christy Hawes
Susan Head
Marcia Heard
Maribeth Hodge
Becky Holcombe
Richard Hollinger
Gloria Langford
Brenda Lewallan
David Little
Rhonda McCollum
Connie McManus
Pam Mays
Steven Milberg
Melinda Miller
Anita Mills
Judy Moon
Butch Moore
Rachel Morgan
Toni Morris
Cheryl Mumford
Neil Morgan
Sue O'Brien
Suzanne O'Connell
Lisa Palmer
Travis Parker
Shelia Parrish
Steven Patrick
Linda Pauli
Leonard Platkin
Brenda Powell
Lynn Posey
Beverly Pursewell
Janice Redwine
Laura Richbourg
Elizabeth Rigsby
Regero Sampson
Connie Schulze
Margo Schweike
Janice Sheridan
Leigh Shivers
Barbara Smith
Louise Smith
Sandra Standard
Sharyn Stansell
Vickie Stevensor
Charlotte Stonef
Judy Thomas
Virginia Turner
Sharon Varner
Libby Vassar
Robbie Walter
Craig Watson
A service organization for men.
H 1 !! ! HfS. II
A) : 3 : l 1
muz am

ohn Fuller, President
'huck Barrow, Vice-president
V. T. Weaver, Vice-president
>)avid Nice, Secretary
lill O'Donnell, Secretary
teve Roberts, Treasurer
Mike Adams
David Barnes
Perry Ca$thon
Dale Connell
Robert Crout
John Dankel
John Denman
Arthur Hill
Woody Hogai|$$
Phillip Holcombe
Robert Holmes
David Hughes
John Jahena
Donn Kearns
Randy Pinner
Bob Probst
Allan Smith
Gary Smith
Kevin Tuttle
Dale White
Wayne Weast
An honorary service organization
for college men.

Larry Carson, President
Richard Arp, Vice-president
Alvin Cash, Secretary
Bruce Edwards, Treasurer
Jan James, Sweetheart
Judy Durrance, Sweetheart
Russell Arnold
Paul Baxter
Tony Bell
Phil Benefield
Soloman Berry
Mark Burquest
Frank Carter
Raymond Goodwin
David Gray
Glenn Hobbs
John Hotard
Mike Howell
Verlin Jones
Steve Kandul
Barry Ladd
Stu McGarity
Hoyt Morris
Steve Patrick
Victor Pena
Steve Stewart
Charles Thomas
Bob Tritt
Mike Webster
Linden Wisner
Joel Wooten
Mike Wrightu


Cader Cox, President
Don Gilmore, Vice-president for Programs
Larry Smith, Vice-president for Finance
Candi Logue, Vice-president for Personnel
Chuck Anderson
Bill Decker
Paul Harris
Susan Lemly
Ticia McKibben
Toni Morris
Carol O'Connell
Paula Weigand
Lee Wolfe
Rita Poetter, Chairman, Region VI Association
of College Unions-lnternational
An organization linking the Georgia Campus and the local Baptist churches.
Frank Cofer, President
Judy Godfrey, 1st Vice-president
Brenda Thomas, 2nd Vice-president
Mary Ariail, Secretary-Treasurer
Dave Hamrick
Carol Hawkins-.
Tom Lowry
Malcolm McArthur
Franklin McDuffie
Sally McGee
Kathy Misenhamer
Clyde Mitchell
Deborah Parker
Jerry Rigby
Judi Saye
Sherry Shehane
Paula Smith
Cathi Turner
Suellen Wiggins
An organization to serve Catholics and others of the University Community.
Sarah Dauby, Chairman
Peggy Bacon
Jackie Carr
John Dugan
Michele Glanker
Richard Judd
Joy McKinley
Victor Pena
Lisa Rowan
Joe Schlientz
Shiela Smith
Peggy Wilson
A society for those interested in oratory and debate.
John Fuller, President
Craig Kimbrough, Vice-president
Parks Redwine, Secretary-Treasurer
Sam Dickson George Griffith
Chris Egwim Sam Hoichberg
Bob Izlar
Mike Johnson
Ed Landaw
Carey Lee
Robert Low
Richard Maddow
Nick Ordway
Martin O'Toole
James Peek
Dave Purser
Ron Sawyer
Mike Street
Charles Thomas
Sherril Watkins
A society to promote public speaking, oratory, and debate.
James Saxon, President
John Kovacich, Vice-president
Mark Eisner, Secretary
John Zimmerman, Treasurer
Penny Alderman
Lynn Battey
Solomon Berry
Jerry Black
Nathan Blau
Richard Chadburn
David Crowe
Sam Davis
Greg Faaborg
Marlene Goldstein
Dale Hardman
Anne Hofsteader
Edward Huffmaster
David John
Ken Lewis
Linda Matheson
Nils Ohberg
Dr. David Olson
John O'Neill
Tom Pendergast
Stuart Rado
Sandy Shaw
Angeline Smith
Mike Swinford
Duane Tomlin
Arthur Trader
Clyde Verhine
A drama society which stimulates an interest in the theatre
Linda Prosser, President
Leara Rhodes, Vice-president
Larry Joe Wiley, Recording Secretary
Jim Kitchens;Corresponding Secretary
Mark du Mas, Treasurer
Ruth Howell
Bill Jarrett
Jim Jenkins
Gary Link
Hpis Ramirez
Eddie Terry
The University Theatre of the Department of
Drama and Theatre at the University of Georgia was
formed in 1931. Over one hundred and fifty produc-
tions have been produced since that time. These
presentations provide students, faculty, and towns-
people with an opportunity to see pre-modern clas-
sics as well as outstanding plays from the modern
repertory. Visiting directors are invited each year to
direct one of these major productions.
In addition to the annual major productions by the
University Theatre, special presentations are staged
in the Laboratory Theatre each season. One-act plays
directed by students, as well as Reader's Theatre and
experimental productions, are included.
Since the summer of 1967 the University Theatre
has presented three seasons of Summer Repertory
Director............................................................. Leighton M. Ballew
Associate Director ...........................................................Gerald Kahan
Associate Director .......................................................... Delmar Solem
Assistant Director...........................................................Faye Head
Assistant Director........................................................... Carla Waal
Assistant Director...........................................................William Wolak
technical Director and Designer .............................................Paul A. Camp
Associate Technical Director and Designer.............. ...........Christopher Idoine
Associate Technical Director and Designer....................... ............Joseph Stell
Costumer .................................................................Jackson Kesler
Iecretary............................................................Donna McGlamery
Associate Secretaries .........................Nan Wilson, Jeanette Davis, Pat McLeod
Administrative Assistants... Larkin Bobo, Leslie Chambliss, Gloria Harrison, Jim Hind-
man, Jane Holder, Ed Rich, Marshall Rosenblum, Gloria}
line Arts Auditorium Manager......................................... Richard Zimmerman
ihop Supervisor...........................................................Roland Myers
Crew Supervisor.............................................................. Arthur Cain
fighting Supervisor..................................................... John Armstrong
Hound Supervisor ............................................................ Joe Morgan
/lake-up Supervisor...................................................... Paige Sosnoski
property Supervisors ....................................Richard Hyde, Evelyn Moricle
Costume Assistants ... Elizabeth Bundy, Robert Croghan, Ruth Howell, Paige SosnqsSm
technical Assistants.... . . Coke Ariail, Arthur Cain, Hugh Cobb, John Milner, Evelyn
Moricle, Joe Morgan, Roland Myers, Richard Norgard, Ron
Sosnoski, Frances Thompson, Wayland Winstead
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams, Summer 1969
|TTie Knack, Ann Jellicoe, Summer 1969

A sorority for married women students at the University of Georgia.
Joanne Giddens
1st Vice-president,
Judy Bisplinghoff
2nd Vice-president,
Emily Strickland
Recording Secretary,
Peggy Peters
Corresponding Secretary,
Madeline Olson
Eleanor Riley
Peggy Peters Eleanor Riley
Rebecca Huffman Rebecca McCrary Madeline Olson
Mildred StovalB Emily Strickland Linda Stroud
Eugenia Thompson Carolyn Youngue
An honorary pre-medical fraternity.
Vendie Hooks, Presidenujm
Charles Jenkins, Vice-president
Sonny Barksdale, Secretary
Kathy Treadwell, Treasurer
Wesley Adams
Kendall Beacham
Carl Bedingfield
Robert Bowen
Harvey Brown
William Bruker
Edmund Byne
Kenneth Campbell
Steven Carlan
Samuel Christian
Marshal Clark
Robert Conger
Price Corr
William Coryell)
William Darby
James Day
Calvin Dudley
John Elder
Paul Elliot
David Fieseler
Mark Fisher
Donald Fortner
Alpha Fowler
Donald Freedman
Timothy Fulenwider
Jack Gilley
Ronald Gladden
Charles Green
Linda Hall
Thomas Harper
William Heard
Linda Hecht
Brenda Herrington
Robert House
Larry Isaacson
Frederick Jones
Richard Kanter
Howard Kaplan
William Kelly
Russell Kramer
Richard Limbird
Robert Olliff
John Owen
William Owen
William Pullen
Nathan Rabhan
Steven Roberts
Howard Royal
James Sackellares
Francis Segares
William Slocumb
Gregory Smith
Beverly Trotter
John Tucker
Wendall Williams
The first professional fraternity of
Clarence Nichols, President
John Weldon, Vice-president
John Beck, Secretary
Charles McDuffie, Treasurer
Steve Anderson
Luther Beck
Lee Bell
Sims Benson
John Bland
Burnell Brooker
Bryan Brown
Rancie Cain
David Cation
James Concar
Ralph Covington
Ron Fackler
Bob Fountain
Stan Gilbert
Ned Giles
James Goodson
Harvel Hamm
Tommy Johnston
Tom Larce
Jerry Lewis
Larry Lewis
Joel Page
T. A. Perkins
James Porter
Joe Reddock
Gary Trest
Chris Walker
Randy Wheeler
John Zackry
An orchestra composed of students, faculty, and Athens residents interested in participation
John Hasty, Business Manager
Elaine Turner, Secretary
Patricia Karwisch, Treasurer

Rodney Baine
Barbara Bateman
Robert Bean
Rachel Benator
Judy Benedict
Sally Bennett
Jerry Brooks
Jo Ann Broussard
Merrilyn Clark
John Covil
Charles Davis
Joy Davis
Carole Dinkier
Lorna Free
Lawrence Freund
Paul Golden
Margie Gould
Jay Harriman
Josh Hatkin
Kathy Haynes
Don Huff
Jean Jackson
Lewis Jackson
Pat Jameson
Terry Kenny
David Kleckley
Beatrice Krauss
Julia Krebs
Karen Kuhn
Anne LaPlante
Genie Lester
Jerrell Lopp
Susan Mansell
George Markert
Sissy McCallum
John Mote
Craig Parker
Susan Patterson
Stan Pethel
Tom Poole
Charlene Pressley
Fred Schab
Ed Seay
Alan Siegel
Shirley Smith
Margaret Spence
Don Sudor
Deborah Townser
Karen Wagner
Tom Wallace *
Frederick Wessel
Day Whitehead
Ellen Williams
Don Woodard
Robert Woods
Beth York
A band open for those interested
in music.
Doug Harper, President
Jack Ray, Vice-president
Carol Pettit, Historian
Beth Phillips, Social
Jenifer Sherling, Publicty
Cindy Russell, Librarian
Bob Bean, Operations
Ed Goswick, Operations
Harriett Williams, Personnel
Jane Allen
Ren Allen
Bill Andrew
Robert Andrews
Nancy Babbitt
Jan Bailie
Jerry Black
Debbie Bragdon
Jean Byron
Jerry Buchanan
Diane Caldwell
Davis Causey
Billy Cooil
Dolly Darnell
Teresa Daves
Gary Davis
Mary Davis
Clay Fraiser
David Fry
Linda Gardner
Kathy Gerald
Armand Goldstein
Linda Green
Jim Griffith
Bonnie Gurr
Frank Heflin
John Hilliard
Curtis Hornsley
Ellen Horton
Elton Horton
John Huff
David Jeffrey
David Kleckley
Gary Klepak
Hank Lanier
Lou Law
Alan Le Fars
David Lei re
Jan Lindsey
David Masters
Eleanor McCreery
Pam Meisner
Diane Monicle
David Morgan
Zel Phillips
Karen Pine
Chip Poss
Toni Powers
Linda Quackenbush
Fran Rives
Dele Smith
Randy Taylor
Sharon Thomas
Maxine Upson
Tricia Welborn
Mike West
Drew Whalen
Brenda Wheeler
Brock White
Annette Whitlow
Michelle Winter
Barbara Wood
Mike Youngblood
Roger Dancz, Director
Jimmy McKillip, Captain
Charles McPhail, Assistant Captain
Jack White, Social Chairman
Ann Sloan, Social Chairman
Abb Dickson, Special Projects
Tom Corbett, Historian
Pat Karwisch, Alumni
Susan Warren, Georgette Co-Captain
Ricki Shaw, Georgette Co-Captain
Sherri Fulmer, Georgette Lt.
Sara Dickinson, Majorette Captain
Libba Turner, Majorette Captain
Kathy Horne, Majorette Captain
Jane Turner, Majorette Captain
Peggy Spears, Majorette Captain
Cynthia Hicks, Majorette Lt.
Robert Agress
Linda Anderson
Terri Armstrong
David Barrows
Barney Beard
John Beasley
(J-ordi Beasley
Martha Beasley
Baxter Bedell
Rachel Benator
Sally Bennett
Dale Berman
Charles Berry
Joe Borden
Ennis Bragg
Robert Brand
Maureen Bra
Bob Bridges
Jerry Brooks
Patricia Brow
Brenda Butle
Kathy Byrd
Steve Callow
Susan Carrier
Nancy Carter
Scott Cathey i
Ron Cavitt
Charles Cher
Barbara Ches
Chris Clark
Vicky Coggin
Ann Coker
jreg Copeland
-lancy Cowles
Hubert Cross
^ernon Darley
Charles Davis
David Edwards
Gerald Fleming
Iddy Floyd
\nn Foley
lien Fol|}.
iJud Freeman
larry Freund
Dale Gibson
Cheryl Gosa
Debbie Green way
Larry Griffeth
Sharon Hahne
Jane Hannon
Jay Harriman
Mindy Harrison
John Hasty
Susanna Hays
Alvin Hazan
Andrea Helms
John Hemphill
George Henderson
Marie Hickman
Arthur Hill
Susan Holmes
Vance Hooper
Elton Horton
Sam Huff
Lynda Hutchins
Bill Jarrett
Vic jolly
Charles Jordan
Bruce Kempe
Elaine Keffey
Barbara Langdon
Walt Lloyd
Chrjs Lohr
Donna Long
Janice Lord
Albert Lund
John McCain
Gail McDonald
Terry McGhee
;^|inda McMath
Sandi McPhee
Mary Ann Miles
Devon Mills
Mike Moore
Toni Morris ;
Nan Oliver
Craig Parker
Ben Patrick
Karen Payne.^
Barbara Peebles
Stan Pethel
Hfibm Poole
Greg Price
Jack Randall
Marith Reheis
Ricki Robbins
Mary Roland
Cindy Rufsell
Randie SanMin
Carey Scott
Ed Seay
Ann Shelton
Janice Sheridan
Courtney, Sisk,
Margaret Spenbe
David Stone
Glenn Suggs
Walter Turner
Cindy Van Alstyne
ViVan Vleck
Dana Vinson
Ronna Waldman
Jerry Wall
|f|)iane Wallace
Thomas Wallace
Wendell Watterson
Day Whitehead
Jane Wierengo
Bob Willbanks
Cheryl Wood
Danny Worley
Cheryl York

An organization for students interested in singing in a choral group.
^ cfe f|J ^51 wm

Walter Goodman, President
Marty Rannenburg, Vice-president
Vicki Hamilton. Secretary
Cathy Agrin
Karen Andrews
Lynda Armona
Kathy Barker
Bill Bergeron
Kathy Broadrick
Ginny Bryan
Hugh Christie
Ron Collins
Mildred Copeland
Martin Cowen
Joe Culpepper
Judy Dalton
Renate Dressier
Cecilia Dunlap
Bruce Edwards
Kathleen Edwards
Mike Feltman
Linda Galt
Cheryl Gosa
Jane Grinstead
Sally Hagey
Chris Hamilton
Linda Hartley
Julia Hastings
Kelly Hayes
Albert Hicks
Laura Hickson
Joanie Isaacs
Mary Jones
Deborah Jordan
Darrel Kinsey
Tyre Lanier
Judy Lantzy
Linda Lantzy
Pamela Lee
Rhonda Levine
Chris Lindstrom
Mary Longbine
Judy Maret
Ellis Martin
Martha May
Barbara McLaughlin
Jane Meadows
John Michaels
Anne Mitchell
David Morgan
Bill Munn
Jean Odum
Nils Ohberg
Jim Quin
Steve Reed
Setsy Rehm
Florence Rooertson
Myrna Robertson
Sharon Robertson
Martha Robinson
Vicky Romaine
Jim Scarbury
Dan Schwarz
Eddie Simmons
Mary Singleton
Prissy Thompson
Kathy Tibbits
Helen Trebony
Anne Tucker
Ctaig Watson
Ellen Williams
Diane Wimberly
Linda Worsham
A select group of vocalists.
Thomas Weaver, Director
Gretchen Lund, Business Manager
Joe Causey, Accompanist
Paul Barrett Jan Brown
Kitty Blissit Dick Burrell
Clay Causey
Ronald Cavitt
Libby Clontz
Martin Cowen
Sara Crawford
Daron Douglas
Renate Dressier
Kay Eunice
Kathy Foster
Deni Garland
Wayne Grinstead
Julia Hastings
Michael Johnston
James Jordan
William Jordan
Douglas Moore
Lane Moore
Tom Poss
Dottie Purcell
Penny Williams
The oldest performing organization on campus.
Franklin McDuffie, President
Bruce Meyer, Vice-president
Steve Reed, Secretary-Treasurer
Joe Causey
Ralph Chewning
Peter Clark
Joel Coffee
Joseph Culpepper
Frank Davis
Roger Edens
Bruce Edwards
Larry Feltman
Joseph Freeman
Dale Gibson
Frank Green
Mark Greene
Wayne Grinstead
Ted Guerrant
Peter Guthrie
Albert Hicks
James Hill
Dan Holloway
Ronnie Hutcheson
Charles Jenkins
Steve Jennings
James Jordan
Bill Jordan
Phillip Keathley
Terry Kenney
Ellis Martin
David Masters
John McCain
Ray McDonald
Charles McPhail
Ted Moore
David Morgan
John Murray
Jim Perry
Jack Ray
Alan Rigsby
Donald Roberson
Eddie Simmons
Greg Smith
Robert Smith
Craig Watson
Philip Williams
A choral group for women.
Peggy Watkins, President
Nancy Hadsell, Vice-president
Margaret Gray, Secretary-Treasurer
Ellen Bargeron
Kitty Blissit
Merrilyn Clark
Sharon Daniel
Carolyn Dorris
June Dudley
Carol Dyke
Kay Eunice
Luetta Greeson
Frieda Hartune
Sandra Johnson
Mary Ann Kessler
Mary Lyle
Patricia Mathis
Martha May
Maryella McKillip
Barbara McLaughlin
Joyce Morelock
Jane Prather||||
Rebecca Roddenbery
JoAnn Russell
Marsha Sayer
Susan Shaver
Libby Snowden
Alison Stone
Bonnie Testa
Emily Wall
Marianne Watson
Perianne Watson
Gwendolyn Webb
Laura White
Ellen Williams
Beth York
An honorary organization for women majoring in music
Charlene Pressley, President
Gretchen Lund, Vice-president
Carolyn Dorris, Corresponding Secretary
Dera Goodner, Recording Secretary
Cheryl York, Treasurer
Susanna Hays, Sergeant-at-Arms
Julia Hastings, Chaplain
Karen Andrews
Rachel Benator
Jean Bryan
Kathy Campbell
Judy Dalton
June Dudley
Ann Foley
Margaret Gray
Nancy Hadsell
Pat Karwisch
Susan Mansell
Patty Mathes
Martie Rannenburg
Ann Sloan
Peggy Watkins
Penny Williams
Dianne Wimberly
Beth York
A professional music fraternity.
Charles McPhail, President
Abner Dickson, Vice-president
Thomas Wallace, Secretary
John McCain, Secretary
John Kenney, Treasurer
Kendall Abbett
Robert Agress
Charles Berry
Joseph Borden
Jerry Brooks
Thomas Camp
Kenneth Causey
Leon Collins
Vernon Darley
Charles Davis
Sam Davis
Gerald Fleming
Lawrence Freund
John Gilley
Armand Goldstein
Phillip Gravenstein
John Hasty
Alvin Hazan
William Jarrett
Charles Jordon
Howard Kinsey
David Morgan
Stanley Pethel
Joel Reed
Edward Seay
Walter Turner
William Watson
Wendall Watterson
Robert Willbanks
A club to stimulate interest in the field of Landscape Architecture.
James Rathmann, President
Leerie Jenkins, Vice-president
Barbara Schaedler, Secretary
Michael Donnelly, Treasurer
Charles Allen
Walter Austin
Joseph Bannigan
Nolan Barnett
Edward Bennis
Harvey Blalock
Karl Bonawandt
Paul Brickey
Barry Campbell-'
Robert Clark
Betsy Couchman
Michael Crosby
Daniel Cutler
Hugh Dargan
David Darrell
Juanita Edwards
Thomas Emery
Robert Enoch
William Felkel
Lynwood Francisco
Anthony Gangitano
Albert Goodgame
Robert Graf
Charles Green
Henry Griffin
Robert Guillot
Robert Hansen
William Harret
Cliff Hayes
Henry Herb
Forrest Hynds
Francis laconetti
Robert Johnert
Patrick Joiner
Daniel Jones
James Kambourian
Stephen Kurutz
Glenn Legwen
Jerry Lewis
William McNeill
Melinda McWilliams
Randolph Marshall
Dennis Marson
Alan Mazza
James Morgan
Jerry Myers
Don Nesmith
William Owen
Jerome Pinto
Andrew Platovsky
Francis Rabun
Bruce Rado
John Ransom
John Rassano
Donald Ritchie
Henry Roberts
D. G. Robertson
Carl Rowiett
Kenneth Santos
Art Sarrantonio
Dick Schirrmeister
Russell Scott
Jeffrey Seblink
John Sotos
William Spell
Donald Strait
Fumiaki Takano
Roger Templeton
Raymond Terry
Craig Van Dussen
John Van Leuven
An honorary recognizing outstanding students in Political Science.
Cynthia Skidmore, President
Marvin Hoffman, Vice-president
Charles Thomas, Secretary
Steve Adams
Rodney Allen
Brant Bailey
Jan Batton
Bryan Bell
Larry Berry
Solomon Berry
Robert Blalock
Bela Brown
Terry Brown
Gregory Busko
Mack Cawthon
Tommy Coleman
Virginia Crunkleton
Wayne Davis
Dean Donehoo
Brian Donnelly
Donna DuPree
Aubrey Dye
Thelia Falkenstrom
James Folk
Harold Fortson
Richard Greene
Tom Greene
John Griffin
Tommy Harley
JoAnn Hart
Hugh Hayes
Benny Hodges
Frank Holder
Neil Holloway
Kathy Horne
Sam Huff
Donald Lambreth
Ellen Levy
John Manning
Stephen McCurley
Joy McKnight
Helen McPherson
Elizabeth Mendel
Edward Milton
Leslye Morgan
Marilyn Nossen
Lester O'Riley
Carroll Padget
Boonlert Pairirda
Steve Parthemos
Edwin Perry
Richard Petty
Mike Rankin
Dorothy Schlesinger
John Scoville
Adam Skorecki
Joseph Stewart
David Tanksley
William Tribble
Paula Turner
George Weinberger
Thomas West
Jan Westbrook
The highest honor a student can achieve in the Schools of Agri-
culture, Forestry, or Veterinary Medicine.
Earl Harris, President
Richard Dixon, Vice-president
Terry Smith, Secretary
Larry Judy, Treasurer
Tom Arndt
Danny Brooks
Mitch Flinchum
Chuck Gresham
Tny Malcolm
Cleve Tedford
Phil Worley
The coordinating body for South Campus organizations.
Kyle Branan, President
Richard Dixon, Vice-president
Beverly Rheney, Secretary-Treasurer
Roger Allen Marie Dent Charles Frear
Dennis Barber Robert Eaves Sandra Golden
David Cantrel Marvin Farrar Charles Gresham
Earl Groover
Tom Hamby
David Harrell
Sheena Harrington
Robert Jones
Elinor Leland
Tony Malcolm
Alvin Manning
Johnny McGowan
Frederick Oelschig
Barlow Rhodes
Terry Smith
Peggy Tate
Harry Thompson
David Wise
Ellis Wood
An honorary agricultural service fraternity.
Barlow Rhodes, Chancellor
Larry White, Censor
Earl Harris, Chronicler
Dudley Huber, Scribe
Frank Petroski, Treasurer
Larry Judy, Guide
George Bierman
Kyle Brannen
Danny Brooks
Stanley Brown
John Calloway
Danny Chandler
Joseph Chapman
Steve Con boy
John Craft
John Donahoe
David Flinchum
Jackie Fussell
Roy Goodson
Wayne Graham
Tom Hamby
David Helmreich
Eric Jones
Bill Knight
Tommy Loggins
Ben Martin
Eugene Morton
Stewart Newberry
Donald Nunn
Franklin Pack
Richard Palmer
Don Peterson
Thomas Pollock
Michael Rogers
Duane Simmons
Terry Smith
David Smythe
Gale Shelnutt
Bill SpelHj
Ronnie Stapp
Cleve Tedford
Bill Wheeler^p
David Wise
Philip Worley
An organization for students in 4-H.
rw*"' **

!|l ~ -im jpl
Frank Stancil, President
Angela Nellms, Vice-president
Dee Harden, Secretary
Randy Wheeler, Treasurer
Donna Adkerson
Shirley Alexander
Bene Anderson
Nancy Avriett
Linda Bankson
Steve Barnes
Amy Burch
Jane Caldwejl
Pat Caldwell
Danny Castelaw
Olin Collins
Tommy Curtis
Richard Dixon
Charlene Edwards
Danny Ellis
Patricia English
Marvin Farrar
Barbara Fleming
Carol Green
David Harrell
Sheena Harrington
Linda Harvell
Hal Hinsley
Irene Jones
Kemp Jones
Johnnie Lazzarra
Steve Lee
Kenneth Luke
Carol McGee
Lynn Moore
Jack Morris
Joan Norton
Kenny Obernauf
Janet Perrow
Michael Poole
Eddie Pullen
Johnny Ransom
Pleaslyn Ransom
Walter Reeves
Beverly Rheney
Donny Robertson
Florence Robertson
Sally Russell
Freda Shines
Becky Spight
Jimmy Stowe
Anne Strickland
Charles Thomas
Karen Walker
Henry Wall
Sue Wammock
David Weatherford
Johnnie Kay Webb
Paul Woody
An organization to boost interest in the poultry industry.
Terry Smith, President
David Cantrel, Vice-president
Donnie Wilburn, Secretary
James Perry, Treasurer
Hulan Blackshear
Kyle Branan
Ronald Brook
Larry Chaney
Leo Espinosa
Steve Flagg
Frank Haley
Frank Hardy
Doris Miller
Terry McCants
Doug Nix
Sam Smith
Deborah Staiger
An organization for students interested in animal science.
Mike Peed, President
Bob Bardenwerper, Vice-president
Tom Bardenwerper, Secretary
Harry Sloan, Treasurer
R. W. Seerley, Advisor
Roger Allen
Mike Banks
Leonard Blanton
Bill Boone
Jeff Burnette
Edea Caldwell
Kathy Caldwell
Richard Cannon
Doug Chambers
Steve Cody
John Denman
Jack Dyer
Bruce Harper
Bruce Hasty
Lee Hurd
Jet Jackson
Elinor Leland
Jack Lindsey
Larry Loughridge
Larry Lovel
Mary Lyndon
Ben Martin
Patty Mattison
John McClure
John McCormick
Mac McGee
Cliff Paulk
Oscar Peavy
Lonnie Plott
Allen Powell
Miguel Ruiz
Rushy Scott
Harris Smith
Dennis Still
Francis Teal
Paul Thompson
David Touchton
Lawrence Vick
Phil Wodey
Phil Worley
An organization open to students interested in agronomy.
Mike Callaway, President
Doug Garrison, Vice-president
Bobby Rish, Secretary
William Parten, Treasurer
Joe Chambless Ronald Deen
Terry CoffeIt Wayne Fordham
Craig Daughtry Roy Goodson
An organization for students interested in horticulture.
Joseph Hawk
Steve Hickey
Joel Hudgins
Danny Israel
Jerry Johnson
Alvin Manning
Stewart Newberry
William Parten
F. T. Pastana
Wayne Rogersjj|[i
Bobby Jones William Smith
Jerry Timmons
Dr. A. R. Bertrand
Dr. Beaty
Dr. A. R. Brown
Dr. R. H. Brown
Dr. J. E. Eisner
Dr. Joel Giddens
Dr. R. A. McCreery
Dr. H. D. Morris
Dr. H. F. Perkins
Dr. K. H. Tan
Dr. J. B. Weaver
Harry Seward, President
Fred Oelschig, Vice-president
Ed Silvia, Reporter
William Padget, Sec.-Treasurer
Don Baker
Richard Bondy
George Burchley
Dennis Cassidy
Joe Chapman
Olin Collins
Blanch Danserau
Doug Davis
Emory Drinkard
Randy Drinkard
Susan Eggelston
Charles Frear
Bruce Giddens
Neal Gillis
Gary Glover
John Gugino
Warren Holtan
Jimmy Howell
Phillip Imbriano
Ed James
Dick Kelley
Mike Kennedy
Ron Lockerman
Dave Lockwood
Tom Loman
Bill McBee
Thomas Neil
R. D. O'Barr
Alfred Pearson
Sacisio Pereira
Herb Plankinton
Arthur Rainsaville
Dave Rice;
Ron Smith
Stuart Spencer
An organization to extend interest in ag engineering studies.
Tony O'Steen, President
Wendell Arnsdorff, Vice-president
Rodney Reese, Secretary
Tom Hamby, Parliamentarian
David McEver, Sergeant-at-arms
Kenneth Obenauf, Scribe
Jackie Fussell, Editor
Glenn Berry, FIEI Chairman
Thomas Allen
Curtis Arrington
David Aspinwall
Mac Balkcom
Herman Batten
Charles Bently
Paul Borders
Larry Bramlett
Francis Carson
Daniel Castellaw
Kenneth Cook
Jerry Davis
Andra Dickens
Larry Dunaway
Harold Gillespie
Carneth Goff
James Green
Horace Grinsted
Harold Hale
John Hall
Charles Hardigree
Earl Harris
David Hill
Steve Hopkins
Stanley Hutchinson
Ronald Ingram
Anita Jackson
Gary Jackson
Greg Lee
Henry McFarland
Johnny McGowan
James McMilliam
Bayardo Palma
Jerry Pittman
Thomas Pollock
William Poole
Lewis Powell
Richard Rogers
Charles Rossman
William Russel
Stanley Scarboro
Duane Simmons
Jerry Stephens
James Sowell
Horace Waddell
John Wolf
Kenneth Wood
John Worley
An organization for students interested in the food sciences.
James Brown, President
Fred Tancordo, Treasurer
George Bierman
George Bloodworth
Peter Brooks
David Brown
David Christopher
Steven Collins
George Dykes
John Gardner
Gregory Halloran
Raymond Haber
Sheena Harrington
Richard Johnson
Delores Kunge
Richard Malone
Edward Pcolar
Jeffery Peterson
Robert Phillips
Charles Potts
Raymond Rogers
Mary Strickland
Thomas Strickland
Wayne Van Patten
Donald Varnadoe
Michael Voight
Steven Zalatin
An organization to promote communication within the college of Business Administration.
Mike Wright, President
Paul Carter, Vice-president
Joel Wooten, Secretary
Ronnie Keeton, Member-at-Large
Barbara Berkowitz
Bill Brown
Cecil Cheves
Ben Dupree
Sid Eason
Chip Faircloth
Robert Fortson
Brooks Franklin
Jim Gaines
Bryd Garland
Jim Gatewood
Gary Grant
David Kirby
Alan Levow
Tom Lindley
David Lucas
William McLeod
Jim Pannell
Victor Pena
Andy Seery
Charles Siler
Jim Watrous
Cliff Woodson
An organization to promote interest in all fields of finance.
Ben Dupree, President Jerry Amen
Vernon Doster, Vice-president l'm Bor,el1
Judi Jackson, Secretary
Richard Zinn, Treasurer James Cox
Michael Friedman
Ken Hall
Michael Kerr
John Kuhlmann
Steve Lehman
Walter Lester
Mike Murphy
William Nickerson
David Pitts
Alan Pyles
Bill Riley
Jeff Seigel
Kendall Simons
Charles Stewart
Bill Strickland
Christy Ward
Jerry Weaver
Ben Woodcock
An organization for students interested in the field of real estate.
Betty Isakson, President
Harry Scott, Vice-president
Marilyn Wallace, Secretary
Al Eidson, Treasurer
Tice Brashear
Bill Breedlove
Crom Evans
Bob Finnegan
Jim Gaines
Bo Means
Howard Montgomery
Jerry Musarra
Chuck Rice
Butch Rountree
Patrick Serkedakis
Fred Stuart
An organization for students majoring in accounting.
Ronnie Keeton, President
Ed Burton, Vice-president
Debbie Hubert, Secretary
Bob See, Treasurer
James Aaron
Robert Atkins
Thomas Bennett
Mike Benston
Arthur Boyett
Kenneth Bridwell
Sherrill Cameron
Glenn Carew
Mike Cassell
Johnnie Clark
Roy Cleveland
Robert Coursey
Mitchelle Dale
Cheryl Dinsmore
K. Engh-Kittelson
John Fuller
William Ghegan
Becky Greer J
Bob Harman
Mike Holland
Glenn Huling
George Lane
David Lee ,
William Lei
Lamar Lewises
Dan McCollum
Robert McCorkle
John McCray
Jerry McWhorter
Gary Moore
Patricia Nelson
Wayne Pace
Louis Reames
Fred Risiner
Henry Rogers
David Rumph
Andy Seery
Bruce Self
Abram Serotta
Charles Smith
John Strickland
Wayne Thomley
Ken Townsend
David Tucker
John Ulmer
Andrew Vavreck
Sue Ward
Tyrrell Wilson
Vance Wingo
An honorary recognizing outstanding students in commerce.
Jerald Rucker, President
Jerry Padgett, Vice-president
Ray Grimes, Secretary-Treasurer
Ralph Balyeat
Hiram Barksdale
N. A. Beadles
Dennis Collier
Virgil Cover
Francis Elmore
W. C. Flewellen
James Gates
William Ghegan
James Green
Walter Gross
Mark Hanna
Clyde Harris
Harold Heckman
Eugene Holshouser
William Keeling
Donald Landrum
George Lane
E. J. Leverett
Frank Lewis
Daniel McCollum
Henry McDonald
Louis Mullen
Clio Norris
Charles Reichardt
David Rumph
Richard Scott
Robeert Segrest
Ira Shepherd
Howard Smith
Edward Swearingen
John Thompson
John Ulmer
Claire Whitaker
Rudolph White
Tyrrell Wilson
Norman Wood
Percy Yeargan
A fraternity for Physical Education majors.
Tom Rice, President
Wayne Pierce, Vice president
Darryl Jones, Secretary
Jon Smith, Treasurer
Jim Bedingfield
Fred Busby
Jim Bullard
Richard Cohan
Melvin Cooper
Tom Curry
Ken Dumbleton
Ernie Grymes
Edward Kenimer
Ken Kesler
Jerry Moore
Charles Morris
Michael Morris
Tom Murphy
Fritz Nau
Frank Odum
John Ogletree
Donald PalH|
Mike Peeler
David Wayne
George Roberson
George Richard
Jerry Smith
Danny Thaxton
William Warren
James Wright
John Zierjack
An honorary for students majoring in Education.
Freida Schonthal
Karen Scott
Nancy Steele
Emily Strickland
Mary Thomas
Linda Ward
Sheryl Watson
Carla Wells
Janice Wilson
Jan Pasek, President
Cheryl Wood, Vice president
Nancy Yarbrough, Vice president
Barbara Hale, Secretary
Patti McDaniel, Secretary
Cheryll McLaughlin, Treasurer
Karyn Andrews DeeAnn Butler
Carole Balchin Karen Cochran
Gayle Bramblett Margie Cohen
Nancy Coleman
Susan Cooper
Sylvia Cooper
Linda Coulter
Marla Day
Julia Duffy
Quida Good
Leslie Guerrant
Carol Hoelzer
Irman James
Stephaney Loden
Kathy McGarity
Lynda Maxwell
Jo Ann Northcutt
Melba O'Neal
Beryle Paschal
Sue Pitts
Barbara Rockwell
Mary Rodgers
Katie Scarborough
An organization for the highly skilled swimmer.
Kitsy Murphy, President
Neena Tenant, Vice president
Margaret Peabody, Secretary
Charlotte Grist, Treasurer
Kathy Anderson Mem Buddin
Jackie Birchall Karen Carr
Cissy Bradford Cheryl Culberson
Meri Curtin
Debbie Davenport
Laura Dick
Celia Doremus
Buff Dozier
Inez Dozier
Lin Guenther
Tricia Guy
Gladys Hammond
Betty Huey
Ann Hurst
Jan James
Pam Palmer
Kadie Pedrick
Robin Redfern
Ann Scott
Paula Smith
Kathy Weisback
Robin Williamson
Ellen Worthy
A club for girls interested in playing tennis.
Claudia Garrett, President
Jan Bankhead, Vice president
Margaret Peabody, Secretary
Lillian Adams Mary Brumby
Angee Baker Viki Carter
Kris Briegel Mary Collins
Mimi Cooke
Penny Dollar
Ann Ford
Katie Goodhue
Babbie Greene
Hetty Koemans
Karen Johnston
Yovonne Jones
Becky Leet
Andy Moss
Polly Pedrick
Katie Phelps
Mary Priegel
Gretchen Schrader
Brenda Stewart
Carol Taylor
Carroll Travis
Margaret Tyson
Daisy Wall
Joanne Wills
Linda Yates
Ellen Zank

A professional organization for h
ome economics majors.
Lera Boling, President
Anne Loftin, Vice-president
Virginia Thomas, Vice-president
Anne Strickland, Secretary
Patricia Clifton, Treasurer
Peggy Ahrenhold
Linda Anderson
Julia Boyd
Debra Cason
Ginger Davis
Charlene Edwards
Faye Garmon
Jeanne Gobel
Arline Grizzle
April Hudson
Janice Kimsey
Kitty King
Juanita Mareie
Corry McPherson
Holly Nagle
Jane Reynolds
Terri Ruffin
Eleanor Schaltenbrand
Freda Shines
Ann Simpson
Kaleen Stone
Debbie Tose
Barbara Tyler
Marcha Whitaker
An honorary scholastic home economics fraternity.
Beverly Rheney, President
Marie Dent, Vice-president
Joan Eberhardt, Secretary
Betty Brewton, Treasurer
Linda Anderson
Linda Arnsdorf
Stella Bailey
Linda Bankson
Lera Boling
Mary Cebik
Catherine Combs
Mary Dowling
Lynn Duncan
Anne Ellis
Jane Evans
Nancy Farmer
Anne Galloway
Donna Hatcher
Ethel Huie
Nan Johnson
Karen Kennickell
Peggy Key
Janice Kimsey
Lynn Moore
Mary Morrell
Susan Morrill
Sheryl Reeves
Ann Strickland
Cecilia Tarver
Rebecca Taylor .
Harriette Teasley
Virginia Thomas
Marcha Whitaker
An honorary professional advertising fraternity for women
Jhyllis Royster, President
aandra Scaramucci, Vice-president
3arbara Boulware, Secretary
loAnn Rock, Treasurer
Claudia Alderson
Susan Axelrod
Dee Dee Baggs
Scott Bowen
Lyn Brightwell
Nancy Burdick
Linda Burnham
Ellen Campbell
Maridel Campbell
Debbie Collins
Diane DuVernet
Emily England
Linda Evans
Linda Ferrell
Marilyn Frailey
Martha Gaither
Alice Garrard
Cynthia Gay
Pat Harrell
Rebecca Holcombe
Mary Jackson
Maxine Kasselman
Judy Key
Marilyn Knauth
Margaret Lanier
Katherine Leffew
Linda Matheson
Dorry McCullough
Mary McElhannon
Patricia McKibben
Beth McWhorter
Wanda Neville
Mary Olson
Sue Orr
Diane Sanders
Amy Shulman
Bonnie Somberg
Lynn Sparrow
Connie Stewart
Judith Turner
Mary Wade
Delaine Wheeler
An honorary society for women in journalism.
Mahla Swinford, President
Cherri VanHooven, Secretary
Sandra Scaramucci, Treasurer
Judy Bisplinahoff
Jerri Bonner
Sally Bullard
Nancy Bunker
Linda Burnham
Carol Cole
Mary Colson
Jo Crawford
Martha Crawford
Joey Cummings
Marianne Currie
Melissa Douglas
Marilyn Frailey
Martha Gaither
Alice Garrard
Pat Harrell
Becky Leet
Linda Matheson
Margaret Nix
Nancy Lylery
Shelley Nopper
Phyllis Royster
Susan Stanton
Bonnie Somberg
Lynn Sparrow
Betty Johnson
A professional society for men engaged in journalism
Pat Rogers, President
Chuck Cooper, Vice-president
Chuck Thorp, Secretary
Mike Howell, Treasurer
Bill Andrew
Dan Baker
Joel Blackwell
Steve E|lis
Ronnie Feinberg
Tom Giffen
Blake Giles
Jim Graham
Bill Hartman
Sam Heys
John Holliman
Doug Monroe
Dink NeSmith
Chuck Perry
George Pirkle
Larry Pope
Steve Stewart
Chuck Warren
Joe Wilkinson
An organization for students interested in the field of public relations.
i j
Hv 1 ;JI
Steve Ellis, President
Richard Gower, Vice-president
Marguerite Allgood, Secretary
William NeSmith, Treasurer
Larry Benton
Raymond Bragg
Peter Brunson
Marinne Carlise
Steven Cole
Edwin Coody
Leslie Davies
William Decker
Emily England
Martha Gay
Sidney Graham
Danny Huckaby
Wanda Neville
Lorraine Spann
Susan Stanton
Charles Swinford
Mahla Swinford
Daniel Vaughn
Robert Wilson
Herbie Wollner
A professional advertising fraternity for men.
Bill Akins, President
Tony Bryson, Vice-president
Roley Altizer, Secretary
Don Greene, Treasurer
Fred Reichardt, Pledge Trainer
Carol Cole, Sweetheart
Steve Altman
Heyward Baxter
Darrel Begnaud
Will Campbell
Edwin Coody
Carlton Curtis
Joe Daniel
Charlie Elliott
Steve Ellis
Danny Galpin
Elliott Hagan
Gordon Higgins
Bill Hopkins
Danny Huckaby
Steve Powell
Eddie Staton
Paul Thompson
Phil Turner
An organization encompassing all phases of electronic media.
George Pirkle, President
Vida Ranter, V.P. for Natl. Coordination
Jim Satterly, V.P. for Campus Affairs
Deborah Carlen, Secretary
Steve Glasser, Treasurer
Bill Andrew
Rick Cohn
Carl Colson
Shayne Fair
Deborah Griffith
Danny Hall
David Hearin
Wanda Jackson
Andy Johnson
Deane Maury
Doug Monroe
Jim Murray
Rebecca Roberts
Craig Smith
Tim Wilson
A professional organization for pharmacy majors.
Lee Underwood, President Helen Low, Recording Secretary Audrey Herzberg, Corresponding Secretary
Terrell Parham, Vice-president T. A. Perkins, Treasurer Gary Trest, Parliamentarian
Michael Akins
Michael Albanese
James Alexander
James Anderson
David Barber
Carlton Baxter
Melany Baxter
Jerry Beckler
Lee Be [(III
Edwin Bennett
Sims Benson
Barry Bilbrow
John Bland
Randy Blanton
Joan Boatright
Robert Bowles
Martan Bremer
Willene Brewer
Toney Britt
Charles Brooker
James Brown
Jesse Brown
William Burroughs
John Cain
Paula Castro-Poveda
David Cation
June Clark
Joseph Clay
Linda Clifton
Margurite Coldren
Robert Coleman
James Concar
Joyce Courter
Ralph Covington
Ann Cronan
Hiram Daniels
Sara Danner
William Davis
Charles Dean
Kenneth Duckworth
John Dukes
John Ellington
Arnold Ellis
Mary Evans
Roswell Evans
Ron Fackler
Kelly Farmer
Charles Fievet
John Findlay
Philp Fortner
Bob Fountain
Theron Fox
Robert Freeman
Charles Fuller
James Gay
Robert Gibson
William Giddens
Michael Gigandet
Robert Giles
Charles Gilles
Michael Godfrey
James Goodson
Barbara Goodwin
John Grady
Danny Gragg
Joseph Greene
Mary Griffin
Ronnie Grimes
Kenneth Grubbs
Raymond Hall
Harvel Hamm
Herbert Hammond
James Handberry
Barry Harden
Matha Hartley
Calhoun Harris
Jane Harris
Rita Harvey
Alfred Hegwood
Don Henderson
Ronald Henderson
Gary Hobbs
George Hogan
Ronald Hogan
Woodrow Hogan
Carlton Huckaby
Thomas Jackson
Peggy Joe
Thomas Johson
Ernest Keich
Dudley Lambert
Herman Lambert
Mary Lane
Francis Lankford
Thomas Large
Bill Licht
Arankin Linder
Keith Linse
Robert Longe
Joseph Loughlin
Thomas Lovett
Jeffrey Lurey
Eddie Madden
Dennis Malto
Sam Massey
Charles McDuffie
Larry McGowan
Teresia McVeigh
Michael Meeks
Donald Miller
Robert Moore
Glenn Morgan
Larry Moseley
Sedbron Moss
Johnny Murray
Bob Myrick
Clarence Nichols
Nancy Nunnally
Clarence Osburn
Joel Page
Carl Parker
Sharon Parker
Phyllis Parks
Henry Payne
Perey Phillips
Woodrow Proveau
Jerry Purcell
Freddy Purvis
Veron Reddish
Joe Reddock
John Richey
Ronald Russell
Joseph Sherwood
Robert Shiver
Ted Silver
Andrew Smith
Jerry Smith
George Smith
Joseph Sewell
Rufus Spears
Sue Spence
James Stansell
Donald Stiles
Willie Still
Phil Stone
Riley Stowers
Alvin Streat
Robert Tamplin
Chester Tapp
Glen Taunton
Zack Terry
Roger Thomas
Charles Thompson
Sandy Thompson
Alvin Tillman
Janet Turk
Dale Twilley
Jerry Walker
Wiley Webb
John Weldon
Linda White
Walter White
Ronnie Whiten
Ruth Whitlow
Ed Wilkerson
Mike Williamson
James Wilson
William Wise
Jane Wong
Charles Wood
Robert Woodall
Earl Wright
John Zackey
An honorary society in the pharmaceutical sciences.
Charles McDuffie, President
James Handberry, Vice-president
Jane Wong, Secretary
Audrey Herzberg, Treasurer
Carlton Baxter
John Ellington
James Goodson
J. L Grogan
Kenneth Grubbs
Harvel Hamm
Robert Hillman
Thomas Lovett
Clarence Nichols
William Norred
James Payne
Jim Porter
A professional sorority for women in the School of Pharmacy.
hyllis Parks, President Martha Hartley, Recording Secretary, Jane Wong, Secretary.
Xudrey Herzberg, Vice-president Linda Clifton, Corresponding Secretary
teggyjoe Nancy Nunnally Sue Spence Sandra Thompson Ruth Whitlow Jane Wong
The governing body of social sororities.
Joyce Bozman, President Mary Debnam, Secretary Lora Paschal, Booklet Chairman
Phyllis Van Dyke, Vice-president Katie Scarborough, Treasurer Melissa Douglas, Publicity Chairman
Kathy Horne, Rush Adviser Chairman
Beth Harris, Scholarship Chairman
-- ---gsigfessil----I....................
Alpha Chi Omega
Teri North
Sandra Saggus
Ipha Omicron Pi
lillie Roach
"enda Smith
Alpha Delta Pi
Melissa Douglas
Karen Kennickel
Alpha Gamma Delta
Beth Harris
Cathy Maclnnes
Chi Omega
Kitsy Murphy
Peggy Womble
Alpha Xi Delta
Nancy Coleman
Phyllis Van Dyke
Delta Delta Delta
Mary Boswell
Julie Milligan
Delta Zeta
Sandy Grist
Jean Jones
Delta Gamma
Katie Scarborough
Merry Tyler
Kappa Alpha Theta
Marilyn Frailey
Kathy Horne
Kappa Delta
Cheryl Prater
Kaye Shadix
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Nova Brown
ijane Evans
Sigma Delta Tau
Margie Cohen
Linda Kamsky
Sandra Saggus, President Claire Whitaker, Vice-president Mary Lee Glover, Treasurer
Linda Anderson, Vice-president Kathy Scartz, Secretary
Beverly Addington
Betty Allen
Linda Anderson
Peggy Bache
Kay Baker
Betsy Bateman
Judy Bateman
J. Birchall
Laura Boling
Lera Boling
Marv Bridger
Cindy Bunitsky
Linda Burnham
Vicki Burt
Beverly Butler
Kitty Carlan
Gail Childs
Emily Claxton
Debbie Clemons
Erica Cochran
Caroline Combs
Sheila Cook
Carol Cox
Jan Cox
Michelle DeLong
Marguerite Diprima
Lynn Ernest
Carol Etheridge
Jane Fitzpatrick
Mary Freeman
Carolyne Frowein
Denise Gibbs
Sandy Gill
Mary Glover
Dunneah Gordon
Penny Grogan
Kathy Guy
Nancy Harris
Cathy Harrison
Cynthia Hawk
Marcia Heard
Becky Holcombe
Susan Holmes
Betty Hulcher
Karen Lawrence
Mimi Leverette
Debbie Lufbarrow
Ellen Luke
Lynn Martin
Teressa Moen
Millicent Morrell
Toni Morris
Susan Moseley
Teri North
Suzanne O'Connell
Cathy Piper
Phyllis Pittman
Rita Poetter
Brenda Powell
Diane Ransbotham
Janice Redwine
Janice Reeves
Billie Roberson
Cynthia Rowan
Sandra Saggus
Debbie Sanderfur
Diane Sanders
Kathy Scartz
Beth Schlitzkus
Debbie Scott
Becky Sewell
Peggy Shiver
Leigh Shivers
Sandy Skelton
Barbara Smith
Nona Spears
Susan Stanton
Gail Thompson
Debbie Traynham
Mary Uecke
Pat Underwood
Vicki Van Vleck
Jane Vosburgh
Lee Waddell
Claire Whitaker
Bonnie Whitehead
Carol Williams
Donna Williams
Martha Williams
Sally Wishard
Susan Wright
Lynn Adams
Barbara Avrett
Peggy Bloodworth
Bonnie Britton
Cynthia Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Elisa Callaway
Kay Cannon
Laura Clark
Carolyn Clary
Carolyn Clement
Clare Cleveland
Hope Coleman
Judy Cooper
Carolyn Cotton
Joey Cummings
Pam Cueth
Mary Curtis
Ruthie Curtis
Louise Davis
Glenda Dekle
Anita Dobbs
Melissa Douglas
Linda Duke
Jane Duskin
Joan Eberhardt
Lorraine Echols
Patty Errigo
Lynn Ford
Laura Goodyear
Jo Gough
Jacqueline Greiner
Ann Grice
Lynn Griffin
Carol Gushanas
Donelle Hare
Martha Hendrix
Harriett Hutchings
Jan James
Mary Kelly
Marcia Kennedy
Karen Kennickell
Rosemary Kimbrell
Gay Kreher
Patty Little
Lynne Looney
Susan Mastin
Diane May
Sunny McAfee
Cheryl McDavid
Mary McDonald
Martha McKenzie
Linda McNeely
Mary McNeill
Dearing McRae
Lora Millard
Lois Miner
Leslye Morgan
Kathleen Nielsen
Margaret Nix
Vesta Owens
Eve Oxford
Pamela Palmer
Penny Patterson
Toni Paul
June Philips
Mariam Pierce
Donna Pittman
Mimsie Roberts
Susan Roberts
Mary Rollins
Susan Smith
Jane Sorrow
Suzanne Strickland
Kathy Tucker
Elizabeth Turner
Donna Upshaw
Mary Vandiver
Christy White
Veronica White
Ginger Wilkes
Karen Wright
Beverly Adams
Faye Akins
Susan Ansley
Susan Awtrey
Bobbi Bagwell
Caroll Baker
Diane Black
Margret Bostick
Ernestine Braziejl
Mary Brown
Mimi Caldwell
Ann Calhoun
Debby Campbell
Susan Carrier
Donna Carson
Gretchen Chambers
Karen Chambers
Donna Collins
Chris Cook
Cathy Deas
Susan Folger
Nan Freeman
Georgia Fussell
Ouida Good
Carol Grubbs
Becky Hamby
Gladys Hammond
Sheena Harrington
Beth Harris
Joan Hasty
Linda Hattaway
Christy Hawes
Susan Haynie
Sally Kellogg
Sara Leonard
Julia Leverett
Susan Lotz
Anna Lowe
Sharon Lyle
Cathy Maclnnes
Ann Mahan
Kathy Maholick
Gail Maloof
Gloria Martin
Sue Matthews
Jeanie Maxwell
Cathy McCabe
Peggy McClure
Jane McKinney
Jan McLelland
Katherine Moore
Barbara Moss
Martha Moultrie
Cheryl Mumford
Jane Nichols
Mary Nordstrom
Susan O'Brien
Melissa Palmer
Margaret Penny
Terry Pike
Beverly Purswell
Lynn Posey
Kimberly Quillian
Mary Rayborn
Gayle Rogers
Harriet Rohrbaugh
Connie Schulze
Terry Smith
Carla Smoak
Chris Sorchy
Vickie Stevenson
Terry Summerour
Ann Thomas
Cathey Thorp
Libby Vassar
Janet Voorhies
Andrea Waters
Paula Wickerson
Deborah Williams
Ellen Worthy
Brenda Smith, President
Betsy McClintock, Vice-president
Babbie Greene, Treasurer
Susan Akin, Rush Chairman
Patsy Blackstock
Merrianna Branan
Cynthia Brown
Mem Buddin
Lexie Bush
Susan Byrd
Connie Castleberry
Marilyn Sloan, Secretary
Anne French, Secretary
Susan Akin
Lou Alford
Judy Bagby
Therese Battey
Becky Benton
Debbie Bishop
Gayle Chandler
Anne Coker
Lynn Cordell
Parry Coversell
Sara Crouch
Sue Daley
Barbara Dashers
Judy Denard
Mary Dietrich
Marie DiPietro
Sue Dixon
Diane Dunagan
Melinda Ferrell
Casey Fitts
Teresa Fleming
Anne French
Linda Galt
Susan Garrison
Babbie Greene
Tricia Guy
Linda Guenther
Beverly Hall
Penny Harper
Linda Harshman
Kathy Heissenbuttel
Amy Henley
Debbie Hicks
Nancy Hooker
Elizabeth Hubbard
Molly Jenkins
Janice Johnson
Kathy Jones
Mary Kerwin
Dianne King
Lynn Lavender
Chris Loeffel
Betty Long
Vicki Mayfield
Elizabeth McClinton
Mary McConnell
Noelle Mills
Dianne Moore
Nedra Norton
Debbie Osborne
Leslie Pate
Dianne Penny
Denise Peters
Donne Pittman
Heather Quale
Millie Roach
Doris Samples
Ann Sauser
Jennifer Seay
Peggy Shealy
Suzanne Simpson
Marilyn Sloan
Brenda Smith
Linda Smith
Lynda Smith
Pam Smith
Paula Smith
Dianne Stuart
Elizabeth Toy
Cathy Tuttle
Cheryl Van Hoover
Gladys Ware
Kay Weatherway
Barbara West
Jackie Wooten
Lucile Wynne
Anita Bearden
Gwyned Bius
Nan Cannon
Linda Carroll
Nancy Carter
Nancy Coleman
Betty Cornwell
Sara Culbreth
Judy Durrance
Mary Dyal
Sandra End rod i
Helen Firor
Carole Garrett
Sara Goodsell
Margaret Gray
Nancy Hadsell
Brenda Harris
Jane Headrix
Bebe Herring
Janet James
Linda Knight
Molly Lawrence
Susan Lester
Rosanne Lipe
Susan Lonsack
Randy Matthews
Lynda Maxwell
Joyce McHenry
Deborah Parker
Martha Pinholster
Maggie Redd
Judith Richards
Nancy Robinson
Carolyn Sharp
Paula Smith
Linda Storey
Susie Thrasher
Carlene Timmons
Deborah Walker
Patrice Walters
Margaret Watson
Wanda Watson
Paula Weigand
Melissa Whittemore
Dixie Williams
Betty Lou Young
Kitsy Murphy, President
Betty Smith, Vice-president
Dee Dee Baggs, Secretary
Donna Ross, Treasurer

Mary Akers
Cissy Alexander
Mary Applegate
DeeDee Baggs
Cindy Bickerstaff
Barbara Boulware
Tommye Bradley
Jane Brooks
Paula Buckner
Eleonor Calhoun
Caroline Cason
Kay Champion
Catherine Cobb
Sarah Cobb
Kaye Cooper
Coopie Collier
Victoria Dardin
Katharine Dennison
Buff Dozier
Inez Dozier
Gail Eberhart
Anne Edmond
Mary Elkins
Lynne Fennel
Carolyn Finney
Patricia Fitzhugh
Debbie Giles
Deborah Greer
Terry Griffith
Palmer Gulley
Trena Hay
Donna Haynes
Dee Hewlett
Sarah Howe
Donna Howland
Judy Humphrey
Elizabeth Irby
Mary Irby
Ann Jackson
Jan Jenkins
Cheryl Jones
Barbara King
Kaye King
Margaret Kwilecki
Justine Lawton
Mollie Magill
Kathy Margeson
Nancy Matthews
Cathy McLanahan
Nancy McNiel
Margaret McPherson
Sinclair Miller
Sandra Moseley
Katharine Murphy
Susan O'Callaghan
Latimer Packman
Betsy Painter
Betsy Parrish
Leann Petit
Linda Phillips
Mary Pinson
Dolores Pisam
Linda Pope
Cindy Pryles
Patricia Puckett
Nancy Richmond
Kay Rybert
Sue Russell
Laura Satterfield
Diane Seely
Sharyn Simmons
Sue Smiley
Elizabeth Smith
Julietta Smith
Mona Smith
Shirley Thomas
Priscilla Thompson
Lynne Tolley
Carroll Travis
Betsy Treen
Grace Vaughan
Nancy Wade
Donna Weber
Carol Westbrook
Lynn Williams
Margaret Williams
Susan Willie
Sue Willingham
Jane Willis
Peggy Womble
Jane Wood
Linda Wood
Connie Wright
Caroline Vason
Rebecca Young
Kathleen Anderson
Susan Askew
Beverly Baggs
Kathy Bass;'
Billie Belote
Kay Berry
Patty BlackwelH
Darby Blake
Donna Blumgren
Kathy Blythe
Mary Boswell
Mary Bredlow
Nancy Brice
Alice Brown
Pamela Brown
Patricia Bruce
Claire Buffkin
Cathy Carmichael
Pat Cheney
Julie Childs
Vicki Deloach
Gayle Dunaway
Sue Eason
Donna Eubanks
Cynthia Fritts
Alice Garrard
JoAnne Gibson
Marianna Gross
Janet Hahn
Betsy Hale
Beth Harber
Susan Hill
Jill Holmer
Weezie Jackson
Betty Johnson
Kathy Kingston
Kathryn Lemon
JoAnne Lewis
Judy Love
Carolyn Lovett
Patti Mathes
Deborah Maxwell
Mary May
Ann McCormick
Susan McCranie
Vicki McGarity
Lynn McMinn
Anne Mead
Nancy Meritt
Julie Milligan
Carolyn Nicholes
Margaret O'Keiley
Mary O'Kelley
Shay Paris
Marcia Phillips
Katherine Raville
Robin Ritter
Connie Roelofs
Cindy Russell
Susan Sanos
Jane Simpson
Madeline Smith
Trisha Smith
Sherrie Souder
Vicki South
Nicke Spase
Patti Stonehouse
Willa Summerour
Lucy Swart
Helen Thornton
Teri Thornton
Helen Thorpe
Claudia Trammell
Denise Turvo
Bonnie Tuttle
Alice Wickersham
Lucia Williams
Dale Williamson
Carol Worley
Joan Yarborough
Marry Tyler, President
Carol Davis, Vice-president
Patti McDaniel, Secretary
Gayle Buttram, Treasurer
Gwen Lord, Rush Chairman
Susan Woodhall, Pledge Trainer
Janice Bateman
Nell Burch
Lisa Berta
Emily Blackwood
Nancy Boyd
Cissy Bradford
Carolyn Brinkley
Nancy Brooks
Cheryle Bullard
Gayle Buttram
Connie Campbell
Stelle Chandler
Marion Clark
Linda Coulter
Kathleen Cowan
Carol Davis
Donna Denman
Sunny Dodson
Dianne Drake
Anna Eidson
Teresa English
Joanne Everts
Alice Felts
Susan Fields
Carol Fleenor
Ann Green
Deborah Greenway
Gretchen Kraul
Gail Hall
Julie Hancock
Nancy Harder
Marlene Hazlett
Theresa Heffernan
Janet Hibbard
Andrea Higgins
Debbie Johnson
Barbara Jones
Anita Kemp
Dendy Kilgore
Donna King
Mary King
Dana Kirkus
Gretchen Kraul
Linda Lanier
Susan Lasseter
Lois Latham
Lisa Lawson
Dianne Lewis
Jane Loomis
Gwen Lord
Debbie Maxwell
Sandy McAfee
Patricia McDaniel
Joan McGowan
Elaine McNeal
Salliann Messenger
Stephanie Mewborn
Lynn Moore
Amy Mosely
Liz Myers
Marjorie Neal
Terry Norris
Carol O'Connell
Jan Pasek
Katie Pedrick
Paula Pinnell
Carleton Plant
Linda Quincy
Laura Richbourg
Katie Scarborough
Linda Seymour
Laine Siegel
Mary Singleton
Shirley Singleton
Suzanne Snelling
Beth Souther
Mary Stein
Barbara Sutherland
Samille Swinson
Cynthia Van Alstyne
Barbara Verschure
Nancy Weaver
Norah Whallen
Dianne Whitley
Linda Whitten
Peggy Wilson
Susan Woodhall
Nancy Yarbrough
Gwen Yawn
Jackie Andrews
Susan Axelrod
Phyllis Barashick
Laura Bloom
Barbara Blum
Florence Blumin
Brenda Bodziner
Barbara Budnick
Judy Caplan
Laura Cohen
Lynn Cranman
Sharon Davidson
Elaine Ellison
Nancy Fleisher
Suzanne Floersheim
Lilian Friedberger
Bonnie Germanow
Arleen Gerson
Laura Gilbert
Ellen Goldberg
Dotti Goldstein
Fran Goleman
Nan Greenhut
Rochelle Greene
Roberta Hackel
Helene Halpern
Lynn Kantsiper
Muriel Kabhan
Carol Kaye
Toby Ketcham
Sally Konter
Lois Lenner
Ellen Levy
Mendy Marks
Shelley Medoin
Jan Myers
Suzanne Olmer
Carol Phillips
Muriel Rabhan
Arlele Rosenberg
Sandara Rosenburg
Jan Roth
llene Rothberg
Lynn Rudikoff
Arlene Sachs
Janet Sackett
Marilyn Salus
Myra Scheer
Barbara Schuman
Donna Schwartz
Karen Shapiro
Rosalind Shapiro
Harriet Shayne
Lise Sloat
Naomi Singerman
Betty Slaughter
Bonnie Somberg
Barbara Taylor
Ronna Waldman
Susan Weinberg
Nell Alfriend
Eleanor Amason
Pam Avery
Anne Ballard
Nancy Ballard
Barbara Beckham
Jan Blanchard
Lynda Bomar
Mickey Brannen
Lyn Brightwell
Lane Bush
Robbie Butler
Jan Carter
Constance Clifford
Patsy Cole
Ginger Coley
Kathy Collier
Susan Davis
Jackie Dick
Sarah Dickinson
Dana Dobbs
Julia Duppey
Martha Dupree
Diane DuVernet
Paula Eubanks
Ann Ford
Janet Foster
Marilyn Frailey
Ellen Gay
Louise Golden
Nancy Greene
Kathy Harney
Eloise Hayes
Susan Head
Sharon Henbrick
Row Henson
Kim Henter
Lyda Hill
Ruthie Hoge
Kathy Horne
Nell Howard
Betty Isakson
Brant Jackson
Catherine Jarrell
Raye Johnson
Nancy Joiner
Carole Kickliter
Janice Lee
Kathy Leffew
Jane Lipps
Lee Lovvorn
Ginny MacCall
Marion McDougal
Barbara McKinley
Beth McWhorter
Sally Moran
Faye Mullis
Aubrey Munford
Gayle Oliver
Bet Pendergrast
Melissa Pharr
Becky Pittard
Michele Rahanian
Jane Reynolds
Julie Richards
Lane Rabb
Patricia Rogers
Kathy Scott
Ava Schaffer
Julianne Short
Jean Smiderski
Cindy Smith
Louise Smith
Nancy Smith
Peggy Spears
Joanne St. Clair
Teresa Tennyson
Jamerson Thompson
Anne Tomlinson
Peggy Williams
Nancy Wood
Johnette Young
Sally Arnold
Elizabeth Asbury
Pat Begley
Linda Ball
Holly Bellinger
Mary Bercegeay
Julia Boudkd
Mary Britton
Marilyn Brock
Harriet Brown
Patsy Bruce
Alice Bryan
Bonnie Burdett
Nancey Burdick
Jessica Campbell
Laura Campbell
Diane Carrington
Mary Clark
Nancy Collar
Debbie Collins
Janelle Cope
Linda Crafton
Kathy Davies
M. K. Davis
Mary Dorsey
Jan Dunlap
Kathryn Foster
Sherri Fulmur
Bonnye Hansard
Dione Harris
Donna Hatcher
Mary Hopkins
Melissa Houseal
Kay Hughes
Jean Hutcheson
Anne Jerome
Jan Jones
Jane Kellett
Emily Kirkland
Ethel Kolgakus
Mallory Longan
Jane Maffett
Aprile Matthews
Marcia Mayo
Cathy McCutchen
Myra McLonghan
Laurette Meade
Melinda Miller
Janet Muller
Gayle Meyers
Linda Newman
Susan Orr
Peggy O'Neal
Becky Owen
Andrea Parks
Dorothea Patrick
Polly Pedrick
Sally Pope
Cheryl Prater
Becky Reaves
Sue Renford
Linda Rockett
Sarah Rogers
Betsy Rowland
Phyllis Royster
Becky Sanford
Juanita Sichoultz
Betsy Sewell
Robyn Sewell
Kaye Shadix
Sharon Sides
Carole Simpson
Ruth Slickman
Madelyn Spivey
Kathy Teague
Angela Thompson
Gail Tisson
Ruthie Tucker
Anna Turner
Cam Upchurch
Nancy Webb
Cheri Weir
Delaine Wheeler
Mary Whitlock
Sally Williams
Loretta Williamson
Katherine Woodruff
M. V. Woodruff

Jane Evans, President
Elise Amory
Nancy Avriett
Carol Blalock
Susan Boyd
Joyce Bozman
Barbara Brown
Evelyn Bush
Marilyn Cartledge
Carol Clary
Candy Collins
Debbie Dean
Josie Eager
Jane Ellington
Caroly Ellis
Jane Evans
Lynda Felder
Rebekah Forrester
Lane Freeman
Carol Greer
Laurie Grotnes
Debra Grove
Sydney McCampbell, Vice-president
Barbara Steele, Vice-president
Peggy Gude
Patty Harp
Adele Harrell
Vicki Hawley
Debbie Hollman
Lynn Horner
Emily Jones
Judy Jones
Susan Kelly
Laura Killeen
Marta King
Linda Lee
Lynne Lyon
Carter Marks
Lynn Martin
Marcia McCampbell
Sydney McCampbell
Martha McLaughlin
Bett Mills
Julia Milner
Kay Neisler
Jan Newton
Deborah Noell
Denny O'Callaghan
Susan Orcutt
Harriet Owen
Margaret Owen
Brenda Pierce
Marion Rauers
Taffy Richardson
Becky Robinson
Janet Ross
Cathy Sheriff
Beth Spalding
Suzanne Spratlin
Barbara Steele
Donna Ulrici
Suzie Washburn
Nancy Webb
Anne White
Jayne Wilder
Becki Willingham
Ann Winslow
Sandra Wise
Valery Wrenn
Bonnie Young
Julie Young
Wendie Young
Carol Head, President Lynn Ramage, Secretary Helen Jones, Rush Chairman
Nancy Hobgood, Vice-president Sherrie Thomas, Treasurer Joy Ledbetter, Pledge Trainer
Jackie Almond
Bettye Amos
Ann Askew
Karen Bedingfield
Barbara Black
Betsy Bracey
Mary Branch
Anne Bryant
Gail Busbee
Brenda Butler
Susan Butts
Ellen Campbell
Viki Carter
Barbara Clark
Carol Cole
Julie Cole
Kathryn Cone
Mary Cooke
Carol Copeland
Martha Cranford
Carol Crawford
Josephine Crawford
Martha Dargan
Leslie Davis
Polly Dempsey
Barbara Denny
Nancy Dollar
Delia Dykes
Mary Fleuellen
Charlette Flynt
Linda Glenn
Sue Grantham
Mary Green
Susan Griffin
Pat Hammock
Judy Hancock
Kathy Harbin
Susan Harris
Carol Head
Jane Helms
Linda Hobgood
Nancy Hobgood
Kay Hodges
Martha Holland
Mary Hoskins
Ann Hunter
Janis Johnson
June Johnson
Helen Jones
Sara Lane
Shannon Landing
Judy Langford
Deborah Laws
Joy Ledbetter
Karen Lewis
Pam Mansour
Mary Mansour
Julie Martin
Deborah Mason
Rebecca McGuire
Elaine McMichael
Martina Monick
Karen Morris
Betty New
Shannon Pickard
Brenda Pierce
JoAnne Portman
Lynn Ramage
Suzanne Respess
Mary Ruff
Jan Sammon
Cathy Secrest
Mary Sellers
Laura Sherard
Patty Smith
Ann Snellings
Margaret Sorrells
Susan Sprayberry
Ann Stiles
Lynn Stiles
Katrina Stone
Sherrie Thomas
Ashley Tomlinson
Leisa Tomlinson
Nancy Torbett
Wanda Watson
Lynne Wells
Harriet Williams
Dana Yon
Karen Ziegenfuss
Laura Allen
Carol Andrews
Jan Bankhead
Kay Barbin
Carolyn Blaine
Nancy Braun
Gwen Brittain
Doris Brown
Margaret Brown
Marilynn Brown
Katharine Brownlee
Marta Bryan
Pamela Buchanan
Lynn Burson
Dee Butler
Jane Byerly
Mary Calhoun
Elizabeth Carson
Brenda Carver
Jenni Carver
Patricia Castro
Saralyn Chesnut
Gina Christman
Diane Clarke
Sally Craig
Flossie Cunningham
Marianne Currie
Ginger Davis
Nancy Davis
Barbara Dawson
Becky Dillard
Beverly Dunn
Martha Edwards
Karyn Everett
Yvonne Fitzgerald
Gwendolyn Gonia
Karen Hale
Evelyn Hammel
Emily Harper
Linda Harvell
Ronnie Hembree
Ansley Hurst
Jane Jackson
Debbie Jones
Lisa Jordan
Mary Jordan
Sabina Kaucher
Mimi Kilgore
Nancy Lonsack
Patricia Lyle
Sharon Maier
Carrie Manley
Shirley McDaniel
Corry McPherson
Kathy Minich
Donna Mowery
Holly Nagle
Donna Nalley
Felicia Nicholson
Marilyn Nossen
Ruth Oliver
Ann Olsen
Janine Patterson
Carol Rhoad
Pamela Robinson
Judi Says
Mai Sheffield
Beverly Shull
Rise Strain
Debbie Tase
Joan Todd
Brenda Tolbert
Renee Waldon
Sally Waldon
Kathy Weisback
L Von Werssowetz
Marilyn White
Emily Winship
Earline Wrinkle
Harriet Berlin
Brenda Berman
Sandy Blumberg
Nancy Brandt
Pam Burke
Barbara Charney
Margie Cohen
Missy Cohen
Barber Cole
Linda Cohn
Sherri Corenblum
Madeleine Deich
Debra Elfenbein
Carole Eisenberg
Peggy Farr
Bonnie Feig
Fran Forman
Phyllis Fraley
Shelle Frankel
Adele Friedman
Gloria From
Linda Gordon
Cheryl Gropper
Rhonda Handelsman
Rosalie Harris
Jill Haskins
Sara Hasson
Laurie Hoffman
Susie Hoffman
Linda Kamsky
Sheila Kaplon
Marcia Kaplan
Shelley Kessler
Nancy Kloth
Leslye Kauver
Josie Jurin
Linde Levene
Charlotte Lipsitz
Myra Nossdkoff
Nancy Paris
Susan Prisant
Nancy Rainbow
Dale Raymond
Ellen Reiff
Patricia Robbins
Nancy Roth
Ellen Safier
Karen Shapiro
Brenda Shoenig
Sheryl Skorecki
Patty Slotin
Gail Tanenbaum
Brenda Wise
Cherylll McLaughlin, President Pam Sigl, Vice-president Linda Quackenbush, Treasurer
Linda Arnsdorf, Secretary Edna Motz, Rush Chairman
Faye Alberson
Beth Andrews
Melinda Anglin
Dianne Baker
Jeannie Ball
Linda Arnsdoff
Martha Beasley
Gene Blackwell
Nancy Boyle
Cheryl Begzell
Bonnie Brown
Jan Buck
Theresa Caras
Gloria Carnes
Jane Clarke
Nancy Cline
Lane Cornwell
Nancy Crookshank
Mary Debnam
Nancy Edwards
Linda Fleming
Dianne Foster
Brenda Fowler
Cathi Furner
Linda Gardner
Beth Garrett
Kathy Gorman
JoAnne Griffith
Patsy Hand
Ingrid Hanson
Mary Hart
Cheryl Hardwick
Peggy Huish
Mary Judge
Christine Kelly
Debbie Lewis
Jan Lindsey
Cheryl Mathews
Judy McBride
Cheryl McGowan
Linda McLane
Cheryl McLaughlin
Mona McLendon
Joan Moore
Sandra Morton
Edna Motz
Linda Norton
Laurene Pearson
Aileen Ponder
Linda Quackenbush
Martha Robinson
Duanne Royall
Mary Shipler
Pam Sigl
Boone Smith
Jean Stephens
Cynthia Tedeschi
Sandra Thomas
Debra Thompson
Vicki Thompson
Vikki Tuten
Betsy Whitaker
Pamela Wilson
Jennifer Wright
Vera Zager
Ann Zivich

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m W HI 1 1
V' ^ LuiLM

Dolores Davis, President
Barbara Parson, Vice-president
Cindy Johnson, Secretary
Jan Tillman, Secretary
Nancy Boiter, Treasurer
Becky Horton, Rush Chairman
Bebe Alford
Jackie Bailey
Cindy Bankhead
Bonnie Barnes
Nancy Bolter
Bonnie Bowen
Becky Brown
Jill Brown low
Bonnie Bullard
Cathy Bullard
Judy Burdett
Wynema Burdette
Paula Carr
Gwynne Copeland
Carol Costa
Linda Couchman
Cathy Crunkleton
Johnnie Cumbie
Delores Davis
Margie Davis
Meredith Davis
Karen Daws
Kathy Donovan
Mac Doughtie

Diane Flatt
Marylyn Fountain
Margaret Garban
Lynda Gardner
Linda Gass
Linda Giles
Sharon Hahne
Marie Hickson
Paula Hinson
Janet Holliday
Janis Holloman
Kathy Horst
Becky Horton
Marsha Hoskins
Marion Huskey
Cindy Johnson
Sheryl Johnson
Betty Lankford
Janice Lord
Lynn Loving
Debbie Lynch
Susan Lynch
Gay Lyor\s
Pamela McNew
Patti Miller
Susan Mitchell
Jeannie Moore
Pat Moore
Janet Newburg
Nancy Nutting
Pat Odom
Nan Oliver
Mary Olson
Barbara Parsons
Beryle Paschal
Lora Paschal
Lynn Paschal
Laura Phillips
Ginger Price
Edith Rasmussen
Kathy Reeves
Ricki Robbins
Cathy Robinson
Jackie Schulten
Kay Sessions
Ricki Shaw
Beth Single
Sherry Slate
Vicki Smith
Susan Southwell
Anita Spiller
Charlotte Stanford
Rosemary Strother
Gloria Tillman
Jan Tillman
Susan Troy
Cathy Turner
Vi Van Vleck
Murray Warnock
Karen Widner
Anne Williamson
Carolyn Willis
Nancy Winn
Linda Anderson
Charlotte Blackman
Brenda Bodziner
Cathie Combs
Shelley Douglas
Lenore Druckenbrod
Ellen Ebenhack
Terry Farr
Sandy Grist
Martha Hatcher
Cheryle Johnson
J ean Jones
Judy Kinard
Nancy Klemann
Gail McCarty
Charlotte McCorkel
Trish McCormick
Carol McLellana
Nancy Nutt
Linda Peeples
Sherie Reese
June Prosser
Ann Rhoads
Margo Schweikert
Carol Scoville
Judy Thomas
lleana Tomas
L. E. Tomlinson
Melanie Wolford
Cheryl Yearty
Susan Lotz, Sweetheart
Dennis Edwards, President
Roy Tritt, Vice-president
Thomas Garmon, Secretary
Jeffrey Booker, Treasurer
Parker Owen, Pledge Trainer
Peter Anderson
H. K. Beacham
Steve Bienstock
Jeff Booker
Dan Byess
Michael Campbell
Donald Doherty
Don Eddins
Gary Edwards
Stephen Flagg
Harold Florence
Peter Foss
Jan Gillespie
Edward Hartness
Samuel Heys
Tom Manton
Miles McDonald
Billy O'Dell
Jay Osborne
Danny Payne
Henry Peck
Charles Rehberg
Robert Richardson
Randall Roberts
John Scoville
Charles Slade
Roy Tritt
Richard Van Ingen
Robert Bleiberg
Edward Blumberg
Richard Bogeslov
Alan Cohen
David Cohen
David Edelman
Gene Eisenberg
Morris Elstein
Steve Ember
Carl Erbesfield
David Feingold
Alan Garber
Lisa Sloat, Sweetheart
Jeff Rittenbaum, President
Mike Verner, Vice-president
Alan Dinnerman, Secretary
Ronald Garber, Treasurer
John Simowitz, Pledge Trainer
Gary Glancz
Roy Goldberg
Robert Goldstein
Walter Hall
Bruce Hornik
Charles Idelson
Larry Isaacson
Clay Kaplan
Edward Kletzky
Stephen Lapidus
Alan Levow
Ralph Lorberbaum
Alan Manheim
Rick Marcus
Ronald Merlin
Fred Minsk
Jeff Rittenbaum
Steve Roberts
P.J. Rosenbaum
Charles Rubin
Howard Ruskin
Arthur Salus
Alan Seitel
William Shapiro
Brian Shonson
Glenn Silverboard
Jon Simowitz
Bert Stein
Donald Stein
Steve Steinberg
Howard Struletz
T.J. Turgeon
Mike Verner
Harry Wienberg
Ronnie Willingham
Barty Alderman
Richard Bondy
William Boone
Jerry Bowman
Robert Burton
Jarrell Cagle
Wiliam Casey
James Chambers
Steve Coody
Fred Cook
Earl Dykes
Herbert Fordham
Wayne Hansen
William Haskins
William Hogan
James Jung
Alvin Manning
John McCormick
Royce McCrary
Bruce Phillips
Lonnie Plott
Thomas Pollock
Travis Reed
Rushy Scott
Dennis Still
Harry Thompson
Jim Torrence
Steve White
Donald Wilder
Ralph Williams
Faye Akins, Sweetheart
Robert Burton, President
Dennis Still, Vice-president
Jerry Bowman, Secretary
Alvin Manning, Treasurer
Jarrell Cagle, Pledge Trainer

Jan Bankhead, Sweetheart
William Brown, President
Charles Lanier, Vice-president
Ronald Dachs, Secretary
William Felts, Treasurer
Bill Boyd
William Brown
Wayne Burrell
William Cantrell
Don Creech
Ronald Dachs
Roger Etheridge
William Felts
Steve Hammond
Glenn Harden
Joe Harrington
Van Hollinger
Tony Howell
W. T. Jarrard
Eugene Lake
Dud Lambert
Chuck Lanier
Larry Moor
Larry Mosteller
Allen Payne
Steve Sheriff
Michael Smith
Steward Stich
Larry Tyler
Bruce Widener
Gary Wood
Mike Wright
Beth Sinde, Sweetheart
John Foster, President
Terry Hunt, Vice-president
John Holt, Secretary
Rick Limbird, Treasurer
David Lewis, Rush Chairman
Duncan Adams
Miley Adams
Brent Armstrong
Glenn Austin
Robert Baldwin
Jim Beacham
Ben Benford
Howard Benford
Ben Bickerstaff
Robert Blackburn
Hill Boyett
Mason Brumby
Gregory Burton
Walter Bush
Robert Caldwell
Tom Callaway
Charlie Cannon
Paul Carter
Frank Chandler
Mike Chitwood
Colburn Coe
James Davis
Richard DeRose
Carlton Dover
Richard Downing
Milton Dunn
George Floyd
John Foster
Steve Gilliam
Walt Green
Bill Griffin
Jim Griffin
Rick Haas
Gil Hargett
Philip Hausworth
George Hayes
John Holt
Richard Martin
Phillip McKenzie
Jack Minor
Rod Morris
Thomas Nix
Jim Panned
Doug Peters
Will Pharr
John Phillips
William Pickran
Christopher Price
Edwin Pullen
Bob Richardson
John Richardson
Fred Sanderson
John Schveiwe
Geoffrey Searcy
Stephen Segrest
Bobby Sexton
Joe Shockley
Steve Singletary
Robert Smith
Craig Smith
Gary Spooner
Luke Spooner
Donald Stewart
James Stevens
Jimmy Temple
Philip Thompson
Tom Usilton
Howard Vicar
Charles Werk
W. M. Winn
Paul Woody
Gordon Wynn
Tom Holt
Lawrence Hornsby
Steve Howard
Terry Hunt
James Johnson
Mark Johnson
Ted Jones
Vance Jones
William Lam
David Lewis
Lon Lewie
Rick Limbird
David Loughridge
Charles Martin
Lisa Callaway, Sweetheart
Scott Offen, President
Mike Martin, Vice-president
Marvin Brown, Secretary
Cy Malone, Treasurer
Tommy Crane, Pledge Trainer
Scott Akers
Tommy Ball
Paul Bradley
M.T. Brown
Richard Brown
Billy Carroll
David Chance
Tom Crane
Jim Crow
Mike Cunningham
Walter Czurg
R.L. Doyal
Robert Evans
Stewart Flanigan
Henry Garrett
Richard Glover
R.D. Hancock
James Hanger
L. C. Harris
James Harkins
John Hickman
Robert Hogg
Charles Hunnicutt
Paul Hutchens
Bennett Hutchison
Kim Jennison
Stephen Kent
Steve Kerr
Bobby Lee
Cyrus Malone
J. K. Malone
Byron Mangum
Jack Martin
W. B. Morse

Charles Motz
A. E. Murphy
James Nash
Danny Overstreet
J. M. Raine
Alfred Sawyer
Michael Sheahan
Charles Simons
Charles Suggs
Michael Thompson
John Traylor
Winn Turner
Scotti Kirkland, Sweetheart
Ray Walters, President
David Vernon,, Vice-president
Rick Donnelly, Secretary
Bob McKinney, Treasurer
Steve Spellman, Pledge Trainer
George Reid, Rush Chairman
Mike Anderson
Norman Andrews
Richard Applebury
David Bankston
Glenn Barber
Paul Barnes
Bruce Bartholomew
John Binder
Bob Bowers
Ed Broyles
'Warren Burgess
Alan Campbell
Jay Campbell
Kee Carlisle
Doug Carnes
Price Corr
Charles Flowe
David Varnell
Ray Walters
Allen Westbrook
Dennis Whitfield
Mark Williams
David Franklin
Jim Gunby
Davis Haynes
Frank Hinds
Rick Hinkle
Larry Holden
Warren Holton
David Kelly
Hugh Mahany
Gene McCluskey
Robert McKinney
Lewis Minford
Tom Nollner
Alan Olansky
David Osborn
Stan Overstreet
Jeff Owens
Buz Payne
Tommy Pickering
Steve Proctor
George Reid
Scott Shepard
Ray Sherwood
Buddy Shrader
Fred Shroyer
Sammy Smith
Wink Smith
Steve Spellman
Dan Sugg
Leo Sullivan

Jean Smiderski, Sweetheart
Joe Montgomery, President
Jim Fegley, Vice-president
Pat Navisthrira, Secretary
John Self, Treasurer
James Blaisdell
Robert Brantley
Dan Bridgers
Gaylain Brown
Robert Clark
Robert Crews
Paul Elwood
James Fegley
Ronnie Garrison
Mike Glisson
Charles Jay
David Lintern
Carroll McGuffee
J. Meadows
Joe Montgomery
Phil Mooney
Pat Navisthrira
Danny Newman
Scott Pope
Tommy Rymer
John Self
Walter Sloan
Lew Stafford
Thomas Taute
Marcie Heard, Sweetheart
Charles Higginbotham, President
David Kirby, Vice-president
David Disney, Vice-president
Walter Hall, Secretary
Clifford Bond, Treasurer
Jimmy Berrong
Clifford Bond
Wesley Craft
David Disney
Walter Hall
David Kirby
Robert Low
George Mansfield
Jerry Neal
Edward Parker
Walter Sumner
Van Botsaris
David Cannon
Russell Carlisle
Nelsen Chastain
David Chatham
Kip Claxton
Dennis Collier
Ed Crook
John Daniels
William Decker
Ralph Deloach
Jeff Edmondson
James Farris
John Feltman
Buren Freeman
Bond Koteas, Sweetheart
Bob Wall, President
David Cannon, Vice-president
Bill Smith, Secretary
Charles Moore, Treasurer
Mark Aldridge
Doug Ayers
Terry Banks
Kenneth Barbash
Bertram Boley
David Grant
Nelson Hicks
Mark Holmes
Richard Howard
Robert Izlar
Tony Komac
Thomas Lowry
Frank Malone
Mike Martin
George McCallum
Randy Mickler
Albert Miniaci
Charles Moore
James Payne
Gregory Phillips
James Peeler
Troy Poss
Mike Rease
Kenneth Rhoden
Frank Savini
James Sciubba
Bob Seagraves
Gordon Smith
Tim Sholar
William Smith
Mike Summers
Ronald Sutton
George Taylor
Dale Thompson
Alan Tigner
Robert Wall
Edward Waugh
Cathy Campbell, Sweetheart
Robert Dulinawka, President
Philip Imbriano, Vice-president
Charles Ashley, Secretary
Michael Bunch, Treasurer
Charles Ashely
Sammy Buchanan
Michael Burch
Robert Dulinawka
John Gentry
Philip Imbriano
Michael Wilkes
Mike Albanese
<en Duckworth
John Dukes
Lee Evans
John Fields
Glen Fox
Jerry Gable
John Grady
Donnie Griffin
Barry Harden
Gary Hobbs
R. D. Jones
Robert Jones
Ralph Jordon
Ernie Keictt
Jeffrey Kotzan
Herman Lambert
Wayne Lankford
Tom Lovett
Glenn Morgan
Richard Morris
Larry Moselev
Terry Parham
Carl Parker
Jimmy Payne
Alan Phillips
Ken Rosier
Joseph Sherwood
Charles Storey
Joe Sumner
Linnie Walls
Alan White
W. A. White
Ronnie Whiten
Ronnie Williams
Kathleen Neilson, Sweetheart
Calhoun Harris, President
Jack Friou, Vice-president
William Jackson, Secretary
Edward Tolley, Treasurer
Zane Bair
W.A. Baker
David Ballard
S.W. Barge
William Boswell
Bill Brewster
Lewis Campbell
Stewart Champion
Robert Constantine
Ted Craig
J.M. Davis
Steve Dearing
Jimmy Davis
L.M. Donovan
Dennis Drewyer
Robert Fortson
Rick Foster
Jack Friou
Jimmy Fuller
Rex Fuqua
J.W. Gosnell
R.R. Grist
Leon Hargreaves
Calhoun Harris
Michael Hayes
Hoppy Hopkins
Robert Hughes
William Jackson
Robert Joiner
Andy Knox
Cam Kouns
J.D. Leigh
Duffie Lutz
J.T. Marbury
Hank Margeson
Tom Maxwell
Kenny McLendon
Bobby McRae
M.D. McRae
Thomas Miller
Hank Mobley
P.G. Muntoe
Hugh Nicholson
Gary Nix
Dave Ogletree
Tommy Perkins
Joe Saffold
L.L. Scruggs
George Smith
Orson Thorpe
Edward Tolley
Mark Yarbrough
Carol Geer, Sweetheart
Andy Scherffius, President
Hal Henderson, Vice-president
Greg McCoy, Secretary
Dennis Summers, Treasurer
Jimmy Alexander
Blair Bartlett
Victor Belote
James Blankenship
Glenn Bone
J.G. Bowles
B. B. Bundsman
Ricky Bussey
David Byrd
Mike Cauley
C. R. Cheeley
James Clark
Harold Colquitt
Jerry Conner
G.M. Crawford
Bruce Diers
Jim Dorsett
Steve Duncan
Robert Dwornik
Harry Eubanks
Jim Finch
Carton Fleming
Mike Foran
Larry Forth
Brian Foster
Chris Gunter
Jim Harper
James Hasiam
Phillip Heard
Bobby Hearn
John Heffernan
Michael Hendley
Robert McCoy
Charles Minor
David Murphy
Gerald Musarra
Pete Pappas
John Pitts
Terry Poor
James Poss
Mike Powell
J.P. Proffit
John Risse
William Rivers
Andrew Scherffius
Sammy Shoemaker
Hansell Smith
Jim Squier
Samuel Stephens
J.B. Stewart
Pat Stockton
John Stone
Dennis Summers
William Talbert
Wayne Tamplin
M.C. Waldrep
Ronnie Weeks
Donald Wren
Jack Adams
William Andrews
Bill Ansley
W. Atchison
Heyward Baxter
John Behl
Al Blackmon
Frank Boggs
C. B. Bowie
Bruce Boynton
Boyd Burdette
Joe Cannon
Mike Carr
William Carr
Marcy Chambless
M. L. Clower
A. R. Curran
T. E. Day
George DeLong
Michael Dibiase
Buddy Dillard
Douglas Earley
Carl Ellington
George Fairdoth
Mike Foley
Skip Forsberg
Charles Gatlin
Bobby Goen
Joseph Gregg
Ronald Harrison
Harold Hart
Jack Hennings
Ken Hilley
Bill Hilley
Marvin Hopkins
John Hutto
Vernon Jennings
Cecil Kelly
Phil Kinney
Steve Ledbetter
Dennis Lee
John Little
John Lovein
Buddy Marshall
Philip McCormick
Jeff McKibben
Leon Norman
Dennis Parks
Jim Peoples
Michael Pohler
Randy Rutherford
Thomas Sewell
Steve Smith
William Smith
Jim Taylor
David Thomas
Graham Thorpe
Carl Tomberlin
Kenneth Townsend
Phillip Turner
Bruce Weathers
James Whatley
Wayne Whitaker
Avery Wood

Laura Satterfield, Sweetheart Johnny McGoogan, Vice-president Ben Easterlin, Treasurer
Harry Scott, President Andy Watson, Secretary Arthur Steedman, Rush Chairman
Bill Bailey
Frank Battey
Larry Benson
Harold Bosworth
Joe Brewster
Duvall Brumby
John Brumby
Walter Burt
Buzzy Butler
William Butler
Robert Carr
Frank Carter
D. W. Clapp
Alex Cooper
Cader Cox
Craig Crosby
Danny Daniel
Mike Daniel
Charles Davis
Phillip Davis
Boyd Dethew
Ted DeVore
George DuPree
John DuPree
Ben Easterlin
George Elliott
Paul Elliott
Benton Evans
Hyatt Field
Garrett Fleming
Thomas Fricks
Carleton Fry
John Griffin
John Hamrick
Greg Haynes
Matt Healy
Bobby Heath
Rick Hudson
George Hughey
Robert Jenkins
Bob Johnson
Mart Kilpatrick
Gene Lewis
David Littlefield
Jim Marett
Robert McGahey
George McGinness
John McGroogan
Jack McKay
Bo Means
James Moore
John Norman
Frank Muschamp
John O'Neal
Robert Robbins
J. C. Robinson
Karl Rowland
William Sartain
Phil Saunders
Harry Scott
Jack Short
Charles Smith
John Sparlock
Arthur Steedman
Robert Stephens
Ernest Vandiver
Robert Varnadoe
Larry Walden
Andrew Watson
Clyde White
Latimer Wilson
Chip Wisdom
Richard Herzog, President
Mark Aronson, Vice-president
Herschel Saparow, Secretary
Robert Teplis, Treasurer
Mark Aronson
Earl Baxter
Ed Brown
David Draisen
John Elliot
Richard Herzog
Glenn Klausman
Alan Schulman
Herschel Saparow
Robert Teplis
Edward Vogel
William White
J. R. Colgrove
Phillip Compton
Darryl Crim
Richard Deloch
Richard Drexel
John Elder
Larry Elliott
David Epps
W. M. Flowers
James Hatch
Tony Haynie
Clint Hege
C. R. Johnston
Robert King
Carey Leverett
Charles Malone
Andrew Manson
Stuart Mitchell
Thomas Ondrejuak
H. M. Pafford
J. J. Phelps
Charles Pittman
Daniel Quinn
Thomas Rankin
Charles Ray
John Stanford
Gary Sweetin
Terry Tondee
Houston Tucker
Wayne Watson
Susan Blount, Sweetheart Jim Hatch, Vice-president
John Elder, President Proctor Chambless, Secretary
Gary Sweetin, Treasurer
lohnnv Brvant, Recorder
Ken Abbott
Randy Barnes
J. P. Bryant
Fred Busby
James Butler
Proctor Chambless

Betty Johnson, Sweetheart
Jerry Guthrie, President
Dyke Tatum, Secretary
Charles Rice, Secretary
Bob Nicholson, Treasurer
Charles Harman, Historian
L.A. Adkins
Edward Baxter
Steve Bell
Rick Berta
Ralph Braswell
Scott Brown
Jim Callison
Ronald Camp
Bill Condon
Charles Cone
Gary Cox
Steve Creel
Lynn Dolithit
Joe Fletcher
Jerry Guthrie
Gene Haley
Charles Harman
Richard Hollinger
John Hudgins
Hugh Hudson
David Johnson
Ben Jones
Michael Jones
Tommy Jones

Ricky Mitchell
Danny Neil
Michael Nellis
Bob Nicholson
John Polhil
James Powers
James Purcell
Charles Rice
Sam Richwine
Thomas Rogers
John Semeli
Randy Shingler
Randy Shiver
Walter Short
Jerry Silvio
Carl Smith
Larry Smith
Tony Smith
Bruce Stefansen
Clay Stoddard
Terry Sullivan
Dyke Tatum
William Thompson
Don Tomlinson
Larry Jordan
Jeffrey Kryder
Stu McGarity
Robert Meyer

Gail DeMent, Sweetheart
John Booz, President
Rick Waller, Vice-president
Charles Henderson, Secretary
Stanley Pendleton, Secretary
Kenneth Stewart, Treasurer
Robert McDonnell, Pledge Trainer
Jerry Anthony
Wendell Barnes
John Booz
Lamar Bowen
Tom Buffin
John Burrell
Charles Chalker
David Connell
Robert Coon
Richard Crighton
Jimmy Daniel
Howard Davis
Mike Davis
Thomas Duffy
Ester Fleming
Patrick Gailagher
Stephen Ginn
Clint Harkins
Paul Hart
Robert Hart
Walter Hayes
Kipp Hoffman
Charley Hunnicutt
John Martin
Robert McDonnell
Mike McGeehan
C.B. Myers
Stanley Pendleton
Dave Pollock
Daniel Raichlen
Grice Ranson
Jim Raymond
Mickey Royston
David Russell
David Shy
Bobby Tweedell
Rick Waller
Bob White
Tom Willson
Smith Wilson
Jim Wyatt
Leo Zuber
Phillip Benefield, Secretary
Odis Clark, Treasurer
Ewell Lyle, Pledge Master
Emily Harper, Sweetheart
Glenn Hodges, President
Richard Winn, Vice-president
Gregg Avedisian
Terry Beeson
Phillip Benefield
Jim Benson
Randy Blanton
Ronald Bock
Dan Booth
Randy Boyd
Tommy Boydston
Skip Bray
G.F. Childs
Nary Clar
Greg Clarkson
Billy Collins
William Cooper
Doug Coulter
Don Crane
Robert Denney
Robert Derrick
Terry Dollar
Sid Easom
Steve Eldins
Mike Fletcher
Mike Florence
Tommy Fuller
Richard Garrett
Randy Graves
Dave Gray
Victor Grose
Don Hammond
Joe Harbson
David Hester
Glynn Hodges
Ken Howard
David Jones
Marshall Jones
Verlin Jones
Peter Klein
Ralph Knight
Robert Laney
Jim Lapeza
Randy Looper
Ewell Lyle
Pete Mamatey
Mike Mizell
Henry Murrow
James Norris
Bob Ogletree
Bob Perkerson
Terry Reed
Richard Rogers
Steve Rogers
Bill Tyre
Paul Vivian
Fred Walker
David Wallace
Bruce Adams
Gregory Ainswortl
Bruce Akins
Jim Allgood
Keith Allison
Edwin Anderson
Edgar Barfield
Robert Brandes
Charles Brinkley
Ronnie Buchanan
Michael Bush
Tommy Cannon
Scott Carson
Jim Cartee
Drew Coleman
Jon Coleman
Larry Corbitt
Milton Crossway
Robert Daniel
John Davidson
Glenn Davis
Neal Dunwoody
Danny Foshee
Ben Freeman
Robert Fuller
William Gilmore
Mike Greene
Kennie Griner
m 4T"m
Janet Newbury, Sweetheart
Ed Barfield, President
Bobby Brandes, Vice-president
Jeff Rominger, Secretary
Larry Corbitt, Treasurer
Tommy Cannon, Rush Chairman
Bobby Cannon, House Manager
Jimmy Hall
Barry Henry
Donald Herring
Bobby Hilliard
Hal Hinesley
Lou Hoegsted
Alan Jacobs
Clyde Jordan
Mike Lanard
Thomas Lumpkin
John Mamalakis
Ronnie Markwood
Bruce McCain
Cliff McCurry
Jack McGlaun
Bill Moore
Sammy Morris
Fritz Nau
Duke Ostuw
John Parker
Bob Pease
Henry Pepin
David Pittman
Ken Powers
Benny Price
Howard Primo
Charles Ray
David Reeves
Jeff Rominger
Phillip Russell
Billy Schultz
Ken Shaw
Heard Slade
Eddie Smith
James Stansell
Lee Taylor
Mo Thrash
Richard Turner
Joe Underwood
Carl Voelker
Dennis Watson
Jeff Weekley
Danny White
Joseph Whittle
Bob Wilson
Ed Winter
George Wolfes
Jere Wood

John Bailey
Joseph Barton
Alex Bealer
Tommy Campbell
Ralph Chappell
John Childs
Phillip Collinsworth
Michael Daley
Reedy David
Gary Davis
Tommy Davis
Robert Dilleshaw
Steven Doerter
Wallace Drage
James Drew
Spencer Elliott
Hoyt Fincher

!9P$fe <J flT 1 /<aBB
jjg X R Mm WmJj I
IR.7 vP j| Jj
Jimmy Graves
Troy Green
Steve Harris
Joseph Healan
Clyde Hewitt
William Huggins
Grady Hunt
Steve Jordan
Don Kelly
Rusty Lacy
John Lee
Roy Maddox
Richard Marsh
Steve McCamy
John McEwen
Neal McFadden
Michael Moore
Charles Munball
Terry Nelson
Dink NeSmith
Philip Nowicki
William O'Brien
Chris Owen
Robert Penland
Jim Rudisill
Jay Schofield
Steve Skowronski
Jack Slover
Byron Strickland
William Strickland
Patrick Swindall
David Tanner
Michael Thomas
Gary Tolbert
Dale Twilley
Tom Wages
Daryl Walker
Ken Wall
Garland Watkins
John Wesley

Veronica White, Sweetheart
Glenn Seawell, President
William Carter, Vice-president
Mike Sanchez, Secretary
Mike Castronis, Treasurer
Larry Alberson
Mick Anderson
Hamilton Ansley
Frank Aultman
Randy Bates
Bob Beightol
Bud Carke
William Carter
Mike Castronis
Cecil Cheves
Randy Chew
Bud Clarke
Sporty Cordele
Bill Cunningham
Bob David
Frank David
Chip Dolan
Sam Dunlap
Lenny Ellspermann
David Everett
v. ^^.9 jpjfc jB

HI iifjii
Arthur Flowers
Chunky Freeman
George Garrison
James Gatewood
Charlie Green
Warren Grice
Otis Gunn
Bob Hardeman
Tommy Harper
Robert Harris
Harris Hines
Clay Hurst
Girard Jones
Raymond Jones
John Knox
Jimmy Leeb
Edward Lobrano
Michael McCullough
Bates McCutcheon
Bob McDavid
George Morgan
Russell Morris
Huey Murphy
George Peagler
Al Pearson
John Rentz
Charles Ridgley
Bob Roux
Ashley Royal
Mike Sanchez
Stuie Satterfield
Glenn Seawell
Bo Smith
Charlie Stafford
Hunter Tison
Richard Waddell
Mike Wilkins
Steve Williams
Cliff Woodson
Danny Yates
Brenda Butler, Sweetheart
Brooks Franklin, President
David Jones, Vice-president
Alan Edmonson, Secretary
Clark Perry, Treasurer
Greg Ray, Pledge Trainer
Alan Anderson
Wilmer Bassett
John Brown
Steve Brown
William Bruce
Davenport Bruker
Glenn Butler
Byron Camp
Kerry Campbell
Tom Cloud
Jay Coile
W.C. Coile
Kevin Cowan
John Dana
Danny Daniel
John Day
Ray Durham
Alan Edmonson
Albert Epting
Brooks Franklin
Robert Gaskins
David Gentry
Bill Glass
Tom Harber
John Hargrove
T.L. Harling
William Hartman
Richard Hunter
Robert Hunter
Richard Jacobson
Frank Johnson
Hal Johnson
David Jones
Ronald Kirkpatrick
Ralph Kitchens
Randy Kohn
John Lane
Joel Lindeman
Richard Lindsay
Ray Livingston
Greg Mautz
Harold McKinney
Steve McQueen
Hugh Middleton
Bill Miller
Jeff Morgan
Van Neese
David Owens
Rick Owens
Scott Owens
Randy Pace
Dupree Padgett
Bruce Park
Clark Perry
Randall Pettit
William Prescott
William Presnell
Wayne Prossen
Gregg Ray
S.C. Seeger
Sandy Spurlock
Thomas Steely
Dan Stephens
Hugh Stith
Rees Sumerford
Greg Thompson
Tat Thompson
Michael Tillitski
Danny Tippens
Larry Torrence
Richard Warner
Allan Waters
James Watrous
Paul Williams
Johnny Wynne
Timothy York
Pat Hammock, Sweetheart
Jim Walker, President
Keith Bennett, Vice-president
Darryl Forrester, Secretary
Bill McElreath, Treasurer
Clark Williams, Rush Chairman
Bob Ailon
Danny Amos
Wayne Arrington
John Balfour
Keith Bennett
Roger Brad
Wade Brantley
Danny Burroughs
Roger Budd
Charles Causey
Mike Cavan
John Cobb
Dennis Crews
Bill Crocker
Warren Daniel
Allen Davis
Lee Davis
Franklin Edenfield
Jack Fair
Darryl Forrester
Sid Forester
Fred Ganas
Byrd Garland
Linwood Gilbert
Taylor Glover
Steve Green
Greg Griffin
Sam FJagins
Bob Hammock
Keys Hays
Wayne Hogan
Bryan Howell
J.T. Hudson
David Hulbert
Davis James
Jim Johnson
Gary Katter
Bud Kea
David Lee
Gary Lee
Donnie Livingston
Dan Lott
Ron Lowry
Mac Mackey
Bill McElreath
Mike McEver
Jule Murphey
Pick Parks
John Pesterfield
John Phelps
Bob Pittard
Bobby Poss
Lewis Powell
Jamie Reynolds
Mike Rogers
Kenneth Sutcliffe
Bubba Timbes
Gary Turner
Jim Walker
Joe Wall
Pope Welch
Gerrie Whitworth
Clark Williams
Carol Head, Sweetheart
David Wells, President
Dale Kicklighter, Vice-president
Philip Beegle, Secretary
Gary Grant, Treasurer
Donald Smith, Pledge Trainer
Jon Acker
John Anderson
Hal Avery
Philip Beegle
William Byrd
Harold Callaway
Louie Cason
Michael Casper
Michael Cassidy
John Coleman
James Cox
Marion Dunn
Benjamin Elliot
Carl Espy
Mark Fisher
William Gentry
Gary Grant
Allen Green
Mark Hall
Joseph Iseman
David Jowers
Dale Kicklighter
Robert Killian
Marvin Kuhl
Mike Sligh
Mike Sleeth
Donald Smith
Larry Smith

William Strobel
Billy Varner
Stephen Warrell
Eddie Watkins
David Wells
Jim Williams
Burt Wood
Charles Woodlief
Charlie Malarz
Michael McConnell
John Michels
John Miles
William Miller
Richard Morgan
Lee Osborne
Jim Page
Gary Paulson
Ronny Penland
Steve Phillips
Gregory Premo
Bill Proctor
J. Rader
Ed Shaw
Charles Siler
John Lloyd
Steve Love

Gene Benator
Gary Black
Gary Bogo
Steven Cohen
Scott Dayan
Stuart Dobbs
Joseph Dunn
Gary Eichholz
Bob Feinstein
Steve Floersheim
Craig Friendenberg
David Garfinkel
Jerry Gerson
Joel Ginsberg
Jon Glazman
Henry Goldberg
Ronnie Hagen
David Hirsch
Jeffrey Hirschberger
Neil Hornstein
Gary Jaeger
Richard Kanter
Norman Kraar
David Kulbersh
Richard Adelman
Robert Agress
Charles Allen
Nelson Allen
Daniel Antopolsky
Randy Ascher
Faye Shain, Sweetheart Gene Benator, Secretary
Chester Rosenberg, President Mark Popowski, Treasurer
Ted Marcus, Vice-president
Albert Lee
Ted Marcus
Russell Miller
Steve Miller
Jimmy Mischner
Larry Odrezin
Bob Pailet
Bruce Pearlman
Earl Pollock
Mark Popowski
David Popowsky
Jerry Portnoy
Henry Rifkin
Arthur Rodbell
Chester Rosenberg
Robert Rosenfeld
Scott Ross
Stuart Salins
Jack Schaeffer
Steven Scheer
Laurence Schulman
Richard Segall
Steven Shapiro
Victor Shernoff
Myron Skott
Philip Solomons
Henry Steinberg
Charles Sussman
Bob Weston
Gary Wolf

Mellissa Trotter, Sweetheart
Curtis Summerlin, President
William Tribble, Vice-president
Ned Barnett
Wayne Blakenship
Allen Bower
Donald Brazley
Jerry Buchanan
Edward Busch
Ellery Coleman
William Cornell
W.W. Daniel
William Dickerson
Luther Drennan
W.P. Edwards
Charles Orck, Secretary
Luther Drennen, Treasurer
Jerod Meeks, Pledge Marshall
Jonathan Farr
William Frazier
Thomas Grantz
Brian Hansen
Billy Hendrick
Tommy Hendrick
Anthony Hirst
Richard Houck
Jimmy Jones
Jerod Meeks
Jerome Miles
James Miller
J.R. Montalvo
Charles Newberry
Boyd Nixon
Charles Orck
Richard Pelfrey
Richard Phillips
Tommy Phillips
Alec Poitevint
Charles Ristow
Pete Robertson
Stephen Smeltzer
John Smith
Rodney Smith
Paul Spalding
Lynn Staulcup
. Mark Stiles
Curtis Summerlin
William Tribble
Jay Walker
William White
Robert Fortson, Executive Vice-pres-
Robert Chanin, President
Mike Webster, Secretary
Andy Scherffius, Treasurer
Dink Nesmith, Administrative Vic
Donald J. Nesmith, Advisor
Alpha Tau Omega
Glenn Austin
Bill Griffin
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Alan Cohen
Alan Manheim
Willie Wooten
Alpha Gamma Rho
Lonnie Plott
Dennis Still
Chi Phi
Tommy Ball
Steve Kerr
Alpha Phi Alpha
Alan Jackson
Bill Roberson
Delta Chi
Robert Crews
Joe Montgomery
Delta Tau Delta
Jeff Edmondson
Gordon Smith
Kappa Sigma
Mike Hendley
John Stone
Pat Adams
Robert Dulinawka
Phi Delta Theta
Larry Fricks
David Muschamp
Phi Gamma Delta
Charlie Harman
Ben Jones
Lambda Chi Alpha
Vernon Jennings
Jack Little
Phi Kappa Tau
Tommy Boydston
Ralph Knight
Kappa Alpha
Pete Dortch
Fd Tolley
Phi Kappa Theta
Clint Harkins
Dan Raichlen


Pi Kappa Alpha
Jim Allgood
Danny White
Sigma Chi
Robert Hunter
Rick Owens
(Sigma Nu
(Greg Perry
I Lewis Powell
Pi Kappa Phi
Robert Penland
Mike Thomas
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Shelton Root
Stephen Smith
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Tommy David
George Peagler
Sigma Pi
Bob Killian
David Wells
Tau Epsilon Phi
Randy Ascher
Jimmy Mischner

Major John Colob
Major Eugene Haskins
Major Sam Krause
Major John Matthews
Major Ron Schofield
Captain Wayne Corbett
Captain Charles Johns
Captain David Johnson
Colonel Robert P. Crow
Staff Sergeant John Forrest
Staff Sergeant Duke Roberts
Staff Sergeant Allen Stever
Technical Sergeant Charles Lowry
Technical Sergeant John Sloan
Staff Sergeant James Bunch
Staff Sergeant Dan Burt
Boyce Abernathy
James Acquaviva
Russell Arnold
Jon Bailey
Timothy Bellury
Glenn Butler
James Campbell
Lennie Day
Marvin Decastro
George DeLong
Robert Dulinawka
Joseph Edwards
Ronald Elsdon
Terrence Flynn
Jerry Hardy
Robert Hart
Jack Hood
Dennis Hopkins
Clete Johnson
Woodruff Key
Thomas Kiser
Ronald Mitchell
William Nesbitt
Lewis Shrader
John Traylor
James Twaddell
Raymond Walters
Hugh Strickland, Commander
Kevin Cowan, Executive Officer
Doug Cole, Operations Officer
Frank Malone, Material Officer
Wally Drage, Administration Officer
Jerry Hardy, President
Harold Delong, Vice-president
Tim Bellury, Secretary
Ronald Mitchell, Treasurer
Boyce Abernathy
Mac Balkcom
Steve Bradley
Gary Cox
Calvin Dudley
Joseph Edwards
James Fagan
Neal Fender
Bud Freeman
Jerry Guthrie
William Harp
Jack Hood
John Hotard
Frederic Jones
Don Kearns
John Kovacich
Mike Loomis
Malcolm McArthur
James Pallas
Richard Piazza
Warren Tillman
Carl Voegtlin
Steve Williams

Charles Anderson
Glen Bankston
Robert Bragg
Eddie Branch
Maynard Cliff
Gary Cox
Randall Crawley
Sam Crowe
Vernon Darly
Mike Davis
Larry Griffeth
Scott Heitert
David Johnson
Wade McGuffey
Joe Ranson
Houston Tucker
Dana Vinson
Eddie Wiezorek
Stephen Williams
Ron Willwood
Michael Wolfe

Buddy Williams, Commander
Bruce Jackson, Executive Officer
William O'Donnell, Drum Major
Lewis Addison
Jeff Adkins
Rick Beacham
Bill Bradbury
Max Bumgardner
Keith Burke
Gary Davis
Steve Dial
David Draisen
Randy Drinkard
Steve Fishman
Eddy Floyd
Richard Harris
Clark Johnson
Tom McBrayer
David McConnell
Devon Mills
Bill Munn
Bill Norris
H. Osborne
Jerry Payne
Robert Reid
Roy Skinner
David Stone
George Thomas
Jerry Wall
Danny Worley
Cissy Alexander
Pam Avery
Suzanne Barton
Darby Blake
Peggy Bloodworth
Lisa Callaway
Karen Carr
Carolyn Clement
Cathy Clements
Carole Cole
Jackie Dick
Claire DuPree
Barbara Fleming
Charlotte Flynt
Marylyn Fountain
June Freeman
Fran Golcman
Ouida Good
Beth Harber
Cathy Harrison
Cathy Haynes
Mary Kerwin
Jo Ann Lewis
Jane Maffett
Aubrey Munford
Susan Orcutt
Donna Pittman
Alana Quenzer
Patti Ransom
Julie Richards
Mimsie Roberts
Nancy Rosenburg
Phyllis Royster
Jackie Schulten
Lynda Smith
Nancy Smith
Lynn Stiles
Denise Tervo
Cam Upchurch
Donna Weber
Alice Wickersham
Lynn Williams
Marcia Wolf
Nancy Wood
Kathy Woodruff
Group One, C.O. Fortson
Group Two, C.O. Hoffman
Group Three, C.O. Elder
Group Four, C.O. Miele
Group Five, C.O. Dressel
Ed Allen Mark Loftin Robert Perry
Joseph Barton Ronald Mitchell Paul Stone
John Brock Jeffrey Muir Warren Tillman
Cecil Cheves Alvie Murphy Carl Voegtlin
Frank Davis Karl Osvald George Waddy
Jerry Guthrie James Pallas Hoke Wilder
Squadron 11, C.O. Hendon
Squadron 11, C.O. Rumph

Squadron 21, C.O. Gmoszkiowitz
Squadron 22, C.O. Healan
Squadron 31, C.O. Drenen
Squadron 32, C.O. Wim
Squadron 41, C.O. Moore
Squadron 42, C.O. Stevens
Squadron 51, C.O. Morgan
Squadron 52, C.O. Reynolds
Colonel Walter D. Short
Colonel Walter D. Short
Lieutenant Colonel J. O. Youngblood
Major B. W. Cowling
Major W. F. Curren
MajorS. E. Reeves
Major C. W. Roan
Major E. E. Steed
Major D. A. Williamson
Major B. W. Wittekind
Captain J. B. Yancy
Sergeant Major F. L. Davidson
Master Sergeant R. D. Davis
Specialist First Class M. C. Minor
Staff Sergeant W. T. Lee
Staff Sergeant R. C. Logan
Staff Sergeant W. D. Reed
Staff Sergeant S. A. Swanson
Specialist/5 R. W. Mars
D. F. Cathey
T. B. Chapel
W. E. Daniels
D. Disney
R. L. Dodson
S. N. Friedberg
R. L. Kirkpatrick
W. G. Manget
P. A. Morris
L. E. O'Riley
R.G. Park
M. S. Pohle
C. F. Reeves
B. R. Spiwak
J. B. Vaught
Darrel Begnaud
Larry Berry
John Brown
William Camp
Terry Chapel
Ray Chastain
George Clark
Brian Dalton
Byron David
Larry Elliott
Tommy Hankinson
Robert Harper
James Hazelrigs
George Ivey
Richard Jeffers
Andrew Jones
John Jones
Ralph Lorberbaum
John Maher
Bruce McCain
John McDougle
Larry Parks
Thomas Pounder
Thomas Rogers
Van Searcy
L. G.Staulcup
Lee Trimble
D. H. Barrett
J. D. Burns
R. E. Derry
S. R. Hayes
B. L. Jaynes
D. L. Johnson
R. D. Lindly
J. M. Moore
L. B. Murphy
L. C. Parks
V. L. Searcy
E. C. Taylor
J. A. Tood
L. S. Trimble
W. B. Weaver
F. W. Williams
D. S. Williamson
C. O. Weldon
Greg Ainsworth
John Andrews
Mike Archebelle
Steven Baker
John Barnes
Steve Bennett
Steve Berryman
Richard Butts
Ross Cooper
John Cortese
Jim Culley
William Deveaux
Floyd Edmundson
William Eggers
Peter Fabian
Mel Frazier
William Fuqua
Eugene Gift
Cliff Gilmer
Steve Goldsmith
George Gray
Tim Harkins
Jim Hazelrigs
Steven Howe
Fred Jackson
Ronald Joe
Micheal Johnson
Joe Keith
Robert Knowlton
Thomas Kornfield
Gary Lee
G. P. Martin
Jack Mitchell
John Moore
Nils Ohberg
Lester O'Riley
Johnny Paine
Travis Paris
William Penly
Joe Shreve
Mike Sidwell
Dana Simon
Steve Vidall
John Waters
Allen Williams
Stephen Davis
Crisp Flynt
Richard Hayes
Andrew Haygood
Robert Jones
Robert Knowlton
Christopher Lutz
Truitt Mallory
Fred Oelschig
Terry Parkman
Roy Peters
Travis Reed
Donald Williamson
Colonel D. Begnaud
Lt. Col L. C. Berry
Lt. Col. G. A. Seawell
Major B. J. Dalton
Major j. G. Griffin
Major A. T. Jones
Captain J. L. Panell
Captain S. G. Parthemos
Captain F. T. Petroski
Captain D. D. Rawlings
Sgt. Major C. C. Ivey
Sgt. M. C. Johnson
Sgt. R. W. Simonton
Sgt. J.S. Watrous
James Burns
Richard Deery
Dale Johnson
Donald Williamson
m ggg|K ' Vmb fll
A W WwwBmtl
Linda Ball
Mary Bateman
Brenda Berman
Pamela Bishop
Carol Blalock
Barbara Blumenthal
Joyce Bozman
Gwen Brittain
Roberta Butler
Jan Carter
Gayle Chandler
Carolyn Clancey
Carolyn Clary
Janet Crain
Becky Curtis
Meredity Davis
Tammy Davis
Sarah Dennard
Melissa Douglas
Sarah Dunn
Alice Felts
Cecilia Grider
Lynn Griffin
Sandy Grist
Tricia Guy
Sally Hagey
Karen Hale
Beverly Hall
Kathy Harney
Mary Hart
Manda Henderson
Patricia Hess
Gloria Hill
Linda Hobgood
Kate Hudson
Mary Ivey
June Johnson
Jean Jones
Linda Kamsky
June Kellett
Karen Kennickell
Gay Krehler
Lynn Lavender
Myra Lazarus
Liz Lindley
Susan Lynch
Deborah Mazwell
Cathy McCabe
Gail McKenna
Laurette Meade
Ann Mealer
Candy Miller
Linda Moore
Faye Mullis
Janet Newbury
Carol O'Connell
Chris Odom
Barbara Parsons
Dianne Penny
Carol Phillips
Laura Phillips
Linda Phillips
Kim Quillian
Lydia Rainey
Linda Ramsey
Frieda Rentz
Suzanne Respess
Patsy Rogers
llene Rothberry
Lindy Rowan
Sandy Saggus
Susan Sands
Mary Sellers
Kay Shadix
Peggy Shealy
Cathy Sheriff
Brenda Shoenig
Jane Simpson
Diane Smyke
Joby Stafford
Rise Strain
Jann Struensee
Helen Thornton
Bonnie Tuttle
Mary Uecke
Laura Wallace
Bonnie Whitehead
Jenifer Williams
Karen Ziegenfus
C. O. Maher
Company A, C. O. Hamrick
Company C, C.O. Hix
C. O. McCain
Company A, C.O. Paine
Company B, C.O. Seery
Company C, C.O. Gresham


C. O. Elliot
Company A, C.O. Cathey
Company B, C.O. Johnson
Company C, C.O. Lewis
C. O. Harper
Company A, C.O. Chapel
Company B, C. O. Staples
Company C, C.O. Jones

S. William Pelletier George S. Parthemos
Provost Vice-president for Instruction

Mary Louise McBee
Associate Dean of Students
O. Southern Sims
Dean of Student Affairs
William Tate
Associate Dean of Students
Walter N. Danner
W. Porter Kellam
Director of Libraries
Morris O. Phelps
Director of Admissions
John Cox
Director of Student Activities
John R. Curtis, M.D.
Director of the University Health Service
Delores Artau
Director of International Students 376
Richard C. Armstrong
Director of University Housing
Dean H. Boyd McWhorter
College of Arts and Sciences
Dean Warren K. Agee
School of Journalism
Dean Joseph A. Williams
College of Education
Dean William C. Flewellen, Jr.
College of Business Administration
Dean Thomas H. Whitehead
Graduate School
Dean Mary Spiers
School of Home Economics
Dean Richard B. Talbot
School of Veterinary Medicine
Dean Allyn M. Herrick
School of Forest Resources
Dean Kenneth L. Waters
School of Pharmacy
Dean Charles A. Stewart
School of Social Work

Dean Lindsey Cowen
School of Law
Dean Henry W. Garren
College of Agriculture
Dean Hubert B. Owens
School of Environmental Design
Kahalid Abdullah
Brenda Abernathy
Thomas Allen
Bill Andrew
Nadya Ayouh
Earl Bagley
Susan Bailey
Kay Baker
Terrel Ballenger
Michael Barbano
Salim Barday
John Beard
Tito Beca
Hardeep Bhullar
Judy Bisplinghoff
Dann Booth
Anne Bradford
Yolande Branham
Larry Brewer
Duncan Briggs
Hubert Briscoe
Judy Brisiel
Robert Brisiel
Morgan Calhoun
Fred Campbell
K. T. Canipelle
Kitty Carlan
Diane Carter
Michael Casper
Ronald Channell
Terry Chapel
D. Chatchavalwong
Leigh Chu
Margurite Coldren
Sherry Conley
Robert Constantine
James Cooper
Katherine Cornelius
Ellisa Crosby
Robert Crout
Carol Crowe
Ernie Culpepper
Brenda Daniel
Sarah Dauby
Afrasiab Dehlavi
Dennis Delay
Richard Dixon
L. M. Donavan
Niles Dover
Ben Dunn
Dost Surrani
Robert Duval
Earl Dykes
Christopher Egwim
Ann Ellis
Louis Ensworth
Nancy Evans
Rowan Evans
H. H. Felty
John Finnerty
Mike Florence
Bill Frazier
John Fuller
Patrick Gallagher
Jimmy Gash
William Goggans
Farrest Griffin
Ghanem Haddad
V. M. Halward
Wayne Hansen
Marvin Hartley
B. Hemmaplardh
David Hill
Patrick Hill
Ken Hilley
Charles Hodges
Dennis Hopkins
Ruth Howell
Charles Huckleberry
Terry Hunt
Sandra Jenkins
George Johnson
Kay Johnson
Jane Jones
Nancy Klemann
Vechuda Krithayakiern
Martin Lange
Jack Large
Roger Lawrence
Larry Lester
Mary Lepham
Susan Lonsack
Juan Lopez
Esther Lu
Gene Masters
Sue Matthews
Paul McBride
Robert McCarn
Jonathan McConnell
Robert McCorkle
Ronald McCuiston
J. B. Meadows
Susan Melville
Marshall Miller
Larry Mitchell
D. C. Monroe
Roy Moore
Richard Morgan
Ronald Morgan
Carol Morris
William Murray
Danny Neil
C. A. Nelson
Jose Neves
Nicky Nichols
Dan Parker
Wanda Paulk
Frederick Payne
Tarcisio Pereira
Vance Perkins
Mark Perry
Margaret Pierce
Nancy Pope
Preston Prather
Dorothy Purcell
Linda Purcell
Rudolph Quillian
Zeyad Ramaden
Potlure Ramamohan
Robert Rees
Jontyle Robinson
Ronald Russell
Robert Rushton
Jimmy Savage
William Sexton
John Sharp
Anne Sheriff
Jim Sheriff
Duane Simmons
Linda Smith
Patricia Smith
William Steed
Sara Steele
Jerry Stephens
Catherine Stiles
Mark Stiles
Willie Still
Peter Sunley
Bill Swift
Fumiaki Takano
Larry Taylor
Patricia Taylor
H. W. Terry
Charles Thorp
Mo Thrash
Fred Underwood
Thelma Underwood
Vajira Vejjakit
Larry Walker
Robert Wall
Burdetta Warren
Emory Warricks
Sherry Weeks
Max White
W. D. Wiest
Dennis Withers
Samuel Worthington
Alan Ziglin-
Michael Akins
jimmy Alexander
Randall Ansley
Terry Banke
Carlton Baxter
Jerry Bakler
Bob Beightol
S. O. Blake
Joan Boatright
Robert Bowles
Willene Brewer
Toni Britt
Danny Brown
Edward Callaway
David Cation
Frank Chamblee
Craig Clark
Linda Clifton
R. A. Coleman
Joyce Courter
Ann Cronan
Sherry Crouch
Hiram Daniels
Grant Dooley
John Douglas
Kenneth Duckworth
John Dukes
Robert Dwornik
J.H. Fields
Philip Fortner
Jerry Gable
Tim Giddens
Alva Godfrey
John Grady
Raymond Hall
Don Hammond
James Handberry
Tom Harber
Barry Harden
Ronald Harden
Garland Harris
Martha Hartley
Ronald Henderson
Audrey Herzberg
James Hightower
Robert Hillman
Gary Hobbs
T. M. Jackson
Peggy Joe
Terry Johnson
Robert Jones
Ralph Jordan
Ernest Keich
Jeffery Kotzan
Dudley Lambert
Larry Lewis
Bill Licht
Franklin Linder
Keith Linse
Lily Loo
Tom Lovett
Sam Massey
Larry McGowan
Jack McMichael
Robert Moore
D. W. Morgan
Gary Morgan
Richard Morris
Larry Moseley
Clarence Nichols
Nancy Nunnally
David Overton
Terrell Parham
Carl Parker
Phyllis Parks
Jimmy Payne
Percy Phillips
Janice Powell
Freddy Purvis
Joe Reddock
J|jjM I*v jpf O
fg m mm Jrk J2J
Robert Reynolds
Bob Richardson
John Richey
William Rivers
William Robie
Joseph Sherwood
Harry Shurley
Ted Silver
Paul Smith
Sue Spence
James Stansell
Phil Stone
Riley Stowers
Stephen Strickland
Joseph Sumner
William Taubert
Zack Terry
Sandra Thompson
Gary Trest
Mitchell Trotter
Janet Turk
Dale Twilley
Jesse Underwood
Ken Wall
Lindsey Walls
Charles Weart
John Weldon
Johnny White
Linda White
W. A. White
Ronnie Whiten
Ruth Whitlow
Gerrie Whitworth
Ed Wilderson
Ronnie Williams
James Wilson
Jane Wong
Robert Woodall
Earl Wright
Ray Yawn
Peter Anderson
Walter Austin
Woodrow Bailey
Ronald Barfield
Leonard Blanton
Richard Bondy
William Boone
Gary Brock
Ed Brown
John Brown
Victor Brown
Woodrow Bunn
Robert Burton
Jarrell Cagle
Charles Cannon
Richard Cannon
Clifford Carman
Francis Carson
James Chambers
William Coile
Fred Cook
Kenneth Cook
James Dean
Jerry Dobson
John Garner
Doug Garrison
R. E. Hansen
Danny Harrell
William Haskins
William Hogan
James Holmes
Philip Imbriano
Roger Jackson
James Jones
James Jung
Dale Kicklighter
Ruth Kuhl
Gregory Lee
Jane Leland
Linda Lewis
Thomas Loman
Larry Loughridge
Alvin Manning
Albert Markham
Walter Matthews
Alan Mazza
William McBee
Royce McCrary
Morris McDonald
Hank Mobley
Chester Morris
T. E. Moye
Henry Murrow
Don Nesmith
John O'Reilly
R. A. O'Steen
Bayardo Palma
Maurice Palmer
William Parten
Edward Pcolar
Bruce Phillips
Jerry Pittman
Thomas Pollock
Lewis Powell
Farrell Roberts
Michael Rogers
Robert Rutherford
Rushy Scott
Charles Slade
Calvin Smith
Luke Spooner
Stanley Stowers
Ben Strickland
P. H. Terhune
Joe Thompson
Michael Turner
Donald Varnadoe
James Wheeler
William Wheeler
Phil Worley
Frank Aaron
Faye Acuff
Jack Adams
Steve Adams
Julius Aiken
Susan Akin
Penny Alderman
Robert Allison
Barbara Alford
Nell Alfriend
F^ank Allen
Nelson Allen
Walter Allen
James Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
Richard Andren
Thomas Anglin
Thomas Appelt
Russell Arnold
Waymon Ash
Charles Ashley
Hal Avery
Dan Ayers
Douglas Ayers
Peggy Bache
John Bailey
Anne Ballard
Anne Ballengee
W. P. Ballenger
Kay Barbin
C. R. Barksdale
Charles Barrow

H. K. Beacham
Anita Bearden
Carl Bedingfield
Susan Belviile
Naomi Bennett
Rebecca Benton
Larry Berry
S. W. Berry
Olen Bickers
Steven Bienstock
Paul Biron
Patty Blackwell
Susan Blair
James Blaisdell
Donnie Blankenship
Donna Blomgren
Norman Blore
Jim Boatright
Ronald Bock
Bernard Bogrow
Nancy Boiter
Terry Bolden
Lynda Bomar
Susan Bowden
Kathy Boyd
Merriana Branan
T. L. Branan
Geneva Brantley
Bill Brewster
Connie Brown
William Bruker
Barbara Bryan
Linda Buffington
Robbie Buffington
Brenda Butler
Glenn Butler
Robbie Butler
Donald Butts
Susan Butts
W. S. Cain
J. P. Campbell
Michael Campbell
Tommy Campbell
Glenda Cannady
Ronald Cannon
Tommy Cannon
Linda Carroll
Donna Carson
Carol Cashell
Daniel Casto
Karen Chambers
Alice Chandler
Stelle Chandler
Jan Chandler
Sandra Chandler
Ralph Chappell
Saralyn Chesnut
G. F. Childs
Sam Christian
Marion Clark
Mary Clark
Diane Clarke
Jane Clarke
Milton Clements
Clare Cleveland
Frances Cobb
Bill Cobb
Bill Cole
Lynnda Collins
Phillip Collinsworth
Kathryn Cone
James Connah
Lynn Cook
Judy Cooper
Janelle Cope
Sandra Corn
Lindy Coshy
FJenry Coryell
Randall Couey
Nancy Crookshank
R. A. Couch
Cathy Crunkleton
Anita Cunningham
Judy Dalton
J. D. Daniels
Hugh Dargan
Martha Dargan
Carol Davis
Dawn Davis
Frank Davis
Lee Davis
Mike Davis
Teresa Davis
James Day
Houshang Dayan
Henry Dean
Mike Deberry
Mary Debnam
Al DeCastro
G. H. DeLong
Buddy Dillard
Tammy Dillon
David Disney
Anita Dobbs
Dana Dobbs
Donald Doherty
Gail Doney
James Drew
Dennis Drewyer
Linda Duke
David Dunbar
Martha DuPree
Jeff Edmondson
W. P. Edwards
Gary Eichholz
John Elder
George Elrod
Teresa English
Margaret Ensley
Paula Eubanks
Vince Evans
Tom Ezell
Jim Farmer
James Fegley
David Feingold
John Felker
John Feltman
Hoyt Fincher
Kayron Finney
Stewart Flanagin
Ester Fleming
Steve Floersheim
Joel Fokes
Becky Ford
Peggy Fordham
Tony Foss
C. M. Fowle
Joe Fowler
David Fox
Janet Friedman
Barbara Galnous
Alan Garmon
Rebecca Garner
Claudia Garrett
Louise Garrett
Susan Garrison
Denise Gibbs
Cheryl Gill
James Gilbreath
Donald Glasser
Joyce Goethe
Roy Goldberg
Dorothy Golden
Winston Grady
C. T. Graham
Julia Grant
Priscilla Grant
Nancy Graves
Charlie Green
Hubert Greenway
Ann Grice
Bert Griffin
Jim Griffin
Carolyn Griggs
Liza Griscom
Susan Groszkiewicz
Ted Groszkiewicz
Debra Grove
Fred Guerrant
Cynthia Hagan
Bob Haley
Beverly Hall
Randall Hall
Harvel Hamm
Sue Hammons
Tommy Hankinson
Wayne Hansen
Judy Hanson
John Harbour
Jerry Hardy
Danelle Hare
David Harmon
Bob Harper
Thomas Harper
Beth Harris
Brenda Harris
Jim Hassell
Julia Hastings
James Hatch
Catherine Hatcher
Phillip Hauswirth
Vicki Hawley
Barbara Haynie
Ricky Hays
William Hays
James Hazelrigs
Marlene Hazlett
William Heard
Louise Henderson
Amy Henley
Arington Hendley
Lynette Herring
Brenda Herrington
Rick Herzog
Steele Hill
Marilyn Hines
John Hite
Steve Hix
Nancy Hobgood
Leslee Hoffman
Patricia Holcombe
Larry Holden
Linda Holland
Sherrie Holland
Joanne Hollinger
Susan Holmes
Edward Hon
Joann Hong
Vendie Hooks
Kathy Horne
Wayne Horne
Lynn Horner
Lawrence Hornsby
Becky Horton
Elton Horton
Mary Hoskins
Larry House
Melissa Houseal
Sarah Howe
Carolyn Hudgins
John Hudgins
Judson Huff
Samuel Huff
Rebecca Huffman
David Hulbert
Annis Humphries
James Humphries
Charles Hunnicutt
Ann Hunter
Mary Irby
James Irvin
Dann Jackson
Nordelia Jackson
Carol James
William Jarrett
Barbara Jenkins
Charles Jenkins
Anne Jerome
Phillip Jessup
Carol Johnson
Cindy Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
Janice Johnson
Alan Jones
Cheryl Jones
David Jones
Frederic Jones
Arthur Jordan
Clyde Jordan
James Kamis
Mary Kane
Nicholas Keith
Anita Kemp
Shirley Kilday
Rosemary Kimbrell
Dianne King
Darryl Kinsey
Freddy Kirkley
Richard Kiser
Peter Klein
David Kopp
Linda Lambert
Donald Lamberth
F. 'J. Lance
Frank Landrum
Michael Lane
John Langsfeld
M. R. Laning
Linda Lantzy
Stephen Lapidus
Eileen Law
Karen Lawrence
Molly Lawrence
Debby Laws
Justine Lawton
Mark Leibowitz
Sara Leonard
Ellen Levy
D. L. Lewis
Karen Lewis
John Lines
Charlotte Lipsitz
Fran Lipson
Jane Loomis
Randy Looper
Jerry Lott
Steve Love
Carolyn Lovett
John Lubs
Melody Lyford
Sharon Lyle
Gary Ann Lyons
Charles Malone
John Mamalakis
Judy Maret
Jack Martin
Sherry Massey
Michele Maurer
Alan Maxwell
Malcolm McArthur
Sydney McCampbell
David McCann
Thomas McConnell
Charlotte McCorkel
R. M. McCreery
Mary McElhannon
John McGarity
Jack McGlaun
Roger McGlon
Jeff McKibben
Joyce McHenry
Linda McNeely
Steve McQueen
Dearing McRae
Pat Menges
Marcus Merritt
Randy Mickler
Catherine Milnes
Anne Mitchell
Ronald Mitchell
Dianne Moore
E. L. Moore
J. P. Moore
Leslye Morgan
Turner Morgan
Beverly Morrison
Martha Moultrie
Lee Monroe
Huey Murphy
John Murray
Regena Murray
Dudley Myrick
Donna Nalley
Patanachai Navisthrira
Ernest Nemes
Charles Newberry
Ann Newton
Carolyn Noble
John Nolen
Leon Norman
James Norris
Linda Norton
Marilyn Nossen
Cynthia Nunnally
Sonya Nussbaum
Billy O'Dell
Jean Odum
Ann Olsen
Madeline Olson
Marjorie Orr
Harriet Owen
John Owens
James Pallas
Pamela Parker
Leslie Pate
Delores Patterson
Janine Patterson
Penny Patterson
James Payne
Rachel Peddycoart
Linda Peeples
Carolyn Peevy
Stanley Pendleton
Diane Penny
Edwin Perry
Peggy Peters
Rogsbert Phillips
Mariam Pierce
Gwen Pittman
Alec Poitevint
Peter Pomeroy
Joanne Portman
William Prescott
Margaret Prisbis
W. H. Pullen
Lane Rabb
James Raines
J. M. Raine
Marion Rauers
Renee Rawl
Cheryl Rawls
Mary Rayborn
Jim Raymond
Walter Revell
Kenneth Rhoden
Patty Rhodes
Jack Ricketson
James Ricks
Elizabeth Rigsby
Steven Roberts
Becky Robinson
Daryl Robinson
Pamela Robinson
Gayle Rogers
John Rogers
S. C. Rogers
Robert Roux
David Russell
Kay Rybert
Janet Sackett
Joe Safford
Sandra Saggus
Camille Sanders
Sharon Saseen
Thomas Savage
Alfred Sawyer
R. E. Sawyer
James Saxon
James Scarbary
Barbara Schaedler
James Sciubba
John Scoville
Glenn Seawell
Richard Segall
John Self
Becky Sewell
Walton Seymour
Ava Shaffer
William Shapiro
Doug Sharpton
Horace Shaw
Linda Sheldon
S. R. Shell
Laura Sherard
Cathy Sheriff
Victor Shernoff
Victoria Shilkaitis
Lewis Shrader
Robert Silva
Tim Simmons
Jeannie Sims
Cynthia Skidmore
Marianne Skinner
Adam Skorecki
Trudy Smaha
Stephen Smeltzer
Brenda Smith
Gregory Smith
Kenneth Smith
Lally Snellgrove
Lester Smith
Carol Soper
Peggy Spears
Frank Stand I
Henry Steinberg
Alan Stepanovicz
Benjamin Stephens
Vicki Stevenson
Brenda Stewart
Clay Stoddard
Linda Storey
Bryan Stovall
Ronny Stover
John Sullivan
Willa Summerour
Bruce Swearingen
David Tanner
Kenneth Tarleton
Henry Terrell
Charles Thomas
Shirley Thomas
Brenda Thompson
Ken Thompson
Carol Thrailkill
Ashley Tomlinson
Patricia Townley
John Traylor
Cathy Treadwell
Roger Treadwell
William Tribble
David Tucker
Kathy Tucker
Wayne Turnbull
James Twaddell
Pat Underwood
Phyllis VanDyke
Richard Vanlugen
Sietske Van Werkum
Grace Vaughan
Lee Waddell
Paul Wagner
John Wainwright
Hebe Wall
Murray Warnock
Pamela Way
Patricia Weagle
Nancy Weaver
Dejan Webb
Jan Westbrook
Dale White
Veronica White
Jane Wierengo
Hoke Wilder
Larry Wiley
Robert Wilkin
Carol Willbanks
Robert Willbanks
Randy Willey
Mark Williams
Susan Willie
Robert Wilson
Dianne Wimberly
Jack Wimbish
Steve Wina
Ann Winslow
Peggy Womble
Maxine Woo
Burt Wood
Jamie Wood
Jackie Wooten
Valery Wrenn
Constance Wright
John Wright
Cherry Yearty
Bonnie Young
Julie Young
Wendie Young
Phillip Zacherl
Boyce Abernathy
Michael Abramson
Jon Acker
Richard Adelman
Randall Albea
A. J. Albert
Thomas Alvis
Eddie Anderson
James Anderson
O. W. Anderson
Norman Andrews
Jimmy Angel
Charles Annicott
Bill Archer
Robert Ard
Leonard Baggett
William Bagwell
Edward Balkcom
Edgar Barfield
Branche Barge
Heyward Baxter
John Behl
Steve Bell
Keith Bennett
Michael Bennett
Jimmy Berrong
Al Blackmon
Henry Blanchard
James Blankenship
James Blount
Richard Blum
Kathy Blythe
Eddie Bohler
Clifford Bond
Jeff Booker
John Booz
Jim Bortell
M. V. Bostick
Allen Bower
Randy Boyd
Bruce Boynton
Larry Bradford
Michael Brice
Dan Bridgers
W. R. Britt
David Brooks
Steve Brown
William Brown
Boyd Burdette
Michael Burel
Wayne Burrell
Michael Bush
B. B. Bundesman
James Caldwell
Robert Caldwell
John Campbell
David Cannon
J. R. Cannon
James Cannon
Raymond Cannon
Dusty Cantrell
William Cantrell
Theresa Caras
James Cartee
William Carter
Jim Casalone
Louis Cason
Marcy Chambless
David Chance
John Chandler
Nelson Chastain
Larry Cheek
D. W. Clapp
James Clark
Nary Clark
Kip Claxton
Missy Cohen
Steven Cohen
Charles Coleman
Drew Coleman
John Coleman
Nancy Collar
Danny Collins
Leon Collins
William Collins
Charles Cone
Tim Conway
Donald Cook
Herbert Cook
Bill Cooper
J. L. Corbitt
Kevin Cowan
Jep Craig
Don Creech
Glenn Crews
Dale Cummings
Ronald Dachs
Mitchell Dale
Jerry Daniel
Robert Daniel
Warren Daniel
John Daniels
Robert David
Ronny Davidson
Allen Davis
Darlene Davis
S. D. Davis
Margaret Davis
Robert Derrick
Michael Dibiasen
Bruce Diers
Steve Dinsmore
Randy Dixon
Henry Dodd
Chip Dolan
Lynn Douthit
Luther Drennan
Neal Dunwoody
Ben Dupree
Gary Edwards
Joseph Edwards
Ben Elliott
Larry Elliott
C. Ellington
Susan Ellison
Roger Etheridge
Lee Evans
William Ezzard
John Failla
Jack Fair
William Felts
James Ferrell
G. J. Fico
Helen Firor
Joe Fletcher
Robert Fortson
Danny Foshee
Brian Foster
Dianne Foster
John Foster
Robert Fowler
Wayne Frady
Ellen Frankel
Brooks Franklin
Bill Frazier
Gary Fricks
Michael Friedman
David Fritsch
Marilyn Fry
Robert Fuller
John Fuqua
Byrd Garland
Henry Garrett
Susan Geller
William Gentry
Robert Gerhardt
Robert Gifford
Jan Gillespie
Linwood Gilbert
Kathy Godwin
Bobby Goen
Henry Goldberg
G. B. Goodman
Milton Grainger
David Grant
Gary Grant
Jimmy Graves
J. H. Grayson
J. M. Gregg
Steve Green
Troy Green
Alan Greer
Becky Greer
Robert Griffeth
Jerry Guthrie
David Hagaman
Ingrid Hanson
Robert Hanson
Anita Hardy
John Hargrove
Wally Hargrove
M. E. Hawkins
Cathy Haynes
Jack Hennings
Barry Henry
Howard Hightower
James Hill
Robert Hilliard
Lou Hoeasted
Clyde Hoffman
William Hogan
Robert Hogg
Oliver Hollinger
Joe Hollis
W. P. Holmes
Beth Hood
William Hornbuckle
Robert Horowitz
R. K. Howard
Emmet Howe
Deborah Hubert
George Hughey
William Hull
Grady Hunt
Terry Hunt
Gary Hutcheson
Howard Jackson
Judi Jackson
W. T. Jarrard
Charles Jay
Richard Jeffers
Sylvia Johnsa
Darryl Johnson
June Johnson
W. P. Johnson
Robert Joiner
Marshall Jones
David Jones
Kenneth Jones
Ted Jones
James Kennedy
Ronald Kessler
Woodruff Key
James Khoury
David Kirby
Ronald Kirkpatrick
Judith Klug
Buddy Kluttz
Randy Kohn
Tony Komac
Warren Konigsmark
John Kuhlmann
Eugene Lake
James Lamb
E. G. Laney
Jim Lapeza
Steve Lehman
Brenda Lewallen
David Lewis
Christopher Lingle
Donnie Livingston
John Lloyd
Ralph Lorberbaum
Edward Lobrano
Dan Lott
Robert Low
David Lucas
Robert MacFarlane
Genie Mallinson
Frank Malone
Andrew Manson
Tom Manton
Rick Marcus
Hank Margeson
Ronnie Markwood
Frank Martin
Howell Mauldin
Reid McAlister
Bruce McCain
Jay McCollum
Joseph McConnell
Randall McCoy
Cliff McCurry
John McEwen
Mike McGeehan
George McGinness
John McGoogan
Edgar McGowan
J. C. McHugh
Jerod Meeks
Robert Meyer
Levis Minford
Albert Miniaci
Charles Minor
Fred Minsk
Stuart Mitchell
David Mobley
Hank Mobley
Jack Mobley
Nelle Mobley
Jackie Moore
Mary Moore
Jeff Morgan
Paul Morris
Steve Mullis
Gerald Musarra
Cort Nagle
Gloria Nativi
Jerry Neal
Marjorie Neal
Brantley New
Bill Newman
David Nichols
Felicia Nicholson
Boyd Nixon
William O'Brien
William Oppenheim
John Osborn
Beal O'Steen
Jeff Owens
Celia Palefesky
Gary Palmer
Jim Pannell
Edward Parker
Larry Parks
William Peacock
Ronny Penland
Sam Pennington
Will Pharr
Patsy Pharris
J. J. Phelps
John Phelps
Charles Phillips
John Phillips
Pamela Phillips
Richard Phillips
Tommy Phillips
Andrew Piland
Wyman Pilcher
D. W. Pitts
M. S. Pohler
John Polhill
Jerry Portnoy
Tom Pounder
Howard Primo
Bill Proctor
L. A. Pyles
Stuart Rado
Charlie Randall
Charles Ray J
Charles Rice f
Mike Ridenhour
Eleanor Riley
James Rivers
Randall Roberts
Arthur Rodbell
Tom Rogers
Sandra Rosenberg
Barclay Rushton
Arthur Salus
Phil Saunders
Billy Schultz
Bob Seagraves
Andy Seery
John Semeli
Steven Shapiro
Gerald Shepherd
Dee Sherling
Ray Sherwood
Brandon Shields
Joe Shockley
Joseph Shuman
Jeffrey Siegel
Kendall Simons
Jon Simowitz
Steve Singletary
Myron Skott
Charles Slade
Wayne Smalley
Carl Smith
John Smith
Larry Smith
Larry Smith
Mike Smith
Sandra Smith
William Smith
Edward Snider
Jim Squier
Lew Stafford
David Staples
Lynn Staulcup
Samuel Stevens
Joe Stewart
Pat Stockton
William Strickland
Rees Sumerford
Curtis Summerlin
Dennis Summers
Walter Summer
T. E. Tante
Jim Thrash
Alan Tigner
Bubba Timbes
Larry Torrence
Kenneth Townsend
August Turner
Larry Tyler
Robert Varnadoe'
Bobby Vaughan
Warner Veal
Carl Voelker
C. Von Werssowetz
Tom Wages
Alfred Waite
James Walker
Jay Walker
J. W. Walker
Joe Wall
David Wallace
Glenn Wallace
Raymond Wahers
Christy Ward
Sue Ward
Richard Warner
S. E. Watkins
Eddie Watson
Goree Waugh
Dennis Weber
Steven Weber
Ronnie Weeks
William Weeks
David Wells
Lee Whaley
Reginald Wheeler
Claire Whitaker
William White
John Whiting
Joseph Whittle
Bruce Widener
James Willett
Clark Williams
Kent Williams
Lucia Williams
Michael Williams
George Wolfes
Gary Wood
Charles Woodkief
Donald Wrenn
Susan Wright
G. H. Zachry
Robert Zrolka
Jeannie Abdou
Beverly Addington
Faye Akins
Susan Alexander
Lou Alford
Sara Allen
Teresa Allen
Bobbie Jo Allred
Kris Andres
Beth Andrews
Richard Applebury
Mary Armstrong
Linda Ash
Ann Askew
Melissa Austin
Nancy Azar
Carroll Baker
Dianne Baker
Jane Balchin
Barbara Balue
Martha Beasley
Sandra Bellamy
Anne Bennett
Elizabeth Bettis
JoAnn Beyer
Gwyned Bius
Carolyn Blaine
Bonnie Blumberg
Dennis Bosquet
Mike Boyd
Joyce Bozman
Cheryl Brazel
Ernestine Braziel
Marguerite Brent
Candy Brewer
Nancy Brice
Dell Brinson
Diane Briscoe
Gwen Brittain
Bonnie Britton
Marilyn Brock
Jane Brooks
Becky Brown
Donna Brown
Margaret Brown
Nancy Brown
Peggy Brown
Anne Bryant
Cynthia Buchanan
Pamela Buchanan
Anita Burns
Linda Burns
Vicky Burt
Fred Busley
Jane Byerly
Adrianne Caldwell
Mary Calhoun
Beth Callaway
Mary Cameron
Marion Camp
Bobbye Carson
Marilyn Cartledge
Susan Casey
Betty Cash
Christine Caylor
Ray Chastain
Kathryn Claborn
Linda Clark
Linda Clay
Diane Clement
Mary Clements
Fran Cleveland
Linda Cobb
Margie Cohen
Hope Coleman
Nancy Coleman
Martin Collins
Maxine Conner
Mary Cooke
Judy Cooper

Cheryl Copeland
Gwynne Copeland
Lane Cornwell
Linda Couchman
Linda Coulter
Carol Cowan
Carol Cox
Sally Craig
Martha Cranford
Jim Crawford
Mary Crittendon
Mary Culberson
Samuel Curry
Victoria Dardin
Barbara Dashers
Joan Davenport
Beulah Davis
Meredith Davis
Johnnie Day
Marla Day
Judy Denard
Robert Denny
Sarah Dickinson
Brenda Dillingham
J. F. Dixon
Marie Dobbs
Nancy Dobbs
Cheryl Dooley
Mac Doughtie
Lana Dove
Julia Duffey
Dianne Dunagan
Mary Dunaway
Susan Dunaway
Mildred Duncan
Patricia Durham
Jane Duskin
Gail Eberhart
Lorraine Echols
Byron Edwards
Marleen Ensley
Lynn Ernest
Patty Errigo
Jan Evans
Mary Fain
Janie Farmer
Terry Farr
Kitty Ferrell
Barbara Flaherty
Sandra Fleeman
Cathy Flocker
Carol Fogle
Rebekah Forrester
Melody Fortner
James Fortson
Brenda Fowler
Anne French
Adele Friedman
Cynthia Fritts
Lynda Gardner
Frankie Gary
Gayle Gay
Judy George
Arleen Gerson
Margaret Giddens
Janet Gillespie
Brenda Ginn
Linda Glenn
Dotti Goldstein
Marcia Goldstein
Jim Goolsby
James Grantham
Janice Gray
Nan Greenhut
Susan Gregg
Arline Grizzle
Penny Grogan
Leslie Guerrant
Barbara Hale
John Hall
Pat Hammock
Susan Hancock
Tim Hardage
Cheryl Hardwick
Jim Harper
Adele Harrell
William Harrington
Teresa Harris

Beverly Hart
Sara Hasson
Linda Hattaway
Irena Hay
Carol Head
Roland Heath
Theresa Heffernan
Judy Henderson
Sharon Hendrick
Nick Herren
Dee Hewlett
Beverly Higdon
Andrea Higgins
Eddie Hill
Lyda Hill
Sharon Hill
Carol Hobbs
Sandra Hodge
Martha Holland
Susan Holmes
Gail Hood
Harriet Hopkins
Marsha Hoskins
Nell Howard
Donna Howland
Mary Sue Huffman
William Huggins
David Hughes
Melinda Hughes
Robert Hughes
Betty Hulcher
Vivian Ingram
Stanley Jackson
John Jacobs
Jan James
Jan Jenkins
Elizabeth Jennewine
Sue Jewell
Celeste Johns
Annette Johnson
Penny Johnson
Nancy Joiner
Betty Jordan
Carol Jordan
Martha Jordan
Karol Kaye
Jane Kellett
W. B. Kemp
Kenneth Kesler
Sheila Kilgore
Kathy King
Emily Kirkland
Jeri Kluger
Linda Knight
Cam Kouns
Sara Lane
Mary Langford
Valerie LaRosa
Jane Lipps
Jeanne Lowe
Cathy Maclnnes
Mollie Magill
Gail Maloof
Marguerite Mashburn
Libby Masters
Nancy Matthews
Sandy Mauldin
Jeanie Maxwell
Diane May
Brenda McClurg
Jan McCollum
James McCoy
Rebecca McCrary
Patricia McDaniel
Peggy McDaniel
Clarence McDonald
Janna McDonald
Vicki McGarity
Curtis McGill
Cathy McLanahan
Cheryll McLaughlin
Carol McLelland
Luceil McMillan
Mary McNeill
T. L. Melton
Kathleen Mendenhall
Julie Milligan
Brenda Moates
Nelle Mobley
Joe Montgomery
Susan Moody
Carroll Moore
J. L. Moore
Katherine Moore
Pat Moore
Peggy Moore
Nan Moorehead
Michael Morris
Kay Morrison
Margaret Morrison
Sandra Morton
Martha Moss
Edna Motz
Marie Mullen
Aubrey Munford
Katharine Murphy
Fritz Nau
Lillian Newton
Mary Nordstrom
Nancy Norris
Patricia Norris
Teri North
Myra Nossdkoff
Nancy Nutting
John O'Brien
Suzanne O'Connell
Pat Odum
David Ogletree
Margaret O'Kelley
Lynn Parker
Barbara Parsons
Beryle Paschal
Jan Pasek
Toni Paul
Richard Pelfrey
Jean Pepper
Martha Perkins
Sanders Perkins
Eleanor Pero
Tommy Pickering
Paula Pinnell
Becky Pittard
Lin Pittard
Sue Pitts
Carleton Plant
Kristin Poulsen
William Presnell
Ginger Price
Juliette Proctor
Nancy Pruitt
Patricia Puckett
Heather Quaif
Muriel Rabhan
Barbara Rackley
Lynn Ramage
Joanna Ramos
Cheryl Rawls
Mike Ray
Carole Redmond
Sherie Reese
Janice Reeves
Sally Rickett
Alvin Riggs
George Roberson
Brenda Robertson
Nancy Robinson
Joanne Rodgers
Mike Rogers
Arlene Rosenberg
Cynthia Rowan
DuAnne Royall
Lynn Rudikoff
Jim Rudisill
Phillip Russell
Tommy Rymer
Becky Samford
Jan Sammons
Linda Sanders
Katie Scarborough
Donna Schwartz
Kay Scott
M. M. Sellers
Nouphit Sengsouruana
Kaye Shadix
Beverly Sheats
Ann Shelley
Jean Shipp
Charles Shockley
Norman Shove
Betty Shrouder
Pam Sigl
Sharyn Simmons
Jane Simpson
Suzanne Simpson
N'Ann Singerman
Sheryl Skorecki
Betty Slaughter
Sally Slay
Marilyn Sloan
Elizabeth Smith
Linda Smith
Pam Smith
Carla Smoak
Karen Snell
Ann Snellings
James Snyder
Jane Snyder
Agnes Sosebee
Sheryl Souther
Susan Southwell
Nicki Spase
Steve Spellman
Brenda Stanton
Nancy Steele
Roger Steele
Sally Steller
Mildred Stovall
Rise Strain
Emily Strickland
Jerry Strickland
Joe Strickland
Ralph Strickland
Linda Stroud
Gary Sumerour
Kathy Summers
Dorothy Swafford
Rebecca Sykes
Cynthia Talley
Gail Tanenbaum
Kitty Tauntan
Barbara Taylor
Neena Tennant
JoAnn Thomas
Mary Thomas
Sandra Thomas
Eugenia Thompson
Helen Thornton
Danny Tippens
Nancy Torbett
Rick Towns
Anna Turner
Betty Turner
Elizabeth Turner
Philip Turner
Bonnie Tuttle
Katherine Underwood
Vi VanVleck
Caroline Vason
Miriam Vickers
Dorothy Volz
Ann Walters
Linda Ward
Pamela Ware
Shirely Waterhouse
Andrea Waters
Catherine Weeks
Mary Weiser
Carla Wells
Robert West
Susan Wheeler
Carolyn Whiting
Ginger Wilkes
Carol Willbanks
Jack Williams
Luella Williams
Lorette Williamson
Elizabeth Wilson
Karla Winecoff
Michelle Winter
Melanie Wolford
Barbara Wood
Cheryl Wood
Jane Wood
Linda Wood
Sammy Wood
Wilma Wood
Shirley Woodruff
Ellen Worthy
Joan Yarborough
Carolyn Yongue
H %
dh n fj a 0 mmH MM
David Darrell
William Felkel
Robert Guillot
Robert Hansen
Forrest Hynds
Francis laconetti
R. C. Johnert
Melinda McWilliams
Gary Morgan
Terrell Owen
F. T. Rabun
Bruce Rado
John Ransom
Richard Schirrmeister
Joseph Stalica
Roger Templeton

fln x^m | Jk F% d
% 1! SSI' J11 mm
Allan Avery
Carl Betsill
Sammy Buchanan
Jim Collins
David Connell
John Cook
Richard Cornett
Jimmy Crumbley
Byron David
Robert Dulinawka
Robert Eaves
Mitch Flinchum
John Gentry
Victor Grose
Lee Harrison
Gary Hayes
Mel Henson
Richard Houck
John Howeth
D. A. Huber
Charles Hughes
Mickey Hurst
R. T. Johnson
Bill Jones
Malcolm Jowers
Nick Koulianis
Brad Kyzer
Calvin Lavely
Morton Liberman
T. J. Loggins
Ewell Lyle
Bill Miller
Marvin Owensby
Danny Payne
Henry Peck
Larry Pierce
Happy Reed
Richard Roth
Michael Ryfun
John Shaw
Michael Smith
Jerry Spillers
Derry Stockbridge
Kenneth Talley
Larry Tanner
Willie Waller
Wayne Wilkin
B. J. Wilson
Linda Anderson
Brenda Andrews
Linda Arnsdorf
Cynthia Attaway
Jackie Bailey
Linda Barnes
Laura Boling
Lera Boling
Betty Brewton
Penny Brewton
Patricia Brown
Cheryle Bullard
Eleanor Calhoun
Pindar Casaday
Laraine Caudell
Beverly Chancey
Patricia Clifton
Becky Conley
Clara Crane
Carol Crawford
Claudia Crawford
Judy Crews
Ginger Davis
Glenda Dekle
Vicki DeLoach
Marie Dent
Mary Dowling
Joan Eberhardt
Linda Ellwood
Barbara Emmett
Jane Evans
Lynn Garban
Linda Gass
Sceva Glenn
Jeanne Griffeth
Patsy Hand
Peggy Hendry
Gloria Hill
Sheila Holtzclaw
Linda Houston
Donna Howland
Ethel Huie
Karen Kennickell
Peggy Key
Mimi Kilgore
Janice Kimsey
Nancy Landers
Elizabeth Large
Ann Loftin
Gwen Lord
Beth Lowery
Carole Mancey
Juanita Massie
Randy Matthews
Newtta Maynard
Sunny McAfee
Jane McBride
Linda McDonald
Lydia McGill
Myra McLanahan
Linda McDeely
Corry McPherson
Marie Meaders
Paula Meadows
Barbara Mixon
Millicent Morrell
Susan Morrill
Donna Mull
Sandra Nash
Cindy Nelson
Nedra Norton
Cheryl Prater
Sue Renfroe
Beverly Rheney
Freda Shines
Miriam Smith
Nancy Smith
Madelyn Spivey
Charlotte Stanford
Barbara Steed
Nancy Stuart
Rebecca Taylor
Harriet Teasley
Virginia Thomas
Jacqueline Thompson
Jan Tillman
Donna Ulrici
Jan Vosburgh
Janet Waldoch
Suzie Washburn
Dee Weems
Kathi Willett
Marcia Winn
Katherine Woodruff
Chris Ainsworth
William Akins
John Albright
Mark Aldridge
Roley Altizer
Mike Anderson
Noel Anderson
Daniel Antopolsky
Wayne Arrington
Judy Bagby
Zane Bair
James Baird
Charles Baker
Carole Bannister
Darrell Begnaud
Jim Benson
Larry Benton
Maria Black
Robert Brantley
Lyn Brightwell
Elizabeth Brown
W. E. Bryant
Tony Bryson
Sally Bullard
Nancy Burdick
Fred Burger
Ben Calloway
Ellen Campbell
Kee Carlisle
Bill Carlton
Susan Carroll
Clayton Chandler
Louis Cole
Edward Collins
Carole Coper
Carolyn Cotton
Josephine Crawford
Marrianne Currie
John Dana
Howard Davis
Louise Davis
William Decker
Annie Dooley
Melissa Douglas
Wallace Drage
Thomas Duffy
Marion Dunn
Mary Dyal
Jane Eddins
Charles Elliott
Paula Estes
Shayne Fair
Claude Felton
Malinda Ferrell
James Feyley
Darryl Forrester
Phyllis Fraley
Lane Freeman
Cynthia Gay
Martha Gay
Thomas Giffen
Steven Glasser
Mike Glisson
Michael Godwin
Jim Goldsby
Donald Greene
Greg Griffin
Mark Hall
Barbara Hammett
Pat Harrell
Robert Hart
William Hartman
George Hemperley
Thurston Hendrick
William Hendrick
Gordon Higgins
Glynn Hodges
Charles Holland
Bryan Howell
Brant Jackson
Lennis Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Don Jordan
David Jowers
Jan Kemp
Jeffrey Kryder
Ann Lanier
Donnie Livingston
Lynne Lyon
Everett Major
Mary Mansour
Pam Mansour
Patricia Marrin
Linda Matheson
Elizabeth McClintock
Trish McCormick
Mary Beth McDonald
Grant McGarity
Cheryl Melander
James Messenger
Harold Morris
Charles Minhall
Dink Nesmith
Margaret Nix
J. O. Nixon
Mary Olson
Susan Orr
Jay Osborne
Tom Parker
James Peeler
Jim Peoples
Charles Pittman
Scott Pope
Gregory Premo
Scotty Regester
Judith Richards
Taffy Richardson
Patricia Rogers
Patrick Rogers
Beth Schlitzkus
Lawrence Schulman
V. L. Searcy
Rosalind Shapiro
Geneva Smily
Greg Smith
Paula Smith
Bonnie Somberg
Jackie Sosby
Lorraine Spann
Anita Spiller
Susan Stanton
Thomas Steedy
Jane Stiles
Larry Swartz
Joan Todd
Phillip Turner
Joe Underwood
Cheryl Van Hooven
Pamela Whitaker
Carolyn Willis
Herbert Wollner
Marie Wommack
Mark Yarbrough

Ken Abbott
Paula Abercrombie
Linda Adam
Beverly Adams
Cheryl Adams
Don Adams
Zeke Addison
Bruce Akins
Michael Albanese
Diane Albea
Larry Alberson
Barty Alderman
Fay Alderson
Nan Aldridge
Richard Allenl$j|jl
Ricky Allen
Keith Allison
Michael Amaral
Eleanor Amason
Bettye Amos
Adrienne Anderson
Alan Anderson
Cherry Anderson
Gene Anderson
Linda Anderson
Mickey Anderson
Carol Andrews
Diane Andrews
Melinda Anglin
Hamilton Ansley
Susan Ansley
Virginia Ard
Mary Ariail
Mark Aronson
Beth Arwood
Tim Astin
Bruce Atkins
Trammell Ault
Frank Aultman
Glen Austin
Ronald Austin
Gregg Avedisian
Peggy Avery
Barbara Averett
Susan Awtrey
Jean Ayers
Dee Dee Baggs
Pat Bagley
Stanley Bagwell
George Bailey
Robert Bailey
Susan Bailey
Maria Baker
W. A. Baker
Mac Balkcom
Wayne Balkcom
Jeannie Ball
Tommy Ball
David Ballard
Nancy Ballard
Jan Bankhead
Linda Bankson
Barbara Barabe
Kenneth Barbash
Thomas Barbee
Thomas Barnes
Lawson Barr
David Barrett -
Labette Barron
Hugh Barrow
Carl Barrs
Jane Barton
Joseph Barton
Neal Barton
Kathy Bass
Stephen Bassett
Randy Bates
W. E. Baxter
Edward Baxter
Sandra Bayless
Jim Beacham
Alex Bealer
Jerry Bearden
Dennis Beatty
Barbara Beckham
W. L. Becraft
Philip Beegle
Terry Beeson
Robert Beightol
Joe Belew
David Bell
Deborah BelljH|
E.W. Bell
Jeannie Bell
Holly Bellinger
Billie Belote
Victor Belote
Gene Benator
Philip Henefield
G. C. Benford
Howard Benford
Sally Bennett
Jim Benson
Brenda Berman
Kay Berry
Richard Berta
Jo Ann Beyer
Cindy Bickerstaff

John Binder
Jackie Birchall
Helen Bird
Mary Bird
James Bivins
Gerald Black
Jerrell Black
Charlotte Blackman
Gene Blackwell
Darby Blake
Jan Blanchard
Wayne Blankenship
Randy Blanton
Bob Bleiberg
Peggy Bloodworth
Rosalind Bodkin
Brenda Bodziner
Gordon Boggs
Regina Bolden
Janice Bollinger
Lamar Boman
Wanda Bonds
Glenn Bone
Van Botsaris
Barbara Boulware
Barry Bowen
Bonnie Bowen
Charles Bowen
Martha Bowen
Bob Bowers
Cliff Bowers
Gerald Bowie
David Bowles
J. G. Bowles
Kenneth Bowman
William Boyd
Susan Boyd
John Bracey
Robert Bradfield
Cissy Bradford
Sarah Bradford
Stephen Bradley
Sarah Bramblett
Nita Bramlett
Beverly Brandes
Bonnie Brandon
Nancy Brandt
Mickey Brannen
Jim Brasfield
Donald Braxley
Skip Bray
Nancy Breedlove
Joe Brewster
Melvin Brewton
Michael Brice
Mary Bridger
Carolyn Brinkley
Charles Brinkley
Linda Britt
Kathy Broadrick
John Brock
Ronnie Brock
Vickie Brock
Linda Brogdon
Alice Brown
Angela Brown
Bonnie Brown
Carol Brown
Harriet Brown
Harvey Brown
Joanne Brown
Karen Brown
M. T. Brown
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Pamela Brown
Paula Brown
Richard Brown
Ronnie Brown
Robert Browning
Kenneth Brownlee
.Jill Brownlow
Ed Broyles
Steve Bruce
William Bruce
Mason Brumby
Marilyn Brunaver
Alice Bryan
Lanelle Bryan
Frank Bryant
June Bryant
Jan Buck
Barbara Bud nick
Tom Buffin
Allyson Buice
Michael Bunch
Nancy Bunker
Nell Burch
Wynema Burdette
Donna Burge
Warren Burgess
Jacqueline Burnes
Judy Burnett
Ameliaf Burnette
Jack Burnette
Linda Burnham
Danny Burroughs
Kay Burroughs
Lynn Burson
Vicki Burt
Diane Burtz
Edward Busch
Lane Bush
Buzzy Butler
Dee Butler
Juli Butler
Gayle Buttram
Dan Byess
Frances Bynum
Robert Byram
David Byrd
Dorothy Byrd
Susan Byrd
Mimi Caldwell
Harold Callaway
Tom Callaway
Emily Camp
Gloria Camp
Ronald Camp
Connie Campbell
Debbie Campbell
Eddie Campbell
Jessica Campbell
Lewis Campbell
Oleane Carden
Russell Carlisle
Cathy Carmichael
Doug Carnes
Gloria Carnes
Karen Carr
Robert Carr
W. I. Carr
Diane Carrington
Susan Carroll
Elizabeth Carson
Faye Carter
J an Carter
Nancy Carter
Vicke Carter
William Casey
Louie Cason
Colleen Cassiday
Mike Castronis
Earline Cato
Charles Causey
Mike Cavan
Cecille Cave
Jodie Center
Charles Chalker
Gretchen Chambers
Sue Chambers
Stewart Chambers
Barbara Charney
Marie Chastain
Vicki Childers
Julie Childs
Mike Chitwood
Richard Crighton
Shirley Christian
Gina Christman
Barbara Clark
James Clark
Marsha Clark
Robert Clark
Carolyn Clement
Jerry Clements
Debbie Clemons
Constance Clifford
Jane Clifton
M. L. Clower
Frank Cofer
Alan Cohen
David Cohen
Laura Cohen
Linda Cohn
Becky Coile
Ann Coker
Barry Coker
Larry Colbert
Virginia Colbert
Patsy Cole
Carole Coleman
Ellery Coleman
Ivan Coleman
Jon Coleman
Barbara Coley
Coopie Collier
Dennis Collier
L. T. Collier
Mike Collier
Candy Collins
Curtis Collins
Debbie Collins
Harold Colquitt
Jim Colwell
Caroline Combs
Cathie Combs
Louis Combs
Philip Compton
James Connelly
Douglas Conner
Jerry Connor
Cindy Cook
Sheila Cook
Robert Coon
Kaye Coodet
Melvin Cooper
Carol Copeland
Dwight Copeland
Mildred Copeland
Richard Copeland
Sherri Corenblum
Cynthia Corley
Betty Cornwell
John Core
Carol Costa
Gail Coutcher
Gary Cox
Wesley Craft
Linda Crafton
Jean Craig
Tom Crane
Connie Crawford
George Crawford
Rebecca Crawford
Kathleen Crawley
Dennis Crews
Darryl Crim
Ed Crook
Jim Crook
Don Crosby
C. G. Cross
M ilton Crossway
Alice Crouch
Jake Crouch
Austin Crow
David Crowe
Hugh Crowe
Tim Crown
Pam Cueth
Sara Culbreth
Joseph Culpepper
Johnnie Cumbie
Joey Cummings
Bill Cunningham
Diane Cure
A. R. Curran
Daniel Currey
Mary Curtis
Ruthie Curtis
Walter Czura
Michael Daley
Laure D'Ambrosio
Danny Daniel
Jimmy Daniel
Stanley Darnell
Reedy David
John Davidson
Sharon Davidson
Barbara Davis
Burma Davis
Glenn Davis
James Davis
J. M. Davis
Ken Davis
Leslie Davis
Susan Davis
Barbara Dawson
Mike Day
T. E. Day
Scott Dayan
Steve Dearing
David Deariso
Cheryl Deaton
Ronald Deen
Carolyn Deich
Richard DeLoach
Gail Dement
David Dempsey
Angelyn Dennis
Terry Dennis
James Densmore
Jackie Dick
Becky Dillard
Mike Dills
Paul Dingamn
Marie DiPietro
Jean Dixon
Linda Dixon
Stuart Dobbs
Robert Dodson
Sunny Dodson
Steven Doerter
Nancy Dollar
Mary Dorsey
Shelley Douglas
Richard Downing
R. L. Doyal
Buff Dozier
Inez Dozier
Richard Drexel
Lee Driggers
Lenore Druckenbrool
Marilyn Duckworth
Calvin Dudley
Stephen Duke
Gayle Dunaway
Constance Duncan
Darrell Duncan
Ronald Dundore
Sam Dunlap
Ray Durham
Cary Dutton
Diane DuVemet
Pattie Dyar
Delia Dykes
Josie Eager
Douglas Earley
Jean Earnest
Patricia Eason
Sid Eason
Sue Eason
Ben Easterlin
Ellen Ebenback
Don Eddins
David Edelman
Allen Edenfield
Franklin Edenfield
Roger Edens
Alan Edmondson
Garrett Edmunds
Gale Edwards
Kathy Edwards
Martha Edwards
Nita Edwards
Anna Eidson
Stewart Chambers
Barbara Charney
Marie Chastain
Vicki Childers
Julie Childs
Mike Chitwood
Richard Crighton
Shirley Christiana T
Gina Christman
Barbara Clark
James Clark
Marsha Clark
Robert Clark
Carolyn Clement
Jerry Clements
Debbie Clemons
Constance Clifford
Jane Clifton
M. L. Clower
Frank Cofer
Alan Cohen
David Cohen
Laura Cohen
Linda Cohn
Becky Coile
Ann Coker
Barry Coker
Larry Colbert
Virginia Colbert
Patsy Cole
Carole Coleman
Ellery Coleman
Ivan Coleman
Jon Coleman
Barbara Coley
Coopie Collier
Dennis Collier
L. T. Cpjlier
Mike Collier
Candy Collins
Curtis Collin<5
Debbie Collins
Harold Colquitt
Jim Colwell
Caroline Combs
Cathie Combs
Louis Combs
Philip Compton
James Connelly
Douglas Conner
Jerry Connor
Cindy Cook
Sheila Cook
Robert Coon
Kaye Coodet
Melvin Cooper
Carol Copeland
EXvight Copeland
Mildred Copeland
Richard Copeland
Sherri Corenblum
Cynthia Corley
Betty Cornwell
John Core
Carol Costa
Gail Coutcher
Gary Cox
Wesley Craft
Linda Crafton
Jean Craig
Tom Crane
Gayle Buttram
Dan Byess
Frances Bynum
Robert Byram
David Byrd
Dorothy Byrd
Susan Byrd
Mimi Caldwell
Harold Callaway
Tom Callaway
Emily Camp
Gloria Camp
Ronald Camp
Connie Campbell
Debbie Campbell
Eddie Campbell
Jessica Campbell
Lewis Campbell
Oleane Carden
Russell Carlisle
Cathy Carmichael
Doug Carnes
Gloria Carnes
Karen Carr
Robert Carr
W. I. Carr^','J.y
Diane Carrington
Susan Carroll:'
Elizabeth Carson
Faye Carter
Jan Carter
Nancy Carter
Vicke Carter
William Casey
Louie Cason
Colleen Cassiday
Mike Castronis
Earline Cato
Charles Causey
Mike Cavan
Cecille Cave
Jodie Center
Charles Chalker
Gretchen Chambers
Sue Chambers


Connie Crawford
George Crawford
Rebecca Crawford
Kathleen Crawley
Dennis Crews
Darryl Crim
Ed Crook
Jim Crook
Don Crosby
C. G. Cross
M ilton Crossway
Alice Crouch
: ' Jake Crouch
Austin Crow
David Crowe
Hugh Crowe
Tim Crown
Pam Cueth
Sara Culbreth
Joseph Culpepper
Johnnie Cumbie
Joey Cummings
Bill Cunningham
Diane Cure
A. R. Curran
Daniel Currey
Mary Curtis
Ruthie Curtis
Walter Czura
Michael Daley
Laure D'Ambrosio
Danny Daniel
Vjjjmmy Daniel
Stanley Darnell
Reedy David
John Davidson
Sharon Davidson
Barbara Davis
Burma Davis
Glenn Davis
James Davis
J. M. Davis
Ken Davis
Leslie Davis
Susan Davis
Barbara Dawson
Mike Day
T. E. Day
Scott Dayan
Steve Dearing
David Deariso
Cheryl Deaton
Ronald Deen
Carolyn Deich
Richard DeLoach
Gail Dement
David Dempsey
Angelyn Dennis
Terry Dennis
James Densmore
Jackie Dick
Becky Dillard
Mike Dills
Paul Dingamn
Marie DiPietro
Jean Dixon
Linda Dixon
Stuart Dobbs
Robert Dodson
Sunny Dodson
Steven Doerter
Nancy Dollar
Mary Dorsey
Shelley Douglas
Richard Downing
R. L. Doyal
Buff Dozier
Inez Dozier
Richard Drexel
Lee Driggers
Lenore Druckenbrool
Marilyn Duckworth
Calvin Dudley
Stephen Duke
Gayle Dunaway
Constance Duncan
Darrell Duncan
Ronald Dundore
Sam Dunlap
Ray Durham
Cary Dutton
Diane DuVernet
Pattie Dyar
Delia Dykes
Josie Eager
Douglas Earley
Jean Earnest
Patricia Eason
Sid Eason
Sue Eason
Ben Easterlin
Ellen Ebenback
Don Eddins
David Edelman
Allen Edenfield
Franklin Edenfield
Roger Edens
Alan Edmondson
Garrett Edmunds
Gale Edwards
Kathy Edwards
Martha Edwards
Nita Edwards
Anna Eidson
Wanda Elkins
C. Ellington
Jane Ellington
Spencer Elliot
James Ellis
Paul El wood
Emily England
David Epps
Albert Epting
Carl Erberfield
Lynn Ernest
Tony Esposito
C. C. Faircloth
Peggy Farr
Myra Farrar
James Farris
Lynda Felder
Alice Felts
Neal Fender
Chris Fievet
J. B. Finch
Jim Finch
Carolyn Finney
Carlton Fleming
Ester Fleming
Linda Fleming
Joe Fletcher
Mary Flewellen
Charles Flowe
George Floyd
Charlette Flynt
Crisp Flynt
Mike Foley
Mike Foran
Ann Ford
Lynne Ford
Stephen Fordham
Herbert Fordham
Don Fortner
Peter Foss
Brian Foster
Janet Foster
Kathryn Foster
Rick Foster
Berry Fowler
Jo Fowler
Linda Fowler
Walter Fowler
Tina Fox
David Franklin
Donna Freed
Chunky Freeman
Nan Freeman
Robert Freeman
Lilian Friedberger
Nancy Frierson
Jack Fridu
Jimmy Fuller
Sherry Fulmur
John Fuqua
Cathi Furmer
John Gaertner
Trent Gaites
Linda Galt
Faye Garman;
Alice Garrard
Carole Garrett
Richard Garrett
George Garrison
Robert Gaskins
Cherry Gaston
James Gatewood
Charles Gatlin
Carol Geer
Nora Geer
David Gentry
Debra Gershon
Jerome Gerson
Robin Gibbs
Joanne Gibson
Joanne Giddens
Laura Gilbert
Debbie Giles
Jane Giles
Linda Giles
Sandy Gill
Harold Gillespie
Steve jgjQiam
Don Gilmore
Joel Ginsberg
James Gipson
Michele Glankler
Bill Glass
Peggy Glass
Jon Glazman
Marylee Glover
Richard Glover
Jeanne Gobel
Lynn Godbee
J udy Godfrey
Sandra Golden
Tommy Golden
Marlene Goldstein
Robert Goldstein
Gwendolyn Gonia
Ouida Good
Donald Goodrow
Jeffrey Goodrum
Dunneah Gordon
Linda Gordon
Michael Gordon
Theodora Gordon
Jo Gough
Maruorie Gould
Hugh Graham
Sue Granthem
Randy Graves
Susan Gravitt
Evanda Gravitte

RaHifl ' w /*mm Urv'
Dave Gray
Allen Green
Dare Green
Walt Green
Babbie Greene
Michael Greene
Nancy Greene
Jacob Greenway
Deborah Greer
Frank Gresham
Warren Grice
Peggy Grier
Kathleen Griffin
Susan Griffin
Terry Griffith
Richard Grindley
Carol Grinstead
Sandy Grist
Robert Grove
Carol Grubbs
Anita Guerin
Palmer Gullay
Walter Gunby
Chris Gunter
Sandra Haga
Kay Hagan
Sam Hagins
Jack Hahn
Michael Hahn
Becky Hale
Eric Hale
Karen Hale
Emmett Hall
James Hall
Mimi Hall
Samuel Hall
Helene Halpern
Ansley Hamilton
Evelyn Hammel
Gladys Hammond
Steve Hammond
Kenneth Hammontree
John Hamrick
Janet Hancock
Judy Hancock
Rhonda Handelsman
Robert Hammock
Ken Hansing
Kathy Harbin
Joseph Harbson
Sammy Hardegree
Sue Hardegree
Glenn Harden
James Harden
Wayne Harden
Gil Hargett
Leon Hargreaves
Clinton Harkins
James Harkins
Charles Harman
R. L. Harnsberger
Patty Harp
Emily Harper
Penny Harper
Brantley Harrell
Joe Harrington
Leslie Harrington
Sheena Harrington
Dan Harris
Nancy Harris
Steve Harris
Susan Harris
Linda Harrison
Martha Harrison
Ronald Harrison
Linda Harshman
Harold Hart
Mary Hart
Edward Hartness
Linda Harvell
Rita Harvey
James Haslam
Joan Hasty
Donna Hatcher
Martha Hatcher
Michael Hayes
Walter Hayes
Davis Haynes
Donna Haynes
Susan Haynie
Susanna Hays
Van Haywood
Margie Heacock
Patsy Head
Joseph Healan
Jeannie Heard
Phillip Heard
Bobby Hearn
John Heffernan
Clint Hege
Kathy Heissenbuttel
Charles Henderson
Archie Hendley
Karen Hennen
Row Henson
Karen Herin
Bebe Herring
Kathryn Herring
Patty Hess
Clyde Hewitt
Helen Hickman
Nelson Hicks
Laura Hickson
Eleanor Highbaugh
Charles Hill
Marcia Hill
Sharon Hill
Susan Hill
Ken Hilley
Frank Hines
David Hirsch
Glenn Hobbs
Linda Hobby
Kay Hodges
Laura Hodges
Carol Hoelzer
Susie Hoffman
Becky Holcombe
Tom Holcombe
Linda Holder
Janis Hollomon
Paul Holloway
William Holloway
Mark Holmes
Charles Holstead
Elizabeth Holt
Elmo Holt
Tom Holt
Warren Holton
Corey Hood
Cynthia Hooks
Barbara Hoover
Hoppy Hopkins
Marvin Hopkins-V
Mary Hopkins
Neil Hornstein
Jamie House
Mary Houston
Betty Howard
Hugh Howard
Richard Howard
Tony Howell
Joe Hoyle
Elizabeth Hubbard
April Hudson
Dianne Hudson
J. T. Hudson
Martha Hughes
Trini Hughes
Judy Humphery
John Humphreys
Margaret Hunt
Harriett Hutchings
Lynda Hutchins
William Hutchins
Edward Hutson
Mahlie Hutzel
Larry Isaacson
Betty Isakson
Robert Izlar
Marion Jackson
Weezie Jackson
William Jackson
Richard Jacobson
J. & Jahera
Judy Jaros
John Jarrell
Jean Jarrett
Molly Jenkins
Vernon Jennings
Suzette Jett
Willard Johns
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson
Cheryl Johnson
Claire Johnson
Colleen Johnson
Frank Johnson
James Johnson
Janis Johnson
Mickey Johnson
Eleanor Jones
Carl Jones
Dan Jones
Helen Jones
Jean Jones
Joyce Jones
Kathy Jones
Kristine Jones
Michael Jones
Susy Jones
Terry Jones
Tommy Jones
Julie Jordan
Pleasant Jowers
Riki Jowers
Joseph Joyner
Mary Judge
Susie Jurin
Barbara Kaminsky
Richard Kanter
Lynn Kantsiper
Sheila Kaplan
Carol Kasprzykowski
Sabina Kaucher
Leslye Kauver
Haygood Keadle
Kathy Keappler
Donn Kearns
Larry Kelleher
Mary Kelly
Susan Kelly
L K. Kendrick
Carol Kennedy
Delores Kennedy
Marcia Kennedy
Nancy Kenworthy
Toby Ketcham
Daniel Killian
Craig Kimbrough
Judy Kinard
Barbara King
Robert King
Phil Kinney
Ann Kirkland
Dana Kirkus
Krystine Kirton
James Kitchens
Ralph Kitchens
Peter Klein
David Knecht
Ralph Knight
Ethel KolgaklisJ
Norman Kraar
A. F. Kramer
Kathy Kraus
Jeannette Krause
Richard Krysalka
Leanne Kuehl
Margaret Kwilecki
Rusty Lacy
Barry Ladd
Marilyn Lamphere
W. E. Lancaster
Carolyn Lane
John Lane
Robert Laney
Mallory Langan
Karla Lange
Judy Langford
Chuck Lanier
William Lankford
Patricia Laratta
Robert Largen
Lynn Lavender
Lisa Lawson
Marion Leavitt
Gerald Ledar
Joy Ledbetter
Gerry Lee
Jerry Lee
John Lee
William Lee
James Leeb
Kathy Leffew
J. D. Leigh
Kathryn Lemon
Theresa Leslie
Edward Lester
Carey Leverett
Julia Leverett
Alan Levow
Dianne Lewis
Francis Lewis
Joanne Lewis
Richard Lindsay
William Lindsey
J. D. Little
June Little
Patty Little
Renay Little
Ray Livingston
Stephany Loden
Mary Long
Mary Longbine
Lee Loworn
Jerry Lowe
Jay Lowery
Ron Lowry
Jimmy Luckie
Debbie Lufburrow
Duffie Lutz
Susan Lynch
May Lytle
Diane Maddox
Jessica Maddox
Jane Maffett
Anne Mahan
Fiugh Mahany
Henrietta Mahle
Sharon Maier
Louis Majors
Wallace Majure
Charlie Malarz
Cecil Malone
George Mansfield
Ted Marcus
Mendy Marks
j. L. Marlow
Richard Marsh
Ben Martin
Carl Martin
Gail Martin
James Martin
Jerry Martin
John Martin
Lynn Martin
Lynn Martin
Shirley Martin
Debbie Mason
Richard Mason
Cecilia Mathis
Nancy Mathis
April Matthews
Lynne Maury
John Maxwell
Lynda Maxwell
Marda Mayo
Leslie Mays
Cathy McCall
George McCallum
Gail McCarty
Virginia McChesney
Gail McClure
Peggy McClure
Gene McCluskey
John McCormick
Robert McCoy
Susan McCranie
Michael McCullough

Brenda McCurley
Cathy McCutchen
Stella McDermid
David McDonald
Robert McDonnell
Jeff McDougal
Franklin McDuffie
Janet McElmurray
William McElreath
Mike McEver
Patrick McGee
Bill McGraw
Nancy McHan
Penelope McHan
Ellen McHenry
Mary McIntosh
Mary McKee
Tina McKee
Martha McKenzie
Tricia McKibben
Barbara McKinley
Harold McKinney
Jane McKinney
Robert McKinney
Milton McKown
Sara McKown
Linda McLane
Maureen McLaughlin
Thomas McLean
Jan McLelland
Bill McLendon
Kenny McLendon
Irene McMakin
Sue McMath
Lynn McMinn
Elaine McNeal
Joan McNeal*: *
Charles McQuaig
Bobby McRae
Donald McSween
Donald McWaters
Beth McWhorter
Anne Mead
Bo Means
Stephanie Mewborn
Gayle Meyers
Dennis Miles
Jerome Miles
John Miles
Mary Miles
Patricia Mill
Lora Millard
Dennis Miller
James Miller
Melinda Miller
Robbie Miller
Sheryll Miller
Sinclair Miller
Steve Miller
Julia Milner
Jack Minor
Jimmy Mischner
Bob Mitchel||pi
Clyde Mitchell
Susan Mitchell
Belinda Mitchem
Mike Mizell
Marsha Mock
Kathie Mogish
Warren Moncrief
Martina Monick
Thomas Monroe
Pam Montgomery
Larry Moor
Bill Moore
Charles Moore
Jeannie Moore
Jere Moore
Joan Moore
Joe Moore
Kathy Moore
Linda Moore
Ted Moore
Sally Moran
Ronald Morgan
Hoyt Morris
Karen Morris
Karen Morris
Russell Morris
Toni Morris
Martha Morrow
W. B. Morse
Susan Moseley
Amy Mosley
Sarry Mosteller
Charles Motz
Donna Mowery
Jeffery Muir
John Mull
Janet Muller
Thomas Munroe
A. E. Murphey
John Murphy
C. B. Myers
Gayle Myers
Ginger Myers
Liz Myers
James Nash
Wyn Nash
Molly Neal
Kay Neisler
Angela Nelms
Terry Nelson
Pamela NeSmith
Ann Newland
Danny Newman
Jan Newton
Gary Nichols
Jane Nichols
Robert Nichols
Bob Nicholson
Hugh Nicholson
Richard Nicholson
Kathleen Nielsen
Walter Nix
Thomas Nollner
John Norman
Pam Norman
Philip Nowicki
D. J. Nunley
Carol Nunnery
Nancy Nutt
Susan O'Brien
Denny O'Callaghan
Susan O'Callaghan
Colquitt Odom
Ruth O'Farrell
Scott Offer)
Charles Oglesby
Betty O'Hearn
Brenda O'Kelley
Alan Olansky
Carol Oliva
Ruth Oliver
Anne O'Looney
Margaret Olson
Thomas Ondrejuak
Malba O'Neal
Steve O'Neal
Susan Orcutt
Debbie Osborne
Lee Osborne
Joel Ostuw
Becky Owen
Chris Owen
Rita Owens
Vesta Owens
Eve Oxford
DuPree Padgett
Hal Padgett
Lisa Padgett
Jim Page
James Page
Donald Pain
Jerry Palmour
James Pantella
Pete Pappas
Shaw Paris
Travis Paris
Deborah Parker
John Parker
Susan Parker
Travis Parker
Leslie Parkman
Andrea Parks
Charles Paramore
Carleton Parsons
Lora Paschal
Eileen Patterson
Terry Patterson
Linda Paulffi
Buzz Payne
Jerry Payne
P. A. Payne
Margaret Peabody
Laurene Pearson
Bob Pease
Kathryn Peatsch
Furman Peebles
Robert Penland
J. H. Penn
Henry Pepin
Tommy Perkins
Clark Perry
Jimmy Perry
Linda Perry
Mark Perry
Doug Peters
Robert Peterson
Cherryl Petrie
Randall Pettit
Melissa Pharr
Gregory Phillips
Lynda Phillips
Steve Philips
Brenda Pierce
Dorothy Pierce
Martha Pinholster
Mary Pinson
Phyllis Pittman
H. P. Pitts
J.G. Pitts
John Pitts
Mary Pitts
Lonnie Plott
Clyde Poe
Rita Poetter
Dave Pollard
Earl Pollock
Aileen Ponder
Mark Popowski
Troy Poss
Richard Potts
Brenda Powell
Mike Powell?
Ronald Powell.
Wendell Powelll
Paul Prater
Roy Price
Susan Prisant
Clyde Prtichett
Robert Probst
Linda Prosser
Marjorie Prosser
Cindy Pryles
Linda Quackenbush
Alice Quante
Daniel Quinn
Ray Rader
Michele Rahanian
Daniel Raichlen
A. B. Rainey
Martha Rannenberg
Belinda Rawlins
Janice Rawlins
Gregg Ray
Karen Ray
Maggie Redd
Janice Red wine
Glenette Reece
David Reeves
Michael Regar
Charles Rehbers
George Reid
Lamar Reid
Carol Rhoad
Harry Rhodes
David Rice
Steve Riddle
Charles Ridgley
Jerry Rigby
John Riser
Bobby Rish
Jeff Rittenbaum
Millie Roach
Billie Roberson
Susan Roberts
Pete Robertson
Joanne Robinson
Martha Robinson
Joann Rock
Connie Roeloes
David Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Harriet Rohrbaugh
Mary Rollins
Victoria Romaine
Jeff Rominger
P. J. Rosenbaum
Chester Rosenberg
Jan Roth
Nancy Roth
llene Rothberg
William Routt
Karl Rowland
Ted Rowland
James Roy
Ashley Royal
Phyllis Royster
Reeda Rubin
Benjamin Rucker
Sharon Rudowske
Terry Ruffin
James Rushing
John Rushing
Howard Ruskin
Mickey Russell
Sue Russell
Randy Rutherford
Sandra Ryals
Marie Saggese
Teresa Saggese
Linda Sale
Mike Sanchez
Debbie Sanderfur
Gail Sanders
Linda Sanders
John Santini
Tom Sappington
Steven Sark
Laura Satterfield
James Satterly
Sandra Scarbrough
Kathy Scartz
Linda Schandler
Steven Scheer
Andrew Scherffius
Linda Schnack
Alan Schulman
Barbara Schuman
Marge Schweikert
Kathy Scott
Linda Scott
L L. Scruggs
Don Seay
Jennifer Seay
Diane Seeley
Alan Seitel
Kay Sessions
Thomas Sewell
Linda Seymour
Susan Shaddix
Sherry Shapiro
Carolyn Sharp
Ken Shaw
Mai Sheffield
Susan Shellhorse
Ann Shelton
Scott Shepard
Steven Sheriff
Jennifer Sherling
Mike Sherling
Billie Sherrod
Harold Shields
Randy Shingler
Mary Shipley
Randy Shiver
Martha Shoaff
Samuel Shoemaker
Karen Shusterman
Andrea Sickles
Charles Siler
Glenn Silverboard
Antoinette Simmons
Bonnie Simmons
Charles Simons
Clark Simpson
Donna Simpson
Jimmy Sims
Berth Sinde
Mary Singleton
Melinda Sizemore
Sandy Skelton
Richard Skene
Daniel Slade
Ruth Slickman
Walter Sloan
Lisa Sloat
Robert Smalley
Cara Smally
Sue Smiley
Boone Smith
C. R. Smith
Carl Smith
Cherry Smith
Donald Smith
Donnell Smith
Dorothy Smith
Eddie Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Gary Smith
George Smith
James Smith
James Smith
James Smith
Jody Smith
Madeline Smith
Maragaret Smith
Marvin Smith
Mason Smith
Mike Smith
Patty Smith
Paula Smith
Richard Smith
Rodney Smith
Sharon Smith
Sheila Smith
Steve Smith
Tony Smith
Patricia Smith
Vicki Smith
W. C. Smith
William Smith
Philip Solomons
James Sommerville
Jane Sorrow
Sherrie Souder
Vicki South
Beth Spalding
Paul Spaulding
Nona Spears
W. P. Spencer
Carol Spend
Kenneth Spires
Suzanne Spartlin
Susan Sprayberry
Shirley Springs
Sandy Spurlock
Jane Stafford
Donna Staley
Robert Stancil
Thomas Statham
Joanne St. Clair
Barbara Steele
Donald Stein
Harriet Stein
Charles Stephen
Jean Stephens
John Stephens
Pam Stephens
Sheryl Stephens
James Stephenson
Mona Stevens
Diane Stewart
John Stewart
Sharon Stewart
Steward Stich
Dennis Still
Willie Still
Richard Stinchcomb
Hugh Stith
Harold Stokes
John Stone
Paul Stone
Ann Stowe
Shirley Street
Connie Stringfellow
Ellen Struck
Cheryl Struletz
Dan Sugg
Terry Summerrour
Kenneth Sutdiff
Cary Sutton
Henry Swann
Lucy Swart
Donald Sween
Gary Sweetin
Jim Swinson
Alan Talley
Phil Talley
Jeanie Tanner
Valerie Tarver
Dyke Tatum
Claudia Taylor
James Taylor
Patricia Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Cynthia Tedeschi
Jarvis Temple
Ron Tempes
Teresa Tennyson
Oscar Thorp
Kathy Thigpen
Brenda Thomas
David Thomas
Emery Thomas
Jerry Thomas
Michael Thomas
Sheila Thomas
Sherrie Thomas
Samuel Thomason
Dale Thompson
Greg Thompson
Harold Thompson
Harry Thompson
Jamerson Thompson
Michael Thompson
Prjscilla Thompson
Wall Thompson
Cathey Thorp
Stephanie Threlledd
Michael Tillitski
Cathy Tillman
Gloria Tillman
Jerry Timmons
Gary Tolbert
Edward Tolley
Carl Tomberlin
Don Tomlinson
Lisa Tomlinson
Terry Tondee
HBJ9 Toole
Arthur Trader
Marie Trapnell
Prudence Traut
Robert Tripp
Roy Tritt
Susan Troy
Houston Tucker
Jean Turpin
Cathy Turner
Gary Turner
Joan Turrentine
Alan Tyner
Mary Uecke
Vickie Van Vleck
Forrest Varnell
Libby Vassartj
Lamar Veatch
Mike Verner
David Vernon
George Vestal
Vicki Vickers
Paul Vivian
Carl Voegtlin
Janet Voorhies
Nancy Wade
Susan Wade
Ronna Waldman
Deborah Walker
Teresa Walker
Henry Wall
Rick Waller
Danell Wallis
Melanie Wallis
Patsy WalshI;
Sheila Ward
Robert Ware
Susan Warwick
Eddie Watkins
James Watrous
Craig Watson
Dennis Watson
Ray Watson
Renee Watson
Wanda Watson
Wanda Watson
Wayne Watson
William Watson
Kay Weatherwax
Linda Webb
Nancy Webb
Nancy Webb
Donna Weber
Kay Weede
Mike Wehner
Paula Weigand
Steven Weigel
Harry Weinberg
Kathy Weisbach
Pope Welch
Vivian Wells
Felice Wershaw
Barbara West
Bob West
Sam Westbrook
Lynne Westbrook
Charles Wester
Robert Westmoreland
Robert Weston
Norah Whallen
Joshua Wheat
Katherine Whetsell
Bruce Whitaker
Larry Whitaker
Anne White
Bob White
Christy White
Clyde White
Danny White
Jerry White
Johne White
Joyce White
Linda White
Thomas White
Tommy White
Dennis Whitfield
Dianne Whitley
Mary Whitlock
Marlene Whitten
Ray Whitten
Alice Wickersham
Karen Widener
Donald Wider
Jayne Wilder
Linda Wilkes
Michael Wilkes
Kathleen Wilk ins'j
Michael Wilkins
Dorothy Wilkinson
Jane Willey
Bill Williams
Carol Williams
Claud Williams
Donna Williams
J. G. Williams
Jim Williams
Martha Williams
Pam Williams
Paul Williams
Peggy Williams
Ray Williams
Stephen Williams
Wendell Williams
Anne Williamson
Peggy Williamson
Beau Willingham
Sue Willingham
Homer Willis
Charlene Wilson
James Wilson
James Wilson
Judith Wilson
Pamela Wilson
Peggy Wilson
Smith Wilson
Judy Wining
Ed Winter
Brenda Wise
Sandra Wise
Sally Wishard
Gary Wolf
Ronald Womack
Jere Wood
Nancy Wood
Susan Woodhall
Cliff Woodson
Paul Woody
James Wright
Jennifer Wright
Mary Wright
Mike Wright
Randall Wright
Alice Wrigley
Kathy Wyatt
Randy Wyatt
Guy Wyche
Richard Wynn
Lucile Wynne
Nancy Yarbrough
Gwen Yawn
Dana Yon
Cheryl York
Joan Young
Lynne Young
Leo Zuber
Dale Abernathy
Jake Abernathy
Bruce Adams
Janet Adams
Lynn Adams
Miley Adams
Lewis Addison
Donna Adkerson
Robert Agress
Mary Akers
Carol Akins
M. W. Akins
Cissy Alexander
Shirley Alexander
Betsy Allen
Charles Allen
Donna Allgood
Jim Allgood
Jackie Almond
Tommy Altman
Elise Amory
Charles Anderson
John Anderson
Mick Anderson
Judy Andre
William Andrews
Bill Ansley
Jean Anthony
Jerry Anthony
Beverly Appeet
Brent Armstrong
Randy Ascher
Mary Atberton
W. M. Atchison
Guy Asher
Susan Askew

Pam Avery
Susan Axelrod
Bruce Ay cock
Beverly Baggs
Bobbi Bagwell
Barry Bailey
Gail Bailey
Janice Bailey
Patricia Balchin
Sheila Baldwin
John Balfour
Linda Ball
Cindy Bankhead
David Bankston
Phyllis Barashick
Glenn Barber
Faye Barclay
Ronald Barfield
Sidney Barge
Bonnie Barnes
James Barnes
P. L. Barnes
Wendell Barnes
Emily Barnhill
Vivian Bart
Bruce Bartholomew
Blair Bartlett
Charlene Bass
Wilmer W. Bassett
Betsy Bateman
Janice Bateman
Judy Bateman
Therese Battey
L. A. Battle
J. B. Beasley
Linda Beasley
Rebecca Beaty
Tonny Beavers
Lee Beckworth
Butch Bedwell
Ann Bell
Pat Bellamy
Rachel Benator
Billy Bennett
Mary Bercegeay
Susan Berk
Lisa Berta
Debbie Bishop
Gary Black
Gerald Black
Janet L. Blackshear
Patsy Blackstock
Emily Blackwood
Carol Blalock
Jan Blalock
Tom Blasingane
Brenda Bloodworth
Laure Bloom
Barbara Blum
Ellen Blum
Peggy Blum
Edward Blumberg
Sandra Blumberg
Florence Blumin
Ricki Bobbins
Frank Boggs
Gary Bogoslawsky
William Bolton
Robert Booth
Carolyn Borders
Margret Bostick
Mary Boswell
William Boswell
Jacqueline Botts
Jerry Bowen
Milton Bowen
Julia Boyd
Nancy Boyd
Tommy Boydston
Richard Boyer
Nancy Boyle
Angie Brackett
Paul Bradley
Tommye Bradley
Trudy Brandau
Robert Brandes
Larry Brantley
Wade Brantley
Ralph Braswell
Nancy Braun
Carol Brazed
Jim Braziel
Bill Breedlove
Janice Breland
Scott Brennan :
Joe Brewer
Gerald Briggs
Mary Brinson
Mary Britton
Nancy Brooks
Cynthia Brown.
Dwight Brown
Gaylain Brown
Mary Brown
Michael Brown
Phillip Brown
Susan Brown
Katharine Brownlee
Sandra Brownlee
Patricia Bruce
Davenport Bruker
Mary Brumby
James Buchanan
Paula Buckner
Roger Budd
Claire Buffkin
Bonnie Bullard

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mmm mZw. mm

Ken Burns
Walter Burt
Warren Burwell
Walter Bush
Ricky Bussey
Beverly Butler
Frank Butler
James Butler
William Byrd
Jeffery Cain
Diane Caldwell
Jane Caldwell
Ann Calhoun
Dianne Callaway
Elisa Callaway
Stephen Calloway
Alan Campbell
Kerry Campbell
Laura Campbell
J. W. Cannon
Kay Cannon
Nan Cannon
Judy Caplan
Jim Carmichael
Julie Carnes
Emile Carr
Jacqueline Carr
Mike Carr
Billy Carroll
Charles Carson
Scott Carson
Jerry Carter
Linda Carter
Paul Carter
Brenda Carver
Jenni Carver
Michael Cassidy
Connie Castleberry
Patricia Castro
Mike Cauley
Judy Cauthen
Kay Champion
Frank Chandler
Gayle Chandler
David Chatham
C. R. Cheeley
Pat Cheney
Randy Chew
Gail Childs
John Childs
Marilyn Christian
Nan Christian
Laura Clark
Bud Clarke
Greg Clarkson
Carol Clary
Carolyn Clary
Emily Claxton
Kevin Cleveland
Tom Cloud
Camilla Coalson
Charlie Coats
John Cobb
Sarah Cobb
Erica Cochran
Babee Cole
Jiilie Cole
Laura Cole
Patricia Coleman
Ginger Coley
Kathy Collier
Carol Collins
Donna Collins
C. C. Colwell
Bill Condon
Chris Cook
Clark Cooper
Dianne Cooper
Sheila Coplan
Lynn Cordell
Sporty Cordell
Doug Coulter
Cathy Courtney
Patty Coverdell
Kathleen Cowan
James Cox
Jan Cox
Linda Cox
Don Crane
Lynn Cranman
G. M. Crawford
Tom Crawford
Randall Crawley
Jim Crews
Robert Crews
Bill Crocker
Hugh Cromer
Carole Cromley
Graig Crosby
Cheryl Culberson
Flossie Cunningham
John Curel
Stephen Curry
Sherryl Dale
Sue Daley
Ben Daniel
Buxton Daniel
Cathy Bullard
Delores Bullock
Michael Bunch
Lee Bundrick
Cindy Bunitsky
Amy Burch
Richard Burgess
Pam Burke
David Burnett
Amy Darden
Craig Daughtry
Don Davenport
F.T. David
Kathy Davies
A. B. Davis
James Davis
James Davis
Joy Davis
Kathi Davis
Larry Davis
Margie Davis
Mary Davis
Phil Davis
Philip Davis
Sam Davis
Tammy Davis
Tommy Davis
Karen Daws
Rita Dawson
Johnny Day
Larry Day
Rosemary Deal
Debbie Dean
Cathy Deas
Janice Deas
Madeleine Deich
Michelle Delong
Regen ia Demis
Paul Dempsey
Polly Dempsey
Donna Denman
Katharine Dennison
Barbara Denny
William Dickerson
Mary Dietrich
Bonnie Dinnerman
Marguerite Diprima
Stephen Dobbs
William Dodson
Terry Dollar
Lorraine Donald
Gary Dorsey
Pete Dortch
Miriam Douthit
Michael Dozier
David Draisen
Diane Drake
Kenneth Duckworth
Stephen Duncan
Jan Dunlap
Beverly Dunn:
Joseph Dunn
Judy Durrance
Ronald Durst
Ellen Dyer
Sally Eaton
James Echols
Judy Edenfield
Anne Edmond
Floyd Edmondson
Bruce Edwards
Carl Edwards
Cynthia Eggleston
Mary Ehrlich
Gene Eisenberg
Brenda Elam
Ann Eley
Debra Elfenbein
Mary Eldins
Stephen Elkins
Connie Eller
John Elliott
Carolyn Ellis
Elaine Ellison
Lenny Ellspermann
Steven Ember
Patricia English
Steven Enterkin
Dorothe Eskew
Carl Espy
Linda Estrumse
Charlotte Etheridge
Donna Eubanks
Harry Eubanks
Beverly Evans
David Evans
Marilyn Evans
Lee Evans
David Everett
Karyn Everett
Joanne Everts
Susan Ewing
Jonathan Farr
Michael Farrell
J udy Faulkner
Nita Feely
Bonnie Feig
Bob Feinstein
Lynn Fennel
Terry Fetner
John Fields
Susan Fields
Linda Fievet
John Fincher
Patricia Finley
Mark Fisher
Casey Fitts
Yvonne Fitzgerald
Patricia Fitzhugh
Barry Fitzpatrick
Jane Fitzpatrick
Robert Fitzpatrick
Stephen Flagg
Stuart Flaneghon
Diane Flatt
Carol Fleenor
Teresa Fleming
Mike Fletcher
Suzanne Floersheim
Arthur Flowers
W. M. Flowers
Mary Floyd
Susan Folger
Suzanne Foreman
Sid Forester
Fran Forman
Skip Forsberg
Denise Foster
Marylyn Fountain
Glenn Fox
Shelle Frankel
Claudia Franklin
Byron Freeman
Joseph Freeman
Mary Ann Freeman
Thomas Fricks
Craig Friedenberg
Robert Friedman
Deborah Fuller
Tommy Fuller
Georgia Fussell
Cecilia Galiani
Kathleen Gallow
Fred Ganas
Chuck Gardner
Debra Gardner
James Garner
Ronnie Garrison
Andy George
Alan Gerber
Bonnie Germanow
Ellen Gibson
Mary Gilbert
Shayne Gilbert
A. J. Gill
Frand Gillie-land
Stephen Ginn
Gary Glancz
Fran Golcman
Ellen Goldberg
Louise Golden
Nita Golden
Laura Goodyear
David Gordan
Joseph Gordon
Margret Gorley
Douglas Gorman
James Gosney
Eddie Goss
Charlie Graham
Thomas Granade
Edward Granade
Jenny Grantham
Tom Grantz
Margaret Gray
Ann Green
Carol Green
Mary Green
Catherine Greene
Deborah Greenway
Penny Greer
Jaqueline Greiner
Gary Grice
Bill Griffin
Lynn Griffin
Kenneth Griner
Robert Grist
Cheryl Gropper
Marianna Gross
Laurie Grotnes
Mimi Grove
Bobby Groves
Peggy Gude
Linda Guenther
Dora Gunn
Otis Gunn
Patsy Gunter
Carol Gushanas
Kathy Guy
Tricia Guy
Veronica Guze
Rich Hass
Roberta Hackel
Helen Hadley
Ronald Hagen
Janet Hahn
Betsy Hale
Gene Haley
Charles Hall
Rosemary Hall
Walter Hall
Becky Hamby
Julie Hancock
R. D. Hancock
James Hanger
Nancy Hadsell
Brian Hansen
Beth Harber
Bob Hardeman
Delinda Harden
Nancy Harden
T. L. Hafling
Kathy Harney
Laura Harpe
Doug Harper
David Harrell
Kathy Harrell
Diane Harris
Diane Harris
L. C. Harris
Mary Harris
Paul Harris
Richard Harris
Rosalie Harris
Cathy Harrison
Miriam Harrison
Jackson Harshbarger
Bill Harton
Jill Haskins
Christy Hawes
Cynthia Hawk
Carol Hawkins
Keys Hayes
Luther Hays
Susan Head
Matt Healy
Chuck Hearn
Billy Hebbard
Jan Helms
Lynn Hembree
Ronnie Hembree
Victor Henderson
Michael Hendley
Jan Hendrix
Martha Hendrix
Judy Herrin
Donald Herring
Jacquelyn Herring
David Hester
Kim Hexter
Samuel Heys
Marilyn Hickey
Debbie Hicks
Peggy Hicks
Mona Hickson
Arthur Hill
Delicia Hill
Bill Hilley
Harris Hines
Hal Hinesley
Rick Hinkle
Harold Hinsley
Paula Hinson
Jeffrey Hirschberger
Anthony Hirst
Kathy Hisen
John Hoard
Linda Hobgood
Laurie Hoffman
Ann Hofstadter
Wayne Hogan
Wanda Holley
Janet Holliday
Vickie Holliday
Richard Hollinger
Debbie Hollman
Peggy Holloway
Jill Holmer
Harold Holt
Robert Holt
Nancy Hooker
Linda Hopkins
Pierre Hoppe
Stephen Horan
Bruce Hornik
Kathy Horst
Walter Hotz
Danny House
James Howard
Steve Howard
Camilla Howe
Verne Hoyt
Jan Hudson
Nancy Hudson
Patricia Hudson
Gregory Hughes
Peggy Huish
Charles Hunnicutt
Cheryl Hunt
Steven Hunt
Richard Hunter
Robert Hunter
Ansley Hurst
Robert Hurst
Marion Huskey
P. D. Hutchens
Jean Hutcheson
Mike Hutchins
Bennett Hutchison
J. T. Hutto
Linda Iburg
Charles Idelson
Elizabeth Irby
Joseph Iseman
Ann Jackson
Jane Jackson
Jim Jackson
Mary Jacobs
Annette James
Davis James
Janet James
Tina Jansak
Edward Jeanes
Kim Jennison
Henry Jew
Kay Jobson
Beverly Johnson
Bob Johnson
David Johnson
Debbie Johnson
Hal Johnson
James Johnson
June Johnson
Mark Johnson
Nan Johnson
Pharris Johnson
Sheryl Johnson
Charles Johnston
Ben Jones
Deborah Jones
Emily Jones
Girard Jones
James Jones
Jan Jones
Judy Jones
Pamela Jones
Raymond Jones
Robert Jones
Verlin Jones
: ."'Frankie Jordan
James Jordan
Janet Jordan
Lawrie Jordan
Steve Jordan
Susan Kahle;
Linda Kamsky
Clay Kaplan
Marcia Kaplan
Nancy Kay
Hugh Kea
David Kelley
Salley Kellogg
C. R. Kelly
Christine Kelly
Don Kellji
Patricia Kelsay
Joanne Keman
Marilyn Kempf
Stephen Kent
Steve Ken
Mary Kerwin
Carole Kickliter
Mary Kilgore
Laura Killeen
J. E. Kimble
Donna King
Kay King
Mary King
Phillip Kinney
Edward Kletzky
Nancy Kloth
Patricia Knight
Andrew Knox
Gretchen Kraul
Gay Kreher
David Kulbersh
Paul Kulbersh
Carol Kuniansky
Dolores Kunze
Herman Lambert
Mike Lanard
Shannon Landing
Thomas Landrum
Mary Lane
Barbara Langdon
Linda Lanier
Betty Lankford
Wayne Lankford
Susan Lasseter
Lois Latham
Patricia Leach
S. E. Ledbetter
Albert Lee
Bobby Lee
Carry Lee
Cathe Lee
David Lee
Dennis Lee
Lois Lenner
Elizabeth Leslie
Susan Lester
Wayne Lester
Linda Livene
Mimi Leverette
Rhonda Levine
Alma Lewis
Gene Lewis
Lon Lewis
Joyce Lifsey
Rick Limbird
Joel Lindeman
Jan Lindsey
Lewis Lindsey
David Lintern
Rosanne Lipe
Betty Lockhart
Chris Loeffel
Ellen Lombardy
Betty Long
Donna Long
Nancy Lonsack
Janice Lord
Clinton Lott
Susan Lotz
Judy Love
Peggy Love
John Lovein
Lynn Loving
Albert Low
Darrell Lowery
Thomas Lowery
William Loyd
Ellen Luke
Thomas Lumpkin
Patricia Lyle
Neal MacFadden
Mac Mackey
Donna Macuch
Rick Maddox
Roy Maddox
Kathy Maholick
Louis Majors
J. K. Malone
Pete Mamatey
Byron Mangum
Alan Manheim
Cynthia Mapes
John Marbury
John Marcinko
Jim Marett
Carter Marks
Nancy Marks
Buddy Marshall
Deborah Martin
Gloria Martin
Julie Martin
Lyn Martin
Mary Martin
Sandy Martin
Jan Mashburn
Susan Mastin
Patricia Mathes
Susan Matheson
Cheryl Mathews
Alice Mathewson
Jimmy Mauldin
Jane Mauney
Greg Mautz
Debbie Maxwell
Deborah Maxwell
Mary May
Vicki Mayfield
Sandy McAfee
Tom McBraver
Judy McBride
Cathy McCabe
Steve McCamy
Ralph McCay
Donna McClain
Mary McConnell
Ann McCormick
Bates McCutcheon
Sarah McDaniel
Shirley McDaniel
Cheryl McDavid
Robert McDavid
Gail McDonald
Miles McDonald
Randy McElroy
Sally McGee
Patrick McGoldrick
Cheryl McGowan
Joanie McGowan
Rebecca McGuire
Phillip McHenzie
C. K. McKellar
Barbara McLaughli^
Mona McLendon
Dale McLeod
Elaine McMichael
Pamela McNew
Charles McPherson
Margaret McPherson
Mike McRae
Virginia McRae
Anne Mead
Laurette Mead
Jane Meadows
Shelley Meddin
Salliann Messenger
Thomas Meyer
John Michels
Hugh Middleton
Freddy Miles
Patti Miller
Russell Miller
William Miller
Anita Mills
Bett Mills
Noelle Mills
Kathi Misenhamer
Kenneth Mitchell
Mary Mize
Teressa Moen
Abisail Montalvo
Mark Montgomery
Betty Moon
Garland Moon
Judy Moon
Peggy Moon
Phil Mooney
Karen Moore
Lynn Moore
Michael Moore
Richard Moore
Charlene Moree
Karen Morgan
Richard Morgan
Carolyn Morris
Linda Morris
Richard Morris
Rod Morris
Tim Morris
Larry Moseley
Sandra Moseley
Barbara Moss
Steven Mullins
Faye Mullis
Cheryl Mumford
Tim Mundy
Peter Munroe
Julian Murphey
David Muschamp
Jan Myers
Holly Nagle
Carole Nash
Charles Nash
Veerapat Navisthrira
Paula Neal
Van Neese
Susan Neurohr
Betty New
Janet Newbury

Carolyn Nicholes
Gary Nix
Adelicia Noel
Deborah Noell
Terry Norris
Joan Norton
Janelyn Ockerman
Carol O'Connell
Larry Odrezin
Frederick Oelschig
Ronald Ogle
Bob Ogletree
Maureen O'Leary
Suzanne Oliner
Gayle Oliver
Nan Oliver
John O'Neal
Peggy O'Neal
Charles Orck
Jean O'Steen
Kenny Overby
Stan Overstreet
Margaret Owen
David Owens
Scott Owens
Latimer Pock man
Robert Pailet
Betsy Painter
Melissa Palmer
Pamela Palmer
Lamar Paris
Mark Paris
Nancy Paris
Bruce Park
Gail Park
Dennis Parks
Dick Parks
fM-'Jill Partain
Elaine Pascoe
Dorothea Patrick
Gary Paulson
George Peagler
Malinda Pearce
Bruce Pearlman
Al Pearson
Nancy Pearson
Katie Pedrick
Barbara Peebles
William Pelletier
Margaret Penny
Fernando Perez
Bob Perkerson
Emily Perry
John Pesterfield
Leann Petit
June Philips
Allen Phillips
Beth Phillips
Carol Phillips
Jimmy Phillips
June pKiilips
Laura Phillips
Martha Phillips
Patricia Phillips
Richard Piazza
Shannon Pickard
Wayne Pierce
Terry Pike
Cathy Piper
Dolores Pisana
Bob Pittard
David Pittman
Donna Pittman
Judy Pittman
Susan Pogge
Dave Pollock
William Poole
Terry Poor
Linda Pope
Sally Pope
David Popowsky
.f^ynn Posey
Bobby Poss
Lewis Powell
Denise Powers
James Powers
Jane Prather
Lynne Pressley
Stephen Proctor
|||[. P. Proffitt
Wayne Prosser
Allen Purcell
Nancy Purcelll
David Purser
Beverly Purswelll
Kimberly Quillian
Linda Quincy
Cynthia Radcliff
William Rahn
Nancy Rainbow
Lula Raines
Joy Rainey
Pam Ramsey
Thomas Rankin
Joseph Ransom
Katherine Raville
Dale Raymond
Bonni Raymond
Becky Reaves
Terry Reed
Travis Reed
Rodney Reese
Kathy Reeves
Betsy Rehm
Paula Reid
Ellen Reiff
John Rentz

Susanne Respess
Tim Reutter
Jane Reynolds
Ann Rhodes
Frances Rhodes
J ulie Richards
Glenda Richardson
John Richardson
Robert Richardson
Laura Richbourg
Don Richerson
Nancy Richmond
Hope Ricketson
Diane Riera
Henry Rifkin
G. A. Rilling
John Risse
Robin Ritter
Ricki Robbins
Robert Robbins
Roxie Roberson
Mimsie Roberts
Ronald Roberts
June Robertson
Sharon Robertson
Cathie Robinson
Cathy Robinson
Rose Robinson
Pamela Rodgers
Gail Rogers
Maxine Rogers
Richard Rogers
Sheryl Rogers
Mary Roland
G. D. Rosenbaugh
Nancy Rosenburg
Robert Rosenfeld
Kenneth Rosier
Judith Ross
Scott Ross
Mickey Royston
Charlie Robin
Mary Ruff
Deborah Ruffin
Hugh Ruppersburg
Howard Ruskin
JoAnn Russell
Sally Russell
Penny Ryan
Patricia Sabin
Arlene Sachs
Wayne Saed
Ellen Safier
Stuart Salins
Marilyn Salus
Doris Samples
Diane Sanders
Jonni Sandridge
Susan Sands
Anga Sargent
Linda Sargent
Stuart Satterfield
George Saunders
Frank Savini
Judi Saye
J ack Schaeffer
Myra Scheer
Dayle Schloss
Juanita Schoultz
Gretchen Schrader
Hedy Schreibman
Harriet Schulman
Jacqueline Schulten
Connie Schulze
Charles Schwabe
Debbie Scott
Robert Scott
Carol Scoville
Jan Sealey
Joellyn Searcy
Cathy Secrest
Stephen Seeger
Betsy Sewell
Robyn Sewell
Janice Shaffer
Karen Shapiro
Larry Shaw
Michael Sheahan
Peggy Shealy
David Shell
Janice Sheridan
Laura Shiver
Peggy Shiver
Brenda Shoewig
Ceci Shook
Walter Short
Fred Shroyer
Cheryl Shuler
David Shy
Laine Siegel
Janet Silverman
Jerry Silvio
Carole Simmons
Fannie Sims
Gay Sims
Shirley Singleton
Karen Sisson
Steve Skowronsky
Heard Slade
Sherry Slate
Robert Slater
David Sleeth
Mike Sligh
Jack Slover
Jean Smiderski
Anita Smith
Barbara Smith
Bo Smith
Cindy Smith
Craig Smith
Gordon Smith
Happy Smith
John Smith
Linda Smith
Louise Smith
Lynda Smith
Mona Smith
Samuel Smith
Susan Smith
Cameron Smoak
Anita Smith
Suzanne Snelling
Kathy Snoddy
Margaret Sorrells
Beth Souther
Connie Southers
C. L. Spain
Hershel Sparow
James Spence
Carolyn Spencer
Carol Spinks
Gay Spooner
Ellen Spurlin
Charles Stafford
John Stanford
Becky Stapleton
Ruth Starnes
Bruce Stefansen
Bert Stein
Mary Stein
Sue Stephens
Kenneth Stewart
Lynn Stiles
Don Still
Jodi Stoner
Alan Storey
Charles Storey
James Stowe
Byron Strickland
Peggy Strickland
Suzanne Strickland
William Strobel
Rosemary Strother
Jane Struensee
Rosanne Stutts
Brent Styan
Charles Suggs
Terry Sullivan
Eileen Sumner
Carol Summers
Barbara Sutherland
Ronald Sutton
Anthony Swanson
Patrick Swindall
Frances Swinson
Gaston Talkington
Wayne Tamplin
Rose Tanenbaum
Wes Tanner
Debbie Tase
Glenn Taunton
George Taylor
Lee Taylor
Paula Taylor
Kathy Teague
Jimmy Temple
Robert Teplis
Denise Tervo
Elizabeth TeSelle
Cary Thale
Lon Thomas
Martha Thomas
Terry Thomas
Angela Thompson
DeWitte Thompson
Gail Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Phillip Thompson
Vikki Thompson
William Thompson
Graham Thorpe
Helen Thorpe
Freddy Thrasher
Susie Thrasher
Teresa Tidwell
Ann Tillery
Carlene Timmons
Mary Tippins
Gail Tison
Hunter Ti son
Teresa Todd
Brenda Tolbert
Lynne Tolley
lleana Tomas
L. E. Tomlinson
Charles Tootle
Diana Ropping
Elizabeth Toy
Claudia Trammell
Carroll Travis
Diane Tribble
Edward Trice
Philip Trussell
Janice Tucker
Ruthie Tucker
Tom Tune
Terry Turgeon
Cathy Turner
Mary Turner
Richard Turner
Vikki Tuten
Kathy Tuttle
Robert Tweedell
Guy Tyler
Bill Tyre
Cam Upchurch
Donna Upshaw
Maxine Upson
Cynthia Vanalstyne
Mary Vandiver
Sharon Varner
Barbara Verschure
Lucy Vidal
Dana Vinson
Linda Von Werssowetz
Richard Waddell
Joyce Waits
Larry Walden
Sally Walden
M. C. Waldrep
Darryl Walker
Fred Walker
Melinda Walker
Wendy Wall
David Wallace
Susan Wallace
Patrice Walters
Janice Ward
Roger Ward
Gladys Ware
G. M. Watkins
Laurena Watkins
Peggy Watkins
Susan Watkins
Dennis Watson
Gloria Watson
Marianne Watson
Sheryl Watson
Veda Watson
David Weatherford
Christy Weaver
H. T. Weaver
Johnny Webb
Wanda Weeks
John Weems
Renee Weldon
Robin Wellons
Judy Wendt
John Wesley
Carol Westbrook
J.C. Whatley
Craig Wheeler
Delaine Wheeler
Johnny Whidden
Betsy Whitaker
Alan White
Claude White
Travis White
Wendy White
William White
Anne Whitehead
Day Whitehead
Robert Whiteside
David Whitfield
Michael Whitlow
Melissa Whittemore
Linda Whitten
Jones Whitworth
Patricia Whitworth
Nancy Wicker
Paula Wickerson
Thomas Wigley
D.R. Wilburn
Angela Wiley
Dixie Williams
John Williams
Judith Williams
Lynn Williams
Pamela Williams
Steve Williams
Dale Williamson
Becki Willingham
Ronnie Willingham
Jane Willis
Joanne Wills
Thomas Willson
Bill Wilson
Nancy Winn
Emily Winship
Chip Wisdom
Diane Wisebrom
William Wolpin
Debbie Womack
Avery Wood
Elaine Wood
Nancy Wood
Rabun Wood
Mary Woolford
Joel Wooten
Penny Wooten
Carol Worley
Carolyn Wren
Karen Wright
Sandra Wright
Earline Wrinkle
Ginny Wyatt
James Wyatt
Jean Wycoff
Johnny Wynne
Susanne Yarbrough
Danny Yates
Pamela York
Betty Young
Johnette Young
Rebecca Young
Scott Young
Vera Zager
Karen Ziegenfuss
Kitty Zimmerman
Anne Zivich
Jean Zuckerman
Tommy Aaron
Myra Abernathy
Paula Adams
L. A. Adkins
Peggy Ahrenhold
Gregory Ainsworth
Laura Akerman
Scott Akers
Marsha Akin
Peggi Alford
Cynthia Allen
John Allen
Laura Allen
Scott Allen
David Alper
Danny Amos
Edwin Anderson
Mark Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Janet Andre
Jackie Andrews
Marie Andrews
Palmer Ansley
Mary Applegate
Frank Arnold
Sally Arnold
Tyrus Arnold
Elizabeth Asbury
Carol Avery
Nancy Avriett
Walter Bailey
Gary Baldwin
Anne Bandy
Martha Barch
T. R. Barefoot
Carol Barfield
S. W. Barge
Tommy Barge
Beverly Barnard
D. R.Barnes
Herbert Barnes
Paula Barnes
Keith Barnett
Ned Barnett
Lora Barron
Donald Bartlow
Steve Barton
Judy Bass
Stephen Batts
Ben Beagley
Billy Beale
Diane Beales
Miriam Bread
W. A. Becker
Robert Beckham
Karen Bedingfield
Kay Bedingfield
Emilye Belch
Julie Bell
John Bellew
Frank Beltran
Karen Bennett
Fred Benton
Harriet Berlin
Brenda Berry
Tom Beytagh
Helen Bird
Linda Bishop
Barbara Black
Laura Black
Elmira Blackmon
Kathy Blanton
Bobbi Blanton
Nancy Bobbitt
Sarah Boddiford
Pat Bogan
Richard Bogeslov
Bertram Boley
Cecilia Booker
William Bowden
Larry Bowen
Milton Bowen
William Bowen
Lora Bowers
Al Bozeman
Emily Brabson
Betsy Bracey
W. J. Bradbury
Robert Breddock
Jan Bradford
Kathy Bradley
Shelia Bradley
Mary Branch
Milton Branch
Robert Brand
Deborah Braziel
Mary Bred low
Mary Bretz
Robert Bridges
Edward Brock
Lemuel Brooks
Joann Broussard
Barbara Brown
Bruce Brown
Cecil Brown
Debbie Brown
Doris Brown
Marilynn Brown
Patricia Brown
Ray Brown
Scott Brown
Valerie Brown
Victoria Brown
Linda Broxton
Patsy Bruce
Pam Brunsvold
Marta Bryan
Jerry Buchanan
Tom Buchanan
Mem Buddin
Max Bumgardner
Jim Bumgartner
Sally Bunker
Bonnie Burdett
Robert Burford
Keith Burke
Robert Burriss
Diane Burroughs
Gail Busbee
Thomas Busby
Evelyn Bush
Lexie Bush
Tommy Bush
Linda Butson
Winston Buttram
Gladys Caldwell
Jim Callison
Byron Camp
Preston Camp
Nanci Campbell
Cheryl Cannon
Debra Cargill
Susan Carrier
Janis Carter
Nancy Carter
Tony Cartledge
Molly Casey
Paul Cato
William Cato
John Cawthon
Linda Chafin
Guy Chambers
Carolyn Chapman
Kim Chapman
Karen Chappell
Georganne Chatham
Charles Cheney
Van Cherry
Barbara Chester
Ralph Chewning
Charles Christian
Nan Christian
Thomas Clancy
Carol Clark
Catherine Clark
Peter Clark
Carolyn Clary
Dean Cleghorn
Art Clements
Nancy Cline
Catherine Cobb
Steve Coburn
Vicky Coggin
Lynne Cohen
Steve Cohen
Gerald Coile
Bruce Cole
Cathy Coleman
Janet Coleman
Kathy Collier
David Collins
Janet Collins
Lisa Collins
W. J. Collins
Harriet Colquitt
Mac Colvin
Sherry Connell
Denise Considine
Steve Coody
Karen Cook
Janette Cooper
Norman Cooper
Nancy Cordell
Donna Costa
Betsy Couch man
Daniel Coutcher
Leslie Cox
Suzanne Cox
Marie Craig
Steve Creel
Paula Crouch
Sam Crowe
James Culley
David Cunningham
Mike Cunningham
Sam Cunningham
Bob Dailey
Margaret Damato
Judy Daniel
Kathryn Daniel
W. W. Daniel
Marjorie Danowski
Larry Daraway
Dolly Darnell
Karen Davey
Gary Davis
James Davis
Linda Davis
Marsha Davis
Mims Davis
Nancy Davis
Sandra Davis
John Day
Lynn Deakins
Donald Deal
Joe Deal
Angela Deaton
H. F. DeFore
Debi DeLoach
Ralph DeLoach
Diane Dement
Kenneth Demmons
ss'y P- deMoll
Lynn Dempsey
Barbara Dennis
Willis Denny
Susan Dentith
Laurie Dick
James A. Dickinson
Roselyn Dickson
Robert Dilleshaw
Sue Dixon
Andrew Dodson
Jane Dolan
Penny Dollar
R. D. Dolvin
Diane Donnelly
Kathy Donovan
Deborah Doran
Hwim Dorsett
Mike Draffin
Robin Dralnick
Emory Drinkard
Robert Driskell
Bud Duncan
Alton Dunlap
Charles Dyal
Lou Earle
Sally Edge
Kerry Edwards
Lawrence Edwards
Nancy Edwards
Susan Eggleston
Carole Eisenberg
Wayne Ellard
Mitchell Elliott
Paul Elliott
Leslie Ellis
William Ellison
Morris Elstein
Sandra Endrodi
Donald Epley
Connie Eplin
Michael Eremchuk
Carol Etheridge
Robert Evans
Vicki Evans
Reed Fang
Harold Farmer
Sandra Farrar
Terri Fehskens
Ina Feinberg
Carol Fender
David Ferrell
Susan Finch
Marena Fisher
Tom Fitzgerald
Jane Flatt
Nancy Fleisher
Gordon Flint
Richard Flood
Harold Florence
E. F. Floyd
Edward Floyd
Ellen Folk
Katie Folwell
John Ford
Larry Forth
James Fortner
Kenneth Fortson
L. E. Fortson
Anita Foster
Joe Fowler
Lewis Fox
Tom Fraser
M. C. Fazier
Ben Freeman
Dane Freeman
Andrea Fregosi
Randy French
Mary Freyermuth
Lynda Frieze
Gloria From
Carolyne Frowen
Juanita Gaddis
Gary Gallman
Lynn Gamble
Rose Gandy
Linda Gardner
David Garfinkel
Karen Gargel
Beth Garrett
Nancy Garrison
Brenda Gay
Ellen Gay
Janie Geiser
Steven Gentry
Kathy Gerald
Carol Gersten
Ann Giddens
Dianne Giddens
JaJa Giddens
Eugene Gift
Ronald Gilbert
Sandy Giles
Marilyn Gilkey
Cliff Gilmer
William Gilmore
A. A. Ginn
Mary Glover
Taylor Glover
Virginia Glover
Steve Goldberg
Cynthia Goldin
Stephen Goldsmith
Sara Goodsell
Katherine Gorman
Tricia Gornto
Cheryl Gosa
Greg Gosline
Debra Goss
Laura Gradie
Diane Grahm
E. G. Graham
Michael Granade
Nancy Granade
Stu Grant
Benjamin Graves
Karen Green
Rochelle Green
Larry Griffeth
Deborah Grosser
Barbara Guay
Joyce Hackney
Harriet Hagan
Kells Hagood
Sharon Hahne
Ann Hailey
Laura Hale
Gail Hall
Rita Hall
Sandra Hall
Nancy Hamer
Roy Hamilton
Deborah Hammett
Pamela Hammett
J ack Hancock
Kenneth Harbour
Ray Harcourt
Millie Harding
James Harley
Susan Harrington
Robert Harris
Claude Harrison
Don Harrison
James Harrison
Karen Hart
Paul Hart
Frieda Hartline
W. M. Harvill
Harry Haslam
Hugh Hassell
Jenny Hawkins
Eloise Hayes
Geoff Haynes
Lindsey Heard
Marcia Heard
Bobby Heath
Frank Heflin
Glenn Hemphill
Pamela Henderson
Valerie Henderson
Sally Hendry
Sharon Henry
Patsy Henson
Brenda Herren
Beth Herrin
Janette Herring
Sharon Hetherington
Toni Hewitt
Richard Hezlep
Janet Hibbard
John Hickman
Danny Hicks
Marie Hickson
Harriet Higgins
Georgia Hightower
Karen Hix
Laura Hodge
Maribeth Hodge
Ruthie Hoge
Robert Holmes
Beth Holycross
M. J. Hopkins
Elizabeth Hopple
Deborah Horner
Curtis Hornsby
Virginia Houter
Dana Howard
Steve Howard
Jan Howell
Connie Hudlow
Hugh Hudson
Diane Hughes
Jane Hughes
Kay Hughes
Leon Hughes
James Hulsey
Wesley Humphreys
Ann Hunnicutt
Cyndia Hunnicutt
Jane Hunt
Scott Hunter
Virginia Hunter
Bill Hurd
Nancy Hurt
Peggy Huscusson
Kathryn Ingram
Vicky Ivester
Anita Jacobson
Cary Jaeger
Betsy Jakes
Mary James
Tina Jansak
Catherine Jarrell
Deborah Jaynes
John Jeffcoat
Mike Jenkins
Denise Jennings
Ann Johnson
H. J. Johnson
Jill Johnson
Perry Johnson
Robin Johnson
Tom Johnson
Tim Johnston
Vic Jolly
Barbara Jones
Elaine Jones
Gregory Jones
Van Jones
William Jones
Larry Jordan
Lisa Jordan
Mary Jordan
Cheryl Jo'sephson
Pamela Jue
Kathryn Justice
Robert Kastner
Gary Katter
Julianne Kay
Sandy Keim
Elaine Kelley
Margaret Kelley
Nancy Kelly
Betsy Kelsay
Douglas Kendrick
Mary Kessler
Shelley Kessler
Robert Killian
Marta King
Mary King
Kathy Kingston
Christy Kirk
Arnold Kirschman
Phil Kitchin
Glenn Klausman
Bill Kline
Mike Knigge
Jacquelyn Knight
John Knox
Sally Konter
Marvin Kuhl
Howard Kurtzman
Susan Ladner
Mariette LaFleur
Angela Lain
Erwin Laitala
Faye Lamhut
Barbara LaMotte
Nancy Lane
Paula Lane
Gloria Langford
W. A. Langley
Philip Lanier
Sarah Lanier
Craig Lautensch lager
Louise Law
Cathy Lawing
Ted Lawrence
Johnnie Lazzara
Kathy Leary
Wanda Leatherwood
Wanda Ledford
Janice Lee
Linda Lee
Mike Leech
Alan LeFors
John Leibowitz
David Levie
Deborah Lewis
Gene Lewis
\ ;ij3R. Lewis
Nawanna Lewis
Stuart Libby
Bobby Lindley
Thomas Lindley
Diane Lindsay
Nancy Lineback
Maxine Lipsitz
David Little
Ernest Littleton
Debbie Long
Edwin Long
William Long
John Longino
Lynne Looney
David Loughridge
Alice Lovejoy
Anna Lowe
Kathleen Lower
Robert Luckie
Rosemary Lynch
Ginny MacColl
W. T. Maddox
Hugh Maddux
Tom Madison
Catherine Malick
Lee Manning
Marilyn Manning
Janet Maples
Claudia Marchiony
Tom Marciniak
Kathy Margeson
Mary Markham
William Marsh
Betsie Marshall
David Martin
George Martin
John Martin
Kay Martin
Linda Martin^p?
Pamela Martinson
Marsha Massey
Kendrick Mathews
Marcia Mattox
Pat Mattson
Kathryn Mauldin
Kirk Mayberry
jane Mazur,
Esther McAfee
John McBride
Marcia McCampbell
David McConnell
Mason McConnell
Cynthia McCord
John McCord
Philip McCormick
Barry McCoy
Eleanor McCreery
Buddy McDermott
Julia McDermott
Angela McDonald
Marion McDougal
Stu McGarity
Carole McGee
Sherry McGowan
James McGrath
Carroll McGuffey
Charles McKelvey
James McKnight
Christy McLane
Martha McLaughlin
Cherry McLure
Conni McManus
R. E. McMillan
Marjorie McNair
Kathy McNally
W. E. McNeill
Janet McNew
Nancy McNiel
Dwain McPeake
Margaret McPherson
Lamar Mealor
Pamela Meisner
Charly Mendoza
Debbie Meredith
Ronald Merlin
Nancy Merritt
Francine Messana
Jerry Messer
John Methvin
Steven Milberg
Doris Miller
Larry Miller
Nancy Miller
Thomas Miller
Devon Mills
Jon Millwood
Lois Miner
Kathy Minich
Connie Mitchell
Libby Mitchell
Ricky Mitchell
Michael Mitchem
Jackie Mize
Deborah Montgomery
Don Montgomery
Mary Moody
Phil Mooney
Alice Moore
Carol Moore
Joyce Morelock
Davis Morgan
George Morgan
Michael Morgan
Neil Morgan
Rachel Morgan
Barbara Morris
M. L. Morris
Mary Morris
Patricia Morris
Sammy Morris
Margie Moss
Ron Mullins
W. A. Munn
David Murphy
Anne Murray
Marilyn Murray
David Nalisnick
Michael Napier
Deena Nash
Linda Nelms
Carol Nelson
Chris Nelson
Richard Newell
Linda Newman
Bill Newton
Melanie Newton
Randy Nichols
Pam Nolen
Andy Norman
Debi Norman
Kay Norrie
Charles Nunez
Jim Nutt
Patty Oakes
Linda O'Brien
Thomas O'Conner
Robert O'Conner
Sally Oldham
Thomas Oliver
Harry Osborne
Ml fy IflR
Av Ti
PH jpj
W MW W mm Ml t 1
Jan Outlar
Danny Overstreet
Margaret Owen
Patricia Owen
Renee Oys
Randy Pace
James Padget
Cornelia Padgett
Lynn Page
Michael Paget
Dan Paris
Michael Park
Leila Parker
Pamela Parker
Becky Parrish
Betsy Parrish
Michael Parrish
Sheila Parrish
Ronald Parsons
Rebecca Partain
Marcia Patelos
Benjamin Patrick
Steven Patrick
Mike Patterson
Hugh Pearson
Polly Pedrick-
Bet Pendergrast
Andria Penland
Richard Penn
Ruth Pennepacker
Dennis Perdue
Kathy Perkerson
Michael Perling
Robert Perling
Beverly Perry
Rheta Perry
Barbara Peters
Denise Peters
Roy Peters
Karen Petersohn
Ricky Peterson
Barbara Petrevitch
Carol Pettit
Belinda Pfannkuche
William Phillippe
James Phillips
John Phillips
Lolita Phillips
Marcia Phillips
Beverly Pickett
Bob Pittard
Teresa Plunkett
Brenda Poland
Nancy Pope
Linda Popped
James Poss
Shelley Powell
Ken Powers
Nancy Prince
Samuel Pritchett
Barry Proctor
Danny Pruitt
George Pruitt
Jan Pugh
Jim Purcell
Jim Quinn
Barbara Rainbow
Melba Raley
William Rankin
Diane Ransbotham
Patricia Ransbotham
Jan Rapaport
Edith Rasmussen
Linda Raymond
Gail Redd
Robin Redfearn
Amy Reed
Nancy Reese
Ron Reese
Ronald Reese
David Reeves
Walter Reeves
Loretta Regan
Linda Renegar
Jamie Reynolds
Sue Rich
Susan Richardson
Samuel Richwine
Kran Riddle
Susan Riddle
James Riley
Charles Ristow
Mark Rivkin
Donny Roberson
Carla Roberts
Carol Roberts
Jimmy Roberts
Lynn Robinson
Hn.inda Rockett
Virginia Roddy
Adriana Rodriguez
Charles Rodriguez-Feo
Thomas Rogers
Tina Rondinelli
Janet Ross
. Linda Ross
Joan Rosser
Michael Rossi
Kathy Rounds
W. P. Rowe
Betsy Rowland
Mike Rozier
Terry Rudder
Tom Rule
Reb Rummel
Cindy Russell

M. C. Russell
Patricia Ryan
Art Ryder
Mary Saarinen
Brenda Sadler
Susan Salter
Judy Sanders
R. B. Sanders
Randolyn Sandlin
Robert SartinW;.
Ann Sauser
Susanne Schiveree
Fred Schneider
Ang Schramm
Gerry Scott
Lynne Sears
Libby Sellers
David Settle
Ronald Seymour
Susan Shaver
George Shaw
J.W. Shaw
Ricki Shaw
Harriet Shayne
Kathy Shedd
Mary Shelley
Mike Shepherd
Deborah Sherer
Kenny Shields
Beth Shivers
Leigh Shivers
Tim Sholar
Brian Shonson
Betsey Shook
Julianne Short
Beth Shrum
Beverly Shull
Teofilo Sicay
Ann Sickle
Sharon Sides
Alan Siegel
Richard Siegel
Diane Sigman
E. D. Sikes
Elaine Simmons
Bonnie Simonds
Kay Simons
J. A. Simpson
Barbara Sims
John Sims
Shirley Singleton
Victor Singleton
Patty Slotin
Bruce Smith
Chuck Smith
Dale Smith
Dianne Smith
Edwina Smith
Filbert Smith
John Smith
Julietta Smith
Michael Smith
Mills Smith
Nancy Smith
Robert Smith
Samuel Smith
Susan Smith
Terry Smith
Tommy Smith
Velma Smith
Chris Sorchy
Connie Southers
Susan Spears
Anne Speck
Larry Speir
Donald Spencer
Becky Spight
Sharon Spratlin
George Stafford
Sidney Stager
Debbie Staiger
Cathy Stallings
Sandra Standard
Brenda Stapleton
Gerri Stearns
Steve Steinberg
J. H. Stephens
Carolyn Stewart
Ann Stiles
Jane Stillerman
Darlene Stone
Katrina Stone
Patti Stonehouse
Mitchell Stover
Donald Strait
Patty Street
Grady Strom
Gail Strub
Howard Struletz
Joseph Stubbs
Bob Sturgess
Joseph Suber
Glenn Suggs
Mike Summers
Charles Sussman
Dorothy Swedenburg
Clyde Taylor
Malinda Teasley
John Teel
Martha Teem
Linda Theune
Cynthia Thomas
Judy Thomas
Robert Thomas
Ann Thompson
Debra Thompson
Doris Thompson
Glenda Thompson
Lawson Thompson
Sherry Thompson
Tommy Thompson
William Thompson
Myrna Thorne
Martha Thornton
Teri Thornton
Alice Tidwell
Kathy Timm
Donna Tipton
Nelson Tomblin
Anne Tomlinson
Anne Traynham
Betsy Treen
Nan Tribble
Berth Tucker
Elaine Turner
Jimmy Turner
Susan Turner
William Tuten
Glenda Twilley
Jack Tyler
Gary Udinsky
Sandy Unger
Billy Varner
Billie Varnum
Nick Varsant
Chip Vaughan
Linda Vaughn.
W. H. Verdery
Steve Vidal
Edward Vogel
Sharon Vuxta
Skip Wade
Karen Wagner
David Waldrop
Charles Walker
D.S. Walker
Karen Walker
Peter Wall
Beth Wallace
Janice Wallace
Kathleen Walsh
Suzanne Walsh
Robert Walter
Susan Waltman
Robert Walton
Donald Warner
Stephen Warrell
Allan Waters
Jane Waters
Mary Waters
Margaret Watson
Margaret Watson
John Watters
Burce Weathers
Carol Weaver
Carol Webb
Gary Webb
Larry Webb
Jeff Weekley
Cheri Weir
Lendon Weisner
Susan Welch
Andrea Wells
Linda Wells
Susan Wells
Mary Wenck
Zena West
Carol Westbrook
Kendall Wester
William Westmoreland
Andrew Whalen
Wayne Whitaker
Jennifer White
Marilyn White
J. P. Whitney
Robert Wiezorek
David Williams
Deborah Williams
Harriet Williams
Margaret Williams
Paula Williams'
Sally Williams
Terry Williams
Miriam Williamson
Susan Williamson
Dean Willis
Deborah Willis
Patty Willisfv-
David Wilson
Deborah Wilson
R. H. Wilson
John Winchester
W. M. Winn V
Charles Withrow
Jennifer Womack
Cathy Wood
Randall Wood
Scott Wood
Peggy Woodhall
M. V. Woodruff
Pam Woodruff
Debbie Woodward
Eddie Wooten
Deborah Wooten
Pam Wooten
Frank Worley
Linda Worsham
Cecil Wright
Cassie Yates
Mike Yeargin
Karen Yearty
Sherril York
Timothy York
Richard Youmans
MUNmi&Ji Ha
Aaron, Frank, 386
Aaron, James, 249
Aaron, Tommy, 433
Abbott, Ken, 325, 408
Abdullah, Khalid, 383
Abel, David, 398
Abercrombie, Paula, 406
Abernathy, Boyce, 355, 393
Abernathy, Brenda, 382
Abernathy, Myra, 430
Abramson, Michael, 393
Acker, Jon, 342, 393
Acquaviva, James, 355
Acuff, Faye, 386
Adam, Linda, 406
Adams, Beverly, 268, 406
Adams, Bruce, 332
Adams, Cheryl, 406
Adams, Don, 221, 406
Adams, Duncan, 304
Adams, Jack, 320, 386
Adams, Miley, 304
Adams, Pat, 350
Adams, Paula, 433
Adams, Michael, 223
Adams, Steve, 241, 386
Adams, Wesley, 233
Addington, Beverly, 264, 398
Addison, Lewis, 356
Addison, Zeke, 408
Adelman, Richard, 344, 393
Adkerson, Donna, 243
Adkins, Lowry, 327, 433
Adkins, Jeff, 356
Adkins, Ronnie, 177
Agnew, Michael, 211
Agress, Robert, 236, 240, 344
Agrin, Cathy, 238
Ahrenhold, Peggy, 252, 433
Aiken, Julius, 386
Ailion, Robert, 340, 386
Ainsworth, Chris, 405
Ainsworth, Gregory, 332, 364, 433
Akerman, Laura, 433
Akers, Scott, 306, 433
Akin, Marsha, 433
Akin, Susan, 214, 271, 386
Akins, Bruce, 332, 408
Akins, Carol, 291
Akins, Faye, 268, 302, 398
Akins, Michael, 256, 384
Akins, William, 225, 405
Albanese, Michael, 256, 315, 408
Albea, Diane, 408
Albea, Randall, 393
Alberson, Faye, 294
Alberson, Larry, 336, 408
Albert, A. J., 393
Albright, John, 200, 206, 207, 209, 334, 405
Alderman, Barty, 302, 408
Alderman, Penny, 228, 386
Alderson, Faye, 253, 408
Aldridge, Mark, 312, 405
Aldridge, Nan, 408
Alewine, William, 184
Alexander, Cissy, 274, 357
Alexander, Corinne, 204
Alexander, Jimmy, 256, 315, 318, 384
Alexander, Shirley, 243
Alexander, Susan, 398
Alford, Barbara, 296, 386
Alford, Lou, 271, 398
Alford, Peggi, 433
Alfriend, Nell, 282, 386
Allen, Betty, 264
Allen, Charles, 205, 241, 344
Allen, Cynthia, 433
Allen, Ed, 177, 359
Allen, Frank, 386
Allen, John, 433
Allen, Laura, 291, 433
Allen, Jane, 233
Allen, Nelson, 344, 386
Allen, Richard, 406
Allen, Ricky, 408
Allen, Rodney, 241
Allen, Roger, 221, 242
Allen, Sara, 398
Allen, Scott, 433
Allen, Teresa, 398
Allen, Thomas, 246
Allen, Thomas, 382
Allen, Walter, 386
Allgood, Jim, 332, 351
Allgood, Marguerite, 220, 224
Allsion, Keith, 332, 408
Allred, Barbara, 398
Allyn, Robert, 239
Almond, Jackie, 288
Alper, David, 433
Altizer, Roley, 225, 405
Altman, Steven, 225
Altman, Tommy, 192,193
Alvis, Thomas, 393
Amaral, Michael, 408
Amason, Eleanor, 282, 406
Amen, Gerald, 247
Amory, Elise, 286
Amos, Bettye, 288, 408
Amos, Danny, 340, 433
Andersen, Noel, 405
Anderson, Adrienne, 408
Anderson, Alan, 338, 408
Anderson, Amos, 205
Anderson, Chuck, 205, 224, 357
Anderson, Charles, 224
Anderson, Cherry, 408
Anderson, Gene, 408
Anderson, Eddie, 393
Anderson, Edwin, 332, 433
Anderson, James, 256, 386
Anderson, James, 393
Anderson, Kathleen, 276, 386
Anderson, Kathryn, 204
Anderson, Linda, 236, 253, 264, 404
Anderson, Linda, 408
Anderson, Mark, 298, 433
Anderson, Micky, 408
Anderson, Mike, 308, 336, 405
Anderson, O. W., 393
Anderson, Pamela, 217, 433
Anderson, Peter, 299, 385
Anderson, Press, 182
Anderson, Steve, 234
Andre, Janet, 433
Andrew, Richard, 386
Andres, Kris, 398
Andrew, Bill, 224, 225, 235, 382
Andrews, Beth, 294, 398
Andrews, Brenda, 404
Andrews, Diane, 408
Andrews, Carol, 214, 291, 408
Andrews, Jackie, 280, 433
Andrews, John, 364
Andrews, Karen, 238, 240
Andrews, Karyn
Andrews, Norman, 308, 393
Andrews, Robert, 235
Andrews, Marie, 433
Andrews, William, 320
Angel, Jimmy, 393
Anglin, Melinda, 294, 408
Anglin, Thomas, 386
Aniya, Masamu,
Annicott, Charles, 393
Ansley, Susan, 268, 408
Ansley, Hamilton, 336, 408
Ansley, Palmer, 433
Ansley, Randall, 320, 384
Ansley, William
Anthony, Jerry, 328
Antopolsky, Daniel, 344, 405
Appelt, Thomas, 386
Applebury, Richard, 308, 398
Applegate, Mary Alice, 274, 433
Archebelle, Michael, 364
Archer, Bill, 393
Ard, Robert, 393
Ard, Virginia, 408
Ariail, Mary, 226, 408
Arifin, 216
Armona, Lynda, 238
Armstrong, Brent, 304
Armstrong, Mary, 398
Armstrong, Terri, 236
Arndt, Tom, 211, 242
Arnold, Frank, 433
Arnold, Russell, 223, 355, 386
Arnold, Sally, 284, 433
Arnold, Tyrus, 433
Arnsdorf, Linda, 252, 294, 403
Arnsdorff, Wendell, 246
Aronson, Mark, 324, 408
Arp, Richard, 223
Arrington, Curtis, 246
Arrington, Wayne, 340, 405
Arwood, Beth, 408
Asbury, Elizabeth, 284, 433
Ascher, Randy, 344, 351
Ash, Linda, 398
Ash, Waymon, 386
Ashford, Clinton, 182
Ashley, Charles, 315, 386
Askew, Ann, 288, 398
Askew, Susan, 276
Aspinwall, David, 246
Astin, Tim, 408
Atchison, William, 320
Atkins, Bruce, 408
Atkins, Robert, 249
Attaway, Cynthia, 404
Ault, Trammell, 408
Aultman, Frank, 336, 408
Austin, Glenn, 304, 349, 408
Austin, Melissa, 398
Austin, Ronald, 408
Austin, Walter, 241, 385
Avedisian, Gregg, 330, 408
Averett, Barbara, 216, 408
Averett, Devron Randolph
Avery, Allan
Avery, Carol, 433
John Albright: Journalism, Minister of Publications, Who's Who
Avery, Hal, 342, 386
Avery, Pam, 202, 282, 357, 422
Avery, Peggy, 408
Avriett, Nancy, 243, 286, 433
Awtrey, Susan, 268, 408
Axelrod, Susan, 253, 280, 422
Aycock, Bruce, 422
Ayers, Jean, 271, 408
Ayers, Monty, 221
Ayers, Dan, 386
Ayers, Douglas, 312, 386
Ayoub, Nadya, 382
Azar, Nancy, 398
Babbitt, Nancy, 235
Bache, Peggy, 264, 386
Bacon, Peggy, 227
Bagby, Judy, 220, 271, 405
Baggett, Leonard, 393
Baggs, Beverly, 276, 422
Baggs, Dee Dee, 211, 253, 274, 408
Bagley, Earl, 382
Bagley, Pat, 284, 408
Bagnaud, Darrell, 405
Bagwell, Bobbie, 268, 422
Bagwell, Stanley, 408
Bagwell, William, 393
Bailey, Barry, 422
Bailey, Brant, 186, 241
Bailey, Gail, 422
Bailey, George, 408
Bailey, Jackie, 296, 404
Bailey, John, 334, 355, 386
Bailey, Robert, 408
Bailey, Susan, 382
Bailey, Susan, 408
Bailey, Walter, 433
Bailey, William, 185, 212
Bailey, Woodrow, 385
Bailie, Jan, 235
Bair, Zane, 316, 405
Baird, James, 405
Baker, Carole, 268, 398
Baker, Charles, 224, 405
Baker, Dianne, 294, 398
Baker, Maria, 408
Baker, Kay, 264, 382
Baker, Steven, 364
Baker, W. A. 316, 408
Bakler, Jerry, 384
Balchin, Patricia, 422
Baldwin, Brooke, 220
Baldwin, Gary, 433
Baldwin, James, 211
Baldwin, Sheila, 422
Balfour, John, 340, 422
Balkcom, Edward, 393
Balkcom, Wayne, 408
Balkcom, Mac, 246, 355, 408
Ball, Jeannie, 294, 408
Ball, Linda, 284, 305, 422
Ball, Tommy, 306, 349, 408
Ballard, Anne, 282, 386
Ballard, David, 316, 408
Ballard, Nancy, 282, 408
Ballengee, Anne, 386
Ballenger, Terrel, 382
Ballenger, W. P., 386
Balue, Barbara, 398
Bandow, Paul William
Bandy, Anne, 433
Banke, Terry, 384
Bankhead, Cynthia, 296, 422
Bankhead, Jan, 291, 303, 408
Banks, Terry, 312
Bankson, Linda, 211, 243, 252, 408
Bankston, David, 308, 422
Bankston, Glen, 356
Bannigan, Joseph, 241
Bannister, Carole, 405
Barabe, Barbara, 408
Barashick, Phyllis, 280, 422
Barbano, Michael, 382
Barbash, Kenneth, 312, 408
Barbee, Thomas, 408
Barber, David, 256
Barber, Dennis, 242
Barber, Glenn, 308, 422
Barbin, Kay, 291, 386
Barch, Martha, 433
Barclay, Faye, 422
Barday, Salim, 382
Barefoot, T, R., 433
Barfield, Carol, 433
Barfield, Ronald, 385, 422
Barfield, Edgar, 332, 393
Barge, Branche, 393
Barge, Sidney, 316, 422
Barge, Tommy, 433
Bargeron, Ellen, 239
Bargmann, Monika, 207
Barker, Katherine, 238
Barksdale, C. R., 233, 386
Barnard, Beverly, 433
Barnes, Bonnie, 2%, 422
Barnes, David, 223, 433
Brenda Butler: Math Ed., Secretary of Student Body, Who's Who
Barnes, Herbert, 433
Barnes, James, 422
Barnes, John, 364
Barnes, Linda, 404
Barnes, P. L., 308, 422
Barnes, Paula, 433
Barnes, Richard, 184
Barnes, Steve, 220, 239, 243
Barnes, Wendell, 328, 422
Barnett, Ned, 346, 433
Barnett, Keith, 241, 433
Barnett, Thomas, 408
Barnhill, Emily, 422
Barr, Lawson, 408
Barrett, David, 408
Barrett, David, 363
Barrett, Paul, 238, 239-
Barron, Lora, 433
Barron, Lanette, 408
Barrow, Charles, 223, 386
Barrow, Hugh, 408
Barrow, Walter, 305
Barrs, Carl, 236, 408
Bart, Vivian, 422
Bartholomew, Bruce, 308, 422
Bartlett, Blair, 318, 422
Bartlow, Donald, 433
Barton, Jane, 408
Barton, Joseph, 334, 359, 408
Barton, Neal, 408
Barton, Steve, 433
Barton, Suzanne, 357
Bass, Charlene, 422
Bass, Judy, 433
Bass, Kathy, 276, 408
Bassett, Stephen, 408
Bassett, Wilmer, 177, 338, 422
Bateman, Barbara, 234
Bateman, Janice, 278, 422
Bateman, Judy, 264, 422
Bateman, Betsy, 264, 365, 422
Bates, Randy, 336, 408
Batten, Thomas, 205
Batten, Lynn, 223, 246
Battey, Therese, 271, 422
Battle, L. A., 205, 422'
Batton, Jan, 241
Batts, Stephen, 433
Baxter, Carlton, 256, 257, 384
Baxter, Edward, 184, 326, 408
Baxter, Heyward, 219, 225, 320, 393
Baxter, Melany, 256
Baxter, Paul, 195, 198, 201, 206, 209, 223
Baxter, W. E., 324, 408
Bayless, Sandra, 408
Beacham, H. K., 233, 299, 387
Beacham, Jim, 304, 408
Beacham, Rick, 356
Beasley, Ben, 433
Beale, Billy, 433
Bealer, Alex, 334, 408
Beales, Diane, 433
Bean, Bob, 234, 235
Beard, John, 382
Beard, Miriam, 433
Bearden, Anita, 272, 387
Bearden, Jerry, 408
Beasley, Brenda, 204, 214
Beasley, J. B., 205, 422
Beasley, Linda, 422
Beasley, Martha, 236, 294, 398
Beatty, Dennis, 408
Beaty, Rebecca, 422
Beavers, Ton ny, 422
Beca, Tito, 382
Beck, John, 234
Beck, Luther, 234
Becker, William, 433
Beckham, Barbara, 282, 408
Beckham, Robert, 433
Beckler, Jerry, 256
Beckworth, Lee, 422
Becraft, W. L., 408
Bedell, Baxter, 236, 239
Bedingield, Carl, 233, 387
Bedingfield, Kay, 433
Bedingfield, Karen, 288, 433
Bedwell, Butch, 422
Beegle, Philip, 210, 342, 408
Beeson, Terry, 330, 408
Begnaud, Darrel, 195, 225, 363, 365
Behl, John, 320, 393
Beightol, Bob, 336, 384, 408
Belch, Dianne, 433
Belew, Joe, 210, 408
Bell, Ann, 422
Bell, Tony, 223
Bell, Bryan, 241
Bell, David, 408
Bell, Deborah, 408
Bell, E. W 408
Bell, Jeannie, 408
Bell, Julie, 433
Bell, Lee, 256
Bell, Steve, 327, 393
Bellamy, Pat, 422
Bellamy, Sandra, 398
Bellew, John, 433
Bellinger, Holly, 210, 284, 408
Bellury, Tim, 355
Belote, Billie, 276, 408
Belote, Victor, 318, 408
Beltran, Frank, 433
Belville, Susan, 387
Benator, Gene, 344, 408
Benator, Rachel, 204, 234, 236, 240, 422
Benefield, Phillip, 223, 330, 408
Benford, G. C., 408
Benford, Howard, 304, 408
Bennati, Grant, 177
Bennett, Edwin, 256
Bennett, Keith, 340, 393
Bennett, Karen, 433
Bennett, Michael, 393
Bennett, Anne, 398
Bennett, Naomi, 387
Bennett, Sally, 234, 236, 408
Bennett, Stephen, 364
Bennett, Thomas, 249
Bennett, Billy, 422
Bennis, Edward, 241
Benson, Jim, 330, 405
Benson, Sims, 234, 256
Benston, Michael, 249
Bentley, Charles, 246
Benton, Larry, 405
Benton, Rebecca, 270, 387
Benton, Larry, 224
Bercegeay, Mary, 284, 422
Bergeron, Bill, 238
Berk, Susan, 422
Berkowitz, Barbara, 247
Berlin, Harriet, 292, 433
Berman, Brenda, 329, 365, 408
Berrong, Jimmy, 393
Berry, Brenda, 433
Berry, Charles, 236, 240
Berry, Glenn, 246
Berry, Kay, 276, 408
Berry, Larry, 241, 363, 365, 387
Berry, S. W., 223, 228, 241, 387
Berryman, Steve, 364
Berta, Lisa, 278, 422
Berta, Richard, 326, 408
Betsill, Carl, 403
Bettis, Elizabeth, 398
Beyer, Jo Ann, 398, 408
Beytagh, Thomas, 433
Shullar, Hardeep, 382
Bickers, Olen, 387
Bickerstaff, Ben, 304
Bickerstaff, Cindy, 274, 408
Bienstock, Steven, 299, 387
Bierman, George, 214, 221, 243, 246
Bilbro, Barry, 256
Binder, John, 308, 409
Birchall, Jackie, 264, 409
Birchmore, Daniel, 186, 205, 207
Bird, Helen, 409
Bird, Helen, 433
Bird, Mary, 409
Biron, Paul, 387
Bishop, Debbie, 270, 422
Bishop, Linda, 433
Bishop, Pamela, 365
Bisplinghoff, Judy, 232, 253, 382
Bius, Gwyned, 272, 398
Bivins, James, 409
Blachin, Jane, 398
Black, Barbara, 288, 433
Black, Gary, 344, 422
Black, Gerald, 409, 422
Black, Jerry, 235
Black, Laura, 433
Black Maria, 268, 405
Black, Jerrell, 228, 409
Blackman, Charlotte, 298, 409
Blackmon, Eleanor, 433
Blackmon, Al, 320, 393
Blackshear, Janet, 422
Blackstock, Patsy, 270, 422
Blackwell, Jane, 224
Blackwell, Gene, 294, 409
Blackwell, Patty, 276, 387
Blackwood, Emily, 278, 422
Blackwood, Curtis, 211
Blaine, Carolyn, 291, 398
Blair, Susan, 387
Blaisdell, James, 310, 387
Blake, Darby, 276, 357, 409
Blake, Stuart, 384
Blalock, Carol, 286, 365, 422
Blalock, Harvey, 241
Blanchard, Henry, 393
Blanchard, Jan, 208, 282, 409
Bland, John, 234, 256
Blankenship, Donnie, 387
Blankenship, Wayne, 346, 409
Blankenship, James, 318, 393
Blanton, Kathey, 433
Blanton, Leonard, 385
Blanton, Randy, 256, 330, 409
Blanton, Robbi, 433
Blasingame, Tom, 422
Blau, Nathan, 228
Bleiberg, Bob, 300, 409
Blissit, Kitty, 238, 239
Blomgren, Donna, 387
Bloodworth, Brenda, 422
Blood worth, George, 246
Bloodworth, Peggy, 210, 266, 357, 409
Bloom, Laura, 280, 422
Blore, Norman, 387
Blount, James, 393
Blount, Susan, 200, 220, 325
Blum, Barbara, 280, 422
Blum, Ellen, 422
Blum, Peggy, 422
Blum, Richard, 393
Blumberg, Edward, 300, 422
Blumberg, Bonnie, 398
Blumberg, Sandra, 292, 422
Blumenthal, Barbara, 365
Biumin, Florence,. 280, 422
Blythe, Kathy, 276, 393
Boatright, Jim, 387
Boatwright, Joan, 256, 384
Bobbitt, Nancy, 433
Bock, Ronald, 330, 387
Boddiford, Sarah, 433
Bodkin, Rosalind, 409
Bodziner, Brenda, 280, 298, 409
Bogan, Pat, 433
Boge, Gary, 344
Bogeslov, Richard, 300, 433
Boggs, Frank, 320, 422
Boggs, Gordon, 409
Boggus, Stan, 177
Bogoslawsky, Gary, 422
Bogrow, Bernard, 387
Bohler, Eddie, 393
Boiter, Nancy, 296, 387
Bolander, Robert, 199, 212
Bolden, Regina, 409
Bolden, Terry, 387
Boley, Bertram, 312, 433
Boling, Laura, 404
Boling, Lera, 252, 253, 264
Bollinger, Janice, 409
Bolster, Paul, 211
Bolton, William, 422
Boman, Lamar, 409
Bomar, Lynda, 282, 387
Bonawandt, Karl, 241
Bond, Clifford, 393
Bonds, Wanda, 409
Bondy, Richard, 302, 385
Bone, Glenn, 318, 409
Bonner, Jerri, 253
Booker, Cecelia, 433
Booker, Jeff, 299, 393
Boone, Michael, 205
Boone, William, 302, 385
Booth, Robert, 205, 422
Booz, John, 328, 393
Borden, Joseph, 236, 239, 240
Borders, Carolyn, 422
Borders, Paul, 246
Bortell, Jim, 247, 393
Bosquet, Dennis, 398
Bostick, Margaret, 268, 422
Bostick, M. V., 393
Boswell, Mary, 204, 261, 276, 422
Boswell, William, 187, 316. 422
Botsaris, Van, 312, 409
Botts, Jacqueline, 422
Boulware, Barbara, 253, 274, 409
Bowden, Susan, 387
Bowden, William, 433
Bowen, Barbara, 210
Bowen, Barry, 409
Bowen, Scott, 253
Bowen, Bonnie, 296, 409
Bowen, Charles, 409
Bowen, Jerry, 422
Bowen, Larry, 433
Bowen, Martha, 409
Bowen, Milton, 328, 422
Bowen, Robert, 233
Bowen, William, 433
Bower, Allen, 346, 393
Bowers, Cliff, 409
Bowers, Lora, 433
Bowers, Bob, 308, 409
Bowie, Gerald, 409
Bowles, David, 409
Bowles, J. G., 318, 409
Bowles, Robert, 256, 384
Bowman, Jerry, 302
Bowman, Kenneth, 409
Boyd, Julia, 252, 422
Boyd, Kathy, 387
Boyd, Mike, 398
Boyd, Nancy, 278, 422
Boyd, Randy, 330, 393
Boyd, Susan, 286, 409
Boyd, William, 303, 409
Boydston, Tommy, 330, 350, 422
Boyer, Richard, 422
Boyett, Arthur, 249
Boyett, Hill, 304
Boyle, Nancy, 294, 422,
Boynton, Bruce, 320, 393
Bozeman, Al, 433
Bozman, Joyce, 200, 260, 286, 365, 398
Brabson, Emily, 433
Bracey, Betsy, 288, 433
Oscar Cook: Law, Pres., Student Bar Assoc., Who's Who
Brackett, Angie, 422
Bradbury, William, 356, 433
Braddock, Robert, 433
Bradfield, Robert, 409
Bradford, Anne, 382
Bradford, Cissy, 409
Bradford, Jan, 433
Bradford, Larry, 393
Bradford, Cissy, 278
Bradford, Ross, 182
Bradford, Sarah, 409
Bradley, Kathy, 433
Bradley, Paul, 306, 422
Bradley, Shelia, 433
Bradley, Stephen, 355, 409
Bradley, Tommye, 274, 422
Bragdon, Deborah, 235
Bragg, Raymond, 224
Bragg, Robert, 356
Bragg, Ennis, 236
Bramblett, James, 221
Bramblett, Sarah, 409
Bramlett, Larry, 246
Bramlett, Nita, 409
Branan, Kyle, 206, 221, 242
Branan, Merriana, 220, 270, 387
Branan, T. L., 387
Branch, Mary, 288, 433
Branch, Milton, 357, 433
Brand, Robert, 236, 433
Brandau, Trudy, 422
Brandes, Beverly, 409
Brandes, Robert, 332, 422
Brandon, Bonnie, 409
Brandt, Nancy, 292
Branham, Yolande, 382
Brannen, Kyle, 203
Brannen, Mickey, 236, 282, 409
Brantley, Geneva, 387
Brantley, Larry, 422
Brantley, Robert, 310, 405
Brantley, Wade, 177, 184, 340, 422
Brasfield, Jim, 409
Brashear, Tice, 248
Brasher, Larry, 177
Braswell, Ralph, 326, 422
Brogdon, Linda, 409
Brooker, Charles, 234, 256
Brooks, Danny, 242, 243
Brooks, David, 393
Brooks, Jane, 274, 398
Brooks, Jerry, 234, 236, 240
Brooks, Lemuel, 434
Brooks, Nancy, 278, 422
Brooks, Peter, 246
Broussard, Jo Ann, 234, 434
Browder, Charles, 186
Brown, Alice, 276, 409
Brown, Barbara, 434
Brown, Barbara, 286
Brown, Becky, 207, 2%, 398
Brown, Bela, 241
Brown, Bonnie, 294, 409
Brown, Bruce, 434
Brown, Angela, 409
Brown, Cecil, 434
Brown, Connie, 387
Brown, Cynthia, 266, 270, 422
Brown, Danny, 384
Brown, David, 246
Brown, Debbie, 434
Brown, Debbie, 434
Brown, Donna, 398
Brown, Doris, 291, 434
Brown, Dwight, 205, 422
Brown, Ed, 324, 385
Brown, Elizabeth, 266, 405
Brown, Gaylain, 310, 422
Brown, Harriet, 221, 284, 409
Brown, Harvey, 233, 409
Brown, James, 256
Brown, James, 246
Brown, Jan, 238
Brown, Jesse, 256
Brown, Joanne, 409
Brown, John, 338, 385
Brown, John, 363
Brown, Terry, 241
Brown, Karen, 409
Brown, Margaret, 291, 398
Brown, Marilynn, 291, 434
Brown, M. T., 306, 409
Brown, Mary, 268, 422
Brown, Michael, 409
Brown, Michael, 409
Brown, Michael, 422
Brown, Nancy, 398
Brown, Nova, 262
Brown, Pamela, 276, 409
Brown, Patricia, 404
Brown, Patrick, 434
Brown, Paula, 409
Brown, Peggy, 398
Brown, Phillip, 422
Brown, Ray, 221, 434
Brown, Richard, 306, 409
Brown, Ronnie, 409
Brown, Scott, 326, 434
Brown, Stanley, 243
Brown, Steve, 177, 338, 393
Brown, Susan, 207, 422
Brown, Susan, 192, 210
Brown, Valerie, 434
Brown, Victor, 385
Brown, Victoria, 434
Brown, William, 247, 303, 393
Browning, Patricia, 236
Brownlee, Katharine, 291, 422
Brownlee, Kenneth, 409
Brownlee, Sandra, 422
Brownlow, Jill, 296, 409
Broxton, Linda, 434
Broyles, Ed, 308, 409
Bruce, Patsy, 214, 284, 434
Bruce, Patty, 276
Bruce, Steve, 409
Bruce, William, 338, 409
Bruker, Davenport, 338, 422
Bruker, William, 233, 387
Brumby, Mary, 422
Brumby, Mason, 304
Brunauer, Marilyn, 409
Bruno, Mary, 202, 210
Brunson, Peter, 224
Brunsvold, Pam, 434
Braun, Nancy, 291, 422
Braxley, Donald, 346, 409
Bray, Skip, 330, 409
Brazell, Carol, 422
Brazell, Cheryl, 398
Braziel, Deborah, 433
Braziel, Ernestine, 268, 398
Braziel, Jim, 422:
Bredlow, Mary, 276, 433
Breedlove, Nancy, 409
Breedlove, Bill, 248, 422
Breland, Janice, 422 '
Bremer, Martin, 256
Brennan, Scott, 422
Brennan, Thomas, 178
Brent, Marguerite, 398
Bretz, Mary, 433
Brewer, Candy, 398
Brewer, Joe, 205, 422
Brewer, Larry, 382
Brewer, Willene, 256, 257, 384
Brewster, Joe, 409
Brewster, Bill, 316, 387
Brewton, Betty, 252, 404
Brewton, Melvin, 409
Brewton, Penny, 404
Brice, Michael, 393, 409
Brice, Nancy, 276, 398
Brice, William, 177
Brickey, Paul, 241
Bridger, Mary, 264, 409
Bridgers, Dan, 393
Bridges, Robert, 236, 433
Bridwell, Kenneth, 249
Briggs, Duncan, 382
Briggs, Gerald, 205, 422
Brightwell, Lyn, 253, 282, 405
Brinkley, Carolyn, 278, 409
Brinkley, Charles, 332, 409
Brinson, Dell, 398
Brinson, Mary, 422
Briscoe, Diane, 398
Briscoe, Hubert, 382
Brisendine, Emily, 221
Brisiel, Robert, 382
Britt, Linda, 409
Britt, Toni, 256, 384
Britt, W. R., 393
Brittain, Gwen, 291, 365, 398
Britton, Bonnie, 266, 398
Britton, Mary, 204, 215, 284, 422
Broadrick, Kathryn, 238, 409
Brock, Edward, 434
Brock, Gary, 385
Brock, John, 359, 409
Brock, Marilyn, 284, 398
Brock, Ronnie, 409
Brock, Vickie, 409
Brussack, Robert, 203
Bryan, Alice, 284, 409
Bryan, Barbara, 387
Bryan, Jean, 240
Bryan, Marta, 291, 434
Bryan, Virginia, 238
Bryant, Anne, 288, 398
Bryant, June, 409
Bryant, Frank, 239, 409
Bryant, J. P., 326
Bryant, W. E., 405
Bryson, Tony, 225, 405
Buchanan, Cynthia, 398
Buchanan, James, 332, 422
Buchanan, Jerry, 235, 346, 434
Buchanan, Pamela, 291, 398
Buchanan, Sammy, 314, 403
Buchanan, Tom, 434
Buck, Jan, 294, 409
Buckner, Paula, 274, 422
Budd, Roger, 340, 422
Buddin, Mem, 270, 434
Budnick, Barbara, 262, 409
Buffin, Tom, 328, 409
Buffington, Linda, 387
Buffington, Ann, 387
Buffkin, Claire, 276, 422
Buice, Allyson, 409
Bullard, Bonnie, 422
Bullard, Cathy, 296, 422, 423
Bullard, Cheryle, 278, 296, 404
Bullard, Sally, 253, 405
Bullock, Delores, 423
Bumgardner, Max, 357, 434
Bumgartner, Jim, 434
Bunch, Michael, 314, 409, 423
Bundesman, B. B., 318
Bundrick, Lee, 423
Bunitsky, Cindy, 264, 423
Bunker, Nancy, 253, 409
Bunker, Sally, 434
Bunn, Woodrow, 385
Burch, Amy, 243, 423
Burch, Harold, 247
Burch, Nell, 278, 409
Burdett, Bonnie, 284, 434
Burdett, Judy, 409
Burdette, Boyd, 320, 393
Burdette, Wynema, 296, 409
Burdick, Nancy, 253, 284, 405
Burel, John, 205
Burel, Michael, 393
Burford, Robert, 434
Burge, Donna, 409
Burger, Fred, 405
Burgess, Richard, 205, 423
Burgess, Thomas, 409
Burgess, Warren, 308, 409
Burke, Keith, 356, 434
Burke, Pam, 292, 423
Burnes, Jacqueline, 409
Burnett, David, 423
Burnette, Amelia, 409
Burnette, Jack, 409
Burnette, Jeff, 184
Burnham, Linda, 253, 264, 409
Burns, Anita, 398
Burns, James, 305, 363
Burns, Ken, 423
Burns, Linda, 398
Burquest, Mark, 223
Burrell, John, 238, 239, 328
Burrell, Wayne, 303, 393
Burriss, Robert, 434
Burroughs, Diane, 434
Burroughs, Kay, 409
Burroughs, Danny, 256, 340, 409
Burson, Lynn, 291, 409
Burt, Vicky, 264, 398, 409
Burt, Walter, 205, 423
Burton, Ed, 249
Burton, Robert, 302, 385
Burtz, Diane, 409
Burwell, Warren, 423
Busbee, Gail, 288, 434
Busby, Fred, 326
Busby, Thomas, 434
Busch, Edward, 346, 409
Bush, Lane, 282, 409
Bush, Evelyn, 286, 434
Bush, Lexie, 270, 434
Bush, Michael, 332, 393
Bush, Walter, 205, 304, 423
Bush, Tommy, 434
Busko, Gregory, 241
Busley, Fred, 398
Bussey, Ricky, 318, 423
Butler, Beverly, 264, 423
Butler, Brenda, 200, 208, 236, 288, 338, 381
Butler, Buzzy, 291, 409
Butler, Dee, 409
Butler, Frank, 205, 423
Butler, Glenn, 210, 338, 355, 387
Butler, James, 325, 423
Butler, Juli, 409
Butler, Robbie, 282, 365, 387
Butson, Linda, 434
Buttram, Gayle, 279, 410
Buttram, Winston, 434
Butts, Donald, 387
Butts, Richard, 364
Butts, Susan, 288, 387
Buwdesman, B. B., 393
Byerly, Jane, 291, 398
Byess, Dan, 299, 410
Byne, Edmund, 233
Bynum, Frances, 410
Byram, Roberta, 204, 410
Byrd, Dorothy, 410
Byrd, Susan, 271, 410
Byrd, Kathy, 236
Byrd, Wayne, 177
Byrd, William, 423
Byrd, David, 318, 342, 410
Byron, Jean, 235
Cagle, Jarrell, 302, 385
Cain, Jeffrey, 423
Cain, John, 234, 256
Cain, W. S., 387
Caldwell, Adrianne, 398
Caldwell, Diane, 235, 423
Caldwell, Gladys, 434
Caldwell, James, 393
Caldwell, Jane, 204, 243, 423
Caldwell, Mimi, 268, 410
Caldwell, Robert, 304, 393
Calhoun, Ann, 268, 423
Calhoun, Eleanor, 274, 404
Calhoun, John, 185
Calhoun, Mary, 291, 398
Calhoun, Morgan, 382
Callaway, Digne, 423
Callaway, Edward, 384
Callaway, Elisa, 266, 306, 357, 423
Callaway, Elizabeth, 398
Callaway, Harold, 177, 342, 410
Callaway, Tom, 304, 410
Callaway, Tim, 177'
Callison, James, 221, 326, 434
Calloway, Ben, 405
Calloway, Stephen, 236, 423
Cameron, Mary, 398
Cameron, Sherrill, 249
Camp, Byron, 338, 434
Camp, Gloria, 410
Camp, Preston, 434
Camp, Lawrence, 214
Camp, Marion, 398
Camp, Emily, 410
Camp, Ronald, 326, 410
Camp, Thomas, 240
Camp, William, 363
Campanella, Kirby, 185
Campbell, Algi, 349, 423
Campbell, Barry, 241
Campbell, Connie, 278, 410
Campbell, Debbie, 268, 410
Campbell, Eddie, 410
Campbell, Ellen, 253, 288, 405
Campbell, Fred, 382
Campbell, James, 355
Campbell, J. P., 309, 387
Campbell, Jessica, 284, 410
Campbell, John, 177, 393
Campbell, Cathy, 240, 314
Campbell, Kenneth, 233
Campbell, Kerry, 338, 423
Campbell, Laura, 281, 423
Campbell, Lewis, 316, 410
Campbell, Maridel, 253
Campbell, Michael, 299, 387
Campbell, Nanci, 434
Campbell, Ronald, 219
Campbell, Tommy, 334, 387
Campbell, William, 225
Canipelli, Kevin, 382
Cannady, Glenda, 387
Cannon, Charles, 304, 385
Cannon, Kay, 266, 423, 434
Cannon, David, 312, 393
Cannon, James, 393
Cannon, J. R., 393
Cannon, J. W., 320, 423
Cannon, Nan, 272, 423
Cannon, Raymond, 393
Cannon, Richard, 385
Cannon, Robert, 185, 332
Cannon, Ronald, 387
Cannon, Tommy, 185, 332
Cantrell, David, 242
Cantrell, Dusty, 393
Cantrell, William, 303, 393
Caplan, Judy, 280, 423
Caras, Theresa, 294, 393
Carden, Oleane, 410
Carew, Glenn, 249
Cargill, Debra, 434
Carion, Kitty, 382
Carlan, Kitty, 264
Carlan, Stephen, 233
Carlen, Deborah, 225
Carlise, Marianne, 224
Carlisle, Russell, 312, 410
Carlisle, Kee, 309, 405
Carlson, Karen, 423
Carlton, Bill, 225
Carman, Clifford, 385
Carmichael, Cathy, 405
Carmichael, Dorner Lee, 276, 410
Carmichael, Jim, 423
Carnes, Doug, 309, 410
Carnes, Gloria, 294, 410
Carnes, Julie, 423
Carr, Emile, 423
Carr, Jacqueline, 227, 423
Carr, Mike, 320, 423
Carr, Karen, 296, 357, 410
Carr, Robert, 410
Carr, W. J., 320, 410
Carrier, Susan, 236, 268, 434
Carrington, Diane, 284, 410
Carroll, Linda, 272, 387
Carroll, Susan, 405, 410
Carroll, Billy, 177, 306, 423
Carson, Bobbye, 398
Carson, Charles, 183, 423
Carson, Donna, 387
Carson, Elizabeth, 291, 410
Carson, Francis, 246, 385
Carson, Larry, 223, 206
Carson, Scott, 184, 332, 423
Cartee, James, 332, 393
Carter, Diane, 382
Carter, Frank, 223
Carter, James, 185
Carter, Faye, 410
Carter,, Jan, 282, 365, 410
Carter, Janis, 434
Carter, Jerry, 205, 423
Carter, Linda, 423
Carter, Nancy, 236, 410
Carter-, Nancy, 272, 434
Carter, Paul, 247, 304, 423
Carter, Vickie, 288, 410
Carter, William, 336, 393
Cartledge, Marilyn, 286, 398
Cartledge, Tony, 219, 434
Carver, Brenda, 291, 423
Carver, Jenni, 291, 423
Casaday, Pindar, 404
Casalone, Jim, 393
Casey, Molly, 434
Casey, Susan, 398
Casey, William, 302, 410
Cash, Alvin, 223
Cash, Betty, 398
Cash, Donald, 183
Cashell, Carol, 387
Cason, Debra, 217
Cason, Louie, 342, 393, 410
Casper, Michael, 199, 201, 382
Cassell, Michael, 249
Cassiday, Colleen, 410
Cassidy, Michael, 342, 423
Castellaw, Daniel, 243, 246
Castleberry, Connie, 270, 423
Casto, Daniel, 387
Castro-Poveda, Paula, 256
Castro, Patricia, 291, 423
Castronis, Mike, 203, 336, 410
Cathey, Dennis, 363
Cathey, Scott, 234, 236
Cation, David, 256, 384
Cato, Earline, 410
Cato, Paul, 434
Cato, William, 434
Caudell, Laraine, 404
Cauley, Mike, 205, 318, 423
Causey, Charles, 340, 410
Causey, Davis, 235
Causey, Joseph, 205, 238, 239
Causey, Kenneth, 238, 240
Cauthen, Judy, 423
Cavan, Mike, 177, 340, 410
Cave, Cecille, 410
Cavitt, Ronald, 236, 238
Cawthon, Perry, 223
Cawthon, Mack, 211
Cawthon, Michael, 241
Cawthon,John, 434
Caylor, Christine, 398
Cebik, Mary, 252
Center, Jodie, 410
Cercone, Michael, 184
Chadburn, Richard, 228
Chafin, Linda, 434
Chalker, Charles, 328, 410
Chamberlin, Steve, 177
Chambers, Sue, 410
Chambers, Gretchen, 268, 410
Chambers, Guy, 434
Chambers, James, 302, 385
Chambers, Karen, 268, 387
Chambers, Stewart, 410
Chamblee, Frank, 384
Chambless, Marcy, 320, 393
Chambless, Proctor, 214, 325
Champion, Stewart, 316
Champion, Kay, 274, 423
Chance, David, 306, 393
Robert Fortson: Business, Treas., Student Senate, Who's Who
Chancey, Beverly, 404
Chandler, Alice, 207, 387
Chandler, Clayton, 405
Chandler, Danny, .243
Chandler, Frank, 304, 423
Chandler, Stelle, 192, 207, 278, 387
Chandler, Jan, 387
Chandler, John, 393
Chandler, Gayle, 177, 270, 265, 423
Chandler, Sandra, 387
Chanin, Robert, 195, 196, 198, 199, 348
Channell, Ronald, 382
Chapel, Terry, 363, 364, 382
Chapman, Joseph, 243
Chapman, Carolyn, 434
Chapman, Kim, 434
Chappell, Karen, 434
Chappell, Ralph, 334, 387
Charney, Barbara, 292, 410
Chastain, Marie, 410
Chastain, Nelson, 312, 393
Chastain, Ray, 363, 398
Chatchavalwong, Darunee, 382
Chatfield, Lon, 177
Chatham, Georganne, 434
Chatham, David, 312, 423
Cheek, Larry, 393
Cheeley, C. R., 318, 423
Cheney, Charles, 236, 434
Cheney, Pat, 276, 423
Cherry, Van, 434
Chesnut, Saralyn, 291, 387
Chester, Barbara, 236, 434
Cheves, Cecil, 206, 210, 247, 336, 399, 410
Chew, Randy, 336, 423
Chewning, Ralph, 239, 434
Childers, Vicki, 410
Childs, Gail, 264, 423
Childs, G. F., 330, 387
Childs, John, 334, 423
Childs, Julie, 276, 410 ,
Chitwood, Mike, 304, 410
Crighton, Richard, 410
Christain, Charles, 434
Christian, Marilyn, 423
Christian, Nan, 423
Christian, Sam, 233, 387
Christian, Shirley, 410
Christie, Hugh, 238
Christman, Gina, 410
Christopher, David, 246
Chu, Leigh, 382
Claborn, Kathryn, 398
Clancy, Thomas, 434
Clapp, D. W., 393
Clark, Jane, 294
Clark, Barbara, 288, 410
Clark, Carol, 434
Clark, Catherine, 434
Clark, Craig, 384
Clark, George, 363
Clark, Jarpes, 393
Clark, James, 410
Clark, Chris, 236
Clark, Johnnie, 249
Clark, June, 256
Clark, Laura, 266, 423
Clark, Linda, 398
Clark, Marion, 278, 387
Clark, Marsha, 410
Clark, Marshal, 233
Clark, Mary, 284, 387
Clark, Merrilyn, 234, 239
Clark, Nary, 330, 393
Clark, Peter, 239, 434
Clark, Robert, 241, 310, 410
Clarke, Diane, 292, 387
Clarke, Bud, 336, 423
Clarke, Jane, 387
Clarkson, Greg, 330, 423
Clary, Carol, 286, 365, 423
Clary, Carolyn, 266, 423
Claxton, Emily, 264, 423
Claxton, Kip, 312, 393
Clay, Joseph, 256
Clay, Linda, 398
Cleghorn, Dean, 434
Clement, Diane, 398
Clement, Carolyn, 266, 357, 410
Clement, Art, 434
Clements, Cathy, 204, 357
Clements, Jerry, 410
Clements, Mary, 398
Clements, Milton, 387
Clemons, Debbie, 264, 410
Cleveland, Clare, 266, 387
Cleveland, Kevin, 183, 423
Cleveland, Fran, 398
Cleveland, Roy, 249
Cliff, Maynard, 205, 356
Clifford, Constance, 282, 410
Clifton, Jane, 410
Clifton, Linda, 256, 257, 384
Clifton, Patricia, 252
Cline, Nancy, 294, 434
Clontz, Julie, 238
Cloud, Tom, 338, 423
C lower, M. L., 320, 410
Chaylo, Michael, 186
Coalson, Camilla, 423
Coate, Charles, 423
Cobb, Catherine, 274, 434
Cobb, Frances, 387
Cobb, John, 177, 340, 423
Cobb, Linda, 398
Cobb, Sarah, 274, 423
Cobb, Bill, 387
Coburn, Steve, 434
Cochran, Erica, 264, 423
Coe, Colburn, 304
Cofer, Frank, 226, 410
Coffee, Joel, 239
Coggin, Vicky, 236, 434
Cohen, Alan, 300, 349, 410
Cohen, Barry, 178
Cohen, David, 300, 410
Cohen, Laura, 280, 410
Cohen, Lynne, 434
Cohen, Margie, 200, 210, 263, 292, 398
Cohen, Missy, 292, 393
Cohen, Steve, 434
Cohen, Steven, 393
Cohen, Steven, 344
Cohn, Linda, 292, 410
Cohn, Richard, 225
Coile, Becky, 410
Coile, Gerald, 434
Coile, Jay, 338
Coile, William, 338, 385
Coker, Ann,''236, 270, 410
Coker, Barry, 410
Colbert, Larry, 410
Colbert, Virginia, 410
Coldren, Margurite, 256, 257, 382
Cole, Babee, 292, 423
Cole, Carole, 225, 253, 288, 357, 405
Cole, Bill, 387
Cole, Bruce, 434
Cole, Julie, 288, 423
Cole, Laura, 423
Cole, Louis, 405
Cole, Patsy, 282, 410
Cole, Steven, 224
Cole, Doug, 355
Coleman, Carole, 410
Coleman, Cathy, 434
Coleman, Charles, 393
Coleman, Drew, 332, 393
Coleman, Ellery, 346, 410
Coleman, Ivan, 410
Coleman, Janet, 434
Coleman, John, 342, 394
Coleman, Jon, 332, 410
Coleman, Hope, 266, 272, 398
Coleman, Nancy, 261, 272, 398
Coleman, Patricia, 423
Coleman, R. A., 256, 384
Coleman, Thomas, 241
Coley, Barbara, 410
Coley, Ginger, 204, 282, 423
Colgrove, Jon, 325
Collar, Nancy, 284, 394
Collier, Coopie, 274, 410
Collier, Dennis, 249
Collier, Dennis, 312, 410
Collier, Kathy, 282, 423
Collier, L. T., 410
Collier, Mike, 410
Collins, Candy, 204, 207, 210, 296, 410
Collins, Carol, 423
Collins, Curtis, 410
Collins, Danny, 394
Collins, David, 434
Collins, Debbie, 253, 284, 410
Collins, Donna, 268
Collins, Edward, 405
Collins, Jim, 403
Collins, Janet, 434
Collins, Leon, 237, 240, 394
Collins, Lisa, 434
Collins, Lynnda, 387
Collins, Martin, 398
Collins, Olin, 243
Collins, Steve, 246
Collins, William, 219, 331, 394
Collins, William, 434
Collinsworth, Phillip, 334, 387
Colquitt, Harold, 318, 410
Colquitt, Harriet, 434
Colson, Carl, 225
Colson, Mary, 253
Colvin, Mac, 434
Colwell, C. C., 423
Colwell, Jim, 410
Combe, Caroline, 410
Combs, Caroline, 264
Combs, Cathie, 298, 410
Combs, Louis, 410
Compton, Philip, 325, 410
Conboy, Steve, 243
Concar, James, 234, 256
Condon, Bill, 326, 423
Cone, Charles, 326, 394
Cone, Kathryn, 288, 387
Conger, Robert, 233
Conley, Becky, 404
Conley, Sherry, 382
Connah, James, 387
Connell, David, 328, 403
Connell, Sherry, 434
Connelly, James, 410
Conner, Douglas, 410
Conner, Maxine, 398
Connor, Jerry, 318, 410
Considine, Denise, 434
Constantine, Robert, 316, 382
Conway, Tim, 247, 394
Conyers, Reid, 184
Coody, Edwin, 224, 225
Coody, Steve, 302, 434
Cook, Lynn, 387
Cook, Cynthia, 410
Cook, Donald, 394
Cook, Herbert, 394
Cook, Fred, 302, 385
Cook, John, 403
Cook, Karen, 434
Cook, Kenneth, 246, 385
Cook, Chris, 268, 423
Cook, Sheila, 264, 410
Cooke, Mary, 288, 398
Coon, Robert, 328, 410
Cooper, Charles, 224
Cooper, Clark, 423
Cooper, James, 382
Cooper, Janette, 434
Cooper, Judy, 206, 387
Cooper, Judy, 398
Pam Anderson: Communications, Debate Team, Who's Who
Cheryl McLaughlin: Education, Pres., Sigma Kappa, Who's Who
Cooper, Julius, 410
Cooper, Norma, 434
Cooper, Dianne, 423
Cooper, Ross, 364
Cooper, Kaye, 274, 410
Cooper, Bill, 331, 394
Cope, Janelle, 284, 387
Copelan, Jesse, 211
Copeland, Gwynne, 296, 398
Copeland, Carol, 288, 410
Copeland, Cheryl, 398
Copeland, Dwight, 410
Copeland, Greg, 237
Copeland, Mildred, 238, 410
Copeland, Richard, 410
Coplan, Sheila, 423
Corbett, Thomas, 236
J Corbitt, J. LJ, 332, 394
Cordell, Lynn, 270, 423
Cordell, Nancy, 434
Cordell, Sporty, 336, 423
Corgel, John, 292, 410
Corley, Cynthia, 410
Corn, Sandra, 387
Cornelius, Katherine, 382
Cornell, William, 346
Cornett, Richard, 403
Cornwell, Lane, 294, 398
Cornwell,-Elizabeth, 272
Corr, Price, 203, 209, 215, 233,
Cortese; John, 364
Coryell, Henry, 233, 387
Cosby, Linda, 387
Cost, Debra, 221 '
Costa, Carol, 296, 410
Costa, Donna Jeanne, 434
Cotton; Carolyn, 266, 405
Couch, Tommy, 177
Couchman, Betsy, 241, 434
Couchman, Linda, 296, 398
Couey, Randall, 387
Coulton, Doug, 331
Coulter, Linda, 278, 398
Coursey, Robert, 220
Courter, Joyce, 256, 384
Courtney, Cathy, 423
Coutcher, Daniel, 434
Coutcher, Gail, 410
Coverdell, Patty, 270, 423
Covil, John, 234
Covington, Ralph, 234, 256
Cowan, Carol, 398
Cowan, Kathleen, 278, 423
Cowan, Kevin, 338, 355, 394
Cowen, Martin, 238
Cowles, Nancy, 237
Cox, Cader, 203, 206, 224, 225
Cox, Carol, 264, 398
Cox, Gary, 326, 355, 356, 410
Cox, Irene, 213
Cox, James, 247, 342, 423
Cox, Jan, 204, 216, 264, 423
Cox, Leslie, 434
Cox, Linda, 423
Cox, Suzanne, 434
Craft, Wesley, 410
Craft, John, 243
Crafton, Linda, 284, 410
Craig, Jep, 394
Craig, Jean, 410
Craig, Marie, 434
Craig, Sally, 292, 398
Craig, Tommy, 206
Crane, Clara, 404
Crane, Don, 331, 423
Crane, Thomas, 306, 410
Cranford, Martha, 288, 398
Cranman, Lynn, 280, 423
Crawford, Carol, 288, 404
Crawford, Claudia, 404
Crawford, Connie, 410
Crawford, George, 410
Crawford, G. M., 318, 423
Crawford, Jim, 398
Crawford, John, 253
Crawford, Jo, 288, 405
Crawford, Rebecca, 217, 410
Crawford, Sara, 238
Crawford, Tom, 219, 423
Crawley, Randall, 356, 423
Crawley, Kathleen, 410
Creech, Don, 303, 394
Creel, Steve, 326, 434
Crenshaw, Susan, 221
Crenshaw, McCarthy, 196
Crews, Dennis, 340, 410
Crews, Glenn, 394
Crews, James, 423
Crews, Judy, 404
Crews, Matthew, 210
Crews, Robert, 310, 349, 423
Crighton, Richard, 328
Crim, Darryl, 325, 410
Christman, Gina, 290
Crittendon, Mary, 398
Crochet, R. A., 387
Crocker, Bill, 340, 423
Cromer, Hugh, 205, 423
Cromley, Carole, 423
Cronan, Ann, 256, 257, 384
Crook, Ed, 312, 410
Crook, Jim, 410
Crookshank, Nancy, 294, 387
Crosby, Craig, 423
Crosby, Don, 410
Crosby, Ellisa, 382
Cross, C. G., 410
Cross, Hubert, 237
Crosswy, Milton, 332, 410
Crouch, Paula, 221, 434
Crouch, Robert, 410
Crouch, Alice, 270, 410
Crouch, Sherry, 384
Crout, Robert, 223, 382
Crow, Austin, 410
Crowe, Carol, 382
Crowe, David, 228, 410
Crowe, Hugh, 410
Crowe, James, 306
Crowe, Sam, 356, 434
Crowley, George, 205, 213
Crumbley, Jimmy, 403
Crunkleton, Cathy, 241, 296, 387
Culberson, Cheryl, 282, 423
Culberson, Mary, 398
Culbreth, Sara, 272, 410
Cullen, Theresa, 217
Culley, James, 364, 434
Culpepper, Ernie, 382
Culpepper, Joseph, 238, 239, 410
308, 309, 410 Cumbie, Johnnie, 410
Cummings, Dale, 394
Cummings, Joey, 220, 253, 266, 410
Cunningham, Anita, 387
Cunningham, David, 434
Cunningham, Flossie, 292, 423
Cunningham, Mike, 306, 434
Cunningham, Samuel, 434
Cunningham, William, 336, 410
Curd, Diane, 410
Curran, A. R., 320, 410
Currey, Daniel, 410
Currie, Marianne, 253, 292, 405
Curry, Samuel, 398
Curry, Stephen, 423
Curth, Pam, 266
Curtis, Carlton, 225
Curtis, Tommy, 243
Curtis, Luther, 411
Curtis, Mary, 266, 365, 410
Curtis, Ruth, 266
Cutler, Daniel, 241
Czura, Walter, 306, 411
Dachs, Ronald, 303, 394
Dailey, Bob, 4347
Dale, Mitchelle, 249, 394
Dale, Sherryl, 423
Daley, Michael, 334, 411
Daley, Sue, 270, 423
Dalton, Brian, 363, 365
Dalton, Judy, 238, 240, 387
Damato, Margaret, 434
Dambrosio, Laura, 411
Dana, John, 338, 405
Daniel, Ben, 423
Daniel, Brenda, 382
Daniel, Buxton, 423
Daniel, Cecil, 411
Daniel, Lee, 177
C<niel, Danny, 338
Daniel, James, 328, 411
Daniel, Jerry, 394
Daniel, Joseph, 225
Daniel, Judy, 434
Daniel, Kathryn, 434
Daniel, Robert, 332, 394
Daniel, Sharon, 239
Daniel, Warren, 340, 394
Daniel, W. W., 346, 434
Daniels, Hiram, 256, 384
Daniels, John, 312, 394
Daniels, J. D 387
Dankel, John, 223
Danner, Sara, 256
Danowski, Marjorie, 434
Daraway, Larry, 434
Darby, Bill, 177, 233
Darden, Amy, 424
Dardin, Victoria, 274, 398
Dargan, Hugh, 241, 387
Dargan, Martha, 288, 387
Darley, Vernon, 237, 240, 356
Darnell, Dolly, 233, 434
Darnell, Stanley, 411
Darrell, David, 241, 403
Dasher, Barbara, 270, 398
Dauby, Sarah, 227, 382
Daughtry, Craig, 424
Davenport, Don, 424
Davenport, Joan, 399
Daves, Teresa, 235
Davey, Karen, 434
David, Byron, 403, 363
David, Frank, 336, 424
David, Robert, 336, 394
David, Tommy, 351
David, Reed, 334, 411
Davidson, John, 332, 411
Davidson, Ronny, 394
Davidson, Sharon, 280, 411
Davies, Kathy, 284, 424
Davies, Leslie, 224
Davis, Allen, 424
Davis, Allen, 342, 394
Davis, Barbara, 411
Davis, Beulah, 399
Davis, Burma, 411
Davis, Carol, 278, 387
Davis, Charles, 246
Davis, Charles, 237
Davis, Dawn, 388
Davis, Darlene, 394
Davis, Delores, 263, 296
Davis, Mims, 435
Davis, Frank, 239, 359, 388
Davis, Gary, 235, 334, 357, 434
Davis, Glenn, 177, 332, 411
Davis, Howard, 328, 405
Davis, James, 317, 435
Davis, James, 411
Davis, James, 424
Davis, J. M., 411
Davis, Jerry, 246
Davis, J. M., 316
Davis, Joy, 204, 234, 424
Davis, Kathi, 424
Davis, Ken, 411
Davis, Larry, 424
Davis, Lee, 341, 388
Davis, Leslie, 288, 411
Davis, Linda, 435
Davis, Louise, 266, 405
Davis, Margie, 296, 424
Davis, Margaret, 394
Davis, Marsha, 435
Davis, Mary, 235, 424
Davis, Katherine, 284
Davis, Meredith, 296, 365, 399
Davis, Mike, 328, 356, 388
Davis, Nancy, 292, 435
Davis, Phil, 424
Davis, Philip, 424
Davis, Sam, 205, 207, 228, 237, 240, 424
Davis, Sandra, 435
Davis, S. D., 394
Davis, Wayne, 241
Davis, Stephen, 364
Davis, Susan, 282, 411
Davis, Virginia, 253, 292
Davis, Tammy, 365, 424
Davis, Teresa, 388
Davis, Tommy, 334, 424
Davis, Ginger, 404
Davis, William, 256
Daws, Karen, 296, 424
Dawson, Barbara, 292, 411
Dawson, Rita, 424
Day, James, 233, 388
Day, Johnny, 338, 424
Day, John, 435
Day, Johnie, 399
Day, Lennie, 355
Day, Marla, 399
Day, Mike, 411
Day, TIP, 320, 411
Day, Larry, 424
Dayan, Houshang, 388
Dayan, Scott, 344, 411
Deakins, Lynn, 435
Deal, Donald, 435
Deal, Joe, 435
Deal, Rosemary, 424
Dean, Charlie, 256
Dean, Debbie, 286, 424
Dean, Henry, 385
Dean, James, 388
Dearing, Stephen, 316, 411
Deariso, David, 411
Jerry Guthrie: Business, Pres., Phi Gamma Delta, Who's Who
Deas, Cathy, 268, 424
Deas, Janice, 424
Deaton, Angela, 435
Deaton, Cheryl, 411
Deberry, Mike, 388
Debnam, Mary, 207, 260, 263, 296, 388
Decastro, Al, 355, 388
Decker, William, 224, 312, 405
Decker, William, 224
Deen, Ronald, 411
Deery, Richard, 365
Defore, H. F., 435
Deich, Carol, 411
Deich, Madeline, 424
Dekle, Glenda, 266, 404
Delay, Dennis, 382
DeLoach, Debi, 435
DeLoach, Ralph, 183, 312, 435
DeLoach, Richard, 325, 411
DeLoach, Vicki, 276, 404
DeLong, G. H., 320, 355, 388
DeLong, Michelle, 264, 424
Dement, Gail, 328, 411
Dement, Diane, 435
Demis, Regenia, 424
Demmons, Kenneth, 435
Demoll, J. P., 435
Demos, George, 177
Dempsey, David, 411
Dempsey, Lynn, 435
Dempsey, Paul, 424
Dempsey, Polly, 288, 424
Denard, Judy, 271, 399
Denham, Lee, 223
Denham, Donna, 278, 424
Dennis, Angelyn, 411
Dennis, Barbara, 435
Dennis, Terry, 411
Dennison, Katharine, 274, 424
Denny, Barbara, 288, 424
Denny, Robert, 330, 399
Denny, Wiilis, 435
Densmore, James, 411
Dent, Marie, 242, 252, 404
Dentith, Susan, 435
Derose, Richard, 304
Derrick, Robert, 330, 394
Derry, R. E., 363
Devaux, William, 364
Dial, Steve, 357
Dibiase, Michael, 320, 394
Dicharry, Ray, 177
Dick, Jackie, 216, 282, 357, 411
Dick, Laurie, 435
Dickens, Andra, 246
Dickerson, William, 346, 424
Dickinson, Sarah, 210, 235, 236, 282, 399
Dickson, Abner, 236, 240
Dickson, Roselyn, 435
Dickson, Sam, 195, 228
Diehl, Terrence, 187
Diers, Bruce, 318, 394
Dietrich, Mary, 271, 424
Dillard, Buddy, 320, 388
Dillard, Rebecca, 292, 411
Dilleshaw, Robert, 334, 435
Dillingham, Brenda, 399
Dillon, Tammy, 388
Dills, Mike, 411
Dimling, Charles, 182
Dimond, Deborah, 202
Dinerman, Alan, 205, 300
Dingman, Paul, 411
Dinkier, Carole, 234
Dinnerman, Bonnie, 424
Dinsmore, Cheryl, 249
Dinsmore, Steven, 394
Dipietro, Marie, 271, 411
Diprima, Marguerite, 264, 424
Disney, David, 363, 388
Dixon, Randy, 394
Dixon, James, 399
Dixon, Jean, 411
Dixon, Linda, 411
Dixon, Susan, 271, 435
Dixon, Richard, 199, 221, 242, 243, 382
Dobbs, Anita, 266, 388
Dobbs, Dana, 282, 388
Dobbs, Marie, 399
Dobbs, Stephen, 424
Dobbs, Nancy, 399
Dobbs, Stuart, 344, 411
Dobson, Jerry, 385
Dodd, Henry, 394
Dodson, Andrew, 435
Dodson, Sunny, 210, 278, 411
Dodson, Robert, 411
Dodson, Roy, 363
Dodson, William, 424
Doerter, Steve, 334, 411
Doherty, Donald, 299, 388
Dolan, Chip, 336, 394
Dolan, Jane, 435
Dollar, Nancy, 288, 411
Dollar, Penny, 435
Dollar, Terry, 330, 424
Dolvin, R. D., 435
Dombrowski, Anna, 204
Donahoe, John, 243
Donald, Lorraine, 424
Donehoo, Dean, 241
Doney, Gail, 388
Donnelly, Rick, 308
Donnelly, Brian, 241
Donnelly, Diane, 435
Donnelly, Michael, 241
Donovan, Kathy, 296, 435
Donovan, L. M., 195,199, 201, 317, 382
Dooley, Annie, 405
Dooley, Cheryl, 399
Patricia Errigo: Education, Secretary, Student Senate, Who's Who
Dooley, Grant, 384
Doran, Deborah, 435
Dorris, Carolyn, 239, 240
Dorsett, Jim, 318, 435
Dorsey, Gary, 424
Dorsey, Mary, 284, 411
Dortch, Pete, 350, 424
Doster, Vernon, 247
Doughtie, Mac, 296, 399
Douglas, Daron, 204, 238
Douglas, John, 384
Douglas, Melissa, 253, 260, 261, 266, 365,
Douglas, Mike, 177
Douglas, Shelley, 298, 411
Douthit, Lynn, 326, 394
Doughit, Miriam, 424
Dove, Lana, 399
Dover, Niles, 382
Dowling, Mary, 252, 404
Downing, Richard, 304, 411
Doyal, R. L., 306, 411
Dozier, Buff, 274, 411
Dozier, Inez, 274, 411
Dozier, Michael, 424
Draffin, Mike, 435
Drage, Wallace, 334, 355, 405
Draisen, David, 324, 356, 424
Drake, Diane, 278, 424
Dralnick, Robin, 435
Drennan, Luther, 346, 394
Dressier, Renate, 238
Drew, James, 334, 388
Drewyer, Dennis, 317, 388
Drexel, Richard, 325, 411
Driggers, Lee, 411
Drinkard, Emory, 350, 435
Driskell, Robert, 435
Druckenbrod, Lenore, 298, 411
Du Mas, Mark, 229
Duckworth, Kenneth, 256, 315, 384, 424
Duckworth, Marilyn, 411
Dudley, Calvin, 233, 355,411
Dudley, June, 239, 240
Duffey, Julia, 399
Duffy, Thomas, 328, 405
Dugan, John, 227
Duke, Linda, 266, 388
Cuke, Stephen, 411
Dukes, John, 256, 315, 384
Dulinawka, Robert, 314, 350, 355, 403
Dumbleton, Ken, 177
Dunagan, Dianne, 271, 399
Dunaway, Gale, 411
Dunaway, Mary, 399
Dunaway, Susan, 276, 399
Dunbar, David, 388
Duncan, Bud, 435
Duncan, Constance, 411
Duncan, Darrell, 411
Duncan, Lynn, 252, 276
Duncan, Mildred, 399
Duncan, Steve, 318, 424
Dunmore, Ronald, 411
Dunlap, Cecilia, 238
Dunlap, Jan, 285, 424
Dunlap, Sam, 336, 411
Dunn, Ben, 382
Dunn, Beverly, 292, 424
Dunn, Joseph, 344, 424
Dunn, Marion, 342, 405
Dunn, Milton, 304
Dunn, Sara, 365
Dunwoody, Neal, 332, 394
Dupree, Donna, 241
Dupree, Martha, 283, 357, 388
Dupree, Ben, 247, 394
Durden, Andrew, 185
Durden, Benjie, 184
Durham, Patricia, 399
Durham, Ray, 338, 411
Durrance, Judy, 223, 272,424
Durrani, Dost, 382
Durst, Ronald, 424
Duskin, Jane, 266, 399
Dutton, Cary, 411
Duval, Robert, 382
Duvernet, Diane, 253, 283, 411
Dwornik, Robert, 319, 384
Dyal, Charles, 435
Dyal, Mary, 272, 405
Dyar, Pattie, 411
Dyer, Ellen, 424
Dyke, Carol, 239
Dyke, Earl, 302
Dykes, Cordelia, 288, 411
Dykes, Earl, 382
Dykes, George, 246
Eager, Josie, 411
Earle, Lou, 435
Earley, Douglas, 320, 411
Earnest, Jean, 411
Eason, Sue, 276, 411
Eason, Patricia, 411
Eason, Sid, 210, 247, 330,411
Easterlin, Ben, 411
Eaton, Sally, 424
Eaves, Robert, 242, 403
, Ellen, 298, 411
t, loan, 252, 266,404
Gail, 274, 399
ames, 424
orraine, 266, 399
Don, 299, 411
lane, 405
n, David, 300, 411
Id, Allen, 411
ild, Franklin, 341, 411
eld, Judy, 424
Roger, 239,411
Sally, 435
nd, Anne, 274, 424
ndson, Floyd, 364, 424
mdson, Jeff, 312, 350, 388
>nson, Alan, 338, 411
jnds, Garrett, 411
irds, Byron, 399
ards, Carl, 424
ards, David, 237
/ards, Dennis, 299
vards, Charlene, 221, 252
yards, Gary, 299, 394
wards, Bruce, 192, 214, 223, 238, 239, 424
wards, Joseph, 355, 394
wards, Nita, 241, 411
Iwards, Kathleen, 238
Iwards, Kerry, 435
iwards, Lawrence, 435
dwards, Gale, 411
dwards, Martha, 292, 411
idwards, Kathy, 411
Edwards, Nancy, 296, 435
Edwards, W. P., 346, 388
Eggers, William, 205, 364
Eggleston, Cynthia, 424
Eggleston, Susan, 435
Egwim, Christopher, 228, 382
Ehrlich, Mary, 344, 388
Eichholz, Gary, 424
Eidson, M, 206, 248
Eidson, Anna, 278, 411
Eisenberg, Carole, 292, 435
Eisenberg, Gene, 300, 424
Elam, Brenda, 424
Elder, |ohn, 233, 325, 388
Eley, Ann, 424
Elfenbein, Debra, 292, 424
Elkins, Mary, 274, 424
Elkins, Stephen, 211, 219, 424
Elkins, Wanda, 411
Eliard, Wayne, 435
Eller, Connie, 424
Ellington, C, 320, 394, 411
Ellington, James, 412
Ellington, lane, 286
Ellington, John, 256, 257
Estes, Paula, 405
Estrumse, Linda, 424
Etheridge, Carol, 264, 435
Etheridge, Charlotte, 424
Etheridge, Roger, 303, 394
Eubank, Harry, 319, 424
Eubanks, Donna, 276, 424
Eubanks, Paula, 282, 387
Eunice, Kay, 239
Evans, Beverly, 424
Evans, David, 424
Evans, )ane, 213, 220, 252, 263, 286, 404
Evans, )ohnny, 205
Evans, Lee, 248, 315, 394
Evans, Vince, 388
Evans, )ayne, 213, 253
Evans, Marilyn, 424
Evans, Mary, 256
Evans, Jan, 399
Evans, Nancy, 382
Evans, Robert, 306, 435
Evans, Lee, 256, 424
Evans, Rowan, 382
Evans, Vicki, 435
Everett, David, 336, 424
Everett, Karyn, 292, 424
Everts, Joanne, 211, 278, 424
Ewing, Susan, 424
Ezell, Tom, 388
Ezzard, William, 394
Faaborg, Gregory, 228
Fabian, Peter, 364
Fackler, Byron, 234
Fagan, James, 355
Failla, John, 394
Fain, Mary, 399
Fair, Jack, 341, 394
Fair, Shayne, 219, 225, 405
Faircloth, C. C 210, 247, 320, 412
Falkenstrom, Theila, 241
Fang, Reed, 435
Farmer, Kelly, 256
Farmer, Harold, 435
Farmer, Jim, 386
Farmer, Janie, 399
Farmer, Nancy, 252
Farnsworth, Steve, 177
Farr, Jonathan, 347, 424
Farr, Peggy, 292, 412
Farr, Terry, 298, 399
Farrar, Marvin, 242, 243
Farrar, Myra, 472
Farrar, Sandra, 435
Farrell, Michael, 424
Farris, James, 372, 472
Faulkner, Judy, 424
Feely, Nita, 424
Fegley, James, 310, 388
Fehskens, Terri, 435
Feig, Bonnie, 292, 424
Feinberg, Jna, 435
Feinberg, Ronald, 218, 224
Feingold, David, 300, 388
Feingold, David, 300, 388
Feinstein, Bob, 344, 424
Feist, Gerard, 184
Felder, Lynda, 286, 472
Felkel, William, 241, 403
Felker, John, 388
Feltman, John, 312, 388
Feltman, Larry, 238, 239
Felton, Claude, 405
Felts, Alice, 278, 365, 412
Felts, William, 303, 394
Felty, H. H 382
Fender, Carol, 435
Fender, Neal, 355, 412
Fenley, Larry, 184, 219
Fennel, Lynne, 274, 424
Ferrell, David, 435
Ferrell, James, 394
Ferrell, Kitty, 399
Ferrell, Linda, 220, 253, 271, 405
Fersen, Paul, 177
Fetner, Terry, 424
Fexley, James, 405
Fico, G. J., 394
Fields, J. H., 315, 384, 424
Fields, Susan, 278, 424
Fieseler, David, 233
Fievet, Charles, 256
Fievet, Chris, 412
Fievet, Linda, 424
Finch, J. B., 412
Finch, Jim, 319, 412
Finch, Susan, 435
Fincher, Hoyt, 334, 388
Fincher, John, 424
Findlay, John, 256
Finley, Patricia, 204, 424
Finnerty, John, 382
Finney, Carolyn, 274, 412
Finney, Kayron, 388
Firor, Helen, 272, 394
Fisher, Marena, 435
Fisher, Mark, 233, 342, 424
Fisherty, Barbara, 399
Fishman, Steve, 356
Fitts, Casey, 271, 424
Fitzgerald, Tom, 435
Fitzgerald, Yvonne, 292, 424
Fitzhugh, Patricia, 274, 424
Fitzpatrick, Barry, 424
Fitzpatrick, Dwain, 219
Fitzpatrick, Jane, 264, 424

Fitzpatrick, Robert, 205, 424
Flagg, Stephen, 299, 424
Flanagin, Stewart, 306, 388
Flatt, Diane, 298, 424
Flatt, Jane, 435
Fleeman, Sandra, 399
Fleenor, Carolyn, 278, 424
Fleisher, Nancy, 280, 4^
Fleming, Barbara, 243, 357
Fleming, Carl, 319, 412
Fleming, Ester, 328, 388, 412
Fleming, Linda, 296, 412
Fleming, Teresa, 271, 425
Fletcher, Joe, 326, 394, 412
Flewellen, Mary, 288, 412
Flinchum, Mitch, 199, 201, 242, 243, 403
Flint, Cordon, 435
Flint, Crisp, 334
Flucker, Cathy, 399
Floersheim, Steve, 344, 388
Floersheim, Suzanne, 280, 425
Flood, Richard, 435
Florence, Harold, 299, 435
Florence, Mike, 330, 382
Flowe, Charlie, 309, 412
Flowers, Arthur, 337, 425
Flowers, W. M., 326, 425
Floyd, e|P 435
Floyd, Edward, 237, 435
Floyd, George, 304, 412-
Floyd, Mary, 425
Flynn, Terrence, 355
Flynt, Charlette, 288, 357, 412
Flynt, Crisp, 334, 364, 412
Foard, Julia, 204
Fogle, Carol, 399
Fokes, Joel, 388
Foley, Ann, 237, 240
Foley, Mike, 321, 412
Folger, Susan, 268, 425
Folk, James, 241
Folk, Ellen, 237, 435
Folwell, Kathie, 435
Foran, Mike, 319, 412
Ford, Ann, 282, 412
Ford, Becky, 388
Ford, John, 435
Ford, Lynne, 267, 412
Fordham, Herbert, 302, 412
Fordham, Peggy, 388
Foreman, Suzanne, 425
Forester, Sid, 341, 425
Forman, Fran, 292, 425
Forrester, Darryl, 220, 340, 341, 405
Forrester, Rebekah, 286, 399
Forsberg, Skip, 321, 425
Forth, Larry, 319, 435
Fortner, Don, 233, 412
Fortner, James, 435
Fortner, Philip, 256, 384
Fortner, Melody, 399
Fortson, Harold, 241
Fortson, James, 399
Fortson, Kenneth, 435
Fortson, L. E., 435
Fortson, Robert, 195, 199, 209, 247, 317,
348, 394
Foshee, Danny, 332, 394
Foss, Peter, 299, 412
Foss, Tony, 388
Foster, Anita, 435
Foster, Brian, 319, 394, 412
Foster, Dianne, 295, 394
Foster, Janet, 282, 412
Foster, John, 195, 304, 394
Foster, Kathryn, 238, 285, 412
Foster, Denise, 425
Foster, Maxie, 184
Foster, Rick, 412
Foster, Richard, 317
Fountain, Marylyn, 298, 357, 425
Fountain, Robert, 234, 256
Fowle, C. M., 388
Fowler, Berry, 233, 412
Fowler, Brenda, 295, 399
Fowler, Jo, 412
Fowler, Joe, 388
Fowler, Joe, 435
Fowler, Linda, 412
Fowler, Robert, 394
Fowler, Walter, 412
Fox, David, 214, 334, 388
Fox, Lewis, 435
Fox, Tina, 412
Fox, Glenn, 256, 315, 425
Frady, Wayne, 394
Frailey, Marilyn, 253, 262, 282, 283, 406
Fraley, Phyllis, 292, 406
Francisco, Lynwood, 241
Frankel, Ellen, 394
Frankel, Shelly, 293, 425
Franklin, Brooks, 209, 247, 338, 394
Franklin, Claudia, 425
Franklin, David, 309, 412
Fraser, Tom, 435
Frazier, Bill, 394
Frazier, Clay, 235
Frazier, M. C., 365, 435
Frazier, Bill, 347, 382
Frear, Charles, 242
Freed, Donna, 412
Freedman, Donald, 233
Freeman, Ben, 332, 435
Freeman, Bud, 237, 355
Freeman, Byron, 312, 425
Freeman, Chunky, 337, 412
Freeman, Dane, 435
Freeman, Joseph, 239, 425
Freeman, Lane, 220, 286, 406
Freeman, Mary, 264, 425
Freeman, Nan, 210, 215, 268, 412
Freeman, Robert, 256
Freeman, Robert, 412
Freeman, June, 357
Freeman, William, 185
Fregosi, Andrea, 435
French, Anne, 271, 399
Fre nch, Randy, 435
Freund, Lawrence, 234, 237, 240
Freyermuth, Mary, 435
Fricks, Gary, 394
Fricks, Thomas, 350, 425
Fridu, Jack, 316, 317, 412
Friedberg, Stephen, 363
Friedberger, Lillian, 280, 412
Friedenberg, Craig, 344, 425
Friedman, Adele, 294., 399
Friedman, Janet, 388
Friedman, Michael, 247, 394
Friedman, Robert, 425
Frierson, Nancy, 412
Frieze, Lynda, 435
Fritsch, David, 394
Fritts, Cynthia, 277, 399
From, Gloria, 294, 435
Frowein, Carolyne, 264, 435
Fry, David, 235
Fry, Marilyn, 394
Fulenwider, Timothy, 233
Fuller, Charles, 256
Fuller, Deborah, 425
Fuller, Tommy, 331, 425
Fuller, Jimmy, 317, 412
Fuller, John, 211, 223, 228, 249, 382
Fuller, Robert, 332, 394
Fulmer, Sherry, 235, 236, 285, 412
Fuqua, John, 317, 364, 394, 412
Furner, Cathi, 295, 412
Fussell, Georgia, 221, 268, 425
Fussell, Jackie, 243, 246
Gable, Jerry, 211, 315, 384
Gaddis, Juanita, 435
Gaertner, John, 412
Gailagher, Patrick, 328
Gaines, James, 247, 248
Gaites, Trent, 412
Gaither, Martha, 253
Galiani, Cecilia, 425
Gallagher, Patrick, 382
Gallman, Gary, 435
Gallow, Kathleen, 425
Galloway, Ann, 252
Galnous, Barbara, 388
Galpin, Daniel, 223
Galt, Linda, 238, 271, 412
Gamble, Lynn, 435
Ganas, Fred, 341, 425
Gandy, Rose, 435
Gangitano, Anthony, 241
Garban, Lynn, 297, 404
Garber, Ronald, 203, 205, 300
Gardner, Charlie, 425
Gardner, Debra, 425
Gardner, Linda, 235, 295, 435
Gardner, Lynda, 297, 399
Garfinkel, David, 344, 435
Gargel, Karen, 435
Garland, Byrd, 247, 341, 394
Garmon, Alan, 388
Garmon, Faye, 252, 412
Garmon, Thomas, 299
Garner, James, 425
Garner, John, 385
Garner, Rebecca, 388
Garnett, Nelson, 209
Garrard, Henry, 206
Garrard, Alice, 219, 253, 277, 412
Garrett, Carol, 272
Garrett, Claudia, 388
Garrett, Henry, 199, 306, 394
Garrett, Louise, 388
Garrett, Carole, 412
Garrett, Beth, 295, 435
Garrett, Richard, 331, 412
Garrison, Doug, 385
Garrison, George, 337, 412
Garrison, Nancy, 435
Garrison, Ronnie, 310, 425
Garrison, Susan, 271, 388
Gary, Frankie, 399
Gash, Jimmy, 382
Gaskins, Robert, 339, 412
Gass, Linda, 297, 404
Gaston, Cherry, 412
Gatewood, James, 210, 247, 337, 412
Gatlin, Charles, 321, 412
Gatlin, Janis, 204, 425
Gay, Brenda, 435
Phyllis VanDyke: English, Sec., Mortar Board, Who's Who
Nancy Hobgood: Education, Vice-president, Mortar Board, Who's Who

vr::;v' r-
David Huseman: Speech, V.-pres., Greenville College, Who's Who
Kathy Horne: Pol. Science, Rush Adv. Chmn., Panhellenic, Who's Who
Cay, Cynthia, 253, 406
Cay, James, 256
Gay, Martha, 224, 400
Gay, Ellen, 283, 435
Gay, Gayle, 399
Gayle, Dick, 206
Geer, Carol, 286, 318, 412
Geer, Nora, 412
Gehrlich, Susan, 204
Geiser, Janie, 435
Geller, Susan, 394
Gentry, David, 338, 412
Gentry, John, 314, 403
Gentry, Steven, 435
Gentry, William, 342, 394
George, Andy, 425
George, Judy, 399
Gerald, Kathy, 235, 435
Gerber, Alan, 300, 425
Gerhardt, Robert, 394
, Gershon, Debra, 412
Gerson, Arleen, 280, 399
Gerson, Jerome, 344, 412
Gersten, Carol, 435
Ghegan, William, 249
Gibbs, Denise, 264, 388
Gibbs, Robin, 412
Gibson, Dale, 237, 239
Gibson, Ellen, 425
' Gibson, Jo Anne, 277, 412
Gibson, Robert, 256
Giddens, Ann, 435
Giddens, JaJa, 435
Giddens, Joanne, 232, 412
Giddens, Margaret, 399
Giddens, Dianne, 435
Giddens, Timothy, 256, 384
Giffen, Thomas, 219, 224, 405
Gifford, Robert, 394
Gift, Eugene, 364, 435
Gigandet, Michael, 256
Gilbert, Linwood, 341, 394
Gilbert, Laura, 280, 412
Gilbert, Mary, 425
' Gilbert, Paul, 177
Gilbert, Ronald, 435
Gilbert, Shayne, 425 ;
Gilbert, Stanley, 234
Giles, Deborah, 274, 412
Giles, Jane, 412
Giles, Blakely, 224
Giles, Linda, 297, 412
Giles, Robert, 256
Giles, Sandy, 435
Gilkey, Marilyn, 435
Gill, A. )., 205, 425
Gill, Cheryl, 388
Gill, Sandy, 264, 412
Gilleland, Frank, 425
Gillespie, Harold, 246, 412
Gillespie, Jan, 299, 394
Gillespie, Janet, 399
Gilley, Jack, 233
Gilley, John, 240
Gilliam, Steve, 304, 412
Gilliland, Thomas, 207
Gilmer, Cliff, 364, 436
Cilmore, Don, 203, 206, 224, 41.
Gilmore, William, 332, 435
Gilreath, James, 38o
Gimpel, Nicholas, 178
Cinn, A. A., 436
Ginn, Brenda, 399
Ginn, Stephen, 328, 425
Ginsberg, Joel, 344, 412
Ginsberg, Ronald, 214
Gipson, James, 412
Gladden, Ronald, 233
Glanz, Gary, 301, 425
Glanker, Michele, 227, 412
Glass, Peggy, 412
Glass, Bill, 338, 412
Glasser, Donald, 388
Glasser, Steven, 225, 406
Glazman, Jon, 412
Glenn, Linda, 288, 399
Glenn, Sceva, 404
Glisson, Mike, 310, 406
Glover, Mary, 264, 265, 412
Glover, Mary, 435
Glover, Richard, 306, 412
Glover, Taylor, 341, 435
Glover, Virginia, 435
Gobel, Jeanne, 252, 412
Godbee, Lynn, 412
Godfrey, Alva, 256, 384
Godfrey, Judy, 226, 412
Godwin, Kathy, 394
Godwin, Michael, 405
Goen, Bobby, 321, 394
Goethe, Joyce, 388
Goff, Carneth, 246
Goggans, William, 382
Golcman, Fran, 357, 425
Goldberg, Ellen, 280, 425
Goldberg, Henry, 394
Goldberg, Roy, 301, 388
Goldberg, Steven, 435
Golden, Dorothy, 388
Golden, Nita, 425
Golden, Louise, 282, 425
Golden, Paul, 234
Golden, Sandra, 242, 412
Goldin, Tommy, 412
Goldin, Cynthia, 435
Goldsby, Jim, 405
Goldsmith, Jean, 204
Goldsmith, Stephen, 364, 436
Goldstein, Armand, 235, 240
Goldstein, Dottie, 281, 399
Goldstein, Marcia, 399
Goldstein, Marlene, 223, 412
Goldstein, Robert, 301, 412
Goleman, Fran, 215, 262
Gonia, Gwendolyn, 292, 412
Good, Quida, 268, 357, 412
Goodgame, Albert, 241
Goodman, G. B., 394
Goodman, Reid, 183
Goodner, Dera, 240
Goodroe, Donald, 412
Goodrum, Jeff, 412
Goodsell, Sara, 272, 436
Goodson, James, 234, 256, 257
Goodson, Roy, 243
Goodwin, Barbra, 256
Goodwin, Raymond, 223
Goodyear, Laura, 267, 425
Goolsby, Jim, 399
Gordon, David, 265, 425
Gordon, Dunneah, 412
Gordon, Hugh, 177
Gordon, Joseph, 425
Gordon, Linda, 294, 412
Gordon, Michael, 412
Gordon, Paul, 185
Gordon, Theodora, 412
Gorley, Margaret, 425
Corman, Douglas, 425
Gorman, Katherine, 295, 436
Gornto, Patricia, 436
Gosa, Cheryl, 237, 238, 436
Gosline, Gregory, 436
Gosney, James, 425
Goss, Debra, 436
Goss, Eddie, 425
Goswick, Ed, 235
Gough, Jo, 267, 412
Gould, Marjorie, 234, 412
Gower, Richard, 224
Gradic, Laura, 436
Grady, John, 256, 315, 384
Grady, Winston, 388
Graf, Robert, 241
Gragg, Danny, 256
Graham, Wayne, 243
Graham, C.T.; 388
Graham, Charlie, 425
Graham, Diane, 436
Graham, Don, 177
Graham, E. G., 436
Graham, Hugh, 412
Graham, James, 224
Graham, Sidney, 220, 224
Grahl, Ken, 211
Grainger, Milton, 394
Granade, Edward, 425
Granade, Michael, 436
Grande, Nancy, 436
Granade, Thomas, 425
Grant, David, 313, 394
Grant, Gary, 247, 342, 394
Grant, Julia, 388
Grant, Priscilla, 388
Grant, Sue, 436
Grantham, James, 399
Grantham, Jenny, 425
Grantham, Sue, 288, 412
Grantz, Tom, 347, 425
Graves, Benjamin, 436
Graves, Jimmy, 335, 394
Graves, Nancy, 388
G raves, Randy, 331, 412
Gravitt, Susan, 412
Gravine, Evanda, 412
Gray, Dave, 223, 331, 413
Gray, George, 364
Gray, Janice, 399
Gray, Margaret, 202, 204, 239, 240, 272, 425
Grayson, J. H., 394
Green, Allen, 342, 413
Green, Carol, 204; 221, 241, 243, 425
Green, Charlie, 210, 337, 388
Green, Charles, 233
Green, Frank, 239
Green, Dare, 413
Green, James, 246, 249
Green, Troy,335, 395
Green, Karen, 436
Green, Linda, 235
Green, Ann, 278, 425
Green, Mary, 210, 288, 425
Green, Rochelle, 436
Green, Steve, 341, 395
Green, Walt, 304, 413
Greene, Bobbie, 271, 413
Greene, Catherine, 425
Greene, Donald, 225, 405
Greene, Joseph, 256
Greene, Mark, 239
Greene, Michael, 332, 412
Greene, Nancy, 282, 413
Greene, Rochelle, 281
Greenhut, Nan, 281, 399
Greenway, Deborah, 237, 278, 425
Green way, Hubert, 388
Greenway, Jacob, 413
Greer, Deborah, 274, 413
Greer, Alan, 395
Greer, Penny, 425
Greer, Becky, 249, 395
Greer, Steve, 177
Greeson, Luetta, 239
Gregg, J. M., 321, 395
Gregg, Susan, 399
Greiner, Jacqueline, 267, 425
Gresham, Chuck, 242
Gresham, Frank, 413
Grice, Ann, 267, 388
Grice, Gary, 425
Grice, Warren, 337, 413
Frider, Cecilia, 365
Grier, Peggy, 413
Griffeth; Jeanne, 296, 404
Griffeth, Larry, 237, 356, 436
Griffeth, Robert, 395
Griffin, Bert, 388
Griffin, Henry, 241
Griffin, Bill, 349
Griffin, Farrest, 382
Griffin, Greg, 341, 406
Griffin, Jim, 305, 388
Griffin, John, 177
Griffin, Bill, 199, 241, 305, 425
Griffin, Kathleen, 413
Griffin, Luther, 205
Griffin, Lynn, 267, 365, 425
Griffin, Marsha, 413
Griffin, Mary, 256
Griffin, Susan, 288
Griffin, Donald, 315
Griffith, Deborah, 225
Griffith, George, 228
Griffith, Henry, 205
Griffith, James, 233
Griffith, Terry, 274, 413
Griggs, Carolyn, 207, 388
Grimes, Ronald, 256
Grindler, Richard, 413
Griner, Kenneth, 332, 425
Grinstead, Carol, 413
Grinstead, Wayne, 239
Grinsted, Horace, 246
Griscom, Liza, 388
Grist, Sandy, 262, 298, 365, 413
Grist, Robert, 317, 425
Grizzle, Arline, 252, 399
Grogan, Penny, 265, 399
Groover, Earl, 242
Gropper, Cheryl, 293, 425
Grose, Victor, 331, 403
Gross, Marianna, 277, 425
Grosser, Deborah, 436
Groszkiewicz, Susan, 388
n\cz, Ted, 388
Grotnes, Lauren, 286, 425
Grove, Debra, 286, 388
Grove, Mimi, 425
Groves, Robert, 413
Groves, Robert, 425
Grubbs, Carol, 269, 413
Grubbs, Kenneth, 256, 257
Guay, Barbara, 436
Gude, Margaret, 288, 425
Guenther, Linda, 271, 425
Guerin, Anita, 413
Guerrant, Fred, 388
Guerrant, Leslie, 399
Guerrant, Theodore, 239
Guillot, Robert, 2J1, 403
Gullay, Palmer, 274, 413
Gunby, Walter, 309, 413
Gunn, Otis, 337, 425
Gunn, Dora, 425
Gunter, Chris, 184, 319, 413
Gunter, Patsy, 425
Guntner, Julia, 204
Gurr, Bonnie, 235
Gushanas, Carol, 267, 425
Guthrie, Jerry, 206, 326, 355, 359, 395
Guthrie, Peter, 239
Guy, Kathy, 265, 425
Guy, Tricia, 271, 365, 425
Guza, Veronica, 425
Haas, Rick, 305, 425
Haberer, Raymond, 246
Hackel, Roberta, 321, 425
Hackney,Joyce, 436
Haddad, Chanem, 382
Hadley, Helen, 425
Hadsell, Nancy, 204, 239, 240, 272, 425
Haga, Sandra, 413
Hagaman, David, 395
Hagan, Cynthia, 388
Hagan, Elliott, 225
Hagan, Harriet, 436
Hagan, Kay, 413
Hagen, Ronald, 344, 425
Hagey, Sally, 238, 365
Hagins, Sam, 341, 413
Hagood, Kells, 436
Hahn, Jack, 413
Hahn, Janet, 277, 334, 425
Hahn, Michael, 413
Hahne, Sharon, 237, 297, 436
Hailey, Ann, 436
Hale, Barbara, 399
Hale, Karen, 292, 365, 413
Hale, Becky, 413
Hale, Eric, 413
Hale, Harold, 246
Hale, Laura, 436
Hale, Robert, 207
Haley, Gene, 205, 209, 326, 425
Haley, Bob, 388
Hall, Beverly, 271, 365, 388
Hall, Charles, 425
Hall Daniel, 225
Hall, Emmett, 413
Hall, Gail, 278, 436
Hall, Rita, 436
Hall, James, 333, 413
Hall, John, 246, 399
Hall, Lee, 334
Hall, Leon, 183
Hall, Linda, 233
Hall, Mark, 342, 405
Hall, Mimi, 413
Hall, .Nancy, 219
Hall, Randall, 388
Hall, Raymond, 256, 384
Hall, Rosemary, 425
Hall, Samuel, 247, 413
Hall, Sandra, 436
Hall, Walter, 301, 425
Halloran, Gregory, 246
Halpern, Helene, 281, 413
Halward, V. M., 382
Hamby, Becky, 264, 425
Hamby, Tom, 211, 221, 242, 243, 246
Hamer, Nancy, 436
Hamilton, Ansley, 413
Hamilton, Chris, 238
Hamilton, Roy, 436
Hamilton, Ray, 184
Hamm, Harvel, 234, 256, 257, 388
Hammel, Evelyn, 292, 413
Hammett, Barbara, 406
Hammett, Deborah, 436
Hammett, Pamela, 436
Hammock, Pat, 288, 340, 399
Hammock, Robert, 341, 413
Hammond, Gladys, 269, 413
Hammond, Donald, 256, 331, 384
Hammond, Steve, 303, 413
Hammond, Vivian, 207
Hammons, Sue, 388
Hammontree, Kenneth, 413
Hampton, Donnie, 177
Hamrick, David, 226
Hamrick, John, 413
Hancock, Jack, 221, 436
Hancock, Janet, 413
Hancock, Judy, 288, 413
Hancock, Julie, 278, 425
Hancock, R. D., 306, 425
Hancock, Susan, 399
Hand, Patsy, 296, 404
Handberry, James, 256, 257, 384
Handelsman, Rhonda, 293, 413
Hanger, James, 306, 425
Hankinson, Tommy, 363, 388
Hannon, Jane, 236, 285
Hansen, Brian, 347, 425
Hansen, Robert, 241, 403
Hansen, R. E., 385
Hansen, Wayne, 302, 382, 389
Hansing, Ken, 413
Hanson, Ingrid, 295, 395
Hanson, Judy, 389
Hanson, Robert, 395
Harber, Beth, 202, 210, 277, 357, 425
Harber, Thomas, 338, 384
Harbin, Kathy, 413
Harbin, Kathleen, 289
Harbour, John, 389
Harbour, Judy, 219
Harbour, Kenneth, 436
Harbson, Joseph, 331, 413
Harcourt, Ray, 436
Hardage, Tim, 399
Hardegree, Sue, 413
Hardegree, Sammy, 413
Hardeman, Robert, 337, 425
Harden, Barry, 256, 315, 384
Harden, Wayne, 413
Harden, Dee, 204, 243, 425
Harden, Glenn, 303, 413
Harden, James, 413
Harden, Ronald, 384
Harden, Sidney, 205
Harder, Nancy, 278, 425
Hardigree, Charles, 246
Harding, Millie, 436
Hardman, Dale, 223
Hardwick, Cheryl, 296, 399
Hardy, Jerry, 355, 389
Hardy, Anita, 232, 395
Margie Cohen: Education, Mortar Board, Who's Who
Susan Blount: Co-Ed., Ca. Impression, Who's Who
Hare, Danelle, 267, 389
Hargett, Gil, 305, -113
Hargrove, John, 338, 395
Harkins, Clinton, 328, 350, 413
Harkins, James, 307, 413
Harkins, Tim, 364
Harley, Tommy, 241
Harley, James, 436
Harling. Thomas, 338, 425
Harman, Charles, 326. 350. 413
Harman, David, 389
Harman, Robert. 249
Harney, Kathy, 283. 365, 425
Harp, Patty, 287, 413
Harp, William, 355
Harpe, Laura, 425
Harper, Doug, 235, 425
Harper, Emily, 292, 330, 413
Harper, Jim, 319, 399
Harper, Penny, 271, 413
Harper, Bob, 389
Harper, Robert, 363
Harper, Thomas, 199, 210, 233, 337, 389
Harrell, Brantley, 413
Harrell, Danny, 385
Harrell, David, 242, 243, 425
Harrell, Adele, 287, 399
Harrell, Kathy, 425
Harrell, Pat, 253, 405
Harrelson, Michael, 185
Harriman, Jay, 234, 274
Harrington, Leslie, 413
Harrington, Sheena, 214, 221, 242, 243, 246
269, 413
Harrington, Susan, 436
Harrington, William, 399
Harrington, Joe, 303, 413
Harris, Ronald, 205
Harris, Barbara, 221
Harris, Brenda, 272, 389
Harris, Dan, 413
Harris, Diane, 285, 425
Harris, Diane, 425
Harris, Earl, 195, 199, 212, 242, 243, 246
Harris, Beth, 207, 260, 269, 389
Harris, Garland, 316, 317, 384
Harris, Jane, 256
Harris, L. L., 307, 425
Harris, Susan, 289, 413
Harris, Beth, 261
Harris, Mary, 425
Harris, Nancy, 265, 413
Harris, Paul, 224, 425
Harris, Richard, 221, 356, 426
Harris, Robert, 337, 436
Harris, Rosalie, 293, 426
Harris, Steve, 335, 413
Harris, Teresa, 399
Harrison, Andrew, 178
Harrison, Cathy, 265, 357, 425
Harrison, Claude, 436
Harrison, Don, 436
Harrison, James, 436
Harrison, Linda, 413
Harrison, Martha, 413
Harrison, Lee, 237, 403
Harrison, Miriam, 425
Harrison, Ronald, 321, 413
Harshbarger, Jackson, 425
Harshman, Linda, 271, 413
Hart, Beverly, 400
Hart, Joann, 241
Hart, Harold, 321, 413
Hart, Karen, 436
Hart, Mary, 295, 365, 413
Hart, Paul, 329, 436
Hart, Robert, 329, 355, 405
Hartley, Linda, 238
Hartley, Martha, 256, 257, 384
Hartley, Marvin, 382
Hartline, Frieda, 436
Hartman, William, 206, 224, 338, 400
Hartness, Edward, 299, 413
Harton, Bill, 425
Harvell, Linda, 243, 292, 413
Harvey, Rita, 256, 413
Harvill, W. M., 436
Haskins, Jill, 204, 293, 425
Haskins, William, 302, 385
Haslam, James, 319, 413
Haslam, Harry, 436
Hassell, Hugh, 436
Hassell, Jim, 389
Hasson, Sara, 217, 293, 400
Hastings, Julia, 238, 240, 389
Hasty, Joan, 269, 413
Hasty, John, 234, 237, 240
Hatch, James, 325, 389
Hatcher, Catherine, 389
Hatcher, Donna, 252, 285,413
Hatcher, Martha, 298, 413
Hatcher, William, 185
Hatkin, Josh, 234
Hattaway, Linda, 269, 400
Hauswirth, Philip, 305, 389
Hawes, Christy, 209, 425
Hawk, Cynthia, 265, 425
Hawkins, Carol, 226, 425
Hawkins, Jenny, 436
Hawkins, M. E., 184, 395
Hawley, Vicki, 287, 389
Hawls, Christy, 221
Hay, Trerta, 274, 400
Hayes, Eloise, 282, 436
Hayes, Keys, 205, 425
Hayes, Gary, 403
Hayes, George, 305
Hayes, Hugh, 241
Hayes, Kelley, 238
Hayes, Michael, 317, 413
Hayes, Richard, 364
Hayes, Scott, 363
Hayes, Cliff, 241
Hayes, Walter, 329, 413
Haygood, Andrew, 364
Hayley, Linda, 260, 276
Haynes, Cathy. 234. 357, 395
Haynes, Davis, 309, 413
Haynes, Donna, 274, 413
Haynes, Geof, 436
Haynie, Barbara, 389
Haynie, Susan, 269, 413
Haynie, Tony, 325
Hays, Keys, 341
Hays, Luther, 425
Hays, Ricky, 389
Hays, Susanna, 237, 240, 413
Hays, William, 389
Haywood, Van, 413
Hazan, Alvin, 240
Hazelrigs, James, 363, 364, 389
Hazen, John, 182
Hazlett, Marlene, 278, 389
Heacock, Margie, 413
Head, Carol, 263, 288, 289, 342, 400
Head, Patsy, 413
Head,Susan,283, 426
Healan, Joseph, 335, 413
Healy, Matt, 426
Heard, Charles, 177, 205
Heard, Jeannie, 413
Heard, Lindsey, 436
Heard, Marcia, 265, 436
Heard, Phillip, 319, 413
Heard, William, 233, 389
Hearin, David, 225
Hearn, Chuck, 426
Hearn, Bobby, 319, 413
Heath, Bobby, 436
Heath, Roland, 400
Hebbard, Billy, 426
Hecht, Linda, 233
Heffernan, John, 319, 413
Heffernan, Theresa, 278,400
Heflin, Frank, 235, 436
Hege, Clint, 325, 413
Hegwood, Alfred, 256
Heissenbuttel, Kathy, 271, 413
Heitert, Scott, 356
Helms, Andrea, 237
Helms, Jane, 289, 426
Hembree, Lynn, 426
Hembree, Ronnie, 292, 426
Hemmaplardh, Brecharr, 382
Hemperley, George, 406
Hemphill Glenn, 436
Hemphill, John, 237
Henderson, Charles, 328, 413
Henderson, Donald, 256
Henderson, George, 237
Henderson, Hal, 318
Henderson, Judy, 400
Henderson, Louise, 389
Henderson, Manda, 365
Henderson, Pamela, 436
Henderson, Ronald, 256,384
Henderson, Valerie, 436
Henderson, Victor, 205,426
Hendley, Archie, 413
Hendley, Arington, 389
Hendley, Michael, 319,351,426
Hendrick, Sharon, 400
Hendrick, Tommy, 347,406
Hendrick, William, 406
Hendrix, Martha, 267,426
Hendrix, Jane, 272,426
Hendry, Peggy, 404
Hendry, Sally, 436
Henley, Amy, 271,389
Hennen, Karen, 413
Hennings, Jack, 321,395
Henry, Sharon, 436
Henry, Barry, 333,395
Henson, Patsy, 436
Henson, Row, 282,413
Henson, Mel, 403
Herb, Henry, 241
Herin, Karen, 413
Herren, Brenda, 436
Herren, Nick, 400
Herrin, Beth, 436
Herrin, Judy, 204,426
Herring, Donald, 333,426
Herring, Bebe, 273,413
Herring, Kathryn, 413
Herring, Thomas, 389
Herring, Janette, 436
Herrington, Brenda, 233,389
Herzberg, Audrey, 257,384
Herzog, Rick, 324,389
Brooks Franklin: Business, Adv. to Business, Finance, Who's Who
Hess, Patty, 365,413
Hester, David, 331,426
Hetherington, Sharon, 436
Hewitt, Dee, 335,400,413
Hewitt, Toni, 436
Hewlett, Dee, 274
Hexter, Kim, 426
Heys, Samuel, 206,218,224,299,426
Hezlep, Richard, 436
Hibbard, Janet, 278,436
Hickey, Marilyn, 426
Hickman, Helen, 217,413
Hickman, John, 3(7,436
Hicks, Albert, 238,239
Hicks, Cynthia, 235,236
Hicks, Danny, 436
Hicks, Debbie, 271,426
Hicks, James, 221
Hicks, Nelson, 313,413
Hicks, Peggy, 426
Hickson, Laura, 238,413
Hickson, Marie, 237,297,436
Hickson, Mona, 426
Hiers, Barbara, 204
Higdon, Beverly, 400
Higgins, Andrea, 278,400
Higgins, Gordon, 225,406
Higgins, Harriet, 436
Highbaugh, Eleanor, 413
Hightower, Georgia, 436
Hightower, Howard, 395
Hightower, James, 384
Hill, Charles, 413
Hill, David, 246,382
Hill, Delicia, 426
Hill, Eddie, 400
Hill, Gloria, 365,404
Hill, James, 239,395
Hill, Lyda, 400
Hill, Marcia, 413 :
Hill, Patrick, 382
Hill, Sharon, 400
Hill, Sharon, 413
Hill, Steele, 389
Hill, Susan, 277,410
Hill, Arthur, 223,426
Hiller, Mary, 204
Hiller, Ken, 321,382,414
Hilley, Bill, 321,426
Hilliard, |ohn, 235
Hillard, Robert, 333,395
Hillman, Robert, 257,384
Hinds, Frank, 309,414
Hines, Harris, 337,426
Hines, Marilyn, 389
Hinesley, Hal, 187,243,333,426
Hinkle, Rick, 309,426
Hinson, Paula, 297,426
Hirsch, David, 344,414
Hirschberger, Jeffery, 344,426
Hirst, Anthony, 347,426
Hisey, Kathy, 426
Hite, John, 389
Hix, Karen, 436
Hix, Steve, 389
Hoard, John, 426
Hobbs, Carol, 400
Hobbs, Gary, 256,315,384
Hobbs, Glenn, 215,223,414
Hobby, Linda, 414
Hobgood, Linda, 210,289,365,426
Hobgood, Nancy, 210, 200, 288, 289
Hodge, Laura, 436
Hodge, Maribeth, 436
Hodge, Sandra, 400
Hodges, George, 205
Hodges, Laura, 414
Hodges, Kay, 212,414
Hodges, Glynn, 268,289,330,331,406
Hodges, William, 205
Hoegsted, Lou, 333,395
Hoelzer, Carol, 414
Earl Harris: Agriculture, Aghon, Clerk, Judicial Council, Who's Who
Hoffman, Clyde, 329,395
Hoffman, Laurie, 293,426
Hoffman, Leslee, 389
Hoffman, Marvin, 214
Hoffman, Susie, 414
Hofstadter, Ann, 228,426
Hogan, Wayne, 341,426
Hogan, George, 256
Hogan, Ronald, 256
Hogan, William, 302,385
Hogan, William, 395
Hogan, Woody, 223,256
Hoge, Ruth, 436
Hogg, Robert, 307,395
Hoichberg, Samuel, 228
Holcomb, Patricia, 389
Holcombe, Becky, 253,265,414
Holcombe, Tom, 414,
Holden, Larry, 309,389
Holder, Frank, 241
Holder, Linda, 414
Holland, Charles, 406
Holland, Linda, 389
Holland, Martha, 289,400
Holland, Michael, 249
Holland, Sherrie, 389
Holley, Wanda, 204,426
Holliday, Vickie, 426
Holliman, Johnny, 224
Hollinger, Joanne Dolores, 389
Hollinger, Oliver, 303,395
Hollinger, Richard, 205,326,426
Hollis, Joe, 395
Hollman, Debbie, 288,426
Holloman, Gary, 187
Hollomon, Janis, 298,414
Holloway, Neil, 241
Holloway, Paul, 414
Holloway, Peggy, 420
Holloway, William, 414
Holmer, Jill, 277,426
Holmes, James, 385
Holmes, Mark, 313,414
Holmes, Norman, 186
Holmes, Robert, 436
Holmes, Susan, 205,237, 265,400
Holmes, Susan, 389
Holmes, W. P. 395
Holstead, Charles, 414
Holt, Elizabeth, 414
Holt, Tom, 414
Holt, Harold, 426
Holt, John, 304,305
Holt, Elmo, 414
Holt, Robert, 426
Holton, Warren, 309,414
Holtzdaw, Sheila, 404
Holycross, Beth, 436
Hon, Edward, 389
Hong, Jo Ann, 389
Hood, Carey, 414
Hood, Jack, 355
Hood, Joel, 355
Hood, Beth, 395
Hood, Gail, 400
Hooker, Nancy, 271,426
Hooks Cynthia, 414
Hooks, Vendie, 233,389
Hooper, Vance, 237
Hoover, Barbara, 414
Hopkins, Dennis, 355,382
Hopkins, Harriet, 400
Hopkins, Hoppy, 317,414
Hopkins, Linda, 204,426
Hopkins Marvin, 321,414
Hopkins, Mary, 285,414
Hopkins, M. J., 436
Hopkins, Steve, 246
Hopkins, William, 225
Hoppe, Pierre, 426
Hopple, Elizabeth, 436
Horan, Stephen, 426
Hornbuckle, William, 395
Horne, Kathy 233,236,241,262, 260,282,389
Horne, Wayne, 389
Horne Deborah, 436
Horner, Lynn, 389
Horkik, Bruce, 301,426
Hornor, Barbara, 287
Hornsby, Curtis, 436
Hornsby, Lawrence,30B, 389
Hornsley, Curtis, 233
Horowitz, Robert, 344,414
Hornstein, Neil, 395
Horst, Kathy, 297,420
Horton, Ellen, 233
Horton, Elton, 233,237,389
Horton, Becky, 210,296, 297, 389
Hoskins, Marsha, 297,400
Hoskins, Mary, 289, 389
Hotard, John, 223,355
Hotz, Walter, 426
Houck, Richard, 347,403
House, Danny, 426
House, Jamie, 414
House, Larry, 389
House, Robert, 233
Houseal, Melissa, 200, 207,209, 215,284, 285,399
Houston, Linda, 404
Houston, Mary, 414
Howard, Betty, 331,414
Howard, Nell,400
Howard, Dana, 436
Howard, Richard, 313,414
Howard, Hugh, 414
Howard, James, 426
Howard, Nell, 282
Howard, R. K. 395
Howard, Steve, 305,426
Howard, Steve, 436
Howe, Camilla, 426
Howe, Emmet, 395
Howe, Sarah, 274, 389
Howe, Stephen, 364
Howell, Jim, 436,
Howell, Mark, 205
Howell, Michael, 206,218,223,224
Howell, Bryan, 341,405
Howell, Ruth, 229, 382
Howell, Tony, 303, 414
Howeth, John, 403
Howland, Donna, 274, 400
Hoyle, Joe, 414
Hoyt, Verne, 426
Hubbard, Elizabeth, 271, 414
Huber, D. A., 243, 403
Hubert, David, 249
Hubert, Deborah, 395
Huckaby, Calton, 256
Huckaby, Danny, 224, 225
Huckleberry, Charles, 382
Hudgins, Carolyn, 389
Hudgins, John, 326, 389
Hudlow, Connie, 436
Hudson, April, 252, 414
Hudson, Dianne, 414
Hudson, J. T., 341, 414
Hudson, Kate, 365
Hudson, Jan, 426
Hudson, Nancy, 426
Hudson, Patricia, 426
Hudson, Hugh, 326, 436
Huff, John, 235
Huff, Judson, 389
Huff, Sam, 237, 241, 389
Huffman, Rocky, 186
Huffman, Mary, 400
Huffman, Rebecca, 232, 389
Huffmaster, Edward, 228
Huggins, Ronnie, 177
Huggins, William, 335, 400
Hughes, Leon, 436
Hughes, Kay, 285, 436
Hughes, Charles, 403
Hughes, Diane, 436
Hughes, Dennis, 177
Hughes, Gloria Jane, 436
Hughes, Gregory, 205, 426
Hughes, Jane, 436
Hughes, David, 223, 400
Hughes, Martha, 414
Hughes, Melinda, 400
Hughes, Robert, 317, 400
Hughes, Trini, 414
Hughey, George, 395
Huie, Ethel, 252, 404
Huish, Peggy, 296
Hulbert, David, 341, 389
Hulcher, Betty, 265, 400
Huling, Glenn, 249
Hull, William, 395
Hullender, Edwin, 184
Hulsey, James, 436
Humphrey, Judy, 274 414
Humphreys, Wesley, 177, 436
Humphreys, John, 414
Humphries, Annis, 389
Humphries, James, 389
Humphries, Maurice, 182
Huneycutt, Ann, 436
Hunnicutt, Charles, 205,-329, 426
Hunnicutt, Charles, 210, 215, 307, 389
Hunnicutt, Cyndia, 436
Hunt, Terry, 382
Hunt, Cheryl, 426
Hunt, Grady, 335, 395
Hunt, Jane, 436
Hunt, Margaret, 414
Hunt, Steven, 205, 426
Hunt, Terry, 304, 305, 395
Hunter, Ann, 289, 389
Hunter, Scott, 436
Hunter, Richard, 338, 426
Hunter, Robert, 203, 205, 206, 339, 351, 426
Hunter, Virginia, 436
Hurd, Bill, 436
Hurley, Bob, 201, 203, 206, 209
Hurst, Ansley, 291, 426
Hurst, Mickey, 403
Hurst, Robert, 337, 426
Hurt, Nancy, 436
Huscusson, Peggy, 436
Huskey, Marion, 297, 426
Hutchens, P. O., 426
Hutheson, Gary, 185, 395
Hutcheson, Jean, 285, 426
Hutcheson, Ronnie, 239
Hutchings, Harriett, 267, 414
Hutchins, Lynda, 414
Hutchins, Mike, 426
Hutchins, William, 414
Hutchinson, Stanley, 246
Hutchison, Bennett, 307, 426
Hutson, Edward, 414
Hutto, J. T 321, 426
Hutzel, Mahalie, 414
Hynds, Forrest, 241, 403
! jp
laconetti, Francis, 241, 403
Iburg, Linda, 426
Idelson, Charles, 426
Imbriano, Philip, 314, 385
Ingram, Kathryn, 436
Ingram, Ronald, 246
Ingram, Vivian, 400
Irby, Elizabeth, 426
Irby, Mary, 389
Irvin, James, 389
Isaacs, Joan, 238
Isaacson, Larry, 233, 301, 414
Isakson, Betty, 248, 414
Iseman, Joseph, 342, 426
Ivester, Vicky, 436
Ivey, George, 363, 365
Ivey, Mary, 365
lzlar. Bob, 228, 313, 414
Jackson, Anita, 246
Jackson, Ann, 274, 426
Jackson, Dana, 389
Jackson, Fred, 364
Jackson, Allan, 246, 349
Jackson, Bruce, 356
Jackson, Howard, 395
Jackson, Jim, 426
Jackson, Judi, 247, 395
Jackson, Elizabeth, 282
Jackson, Marion, 414
Jackson, Jane, 291, 426
Jackson, Brant, 253, 282, 405
Jackson, Nordelia, 389
Jackson, Roger, 386
Jackson, Stanley, 400
Jackson, Thomas, 256
Jackson, T. M., 384
Jackson, Wanda, 225
Jackson, Weezie, 277, 414
Jackson, William, 414
Jackson, William, 316, 317
Jacobs, Alan, 333
Jacobs, John, 400
Jacobs, Mary, 426
Jacobs, Rodney, 178
Jacobson, Anita, 436
Jacobson, Richard, 339, 414
Jaeger, Gary, 344, 437
Jahera, J. S., 223, 414
Jakes, Betsy, 437
James, Annette, 207, 426
James, Carol, 389
James, David, 341
James, Davis, 426
James, Jan, 223, 267, 400
James, Janet, 273, 426
James, Mary, 221
Jansak, Tina, 426, 437
Jaros, Judy, 414
Jarrard, W. T., 303, 395
Jarrell, Catherine, 282, 437
Jarrell, John, 414
Jarrett, William, 229, 237, 240, 389
Jay, Charles, 310, 395
Jaynes, B. L., 363
Jaynes, Deborah, 437
Jeanes, Edward, 426
Jeffcoat, John, 437
Jeffers, Richard, 363, 395
Jeffrey, David, 235
Jenkins, Barbara, 389
Jenkins, Charles, 233, 239, 389
Jenkins, James, 229
Jenkins, Leerie, 241
Jenkins, Mike, 437
Jenkins, Molly, 271, 414
Jenkins, Jan, 274, 400
Jenkins, Sandra, 383
Jennewine, Elizabeth, 400
Jennings, Denise, 437
Jennings, John, 177
Jennings, Stephen, 239
Jennings, Vernon, 321, 350, 414
Jennison, Kim, 307, 426
Jerome, Anne, 285, 389
Jessup, Phillip, 389
Jett, Suzette, 414
Jew, Henry, 426
Jewell, Sue, 400
Jobson, Kay, 202, 204, 284, 426
Joe, Peggy, 256, 257, 384
Joe, Ronald, 364
John, David, 228
Johnert, R. C., 241, 403
Johns, Celeste, 400
Johns, Willard, 414
Johnsa, Sylvia, 395
Johnson, Betty, 192, 326, 414
Johnson, Ann, 437
Johnson, Andy, 225
Beverly Rheney: Home Economics, Pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Who's Who
Johnson, Annette, 400
s' Johnson, Betty, 211, 253, 27',
Johnson, Beverly, 426
Johnson, Carol, 389
Johnson, Cheryle, 298, 414
Johnson, Clete, 355
Johnson, Colleen, 414
Johnson, Cynthia, 389
V Johnson, Cindy, 296, 297, 389
W Johnson, Dale, 365, 363
I Johnson, Darryl, 395
Johnson, David, 326, 426
Johnson, Debbie, 279, 426
W Johnson, Kay, 383
Johnson, Clark, 356
K Johnson, Frank, 339, 414
Johnson, Ceorge, 383
P Johnson, Hal, 339, 426
m Johnson, Henry, 437
Johnson, James, 305, 414
W Johnson, James, 341, 426
Johnson, Janice, 271, 389
W Johnson, Janis, 414
Johnson, Jeanne, 289
I Johnson, Jill, 437
W Johnson, June, 289, 365, 395
Johnson, tennis, 405
f Johnson, Mark, 305, 426
B Johnson, Michael, 228, 365
W Johnson, Mickey, 365, 414
W Johnson, Kan, 252, 264, 425
Johnson, Penny, 400
f Johnson, Perry, 437
Johnson, Pharris, 426
| Johnson, Claire, 282, 414
Johnson, Richard, 246
I Johnson, R. T., 403
I Johnson, Bob, 426
W Johnson, Robin, 437
f Johnson, Sandra, 239
p Johnson, Sharon, 406
F Johnson, Sheryl, 297, 426
r Johnson, Thomas, 256
f Johnson, Terry, 384
I Johnson, W. P., 395
I Johnston, Charles, 426
f Johnston, Charles, 326
f Johnston, Thomas, 234
f Johnston, Tim, 437
F Johnston, Michael, 205, 238
p Joiner, Nancy, 282, 283, 400
I Joiner, Patrick, 241
j Joiner, Robert, 317, 395
1 Jolly, Vic, 237, 437
E Jones, Alan, 389
f Jones, Andrew, 363
f Jones, Barbara, 279, 437
' Jones, Ben, 326, 350, 426
Jones, Carl, 414
Jones, Cheryl, 274, 389
Jones, Dan, 241, 339, 414
Jones, David, 331, 338, 395
Jones, David, 389
I ones, Deborah, 427
ones, Deborah, 291
mes, Elaine, 437
nes, Eleanor, 414
|H Emily, 287, 427
es, Jane, 383
is, Frederic, 233, 355, 389
s, Girard, 337, 427
> Jean, 414
Gregory, 437
Helen, 288, 289, 414
tames, 385
imes, 427
mmy, 347
i, 285, 427
n, 262, 298, 365
:e, 414
1 287, 427
I 271, 414
eth, 395
\e, 414
ill, 331, 395

IB tsa'
Larry Judy: Veterinary Medicine, Gridiron, Who's Who
213, 326, 414
!, 177, 337, 427
12, 315, 384

Steve Roberts: Zoology, Adv., Health Services, Who's Who
Andy Seery: Business, Student Senate, Who's Who
Jordan, Julie, 414
Jordan, Larry, 327, 437
Jordan, Lawrie, 427
Jordan, Martha, 400
Jordan, Lisa, 291
Jordan, Mary, 291
Jordan, Ralph, 315, 384
Jordan, Steve, 335, 427
Jordan, William, 205, 239
Joseph, Jackson, 205
Josephson, Cheryl, 437
Jowers, David, 342, 406
Jowers, Pleasant, 414
Jowers, Madelon, 403, 414 ~
Joyce, Carol, 217
Joyner, Joseph, 414
Judd, Richard, 227
Judge, Mary, 296, 414
Judy, Larry, 195,199, 242, 243
Jue, Pamela, 437
Jung, James, 302, 386
Jurin, Susie, 293, 414
Justice, Kathryn, 437
Kahle, Susan, 427
Kaminsky, Barbara, 414
Kamis, James, 389
Kamsky, Linda, 263, 293, 365, 427
Kandul, Stephen, 223
Kane, Mary, 389
Kane, Sharyn,-218
Kanter, Richard, 233, 344, 414
Kanter, Vida, 225
Kantsiper, Lynne, 281, 414
Kaplan, Sheila, 293, 414
Kaplan, Clay, 301, 427
Kaplan, Howard, 233
Kaplan, Marcia, 293, 427
Karwisch, Pat, 234, 236, 240
Kasprzykowski, Carol, 414
Kasselman, Maxine, 253
Kastner, Robert, 437
Katter, Gary, 341, 437
Kaucher, Sabina, 291, 414
Kauvar, Leslye, 293, 414
Kay, Julianne, 437
Kay, Nancy, 427
Kaye, Karol, 281, 400
Kea, Bud, 341
Kea, Hugh, 427
Keadle, Haygood, 414
Keappler, Kathy, 414
Kearns, Donn, 223, 355, 414
Keathley, Phillip, 239
Keeton, Ronald, 247, 249
Keich, Ernest, 256, 315, 384
Keim, Sandra, 437
Keith, Joseph, 185, 364
Keith, Nicholas, 389
Keith, Kendall, 177
Kelleher, Larry, 414
Kellett, Jane, 285, 365, 400
Kelley, David, 427
Kelley, Elaine, 235, 237, 437
Kelley, Margaret, 437
Kellogg, Sally, 269, 427
Kelly, C. R., 321, 427
Kelly, Christine, 296, 427
Kelly, David, 309
Kelly, Don, 335, 427
Kelly, Mary, 267, 414
Kelly, Nancy, 437
Kelly, Susan, 287, 414
Kelly, William, 233
Kelsay, Betsy, 437
Kelsay, Patricia, 427
Kemen, Joanne, 427
Kemp, Bruce, 177, 237
Kemp, Jan, 406
Kemp, Anita, 279, 389
Kemp, William, 400
Kempt, Marilyn, 427
Kendrick, Douglas, 437
Kendrick, L. K., 414
Kendrick, Steven, 205
Kennedy, Carol, 414
Kennedy, Delores, 414
Kennedy, James, 395
Kennedy, Marcia, 267, 414
Kennedy, Robin, 219, 220
Kenney, John, 234, 239, 240
Kennickell, Karen, 252, 261, 267, 365, 404
Kent, Stephen, 307, 427
Kenworthy, Nancy, 414
Kerr, Michael, 247
Kerr, Steve, 307, 349
Kerwin, Mary, 204, 271, 357, 427
Kesler, Kenneth, 400
Kessler, Ronald, 395
Kessler, Mary, 239, 437
Kessler, Shelley, 293, 437
Ketcham, Toby, 281, 414
Key, Judy, 253, 284
Key, Peggy, 252, 404
Key, Woodruff, 355, 395
Khoury, James, 395
Kicklighter, Dale, 342, 386
Kickliter, Carole, 283, 427
Kidd, Douglas, 215, 221
Kilday, Shirley, 389
Kilgore, Mary, 279, 427
Kilgore, Mimi, 291, 404
Kilgore, Sheila, 400
Killeen, Laura, 287, 427
Killian, Daniel, 414
Killian, Robert, 342, 351, 437
Kirkpatrick, Ronald, 339
Kimble, Joyce, 427
Kimbrell, Rosemary, 267, 390
Kimbrough, Craig, 228, 414
Kimsey, Janice, 252, 404
Kimsey, Bucky, 177
Kinard, Judy, 298, 414
King, Barbara, 274, 414
King, Kathy, 400
King, Dianne, 271, 390
King, Donna, 279, 427
King, Fran, 217
King, Mary, 427
King, Marta, 287, 437
King, Mary, 437
King, Robert, 325, 414
King, Kaye, 275, 427
Kingston, Kathy, 277, 437
Kinney, Phil, 321, 414
Kinney, Phillip, 427
Kinsey, Darrell, 239, 240, 390
Kirby, David, 247, 395
Kirk, Christy, 437
Kirk, Howard, 182
Kirkland, Ann, 415
Kirkland, Emily, 285, 400
Kirkley, Freddy, 390
Kirkpatrick, Ronald, 363, 395
Kirkus, Dana, 279, 415
Kirsch, Robert, 437
Kirton, Krystine, 414
Kiser, Richard, 390
Kiser, Thomas, 355
Kitchens, Ralph, 339, 415
Kitchens, James, 229, 415
Kitchens, Steven, 177, 183
Kitchin, Phil, 437
Klausman, Glenn, 324, 437
Kleckley, David, 234, 235
Klein, Peter, 331, 389, 415
Klemann, Nancy, 298, 383
Klepak, Gary, 235
Kletzky, Edward, 301, 427
Kline, Bill, 437
Kloth, Nancy, 293, 427
Klug, Judith, 395
Kluger, Jeri, 400
Kluttz, Buddy, 395
Knauth, Marilyn, 253
Knecht, David, 415
Knigge, Mike, 437
Knight, Jacquelyn, 437
Knight, Linda, 272, 273, 400
Knight, Patricia, 427
Knight, Ralph, 331, 350, 415
knight, William, 243
Knipp, Stephen, 183
Knowlton, Robert, 364
Knox, Andy, 177, 317, 427
Knox, John, 337, 437
Kohn, Randy, 339, 395
Kolgaklis, Ethel, 285, 415
Komac, Tony, 313, 395
Konigsmark, Warren, 395
Konter, Sally, 281, 437
Kopp, David, 390
Kornfield, Thomas, 364
Koteas, George, 312
Kotzan, Jeffrey, 315, 384
Koulianos, Nick, 403
Kouns, Cam, 317, 400
Kovacich, John, 205, 228, 355
Kraar, Norman, 344, 415
Kramer, Russell, 233
Kraul, Gretchen, 278, 427
Kraus, Kathy, 415
Krause, Jeannette, 279, 415
Krebs, Julia, 234
Kreher, Gay, 267, 365, 427
Krithayakiern, Vichuda, 383
Kryder, Jeffrey, 327, 406
Krysalka, Richard, 415
Kuehl, Leanne, 415
Kuhl, Marvin, 342, 437
Kuhl, Ruth, 386
Kuhlmann, John, 247, 395
Kuhn, Karen, 234
Kulbersh, David, 344, 427
Kulbersh, Paul, 427
Kuniansky, Carol, 427
Kunze, Dolores, 427
Kurtzman, Howard, 437
Kurutz, Stephen, 241
Kwilecki, Margaret, 275, 415
Kyzer, Brad, 403
Lacy, Rusty, 335, 415
Ladd, Barry, 223, 415
Ladner, Susan, 437
Lafleur, Mariette, 437
Lain, Angela, 437
Laitala, Erwin, 437
Lake, Eugene, 303, 395
Lam, William, 305
Lamb, James, 395
I Lambert, Dudley, 256, 303, 384
Lambert, Herman, 256, 315, 427
; Lambert, Linda, 390
| Lamberth, Donald, 241, 390
t Lamhut, Faye, 437
i Lamotte, Barbara, 437
i Lamphere, Marilyn, 415
Lanard, Mike, 333, 427, 437
| Lancaster, W. E., 415
| Lance, F. J., 390
I Landau, Edmund, 228
I Landers, Nancy, 404
I Landing, Shannon, 289, 427
I Landrum, Frank, 390
; Landrum, Tom, 192, 203, 427
Lane, Carolyn, 415
Lane, George, 249
'f:: Lane, John, 339, 415
I Lane, Mary, 256, 427
|! Lane, Michael, 390
f Lane, Nancy, 390
\ Lane, Paula, 437
? Lane, Sara, 289, 400
I Laney, E. G., 395
Laney, Robert, 331, 415
; Langan, Mallory, 41.5
Langdon, Barbara, 237, 427
| Lange, Karla, 415
Lange, Martin, 383
Langford, Gloria, 437
c Langford, Judy, 220, 289, 415
| Langford, Mary, 400
| Langsfeld, John, 344, 390
| Lanier, Chuck, 303, 415
I Lanier, Hank, 235
Lanier, Linda, 279, 427
- Lanier, Ann, 253, 406
Lanier, Tyre, 238
Laning, M. R., 390
. Lankford, Betty, 297, 427
I Lankford, Wayne, 256, 315, 427
Lankford, William, 415
[ Lantzy, Judy, 204, 238
Lantzy, Linda, 238, 390
Lapeza, Jim, 331, 395
Lapidus, Steve, 301, 390
Laratta, Patricia, 415
Large, Elizabeth, 404
i Large, Jack, 383
| Large, Thomas, 234, 256
Largen, Robert, 415
Lardsa, Valerie, 400
Lasseter, Susan, 279, 427
Lassiter, Michael, 214
|j Latham, Lois, 279, 427
Lautenschlager, Craig, 437
Lavely, Calvin, 403
Lavender, Lynn, 210, 271, 365, 415
pj-aw, Eileen, 390
r Law, Louise, 235, 437
Lawing, Cathy, 437
Lawrence, Karen, 265, 390
Lawrence, Molly, 273, 390
Lawrence, Roger, 382
Lawrence, Ted, 437
Laws, Debby, 289, 390
Lawson, Lisa, 279, 415
Lawton, Justine, 275, 390
Lazarus, Myra, 365
Lazzara, Johnnie, 243, 437
Leach, Patricia, 427
Leary, Kathy, 437
Leath, Dennis, 177
Leatherwood, Wanda, 437
Leavitt, Marion, 415
Ledar, Gerald, 415
Ledbetter, Joy, 288, 289, 415
Ledbetter, S. E., 321, 427
Ledford, Wanda, 437
Lee, Albert, 345, 427
Lee, Carey, 228, 427
: Lee, Catherine, 427
Lee, David, 249, 341, 427
Lee, Dennis, 321, 427
Lee, Gerry, 341, 415
Lee, Greg, 246, 386
Lee, Janice, 283, 437
Lee, Jerry, 415
Lee, John, 335, 415
Lee, Linda, 287, 437
Lee, Pamela, 239
Lee, Bobby, 307
Lee, Stephen, 243
Lee, William, 415
Lee, William, 344
Leeb, James, 337, 415
Leech, Mike, 437
Leet, Becky, 218, 253
Leffew, Kathy, 253, 282, 415
Lefors, Alan, 437
Legwen, Glenn, 241
Lehman, Steve, 247, 395
Lei, William, 249
Leibowitz, John, 437
Leibowitz, Mark, 390
Leigh, J. O., 317, 415
I Leire, David, 235
I Leland, Jane, 221, 242, 385
Lemly, Susan, 210, 224
Lemon, Kathryn, 277, 415
Lenner, Lois, 281, 427
Leonard, Sara, 269, 390
Lepham, Mary, 383
Leslie, Elizabeth, 427
Leslie, Theresa, 415
Lester, Edward, 415
Lester, Larry, 383
Lester, Susan, 273, 427
Lester, Walter, 247
Lester, Wayne, 427
Levan, Grace, 204
Levene, Linda, 293, 427
Leverett, Carey, 325, 415
Leverett, Julia, 269, 415
Leverette, Mimi, 265, 427
Levie, David, 221, 437
Levine, Rhonda, 239, 427
Levow, Alan, 203, 205, 210, 301, 415
Levy, Ellen, 241, 281, 390
Lewallen, Brenda, 395
Lewis, Alma, 427
Lewis, David, 395
Lewis, D. L., 390
Lewis, Deborah, 296, 437
Lewis, Diane, 279, 415
Lewis, Eugene, 427
Lewis, Lamar, 249
Lewis, Francis, 415
Lewis, Gene, 437
Lewis, Jerry, 234, 241
Lewis, Joanne, 277, 357, 415
Lewis, John, 437
Lewis, Karen, 289, 390
Lewis, Kenneth, 228
Lewis, Larry, 234, 384
Lewis, Linda, 386
Lewis, Lon, 305, 427
Lewis, Mary, 204
Lewis, Nawanna, 437
Ley, Mike, 197, 198, 206
Libby, Stuart, 437
Liberman, Morton, 403
Licht, Bill, 256, 384
Liebler, Lloyd, 187
Lienhard, Bob, 178, 179
Lifsey, Joyce, 204, 427
Limbird, Rick, 233, 304, 305, 427
Lindeman, Joel, 339, 427
Lindemann, Richard, 192, 207
Linder, Franklin, 256, 384
Lind ley, Thomas, 247
Lind ley, Liz, 365
Lindley, Bobby, 363, 437
Lindley, Thomas, 437
Lindsay, Diane, 437
Lindsay, Richard, 339, 415
Lindsey, Jan, 235, 296, 427
Lindsey, Lewis, 427
Lindsey, William, 415
Lindstrom, John, 238
Lineback, Nancy, 437
Lines, John, 390
Lingle, Christopher, 395
Link, Gary, 229
Linse, Keith, 256, 384
Lintern, David, 310, 427
Lipe, Rosanne, 273, 427
Lipps, Jane, 283, 400
Lipsitz, Charlotte, 293, 390
Lipsitz, Maxine, 438
Lipson, Fran, 390
Little, June, 415
Little, David, 438
Little, J. D., 321, 359, 415
Little, Patty, 213, 267, 415
Little, Renay, 415
Littleton, Ernest, 438
Livingston, Donnie, 341, 395, 406
Livingston, Ray, 339, 415
Lloyd, John, 344, 395
Lloyd, Walter, 237
Lobrano, Edward, 337, 395
Lockhart, Betty, 427
Loden, Stephany, 415
Loeffel, Chris, 271, 427
Loftin, Ann, 252, 404
Lofton, Mark, 359
Loggins, T. J., 243, 403
Logsdon, Michael, 185
Logue, Candy, 216, 224
Lohr, Chris, 237
Loman, Thomas, 386
Long, Betty, 271, 427
Long, Debbie, 438
Long, Donna, 237, 427
Long, Edwin, 438
Long, Mary, 415
Long, William, 238, 415
Longe, Robert, 256
Longhbridge, Larry, 386
Longino, John, 438
Lonsack, Nancy, 291, 427
Lonsack, Susan, 273, 383
Loo, Lily, 384
Loomis, Jane, 279, 390
Loomis, Mike, 205, 355
Looney, Lynne, 267, 438
Looper, Randy, 331, 390
Lopatka, Anthony, 185
Kaye Shadix: French Ed., Pres., Kappa Delta, Who's Who
Charlie Green: Chemistry, Student Senate, Who's Who

Lopatka, Mike, 177
Lopez, Juan, 382
Lopp, Jerrell, 234
Lorberbaum, Ralph, 301, 363, 395
Lord, Carol, 278
Lord, Gwen, 404
Lord, Janice, 235, 237, 279, 297, 427
Lott, Clinton, 187, 427
Lott, Don, 341
Lott, Dan, 395
Lott, Jerry, 390
Lotz, Susan, 269, 299, 427
Loughlin, Joseph, 256
Loughridge, David, 305, 438
Love, Judy, 277, 427
Love, Peggy, 427
Love, Steve, 344, 390
Lovein, John, 321, 427
Lovejoy, Alice, 219, 438
Lovett, Carolyn, 277, 390
Lovett, Tom, 195, 256, 257, 315, 384
Loving, Lynn, 297, 427
Lovvorn, Lee, 192, 207, 209, 282, 415
Low, Albert, 427
Low, Helen, 256
Low, Robert, 228, 395
Lowe, Anna, 269, 438
Lowe, Jeanne, 400
Lowe, Jerry, 415
Lower, Kathleen, 438
Lowery, Beth, 404
Lowery, Jay, 415
Lowry, Ron, 341, 415
Lowry, Thomas, 226
Loyd, William, 427
Lu, Esther, 383
Lubs, John, 390
Lucas, David, 195, 199, 206, 247, 395
Luckie, Jimmy, 415
Luckie, Bobby, 438
Lufburrow, Debbie, 265, 415
Luke, Ellen, 265, 427
Luke, Kenneth, 243
Lumpkin, Thomas, 333, 427
Lund, Albert, 237
Lund, Gretchen, 238, 240
Lurey, Jeffrey, 256
Lutz, Christopher, 364
Lutz, Duffie, 317, 415
Lyerly, Nancy, 220, 253
Lyford, Melody, 390
Lyle, Mary, 239
Lyle, Patricia, 291, 427
Lyle, Sharon, 269, 390
Lyle, Ewell, 330, 331, 403
Lynch, Debbie, 297, 415
Lynch, Rosemary, 438
Lynch, Susan, 297, 365, 415
LyOn, Lynne, 287, 406
Lyons, Gary Ann, 390
Lyons, Thomas, 177, 199, 201, 206
Lytle, May, 415
Maccoll, Ginny, 282, 438
MacFadden, Neal, 427
MacFarlane, Robert, 395
Maclnnes, Cathy,v261, 269, 400
Mackey, Mac, 341, 427
Macuch, Donna, 427
Maddox, Diane, 415
Maddox, Rick, 228, 427
Maddox, Jessica, 415
Maddox, Roy, 334, 335, 427
Maddox, William, 438
Maddox, Hugh, 438
Madison, Tom, 438
Maffett, Jane, 285, 357, 415
Magarahan, Michael, 182
Magill, Mollie, 275, 400
Mahan, Anne, 269, 415
Mahany, Hugh, 309, 415
Maher, John, 363
Mahle, Henrietta, 415
Maholick, Kathy, 269, 427
Maier, Sharon, 291, 415
Main, Greg, 177
Major, Everett, 406
Majors, Louis, 415, 427
Majure, Wallace, 415
Malarz, Charlie, 344, 415
Malcolm, Tony, 242
Malicki, Catherine, 438
Mallinson, Genie, 395
Mallory, Richard, 364
Malone, Cecil, 306, 307, 415
Malone, Charles, 325, 390
Malone, Frank, 313, 355, 395
Malone, J. K., 307, 427
Malone, Richard, 246
Maloof, Gail, 269, 400
Malto, Dennis, 256
Mamalakis, John, 333, 390
Mamatey, Pete, 331, 427
Mancey, Carole, 404
Manget, Fred, 219
Manget, William, 363
Mangum, Byron, 205, 307, 427
Manheim, Alan, 203, 205, 301, 349, 427
Manley, Carole, 291
Manning, Alvin, 242, 302, 386
Manning, John, 241
Manning, Lee, 438
Manning, Marilyn, 438
Mansell, Susan, 234, 240
Mansfield, George, 415
Manson, Andrew, 326, 395
Mansour, Mary, 289, 406
Mansour, Pam, 289, 406
Manton, Tom, 299, 395
Mapes, Cynthia, 428
Maples, Janet, 438
Maples, Vaughn, 207
Marbury, John, 317, 428
Marchiony, Claudia, 438
Marciniak, Thomas, 438
Marcinko, John, 428
Marcus, Rick, 301, 395
Marcus, Ted, 344, 345, 415
Maret, Judy, 239, 390
Marett, James, 428
Margeson, Hank, 317, 395
Margeson, Kathy, 275, 438
Markert, George, 23 '
Markham, Albert, 38b
Marks, Carter, 287, 428
Marks, Nancy, 428
Marks, Mendy, 281, 415
Markwood, Ronnie, 333, 395
Marlow, J. L., 415
Marrin, Patricia, 405
Marsh, Richard, 335, 415
Marsh, William, 438
Marshall, Buddy, 321, 428
Marshall, Betsie, 438
Marshall, Randolph, 241
Martens, Janet, 263, 289
Martin, Ben, 415
Martin, Carl, 415
Martin, Charles, 305
Martin, Deborah, 428
Martin, Ellis, 238, 239
Martin, Kay, 438
Martin, Frank, 395
Martin, Gail, 415
Martin, George, 364
Martin, Gloria, 269, 428
Martin, Jack, 307, 390
Martin, James, 415
Martin, Jerry, 415
Martin, John, 329, 415
Martin, John, 438
Martin, Julie, 204, 289, 428
Martin, Linda, 438
Martin, Mary, 428
Martin, Michael, 183, 306, 313
Martin, Lynn, 265, 287, 415
Martin, Richard, 305
Martin, Sandy, 428
Martin, Sandra, 204
Martin, Shirley, 415
Martin, David, 438
.Martinson, Pamela, 438
Mashburn, Jan, 428
Mashburn, Marquerite, 400
Mason, Debbie, 415
Mason, Richard, 415
Massey, Adrianne, 209
Massey, Marsha, 438
Massey, Sam, 256, 384
Massey, Sherry, 390
Massie, Juanita, 404
Masters, David, 235, 239
Masters, Gene, 383
Masters, Libby, 400
Mastin, Susan, 267, 428
Mateling, Randall, 177
Mathes, Patricia, 240, 277, 428
Matheson, Linda, 228, 253, 405
Matheson, Susan, 428
Mathews, Cheryl, 295, 428
Mathews, Kendrick, 438
Mathewson, Alice, 428
Mathis, Cecilia, 415
Mathis, Nancy, 415
Matthews, Aprile, 215, 284, 285, 415
Matthews, Randy, 404
Matthews, Nancy, 275, 400
Mathews, Sue, 269, 383
Matthews, Walter, 386
Mattox, Marcia, 438
Mattson, Pat, 438
Mauldin, Howdll, 396
Mauldin, Jimmy, 428
Mauldin, Kathryn, 438
Mauldin, Sandy, 400
Mauney, Jane, 428
Maurer, Michele, 390
Maury, Deane, 225
Maury, Lynne, 415
Mautz, Greg, 339, 428
Maxwell, Jeanie, 269, 400
Maxwell, Debbie, 277, 279, 428
Maxwell, John, 415
Maxwell, Lynda, 221, 273, 415
Maxwell, Alan, 390
Maxwell, Thomas, 317
May, Diane, 267, 400
May, Martha, 238, 239
May, Mary Katherine, 277, 428
Mayberry, Kirk, 438
Mayfield, Vicki, 271, 428
Maynard, Newtta, 404
Mayo, Marcia, 285, 415
Mays, Leslie, 415
Mazwell, Deborah, 365
Mazur, Jane, 438
Mazza, Alan, 241, 386
McAfee, Esther, 438
McAfee, Sandy, 279, 428
McAfee, Sunny, 267, 404
McAlister, Reid, 396
Tommy Lyons: Psychology, Varsity Football, Who's Who
Richard Dixon: Vet. Med., Ed., Veterinarius, Who's Who

McAllister, Dunham, 212
McArthur, Malcolm, 195, 201, 226, 355, 390
McBee, William, 386
McBrayer, Tom, 356
McBride, Jane, 404
McBride, John, 438
McBride, Judy, 295
McBride, Paul, 211, 383
McCabe, Cathy, 22l, 269, 365
McCain, Bruce, 333, 363, 396
McCain, John, 237, 239, 240
McCall, Cathy, 415
McCallum, George, 313, 415
McCallum, Rachel, 234
McCampbell, Marcia, 287, 438
McCampbell, Sydney, 286, 287, 390
McCamy, Steve, 335
McCann, David, 390
McCarn, Robert, 383
McCarty, Gail, 298, 415
McChesney, Virginia, 217, 415
McChesney, William, 184
McClintock, Elizabeth, 271, 406
McClure, Peggy, 269, 415
McClure, Gail, 415
McClure, Ronald, 205
McClurg, Brenda, 400
McCluskey, Gene, 309, 415
McCollum, Dan, 249
McCollum, Jay, 396
McCollum, Jan, 400
McConnell, David, 356, 438
McConnell, Jonathan, 383
McConnell, Joseph, 396
McConnell, Mary, 271
McConnell, Mason, 438
McConnell, Thomas, 344, 390
McConnell, Wayne, 177
McCord,Cynthia, 438
McCord, John, 184, 438
McCorkel, Charlotte, 298, 390
McCorkle, Robert, 249, 383
McCormick, John, 302, 415
McCormick, Trish, 204, 298, 406
McCormick, Philip, 321, 438
McCormick, Ann, 277
McCoy, Barry, 438
McCoy, Betty Jo, 400
McCoy, Kathryn, 204
McCoy, Michael, 177, 205
McCoy, Randall, 396
McCoy, Robert, 318, 319, 415
McCranie, Susan, 277, 415
McCrary, Rebecca, 232, 400
McCrary, Royce, 302, 386
McCray, John, 249
McCreery, Eleanor, 235, 438
McCreery, R. M., 390
McCuiston, Ronald, 383
McCullough, Dorothy, 253
McCullough, Jim, 177 |
McCullough, Michael, 337, 415
McCurley, Brenda, 416
McCurley, Stephen, 241
McCurry, Cliff, 333, 396
McCutchen, Cathy, 285, 416
McCutcheon, Bates, 337
McDaniel, Patricia, 279, 400
McDaniel, Peggy, 400
McDaniel, Shirley, 291
McDavid, Cheryl, 267
McDavid, Bob, 177, 337
McDeely, Linda, 404
McDermid, Stella, 416
McDermott, Julia, 438
McDermott, William, 184, 438
McDonald, Angela, 438
McDonald, Clarence, 400
McDonald, David, 416
McDonald, Janna, 400
McDonald, Linda, 404
McDonald, Marlene, 204
McDonald, Mary, 267, 406
McDonald, Miles, 299
McDonald, Morris, 386
McDonald, Ray, 239
McDonald, Gail, 237
McDonnell, Robert, 328, 329, 416
McDougal, Jeff, 205, 416
McDougal, Marion, 283, 438
McDougle, John, 363
McDuffie, Charles, 234, 256, 257
McDuffie, Franklin, 226, 239, 416
McElhannon, Mary, 253, 390
McElmurray, Janet, 416
McElreath, William, 340, 341, 416
McEver, David, 246
McEver, Mike, 341, 416
McEwen, John, 335, 396
McFadden, Neal, 335
McFarland, Henry, 246
McGarity, Vicki, 277, 400
McGarity, John, 390
McGarity, Grant, 406
McGarity, Stu, 223, 438
McGee, Carole, 243, 438
McGee, Patrick, 416
McGee, Sara, 204
McGee, Sally, 226
McGeehan, Mike, 329, 396
McGhee, Terence, 237
McGill, Lydia, 404
McGill, Curtis, 177, 400
McGinness, George, 396
McGlaun, Jack, 333, 390
McGlon, Roger, 390
McGoogan, John, 396
McGowan, Cheryl, 295, 428
McGowan, Edgar, 396
McGowan, Joan, 279, 428
McGowan, Johnny, 242, 246
McGowan, Larry, 256, 384
McGowan, Sherry, 438
McGrath, James, 438
McGuffey, Carroll, 310, 356, 438
McGuire, Rebecca, 289, 428
McHan, Nancy, 416
McHan, Penelope, 416
McHenry, Ellen, 416
McHenry, Joyce, 272, 390
McHugh, J. C., 396
Mclnnis, Mildred, 204
McIntosh, Mary, 416
McKee, Mary, 416
McKee, Tina, 416
McKellar, Clarence, 428
McKelvey, Charles, 438
McKenna, Gail, 365
.McKenzie, Martha, 267, 416
McKibben, Jeff, 209, 321, 390
McKibben, Tricia, 216, 224, 253, 416
McKillip, James, 236
McKinley, Barbara, 203
McKinley, Joyce, 227, 273
McKinney, Harold, 339, 416
McKinney, Jane, 269, 410
McKinney, Robert, 183, 308, 309, 416
McKnight, James, 438
McKnight, Lawrence, 177
McKnight, Joy, 241
McKown, Melton, 416
McKown, Sara, 416
McLanahan, Cathy, 400
McLanahan, Myra, 404
McLane, Christy, 438
McLane, Linda, 296, 416
McLaughlin, Barbara, 217, 238, 239, 294,
295, 428
McLaughlin, Cheryll, 263, 295, 400
McLaughlin, Martha, 287, 438
McLaughlin, Maureen, 210, 410
McLean, Thomas, 416
McLelland, Carol, 298, 400
McLelland, Jan, 269, 416
McLemore, Bill, 416
McLendon, Kenny, 317, 416
McLendon, Mona, 428
McLendon, William, 207
McLeod, Dale, 428
McLeod, William, 247
McLure, Cherry, 438
McMakin, Irene, 416
McManus, Connie, 438
McMath, Sue, 416
McMath, Linda, 237
McMichael, Elaine, 289, 428
McMichael, Jack, 384
McMillan, Luceil, 400
McMillan, James, 246
McMillan, R. E., 438
McMinn, Lynn, 277, 416
McNair, Marjorie, 438
McNally, Kathy, 438
McNeal, Joan, 416
McNeal, Elaine, 279, 416
McNeely, Linda, 267, 390
McNeill, Mary, 400
McNeill, William, 241, 438
McNew, Janet, 192, 438
McNew, Pamela, 297, 428
McNiel, Nancy, 275, 438
McPeake, Dwain, 438
McPhail. Charles, 236, 239, 240
McPhee, Sandra, 235, 237
McPherson, Charles, 428
McPherson, Corry, 252, 291, 404
McPherson, Margaret, 428
McPherson, Margaret, 275, 438
McPipkin, Paul, 177
McQuaig, Charles, 416
McQueen, Steve, 339, 390
McRae, Dearing, 267, 390
McRae, Mike, 428
McRae, Bobby, 317, 416
McRae, Virginia, 428
McSween, Donald, 416
McVeigh, Teresa, 256
McWaters, Donald, 416
McWhorter, Beth, 253, 283, 416
McWhorter, Jerry, 249
McWilliams, Melinda, 241, 403
Mead, Anne, 277, 416, 428
Meade, Laurette, 285, 365, 428
Meaders, Marie, 404
Meadows, J. B., 310, 383
Meadows, Jane, 239, 428
Meadows, Paula, 404
Mealer, Ann, 365
Mealor, Lamar, 438
Means, Bo, 248, 416
Robert Bolander: Ph.D. candidate, History, Chief Justice, Student Ju-
diciary, Who's Who
Ruth Whitlow: Pharmacy, Sec., Student Pharm. Assoc., Who's Who
Medders, Howell, 219
Meddin, Shelley, 281, 428
Meeks, Jerod, 346, 347, 396
Meeks, Michael, 256
Meisner, Pamela, 235, 438
Melander, Cheryl, 406
Melton, Tony, 400
Melville, Susan, 383
Mendel, Elizabeth, 241
Mendenhall, Kathleen, 221, 400
Mendoza, Charly, 438
Menges, Pat, 390
Meredith, Debbie, 438
Merlin, Ronald, 301, 438
Merritt, Marcus, 390
Merritt, Nancy, 277, 438
Messana, Francine, 438
Messenger, James, 406
Messenger, Salliann, 217, 428
Messer, Jerry, 438
Methvin, John, 192, 438
Mewborn, Stephanie, 416
Meyer, Bruce, 239
Meyer, Robert, 327, 396
Meyer, Thomas, 428
Meyers, Gayle, 285, 416
Michels, John, 344, 428
Mickler, Randy, 313, 390
Middleton, Hugh, 339, 428
Milberg, Steven, 438
Miles, Dennis, 416
Miles, Freddy, 428
Miles, John, 416
Miles, Mary, 416
Miles, Maryann, 237
Miles, Jerome, 347, 416
Mill, Patricia, 416
Millard, Lora, 207, 416
Miller, Allen, 187
Miller, Candy, 365
Miller, Dennis, 416
Miller, Donald, 256
Miller, Doris, 438
Miller, James, 347, 416
Miller, Marshall, 383
Miller, Larry, 438
Miller, Nancy, 438
Miller, Patti, 297, 428
Miller, Robbie, 416
Miller, Russell, 345, 428
Miller, Melinda, 285, 416
Miller, Sinclair, 275, 416
Miller, Steve, 345, 416
Miller, Thomas, 317, 438
Miller, William, 185, 428
Miller, William, 205, 344
Miller, William, 339, 403
Milligan, Julie, 262, 276, 277, 400
Mills, Anita, 428
Mills, Bett, 287, 428
Mills, Devon, 237, 357, 438
Mills, Noelle, 271, 428
Millwood, Jon, 438
Milner, Julia, 287, 416
Milnes, Catherine, 390
Milton, Edward, 241
Miner, Lois, 267, 438
M inford, Levis, 309, 396
Miniaci, Albert, 313, 396
Minich, Kathryn, 291
Minor, Charles, 319, 396
Minor, Jack, 305, 416
Minsk, Fred, 301, 396
Mischner, Jimmy, 345, 351, 416
Misenhamer, Kathi, 226, 428
Mitchell, Anne, 238, 390
Mitchell, Clyde, 221, 226, 416
Mitchell, Connie, 438
Mitchell, Stuart, 325, 396
Mitchell, Jack, 364
Mitchell, Larry, 383
Mitchell, Libby, 438
Mitchell, Ricky, 327, 438
Mitchell, Bob, 416
Mitchell, Ronald, 355, 359, 390
Mitchell, Susan, 297, 416
Mitchem, Belinda, 416
Mitchem, Michael, 438
Mixon, Barbara, 404
Mize, Jackie, 438
Mize, Mary, 428
Mize, Roger, 205
Mizell, Mike, 331, 416
Moates, Brenda, 401
Mobley, David, 396
Mobley, Hank, 317, 386, 396
Mobley, Jack, 396
Mobley, Nelle, 396, 401
Mock, Marsha, 416
Moen, Teressa, 265, 428
Mogish, Kathie, 416
Moncrief, Warren, 416
Monicle, Diane, 235
Monick, Martina, 289, 416
Monroe, D. C., 219, 224, 225, 383
Monroe, Thomas, 416
Montalvo, Abisail, 347, 428
Montgomery, Deborah, 438
Montgomery, Don, 438
Montgomery, Howard, 248
Montgomery, Jack, 177
Montgomery, Joe, 312, 349, 401
Montgomery, Mark, 428
Moody, Mary, 438
Moody, Susan, 401
Moon, Betty, 428
Moon, Garland, 428
Moon, Judy, 428
Moon, Peggy, 428
Mooney, Phil, 310, 428, 438
Moor, Larry, 303, 416
Moore, Alice, 438
Moore, Carol, 438
Moore, Carroll, 401
Moore, Charles, 312, 313, 416
Moore, E. L., 390
Moore, Gary, 249
Moore, Jackie, 396
Moore, J. M., 363
Moore, Jere, 416
Moore, Joan, 295, 416
Moore, J. L., 401
Moore, J. P., 390
Moore, John, 364
Moore, Judy, 279
Moore, Karen, 428
Moore, Katherine, 269, 401
Moore, Kathy, 416
Moore, Jeanne, 297, 365, 416
Moore, Lynn, 243, 252, 428
Moore, Pat, 401
Moore, Mary, 396
Moore, Michael, 236, 237, 335, 428
Moore, Dianne, 271, 297, 390
Moore, Peggy, 401
Moore, Douglas, 238
Moore, Richard, 221, 428
Moore, Robert, 256, 384
Moore, Roy, 383
Moore, Ted, 239, 416
Moore, Bill, 416
Moore, William, 333
Moorehead, Nan, 401
Moran, Sally, 282, 283, 416
Moran, Tim, 206
Moredock, William, 205
Morel, Charlene, 428
Morelock, Joyce, 239, 438
Morgan, D. G., 235, 256, 384
Morgan, David, 238, 239
Morgan Davis, 240, 438
Morgan, George, 337, 438
Morgan, Gary, 384, 403
Morgan, Jeff, 339, 396
Morgan, Karen, 204, 428
Morgan, Leslye, 210, 241, 267, 390
Morgan, Neil, 438
Morgan, Rachel, 221, 438
Morgan, Michael, 438
Morgan, Richard, 344, 383, 428
Morgan, Ronald, 416
Morgan, Turner, 390
Morrell, Millicent, 252, 265, 404
Morrill, Susan, 252
Morris, Barbara, 438
Morris, Carolyn, 428
Morris, Tim, 428
Morris, Chester, 386
Morris, Harold, 406
Morris, Hoyt, 223, 416
Morris, Jack, 243
Morris, Richard, 315, 384
Morris, Karen, 289, 416
Morris, Linda, 428
Morris, M. L., 438
Morris, Mary, 438
Morris, Michael, 401
Morris, Carol, 383
Morris, Patricia, 438
Morris, Paul, 363, 396
Morris, Rod, 305, 428
Morris, Russell, 337
Morris, Sammy, 333, 438
Morris, Toni, 224, 237, 265, 416
Morris, Russell, 416
Morrison, Beverly, 390
Morrison, Kay, 401
Morrison, Margaret, 401
Morrow, Martha, 416
Morse, W. B., 307, 416
Morton, Eugene, 243
Morton, Sandra, 296, 401
Moseley, Larry, 256, 315, 384, 428
Moseley, Sandra, 275, 428
Moseley, Susan, 265, 416
Mosely, Amy, 279
Moss, Barbara, 269, 428
Moss, Marjorie, 438
Moss, Martha, 401
Moss, Seaborn, 256
Mosteller, Larry, 303, 416
Motz, Charles, 307, 416
Joyce Bozman: Education, Pres., Panhellenic Council, Who's Who
Motz, Edna, 294, 295, 401
Moultrie, Martha, 269, 390
Mowery, Donna, 291, 416
Moye, T. E., 386
Muir, Jeffrey, 359, 416
Mull, Donna, 404
Mull, John, 416
Mullen, Marie, 401
Muller, Janet, 285, 416
Mullins, Ron, 438
Mullins, Steven, 428
Mullis, Faye, 216, 283, 365, 428
Mullis, Steve, 396
Mumford, Cheryl, 209, 221, 428
Munball, Charles, 335
Mundy, Tim, 203, 205, 210
Munford, Aubrey, 283, 357, 401
Munhall, Charles, 406
Munn, William, 239, 356, 438
Munroe, Deborah, 390
Mu n roe, Peter, 317, 428
Munroe, Thomas, 416
Murphy, A. E., 307, 359, 416
Murphy, David, 319, 438
Murphy, Huey, 337, 390
Murphy, John, 416
Murphy, Julian, 341, 428
Murphy, Katharine, 275, 401
Murphy, Kitsy, 261, 274
Murphy, L. B., 363
Murray, Anne, 438
Murray, James, 225
Murray, John, 239, 390
Murray, Johnny, 256
Murray, Marilyn, 221, 438
Murray, Rogena, 390
Murray, William, 199, 383
Murrow, Henry, 331, 386
Musarra, Gerald, 248, 319, 396
Muschamp, David, 203, 205, 206, 350, 428
Myers, C. B., 329
Myers, Gayle, 416
Myers, Jan, 204, 281, 428
Myers, Liz, 279, 416
Myers, Ginger, 416
Myrick, Dudley, 390
Myrick, Bob, 256
Nagle, Cort, 177, 396
Nagle, Holly, 253, 291, 428
Nalisnick, David, 438
Nalley, Donna, 291, 390
Napier, Michael, 438
Nash, Carole, 204, 428
Nash, Charles, 428
Nash, Wyn, 210, 416
Nash, Deena, 438
Nash, Jim, 307, 416
Nash, Sandra, 404
Nash, Thomas, 177, 205
Nativi, Gloria, 396
Nau, Fritz, 333, 401
Navisthira, Pat, 310, 390
Navisthrira, Veerapatana, 428
Neal, Jerry, 396
Neal, Marjorie, 279, 396
Dennis Cathey: Law, Who's Who
Neal, Molly, 416
Neal, Paula, 428
Neese, Van, 339, 428
Neil, Danny, 211, 327, 383
Neisler, Kay, 286, 287, 416
Nelms, Angela, 243, 327, 416
Nelms, Linda, 438
Nelson, Carol, 438
Nelson, Chris, 438
Nelson, C. A., 383
Nelson, Cindy, 404
Nelson, Patricia, 249
Nelson, Terry, 335, 416
Nemes, Ernest, 390
Nesbitt, William, 355
Nesmith, Don, 348, 386
Nesmith, Dink, 199, 201, 205, 209, 224, 335,
348, 406, 416
Neurohr, Susan, 428
Neves, Jose, 383
Neville, Wanda, 224, 253
New, Brantley, 396
New, Betty, 289, 428
Newberry, Charles, 347, 390
Newberry, Stewart, 243
Newbury, Janet, 297, 332, 365, 428
Newell, Richard, 438
Newland, Anne, 416
Newman, Danny, 310, 396, 416
Newman, Linda, 285, 438
Newman, Bill, 396
Newton, Jan, 287, 416
Newton, Lillian, 401
Newton, Linda, 211
Newton, Melanie, 438
Newton, Ann, 390
Newton, Bill, 438
Nicholes, Carolyn, 277, 429
Nichols, Clarence, 234, 256, 257, 384
Nichols, David, 396
Nichols, Gary, 417
Nichols, Nickie, 383
Nichols, Jane, 269, 416
Nichols, Randy, 438
Nichols, Robert, 417
Nicholson, Felicia, 291, 396
Nicholson, Hush, 317, 417
Nicholson, Richard, 417
Nicholson, Bob, 327, 417
Nickerson, Paula, 202
. Nickerson, William, 247
Nielsen, Kathleen, 267, 417
Nix, Gary, 317, 429
Nix, Margaret, 253, 267, 406
Nix, Thomas, 305
Nix, Walter, 417
Nixon, Boyd, 347, 396
Nixon, J. O., 199, 349, 406
Noble, Carolyn, 390
Noel, Adelicia, 429
Noell, Deborah, 287, 429
Nolen, John, 390
Nolen, Pam, 438
Nollner, Thomas, 309, 417
Nopper, Shelley, 253
Nordstrom, Mary, 269
Norman, Andy, 438
Norman, Debi, 438
Norman, John, 417
Norman, Leon, 321, 390
Norman, Pam, 417
Norred, William, 257
Norrie, Kay, 438
Norris, Clio, 249
Norris, James, 331, 390
Norris, Nancy, 401
Norris, Patricia, 401
Norris, Terry, 279, 429
Norris, William, 356
North, Teri, 216, 261, 265, 401
Norton, Joan, 243, 429
Norton, Linda, 295, 390
Norton, Nedra, 271, 405
Nossen, Marilyn, 241, 291, 391
Nossokoff, Myra, 293, 401
Novit, Rob, 219
Nowicki, Philip, 335, 417
Nunez, Charles, 438
Nunley, D. J., 417
Nunn, Donald, 243
Nunnally, Cynthia, 391
Nunnally, Nancy, 256, 257, 384
Nunnery, Carol, 417
Nussbaum, Sonya, 391
Nutt, Jim, 438
Nutt, Nancy, 298, 417
Nutting, Nancy, 297, 401
O'Dell, Billy, 391
Oakes, Mike, 177
Oakes, Patty, 438
Obenauf, Kenneth, 243, 246
O'Brien, John, 401
O'Brien, Linda, 438
O'Brien, Susan, 221, 269, 417
O'Brien, William, 335, 396
O'Callaghan, Denny, 287, 417
O'Callaghan, Susan, 275, 417
Ockerman, Janelyl, 429
O'Connell, Carol, 224, 265, 429
O'Connell, Neil, 211
O'Connell, Suzanne, 265, 401
O'Connor, Thomas, 438
O'Connor, Robert, 438
O'Dell, Billy, 299
Odom, Chris, 365
Odom, Colquitt, 417
Odom, Pat, 297
O'Donnell, William, 356
Odrezin, Larry, 223, 345, 429
Odum, Jean, 238, 390
Odum, Par, 401
Oelschig, Frederick, 205, 242, 304, 429
O'Farrell, Ruth, 417
Offen, Scott, 306, 417
Ogle, Kenny, 205, 429
Oglesby, Charles, 417
Ogletree, David, 317, 401
Ogletree, Bob, 331, 429
Ohberg, Nils, 228, 238, 304
O'Hearn, Betty, 417
O'Kelley, Brenda, 417
O'Kelley, Margaret, 277, 401
O'Kelley, Mary, 277
O'Lansky, Alan, 309, 417
Oldham, Sally, 438
Oleary, Maureen, 429
Oliner, Suzanne, 429
Oliva, Carol, 417
Oliver, Nan, 235, 297, 429
Oliver, Gayle, 282, 429
Oliver, Ruth, 291, 417
Oliver, Thomas, 438
Oliver, Nancy, 237
Oil iff, Robert, 233
O'Looney, Anne, 417
Olsen, Ann, 291, 391
Olson, David, 228
Olson, Margaret, 417
Olson, Madeline, 232, 391
Olson, Mary, 192, 235, 263, 297, 406
Ondrejcak, Thomas, 325, 417
O'Neal, John, 429
O'Neal, Melba, 417
O'Neal, Peggy, 285, 429
O'Neal, Steven, 417
O'Neill, James, 185, 228
Oppenheim, William, 396
Orck, Charles, 183, 346, 347, 429
Orcutt, Susan, 287, 357, 417
Ordway, Nicholas, 228
O'Reilly, John, 386
O'Riley, Lester, 241, 363, 364
Orr, Marjorie, 391
Orr, Susan, 235, 285, 406
Osborn, John, 309, 3%
Osborne, Debbie, 271, 417
Osborne, Harry, 356, 438
Osborne, Jay, 299, 406
Osborne, Lee, 344, 417
Osburn, Clarence, 256
Osteen, Jean, 429
Osteen, R. A., 386
Osteen, Beal, 396
Ostuw, Joel, 333, 417
Osvald, Karl, 359
O'Toole, Martin, 228
Outlar, Barry, 177
Outlar, Jan, 439
Outzts, Ted, 195,198,199, 201
Overby, Kenneth, 429
Overstreet, Danny, 307, 439
Overstreet, Stan, 309, 429
Overton, David, 384
Owen, Chris, 334, 335, 417
Owen, Harriett, 287, 391
Owen, Becky, 285, 417
Owen, Margaret, 287, 429, 439
Owen, Patricia, 439
Owen, Parker, 299
Owen, William, 233
Owen, Terrell, 403
Owens, David, 339, 429
Owens, Jeff, 309, 396
Owens, John, 233, 391
Owens, Rick, 205, 339, 351
Owens, Rita, 417
Owens, Scott, 339, 429
Owens, Vesta, 267, 417
Owensby, Marvin, 403
Oxford, Eve, 267, 417
Oxman, Clifford, 439
Oys, Renee, 439
Pace, Randy, 339, 439
Pace, Wayne, 249
Pack, Franklin, 243
Pack, Henry, 403
Packman, Latimer, 275, 429
Padget, James, 439
Padgett, Hal, 417
Padgett, Lee, 417
Padgett, Cornelia, 439
Padgett, Dupree, 339, 417
Pafford, Hugh, 325
Page, Jim, 344, 417
Page, Joel, 234, 256
Page, Lynn, 439
Paget, Michael, 439
Pailet, Robert, 345, 429
Paine, Trav, 177
Painter, Betsy, 275, 429
Palefsky, Celia, 396
Pall, Donald, 417
Pallas, James, 355, 359, 391
Palma, Bayardo, 246, 386
Palmer, Gary, 396
Palmer, Lisa, 269, 429
Palmer, Maurice, 386
Palmer, Pamela, 267, 429
Palmer, Richard, 243
Palmour, Jerry, 417
Panned, Jim, 195, 197, 199, 206, 209, 213,
247, 365, 396
Pantello, James, 417
Pappas, Pete, 319, 417
Parham, Terrell, 256, 315, 384
Paris, Dan, 439
Paris, Lamar, 429
Paris, Mark, 429
Paris, Nancy, 293, 429
Paris, Shay, 277
Paris, Travis, 364, 417
Park, Gail, 429
Park, Bruce, 339, 429
Park, Michael, 439
Park, R. G., 363
Parker, Carl, 256, 315, 384
Parker, Craig, 234, 237
Parker, Deborah, 226, 417
Parker, Margaret, 273
Parker, John, 221, 333
Parker, Leila, 439
Parker, Susan, 417
Parker, Lynn, 401
Parker, Pamela, 391
Parker, Pamela, 439
Parker, Sharon, 256
Parker, Tom, 406
Parker, Edward, 396
Parkman, Leslie, 417
Parkman, Terry, 364
Parks, Andrea, 285, 417
Parks, Dennis, 321, 429
Parks, Pick, 341, 429
Parks, Larry, 363, 396
Parks, Phyllis, 256, 257, 384
Parramore, Charles, 417
Parrish, Betsy, 275
Parrish, Michael, 219, 439
Parrish, Sheila, 439
Parsons, Barbara, 296, 297, 365, 401
Parsons, Carleton, 417
Parsons, Ronald, 439
Partain, Jill, 429
Partain, Rebecca, 219, 221, 439
Parten, William, 386
Parthemos, Steven, 210, 241, 305
Paschal, Beryle, 297, 401
Paschal, James, 221
Paschal, Lora, 260, 263, 297, 417
Pascoe, Elaine, 429
Pasek, Jan, 279, 401
Pate, Leslie, 271, 391
Patelos, Marica, 219, 439
Patrick, Dorothea, 285, 429
Patrick, Benjamin, 237, 439
Patrick, Steven, 223, 439
Patterson, Delores, 391
Patterson, Eileen, 417
Patterson, Janine, 291, 391
Patterson, Penny, 267, 391
Patterson, Richard, 184
Patterson, Susan, 234
Patterson, Terry, 417
Paul, Toni, 267,320,401
Paulette, Foster, 184
Paulk, Wanda, 383
Pauli, Linda, 417
Paulson, Gary, 344, 429
Payne, Danny, 299, 403
Payne, Frederick, 383
Payne, Henry, 256
Payne, James, 257, 313, 391
Payne, Jimmy, 315, 384
Payne, Jerry, 356, 417
Payne, Karen, 237
Payne, Allan, 303
Payne, Paul, 417
Pcolar, Edward, 246, 386
Peabody, Margaret, 417
Peacock, William, 396
Peagler, George, 337, 351, 429
Pearce, Malinda, 429
Pearlman, Bruce, 345, 429
Pearson, Al, 203, 205, 206, 337, 429
Pearson, Hugh, 439
Pearson, Nancy, 429
Pearson, Laurene, 295, 417
Pease, Robert, 333, 417
Peck, Henry, 299
Peddycoart, Rachel, 391
Pedrick, Katie, 204, 279, 429
Pedrick, Polly, 285, 439
Peebles, Barbara, 235, 237, 429
Peebles, Furman, 417
Peek, James, 228
Peeler, James, 313, 406
Peeples, Linda, 298, 391
Peevy, Carolyn, 391
Pelfrey, Richard, 347, 401
Pelletier, William, 205, 429
Pena, Victor, 203, 210, 223, 227, 247
Pendergast, Thomas, 228
Pendergrast, Bet, 283, 439
Pendleton, Stanley, 328, 329, 391
Pendley, William, 364
Penland, Andria, 439
Penland, Robert, 335, 417
Penland, Robert, 351
Penland, Ronny, 344, 396
Penn, Joseph, 417
Penn, Richard, 439
Pennepacker, Ruth, 439
Pennington, Sam, 396
Penny, Diane, 220, 271, 365, 391
Penny, Margaret, 269, 429
Peoples, James, 321, 406
Pepin, Hfenry, 333, 417
Pepper, Jean, 401
Perdue, Dennis, 439
Perdue, Sonny, 211
Pereira, Tarcisio, 383
Perez, Fernando, 429
Perkerson, Kathy, 439
Perkerson, Bob, 331, 429
Perkins, Vance, 383
Perkins, Martha, 401
Perkins, Saunders, 401
Perkins, Thomas, 234, 256, 417
Perkins, Tommy, 317
Perling, Michael, 439
Pero, Eleanor, 401
Perrow, Janet, 243
Perrow, Robert, 439
Perry, Beverly, 439
Perry, Clark, 338, 339
Perry, Chuck, 224
Perry, Edwin, 241, 391
Perry, Emily, 429
Perry, Greg, 351
Perry, James, 239
Perry, Linda, 417
Perry, Mark, 383, 417
Perry, Rheta, 439
Perry, Robert, 359
Pesterfield, John, 341, 429
Peters, Barbara, 439
Peters, Doug, 305, 417
Peters, Denise, 271, 439
Peters, Peggy, 233, 391
Peters, Roy, 364, 439
Petersohn, Karen, 439
Peterson, Jeffrey, 246
Peterson, Ricky, 439
Peterson, Robert, 417
Pethel, Stanley, 234, 237, 240
Petit, Leann, 295, 429
Petrevitch, Barbara, 439
Petrie, Greg, 206
Petroski, Frank, 183, 243
Pettet, Carol, 235, 439
Pettit, Randall, 339, 417
Pettry, John, 183
Petty, Richard, 241
Pfannkuche, Belinda, 439
Pharr, Melissa, 282, 417
Pharr, Will, 305, 396
Pharris, Patsy, 396
Phelps, j; 326, 396
Phelps, John, 341, 396
Philips, June, 429
Phillippe, William, 213, 439
Phillips, Bruce, 302, 386
Phillips, Carol, 281, 365, 429
Phillips, Charles, 396
Phillips, Beth, 235, 429
' --Phillips, Gregory, 313, 417
Phillips, James, 439
Phillips, Jimmy, 429
Phillips, John, 305, 396
Phillips, June, 267, 429
Phillips, Laura, 204, 297, 365, 429
Phillips, Lolita, 439
Phillips, Lynda, 275, 417
Phillips, Marcia, 277, 439
Phillips, Martha, 429
Phillips, Allen, 315, 429
Phillips, Pamela, 396
Philips, Patricia, 429
Phillips, Percy, 256, 384
Phillips, Richard, 347, 396
Phillips, Robert, 246
Phillips, Rogsbert, 391
Phillips, Steven, 344, 417
Phillips, Tommy, 347, 396
Phillips, Zel, 235
Piazza, Richard, 355, 429
Pickard, Shannon, 289, 429
Pickering, Tommy, 309, 401
Pickett, Beverly, 439
Pickren, William, 305
Pierce, Brenda, 287, 289, 417
Pierce, Wayne, 429
Pierce, Dorothy, 417
Pierce, Mariam, 267, 391
Pierce, Larry, 403
Pierce, Margaret, 383
Pike, Terry, 221, 269, 429
Piland, Andrew, 396
Mitch Flinchum: Forestry, Pres., Forestry Club, Who's Who
Pam Way: Botany, Pres., Mortar Board, Who's Who
Pilcher, Wyman, 396
Pinckney, Martin, 195,199
f Pine, Karin, 235
Pinholster, Darsa, 204
Pinholster, Martha, 273, 417
Pinion, James, 184
Pinnell, Paula, 279, 401
Pinner, Randall, 223
Pinson, Mary, 275, 417
Piper, Cathy, 265, 429
Pirkle, George, 224, 225
Pisano, Dolores, 275, 429
Pitchford, Christine, 204
Pittard, Becky, 283, 401
Pittard, Lin, 401
Pittard, Bob, 341, 429
Pittman, Charles, 325, 406
Pittman, David, 333, 429
Pittman, Donna, 267, 271, 357, 429
Pittman, Gwen, 200, 209, 391
Pittman, Jerry, 246, 386
Pittman, Judy, 429
Pittman, Phyllis, 265, 417
Pitts, D. W., 247, 396
Pitts, Hugh, 417
Pitts, John, 417
Pitts, John, 417
Pitts, Mary, 417
Pitts, Sue, 401
Plant, Carleton, 219, 401
Plott, Lanny, 302
Plott, Lonnie, 349, 417
Plunkett, Teresa, 439
Poe, Clyde, 417
Poetter, Rita, 207, 210, 225, 265, 417
Pogge, Susan, 429
Pohler, M. S., 321, 363, 396
Poitevint, Alec, 347, 391
Poland, Brenda, 439
Polhill, John, 327, 396
Pollard, Dave, 417
Pollard, Robert, 205
Pollock, David, 329, 429
Pollock, Earl, 345, 417
Pollock, Thomas, 243, 246, 302, 386
Pomeroy, Peter, 391
Ponder, Aileen, 295, 417
Poole, Michael, 243
Poole, Thomas, 234, 237
Poole, Williarn, 246, 429
Poor, Terry, 319, 429
Pope, Scott, 219, 310, 406
Pope, Larry, 224
Pope, Linda, 275, 429
Pope, Nancy, 383
Pope, Nancy, 439
Pope, Sally, 285, 429
Popovich, Susan, 220
Popowski, David, 205, 345, 429
Popowski, Mark, 344, 345, 417
Poppell, Linda, 439
Porter, James, 211, 257
Portman, Joanne, 289, 391
: Portnoy, Jerry, 346, 396
Posey, Lynn, 221, 429
L- Poss, Thomas, 238
Poss, James, 319, 439
Poss, Bobby, 177, 341, 429
Poss, Troy, 313, 417
Potts, Charles, 246
Potts, Richard, 417
Poulsen, Kristin, 401
Poulson, William, 246
Pounder, Tom, 363, 396
Powell, Annelle, 417
Powell, Brenda, 265
Powell, Janice, 384
Powell, Lewis, 187, 386
Powell, Lewis, 341, 351, 429
Powell, Mike, 319, 417
Powell, Ronald, 417
Powell, Shelley, 439
Powell, Stephen, 225
Powell, Wendell, 417
Powers, Denise, 429
Powers, James, 327, 429
Powers, Ken, 333, 439
Powers, Toni, 235
Prater, Cheryl, 262, 405
Prater, Paul, 417
Prather, Jane, 239, 429
Prather, Preston, 383
Premo, Gregory, 344, 406
Prescott, William, 339, 391
Presnell, William, 339, 401
Pressley, Lynne, 219, 429
Pressley, Charlene, 234, 240
Price, Benny, 333
Price, Greg, 237
Price, Christopher, 305
Price, Ginger, 297,401
Price, Roy, 417
Primo, Howard, 333, 396
Prince, Nancy, 439
Prisant, Susan, 293, 417
Prisbus, Margaret, 391
Pritchett, Clyde, 417
Pritchett, Samuel, 439
Probst, Robert, 223, 417
Proctor, Barry, 439
Proctor, Juliette, 401
Proctor, Stephen, 309, 429
Proctor, Bill, 344, 396
Proffitt, J. P., 319, 429
Prosser, Linda, 229, 417
Prosser, Marjorie, 298, 417
Prosser, Wayne, 339, 429
Proveaux, Woodrow, 256
Pruitt, George, 439
Pruitt, Nancy, 401
Pruitt, Danny, 439
Pryles, Cindy, 210, 275, 417
Puckett, Patricia, 275, 401
Pugh, Charles, 205
Pugh,Jan, 439
Pullen, Ed, 243, 305
Pullen, William, 233
Pullen, W. H., 391
Purcell, Allen, 429
Purcell, Dorothy, 238, 383
Purcell, Jim, 327, 439
Purcell, Jerry, 256
Purcell, Linda, 383
Purcell, Nancy, 429
Purser, David, 228, 429
Purswell, Beverly, 269, 429
Purvis, Fredy, 256, 384
Putnal, Rex, 177
Pyles, L. A., 247, 396
Quackenbush, Linda, 235, 294, 295, 417
Quaif, Heather, 401
Quante, Alice, 417
Quenzer, Alana, 357
Quillian, Kim, 221, 269, 365, 429
Quillian, Rudolph, 383
Quincy, Linda, 279, 429
Quinn, Daniel, 325, 417
Quinn, Jim, 238, 439
Rabb, Lane, 282, 283, 391
Rabhan, Muriel, 281, 401
Rabhan, Nathan, 233
Rabun, F. T., 403
Rackley, Barbara, 401
Rader, Ray, 344, 417
Radcliff, Cynthia, 429
Rado, Bruce,403
Rado, Stuart, 228, 396
Rahanian, Michele, 283, 417
Rahn, William, 429
Raichlen, Daniel, 329, 350, 417
Rainbow, Barbara, 439
Rainbow, Nancy, 204, 293, 429
Raine, J. M., 307, 391
Raines, James, 391
Raines, Lula, 429
Rainey, A. B., 417
Rainey, Joy, 315, 429
Rajecki, Pete, 177
Raley, Melba, 439
Ramadan, Zeyad, 383
Ramage, Lynn, 288, 289, 401
Ramanohan, Potlure, 383
Ramirez, Luis, 229
Ramos, Joanna, 401
Ramsey, Pam, 429
Randall, Charlie, 396
Rankin, Michael, 241
Rankin, Thomas, 325, 429
Rankin, William, 439
Rannenberg, Marty, 238, 240, 417
Ransbotham, Diane, 265, 439
Ransbotham, Patricia, 243, 403
Ransom, John, 243, 403
Ransom, Joseph, 356, 429
Ransom, Patti, 357
Ransom, Crice, 329
Rapaport, Jon, 439
Rasmussen, Edith, 297, 439
Rathmann, James, 241
Rauers, Marion, 287, 391
Raville, Kathy, 202, 204, 210, 277, 429
Rawl, Renee, 391
Rawlins; Belinda, 417
Rawlins, David, 305
Rawlins, Janice, 417
Rawls, Cheryl, 391, 401
Ray, Charles, 326
Ray, Charles, 333, 396
Ray, Gregg, 338, 339, 417
Ray, Jack, 235, 239
Ray, Karen, 417
Ray, Mike, 401
Rayborn, Mary, 269, 391
Raymond, Jim, 329, 391
Raymond, Linda, 439
Raymond, Dale, 204, 293, 429
Raymond, Ronni, 429
Reames, Louis, 249
Reaves, Becky, 285, 429
Redd, Gail, 439
Redd, Margaret, 220, 273, 417
Reddish, Vernon, 256
Reddock, Joe, 234, 256, 384
Redfearn, Robin, 439
Redmond, Carole, 401
Redwine, Parks, 228
Redwine, Janice, 265, 417
Reece, Glenette, 417
Tommy Harper: Chemistry, Pres., Junior Class, Who's Who
Dink NeSmith: Journalism, Vice-pres., IFC, Who's Who


Reed, Amy, 439
Reed, Happy, 403
Reed, Joel, 240
Reed, Terry, 331, 429
Reed, Travis, 302, 364, 429
Rees, Robert, 383
Reese, Nancy, 439
Reese, Rodney, 246, 429
Reese, Ron, 439
Reese, Ronald, 439
Reese, Sherie, 298, 401
Reeser, Ronald, 183
Reeves, C. F., 363
Reeves, David, 333, 417
Reeves, David, 185, 439
Reeves, Janice, 265, 401
Reeves, Kathy, 204, 297, 429
Reeves, Sheryl, 252
Reeves, Walter, 243, 439
Regan, Loretta, 439
Reger, Michael, 417
Regester, Scotty, 406
Rehberg, Charles, 299, 417
Reheis, Marith, 204, 237
Rehm, Betsy, 238, 429
Reichardt, Frederick, 225, 249
Reid, George, 210, 308, 309, 417
Reid, Paula, 429
Reid, Robert, 356
Reid, Lamar, 417
Reiff, Ellen, 293, 429
Renegar, Linda, 439
Renfroe, Sue, 285, 405
Rentz, Frieda, 365
Rentz, John, 337, 429
Respess, Suzanne, 289, 365, 430
Reutter, Tim, 430
Revell, Walter, 391
Reynolds, Jane, 252, 283, 430
Reynolds, Jamie, 341, 439
Reynolds, Robert, 385
Rheney, Beverly, 221, 242, 243, 252, 405
Rhoad, Carol, 291, 298, 417
Rhoden, Kenneth, 313, 391
Rhodes, Barlow, 221, 242, 243
Rhodes, Leara, 229
Rhodes, Ann, 430
Rhodes, Harry, 417
Rhodes, Patty, 391
Rhodes, Frances, 430
Rice, Charles, 248, 327, 3%
Rice, David, 417
Rice, John, 214
Rice, Zack, 186,199, 213
Rich, Michael, 177
Rich, Sue, 439
Richards, Judith, 273, 283, 406
Richards, Julie, 202, 210, 357, 430
Richardson, Bob, 305
Richardson, Glenda, 204, 430
Richardson, John, 305, 430
Richardson, Bob, 385
Richardson, Robert, 299, 430
Richardson, Susan, 439
Richardson, Taffy, 286, 287, 406
Richbourg, Laura, 279, 430
Richerson, Don, 205, 430
Richey, John, 256, 385
Richmond, Nancy, 275, 430
Richwine, Sam, 327, 439
Ricketson, Hope, 430
Ricketson, Jack, 391
Rickett, Sally, 401
Ricks, James, 391
Riddle, Kran, 439
Riddle, Steve, 417
Riddle, Susan, 439
Ridenhour, Mike, 396
Ridley, Charles, 337, 417
Riera, Diana, 430
Rifkin, Henry, 345, 430
Rigby, Jerry, 226, 417
Riggs, Alvin, 401
Rigsby, Alan, 239
Rigsby, Elizabeth, 391
Riley, Eleanor, 233, 396
R iley, James, 439
Riley, William, 247
Rilling, George, 430
Risener, Frederick, 249
Riser, John, 417
Rish, Robert, 417
Risse, John, 319, 430
Ristow, Charles, 347, 439
Rittenbaum, Jeff, 300, 301, 417
Ritter, Robin, 277, 430
Rivers, James, 396
Rivers, William, 319, 385
Rives, Fran, 235
Rivkin, Mark, 439
Roach, Millie, 261, 271, 417
Robbins, Patricia, 293
Robbins, Ricki, 237, 297, 430
Robbins, Robert, 430
Roberson, Bill, 349
Roberson, Billie, 265, 417
Roberson, Donny, 439
Roberson, George, 401
Roberson, Roxie, 430
Roberts, Carla, 439
Roberts, Carol, 439
Roberts, Farrell, 386
Roberts, Jimmy, 439
Roberts, Mimsie, 267, 357, 430
Roberts, Randall, 299, 396
Roberts, Rebecca, 225
Roberts, Ronald, 430
Roberts, Steven, 209, 233, 301, 391
Roberts, Susan, 267, 417
Robertson, Brenda, 401
Robertson, June, 243, 430
Robertson, Florence, 238, 243
Robertson, Myrna, 238
Robertson, Pete, 347, 417
Robertson, Sharon, 430
Robie, William, 385
Robinson, Cathy, 204, 430
Roninson, Cathie, 430
Robinson, Daryl, 391
Robinson, Jo Anne, 417
Robinson, Jontyle, 383
Robinson, Lynn, 439
Robinson, Martha, 238, 295, 417
Robinson, Nancy, 401
Robinson, Nancy, 273
Robinson, Pamela, 291, 391
Robinson, Raleigh, 177, 205
Rc binson, Becky, 287, 391
Robinson, Rose, 430
Rock, Joann, 211, 218, 417
Rockett, Linda, 285, 439
Rodbell, Arthur,,345, 396
Roddenberry, Rebecca, 239
Roddy, Virginia, 439
Rodgers, Joanne, 401
Rodgers, Pamela, 224, 430
Rodriguez, Adriana, 439
Rodriguez, Carlos, 439
Roelofs, Connie, 277, 417
Rogers, Allen, 219
Rogers, David, 417
Rogers, Gail, 269, 430
Rogers, Maxine, 430
Rogers, Henry, 249
Rogers, John, 391
Rogers, Gayle, 207, 391
Rogers, Michael, 243, 386
Rogers, Mike, 341, 401
Rogers, Patricia, 283, 365, 406
Rogers, Patrick, 218, 406
Rogers, Raymond, 246
Rogers, Richard, 246, 331, 430
Rogers, Ronald, 177
Rogers, Sarah, 285, 417
Rogers, Sheryl, 430
Rogers, S. C., 331, 391
Rogers, Thomas, 363
Rogers, Tom, 396
Rogers, Thomas, 439
Rohrbaugh, Harriett, 269, 417
Roland, Mary, 237, 430
Rollins, Mary, 267, 417
Romaine, Victoria, 238, 417
Rominger, Jeff, 332, 333, 417
Rondinelli, Tina, 439
Root, Shelton, 351
Rosenbaugh, Gloria, 430
Rosenbaum, P. J., 301, 417
Rosenberg, Arlene, 281, 401
Rosenberg, Chester, 344, 345, 418
Rosenberg, Nancy, 357, 430
Rosenberg, Susan, 281, 396
Rosenfeld, Robert, 345, 430
Rosier, Kenneth, 315, 430
Ross, Donna, 274
Ross Janet, 287, 439
Ross, Judith, 430
Ross, Linda, 439
Ross, Scott, 345, 430
Rosser, Joan, 439
Rosser, Kenneth, 184
Rossi, Michael, 439
Rossman, Charles, 246
Roth, Jan, 281, 418
Roth, Nancy, 293, 418
Roth, Richard, 403
Rothberg, llene, 281, 365, 418
Rounds, Kathy, 439
Rountree, Isaac, 248
Routt, William, 418
Roux, Robert, 337, 391
Rowan, Cynthia, 265, 401
Rowan, Lindy, 365
Rowan, Lisa, 227
Rowe, Susan, 217
Rowe, W. P., 439
Rowland, Betsy, 285, 439
Rowland, Karl, 418
Rowland, Ted, 418
Roy, James, 418
Royal, Ashley, 337, 418
Royal, Howard, 233
Royall, Duella, 295, 401
Royster, Phyllis, 253, 285, 357, 418
Royston, Mickey, 329, 430
Rozier, Mike, 439
Rubin, Charles, 301, 430
Rubin, Reeda, 418
Rucker, Benjamin, 418
Rudder, Terry, 439
Rudikoff, Lynn, 281, 401
Rudisill, Jim, 335, 401
Rudowske, Sharon, 418
Ruff, Mary, 289, 430
Ruffin, Deborah, 204, 430
Ruffin, Terri, 252, 418
Rule, Tom, 439
Rummel, Reb, 439
Rumph, David, 299
Ruppersberg, Hugh, 205, 430
Rushing, James, 418
Rushing, John, 418
Rushton, Robert, 383
Rushton, Barclay, 396
Ruskin, Howard, 301, 418, 430
Russell, Cindy, 235, 237, 277, 439
Russell, Phillip, 177, 333
Russell, Jo Ann, 239, 430
Russell, M. C., 439
Russell, Mickey, 418
Russell, Ronald, 256, 383
Russell, Sally, 243, 430
Russell, Sue, 275, 418
Russell, David, 329, 391
Rutherford, Randy, 321, 418
Rutherford, Robert, 386
Ryals, Sandra, 418
Ryan, Patricia, 439
Ryan, Penny, 430
Rybert, Kay, 275, 391
Ryder, Art, 439
Ryfun, Michael, 403
Saarinen, Mary, 439
Sabin, Patricia, 430
Sachs, Arlene, 281, 430
Sackellares, Chris, 206, 233
Sackett, Janet, 281, 391
Sadler, Brenda, 439
Saed, Wayne, 430
Saffold, Joe, 317, 391
Safier, Ellen, 293, 430
Saggese, Marie, 418
Saggese, Teresa, 418
Saggus, Sandra, 261, 264, 265, 305, 391
Sale, Linda, 418
Salins, Stuart, 345, 430
Salmon, Alan, 185
Salter, Susan, 439
Salus, Arthur, 301, 396
Salus, Marilyn, 281, 430
Samford, Becky, 401
Sammon, Jan, 289, 401
Samples, Doris, 271, 430
Sanchez, Mike, 336, 337, 418
Sanderfur, Debbie, 265
Sanders, Adolph, 418
Sanders, Camille, 391
Sanders, date, 192
Sanders, Debbie, 265
Sanders, Diane, 253, 430
Sanders, Judy, 439
Sanders, Linda, 401, 418
Sanders, R. B., 440
Sanderson, Fred, 305
Sandlin, Randolyn, 237, 440
Sandridge, Jonni, 430
Sands, Susan, 204, 277, 365, 430
Sanford, Becky, 285
Santini, John, 418
Saparow, Herschel, 324
Sappington, Tom, 418
Sargent, Anga, 430
Sargent, Linda, 430
Sark, Steven, 418
Sartin, Robert, 440
Saseen, Sharon, 391
Sasseville, Robert, 184
Satterfield, Laura, 275, 418
Satterfield, Stuart, 237, 430
Satterly, James, 225, 418
Saunders, George, 430
Saunders, Phil, 396
Sauser, Ann, 271, 440
Savage, James, 383
Savage, Thomas, 391
Savini, Frank, 313, 430
Sawyer, Alfred, 307, 391
Sawyer, R. E., 228, 391
Saxon, James, 228, 391
Saye, David, 177
Saye, Judy, 226, 430
Sayer, Marsha, 239
Says, Judi, 291
Scaramucci, Sandra, 218, 253
Scarbary, James, 238, 391
Scarboro, Stanley, 246
Scarborough, Kristina, 260
Scarborough, Sandra, 418
Scarborough, Katie, 262, 279, 401
Scartz, Kathy, 264, 265, 418
Schaedler, Barbara, 241, 391
Schaeffer, Jack, 345, 430
Schaltenbrand, Eleanor, 252
Schandler, Linda, 418
Scheer, Myra, 281, 430
Scheer, Steven, 345, 418
Scherffius, Andrew, 203, 318, 319, 348, 418
Schirrmeister, Richard, 403
Schiveree, Susanne, 440
Schlesinger, Dorothy, 241
Schlientz, Joseph, 227
Schlitzkus, Beth, 265, 406
Schloss, Dayle, 430
Schnack, Linda, 418
Schneider, Fred, 440
Scholfield, John, 335
Schoultz, Juanita, 430
Schrader, Gretchen, 430
Schramm, Ang, 440
Schreibman, Hedy, 430
Schulman, Alan, 324, 418
Schulman, Harriet, 430
Schulman, Laurence, 345, 406
Schulten, Jacqueline, 357, 430
Schultz, Donna, 203
Schultz, Billy, 333, 396
Schulze, Connie, 269, 430
Schuman, Barbara, 281, 418
Schwabe, Charles, 430
Schwartz, Donna, 281, 401
Schwarz, Dan, 238
Schweikert, Margo, 298, 418
Sciubba, James, 313, 391
Scott, Carey, 237
Scott, Debbie, 265, 430
Scott, Barry, 199
Scott, Gerry, 183, 440
Scott, Harry, 186, 206, 248
Scott, Kathy, 283, 418
Scott, Kay, 401
Scott, Linda, 418
Scott, Richard, 249
Scott, Robert, 430
Scott, Rushy, 302, 380
Scoville, Carol, 298, 430
Scoville, John, 241, 299, 391
Scruggs, Lewis, 317, 418
Seabolt, Randall, 195, 199, 201, 206, 208
Seagraves, Bob, 313, 396
Sealey, Jan, 430
Searcy, Geof, 187, 305
Searcy, Joellyn, 430
Searcy, V. L., 406, 363
Sears, Lynne, 336, 440
Seaver, Susan, 217
Seawell, Glenn, 337, 363, 365, 391
Seay, Donald, 418
Seay, Ed, 234, 237, 240
Seay, Jennifer, 271, 418
Secrest, Cathy, 289, 430
See, Robert, 249
Seeger, Stephen, 339, 430
Seeley, Diane, 275, 418
Seery, Andy, 199, 210, 221, 247, 249, 397
Segall, Richard, 345, 391
Segars, Francis, 233
Segrest, Stephen, 305
Seiger, Robert, 205
Seitel, Alan, 301, 418
Self, Bruce, 249
Self, John, 310, 391
Sellers, Libby, 440
Sellers, Mary, 289, 365, 401
Semeli, John, 355, 397
Sengsourigna, Nouphit, 401
Serkedakis, Patrick, 248
Serotta, Abram, 249
Sessions, Kay, 418
Settle, David, 184, 440
Seward, Harry, 215
Sewell, Betsy, 285, 430
Sewell, Robyn, 285, 430
Sewell, Becky, 265, 391
Sewell, Thomas, 215, 321, 418
Sexton, William, 305, 383
Seymour, Linda, 279, 418
Seymour, Ronald, 440
Seymour, Walton, 39>
Shaddix, Susan, 418
Shadix, Kaye, 200, 262, 284, 285, 365, 401
Shaffer, Ava, 391
Shaffer, Janice, 430
Shain, Faye, 345
Shapiro, Karen, 281, 293, 430
Shapiro, Rosalind, 281, 406
Shapiro, Sherry, 418
Shapiro, Steven, 345, 397
Shapiro, William, 301, 391
Sharp, Carolyn, 272, 273, 418
Sharp, John, 383
Sharpton, Doug, 391
Shaver, Susan, 239, 440
Shaw, George, 440
Shaw, Horace, 344, 391
Shaw, John, 403
Shaw, J. W., 440
Shaw, Ken, 177, 333, 418
Shaw, Larry, 430
Shaw, Ricki, 235, 236, 440
Shaw, Sandra, 228
Shayne, Harriet, 281, 440
Sheahan, Michael, 307, 430
Shealy, Peggy, 272, 365, 430
Shearer, Hugh, 205
Shearouse, Joseph, 184
Sheats, Beverly, 401
Shedd, Kathy, 440
Sheffield, Mai, 251, 418
Shehane, Sherry, 226
Sheldon, Linda, 391
Shell, David, 430
Shell, S. R., 391
Shelley, Ann, 217, 402
Shelley, Mary, 440
Shellhorse, Susan, 418
Shelnutt, Gale, 243
Shelton, Ann, 237, 418
Shepard, Scott, 309, 418
Shepherd, Mike, 440
Shepherd, Gerald, 397
Shepherd, Ira, 249
Sherard, Laura, 289, 391
Sherer, Deborah, 440
Sheridan, Janice, 235, 237, 430
Sheriff, Ann, 383
Sheriff, Cathy, 287, 365, 391
Sheriff, Jim, 211, 383
Sheriff, Steve, 303, 418
Sherling, Dee, 397
Sherling, Jennifer, 235, 418
Sherling, Mike, 418
Shernoff, Victor, 345, 391
Sherrod, Billie, 418
Sherwood, Joseph, 256, 315, 385
Sherwood, Ray, 309, 397
Shields, Brandon, 397
Shields, Harold, 418
Shields, Kenny, 440
Shilkaitis, Victoria, 391
Shines, Freda, 243, 253, 405
Shingler, Randy, 327, 418
Shipley, Mary, 295, 418
Shipp, Jean, 402
Shirer, James, 177
Shiver, Laura, 430
Shiver, Peggy, 265, 430
Shiver, Randy, 327, 418
Shiver, Robert, 256
Shivers, Beth, 440
Shivers, Leigh, 265, 440
Shoaff, Martha, 418
Shockley, Charles, 402
Shockley, Joe, 305, 397
Shoemaker, Samuel, 319, 418
Shoenig, Brenda, 293, 365, 430
Sholar, Tim, 313, 440
Shonson, Brian, 301, 440
Shook, Ceci, 430
Shook, Betsy, 440
Short, Julianne, 283, 440
Short, Cindy, 220
Short, Walter, 327, 430
Shove, Norman, 402
Shrader, Lewis, 355, 391
Shreve, Joe, 364
Shrouder, Betty, 402
Shroyer, Fred, 309, 430
Shrum, Beth, 440
Shuler, Cheryl, 430
Shull, Beverly, 291, 440
Shulman, Amy, 253, 365
Shuman, Joseph, 397
Shurley, Harry, 385
Shusterman, Karen, 281, 418
Shy, David, 329, 430
Sicay, Teofilo, 440
Sickle, Ann, 440
Sickles, Andrea, 418
Sidders, Thomas, 182
Sdes, Sharon, 285, 440
Sidwell, Michael, 364
Siegel, Alan, 234, 440
Siegel, Jeffrey, 397
Siegel, Laine, 279, 430
Siegel, Richard, 440
Sigl, Pam, 294, 295, 402
Sigman, Diane, 440
Skes, E. D., 440
Siler, Charles, 210, 247, 344, 419
Silva, Robert, 391
Silver, Ted, 211, 256, 315
Silverboard, Glenn, 301, 419
Silverman, Janet, 430
Silvio, Jerry, 327, 430
Simmons, Antoinette, 419
Simmons, Elaine, 440
Simmons, Bonnie, 419
Simmons, Carole, 430
Simmons, Duane, 243, 246, 383
Simmons, Eddie, 238, 239
Simmons, Sharyn, 275, 402
Simmons, Tim, 391
Simon, Charles, 364, 419
Simonds, Bonnie, 440
Simons, Charles, 307
Simons, Kaye, 440
Simons, Kendall, 397
Simonton, Robert, 365
Simowitz, Jon, 300, 301, 397
Simpson, Ann, 204, 252
Simpson, Carole, 285
Simpson, Donna, 419
Simpson, J. A., 440
Simpson, Jane, 277, 365, 402
Simpson, June, 217
Simpson, Suzanne, 271, 402
Sims, Barbara, 440
Sims, Fannie, 430
Sims, Jimmy, 419
Sms, Jeannie, 392
Sms, John, 440
Sms, Gay. 430
Sms, William, 205
Snde, Beth, 304, 419
Sngerman, N'Ann, 281
Singletary, Steve, 305, 397
Singleton, Mary, 238, 279, 419
Sngleton, Shirley, 204, 279, 430, 440
Singleton, James, 199
Sngleton, Victor, 440
Ssk, Courtney, 237
Ssson, Karen, 430
Sizemore, Melinda, 419
Skelton, Sandy, 265, 419
Skene, Richard, 419
Skidmore, Cynthia, 241, 392
Skinner, Marianne, 392
Skinner, Roy, 356
Skorecki, Adam, 241, 392
Skorecki, Sheryl, 293, 402
Skott, Myron, 345, 397
Skowronski, Steve, 335, 430
Slade, Charles, 299, 386, 397
Slade, Daniel, 419
Sade, Heard, 333, 430
Sate, Sharon, 430
Sater, Robert, 430
Slaughter, Betty, 281, 402
Say, Sally, 402
Sleek, Steven, 177
Seeth, David, 344, 430
Slickman, Ruth, 285, 419
Sligh, Mike, 344, 430
Sloan, Ann, 236, 240
Soan, Marilyn, 271, 402
Soan, Walter, 310, 419
Soat, Lisa, 281, 300, 419
Slocumb, William, 233
Sotin, Patty, 293, 440
Slover, Jack, 335, 430
Sover, Mike, 430
Smaha, Trudy, 392
Smalley, Robert, 419
Smalley, Wayne, 397
Smeltzer, Stephen, 347, 392
Smiderski, Jean, 283, 430
Smiley, Julian, 177
Smiley, Sue, 275, 419
Smily, Geneva, 406
Smith, Allen, 223
Smith, Andrew, 256
Smith, Angelina, 228
Smith, Anita, 204, 430, 431
Smith, Bo, 337, 437
Smith, Barbara, 265, 430
Smith, Betty, 274
Smith, Boone, 295, 419
Smith, Brenda, 261, 271, 392
Smith, Calvin, 386
Smith, Carl, 327, 419
Smith, Carl, 397
Smith, Charles, 249
Smith, Charles, 440
Smith, C. R., 419
Smith, Cherry, 419
Smith, Craig, 225, 239, 305, 431
Smith, Cindy, 283, 431
Smith, Dale, 235
Smith, Darrell, 419
Smith, Donald, 342, 344, 419
Smith, Dorothy, 419
Smith, Bruce, 440
Smith, Eddie, 333, 419
Smith, Elizabeth, 275, 419
Smith, Elizabeth, 402
Smith, Gary, 223, 419
Smith, George, 317, 419
Smith, George, 256
Smith, Dale, 440
Smith, Gordon, 313, 350, 431
Smith, Greg, 406
Smith, Gregory, 233, 392
Smith, Dianne, 440
Smith, Hansell, 205, 319
Smith, Happy, 431
Smith, Hubert, 440
Smith, James, 419
Smith, James, 419
Smith, James, 419
Smith, Jerry, 256
Smith, John, 347
Smith, John, 397
Smith, John, 440
Smith, John, 431
Smith, Julietta, 275, 440
Smith, Kenneth, 392
Smith, Larry, 397
Smith, Larry, 224, 397
Smith, Lawrence, 344
Smith, Lesker, 391
Smith, Linda, 271, 383
Smith, Linda, 402
Smith, Lynda, 272, 357, 431
Smith, Madeline, 277, 419
Smith, Margaret, 419
Paul Baxter: History, Minister to Men's Affairs, Who's Who
Smith, Marvin, 419
Smith, Mason, 419
Smith, Michael, 441
Smith, Michael, 403
Smith, Mike, 303, 397
Smith, Mike, 419
Snith, Miriam, 405
Snith, Mona, 275, 431
Smith, Nancy, 405
Smith, Nancy, 440
Smith, Nancy, 283, 355
Smith, Edwina, 440
Smith, Pam, 271, 402
Smith, Patricia, 277, 383
Smith, Patricia, 419
Smith, Patty, 289, 419
Smith, Paul, 385
Smith, Paula, 273, 419
Smith, Paula, 226, 271, 406
Smith, Richard, 419
Smith, Robert, 305, 440
Smith, Robert, 239
Smith, Mills, 440
Smith,^Bdney, 347, 419
Smith, Royce, 177
Smith, Samuel, 431
Smith, Samuel, 440
Smith, Sandra, 397
Smith, Sharon, 419
Smith, Sheila, 227, 419
Smith, Stephen, 351
Smith, Steve, 203, 321, 419
Smith, Susan, 267, 440
Smith, Susan, 431
Smith, Terry, 195, 199, 201, 242, 243 269
Smith, Tommy, 440
Smith, Tony, 203, 206, 327, 419
Smith, Velma, 440
Smith, Vicki, 419
Smith, William, 312, 313, 397
Smith, W. C, 419
Smith, William, 321, 419
Smoak, Cameron, 431
Smoak, Carla, 269, 402
Smyth e, David, 243
Snell, Karen, 402
Snellgrove, Larry, 392
Spelling, Suzanne, 279, 431
Snellings, Ann, 289, 402
Snider, Edward,: 397
Snoddy, Kathy, 431
Snowden, Libby, 239
Snyder, James, 402
Snyder, Jane, 402
Solomons, Philip, 345, 419
Somberg, Bonnie, 253, 406
Somers, Lee, 213
Sommerville, James, 419
Soper, Carol, 392
Sorchy, Chris, 269, 440
Sorrells, Margaret, 289, 431
Sorrow, Jane, 267, 419
Sosby, Jackie, 406
Sosebee, Agnes, 402
Souder, Sherrie, 277, 419
South, Vicki, 277, 419
Souther, Beth, 279, 431
Souther, Sheryl, 402
Southers, Connie, 431, 440
Southwell, Susan, 402
Sowell, James, 246
Spain, C. L^431,
Spalding, Beth, 287, 419
Spann, Lorraine, .224, 406
Sparow, Hershel, 431
Sparrow, Lynn, 219, 253
Spase, Nicki, 277, 402
Spaulding, Paul, 347, 419
Spears, Susan, 440
Spears, Peggy, 235,236, 283,392
Spears, Nona, 265,419
Spears, Rufus, 256
Speck, Anne, 440
Speir, Larry, 440
Spell, William, 243
Spellman, Steve, 308, 309, 402
Spence, James, 431
Spence, Margaret, 234, 237
Spence, Sue, 256, 257, 385
Spencer, Carolyn, 431
Spencer, Donald, 440
Spencer, W. P., 419
Speno, Carol, 419
Spight, Becky, 243, 440
Stiller, Anita, 406
Spillers, Jerry, 403
Spinks, Carol, 431
Spires, Kenneth, 419
Spivey, Madelyn, 285, 405
Spiwak, Barry, 363
Spooner, Cary, 305, 431
Spooner, Luke, 305, 386
Spratlin, Sharon, 440
Spratlin, Suzanne, 287, 419
Sprayberry, Susan, 289, 419
Springs, Shirley, 419
Spurlin, Ellen, 431
Spurlock, Sandy, 339, 419
Squief^im, 319, 397
Ted Tyson: Ag. Engineering, Ga. Student Branch of ASAE, Who's Who
St. Clair, Joanne, 283, 419
Stafford, Charles, 337, 431
Stafford, George, 440
Stafford, Jane, 419
Stafford, Toby, 365
Stafford, Lewis, 310, 397
Stager, Sidney, 440
Staiger, Debbie, 440
Staley, Donna, 419
Stalica, Joseph, 403
Stallings, Cathy, 440
Stancil, Frank, 243, 392
Stancil, Robert, 419
Standard, Sandra, 440
Stanford, Charlotte, 405 ;
Stanford, John, 325, 43fflu||
Stang, Ray, 182
Stansell, James, 256,:333, 385
Stanton, Brenda, 402
Stanton, Susan, 224, 253, 265, 402, 406
Staples, David, 397
Stapleton, Brenda, 440
Stapleton, Becky, 431
Stapp, Ronnie, 243
Starnes, Ruth, 431
Statham, Thomas, 419
Staton, Edmund, 225
Staulcup, Lynn, 347, 363, 397
StearnijvGerri, 440
Steed, Barbara, 405
Steed, William, 383
Steedy, Thomas, 406
Steele, Barbara, 286, 287, 419
Steele, Nancy, 402
Steele, Roger, 402
Steele, Sara, 383
Steely, Thomas, 185, 339
Stefansen, Bruce, 327, 431
Stein, Bert, 301, 431
Stein, Donald, 419
Stein, Harriet, 419
Stein, Mary, 279, 431
Steinberg, Henry, 345, 392
Steinberg, Steve, 301, 440
Steller, Sally, 402
Stepanovicz, Alan, 392
Stephens, Benjamin, 392
Stephens, Dan, 339
Stephens, Sue, 204, 431
Stephens, J. H., 440
Stephens, Jean, 295, 419
Stephens, Jerry, 246, 383
Stephens, John, 419
Stephens, Sheryl, 419
Stephens, Pam, 419
Stephenson, James, 419
Stevens, James, 305
Stevens, Mona, 419
Stevens, Samuel, 397
Stevenson, Vickie, 269, 392
Stewart, Brenda, 392
Stewart, Dianne, 419
Stewart, Carolyn, 440
Stewart, Charles, 247
Stewart, Donald, 305
Stewart, Joe, 397
Stewart, J. B., 319
Stewart, John, 419
Stewart, Joseph, 241
Stewart, Kenneth, 328, 431
Stewart, Sharon, 419
Stewart, Stephen, 205, 206, 219, 223, 224
Stich, Steward, 303, 419
Sticher, Clifford, 205
Stiles, Catherine, 383
Stiles, Jane, 406
Stiles, Donald, 256
Stiles, Ann, 289, 440
Stiles, Lynn, 289, 357, 431
"Still, Dennis, 302, 349, 419
Still, Don, 431
Still, Willie, 256, 383, 419
Stillerman, Jane, 440
Stinchcomb, Richard, 419
Stites, Mark, 347
Stith, Hugh, 339, 419
Stockbridge, Derry, 403
Stockton, Pat, 319, 397
Stoddard, Clay, 327, 392
Stoker, Jeffry, 185
Stokes, Harold, 419
Stone, Alison, 239
Stone, Kaleen, 252
Stone, Darlene, 440
Stone, David, 237, 356
Stone, Phil; 256
Stone, John, 319, 350, 419
Stone, Katrina, 289, 440
Stone, Paul, 359, 419
Stonehouse, Patty, 277, 440
Stoner, Jodi, 431
Storey, Alan, 205, 431
Storey, Charles, 315, 431
Storey, Linda, 273, 392
Stovall, Mildred, 233, 402
Stovall, Bryan, 392
Stover, Mitchell, 440
Stover, Ronny, 392
Stowe, James, 243, 431
Stowe, Ann, 419
Stowers, Stanley, 386
Strain, Rise, 291, 263, 365, 402
Strait, Donald, 440
Streat, Alvin, 256
Street, Michael, 228
Street, Patty, 440
Street, Shirley, 419
Strickland, Hugh, 355
Strickland, Ben, 386
Strickland, Byron, 335, 431
Strickland, Anne, 243
Strickland, Emily, 233, 402
Strickland, Jerry, 402
Strickland, Joe, 402
Strickland, John, 249
Strickland, Mary, 246
Strickland, Peggy, 431
Strickland, Ralph, 402
Strickland, Stephen, 385
Strickland, Suzanne, 207, 431
Strickland, Thomas, 246
Strickland, William, 247, 335, 397
Stringfellow, Connie, 419
Strobel, William, 344, 431
Strom, Grady, 440
Strother, Rosemary, 431
Stroud, Linda, 233, 402
Strub, Gail, 440
Struck, Ellen, 419
Struensee, Jane, 365, 431
Struletz, Cheryl, 419
Struletz, Howard, 301, 440
Stuart, Fred, 248
Stuart, Nancy, 405
Stubbs, Joseph, 440
Sturgess, Robert, 182, 440
Stutts, Rosanne, 431
Styan, Brent, 431
Suber, Joseph, 440
Sugg, Dan, 309
Suggs, Charles, 307, 431
Suggs, Glenn, 237, 440
Sullivan, Mary, 221
Sullivan, Philip, 177
Sullivan, John, 392
Sullivan, Terry, 203, 205, 210, 327, 431
Sumerford, Rees, 397
Summerford, Rees, 339
Summerlin, Curtis, 346, 347, 397
Summerour, Gary, 402
Summerour, Terry, 269, 419
Summerour, Willa, 277, 392
Summers, Carole, 431
Summers, Kathy, 402
Summers, Mike, 313, 440
Summers, Dennis, 318, 319, 397
Sumner, Eileen, 220, 431
Sumner, Joseph, 315, 385
Sumner, Walter, 397
Sunley, Peter, 383
Superka, Thomas, 177
Sussman, Charles, 345, 440
Sutcliffe, Kenneth, 341, 419
Sutherland, Barbara, 279, 431
Sutton, Cary, 419
Sutton, Ronald, 313, 431
Swafford, Dorothy, 402
Swann, Henry, 419
Swanson, Anthony, 431
Swart, Lucy, 277, 419
Swartz, Larry, 406
Swearingen, Bruce, 392
Swearingen, Edward, 249
Swendenburg, Dorothy, 440
Sween, Donald, 419
Sweetin, Gary, 325,419
Swift, William, 383
Swindall, Pat, 203, 210, 334, 335, 437
Swindle, Buck, 177
Swinford, Mahla, 224, 253
Swinford, Michael, 224, 228
Swinson, Samille, 279, 437
Swinson, Jim, 419
Sykes, Rebecca, 402
Takano, Fumiaki, 383
Talbert, William, 319
Talkington, Gaston, 431
Talley, Alan, 419
Talley, Cynthia, 402
Talley, Kenneth, 403
Talley, Phil, 419
Tamplin, Wayne, 319, 431
Tamplin, Robert, 256
Tancordo, Fred, 246
Tanenbaum, Gail, 293, 402
Tanenbaum, Rose, 431
Tanis, Robert, 186
Tanner, David, 335, 392
Tanner, Wes, 431
Tanner, Jeanie, 419
Tanner, Larry, 403
Tante, T. E. 397
Tapp, Chester, 256
Tarleton, Kenneth, 392
Tarver, Cecilia, 252
Tarver, Valerie, 419
Tase, Debbie, 291 431
Tate, Peggy, 242
Tatum, Dyke, 326, 327,419
Taubert, William, 385
Taunton, Glynn, 256, 431
Taunton, Kitty, 402
Taylor, Barbara D., 215, 281, 402
Taylor, Rebecca, 252,405
Taylor, Claudia, 419
Taylor Clyde, 440
Taylor, David, 205
Taylor, E. C. 363
Taylor, George, 313, 431
Taylor, James, 321, 419
Taylor, Lanny 177
Taylor, Lee, 333, 431
Taylor, Patricia, 213, 383
Taylor, Patricia 419
Taylor, Paula, 431
Taylor, Ranzo Jr., 235
Taylor, Stephen, 205
Teague, Kathy, 285, 431
Teal, Rebecca, 419
Teasley, Harriet, 207, 252, 405
Teasley, Malinda, 440
Tedeschi, Cynthia, 295 419
Tedford, Cleve, 196,199,201, 206, 242, 243
Teel, John, 440
Teem, Martha, 440
Tempes, Ron, 419
Temple, Jarvis, 419
Temple, Jimmy, 305, 431
Templeton, Roger, 403
Neena Teenant, 402
Tennyson, Teresa, 283, 419
Teplis, Robert, 324, 431
Terhune, Patricia, 386
Terrell, Henry, 221, 392
Terry, Eddie, 229
Terry, H. W., 383
Terry, Zac, 256, 385
Tervo, Denise, 204, 357, 431
Teselle, Elizabeth, 431
Testa, Bonita, 239
Tetrault, Joe, 177
Thale, Cary, 431
Theune, Linda, 440
Thigpen, Kathy S., 419
Thomas, Brenda, 226, 419
Thomas, Charles, 215, 223, 228, 241, 243,
Thomas, Cynthia, 440
Thomas, David, 321, 419
Thomas, Emery, 419
Thomas, Jerry, 419
Thomas, JoAnn, 269, 402
Thomas, Virginia 252, 405
Thomas, Judy, 440
Thomas, Lon, 431
Thomas, Martha, 431
Thomas, Mary, 402
Thomas, Michael, 335, 351
Thomas, Michael, 335, 351
Thomas, Michael, 419
Thomas, George, 356
Thomas, Robert, 440
Thomas, Robert, 256
Thomas, Sandra L., 295, 402
Thomas, Sharon, 235
Thomas, Sheila, 419
Thomas, Sherrie, 288, 289, 419
Thomas, Shirley, 275, 392
Thomas, Terry, 205, 431
Thomas, Samuel, 419
Thomas, Kenneth, 249
Thompson, Angela, 430
Thompson, Anne, 285, 440
Thompson, Brenda, 392
Thompson, Gail, 431
Thompson, Dale, 313, 419
Thompson, Debra, 295, 440
Thompson, Dewitte, 431
Thompson, Doris, 440
Thompson, Elizabeth, 204
Thompson, Eugenia, 233, 402
Thompson, Glenda, 441
Thompson, Greg, 339, 419
Thompson, Harold, 419
Thompson, Harry, 211, 242, 302, 419
Thompson, Jamerson, 405
Thompson, James, 283, 420
Thompson, John, 249
Thompson, Joe, 380
Thompson, Ken, 392
Thompson, Elaine, 419
Thompson, Lawson, 441
Thompson, Michael, 307, 420
Thompson, Gail 265, 431
Thompson, Patricia, 431
Thompson, Philip, 305, 431
Thompson, Priscilla, 238, 275, 420
Thompson, Sandra, 256, 257, 385
Thompson Sherry, 441
Thompson, Tat, 339
Thompson, Tommy, 441
Thompson, Vikki, 295, 431
Thompson, Wall, 420
Thompson, Paul, 225
Thompson, William, 327, 441
Thorne, Myrna, 441'x
Thornton, Barbara, 402
Thornton, Helen, 277, 365
Thornton, Martha, 441
Thornton, Terri 227,441
Thorp, Catherine, 269
Thorp, Charles, 224,383
Thorp, Orson, 317,320
Thorpe, Graham, 321,437
Thorpe, Helen, 277,431
Thrailkill, Carol, 392
Thrash, Jim, 397
Thrash, Mo, 333, 383
Thrasher, Freddy, 431
Thrasher, Mary, 204, 431, 273
Threlkeld, Stephanie, 420
Tibbitts, Cathie, 238
Tidwell, Alice, 441
Tidwell, Teresa, 431
Tigner, Alan, 313, 397
Tillery, Ann, 431
Tillitski, Michael, 339, 400
Tillman, Alvin, 256
Tillman, Cathy, 420
Tillman, Gloria, 420
Tillman, Jan, 296, 405
Tillman, Warren, 355, 359
Timberlake, David, 182
Timbes, Bubba, 397, 341
Timm, Kathy, 441
Timmons, Carlene, 431, 273
Timmons, Jerry, 420
Timmons, John, 213
Tippens, Danny, 402
Tippins, Danny, 339
Tippins, Mary, 431
Tipton, Donna, 441
Tison, Hunter, 337, 431
Tison, Gail, 285, 431
Todd,Joan, 291, 406
Todd, Teresa, 431
Tolbert, Brenda, 291, 431
Tolbert, Gay, 335, 420
Tolley, Edward, 316, 317, 350, 420
Tolley, Lynne, 275, 431
Tomas, lleana, 298, 431
Tomberlin, Carl, 321, 420
Tomberlin, William, 205
Tomblin, Nelson, 441
Tomlin, Duane, 228
Tomlinson, Ashley, 291, 392
Tomlinson, Anne, 283, 441
Tomlinson, Leisa, 291, 420
Tomlinson, Elaine, 298, 431
Tomlinson, Don, 327, 420
Tondee, Terry, 325, 420
Tood, J. A., 363
Toole, J. A., 420
Tootle, Charles, 431
Topping, Diana 431
Torbett, Nancy, 291, 402
Torrence, Larry, 206, 302, 339, 397
Townley, Patricia, 392
Towns, Rick, 402
Townsend, Deborah, 234
Townsend, Kenneth, 249, 321, 397
Toy, Elizabeth, 271, 431
Trader, Arthur, 228, 420
Trammell, Claudia, 215, 277, 431
Trapnell, Marie, 420
Traut, Prudence, 420
Travis, Carroll, 204, 275, 431
Taylor, John, 307, 355, 392
Traynham, Debbie, 265, 441
Treadwell, Cathy, 233, 392
Treadwell, Roger, 392
Trebony, Helen, 238
Treen, Elizabeth, 275, 441
Trest, Gary, 234, 256, 385
Tribble, Nan, 441
Tribble, William, 241, 346, 347, 392
Trice, Edward, 431
Trimble, Lee, 363
Tripp, Robert, 420
Tritt, Robert, 205, 223
Tritt, Roy, 299, 420
Trotter, Beverly, 233, 385
Troy, Susan, 420
Trussell, Phillip, 431
Tucker, Annie, 238
Tucker, David, 249, 392
Tucker, Houston, 325, 356, 420
Tucker, Janice, 431
Tucker, John, 233
Tucker, Beth, 441
Tucker, Mayo, 177
Tucker, Ruth, 285, 431
Tucker, Kathy, 267, 392
Tuggle, James, 184
Stelle Chandler: German, Editor, 1970 PANDORA, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Who's Who


Tune, Tom, 327, 431
Turgeon, Terry, 301, 431
Turk, Janet 256, 385
Turnbull, Wayne 392
Turner, Anna, 285, 402
Turner, August, 397
Turner, Betty, 402
Turner, Cathy, 431
Turner, Cathy, 226, 420
Turner, Elaine, 234, 235, 236, 441
Turner, Elizabeth, 267, 402
Turner, Paula, 241
Turner, Fred, 220
Turner, Gary, 185, 342, 420
Turner, James, 441
Turner, Richard, 333, 431
Turner, Judith, 253
Turner, Mary, 431
Turner, Michael, 386
Turner, Philip, 219, 321, 406
Turner, Phillip, 225, 402
Turner, Susan, 441
Ej|Srner, Walter, 237, 240
Turner, Winston, 307
Turpin, Jean, 420
Turrentine, Joan, 420
Tuten, Vikki, 295, 431
Tuten, William; 441
Tuttle, Bonnie, 277, 365, 402
Tuttle, Kathy, 213, 271, 431
Tuttle, Kevin, 223
Twaddell, James, 355, 392
Twdedell, Robert, 329, 431
Twilley, Glenda, 441
Twilley, Gale, 203, 206, 256, 335, 385
Tyler, Jack, 441
Tyler, Larry, 303, 397
Tyler, Merry, 212, 278, 262
Tyler, Guy, 431
Tyner, Alan, 420
Tyre, Bill, 331, 432
Udinsky, Gary, 441
Uecke, Mary, 265, 365, 420
Ulmer, John, 249
Ulrici, Donna, 287, 405
Underwood, Fred, 383
Underwood, Jesse, 385
Underwood, Joe, 333, 406
Underwood, Katherine, 402
Underwood, Lee, 256
Underwood, Pat, 265, 392
Underwood, Thelma, 383
Unger, Sally, 44l||||
Upchurch, Cam, 285, 357, 432
Upshaw, Donna, 267, 432
Upson, Maxine, 235, 432
Usilton, Thomas, 305
Valentine, Thomas, 187
Van Alstyne, Cynthia, 237, 279
Van Dyke, Phyllis, 260
Vanalstyne, Cynthia, 432
Vandiver, Mary, 267, 432
Vandyke, Phyllis, 200, 261, 392
Vanhooven, Cheryl, 253, 271, 406
Vaningen, Richard, 299, 392
Vanvleck, Vicki, 210, 265
Vanvleck, Vi, 235, 237, 402
Vanwerkum, Sietske, 392
Varnadoe, Donald, 246, 386
Varnadoe, Robert, 397
Varnell, Forrest, 309, 420
Varner, Billy, 441
Varner, Sharon, 432
Varner, Billy, 344
Varnum, Billie, 441
Vason, Caroline, 275, 402
Vassar, Libby, 209, 420
Vaughan, Chip, 441
Vaughan, Grace, 275, 392
Vaughan, Bobby, 397
Vaughn, Daniel, 224
Vaughn, Linda, 441
Vaught, J. B., 363
Vavreck, Andrew, 249
Veal, Warner, 397
Veatch, Lamar, 420
Vejjakit, Vajira, 383
Verdery, Winslow, 441
Verhine, Clyde, 228
Verner, Mike, 301, 420
Vernon, David, 308, 420
Verschure, Barbara, 279, 432
Vestal, George, 420
Viar, Howard, 305 ^
Vickers, Miriam, 402
Vidal, Lucy, 432
Vidal, Steve, 364, 441
Vinson, Dana, 237, 356, 432
Vivian, Paul, 331, 420
Voegtlin, Carl, 355, 359, 420
Voelker, Carl, 333, 397
Vogel, Edward, 324, 441
Voight, Michael, 246
Volz, Dorothy, 402
Von Werssowetz, Linda, 432
Von Werssowetz, Christopher, 397
Voorhies, Janet, 269, 420
Vosburgh, Jane, 265, 405
Vuxta, Sharon, 441
Waddell, Lee, 265, 392
Waddell, Horace, 246
Waddell, Richard, 337, 432
Waddy, George, 359
Wade, Mary, 253
Wade, Nancy, 275, 420
Wade, Skip, 441
Wade, Susan, 420
Wadsworth, Wesley, 205
Wages, Larry, 185
Wages, Tom, 335, 397
Wagner, Karen, 234, 441
Wagner, Paul, 392
Wagner, Robert, 210
Wagner, William, 205
Wahers, Raymond, 397
Wainwright, John, 392
Waite, Alfred, 397
Waits, Joyce, 432
Walden, Sally, 432
Walden, Larry, 432
Waldman, Ronna, 237, 281 j'420 ,
Waldoch, Janet, 405
Waldrep, M. C., 432
Waldrop, David, 441
Walker, Charles, 441
Walker, Chris, 234
Walker, Daryl, 335, 432
Walker, David, 441
Walker, Deborah, 273, 420
Walker, Fred, 331, 432
Walker, James, 340, 342, 397
Walker, J. W., 397
Walker, Jay, 347, 397
Walker, Jerry, 199, 201, 256
Walker, Karen, 243, 441
Walker, Melinda, 432
Walker, Teresa, 420
Wall, Daisy, 239
Wall, Emily, 392
Wall, Henry, 420
Wall, Jerry, 237, 356
Wall, Joe, 342, 397
Wall, Ken, 335, 385
Wall, Peter, 441
Wall, Robert, 312, 313, 383
Wall, Henry, 211, 243
Wall, Wendy, 432
Wallace, Diane, 235, 237
Wallace, David, 397
Wallace, David, 432
Wallace, Beth, 441
Wallace, Glenn, 397
Wallace, Janice, 441
Wallace, Laura, 365
Wallace, Marilyn, 248
Wallace, Susan, 432
Wallace, Thomas, 234, 237, 241
Wallace, William, 205
Walder, Larry, 383
Waller, Rick, 328, 329, 420
Waller, William, 403
Wallis, Donnell, 420
Wallis, Melanie, 420
Walls, Lindsey, 315, 385
Walraven, Charles, 185
Walsh, Kathleen, 441
Walsh, Patsy, 213, 420
Walsh, Suzanne, 441
Walter, Robert, 441
Walterhouse, Patricia, 204
Walters, Ann, 402
Walters, Patrice, 273, 432 _
Walters, Raymond, 308, 309, 355
Waltman, Susan, 441
Walton, Robert, 441
Warn mock. Sue, 243
Ward, Albert, 184
Ward, Christy, 247, 397
Ward, Janice, 213, 432
Ward, Linda, 207, 402
Ward, Robert, 420
Ward, Roger, 205, 432
Ward, Sheila, 420
Ward, Sue, 249, 397
Ware, Gladys, 271, 432
Ware, Pamela, 402
Warner, Donald, 441
Warner, Richard, 339, 397
Warnock, Murray, 392
Warrell, Stephen, 344, 441
Warren, Burdetta, 383
Warren, Chuck, 224
Warren, Robert, 205
Warren, Susan, 235, 236
Warren, Virgil, 192
Warrick, Emory, 383
Warwick, Susan, 420
Washburn, Suzie, 287, 405
Waterhouse, Shirley, 402
Waters, Allan, 339, 441
Waters, Andrea, 269, 402
Waters, Jane, 441
Waters, Mary, 441
Watkins, Eddie, 344, 420
Watkins, G. M., 335, 432
Watkins, Laurena, 432
Watkins, Susan, 432
Watkins, Peggy, 239, 243, 432
Watkins, Sherrill, 228
Watkins, S. E., 397
Watrous, James, 186, 203, 210, 215, 247,
339, 368, 420
Watson, Eddie, 397
Watson, Dennis, 177, 333, 420, 432
Watson, Donald, 182
Watson, Renee, 420
Watson, Gloria, 432
Watson, Margaret, 273, 441
Watson, Margaret, 441! '
Watson, Marianne, 239, 432
Watson, Perrianne, 239
Watson, Ray, 420
Watson, Sheryl, 432
Watson, Veda, 432
Watson, Wanda, 291, 420
Watson, Wanda, 273, 420
Watson, Wayne, 325, 420
Watson, Craig, 221, 239, 420
Watson, William, 240, 420
Watters, John, 441
Watterson, Wendell, 237, 240
Watts, Jeanne, 213
Waugh, Goree, 313, 397
Way, Pamela, 200, 212, 392
Weagle, Patricia, 392
Weart, Charles, 385
Weast, Wayne, 223
Weatherford, David, 205, 243, 432
Weathers, Bruce, 321, 441
Weatherwax, Kay, 271, 420
Weaver, Carol, 441
Weaver, Christy, 432
Weaver, Jerry, 247
Weaver, Nancy, 279, 392
Weaver, W. B., 223, 363
Webb, Carol, 441
Webb, De Jan, 392
Webb, Gwendolyn, 239
Webb, Larry, 441
Webb, Johnnie, 243, 432
Webb, Linda, 420
Webb, Nancy, 285, 287, 420
Webb, Nancy, 420
Webb, Wiley, 256
Weber, Dennis, 397
Weber, Donna, 274, 275, 357, 420
Weber, Steven, 397
Webster, Mike, 203, 206, 223, 348
Weede, Kay, 420
Weekley, Jeff, 333, 441
Weeks, Catherine, 402
Weeks, Ronnie, 319, 397
Weeks, Sherry, 383
Weeks, Wanda, 432
Weeks, William, 397
Weems, John, 432
Weems, Dee, 405
Wehner, Mike, 420
Weigand, Paula, 224, 273, 420
Weigel, Steven, 420
Weinberg, Harry, 301, 420 ^
Weinberger, George, 241
Weinberger, Susan, 281
Weir, Cheri, 285, 441
Weir, Susan, 207
Weisbach, Kathy, 291, 420
Weiser, Mary, 402
Weisner, Lendon, 441
Welborn, Pat, 235
Welch, Pope, 342, 420
Welch, Susan, 441
Weldon, John, 234, 256, 385
Weldon, Renee, 432
Wellons, Robin, 432
Wells, Andrea, 441
Wells, Carla, 402
Wells, David, 342
Wells, David, 344, 351, 397
Wells, Linda, 441
Wells, Susan, 441
Wells, Vivian, 291, 420
Wenck, Mary, 441
Wendt, Judy, 432
Wershaw, Felice, 420
Wesley, John, 335, 432
West, Barbara, 271, 42f
West, Michael, 235
West, Robert, 402, 420
West, Zena, 441
Westbrook, Carol, 275, 432, 441
Westbrook, Cauthen, 177,185
Westbrook, Jan, 241, 392
Westbrook, Lynne, 420
Westbrook, Sam, 309, 420
Wester, Charles, 420
Wester, Kendall, 441
Westmoreland, Robert, 420
Westmoreland, William, 441
Weston, Robert, 345, 420
Whalen, Drew, 235, 441
Whaley, Lee, 397
Whallen, Norah, 210, 279, 420
Whatley, J. C., 205, 321, 432
Wheat, Joshua, 420
Wheeler, Randy, 243
Wheeler, Brenda, 234, 235
Wheeler, Delaine, 253, 285, 432
Wheeler, James, 386
Wheeler, Reginald, 397
Wheeler, Susan, 402
Wheeler, Craig, 432
Wheeler, William, 243
Whetsell, Katherine, 420
Whidden, Johnny, 432
Whitaker, Claire, 249, 264, 265, 397
Whitaker, Betsy, 295, 432
Whitaker, Larry, 420
Whitaker, Marcha, 252
Whitaker, Pamela, 406
Whitaker, Bruce, 420
Whitaker, Wayne, 321, 441
While, Anne, 287, 420
White, Brock, 235
White, Christy, 267, 420
White, Claudia, 432
White, Clyde, 420
White, Danny, 333, 351, 420
White, Jack, 236
White, Alan, 315, 432
White, Jennifer, 441
White, Jerry, 204, 420
White, Johnny, 385
White, John, 420
White, Larry, 243
White, Laura, 239
White, Linda, 256, 385
White, Linda, 420
White, Marilyn, 291, 441
White, Joyce, 420
White, Max, 383
White, Herb, 177
White, Bob, 329, 420
White, Steve, 177, 302
White, Dale, 223, 392
White, Thomas, 421
White, Tommy, 421
White, Travis, 432
White, Veronica, 267, 392
White, W. A., 256, 315, 385
White, Wendy, 432
White, William, 347, 397
White, William, 324, 432
Whitehead, Anne, 432
Whitehead, Bonnie, 365
Whitehead, Day, 234, 237, 432
Whiten, Ronnie, 256, 315, 385
Whiteside, Robert, 432
Whitfield, David, 432
Whitfield, Dennis, 309, 421
Whiting, Carolyn, 402
Whiting, John, 397
Whitley, Dianne, 279, 427
Whitlock, Mary, 285, 421
Whitlow, Annette, 235
Whitlow, Michael, 432
Whitlow, Ruth, 256, 257, 385
Whitney, John, 441
Whittemore, Charles, 177
Whittemore, Melissa, 273, 432
Whitten, Marlene, 421
Whitten, Linda, 204, 279, 432
Whitten, Ray, 421
Whittle, Joseph, 333, 397
Whitworth, Cerrie, 342, 385
Whitworth, Jones, 205, 432
Whitworth, Patricia, 432
Wicker, Nancy, 432
Wickerson, Paula, 269, 432
Wickersham, Alice, 277, 357, 421
Widener, Bruce, 303, 397
Widener, Karen, 421
Wierengo, Jane, 237, 392
Wiest, W. D., 383
Wiezorek, Robert, 356, 441
Wiggins, Suellyn, 226
Wigley, Thomas, 432
Wilburn, D. R., 432
Wilder, Donald, 302, 421
Wilder, Hoke, 359, 392
Wilder, Jane, 287, 421
Wiley, Angela, 432
Wiley, Larry, 229, 392
Wilkerson, Ed, 256, 385
Wilkes, Linda, 421
Wilkes, Michael, 314, 421
Wilkes, Ginger, 267, 402
Wilkin, Robert, 392
Wilkin, Wayne, 402
Wilkins, Kathleen, 421
Wilkins, Michael, 337, 421
Wilkinson, Dorothy, 421
Wilkinson, Joseph, 224
Wilkinson, Annette, 219
Willbanks, Carol, 392, 402
Willbanks, Robert, 237, 240
Willett, James, 397
Willett, Kathi, 405
Willey, Jane, 421
Willey, Randy, 392
Williams, Allen, 183, 364
Williams, Carol, 265, 421
Williams, Ellen, 234, 238, 239
Williams, Clark, 340, 341
Williams, Claud, 421
Williams, Daniel, 184
Williams, David, 441
Williams, Deborah, 269, 441
Williams, Donna, 265, 421
Williams, Mark, 363, 392
Williams, Harriet, 235, 289, 441
Williams, Dixie, 273, 432
Williams, Jack, 402
Williams, Jim, 344, 421
Williams, Jan, 221
Williams, Jenifer, 365
Williams, J. G., 421
Williams, John, 220, 432
Williams, Judith, 432
Williams, Luella, 402
Williams, Lynn, 275, 357, 432
Williams, Margaret, 275, 441
Williams, Martha, 265, 421
Williams, Kay, 421
Williams, Lucia, 276, 277, 397
Williams, Michael, 397
Williams, Pam, 421, 432
Williams, Paul, 339
Williams, Paula, 441
Williams, Peggy, 283, 421
Williams, Penny, 238, 240
Williams, Philip, 239
Williams, Clark, 397
Williams, Robbie, 198, 199, 201, 206
Williams, Ronnie, 315, 385
Williams, Sally, 285, 441
Williams, Kent, 397
Williams, Steve, 337 355, 357, 432
Williams, Stephen, 327, 421
Williams, Steve, 213
Williams, Terry, 441
Williams, Wendell, 233, 421
Williams, Bill, 182, 421
Williamson, Dale, 277, 432
Williamson, Donald, 363, 364, 365
Williamson, Anne, 421
Williamson, Loretto, 285, 402
Williamson, Miriam, 441
Williamson, Mike, 256
Williamson, Peggy, 421
Williamson, Sheryl, 441
Willie, Susan, 275, 392
Willingham, Beau, 421
Willingham, Becky, 287, 432
Willingham, Ronnie, 301, 432
Willingham, Sue, 275, 421
Willis, Carolyn, 406
Willis, Deborah, 441
Willis, Homer, 421
Willis, Joanne, 432
Willis, Dean, 441
Willis, Jane, 275, 432
Willis, Patty, 441
W I lough by, Michael, 210
Willoughby, Stephen, 205
Willson, Thomas, 329
Wilson, B. J., 403
Wilson, David, 441
Wilson, Deborah, 441
Wilson, Elizabeth, 402
Wilson, James, 256, 385
Wilson, James, 421
Wilson, James, 421
Wilson, Judith, 421
Wilson, Pamela, 295, 421
Wilson, Peggy, 227, 279, 421
Wilson, Charlene, 421
Wilson, Robert, 224, 333, 392
Wilson, R. H., 441
Wilson, Smith, 329, 421
Wilson, Thomas, 432
Wilson, Tim, 225
Wilson, Tyrell, 249
Wilson, Bill, 432
Wimberly, Dianne, 238, 240, 392
Wimbish, Jack, 392
Winchester, John, 441
Winecoff, Karla, 402
Wing, Steve, 392
Wingo, Vance, 249
Winn, Judy, 421
Winn, Marcia, 405
Winn, Nancy, 432
Winn, Richard, 330
Winn, William, 305, 441
Winship, Emily, 291, 432
Winslow, Ann, 287, 392
Winter, Ed, 333, 421
Winter, Michelle, 235, 402
Wisdom, Chip, 177, 432
Wise, Brenda, 293, 421
Wise, David, 242, 243
Wise, Sandra, 287, 421
Wise, William, 256
Wisebram, Diane, 432
Wisehart, Jim, 206
Wishard, Sally, 265, 421
Withers, Dennis, 383
Withrow, Charles, 441
Wolpin, William, 432
Wolf, Gary, 421
Wolf, John, 184, 246
Wolf, Marcia, 357
Wolfe, Lee, 224
Wolfe, Michael, 356
Wolfes, George, 333, 397
Wolford, Melanie, 298, 402
Wollner, Herbert, 224, 345, 406
Wolpin, William, 345
Womack, Debbie, 432
Womack, Jennifer, 441
Womble, Peggy, 261, 275, 392
Wommack, Mary, 406
Wommack, Ronald, 421
Wong, Jane, 256, 257, 385
Woo, Maxine, 392
Wood, Gary, 303, 397
Wood, Avery, 321, 432
Wood, Barbara, 235, 402
Wood, Burt, 344, 392
Wood, Charles, 256
Wood, Cheryl, 237, 402
Wood, Elaine, 432
Wood, Ellis, 242
Wood, Jane, 275, 402
Wood, Jamie, 392
Wood, Jere, 333, 421
Wood, Jimmy, 177
Wood, Kenneth, 246
Wood, Linda, 275, 403
Wood, Cathy, 441
Wood, Nancy, 421
Wood, Nancy, 283, 432
Wood, Rabun, 327, 432
Wood, Randall, 441
Wood, Sammy, 403
Wood, Scott, 441
Wood, Wilma, 403
Woodall, Robert, 256, 385
Woodard, Donald, 234
Woodcock, Benny, 247
Woodhall, Peggy, 441
Woodhall, Susan, 278, 279, 421
Woodlief, Charles, 344, 397
Woodruff, Katherine, 285, 357, 405
Woodruff, Martha, 285, 441
Woodruff, Pam, 441
Woodruff, Shirley, 403
Woods, Juanita, 403
Woods, Robert, 234
Woodson, Cliff, 210, 247, 337, 421
Woodward, Debbie, 441
Woody, Paul, 243, 305, 421
Woolford, Mary, 432
Wooten, Eddie, 441
Wooten, Deborah, 441
Wooten, Jackie, 271, 392
Wooten, Joel, 203, 205, 210, 215, 223, 247,
Wooten, Pam, 441
Wooten, Penny, 204, 432
Wooten, Willie, 215, 349
Worley, Carol, 277, 432
Worley, Danny, 237, 246, 356
Worley, Frank, 441
Worley, John, 205
Worley, Phil, 242, 243, 386
Worsham, Linda, 238, 441
Worthington, Samuel, 383
Worthy, Ellen, 269, 403
Wren, Carolyn, 432
Wrenn, Donald, 319, 397
Wrenn, Valery, 287, 392
Wright, Cecil, 441
Wright, Connie, 275, 392
Wright, Earl, 256, 385
Wright, James, 421
Wright, Jennifer, 295
Wright, John, 392
Wright, Karen, 267, 432
Wright, Mary, 421
Wright, Mike, 203, 210, 223, 247, 303, 421
Wright, Randall, 421
Wright, Sandra, 432
Wright, Susan, 265, 397
Wrigley, Alice, 421
Wrinkle, Earline, 291, 432
Wyatt, James, 329, 432
Wyatt, Kathy, 421
Wyatt, Randy, 421
Wyatt, Ginger, 432-
Wyche, Guy, 421
Wycoff, Jean, 204, 432
Wynn, Richard, 421
Wynne, Johnny; 339, 432
Wynne, Lucile, 271, 421
Yarborough, Joan, 277, 403
Yarbrough, Mark, 317, 406
Yarbrough, Nancy, 279, 421
Yarbrough, Susanne, 432
Yates, Cassie, 441
Yates, Danny, 187, 337, 432
Yawn, Ray, 385
Yawn, Gwen, 214, 279, 421
Yeargin, Mike, 441
Yearty, Cheryl, 298, 392
Yearty, Karen, 441
Yon, Dana, 204, 289, 421
Yongue, Carolyn, 207, 233, 403
York, Cheryl, 237, 240, 421
York, Beth, 234, 239, 240
York, Pamela, 432
York, Sherril, 441
York, Timothy, 339, 441
Youmans, Richards, 327, 441
Young, Aria, 204
Young, Johnette, 283, 432
Young, Bonnie, 287, 392
Young, Betty, 202, 204, 211, 432
Young, Lynne, 283, 421
Young, Joan, 421
Young, Julie, 287, 392
Young, Rebecca, 275, 432
Young, Scott, 432
Young, Wendie, 287, 392
Youngblood, Michael, 235
Youngblood, Thomas, 182
Zacherl, Phillip, 392
Zachry, G. H., 397
Zachry, John, 234
Zager, Vera, 295, 432
Zalatan, Steven, 246
Ziegenfuss, Karen, 289, 365, 432
Ziglin, Alan, 383
Zimmerman, Fred, 220
Zimmerman, John, 228
Zimmerman, Kitty, 432
Zinn, Richard, 247
Zipf, Dirk, 210
Zivich, Ann, 295, 432
Zrolka, Robert, 397
Zuber, Leo, 329, 421
Zuckerman, Jean, 204, 432
Zubrown, Phread, 339
Editor, Stelle Chandler
Photography, Clate Sanders
Assisted by Barbara Thornton
Ed Fortson
Dan McClure
Bill Drath
Barbara Shelldrake
Norman Lewis
Sigrid Gayvert
Cover Design, Harrell Brooks