Letter: Milledgeville, [Georgia] to Callie [Lumpkin King], 1851 Dec. 12

Joseph Henry Lumpkin Family Papers
Letter: Milledgeville, [Georgia] to Callie [Lumpkin King], 1851 Dec. 12
Lumpkin, James M.
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Dance parties
Georgia--Social life and customs--19th century
Cobb, Howell, 1815-1868
Lamar, J. B. (John Basil), 1812-1862
Lumpkin, James M.--Journeys--Georgia--Milledgeville
King, Callie, 1826-1905
United States, Georgia, Baldwin County, Milledgeville, 33.08014, -83.2321
letters (correspondence)
James M. Lumpkin, son of Joseph Henry Lumpkin, writes a letter dated December 12, 1851 to his sister Callie, describing his journey to Macon and Milledgeville with John Cobb and John Cobb's mother. While in Macon, he visited a few of his friends from school and stayed with Colonel John B. Lamar. James informs Callie that he attended Governor Howell Cobb's levee while in Milledgeville where he danced all night, encountered Miss Mattie Cobb, Miss Sallie Jackson, and Miss Lewis, and became acquainted with Miss Lamar. He also tells Callie that the food at the levee was beautifully arranged in pyramids. Towards the end of the letter, he asks Callie to destroy this letter. James intended to continue his journey to Savannah and Liberty.
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Milledgeville Dec [December] 12th 1851
Dear Sister
I was not in Athens when your letter came -- I left two days after it was written -- for Macon -- I remained there three days & then came to this place -- it was taken out of this office at Athens, read & sent to me here -- I was very glad indeed to hear from [added text: you] -- it is true I read your letters to Father & Mother with much pleasure -- but then it gave me more pleasure to hear from you myself -- I was very sorry to hear that you had been sick -- confound those sick-head-aches [sick headaches] -- I wish there was no such thing as a sick-headache [sick headache] -- or at least that you were free from them -- Athens was very lonesome after you left -- I remained only a short time there & departed also -- I came as far as Macon with John Cobb & his mother -- they came on to Milledgeville I stopped to spend a few days there -- John did not find Miss I at home -- she was in Alabama -- he went [unclear text: there] there again yesterday -- to see her, on his way home -- I spent a very pleasant time [added text: there] -- I met a few of my classmates there -- who carried me all over the place & showed every-thing [everything] worth seeing -- the last night that I was there I staid [stayed] at Col [Colonel] John B Lamar's he treated me very kind -- & was very polite to me indeed -- I like him very much -- his house is furnished elegantly -- & he lives in [added text: a] fine style -- it is just the kind of house that I intend to live [added text: in] when you will come & see me in some western state. I did not call on any of the young ladies in Macon -- although I saw

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two or three very pretty ones that I would have liked to have called on -- I had no one to go with & I did not like to go by myself -- I met Lane Bowen in Macon -- on his way to Col. Wilkin's wedding which was to have taken place last Wednesday night -- I do not know whether it came off or not I suppose it [deleted text: [illegible text] ] did though -- Well I will now tell you something about the Governor,s [Governor's] levee which came off on Tuesday night -- there was a tremendous crowd there -- the hous [house] was full -- Mrs. Cobb was very sick at this time they had this Macon band & danced until 3 o clock I saw no lady there except Miss Jackson from Monroe Miss Mattie Cobb & Miss Sallie Jackson that I knew I was introduced to a Miss Lewis from Sparta -- I did not like her much -- I also became acquainted with a Miss Lamar -- who was at Mr. Cobb,s [Cobb's] commencem [added text: ent] she was a very pleasant little girl -- & I thought she was rather pretty -- I danced once with her & twice with Miss Mattie Cobb -- I had seen Miss Lamar once before at the Garden Springs about two years ago when she was a school-girl [school girl] -- I do not know whether you [deleted text: seen] [added text: have ever seen her] or not -- she is rather small -- & fat -- I went down & saw the table before the crowd was invited down -- it was very pretty -- they had f[deleted text: our] [added text: ive] large pyramids -- that were bea [added text: u] tiful -- one of them had the Governors [Governor's] name on it -- the other had written on it The Governors [Governor's] Levee -- one of of [of] them was four feet high -- another 3 and the

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rest two and a half -- they had I think about 60 small cakes -- besides some eight or ten baskets of small heart cakes -- & all the other little things that are generally at parties -- Gov [Governor] Cobb looked very handsome indeed -- I did not see either the old gentleman or lady -- Will was there -- he had been here two or three days before -- staying at Dr. Whites [White's] -- I found Uncle Miller,s [Miller's] family somewhat increased -- & old Howell Cobb,s [Cobb's] -- I went up to the State House on Wendesday [Wednesday] & there became acquainted with several young ladies -- to use one of my expressions -- I flew around considerably I went up to see Miss Mattie Cobb yesterday morning -- she invited me up there to tea last night -- I went up & spent a very pleasant evening [deleted text: [illegible text] ] -- most of it with Col [Colonel] Lamar -- he talks a great deal & is very lively -- he seemed to take pleasure in answer [added text: ing ] [answering] all my little questions -- I had my picture taken for you -- I have had my hair cut off very close to my head & it looks rather different from what I did when you saw me last -- the man tried it three times -- the first two looked very stern & I did not like them -- the last one looks most too smiling like -- although I took it -- [unclear text: Buckly] was standing where I could see him & I could [added text: not] keep from laughing at him -- he looked so ugly -- I think the man put him where I could see him just

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to make me laugh [added text: I ] -- I will not have time to have it taken in Savanah [Savannah] [added text: Jimmie is my darling] so I had it taken here -- I think it is a very good one [added text: Jimmie is my sweet thing] -- it looks rather foolish though -- I leave tomorrow morning [added text: "Jimmie is my pet"] for Savanah [Savannah] I will get there late tomorrow [added text: Jimmie] evening remain there until Monday & go out to Liberty Monday morning -- I left them all very well in Athens -- I have just received Ned's letter it is rather short -- Ma [deleted text: [illegible text] ] says that they are all well -- What lady was it that you showed my pictures to -- I am very much obliged to her for saying that she [deleted text: thinks] thought it was handsome -- although I cannot agree with her -- I wish you would keep it in the dark -- I am sorry I did not receive the letter you wrote me from Montgomery -- and I am glad for another reason -- which I will tell you when I see you again -- Mrs. Camak was at Mr. Cobb,s [Cobb's] the evening before I left I walked home with her -- & met Anna Camak as I was coming back -- I went home with her then -- it was rather cold & she insisted on my coming in & warming by the fire -- I went in & I staid [stayed] about an hour -- I had called up there soon after dinner & she was not at home -- I expect after reading your letter at home -- they begin to think that there either was or soon would be an understanding between us something like that of Nat B,s [B's] & Puss D,s [D's] -- I went around & told Puss & Anna Billups good-bye [goodbye] -- I sent Miss Matilda Maxwell -- Miss Anna Camak -- Anna Billups & Puss Dougherty each, one of those [illegible text] magazines with [father's] life in it -- he told me to do so -- Well listen Callie I have nearly finished my letter -- & have not written half as much as I want to write I will write again soon -- Please destroy this letter -- Good bye my dear Sister -- until I write again

[Signed] Jimmie