Letter: [Marion, Alabama] to Callie [King, Athens], Georgia, 1853 Feb. 17

Joseph Henry Lumpkin Family Papers
Letter: [Marion, Alabama] to Callie [King, Athens], Georgia, 1853 Feb. 17
King, Porter, 1824-1890
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Cobb family
Walthall family
Domestic life
Plantation life
Alabama--Social life and customs--19th century
King, Callie, 1826-1905
United States, Alabama, 32.75041, -86.75026
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Porter King, lawyer, future judge and Perry County representative to the Alabama legislature, writes a letter dated February 17, 1853 from home, Marion, Alabama, to his wife Callie in Athens, Georgia. He is delighted to have received three letters from her and expresses his joy upon reading them. King comments on the death of Buddy, the second son of Marion Cobb, his wife's sister, and wife of Thomas Read Rootes Cobb. In addition, King expresses how happy he is that her family likes him. Then King gives Callie a few details about their slaves and mentions that he dined with Thomas and lee Walthall, including deatils of the menu, and their talk of farm chores. In finishing, he speaks of their infant son, Paul, and refers, as well, to the second child they are expecting.
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Thursday night Feby [February] 17th/ 53 [1853]
My dear Callie,
What a treat I received on yestarday [yesterday] -- three letters from my darling little [added text: wife] wife in one day -- 4th. 8th & 10th Inst [Instant] -- I knew my precious one had written, but the mails, Oh the mails to travel so slow with such precious freight -- I am much grieved to learn of little Buddy's death & sympathise [sympathize] deeply with the family -- My dear when death, irresistible death enters our household and snatches away the loved one, tis [it is] human to [deleted text: [illegible text] ] rebel & mumur [murmur] at the [unclear text: decree] -- Does he seem the terrible monster in his attacks on children, that he does on robust man? There is to my mind a wide difference -- Tom & Marion now have two special guardians in heaven -- two little angels who will hover around their mansion, to guard and watch over them and their little ones -- they have abundant cause to thank a kind Heaven for having blessed them with three such girls -- they are little jewels -- each totally unlike unlike the other, but still each perfect -- tender them my condolence in this their severest affliction -- they, being Christians, have a source from whence to seek consolation, consolation too of the most potent kind, unknown to us of the world -- tis [it is] [it is] in such times as these, when the

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afflicting, afflicting it seems to me, hand of providence is thus manifested, that I feel most the need of support from on high -- Would to God, I were a sincere & devout follower of the despised Nazarene -- I know too t'would [it would] so rejoice my darling Callie -- I am pleased to learn that I am liked by your relatives -- tis [it is] for your sake my love and not for any merit of mine -- I should appear to a great deal better advantage to have my virtues represented by Callie, than to submit them to a personal inspection -- I guess their opinion of me is founded rather on what you say I am than on what they have found me to be -- Dear Callie, don't colour [color] the picture too highly, for I shall have to pass the ordeal of an inspection -- But dear love in all earnestness I was delighted with my stay in Athens and only regretted that it was so short -- Dear love does the time drag slowly with you? When I think of the time which has elapsed since I left Athens, which I do every moment of my life, it seems an age -- I can't suffer myself to dwell on the time which must elapse ere [before] I depart for Geo. Dear Callie, sweet Callie, my little wife, my Callie, how I do love you -- how I long to press you to my bosom and squeeze you again and again -- if you were here tonight, would you occupy this little rocking chair, that sits so cozily in the corner? No that you wouldnt [wouldn't] -- You would

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sit, sit where? -- Dear love I thank you for those nice sweet loving letters and want a "heap more of the same sort" -- Thos & Lee Walthall dined with me on yestarday [yesterday] -- the morning was so unfavorable that I did not expect them, so I did not have a turkey killed -- but had ordered Mary to make a chicken pie just like you made them -- I know you like to have my bill of fare -- Boild [Boiled] ham, chicken pie (very nice) pickled brains (which my guests said were delicious, you know my opinion) irish & sweet potatoes, rice -- some sort of pudding, (very good) Now honey, do'nt [don't] you think I gave them a very good dinner? Nothing like such a dinner as we would have prepared, is it darling? Well, when my old lady comes home, she will fix up a dinner that will be a dinner wo'nt [won't] she [deleted text: !] ? Say yes dearest -- We passed the day very socially -- After dinner & while we were regaling ourselves with a cigar, in popped an agent for some trifling books a real raw Yankee he was -- we teased him and had our own sport, offering to swap books, trying to jew him -- getting him to tell the contents of his books &c [et cetera] & finally dismissed him by sending him to Thos [Thomas] W's [Walthall's] with the prospect of the sale of catch-penny work [deleted text: of] on medicine -- Don't suppose for a moment dear Callie, that we treated him rudely, we just had a little fun -- The creek was very high, all over the bottoms -- the water soon ran off & doing very little damage

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Catherine has been engaged all day in hunting the [unclear text: swamp] with the dogs, trying to find a diminutive Ethiopian for L. Eliza's comfort -- but as her main track dog, the old hound slut (queen) had taken a great fancy to Mr. W's [Walthall's] kids, eating only 15 -- and being too fond of the flesh to permit a dog to share it with me, I signed her death warrant which had been executed -- Catherine makes slow progress with Cora & the puppies -- They will learn after awhile -- She sent to me awhile ago for a spoonful of gun powder I reckon she has tre'ed [treed] one & is a going [going] to blow it out -- The negroes, with the above exception are all well -- [unclear text: Kossuth] was running about the yard to day [today], trying to [unclear text: catch] me as I went to the field -- I have been engaged to day [today] with Morrisette in laying off some ditches between us -- he is rather a common fellow --
Next week I devote all my energies to ditching, I want to lay off & stake some 5 miles of hill side ditching, a very nice job --

Give little Paul a slap for his Pa and tell the little gentleman to keep quiet -- bless his little soul how his Pa would like to feel him kick -- Can he turn double somersits [somersaults] yet? Take good care of him, my darling -- There will soon be one being in existence of whom my Callie won't be jealous, will she dearest --? --

Remember me kindly to all --
Devotedly your

[Signed] Porter

Friday morning --
All well -- about midnight, last night, a rather small colored person made her appearance to the very great relief of L. Eliza -- Maria stands solitary & alone --
The negroes all inquire every day after mistress -- it seems to do Booker so much good to bring a letter to me. The old fellow squats down till [until] I have read it -- then asks 40

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My dear wife, don't permit yourself to become impatient -- think of yourself your child & your husband -- sweet love,good bye --