Annual report of the Commissioner of Commerce and Labor, State of Georgia, Dept. of Commerce and Labor, 1918 December 31


Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 1918

H. M. STANLEY, Commissioner ]. T. DERRY, Assistant Commissioner WM. A. BOY, Chief. Clerk 1. L. GRIFFIN, Factory Inspector

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Atlanta, Ga., January 1, 1919.

HON. HUGH M. DORSEY, Governo1'.

In accordance with law, I have the honor and pleasure of respectfully submitting to you my seventh annual report of the Depattment of Commerce and Labor for the term ending December 31, 1918.
During the past year the work of the Department wa increased very largely over any preceding year by reason of the war work undertaken.
In March of 1918 I accepted the position of Federal Director of Employment, 0 as to centralize and correlate all work along that line by State and Federal forces. Prof. J os. T. Derry, Assistant Commis ioner, was appointed and accepted the position of Director of the Boys' Working Re erve. Later, on your recommendation, I accepted the position of Director of the . S. Public Service Re erv. The e position , while they entailed a great deal of work, carried with them no emolument, both Prof. Derry and my elf receiving from the Government an annual salary of only one dollar each. Prior to my acceptance of the position of Director of Employment the State of Georgia and the Gov rnment had entered into a co-operative agreement as to employment work, as wa mentioned in my ~'eport of la t year. There is no doubt of the fact that very much good was acComplished duringl the past twelve months. Many thousands of people were secured employment and employers were furnished with immediate help during the emergency period which could not have been found through any other agency. During the past year at one time or another there were more than eiO'hty men and women connected with the EmploymeJ?t Service. It i not remarkable that some mistakes were made. It i very gratifying, however, to state that there were but

three or four complaints made concerning the operation of the Service in this State. I think this i a very flattering showing indeed and point with pride to the work that was done by the Service in the gTeat crisis that confronted us during most of 1918.
The Compulsory Work Law enacted by the General Assembly last summer in my judgment was one of the wisest measures put upon the statute books. This law was the means of forcing all of the idlers and loiterers to secure employment and in my opinion served admirably the purpose for which it was enacted. By agreement "vith you the enforcement of this law was held in abeyance as soon as conditions became somewhat normal after the armistice had been signed. The law worked so adinirably it seems to me that we should have a permanent law of this character. If it should be impracticable to make the Compulsory Work Law a permanent statute the vagrancy laws of the State should be strengthened. There should be a much stronger vacrrancy law on our books than we now have and I earnestly recommend that some legislatton be had along this line.
"' arious states have provided inspections of boilers, to bring about a larger measure of protection from boiler explosions to those who work in and around manufacturing plants. Unless Georgia should enact a similar statute the State will soon be flooded with imperfect boilers rejected by the states which have boiler inspection laws. I recommend that there shall be some legislation looking to boiler inspections, the fee to be charged to the owner of the boilers for the purpose of providing a fund by which this inspection can be made. By doing this adequate protection can be given and yet an appropriation from the State Treasury can be avoided. The manufacturers of the State are largely in favor of the boiler inspection law, likewise the manufacturers of boilers .in this State. It seems to me that there should be very little objection, if any, to a measure providing for bolier inspections, especially as the owners of the boilers will pay the fees.
I wi h to avail myself of this opportunity of calling your attention to the fact that salaries of those connected with the Department of Commerce and Labor are entirely inadequate to the work performed and the high

co t of living. In almost every instance the present salaries paid are no more than when the Department was created eight year ago, and yet the cost of living has enormously increa ed. I re pectfully a k your most earne t con ideration to this ugge tion.
In conclu ion, please permit m to take this occasion to express my warme t appreciation for the great consideration and many act of kindness shown me by your Excellency and the officials of the Executive Department during the past y ar. It has been a very great plea ure to consult with you from time to time and to work with you a Governor and a Chairman of the tate Council of D fen e. Your advice ha been O'ood, your co-operation mo t incere, and your treatment of me most cordiaL
Respectfully submitted,

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Georgia ha for many years stood in the front rank of the agricultural tates of the nion, ranking ometime as fifth and sometimes as fourth in the value of it agricultural product. But it wa by leader hip in the variety and value of manufacturer and enterprise in railroad construction that Georgia won the title" Empire State of the South. " In agricultur, manufacture, means of tran portation and commercial activities, Georgia i among the great state of the nion.

The finished products of Georgia's manufactures on account of war conditions in 191 fell short of those of 1917 in quantity, but in value, or the sellinO" price, howed gratifying O"ains. Several causes conspired to decrease the production, such as changing from the u ual articles of manufacture to those needed for war purposes, hortaO"e of labor, less runninO" of machinery at night reduction from 10 to 9 hours a day for work, lack of fuel some of the time and in mill run by electricity hottage in power durinO" Augu t, September and October.

The cotton con umed in 191 wa 353,726,779 pounds
aO"ain t 400,416157 in 1917. The co t of manufacture
in 1918 wa $112,265,474.35 compared with $102,9929 2.03 in 1917, an increa e of 9 per cent. AlthouO"h the
quantity of cotton con umed was smaller, the O"rade wa better and thi fact added to the value. Thu the total value of the manufactu~'~d product in 1917 wa $147,-
405,132.33 and ~n ] 91 a,ill ..nt'A. to $190,626,673.17, a
gain of 29 per-!? n.t.. " , . . '

The capital'invested was $69,714."'",,,,.76 in 191 and

$60,513,980.76 in 1917.

'..'., "

As to rr.achiner . tn.e r.:-Jll how an' i.:_erease in the
number or active spllidl fron:, 2,44 ,260 in 1917 to 2.,466,148 in 1918. The looms numbered 46,038 in 1917 and about the same in 1918.

The salaries of officers and clerk which were $2,193,490.46 in 1917 were increa ed in 191 to $2597,092.70 or



1 2-5 per cent. The amount paid to wage earners in 1917 wa $1 ,577,577.44 and this was increased in 191 to $23,419,213.03, or 26 3-5 per cent.
The manufactured products, although omewhat less in quantity, embraced in addition to heetino, duck, drills, denims, casimere and satteens, khaki for army u e. Their value in 191 was $190,626,673.17 as compared
with $147,405,132.33 in 1917. The e tablish?nents
most closely allied to the textile mills are tho e that manufacture overalls, pants, shirts and neckties for men and dre es, kirt and other articles of wear for women and children including fancy notion and straw hats. They use in their work the sheeting, shirting denim, drills, ducks, casimere, cotton piece goods, tickings, straw for hat frames, silk and braided cord. Some of them make mattresses, awnings and tents. . The capital invested for 1918 was $2,546,000, a compared with $2,050,000 for 1917. The reports from thi class of industries are fuller this year than ever before. The total expen e including amount paid for repairs and new machinery, amount paid to all employees and cost of all materialS: u ed in manufacturing totaled $6,415,794.50 as ao-ain t $3,250,000 in 1917 The value of all manufactur d product of these allied industrie in 191 was $ ,254,000 as compared with $3,915,000 in 1917.
The cotton oil mills are among the most important of the manufactorie of Georgia, and like the textile mill , depend for pro perity upon the cotton crop. They have made the cotton seed one of the mo t u eful product of the cotton crop. From the crushed seed come the crude oil, from which is obtained a refined oil that is considered by many equal to the best olive oil of France. From the cotton oil come al 0 a product which con titutes a large part of some very popular compound lards. Other articles useful in cooking are derived from the oil of the cotton eed. The meal and cake are u ed exten ively as feed for cattle. p to July 31, 1918 the cotton oil mills of Georgia had cru hed 764,457 tons of seed at an average of $71. 8 a ton or a total cost of $54,949,169.16, from which were obtained 32,599,000 gallons of crude oil valued at $40,781,000; 366,000 tons of cake and meal, valued at $16,273,000; 1 0,000 tons of hulls, valued at $3,052,000-; and 186,000 five hundred pound bales of linters, valued

at $4, 06,000, the gI'and total of all these values amounting to $64,912,000. From August 1, 1917 to January 31, 1918 there had be n crn hed at the Georgia mill 461,415 tons, and from August 1, 191, to January 31, 1919, the amount crushed reaches 467,658 tons, a slight increase so far over the eason of 1917-1918.
The capital invested in the e mills for the year ending December 31, 191 was $23,000,000. Thi is exclusive of the value of raw material.
Of 308 fertilizer factories and mixing plants in Georgia 248 were in operation during the year ending Dec. 31, 1918. The capital inve ted approximated $4 ,000,000. About $375,000 spent for repairs and new machinery and $36,000,000 spent for raw material make a total of $36,375,000 total expense exclu ive of the amount paid employee , clerk and officials, approximating $2,000,000. There were sold 923,020 tons of fertilizers at $47.50 a ton, or $43 43,450 as the value of manufactured product .
The cotton compresse , though not manufactories, are of uch o-reat a i tance in the movement of the cotton crop, that they de erve a place in this report. By compre sino- the cotton bales to the smalle t possible bulk, the greatly increa e the facility of tran portation to the markets of the world and are thus of incalculable benefit to commerce and trade. The 42 compre es located at convenient points employ in Georgia a capital of $1,592,000 and give work to 284 whites and 1,400 negroe. Th
highe t capacity of the pres e i 2,500 bales a day, the lowe t capacity 150 and the average capacity i 91 bale a day.
The foundrie, teel and iron work, machin and general repair hops including those of the many railroads in Georgia number 232 establishments with a capital of $15,000,000. The amount spent by them for repair and new machinery total $930,674; for 700,000 tons of raw material $6,231,652. The 6,000 or more employees are divided into officers and clerks and wage earner. The officer and clerks receive $ 00,000 and the wage earner $2,400,000. The total of all the e expen es amount to $10,362,326. The value of manufactured product amount to $15,000,000.
These varied mamlfactorie use ill their wnrk such materials as iron, bras, copper, brown ore, red ore, coke,

limestone and lumber. Their manufactured products are pig iron castings and machinery product , casters, wheels, boiler , tanks, tack, saw mill , materials for planing mills and building purpo es, wheel-barrows, harrows, fertilizer distributor and general farm implements, blower sy tern and various special teel frames te t, ornamental te tel' and cement ca tings, wood carvings, shuttle blocks, hino-Ie machines, window screens, auto tire and tubes, various steel and iron tools, gin-saw files, and brushes, ooin roller , bits and shank , rods, bar , tie hoop and wire products and tin repair work. There are also railroad hops for repairing locomotive and all other repair work es ential to rolling tock and hop machinery. CIo ely allied to these are the Government shops and dock yards at Port 'Ventworth near Savannah and at Brunswick, which have been turnino' out barges, steam tugs, hip (both wooden and concrete) complete for the
ea including a 2500 ton steam r. lIany kind of war work have been done in these various kinds of manu- ' facturing establi hments and the varied cIa ses of labor-
I' who toiled in them ha\e born their hare in the work that helped win the great world war in which America has acted so con picuous a part.
The e tablishment that manufacture brick, tile, sewerpiping) cement, clay products, etc., have a capital stock of $5,585,899.34. They paid more for raw material and wage earners than in 1917, for the former $917,660.68 and for the latter $1,127,403.36. For machinery and repairs they spent $311,18 .9 , and to their officers and clerk they I aid $252,167. Their total expen es were $2,608,l7.02. There was a good demand for their manufactured product , the value of which wa from such information a we could obtain $6,470,870. Some of them reported war work, thus classino. 70 percent of their product. Thi. wa exclu ive of buildino- material, work of this kind being under the ban of the Government until after the proclamation of the truce which ended the world war on November 11, 191 .
The Marble and Granite quarries of Georgia have become famous throughout th nited States, producing material unsurpas ed for buildinoo and ornamental purpo es and al 0 for pavino- and road buildinoo. The demand for their products i teadily increasing, but was

somewhat diminished during 191 , while war activities were engaging the attention of all das es of business men and because for several months no great buildings, which used ornamental work were being erected. The marble yards with much or small capital found, however, enough demand for their work to pay good profits on their inve tments. The marble and granite quarrie and marble yards with a capital of a little over $4,000,000 after expenditure amounting to $2,740,000 howed manufactured products valued at $3,149,000 and gave employment to 2,400 wage earner. Having held their own during war times they now . tand ready to meet new and increa ed demands for their labor and products.
The Bottler and manufacturers of Soft Drinks were gr atly handicapped in their work- during 1918, e p cialIv in the ummel' of that year. Raw material wa harder to procure and co t them more than usual and because of the government limitation on ugar, syrup and ice they could not offer to the public product equal in quality to those of other year. Still with expense amounting to $3,570,000 they manufactured product
valued at $4,260,000. Their capital invested in 191 was $4,490,000.
The sixty three e tablishments in Georgia which manufacture buggies, carriage and wagon and materials needed in their construction, had in 191 a capital of $3,000,000 and after expending $2,096,000 turned out products valued at $2,795,513, a light increa e in expen e and falling off in profit as compared with 1917. Yet they held their own and are ready to compete for a fair share of the profit in the better time. so hopefully looked for.
The 140 electric power and light plants in Georgia, many of them municipally owned, are now among the mo t indispensable needs of our daily life. Who of us does not remember the cheerless appearance of OUT street during the lightless nights of a year ago, cheerfully endured becau e considered necessary for the conservation of our re ources of light and power during the gloomy period of apprehension when the fate of the world trembled in the balance? The electric power and light plant of Georo-ia who e beginning in the nited

States many of our people now in the prime of life well remember, represent a capital of not les than $100,000,000, and di pense light to 1 0 or more cities, town and nllao'c and gi,e the ervic of electric car to at lea t 75 place, when we count citie , town, villages, the tation between and rural retreat.
Although the 19 Gas Plants are found only in our cities and large towns, tho e who have enjoyed the benefit which they confer, would be very unwilling to part with them. With a capital of $10,000,000 and with expense amounting to $1,394,000 the furni hed to their cu tomeI'S light and fuel worth, $3,300,000.
The 9 Ice Factories with a capital of $10,367,000 and with expenses for materials used in ice manufacture and the amount paid to all employees totaling $1,666,250 turn out product valued at $2, 6,000. 1any of them inve t largely in coal and of cour e made good profits from the ale of this great article of nece ity. How much they pend for coal and what their receipt from its ale we have no means of ascertaining.
The Bakerie , Confectioneries and Ice Cream manufacturer , representing 192 establi hment , with a capital of $2,700,000 and expen e amounting to $5, 51,000 sold products to the ,alue of $9,000,000.
The 65 establishments that make Barrel , Boxes and Crates with a capital of $2,900,000 and expenses of $3,235,000 turn out products worth $3,900,000.
The 25 e tabli 4ments that manufacture Broom ha,e a capital of $227,969, and after expendino- $313,160 on material, alarie and other items turned out product valued at $500,512.
The 65 Oanning establishments with a capital of $466,.",. 340 and expenses e timated at $355,210 received for their
work $920,604.
The 57 Oio-ar factorie with a capital of $1 9,000 and expenses amountino- to $606,250 received for their products $844,000.

The 156 Flour and Grist mills, some of them great commercial mills, bad a capital of $3,250,000, e~'Pended $10,000,000; and received for their products $12,750,000.
The 150 e tablishment that manufacture furniture, including sa hes, doors, blind and finished wood work had a capital of $4,800,000, expended $5,600,000 and turned out products valued at $7,800,000.
The Laundries, though nat manufacturers, 'are in these day a prime neces ity to our cities and town and are therefore worthy of mention in this report. With a capital of $600,000 and expenses amounting to $912,000 they received for their work $1,066,000.
The tanners and manufacturers of leather good, saddles and barnes with a capital of $2,700,000 and an expenditure of $3,650,000 turned out product to the value of $4,800,000.
Besides the class s of manufactures h rein mentioned there are many others with not enough of any particular kind to form a eparate class, ranging from stencils and rubber stamps to all sorts of chemicals and air products, who e combined capital amounts to $1 ,899,000, of which we have no accurate summary of expen es and no complete value of product .

Durig 1917 and 1918 the Federal Government expended $50,000,000.00 in Georgia. In no other state except Texas were there so many camps. The eleven thousand acres occupied by Oamp Gordon were in the main uncultivated land with only an occasional farm hou e before the selection of that locality for a great military cantonment. Within a hundred days a little city had sprung up, with streets sewers, railroads, electric lights and 1,400 buildings able to accommodate a population equal to that of Augusta or Macon and at one time there were nearly 10,000 laborers working at this camp for the completion of which 48,000,000 board feet of lumber were required. Jearly all of the $l1,tlOO,OOO.OO spent at Oamp Gordon was spent by Atlanta contractors for Georgia labor. Fo,rt McPherson, long a regular army post was at first used as an officers' training camp. It was afterwards converted into one of the forty large military hospitals scattered throughout the nited States. It is known as Hospital
o. 6 and is capable of entertaining at one time 2,000 patients.' Here treatment has been provided for disabled and sick soldiers brought back from France. Besides their physical reconstruction provision is made at Fort McPherson for their vocational training and general preparation for life work. This hospital has a great central heating system to insure the comfort of its inmates and it is one of the healthiest army hospitals in the United States. At Fort McPherson were also located the barracks in which were kept the interned German prisoners. There were expended at Fort McPherson $2,000,000.00.
Adjacent to Fort McPherson is Oamp Jesup, where army motor vehicles were repaired and mechanics trained for overseas duty. The main shop is of the factory type of construction and has a floor area of about four acres. Besides the storage building and the

garage thirty two barrack were built for hou ing 2,000 men. There were expended at Camp J e up 1500,000.00.
The quarterma tel' depot found in the Candler Warehou e unusual accommodations already built, and wa u ed as the distributing center for the southeast.
Camp Wheeler at :Macon was built at a cost of approximately $3,200,000.00 and wa intended to accommodate 43,000 national guardsmen from Georo-ia, 4labama and Florida.
On Camp Hancock at Augu ta was expended $6,000,000.00. The permanent type of construction used at the Augusta Arsenal, at Camp Je up and at Fort Oglethorpe will be a valuable asset to the State when all the military cantonments have become only a remembrance of the past.
i'l ear Cohimbu is Fort Benning, the site of which i eight miles south of the city on the Chattahoochee river. Here is to be a perman nt training center for men in mu ketry and machine gun fire. Here will be located 1,200 targets with more than a mile of concrete butts, the firing line beino- imm diately behind the barracks. The buildings, which are of tucco, are on concrete foundation and provi ion has been made for the accommodation of 300 officers and their familie. NearlJ 100,000 acres of land have been taken over by the Go,ernment for Fort Benning, which will be u ed for army maneuvers. The appropriation f01' all thi work.i $6,000,000.00. To reach this camp there has been built a new railroad eight miles long with a trestle 2,500 feet lono- over a deep ravine.
The second larO"est group of government projects in Georgia was a little south of Chattan90ga, Tennessee, where in addition to Fort Oglethorpe two special camps were built, one Camp Greenleaf, for the training of medical officers and Camp Fane t for the training of eno-ineer officers.

Wherever throughout the State the camp sites were served by poor roads, the local authoritie supplemented the efforts of the United States Government and good highways were constructed to the camp limits.

DeKalb and Fulton counties went into partnership with the Government and the Peachtree road was paved from Atlanta to Camp Gordon, to which the electric street railroad was also constructed. Bibb county built a concrete road from the city li.i:nits of Macon to Camp Wheeler and completed substantial improvements on other roads that led to the camp. Bibb county also built without expen e to the Government the main outfall sewer from Camp Wheeler to the Ocmulgee river and allowed to the Government the use of much road machinery and teams for the construction work of Camp Wheeler.

In order to secure the camps for the vicinity of their

cities the local authorities of Macon, Atlanta, Augusta

and Columbus made permanent improvements which

will be of lasting benefit to their respective communitie .

The more than 50,000 oldiers added to Atlanta's war-

time population and the many thousands added likewise

to the other named citie , put in circulation money that

wa of great benefit during the stringent time of war.

Souther Field at Americus for aviation and on which the Government expended $ 00,000.00, will probably be permanent and prove of great benefit to that immediate section of the State.

Considerable work was done at both Savannah and Brunswick. Fort Screven, and Fort Fremont, the permanent coa t defenses near Savannah, and the Savannah quarantine station were enlarged. Here were built a number of the large lighters used by the Government at various port terminals. The Picric Acid Plant at Brun wick, built for Government use, will be of permanent benefit to commercial need. Six ship-building plants were established along the Savannah river, from Savannah to Port Wentworth and turned out

water craft of ,arious kinds, from barge to a 2500 tons steam hip. Six sin1ilar plants at and in the neighborhood of Brunswick found abundant employment in imilar work.
If Georgians do not sleep over their interests, there i a great future before Savannah and Brunswick and al 0 fine opportunities for the commercial growth of Darien and St. Iary's.
In the nited States Official tatement of business of the cu toms di tricts and ports for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1914, the followin oo information is gi,en about the imports and exports of Georgia's ports:
The value of Savannah's imports was "$5,618,024 and of the exports $90,738,842; for Brunswick the values were: imports $126,144: and exports $18,891,314.
The chance of Brunswick to become in the early future a great port is seen, when we consider that in th same report the value of the exports of Charleston, S. C., wa gi,en as $20, 29,740, a little les than $2,000,000 more than those of Brunswick. The Government report for" 1918 showed for all Georgia ports of entry imports valued at $11,563,215 and exports to the value of $119,871,142. A part of this is credited to Atlanta as a port of entry. Of cour e Savannah's is far the greater portion, but separate figures are not available. Georgia furnished much of the material used in the construction of the camps within the limits of the State and a large amount of that required in surrounding States. A large part of the two billion, two hundred million feet of lumber used by the construction division throughout the
nited States was obtained from the timber lands of Southern Georgia. Augusta, Macon and Columbus furnished hundred of miles of sewer pipe used for camp sanitation and Northern Georgia furnished thousands of che tnut poles for the electrical system. Every manufacturing establishment in the State which could procure material for war and other construction work was busy to its greatest capacity.
For much of the information contained in thi sketch of Georgia's war activities we are indebted to an article by :Major G. R. Solomon, which appeared in the Atlanta Journal of pril 6. 1919.

For the past two years there has appeared in the annual report of the Georgia Department of Commerce and Labor an article on Commercial and Home Canning. The importance of this subject cannot be too strongly impressed upon all housekeepers in city and country. The "Cold Pack" method i much u ed in Georgia and has the approval of the nited States Department of A!ITiculture. In this method home-made outfit can be used such as boiler , tin pails, milk can , wa h tub , lard pails and new garbao-e cans that have never been used. These utensils can be made especially convenient if provided with false bottoms, liftino- handles and tight fitting covers. Th re has been complaint made in some quarter that the single period cold pack method is sometimes di appointing in it results. In so far as investigated, whenever failure has occured, it has been due to failure to follow instructions o-iven by expert in cannino-. In many cases the fault is found to be the u e of imperfect and bad fitting rubber band for bottles or jars. 0 old rubber should ever b u ed. Alway carefully elect new ones that are a perfect as can be found.
Other popular outfits are "Hot Water Bath Commercial Outfits," "Water-Seal Outfits," "Steam Pre ure Outfits," and" Aluminum Pressure Cookers." All these method are described with full details in bulletin sent out from Wa hino-ton, D. C., b the ational Department of Agriculture. We advi e all home canners to end to the Secretary of Agriculture at Washington or the ...Tati0nal War Garden Commission a request for the be t literature di tributed by them on home canning and drying of vegetables and fruit .

At its session in the sunllner of 1911 the Georgia Legislature passed an Act to provide for a Department of Commerce and Labor; for the election of a Commis ioner of Commerce and Labor and the appointment of other officers thereof; to define their duties; to provide for the collection and dis emination of authentic' statistic pertaining to the variou indu' tries and re ources of this State; and data relating to the condition and welfare of laboring people and for other purposes. " This Act wa3 approved by th Governor August 21, 1911. An election was held and H. M. Stanley of Dublin, Laurens County, was elcted Commissioner. The work of organizing the Department began January 25, 1912. The first order i ued by II'. tanley after taking the oath of office was that of appointing J 0 eph T. Derry, Statistician and Historian of the Department of Ao-riculture, As i tant Commi ioner, and Walter E. Christie, of Daw on, Ga., a Stenographer.
The rst work of the new department was to obtain a correct list of the industries from which information was de ired. App als were made to the ordinary of each county, to the secretaries of the Chambers of Commerce, mayors of several cities and editors of various newspaper. The promptnes with which many of the e re~uests were complied with gave much encouragement to Mr. Stanley and his a i tant. Blanks were prepared for reports and mailed to the various industrie and in each in tance a return stamped envelope wa enclo ed. iany of these industries returned prompt answers. In addition to gathering stati tic concernino- the manufacturing industries of the State an effort was made to locate the developed and undeveloped water powers and timbered lands of Georgia.
Soon after assuming the duties of the office the Commissioner and his assistants began the work of compiling the labor laws of Georgia, which were published in pamphlet form and circulated freely.

The Commi sioner made a preliminary report to Go\"ernor J 0 eph M. Brown for the term ending June 11, 1912. In this report he strongly favored compul ory education, stricter laws protecting the boys against being sent on errands to improper places, advocated laws enforcing mor anitary condition among people engaged in unhealthy occupations, and urged that train dispatchers and operator should be put under the same rule and regulation a to bours of service as those o-overning trainmen. Altbouo-h thi report wa gotten up in quick order, it contained everal tables of valuable statistic .
Ina much as the Legi lature which created the Department of Commerce and Labor in 1911 made no appropriation for it maintenance, the Commi sioner for the fir t uine months upplied personally the nec s ary funds, for which he wa reimbursed during the 1912 session, at which time the Legislature also voted the necessary appropriation.
The first annual report showed that during the year the Department took measures to give effect to the law r quiring mercantile, manufacturing and mechanical e tabli hments to furnish seats to female employes by makino- as nearly as possible a complete Ii t of all uch e tabli hments. By visiting them and calling attention to this law, which had been a dead letter for more than twenty three years, the Department did a humane and much needed work.
The Commission again recommended compulsory education the raising of the age limit of wage earner, al 0 a law regulating heat in buildings used a factories or work hops, adding force to the law about seats for female employ ,and safeguarding messenger boy under si..~ teen y ars of age from being sent to improper places.
The second annual report, which was for the fiscal year ending Decmber 31, 1913, was made to Governor J olm M. Slaton and was of greater scope than the preceding one. A short and comprehensive sketch of Georgia' resource, early and later manufactures, the early hi tory of the cotton oil mill industry and it ubsequent rapid o-rowth, the stati tical table howino- tbe development of the textile mill of Georgia from 1 40 to 1913,

inclusive, and stati tical information from other tate for .the ake of comparison, the recoi'd of the history and achiev~ments of the Georgia chool of Technology, the GeorgIa ormal and Indu trial ollege and the olumbu Indu trial High School, all combined to make the second annual report of the Department of Commerce and Labor worthy of presenation among the work that treat of the progre of Georgia.
The Commi sioner reported that mercantile e tabli hments and industrial plant had for the most part cheerfully complied with the law relative to furni hing seats for female employes. In view of the fact that this law had for more than twenty three years been a dead letter this cheerf~l compliance wa very gratifying.
The Legislature during the past year passed an amendment to the Act authorizing an increase in the appropriation for incidental expenses, changing the title of
tenographer to that of "Chief Clerk and Stenographer" and increasing his salary, but as the amendment did not become a law until after the adjournment of the A embly no appropriation was made to care for the increa e authorized until the following year. Again the ommiioner called attention to the need of an arbitration act. He al 0 tressed the need of a vocational school. The third annual report wa made to Governor John I.
laton and wa for the term ending December 1, 1914. Its scope was more extensive than either of the previou one. The different counti were treated eparately and the Ii t of indu tries was grouped by countie . BanJe , railroad , streams and other information were al 0 O'iven by countie. Information was also given a to in titutions for higher I arning and space wa devoted to tl:).e State Normal chool at Athens which has an industrial department and had not been included in the list of industrial schools publi hed in the second annual report. The more important benevolent institutions
w re also mentioned.
The Child Labor Law enacted by the. General Assembly in 1914 went into effect on January 1 t of 1915 and brought into co-operation with the Department of CO?1merce and Labor the city and county school superrntendent and the ordinarie of the different countie .

The work incident to the enforcement of the new Child Labor Law more than quadrupled the work of the department and the Commissioner hoped that the General As embly oon to convene would authorize the employment of one or more clerks. The ommi si01ler again pleaded for the enactment of a compulsory' educational law for the double rea on that it would be the mean of giving an education. to many children now growing up in ignorance and would also in a large measure solve the Child Labor problem. .
Again the Commissioner urged the nece sity of an Arbitration Act to protect the general public as well as employees and employers. He called attention to the fact that an Act that met the approval of both employers and employees had been passed by the Senate at the last ses ion of the General Assembly and had been favorably reported to the Hou e but reached the Hou e too late to come to a vote. The Commis ioner expressed the hope that the members of the General A embly would at the approaching se ion enact it into law.
In the fourth annual report which was for the term ending December 31, 1915, and was made to Governor N. E. Harris under date of January 1, 1916, the Commissioner of Commerce and Labor ao-ain plead for the enactment into law of a bill at that time pendinO' for giving to the Department authority to employ a Factory Inspector, and appropriating the money nece sary for the maintenance of such officer. The Commissioner al 0 urged again Georgia's need of vocational school and aO'ain stressed the importance of a compulsory educationallaw. The usual statistical information of the work of the manufacturing stabli hments of Georgia for the year ending December 31, 1915, brought thi record up to date.
The fifth annual report, rendered to Governor N. E. Harris under date of January 1, 1917, covered the work . of the department for the year ending December 31, 1916. It contained the usual stati tical information of GeorO'ia' manufactories for the year 1916, mentioned that the General embly at it la t es ion had authorized the employment of a Factory a alary of $1,200.00

per annum and asked that the General Assembly at its approaching ses ion make appropriation to make this official available. The compulsory education law enacted at the legislative session of 1916, went into operation on January 1, 1917.
Owing to the very acute state of labor conditions in Geo~'gia on account of the exodus of the negro from many echon of the St~te and the activity of emigrant agents, many of whom faIled to pay the tax of $500.00 for each county operated in, Oommissioner Stanley urged the enactment of some law by which the Department of Oommerce and Labor could intelligently handle the situation. The Oommissioner earnestly recommended that the Department be given supervision of employment agencie and emigrant agents and that they be required to pay a tax to the State and take out license to do business. He also recommended that the department be authorized to conduct a free employment bureau, securing employment for those who wish work and help for those who need labor. Such action would be in line with that of the progressive states of the North and West and presented the only feasible plan ever devised for bringing employer and employees together at the least possible cost to the State and no cost whatever to the man out of a job.
The Oommissioner suggested that if emigrant agents and employment agents were required to take out a State license before the Oommissioner of Oommerce and Labor and were required to report their operations to that official, the activities of the former could be curbed to a great extent and the latter could be prevented from acting as emigrant agents without comforming to the law.
Before the 1917 .session of the legislature war had been declared by the United States upon Germany and the calling to the colors of many engaged in industrial pursuits and the taking of many more by the selective conscription act increased the difficulty of operating manufacturing plants to their full capacity and greatly embarras ed farm work on account of scarcity of laborers. The labor problem was so serious that the Legislature promptly authorized the Oommissioner of Oommerce and Labor to establish a free employment service in connection with the other work of the Department. Although

no appropriation was made for carrying on the work the Commissioner with the approval of Governor Hugh L Dol' ey on the part of the tate of Georgia and As i tant Secretary of Labor Po t on the part of the Federal Government were able to make a very ,advantageou arrangement by which it was possible to handle employment matters in a very satisfactory manner until the General A embly should convene and make an appropriation to pay Georgia's share of the expenses.
ntil this hould be done the United States Employment rvice agreed to finance the propo ition.
A large part of the sixth annual report, which was made to Governor Dol' ey for the term ending Dectmber 31, 1917, under date of January 1, 191 , treated of the above mentioned agre ment, which was printed in full.
Of the three room in the State Capitol occupied by the Department of Commerce and Labor, the two largest were partitioned 0 a to o-ive two additional room. All the e room were filled with busy workers and an extra employment office with its complement of clerks was opened on South Pryor treet and ub equentl moved to Ea t Hunter. Thou ands of men and women obtained po itions during the past year through the agency of the free employment el'\ic.
Commissioner Stanley in thi sixth annual report recommended a compulsory employment law.for Georgia requiring all abl -bodied males to work full five days in each week and that this law should be applicable to all cla ses of our citizens. Such a law was enacted and all able-bodied males between eighteen and fifty-five years of age were required to have card showing that they complied with the law. The Governor him elf requested and received such a card from the Commissioner. The tati tical report for the year 1917 showed great activity of all the indu trial plant of Georgia.
The Assistant Commi ioner in addition to his statistical work labored dilig ntly a Federal State Director of the . S. Boys' orking Be erve and with the assistance of Mr. J. K. Gile of the State niversity at Athens as Assistant Federal State Director and a large number of enrolling officers enlisted between four and :five thousand Georgia boys of 16 years of age and over in

the Re erve for work on the farm wherever their ervices might be de ired. The Corn and Pig Club boys of Georgia who have for years done splendid farm work constitute the o-reater part of the boys enrolled in the Re erve for Georgia. Se\'eral hundred boys from the cities and towns were also enrolled, and wherever their services were accepted did good work. Some of them sought and found employment in Government plants doing war work.
The Commissioner of Commerce and Labor has seen nearly all of his recommendations to the Legislature enacted into law and with his enlarged office force has endea\ored faithfully to perform all the duties required of the Department over which he pre ides. In addition to these duties he has been for the year 1918 the Federal Director of the . S. Employment Service in Georgia, directing the management of nineteen Federal offices located at strateo-ic points in the State. A a member of the State Council of Defense and in his other multifarious duties he has made it his constant aim to do good work for the State of Georgia and for the United States.

TABLE No. I-Textile Mills in Georgia for the Year ending December 3]st, 1918.

lasses of Mills INo.




MOney Invest- Raw Matel'l:lIToost of-Raw

ed in Build-



\ings and Land

land Equipm 't'~_=--






Manufactured Proclucts

r Value of
---\ Proclucts

*"'otton ____ ,14.81 $64,718,065.071 $35,863,400.321342,136,792 lbs. $102,846,319.67520,327,196 yds. of Cloth of many

of Cotton

kinds, such as Sheeting, Duck, Drills,

4,597,924 lbs. 2,298,962.00 Denim, Khaki and other fabrics.


of Yarn

67,097,973 lbs. of Duck, Toweling,_

Ticking, Lap Robes, Bed Spreads, etc.

87,524,823 lbs. of Yam.

6,341,263 lbs. of Twine, Ball ThreaJ,

Rope, Ties, Toweling and Crash.

1,307,079 doz. of Towels.


],744~000 lbs.

$679,849.3LI3,936,352 yds. of mixcd 'TN"o'-:o'J,-:a-::'n"d--cC"'o"'tc-.-lI------

of Cotton

ton Goods



] 33,759 Ibs.

710,895 lbs. of Yarn.


5 740,261.36 527,909.22 of Wool 408,971 lbs.
of Yarn

Knitting Mills

:r;915,840Ios. 18 1,756,782.62 ],031,692.57 of Yarn

2,013'664.9112~te;.~~~~~. ~~~~_o_~_~~~~_~~~_~~:'~~_~] $3,391,641.15

9,845,987lDS. 2,894,162.213,374,232 lbs. of Yam, 2,607,076 doz. of

Mills that

of Cotton

lIose, 3,109,955 doz. of Knit Goods _ $8,953,537.10

Spin and

2,983,] 97 lbs. 1,532,516.25

_n_ Knit

6 2,499,213.71 ],614,190.52 of Yarn 177 $69,714,322.761 $39~037;192.63 '153,726,779 1 s. $1.12,265,474..35524,263,548 yc\s. of Sheeting, Duck,

of Cotton

Drill,S, Dcnim, l):haki and other fab

133,759 Ibs.

l'ies, including' Woolen Goods


of Wool

67,097,973 lbs. of Duck, ~'oweling,

11,905,932 lbs.

Ticking' and Lap Robes.

of Yarn

93,609,950 lbs. of Yarn.

6,341,263 Ibs. of Twine, Ball Thread,

Rope, Ties, Toweling ancl Crash.

1,307,079 doz. of Towels.

:3,022,368 doz. of ITose.

3,109,955 doz. varieties of leni t g-oocls., "With t'h-e-C,..,.Lot;-;t-o-ln-m~ilCi"Is-a-l-e -c-o-uLn'te-a"---;t-w-o-sJ"-'l"k-4m i]Ci"ls-a-l'e-p"-0l....,t-o.,Jf,,-w.,.,h~i.,-eh;:-:e,-:a-::n-::t1-::et be sepal'ately given withou t revea !'ri n,..,g,......,.p...,ri~v...,.a'te.,.......b-u-si~n-e-ss-.

TABLE 1\0. 2. 'fextile Mills in Geol'll:ia fol' the Year ending December 31st, 1918.

Classes of Mills.

Producing Spindles




Twister Spindles

Number of Looms


I Nal'l'ow


00tton and Silk Mills Active Spindles and Looms ____ 2,381,794



I 354,892


I 22,896


Woolen Mills Active ,Spindles 31lcl Looms_____






524 I



Mills that Spin ancl Kmt Active Spinclles _______________ 1

29,924 1

I TOi~~~ct~~~_~~~~~~~s __~~~ _____1 2,416,718

I Idle Spindles and LooIDs_______

I 6,66~

10,042 49,430

,1 39,966 , 2,466,148

-- 5
II -356,297

I 22,621 I

23,420 30

I 46,041

I I I TO::~A~~;:lsan~_~~~~_~~i~_d~~~__1 2,423,379



356,297 I 22,621 I 23,450 I 46,071

TABLE No. 2.-Continued. 'rextile Mi]Js'in Georgia for the Year eJ1(ling December 31st, 1918.

Other Kinds of Machiner)'


Power Used

l Number of Mills That

Classes of Mills


...o Ul
... Ul'"
r'n" Co)l

.~~- '."'"8"

.-Bl'l :~2""

" bD'"
."- ..<8: .0o3.~o"l

..00 "ol


------1------ Cotton and Silk______________ 7,500 ------ 107

I ------ 27



'0 'J::



o"s i'i"i



I I - 1 - -- - - I -


53 ------




Woolen _____________________ ------

49 ------ ------ ------ ------ -----1 1

3 ------ ------



"...", Knitting Mills ______________ ------ ------ 457 2,023


352 -----


10 ------ 11

9r 9

Mills that Spin and KniL ___ 211 ------ 112 1,932 324 617 ----- 1

6 ------


4I 4

Totals ____________________ /7,711


1 676 3,955 557 \ 969




72 ------ 21 -

I 24 21 -

TABLE No.3. 'fextile Mills in Georgia 01' the Year ending December 31st, 1918.


Number of Operatives.

~Iasses o Mills.




\ Total



I From 12 IFrOll'\ 14%1 All over From 12 /From 14%\ All over Males I Females I Total

to 14% yrs. to 16 years 16 years Ito 14% yrs. to 16 years 16 years

- -1-~ otton nnel Silk_____



~,9;- ; ; - --;-7 -

20,008 13,871 33,879

Woolen Mills ________ ------


Knitting Mills _______















707 1,067

Mills that Spin & Knit ------



Totals _____________ 88



7114 ------





1,287 15,227

821 2] ,5t11

1,323 16,196

2,]44 37,737

In addition to the above listeel white employees there are employeel ill the Textile Mills 2,490 negroes, of whom 1,717 are males anel 773 females. Their work is draying, cleaning, and in tho dyeing rooms.


Wages of the Employees and other Ex penses of the Textile 1\lills of Georgia for the Year end ing Decem-

ber 3] st, 1918.

Highest Weekly
"'""'"' W,O>" Woo," Low,,, W,,, ' I Wages of Males


~LVoawge,s", of

MalesI \VageSOfFemaJes[ Important Items of Annual



Total Am't

I Ages




of the Fore-

Salaries of Am.n't Paid Am'nt PaId goIng Items

1.2 tol 14 'h lOve" 12 to I 14'h laver 12 tol 14'h laver 12 to I 14'h loverl Orflccrs

Wage fOl' R'p'rs &1 or l!lxpcnse

14'h1 to 1.6 \ 1.6 J4., to 16 16 114lh to 16 16 14'h to 16 \ 16 and Clerks Earners New M'ch'y

Yrs. Yl's. Yrs. Yrs. .Y,s. Yrs. 1'l's. Yrs. 1'rs. Yrs. Yl's. Yrs.


I I 1','00,000.001"' ' ,,"'." Collon and Silk $6.00 $ 8.00 $12.00 $ 6.00 $ 7.00 $10.00 $4.001$ 6.001$ 7.50 $ 4.00 $ 6.00 $ 7.00

1I1i1ls .... , ...... to


to to








to ~2105,819.971$21225,817.27

12.00 $22.00 $45.00 $12.00 $22.00 $40.00 10.00 $12.00 $21.00 $10.00 $12.00 $15.00

""co \\'oolen MlJls .....
KnItting Mills .....





j~13.00__$52.0+ 5.00l$10.00 $27.0~1

$ 5.60


1 $ 6.60 $45,00.001 $425,000.001

II $470,000.00

I I $42'OOO.00~ $ 4.80 $124,103.141 $561,802.651





M~~~I~h~~.~~~~. ~.\ _/$15.001 I1$17.001$42t.o001

' - I Total of Expenses.r




$25.00 to $110.00 $1.8.00 to $60.00 I

Weekly Pay.



$14.00 to $36.00 $14.00 to $36.00

- Engineers
$12.00 to $36.00

Firemen $10.00 to $30.00


TABLE No.5. Clothing, including Pants, Overalls, Shirts and Garments for Womcn and Childrcn; also Awnings, Tents, Mattresscs, ctc., for tho Yoar ending December 31st, 1918.

Number of Establishments


Repairs and Pay of all EmNew Machin- ployees

Cost of Materials

Total of tho Forcgoing Items of Expense

Value of Products ,




$1,062,594.50 $5,819,000 $6,415,794.50 $8,254,000



The power used fOl' I'unning machinory is in most cases elec tricity, although some of tho work is dono by hancl.



The ahsigfhoelslot wwseekly wages for employees over 16 years of ag.e vary for different establishment_s

$25.00 to $75.00

1Females $15.00 to $30.00

The alsowfoeslltow,vesekly wages for omployeos over 16 yoars of age vary for different establishment_s

$ 6.00 to $15.00

$ 6.00 to $12.00

1 The ma~eenrtsagaes wfoeellkolwyswages for employees over 16 years of a ge vary for different establish-_

$11.00 to '$]4.00

$10.00 to $12.00

TABLE No.6. Cotton Compresses in Georgia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.

Number of Establishments



I $1,591,785

Number of Employees

Whites -

I Negroes

'1'0 tal

I 1,400



Highest Capaci Lowest Capaci- AVCl'age Ca-

ty of Presses ty of Presses pacity Presses

per Day

per Day.

per Day








Firomen Ordinary Laborers







$110.00 to $140.00 $80.00 to $140.00 $75.00 to $110.00 $55.00 to $75.00 $35.00 to $65.00

1'ABLE No.7. Cotton Oil Mills in Georgia for the entire Se ason from August 31st, 1917, to July 31st, 1918, and Seed rushed to January 31st, 1919.

Capital and In-

Baw Material and Cost of Same and of Wages

Number of Mills and Mixing

vestment, not eluding Value




Plants iu

Raw Material Tons of Cotton Cost of Cotton Wages Paid to all Total Paid for


and Amount

Seed Cl'llshed Seed Crushed

Employees Cotton Seed and

Paid for Wages



I $23,000,000



$1,65] ,000


Manufa<:tul'rcl Products :Iud tlleh' Value.


'fons of

Bales of

Gallons of

Cake and

Tons of




Crude Oil

Value COttOIl Seed Value Meal



(each 500 Ibs. net.)


'fotal Vall

_ _3_2,590,000 $40,7811.000 366,000 $16,273,000 - 180,000



I $4,806,000 $6":!.O

'fhe amount .of cotton seed crushed from August 1st, 19 ]8, to January 31st, ]919, is 467,658 tons as' compared with

461,415 tons crushed from August ]st, ]917, to January 31st, ]918.


1'he1'e was a shortage in the number of laborers, the nu mber employed being 3,600 for 1918, as compared with 4,500

for 1917.


The ma.jority of plants have two presses. Some have as many as five. 'fhe capacity of plants varies from ]2 to 60

tons of seed used in a day of twenty-four hours.



.E'oremen -

Ell g ill eel'S

Electricians --Firemen Ordinary Laborers







$18.00 to $60.00 $16.00 to $37.00 $] 2.00 to $35.{l0 $18.00 to $45.00 $10.00 to $30.00 $9.00 to $15.00

TABLE No.8. Fertilizer Factories and Mixing Plants in Georgia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.


Raw Malel'lats Use,d


Number ot

In Manufacturing.

c Establlsh-

Spent tor SU1 Phates Phosphates.


ments In op- Capital and Repairs and Pyrites, round Llme- Value ot the Number ot Total Pay of Tons ot

Valuo of

eration dur- Investment New Ma- stone, Phosphate Rock, Raw Mate- Wage Earn- Wage Earn- Manutactur- Manufactur-

Ing Ule Sea-

chinery and Cotton Seed Meal. rial TJ.3ed.



ed Products ed Products.


The exact quantities
ot the varied raw ma-

terlals has not been



$375,000 given, nor the value ot $36.000,OuO






each separately.




Machinists Electricians



Watchmen Time-keepers

<;> <;>









$20,00 to $80,00 $20.00 to $40.00 $20,00 to $35.00\$20.00 to $35.00 $18.00 to $32.00~] 5.00 to $30.00 $15,00 to $28.00 $] 5,00 to $25.00


TABLE No.9. Brick, Tile, Sewer Piping, Cement, Clay Pro clucts in Georgia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.



Amount Total Elx-

Number of Capital

Value of Paid Ottl- Number of Amount

Paid for penses In- Value of

The chief



Raw Mate- cers and Wage Earn- PaId Wage Machln"ry eluding Raw Products Raw Mate-





Earners and Repairs aterlals

rials used

are Clay,

Stone, Sand,


$5,5g5,899.34 '917,660.~8



$1,127,403.36 $311,188.98 $2,608,417.02 $6,470,870.00 Shale and








Machinists Electricians




$18.00 to $90.00 $14.00 to $35.00 $12.00 to $30.00 $18.00 to $25.00 $19.00 to $28.00 $12.00 to $20.00 $10.00 to $15.00


TABLE No. 10. Foundry, Machine and General Repair Sho ps, including Railroad Shops in GeorgIa for the Year ending

December 31st, 1918. -


Number of Establlsh-


Amount Spent for, Repairs and Raw MateNew Ma- rials Used

Value of Raw Mate-

I I-
Number or Employees



Paid to or- Paid to

fleers and Wage Earn-



Total or Foregoing Expenses

Value 0' Manufaetured Prod-

, 232



Supe Int~nd-


e nts




$ 8,00 to
$ C.OO

$20.00 to


700,000 tons $6,231,652





$10,862,326 $15,605,000

Engineers Machinists Eleetrleiams

Pattern Makers




Workers Firemen Painters Pit Men tlees

$22.00 to

$18.00 to

$28,00 to

$30,00 to

$18.00 to

$15.00 $15.00



$30.00 . $30.00

$12.00 to

$10.00 to

'l'ABLE No. 11.

l N~ Marble aucl Granite Quarries and Marble Yarcl9 in Georgia for the Year ellCling December 31st, 1918.

Amount Spent for

Value of



~ otal of Value of IAverage

Number of Capital amd New Ma- Raw Ma- Paid to Of- Paid to F 'oregolng Manufactur- of Wage

. Plants

Investment chlncry and terlals

fleers and Wage Earn- E xpenses ed Products Earners







- -- -






I. $3,149,000








Engineers Machinists Electricians Firemen




I Stone


Truckers Cutters smiths rollshers

~25.{)0 VI

$20.00 to

$15.00 . to $35.00

$15.00 to

$30.00 tc>

$12.00 t-

$12.00 to

$10.00 to

$17.00 tv

$18.00 to

$7.00 to

ABLE No. 12. B

Number of Plants


d Manufaet

f Soft Drink

G - for the Y

-d' D

bel' 31st. 19] 8

Amount Spent

on New Ma- Value of Raw Amount Paid Amount Paid Total of Fore- Value of Manu-

chinery and Material to Officers and to Wage going Expenses faCtured Prod-






$4,490,952,36 $125,000








TABLE No. 13. Buggies, Carriages, Wagons, Carts and, Materials in Georgia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.

Number of Establishments



$3,000,000 11

Number of Wage Earners


Amount Paid Amount Paid Cost of Raw Total of Fore-

to Wage Earn- to Officers and Material going Expenses








Value of Products






Engineel's Machinists




Firemen Bookkeepers Painters






Workers Trimmers smiths




TABLE No. 14. Electric Power and Light Plants in Georgia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.

Number of Plants


UTILITIES Number of Places served by Number of

c.'1.pital and Amount Paid Amount Paid

Electric cars, including cities, Towns Lighted

Surplus to Officials and to Wage Earn- Total of Fore- towns, villages, stations, rural by Electricity



going Expenses retreats and pi aces of resort.









Managers Isuperlntend- Foremen onts








Treaaurer BookkeepersI Salesmen






EngIneers MachInIsts



JI:leclrlclans Firemen



Conductors Motormen



Sub-Station Power H'se Car House








I I to




TABLE N? 15. uas Plants in Georgia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.

Number of Plants



I I I Capital

Value of

EXPENSES Amount Paid


to Officers

I 1 I: $10,200,000

Used $821,750

and Clerks $2] 0,000

Amount l'aid

to Wage Total of Fore-

J Earners

going Expense 1,394,250

I Value of Products


II Managers



I Secretary and







to $350.00

$95.00 to

to $140.00

$90.00 to

$60.00 to

$75.00 to

to $110.00

Clerk~-I I
$40.00 to
$] 35.00

TABLE No. 16. Ice Factories in Ut" rgia for the Year end iug December 31st, 1918.

II ~ Number of Plants

Value of

Capital and . Materials



- 1 ~ $10,367,597.17/I $787,000

Amount Paid Amount Paid

to Officers

to Wage

and Clerks


1_ _ -
I $287,500


Total of Foregoing Expense

Value of Products

I Superintendent


I Foreman





I Laborers


I to
- -$-66.0-0 -

$16.00 to

I to $4.0.00

$16.00 to

$10.00 to


$9.00 to

$40.00 I $18.00 I $16.00

TABLE No. 17. Printing and Publishing, Book and Job, Newspaper and othl:l" Periodicals in Georgia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.

Number of Plants


Capital and Number of Amount Paid Amount Pald

Value of Prod-

Investment Wage Earners to Wage Earn- to Officers and Cost of Mate- Total of Fore-





going EX!Jenses










TABLE No. 18. Other Manufactures and Utilities in Geor gia for the Year ending December 31st, 1918.



Highest Weel,ly Wages 1 Lowest Weekly Wages



KInd ot



S~ ."Q0'1l1--l



"E. uI

u;g;:> ~101~l"1~'1''Cl"l



~s::0.1....1$l.0 en
... - 0::I'C$(")'.;>..:.
S-~lC '" <il<OU

rl'"... ~o
:~:I ~

I1l ",,,,



'"... Is1::l




Whites Negroes

'".o .. ~






",::I ::I'Cl -I0...



Sbll ::11


'" '" 01


S 01

r'.". ;g






Bakeries, Contectlonerles. Cand les, and Ice Cream .... Barrels, Boxes, Crates and Slaves
"'"tI> Brooms ........... Canning Establlshments ............
Cigars and Tobacco Flour and Grist MlIls ............. Furniture, includIng Sash, Doors and Blinds and Finished Woodwork .............
Laundries ......... Leather Goods, Tanneries, Saddlery and Harness Miscellaneous Man-
ufactorles, wi th not enou1<h ot a kind to orm a separate ....

192 $2,700,000 $4,800,000 $300,000 $574,000 $175,000 $8,930,000

65 U.900,OOO $2,500,000 1 $96,000 $625,000 $54,000 $3,900,000

251 U27,969 $1~2,000 65\ $466,3401 $264,000 57 $189.000 $234,000

$8,160 $50,000\
$15,6001 $66,860\
$66.000\ $237,500

$63,000\ I

$500.511 $920,904 $844,000

156 $3.300,000 $8,880,000 $168,000 $218.750 $144,000 $12.750,000

151 $4,800,000 $4,000,0001 $400,000 $900,000 $300,000 $7,800,000
1 75 $600,000 $175,000 $50.000 $587,000 $100,000 $1,066,537
1 461 $2,700,000 $2,800,0001 $180,000 $400,0001 $260,000 $4,800,000

56'1 $18,899,7511 ......... 1 ......

. .....

. .....

U5.00 1,570 to $25.00 $25.00 $10.00 $10.00 $7.00 $10.00 $7.00
1,500 $25.00 $18.00 $14.00 $10.00 $9.00 $8.00 .... ....
115 $25.00 $15.00 $15.00 $10.00 $8.00 $7.001 $7.00 $7.00
1,8001$18.00 $15.00 . ... .... .... .... .... .... 430 $30.00 $25.00 .... . ... . ... .... .... ....
- - - - 1,500 $35.00 .... .... . ... $12.00 . ...
4,065 $35.00 $20.00 $14.00 .... $20.00 . ... $12.00 . ...
775 $25.00 $20.00 $14.00 $12.00 $10.00 .... $10.00 . ...
.... I .. 1,000 $30.00 $20.00 .... .... .... . ...






District of CoIum bia

Department of Labor


- - _- - - _- -- Wm. B. Wils'on

_ Washington


Department of Prison and Child Labor Inspection_ Glenn Andrews

_ Montgomery


Bureau of Labor and Statistics'

_ B. D. Brickhouse

_ Little Rock


Bureau of Labor Statistics

_ Jno. P. McJ-Jaughlill _ San Francisco


Industrial Commission


Hiram E. Hilts

_ Denvor

Connecticut Delaware Florida

Department of Labor and Factory Inspection Labor Commission

Labor Inspector


_ William S. Hyde _ Charles Warnor _ J. C. Privett

_ Hartford _ Wilmington _ Jacksonville


Dopartment of Commerce and Labor

_ H. H. Stanley

. Atlanta


Board of Immigration, Labor and Statistics _ E. H. Wodehouse

_ Honolulu


. Labor Commission - -- ------ -- -- -- - - -- -- ---- - -- W. J. McYety

_ Boise

illinois ___ __ __ __ __ __ _ Department of Labor

- _ Barney Cohon

_ Springfield

:t Iowa

. Iudustrial Board Bureau of Labor Statistics -

_ Samuel R. Artmau _ A. L. Urick

_ Indianapolis _ Des 1\1'oines


. Dopartment of Labor and Industry

_ P. J. McBride

._. Topoka


Btu'eau of Labor, Agriculttu'e and Statistics _ Mat S. Cohon

_ Frankfort


. Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics

_ Frank E. Wood

_ Now Orleans


Department of Labor anel Industry

_ Roscoe A. Eddy

_ Angusta


Board of Labor and Statistics --. -----

_ Charles J. Fox

. Baltimore

Massachusetts Michigan _____ _

. Board of Labor and Iudustries Department of Labor

_ A1rod W. Dono\ an _ R. II. Fletcher

__ . _

Boston Lansing

Minnesota _.

. Department of Labor and Industries

_ Jno. P. GardinaL __ St. Paul


Bureau of Labor StatIstics

_ Wm. H. Lewis .

. JeJrerson C:ty


Department of Labor and Industry

_ W. J. Swindlehmst . Helena


Department of Labor

_ Geo. E. Norman

_ Lincoln


. Labor Commission

_ Robert F. Cole

_ Carson City

New Hampshire

Bureau of Labor

_ Jno. S. B. Davie

_ Concord

New Jersey

Department of Labor


New York

. Industrial Commission

_ Lewis T. Bryant _ John Mitchell

_ Tronton . Albany

North Carolina

. Dopartment of Labor and Printing

._ M. L. Shipman

_ Raleigh

North Dakota

Depa1tment of Agriculture and_~r.

_ J. N. Hagan

.:.:.__ . Bismarc-k - - - -

Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Philipine Islands POltO Rico .Rhode Island South Carolina Houth Dakota Tennessee l'exas Utah "" Vermont "" Vhginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming





Industrial Commission

T. J. Duffy


Department of Lahor

C. E. Connally

Oklahoma City

Bureau of Labor Statistics

C. H. Gram


Department of Labor and Industry

John P. Jackson


Bureau of Labor Dureau of Labor

- -- - -

---- -- __ -- -- - - - Faustino AguilaL Manuel Camunas

Manila San Juan

Bureau of Industrial Statistics

Geo. H. Webb


Department of Agri. Commerce and Industries Industrial Commission

A. C. Summers Chas. McCaffree

Columbia Pierre

Department of Workshop and Factory Inspection __ Louis L. Allen

Bureau of Labor Statistics

'r. C. Jennings

Nashville Austin

Industrial Commission

P. A. Thatcher

Salt Lako City

CommisslOll of Industries

Robert W. Simonds


Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics Bureau of Labor

John Hirschberg C. H. Younger

Hichmoncl Olympia

Bureau of Labor

Samuel B. Montgomery_ Charleston

Industrial Commission

Geo. P. Hambrecbt


Commissioner of Labor and Statistics

L. H. Buehner ________ Cheyenne






Albany Americus Athens
Atlanta Augusta Bainbirdge Barnesville

Dougherty Sumter Clarke
Fulton Richmond -
Decatur Pike

Chamber of Commerce__ C. W. Rawson

Chamber of Commerce__ S. S. Glover

Chamber of Commerce__ J. T. Tibbetts

Chamber of Commerce__ V. H. Kreigshaber

Board of Commerce

A. H. Merry

Boartl of Trade

S. H. Carter

Board of Trade

W. H. Mitchell



Appling County Council

of Georgia Chamber of




Fanners Co-operative


H. C. McCrackin

Blue Ridge Boston , Brunswick

Fannin Thomas Glynn

Business Men's League__ J. N. Davis

Chamber of Commerce__ W. E. Nichols

Boanl of Tl'ade

Geo. H. Smith

Buford Cairo Camilla
Chatsworth Clarkesville

Gwinnett Grady M'itchell
Murray Habersham

Chamber of Commerce__ E. A. Wilbanks Chamber of Commerce__ Chamber of Commerce__ J. M. Butler
Chamber of Commerce __ R. N. Noble
Chamber of Commerce__ J. N. Nyberg Chamber of Commerce__ W. S. Erwin

Evans County Council of

Georgia Chamber of

-----------1 CCloamxtmoenrc-e--------------IEJvaacknsson----------------, BoCaormd moefrcTerade

P. T. Harber



Board of Trade

R. D. Hewlett

John H. Mock P. A. Fenimore D. P. Haselton T. E. Robertson H. A. Wheeling J. W. Calahan _
W. C. Melton
C. W. Melton J. T. Holden H. C. R,ogers A. M. Smith W. O. Shadburn B. M. Johnson W. E. Hughes E. L. Henderson T. E. Green F. 1.1'. Reeve
IGP.' LM.. CAanrsdoenrson Brown Tyler

Cordele Cornelia Crawfordville Dallas Dalton Dawson Decatur Douglas Dublin Ellstman Ellijay
Folkston Fort Valley Gainesville Greenville Griffin "" Hamilton ~ Hampton Hartwell Hawkinsville
Jackson Jefferson Joffersonville Jesup LaGrange Lawrenceville Locust Grove Macon Madison Manchester Marietta
























Butts Jackson Twiggs Wayne Troup Gwinnott Henry Bibb Morgan
M'eriwether Cobb


Chamber of Commerce__ C. D. Berca"v

Chamber of Commerce __ Wm. Eberhart

Board of Trade

J. A. Beazley

Chamber of Commerce__ G. W. Helms

Chamber of Commerce__ B. A. Tyler

Chamber of Commerce__ J. D. Weaver

Boal'd of Trade

C. D. McKinney

Chamber of Commerco __ F. W. Dart

Chamber of Commerce __ So M. Kellam

Chamber of Commerce __ W. L. Jessup

Board of Trade

N. L. Tankerley

Chamber of Commerce __ W. H. McLarin

Chamber of Commerce__ B. F. Scott

Board of Trade

H. C. Riley

Chamber of Commerce __ B. S. Barker

Chamber of Commerce__ W. L. Howell


Chamber of Commerce__ B. B. Brown

Chamber of Commerce__ T. H. Kimbrough

Chamber of Commerce__ W. M. Harris

Cham,l:>er of Commerce __ J. R. Leard

Chamber of Commerce __ F. B. Waterman

Butts' County Chamber

of Commerce

F. S. Etheredge

Board of Trade

W. H. Smith

Chamber of Commerce__ J. G. Backmore

600 Club

H. W. Pearson

Chamber of Commerce__ J. A. Perry

.. Board of Trade

T. W. Haskins

Civic League ---------- Claude Gray

Chamber of Commerce__

Chamber of Commerce__ C. L. C. Thomas'

Commercial Club ------ P. G. Awtry Chamber of COlnnlerce__ J. W. Hancock

Henry County Council

of the Georgia Cham-

' bel' of Commerce


jW. H. Dorris J. L. Roper Hy. Cloud H. L. Turner _ _ Mrs. L. E. Smith Melvin Tanuer N. G. Bartlett Jas. Bishop, Jr. W. K. Reese R. F. Jones' D. Williams J. D. Kendrick S. H. Browne
" W. B. Royster C. K. Stout _ L. L. Morris W. O. Jelks
J. D. Jones J. M. Richardson A. K. Smith W. D. Turner _ J. E. Craig A. C. Mahone F. Roger Miller C. M. Furlow 1. N. Johnson _
IJ. H. Lemon

M~IERC1AL ORGANIZATlONS IN GEORGJA STATE CHAMBER OF COM1I1ERCE Presiuent, H. G. llastiugs Secretary, Mrs. G. V. Kelley



ORG AJ.'\fIA ' l ' I O N


Metter Monroe

Candler Walton

Ch:tmber of Commerce __ Chas. E. Smith

Board of Trade

A. C. Kelley

Moultrie Nashville

Colquitt Berrien

Chamber of Commeree __ Park Hanner Chamber of Commerce __ J. B. Luke



Chamber of Commerce_ H. H. North

Ocilla ReidsviHe

Irwin -----------



Chamber of Commerre __ JJ. R. Tucker County Farm Bureau W. H. Yeoman

Tattnall Coun ty Council

--------------1 ot!"oRReoimdsevil_le: -------------ITFaltotynda. ll

of the Georgia ChamOhbaeml' boerf CofomCmomermcee_r_c_e____ ll. R. McClatchey

SanderS'vlUe Savan.nah

Wasillugton Chatham

Chamber of COJnJJ1erce __ J. E. Johnson

Board of Trade

J. W. ]',1'otte


Cobb ----

Board of Trade

P. M. Rice

Social Oircle


Board of Trade

J. L. Newton



Chamber of Commerce __ E. G. Plescott

Bulloch County Council



of the Georgia Cham_ ber of Commerce _

Camden County Council

St. Mary's Summerville Swainsboro 'l'komaston Thomasvillo

_ Camden

_ hattooga


Emanuel Upson

_ Thomas


of the Georgia Clla.mber of Commerce _

_ Board of Trade

C. C. Cleghorn

_ _

ClJamber Board of

of Commerce __

A. S.

S. Y.

Bradley Smith

_ Comm,ercial Club

W. J. Upchurch

G. L. Williams A. B. Mobley H. B. Caldwell R. H. Wheless F. B. Cole _ T. F. Crafton
ILC.. DR.. MTieHamdoawns W. A. McCarty 'rhomas Purse J. D. Corn C. E. Gresham L. D. Hughes
W. 8. Neville
C. S. Arnow _ W. R. Gerrett _ R. L. Colsan _ W. E. Collins _


Thomson Tifton

McDuJIie Tift


. __ Towns

Union City








Woodbury ::__:.:':"::--'_ Meriwether

Boarel of Tl':lde

Boanl of 'l'rade

.J. B. Burnside B. Y. Wallace

Towns County Board of


J. D. Rice

Board of Trade

W. E. MorolalHl

__ Chamber of Commerce._ W. T. Johnson

Chamber of Commorce __ W. II. Stanton

._ Hoarel of Trade _..

J. M. Strothor

R. J. Johnson . S. T. Kidder, Jr.
J. L. Hooper . W. Cowart
Ben A. Neal J. S. Elkins' . C. S. Reid



Columbus Bagging & Tie Co., Columbus.
Estes Manufacturing Co., Union City.
Friedlaender, Julius & Co., Columbus. Griffin Backband Co., Griffin. Hutcheson, C. H., Griffin. Redwine Brothers, Fayetteville. Riverside Manufacturing Co., Augus-
ta. Savannah Awning & Tent Co., Savan-
nah. Southern Bleachery Co., Rome. Smith, M. D. and H. L. Tent & Awn-
ing Co., Atlanta.
Abney & Arnold, Athens. Acme Ice Cream Co., Tifton. Adel Candy Co., Ade!. American Bakeries Corpn., Atlanta. Americus Bakery, Americus. Athens Candy Kitchen, Athens. Atlanta Baking Co., Atlanta. Bagley, X. H., ewnan. Ball, Geo., Savannah. Balsey, C. A., Waycro s. Barber, J. C., OciIIa. Bart, Chas. A., avannah. Bart, E. M., ~avannah. Bazanos, S., Thomson. Blackshire Bakery, Gaine vilIe. Block, Frank E. Co., Atlanta. Bluestein's Bakery, Brunswick. Boston Bakery, Boston. Bowdon, W. D., Athens. Boyd's Bakery, Washington. Brickle, G. A., Elberton. Brower Candy Co., Atlanta. Brown Bakery, Waycross. Butler Bakery, Augusta. Cairo Bakery, Cairo. Candy Kitchen, Dublin. Carlisle & Ward, Griffin. Carrollton Bakery, Carrollton. Cartersville Bakery, Cartersville. City Bakery, Cochran. City Bakery, Hawkinsville. City Bakery, Homerville.

City Bakery, Jesup. City Bakery, LaGrange. City Bakery, Milledgeville. City Bakery, Ocilla. City Bakery, Thomasville. Claussen, H. H. Co., Augusta. Claxton Bakery, Claxton. Cobb, J. W., Savannah. Columbus Candy Kitchen, Columbus. Conida Chocolate Mfg. Co., Savan-
Craig's Bakery, Columbus. Crawford's Bakery, Griffin. Dalton Bakery, Dalton. Dawson Bakery, Dawson. Derst, Jno., Savannah. Db:ie Bakery, Marietta. Dixon, Marian, Alma.
Douglas Bakery, Douglas. Dublin Bakery, Dublin. El}is, Sam, Dalton. Emanuel, J. H., Bainbridge. European Bakery, Atlanta. Everidge, J. B., Columbus.
Faber s Steam Bakery, Brunswick. Fi her's Bakery, Millen. Flowers Ice Cream Co., Thomasville. Forage Candy Kitchen, Brunswick. Fort Valley Candy Kitchen, Fort
Garrison-Cook Candy Co., Macon. Garrow's Candy Co., Atlanta. Gary, J. G., Savannah. Gate City Bakery, Atlanta. Gem Bakery, Hawkin ville. Georgia Candy Co., Athens.
Georgia Creamery, Atlanta. Ges on P., Savannah. Gluten's Bakery, Atlanta. Gottlieb, J., Savannah. Griffin Candy Co., Griffin. Griffin Ice Cream Co., Griffin. Hall, Mrs. Barney, Americus. Hanneman's Bakery, Atlanta. Harlee, Marion, Atlanta. Harrison's Bakery, Bainbridge.
Hart, Fred, Savannah. Hazlehurst Bakery, Hazlehurst. Helfrich, Jno. E., Savannah. Hermes Sanitary Bakery, Savannah. Hetterick, Chas., Savannah. Holland, A. D., Waycross. Hollingsworth Candy Co., Augusta.


Horovitz, R:, Savannah.
a. Howard, T. H., Bakery, Blackshear.
Huber, J. Bakery, Waycross. Humphries, D. M.& Son, Waynes-
Isaac's Bakery, Cordele. Jesup & Antrim, Atlanta. Jones, A., Cuthbert. Keeling's Bakery, Atlanta. Kelly, J. M., Griffin. Kessel's Bakery, Augusta. Kinnett Ice Cream Co., Columbus. Knight's Bakery, Valdosta. Knorpp's Bakery, Fitzgerald. Kraft, J., avanah. Krau s, Geo., Brunswick. Laffity, T. J., Milledgeville. Lewis, T. S. & Co., Atlanta. Lie Rcs'a Candy Co., Adel. Love & Bowen, Fayetteville. Love Sandwich Co., Atlanta. Macris Bros., Cordele. Maegel's Bakery, Sylvester. M. & M. Creamery, Atlanta. Magnolia Candy Co., Atlanta. Manning Candy Kitchen, Fitzgerald. Markle, C. M., Je up. Ma topoulos, P., avannah. Mathews, D. . & Co., Macon Mau, Geo. Bakery, Atlanta. McCord-Stewart Co., Atlanta. Melts Bakery, Macon. Merck, B. H., Gainesville. Merkel Bakery, Macon. Mitchell, Alex, Columbus. Mitchell & Walker, C3iro. Model Bakery, Waycross. Monarch Manufacturing 0., Atlanta. Moore, Geo. Ice Cream Co., At-
lanta. Muller, W. A., Savannah. Naegles Bakery, ylve ter. -aegel, Wm., Tifton.
ew South Bakery, Atlanta. Newnan Baking Co., Newnan.
orri & Company, Inc., Atlanta. Nugent, Thomas, Savannah. Nunnally Company, Atlanta. Odum Ice Cream Co., Macon. Odum, W. W., Ashburn. Otto, Geo., Augusta. Ozburn, Benj. Co., Atlanta. Price-Grace Manufacturing Co., Al-
bany. Purity Ice Cream Co., Macon. Purity Ice Cream Co., Rome. Quitman Bakery, Quitman. Rawson, C. W.,Albany. Ray, Simon, Atlanta. Reese, J. H., Atlanta.

Reis, Louis, Cochran. Riley, Mrs. C., Savannah. Riverside Creamery, Columbus. Rockmart Sanitary Bakery, .Rock-
Rogers, L. W. Co., Atlanta. Rome Candy & Cracker Co., Rome. Rome Steam Bakery, Rome.
Roundfield Ice Cream Co., Augusta. Rucker, H. W., Albany. Salois, Nick, Elberton. Sanitary Steam Baking Co., Cedar-
Schafers Bakery, Savannah. chlesinger & Meyer Baking Co., Atlanta.
Schlesinger, H. L., Atlanta. Schwartz, Fred, Savannah. Sears Sanitary Bakery, Macon. Simpson, H. J. & Co., Statesboro. Sophie Mae Candy Co., Atlanta. Southern Candy Manufacturing Co,
Southern Ice Cream Manufacturing Co., Conyers.
Southern Sandwich Co., Atlanta. palding Candy Co., Griffin. tandard Bakery, Cordele. tanford Brothers, Cartersville.
tatesboro Bakery, Statesboro. Stone, F. O. Baking Co., Atlanta.
tringer Brothers, Gainesville. Sugar Bowl, Albany. Sunshine Peanut Butter Co., At-
lanta. Tallapoosa Bakery, Tallapoosa. Taylor's Sanitary Bakery, Carters-
Tilden, Vannie, Atlanta. Valdosta Candy Kitchen, Valdosta. Veri Best Bakery, Washington. Very's Candy Co., Fitzgerald. Vidalia Bakery, Vidalia.
Vienna Bakery, Brunswick. Vienna Bakery, Vienna. Wager, W. T. Bakery, Vidalia. Warneck, W. H., Savannah. Washington Candy Kitchen, Augusta Waycross Ice Cream Co., Waycro s. Waynesboro Candy Kitchen, Waynes-
boro. West End Bakery, Atlanta. Whitehall Ice Cream Co., Atlanta. Whiteway Bakery, Bainbridge. Whiteway Bakery, Griffin. Wiley Company, Atlanta. Wilkie, M. M., Carrollton. Williams, C. R. Candy Co., Atlanta. Zakas Bakery, Atlanta.


Airi-Cola Co., Atlanta. Arlington Bottling Works, Arling-
ton. Artesian Bottling Works, Montezu-
ma. Ashburn Bottling Works, Ashburn. Askew, Frank, Union Point. Athens Bottling Co., Athens. Atlanta Bottling Work, Atlanta. Atlanta Mineral Waters Co., At-
lanta. Bainbridge Bottling Works, Bain-
bridge. Baldwoski, G. H., AugISta. Baxley Bottling Co., Baxley. Blount &, Williams, Senoia. Bludwine Bottling Co., Athens. Bludwine Bottling Co., Augusta. Bludwine Bottling Co., Gainesville. Bludwine Bottling Co., Macon. Bluc1wine Bottling Co., Rome. Bowdon Lithia Water Co., Lithia-
Springs. Brown Bottling Works, Toccoa. Buff &, Bennett, Cochran. Buff &, Bennett, Hawkinsville. Cairo Ice & Bottling Works, Cairo.
apa Cola Co., Columbus. Capital City Bottling Works, At-
lanta. Cartersville Bottling Works, Car-
tersville. eylona Bottling Co., Atlanta. Chatham Bottling Co., Savannah. hero-Cola Bottling Co., Albany. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Americus. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Athens. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Augu tao Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Bain-
bridge. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Blakely. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Cairo. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Camilla. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Canton. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Carrollton.
hero-Cola Bottling Co., Cartersville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Chipley. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Claxton. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Columbus. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Cordele. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Covington. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Cuthbert. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Dalton. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Dawson. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Donalson-
ville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Douglas.

hero-Cola Bottling Co.; Dublin. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Eatonton.
Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Elberton. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Fitzgerald. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Forsyth. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Fort Valley. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Franklin. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Gainesville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Griffin. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Hawkins-
Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Hinesville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Jefferson-
Chero-Cola Bottling Co., LaGrange. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Louisville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Lumpkin. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Macon. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Madison. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Manchester. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., McRae. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Milledge-
ville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Millen. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Montezuma. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Moultrie. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Newnan. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Rome. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Savannah. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Sparta. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., pringfield. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Statesboro. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Stillmore. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Summer-
ville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., ylvania. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., ylvester. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Talbotton. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Tennille. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Thomaston. Chero-Cola Bottling 00., Thomas-
ville. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Thomson. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Tifton. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Valdosta.
Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Vidalia. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Wadley.
hero-Cola Bottling Co., Washington. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Waycross. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Waynes-
boro. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., West Point. Chero-Cola Bottling Co., Winder. Chipley Bottling Works, Chipley. Cliff Rock Springs Bottling Co.,
Atlanta. Climax Bottling Co., Columbus.
Coca Cola Co.; Atlanta. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Albany. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Alma.


Coca Cola Bottling Works, Americus. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Arling-
ton. Ooca Cola Bottling Works, Athens. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Atlanta.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Augusta: Coca Cola Bottling Works, Bain-
bridge. Coca Cola Bottling Works Ball
Ground. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Barnes-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Baxley. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Blakely. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Bruns-
wick. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Carroll-
ton. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Carters-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Chipley. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Claxton. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Columbus Coc.a Cola Bottling W()lrks, Com-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Conyers. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Cordele. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Cornelia. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Cuthbert. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Dalton. Coca Cola Bottling Work, Darien.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Dawson. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Douglas. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Dublin. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Eastman. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Elberton. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Fairburn. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Fitz-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Fort Gaines.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Fort Valley.
Coca Cola Bottling W OJ'ks, Franklin. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Gaines-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Griffin. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Hartwell. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Hawkins-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Helena. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Jackson. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Jesup. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Kings-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, LaFayette.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, LaGrange.

Coca Cola Bottling Works, Lincolnton.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Macon. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Man-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Marietta. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Milledge-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Monroe. Coca Cola Bottl}ng Works, Monti-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Moultrie. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Newnan. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Pelham. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Richla.nd. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Rome. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Sanders-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Savannah.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Statesboro.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Swainsboro.
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Sylvania. Coca ola Bottling Works, Thomas-
Coca Cola Bottling Works, Thomson. Coca ola Bottling Works, Tifton. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Valdosta. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Vidalia. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Vienna. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Washing-
ton. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Way-
eros. Coca Cola Bottling Works, Waynes-
boro. Coca Cola Bottling Works West
Point. Colquitt Bottling Works, Colquitt. Commerce Bottling Works, Com-
merce. Cornelia Bottling Works, Cornelia. Crown Bottling Works, Crawford-
ville. Daniels, J. W. L., Americus. Darien Bottling Works, Darien. Davi, C. H. & Sons, Meig . Deep Rock Ginger Ale Co. Athens. DeLoach Bottling Works, Brunswick. Dickerson, W. A., LaFayette. Donalsonville Bottling Works, Donal-
Etowah Bottling Works, Cartersville. Fairburn Bottling Works', Fairburn. Fitzgerald Bottling Works, Fitz-
Folkston Bottling Works, Folkston. Forsyth Bottling Works, Forsyth.


Fort Gaines Bottling Works, Fort Gaines.
Franklin Bottling Works, La\onia. Gammon, J. A., Carrol1ton. Gates & White, Jeffersonville. GeorgiaAlabama Coca Cola Co.,
Hartwell Bottling Works, Hartwell. Hatcher Bottling Works, Waynes-
boro. Hawes, W. B. Ocilla. High Rock Water Co., Atlanta. Hinesville Bottling Works, Hines-
ville. Hogan ville Bottling Works, Hogans-
- ville.
Holland, J. W., LaFayette. LaFayette Bottling Works, La-
Lavonia Bottling Co., Lavonia. Lawrenceville Bottling Works, Law-
renceville Lime Cola Bottling Works, Albany. Lime Cola Bottling Work, Bain
Lime Cola Bottling Works, Blakely. Lime Cola Bottling Works, Cordele. Lime Cola Bottling Work, Dublin. Lime Cola Bottling Works, Milledge
ville. Lime ola Bottling Works, ash
ville. Lime Cola Bottling Works, Savan-
roh. Lime Cola Bottling Works, States
Lime Cola Bottling Works, Thomasville.
Lime Cola Bottling Works, Waycros .
Lime Cola Bottling Works, Willacoochee.
Lowe, J. D. Bottling Co., .Jacksonville.
Lythgoe, Frank, ewnan. McCormack & Payne Bottling Co.,
Mello Cola Bottling Co., Fort Valley. Mine,al prings Bottling Co.
Modern Bottling Works, Wadley. My-Ola Bottling Works LaF"ayette. Myrick, D. P., Milledgeville.
etllery, W. B. Bottling Plant, Elberton.
Newnan Bottling Co., ewna.n. Offerman Bottling Works, Offer-
o 'Halleron-Bishop, Columbus.

Parfay Bottling Co., Atlanta. Pelham Bottling Works, Pelham. Pine-Ap-Ola Bottling Works, Savan-
nah. Quitman Bottling Works, Quitman. Rainwater & Stubbs, Waynesboro. Red Rock Co., Atlanta. Rochelle Bottling Works, Rochelle. Rye Ola Bottling Works, LaGrange. Sardis Bottling Works, SardIS. Savannah Consolidated Bottling
Works, Savannah. enoia Bottling Co., Senoia. Sheehan, E. Bottling Works Augusta Statesboro Bottling Co., Statesboro. Stewart Bottling Works, Brun wick. SULo Bottling Works, LaFayette. Strickland, H. L. Jesup. Summerville Bottling Works, Sum-
merville. Terrel & Black, Sylvania. Thomas Bottling Works, Thomson. Thomas, W. G., Talbotton. Thomaston Bottling Works, Thomas-
ton. Toccoa Bottling Works. Toccoa. Topaz Co., Columbu . Tripure Water Co., Atlanta.
nion Point Bottling Works. Union Point.
Vidalia Bottling Works, Vidalia. Villa Rica oca Cola Bottling Co.,
Villa ,Rica. Waycross Bottling Works, Waycross. Whistle Bottling Works, Athens. Whistle Bottling Works, Macon. Winder Bottling Works, 'iiVinder. Wb'ightsville {Bottling Works,
Ajax Clay Works, Macon. Albany Pre ed tone Co., Albany. Arnold Brick Co., Thomasville. Atlanta Terra Cotta Co., East PoInt. Atlanta Tile Co., Atlanta. Augusta Vitrified Shale Brick Co.,
Augusta. Bainbridge Brick Co., Bainbridge. Bartow Brick Co., Cartersville. Bartow Tile Co., Cartersville. Berry, Geo. O. Brick Co., Columbus. Berry, M. W. Brick Co., Omaha. Bethlehem Concrete Co., Bethlehem. Bibb Brick Co., Macon. Bourne Brick Co., Pooler. Broadwell, Sherman, Alpharetta.


Bullock, H. W., Dallas.

Ladd Lime & Stone Co., Cartersville.

CaTolina Portland Cement Co., At- Legg Brick Co., Calhoun.


Lemon & Adams, Acworth.

Cary Fire Clay Products Co., Sparta. Lester Clay Co., Attapulgus.

Catoosa Lime & Stone Products Co., Little River Brick Co., Ficklin.


Lumber City Brick Co., Lumber City.

Chattahoochee Brick Co., Atlanta.

Lumber City Sand & Concrete Co.,

Chattahoochee Brick Co., Lumpkin.

Lumber City.

Chattanooga Sewer Pipe & Fire
Brick Co., Flintstone. Chatsworth Brick Co., Chatsworth. Cherokee Brick Co., Macon. Columbia Kaolin & Aluminum Co.,

Lyons, J. R., Jackson.
Mace, E. ., Moultrie. Macon County Brick Co., Oglethorpe. Macon Sewer Pipe Co., Macon. Mahoney, Dan, Fitzgerald. Matheson, W. A., Toccoa.

Columbus Fire Brick Co., Columbus. Mc abe Chemical Co., Macon.

Columbus ewer Pipe Co., Columbus. McCoy Brick & Tile Co., Augusta.

Cooper, Jno. T., Athens.

McCoy Brick & Tile Co., Evan .

Dallas Ccment Block & Tile Co., Dal- McKenzie Brick Co., Augusta.


McMillian, G. W., Jr, Acworth.

DeSota Talc Co., Chatsworth.

Meaders & Co., Cleveland.

Dixie Tile & Cement Co., Atlanta.

Merck, Carlton W., Gainesville.

Dorsey, W. D., Leo. Dublin Brick Co., Dublin.

Merry Bros., Augusta.

Milledgeville Brick Co., Milledge'.

Dunbar Brick Co., Augusta.


Edgar Bros. Kaolin Co., McIntyre. Elberton Brick Co., Elbertoll.

Millen Cement & Tile Co., Millen. Mion Tile Co., Atlanta.

Electric City Brick Co., Augusta.

Mitchell, J. D., Statesboro.

Empire Cement & Limestone Co., At-

esbitt, C. P., Ro well.

lanta. Empire Talc & Lumber Co., Chats-
worth. Ethridge, E. S. Cement Plant, Jeffer-

Oconee Brick & Tile Co., Milledge ville.
Odessa Brick Co., Odessa. Ogeechee Brick Co., Union Point.


Ogeechee River Brick Co., Rocky

Flanders, F. F., Wrightsvillll.


Flint River Brick Co., Albany. Franklin, J. W., Marietta.

Oliver, A. J. & J. A., Alpharetta. Orr, A. J., Washington

Gate City Tile Co., Atlanta.

Parish Brick Co., Reynolds.

Georgia Brick & Tile Co., Adairs- Philips, E. & Sons, Columbus.


Plunkett, A. ., Conyers.

Georgia Cast Stone Co., Dublin.

Poe Concrete Co., LawTenceville.

Georgia Refractories Co., Rossville. Portland Cement Association, At

Georgia Talc Co., Chatsworth.


Georgia Vitrified Brick & Clay Co., Riverside Brick Co., Broxton.

Augu tao

Rockmart Brick & Shale Co., Rock

Hadden, R. L., Stone Mountain.


Hall, J. F., Hazlehurst. Hall, R. L. & W. H., Newnan. Hamilton Burial Vault Co., Rossville. Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.,

Rome Brick Co., R-ome. Rome Refractories Co., Rome. Savannah Kaolin Co., Gordon. Shepard Bros. Brick Co., Columbus. Small, A. T. Brick Co., Macon.

Harris, Peter & Son, Macon.

Southern Sewer Pipe Co., Columbus.

Hawkinsville Brick Co., Hawkins Southern Cement & Stone Co., Bruns-

ville. .


Hitt, Geo., Toccoa.

Southern States Portland Cement

Hopkins Supply Co., Brunswick.

Co., Rockmart.

Hudson, M. D., Gainesville.

Southern Tile & Stone Co., Atlanta.

Jones, W. P., Americus.

Standard Brick Co., Athens.

Kaolin Mining Co., McIntyre.

Standard Brick Co., Augusta.

Kimball, W. H.,Tallapoosa.

Standard Sewer Pipe Works, Rome.


Stevens Bros. & Co., Stevens Pottery. .
Stevenson, W. E., Lavonia. Sutton Brick Co., Fort Gaines. Tift illca Brick Co., Albany. Tift Silica Brick & Stone Co., 'fifton. Trimble Brick Co., Trimble. Wheeler, Geo. R, Gainesville. Young, Jno. B., Atlanta.

Empire Buggy Co., Jackson. Empire Smithing Co., Albany. Ennis, J. D., Pembroke. Fowler, Lester, Protection. Franklin Buggy Co., Barnesville. Golden Eagle Buggy Co., Atlanta. Gower Manufacturing Co., Gaines-
Griffin Buggy Co., Griffin.


Hardwood Manufacturing Co., Dublin.

Hillsman, J. R, White Plains.

Atlanta Variety Works, At1l1nta.

Irwin Bros., Louisville.

Atlanta Woodenware Co, Atlanta.

Karwisch, J. M. Wagon Wor~s, At-

Augu ta Broom Works, Augusta.


Bowden, W. D. Broom Co., Griffin. Columbus Broom Factory, Columbus.
Dalton Broom Works, DaIi.:Jll. Demorest Broom Factory, Demorcst.
Felton, D. D. Brush Co., Atlanta. Fitzgerald Broom Factor)- Fitz-

Klassing, H. J., Rome. Klein & Martin Co., Athen". Lovell, J. L., Boston. Lowery Wagon Works, Augusta. Mladdox & William,s Oarriage &;
Wagon Works, Atlanta.

Griffin Broom Work, Grtr!in.

McCommon-Harding Buggy Co.)

Hodges Broom Works, Atlatlta. Leachman, W. S., Acworth.

Forsyth. McDougald, Artie, Thomasville.

o K. Broom Works, Macon.

McGirt, Jas. & Co., Slyvester.

Paris Broom :Manufacturing Co., At- Meek & Abercrombie, Marietta.


Middle brooks, B. W. Buggy Co.,

Paulk, W. H. Jr., Ocilla.


Pickett Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. Miller, A. C. & Co., Atlanta.

Radford, G. W. P., Monroe.

Miller, J. E. & Co., Columbu~

chwartz, Fred C., Savannah.

Murphy, Tim (Estate of), Augusta.

hields, W. M., Springplace. now Broom Factory, Dalton.

1 ewnan, J. P. & Co., Columtlus. Torman Buggy Co., Alpharetta.

outhern Broom Manufacturing Co., N orman Buggy Co., Griffin.


Ogburn & ons, Dublin.

South Georgia Broom Co., Ocilla.

Peebles, J. T., Spread.

St. George Broom Factory, St. George.
Ward, J. P. & Son, Sa'l"annah. Williams, Jno., Marietta.

Putman, G. R, Fitzgerald. Pye & Mobley, Sylvania. Reed Bros., Gainesville. Sanders, Jno. D., Waynesboro.

Satterwhite, W. F., Albany.

BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, WAGONS. Smith, J. G. & Son, Barnesville.

Smith, Lyndon Co., Washington.

Armontrout Bros., Fitzgerald.

South Georgia Buggy Co., Valdosta.

Auld, J. F. & Sons, Elberton.

tarks, Wm., Ellijay.

Bagwell Manufacturi,1'J.g Co., Gaines- Stewart, C. H., Winder.


Stroberg, C. F. & SODS, Macon.

Bird, M. H., Sandersville.

Summers Buggy Co., Barnesville.

Blount arriage & Buggy Co., East Syluania Carriage & Wagon Works.



Brazil Bros., LaGrange. Brown, J. D., Brunswick. Carmichael Buggy Co., Jackson. Caudle, J. C., Madison. Chatham, G. E., Alpharetta. Darsey, J. W. Wagon Works, Maeon. Downs, W. C., Ellabelle. Dublin Bu~~y Co.. Dublin.

Taylor & Barton, Franklin. Ulmer Wagon Works, Valdosta. Vanbrackle, D. A., Pembr!lke. Ward, W. H., Cuthbert. Watkins, W. W. Wagon Works,
Williams Manufacturing Co., Macon.

Elder, A. C., Watkinsville.

Williams Wagon Works, Macon.


American Canning Corporation. Atlanta.
Americus Canning Co., Amencus. Anderson, A. J., Burt boro. Atwood River Canning Co., Darien. Atwood River Canning Co., Valona. Benson, 1. W., Buena Vista. Black, Carlton, Cleveland. Blue Ridge Canning Co., Blairsville. Bowen, J. E., Alpharetta. .Brunswick Canning Co., Brunswick. Cairo Syrup Co., Cairo. Camden Canning Co., St. Marys. Chattahoochee qanning Co., Fort
Cherokee Canning Club, Carters'ille. Community Cannery, Thoma ville. Dawson Brothers, Atlanta. Dawson Canning Co., Dawson. Dewberry, Ralph F., Acwortn. Dowling, Jas., Savannah. Eastman Cannery, Eastman. Evans Canning Co., Fort Valley. Farmers Co-operative Cannmg Co.,
Farmer & Tift, Tifton. Folkston Canning Co., Folkston. Fort Valley Cannery, Fort Valley. Gainesville Canning &; Mfg. Co.,
Gainesville. Georgia Syrup Co., Atlanta. Griffin Canning Co., Griffin. Harris, J. A., Knoxville. Houser, W. L. Canning Co., Fort
Johnson, Miss E. T., Xorwood. Lowden, Geo. W., Eatonton. Lowden, Geo. W., Savannah. Macon Canning Co., Macon. Martin, A. L., Coleman. Ma sa, E. A., Atlanta. Mayfield, J. E., Alpharetta.
ormandie Company Atlanta. North River Packing Co., St. Marys. Oak Dale Canning Co., Fort Valley. Oemler, Angustus, avannah. Peacock, C. L., Ellaville. Pitts, J. D., Menlo. Pomona Products Co., Griffin. Pro pect Cannery, Jorwood. Reigel, S. D. & on, Griffin. Roberts Brother, Fort Valley. Rucker, Dave, Alpharetta. Scondrett, R. A., Butler. Sea Food Co., BrunswiCK.
mith & on, Cartersville. Solomon, A. M., Fort Valley.

South Atlantic Canning Co., St. Marys.
Southern Canning Co., Fort Valley. Southwe t Georgia CannIng Co.,
Fort Gaines.
Spalding Canning Co., Griffin.
Springfield Canuing Co., Sprmgfield. Taylor, The E. H. Co., Atlanta. Toccoa Falls Institute, Toccu... University Cannery, Athena. Varn & Platt, Marshallville. Vidalia Canning Co., Vidalia. Ward, G. M., Elbcrton .
Waycross Cannery, Waycrosa. White, C. E., Moultrie.
CIGARS & CIGARETTlilS. Alderman, Jos., Valdosta. American Sumlltra Tobacco Co.,
Am terdam.
Bainbridge Cigar Factory, Bainbridge
Bales Cigar Co., Fitzgerald.
Brunswick Cigar Co., Savannan. Brunswick Smoker Manufacturing
Co., Brunswick.
Bryan Cigar Co., Valdosta. Burch Cigar Factory, Dublln. C. & R. Cigar Factory, Atlanta. Chandler, J. H., Newnan. Clarke, J. 1. igar Co., Jesup. Columbus Cigar Factory, Columbu . Cortez Cigar Co., Savannah. Cowart igar Co., Macon. Cox, J. B., Marietta. Dublin Cigar Manufacturing Co.,
Dublin. Edwards Cigar Co., Bainbridge. Edwards Smoke Hou e, Augusta. Faulkenberry, D. A., MoultrIe. Fretwell & Co., Vaughn. Fretwell Cigar Co., Griffin. Fretwell, P. Z., Cedartown. Georgiadis, S. J., Atlanta. Hazelgrove Cigar Co. Thomasville.
IIermida, Jose, BrunswiCK. Jacobs, W. E. C., Carrollton. Jernigan, J. A., Valdosta. Johnson Cigar Co., Fitzgerala. Kennesaw Cigar Factory, Marietta. Kirk, Mr . O. C., Frankl1n. LaMascellier Cigar Co., Waycross. Marietta Cigar Factory, Manetta. Martini, C. J., Savannah. McKibben & ons, Griffin. McKibben & Sons, Vaughn. Meyers, Lee Roy Co., Savannah. Oglethorpe Cigar Co., HaWkInSville. poT Cigar Co., Thomasville. Peacock Cigar Co., Athena.
Pent, L. F., Atlanta.


Phillips, L. S., Cochran. Pittman Cigar Co., Waycross. Posada Cigar Co., Columbus. Reese, B. A., ewnan. Rodregue & Co., avannan". Roffe, S. Co., Savannah. Smith, A. R., Atlanta. Smith, D. L., Thomasville. Sognier, Jos., Savannah.
uarez Cigar Co., Thomasville. Symonette, T. A., Valdosta. Torres, L. J., Carrollton. U M C Cigar Co., Vaughh. Valdes, S., Atlanta. Villa, H., Hawkinsville. Watkins, W. A. Cigar Co., Albany. Watters, Thomas, Rome.
.Allied Commpre s Co., Augusta.
Americus Compress Co., Americus. Atlantic Compress Co., Albany. Atlantic Compre s Co., Amcncus. Atlantic Compre s Co., Athen . Atlantic Compress Co., Atlanta. Atlantic Compre s Co., Augu tao Atlantic Compress Co., COInmOus. Atlantic Compress Co., Cordele. Atlantic Com pres 0., Dawsun. Atlantic Compress Co., Macol1. Atlantic Compre so., Millen. Atlantic Compress Co. (Gordon
Press), Savannah. Atlantic Compress Co. (I land
Pres), avannah. Atlantic Compress Co. (Lower
Press), Savannah. Atlantic Compress Co., Thomasville. AUantic Compress Co., Toccua. Cordele Compress Co. NO.1, Cordele. Cordele Compress Co. '0. 2, Cordele. Cuthbert Compress Co., Cuthbert. Daw on Compress & Storage Co.,
Dawson. Ea tman Compress Co., Eastman. Elberton Compress Co., Elberton. Farmer-Garbutt Compress Co., Fitz-
gerald. Fitzgerald Cotton Compress Co.,
Fitzgerald. Georgia Cotton Co., Fitzgerald. Georgia Warehouse & Compress Co.,
Dublin. Glynn Compress Co., Brunswick. Hawkinsville Cotton Compress Co.,
Hawkinsville. Macon Bonded Warehouse Co., Ma-
con. Montezuma Compress Co., Montezu-

Moultrie Compress Co., Moultrie.
Richland Compress Co., Richland. Rome Compress Co., Rome. Savannah Warehouse & Compress
Co., Savannah.
Southern Railway Compress Co., Tocca.
Thomasville Compress Co., Thomasville.
Tifton Compress Co., Tifton. Toccoa Compress Co., Tocco,,-.
Valdo ta Manufacturing Co., Valdosta.
Vidalia Compress & Power Co., Vi: dalla.
Winder Compress Co., Winder. CRATES, BOXE ,BARREL, TAVES.
Almond, D. W., Valdosta. American Box & File Co., Atlanta . Armuchee Cooperage Co., Rome. Atlanta Barrel Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Box Factory, Atlanta. Bowman Lumber Co., Folkston. Branch, D. J., Baxley. Brunswick Barrel Factory, Brun-
wick. Buchanan Mauufactnring Co., Buck-
Cannon Co., Cairo. Cannon Co., Quitman.
Cochran Lumber Co., Cochran. Crandell Crate Co., Fort Valley. Dasher, J. J., Pembroke. Dixie Paper & Box Co., Atlanta. Downing Co., The, Brunswick. Elberta Crate Co., Bainbridge. Elberta Crate Co., Marshallville. Empire Construction Co., Douglas. Empire Printing & Box Co., Atlanta. Etowah Cooperage Co., Rome. Everett, R. H., Brullswick. Flynn-Taylor Cooperage Co. Bain-
bridge. Georgia Box & Manufacturing Co.,
Georgia Crate & Basket Co., Thomasville.
Georgia Fruit Package Co., Fort Valley.
Georgia Veneer & Package Co., Brunswick.
Globe Barrel & Machine Co., Savan-
nah. Gresham Manufacturing Co., Griffin. Grief Bros., avannah.
Hightower Box & Tank Co., Atlanta. Jordon, J. T., Glenwood. Kelly & Sparks, Dublin.
Kenimer, A. F. & Bro., Leaf.


Kidd, W. J., Milford. Kirkland, B. H., Covena. Kuster Manufacturing Co., Cedar-
town. Macon Cooperage Co., Macol<. Marshall, W, J. Co., Macon. Massee Cooperage Co., Macon. McRainey, Mrs. A. H., Elmodel. Menlo Fruit Package Co., Menlo. Oak City Cooperage Co., Bainbridge. Ogeechee Valley Stave & Heading
Co., Rocky Ford. Paragon Box Co., Atlanta. Pierpont Manufacturing Co., Savan-
nah. Quitman Cooperage Co., Quitman. Raymond ooperage 0., Raymond. Reinschmidt tave Co., Quitman. Robulson, J. W., Acworth. Schuler & Moon, Jesup. Shippen Bros., Ellijay. Shostarich, Frank, Coehran.
outhern Box Manufaeturing Co., Rome.
outhern Box & Lumber Co., Savannah.
outllern Heading & Mfg. Co., Valdosta.
Standard Ba ket Co., Perry. tatesboro ovelty Works, tateboro.
Stribling Manufaeturing Co., 'rurnerville.
nion Box Manufaeturing Go., Atlanta.
Valdosta Cooperage Co., Valdo tao Valdo ta Variety Works, Valdosta. Wells, D. G., Ludowiei. White, W. W. urren y. William, W. W., Hamilton. Williams & Hays, Raymond.
Aeree, T. A., amilla. Acworth Fertilizer Co., Aeworth. A~new, O. L., Canon. Albany Phosphate Co., Albany. Albany Warehouse Co., Albany. Allison, T. F. & T. E., Lavonia. Altamaha Fertilizer Co., Vidalia. Ameriean Agrieultural Corpn.,
Greensboro. Ameriean Agrieultural Corpn., a-
vannah. Ameriean Fertilizer Co., avannah. Amerieus Home Mixture Guano Co.,
Amerieus. Anderson & Beleher, Starrsville. Apalaehee Fertilizer Co., Apalaehee.

Arlington Manufaeturing Co., Arlington.
Armour Fertilizer Works, Atlanta. Armour Fertilizer Work , Augusta.
Baldwin County Fertilizer Works, Milledgeville.
Barnett, E. A., Washington. Bartow Guano Co., Cartersville.
Ben on, J. W., Jenkinsburg. Biggers, W. E., RinggolQ. Bliteh-Ellis Manufaeturing Co.,
Statesboro. Bowen & Ray, Bowman. Bradley Guano Co., Columbus. Braselton Brothers, Braselton. Brown Guano Co., Albany. Broxton Fertilizer Co., Broxton.
Brunswiek Rendering Co" Brunswiek.
Butler Fertilizer Co., Butlar. adwell Fertilizer Co., Cadwell. armiehael Guano Co., Jaekson.
Cartersville Guauo Co., Gartersville. Catoosa County Fertilizer Co., Ring-
gold. Central Georgia Fertilizer Co., Mil-
ledgeville. hambers Groeery Co., Chipley. Chattahooehee Fertilizer Co., Tifton. Chauneey Warehouse Co., Chauncey. Cherokee Fertilizer Co., Macon. Cobb County Chemieal &; Mining
Co., Vining. Comer Mereantile Co., Comer. Commeree Fertilizer Co., Commeree.
ooperative Fertilizer Co., Braselton.
Cotton States eed & Fertilizer Co., Macon.
owan Brothers, Porterdale. Coweta Fertilizer Co., Newnan. Crawford\'ille Gin &. Fertilizer Co.,
Crawfordville. Cullen, W. F. Fertilizer Co., Camilla.
ulloden Gin & Fertilizer Co., Culloden.
Cumberland Fertilizer Co., Garters-
Danee Guano 0., Toeeoa. Daniel Sons & Palmer, Millen. Davis Warehouse Co., Columbus. Davisboro Fertilizer Co., Davisboro. DeVaughan, M. S., MontezUID:'. Dixie Fertilizer Co., Duhlln. Dixie Guano 0., Monticello. Dodge Fertilizer Co., Eastman. Doerun Fertilizer Co., Doerun. Dooly Fertilizer Co., Vienna. Douglas Oil & Fertilizer Co., Douglas. Edmondson & Sons, Meda.


Elberton' Guano Co., Elberton. Ellaville Guano Co., Ella\ille. Empire Guano Co., Cordele. Empire State Chemical Co., Athens Ennis, J. H., Milledgeville. Ezell-Griffin Co., Eatonton. Farm Products & Fert. Co., Columbus. Farmers Fertilizer Co., Unadilla. Farmers Fertilizer Co., :llilan. Farmers Gin & Fertilizer Co., Mc-
Farmers Guano Co., Dillard. Farmers Union Warehouse Co., Con-
yers. Farmers Union Warehouse Co., Dewy
Rose. Farmer Union Warehouse Co., Mon-
ticello. Flovilla Gin Co., Flovilla. Fort Gaines Fertilizer Co., Fort
Gaines. Fowler Brothers Co., Covington. Furman Farm Improvement Co.,
East Point.
Georgia Bell Guano Co., Newnan. Georgia Chemical Works, Augusta. Georgia Fertilizer Works, Sanders-
ville. Georgia Fertilizer Co., Columbus. Georgia Fertilizer & Oil Co., Val-
Georgia Manufacturing Co., Uamilla. Georgia Phosphate Co., Athens. Ginn,!. L. & Co., Newnan.
Gos ett, A. F. & Sons, Griffin. Greene County Fertilizer Co., Pen-
dergrass. Green boro Fertilizer Co., Greens-
Griggs Guano Co., Doerun. Hall, R. L. & W. H., I ewton.
Ha=ack-Rish Guano Co., Coleman. Hampton Guano Co., Hampton.
Hasty, R. L., Chipley. Heard Brothers, Macon. Henry County Supply Co., Mc-
Hightower Mercantile Co., Hogansville.
Hogansville Guano Co., Hogansville. Home Mixture Guano Co., Buena
Home Mixture Guano Co., Bnllochville.
Home Mixture Guano Co., Chipley. Home Mixture Guano Co., Columbus. Home Mixture Guano Co., Reynolds. Home ML"ture Guano Co., Shellman.

Home Mixture Guano Co., West


Horne Andrews Co=ission Co.,


Hnghley-McCulloch, West Point.

Improved Dodge Guano Co., East-



International Agricultural Corpn.


International Agricultural Corpn.,


International Agricultural Uorpn.,


International AgriCultural Corpn.,


International Agricultural Corpn.,


International Agricultural Corpn.,

East Point.

International Agricultural Corpn.,


Jackson Supply Co., Baconton.

Jewell Loudermilk Manufacturing

Co., Gainesville.

Kemmel & Bush, Dublin..

Keystone Tradinlf Co., Sylvester.

LaFayette Fertilizer Co., LaFayette.

Lawrenceville Fertilizer Co.,. Law-


Lowe, T. J., Mableton.

Lumpkin Home Mh..-ture Guano Co.,


Madden, J. F. & Sons, Concord.

Madison Fertilizer Co., Madison.

Mallet & ut-Watkins & Settle, Jack-


Mandeville Mills, Carrollton.

Manget Brothers, Newnan.

.Mann, Joseph, Stockbridge.

Mar hall, J. D., Grovania.

Maud & Metphin Fertilizer & Mfg.

Co., Dublin.

Maysville Guano Co., Maysville.

McClure-Taylor Co., Duluth.

McDonald & Weaver, Cuthbert.

McKnight Brothers', SenOia.

McPhaul, J. G. (Estate of), Doerun.

Metter Fertilizer Co., Metter.

.Middle Georgia Fertilizer Co., Dublin.

Milan Fertilizer Co., Milan.

Millen Fertilizer Co., Millen.

Miller, T. C. & Sons, Lula.

Montezuma Fertilizer Co., Monte-


Morgan Fertilizer Co., Madison.

Morris Fertilizer Co., Atlanta.

Moultrie Fertilizer & Manufacturing

Co., Moultrie.

Muscogee Guano Co., Columbus.

Muse, A. W. & Co., Albany.


Mutual Fertilizer Co., Savannah. eely, R. C. & Co., Midville.
'1-eely, R. C. & Co., Waynesboro.
North Georgia Cotton Co., Roy ton. No~ell, 1 . J., Monroe. Ober, G. & Sons Co., Savannau. Ocmulgee Guano Co., HawklDS\'ille. Oconee Fertilizer Co., Dublin. Ogeechee Fertilizer Co., Mayfield.
Old Dominion Guano Co., East Point. Parker, P. N., Gainesville. Paullin & Vinson, Fort Gaines. Pavo Fertilizer Co., Pavo. Pelham Fertilizer Co., PelbaIn. Pho phate Mining Co., Savannah. Pioneer Guano Co., Albany. Pittard, J. T. Winterville. Pitts, 1. H. & Sons Co., Waverly Hall. Planter Fertilizer & Live tock Co.,
Buena Vista.
Planters Guano Co., Lilly. Planters Limestone Co., Grovania. Planters Supply Co., Gough. Planters 'Warehouse Co., Hazelhurst Planters Warehouse Co., Reynolds. Planters Warehouse & Loan Co., Fitz-
gerald. Planter Warehouse & Lumber Co.,
McDonough. Porter Fertilizer Co., Atlanta. Putman Fertilizer Work, Eatonton. Putney Fertilizer Co., Putney. Read Phosphate & Fertilizer Co., Cor-
Redwine BrotherS, Fayetteville. Redwine Brothers, Tyrone. Reeve , ~l.'. J., Thomaston. Reliance Fertilizer Co., Savall.1lah. Richlaud Home Mll.1;ure Guano Co.,
Richland. Ricks Brothers Co., ReynolCls. Rome Chemical Co., Rome. Ro~e, W. A. & Co., .orner. Roy ter F. S. Guano Co., Columbus. Royster, F. . Guano Co., Macon. Royston Guano & Warehouse Co"
Savannah Chemical Co., Savannah. Savannah Guano Co., Savannah. Seacoast Fertilizer Co., AugusLa. Seacoast Fertilizer Co., SaYannah. Sealy & Rambo, Edison. Shore, W. A. Baldwin. Skinner, C. W., Waynesborc.. Social Circle Fertilizer l\ilg. Co.,
Social Circle.
Soperton Fertilizer 0., Soperton. South Atlantic Fertilizer Co., Augusta. South Atlantic Guano Co., Atlanta.

outhern Fertilizer & Chemical Co., Savannah.
Southern Fertilizer & IJherrllcal Co., St. Larys.
Southern States Phospbate &:; Fertilizer Co., Augusta.
Southern State Phosphate & Fertilizer Co., Savannah.
Standard Fertilizer Co., MeIgs. Stile boro Warehou e Co., Stilesboro. Stockbridge Fertilizer Co., Stock-
Strickland, R. F. Co., Concord. Stubb , R. D., Lynchburg. S~ainsboro Fertilizer L.o., Swains-
Srut & Co., Fertilizer Works, Albany. Swift & Co., Fertilizer. Works, At-
Swift & Co., Fertilizer Works, LaGrange.
Swift & Co., Fertilizer Works, Moultrie.
Swift & Co., Fertilizer Works, Savannah.
Tabor, T. O. & Sons, Elberton. Tattnall Fertilizer Works, Hagan. Telfair Fertilizer Co., McRae.
Tennessee hemical Co., Americus. Tennessee Chemical Co., Atlanta. Thomasville Fertilizer Co., Thomas-
ville. Tifton Guano Co., Tifton. Tiller-Glenn Co., Carlton.
Tyrone Manufacturing Co., Washington.
nadilla Chemical Co., Unadilla. Unadilla Fertilizer Co .. Unadilla. Union Fertilizer Co., Atlanta. Union Fertilizer Co., Warrenton. Union Fertilizer & Warehouse Co.,
Middleton. Vidalia Chemical Co.. Vidalia. Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., Al-
bany. Virginia-Carolina Chemical Go., Amer-
icus. Vln-ginia-Oarolina Chemical Co'.,
Athens. V'irginiaChrolina Chemical Co,\>
Columbus. VirginiaCarolina Chemical Co., Edge-
wood (Atlanta). Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., Ma-
con. VirginiaCarolina Chemical Co., New-
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., Rome. Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., Sa-


Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., Social Circle.
Walker Brothers, Griffin. Walton Union Warehouse Co., Mon
roe. Warren County Fertilizer Co., War
renton. Whtkins, B. F. & Co., Jackson. White Plains Ginning & Fertilizer
Co., White Plains. Zebulon Gin & Fertilizer Co., Zebulon.
Albany Milling Co., Albany. Alma Gin filling Co., Alma. Anderson, A. S., Danburg. Anderson, P. H., Danburg. Anthony & Garrett, WaShington. Ashburn Roller Mills, Ashburn. Askew, W. S. Co., Newnan. Atlanta Milling Co., Atlanta. Baird, H. W., Douglas. Baldwin, W. R. & Co., Dawson. B. & H. Milling Co., Cornelia. Balkcom, J. '. & W. H. Blakely. Barfield Feed Mills, Macon. Barrett, Denton & Lynn Co., Dalton. Battle, J. J. Moultrie. Bazemore, W. C., Columbus. Ben Hill Co., Fitzgerald. Belllletts Mill, Fayetteville. Bowdon Feed Mills, Bowaon. Bridges, J. D., Summer. Brooke, T. H. & Co., Ea t Point. brown, J. ., Americus. Hurch, W. H. & on, Thomasville. Burke County Plour Mill, Waynes
boro. Carr, W. P. & Sons, Gaillard. Carstarphen Milling Co., Dames
Perry. Central Grocery & Feed ,Mill, Tifton. Chapman, T. . & P. '., Crawford
,iDe. Cheek, H. M. Flour Mill, Bowersville. City Mills Co., Calhoun. City MillS' Co., Columbus. Clark Milling Co., Augusta. Cochran Milling Co., (,oebran. Colbert, W. D., Bullocbville. Coleman, J. A., Swainsboro. Commerce Roller Mills, Commerce. Cook & Kinnington, Cochran. Crabapple ,Milling Co., Alpharetta. Crittenden Milling Co., Shellman. Culverton Milling Co., Culverton. Cuthbert Milling Co., Cuthbert. Davis, J. H. & Son, Perry. DeLoach, O. R., Claxton.

Douglasville Roller Mills, Douglas ville.
Eatonton Milling Co., Eatonton. Edison Milling Co., EdIson. Elders Mill, Senoia.
Empire Mills Co., Columbus. Farka , Panl., Albany.

Finch Milling Co., Dallas. Fowler, Jas. Flour Mill, Soperton. Gaines, Jno. B. Milling t-o., Hartwell. Gaines, L. P. Co., Kingston. Gainesville. Roller .Mills Co., Gaines

Georgia Milling Co., Fort Valley. Grantland Co., Griffin. Green, E. W. & Sons, Fairburn. Hackney & Bent, Cedartown.

Hall, R. L. & W. H" Newton.

Hamilton & ummer, Covington.

Handley, R. V. & on, Fitzgerald.

Hardie & Son, Gainesville.


Hardy, T. F., Knoxville. Harris Milling Co., Hampton.

Hart, R. L., Morgan. Hartman, A. J., Knoxville. Hartwell RoUer Mills, HartwelL. Hinton Bro ., "McDonough.
Jackson Milling & Feed Co., Jackson. Johnson, J. L., Sylvester. Johnson, J. M. & Co., Alma. Juliette Milling Co., Juliette. Kemp Bros., Acworth. Kidd, W. J., 1i1ford. Knox Milling Co., Thomson. LaPayette Roller Mills, LaFayette. Lee, S. . Milling Co., Thoma ton. Lee's Mill, hickamauga. LeQuinn & Grant, McDonough. Lewis, E. B., Montezuma. Lexington Milling Co., LexJllgton. Little River Mills, Canton. Mallet & Ball, Jackson. Mandeville Mills, Carrpllton. McCleskey & Shaw, Marietta. McEleroy Milling Co., Lawrenceville. McDonald Bros., Eatonton. McKown, O. T., Kennwood. McMichen Milling Co., Dallas. McMath, Jno. F., Americus. McRae, R. B. & C. R., Boston.
McRae Bros., Fort Gaines. McWilliams, Sam, Cuthbert. Meyers Milling Co., Barnesville.

Milledgeville Milling Co., Milledge ville.
Milner, W. S., Eastman. Model Meal Mills, Athens. Modern Plour Mills, Macon.

Monticello Ice & l.1illing Co., Monti cello.


Moon, G. W. & W. R., Sharon. Morgan's Mill, Brooks. MOultrie Mill & Elevator Co., Moul-
Mutual Milling Co., Tifton. National Milling Co., Macon. Nickajack Milling Co., Smyrna. Nixon Milling Co., Augusta. Oconee Milling & Grain Co., Dublin. :Rarker & Johnson, Cedartovm. Perkison, J. D., Austell. Pitts, 1. H. Sons Co., Waverly Hall. Planters Mill & Supply Co., Way-
cross. Pope, J. T. Mills, Dublin. Poulan Flour Mills, Poulan. Powell, 1. M. & Son, Cordele. Purity Feed Mills, Fort Valley. Redwine Bros., Fayetteville. Richardson, O. N. Milling Co., Rome. Rogers, H. B., Covington. Roopville Feed Mills, Roopville. Roswell Flour Mill, RosweB. Rowell, W. E. & Son, Musella. Rucker, Tap, Roswell.
Rushing, M. S. & Sons, Statesboro. Russell Bros., Tyrone. Sandersville Enterprise Co. Sanders-
ville. Scruggs, Jno. A., Rabun Gap. Selman Mill, Monroe. Sewell, J. C., Newnan. Sheehan & Drinkard, Sharon. Smith, E. A. Grain Co., Statesboro. Smith, F. C. & Co., Hagan. Smith Milling Co., Tennille. Spinks & Horne, Marietta. Summerour Bros., Winder. Sycamore Roller Mill, Sycamore. Telfair Cooperative Co., McRae. Teate, T. A., Thomasville. Thomas Manufacturing Co., Madi-
son. Thomasville Elevator Co., Thomas-
Towaliga Milling Co., Griffin. Towns County Milling Co., Hiawas-
see. Unadilla Milling Co., Unadilla. United Manufacturing Co., Chipley. Valdosta Mill & Elevator Co., Val-
dosta. Veach, G. M. M'illing Co., Adairs-
ville. Vidalia Milling Co., Vidalia. Walker Bros. Co., Griffin. Walton's Mill, Madison. Walton & Co., Augusta. Waynesboro Milling Co., Waynes-

Weaver-Birdsong Milling Co., Thomaston.
White, J. W. Flour Mill, Bainbridge. Winder Roller Mills Co., Winder. Wingo, J. T., Franklin. Wrens Milling Co., Wrens. Wynn's Mill, Aberdeen.
A. B. & A. Railway Shops, Fitzgerald.
A. B. & A. Railway Shops, Manehester.
A. C. L. Railway Shops, Waycro s. Acme Specialty Co., Atlanta. Adams, C. E., Fayetteville. American Can Co., Atlanta. American Can Co., Savannah. American Machine & Mfg. Co., At-
lanta. Anderson, Ben, Collins. Anderson, W. P., Atlanta. Anthrone, T. M., Fort Valley. Athems Found;-y & Machine Co.,
Athens. Atlanta Car Wheel Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Gear Machine Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Manufacturing & Supply
Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Stove Works, Atlanta. Atlanta Plow Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Utility Works, Atlanta. Atlanta Wood, Iron &, ovelty Co.,
Atlanta. Atlantic Steel Co., Atlanta. Atlas Machine Shop, Atlanta. Avery, B. F. & Son, Atlanta. Avery & Co., Atlanta. Baldwin, L. H., Douglasville. Balfour, Brodgen Co., Thomasville. Bailey, J. S., Waycross. Baugh . Sons, Waverly Hall. Bass, Jim, Shellman. Beasley, Birch, Statesboro. Bird Shops, Sandersville. Benton Manfacturing Co., Monti
cello. Bishop Variety Works, Bishop. Bolin, M. D., Milledgeville. Bough, A. S., Ellaville. Bostrum-Brady Manufacturing Co.,
Atlanta. Bostrum, E. A. Manufacturing Co.,
Atlanta. Bowie Stove Works, Rome. Bremen Machine Shop, Bremen. Brooks, J. C., Alamo. Brooks Found}-y & Machine Co.,


Brunswick Copper Work, Bruns- Felton, Eugene, Marshallville.


Field Bros. Manufacturing Co., Dal-

Brun wick Cross-Arm Co., Bruns-



Finley Machine Shop, Valdosta.

Brun wick Machine Shop, Bruns- Finnegan, J. J. & Co., Atlanta.


Fitzgerald Iron Works, Fitzgerald.

Busha, H. J., Toccoa.

Ford Motor Car. Co., Atlanta.

Camilla Repair Shop, Camilla.

Forest City Machine Shop, Savan-

Camp, E. . & Co., Moreland.


Camp Machine Shop, Atlanta.

Fulghum & Johnson, Montezuma.

Capital Brass Work, Atlant;1.

Gaine ville Iron Works, Gaines-

Carrington, J. M., Bishop.


Cartersville Foundry & Machinu Gantt Manufacturing Co., Macon.

Co., Cartersville.

General Pipe & Foundry Co., At-

Central Foundry & Machine Co.,



Georgia Agricultural Works, Fort

Central of Georgia Railway Shops,



Georgia Car & Locomotive Works,

Central of Georgia Railway Shops,



Georgia Car & Locomotive Work,

Central of Georgia Railway Shops,



Georgia Iron Works, Aug-usta.

Central of Georgia Railway Shops, Georgia Machinery Co., Atlanta.


Georgia Plow & Foundry Co.,

Champion, Jno. P., Chipley.


Cheatham, F. W., Sandersville.

G. & F. Railway Shops, Douglas.

Chri topher, R. C., Watkinsville.

G. F. & A. Railway Shop, Bain-

Cole, R. D. Manufacturing Co., ew-



G. S. W. & G. Railway Shops, Al-

Columbus Iron Works, Columbus.


Continental Gin Co., Atlanta.

Gibbs Machine Co., Commerce.

Cox Foundry & Ma$ine Works, Glover Machine Works, Marietta.


Golden Foundry & Machine Co.,

Cox, J. F., Statesboro.


Crawford, J. H., Chipley.

G,riffin Foundry & Madhine Co.,

Crescent City Blow Pipe Works,



Griffin Foundry & Supply Co.,

Darby, J. E., Monroe.


Davenport, Jas., Acworth.

Gurley, W. B., Dahlonega.

Davis Foundry & Machine Works, Haire & Crocker, Bainbridge.


Hank Stove & Range Co., Rome.

Davis Machine Shop, Statesboro.

H. & F. S. Railway hop, Ashburn.

Dawson Variety Works, Dawson.

Hensel Engineering 0., Brunswick.

Decatur Car Wheel Co., of Georgia, Hightower, W. J., Dahlonega.


Hill City Machine Works, Rome.

Demorest Foundry & Machine Co., Hope & Shadburn, Cumming.


Howell, J. H. & Son Hartwell.

Dh:ie Culvert. & Metal Co., East Huddle ton, S. B., Statesboro.


Johnson, A. C. Moultrie.

Dixie Pattern & Mfg. Co., Atlanta. J ower , C. A. & on, Buena Vista.

Downs, H. C., Talbotton.

Kehoe Iron Works, SAYannah.

Downs, H. L., Douglasville.

King, O. P., Wrens.

Dy on, T. F., Cairo.

Lanier, Fred, Statesboro.

Eason, R. H., Baxley.

Lewis,!.., Cordele.

Eberhart Machine Works, Fort Val- Lombard Iron Works & Supply Co.,



Elberton Machine Works, Elberton. Longfelt, W. H. & A. L., Dawson-

Enni , J. D., Pembroke.


Enterpri e Machine Co., Vidalia.

Lo,ell, J. L. Bo tou.

Fairbanks Co., The, Rome.

Lowery, H. M., ummit.


LyJlch, E. J. Co., Atlanta. Magnu Company, Inc., Atlanta. MallaryTaylor Machine Work, :lla
con. Maury, W. H. Machine hop, Pel.
ham. Manley Jail Work, Dalton. Ma sey Gin &. Machine Work, }Ia-
con. Matthews Iron &. teel Co., Rome. McAlli ter, T. L., Fort Gaine . Mc odIe, . D., Savannah.
McDanicl, L. ., Glenwood. McManu , B. W., airo. Mc~eal, J. D. - on, Ellaville. Miller, . & Son, Tallapoo a.
Mingledorff, W. L. &. on avannah. Mobley, G. W. Machine o. Wayne -
boro. Moncrief Furna eo., Atlanta. Moody, A. H., Dougla. ville.
Moultrie Foundr" &. Macbine Co., Moultrie. -
Murray ompany, The, Atlanta. Mutual Foundrv Machine Co. At-
lanta. .
Nunn, H. H., J<'armington. Ocilla Foundry & 1>Iachine 0.,
Ocilla. O'l\cal, J. H., Hamilton.
o . eal, W. ~., Woodland.
Pekor Iron Work, olumbus. Pelham Machine Work, Pelham. Pratt Engineering &. Machine 0.,
Kirkwood. Quitmau Foundry &. ~Iachine hop,
Quitman. Read H. H., Wa hing-ton.
Red Machine. hop, Chat worth. Redwine Bros., Fayetteville. Reeve Machine Co., Atlan a. Ricker on, E. F., Iontczuma. Riddell Bros., Atlanta. Robin on, G. R., Hamilton.
Roger, E. A., Pelham. Rome Machinery 0., Rome.
Rome. Rom Scale :llfg. Co., R me.
Rourke' Iron Work a'annah. Routh, W. T., McRae.
avannab Blow Pipe Co., avannah. . a,annah Iron ,Vork, avannah.
avannah "Wire &. Iron Works, a-
'annah. aw.ver, W. II. - Bon, Americn . ehoficld, J. . &. on , Macon. . A. L. Railway. bops, Ameri u . A. L. Railway hops,. ;:J'annah. ea Island otton Gin 0., Yidalia.
ellar , E. W., Baxl y.

'hearer Machine 0., Atlanta.

, ikes Manufacturing 0., Ocilla. implcx ~Iachine 0., Atlanta.

kinner, A. W., Millen.

miley, Jno., Reid ville.

mith H. W., avannah.

mith, J. J. Gin File Mfg. Co., Mc-


South Atlantic Sheet Metal & Blow

Pipe 0., avallnah.

outhern ar Wheel 0., aV;:Jnuah.

outhern ooperative l!'oundry Co.,


outhern Iron &. Equipment Co., At-


outhern Machinery ,Vork , Albany.

outbern Railway ar hops, At-


outhern Railway Car hops, olum-

bu .

oiJthern aw Works, Ea t Point.

outhern Wire & Iron Work, At-



outherland Foundry & fachine

0., Bainbridge.

palding Foundry 0., Atlanta.

pread Machinery 0., pread.

tafford, 1. S., anton.

tone, J. A., Barne ville.

triekland, E. ., Reid ville.

wan on, E. D. Ringgold.

'falJulah }'alls Railway . hops, or-


Taylor, C. E., Pelham.

Taylor Iron 'Work , Ma on.

Thacker, H. B., Oxford.

Thomp on Boiler Work, Bainbridge.

Tifton Farm Tool )lanufacturing

Co., Tifton.

Tifton Foundrv - }Iachine Co.,

Tifton. -

Tomlin-Harris Machine 0., COl'(lele.

Towers ullivan Manufactllrulg Co.,


Triangle }lachine Co., Atlanta.

Valdo ta Machine Co., Valdo tao

Y. M. &. W. Railway Shops, Valdo tao

Yan Winkle }lotor Tl'lIck Co., At


Warlick heet )Ietal Mfg. 0., At


Warmack, Edward Dalton.

Wa hington Machine Work, Wa h-


Wayero & outhern Railway hops,

Waycro .

Waycro & Western Railway Shops,


Westbe;ry & ollthweU, Claxton.

We t Point Iron Work, We t Point.


We l Point Roller 0., We t Point.

Wight & Miller, Cairo.

Wilker on Machine 0., ayannah.

Wingfield, J. T., Wa hington.

Wirt - Herneen, Augusta.

Wi e, J. A., ander yilIe.

Withers Foundry Co., Atlanta.

Wither Foundry & MachiuE' Co.,


Wood, A. A. & ou Co., Atlanta.

Woodruff Machinery Mfg. 0.,


Wrinkle-Miller Found T - ,Machine

Co., Dalton.


York Manufacturing 0., Atlanta.


Atlanta Casket Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Mirror & Be\'eliu 0., At-
Atlanta afe Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Show Ca e Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Table Co., Atlanta. Au tell priug & Ladder Co., Au-
Bankston, C. W., McDonouah. Brice, Joe, Gaines\ille. Brumby Chair 0., Marietta. Brunswick ianufacturing Co.,
Burnett-Klapper Furniture Co., Atlanta.
Carter Furniture Co., Crawford. Capital City Chair Co., Atlanta. Chattahoochee Furniture Co., Flow-
ery Branch.
City Carpenter & Cabinet Works, Atlanta.
Qolumbus Casket Co., Columbus. Columbus Show Ca e Co., Columbu Cooper Lumber Co., Columbu . Cooper & Pursley, Atlanta. Duane Chair Co., Dalton. Eatonton Lumber Co., Eatonton.
Estes Mfg. Co., Rex. Fowler Mfg. Co., Millellg-edlle.
Fulton Metal Bed Mfg. Co., Atlanta. Gate City Coffin Co., Atlanta. Georgia Chair Co., Flowery Branch. Georgia Furniture Co., Tocea. Ginn, B. D. Manufacturing Co.,
Carne ville.
Greenpoint Metallic Bed Co., Atlanta.
Gunby, W. B., Dahlonega. Hi btower, W. J., Dahlonega.
Hir ch & pitz Manufacturing Co., Atlanta.
Holsombac, M. L, tonewall. Juniper Casket 0., Junipor.

Knott - Carmichael, Atlanta: Kruger :llanufacturina Co., Atlanta. Ledbett r D. ~., avannah. Macon abinet Work, Macon. McElroy-Xe bitt Furniture Co., -or-
cro .
McXatt Coffin Ca ket Co., Vidalia. Muecke & ons, Macon. Muller, Geo. W. Bank Fixture Co.,
Kational how Case Co., Columbu . Pirkle, L. F., Atlanta.
Price & Thoma, Atlanta. Rome Furniture Co., Rome.
Immon , J. B. Lumber Co. Toccoa. mith-Wayne Manufacturing Co.,
outhem Furniture Co., Atlanta. outhem Xo"elt~- Works, Demore t. outhem pring B :J Co., Atlanta. pratt hair Co., Atlanta. taIling, Alf, Atlanta.
tandard School Desk Co., Columbu . Toccoa Furniture Co., Toccoa. Wa hington Mttnufactuxing Co.,
Wa hington.
Whittier manufacturing Co., Atlanta GA
Albany Ga Co., Albany.
Amerjcan Gas Construction Co., Waycro s.
Athen Ga Co., Athen . Atlanta Gas Light Co., Atlanta.
arter ville Ga 0., Cartersville. City of LaGrange Ga 0., La-
Con umer Ga & Coke Co., Waycro .
Dalton Gas Co., Dalton.
Gas Light Co:, of Augu ta, Augusta. Gas Light Co. of Columbu , Colum-
bu. Griffin Gas 0., Griffin.
Macon Gas Co., Macon. ~[utual Light & Water Co., Burn -
o 'Halleron & Bishop, Columbu .
Pint ch Compre sing Co., Atlanta. Rome Mnnicipal Ga Co., Rome.
a\'annah Gas Co., avannah. Searchlight Ga Co. Atlanta. Valdo ta Ga Co., Valdo tao
RA ~DLES. Albany Randle Co., Albany. Atlamaha Woodworking Co., Darien. Council, W. B., Americus. Darien Handle Co., Hawkinsville. Georgia Handle Factory, Abbeville. Ranna Handle Co ., Macon.
Hanna Manufacturing Co., Athens.


Hood, E. C., Hamilton.

Kelly, J. A., Dublin.

Martin, Tom ., Cuthber

Ra dale, Joe, Dalla.

avannah HaItdle Co., avannah.

oweII W. F., uccess.

tandard Handle Co., ~facon.

Williams, J. B., ucce s.


Aimar, W. W. & Co., avannah.

Ashburn Ice & Cold tora e Co.,


Athens Ice Co., Athen

Atlantic Ice & oal orporation,


Atlantic Ice & Coal Corporation,


Atlantic Ice & Co:l1 Corporation

Athen .

Atlantic Ice & Coal orporation,


Atlantic Ice & 'oal Corporation,

Augu tao

Atlantic Ice & Coal Corporation,


Atlantic Ice

'oal Corporation,


Atlantie Icc & 'oal orporation,


Atlantic Ice & Coal Corp ration


Atlantic Ice & Coal Corporation,


Atlantic Ice & Coal Corporation,

Fort Valley.

Atlantic Ice & 'oal Corporation,


Atlantic Ice & Coal Corporation,


Augusta Ice' & Beverage Co.,


Bainbridge Ice Co., Bainbridge.

Camilla Ice & old torage Co.,


Canton Ice Co., Canton.

Carrollton Ice & Bottling Co., Car-


Carter ville uppl.v Co., Carter ville.

edartown Ice Co., Cedartown.

laxton Ice 0., Claxton.

on umers Ice Co., Atlanta.

nth bert Ice 0., Cnthbert.

Dalla tilit~ 0., Dalla.

Dalton Ice 0., Dalton.
Darien Manufa turing 0., Darien.

Daw on Ice Co. Daw on.

Donalsonville lee Plant, Donal on-


Douglas Ice Co., Dougla .

Elberton Ic Co., Elberton.

Blli Ice &; oal Co., Augusta.

Ennis, J. H., Milledgeville.

Enterprise Ice Co., Millen.

Fairburn Ice & Coal Co., Fairburn.

Fitzgerald Ice 0., Fitzgerald.

Fort Gaille Ice Co., :C'ort Gaines.

Friedman, amuel, avannah.

Fulton Ice & oal 0., Atlanta.

Gaine ville Ice & Fuel 0., Gaines-


Glynn Ice Co., Brun wick.

Green Ice Co., tate boro..

Griffin Ta, Ice . Cold torage Co.,


HawkinsYille Ice - Coal Co., Haw-

kin ville.

Helena Ice Work, Helena.

Hygeia Ice

to rage Co., avan-


Kinnett Ice & Coal Co., Macon.

Kirkwood Ice Co., Kirkwood.

Knickerbocker Ice & torage Co.,


LaGrange Ice & Puel Co., LaGrange.

Lunsford & Feench, Richland.

Mallory I e & Coal Co., Tallapoo a.

Manchester Ice & Fuel Co., Mau-

che tel'

farietta Ice & Coal 0., Marietta.

Milledgeville Ice Work, Milledge-


Monticello Ice Plant, Monticello.

Moultrie Ice Co, Moultrie.

Murphy, F. E. Co., Je up.

Murrage Ice 0., Je up.

Mu cogee Ice Co., Col=bu .
Myers Ice 0., Ba,rne ,ilIe.

Nashville Ice Factory, Na hville.

ew Ice Co., The, Carrollton.

ewnan Ice Co., Newnan.

Norman, . J. & Co., t. George.

People Ice Co. Griffin.

Ponce de Leon Ice Mfg. Co., Atlanta.

Pope Manufacturing Co., Wa hing-


Quitman Ice Co., Qnitman.

Ritchie, J. R., Clayton.

Sander ville Ice Co., ander ville.

avannah Be\'erage & Ice Co., Sa-


South Atlantic Packing & Provi ion

. Co., avannah.

Southern Ice Co., Columbu .

Southern Ice Co., Augn tao

outhern Ice & Coal 0., Macon.

t. Mary Packing Co.. t. Mary.

till more I e Plant, till more.

Summerville Ice Plant, ummerviU".

Thoma. Manufacturing Co. Madi-



Thoma ton Ice Co., Thoma ton. Thomasville Ice & Mfg. 0., 'rhom-
'asville. Tifton Ice Power 0., Tifton. Toccoa Ice Coal 0., Toccoa. Vidalia Ice . Coal Co., Vid:tlia. Waycross Ice & old torage Co.,
Wayero West Poin Ice 0., We t Point.
Abbeville Laund.ry, Abbeville. Acme Laundry, olumbu. Albany L:llilldry Co., Albany. American Laundry, Atlanta. Americus team Laundry, Americus. Bainbridge team Laundry, Bain-
bridge. Ba s team Laundry, Dublin. Bell Laundr.v, Atlanta. Be t Laundry Co., Samnnab. Brun wick Launcll'y, Brunswick. Camilla Laundry, Camilla. Capital City Laundry, Atlanta.
arrollton Laundry, a1'l'ollton. arter, W. C., Americu . Cartersville Steam Laundry, Car-
tersville. Cedartown team Laundr.v edar
luwn. City Laundry, Albany.
ity Laundry, Eatonton. ity Laundry, Fitzgerald. ity Laundry, McRae. ity Laundry, Rochelle. \iff Laundr.v, Waycro . olumbu team Laundry, Colum
bus. ooley Laundry, a \annah. rescent Laundry, Macon. Dalton Steam Laundry, Dalton. Dart, harlie, ~Iadi on. Daw on team Laundr.\, Dawson. Dixie team Laundry, Bainbrid/o'(e. Eagle Laundry, Atlanta. Eatonton Laundr.\', Eatonton. Empire Laundry & Dry leaniu/o'(
Co., Atlanta. Empire Laundry 0., Athens. Excel ior Laundry, Atlanta. E. & W. Laundry, avannah. First las Laundry, Je up.
French Dry Cleaning 0:, Atlanta.
Gaine ville team Laundry, Gainesville.
Gate City Lanndn' Atlanta. Georgia 'T,aull,}rv 'Co., Atlanta. Green' Laundry, Abbeville. Griffin Laundry Co., Griffin.

Guthman Laundry 0., Atlanta.

Ideal Laundry, arrollton.

Independent Laundry, Macon.


team Laundry La-


Lon, . L., Blakely.

Luckie Laundry, Atlanta.

Mc 0)" team Lanndry, ordele.

McGhee, J. 'r., Wayero s.

Montezuma Laundry, Montezuma.

Moulhie team Laundry, Moultrie.

Newnan team Laundry, ~ewnan.

Piedmont Launlry 0., Atlanta.

Prager Laundry Co., a\'annah.

Red 1'0 s Latmdrv avannah.

Reliable Laundry, Atlanta.

Robert on, J. B., tatesboro.

Rome t"alll Laundry, Rome.

3\'aJlUah-Georgia Laundry Co., a


ewell Laundry Co., Atlanta.

now White Laundry, Dougla

tar Laundry 0., Savannah.

tar team Laundry, Valdo tao

toddard Dry Cleaning Co., Atlanta.

Tallapoo a ,team Laundry, Talla-


Thomasville t am Laundry, Thorn

a ville.

Tifton ,team Laundry Tifton.

Trio team Laundry, Atlanta.

Troy Laundry 0., Atlanta.

Troy Laundry Co., Macon.

Vidalia Laund]'y, Vidalia.

Way, Q. ., Monroe.

White wan Launcll'.,, Fitzgerald.

White wan Laundr.\, :Macon.


Allen, Bona, Inc., Buford.

Allen Manufacturing Co., Lawrence-

"ille. Alpharetta Harne ~ Co., Alpharetta.

Barron, J. B. Thoma ton.

Bernd, G. 0., ~'l:acon.

Brun wi k Hide & Metal Co., Bl'Un~


Blll'pee T. G. . G. T., Kewnan.

Callahan, J. E .. Winder.

arroll M. B. Dublin.

hatham Trunk Factory, avannuh.

Chri tian, J. R. C' on, Acworth.

Cordele Leather 0., Cordele.

ornochan Co.. Romc.

Couch Bro. Manufacturing '0.,

East Point.

Da \'is, E. E., Franklin.

Eady, H. P .. Griffin.

Flint tOil Tannerv. Flint tone.

Foote Trunk, & Bag }'actory, At



Gainesville Harness Co., Gaines-


Golden's Harnes Factory, Atlanta.

Gresham, J. L., Macon.

Griffeth Implement Co., Athen

Heaton & Sneft, Waco.

Hirsch, S., Savannah.

IIolt, \V. H., Fayetteville.

Hud on, Robert H., Cairo.

Hunnicutt, Jno., Ellijay. Johnson, Ezra No\-elty Co., ~ ew-


Jone, J. 1., Thoma ton.

Logan c' Evatt, Acworth.

O'Karmer, E.!', avanuah.

Perfect Belt Manufacfuring 0.,


Red eal hoe Co., Atlanta.

Reeder, . H., Atlanta.

Rome Tannery, Rome.

Rountree, H. W., Atlanta.

Schoen Brothers, Atlanta.

haaburn Brother., Buford.

hadburn Brothers, Xorcro

harpe Brother, yh-ania.

tinger, B. F., Monroe.

Tifton Leather 0., Tifton.

Watts c' Tow, Clayton.

Woodruff Mallluacturing Co., Win-


Wright Leather pecialty Co., At-


Zelmenovitz, ~. & Co., Brunswick.



Albany Marble & Granite 0., Al

b a n y ..

American Marble & Granite Co.,


Ander on, C. II., Macon.

Arabia Granite 0., Lithonia.

Art Marble Co., Gartrell.

A h Marble Co., White tone.

Athens Granite & Marble Co., Ath-


Atlanta Crushed tone 0., tock-


Augu ta Marble & Granite Co., Au-

gu tao

Barne ville Marble Co., Barnes-


Bell Bro. Marble Co., Athens.

Bennett Marble Co., Canton.

Bertarri, Peter. Elberton.

Bowe, Wm. F., Augusta.

Brand & N e\\"le\"er Granite 0.,


Brantley Granite

:Marble Co.,


Brantley & Doby, Lithonia.

Brantley, Lee, Milstead.

Briscoe, F. A., ovington. Broad River Granite 0., Elberton. Brunswick Granite & Marble Co.,
Brunswick. Calhoun Marble Work, Calhoun. Capital Monument Co., avannah. Capital Stone Co., Atlanta.
arrollton Marble Work, an'oll-
ton. edartown Marble 0., Cedartown. Cherokee Marble & Granite 0., At-
lanta. huppe Granite Co., Lithonia. City Marble Co., 1:oultrie. Clarke MonJlmental Work, Am ri-
cu . obb County Marble Co., Marietta.
oggin Marble Co., Canton. Con olidated Marble & Millina Co.,
Canton. Consumers Monument Co., Ball
Ground. ontinental Marble & Granite Co.,
Canton. ordele Marble 0., Cordele. Cro sley, J. W. & Co., Lithonia. David on Granite Co., Lithonia. Dixie Marble & Granite Co., Deca-
Dixie Stone Co., Savannah. Dublin ::.rarble Work. Duhlin.
Ea t &. We t Marble & Granite Co.,
Fairburn. Eaton . Coffey ~Iarble Co., Dalton. Elberton Granite Corporation, El
berton. Elledge & Norman, Columbus.
Empire Marble 0., Canton. Enterprise oal Marble Co., At
E"an , W. P. & Co., Lithonia. Finbaker & cott, Quitman.
Gaines Marble 0., Carter ville. Georgia Marhl Co., Marietta. Georgia Marble 0., Tate. Georgia Marble Fini bing Work,
Canton. Georgia Quincy Granite Co., ~Iacon. Georgia Quincy Granite Co., parta.
Granite Quarries Co., Pope's Ferry. Haygood Granite Co., Lithonia. Herndon Brothers, Elberton. Herrington, Geo., Fitzgerald. Hill Bros. Marble Yard, Dalton.
International Marble 'Granite Co., Canton.
John on Granite Co., Lithonia.
Jones, H. H. Co., GriffIn. Jones Marble & Granite Co., Gaines-


Jones, R A., Rome. Kelly, S. R & Sons, Augusta. Kinney Granite Co., Lithonia. Lauren Marble Co., Dublin. Lavonia :llarble & Granite Co., La-
vonia. Leland Granite Co., Atlanta. Lockhart, J. L. Marble Co., Jackson.
Mackin, W. T. Granite Works, Sparta. Macon Construction Co., Pope's Fer-
ry. Marietta Marble Yard, Marietta. McGahee, J. W., Lithonia. McNeel Marble Co., Marietta.
Mercer Granite Co., Elberton. Moore, Jas. A., Milledgeville.
ewnan Granite & Marble Co., New-
nan. National Marble & Granite Co., Ball
Ground. ichols, A. H. & Bros., Augusta. ickels, J. W., Winder. orth Georgi~ Marble Products Co.,
Atlanta. North Georgia Marble Products Co.,
Oglesby Granite Co., Elberton. Oglethorpe Monument & Granite Co.,
Savannah. Parker, H. T., Dallas.
Pine Mountain Granite Co., Lithonia. Quitman Marble Yard, Quitman. Rainwater, A. D. :llarble Yard, Fair-
Reagan & Medlock, Lithonia. Richardson Marble Co., Marietta. Roberts Marble Co.,, Ball Ground.
Roche Stone Works, Savannah. Schneider Marble Co. In.c., Amer-
icus. Small Quarries Co., Pope's Ferry. Southeastern Marble Co., Claxton. Southern Granite & Marble Works,
Atlanta. Southern Ma.,.ble & Stone Co., Ball
Ground. Southern Monument Co., avaunah.
Standar] Marble Co., Rome. Stanley Norris ~arble Yard, Ac\Vorth. Stone Mountain Granite Co. Stone
Mountain. Superior Monument Co., Ball Ground. Talking Rock Manufacturing Co.,
Talking Rock. Thoma .,-ille Marble Work Thomas-
Toccoa Rock Crushing Co., Toccoa. Toney ~'larble Work. Carrollton. U. S. Marble Co., Canton. Valdo ta Marble Works, Valdosta.

Veal Granite Co., tone Mountain. Vidalia Monument & Marble Co., Vi-
dalla. Walling Coogler Granite Co., Elber-
ton. Walz, Jno., Savannah. Watson, W R, Lithonia. Waycross Marble Co., Waycross. Wells Granite Co., Redan. Winder Marble & Grauite Co., Win-
Albany Mattress Co., Albany. American Mattress Co., Atlanta. Athens Mattress & Spring Bed Co.,
Athens. Atlanta Mattress Co., Atlanta. Augusta Bedding Co., Augusta. Cooper ~attress Manufacturing Co.,
Columbus Dooner, J. R., Savannab. Douglas Mattress Co., Douglas. Dublin Mattre s Co., Dublin. Gholstin Spring & Mattress Co., At-
lanta. Griffin Mattress Co., Griffin. Hir cb & Spitz Manufacturing Co.,
Atlanta. :llaconMattre ~ Co., Macon. Meader & Rogers, Atlanta. M:etzger. "Mattress Co., Atlanta. Pine Grove Mattress Co., Pine
Grove. Pope :\Iattress Co., Americu. Riverside Manufacturing Co., :lloul-
trie. Rome Mattre s Co., Rome. Savannah Mattre s Co., avannab. Star Bed Pillow Co., Gaine ville. Trio Mattre s Co., Atlanta.
OIL MILLS. Abbot Manufacturing Co., Louisdlle. Acworth Cotton Seed Oil Co., Ac-
worth. Albany Oil Mill Co., Albany. Americus Oil Co., Americus. Arlington Oil Mill, Arlington. Ashburn Oil Mill, Ashburn. Atlanta Cotton Oil Co., Atlanta. A tlanta R~fining & Mlanufacturing
Co., Atlanta. Augusta Oil Mill, Augusta. Bainbridge Oil Mill, Bainbridj!e. Blackshear Manufacturing Co., Black-
shear. Boston Oil Mill, Boston. Bowdon Oil Mill & Fertilizer Co.,
Bowdon. Buckeye Cotton Oil Co., Atlanta. Buckeye Cotton Oil Co., Augusta.


Buckeye Cotton Oil Co., Macon. Buford Oil Mill, Buford.
Burke County Oil & Fertilizer Co., Waynesboro.
Byromville Oil Co., Byromville.
Calhoun Oil & Fertilizer Co., Calhoun.
Camilla Oil & Fertilizer Co., Camilla. Canon Oil & Fertilizer Co., Canon.
Cochran, G. M. Oil Co., Bo ton. Cochran Oil Mill & Ginnery, Coch-
ran. Coleman Oil Co., Coleman. Comer, E. T. Co., ~lha\eu. Comer Oil Mill, Comer.
Cornelia Cotton Oil Co., Cornelia. Cotton Seed Oil Co., Augu tao Cotton Seed Oil Co., Savannah. Covington Cotton Oil Co., Co\-ington. Coweta Cotton Oil Co., Newnan.
Cumming Oil & Fertilizer Co., Cumming.
Cuthbert Oil Co., Cuthbert.
Dallas Oil & Fertilizer Co., Dallas. Davisboro Oil Mill Co., Davisboro. Dawson Cotton Oil Co., Dawson. Doerun Oil Mill Co., Doerull. Donalsonville Oil Mill, Donalsonville. Eastman Oil Mill, Eastman.
Eatonton Oil & Fertilizer 0., Eatonton.
Edison 1J0tt0I1 Oil Co., Edi on. Elberton Oil Mill, Elberton. Empire Cotton Oil Co., Atlanta.
Empire Cotton Oil Co., Bainbridge. Empire Cotton Oil Co., Blakely. Empire Cotton Oil Co., Cordele. Empire Cotton Oil Co. Dublin.
Empire Cotton Oil Co., Madison. Empire Cotton Oil Co., McRae. Empire Cotton Oil Co., Monticello. Empire Cotton Oil Co., Quitman. Empire Cotton Oil Co., Rome.
Empire Cotton Oil Co., Valdosta. Empire Cotton Oil Co., Vienna. Evans County Oil Mill & Ginnery.
Farmers Cotton Oil & Fertilizer Co., Toccoa.
Farmers Cotton Oil Co., LaGrange. Farmers Cotton Seed Oil Co., Martin. Farmers Oil Co., Americus. Farmers Oil Mill, Commerce. Farmers Oil Mill, Royston.
Farmers Oil & Fertilizer Co., Lavonia.
Farmers Oil c- Fertilizer 0., Sylvauia.
Farmers Uuion Mannfacturing Co., Alma.
Farmington Oil Co., Farmington.

Fayetteville Oil Co., Fayetteville. Fitzgerald Cotton Oil Co., Fitzgerald. Fort Valley Oil Co., Fort Valley. Gough Oil & Fertilizer Co., Gough.
Grantville Oil Mill, Grantville. Greenville Oil Mill, Greenville. Griffin Oil Co., Griffin. Grovania Oil Co., Grovania.
Hagan Oil Mill, Hagan. Harlem Oil & Fertilizer Co., Harlem. Hartwell Oil Mill, Hartwell.
Hazlehurst Cotton Oil Mill, Hazlehnr t.
Heard County Oil Mill & Fertilizer
Co., Franklin. Hodgson Oil & Refinery, Athen . Hodgson Oil & Refinery, Crawford. Home Cotton Oil Co., Lawrenceville.
Hodgson Oil & Refinery, Farmington.
Hoschton Cotton Oil Co., Hoschton. Hoskins Cotton Oil Co., Eatonton.
Interstate Cotton Oil Co., Augusta. Jersey Oil Mill, Jersey. King Lumber & Oil Co., Unadilla.
Lavouia Oil Mill, Lavouia. Lawrenceville Oil Mill, Lawrence-
ville. Locust Grove Oil Mill, Locust Grove.
Mandeville Oil Mills, Bremen. Mandeville Oil Mills, Carrollton.
Marion Harper Cotton Oil Co., Ea t Point.
Maysville Oil Mill, May ville. McCaw Manufacturinj! Co. Macon. McDuffie Oil & Fertilizer Co., Thom-
son. :\1cNair-Young Co., Wrens. :\filledgeville Oil Mill, Milledgeville. Monroe Oil & Fertilizer Co., Compton. Monroe Oil & Fertilizer Co., xlonroe. Montezuma Manufacturing Co., Mon-
tezuma. Morton OilMill Co., Millen.
Moultrie Oil & Fertilizer Co. Moultrie.
Tew Lacy Cotton Oil Co., I ew Lacy. I ewton County Oil Mill, Covington. Ocilla Oil & Fertilizer Co., Ocilla.. PatriCk Manufacturing Co., Conyers. Pelham Oil & Fertilizer Co., Pelham.
Pitts Oil & Fertilizer Co., Pitts. Planters Cotton Oil Co., Albany.
Planters Cotton Oil Co., Augusta. Planters Cotton Oil Co., Tifton. Planters Oil & Fertilizer Co., Davis-
boro. Planters Oil & Fertilizer Co., Lilly.
Pope Manufacturing Co., Washington.
Raymond Oil Co., Raymond.


Redwine Bros. Oil Co., Fairburn.

Richland Cotton Oil Co., Richland.

Rome Oil Fertilizer Co., Rome.

Rutledge Oil Co., Rutledge.

anders\ille Cotton Oil Co., anders-


hellman Oil Co., hellman.

ocial Circle Oil Co., ocial Circle.

outhem Cotton Oil Co., Acworth.

outbern Cotton Oil Co., Athens.

Southern otton Oil Co., Atlanta.

out hem Cotton Oil Co., Carter \'ille.

out hem Cotton Oil Co., Cedal'town.

Southern Cotton Oil 0., Columbu .

Southern Cotton Oil 0., ommerce.

ontbern Cotton Oil 0., Cordele.

outhern Cotton Oil 0., Daw Ill.

out hem Cotton Oil Co., Dublin.

outbern Cotton Oil Co., For yth.

Southern Cotton Oil 0" Fort Gaines.

outhern Cotton Oil Co., Greensboro.

Southern Cotton Oil Co., Jackson.

89uthern otton Oil Co., La\onia.

Sou thern Cotton Oil Co., )[acon.

Southern otton Oil Co., ell"nan.

outhern Cotton Oil Co., Sayannab.

outhem Cotton Oil 0., Talbotton.

outhern Cotton Oil Co., Washington.

outbern Cotton Oil Co., Wayne boro.

outhern Refining Co. Athen.

outhem Oil Co., tate boro.

ummervple Cotton Oil Co., ummer-


wain qoro Oil:l[ill 0., wain boro.

,vift & o. Oil Mill, Augu tao

will & Co. Oil )1ill, East Point.


0, Refinery, Atlanta.

ylvania Oil Mill Co. ylmnia.

ylve ter Oil Mill & Fertilizer Co.,

ylve ter.

Temple Cotton Oil Mill, Temple.

Tennille Oil Mill, Tennille.

Thomp on Oil :Mill, Hawkin ville.

Thorn on Oil Mill, Thorn on.

Trio Peanut Oil Co., Arlington.

Union Cotton Oil 0., Fitzgerald.

Union eed & Fertilizer Co., Albany.

nion Seed & Fertilizer Co., Augu tao

Union eed & Fertilizer Co., Colum-


Union Seed & Fertilizer C ., Edge-


nion Seed & Fertilizer Co., :\1acon.

Union eed & Fer.tilizer Co., Rome.

Upson County Oil .Mill Co., Tbomas


Valdo ta Oil )lill, Valdosta.

Yidalia Cotton Oil Co., Vidalia.

YiUa Rica Cotton Oil Co., Villa Rica.

Wade, J. T., Hershman.

Walker Bros. No.1, Griffin. Walker Bro. No.2, Griffin. Warrenton Oil :\Iill, Warrenton. Wa hington Cotton Oil Mill, Tennille. Winder Oil :Mill, Winder. Woodbury Oil Mill, Woodbury. Wood tock Oil Mill, Wood tock.


Bullock Packing Co., tate boro. udahay Packing 0., .\.tlanta.
Jobn on Packing Co., .riffin. Morris & Company, Atlanta.
wift & Company, Atlanta. Swift & Company, Moultrie. Tifton Packing 0., Tifton. White Provision Co., Atlanta.


Alamo Ligbt Co.. Alamo.

Albany Power & Mfg. Co., Albany.

Americus Lighting Co., Americus.

Athens Railway & Electric 0., Ath


Baxley Light & Watcr Works, Bax-


Brewer & :\lartin, Hille \-iJ]e.

Butler Electric 0., Butler.

anton Ligbt 0., anton.

arrolltoll Electric Co., arrollton.

Central Georgia Power 0., :\1acon.

Cbestatee Pyrite

hemical 0.,


City Electric Plant Dougla ville.

ity Lighting Plant Abbeville.

ity Lightina Plant, AdeJ.

City Lighting Plant, :\[anche ter.

City Lighting Plant, Oglethorpe.

ity Ligbting Plant, Rochelle.

ity Light Water Plant, A hbnrn.

ity of Adrian, Adrian.

City of Albany, Albany.

City of Arlington, Arlington.

ity of Bainbridge, Bainbridge.

ity of Blakely, Blakely.

City of Boston, Bo ton.

City of Bon'don, Bowdon.

City of Bremen, Bremen.

City of Brooklet, Brooklet.

City of Buena Vi ta, Bucna Vi tao

City of Cairo, Cairo.

City of Camilla, Camilla.

City of CartersYilIe, Cartersl"ilJe.

City of Cochrau, ocblan.

City of Cuthbert, Cuthbert.

City of Dalton, Dalton.

City of Dawson, Dawson.

City of Doerun, Doerun.

ity of Dublin, Dublin.


City of Edison, Edison. City of Elberton, Elberton. City of Graymont, Graymont. City of Hawkinsville, Hawkinsville. City of LaFayette, LaFayette. City of Leary, Leary. City of ;Madison, Madison. City of Meigs, MeigS'. City of Metter, Metter. City of Midville, Midville. City of Millen, Millen. City of Milltown, Milltown. City of Momoe, Monroe. City of ,Moultrie, Moultrie. Citv of Nashville, Nashville. City of orman Park, N orman Park. City of Ocilla, Ocilla. City of Pelham, Pelham. City of Sandersville, Sandersville. City of hellman, Shellman. City of Sparks, Sparks. City of Stiltesboro, Statesbolo. City of Stillmore, Stillmore. City of wainsboro, Swainsboro. City of Sylvania, Sylvania. City of Tallapoosa, Tallapoosa. City of Thomasville, Thomasville. City of Thomson, Thomson. City of Toccoa, To coa. City of Vienna, Vienna.
ity of Washington, Was"hington. City of Wayensboro, Waynesboro. City of Whigham, Whigham. City of Winder, Win eler. Claxton Electric Co., ClaA'ton. Clayton Light & Power Co., Clayton. Climax Light & P01\-el' Co., Clima..'C. Columbus Power Co., Columbus. Credille-Fowler PO"lVer & Mfg. Co.,
Fort Gaines. Dalla Utility Co., Dallas. Demorest Light & Power Co., Dem-
orest. Donalsonville Light & Water Plant,
Donalsonville. Douglas Electric Lio'ht Plant, Doug-
las. Ellaville Electric Plant, Ellaville. Fal'mers Supply & Trading Co., Pem-
broke. Fitzgerald Water, Light & Bond
Commission, Fitzgerald. Fort Gaines Light & Power Co., Fort
Gaines'. Fort Valley Electric Plant, Fort Val-
ley. Geor-gia-Carolina Power Co., Augusta. Georgia Manufacturing Co., Gaines-
Georgia Public Service Co., Cordele.

Georgia Public Service '0., Tifton. Georgia Railway & Power '0., Tal-
lulah Falls. Georgia & Southern tilities, Ea t-
Greenville Light & PO"lVer Co., Grecn.ville.
Griffill Light, Water C' Sewer ommi sion, Griffin.
Guyton Light & Water Co., Guyton. Habersham Manufacturing 0., Hab-
ersham. Hahira Blectric Ligh~ 0,0., Hahira. H'arwnan's Mill, Nacoochee. Hebbard Cypress' Co., Waycross.
High Falls Power Co., Jack on. Homerville Light & Water Co., Ho-
Houser Bros., Da" omille. Jesup Electric Light Plant, Jesnp. Lane, 'rrundle & McLain, Ringgold. Light & Water Co., Springfield. Lumpkin Light Plant, Lnmpkin. 'Macon Railway & Light Co., Macon.
Marshallville Light & Water CommissiOll, Marshalldlle.
McRae Electric Power Plant, McRae.
Montezuma Light & Power Co., Montezuma.
Municipal Light & Power Co., Blue Ridge.
Municipal Light & Water Plant, Rockmart.
Mutual Light Water Co., Bruns-
"ick. Oconee Electric Co., Mille l eville. Palmetto Light Plant, Palmetto. Panola Light & Power 0., Conyer. Panola Light & Power Co., Lithonia. Pembroke Light & Water Co.) Pem-
Putnam Mills & Power Co., Eatonton.
Richland Electric Light Plant, Richland.
Rome Railway & Light Co., Rome. avannah Electric Co., Savannah.
Sa\-annah Lighting Co., Samnnah.
mith, Dr. J. G., McDonough. parta Electric Plant, Sparta. Spl'lrngfield Light & Water 00.,
Springfield. Sylvester Light Plant, Sylvester.
Tifton Ice & Power Co., Tifton. Toccoa Falls Light & Power Co.,
Toccoa. Towaliga FallS' PO"lVer Co., Griffin. Valdosta Lighting Co., Valdosta. Villa Rica Elec. Light & POlyer Co.,
Villa Rica.


Ware County Light &; Power Co., Waycross.
Warrenton Light &; Power Co., Warrenton.
Water, Light &; Power Co., Dallas. Water & Light Commission, Black-
shear. Water & Light Commi sion, Pelham. Water & Light Plant, Quitman. Willacoochee Lighting Plant, Willa-
coochee. YOUDg Harris Li ht Power Co.,
YOUDg Harris. Zackery Bros., Harlem.
Alexander Bros. Co., Sayannah. All Star Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. American Hat Manufa tur:ng Co.,
Atlanta. American Manufacturing Co., Sa-
Yannah. B. & A. Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. Bell Overall Co., Gaine ville. Bell Overall Co., Winder. Breen Shirt Manufactw-ing Co., At-
lanta. Commerce O"erall :llanufacturing Co.,
Cpmmerce. Crescent hirt Manufacturing Co.,
Atlanta. Daniel Bro. Co" Atlanta. De Luxe Shirt Manufacturing Co.,
Atlanta. Economy fanufacturing Co., Savan-
nah. Enterprise Manufacturing Co. At-
lanta. Globe Manufacturing Co., 'avannah. Hamilton Cal'hardt Co., Atlanta. Happ Bro ., Macon. Harper Manufacturing Co., Rome. Head & McMahan, Athens. Jewell Shirt Co., Atlanta. L. & L. Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. Lewis Shirt Manufacturing Co., Ath-
ens. Lewis Shirt Factory, Jeffer on. Loeb, Marcus & 0-., Atlanta. Mitchell :Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. Mohr, L. & Sons, Savannah. Monarch Overall Co., Atlanta. National Straw Hat Works, Atlanta. rovelty Hat Manufacturing Co., At-
lanta. ='l"UDnally &; McCrae, Atlanta. Orr, J. K. Shoe Co., Atlanta. Oxbow Falls Manufacturing Co., Ros-

Peacock, J. B. Co., Columbus. Princess Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. Quality Skirt Co., Savannah. Queen Quality Shirt Co., Atlanta. Ready-to-Wear Manufacturing Co.,
Atlanta. Robinson Shirt Co., Atlanta. Rome Manufacturina Co., Rome. Sat_er Bros. Pants Co., Atlanta. Smith, M. D. & H. L., Atlanta. Southern Overall Co., Columbus. Southern States Garment Co., At-
lanta. Standard Tailoring Co., COlumbus. Tailor Made Corset Co., Atlanta. United Manufacturing Co., ,Ulanta. United Woolen Co., Cordele. Walters, A. W. & Co., Rome.
Wise berg Manufacturing 0., At-
Alma Noyelty Works, Alma. Altamaha Woodworking Co., Darien. A!mericus Construction 00., Ameri-
cus. Americus Screen Manufacturing Co.,
Americus. Askew, W. S. Co., Newnan. Athens Lumber Co., Athens. Augusta Lumber Co., Augusta. Bacon, A. S. & Son, Savannah. Barnesville Planing Mill, Barne
ville. Bennett Lumber Co., Forsyth. Brady, Ed, Stone .Mountain. Buchanan Lumber Co., Buchanan. BuIlJ(d Lumber Co., Buford. Bullochville Casket Co., Bullochville. Camp, E. N. & on, Moreland. Cannon Screen & ovelty Co., Albany. Carter Bro., Rochelle. Cairo Variety Works, Cairo. Central Manufacturing Co., Macon. Chickamauga Excelsior Works, Chick
amauga. Clark, W. L. Variety Work, Quit
man. Cochran Lumber Co., Cochran. Cooper Lumber Co., Columbus. Copeland, T. S., Cairo. Cordele Sash, Door & Lumber Co.,
Cordele. Crisp County Lumber Co., Cordele. Dalton Excelsior Works, Dalto". Darling Con truction Co., Waycross. Dawson Variety Works, Daw on. Dublin Veneer Co., Dublin. Dudley Sash, Door & Lumber Co.,


Dupre Manufacturing 00., Atlanta. Elberton Planin~ Mill, Elberton, Empire o,elty Works, Douglas. Enterprise Lumber Co., Waycro s. Forsyth Uoal & Lumber 0., For-
Gilmore, A. F., Jackson. Han'ey Lumber 0., olumbus. Huber Lumber Co., Moultrie. Hunt, J. H., GainesYille. Jester, T. W., Bainbridge. Jenk~s Lumber 0., Yiclalia. Junction City :llanufacturing Co.,
Junction City.
LaGrange Supply Co., LaGrange. Lang & Orr, Brunswick. Macon County Lumber Co., :llonte-
Marshall :llanufacturing Co.. Rome. ~xeys Variety "Works, )Jaxeys. Mc~ iel, W. W., Americus. McMichen Lumber Co., Dallas. Meigs Manufacturing Co., Meig . Mos , R. L. ;\[anufacturing 0., Ath-
Moultrie abinet Works, ;\Joultrie. MoulLrie Excel ior Factory,Moultrie. Tew, D. J!,., Carrollton.
0' -eill Manufacturing Co., Rome. Outler, J. D. & ons, Wrightsville. Patent Duur & Blind Co., Rome.
Perkins Sa h & Door Co., Augusta. Pharr, G. F., Dacula. Reynolds Lumber & Variety Works,
Rhyne Bros. Lumber Co. Carter ville. Rigdon & Register, Alma.
Robertson Lumber Co., Acworth. Savannah Excelsior & Planing Mill,
Shiver, Jno. W. Americu. Sinunons, W. W., ::.\IcRae. Talking Rock Manufacturing Co.,
Talking Rock.
Thoma ville Variety Work, Thoma ville.
West Point Lumoer Co., We t Point. Williams Lumber Co., Lawrenceville. Willingham Sash & Door Co., Ma-
Wilson, C. T. & Sons, Augusta. Winder Lumber Co., Winder. Woodbury Lumber Co. Woodbury. Woodland Excelsior Works, Wood-
Woodward Lumber Co., Augu tao Yellow Pine Variety Co., Vallo tao

American Shipbuilding Co., Brunswick.
Brunswick Marine Construction Co., Brunswick.
Brun wick Shipbuilding Co., Brunswick.
CarpenterWatkins . Shipbuilding Co., Brunswick.
Concrete Steel Shipbuildiug Co., Savannah.
Foundation Co., Sa,annah. Georgia Shipbuilding Co., avannab. Liberty Shipbuilding Co., Brull wick. National Shipbuilding & Dry Dock
Co., Savaunah. outhlancl Steamship Co., Sa\annab. Terry Shipbuilding Corporation, Sa-
vannah. U. S. Maritime Corporation, Bruns-
Ac.....orth Cotton :Mill, Acworth. Acworth Knitting Mill , Acworth. Adams Cotton Mills, Macon. Aldora Mill , Barne 'ille. American Textile Co., Atco. Anchor Duck Mills, Rome. Aragon Mills, Aragon. Athens Manufacturing Co., Athens'. Atlanta Hosiery Mill!!, Atlanta. Atlanta Woolen Mills, Atlanta. Augusta Factory, Augusta. Barrow County Cotton Mills, Winder. Berryton Cotton Mills, Berryton. Beverly Cotton Mills, Elberton. Bibb Manufacturing Co. ~ O. 1, Ma-
con. Bibb ManUfacturing Co. No.2, Ma-
con. Bibb ::.\fanufacturing Co., Knitting,
Macon. Bibb Manufacturing Co., Columbus. Bibb Manufacturing Co., Porterdale.. Bibb Manufacturing Co. Reynolds. Bowen Jewell Co.. Jewell.
anton Cotton Mill, Canton. Capps Manufacturing Co. Toccoa. Carhart Cotton Mill, Elberton. Cedartown Cotton & Export Co. No. ]r
Cedartown. Cedartown Cotton & Export Co. I O. 2,
Cedartown. Cherokee Hosiery Mills, Rome. Climax Hosiery Mills, Athens. Cochran Cotton Mills Co., Cochran. Collier Manufacturing Co., Barnes-


Columbus ,Manufacturing Co., Colum-
bus. Concord Manufacturing Co., Smyrna. 000k Duck Mills, edarto~m. Covington Mills, Covington. Cra,,'ford Cotton Mills, Cmwford.
Crown CottO'n Mills No.1, Dalton. Crow nCotton Mills No.2, Dalton. Crystal Springs Bleachery, Chicka-
Dallas Hosiery Mills, Dallas. Dalton Hosiery Mills', Dalton.
Dixie Cotton :iUills, LaGrange. Dougla Hos;ery Mills, Dougla ,ille. Dun on Mills, LaGrange. Eagle & Phenix Mills, Columbus.
Eastman Cotton Mills, Eastman. Eatonton Cotton :Mills, Eatonton. Echota Cotton Mills, Calhoun. Elk Cotton Mills, Dalton. Elm City Cotton Mills', LaGrange.
Ensign Cotton Mills, For yth. Enterprise Manufacturing 0., Au-
gu tao E},.l)Osition Cotton Mills, Atlanta. Fitzgerald otton Mill., Fitzgerald.
Flint River Cotton Mills, Albany. Floyd otton Mills, Rome. Forsyth Cotton Mills, For yth. Fort alley Cotton Mills, Fort Val-
ley. Fort Valley Knitting Mill, Fort
Fuller Ho iery Mills, Villa Rica. Fulton Bag & Cotton Mill , Atlanta. GaillesviJIe Cotton Mills, Gainesville. Gate ity Cotton Mills, East Point. Georgia Cotton Mills CO. O. 1,
Georgia Cotton Mills Co. J: O. 2, Griffin.
Geol'gia Cotton Mills Co. No.3, Griffin.
Georgia Duck & Cordage Mills, Scottdale.
Georgia Manufacturing Co., Athens. Georgia Manufacturing Co., Colum-
bus. Georgia Manufacturing Co., Gaines-
Globe Cotton Mills, Augusta. GrantviJIe Cotton Mills, GrantvilJe. Grantville Ho i rv Mills, Grantville.
Griffin Hosiery Mills, Griffin. Griffin Manufacturing Co., Griffin. Habersham 1\IilJs, Habersham. Hamburger Mills, Columbus'.
Hampton C!ltton Mills, Hampton. Harmony Grove Cotton Mills, Com-

Harper Manufacturing Co., Rome. Hartwell MiJJs, Hartwell. Henderson Manufacturing Co., Hamp-
ton. Henry Cotton :Mills, Hawkinsville. Hetrick Ma-nufacturing Co., Gaines-
ville. High Shoals Manufacturing Co.,
High Shoals. Hillside Cotton Mills, LaGrange. Hutcheson :Manufacturiug Co., Ban-
ning. Imperial Cotton Mills, Eatonton. International Cotton Mills, Hogans-
ville. International C6tton Mills, LaGrange. Jefferson Cotton Mills, Jefferson. Jonesboro Manufacturing Co., J ones-
boro. Juliette Milling o. (CottO'll Mill),
Juliette. Kennesaw Hosiery Mills, Marietta. Kincaid JlJanufacturiug Co. No.1,
Griffin. Kincaid J\lanufacturiug Co. No.2,
GI'iffin. King, John P. Manufacturing Co.,
Augusta. LaFayette Cotton Mills, LaFayette. Laurel .Mill Manufacturing Co., Ros-
well. Lavonia Cotton Manufacturmg Co.,
Lavonia. Lavonia Dye Works, Lavonia. Lawrenceville J\1iJ1s, Lawrenceville. Lawrenceville Paper Mill, La \\'J'ellce-
Liberty Cotton Mills, Dallas. Little River Mills, Woodstock. Lois Cotton Mills, Douglasville. Macon Woolen MiJls', Macon. Mallison Bl'aided Cord Co., Athens. Manchester Cotton Mills, M'anche tel'. Manchester Manufacturing Co" Ma-
con. Mandeville MiJI, Carrollton. Marietta Knitting Mills, Marietta. Martel Manufacturing Co., Egan. Mary-Leila Cotton MiJJ , Greensboro. Massachusetts Mi.1ls in Georgia, Liu-
dale. Mclnto h Mill, Newnan. Meritas MiJJ, Columbus. Millen Cotton Mills, Millen. Milstead Manufacturing Co., Mil-
stead. Mitchell Hosiery Co., Columbus. Monroe Cotton Mills, Monroe. Montezuma Manufacturing Co., Mon-


Moultrie otton 1\lills, Moultrie.
Muscogee Manufacturing Co., Colum-
bus. Kell'nan otton :\lills, Newnan. K ewnan Hosiery :Mills, :Kewnan. Nixon Manufacturing Co., Augusta. Oxbow Fall Manufacturing Co., Ros-
well. Pacolet Manufacturing Co., ~ew Hol-
land. Palmetto otton Mills, Palmetto.
Park Cotton Mills, LaGrange. Park Woolen Mills', Ro sville. Payne Cotton Mill, Macon. Pearl Cotton Mills, Elberton. Peerless Woolen Mills, ;Rossville. Pelbam :Manufacturing Co., Pelham. Pepperton otton 11il1s, Jackson. Perkins Ho iery Mills, Columbus.
Piedmont otton Mills, Atlanta. Porterdale' otton Mill , Porterdale.
Poulan Cotton Mills, Poulan. Pl'i:nceton Mauufacturing Co., Ath
en. Qt-Citman :lI'anufacturing Co., Quit-
man. Richmon 1 Ho iery Mills', Ros ,-ille.
Rome Hosiery 1\lills, Rome. Roswell Cotton MilJ , Roswell. Roswell Manufacturing Co., Roswell. Ru hton Cotton Mills, Griffin. Ru sell Cotton Mills, Lavonia.
cottdale ~liJls, cottdale. ibley Manufacturing Co., Augusta. inglet~n Silk Manu:t'acturing Co.,
Augusta. mith, John E. Cotton Manufacturing
Co. Tbomson. 'Social Circle Cotton Mill, Social
Circle. Southerland Manufacturing Co., Au-
gu ta. Southern fanufacturing Co., Athens.
outhland Knitting Mills, Macon.
S andard Cotton Mills, Cedartown. tar Thread Mill, Athens.
Strickland Cotton Iills, Valdo tao ummen'ilIe Cotton Mill, Summer-
'ille. wift ll'lanufacturing Co., Columbus. wift pinning Mills, Columbus. Tallapoosa Mills, Tallapoosa. Tennille Yarn Mills, Tennille. Thoma ton Cotton Mill , Thomaston. Trio Manufacturing Co., Forsyth. Trion Company, Trion.
Tifton Cotton Mills, Tifton.
Tilton, G. H. & Sons, Sa'annah. Toccoa Cotton Mills, Toccoa.
Union Cotton Mills, LaFayette.

Union Manufacturing Co., Union Point.
Union Thread Co., Athen . Unity 'otton Mills, LaGrange. Unity Spinning Mills, LaGrange. Yalley Waste Mills, LaGrange. 'Wahoo Manufacturing Co., argent. Walker County Hosiery Mill , LaFay-
ette. Walton Cotton Mills Co., Monroe. Whitehall Yarn Mills, Whitehall. .Whittier Mills Co., Chattahoochee. Willingham Cotton Mills, Macon. WOODWORKING & VENEERING. Banks & Frohock Planing Mill, d.
Marys. Ba -Fowler Lumber Co., Macon. Bugin Lumber Co., Cu eta. Campbell, W. T., Rockmart. Carr Lumber Co., Hazlehm t. Chambers, C. 1\1., Gaine 'ille. Doughtry, J. A., Metter. Dublin Planing Mill, Dublin. Farrar Lumber Co., Dalton. Flint River Lumber 0., Bainbridge. Flora-American Plywooll o. Macon. Gettys Lumber Co., Jeffersonville. Hardwood Manufacturing Co., Dub-
lin. Hicks & Brown, Carter ,-ille. Hightower Planing Mill, Cedartown. Hill Planing Mill, Clarkesville. Hoosier Veneer Co., Columbus. Macon Veneer Co., Macon. ;\Iassee & Felton Lumber Co., Ma-
con. Richard on, W. R, Macon.
tokes, W. A., Albany. utton, J. M., Glenwood. Westhey, J. W., Claxton. Wilder, R. C. Lumber Co., Macon. Wrfm, R B. & Son, Thomson.
Acme Gu=ed Products Co., Atlanta.
Almo Remedy Co.,. Atlanta. American-European Art Glas Co.,
Atlanta. Armuchee Manufacturing Co., Rome. Atlanta Auto Top & TrinIming Co.,
Atlanta. Atlanta Envelope Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Paint Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Paper Co., Atlanta. Atlanta Rubber Stamp & Stencil Co.,
Atlanta. Atlanta and & Supply Co., Atlanta. Atlantic Paper & Pulp Co., Savan-


Atlantic Turpentine & Pine Tar Co., Sa'l"annah.
Augusta Cream-Sizing Co., Augusta. Ball, . W. lI'anufacturing Co., Win
del'. Barnett, W.O., Americus. Bennett Rubber Stamp & Seal Co.,
Atlanta. Bennett tamp & Printing Co., At
lanta. Bingham, amuel & on, Atlanta. Bid, L. L., Franklin. Blosser Company, The, Atlanta. Bo\\man Manufacturing Co., Bow
Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta. Brannan, Mary Co., Atlanta. Calotabs Co., Atlanta. Cannon Screen Co., Americus.
hancl1er, F. O. Sons, Samnnah. Chason, J. D. & Co., Bainbridge. Cher'Okee Medicine Co., Atlanta. Cla.xton Novelty Works, Claxton. Collum Dropsy Remedy Co., Atlanta. Columbus Roller CO'l"ering Co., Colum
Comer & Maston, Americus. Cooledge, F. J. & Sons, Atlanta. Cotton tates Tent Co., Atlanta. Cremulsion Co., Atlanta. Curry, A. S., Climax.
utler l!-u age Co., Athens. Dent, H. G., Brunswick. Dixie Laboratories, Atlanta. Dixie Seal & tamp Works, Atlanta. Eagle Multwaphing, 'tamp &,
Stencil Works, Atlanta. Eatonton Creamery, Eatonton. E. E. M. Company, Atlanta. Elgram, B. F., Savannah. EI Vigor Sales Co., Atlanta. Empire Sausage Co., Atlanta. Enterprise Sausage Co., Atlanta. Eucopine Chemical Co., Atlanta. E"erett, O. C., Sylmnia. Exelento Medicine Co., Atlanta. Faggart, J. R., Sylvania. Farm Products Co., Americus'. Floding, W. E., Atlanta. FloI', Edw., Demorest. Floyd Bros., Atlanta.
Freder'ck Disinfe taut Co.. tlauta.
Georgia Cane Products Co., Columbus. Georgia Creosoting Co., Inc., Bruns
wick. Georgia-Carolina Creamery, Augusta. Georgia Creamery, Atlanta. Georg;a Manufacturing Co., Rome. Georgia Naval Stores Co., Statesboro.

Georgia Rosin Products Co., Brnnswick.
Giles, A. B., Tallapoosa. Great Indian Herb Juice Co., At-
Hall, Sam, Alamo. Hanger, J. E., Inc., Atlanta. Hardway-Oargill Co., Columbus.
Hendon Roller Oovering Co., LaGrange.
Herolin :'ledic'ne o. .\tlanta.
Hitchcock :lredicine 00., Atlanta. Huel, H. H. Manufacturing Co.,
Jackson Bag & Burlap Mfg. 00., Atlanta.
Jackson Medical Co., Athens. Jeffer on Manufacturing 00., Savan-
nah. Johnson-Wikle 00., Atlanta. Jordon 'Manufacturing Co., Mo,nti-
cello. Koppe & Steinichen, Atlanta.
Linde Air Products Co., Atlanta. Lindsey M'anufacturing 00., Rome. Liquid Oarbonic Co., Atlanta. Marshall, T. P., Atlanta.
McElroy W. A. & Co., Atlanta. McCray Refrigerator Co., Atlanta. Mc,Millan Metal Co., . avantlah.
Miller Brass - Valve Co., Macon. Miller Manufacturing Co., Bain-
bridge. :l\lontag Bros., Inc., Atlanta.
Mo s :'1anufacturing Co., Athens. Murray Manufacturing Co. Newnan.
ational Cellulo e Co., St. Marys.
Kational l'al!"r Co., tlanta. ational Pencil Co., Atlanta.
National Rosin OJ) & Size Co., Savannah.
Newnan Bag & Burlap Co., Atlanta. ewbro Manufacturing 00., Atlanta.
1 oble Beverage Co., Cedartown.
o 'Connor Scheel'S Paint Co., Au-
gu tao OQuinn, A. H., Jesup. Palmer & Sons, Athens.
Paper Products 00., Oedartown. Parian Paint Co., Atlanta. Perfection Canopy Co., Atlanta.
Pine Products .00., Fitzgerald. Prater, Jno. Atlanta.
Purity Products Co., Macon. Pynetree Paper Co., Gordon. Raney Medicine Co., Atlanta.
Rinker Dease Manufacturing Co., Au gusta.
Rogers, W.O., Meansville. Rosenfeld Co., Atlanta.


Rome Bleachery, Rome. Royal Cotton Products Co., Atlanta. Royal Vindicator Mines, Tanapoosa. Salter, Dr. M. T., Atlanta. Savannah Bag Co., avannah.. Shambow hutOe Co., Bluc Rldge. Shannen Refrigerators Co., Atlanta. Shields Coffee lJ., olumbus. Sikes Hay Press Co., Ocilla. Smith ewnan Manufacturing Co.,
McDonough. Southern Oil &; Ink Co. Savannah. Southern Optical Co., Inc., Atlanta. Southern Paint & Varni~h Works, At-
lanta. Southern Paper Mills, Lawrenceville. Southern Press Cloth ~Ianufacturing
Co., Augusta. Southern tock Food Co., Atlanta. Southern Tire & Rubber Co., Augusta. Standard Tag 0., Augusta. Superior Motor Truck Co., Atlanta. Swift & Company ( oap Works),
Atlanta. Swift Specific Co., Atlanta. Taylor mbrella Manufacturing Co.,
Atlanta. Taylor Dye Works, Newnan. Thomas Ele...ator Co., Quitman. Thomson Variety Works, Thomson. Thompson, W. C., Bainbridge. Tilson Bros. & Tilson, Albany. Tolle, W. B., Augusta. Tontak, W., Atlanta. Tripod Paint Co., Atlanta. United Laboratories Co., Atlanta. Uthglo Co., Atlanta. Walker Manufacturing; Co., Atlanta. Wachendorff Bros., Atlanta. Whitfield Chemical Co., Atlanta. Wilder, J. J., Cordele. World Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. Woodcraft Co., Atlanta. Woodstock Operating Corporation,
Cedartown. Young Harris Co-operative Cheese
Factory, Young Harris.
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