Annual report of the Commissioner of Commerce and Labor, State of Georgia, Dept. of Commerce and Labor, 1912 December 31

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Annual report of the Commissioner of Commerce and Labor, State of Georgia, Dept. of Commerce and Labor, 1912 December 31
Georgia. Department of Commerce and Labor
Atlanta, Ga. : Georgia. Department of Commerce and Labor
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United States, Georgia, 32.75042, -83.50018
Annual report of the work of the Department of Commerce and Labor
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ATLANTA., GA., J anua ry 1, 1913.
T o His E x cellency, HON . J OSEP H M . B ROWN , Gov erno r : Sir : In accor dance wit h the law I have th e honor t o
resp ectfully subm it th e fir st annual r eport of this Department for th e fiscal year ending Decemb er 31st, 1912.
It was my pl easure to submit to you a pre limina ry
re por t f or the term ending June H , 1912. The report
her ewith submit ted cont ains data and r ecommendations made a t th at time, with proper amplification and additi ons.
The work of organizing the Department began J anu ary 25th, 1912, as wa s ment ion ed in the p re liminary r eport. The ro oms, Nos. 318, 319 and 320, a ssigned to th e Department wer e unfurnish ed and some time elapsed befor e anything could be don e in th e way of securing furniture, st atione ry and printing needed. The quarters occup ied by the Department a r e admirably suite d to ,the work and when th e r ooms are r epainted and r enovated, a s th ey will be du ri ng the coming spring, no Departm ent at the Capitol will be more sp lendi dly hou sed.
The fir st order issued after taking the oath of office wa s tha t of appointi ng Prof. J oseph T . Derry, st atistician and historian of th e Dep artment of Agri culture, Assistant Commissioner ; and Walter E. Chr ist ie, of Dawson, Ga., as St enographer.
Th e first work , of cour se, wa s to obt ain a cor rec t list of th e industri es f ro m whi ch in formation was desired. T he ordinary of each county was firs t appealed t o, then

rH~ GEJJER/'L L::: r ,. H -j He. U i~ I V E n S iTY C:- r:>:
ATI ; f:~' ~~ r :


the secretaries of the cham bel's of comm erce, mayors of cer tain cit ies, and edit or s of va rio us newspaper s. I n this connection I wish to t est ify to th e promptness in ma ny in stances with which the se request s "wer e compl ied wit h. A partial cens us of th e manufa cturing plants has been made of practi cally every county in the State and is published herewith. Having mo p recedent t o" follow, the work of organizing th e Department wa s necessarily slow.
The office fo rce la bore d zealously in endeavor ing to p r epa re and p rovide blanks th at would meet the r equirements. It was n ot an ea sy matter t o do thi s. The hea ds of th e various departm ent s in the different States similar to th e Georgia Department of Commerce and Labor, were very kind and cons ider ate and furni shed mu ch valuable information, though th e Georgia Laws differ materially from th e Ac ts cre a ting the dep artments in oth er S tates. Naturally, we found that an improvement could be mad e in the fir st blanks prepare d. E ven now cha nges may be necessa r y in cer ta in in stan ces, bef ore the blanks which t he Department is r equired to furni sh m anufacturing I ndustr ies can be ado pted as perman ent. \ Owing to the fact that th e General Assembly in 1911 did not make an appropr iation t o cover the expenses of the Department,for th e fir st sev en months I had to supply pe rsonally the money needed to maintain the Department. I was r eimbursed by an appropriation mad e during th e 1912 ses sion.
The Department has made as nearly a s po ssible a complete census of mercantile establishments employing fema les and the work of r equiring seats to be furni sh ed them has been begun. This law has been a dead letter for more th an twenty-three yea rs. The Act of th e General A ssembl y re quiring that suit able sea ts be furnished all female employees of mer cantile, manufacturing and

meeha uieal establishment s is one of the most humane ever enacte d and it will be a pleasure on the p art of the Commission er to see that th e law is rigidly observed.
JDarly after assuming the duties 'of the office the Commission er and hi s assistants began the work of compiling th e labor laws of Georgia. The laws were published in p hamphlet fo r m and circulated freely, Ther e has been quite a demand for copie s of the laws even outside of the State. After the adjournment of the 1913 session of the Gen eral Assembly it is my intention t o have r epublished the laws incorporating such addi ti onal laws as may be ena ct ed by th e Gene r al A ssembl y next summer .
By appo intment of your Excellency, in Decemb er last , 1 attend ed a confe r ence on workingmen 's compen sation held in New Y or k, under the auspices of the National Civic Federation . This conf er en ce was attend ed by manufa cturers, large employ er s of labor and the represent atives of wa ge earners. It was the con sensus of opinion that t he time ha s now come when all the stat es should en act laws that will make less cumbe r some and exp ens ive the method of arriving at prop er damag es to workingme n injured in th e performance of th eir duties.
During the pa st yea r there wer e two v ery ser ious strikes, both of them cen te r ing a ro und A ug-usta. T he str ike of th e Aug us ta street car men wa s the most ser ious, demo r ulizing bu siness in that city f or several wee ks and r esulting in th e death of several p er sons. Afte r a gr ea t deal of ha rd work on the par t of the cit izens of Aug usta th e contending par ties finally submi tted their differences to a rbit ra tion, whi ch was settled, f or th e m ost part, by n ma jo r ity vote in favo r of the str eet r ail way company.
The str ike of th e cond uctors an d trainmen of the Georgia R ailr oa d wa s submitted to arbitrati on and was settled in favor of the con ductors and trainmen. Hon.

Chas. P. Neill, Commissioner of Labor of the United States, acted as mediator in this latter case and worked for several weeks before securing an agreement to arbitrate. The arbitration was held in this city and attracted considerable attention. During the strike and before the agreement to arbitrate was signed, traffic on the Georgia road was completely tied up. There was comparatively litt le disorder, lhowever , and no fataliti e resulted.
For the purpose of familiarizing myself with th e situ ation and desiring t o be of service if poss ible, I visited Augusta several times, and wa s treated with th e utm ost con sideration by th e citizens , r epresentatives of the str ikers, representatives of th e cor por ations involved and especially th e attorn ey of th e str eet ca r str ikers . I could be of very little service, however .
Dur ing the ye ar ther e wer e other str ikes of more or less importance, but non e of them were r eported t o thi s Department and intervention on th e part of t he Commi ssioner was not asked for in a single case, nor did I tender my services, becau se I was convince d that I could do little under th e law in th e way of settl ing th e differences that had arisen.
T hese strikes emphasize th e fact th at the A ct cr eating thi s Department mu st be greatl y change d bef or e th e Commissioner can be of any ser vice as a media to r . ITe is now given no author ity, and is not even r equired to offer his serv ices, unl ess he sees fit to do so. If he should he accepted as a mediator, th ere is no machinery provided, by whi ch th e arbitration can proceed, if one is arranged. Th e A ct cre ating thi s Department di smi sses thi s matter with ju st forty words. Unless that p art of th e Act is str icken out altogethe r or a n ew Act p assed mor e elaborately detailing the duty of the Commissioner, more or less emba rrassment to th e Department is boun d

to result for the reason that the public expects something to be done and is not always conversant with the facts, that under th e present law the Commissioner, in matters of st rikes, can be but little more than an interloper and can exert very little influence, because of not being backed by the necess ary machinery to bring about a peace agreement, even if hi s ser vices should be acceptable as a mediator.
I wish to r eiterate what I sa id in th e preliminary report concern ing the pa ssa ge of a law compelling industrial plants to furni sh such information to thi s office as may be desired. Unless this be done, the Commissioner will be hampered in his work of gathering statis tics that may be needed. The large corporations, as a rule, ha ve been very considerate and obliging, but som e of the smaller fa ctories have been very negligent. In presenting herewith th e statis tics that have been gathered, I wish to thank all who have aided in this work, employers, employees and representatives of labor.
In this conn ection I wish to make plain th e fa ct that at least two inspectors are needed to carryon the work of the Department. It is not my desire to materially increase expenses until confidence is created and the public becomes' aware of the necessity of the work that should be done. I sincerely trust, however, that already the Department has made such progress as to demon st r ate the wisdom of its creation.
It is now generally agreed among tho se who ha ve studied the question that compul sory education will conduce to the general good of the State and promote the happiness and efficiency of wage earner s. I have always favored compul sory education and strongly recommend

it now, not only a s a solu tion of the child labor problem, but for the ultimate good of every class in Georgia.
The time ha s come when, in my judgment, the age limit of wage earners should be increas ed, the law strengthened in a number of particulars, ambiguous terms removed and apparent dis crepant and inconsistent paragraphs r econciled. A bill will be prepared and submit ted to the General Assembly, th at will cover the defect s and which, I hope, will meet with the approval of th at body.
Th e investigations made by this Department emphasi zes the fa ct that there should be a law permitting the Commi ssion er to exercise aut hor ity in re gul ating heat in buildings used as a fa ctor y or workshop. L as t winter amanufacturing pla nt employing more th an seventy -five fem ales was found inade qua tely heated , causing mu ch inconvenience and suffering on th e part of th e employee s. The Commissi oner was powerl ess in the matter, oth erwise drastic measures would have been r esorted to.
R EPORTING Loss OF rJ'nvIE. P ermitting lost ti me to be made up by text ile llJi l~ .:; pr actica lly nullifies the sixty hour law an d makes th o enforcement of it extremely difficult. T he Act should he so amended, as to . require all textile mills to repor t to the Commissioner , when lost time is to be made up, the cause of the lost time, etc., or th e right to make up lost time should be denied. The penalty f or a .violat ion of this law should be as pre scribed by the ge neral mi sdemea nor Act.
Th e Code should be corrected so as to show a penalty for violating th e law specifying th e hours of labor of

those under t wentv-one years of age in munufu cturiug


est a bli sh m en t s and ma chine sh op s other than cotton or

woolen mill s.


One of the most human e laws on the Statute books is

t ha t requiring mercantil e, manufacturing and me chani cnl

establishm ents employing f emales to provide su it able

se ats for them and t o p ermit their u se wh en they are not engaged in th e duti es for wh ich th ey w ere em-

ployed. 'I'his law could be made of m uch mo r e force and

effec t if th e Comm issione r be given autho rity to designa te

wh er e t he s eats sha ll b e pla ced .

PHOTE CT J~ G 'l' n ,.; Boys.

T h ere is a la w 011 th e Statute hooks pro h ibit ing t ile employm ent of boys un d er six teen years of age ns 'nJes "enge l'S bet wee n th e hour s of 0 :00 p. m . and (j :O(l a . III. This .Act sh ould be so am ended a s to prohibit the employme n t of any person und er the a g e of sixteen a s ;1\1 errand boy or messenger t o a di srep utabl e pla ce at any h ou r of the day or nigh t.
SECTION 756 S H Ol:LD B E .-\ :\ IE X DE D. It is my judgment that no person under sixteen years of ag e should be allowed t o a p pea l' up on th e st age of any vaudevill e or motion pi cture show and T st r ong ly recommend tha t Section 756 of th e Penal Code be amend ed so as to cover va udeville hou se s an d motion pi ct ure shows , and that th e age limit in th a t S ection he ra ised f rom t welve t o six teen. No Jaw 'would d o mo r e to con ser ve the modesty, p uri ty and in n ocen ce of th e boys a nd g ir ls . and I ea r nestly t ru st. that th e r ecommendation will m eet wi th th e a pprov al of th e lnw maker s of the S tn te.

Toilets fo r the di ffer en t se xes sh ould be com p u lsor y 111 all est ablishments in thi s State em p loving m al es and


females. 'I'h e Act s hou ld require all new toil et s constr ucted to be placed in di fferent p a r t s of th e building.
Owing to th e na ture of th e work in th e ab sence of other clerica l fo rces. the ste nog ra phe r, in addition to his r egul ar duti es, ha s been used as a cle rk a nd ha s r endered othe r va luable a ssi stance to t ile Department. This was don e cheer fully bv him , although hi s salar y as st enog rapher is sma ller than tha t of many of th e other stenogTa phe rs at th e Ca pitol, bein g' only $900.00 p er annum. The stenog ra phe r mu st of necessitv be the confide nt ia l cler k of th e Comm iss ioner and T ea r nes t ly recomm end that hi s sala ry be incr ea sed.
An arbi trati on Act simila r to th e E rd man Act is badl y need ed in Geor gi a. I earnestly hope that the Gen era l \ ssembly will ea rly in th e sess ion g ive consider at ion to thi s matter .
Occupati onal di seases are mu ch more common than is believed to be true. Lead , arseni c, an d phosp horu s poisoning ha s caused mu ch su ffer ing an d ma ny deat hs. Th ose who work at occupations which weaken on e 's vitality, wh ere noxious fum es a re inhal ed, and where th e surroundings are ge ner ally unhealthy, should be f requently caut ioned bv th eir em ploye rs and ever y effo r t made t o di ssipate a s mu ch as possibl e du st , deadl y fumes and ga ses . It is my judgment that there should be fr equent inspecti ons of industri es classed a s unhealthful, and ph y sicians in cha rge of cases traceabl e t o the occup a t ion of th e pa t ien t, should he r equired t o r ep ort sam e to thi s Department.


'I'h e State sh ou ld provide for a compilatio n of vita l st a tist ics. S uch compila t ion wo uld he of g reat va lue to this D epa rtment, to t he Boa r d of H ea lth and t o th e Boa r d of Education. Some Departments at the Ca pit ol shou ld ')e a uthor ized to proceed wit h this im por t ant work.


P ermit me to tak e thi s occa sion to ex pre ss my appre-

cia t ion of th e many act s of kindn ess and cons ider a tion

sh own me hy yo ur Excell en cy and t he official s of th e E xecu tin> D epa rtm ent d uring th e pa st yea r .

Hes]l eetfnlly su bmit t ed ,

xr. H.


C Olll 111 iss ion e r.


'I'he textile industry is the most important in Georgia. There are 177 active textile mill s in this sta te and some that are idl e. Several were built and equip pe d, but never operated . Of th e active mill s, some of th e smaller have been very negligent in giving to thi s Department th e information asked for. Had all th e mill s furni sh ed the information a sked for, some of the things listed in the 'tabl es would have shown high er figures. Xlills idl e for so long a s two years and tho se built and equipped, but 118\'er opera te d, are eliminated from this report.
A number of the mill s have, in addition to th e public school udvantages, mill schoo ls and kindergartens for young er child ren of th e ope ra t ives, - All enj oy religious advantag es in near-by churc hes. Consider able money is spe nt in welfare work, pro moting th e best interest of health, thrift, etc., but this infor mati on ha s not heen tabulated for th e r ea son th at all of the mills have not been give n an opp or tunity t o r ep or t up on thi s pha se of th e work and it wa s thought best to exclude such information a s ha s been obtain ed until th e next annual r eport.
The mill s have sepa r a te wa sh r oom s and toil et s for th e different se xes (an d for the different races, where any negro help is emp loye d) , hut th e toil et s for th e different sexes are too ofte n on th e same side of th e building and too nea l' each oth er for prom oting the best se ntiments of mod estv and refin ement.
The condition of th e mill opera tives in Georgia ha s g re atly improved in th e la st 20 years. Illiteracy is almost confined to som e of th e old est employees. Th ere are compar a tive ly fe w child re n of the mill s, wih o ca nnot r ead

and write. V entilation and other san ita r y con ditions are generally good in the mills and mill vi llages.
Thirty minutes for dinner is the mi nimum time allowed. 'I' he ma jority a llow forty-five minutes, while a few give a n ho ur for dinner and rest.
Forty-three of the cotton mill s r ep ort in crea ses in Pr od uction varv.. inba from 2 %/ ( t o 66'I;I; , th e av era bae in crea se being 17 5-6il,; . Seventeen show 11 d ecrea se in
production , va rying' fr om 30 'Ir to ::m ~~ 'Ir , th e a verage
decrea se bein g 101/~ j!u whil e othe r mill s r ep ort n ei ther in crea se nor decrea se of production.
Of the sixteen knittingm ills six report an i ncren se of production of from 141~ to 40 ,/! , th e av erage in crea se being 19 5-6'/r . Two re port a decrea se in production , on e of 20 ~;{ , the oth er of 35ljL The othe r s r eport neith er in crea se nor decrea se.
On e silk mill located a t Au gu sta rep orts an in cr ea se
in prod uction of 3'Y:: 'f.. Other detail s of thi s mill ca nno t
be given without di sclosing private bu siness. T he who le investment including buildings, n ew
machin ery, r epairs , f uel , etc ., amount to ubo ut $70 ,000,000.00.
CLOTHING, O VERA LLS, Srm rr s, E'f c.
Th e cloth ing, overall s, shir ts and ga r me nt s manufactures, whil e n ot a p proxim a ting" the te xt ile industry in importance, a re closely allied. There are twenty-six of such es ta blis hme nt s in Georgia . 'I'ho la ck of information prevents a more detaileel sta temen t of thi s indu stry. Very un sa ti sfa ct or y have h een th e a nsw ers to the r equest for information upon th e part of all of th e es ta blishme nts excep t four. There a re more than] .400 em ploye d in th e busin ess', of whi ch th e majoritv a r e femal es. The low est we ekly wage fo r em ployees between th e ag'r s of 14 awl

18 is $:J.OO, th e low est for th ose more th an 18 is between $:).50 and $5.00, th e av erage of th e wh ole being $4.121j;! . 'r he hi g hest weekly pay is, fo r mal es, $17.00, $21.00, and $2;").00, and fo r fe males $1:3.00. The aver age weekly pay for Iema Ie op era tiv es doi ng piece work is $9.00. Th e a ve rage work dav ranges fr om nine and a hal f to ten hours , with a th irtv minu te s dinn er allo wan ce.

-----r- -.
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R, uawsedm, aSteereia l item s belo w.

Va lue.



~US Ut .\ CT URt:D t>HO() U CT H ASD V A L t a : .

Ya rds of clo t h

IPdoouznednS~ ooff yhaosr ne '

, and doze~A of

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and knit gar.

hose . See Items

rnents. Sl'O

below .

items below .

Va lur- .

T ntu l \, . 111.,

Cotton m ills ,

_ 1-1 11

$11 :1; , 288 , tlOO

I 254 ,:12;; ,Gifl S2i ,fI!I(J.:lOi 4fJ:I,1J21. 8114 S :l8 , I:W, :1:14

pounds co tt on

I vun ls clot h

1$ s lil,iill , 24 1

1:1,IIG-I,I ;',,-, til ,~OO. 4 S!J

pounds ya r u


--1 I\:lIi t riug mi ll__~ __-

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\ \' ouleu rnill :-t


i I:

1,4-1:l ,fJOO i33 , i ,!H

I :I , :lIj(;, O(J(J
pounds yuru
I pofuJHn d,,42w4o o l

(;2i ,22i
2 11, OfIG

l , n G, Ii:! dozen hose
ya2,rdif.l cl ,lloJftJhI

SIlI , I8i

400 ,2 0(J

%2 ,;'>1 ::

I , i 8 1 , i lMI

--_-1------ -- fJfJS,I\ll:1

doze n knit I g armC'nt:-l

:1;i S , liH:;

T ot ul. . .

177- - ;s . .. . 1

:J7, 4 t1:j . SIH I See items ab o v e IS28 . S28 , U:.m ISec i tem!'i abOVCS

an.Ij14 , 184 ~(.p itelll:-lal lOvel$

1I .O~W .t)l jX s r,a,!).lO.S;"):!






<:J '

.H. 'T I\'I; 'r n x 'r l u : ' lI l.Ll-4 .

Nu mb er

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_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _N_U '_ IU l_:H _ .\. S I_ > .\._O E _M Q_l-' l_-: ~ Il_ f .O _ Y I : I_: 8. _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ 1


MA I, E::t.

I I I 10 to 12

12 to 14

J.I to I S lOver 18


ye a r s .


yca r:'o\ .

ycnrs .

ye ar s.




1, ().l:l

2 ,207


=- .. ~~ 1. . - _.. ..

40 14 :1

1;; ,0;; '\ 28 0 ,; 11

F f:" .\.U::i .

III to 12 1 12 [ 0 14 [H to I S ! Ov er IS

ye ars . I ve nts .

you rs.

y ea rs .

S;") ! Ii


81i [,7

I !

- - - - --- - - - - - - - - - - - -- I

2 ,:lOH ! llJO I " ')

S, ifJ :I ;,"94 2;;;

~_I _l , O(j!l

2 , :WO ." i) , 84~_ ~

!.I.I _. . __ 8i4

T otal
IlI al (':-4
IS " I:I;
sso nil.

To tal
fmlla l ('~.

( :nu lil tot a l.


Jl I Gll l';ST ~ y W A G E S
.. 01<' "I.\I.E S . AU l.S.

I HI GH E S T WJ-a ':KI . W.H n .:s


... O}' Ft:"I.\I.t:S.


.\ GI..~ .

T-- ' }.O W J-:S'l' '\' l:a-a~~--rI'-OWI';S'l:-W}': ;:KLY 'VA U;::~~ -

--.-\l\NUAJ. l-; XI;I~SB i;;8:----

. W AU E S 01" " fA I.J:S.


.\ 01,. 8.


. 0 1'- 1-)'; " t..... U :S . A G BS.



:.r\ r~l~cn~(l~~.



'.\TI ~o~;ita:lll1 l

1 Su ndr y

Cu tt un

I 10 to 112 to



ye a rs years

l t to IS




10 10 12

' 1 ~ to H

yc n rs : yea rs ! ,rt'ars ycn r~


J.l to : O\'( !!" IS ., I S
yea I'M yenr."!

112 I 10 to

to I ] 1 to . Ove r JO t o : 1:! t o

I 12

11 I I S . IS



J.'ca rs yo ars I y ca rs_: ye a rs i yo a rs






11 t o IS
yea rs





Earner s


Ot her
EX I >cn scB

I I I mills

~ I

:l. 1;0~ t,o h .OO

G ' OOI~ to

~'o.OOI~.I, t o1.0.0' S

0 . 001 12 .00 ,.I:J.I-.l

:l. (iO ~

;, .,;,S



!~.(I).OO ~

.) . I.IOj l _. oo , I ." IXI

~1o. 50 ~ 'l. OOI

t1o..5~ 0~ 4 . ,,0

2~o. _, OJ.~ ,' . 1,'

:l.00 .~
t,o :
h .IXI,




2AO I~ to .I. (J(II

2~o. 4 0 ~ " .00

:~. l0.

01. 1 ' ~
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1 2!l,;;


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" .1 ,'



' Kni t t ing 1 a.on' 1 .001 1 ,00 S .OO :l.l XI :l.';; 1, ;'0, t ..-.0 1. 50 2 . 00 ' :L OO :1. 00 ' 1.50 2.(J( 11 :l. 00 :l. OO,S 1OI ,7 S0 'H ,:I .to 127, 50 2

i I ; l m ills I _ _ ___ _

st~o. OOI IOto. oo ,l ..,,~,o, 00 '


~1o. ..,0 1I1U.~,,0i,1 .~o. 00 ~Io. (XI t1o. ,._,0I, ht.o.IX) ht,o. r,:O,j ~_o. 00 .t1o. IXI1 ,~o. IXI ht,o.OO,



i I I 1

, (L OO IS .IXl

. ;;. 00 , 1i.00 . . '.

: ~.40 ILOO


\\' 0 01 011
mil l

)1------ ------11

~(l ~ ! ') ~O
1 . ,,0 , .,,00 - - - . - -

- - - - - -!

ht,o.00 i11O(0. OOi------,i------,

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.I. (J()

4t o.

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'1. '; 01 ht,.o OO

I 1, ,1]'; I,

127, 7,jl i ,

17,0,; ;; _


The lo west figure s uive n ill t hix ta b le arc t he mn ou n t.s pahl to 1Jf'~iIlTl c rs .

.\ C 'I' I \ ' g 'r J~ X 'l' l l. g "1 11,1.8 .



. - ~ '-r . ''' ' 11:0: ''1[ No.OI /' N r-IN' , I


1'0WIm UHlm .

i . :<0 .0 '" .. I.8 '1'11,\1'

I T o ta l
I i I No.



Mil le

0 ,0( 11 C!.O No ,of '~nw ~ I Kll i t 'J.: u ..o

0 , 0 i (! ,O 1- - - - - - - - - - -

'I'ota l _



1111'11 PH'k i ors
- ' --

C urd- I 1\[a- 1\l a - B
-- '!-(lh-il lCIHI-ch-ilies!-


aHI- Looprs ers

Hlhher s

iNo.u sin \\ ' a tc:r


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- -\ --

Cut.tou millR______

l 140 2 , 02!I , OU7 ; I , 5:H 2 , 0 80 , 5 11 ,lIill

01 :Jlllll'




, 22 I IIXI I 1-1




K il i ttill~ mi lls _____ Wo olen mills ______
To tu l , ________

~;~~i~i:;~;~~,- ;~~r --;~~i- - - -~~,2~-T12~i~I~+I+ :JO_____. _. 7 ________

_ _


_ ___,______

177 2,0~!D , 007 82 , 11+ , 11 1, 151

';" 1 :1.702

1 WI': SS

.I ~ 1 , 10

2 10 10

Ther e nrc n few mi lls, eq ui ppe d a nd a wai ti ng a purch aser . t hat h a ve neve r bceu o pe ra ted .

T he


am oun t

rep ort ed

spen t

fo r

r e p a i rs

a nd


machi nery

duri ng

t he yea r

HH 2






nu,328 . 01 3 1,206.92
8, 48 9 ,38

$1 .:100 ,021 .31

Estab lishment s th at manufacture Bri ck , Til e, Sto ne and Terra Cot ta, according to information obtained, numbered 114 in HH2. The raw materials used wer e clay , st one, sand, cement and shales.
The following table give s such informati on as can be gathered from the r eports sent in, and from ot he r trustworthy sources.


II Estab lish I ments . -




I Ca pi ta l



pAa midouofnfit-

Amou nt


O t h er

' T otal

i stock . .: tcrial I COCB and : wage earn- j exp enses . : e xpe nses.

I used .

clerks. , c rs .

Valu e of products .

~~2.874 . 1:1O~ tl2.:30tl,~ --11-1

l :ltl ,OOO:S GOI, 20l :S 2.-8' . ,-'18S !l!J5 . 7.19::SI, !JOO ,000

- - -- - - - - - - - - --- --- - - _..

The number of employees is: whites, 542; colored , 2,169. The highest weekly wages paid t o white employees run from 87.50 t o 820.00. The high est paid to colored ar e from $6.00 t o $18.00' Th e lowest weekly wages paid are : to whit es from 83..50 t o :)7.50, a nd t o colored lab orer s from $3.00 t o 87.50.


From ru liab lo inf orma ti on t he followin g tab le gives a fa ir estimate of t he cot.ton oil mil ls in Ge org ia for t.hc

year ending; D eeember :31:,;t , l!H 2.

TAllLE Ii .




' Sp ent, for :

I .. IL\ W ~t.\ T I.; It I.\ I . L"I'4E J>.

>'; O' ICil.Pit a l aIHI ! H f~ and , .

I OIl Ji

I l\ ol lfl l ~

11I \ C3 t.r Il OTlI I~ ,

X nw ::'\Iaclai ll e r y



I ' o.r, : F:u'\r~Itl.irlli'zru. rI

I I 1;1 ~

~ \ nl u e

I ~1.\=' Ut \ CT UH J.U I'HOI lU c'.r~ .

---I---- -,- -- - j- - ----

I A\,o:agCI Co t ton - Co ttoll-


l"CCU :\tIO(I'la~l,


1!-ItI(O1'e1I1dl1~~ ,


--' - --;r o t lll-;f\:C r -1Xc r~!---'--- --



: V alu e All

1.111 ter:-,l Co t co n Oil . M unu -

b n les nn llcn s Iu et ur ud



P r u-e pe r

Pr ive p e r tn u

-Pr o-

:0;0('11 . 't on of of Hull




A v urn gu Prll'e per
Ga llo n
Cotton Oil

~r;e r .
. Pri erI p er
11mll! of

, d u et s ;pe r tOil ) :\I e al

: Ii II t ors

l 'II I~l a . lil-l , (~~J $ I,Oali. (jll 1~Ii,Oli~1 1 ';;"- SI,;' Uj'$ II ' O!"O' 71Si II)(; H7 ' !I';~I-a.; ' !I:lII'; 'II (i ' O-1 1 :~O ' :IliS . !I:H,I$~" S)$~-, . s, I$S'O:; I'1-;'I :1li 1-lOet, . iSIS .:



I ._ - - . - -_.





Sixteen pl ant s r ep or t a t ot al ca p ac ity of 55 0 to ns for a day of 24 hours. The smu llest rep orts a cap ac ity of

10 tons, and the largest of 70 to ns .

Ther e are 5'12 whi te omp loyeo, and 2 ,7 11 colon-d. Th e h igh est weekl y \\'ap;():,; p aid wh ite s arc $2;', 00, a n d

t he lowest $4.00. The hip;h e:-;t weekl y wap;e:-; paid colored are S18,00 , an d t he lowest S'LOO. The to tal am ount ~ p a id t o ofliciul an d cler ks is $28 1,24(;,00 . The total a mo unt paid to wag e ea rne rs is S1,867 ,788.00 .


-.. I _.-. I _.

II -


II ..... W ;\1.\ 'n : Il L \I . lltU ; U I N :\l, \ N I H ',\ C'r UHl NG .\ :" U \' .\ I . V E O F l'U;>.tt: .

I I M nnu factur-

amil I Cu pi ta l

~ pe llt. fo r





tons. _ ____ cd prod ucts



X ut u be r
I (',:--:. : I of t\f illd
I i

III Y I' :<lot IIlf'111 .

repui n- a m i ,

I' new ma -

P hos-

r h in r-r'y. p hat f' , t Oll :l

!1 Fi~h

It lollli


I\ll illi



~lI ll ' ll1 lri('

I' llla ~ h.


111 11:-1

~ 1 1 ' 1l 1 .

:-o n ll p , 'n nr] 1111111 ' , l ll ll ~ . r .w i! tO Il:"l . ! (fllH~ .

ru w . 11l1l-

a mou n t b e-

I .

'lo w is a clo se:

Yn lu c . approxima -

Tol:t1 va lue.

I i
_ _ __ ;_

' I I IIII :~ . . IOIl ~ .

lIIl IS .






-- - - iI- - --i- ---,


II tr-rinl .
I_ _ _ _

non of th e I
1- - - - a mount,sold 1
in Georaiu .

~.jO :~'IO , OIi:l , :lOO $ ~OO ,O~.I : ,.Io; I, IiOO: 1i, ,(H~ la ,OOO, :lO,OH 1 ~!I , :Hi.l i 1 :1;" ';Ii~1 ~1,;'li(J S-17, 11i7$I I ,USI, 2li-l 1 ,l l ~ , (j~SI'$30 . 51(j , 0 I U








In t he fer tilizer fa ct ori es t here a re a bo ut 2,100 wh ite emp loy ees, an d :~ ,400 colored laborer s. The high est weekl y wages paid whi tes a r e $32 ,00; t he lowest 83 .00. The hi gh est weekl y wa ges p a id colore d a rc 810.50, an d th e low est $3 .00. These p ay to officiuls and clerks annually ~n[)O , OOO , an d to wa ge ca mel's $1,250,000 ,


N u m be r o f es tn bliah mcnts.

Capita l.





I X umber of XU~lBER OF E:\IPLOYE ES.

Nu mbe r pre sses

of to


ba le. of co tto n



Am ou nt j Amount paid offi- I pa id

eac h e lish m

e.:intatb. -I

co ed

mpressd uring

! . " I \"C'4f

W hit" , 1:

i cia ls and I wa ge
lo r('d . To ta l. cl erk s . , ea rner :" .

I 1 1'51G I 1..100 ,000, 102


1$ OS, 0625 17I ,OI ~


Six compresses ha n > a ca pac ity of 100 ba les t v t he hou r ; some report 50 ba les t o t he hour , and a few repo rt. less.
Only three emp loye es ar e under 1-1, and eight between 14 an d 18.

j ~J


D E C El\IB EH 31st, 1912 .

I eNs utamblbisehr- ('" pita !.
III Cllt ~ .
- II
18i 1~!) , ()()() , OOOI~ 2 , H 3 , 500

Valu e.

P nid o tlid ub und
cler ks ,

Pa id w ug c cur nc rs.

I I T ota l vu lu o of m uuufnc- Nu mber of

I t u rcd
,, product s.

e m ployees.

i G,U70, UD7

4 ,!lH

II I G1I E 8 '1' W E l.;K J. \, w .,\(a: ~ I 1'.\l1J MA I. EH.
\\ 'hilc . ! C o lored .
$ 1:l . ,; O( o : s u .oo ro 30.00 I 18 .00

I . ()\\' I': HT WI ':I ': K Ll' W .\Cl ";K j'.\ II) MA l . I;S.

I Wh ite. Co lored .


I ~ :l . UU to ~ 4 . UU to

!l .UU



In some of th ese mills t he white wage earn ers outnumber t he colored, while in ot hers the reverse is th e case.

No l

-.. r TABLE 10.




ll lJ Al_ll.ll l';S

. ..

~IAHBLI '; YAIWH FOR T Jl I ~ Y l~A H. J ~ N Dl N ( : DE C. :Hst, IHI2. -- - -- ---- .. --- -----rH-JGIIl-:Wl;- ,,,j.;t:K' :Y W.\ GI:S "I.OW"i::KT\Vj:t;KLy\\'.\'o;::B

i N umb er o f
I I, l}la n l ~ .

C :lpil.:t1 .

cNheinwcrivlia '


Blt w IlJ:tl f'rial.

land rCI;air l'l.



\' all w of I raw Inai tcri nl.

I I' llill olli .
ciul s and ~

P aid ...u g u

clerks. ca mera .


Ot her I' XIU!JIl'l es.

Va lue of
iua nu fnet ur - i cd pr od ucts.

I 'A IIJ MAI . 1";H.

Wh it e .


C olored.

P AI lJ "' A I.,.;8 .

II'h it e.

Co lored ,

!l l

1 88 ,OUUi~I ,108 ,OUU: I 1

I No d efin it e I


$3,I UU ,()()() ~7I , !la2 . uu, inf or m ati on I~ 810, 525 \$



s 1:l2 '()()()I$ 3 ,2 15,813 10. 00 ,$

15.00 s ILOO S

4 .00


us to amo u nt.



The wage earne rs number up on an ave rage of about~[2,300 , of which considera bly more than half ar e whit es.


I Number of
I plants .

Ca pita l.


I :i

Ne chi

w nc

mn ry nnd


Haw nm teria l.

i repai rs. I

171 1$ 2 , D07, 072'$

57 , 7761 N o t defillit J $


I .\ Pai d Om eC TS \ P ai d wag e

nnd clerks . earners .




70a , 062 1$ 210, 120 $ 2,6U O,7oo :$

Other e xpenses.

Value o r - -I---- ~oVi:;;.~- ----

manu fnctu r-

cel prod ucts , '\



Wh ite. C olored .

Tota l.


1 'U .ll

_ _ ---I'-_


l ly s t ated . I


1 I


There are four br eweries t hat make what is called Near Bee r. T he oth ers manufacture all kind s of soft drinks. The highest weekly wages are : to whit e males, $35.00, to whit e fema les, $20.00; to colored males, $20.00. Th e lowest weekly wage:; art ): to whit e mules, $3.00; 1.0 white females, S'LOO; colore d mules, $3.00.


T AI3LE 12.

g X P J::1\ 8 J::8.

I I Nuinbcr of ~ C ap ita l. a nd

pl a n ts.

investm ent . P a id ollicials

Paid wage

and clerks.

ea rners.

I M isccll au cou s e x p e n s e.


I S4 , SI 7 ,DS!J I 51t 187 ,40 5 S I ,1 50 , a ou

$2 , D50 , 1O!J

T otal
I expen se. I ~ '. . :J , v' S-' . UI-L,l



I nc rcusc.

$S ,44 5 ,57 2 1 5%

I t:!o.u'!.uYta ; s l':X (,;I . C Ul :\(i Ol<'lo'I CI-; run c u.
,- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I 1I1 ale8.

Fe ma les.

T otal.

~, 7 ~H




No .o f E.tablish -

C apital


'_ _ _ _ _

1:XPJo:N tU:ti .



' Amn u n t I \

Vnlu e o f

Pa id I ' ,,:o~lIlt Ot her

I ' 1\1<' I M ateri nls ] Officluls I U"" d I' Calenrdks


i :i

E xpen scs





~~ u t-:s r WI-:J:.KI . Y W A Gt::4.

I 1.0 \\' 1;-8 '1' W J:I-:Kl.r W A( IEH.

Valu e of
I l''r I ' P rodu ct "
l-----:.m{ i.IMI'~i;o", I

N o. of W age E a r ne rs

Whit es.

Colored .

I \Vhit e,"(.

Co lo red .

- - - - -- - - -- -

loti' I I ' :\1:1lcs rna C~ M ules i rna C~ I :\ l ,lie" I mFurt-..':i :\l nb lilFare-.-4

S li .O{)ls 1i .(}{ISI!J.(ii)IS G.;;o l",

2 .111l f' . IM)

IInk,ri '" :l,," e:llllly to Hro. nn s .. ,. . . . . lIQ Bl1g:~ leS. can- raz es.
',Uld wag o"" ____ __ Cigurs and tob s nco . Jo:lcetrie light plan t" .

I 12\l S f,i i . f.G8S 1 . :l25 . (){ )OS


150 , 1 10I,


8:1 2 ,280 ,()(}{I. I, :H 8 , (}{M) ,

I.i l 124 , lMMJ, 1ll!l,IlM);

100 9 ,841 ,9 43 --


IW , lll f.S 2 !f' ,0 2G.S 40 .000,S I 'IHO, OOOI

to 2;i . IM11



wi .1Ml

n .:l lM J :12, 4 In, i , Oool 225, 400 lOG ... .. . , . --. - -.- ,- -. - .-, - -_ . -- -- -- -- ,. -- ---

I ' l :l1' illl1

49 2,IMMJ

IS, 200 liO,IJOO'

f,'O' .t!l ,



4'i S , OOO 50G, 98 1

I, lOO :Ii i;

2.11 , IOS I, IH2 ,2 0S l ,ii-l ,984 _,



li :I I

..OIMO) ,I__ .

IS . IMI __

15 . 1,10 .
- 12 . :,111,

' 12 . IM) I.

__ i .w

l i .OO,. . .
.: i .t MI' .. -- - i . IMl

__ __

FloB.rin g and ~ ri !'lt
nu ll" __ __ Furnitu re, e lc _____ _ G asplant" ______ ___
Iee Iuct ori es Laundries ..

I "' r:

I. .

10" 2 , ",0 ,000 t. , GSO,OOO

-14 2 ,1io , 320 1 81\0 , 100 ,

I ii , i .llO ,IKMl Hi, , 200

!I~ I :1 , ~ :,O , (M M~

~5,~(M! 1

'It. I " ,\4 , -I4t. 21,"1"

l I)


1.0 ,10.,

If.O, 2I ii:


l aa, ~I !I:

1!), 88.1

1-1-1, . 00 f>iO, a ll l ! 20 i , :1I 11 , 2~ ! I , IP , 1ll7 ,t.2!l i


' "'

I . " \ 11(I ~t) ..00 1



HII, OlMl,
I I ItiO, (}{JO;

S . OIlO, (JlJO

1 ,-ta~,



I , .~ISIIhI
-- -- . ..

h . hll ' -- .. . 2:. IM l1 __ _ __


-- -i -',11




' --.-I-. r-.o- ,_._.



-- -- __1__ - -- -



27 .5(k _. __.

, H. 1I0


" ' 1 a H? , (~)O , 1 , 21(! , ~I J(11 . ~ !~ .I .\;, . 1211 -1-1 8 . 2-1-1 hSO

2~ .lMl : __: - : - 1 ~ . ~ll. __ 1., . IM l ' " . ,,11 1 . .,11 . __,

7 .r.0 ! .. __

~u.. o51o1

- -- -: ,1. .,0

_Le~at:he:rrigeo~o= " " I\I~ ,eI _ ~~I

, HS7


2 ~1~'


:Hl2, -1 l i L

l ;io, :~orLI ~~~ ,()(JI~....2;i~.~~~L1 ~ SO . 2Iili1i 1,IX).;

I S . ,iOII ~ :.-~: -

I' 12 . 50 ______

i .W ~~.:.._...::.-.

i . 50





....- - -


'.,;ST W 1;' t':: K1. Y W.U.a:l:i. HI GH

J. OWI-; ~T WI:t:KI.Y W .\ li E ~ .

H ou rs

Adul t s.

_ _ _A_ppr_ent_ices_ . _ _ _ _A_ du_lt s,_ _ 1

App ren tir-es . _

I ..'..l nlcs.

F emales.

M ules.

! Fcm ules . I .:\lalt':-l .

Fe mn lc.

d uvs work .

H ou rs I )(~ r
wr-ck .

Boiler m ak ers _. _.... :S J!) . U8


Book binder s .. .. . . . .... ... 1 Bottle blo wers ; _ __

25 . 00 50 .00

Buggies and ca r ria i:e~ .

Ca r pcn tc rs ,


:\l :u:hini s ts . ~


20 . ;')0
2 1 . 00 24.00

E m p lo.ycp s ga s p lant s


27 . ')0 wor kcrs .; ____ __ _

18 . ;50

Xlurblc & gran it e wo rkers.

:l5. 00

:\lo\'ing pi ct ure o pe ra tors __

Paint ers


5 0. 00 21 . 00

Printers. . S tcreotv pc rs ,

. _ .J ;) to 40



a.5. 00

I.._--...- - . -1~


t .00
~.5 . 00

'I. ;50
~;) . OO

J ~ . 50

- - - -- 1-- -- ...

-- -- - - - - - - 1"
:::::::::::j::::;::::.:' -- .--

. -- i ll:(JO '
. --


r s .oo

( I':';r; , ';'~i; ;.;~; IU.~1

I 18 .00
20 .00



:::1 1:>.l Xl !1.lX)



1i. 00
~ . OO
u .oo
IS .lX)

:~~~~~~~J::::~:~::: ~~~~~::~~:~~


: : :: : ~: ::

l S .00

t .oo
I ~ . OO

: ::::: : : ::I-- - ;~:~~ ::::::::::::




-.. J ~



A cwort h Cot t o n .:\1f g. Co., A c wort h. A lbuu y Cot t on u ills, A lba ny . Ald ora Mills, Ba rnesvi lle. A mcrleau T ext ile Co., A t eo. A nc ho r Du ck "Iills, Hom e, A ragon Mi fls, A ra g on. .\ tl an t a \\"oolcn .:\1 ill s, At lan ta . At lant a H osi er y " li lls, Atl an ta . A t hens :Mf g . Co., A th e ns. Atlantic & Gulf "Ii lis, Q uit ma n. Augus t a Fa ctory , Augu sta. l~ er r.\ton Cot to n M ills, Berryto n. B evorly Mill s', E lb ert on . Rihh l\Ifg . Co. N o.1, .:\ la con.
B ibh " [fg. Co. 1\0. s, "la con. Bihb ~.[ fg. Co. K ni t t ing xun.
Ma con . Bibb ;\lfg. Co., Heyno l'b. Bi b h .:\[fg . Co., Colum b us , Bo wen J ewell Co., .Tewell . ('a pI's Cotton Mills, T occoa. Ca nto n Cotton M ill s , Ca nton . Ceda rtown K n itt in g Co., Ced a rtown. Ceda r to wn Cotton S: Export Co..
Ceda r town. Cha t t a hoochee Woolen "[ ill s, Ros,
well. Che r oke e Ifos ier." :\!i lls , Rom e. Chicka ma uga B lea ch erv, Ch icka -
mau ga . Cli ma x H os iery Mills, At hen s . Cochra n Cot t on " [i lls, Coc hran. Colu mb u s i\[ f g . Co.. Colum b us Collier Mfg . Co., Barnesv ille. Concord " !fg. Co., S myrn a . Covi ng to u 1\IiIIs, Covingt on . Cook, 1\L F ., Savannnh . Cro wn Cotton Mill s' Xo . I. Dalt on . Cro wn Cotton Mil ls N o. :!. D al t on.

(r.'sta I S pr ing Bl euch er y , Chickama nga.
Dn llus 1Ios ie r)" xnus, D all a s.
I }ix i,' Cot to n Mi lls, La Grang e. D u ns on Xl itls, L a Gra ng e. I':astm an Cotton Xlil ls, Eastman . I':a g le S: Ph oeni x .:\lills , Col um bus . ':c h" ta Cot to n M i lls, Ca lhoun . E dwa rd M i lls, At he ns .
Elk Cott on ,\ 1i lis, Dalton .
Eagle Ho si ery .:\I ill s, Dal t on . !':lrn <:ity Cott on Xli lls , La Gr a ngc. En s ign Cotto n " Iil ls. Fo rsyt h. Eut e rprisc ?lIf g . Co.. Au g ust a . I':xpos iti on Cot to n .:\1ills, Atl a nta . F itzgerald Cotton ;\l ills , F itzge rald. 1-'1".1'" Cott on "[ills, Rome.
ft . V a lley Cot t on xnn-, Ft. Ya lle.\'.
[-'I. Ya ll e~- 'K n it t ing .:\liIls , FI.
V all e." . F ull er H os ie ry .:\Iills, Vi lla Ri ca . Ful ton B a g & Cotto n .:\[ill s, A t-
la nta . C: at e Cit y Cotto n :\IiIls, A tl anta. Ciaines ville Cott on "[ills. Ga iues vill e. (icorg ia Cor da ge M ills , I ngles ide . (; Clll Kn it ti ng M ill s, B arnes vi lle. Georg ia " [f g-. Co., Wh it ehall. fi col'g-ia " ffg . Co., Columb us. ( i en r~ia .:\1 fg. Co., Gai nesville . G(oOl';!ia Cotton "[ills N o. 1, Griffi n.
"I (;eol'g'ia Cotton ills ]'\"0 . :?, Griffin .
(; ef)]'g- ia Cotton i\lills No . 3, Gr iffin. Georgia U nde r wea r Co., B arnesvill e. Gloho Cott o n "[ills , Augusta . Gri ffin .:\[ f g . Co., Gr iffin . Grn nt vi lle H osi ery "[ills, Gra nt-
vil le, Ha bersha m "IiIls . H nb er sh a m .

Ha mburger Cotton Xlills, Columbus. Puulding County ': ott on }lfg. Co.,

Ha m pt on Cotton .\l il1, H ampt on .


H nn nouy G ruve Cotton .\Iills, Co m- P ark Cotton Xl il ls, L a Grange.

merce .

Pa rk \\"oolen Xl ills, Ross vi lle.

Hartwell Cott on Xli lls, Hartw ell.

P ay lie Cotto n Xli lls, .\l a co n .

Hu wk insvi llc Cott on .\1ills , H u wk - P c lhu ni .\lfg-. Co ., P elha m .

iu svi lle.

P en ti.-ld H osi ery .\lills, P enfi el d .

H cu.I crsou .\l f g . Co.. H ruu pt on .

Pi cd mon t Cot ton Xl ills, A tl ant a .

High S hoa ls .\lfg . Co.. 11ig h Sh oa ls . P e ppe rt ou Cotto n Xli lls, .l a cks o u.

H ome Cot t on xnns. Elbert on .

P eerless Woolen xnus, Ross\ ille.

Hoguusvi lle .\Ifg . Co., H oguusv illc .
Hut cheson :I[f g . ce., Hanni ng.

P erkins l l os ie ry .\1ills , Col um bus. P ouln n l "t.tton Xl il!s, P ou lan .

I m perin l Cott o n .\l ills, Ea t o nt o n.

Po rt erdal e .\I ills . .l'o rt el'lla le.

.Ie tl"e rson Cot t on .\1ills, .1e fl'e rs u u ,

P ri m-e t ou .\1tg. Co ., At he ns .

.Iose pui ne .\lills, Ceda r to wn.

P ut n.un .\1 ills Ii:: Pow er Co. E atonton .

.I ul u-r re .\ t ill ing Co ., Xlu con .

Hi..h nun nl H os ie r- Xlill s R oss vill e.

K incn id .\lfg". Co ., G ri tl'iu .

Hollie II os ier." .\1ills, Rom e.

Ki llg .1110. P . :llfg . Co., Allgu st a . Hos\\','11 .\ If g . Co. lt oswell.

La Faye tt e Cott on Xl il ls. La Fa ~ett e . Itusht u u rot rou Xlil l, Gri ttin .

La( i ran gc Cot t on Xl i lls, Lut- run ue . Scottdale .\1 ills . Sco t tda le.

La m e! .\1ill s :llfg. Co., Hoswel l.

Se no in Du c k .\[ ills . ~e uoi a .

Lawrenceville :ll f g. Co., L n wre ucevil le.S ihlev .\ l f g . co., "' ug ust a .

Lavonia Col ton Mill s, La vonia.

S ingleto ll Sil k :lIfg . Co., Au gu s t a .

L itt le Ri ver :lJills, W oodstock .

Smith :ll f g . Co., Jno . E., Thoms on.

Lois Cot t on :llills, Douglasv i lle.

SOlia l Circle Cot t on Mil ls, Social

:lld ntosh :ll ilIs. X ewna n,

Circle .

Ma ll iso n Brn ided Cord Co.. Athen s . So ut hla nd Knitt in g :IIills, :lIacou.

.\fan deYille :lIills, Ca r ro llton .

SOllt her la nd :lIfg. Co., Au gu sta .

Xla uc hext er Cotton .\1ills, L a Gru ng e. So u t lrern :lIfg. C r ., A th en s.

:llau chest cr Cot to n Xl ill, Xla con.

S pal ,ling Cot to n M il ls, Griffin .

:I[art el:l [fg . Co., E g an .

S pa r ta Cot t on Mil ls, Sparta.

Mnri et t u K ni t t ing Co.. Xluri ct tn , S ta nd a r d Cot t on M ill s, Ced a rt o wn.

:I[a 1'." L eila Cotton :ll ills. G reens- S t a r Thread :lIfg. Co., Athen s .

bo ro .

~ t a r Cot t on Xlill s, Fors yt h.

:llasse~' Hos iery :I[ ills. Colu m b us.

S trickla nd Cot to n .\IiIl s, V al dost a.

Mnssachusct ts :lJill s in Ga . L indal e. S ummerville Cotton :lfill s, S ummer-

Meritns :I[ill s. Columb us .

vill e,

:ll ille u :llills, :I[illeu.

Sw ift :lIfg . c e., Columbus .

Milst ea d :I[ fg. Co., Cony ers.

Swift Spi uning Mill s, Columb us .

Mont ezuma :IIfg-. Co.. Mon t ezuma. T a lla poosa M ills, 'I'a lla poosa,

:I[onroe Cott on :I[ill s . Monroe.

T ennille Yarn M ills, T ennille.

Moult rie Cotton :I!ilis. M oult ri e.

T homa ston Cotto n :If ills, 'I'homa s-

:I[us(o oge c :I[fg. C.... Columbus .

to n .

Xewnan Cot ton Mills, :\cwnan .

Tilt on G. H . S: Sons, Savannuh .

X ixon :lUg. Co., August a .

T ift on Cot to n :Ifill s, Tifton .

Ocon ee River Mills. Dublin.

T occoa Cotton Mi lls, Toccoa .

P acolet )Ifg . Co.. X l'''' H oll and .

T ri on Mfg . Co., Fors y t h.

P nlme t to Cotton :llills. P alme t t o.

T ri on :I[f f!. Co.. T ri on.


L: llity Cotto n Xlills :\"0. 1 , L a Gra nge. Unit y Spinning )liIls :\"0. :2, La -
Grange. U nion Cotto n Xlills, L a .Fa yet t e. U nion :\lfg. Co. U n ion P oin t . \\'ah oo :\l fg. Co., Sargent.
Wal ton Cotton xnn-, Mon ro e.
Wa ukeshu M il ls, Ceda r t own.

Wa lk er County H usie rv -'liIIs, L aF a ye t t e.
Will ingham Cott on M ill s, Xluco n. Win d er Cott on :\[i ll.<; . W inder. W hit e Cit ~- :\I i g. Co., A th en s. Wh it e H a ll Ya m :\1ills . W hit e Hall. W h it t ier :\l ills Co.. Chat t ahoochee.


.\ h bot t -'lfg. Co., Loui svill e.

Bru ns wick F'ert , I:0., II rll JJ ~w i ck .

Ad a ir A. D. S: :\1"Ca ny Br"L B uckhe a d Gi n '" F en . r. o., B uck -

At la nta .

hea d.

Ad ams, B. T . & Co.. -'la con .

B ue na Vi sta Hom e Xl ixt ure Gun m.

Adam s B ros . & H urst . :\[all slie]d .

Co.. Bu ena Vi st a .

Agllew, O. L ., Canon.

B u llochville H om e :\1ix t u ro Guano

A laga F er t. Co., Ft. Gaines.

Co.. Bulloehvi lle.

Alba ny Wa re house Co.. A lb un v.

B ur lor F ort. Co.. Bur le r.

A ltumaha F ert. Co., V id ali a .

But t ri ll Gua no Co., .la ckson .

Am eri can Agrieultnra l Chem. Co., By r on \Ya re hous e Co.. Byrn u.

Savu nn ah.

( 'ario Gua no Co.. Ca rio.

Am ericus H om e Xlixt nro Gua no Co., Ca nt on F ert. Co.. Ca nto n.

Am ericus.

Cnrm iohea l Gu an o Co., .I a cks un.

Apa la chee F er t. Co., A pnh u-hoc.

. Cnrt ers vi lle Fort. Co.. Ca rt ersvill e.

:\ r li ng t on :\/fg. Co., Arl ington .

Catnosn Fert , Co., Ringgol.l.

Arm our F ert. ' Yor ks . Atl a nt a .

Cent ra l F ert . Co., :\li .h-iJJl'.

Atl antic Chem ical Corpo rat ion . Ce nt ra l Georgia G uan o Co.. Xlil -

) [a con .

l e d ge y iJJe .

At lnn ti e Fe rt . Co ., Atla n ta .

Cha m hers Grocery Co.. ( h il' ley .

Ba in brid ge F ert, Co.. B a in brid jrc. Cha t swo rt h Guano Cn. , Sprin g

Ba ke r F elt . Co., T emple.
Ba l<l win County F ert , c, :\( il-

P la."e. Che ro ke e F ert. Co. :\[ a,on.

ledgevil le .

( 'h i p l e~- H ome Xlixt ure Guano Co..

B arn ett , E . A., \Va shing ton.

Chi pley .

Be n Hill Co., F'itzgera lrl.
Be nso n ..r. \ V.. .Tenk insburjr.

I 'ru-h r a n & ('0. , Flin t . ( 'o!l'nHlIl Gua no Cn.. Coleum n.

Ben ton Supply Co., :\[onti ('ell o.

rol lllllhia n nan o ('0 .. :\Ia ('on .

B lac ks he a r :\[fg. Co., Bl a r-ks henr. Columb ia Gua no Co.. Columb us .

Hl an eha r d Hum ber Co.. Coh unhns. Combs . A. rT.. L ocust Grov e.

Bow en -Ra y, Bo wma n .

(' '' "}er. E. T .. S: ('0 .. :\l ilIhay elJ.

Bo yd, Dou gl us & Co.. Gri ff'i n.

, 'o lll" r :\]l'r"an til e Co.. Come r .

Bradley, ' V. C. Co., Columbus ,

Comme rce F ort. Co .. Commer ce.

B ra n non. ' V. A . Co., M orolun .l.

, ',,"slol i(latp ,l :\1fl!. ( ' 0 .. Ca milla .

Bra selton Bros., Braselt on

( '" nsnli ,lat "d Ph osplmt o ('0 ., Dublin .

B r ig ht well, A. 'I' . & Sons, -'I ax ,:ys. Co nt iur-n t ul F ort . (' 0 . .\ t lant a.

B r ow n Gu a no Co., Al bauv .

Cowet a F ert . ('0 .. :\" e wna n ,

Broxto n F ort . Co., Broxton .

Crn wf'n r d Gun no ('0 .. C ra wfor.l .


( 'ra wfn rd Uin n in g ok F e r t . Co., Cra wfo rd .
Cr it te ndon Gua no Co .. Sh ellma n . Cumbe rl un.l F ort . Co., Cu rters vi lle . Cut h be rt F ert , Co., Cut hbe rt . Cut h be rt H om e Xlixture Guano
Co., Cu t h be rt. D ance Gua no Co., T occoa .
Da nie l T . Z. 1-e' r t.. co., :.\l il le n.
D a n ie l Son s So: Palm er, M illen. Da vis Wa re hous e Co., Col um b us. Dav isboro F ert , Co., Davi sb or o.
Davidson. C. .r. S: co., \\'oo,l l'i lle.
Da wson H ome Mixtu re li ua no Co.. D a ws on .
D el.nperriere \V . P.) H osi-ht u u. L"lldge F ert. Works. E as t num . Doeru n F ert. & Ginn ing Co..
Doe r un . D ouly F or t , Co., Vi enna, E lbe r t Coun t." F er t . Co. , Elbert on .
E lla vill e Guano ce., E ll ,I\' ille.
Empi r e State Che m ica l Co., Ath en s. E m pire St ate Gu an o Co ., Am er icus.
E nn is, .r. H ., :.\f.ill ed g-c\i!lc .
F urrners W nr eho us e S: F ert , Co.. Iteyuolds .
Fa r me rs F ert. \V or ks, :.\Iil a n. Fa rm ers Fert. W o r ks. By rom vi lle. Fa rmers F ort. & Phosphat e Co..
Ca mill a . Fn rmers Un ion Ginncr.", Fi t zgera 1,1. Fa r me rs u n ion W arehouse Co..
B owersville . F urmers u n ion Warehouse St or-
a g-c & :.\ff g. Co., Co nyers . F u rme rs U n io n W a re house Co ..
H a rt well , Fa y ett e F ert . Co.. F nvet t ovillc. Fid elit.\ F ort . ( .'0 .. S uvn nn nh . Fletc her Gua n o Co.. Colu mb us . Ft . Ga ines F ert , Co.. F t. Guincs . F owler B ro s .. Coving t on . F"" IN Bros.. Xl a ri et tn . Fu r ma n Fa r m & Impl em en t C .. A t -
lanta . G~)q.{ ia F ort. & O il Co .. V n ld ost u . Gc')r(! ia Che m ica l W o rk s. .\ u:!ust:1.

C ~ co rgi a F ert , Co ., Cu lt UJIbus . Gt\urg ia S: Carol ina F ert . Co., Su va n-
na h , (;c nrgia Fert , S: ~ [fg . Co., Cu r io, Genrg ia Fort . \\' ork s, Sa nd ersvill e. Georg in Phosp ha t e Co ., A t hens . Gi bbs L . Y. & So ns, Sav annah . Gi nn. 1. L . & Co., B owmnu . Gossett & S on s. A . F .. Gri ff in . Gra nt , .1 A . & Co., A lt o. G re-~ lIl' Cou nty 'P ert . ('0 .. l'n io n
P oi nt. Greens boru Fe rt . Co., Greensb oro . Gu lf U l1:t IlO Co.. Bai nhrid g e. H a ll R. L . & \Y. H .. X e\\' t on. H u m pt o n Fe rr . ('0 ., H am p t o n H an ,l Tra di ng Co ., P elham . H urri sou F ert, Co., H arri son . H nvs , A . X ., Covi n g to n . H t'a nl B r os ., Ma con. H i.:J;htowe r, :.\1. R .. Mercnnt.ile Co. ,
Hognns ville . Ho ga ns \'i llc Gua no Co .. H og an sdl1 ,' . H Olllc Gua no Co., \V3 <11 c.". Home :.\[ixture G ua no Co., Colum b us. I m pro ved Fort. Co., En st ma n. IHl1"l'cl\lle nt F ert . Co., Mncou, I nternat ional A gr . Cor pora t io n.
Atl an t a. .Iuekson Supply Co.. B a conton . .Tr-lks. \V . A. Co .. Hn wki usvi ll e. .1"\\'1.'11 Fert , Co .. Gain esv ille. 1\:,-11.\', .T C. & S ons, :.\[itl'11PI\. K"l1.\. T. C., :.\IeD onoug-h. K eyst one Gua no Co.. S.\'1 \'('st ('1'. K ing". .T. 'I., Cor ne l ia . L" Grang-c Mi ll, L a Gr an g e. Ln von in Gua no Co.. L u vou iu . L"'I n 1 & :.\I a s se~ . Ha rtwcll. Lo we, T . .1.. :.\[abl ct on. Lumpk in H om e :.\lixtlll'l' G ila lin
Co.. Lumpk in . ~[ 'lt '" n F ort . :\Vorks . :'\[:I(on . ~ 1 ",li s l) n Fert . Co .. Xlnd is ou. ~ [ " l1 e tt & Xut t . .I uek son . vlu u .lev ill M ill s, Ca r ro llt on. \ 1" nC("t E ra n non ('0 ., X cwn n n. ' ["1':" ;( :1 F ert . Co.. A t lu ntn,

Xlatheson, J . D . & SODS, Hartwell. .\Iaxey Pert. Co., Maxeys, ::'IIaysville Gua no Co., Ma ysv ill e. Met hvi n & Maund, Dubli n . .\Ii ddl e Georgia P ert. Co., Dublin. Xliddle Geor g ia F ert. Co., Man s-
field . Xlirldl eton U nion Wa rehouse Co.,
.\1idd let on. .\Iill er, '1'. C. & Co., Lu la. .\1it chell Cou nty Pert. Wo rks, Pel -
ham . ~I"at e, .r, ::'11., Dever eu x.
xrout ezumn F er t . Co., Xlont ezuma .
Mor gan Fe rt . Co., Madison. Xlorris F ort . Co., Atlanta . ~Ioultri e F ort. & ::'IIig . Co., Xl oult ri e. Mn se, .-\. \ 1'. &, Co., Albany. .\I ut ua l Ver t . Co., Savann nh . .\l cClure-Tay lor Co., Dulut h. '\[cD onal.] & W eaver , Cut hbert. .\fcKn ight, C. C. & Bro., Seno ia . McP hau l, .J. G., P oul an. X ee]y, R. C. & Co., W ayn esboro.
X eisler, C. n , S: .J. H., Rey nolds.
X or t h Geor gi a Cott on Co ., Roy st on . :\"owe ll, .J. .\f. , .\[on ro e. <J cllllllgee Guano Co., Llawk in svill e. Oconee Gua no Co., Dublin. Ogeechee F er t. W orks, .\layfi el d. Old Domini on Gua no Co., .\.tl ant a. Pa r ker. P. N., Ga ines ville , P uvo F er t. Co., Pavo, P errv, F . A ., Sale Cit v. Pi edmont Fort . Co., Atlanta. P ioneer Guano Co., A lba ny.
P ittard ..r. 'l'. & Co., Winterville.
Pitt s, J. H. & S ons ., Waverlv Hall. P la nte rs F ('J't . Co.. Fl ow ery B ran ch, Pl an t er s P er t. Co., T ennill e. P lant er. ' Wnrehou so Co. Hazlehurst. Pl ant ers W a rch ouss Co.. Reynold s . Pl ant ers Wn re house & L ~an Co.,
Fit zge rald . P op e ::'I[fg-. Co.. Wash ington . P owder Springs Gu ano Co.,
P ow der Springs. T'nlask i F or t . Co.. H awkinsville.

P utna m Fert. Co., Eatonton. Put ney Pert. Co., Puttney. Port er Pert. Co., Atla nta. Redwine Bros., Fayetteville. Reeves S: K ersey, Thomaston. Relian ce F er t Co., Sav annah. Heyn olds H om e ::'IIix ture Gua no
Co., Reynolds . Ri chl and H om e .\Ii xtnre Gua no
Co., It ichlund. Riv erside Fert. Co., ::'Ila coIJ. Home Che mic a l Co., Rom e. Roys t on, P. S. Gua no Co., Ma con , How e, \1'. A . S: Co., Comer . Royst on Gua no S: W arehou se Co.,
R oy s t on. ::'oa u ,nn a h Chemica l Co. , Sa va nna h . Sa va una h Gua no Co., ::'oa,-annah. She ll ma n Hom e Mixture Gua no
Co., She llman. Shirley , Geo . A ., B owersvi lle . Sh or e, \1'. A ., Ba ld win.
Ski nn er , C. w., Wuyueshoro.
Sm it h, H. 1' ., F loYill a . Sm ith . V. H., Dou glas. Socia l Cir cle .\ffg. Co., So cial Cir cle. Sop erton Pert. Co., Soperton. SOllth Atlanti c Fert. Co., Augusta . So ut h A t la nt ie Gua no Co., Atlanta. Sout hern Stat es P hospha t e S: F ert.
Co., Augusta. Sou th Georgia F ert. Co., Scot la nd . Sta n<la rd F ert . Co., ::'IIei gs. St ewns ::'I Ia rt in Co., Ca r lt on . S t iles boro Wa rehouse Co., Sti les-
b01"O .
Stillm or e Che mica l Co.. Snvannah. S t oekb rid jre F ert , Co.. Stock br id ge. S rric kla nd, A . .J. .\Jfg . Co., V al -
dost a . St ubbs. R. D . Co. Lynchburg, Stricklan d, R. P . & Co.. Concor d. S \Yainesh or o F ert. Co., S wninesboro, Swift F ert. W orks, A tl a nt a . Taber T . O. & Sons. E lberton. T r-as lev & SOIl ~. B owman. T el f air F er t . ('0.. MeRae. T e uur-ssee Chemica l Co.. Atl anta .


T homa sville F ort. Co., Th oma sville. T hornt on Geo. E. , H a r tw ell. Ti f to n Guano Co., T ift on. Till er -Glenn Co., Car lt on. Tyr one Mercantile Co., W a shi ngt on . Union Consoli dated Warehouse Co.,
Dewey Hose. U ni on F er t. Co., At lanta . Unio n P hosph at e Co. of Georgia,
Union City. Ups ha w Isr os., Do ug las ville. Union P oint Gi n & Wa rehouse Co.,
Union Point. ViJ'g inia-Caroli na Chemi cal Co.,
Atlanta. Yirg inia- Ca ro lina Che mica l Co..
Al ba ny. ViI ginia- Carol ina Chemi cal Co..
Ame ri cus . Vir g inia-Ca ro li na Chemica l Co.,
Col n m b ns .

\ -irg in iaCa rolina Chemica l Co., Rome.
Vi rginia-Ca ro lina Chemica l Co., '}Iac on.
Vir gini a-Carolina Chemica l CG., Social Circle.
Vi d ul ia Chemica l ,,0., Vida lia.
W arren County F er t. Co., Warrent on.
Watk ins, B. F . Co., .Iucksou, W est P oin t H ome Mix tu re Guano
Co., W est P oint. Wh ite Pl a ins Gi nn ing & F ert, Co.,
Whit e P lains. \Yilcox & Iv es Co., Savanna h. Williams Guano Co., Bu ena Vi st a. W ind er Gua no Co., Win der. Wri gh t & Gilst ra p, Alto . Yow S: :\[c.}[urray, Lavon ia. Zeb ulon Ginn ing & F ert. Co.,
Zchn lon.


Adel Cott on Oil Co., Adel,

Ca nfield Oil Co., Ma con ,

Amer icus Oil Co., Am eri cus.

Cent ra l Oil & F ert, Co., Cor dele.

Ar li ngt on Oil & F ert. Co., lu ling- Cla rke Oil & P ert, Co., At hens.

to n.

Cochra n Oil Co., Cochran.

Ashb urn Oil '}[iIl, Ashburn.

Cor dele Oil Mills, Cor dell'.

At la nt a Oil & Fert. Co., Atlanta. Cor nelia Cott on Oil Co., Corne lia.

B a inb r idge Oil Co., Bainbridge.

Coweta Cotto n Oil Co., N ewnan.

Ball Gro und Oil & F ert. Co., Ball Conyers Oil Co., Conyers.

Grou nd.

Cochra n Oil Mill s & Ginne ry,

Blakely Oil & Fer t. Co., Blakely .

Cochra n.

B osto n Oil & Gua no Co., Boston.

Cut hbert Oil Co., Cuth be rt.

B owden Oil Mil ls, B owden.

Cullode n Gin & Fort. Co., Cullod en.

Buckeye Cott on Oil Co., Ma con,

Cnmming Oil & Pert, Co., Cu mming.

Bulloch Oil )IiIls, ::itatesboro.

Dawson Oil Co., Dawson .

B uckeye Cotton Oil Co., Au gust a. Dallas Oil & Fe rt. Co., Dallas.

Bu f ord Oil Mill s, Bufor d.

Doerun Oil )[iIl Co., Doerun.

Bur ke County Oil & F ert. Co.,

Eaton ton Oil & F ert. Co., Eaton t on.

Wa yn esb or o.

El berton Oil Mills, E lb erton.

B uckeye Cotton Oil Co., Atlanta . Empir e Cot t.on Oil Co., Atlanta.

Byromvi lle Cot t on Oil Co., Byrom ville .E mpi re Cotton Oil Co., Dublin.

Ca lhoun Oil & F ert. Co., Calhoun. E mp ire Cotto n Oil Co., V ienna.

Ca mill a Cotton Oil Co., Camilla.

F a r mers Cotton Oil Co., H ogans-

Campto n Oil Mills. Ca mp to n.

v il le ,

Ca non Oil & F ert. Co., Ca non.

F a rmington Oil :\Iill, Farmin g ton .


Farmers u nion Gin & Oil xnn,
Fitzgerald. Farmers Oil Pert. Co., L av onia . Fa rm e rs Oil ) 1 ill , Roysto n. Farmers Cot to n Oi l & Fert. Co.,
'I'occoa, F armers Cotton Oi l Co., A mer icus .
Farmers Oil xnn, Commerc e.
Farmers Cotton Oil Co., La Grang e. Farme rs Cotton Oil Mill, Ma rt in. Farmers Oil & Fert . Co., Sylvania. Fairburn Oil & F ert. Co., Fairburn . Fayettevil le Oil Mil ls, Favet teville. Fitzgera!<1 Cott on Oil Co., F'itz-
geral,!. Fors yth Oi l Mil ls, Forsyth . I' t. Va lley Oil ) [iIl s, Ft . Valley .
F'lowery B ra nch Gin & Oil xnn,
F lowery Branch .
Gu rfi eld Oil xun, Ga rliel,!.
Georgia Cotto n Oi l Co., Albany. Georg ia Cotton Oil Co., Augusta . Georg ia Cotton Oil Co., Columbus . Georgia Cotton Oi l Co.. Home. Georgia C,otton Oil Co.. Macon . Georg ia Cotton Oi l Co.. Edgewood.
G ra ntvil le Oil xnn-. Gra ntville.
Grocn evi lle Cot t on Oil ) [ fg-. Co., Gree nv ille.
Gre en e County Cott on Oil Co., U n ion P oint.
G ri ffi n Oil Co., Gri fl'i n. Grovu nia Cotto n Oi l Co.. (Irnvunin . Gough Uil & F ert , Co., Gough. Ha ga n Oil & Fort Co., Hagan. H artwel l Oi l ) [i!ls, Hartwell. Harlem Oil & F ert. Co.. Harll'lI1 . H eard County Oil & F er t . Co..
Franklin. Holt , L . B .. Snudo rsvil le. H ome M ixture Guano Co.. Colnmb us . H oscht on Cotton Oi l Co.. H oscht on , Tnterst.a t.e Cott on O il Co.. Au gu sta . .Tersey Oil 1\1ill. .Tersey. Ki ng L umbe r & Oil ('0 .. U na dilla . L aGra ng e Cotton Oil ('0., L a Gr an g e. Lawre ne evi lh- Oil )ffg-. Co.. L aw-
rr-ncevi lle.

La von ia Cott on Oil Co., Lavoui a.

L athrop Cot to n Oil Co., Hawkins-

vi lle,

Len ox Ginning & Cotton Oil Co.,

Le nox.
Lilly Oil xnu, Li lly.

Locust Grov e Oil Xl ill.. L ocust. Grove.

l\IcCaw )Ifg. Co., Ma con .
)IeD uffi e Oil & Fert. co., T homso n.

.:\IcK a ir & Young, 'Wrens .

)IcRae Oil )Iills, :'lIcR a e.

Madison Oil )Iills, .:\Iadiso n.

Mnr lou Harper Cot to n Oil Co.,

East P oin t.

~ I :trt ill Oil Mil!s. Xlurt in,

~ la .\' s \' i ll " Oil ~I ill. ~[ a ~,, \'ille .

Milledgeville Oi l ) 1ills, )[ illedgc-

v il le .

Monroe Oil S: Fert. Co., B ostwi ck.

M orto n Oil )[ ilIs , )[ ill en.

Xlou ro c Oil & Fert. oo., M on ro e.

Moultri e Oi l & F ert. Co., )[oultr ie.

Mon t ozuma ) If g . Co... Mont ezunm ,
) [ont icell o Cotto n Oil ce., Xlout i-

cell o .

Xlut un l Corro n Oi l Co., Hoga nsville.

:\[nsl'ogee Oi l Co., Columbus.
xewt ou Cou u ty o.t xrm . Co vingt on . :\"iehols & Co., C. H. , o-uu.

Oliver Oil M ill , W . .I, Co. S hell-


xnn, Pl~ n,le rgl'ass Oi l

P end er gra ss,

Pelha m Oil & Fert ' Yorks, P elham.

P la nte rs Oil Co., Albany.

P la nt er s Cot ton Oil Co., Angusta.

Pla nt ers' Oil & F ert. Co.. Da visboro.

Pla nt er s Oil )[i!l, Gainesv ille.

P lant ers W arehouse Co., Fitzgerald.

(~ nitman Oil Co., Qnit man .

t: :lymond Oil )[il! Co.. R a y m on d.
Riehla nd Oil xnn-, Richla nd.

Southern Cot to n Oi l Co., A th ens.

Sout he m Cot ton Oil Co., An gu sta .

S nnt he1'll Cott on Oil Co.. Ceda r -

t own.

Southern Cott on Oil Co., Ca rte rs -

v ille .

S outh eru Cotton Oil ('0 .. Da uv ille .


So ut he rn Cotton Oil Co., Ft. Ga ines. Sout hern Cot t on Oil Co., ~Ia enn . Southe rn Cot t on Oil Co., Sa van na h. So ut he rn Cotto n Oil Co., Cut h be rt . Sou t he rn Cotton Oil Co., Dawson, So uther n Cotton Oil Co., T al bott on. So ut he rn Cotton Oil Co., Greensboro. Sou t he rn Cot to n Oil Co., Wa rre ut ou . So ut he rn Cot ton Oil Co., Wa sliiu;.!."-
ton. So ut he r n Cott on Oil Co., Dubli n. So nt he rn Cotton Oil Co., N ewn a n. So ut he rn Cotton Oil Co., W ay nes-
boro . Sout hern Cotto n Oil Co., P al met t o. Sout he rn Cot to n Oil Co., .l e ffe rsou. So ut he r n COttOIl Oil Co., Comme rce. So ut he rn COttOIl Oil Co., Columb us . Southern Cot ton Oil Co., Cor de le. Sout he rn Cotton Oil Co., .I ac kson. S ont hern Cott on Oil Co., L ocu st
Gro ve, Sou thern Cotton Oil Co.. Lnvouia . Socia ] Circ le Cot ton Oi l Co., Socin l
Circ le. S pa rt a Oil Xl ills , S pa rta . Sm it honin COttOIl Oil Co., Smith -
soni a . S,'r('wu County Oil Xl ill. Sy lvania .

Snmmervillc Cot to n Oil Co., Summ e r v i l le.
Sylves t er Oil &; F ort Co., Sy lvester. Swa iues boro Oil ~lill, Sw ainesbor o. T a lbott on Oil ~l ill s, Talbotton . T emple Cotton Oil Co., T em pl e. T enn ille Cott o n Oi l Co., 'I'enu ille.
Th oms on Oi l xnn Co., Th omson.
u n ion P oin t Cot to n Oil Co., Union P oint.
I pson Cou nt y Oil Mill s, Th omaston . Vidali a Colto n Oil Co., Vi Llalia. Vi enna Cotton Oi l Co., Vi enn a .
Villa Ri ca Cott on Oi l ce., Vi lla
Ri ca. ',,"alker Bros. Co., Gri trin.
'Wa r re nto n Oil xnn, W arrenton .
W ayn esb oro Cotton Oil M ills , Waynesboro,
'''es t P oin t Cott on Oil Co., Wes t Point.
" ' es t Tnvost men t Co., 'Vest P oin t .
\Vest Po int Oil xnn, W est P oin t.
W in der Oil ~l ills, W ind er. 'Vnodd llp Colton Oil Co., W ood vill e. .. Woo,l bm y Cotto n Oil ) Iills,
Woodbury. \\' oo,lst fwk Oil S: Fcrt. Co., W ood -
sro- k,


Aimar, W. W . &; Co., Sa vaunah . Americus I ce &; Coa l Co., Ameri cus. Ashburn I ce &; Coa l Co., Ashburn. Atla nt ic I ce &; Coa l Cor po rat io n,
Atlant a . Atla nt ic Ice S: Coa l Cor pora t ion,
Au g ust a. Atla nt ie I ce & Coa l Cor pora t ion,
Dublin, Atlantic I ce & Coa l Corporat iou,
Macon . At la n t ic I ce & Coa l Cor pora t io n,
Athens. At la nt ic I ce S: Coal Corporat ion,

At lantic l ee S: Coa l Cor pora t ion, E lb erton .
Atlanti c I ce & Coa l Cor po ra t io n, R ome.
.-\. tlan t ic I ce &; Coa l Cor pora t ion, Ft. Vall ey .
.\ t la nt i.. l ee &; Coa l Cor poration , Columbus .
.vt lunt i I r-e S: Coa l Cor pora t ion, Am eri cus.
B arnesvill e Tee S: Fuel Co., B arnesvill e,
B ea r Tee Co., A tl an ta. B lackwell, .J. C. lee S: B ot tl ing
Wrks, Ly on s.


Blak ely A r t esia n l ee Co., Blake ly . Ca r rollton I ce & Bo ttling Co.,
Ca r ro llton. Ca milla I ce & Coal Storage Co.,
Ca milla. Ceda r t own I ce Co., Ced ar t own. City I ce Co., Augusta .
Cor dele l ee Co., Cor de le.
Consolida t ed I ce &: E lect r ic Co., V a ldos ta.
Cons umers' I ce Deliv ery Co., Aug usta.
Cut hbe r t I cc Co., Cut hbe rt. Da r ie n lee S: Li g ht Co., Darie n. Da wson I ce Co.. Da wson . Da lt on Jco Co ., D al ton . Dallas Ico & Cold Storage Co.,
Da llas. Doug las I ce & F uel Co., Doug la s. I';a st A tl an ta I ce Co., Atla nt a. I';a st ma n I ce Co., E ast man. 1':lhprt o n I"e Co., Elbe r ton . Entl'rl'r ise I ce Co., :\Iillen . F a ir b ur n Tee & Coa l Co ., Fair bu r n. F itzg-c ral ,1 Ice Works, I' it zgera ld . Fo wler , K P . C., Ta llapoosa . (; aines,' ille I re Co., Cuiues ville. Gly nn I ce Co.. B r uns wick . (;o ldc ns 1,,0 Co., Col um bus. Gr angcr & ?\ clson. 'I' homas ton . Green I ce Co., S tat esboro. Gr iff in I ce W ork s. Gri ffin . lfa rrison .Jam es. Xlont ezn ma. H a zlehurst I r- e Co.. H u zlch urs t .
H :m k insYille I ec & Coa l ce., H a wk
i usvi lle . H elen a I ce ,rork s, H elen a . Huson I ce & Coal Co.. Coving t on , H vgeniu [ pe S: Sto rage Co.. Sn van -
na h. I ce Deli vcrv Co.. W a vcross , [(~ O Delivery Co.. S a vu n nah. Kn iekerbo eker I ce & Stora ge Co.,
Savannah .

.Ies up I ce Co., .Iesup . L a Gra ng e Ice & F ue l Co., L a Grang e. Lun sf or d & F re nch, R ich la nd. :\Iarsha lh 'ille I ce & :\Ifg . Co.,
:\Ia rs ha llyill e. :\I a r ietta I ce Co., :\. a rict t a .
:\Ia disoll :\[illi ng ce., :\la d is on.
:\Ieyer s I ce Co., Barnesv ill e. :\IiIledg e"i lJe l ee Wor ks, :\liIl euge
vil le. Mixe, H . L .. Corde le . Xlixon . F . A .. T enni lle. :\[u scogec lee Co., Colu mbus . Xu sh vilie le e S: :\lfg. Co., X a sh v ill .=\CWIl:l ll I n: Cn.. .:'\e w ll a ll. Xussbn u m Bl'l):-' .. Bain hri dg e. P eop les le e Co.. (;ai n,'s\'ille. P ia t e I e" Co.. ,\ tl an t a.
Qu it ma n I .:c' S: ling Works ,
Qu it mun. P op e :\lfg-. Co.. Wa sh ing t on .
e P urity l ee rr ., Sa nders ville. Ir-e :\Ifg'. Co., Hom e. Sa wt el l. T . R .. A tl an t a . Snva nnuh I.,> Co..' S av a nnah. Sa ud ers ville I ce Co ., Sa nd ersvill e . ~o u t liern I I"(' & Coal Co.. Ma cou . So uth ern h 't' Co., A tl an t a . ~o \lth At iuur ie Pack ing Sc Provisio n
Co.. 8a va uua h. T homa s :\1 fg. Co.. :\Ia d ison. T homns vi lle I ce S: :Mfg . Co.. T homas -
Yill e . Thoma sto n lee Co.. Th omast on . T ift on l ,'~ '" Po wer Co.. T if to n. T nl'I'oa T"e & "Fuel Co.. T occoa . V ida lin Ice Fact or y . V ld ulin. Vul .lost a E lect r ic Co.. Valdosta. " a.\'/l(>s hor o I cc S: Fu el Co.,
W nvn esboro. " 'a 1'1' County I ce Co.. Waycross. " a.\'('l'n"s I ce & Col,l St ora ge Co.,
W nycross . " ' ps t P niut Tee Co., W es t P oint.


Alban y B r ick :\[ f g . Co., Alban y .

Au ml g ul irh B r iek &: Tile Co.,

Al ba ny P ress ed S t one Co.. Al ban y .

W n y or oss .

Anderso n Brick Co., Xla eon, Arnold Adam, Th omasvill e. At hens P ott ery Co., At hens. At la nt a Tile Co., Atlanta. B arto w Brick Co., Em ers on . Bar t ow T ile Co., Ca rt ersville . Ba inbridg e Brick Co., Bainbridge. Berr y Geo. 0 ., Columb us. B ib b Brick Co., Macon. Bo u rne Brick :\lfg. Co., Savannah , Burke , J . H. , F it zgerald. Byrum &; Co., Ayersville. B ull Creek Sand &; Gravel Co.,
Colu mb us . Ca rt ledge & :\Iurphy, L in coln to n. Calhoun Brick Co., Calhoun. Ca rt ersvill e Brick Co., Car te rs vill e. Cent rn l Gcorgia B r ick Co., Ma con. Chicka ma uga Ceme nt Co., Rossville. Cha t t ahoochee B r ick Co., Atl a nt a. Cha t ha m B r ick Co., Sa vannali . Cherokee Brick Co., Ma con. Cha ts wor th Brick Co., Cha t sworth. Cha tt ahoochee B ri ck Co., L umpkin. Cha tt a nooga Sewer Pipe & Fire
Brick Co.. F lint Sto ne. Columbus Concre t e San d & Grav el
Co., Columbus. Columb us Fire Brick Co.. Columbus. Connor :\ff g. Co., Macon, Consolidat ed Brick Co., Ft. Gaines. Cox R. H. & Co.. Ma ri otta. Dallas Ceme nt Bl ock &; . Til e Co.,
Dalla s.
Dubli n B ri ck ce., Dublin .
D unba r . B. S .. Aug usta.
Elberton Brick ce., E lberton.
Eufa ula Brick :\!fg . Co.. Dawson. Fa r ish Brick Co., Macon. F a mb rough, S. D ., Bi shop . Fitz ge ra l,l Gra not oid Co., P itz-
gera ld . Flint River Bri ck Co.. Alb an y.
F ra nklin .T. w.. Mariettn.
Gate Cit y T'ile Co., Atlanta. Geor gi a Brick Co., Ad ai rsv ill e, Geor gia Vet rifl ed Brick & Cla v
Co.. Augusta.

Georg ia Red Brick Co., Pooler . Georg ia B ri ck Co., Athens. Georg ia H ydr a ul ic Stone Co.,
Dublin . Gra ha m, \V. P ., Atlan ta . Gr iffin Brick Co., Griff'iu. Gra nite Cement S: St one Co., Monte-
zuma. Georg ia Y etrified Brick &; Clay Co.,
Harlem. Hanson, Jo'. f. , Fitzgerald. Harris, P et er & Sons , Ma con. Hall, R . 1.. & \ V. H ., N ewton, H a ll B ri ck Co., Mi lledgeville, H udson, G. S. & lII. D., Gainesville. Hawkinsville B ri ck Co., Hawkins -
v ill e. H itt, G. W . & Co., Ayer sville. Harrell, F . P. & M rs, W . L ., Abbe-
ville Hall, .J. P" H a zlehurst . .J akin B ri ck Co., .Iaki n . .Iones, \V . H . Co., Xla con . Ladd L ime & Stone Co., Ca rte rs -
vi l le. L egg Brick Co., Ca lhou n. L ud owici Cela ndon Co., L udowici. Li ttle Riv er B ri ck Co., Washing t on. XlcBrid e &; Adamson, :Mt . Vernon. ~!cCoy Brick & Tile Co. Aug usta . :\!c:' fill ian , G. W ., Acworth. :\IcKenzie B ric k Co., Augusta. ~ I err., B ros., Augusta . Mncon B r ick Co., Macon, ~fa con Count y Brick :\Ifg . Co., Ogle-
thorpe. ~I aho n er Da n, Fit zgerald. ~[ iIl edgev ill e Bri ck W ork s, J)[ il -
ledg eville. Missin Ridge Brick Co., Rossvill e. Xat iona l Cement & Tile Co., Atlan t a . Oconee Brick Co., Milledgeville, Odessa Brick Co., Brunsw ick. Ogee chce Brick Co., U nion P oint. P iedm on t P ortland Cement Co.,
Rockmart . P ittman . .T. C., Dub lin. Pf'eff'er, :\118' . P .. Ga inesvill e.


Poe Conc re te Co., L awren ceville. . Provident Trust & Sec u rity Co.,
A t l an t a .
Ratwel l B r ick )ifg. Co., P ooler. Ri vers ide B rick Co., Broxt on.
Rich, A . r., Bain br idge. Rockma rt Brick & S la te co., Rock -
ma rt.
Ruth erford & Co., Aug usta. Savan na h Brick Work s, Edcn. S he pherd B ros. , COl umbus. So uthcrn B r ick Co., At hens . So ut h R iver Brie.. Co" Atlanta. So ut hern Brick S: T erra Cot t a Co.,
Colu mb us.
South ern Stone & Ceme nt Co." Brunswi ck,
Sou th er n Cla y & Product Co., Rossvi lle ,

Small, H. B. & Co" Columbus . S ta nda rd Sewe r Pipe Co., Rome, Standa rd Brick Co., A ug usta . Stevens, H . & Sons , " lacon. St ovall Harvey. At hens. Tift Si lica Brick & Stoue Co.,
Albuny. Trammel & Son, Ro me. Tr imb le Brick Co., Trimble. T"':eoa Rock Cr ushing Co., T occoa . V irg iu in Bridge Co. East Poi nt . V i,l:!Ii" ( '<'lIleut Blo ck & Ti le Co.,
Vi da lia . " ' a rt hplI f: rick & T ilc Co., K eys -
vi llo ' W ashiturrnn Brick Co., W ushiu gt on. W heele r. G, R.. Ga ine svi lle. \\' r i.ght s" i1!p Conc rete Works .
W r ig hts ville. Zeigler Coll ins Brick Co.. Sa va nn ah.


Am ericus Comp re ss Lo., Am erieu s. A t hens Compress Co., Athe ns. Ca milla Comp ress Co., Ca mi lla . Cent ra l of Georgia Ry. Co., Colum-
bus. Columbus Gulf & N uvigu ti on Co.,
Columb us. Cordele Comp ress Co., Cor de le. Cut hbert Compress Co., Cut hber t. Doughty P ress Co., Aug usta . Dawson Compre ss & St orage Co.,
D a w s o n. Edgewoo d Ave. Press Co., Atlanta . E lberton Cotton Comp re ss Co.,
E lb erto n. Eastma n Cotton Compress Co.,
Eastman. Eighth St reet P ress, ) Iaco n. E nglish P ress, Macon. Fitzgera ld Comp ress Co., Fitzgerald. Georgia Com press Co., A lb any . Georg ia Wa reh ouse & Compress
Co., Du bli n.

Gur don Comp ress Co., Sava nnuh. Inma n P ress Co., August a . I s la ud Press, Savan na h. Lower Press, Sa va nnah, Milleu Press.. Millen . Mont e zu m u Comp ress Co., Xlo nt e-
zuma . :\Ioult r ie Comp ress Co., Mo ult r!e. Ocill a Compr ess Co., Ocilla . Rock wa r ehou se & Compr ess Co..
H a wkinsvill e. Rome Compress Co., Rome . Richlan d Compress Co., Ri eh lant l. St ewart Press, Cord ele. So ut hern Ry . Co., T occoa . T urner, X . S., Coving ton. Th om asvill e Press., Thoma s ville. T occoa Comp ress Co., T occoa . Tifton Compr ess Co., Tifto n. u nion Comp ress Co., Aug usta . Vidal ia Comp re ss' Co., Vi da lia. 'Washi ngto n Com press Co., W ashing -
t on.



Acme Coffin Co., Warrenton, Adrian Cab inet Works, Adrian . Ath ens Matt re ss & Spr ing B ed Co.,
A t he ns.
Athens Furnitu re Co., A th ens. Blanton, W. '1'., Moultrie. B omba y -Ree d :'lUg . 8.: Ir n j.ort iug
Co., Atlanta. Brumby Chair Co., Xla ri et t n. B ri ce J oseph R. Ga inesville. B urnett Bell & K lapper , A tl a nt a, Ca p ita l City Cha ir Co., At la nt a , Ca rt er Furni tu re Co., Crawf'ord . Cha t t ahoochee F urn iture Co.. F low-

.Jun cti on City :'Ilfg . Co., .lunct ion
Cit y. .I uniper Ca sket Co., .lun ipe r. L est er , .I. B ., Da lla s. Ledbett er, D. X ., Sava nna h. Lowe, E . H., Ma con. :'Ila ri etta Cha ir Co., :'Ilari ett a . :'Ilan sfiel<1 Ve h iele 8.: Fu rn itu re Co.,
Xlunsficl d. :'I la~lJll Ca hiu et W orks, Xla eou. :'Ilea <1 ers S: Roger s, Atl a nt a . Mu eck e 8.: Sons, M a con , :'I I ~X a tt Coff in Co., Vala lia . :'I r~ E l ro ~' N esbit Fur nit ure Co., N or -
cro ss,

ery Branch.

X a t ionnl Sho w Cns e Co., Colu mb us .

Cherokee J' uruit ure Co.. Hom e.

X ix S: Sh ir ley , Dem orest .

Columb us Ca ske t 1. 0 . , Columbus . Du an e Chai r Co. Da lto n.

X ussba um Bros.. Ba inb r idge. Posey B ros .. .Ju ni per.

Dixie Spring B ed Co., Rom e.

P hillipps .Iohn, :'Ilacou .

Dixie Sehool Desk Co.. Columbus. Rome Furn iture Co., Rome.

E mpire F urniture Co., Ath ens .

Rust ic Furnitu re Co., T occoa .

Ga r ner , C. R. , Atlant a .

Sout he r n F urniture Co., Atlant a .

Georgia Cha ir Co.. F'lowerv B ra nch. Sout hern Uphols t er ing Co., Atlanta .

Geor gia Furn iture Co., T occoa.

S pra tt Cha ir Co., Atlanta .

Gleas on , .J. H . 8.: Bro., Columbus .

Sta ll(la rd School Desk Co., Columbus,

H ea rn Bros. Bu rwell.

T a lla poosa Furuif. Co., Tullapoosa.

H emperl y Glensou ( 'a sk et Co.. C nion 1\ l<' coa Fur n it ur e Co., Toccoa .

City .

Whitti er :'IIf g . Co., Atla nta .

H irsch & Spitz :'IIf g-. Co.. At la nt a . W illingh am Mfg. Co., Xla eou.


Acme Brewing Co., Xlacon.
Albany Coca -Cola Bottli ng Co., Alb a ny .
A lba ny Bludwin o Bot tlin g Co., Alban y.
Am er ice s B ott lin g Co., A meri cus,
Am eri cus Coca-Co la Bottl ing' Co., Am ericus.
At la nt a B rew in g & I ce Co., At la nta. Atlanta Coca -Cola Bot t ling Co.,
Atlanta . At he ns Bott li ng W ork s, At hens,

Ath en s Coca-Cola Bottling Co. , Ath ens.
..\.ug ust a B rewing Co., Aug usta . ,\ugust a Coca -Lola Bo t tl ing Co.,
Augusta. As hb urn Bottl ing Works, Ashburn. Ba ll Ground Coca -Cola B ot t lin g
Co., B all Gro un d . Ba rnesville Coca -Coin Co., Ba rnes-
ville . Ba ker. C. X ., N ewna n. Ba t t le & Day , :'I[an ch es t er. Bass S: Co.. Sylves t er.


AT HEN S, G..:. C i', Ci,\

Bankston, '1'. J ., Mc.Douough. Beale 11. L. & W. J ., Mon ti cello. Bibb Bottli ng Works, Ma con . B lud wi ne Bo t tling Co., A th ens . B ludwinc Bottling Co., Greensboro. B ludwin e Bottling Co., Eastman. B ludwine Bottling W or ks, H a zle-
hurst. B ludwi ne Bottling Co., Winder . B ludwiue Bo ttling Co., T homasvill e. B ludwiuo Bottling Co., West Point. B ludwine Bot tling Co., M a con . B ludwi ns Bo ttling Co., Colu mb us . B ludwi ne B ottling Co., Augusta . Batt, .Tohn, M a con. Ca pit a l City Bottling Works, At-
la nt a . Cami lla Bottliug Wo rks, Camilla. Carro llton Coca -Cola Bottling Co.,
Ca rr olltou. Ca rtcrsvi llo Coca-Cola Bottling Co.,
Ca rt .ersville. Ca rt ersvillo Bottlin g W ork s, Ca r te rs-
vi lle. Curio Bottling Works, Ca ri o. Cas on, D . B ., Vi en na. Chi pley Coca-C ola Bottling Co.,
Chi pley. Che r l-K oln Bottling Co., Cordele. City Bottl ing \ "lor ks , Fitzgerald . City Bak ery S: B ottl in g Works,
Bainbridge. Coca-C ola B ottling Co., Columb us . Coca -Cola Bottling Co., Conye rs . Coca- Cola Bottling Co., Dalton . Coca -Cola Bottling Co., Da wson , Coca -Cola Bottling' Co., L aGrange. Coca- Cola Bot t lin g Co.. W est P oin t. Coca -Cola Bot tlin g Co., Dong las. Cor dele Coca -Cola Bottl ing Co..
Cor d el e. Co\' ingt on Bottling Co" Coving t on . Colem an B ros" Bottling Co., Edison. Colqu itt B ottl ing Co., Mo ult rie. Come r Bot tling Works, Come r. Columbus Cider 'Wor ks , Columb us. Cons u mers B rewing Co" SIl\;an nah. C r O\\'l1 Bottling' Co., Crn wf'or d ville.

Cr own B ottling Wor ks, Valdosta . Cuth bert Cheri- K ola Bo ttling Co"
Cut hbert. Cut h be rt Coca -Cola Bottling Co"
Cut h ber t. Cu th bert B ott ling " "ks, Cut hber t .
D aniel, .J . w . L., Ame ri cus .
Da ds, \Y. It ., Bufonl. Da llas B ottlin g Wor ks, Dallas . Dan iel, .J . L. , Am er icus . D avis, C. H . & So ns, ~I e ig s . D eLoa ch Oliver, Brunsw ick . Dent, \\i. Y ., W ri g hts \'ille. De ep Hock Ginge r A re Co., A th ens . Di.xie B ott ling \\:orks, ~I a ns fiel d . Dubli n B ott ling W orks, Dublin . Durden B ot t lin g Co., S av a nn uh . Dunca n w P a ecct tv, Ma nsfield . Etowa h B ottli ng Co., Cur t ersv ille. E dmondson & Cole., Wash ingt on. Fa lls City }Ifg. Co., To ccoa . F it zg era ld B ottling Wks, Fitzg er a ld . Fran klin Bo tt li ng \I arks, F r unkliu . Freestone B ott ling W ork s, Sp a rr u .
Fo rsyth P ep si -Cola B ottling w i.
F orsyth, Folks ton B ottling \\ ar ks, F olk st on . Ft. Ga in es Bottling Wo rks , F t .
Ga ine s . Gay-a la B att ling Works, L a von is . Ga mmo n. .T. "\ ., Ca r r ollto n. Ga rn er Bl a kely Co., Cai ro . Ga ines ville Coca -Cola Bottling Co.,
Ga in esvi lle. Guv -Ola Bottling W or ks, Dallas . Georgia B ottli ng W orks , W ay cr oss . Oem'g ia Ca ne Produ ct Co., Colu m
bus. Greensb oro B ottlin g Works, Greens-
b or o. (;l' iffiu h e & Bo ttl ing Works, Gri ffin. H urrell, ~Irs . W . L. & F . F .. Abb e-
vill e, H a rtwell B ottli ng W or ks, Hart well. Haws . W. R., Ocill a . Hagan Bo t t ling 'Wor ks, Hagan. Hazlehurst B ot tling Works ,
Hazlehu rst .


Ho lmes &; Ba rb er, Valdost a .

P elham Bot tling W ork s, P elh a m.

Ja mes &; Cleme nts, Meigs,

q uit ma n Ice &; Bottling W or ks,

Jewell B ottl in g Works, .Iuekson .

qu it ma n .

.Je nk ins &; B ur ke , Cordele.

Ray, .Iarues &; Son, Savann a h.

J eff erson B ot tl in g Works, J eff er son . Reverson Fra nk, Atla nta.

Jesup Bottling wor ks, J esu p.

Rockmart B ottling Co., Rockma rt,

J ones B ros . S: Co., Atlanta .

Ro me Coca -Cola Bo ttling Co., R ome.

.J orda n, R . R , B ue na V ist a .

Roya l Bo ttling Mf'g , Co., Ro me .

La wreuceville B ott li ng W ork s, Rye -Ola Bo t tling W orks, La Gr ange.

Lawrencevi lle.

Suva nnuh Bo tt li ng Co., Sava n na h.

Ln.Fayet t e Bottli ng Works, L a- Sa vannah Coca-Co la Bo ttling Co.,


S ava nna h.

Lan d, Nea l, B la ke ly .

Sa va nnah Brewing Co., Savanna h.

Lirh i 31'rings Wu tc r Co., L ithia

Sa pp, R . W . &; G. :\L, Douglas.

Springs .

S holar, .J. E ., Colquit t.

Lin colnton B ottling Co., Lincolnton . Soperton Bo ttl ing W or ks, So perton .

L owe, .J . D . .Jacksonville.

Smith Albert, Newnau.

Lyo ns Bottli ng W or ks, L y ons.

Smit h, H . D. , Sandersville.

Ma con Coca -Cola Bottling Co., Swn ines boro Coca-C ola Bottling Co.,

:\I acon,

Swainesboro .

Ma con Pepsi-C ola Bottling Co., S winey, W . E. , MeRae .

Ma con ,

Sy lvun in Coca -Cola Bot tling Co.,

Ma dis on Bottling Co., Madison.

Sy lvani a.

Mariet t a Bottling Wo rks, Marietta . Thomas ton Bottling Wo rks, T homas-

:\Ia rti n, E. E ., H ampton .


McRa e Coca Cola Bottling Co., 'I'ho mnsvi lle Bottli ng W ork s,

:\Ic Rae.

'I'ho mnsv ille.

:\f ich-ille Bottling W or ks , lIIid Yille . T ift on B ott ling work s, T ifton .

Mill ed geville Coca Cola Bottling T e ran &; RIa ek . Sy l va n i n.

Co., Milledg evill e.

'raylor. B. IV., Baxley ,

Milliro n Bottling W ork s, Macon. Th omas, IV , C.. 'I'a lbotton .

Monroe Coca-Corn Bottling Co., U n ion P oi nt Bott li ng W ork s, U nion

Monr oe.

Po int .

:\l ont icell o Coca -Cola Bottli ng Co., U nio n Bottling W orks . Sava nnah.

Monticell o.

U nio n Bottli ng W ork s, Columbus .

N uss ba um B ros, B a inbridge.

V a ldost a B ottl ing W ork s , Valdosta .

Xort h Georgi a Bott ling W ork s, V id nl ia Coca -Cola Bottling Co.,

Dalt on .

Vi rln lin .

Nnt ionnl B ottling' Co, Atlanta .

W nvcros s Bottli ng Wk s, W aycr oss.

~ewna n Bott ling W ork s, N ewna n. Wa vuesb oro Coca-Cola Bo ttling

Ocilla B ottlin g W ork s, Ocilla .

,,' ork s , W nyn eshor o.

O'l\eal, S IV.. Columbus

Waycr oss Coen-Coln Bo ttli ng Co..

O'Xea l, .-\ R ., Wind er .

W nvero ss,

P ep si-Cola Co., Sava nna h.

Wh eeler. l ~, G., .Ius per.

P ep si-Cola Bottliug Co.. L umber Whi t e. A. W .. B ut ler .


W iscol u Bott ling' W or ks, F.:l ~ tl1l3l!.

Pi ck ens COl1 l1 t.,- Bottli ng W or ks, WiIlncooehpe Bottli ng Co., W ill:;-

.Insp er .

cooehe e.


W ild er :\Ifg. Co., D . R., Atlanta. William s Syrup Co., Columbus W ineh re w Bot t liua \ Vor k, . T e nnill e. \Vin.ler Bo tt ling W ork s, \Vi'101<:1".

C.\ HHL\G ES .-\);D BUGG IES .

"' ,la i r, \V. P ., Alpharetta.

( ;r e~l!, O. ~ 0' T ift on .

.Aug usta \Vagon Co., Augusta.

( in-sha m :\Ifg . Co ., l;rif1'i n.

.-\nn ont rout B ros., Fi tzgerald.

t ;r i ff in B ng"gy Co ., Griff in .

Ba r t let t , D. D. Colu mb us .

(;Imer \ Va gon Co., Ga inesville.

Bag well & Gower, Gain esville.

H a mpt on Buggy Co., Ha mpt on .

Blount Carriage S: Bl1g'g~' Co., East H oll y W a gon Co., Augusta .

Point .

H ull Veh iele Col.. Sa nl nna h.

Bra dley , \Y. A ., Ca r t ersville .

Irwin Bros ., L oui svil le.

H ru nswick Ca rriage Work s,

Kn rwise h, J . :\f. , At lanta .

Bru nswick.

K le in "" :\la r ti n. A t hen s.

Brown \ Vag on Co., Ma con .

Lo \Y(' r~' \Va g oll \Vor ks, Au gusta.

Boha non & Co., Xla con.

, :'I Iill er , A . C. & Co.. .-\t lau ta .

Boo t h. E. T ., Atla nta .

:\1iller, .I. E. & Co., Columb us.

Burt on Xl un f urrl Buggy Co., <.'a rt crsville,

:\Iurl'hy, Ti m Est . A ugu st a .
:'lIeGeI', .r. T ., Wa ycross,

Ca lloway, D, .L & Sons, Atlanta. Cu rr u ich uel B uggy Co ., .Iu ckson. Cent ra l Ca rriage Co. At lant a.

:'I IcGir t , .Tas . & Co., Sylvester.
.'\ ewnn n B uggy Co., x e wna n. x orm a n Bugg~' Co" Griffin .

Cent ra l Cit v W a gon Co., Xln con ,

Og burn Buggy Co., Dublin .

Coving t on B uggy Co., Covington .

Putat, H. E ., W i uder.

Colema n Buggy Co., Ma con.

Rom!' B u gg~' Co., Rome.

Colst on, Wm , L ., Ca lhou n.

St rob erg e, C. F., Macon,

Day, .I, H . Aug us t a .

.r. D a rs ey ,

' V.. ~J a c o n .

S mit h, .J. G. & S ons, 13arn es vilie.
.r Smith ohn ~I, Atla nta .

Davis \Va gon Co., Colum bus.

Sout h Georgia B uggy Co., V aldosta.

Dublin Buggy Co., Dublin.

Sa nde rs . Tno . D. , W ayn esb or o,

E mpire Bu ggy Co., .Iaekson .

Tifton B uggy Works, 'rifton.

Etowah Vehi cle Co., Ro me .

W hit e H ickor y W a gon Co.. Ea st

E ld er , A . C., W a t ki nsville.

P oint.

F ranklin Buggy Co., Ba r nesvil le.

W illi a ms ,\Ya gon \Vor ks . Ma con.


Ame rica n Su matra T ob a....o Co., Am st er dam .
B r u ns wick S moke r Co., Brunsw ick. B ibb Ciga r Co., M acon . Cub an ita Cig a r Co., Atl anta . Da wson Ciga r Co., D aw son .
Dubli n Cigar Co., D ublin .
E. E . xr, T ob a ceo Co., A tl an t a
P lowers, L . P . Mou ltrie,
Georgia dis, S .r., A tl a nt a.

Haselgrove OS('a 1', Th omasv ille. H ine ma n B ros ., At lan t a .
Ho me rvi lle Ciga r Fac to ry, H omer vill e. .Iacobs, \V. 8., Ca r r ollton . .Iolmson , C. A ., F itzgera ld.
K au f man .r., Cut hber t.
Ke lly & Co., V aldost a . L esmal Cig a r Co., W high am . L a Cola dn Ciga r Co., Amer icus. LaGra nge Cig ar Fa ct ory, LaG ran ge ~


Lumpki n, T . E ., Rom e.

Posad a A. & Co., Columbus.

Muc ou Cig a r Co., Ma co n.

Quit man Cig a r Co., Quit mun .

:\[ang ee, D . T . & Co., Xe wnau.

Rodd enb err y, C. D., Cairo.

Xlart ini , Cha s. L, S avannah .

Russel l & Co.. Valdosta.

:\[e.n 'r". L eRoy & Co., Sa va nuah. Sa nt a Cla ra Ciga r :-Ifg- . C"., Brun s,

:\[ill er. Xl rs. P . Suv auuuh. MeArthur, E . A. , Bainbridge,

wick .
Si ms, F. Po. \r .. Waycross .

:\leLa ne, B. C., B owers ville.

Smith, A. H., Atlanta.

,Oglethor pe Ciga r Co., Br unswiek . Sog-Bier .los eph . Suvnnuu h.

Ortngus Ciga r Co., Ro ss vill e.

Suut hrru ( ' igll l' & 'I'ohaec o Co.,

O wens B r os., Macon.

Va ld ost a .

P a lin & H a ddon, Al ba ny .

S ua re z Ciga r Co., Th omusvi lle,

P eacock Cig a r Fa ctory, Athens.

Valdes. S. Atlant a .

P itts Ciga r Factory, Ath ens .

" 'a t el's. 'I' hos .. Rom e.

Pit tma n. A. P . Ciga r Co.. Way cr oss , Weinberu e, 1... Columbus,


Ca non Co.. q uit man .

S ea boa i'll Coo pc ra gu Co ., Sn va nnnh .

Columb us Barrel Co., C'oh uu b us.

Standanl Head & Hanel Co..

L ogan, .J. A. & Sons . Su vu nnn h.


Ma con Cooper a ge Co., Ma con.

T ru ckers Cra t e S: Barrel C" ., Sa \'a n,

Pi erpont l\Ifg. Co., Savnnunh.


Rome Cooper a ge Co.. R ome.

Qu itman Coopera ge Co.. Quitman.

Sa va n nah Coop er a ge Co.. Sa vn nnah .


Augu sta Mattress :-Ifg. Co., Au, gusta.
Atlanta Mattres s Co., Atlanta . Acme Ma t tress Co., Atlanta . Barton, Geo., Snva nna h. Doo ner, D. J ., Sa va nna h. E mpire Mattress Co., Savannah. Tvey ts Ma t tress Facto ry, Macon,

.Iac kson -Orr Co.. Atlanta . :\[a con Spring B ed & Ma ttress
Co., Ma con. Mea denrs & Roge rs Atlanta. Met zer Co." Atlanta. Sava nna h Mat tress Co., Savannah . T ronton Co... Atla nta,


Alb any E lectric Supply Co., Al ba ny . . Alba ny Power & :-1fg . Co., Albany. Albrec ht, .J. C. Son s, Columbus'. Allb rig ht Ignition Co., Columbus . Am er icus Ma chi ne Sho ps, Americus. Am erican Specia lty :-Ifg. Co."
Atlanta. A nd rews, A . P ., Sa vn u un h. A nde rs on Bros & Ri ch . A t lnnt a,

Armstrong, R. S . & Bro., Atlau ta . A t hens E ngineering Co., Athen s. At hens Fo und ry &; Ma chi ne Co.,
At hens. At lanta Muehiu e 'Works, Atla nta. Atlanta Mfg. & Supply Co., Atlant a , At lan ta St eel Co., Atlanta . Atla nt a 'Wood, Tron & N ov elty
Work s. At lnnt n,

At lant a u ti li ty W orks, Atl a nt a . At la nt ic Coas t Li ne Shops, W ay -
cross. August a Xlachi ne Co., Augusta . Aut og en ous Wel ding Co., A t la nta. .l very "" Co., Atlanta. Bay Iron Works, Brunswick, Bak el', :.\f. A., Brunswi ck. Battey Muchine Co., Rome.
Ba iley, .r. S., Waycross,
B ea rd, B . C., :.\lillen. B isho p, Ba bcock, B eck er Co., At -
la nt a . B ing ha m ~l nlllcl S: Son s Co.,
Atla nta . B ibb B ros., Comme rce. Bo st r om :.\lfg . Co., Atlanta B owser , S. F . &: Co., Atl an t a .
Bo wswel, .r. F . B. , Ca rn esville,
Bo u rke, .Iohu S: Sons , Sava nnah . Bowie S to ve 'Y ork s, Rome. Bremen Mnchine 'York s. Brem en . B r unswick Cop per 'Y or ks. Bruns-
wi ck . B usha . .T. S., T occoa . Ca m p Xla chi ne Co., At lan t a. Ca rmichael Co., u n ion Cit y . Ceda r t own F oun dry S: Xlnch ine Co.,
Ceda rt own. Clv do Tron ' ,"ork s, Sa va nnah.
CoIl', R . n. ::-lf g. ce., X ewnan.
Coe. A. R.. T if t on . Columbus Tr on 'Yorks. Colu mbus. Columb us T ru ck Supply Co. Col um-
bu s. Cox. Chas . A. , Sa va nnah. Comb ing- Ma ch inc &. Gin Co.,
Rossv ill e. Cumm in jrhnm . L. P ., L incoln t on. Dav is F ound rv S: Mnchin e 'Yorks,
R ome. Deca t ur Car Wh eel Co. of Georgi a ,
Savannah. Demorest Foun dry S: Ma eh in e Co.,
Demo r est. D ix ie Culvert &. Met al Co.,
.Atl ant u. D ix ie Pattern S: :.\Ifg . Co.. Atl an ta.

Dou glas Poundry c; Ma chin e Co., D oug las .
El ect ri c Scal e Co., Savanna h. E berha r t Xl a ch ine ' Yorks, F t. "Val -
ley . E lberto n Ma chiuo W orks , Elberton. Fitzgerald Iron Works, F itzgera ld. F in dley Brass 'Y ork s, Xlacon , Fields Bros. ::-lfg . Co.. Da lt on. F or est City Sh eet Met al W ork s.
Sa va nua h . F orest Long Sta p le Gin Co.,
Vi dal ia. F u rlong , 0 . C., S: LO ., W ay cross. F unl in I r on 'Yor ks'. D ub li n, Gnin es vi lle Tron Work s, Gai nes
vill e. Geu ern l Pipe S: F udv Co., Atl an t a. Gcorgia Ca r S: L ocomotive Co.,
Atla nta . Geor g ia S up ply Co., Sava nna h. Georg ia Iron 'York s , Aug ust a , Gcorgia Found ry S: Ma ch ine Co.,
Rom e. Georg e, R . E ., Rome. Gillo n Xlach iue Co., Waycross. Glover Ma chine 'York s. :.\la ri etta . Gantt :.\Ifg . Co., Xl acon . Golde n 's F oundry 6; M uchiue Co.,
Columbus . Good yea r L on g :.\lehy. Co., _:.\l aeon. Griffin ::-lehy S: S upply Co., Gr iffin . Gri ffit h I mpl ement Co., Athen s. Gre en , :.\f. A ., Ta lla poosa . ::: . S. &. F. Ry . Sh ops , D ouglas.
G r. &: A . Ry. S hops, Ba in bri dg e
H an ks Stove Found ry , Rome H ahn e F ran k, Savanna h. H a ire S: Crocke r, Ba i nb ri dge. Hudl ey Ma chine Shops, Atlanta. H cnd eb erg, Chas. L ., Madison. Hill Cit y :.\la chin e Sh ops , Rome. H owell Bros., Wa shin gt on. Ho oven, Owen s S: Rent s chler Co.,
Atlant a . I nter na t iona l Steam E nginee r ing
Co., Atlan t a . .Tesup Ma chine 'York s, J es up ,


Kehoe Iron 'Y orks, Savannah. King, O. P ., Wrens . K ust er, F. E ., Ceda r t owu. Livingst on, S., Maco n. L owery , H . M., Summit . L ombar d Iron Works & Supply Co.
Aug usta. Lummus Sons Gin Co., Columbus. L unsf ord, G. A ., E lb erton. Lu dwig, C. F . & Co.j, Dublin. Manley Machin e Co., Dal t on. Mall ary & T ayl or Machine Works,
Macon. Massey Gin & Machin e Wks, Mac on. Ma con Machine Shops, Macon , Mascot St ove Mfg. Co., Da lton. Martin, H . M ., B remen. "Mer ry St eel T r uck Co., Columbus. Mingledorff & Co., Savannah. Miller Wm ., Thomasville . Moultrie Machine & Iron Foundry ,
Mou l t r i e , Mooc1y :Mf g . Co., U nion Point. Morris, C. S. & Co., Ma con. Mobley B ros., Wayn esb oro. Murray Co., Atl anta. Murphy & Goodyear, Macon. McKinney T raction Cultivator Co.,
Gain esvill e. McMill an Bros., Savann ah . Nancy H anks Hay Press & Fndry
Co., Dalton. N ewt on County Ma chin e Works,
Covington. Ne w At hens Ma chine Co." At hens. Norton, P rio rsons Sons Co., Savan -
na h. P arks-T ronary-Ho uehi n F oundry
Co., Atl anta . P ace, W. T., Bainbr idge. P atent Still Fixture Co., Savannah . P a tent Still Conde nser, Waycross , P necetti, E . C. & Sons, Savannah .
P enrscn, xt. W . Co., Ft. Vall ey.
P erkins, E. P ., Dickey. P crkor, Chas . F ., Columbus. P eters MeK inn ey El ectric Co.,
Atl anta .'

Pi erce & Nessmit h, Atlanta.
Pratt Engineering & Ma chine Co., Atlanta.
Pressley, ,Y. H ., Va lu osta.
Quitman Fo undry & l\Iachine Co., Qui t m a n .
Reeves Bolt Co., l\lacon. Reppard Iron Co., Savannah. Read H . H . & S ons, Wa shington . Riddell Bros, Atlanta . Ri cks, L . C., l\Iacon . Rome Ma chin ery Co., Rome. Rome Scale l\.Iig. Co., Rome. Robin son &; Mi t chell, ~la con. Rouke 's Iron W'or ks, Sava nna h. Rushing, C. H ., Sa vannah . Sanders & H eimbree Atlanta . Sanders, Geo. W ., Savanna h.
Sawyer , ' V. H . & Son, Americus.
Sawyer, P. C., Roller Cover Co., Macon.
Savannah Ma rcarroni Works, Savannah.
Savann ah L ocomoti ve Works' Sav a n n a h .
Seit zinger , 'I'hos F . & Sons, Atlanta. Sea Island Cot to n Gin Co., Vi dalia. Seckinger & Kane, Savannah. Schn eck Bros., Atlanta. Scott Mach inery Co., Atlanta. Schroter , J. H. & B ro., Atlanta. Schofield , J . S. & Sons, Macon. Shearer Mach ine Co., Atlanta . .Smith, J. R , McDonough . Sout h Atlantic Sh eet Metal Co.,
Atlant a . Southern Ma chin er y Co., Albany . Southern Mnchi nery Co., Atlanta , Sout hern Saw & Machiu e Works,
Atl anta. Sonth ern Wi re & Iron Works,
At lanta. Southern Saw & l\Iach ine W orks
East Point. Southcrn I r on & St eel Co.,
Risin g P awn . Southern P itting & Iron F oun dry,
Sava nnah.


Southern P low Co., Columbus. Southern L ocomotive & Equipment
Co. Valdosta. Southern Co-Operative F oundry
Rome. Story, L . B ., Atlanta. Star Machin e Shops & F oundry,
Dublin . Stu ckey, C. W., Valdosta. Su therl and, D. T ., B ainbri dg e. Thurman, 1. R , Atlan t a. Ti ft on F ound ry & Ma chine Co.,
Tifton. Th ompson , A . D . & Son, Savannah.

T homasv ille Iron W ork s, Thomasville.
'I' omlin-Harris Machine Co., Cor dele.
Ty son, J . C., Sav annah . Triangle Machin e Works, Atlanta. Valdo sta, Iron W orks, Valdosta. Valdosta Cop per W orks, Valdosta. 'West ern Electric Mfg . Co., .At la nt a. W estingh ouse E lectric Mfg. Co.,
Atlanta. 'Willi ams, J . F ., Atlanta . 'With ers Foundry 1,.,0., Atlanta. 'Wood, A. A. & Son, Atlanta .


Alba ny Marble Wo rks, Albany.

Cont inental Marble & Gra nit e Co.,

Alsobr ook, G. N ., Blue Ridge.

Cant on.

Amic ola ",Iarble Co., B all Ground. Cobb Coun ty Marblo Works,

Am eri can Marble & Granite Co.,


Can to n.

Corde le Consolidated Marble Co.,

Am er ican Marble & Gra nite Co.,

Cor dele.

Ca n on.

Combs Grani te Co., Lithoni a.

Anderson , C. H ., Macon.

Columbus Marble & Gra nite Co.,

Ath ens', Marble Co." At hens.


Ball Gro und )farble Co., B all Dav idson Gra nite Co., Lithonia .


Detroit Marble Co., White Stone.

B enn et t Marble Co., Cant on.

Dublin Marble Works'. Dublin.

Bl ue Ridge Marble Co., Ne lson.

E atont on & Coffey Marble Co.,

B rand & N ewmeyer , Lithonia.


Brantley Marble Co., Lithonia.

E lledge Marble Co., Columbus.

B ra ntl ey & Doby, Li thonia .

E t owah Marble Co., B al l Ground.

B rown & Reid. Sa va nnah.

F airburn Marble Co., F airburn.

Bine Mountain :\Iarble Co.,

F it.zgerald Marble Works, Fitz



Candy Marble Works, Fairburn.

F ont an a, A., Au gusta.

Carro ll to n Marble W ork s, Carrollto n . Gain es Marble Co., Cartersville.

Calhoun Ma rbl e Works, Calhoun.

Geor g ia Marble & Finishing Wks.

Ceda rtown Mnrbl e Co., Cedartown.

Cant on.

Cherokee Marble W orks, Ca nt on. Georgia 'Qu iney Gr anite Co., Sparta.

Cit y Marbl e Co., Moultrie.

Georgia Marble Co., Tate.

Cla rk Monum ental Wk s, Americus . Georgia Qui ncy Marble Co., Macon.

Coggins Mnrb le Co., Canton.

Giddens, S . B., Brunswick.

Cons umer :\[onument Co., Ball Hammond Marble Co., Woodstock.

Gr ound.

Hill Bros., Dalton.

Cousolidut cd ) [arble & Milling Co., J asper Monum ent al Works, .Iaaper.

Canto n .

J ohnson Gra ni t.e Co., L ithonia.


J ones Marble & Gran ite Co., Ga ines ville.
.Iasper Moun mental Works, J asper. K en nesa w Ma rble Co., Mariet t a . K in ney Gra nite Co., L it hon ia. K elly S. R . & Co., A ugu sta. Lanier, T . 'IV., Guyton . Laurens County Ma rble, D ubli n. Mucou Sto ne S upply Co., Macon . :.\IcGah ee, A. J ., Lit honi a. :.\lcN eel Ma rble Co., Mari etta . N ichols & B ro, A . II., Augusta . N orth Georgia :.\lar ble Co., E lli jay. Newn an Marble & Gra n it e Co.,
Ne wna n . Na t iona l Marble Mi lls, Can ton. No rt h Georgia Ma rble Works,
Wo ods to ck . Og-let horpe Granite Co., Suvunnnh. Poe. J . W ., Ma con, Quit man Ma rb le Works, Qui t man . It oa gnn O. E. & Co., L ith oni a . Husk, 'IV. H ., Decatur. Robbins, J. 'IV., Macon. Scott, L . 'IV., V a ldosta . Sup er ior Monument Co., Ball
Gro und.

Sto ne Mount a in Gra nite Co., Ston e Mountain.
8 0uthern Marble Co., Ma rbl e Hill. 8 iekles, Geo. B. Marble Co., 'fa t e. Souther n Granite & Marble Co.,
Da lton. Schnider Mon um ent a l Work s,
Ameri cus . Su va nunh Marbl e & Gra nite Co.,
Sa vannah. T urn ipseed, 'IV. H ., Jonesb oro . T a lk in g Rock l\1fg . Co., Ta lki ng
Ro ck . T homasville Ma rb le Co., T homa s-
vill e. Veal, A . B. F ., Stone Mou ntain. Ven nab le Bros., St one Moun ta in . Va ld ost a Ma rble Co., V ald ost a . Willi am s-H este r Marbl e Co., Ball
Gro und. Wells Gra n ite Co., Re dan. W ill iams & Patterso n, L ithonia . Wh it e St one i\farble Co., Wl lite
St one. Wel don, R. A ., T homasvill e. W aycr oss Marble Co., Wa ycr oss. Walz , .Io hn, Columb us,


Abelson, N ., Atlanta. Am erican Mf g . Co., Savann ah. Alexander & Co., Savannah . Bell Overall Co., W inde r . H app Bros., Macon. J ones, S. S . & Co., Savanna h.

Lo eb, M. & Co., Atlan ta. N unna lly & McRae, Atlant a . Oxb ow Falls Mfg. Co., Roswell, P eaco ck Cloth ing Co., Columb us. Rome Mfg. Co., Rom e. Sa nders -Glover P ants Co., Rom e.


Atlanta Gas & Li ght Co., Atl anta. Sava nnah Gas Co., Savan nah . Au gus t a Gas & Li gh t Co., A ugusta. Dalton Gas Co., Dal t on.

Columb us Ga s & Li ght Co., Columb us.
Ramo Gas Co., Rome. Ma con Gas Co. Ma con .


Ameri ca n B ak er ies Corporatio n, Atlant a.

Arrowsm ith, C. 'IV., Ft. Va lley. Atlanta Baking Co., Atla nta.


Ba ll, George, Savannah . Ball, Mrs. Barn ey, Amer icus. Baldowski, W. C., Aug usta. Bart, Chas. A. Savannah. Bartels Georg e, Snvun uah. Balser, C. R., Waycr oss . B illett, J., Atlanta. Blue Seal I ce Cream Co., Atlanta . Block, F rank E ., Atlanta. Brandon, R. H ., Savannah . Brower Candy Co., Atlanta. B r own J im, Mariet t a. B rockway, G. 1'1., Rossv ille. B rickles, E . E ., Elber ton . Bosto n Bakery, Athens. Buchholz, Mrs. L. 1\1., Da lt on. Buchsbaum, A., Savannah. City Bak ery & Bottl ing Co., Bain-
bridge. City Bakery Co., Bl ak ely. Cit y B akery, LaF ayette. Cit y Bakery, Washington. Cla ussen, H . H . Co., August a . Colli s, 1\L, Aug usta. Connell, Chas , M., Aug usta. Cor dele Ice Cream Co., Cord ele. Cra ig Bakery , Columbus. Craig & Ellis, Columbus. D ressell, J . F., Augusta. Derst John, Savannah. Dennis, A. J ., Savannah. E astman Bakery, Eastma n. E astm an Candy & Crispette Co.,
E astman. E agl e Candy & Confect ionery Co.,
R ome . Ev eridge, J . B., Columbus. Ei nning, Th eo., Atla nta. Faber , G. A. B runswick. Fish er, J . H ., Darien. Fisher, Chns., Millen . Gate City B aking Co., Atlanta . Garoy, .J. G., Sav annah. Garrett, .J. N ., T ift on. Gosson P . Savannah. Gottlieb 1., Sava nna h. Gr iffi n Bakery, Griffin. Gr cinima n Na th nu, Atlanta.

Gunt her, C. W. F ., Atlanta. Ha nneman, J ., Atlanta. Ha rper, W. H ., Hawkinsville. Hart, Fred, Savannah. H etterich, Chas. , Savannah . H oward, T . 1\1., Bl ackshear.
H oran , Gco. 'V., Dalton.
Hollingsworth Cand y Co., Savannah. I saac, Aron, Savannah. Jacobs, J . J ., Augusta. Jesup & An t r im, Atlanta. . Keeling, W . .I., Atlanta. Kess el, J. E ., Aug ust a . Kes ell Adam, Savannah. La nd, Neal, Bl akely . Laffer ty, B. B., Dublin. Lawt on, Jor da n Co., Maco n. Laff it y, T . J ., Mill edgevill e. La yfield , G. M., Rockmar t . l'faul, B. P., St atesboro.
Martin, ,v. R., Val dost a.
Mangham, F. N ., H awkinsville. Marc r is Bros., Cord ele. Mau George, Atlanta. Martin, 1\1. D., Atlanta. l'f erk le H ., Macon. Metzger , Joe, Swainsboro. l\Iitchell, J. L ., Augusta. l\fitchell, A. Columbus. Moore, Georg e., Atlanta. l\Ioog, H enry , Au gusta. McSweeney, J . W ., Albany. New South Bakery, Atlanta. N ewnan Baking Co., Ma con. N orris & Co., Atlanta. N unnally & Co., Atlanta. Nu gent, 'I'hos., Savannah. Otto, Geo. W. , Aug usta . P er ry, H . P ., Dalton. Pf'itzenmay er , ?Ill'S. H ., Sa vnnnnh . Pow ell & Suggs, Moultrie. Pure F ood I ce Cream Co., Columbus. Rns t ello Aur eli o, Daws on. Ramo s, An gle, Camill a. Reis, L ouis, Cochra n . Roehl, .T. C., E ast P oint.
Roes'e!' .r. L ., Au gust a.
Rose H ill Bak ery, Columbus.


Rogers, .Ios. Co, Atlanta . Rog ers & Gill , Atlanta. Rome St eam Bake ry , Rome. Schless ing er, H . L ., Atlanta . Schlessing er -Meyer Baki ng Co.,
Atl anta. Schur r Eugene, A tlanta. Scott , L . W ., V al dost a . Scars Sanita ry B a king Co., Ma con, Sh ro pshire, C. N ., L a F ayette. Sherriff I cc Crea m Co., Atla nt a. Smith, R. H. , Coving to n. Sm it h & B la ssen gam e, Monroe, S peer, lsom, Atlanta . S pi tz, L . T., W nsh in g t on. S wa rtz, F red , Savnnnah . T ay lor, Cha s., Atlanta .

T hompson, L . .I., At hens . T hompson, J us, T. , F itzgerald . T nh besing He n ry , Sav annah . Cdell J ohn, Au gu sta. Van Strat t on, .I., Athens . Yeal , ~Irs. D. E ., Monroe. Vetter, C. A., Sava nnah , V ienna, Baking Co., Augusta. V ienna B aking Co., Atlanta.
voss, J . :;\L, Ca rrollton.
W arneke, H . W ., Atlanta . Warn eke, ,Yo H ., Savann a h. W a ger, W . 'r ., Vidalia. W ay cro ss I ce Cr eam Co., W aycross. ",Yebb, E. B., .I esup. W ilder ~I fg. Co., A tl anta . Znk as , D., Atlanta .


Atlanta Laundr y Co., Atlanta .

Cir iffi n L nu ml rv Co.. Gri ff'in.

Arli ngton Steam La undry., Arling - Gut hma n L au ndr y, Atla nta.

t on.

:' Ia r ietta Laun d ry Co. Marietta .

Alba ny La undry ,- 0., Alb an y.

Xlau cheste r Stea m L a undry, Man-

Acme Steam L aund ry, Columbus . Au gu st a St eam L au ndry, Augusta. Abbott, E. G. & Co., Columbus. Arnstein , H enry , Sa va nna h. B ell Laundr y, Atlant a . Brunsw ick St eam L aund ry, B ru ns-
wick. Burnet t & Anders on, lII oult r ie.
Carter, 'V. C., Ameri cus.
Ca rroll to n Laun dry Co., Car rollton. Ca pit al Cit y Lau nd ry , Atla nta.

chester .
Xlyers St eam L au ndr y, Atlant a . :,IcGcc, J". '1' ., W aycr oss. P ay ne, Chas. A., Ne wnan. Pi edmont L au ndry Co., Atla nt a . Rome Ste am Laundry, Rome. Sout hern St eam La u nd ry, Rome, St a r L aundry, Valdosta. Sa va n nah Geor gi a L au ndry,
Savannah .

Columbus Stea m Laund ry, Columbus. T homasville Steam L aundry,

Crescent Laund ry Co., Ma con .

T homasville.

Dawson St eam L aundry, Dawson. T is on, .T. L . & W . W ., Ceda rtown.

Dix ie St eam Laundry, Quitman.

'r ifton Steam L aundry, Tifton

Dixi e St eam L aundry, B ainbridge. T rio St eam L a un dry, Atlanta.

Dougla s St ea m L au ndr y, Dougl as. Troy St eam Laun dr y, Ma con.

Dublin St eam .L a undry, Dublin.

T roy Steam Laundry, Atlanta.

E dwa r ds, B., Thomasville.

Tu cker , L. P ., P elham.

E mp ire L aundry, Athens,

V ick, A. G. Moult r ie,

E a st Atl anta L au ndr y, Atlanta .

W hit e Swa n L aundry Co., Ma con.

Ex celsi or L aun dr y, Atlanta.

Whit e Swan L aundr y Co., F itz-

Fuller & Porter, Ga inesville.



Alle n, B ona , B uford.

Ma rtin Bros., Athens.

Atla nt a TanniI1g & ){fg. Co., A t l a n t a.
Bernd, G., :M a ~on . Burpee, T. G. I\, G. T ., Ne wna n Cor dele L eath er Co., Cor dele. Cha t ham 'I'runk F act ory, Sa va n na h. Davi s, E . E ., . F ran kli n. F'lor, Edwar d. Demorest .

)loye1'8, .J. G., Summer ville. Moyl e, E ., Savannah . Moody Bros., B a ll Gro und. )lcCnrry & Inman, F airburn. Ocmulg ee T anni ng Co., Ma con. Orr, .T. K. Shoe Co., Atlanta. Okarma, E. 1., Sava nna h.

Frank, Leo, Savannah .

Phipps, E . F., LaFayette

Gainesville HaJ'ness' Co., Ga inesville. Rome 'I'anuery., Rome.

Gres ha m, .T. L ., Maco n.

Shadburn Bros., Buford .

Grato n Knight :Mfg. Co., Atl anta H ami sh & Son~, F itzger ald.

Southern Oa k & Leather Co., No r cros s.

H olt , W. H ., Fayet t evill e.

. Sout hern Sh oc l\Lfg. Co., Atlan ta.

Hubert l\Iax, Ath ens.

U . S. L ea th er Co., F lint Sto ne .

.Inhnn, O. R. L awr en ceville.

U nion T anning Co., Mineral B luff.

L ovelace, .Taml!S, H amilton .

Van ce H arness l\Ifg . Co., D alton.

Manly B ros., Ca r te rsv ille .

W ilen sky, M. Sava nna h.

a nooxr s.

Ant isep t ic B rollDl Co., Sav a nn a h. B aug h, .T. A . Atlanta. Columbus B roo m F a ct ory, Colum-
bu s. F el t on, D. D ., Brush Co., Atl anta . Georgia Asso ch1tion f or th e Blind
Atlanta. H artz Broom ]~actory, Macon.

H odges Broom Works, Atlanta. O. K . B ro om W orks, Macon. O'Nea l & Cox, Colu mb us . Southern Broom l\Ifg. Co., Atlanta. Schwar tz F re d C., Sava nna h. 'Wa rd, .T. P . Sav an nah. W ebb, J . R. Ma con.