Self-reporting enforcement response policy for the Georgia structural pest control industry

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Self-Reporting Enforcement Response Policy for the Georgia Structural Pest Control Industry

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) restates a long standing policy to enhance compliance with Georgia Structural Pest Control Act & Regulations by encouraging the regulated community to discover violations by self-auditing and voluntarily disclose and correct violations by self-reporting to GDA. Incentives for the regulated community include elimination or substantially reducing penalties. These incentives are offered to PMPs that voluntarily self-report and promptly correct violations. Under this policy, a self-report will not initiate enforcement inspections.

Three steps for self-reporting: Discovery: Review records including service records, inspection records and contracts. Review pesticide labels for use requirements, restrictions, post-application requirements, etc. Correction & Prevention: If a problem is discovered during the self-audit, take immediate corrective and preventive action. Include self-audits on a regular schedule. Disclosure: Contact GDA and schedule a self-reporting compliance assistance meeting.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 1. If GDA discovers a violation, can I self-report? Once GDA initiates an inspection, the self-auditing and reporting policy would not apply. 2. Can a company self-report more than once on the same regulatory requirement? No 3. If a company self-reports on a regulatory requirement, will this cover other regulatory requirements? No. After self-reporting on regulatory requirement and another problem is discovered, the company must go through all of the same steps of selfreporting. 4. What should I bring to the self-reporting compliance assistance meeting? A record of the self-audit and supporting documentation such as service records, contracts, etc., documentation of corrective actions taken and plan for prevention of future violations. 5. Has GDA revoked a license, certification or employee registration based on a selfreported violation? No. The self-reporting policy reduces or eliminates these penalties.
September 2010