House general calendar, 2023 March 27

HB 17 HB 32
HB 33 HB 48 HB 53 HB 92
HB 136 HB 151 HB 212 HB 218 HB 223
HB 226 HB 239 HB 248 HB 267 HB 282 HB 292 HB 322 HB 331

HOUSE BILLS Elections; sealing of ballots in secure containers; provide Quality Basic Education Act; no high school which receives funding shall participate in sports events that does not utilize instant replay in Championship games; provide State Board of Veterinary Medicine; independent state agency attached to the Department of Agriculture; provisions Elections; district attorneys and solicitors-general of state courts be elected in nonpartisan elections; provide State Board of Registration for Foresters; independent state agency; provisions Public utilities and public transportation; percentage limitation as to amount of investments an electric membership corporation may make and maintain in a gas affiliate; modify Penal institutions; commissioner of corrections to report certain information; require Special license plates; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; establish Niche-Beauty Services Opportunity Act; enact (Tabled) Evidence; sexual assault hearsay for disabled adults and 17 year olds; provide Revenue and taxation; procedures for certain local governments to change certain nonprofit organizations engaged to promote tourism, conventions, and trade shows for such jurisdiction; provide Social services; treatment services under Medicaid to persons with HIV; provisions Income tax; purchases and acquisitions of qualified investment property to include mining facilities; expand credits Courts; limiting sheriffs to one additional salary for serving as sheriff of multiple courts; repeal provisions Income tax; failure of employers to comply with revenue provisions regarding employees; authorize private causes of action for equitable relief Quality Basic Education Act; minimum course study in career readiness education for students in grades six through twelve; provide Property; nonjudicial foreclosure of time-share estates; revise procedures Ad valorem tax; property bills shall not include any nontax related fees or assessments; provide Revenue and taxation; accountability of tax collectors and tax commissioners; repeal provisions

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HB 334
HB 355
HB 358 HB 370 HB 380 HB 382 HB 409 HB 413 HB 417 HB 424 HB 426 HB 438
HB 441 HB 446 HB 449 HB 450 HB 451
HB 452 HB 469 HB 471 HB 473
HB 487

Georgia Crime Information Center; criminal history record information restrictions for certain persons cited with or convicted of certain criminal offenses; provide Property owners' associations; creating or enforcing covenants which infringe on a lot owners' right to use natural gas or solar energy device; prohibit Education; instruction on best practices for and risks associated with use of tampons; provide Equity; procedure for clearing title to coastal marshlands; provide Georgia Lottery Game of Sports Betting Act; enact Evidence; privilege for participation in victim centered programs; provide Local government; authorize local authorities to dispose of real property in the same manner as county governing authorities Georgia Agribusiness and Rural Jobs Act; second round of funding and period for applications; provide Insurance; prohibit insurers from discriminating against certain healthcare facilities and providers in connection with provider administered drugs Courts; office of sheriff; revise qualification requirements Elections; retention and preservation of ballots and other election documents; revise provisions Public utilities; prohibit governmental entities from adopting any policy that prohibits the connection or reconnection of any utility service based upon the type or source of energy or fuel Professions; authorize and regulate teledentistry by licensed dentists pursuant to permits issued by Georgia Board of Dentistry Crimes and offenses; offense of drive-by shooting; provide Ad valorem tax; breach of a covenant for bona fide conservation use related to solar generation of energy; repeal an exception Courts; reestablishment of Criminal Case Data Exchange Board; provide Public officers and employees; supplemental, illness-specific insurance for certain first responders with occupational post-traumatic stress disorder; require provision Agriculture; acquisition of possessory interest in certain land by certain nonresidents; prohibit Education, Department of; loitering or disrupting schools; provide for requirements and authorization Fair Business Practices Act; add example of an unfair practice regarding brokerage engagements Crimes and offenses; local governments operate bingo based games to offset reduced tax collections resulting from state-owned forest lands; authorize Crimes and offenses; assault and battery offenses upon all healthcare workers; expand enhanced punishment

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HB 501 HB 506
HB 507
HB 515
HB 516
HB 525
HB 537
HB 546 HB 549 HB 556 HB 559
HB 565
HB 585 HB 605 HB 617
HB 618
HR 10
HR 95
HR 119 HR 141 HR 184
HR 209 HR 211 HR 302

Minors; employment certificate requirements; repeal certain provisions Education; recognition of certain accrediting agencies as reliable authorities as to quality of education offered in public secondary schools; provide Commerce and trade; certain additional information to beauty pageant contestants before accepting a fee; provide Motor vehicles; eligible applicants for limited driving permits to submit to proof of completion of certain courses; require Transportation, Department of; increase minimum amount for a public road construction or maintenance contract that prohibits negotiation Motor vehicles; suspension of driver's licenses; provide standards for acceptance by a court of any clinical evaluation related to substance use or abuse Early Care and Learning, Department of; age-appropriate literacy instruction training requirements for certain child care providers; provide Georgia Pharmacy Practice Act; pharmacy care; revise definition Georgia State-wide Music Office Act; enact Pregnancy Protection Act; enact Elections; preferential treatment during advance voting to voters accompanied by children five years of age or under; provide Social services; temporary assistance for needy families; increase access to benefits Georgia Development Impact Fee Act; enact REACH Scholarship; victims of human trafficking are eligible; provide Highways, bridges and ferries; development and maintenance of a statewide freight and logistics implementation plan; provide Special license plates; retired members of the active reserve components and the Georgia National Guard; provide for design
HOUSE RESOLUTIONS House Study Committee on Public Water Systems Serving Disadvantaged Communities; create Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Day; fourth Wednesday in February; designate Joint Study Committee on Censorship by Social Media Platforms; create House Study Committee on Expanding Long-Term Care Options; create Georgia's self-service gasoline station owners and operators; policies to better assist disabled or mobility-impaired individuals; urge House Study Committee on Motor Vehicle Crash Fatality Rates; create House Study Committee on Landfills; create General Assembly; appropriation of funds received from certain legal judgments or settlements; provide - CA

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HR 303
HR 438 HR 449 HR 476 HR 488 HR 547
SB 11 SB 13 SB 19 SB 20
SB 31
SB 32 SB 36 SB 37 SB 56
SB 62 SB 63 SB 64 SB 68 SB 92 SB 97
SB 107

General Assembly; authorize local boards of education to impose, levy, and collect development impact fees for educational facilities costs; provide CA House Study Committee on the Okefenokee Swamp; create Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Day; fourth Wednesday in February; designate Congress; ensure spouses of active duty service members are able to obtain the retirement benefits that they have earned; urge House Rural Development Council; reauthorize House Study Committee on Rural Medical Personnel Recruitment; create
SENATE BILLS "Georgia Fights Terrorism Act"; enact Public Sales; tax levies and executions; authorize online Courts; collection of passport application and processing fees by clerks of superior courts and probate court judges; provide "Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act"; ensure consumer access to quality healthcare by setting adequacy standards for network plans offered by an insurer (Postponed) Prosecuting Attorneys; the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Attorney General in prosecuting a criminal case or cases due to the failure of a district attorney to prosecute such criminal case or cases; provide "Alyssa's Law" Pimping and Pandering; penalty provisions; increase Sheriffs; qualification requirements for the office of sheriff; revise Ad Valorem Taxation; state revenue commissioner to contract with the board of the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia to offer certain county tax commissioners the option to participate in a state administered deferred compensation plan; require Counties and Municipal Corporations; certain local ordinances or policies relating to public camping or sleeping; prohibit Bonds and Recognizances; setting of bonds and schedules of bails; provide Birth Certificate; issuance of a copy of the original birth certificate to certain adult persons who were adopted; provide (Postponed) Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations; offense of dogfighting as racketeering activity; include Prosecuting Attorneys Oversight Commission; create 'Georgia Cyber Command Act'; Georgia Cyber Command Division under the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency; create "Izzy's Law"; Depart. of Public Health shall develop and make available for download from its internet website a model aquatic safety plan based on national standards for private swim instructors; provide

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SB 109 SB 110 SB 112 SB 115 SB 121
SB 127 SB 132 SB 133 SB 136 SB 137 SB 144
SB 145 SB 146
SB 155 SB 157
SB 159 SB 160 SB 168 SB 177 SB 195 SB 211 SB 216 SB 217

Department of Community Health; include continuous glucose monitors as a pharmacy benefit for Medicaid recipients; require 'Back the Blue Act'; enact "Workforce EXCELeration Act"; enact Georgia National Guard; the adjutant general to be the official sponsor of the state sponsored life insurance program; provide Counties and Municipal Corporations; local governments from denying the drilling, servicing, or repair of new or existing water wells on single-family residential and farm properties; prohibit Excise Tax; procedures for certain local governments to change the designated private sector nonprofit organization; provide Agriculture; the acquisition of possessory interest in certain land by certain nonresident aliens; prohibit Juvenile Code; a uniform process to assume custody of children as a result of disposition orders; create Impact Fees; required revenue source for a development project involving workforce housing; modify Tuition Equalization Grants at Private Colleges and Universities; definition of approved school; revise Adjutant General; include a roster of all commissioned officers in the organized militia in the annual report to the Governor; remove the requirement "Landscape Equipment and Agricultural Fairness (LEAF) Act"; enact Georgia Public Service Commission; regulation and taxation of the provision of certain electricity used as a motor fuel in electric vehicles; provide Dangerous Instrumentalities and Practices; provisions relating to harming a law enforcement animal; revise (Postponed) Professions and Businesses; preclearance process in the licensing of individuals with criminal records who make an application to or are investigated by certain licensing boards and commissions; create Correctional Institutions of States and Counties; wireless communications and stand-alone electronic devices behind guard lines; prohibit Employment Security; provisions Hospitals and Nursing Homes; chiropractic practice to have a lien on a cause of action accruing to an injured person; allow "Food Insecurity Eradication Act"; enact "Freedom to Work Act"; enact Georgia Council on Literacy; establish Children and Youth Services; respite care for foster parents for longer periods of time pursuant to circumstances; authorize "Eliminating Ghost Plates Act"; enact

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SB 222 SB 233 SB 240 SB 246 SB 272
SR 175

Primaries and Elections; all costs and expenses relating to election administration are paid for with lawfully appropriate public funds; provide 'The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act'; establishment of promise scholarship accounts (Tabled) Retirement and Pensions; the minimum and maximum allowable benefit multiplier for current and future retirees; revise Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce; student loan repayment for certain nursing faculty; provide Courts; supplement the duties of administrative judges; Criminal Case Data Exchange Board; reestablish
SENATE RESOLUTIONS Joint Study Committee on Dual Enrollment for Highly Skilled Talent at Younger Ages; create

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