Legislation tabled on day 39, 2022 April 4

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Legislation tabled on day 39, 2022 April 4
Legislation tabled in the Senate, 2022 April 4
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MONDAY, APRIL 04, 2022

HB 1

Forming Open and Robust University Minds (FORUM) Act; enact (JUDY-14th) Bonner-72nd

HB 92

Health; transfer of vital records to State Archives; revise provisions (Substitute) (GvtO-50th) Gambill-15th

HB 202

Georgia Driver's Education Commission; violation of traffic laws or ordinance under Joshua's Law; increase additional penalty (Substitute) (PUB SAF-56th) Hitchens161st

HB 389 Employment security; change definition of employment to include services performed by an individual for wages (Substitute) (I&L-17th) Jones-25th

HB 428 Sales and use tax; change certain definitions (Substitute) (FIN-56th) Martin-49th

HB 554 Property; revise when an action may operate as a lis pendens (Substitute) (JUDY50th) Gunter-8th

HB 681 Education; course of study in financial literacy for students in tenth or eleventh grade; provide (Substitute) (ED&Y-14th) Yearta-152nd

HB 689

Georgia Crime Information Center; persons who are victims of an offense of trafficking may petition the clerk of court to have sealed certain criminal history record information; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-46th) Gaines-117th

HB 824 Georgia Legislative Retirement System; retirement allowance; increase (RET-29th) Cantrell-22nd

HB 893 Conservation and natural resources; extend date for hazardous waste fees (NR&E7th) Nix-69th

HB 899 Contracts; legal effects of the discontinuance of LIBOR; provisions (B&FI-18th) Williamson-115th

HB 916 Superior and State Court Appellate Practice Act; enact (JUDY-18th) Leverett-33rd


HB 923 Local government; development authorities; cap the per diem allowance available to directors (ETHICS-31st) Oliver-82nd
HB 969 Insurance; update regulation of company holding systems (I&L-11th) Smith-18th
HB 974 Property; deeds; require electronic filing (Substitute) (JUDY-29th) Gullett-19th
HB 1008 Georgia Achieving A Better Life Experience; governance of program by board of directors of Georgia Higher Education Savings Plan; provide (Substitute) (B&FI-18th) Hawkins-27th
HB 1039 Income tax; expenditures on maintenance for Class III railroads; extend tax credit (Substitute) (FIN-32nd) Jackson-128th
HB 1043 Georgia Endowment for Teaching Professionals; create (H ED-54th) Jasperse-11th
HB 1045 Workers compensation; dissolution of Subsequent Injury Trust Fund; extend time period (Substitute) (I&L-16th) Gaines-117th
HB 1058 Income tax; affiliated corporations file separate or consolidated returns; provisions (FIN-4th) Williamson-115th
HB 1068 State government; service of process for state tort claims; revise provisions (Substitute) (JUDY-46th) Leverett-33rd
HB 1092 Georgia Women's CARE (Child Care Alternatives, Resources, and Education) Act, enact (Substitute) (JUDY-18th) Cooper-43rd
HB 1103 Motor vehicles; heavy-duty equipment motor vehicle; revise definition (TRANS14th) Cheokas-138th
HB 1182 Local government; disposition of property acquired for lake projects do not apply if any portion of such lake was constructed; provide provisions (GvtO-11th) Taylor173rd
HB 1186 Speech-language pathologists and audiologists; revise licensing provisions (H&HS32nd) Houston-170th
HB 1215 Education; provision that reduced the amount of certain funding to state charter schools that offer virtual instruction; remove (ED&Y-56th) Thomas-21st
HB 1232 Motor vehicles; temporary license plates and operating permits; revise terminology (PUB SAF-54th) Barton-5th
HB 1274 State government; antisemitism; provide definition (Substitute) (JUDY-46th) Carson46th

HB 1275 Local government; appointment and removal of municipal court judges; revise provisions (JUDY-18th) Rich-97th
HB 1280 Revenue and taxation; county tax commissioner duties; revise provisions (Substitute) (FIN-45th) Lim-99th
HB 1295 Quality Basic Education Act; group of performance evaluation ratings; remove needs development rating (ED&Y-56th) Corbett-174th
HB 1297 Insurance; discount for property owners who build a new property that better resists tornado and catastrophic windstorm events; provide (I&L-29th) Gambill-15th
HB 1307 Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act; revise (PUB SAF-54th) Houston-170th
HB 1331 State Employment Service and the Employment Security Administration Fund; change certain provisions (APPROP-8th) Meeks-178th
HB 1348 Georgia Smoke-free Air Act; revise (Substitute) (JUDY-53rd) Rich-97th
HB 1352 Property; provide for handling of certain wills (Substitute) (SJUDY-15th) Smith133rd
HB 1355 Childhood Lead Exposure Control Act; revise (Substitute) (H&HS-1st) Dempsey-13th
HB 1383 Fair Employment Practices Act of 1978; hearing before an administrative law judge; provide (SJUDY-56th) Wilensky-79th
HB 1384 Buildings and housing; amend Georgia state minimum standard codes to authorize certain uses of ungraded lumber; require (Substitute) (AG&CA-24th) Jenkins-132nd
HB 1390 Labor and industrial relations; right of action against a county or city employer for retaliation; provide (JUDY-42nd) Anulewicz-42nd
HB 1391 Criminal procedure; compensation for public defenders and assistant public defenders; revise (JUDY-50th) Gunter-8th
HB 1405 The Zoning Procedures Law; revise (Substitute) (JUDY-42nd) Roberts-52nd
HB 1409 Labor and industrial relations; workers' compensation benefits; change certain provisions (I&L-32nd) Werkheiser-157th
HB 1435 Education; needs based financial aid program; include eligibility for students with a financial aid gap (Substitute) (H ED-23rd) Martin-49th

HB 1484 Social services; three-year pilot program to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of PANDAS and PANS under Medicaid; provide (H&HS-32nd) Hawkins27th

HB 1516 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority; provide for definitions; provisions (ED&T46th) Gaines-117th

HB 1520 Georgia Council on Addressing Health Care Workforce Challenges; create (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (Substitute) (GvtO-49th) Hawkins-27th

HB 1528 Commerce and trade; illegal for certain persons to purchase or attempt to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell used, detached catalytic converters; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-50th) Momtahan-17th

HB 1533 Professions and businesses; professional programs that address career fatigue and wellness in healthcare professionals are not obligated to report to licensing boards except in certain circumstances; provide (H&HS-52nd) Newton-123rd

HR 204 Judge Willie J. Lovett, Jr. Juvenile Justice Center; City of Savannah; dedicate (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (SI&P-1st) Gilliard-162nd

HR 593 Perry, Mr. Dennis Arnold; compensate (APPROP-21st) Hogan-179th

HR 626 Robinson, Kerry; compensate (APPROP-21st) Holcomb-81st

HR 732 Local government; date temporary loans are payable from end of calendar year to fiscal year; change - CA (FIN-56th) Martin-49th

HR 842

General Assembly; establish standard salary for Senators and Representatives equal to 60 percent of median household income - CA (Substitute) (ETHICS-53rd) Cantrell22nd