Senate general calendar, 2023 March 20


SB 38 SB 43 SB 52 SB 78 SB 96 SB 98 SB 100 SB 117 SB 123

Speed Limit in School Zones; local governing body to apply for a permit to operate a traffic enforcement safety device which enforces the speed limit in a school zone by recorded image; authorize (PUB SAF-29th)
Georgia State Indemnification Fund; death by suicide of a public safety officer in certain instances be considered a death in the line of duty; provide (I&L-41st)
Georgia Student Finance Commission; to establish participation and performance targets for the program; require (Substitute) (H ED-42nd)
Off-Road Vehicles; civil forfeiture of any off-road vehicle operated while fleeing police or driving aggressively; authorize (PUB SAF-29th)
Professional Standards Commission; the commission's standards and procedures for certification programs shall be neutral; provide (Substitute) (ED&Y-31st)
Local Boards of Education; local board of education members from discussing individual personnel matters with school officials; prohibit (Substitute) (ED&Y-31st)
Unsecured Judicial Release; limitation of unsecured judicial release in certain circumstances where the accused has a prior conviction for the offense of bail jumping or failure to appear; provide (JUDY-50th)
State Employees' Assurance Department; the assignment of certain group term life insurance benefits to pay for funeral services of a deceased individual who was a member; provide (RET-25th)
Educational Programs; state funded administration of a nationally recognized career and college readiness assessment and an assessment leading to a nationally recognized workforce credential; require (Substitute) (ED&Y-31st)

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SB 162
SB 183 SB 208 SB 221
SB 225 SB 235 SB 260 SR 123
SR 189 SR 221 HB 31
HB 36 HB 43

Health; certificate of need requirements for all health care facilities except certain long-term care facilities and services; eliminate (Substitute) (RI&U-1st)
Ticket Brokers; exception permitting certain resale restrictions; remove (Substitute) (ED&T-27th)
'Georgia Development Impact Fee Act'; provide for fees for education (ED&Y-27th)
Primaries and Elections; the language that must be used on absentee ballot applications distributed by persons or entities; revise (Substitute) (ETHICS-23rd)
National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Policy Locator; conduct a quarterly search; require an insurer (I&L-16th)
"HBCU Innovation and Economic Prosperity Planning Districts Act"; enact (Substitute) (ED&T-39th)
"Georgia Electric Vehicle Future Act"; enact (RI&U-50th)
Attorney General; negotiate with the State of South Carolina terms of a reciprocal immunity agreement for officials of either state carrying out certain official duties; urge (RULES-23rd)
General Assembly; development impact fees for educational purposes; provide -CA (ED&Y-27th)
Joint Study Committee on Run-off Elections; create (RULES-23rd)
Conservation and natural resources; Hazardous Waste Trust Fund; dedicate proceeds of certain hazardous waste fees (FIN-52nd) Buckner137th
Ad valorem tax; language required to be included in notices of current assessment; revise (FIN-52nd) Martin-49th
Council on American Indian Concerns; revise membership (NR&E-31st) Lim-98th

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HB 76 HB 80 HB 82 HB 91 HB 119 HB 126 HB 128 HB 130 HB 132 HB 139 HB 166 HB 167

Professions and businesses; education, experience, and training requirements for licensure in marriage and family therapy; revise provisions (Substitute) (C&F-28th) Powell-33rd
Uniform Unsworn Declarations Act; enact (Substitute) (JUDY-18th) Leverett-123rd
Income tax; limit eligibility for rural physician tax credit to physicians who qualify on or before December 31, 2023 (Substitute) (FIN-23rd) Jackson-128th
Wills, trusts and administration of estates; notices to beneficiaries regarding issuance of letters testamentary; require (JUDY-50th) Wade9th
Uniform rules of the road; procedure for passing stationary vehicles; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-14th) Corbett-174th
Appeal and error; judgments deemed directly appealable; change a provision (Substitute) (JUDY-17th) Smith-18th
Revenue and taxation; representation of minority business enterprises, women and veteran owned businesses in procurement of state contracts; provide (ED&T-3rd) Hong-103rd
Georgia Student Finance Authority; student loan repayment for peace officers; provide (H ED-50th) Gambill-15th
Buildings and housing; amend Georgia state minimum standard codes to authorize certain uses of ungraded lumber; require (AG&CA-24th) Jenkins-136th
Criminal procedure; restrictions of disclosure of personal information of nonsworn employees; provisions (JUDY-56th) Crowe-118th
Courts; provide for qualification of constables (JUDY-17th) Mathiak74th
Motor vehicles and traffic; standards for issuance of limited driving permits for certain offenders; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-29th) Momtahan-17th

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HB 175
HB 182 HB 183 HB 185 HB 186 HB 188 HB 204 HB 220
HB 227 HB 228
HB 230 HB 237

Motor vehicles; federal regulations regarding safe operation of commercial motor vehicle and carriers; update reference date (Substitute) (PUB SAF-9th) Daniel-117th
Property; curing defective deeds and other instruments; revise provisions (Substitute) (JUDY-17th) Reeves-99th
Motor vehicles; temporary license plates and operating permits; revise terminology (TRANS-54th) Barton-5th
Education; provide for HOPE Inclusive Postsecondary Education (IPSE) grants (Substitute) (H ED-4th) Gaines-120th
Appeal and error; filing of petitions for review in reviewing courts from lower judicatories; revise an exception (JUDY-18th) Leverett-123rd
Georgia Dangerous Sexual Predator Prevention Act; enact (Substitute) (PUB SAF-56th) Sainz-180th
Georgia Municipal Court Clerks' Council; create (Substitute) (JUDY37th) Yearta-152nd
Property; means of enforcement of condominium and property owners' association instruments, rules, and regulations; provide (JUDY-17th) Leverett-123rd
Crimes and offenses; offense of criminal interference with critical infrastructure; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-46th) Leverett-123rd
Education; tuition equalization grants at private colleges and universities; expand definition of approved school (Substitute) (H ED-23rd) Dempsey13th
Revenue and taxation; qualified consolidated government special purpose local option sales tax; provide (Substitute) (FIN-23rd) Newton-127th
State government; Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby as official soap box derby of the State of Georgia; designate (Substitute) (ED&T-28th) Hagan-156th

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HB 243 HB 244 HB 254 HB 264 HB 279 HB 285 HB 291 HB 294 HB 298 HB 299 HB 302 HB 308

Coweta Judicial Circuit; superior court; provide eighth judge (Substitute) (JUDY-28th) Smith-70th
Board of Natural Resources; effective date for certain rules and regulations; extend (Substitute) (NR&E-3rd) Petrea-166th
Civil practices; alternative procedure for designation of official legal organ; provide (SLGO(G)-24th) Jenkins-136th
Revenue and taxation; handling of appeals of property tax assessments; revise certain deadlines and procedures (Substitute) (FIN-4th) Smith138th
Insurance; discount for property owners who build a new property that better resists tornado, hurricane, or other catastrophic windstorm events; provide (I&L-29th) Gambill-15th
Employees' Retirement System of Georgia; total percentage of funds invested in alternative investments; raise limit (RET-16th) Franklin-160th
Guardian and ward; add to the list of providers who are authorized to participate in the processes for appointment of a guardian for an adult (Substitute) (C&F-11th) Scoggins-14th
Insurance; administration of certain rehabilitation policies by a ceding insurer placed into liquidation; provisions (Substitute) (I&L-20th) DeLoach-167th
Courts; exemption or deferment from jury service for natural or adoptive mothers of children six months of age or younger; provide (JUDY-49th) Daniel-117th
Georgia Code; add appropriate references to United States Space Force; provisions (VM&HS-32nd) Thomas-21st
Crimes and offenses; issuance of a temporary or permanent protective order by the court; provide (JUDY-1st) Franklin-160th
Revenue and taxation; certain medical preceptor rotations; revise tax credit (Substitute) (FIN-52nd) Newton-127th

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HB 317 HB 327 HB 340 HB 353
HB 383 HB 396 HB 406
HB 412 HB 416 HB 436 HB 437
HB 444 HB 453

State Employees' Assurance Department; assignment of certain group term life insurance benefits; provisions (RET-25th) Taylor-173rd
Crimes and offenses; incest; include step-grandparent and step-grandchild relationship (JUDY-54th) Cameron-1st
Education; daily duty-free planning periods for teachers in grades six through twelve; provide (ED&Y-31st) Corbett-174th
Georgia Lottery for Education Act; administrative procedures regarding coin operated amusement machines shall be subject to Chapter 13 of Title 50; provide (Substitute) (ED&T-45th) Powell-33rd
Safer Hospitals Act; enact (H&HS-1st) Reeves-99th
Oconee River Greenway Authority; add president of Georgia College and State University (NR&E-25th) Vance-133rd
Georgia Public Service Commission; regulation of the provision of certain electricity used as a motor fuel in electric vehicles; provide (Substitute) (RI&U-51st) Jasperse-11th
Income tax; repeal a limitation on types of partnerships that may elect to pay income taxes at the entity level (FIN-56th) Williamson-112th
Pharmacies; authorize qualified pharmacy technicians to administer certain vaccines (H&HS-50th) Silcox-53rd
Surface mining; revise maximum criminal penalties for violations (NR&E-11th) Corbett-174th
Georgia State Indemnification Commission; abolish and authorize commissioner of administrative services to assume duties; provisions (SLGO(G)-56th) Hitchens-161st
Property; revise when an action may operate as a lis pendens (JUDY17th) Reeves-99th
Health; ambulance services pay annual license fee; repeal requirement (Substitute) (H&HS-32nd) Hilton-48th

- 6 -

HB 455 HB 480 HB 498 HB 508 HB 509 HB 514 HB 524 HB 528 HB 529 HB 543 HB 557 HB 571

Professions and businesses; professional programs to address career fatigue and wellness in healthcare professionals; provisions (RI&U-56th) LaHood-175th
Workers' compensation; benefits; change certain provisions (I&L-20th) Franklin-160th
Funeral directors and embalmers; reinstatement of lapsed license; change certain provisions (RI&U-25th) Mathis-149th
Crimes and offenses; orders be served on a respondent within 24 hours of the court's issuance of such order; provide (JUDY-42nd) Ballinger-23rd
Crimes and offenses; burglary; include an act of family violence (C&F54th) Ballinger-23rd
Housing Regulation Transparency Act; enact (Substitute) (ED&T-30th) Washburn-144th
Motor vehicles; issuance of Class C driver's license to operators of certain three-wheeled motor vehicles; provide (TRANS-32nd) Ridley22nd
Georgia Online Automatic Renewal Transparency Act; enact (Substitute) (AG&CA-42nd) Gaines-120th
Insurance; minimum amounts of uninsured and underinsured coverage to be maintained by transportation network and taxi service companies; provide (TRANS-20th) Williams-148th
Courts; six-person jury trials in civil actions; revise an exception (Substitute) (JUDY) Reeves-99th
Professions and businesses; authority to certain nurses and physician assistants to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances; authorize (Substitute) (RI&U) Stephens-164th
Georgia Alzheimer's and Related Dementias State Plan; updated every four years; provide (H&HS-32nd) Silcox-53rd

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HB 572 HB 607 HB 611

Elections; rename Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission as the State Ethics Commission (ETHICS-25th) Reeves-99th
Education; revise definition of Zell Miller Scholarship Scholar by changing ACT score requirement for certain students (H ED-23rd) Pirkle169th
Budgetary and financial affairs; disposition of state funds derived from certain legal judgments or settlements; provide (Substitute) (APPROP19th) Burchett-176th

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