Senate rules calendar, 2022 April 1

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Senate rules calendar, 2022 April 1
Georgia. General Assembly. Senate
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Georgia. General Assembly. Senate
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This document is the Georgia Senate rules calendar.
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HB 1428 HB 1084 HB 1421 HB 508 HB 1178 HB 1150 HB 1175 HB 1324 HB 469 HB 1385 HB 733 HB 1056 HB 1044 HB 1009

Code Revision Commission; revise, modernize, correct errors or omissions (JUDY17th) Efstration-104th
Education; curricula or training programs which encourage certain concepts; prevent use of (Substitute) (ED&Y-49th) Wade-9th
Conservation and natural resources; Hazardous Waste Trust Fund; dedicate the proceeds of certain hazardous waste fees (Substitute) (FIN-29th) Buckner-137th
Commerce and trade; commercial recordings, musical performances, and audiovisual works; provide protections (AG&CA-46th) Carpenter-4th
Parents' Bill of Rights; enact (ED&Y-45th) Bonner-72nd
Freedom to Farm Act; enact (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (Substitute) (AG&CA-20th) Dickey-140th
Georgia Raw Dairy Act; enact (Substitute) (AG&CA-53rd) Pirkle-155th
Health and insurance; clarify that the prudent layperson standard is not affected by the diagnoses given (I&L-32nd) Camp-131st
Income tax; rehabilitation of historic structures; revise tax credits (Substitute) (Rules53rd) (Substitute) (FIN-56th) Stephens-164th
Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office; revise annexation reporting requirements (SLGO(G)-50th) Anderson-10th
Insurance; guaranteed asset protection waiver; revise definition (Substitute) (Rules53rd) (I&L-31st) Smith-18th
Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund; authority to make alternative investments; repeal certain restrictions (RET-53rd) Hill-3rd
Local government; creation of regional development authorities; provide (ED&T-51st) Pirkle-155th
Motor vehicles; use of personal delivery devices to transport cargo; authorize (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (Substitute) (TRANS-51st) Jones-25th

HB 1042 HB 1335 HB 1291
HB 1437 HB 1520 HB 1350
HR 664 HB 918 HB 1055 HB 899 HB 1304 HB 1 HB 56 HB 92 HB 202 HB 203

OneGeorgia Authority Act; grant program to establish primary care medical facilities in health professional shortage areas; provide (H&HS-11th) Jasperse-11th
Holidays and observances; provide for Public Safety Week (GvtO-53rd) Smyre-135th
Sales and use tax; exemption for sale or lease of computer equipment of hightechnology companies; revise spending threshold and extend sunset date (Substitute) (FIN-51st) Smith-133rd
Income tax; revise rates of taxation on income (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (Substitute) (FIN-52nd) Blackmon-146th
Georgia Council on Addressing Health Care Workforce Challenges; create (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (Substitute) (GvtO-49th) Hawkins-27th
Wills, trusts, and administration of estates; executors to send notices to beneficiaries regarding filing of petitions to probate wills; require (Substitute) (SJUDY-51st) Wade9th
Property; conveyance of certain state owned property; authorize (Substitute) (Rules53rd) (Substitute) (SI&P-15th) Greene-151st
Georgia Rare Disease Advisory Council; provide (Substitute) (GvtO-1st) Cheokas138th
Motor vehicles; revise definition of all-terrain vehicle (TRANS-51st) Ridley-6th
Contracts; legal effects of the discontinuance of LIBOR; provisions (B&FI-18th) Williamson-115th
Georgia Caregivers Act; create (H&HS-11th) Hawkins-27th
Forming Open and Robust University Minds (FORUM) Act; enact (JUDY-14th) Bonner-72nd
Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit; superior court; provide additional judge (Substitute) (JUDY-14th) Cantrell-22nd
Health; transfer of vital records to State Archives; revise provisions (Substitute) (GvtO50th) Gambill-15th
Georgia Driver's Education Commission; violation of traffic laws or ordinance under Joshua's Law; increase additional penalty (Substitute) (PUB SAF-56th) Hitchens-161st
Special license plates; Tybee Island Historical Society; establish (PUB SAF-1st) Petrea-166th


HB 322 HB 389 HB 428 HB 554 HB 681 HB 689
HB 824 HB 893 HB 916 HB 923 HB 937 HB 969 HB 972 HB 974 HB 1008
HB 1039 HB 1043

Juvenile Code; revise definition of sexual exploitation (Substitute) (JUDY-28th) Wiedower-119th
Employment security; change definition of employment to include services performed by an individual for wages (Substitute) (I&L-17th) Jones-25th
Sales and use tax; change certain definitions (Substitute) (FIN-56th) Martin-49th
Property; revise when an action may operate as a lis pendens (Substitute) (JUDY-50th) Gunter-8th
Education; course of study in financial literacy for students in tenth or eleventh grade; provide (Substitute) (ED&Y-14th) Yearta-152nd
Georgia Crime Information Center; persons who are victims of an offense of trafficking may petition the clerk of court to have sealed certain criminal history record information; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-46th) Gaines-117th
Georgia Legislative Retirement System; retirement allowance; increase (RET-29th) Cantrell-22nd
Conservation and natural resources; extend date for hazardous waste fees (NR&E-7th) Nix-69th
Superior and State Court Appellate Practice Act; enact (JUDY-18th) Leverett-33rd
Local government; development authorities; cap the per diem allowance available to directors (ETHICS-31st) Oliver-82nd
Medicaid; coverage for annual mammograms at no cost to recipient; provide (H&HS55th) Henderson-113th
Insurance; update regulation of company holding systems (I&L-11th) Smith-18th
Professional counselors; licensing requirements; change certain definitions (Substitute) (RI&U-28th) Belton-112th
Property; deeds; require electronic filing (Substitute) (JUDY-29th) Gullett-19th
Georgia Achieving A Better Life Experience; governance of program by board of directors of Georgia Higher Education Savings Plan; provide (Substitute) (B&FI-18th) Hawkins-27th
Income tax; expenditures on maintenance for Class III railroads; extend tax credit (Substitute) (FIN-32nd) Jackson-128th
Georgia Endowment for Teaching Professionals; create (H ED-54th) Jasperse-11th


HB 1045 HB 1058 HB 1068 HB 1092 HB 1103 HB 1182
HB 1186 HB 1188
HB 1194 HB 1215 HB 1216 HB 1232 HB 1274 HB 1275 HB 1280 HB 1283

Workers compensation; dissolution of Subsequent Injury Trust Fund; extend time period (Substitute) (I&L-16th) Gaines-117th
Income tax; affiliated corporations file separate or consolidated returns; provisions (FIN-4th) Williamson-115th
State government; service of process for state tort claims; revise provisions (Substitute) (JUDY-46th) Leverett-33rd
Georgia Women's CARE (Child Care Alternatives, Resources, and Education) Act, enact (Substitute) (JUDY-18th) Cooper-43rd
Motor vehicles; heavy-duty equipment motor vehicle; revise definition (TRANS-14th) Cheokas-138th
Local government; disposition of property acquired for lake projects do not apply if any portion of such lake was constructed; provide provisions (GvtO-11th) Taylor173rd
Speech-language pathologists and audiologists; revise licensing provisions (H&HS32nd) Houston-170th
Criminal procedure; each act of child molestation charged as a separate offense; provide (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (JUDY-50th) Lott-122nd Passage of HB 1188 was suspended pursuant to Rule 7-1.6(b)
Motor vehicles; federal regulations regarding safe operation of commercial motor vehicles and carriers; update reference date (TRANS-45th) Crowe-110th
Education; provision that reduced the amount of certain funding to state charter schools that offer virtual instruction; remove (ED&Y-56th) Thomas-21st
Traffic offenses; enhanced penalties for violations of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-50th) McDonald-26th
Motor vehicles; temporary license plates and operating permits; revise terminology (PUB SAF-54th) Barton-5th
State government; antisemitism; provide definition (Substitute) (JUDY-46th) Carson46th
Local government; appointment and removal of municipal court judges; revise provisions (JUDY-18th) Rich-97th
Revenue and taxation; county tax commissioner duties; revise provisions (Substitute) (FIN-45th) Lim-99th
Quality Basic Education Act; recess for students in kindergarten and grades one through five; provide (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (ED&Y-53rd) Douglas-78th

HB 1295 HB 1297 HB 1307 HB 1331 HB 1344 HB 1348 HB 1352 HB 1355 HB 1383 HB 1384 HB 1390 HB 1391 HB 1405 HB 1409 HB 1435 HB 1441 HB 1484
HB 1516

Quality Basic Education Act; group of performance evaluation ratings; remove needs development rating (ED&Y-56th) Corbett-174th
Insurance; discount for property owners who build a new property that better resists tornado and catastrophic windstorm events; provide (I&L-29th) Gambill-15th
Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act; revise (PUB SAF-54th) Houston-170th
State Employment Service and the Employment Security Administration Fund; change certain provisions (APPROP-8th) Meeks-178th
Public officers and employees; updated language regarding spouses of armed forces service members; provide (VM&HS-14th) Clark-147th
Georgia Smoke-free Air Act; revise (Substitute) (JUDY-56th) Rich-97th
Property; provide for handling of certain wills (Substitute) (SJUDY-15th) Smith-133rd
Childhood Lead Exposure Control Act; revise (Substitute) (H&HS-1st) Dempsey-13th
Fair Employment Practices Act of 1978; hearing before an administrative law judge; provide (SJUDY-56th) Wilensky-79th
Buildings and housing; amend Georgia state minimum standard codes to authorize certain uses of ungraded lumber; require (Substitute) (AG&CA-24th) Jenkins-132nd
Labor and industrial relations; right of action against a county or city employer for retaliation; provide (JUDY-42nd) Anulewicz-42nd
Criminal procedure; compensation for public defenders and assistant public defenders; revise (JUDY-50th) Gunter-8th
The Zoning Procedures Law; revise (Substitute) (JUDY-42nd) Roberts-52nd
Labor and industrial relations; workers' compensation benefits; change certain provisions (I&L-32nd) Werkheiser-157th
Education; needs based financial aid program; include eligibility for students with a financial aid gap (Substitute) (H ED-23rd) Martin-49th
Professions and businesses; exempt a certified peace officer employed as an independent contractor from certain requirements (RI&U-28th) Collins-68th
Social services; three-year pilot program to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of PANDAS and PANS under Medicaid; provide (H&HS-32nd) Hawkins27th
Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority; provide for definitions; provisions (ED&T46th) Gaines-117th

HB 1528
HB 1533
HR 204 HR 593 HR 594
HR 626 HR 732 HR 820 HR 842

Commerce and trade; illegal for certain persons to purchase or attempt to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell used, detached catalytic converters; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-50th) Momtahan-17th
Professions and businesses; professional programs that address career fatigue and wellness in healthcare professionals are not obligated to report to licensing boards except in certain circumstances; provide (H&HS-52nd) Newton-123rd
Judge Willie J. Lovett, Jr. Juvenile Justice Center; City of Savannah; dedicate (Substitute) (Rules-53rd) (SI&P-1st) Gilliard-162nd
Perry, Mr. Dennis Arnold; compensate (APPROP-21st) Hogan-179th
County and municipal governing authorities; grant temporary tax relief to properties severely damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster and located within a nationally declared disaster area; provide - CA (FIN-28th) Smith-70th
Robinson, Kerry; compensate (APPROP-21st) Holcomb-81st
Local government; date temporary loans are payable from end of calendar year to fiscal year; change - CA (FIN-56th) Martin-49th
James J. Boss Memorial Roundabout; Barrow County; dedicate (Substitute) (TRANS51st) England-116th
General Assembly; establish standard salary for Senators and Representatives equal to 60 percent of median household income - CA (Substitute) (ETHICS) Cantrell-22nd

Respectfully submitted,

Mullis of the 53rd, Chairman Senate Rules Committee