House supplemental rules calendar, 2024 March 21B


Mr. Speaker and Members of the House:

The Committee on Rules has fixed the calendar for this 38th Legislative Day as enumerated below:


Pursuant to House Rule 33.3, debate shall be limited to one hour on all legislation. Time to be allocated at the discretion of the Chair.

Modified Structured Rule

SB 97 SB 132 SB 208 SB 212 SB 259 SB 324 SB 351 SB 384 SB 399
SB 402

'Georgia Cyber Command Act'; Georgia Cyber Command Division under the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency; create (Substitute)(PS&HS-Collins-71st) Anavitarte-31st Agriculture; the acquisition of possessory interest in certain land by certain nonresident aliens; prohibit (Substitute)(A&CA-Clark-100th) Beach-21st (Rules Committee Substitute LC 44 2848S) 'Georgia Development Impact Fee Act'; provide for fees for education (GAff-Jones-25th) Dolezal-27th Probate Court Judges; relating to elections; end activities and duties (GAff-Kelley-16th) Burns-23rd (Rules Committee Substitute LC 47 3067S) Superior Court of Banks County; move from the Piedmont Judicial Circuit to the Mountain Judicial Circuit (Substitute)(Judy-Erwin-32nd) Hatchett-50th State Printing and Documents; a victim centered address confidentiality program; provide (Substitute)(GAff-Gaines-120th) Jackson-41st (Rules Committee Substitute LC 48 1311S) "Protecting Georgia's Children on Social Media Act of 2024"; enact (Substitute)(Ed-Hilton-48th) Anavitarte-31st (Rules Committee Substitute LC 49 1936S) Public Officers and Employees; development and administration of the State of Georgia as a Model Employer (GAME) Program; provide (I&L-Franklin-160th) Hickman-4th Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia; to enter into and amend existing agreements with the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia; encourage and state expectations (Substitute) (HEd-Dubnik-29th) Echols-49th Instruction Permits; restrictions upon the operation of Class C motor vehicles by Class D license holders with certain passengers in the vehicle; revise (Substitute)(MotV-Ridley-6th) Ginn-47th

SB 449 SB 479
SB 497 SB 517 SR 189

Certified Nursing Aid; certain military medical personnel from an examination requirement; exempt (Substitute)(RegI-Blackmon-146th) Walker III-20th Secondary Metals Recyclers; applicability of the definition of the term "used, detached catalytic converters" to said article; provide (A&CA-Meeks-178th) Hatchett-50th (Rules Committee Substitute LC 39 4401S) Education; High-demand Career Initiatives Program as the High Demand Apprenticeship Program; redesignate (Substitute)(HEd-Hong-103rd) Hickman-4th Criminal Prosecutions; immunity from certain criminal prosecutions against law enforcement officers whose threat or use of force is justified or otherwise lawful; provide (JudyNC-Seabaugh-34th) Robertson-29th General Assembly; development impact fees for educational purposes; provide -CA (GAff-Jones-25th) Dolezal-27th

Structured Rule

SB 344 SB 496

Sales and Use Taxes; firearms, ammunition, gun safes, and related accessories during an 11 day period each year; exempt (Substitute) (W&M-Camp-135th) Anavitarte-31st Ad Valorem Taxation of Property; extension of preferential assessment periods for certain historic properties; provide (Substitute) (W&M-Buckner-137th) Burns-23rd

Bills and Resolutions on this calendar may be called in any order the Speaker desires.

Respectfully submitted,

_________________________________ PARRISH OF THE 158th, CHAIRMAN