House general calendar, 2024 March 26

HB 17 HB 98 HB 127
HB 149
HB 174
HB 267
HB 284 HB 363 HB 368
HB 389
HB 403
HB 424 HB 425
HB 426
HB 446 HB 447 HB 464 HB 473
HB 486 HB 549 HB 559
HB 565

HOUSE BILLS Elections; sealing of ballots in secure containers; provide Ad valorem tax; property; change certain definitions State Board of Education; establish rules and regulations for local school system outreach efforts regarding ESOL program; require Fair Business Practices Act of 1975; require cash overpayments to be remitted by merchants in the form of store credit under certain circumstances Education, Department of; provide parents and guardians of students entering sixth grade information regarding adolescent vaccinations in print and electronic form Income tax; failure of employers to comply with revenue provisions regarding employees; authorize private causes of action for equitable relief Insurance; health care sharing ministry; change definition; provisions Health; eligibility to receive tax credits; revise a definition; provisions Banks County; Superior Court; move from Piedmont Judicial Circuit to Mountain Judicial Circuit Property; condominiums; revise maximum amount of insurance deductibles payable by unit owners Revenue and taxation; tax credit for certain geothermal machinery installations at residential dwellings; provide Courts; office of sheriff; revise qualification requirements Penal institutions; state sexual offender registry; revise certain risk assessment classifications Elections; retention and preservation of ballots and other election documents; revise provisions Crimes and offenses; offense of drive-by shooting; provide Georgia Secure Automated Vehicle Enforcement (SAVE) Act; enact Income tax; revise rates of taxation on income Crimes and offenses; local governments operate bingo based games to offset reduced tax collections resulting from state-owned forest lands; authorize Burial Purchaser Protection Act; enact Georgia State-wide Music Office Act; enact Elections; preferential treatment during advance voting to voters accompanied by children five years of age or under; provide Social services; temporary assistance for needy families; increase access to benefits

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HB 590 HB 628 HB 656 HB 738 HB 745 HB 820 HB 822 HB 824 HB 840 HB 882 HB 928 HB 931 HB 939 HB 940 HB 941
HB 966 HB 978 HB 1005
HB 1036 HB 1038 HB 1050 HB 1079

Crimes and offenses; online menacing of a peace officer; provide for offense Property; revise exemption for a debtor's aggregate interest in real property or personal property; provisions Crimes and offenses; cruelty to children in the second and third degrees; revise offenses Task Force on Workforce and Safety Net Integration; create Health; provide requirements for nurse staffing in hospitals; provisions Board of Natural Resources; repeal a minimum and maximum allowable fee for motor vehicle emissions inspections Quality Basic Education Act; prescribed course of study in sex education and HIV prevention is age appropriate and medically accurate; provide State Law Enforcement Officers Plan; establish Torts; right of action against any person who knowingly or negligently engages in sexually explicit conduct in the presence of a minor; provide Law enforcement officers and agencies; prohibit posting of booking photograph until individual is convicted Courts; private attorney appointed to act as district attorney pro tempore; revise compensation State Ethics Commission; posting or publishing on the internet the personally identifying information of judges; prohibit Motor vehicles; submission of proof of completion of certain courses by certain applicants to obtain limited driving permits; require Fair Business Practices Act of 1975; require retail stores to accept cash for purchases Education; capital outlay funds may be used for educational facilities for voluntary pre-kindergarten programs provided by the school system; provide Braille American Flag Monument Honoring Blind Veterans Act of Georgia; enact Uniform rules of the road; operators of bicycles to treat stop signs as yield signs; authorize Insurance; every health benefit policy shall provide coverage for rabies immune globulin and vaccinations administered after potential exposure to rabies; require Quality Basic Education Act; course of instruction in pregnancy, health, and human development for students in grades nine through 12; require Crimes and offenses; offense of reproductive battery; provide Professions and businesses; licensure as a professional counselor or associate professional counselor; change certain education requirements Nuisances; provide for inclusion of claims against promoters and organizers for costs incurred by local governments due to unpermitted events in complaints filed on behalf of the public

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HB 1081 HB 1093 HB 1110 HB 1112 HB 1113 HB 1118 HB 1126 HB 1130 HB 1131 HB 1136 HB 1151 HB 1153 HB 1167
HB 1175 HB 1184 HB 1186 HB 1195 HB 1204
HB 1206 HB 1210 HB 1220 HB 1221 HB 1224

Health; provide mandatory preeclampsia biomarker testing for pregnant women during their first prenatal visit Agriculture; prohibit acquisition of possessory interest in certain land by certain foreign persons and entities Crimes and offenses; dating violence protective orders; provide Elections; remove Secretary of State from State Election Board; attach to State Accounting Office Personal Privacy Protection Act; enact Elections; increase penalty for use of violence to interfere with duties of poll or election workers or prevent electors from voting Motor vehicles; enforcement of speeding in school zones through automated traffic enforcement safety devices; repeal all law Crimes and offenses; criminal prosecution for offenses committed as a victim of human trafficking; provide for immunity Education; evidence based suicide awareness and training programs; provide Crimes and offenses; stalking and aggravated stalking can be committed both directly and indirectly; clarify Special license plates; Southern University Alumni; establish Homeowners Protection Act; enact Georgia Foundation for Public Education; prioritizing low-performing schools applicable to the award of grants to public schools by a nonprofit corporation; remove a provision Physical therapists; granting licenses and disciplining licensees; revise provisions Evidence; privilege for participation in victim centered programs; provide Education Coordinating Council; school and school system ratings; provisions Income tax; workforce-ready graduates employed in high-tech full-time jobs in rural counties; provide tax credit Insurance; medically necessary expenses for standard fertility preservation services when a medically necessary treatment for cancer, sickle cell disease, or lupus may directly or indirectly cause iatrogenic infertility; require coverage Commerce and trade; form executed via electronic signature; provisions Community Affairs, Department of; authorize creation of data base to make certain information available about multifamily complexes Public Service Commission; subject certain companies providing water service to regulation by the commission State Board of Education; procedures for student transfers between local school systems; provide Postsecondary education; revise definition of approved school; provisions

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HB 1225 HB 1232 HB 1234 HB 1259 HB 1266 HB 1284 HB 1286 HB 1288 HB 1293 HB 1296 HB 1297 HB 1302 HB 1323 HB 1329 HB 1336
HB 1338 HB 1340 HB 1358
HB 1359 HB 1360 HB 1366 HB 1367 HB 1370

Sales and use tax; joint county and municipal sales and use tax (LOST); negotiations for the distribution of tax proceeds; revise provisions Sunday Wine Bar and Wine Shop Act; enact Motor vehicles; conditions, procedures, and limitations for issuance of temporary operating permits; provide Trademarks; streaming services to comply with certain provisions of federal copyright law; provide Community Housing Options Increase Cost Efficiency Act; enact Education; establishment of school bus routes; provide suggested standards Georgia Hemp Farming Act; regulate hemp products Local government; prohibit municipal courts from holding proceedings on the Juneteenth state holiday Office of Planning and Budget; web-based applications for tax receipts and a state budget simulator; provide for creation Online internet safety; provide for social media age verification; provide for definitions; provide for parental permission State government; agencies buy American when procuring flags of the United States or state flags; provide Medical assistance; mandatory maternal mental health screening for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders for Medicaid recipients; provide Fair Business Practices Act; veterans and other eligible persons applying for military benefits; provide certain protections State government; regulation and taxation of fantasy contests; authorize and provide Insurance; plan sponsor of health benefit plan to consent on behalf of a covered person to the electronic transmittal or electronic posting of such plan; allow Georgia Surface Mining Act of 1968; three-year moratorium on acceptance of applications for new permits; provisions Professions and businesses; credentialing of qualified behavior analysts and qualified autism services practitioner-supervisors; provide Atlanta-Region Transit Link "ATL" Authority and Georgia Regional Transportation Authority; abolish and transfer all assets to State Road and Tollway Authority Ad valorem tax; refund for loss of property value or expenses due to failure of local governments to enforce certain laws; provisions Controlled substances; possession of four grams or more of fentanyl; provisions State holidays; month of April as Black Women's History Month; designate Criminal procedure; expand definition of forensic medical examination to include evidence of strangulation Elections; superintendents determine number of voting booths; provisions

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HB 1379 HB 1383 HB 1384 HB 1406 HB 1408 HB 1440
HR 303
HR 473 HR 547 HR 565 HR 1041 HR 1066 HR 1115 HR 1135 HR 1166 HR 1229
HR 1283 HR 1354 HR 1356 HR 1360

State government; provide placement of Revolutionary War Patriots marker on state capitol building grounds Law enforcement officers; arrests without warrant; revise authority Education; number of accumulated sick leave days for teachers and other school personnel; increase from three to five Public utilities; certain electric suppliers to provide certain information on customer billing notices; require Low THC Oil Patient Registry; add ulcerative colitis as a condition for treatment Richard H. Smith Georgia CHIPS Advancement in Research and Economic Development Act; enact
HOUSE RESOLUTIONS General Assembly; authorize local boards of education to impose, levy, and collect development impact fees for educational facilities costs; provide CA House Study Committee on Safety and Consumer Protection in the Tree Care Industry; create House Study Committee on Rural Medical Personnel Recruitment; create House Study Committee on Motor Vehicle Dealer License Plates and Temporary Operating Permits; create Local government; adopt an alternative method of appraisal and assessment of real property located within the county for taxation; provide - CA Iranian people; desire for a democratic, secular, and non-nuclear Republic of Iran; express support Ad valorem tax; qualified low-income building projects may be classified as a separate class of property; provide - CA House Study Committee on Credit Card Fee on State Sales and Excise Tax and Their Impact on Georgia Merchants and Consumers; create House Study Committee on the Exchange, Storage, and Bond Coverage of Agricultural Products, Grain, and Livestock; create United States Department of Veterans Affairs; additional resources for elder care, nursing home access, and expanded disabled residential programs; urge; provide House Study Committee on Safety and Consumer Protection of Nicotine Vapor Products; create House Coastal Area Regional Workforce Mobility and Connectivity Study Committee; create Chemical industry; potential adverse impacts of regulatory overreach; express concern House Study Committee on Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Management; create

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HR 1416 HR 1418 HR 1419 HR 1432 HR 1479 HR 1498 HR 1554
SB 32 SB 36 SB 37 SB 64 SB 69 SB 76 SB 83 SB 97
SB 105 SB 110 SB 132 SB 137 SB 157
SB 189 SB 198 SB 208

House Study Committee on Felony Sentencing and Punishment in Georgia; create House Study Committee on the Use of Local Fees to Support Affordable Housing; create House Study Committee on Assistance Programs for Veterans Applying for Military Benefits; create House Disaster Mitigation and Resilience Study Committee; create The Weeping Time; Savannah, Georgia; permanent protection of site; advocate House Study Committee on Private Water Systems; create House Study Committee on Navigable Streams and Related Matters; create
SENATE BILLS "Alyssa's Law" Pimping and Pandering; penalty provisions; increase Sheriffs; qualification requirements for the office of sheriff; revise Birth Certificate; issuance of a copy of the original birth certificate to certain adult persons who were adopted; provide Honorable Clarence Thomas; placement of a monument in his honor within the capitol building or grounds; provide State Employees' Health Insurance Plan; state health benefit plans to cover insulin medication at a reduced rate; provide Stalking; eligibility for restraining orders; revise 'Georgia Cyber Command Act'; Georgia Cyber Command Division under the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency; create (Postponed) Public School Employees Retirement System; the minimum and maximum allowable benefit multiplier for current and future retirees; revise 'Back the Blue Act'; enact Agriculture; the acquisition of possessory interest in certain land by certain nonresident aliens; prohibit (Postponed) Tuition Equalization Grants at Private Colleges and Universities; definition of approved school; revise Professions and Businesses; preclearance process in the licensing of individuals with criminal records who make an application to or are investigated by certain licensing boards and commissions; create Elections; text portions of ballots shall be counted for vote tabulation and recounts purposes; provide Georgians with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Innovation Commission; create 'Georgia Development Impact Fee Act'; provide for fees for education (Postponed)

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SB 212 SB 254 SB 307 SB 341
SB 344 SB 349 SB 351 SB 354 SB 358 SB 371 SB 374 SB 384 SB 385 SB 395 SB 399
SB 402
SB 406 SB 414 SB 417 SB 429 SB 437 SB 449 SB 451

Probate Court Judges; relating to elections; end activities and duties (Postponed) Selling and other Trade Practices; requirements for earned wage access services; provide Private Review Agents; health insurers to implement and maintain a program that allows for the selective application of reductions; provide Official Code of Georgia Annotated; relating to inactive boards, panels, authorities, centers, commissions, committees, councils, task forces, and other such bodies and certain procedures of the General Assembly; repeal Sales and Use Taxes; firearms, ammunition, gun safes, and related accessories during an 11 day period each year; exempt (Postponed) Ad Valorem Taxation of Property; setting of millage rates; revise provisions "Protecting Georgia's Children on Social Media Act of 2024"; enact (Postponed) Cosmetologists and Barbers; persons performing certain limited responsibilities; exempt from licensure State Election Board; remove the Secretary of State; authorize the board to investigate "Daniel D. Podsiadly, Jr. Act"; enact "Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Act of 2021"; land surveyor interns and professional land surveyors; change provisions (Reconsidered) Public Officers and Employees; development and administration of the State of Georgia as a Model Employer (GAME) Program; provide Georgia Military College; legislative intent language regarding certain postsecondary study beyond the second year level; revise Education; the possession of opioid antagonists in schools; authorize Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia; to enter into and amend existing agreements with the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia; encourage and state expectations (Postponed) Instruction Permits; restrictions upon the operation of Class C motor vehicles by Class D license holders with certain passengers in the vehicle; revise (Postponed) First Responder Building Mapping Information System; grant program to fund the creation of school mapping data; establish "Personal Privacy Protection Act"; enact Reporting of Accidents; timing and documentation of such reports; provide "Small Business Protection Act of 2024"; enact Department of Agriculture; enforce certain criminal laws; authorize Certified Nursing Aid; certain military medical personnel from an examination requirement; exempt (Postponed) Veteran Benefits; place certain requirement on the Department of Veterans Service

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SB 473 SB 490 SB 494 SB 495 SB 497 SB 502
SB 507 SB 515 SB 517
SB 534
SB 543 SB 547
SR 189 SR 616

"Georgia Consumer Privacy Protection Act"; consumer personal data in this state; protect the privacy Motor Vehicles and Traffic; felony offense of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer; provide 'Georgia Hemp Farming Act'; hemp products; regulate Low THC Oil Patient Registry; term of validity of a registration card; provide Education; High-demand Career Initiatives Program as the High Demand Apprenticeship Program; redesignate (Postponed) Department of Administrative Services; state agencies from contracting for advertising or marketing services with certain companies or from supporting certain companies; prohibit Special License Plates; "America First" specialty license plate; establish Emergency Medical Services; two-year pilot program to provide additional ambulances to certain areas of this state; provide Criminal Prosecutions; immunity from certain criminal prosecutions against law enforcement officers whose threat or use of force is justified or otherwise lawful; provide (Postponed) "Fair Business Practices Act of 1975"; failure of a marketplace innkeeper to provide a consumer with an itemized receipt detailing certain taxes and fees is an unlawful business practice; provide Bingo; certain provisions relating to bingo games operated by nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations; change Motor Carriers and Commercial Motor Vehicles; the reference date to federal regulations regarding the safe operation; update
SENATE RESOLUTIONS General Assembly; development impact fees for educational purposes; provide -CA (Postponed) Victims of Human Trafficking Fund; allocation of certain additional penalties and assessments; provide -CA

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