House rules calendar, 2024 March 28


Mr. Speaker and Members of the House:

The Committee on Rules has fixed the calendar for this 40th Legislative Day as enumerated below:
Pursuant to House Rule 33.3, debate shall be limited to one hour on all legislation. Time to be allocated at the discretion of the Chair.
Modified Open Rule

HR 473 HR 1066
HR 1135
HR 1166 HR 1229
HR 1283 HR 1360 HR 1384 HR 1432 HR 1435 HR 1498 HR 1554 SB 507

House Study Committee on Safety and Consumer Protection in the Tree Care Industry; create (Substitute)(A&CA-Anderson-10th) Iranian people; desire for a democratic, secular, and non-nuclear Republic of Iran; express support (Substitute)(SRules-Momtahan-17th) (Rules Committee Substitute LC 46 0877S) House Study Committee on Credit Card Fee on State Sales and Excise Tax and Their Impact on Georgia Merchants and Consumers; create (Substitute)(A&CA-Jones-25th) House Study Committee on the Exchange, Storage, and Bond Coverage of Agricultural Products, Grain, and Livestock; create (A&CA-Meeks-178th) United States Department of Veterans Affairs; additional resources for elder care, nursing home access, and expanded disabled residential programs; urge; provide (D&VA-Gladney-130th) House Study Committee on Safety and Consumer Protection of Nicotine Vapor Products; create (RegI-Powell-33rd) House Study Committee on Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Management; create (Substitute)(Hth-Dempsey-13th) House Study Committee on Assessing the Semester and Quarter Systems at USG and TCSG Institutions; create (HEd-Blackmon-146th) House Disaster Mitigation and Resilience Study Committee; create (GAff-Crowe-118th) Economic Development, Department of; support Vince Dooley Battlefield Preservation Fund; urge (ED&T-Stephens-164th) House Study Committee on Private Water Systems; create (A&CA-Rhodes-124th) House Study Committee on Navigable Streams and Related Matters; create (NR&E-Smith-70th) Special License Plates; "America First" specialty license plate; establish (MotV-Momtahan-17th) Gooch-51st

Modified Structured Rule

SB 105
SB 138 SB 189 SB 203 SB 237 SB 347 SB 512 SB 542 SR 158 SR 583 SR 609

Public School Employees Retirement System; the minimum and maximum allowable benefit multiplier for current and future retirees; revise (Ret-Williams-37th) Walker III-20th Office of Sheriff; procedure for filling vacancies; revise (Substitute)(PS&HS-Mathis-149th) Williams-25th Elections; text portions of ballots shall be counted for vote tabulation and recounts purposes; provide (Substitute)(GAff-LaHood-175th) Burns-23rd "Trucking Opportunity Act of 2023"; enact (D&VA-Bonner-73rd) Anavitarte-31st Georgia Student Finance Authority; student loan repayment for peace officers; provide (Substitute)(HEd-Martin-49th) Hatchett-50th Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit; additional judge of the superior courts; provide (Substitute)(Judy-New-64th) Anavitarte-31st Victims of Human Trafficking Fund and the Victims of Human Trafficking Fund Commission; create (Substitute)(JudyNC-Smith-18th) Still-48th Water Rights; the public trust doctrine; remove references (Substitute)(Judy-Jones-60th) Watson-11th Northwest Georgia Logistics Corridor; designate as an official logistics growth corridor in Georgia (Trans-Gullett-19th) Anavitarte-31st Dr. Robert F. Sullivan Memorial Highway; Franklin County; dedicate (Substitute)(Trans-Jasperse-11th) Hatchett-50th Princess Trahlyta; dedicate a roundabout in her memory (Trans-Wade-9th) Gooch-51st

Bills and Resolutions on this calendar may be called in any order the Speaker desires.

Respectfully submitted,

_________________________________ PARRISH OF THE 158th, CHAIRMAN