House rules calendar, 2024 March 18


Mr. Speaker and Members of the House:

The Committee on Rules has fixed the calendar for this 36th Legislative Day as enumerated below:
Pursuant to House Rule 33.3, debate shall be limited to one hour on all legislation. Time to be allocated at the discretion of the Chair.
Modified Structured Rule

SB 169 SB 376 SB 398 SB 401 SB 422
SB 426
SB 440 SB 454 SB 456 SB 480
SB 508

Public Schools; extension of hearing dates for student discipline tribunals; provide for limits (Substitute)(Ed-Cox-28th) Payne-54th Juvenile Code; improve timely permanent placement of a child removed from their home; clarify requirements (JuvJ-Gullett-19th) Tillery-19th Georgia Joint Defense Commission; commission's operations; revise (Substitute)(D&VA-Bonner-73rd) Kirkpatrick-32nd Senate Foster Care and Adoption Study Committee; implement recommendations (JuvJ-Ballinger-23rd) Kirkpatrick-32nd Public Utilities and Public Transportation; percentage limitation as to the amount of the investments an electric membership corporation may make; modify (Substitute)(EU&T-Carson-46th) Dixon-45th Motor Vehicles and Traffic; requirements for joining of a motor carrier and motor carrier's insurer to a cause of action; revise (Judy-Burchett-176th) Tillery-19th 'Accelerated Career Diploma Program'; ACE Grants pilot program; establish and provide (Substitute)(Ed-Dubnik-29th) Brass-28th Alimony and Child Support; guidelines for child support award calculations; provide (Substitute)(JuvJ-Gaines-120th) Strickland-17th Central Caregiver Registry; disabled persons to the registry; add (PH-Cooper-45th) Strickland-17th Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce; student loan repayment for mental health and substance use professionals serving in certain capacities; provide (PH-Cooper-45th) Hodges-3rd Administrative Office of the Courts; accessibility of certain personal information of state and federal judges, justices, and spouses thereof; provide (Substitute)(Judy-Reeves-99th) Dixon-45th

Structured Rule

SB 366

"Tax Expenditures Transparency Act of 2024"; enact (Substitute) (W&M-Blackmon-146th) Hufstetler-52nd

Bills and Resolutions on this calendar may be called in any order the Speaker desires.

Respectfully submitted,

_________________________________ PARRISH OF THE 158th, CHAIRMAN