House rules calendar, 2024 March 13


Mr. Speaker and Members of the House:

The Committee on Rules has fixed the calendar for this 34th Legislative Day as enumerated below:
Pursuant to House Rule 33.3, debate shall be limited to one hour on all legislation. Time to be allocated at the discretion of the Chair.
Modified Structured Rule

SB 171 SB 205 SB 232 SB 342 SB 430 SB 483

Development Authorities; the length of a director's hold-over period following expiration of term of office; limit (GAff-Gambill-15th) Burns-23rd Funeral Directors and Embalmers; reinstatement of a lapsed funeral director's license; change provisions (RegI-Ridley-6th) Williams-25th Courts; provide for probate court fees; funding of the State Children's Trust Fund; requirement of permit for conduct of fireworks display; amend (Substitute)(Judy-Jones-25th) Kennedy-18th Child Abuse Records; child abuse and neglect registries; authorize the disclosure (JuvJ-Ballinger-23rd) Robertson-29th COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety; provisions for rebuttable presumptions of risk by claimants in certain COVID-19 liability claims; revise (Judy-Barrett-24th) Dolezal-27th Minors; enter into the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children; definitions; provisions; provide (JuvJ-Gullett-19th) Hatchett-50th

Bills and Resolutions on this calendar may be called in any order the Speaker desires.

Respectfully submitted,

_________________________________ PARRISH OF THE 158th, CHAIRMAN