Home going celebration of Mrs. Frances W. Williams, sunrise: July 25, 1913, sunset: May 22, 2005, Sunday, May 29, 2005, 2:00 p.m., First Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Appling, Ga, Rev. Rickey Battle, Sr., pastor, officiating

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First M L Moriah <Baptist Church .g *
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TTie Obituary
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aje s journey fo r Mrs, Frances W W illiams Began on July 25, 1913 dt, en d ed m Sunday, M ay 22, 2005 at St. Joseph H ospital in Augusta, g j i During her life 's journey here on earth she was blessed to meet < marry Mr. Charlie Williams, who preceded her in death d from thus unionfo u r children were Bom
She w id Be rememBeredas a savant who loved god, her church, fam ily, W, people. She laved attend ing worship sendee, Sunday Schooland'was a member o f the senior choir. She also w as M other o f'the Church d l a member o f the Deaconess Seard, Both o f which she served u n til her health failed, Jferfavorite saying teas, fits surely as you are born into this world, you are going to d u d Jfer favorite tool o f empowerment was the Jfofy Bible, o f which she was an avid reader. Mot only d id she read Her -Bible daily, she always encour aged herfa m ily m id others to ta le up the Sw ord as they sojourned through fife,fin d in g refuge m the iWord o f god. She w id Be remembered By her children as a phenomenal strong woman o ffa ith , who not only up held her role as a mother. Butfu rth e r embraced the d u a l role o f Beingfa th e r after the death o f her husband
She leaves to cherish her memoryfour Coving e devoted children; Mary Jean BgQdhd, Codean (garden) W. Dent of. Appling, g/4, Charlene W. Dent o f Qrovetown, Q/l, Bailey 0oAnn) iiilihm s o f San Jlntonm, JX: two grandchildren reared as daughters: iirginia (fipbertj C laifioffingusia, QJ4 g Michelle (Dent o fjfephzibafi, g/4; two sisters: Ludeff garnet: o f/Appling, g% of Coirne Luke o f Jacksonville, BL; three sisters-in-law: Dorothy Williams <df Margie MilBams o f fiugmta, g/4, CBertha Williams o f Jacff somnlle, Big one god-daughter %p6Sie Butler o f Jfarfem, gfi; six;grandeftifdren Bawl(Alice) fiplJand, %pnnie Bpdand, Brenda (John) Dunn, MadJUdfliams, f& ajs Williams, Michael Charles iiSMams, eC Jonathan Williams; four great-grandclnfdrere Sgt Shaun Cfarf Shannon (Joel) Ferguson, Jimez PpUand,
Antume Bgford; two great-great grandchildren: Brielk (Jdrf e Jewel Jfiford; a devoted' niece: Maty gamett arid a host o f other nieces, nephews, relatives andfriends.

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......... OfdTesUme.nt: Charlie Wright, Jr.
Mew Testament: ''Ernest Turner
(Dm, James 'Moment <Dea. Joe 'Trails Dea. Jfrnry Wentfey, Jr, Dea. 1-Vi[Be (Jamett, Jr.

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. . . . Rpo. Pjchey (Battle. Sr.

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F arewell my family, F ont weep f o r I'm at peace now, hist asleev. Fare-well mv famiBt I 'm not .alone, the

W aif until ( J o f trust in (Joelfor Me is By you r side.

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-A uthor Vnhmmm

: In Appreciation: l i e -would lily to than fe v e r )1act o f hindness shown to us during ow Bereavement, Tvcry prayer visit, card, flow er, thought, telephone ca lfa n d the many w ays in
which lim fm ss w as slou m %mSnever Beforgotten. The Family
professionalSennees Entrustedto: Moore's FuneralHome Ml May, 221M Xatfatt, C 30814 (206) SS6-3653

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