Final rites for Mrs. Annie Cooper, 1890-1977, Tuesday, February 1, 1977, 2:00 p.m., Paradise Baptist Church, 1711 Bankhead Avenue, Northwest, Reverend C. Nathaniel Ellis, pastor, Pollard Funeral Home

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;" Tuesday, February 1, 1977 - 2jOO P. H. !





1711 Bankhead Avenue, Northwest

Reverend C. Nathaniel Ellis, Pastor -





It was a simple life, but worth gold in memories. It was a steady life, an unglamorous life, but inimit ably faithful and loving. To attempt to trace her steps would be a joyous,task and an accomplishment.

Yes, Mrs. Annie Coopers presence will not be for

gotten, but missed because her familys picture will

always portray what she stood for peace, harmony,

faith, love and honor.


Mrs. Annie Cooper was born in Atlanta, Georgia, July 23, 1890, to the union of the late Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Sara Smith, the first born of four child
ren. She was a product of the Atlanta Public Schools and attended Clark University in South Atlanta. She was of an affable nature, yet, gentle and quiet. She joined the Reed Street Baptist Church at an early, tender age becoming one of its very active, dedicated, lovable, diligent, resourceful, talented members,
serving in many varying capacities leading to her now
position as member of the Mothars 1 Board,

Mrs. Cooper was mother of three sons two sens to her first marriage (husband, Mr. John Young, deceased) and one son (deceased) to her second marriage (hus
band, Mr. Stephen Cooper, deceased).

Mrs. Annie Cooper leaves to mourn her loss; Reverend
and Mrs* N. T. Young of Augusta, Georgia, Reverend and Mrs. Nathaniel Young,Jr. of Millford, Virginia; Mrs. Virginia Price and family of Augusta, Georgia; Dr. and Mrs. Clay Shelby of Brooklyn, New York;, seven groat grandchildren; also, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Smith and family; Miss Annie Ruth Jackson of Atlanta,
Georgia; other relatives and friends.

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HYMN ................ "In The Garden" PRAYER ............ Reverend E. W. Lumpkin SCRIPTURE ....... Reverend E. W. Lumpkin

SOLO .............. Sister Oletta Moore TRIBUTE ............ Brother W. C. Peden SOLO ........... Sister Ozzie B. Quarterman

EULOGY ........ .Reverend C. Nathaniel Ellis

SONG ......... "My Faith Looks Up To Thee"

DAUGHTERS OF ISRAEL . . . Sister Nettie L. Drummer President



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Southview Cemetery

' ; There Is No, Death -
In one sense, there is no death. The life of a soul lasts beyond his departure. You will always feel that life touching yours, that voice speaking to you, that spirit looking out of other eyes; ^aJLking; ;.to .you in the familiar things He touched, worked with, 'Gloved as : fart liar, friends, .He lives on. io your life, and in the lives of all others that knew Him.

''; . ' ''": -'FLOWER LADIES -

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. Senior

Mothers .''Board



.-<;. Demons; Board

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If it were not for you, our dear friends, your many and varied kindnesses, our load would have been harder to bear. So, will you please accept our sincere thanks for all the expressions of friend ship, the love and.sjEpathy, because they were the pillars of strength. May God bless each of you in His divine way, -;.;
Eternally grateful, The Family