In loving memory Sarah Patricia Allen, January 18, 1957-November 30, 2012, December 5, 2012

Mrs. Sarah Tatrca Mienpassedpeacefully on Triday, Mbyember 30 th, 2012, with herfamily 6y her side at Doctors Mosptalin Augusta, Georgia.
Mrs. :Patricia "Tat" was horn in Augusta, (Jeorgia on January 18th, 1957 to the Cate Doris L and Elbe rt L McDaniel She attendedpublic schools andgraduatedfrom. Lucy C. Lany dligh School She went on to earn her Accounting Degree from. Xerr Business College. Since then, she was employedat the llichmondCounty 'Boardof'Educationfar 32 years.
She. worked as a teacher, then as a secretary in Title 1, where she touchedmany lives. She was so extraordinary that she received the Outstanding young Atomen of America Award in 1987. She initially went to Jenkins Memorialbut then became a member at The Church of the :Most Moly Trinity Catholic Church.
She met SamuelAllen, Jr. at the age of 21. After 12 years of courtship, they marriedon July 17,1990. from that union, they hadone daughter, Samantha Mola-Mare Aden, born July 29,1991. She leaves to mourn her passing, her husband, Samuel; daughtert Samantha; sister-in-law, Buby; three sisters, Elaine, Christine, andfaye; brother Marold; seven nieces and nine nephews; an adopted mother, Lottie Cummings; arid two godchildren; along with manyfriends that lovedher. Mrs. Aden was a strong and Christian woman. She knew the true meaning ofHappiness andhow to give. She will definitely be missed

Introductory :Kites

ZAm 9 (fete&ea&m *


Springing with Ploly 'Water

Intrance Procession

Intrance Llymn

#650 'JymmlAmazing (grace

Opening :Prayer

liturgy of the 'Word

first leading

Wisdom 3:1-9


'Psalm 23

Second Heading

Homans 14:17-9,10-12--Samantha Allen


John 14:1-6


Her. fr. Jacek Szuster


Liturgy of the Lucharist

(gifts Presented6y

Pima 'Bussey and'Pierre Cave

Lucharist ic Prayer

Lords Prayer

Lamb of (god
(Holy Com munion

M this time, we invite off CatfwCes who areproperty disposed to comefonvardto receive Lfofy Communion If you are visiting with us andnot a Cathode, we kindly asks that you not come forwardfor Communion, But insteadthat youjoin with us in asking Jesus to come into your heart right now as your ford andSavior.
Prayer after Communion

Tm Commendation

Prayer of Commendation

Pallbearers: Members ofJenkins Memorial CMI Church andjethsemam Paptist Church,

He whispered^`'My precious child, 1 k
and will never%ave youT never, ever, during your trials and testings. ' When you saw only one set of footpri It was then that I carried you."
Margaret Fish back Powers