Letter: Columbus, Georgia to Colonel Wier Boyd, [Dahlonega, Georgia], 1883 Feb. 1

"Thar's gold in them thar hills": Gold and Gold Mining in Georgia, 1830s-1940s
Letter: Columbus, Georgia to Colonel Wier Boyd, [Dahlonega, Georgia], 1883 Feb. 1
Dexter, Amory, 1829-1887
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Gold mines and mining--Georgia--Dahlonega
Mining leases--Georgia--Dahlonega
Jury duty--Georgia--Columbus
Grand jury--Georgia--Columbus
Boyd, Wier G., 1820-1893
United States, Georgia, Lumpkin County, Dahlonega, 34.53259, -83.98491
United States, Georgia, Muscogee County, Columbus, 32.46098, -84.98771
letters (correspondence)
Letter from Amory Dexter, civil engineer and one-time agent of the Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company, to Colonel Wier Boyd, dated February 1, 1883. Dexter hopes that the Rider Mine will open rich and sell high for Boyd, in spite of high expense. He suggests steam drills and pumps to work the hard rock of the Rider Mine. Dexter mentions he will try to visit Dahlonega during the summer and expresses love for both country and people. He complains that he has been on the grand jury for four weeks, but hopes to get off tomorrow. Dexter announces that he now has three boys and that they take after their mother, a McDougald.
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[ Note: [This document contains both written and printed text.]]

[printed text: AMORY DEXTER, Cotton Buyer,]
[printed text: Office: -- ALABAMA WAREHOUSE.]
[printed text: Columbus, Ga. [Georgia]] [written text: Feb. [February] 1st ][printed text: 188 ][written text: 3]
[written text: Dear Col. [Colonel] Boyd.
I have your favor 23d ult [ultimo] & am pleased to see you are taking hold of the Rider Mine, but sorry it is with so much expense. Hope it will open rich & make a good sale for you. I know it is good, but it is rather small & confined in as hard a rock as you ever saw or heard of: so that it will take capital to work to advantage -- say steam drills & pumps. -- ]

Have not made my summer plans; but hope to get off for July & Aug. [August] & will be glad to visit Dahlonega if it is possible -- for I still love the Country & people.]

I have been on the Grand Jury for 4 weeks, but hope to get off tomorrow.

I am blessed with 3 boys

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now & am not ashamed to show them against your Kin, for they are the picture of health: look like Scotch boys. You know my wife was a "Mc' Dougald" -- With Kind regards to you & yours Believe me with best wishes

Your Old Friend
[Signed] Amory Dexter]