Letter: Columbus, Georgia to Colonel Wier Boyd, [Dahlonega, Georgia], 1868 Jan. 9

"Thar's gold in them thar hills": Gold and Gold Mining in Georgia, 1830s-1940s
Letter: Columbus, Georgia to Colonel Wier Boyd, [Dahlonega, Georgia], 1868 Jan. 9
Dexter, Amory, 1829-1887
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Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company
Office furniture--Georgia--Dahlonega
Collecting of accounts--Georgia--Dahlonega
Boyd, Wier G., 1820-1893
United States, Georgia, Lumpkin County, Dahlonega, 34.53259, -83.98491
letters (correspondence)
Letter from Amory Dexter, civil engineer and one-time agent of the Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company, to Colonel Wier Boyd, dated January 9, 1868. Dexter agrees with Nathan H. Hand's notice of a balance of $3.59 against him in the Yahoola books. He adds that Judge Rice judges the transaction legal and does not question his method of payment. Dexter asserts that he would like to sell the mill and wants Boyd to talk to Peck about doing so. He adds that Peck thinks the mill will sell. Dexter asks Boyd to represent him in the sale of the mill and to take care of the transfer and receipt of funds. He then lists a mule, wagons, and office furniture he would like turned over to him and suggests prices for a few of the items. Dexter suggests that Hand may be interested in the office furniture. He urges Boyd to get possession of the mule in order to ensure that the mule is well-cared for. Dexter closes with well-wishes to mutual friends who have just married.
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Columbus. Ga. [Georgia] Jan [January] 9. 1868
Col. [Colonel] Wier [Wier] Boyd.
My Dear Sir.
Mr. Hand writes me from Dahlonega that he has examined the Yahoola books & finds a balance against me of 3.59/100 Dolls. [Dollars] which he presumes is correct & as Judge Rice tells him he thinks the transaction a legal one he does not feel disposed to question the mode of payment I saw fit to take --

So far this is quite satisfactory -- but I would like you to talk with Mr. Peck & write me if we can proceed & sell the mill for our own benefit -- Mr. P. [Peck] says he thinks it can be sold & asks if I am willing -- I certainly am but would like you to represent my interest, make transfers & receive funds for me.

Also please have turned over to you for me viz [videlicet] -- one mule in possession Joe Woodward
1 Iron axle wagon & harness
1 Wood '' '' [axle wagon]
2 Timber carts
office furniture "let remain where it is"
} Mr. Peck will put these in your way -- He says he can get $65. for the wagon if so I will sell at that price -- I want $100. for harness & 2 wagons -- I believe Mr. Hand will take office furniture at $40. --

Mr. Peck offers to take my spring wagon for a mule I sold for $125. which had been charged to him. I am willing to do so if you get [added text: clear] possession of the mule in Woodwards possession -- Would you not like to work him hauling wood for his feed I want him well fed & cared for -- & would

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prefer his being in your possession.

I was much pleased to see by the Mountainous Signal the marriage of Miss. Fannie & Mr. Rudolph: I wish them both great joy & happiness. -- With Kind regards believe me

Yours truly
[Signed] Amory Dexter.