Letter: Columbus, [Georgia] to Colonel Wier Boyd, Dahlonega, [Georgia], 1868 Jan. 26

"Thar's gold in them thar hills": Gold and Gold Mining in Georgia, 1830s-1940s
Letter: Columbus, [Georgia] to Colonel Wier Boyd, Dahlonega, [Georgia], 1868 Jan. 26
Dexter, Amory, 1829-1887
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Gold mines and mining--Georgia--Dahlonega
Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company
Boyd, Wier G., 1820-1893
United States, Georgia, Lumpkin County, Dahlonega, 34.53259, -83.98491
United States, Georgia, Muscogee County, Columbus, 32.46098, -84.98771
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Letter from Amory Dexter, civil engineer and one-time agent of the Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company, to Colonel Wier Boyd, dated January 26, 1868. Dexter asks after the condition of his mule. He thinks the mill will have to be sold at a loss and suggests $1500, but leaves the pricing decision to Boyd and Peck, since Peck is more interested in the sale. Dexter doubts that Gower will buy the mill, but suggests that some new gold company or the Yahoola Company may be interested. He relates that the timber cart is at the mill and asks Boyd to check on the presence of tools and machinery that should have come from the steam mill to Dahlonega. Dexter clarifies that the spring wagon at John Parker's never belonged to the Yahoola Company and expresses his intention to keep the mule and to give Peck the spring wagon. He asks about the condition of the Yahoola Company and whether Kilgo's levy on the mill has been removed. He then asks Boyd to retain funds from past sales and to advise him of future ones. He predicts that in the spring, he will bring his wife with him for a visit and that the demand for wagons will increase. He ends optimistically by reporting that the price of cotton has risen three cents since Christmas.
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Columbus. Jan [January] 26 /68.
Col. [Colonel] Wier [Wier] Boyd.
Dear Sir.
Am in receipt of your favor 23d as I went to mail my enclosed letter -- Was very glad to hear from you & that you had possession of the mule &c [et cetera] -- what order & condition is she in? As to the saw mill I think we will have to sell at a loss & as Mr Peck is largely interested I leave the matter of price to you & him asking you to do best you can -- I think if it brings $1500. costing us $1700. it is doing well enough -- please say so to him. I dont think Gower will buy -- Some new gold Co. [company] may buy -- or the Yahoola Co. [Company] may want to buy back --

I would not take the trouble to ride out for that timber cart but engage Anderson to bring it in or some one living near mill -- say Mr. Ducket -- Say to Mr. Peck that Mr. Daniels did (or talked of it) bring some of the tools & machinery from steam mill to Dah. [Dahlonega] probably the betting -- Mr Peck ought to go out & see what is out there & what is missing --

The spring wagon I had at John Parkers never belonged to the Yahoola Co. [Company] -- I have let Mr. Peck have it in this way --

I sold a mule that he took of

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the Co. [Company] for. $125.~ & put money in my pocket expecting to let him keep my mule (the one in your possession) & pay him $25 in money -- That is in case the Co. [Company] did not pay him up his salary when in Boston. Mr. Peck thought he would prefer my spring wagon which I asked $125. for as he could sell it to the Co. [Company] -- I accepted the proposal & the wagon is his & of course the mule comes back to me --

I would like to learn what condition the Yah. Co. [Yahoola Company] affairs are in -- Have the protested drafts been paid? -- And are there any attachments out against the Co. [Company]? -- I was told Kilgo levied on our Mill -- Is that removed?

If you make any sales for me please retain the funds & advise me. -- I think towards Spring there will be a demand for wagons --

I hope to get up with you in the Spring for a few months only & shall undoubtedly bring my good Lady; & she will be delighted to see all her Old Friends again.

Cotton has taken a start here & has advanced 3 per pound since Christmas --

Yours truly
[Signed] A. [Amory] Dexter