Letter: Boston, [Massachusetts] to Delano, 1870 Aug. 29

"Thar's gold in them thar hills": Gold and Gold Mining in Georgia, 1830s-1940s
Letter: Boston, [Massachusetts] to Delano, 1870 Aug. 29
Dexter, Thomas Coffin Amory, 1817-1890
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Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company
Gold mines and mining--Georgia--Dahlonega
Mining leases--Georgia--Dahlonega
Delano, stockholder
United States, Georgia, Lumpkin County, Dahlonega, 34.53259, -83.98491
letters (correspondence)
Letter from Amory Dexter, civil engineer and one-time agent of the Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company, to Delano, a fellow stockholder in the Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company, based in Dahlonega, Georgia, dated August 29, 1870. Dexter works to convince Delano that he should unite with a group of stockholders who are trying to eliminate Nathan H. Hand, whom Dexter claims has failed to pay employees of the company. Dexter asserts that Hand has colluded with Frank W. Hall contrary to the company's interest and asks for permission to include Delano's endorsement upon proof of collusion. Dexter concludes by asking Delano to pay for printing costs associated with convincing the other stockholders to oust Hand.
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[added text: T Thomas C A [Amory] Dexter]
Boston Aug [August] 29. 1870

Dear Delano
Your enclosure of 27th covering copies of Wier Boyd & [unclear text: Prentiss] & Fouchers letters respecting the suit commenced by F W Hall against the Coy [Company] at Dahlonega is just rec [received] & has been submitted to Gen. [General] Gordon who suggests that you immediately write to Colo [Colonel] [unclear text: Prentiss] at Dahlonega requesting him to file this fact as an additional charge against Hand and another good reason for the appointment of a receiver as showing Hands total want of faith with the Company in not paying those whom he has employed for the Companys service

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& showing collusion between Hand & Hall for the purpose of sacrificing the Companys interests --

Will you please write this or at once send this note on with your endorsement to Colo P. [Colonel Prentiss(?)] --

Several stockholders here have united in making a statement of the affairs of the Company as they stand with Hand & appealing to the mass of the Stockholders to unite with us -- As soon as a proof is made we shall forward a copy boy on and ask your authority to use your name in connexion [connection] with those of Mr J H Blake, myself & others which I trust you will not hesitate to give as it is necessary & the only way of placing the story lucidly before indifferent Stockholders

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Yours truly
[Signed] T. [Thomas] C. A. [Amory] Dexter
[added text: Please, at the time you authorise [authorize] your signature, send on $15 to pay for printing the paper -- ]