City directory of Athens [1920-1921]


Athens Engineering Co.
Electrical and




M< _ , ... .,.,,.., ... ,,,,.... bead

For the fire place and Tile for floors and bath room




Smith Bid*.

Phone 711

Athens, Ga.









Agents for Waterman's Fountain Pens
J$lc<regor Company

192O OF ATHENS 1921
An Alphabetical List of all Residents of Athens over fifteen years of age at the beginning of 1920. A Miscellaneous Directory and a Nu-
merically arranged Street Directory
Al I, <-,}<;,

IT has boon tlio aim of those compiling tliis Dirootory to put before the City of Athens such classified information as will meet the demands of progressive business men in a jrrowinpr city.
If discrepancies in roprard to names and addresses occur we ask thr't you who use this book please bear in mind the difficulty of obtaining absolutely accurate information from several thousand people amonpr whom many chanpros in addresses are constantly takinpr place.
With this Directory are issued our sincere interests in the jrrowth and development of each enterprise that tends to make Athens hiprpror and bettor.

The Athens Municipality
Nestling among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with splendid natural facilities and a most salubrious climate, Athens has grown to be one of the most 'prosperous and important cities in the state of Georgia.
The United States census, just completed, gives the city a pupulatiou of 16,748. These figures do not cover a student population of more than two thousand, here during nine months of the year, nor a population resident just outside the city limits of fully two thousand more. It can be safely said that Athens is a city of more than twenty thousand population.
The returns of property for taxation show values of real and personal property amounting to $13,500,000. As the assessments are made on a fifty per cent basis the real value of Athens property amounts to more than twenty-seven million dollars.
Athens enjoys a municipal government of splendid effectiveness. Under its direction the public utilities of the city are kept up to the very highest standard of efficiency.
The business streets of the city are paved with brick and Belgian block is used on all the steep grades. The residence streets are paved with cement and crushed granite. More than 238,996 square yards of city streets have already been paved and the city is now engaged in the work of very largely extending the paved area.
The city waterworks system consists of a settling basin of lio million gallons capacity, a plant with the latest and most powerful machinery and tho most effective filters, and fully 3o miles of mains. extending into every section of the city.
The city fire department and city police department are well officered and fully equipped, and have records for efficiency unsurpassed.
The health affairs of the city are in the hands of a Board of Health, and are managed in a way that keeps Athens among the cleanest and most sanitary cities in the country.
In banking, commercial and industrial lines. Athens holds high rank among the cities of Georgia and the south.
The city has six strong banks with combined capital of $9.050,000, carrying deposits of more than six million dollars. These banks are the National Bank of Athens, the Georgia National Bank of Athens, the Athens Savings Bank, The American State Bank, the Commercial Bank, and the Peoples Bank.
The wholesale business of the city is on a tremendous scale, especially groceries, dry goods and hardware. The volume of this business per annum mounts far into the millions of dollars. Nor is the retail business far behind.
As a distributing point Athens has no superior in the state. This was recognized long before the coming of the automobile and is doubly apparent now. The territory served is a rich and prosperous one and furnishes a trade that is well and satisfactorily handled here.
Athens is a cotton mill center of considerable importance. Inside the city limits are the Southern (Manufacturing Company, the Athens 'Manufacturing Company, the White ity Mills, and the 'Climax Hosiery Mill, while close at hand in Clarke County are the -Georgia (Manufacturing Company, the White Hall Mill, and the Princeton Factory. There are

quite a large number of other industrial plants here, all of which do a. thriving and constantly increasing business.
Athens has five railroads, the Seaboard Air Line, the Southern, the Georgia, the Central of Georgia, and the Gainesville Midland. They furnish the city with effective and satisfactory transportation facilities.
Athens has long been regarded as one of the 'best cotton markets in the south. Each year more than one hundred and fifty thousand bales of cotton are marketed here. The cotton factors furnish ample warehouse facilities and the Athens Compress, with its large plant, adequately handles that end of the business.
In educational facilities Athens stands unrivaled in Georgia. Here is located the University of Georgia, chartered in 1784, the oldest State University in the country. It has contributed the men who in largest measure have written the history of Georgia.
The State College of Agriculture, an integral part of the University of Georgia, is also located here. It was established in 1906 and has become one of the greatest agricultural colleges in the entire country.
The campus of these two institutions covers more than one thousand acres, with one exception the largest college campus east of the Rookies.
The State Normal School is another splendid educational institution located here. It was founded in 1894 and has grown from a small summer school of five weeks session to one of the largest and best normal schools in the south. Its work in training teachers for the schools of Georgia is showing results in the ever-increasing efficiency of these schools.
Lucy Cobb Institute is a most unique school for girls. It was founded in 1859 and has been run at all times as a school in which the young women are given not only a book education but also careful supervision and training in those things that enter most effectively into the ideal home life.
The Athens Business College, founded twelve years since, has become one of the recognized commercial training schools of this section.
The Athens City Schools, founded in 1886, are the pride of the city, affording the children of Athens and Clarke County the very best educational advantages. They are well-equipped and maintain a high and satisfactory curriculum. They serve to attract to Athens each year many parents who wish to avail themselves of these advantages for their younger children.
Knox Institute. Jeruel Academy and the Athens High and Industrial School are the well-known and successfully conducted institutions for the colored race in Athens.

City Directory of Athens





lect-- accountant.
A. H. S. -Athens High School
irtcs articles ittnd attendant >arb- barber at battery idnghsekpr board
ing house
keeper. ggage mst- bag
gage master dsc biscuit
ikpr- bookkeeper kr -- broker
ddg -- building. .Mr builder dksmth black
smith ink bank irckmson- brick
mason bsn business
btblk bootldack carp --carpenter
cash-- cashier circ circulation clgmn --clergyman elk clerk
col collector coin., trav- com-
me'rcial traveler con d-- conduct or eont-- contractor
eor -- corner

etn coton delmn delivery-
man dom domestic
drum -- drayman drsmkr dressn^i-
ker del pit electric
plant cleetr electri
cian emp employee engr-- engineer
oxt extension firemn fireman i'ndr.v foundry f ireiiin foreman t ^t --freijrlu
ar jrarajre j. ard- trardener L 1 s- woods -- ro grocer " ro st grocery
store 1 - home
* ;ii;d liaudle 1 emstchr hem-
stitcher 1 ort- horticulture
| os hosiery 1 ospt-- hospital i it dec interior
.ian janitor }:ib-- laborer

Idglise- lodginghouse
Ind laundress mach-- machinist
mail's mattress ieli mechanic
meht --merchant ii'iii ni.iniifactiirer iiing manager niMi- mason iiisng messenger ofc office part-- partner phar--phariuacist rl'.otg-- photogra
pher pliys -- pliysioiiin pinibr-- plumber plstr -- plasterer put-- paint pnlr- i>ainter presngclb- press
ing club prop-- -proprietor
pub-- public jivt-- private lest -- restaurant. icpr- representa
tive si-.les -- salesman salesw -- saleswo
man S. It. Tel Co-- South
ern Bell Telephone Co.

S"ll sehool
sei-t s.-cti'Hi sect hud- section
baud ?ft dri-ks -- soft
drinks :-!i!> eiu shipping
elerk r-mstr seamstn-s^ sta stationer st- st-D-e


svt--- servant

t eh r~- teacher

tekt ticket

tmstr- teamster

trek d\r truck


ti i.sp- nauj-por-


M t -veterinary

vleii vulcanler

wgen- wagon

wireinn -- \vireman

\vtr -- waiter

wrhse- warehouse

\V. T\- Western


yi'dmn --yardman.

Note-- (*l


r.aine denotes col


Aaron Ernest (Unship), trek dvr, li 224 Iliawassee Aaron Hpnry (Lottie Bell), mill wkr. h 353 Georjria Depot Aaron Jim (Aliee). part rest, h 140 Park Aaron Mrs Melimla, h 437 Carr Aaron Walter A (Susie), meht. h 363 Georgria Depot Abelman Phillip (Rose), meht, h 818 College Abney Cornelia, h 698 Pope Abney Horace I, h 698 Pope Abney Howard P (Martha) ins a<rt. So Mut Bldjr. h 524 Prince ABNEY MARTIN J, jren agt Fidelity Casualty Co.. (list mnjr New

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Line of--




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PJione 748

165 Clayton Street

Athens. Ga.

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Eng. Mut. Life, So Mut Bid?, h 765'Milledge Abney O W (lima), ret mcht, h 434 Prince Abney W I (Fannie), auto sales, h 698 Pope Abney George M, auto sales, h 698 Pope Abney John W, h 698 Pope Abrams Mrs Sara, h 247 Hancock Abrams Beatrice, 247 Hancock *Achels Silas (Lula), lab, h 340 Thomas *Ackers Eddie, mgr drnk stnd, h 130 Cherry Ackers Thomas (Anna), kpr ball grnd, h Henderson Ext *Ackers Thorms, lab, Henderson Ext *Ackers Emory D, lab, Henderson Ext *Ackers Wilburn (Julia), r-ng firmn, h 760 Bearing *Acree Fannie, cook, h 258 Lyndon ave Adair Herman G (Myr*le), h 247 Pulaski Adair J T (Fannie), r r engnr, h 265 Barber Adair Thomas, 265 Barber Adair Luther, 265 Barber Adams Mrs Alice H, social ed Banner, h 356 Hill Adams Mrs Gallic, h 573 Pulaski Adams Alvin (Ina M), stone cutter, 573 Pulaski
Adams Carlton, cook, h 387 Odd *Adams Dewey (Alice), farm lab, h 167 Green Adams Earle (Lucinda). drymn, h 264 Bridge Adams Magnolia, h 264 Bridge Adams P^thel. cook, h 131 Cain Adams Mrs Florida C, h University Drive Adams Floyd, auto mech. h 163 Nantahala Adams Fred (Fannie), police, h H50 Thomas Adams Hartzell, mill wkr. h 247 Williams Adams James (Annie), h 645 Boulevard Adams James S (Liz/ie Mac's, li 856 College
Adams John, lab plo wfact, h 182 Hoyt Adams John L (Clara), drymn. h 163 Nantahala Adams Bunice, tchr, 163 Nantahala Adams Joseph A (Juanita), photog. li 164^ Clayton Adams Lucy, cook, h rear 198 Hull Adams Marcus E (Pearl), sales oil co. h 880 College


Freeman & Porter

Normal School


H. O. Epting & Company


Phone 1686

Hancock Bldg. Athens, Georgia

Broad St.



Adams G, trek dvr, 880 College

Adams Roy, candy maker, 880 College

Adams Minerva, h 1146 Broad

Adams Mitchell (Alice), appr cake bkr, h Glenn

Adams Rachael, Ind, h 387 Odd

Adams Miles, cook, h 387 Odd

Adams Peter, bell boy hotel, 387 Odd

Adams Raz (Lula), lab saw mill, h rear 175 Baxter

Adams Robert (Mary), lab, h Bremart

Adams Willie, h 340 Barrett

Adams Laura, steno, 340 Barrett

Adkins Ernest (Maggie) plasterer, h 1529 w Broad

Adkins Susie M, h 1529 w Broad

Adkins Leonard (Mary), mechanic, h 251 Macon

Adkins Louise, maid, 759 Lumpkin

Adkins Ruth, 759 Lumpkin


Adler Peter, installer lighting system, 311 Thomas

Aiken Henry (Hattie) auto sales, 588 Meigs

Aiken Joe (Muena). lawyer, r 895 Oconee

Akins Mary, cook, 767 Lumpkin

Akins William H (Emma), ins agt, h 236 Washington

Albritton Mansa (Carrie) carp cont co, h 240 Savannah av

Albritton Maggie, 240 Savannah av

Alexander Emory D, teacher, l]9o Lumpkin

Alexander Fanny, cook, h 146 Church

Alexander Geo (Minnie/, ins ajrr. h 239 Finley

Alexander Mrs Gertrude, h 448 Mill edge ave

Alexander Henry, mill wkr, 893 Boulevard

Alexander Rosa, h 259 Newton

Alexander Jim T, shoe mkr. 259 Newton

Alexander Mrs Tommie, h 893 Boulevard

Alexander Elam, mill wkr. 893 Boulevard

Alexander Nina, mill wkr, 893 Boulevard

Alexander William, 357 Pulaski

Allan O E (Thaila), traveling salesman, h 174 Grady

Alien Annie, b cook, h 1060 Reese

Alien Ben (Willie). blacksmith, h 146 Pope

Alien Calvin K (Essey). mill wkr. h 690 Nantahala

Alien Folly, mill wkr. 690 Nantahala

James Fotou, Proprietor
Corner Lumpkin and Clayton Sts., Athens, Gay


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorsey

.Trio. R. Northcntt



Alien Herman, mill wkr, 690 Nantahala Alien 162 Ciayton *Allen Edward (Dora), h S70 Reesc Alien Edward C (Nancy), barber, li 247 Ihuicock Alien Iddle. 247 Ilancoek *Alleri Fannie, emp st rlwy, li 2:50 Thomas *Alien .Tolin. bill poster, h 230 Thomas *Allen (Jeo, shoemaker, h 3S9 Meigs Alien James (f (Birdie), mill wkr. h 450 Nacoochee Alien John, mill wkr, 450 Nacoochee Alien Jesse M (Virginia), bkpr, h 97.") Baxter Alien Augusta. 97.") Baxter Alien Virginia, steno Ag College, 975 Baxter Alien John (Maggie), mill wkr, h 159 Miles Alien John Talmadge (Leola) bkpr, 636 Jackson *Allen Joel (Susie), frmn sta eng, h Ilenderson Alien J D (Nettie), real estate apt, h 574 Puhiski *Allen Nancy B, Ind, h 157 Church Alien Nevel (Lessie), mill wkr. h 425 Nacoochee *Allen Steven ((leorgia). h 160 Rock Spring *Allen Annie B. 160 Rock Spring *Alien Ilattie L, 160 Rock Spring *Alien Louida. cthr, 160 Rock Spring Alien Roy. carp, h 138 Miles
Alien Rnby, nnrse, h Ag Col Dairy Alien St Elmo, barber, h 115 Lnmpkin Alien Thomas D (Hallie), taxi driver, h 215 Washington Alien Oeo T, mach gar, 215 "Washington Alien Percy. 215 Washington Almand Carey M (Bessie), police, h 378 Dougherty Almand Mrs Vicie. h 185 State Almand Carrie, bkpr, 185 State Almond Mrs Essie, elk, h 664 Thomas
Allgood Charlie police, h Barrett Allgood Edna. Barrett Allgood Frank Y (Maude), stock dealer, b 227 Waddell Allgood James W (Martha), mill wkr, h 725 Thomas Allgood Mrs Lucy, 725 Thomas Allgood J II (Bessie), mech, h 784 Prince Allgood John R (Maude), mail transf, h 289 Nantahala_______

Classic City Tailors



Martin Bros. Auto Department

383 Washington St.


Phone 646



Allgood Ethel, elk, 289 Nantahala Allgood Mamio, tel opr. 289 Nantahala Allgood Annie M, 289 Nantahala Allgood Abb (Neva), stock dealer, h 22.1 n Milledge Allgood Frank A, auto meeh. 22") n Milledge Allgood Robert L, 225 n Milledgo Allgood Myrtle, salesw, 411 Thomas *Amis John (Mattie Sue), r r sect hnd, h 198 Marlin *Amy Rebecca, Ind, h 873 Broad Anderson Alon/o (Montine), trav sales, h 244 Nantahala *Anderson Andy (Nettie), lab, h Newton Anderson E M (Annie Mae), cont, h 182 Childs Anderson Ilarley, barb, 162 Clay ton Anderson Harvey, bkpr oil co. 864 College Anderson Henry C (Annie Bell) mf st't drnks, h 217 Woodlawn Anderson J P (Fannie) mng Texas Oil Co, h 173 Childs Anderson Clyde, sales, 173 Childs Anderson Hillyer. sales, 173 Childs Anderson James (Eunice), carp, h 542 Pulaski Anderson Emma Lou, salesw, 542 Pulaski Anderson Gertrude, salesw. 542 Pulaski Anderson John T (Annie), h 749 Prince Anderson Margaret, 749 Prince Anderson Fannie N, 749 Prince *Anderson Lizzie, cook rest, h 160 Cohen *Anderson Maggie, Ind, h 341 Atlanta ave Anderson Mary C. 749 Prince Anderson Omar H (Rosa), sales, h 787 Baxter Anderson Otis, 173 Childs * Anderson Robert (Maggie), lab, h 225 Vine
*Anderson Annette, 225 Vine * Anderson Mattie L, 225 Vine Anderson R M, elk P O. 375 s Jackson Anderson Ruby M, tchr, 425 Church Anderson William J, carp. 425 Church Anderson Rufus J (Ilulda). lab. h 275 Oconee Anderson Mrs Sallie F. h 425 Church Anderson Martha, tchr. 425 Church

Walter H. Phillips

Real Estate, Dealer in Farm Lands and City Property

409-410 Holman Bldg.'

Athens, Georgia




189 Lumpkin Street

Athens, Georgia



Anderson Kate, muse tchr, 425 Church
Anderson T B (Lucy), Anderson Plumbing Co, h 835 Boulevard Anderson Gladys, 835 Boulevard Anderson Thomas A, ctn buyer, 277 Hill Anderson Troy B, transp elk r r, h 375 s Jackson Anderson William D, elk r r, 375 s Jackson Anderson Mrs Mary B, h 375 s Jackson Anderson Mrs Vinnie, mill wkr, 367 Oconee Anderson Henry, 367 Oconee
Anderson Mary, 367 Oconee
*Anderson Wesley (Pattie), pntr, h 647 Hull *Anderson Will (Susie), lab, h 139 Second Andreanakin, prop candy kitchen, h 235^ Lumpkin Andrews Florrie, bkpr, Y W C A Andrews Lillian, steno, Y W C A Andrews Ralph, mch, h 189 Dougherty Anglin Emory C (Ella), mill wkr. h 145 Mulberry Anglin Weldon C, trek dvr, h 145 Mulberry Anglin Redford (Lettie), mill wkr, h 1228 Broad *Anthony Henry (Mamie), lab, 599 Hancock Anthony Johnnie H, pntr, 235 Clayton Anthony Louie, pntr, 235 Clayton Anthony Mary, 890 Barber Anthony Richard (Emma), mill wkr, h 125 Pine Anthony William, mill wkr, 125 Pine Anthony Mrs Susie, h 267 DuBose ave Ariail Dallis V (Minnie), carp o, h Nantahala Appling Joe (Sue Belle), mch City Garage, h 124 Elder Appling Thomas G (Alberta), com trav Aquilly Marie, h 1040 Hobson ave Armstrong George C (Mamie), coal dealer, h 290 s Milledge 'Armstrong Willie, lab, 284 Savannah Arnett Lacy C, h 1641/0 Clayton *Arnold Chan (Annie), lab, h 515 Broad *Arnold Lillie, 515 w Broad *Arnold James, trek dvr, 515 w Broad *Arnold Chant (Ada), clgm o, h 664 Augusta ave *Arnold Jessie, 664 Augusta

Freeman & Porter

Normal School


Fine Cars for Hire

Phone 497



*Arnold Roy, farm lab, 664 Augusta *Arnold Fair (Virginia), drmn, h 641 w Broad *Arnold Harriett, 398 Oak Arnold James W (Hester) student, h 896 Hill Arnold Joe 0, carp, h 182 Arch Arnold Mattie, salesw, 182 Arch Arnold Walter, plmb, 182 Arch Arnold John L (Alice), mcht, 586 Franklin Arnold Sara, 586 Franklin *Arnold Judith, Ind, h 19 Billups Arnold Julia, h 760 Cobb Arnold Marion (Laura), Arnold & Abney, h 1192 Milledge Arnold N V, sales, 536 College ave Arnold O H, pres Mattress Fact, 925 Milledge Arnold Jennie, 925 Milledge Arnold Elizabeth, 925 Milledge *Arnold S (Lizzie), h 261 Fairview Arnold Vase, elk r r ofc, 663 Jackson Arnold Boyd, elk r r ofc, 663 Jackson Arron Allie, smstr, h 530 Water Arthur Alexander, tailor, h 876 College Arthur Nelson, pharm, 115 Lumpkin Arthur W G (Ina) mcht, h 512 Jackson Arthur Mina, salesw, 512 Jackson Asbury Mrs Nancy, 220 Nantahala Ashe W C (Eula), ctn mcht, h 1226 Prince Ashe Louise, tchr, 1226 Prince Ashe Jeannette, 1226 Prince Ashford William H (Halliei, mcht, h 125 Milledge Ashford Mozelle, 125 Milledge Ashford Kathryn, 125 Milledge *Ashley Percy (Clara), lab, h 486 Foundry *Ashley Eliza, 486 Foundry Askew Parks, shp elk, h 375 Hancock *Atgo Arthur, lab ctn mill, h 148 Hoyt Attaway Eben F (Viola), mach. h 323 Hiawasee Attawav Harris H (Mamie), taxi dvr. h 947 Chase Atkinson Alfred (Julia), elk, h 396 Boulevard

Corner Lumpkin and Clayton Sts., Athens, Ga.


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorsey

Jno. R. Northcutt



Atkinson Rebecca L, 396 Boulevard Atkinson Charles A, 396 Boulevard Atkirison Mrs Carrie, h 297 Hull Atkinson Eva, elk P O, 297 Hull Atkinson Annie, elk book store. 297 Hull Atkinson John T, student, 165 Milledge Atkinson Margaret, tchr, h 660 Reese *Auffling Edward (Aliee). lab, h 150 Harris Aughtman, James A (Mattie), mill wkr, li 590 Nantahala *Ausby Ike, lab, 123 Madison *Ausby Ophelia, 123 Madison *Ausby Robert (Ella), drmn, h 236 Vine *Ausby Henry, lab, 236 Vine *Auster Nicey, dom, 130 Harris *Austin David (Minnie), del inn, h 273 Lyndon *Austin Denis (Joan), white washer, h 350 Lyndon *Austin Estella, 1ml, h 299 Railroad *Austin Mary, Ind, h 859 w Broad Autry Samuel L (Susie), real est agt, h 392 Pope *Avery Albert (Bessie), ins agt, 265 Billups Avery Jim B (Lessie), butcher, 133 Standard Oil Avery Mrs Ora Hart, tchr Lucy Cobb, 1393 Milledge Avery William J, carp, 198 Oconee *Ayeoek George, lab, h Broad *Aycock Georgia, h cor Thomas and Washington *Aycock Lula. 229 Finley *Aycock Vieta, svt, h 124 Elder Avers Willie G. com trav, h 857 College Bacon Henry M, shp elk, 564 College
Bacon Mary A, tchr, h 169 Barber *Badger George (Martha), h 1528 Broad Baergarly Warren T Lily), mng auto sup co, h Chase *Bailey Anthony, lab. h 23 Franklin Bailey Cicero (Florrie). ret gro. h 198 Elder Bailey Chas. stud. 198 Elder Bailey Ethel, 198 Elder Bailey Flora Frances. 198 Elder *Bailey Clarence (Mary L), tmstr Ice & Coal, h 380 Augusta Bailey David W, plmbr, h 736 Jackson

Classic City Tailors

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Bailey David W Jr, h 736 Jackson

Bailey Mrs Emily, music tchr S N S. h 160 King ave

*Bailey Emory (Cora), lab, h 140 Lyndon Row

*Bailey John, firemn, h 321 Athens

Bailey Lilla, smstr, 3f>6 Hoyt

*Bailey Lucy, cook, h 143 Augusta

*Bailey Lula, Ind, h 160 Madison

Bailey Marion D, 1075 Prince

Bailey Ralph E (Emma) eng Moss mfg co, h 721 Pulaski

Bailey Sallie T, smstr Shirt fact, h 721 Pulaski

Bailey Reuben TI (Clara), tchr. h 624 Thomas

Bailey Roy C (India), plmbr, h 664 Jackson

Bailey \Vm H (Mary E), foremn ctn mill, h 615 Pulaski

Bailey Harry R, gro elk, 615 Pulaski

Bailey Julia T, gro elk, 615 Pulaski

Baines Mrs Eugenia W, h Rutherford

*Baker Ed (Ida), brickmason. h 160 Berry

*Baker Ida, cook, h 125 Pope

Baker John W (Viola), farmer, h 550 Nantahala

Baker Lillian M. trained nurse, 1553 Lumpkin

*Baker Sam (Willie), lab, h 112 Berry

Baker Mrs Sara, lab. 145 Peters _

Baker Ernest, lab. 145 Peters

*Bald\vin Amanda, cook, h 1277 Broad

*Bald\vin Katherine, Ind. h Springdale

*Bald\vin Lula, maid, h Springdale

'Baldwin Sallie, maid, h Springdale

Bales Jeff (Minnie), draymn, h 1398 Broad

BALL FREDERICK J (Olive), photographer. Ball's Studio, h 255


Ball Mrs Lena, 255 Washington

Bancroft Daisy. 178 Childs

Bancroft, Edward W. bkpr So Oil Mill, h 178 Childs

Bancroft Irene, 178 Childs

Bancroft. Emily. 178 Childs

Bancroft Lilly, 297 Peabody

,*Banes Richard, Madison

*Bane* Willie, lab. 160 Madison


Martin's Shoe Store

Across Street from Holman Building We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St

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SET OF TEETH $5.00 AND UP 228 1-2 Clayton Street



*Banes Samuel, lab, 160 Madison Bangus Arthur E (Mary), mill wkr, h 129 Bryant Bangus Jacob, mill wkr, 129 Bryant Banks John H (Lula), janitor, h 320 Chase *Banks Magnolia, cook, 197 Billups Banks Martha, 749 Boulevard *Banks Nancy, Ind, h 147 Chase *Banks Julran W (Roxie), plstr, h 1226 Broad *Banks William, barb, h rear 828 Lumpkin
Baran Rudolph D (Juanita), com tr Bludwine Co, h 1354 Lumpkin
Barber Samuel, h 474 Ruth Barber William Lee, minist, 385 Madison *Bardge Richard (Rebecca), lab oil mill, h 640 Vine Barfield Charles, stud, 199 Hancock Barker Chas E (Nora), pntr, h 420 Strong
Barker Charley (Frances), junk dealer, h 359 Hoyt
Barker James T, carp, 187 Chattanooga Barker Mrs Liza, h 120 Mitchell Barker Margarette, 120 Mitchell *Barkes Amos, minist, h 389 Flint Barnes Dorsey, ticket agt r r, h 168 Boulevard Barnes Geo, elk, 575 Jackson Barnes Gertrude, 820 Lumpkin *Barnes Jim (Sallie), presser, h 185 Cherry *Barnes Lucas (Josephine), firemn, h 445 Oak *Barnes Pierce (Fannie), lab, h 224 Rock Spring
*Barnett Alvin (Mamie), lab, Athens Hadw Co, h 1638 Broad *Barnett Berry (Georgia), lab, h 329 Lyndon Row *Barnett Carrie L, maid, h 145 Rock Spring *Barnett Carey, cook hotel, h 229 Fourth *Barnett Charles (Bertha), firemn, h 440 Berry
*Barnett Edelie (Estelle), lab. h 126 Hancock *Barnett Hazel, 1354 Lumpkin *Barnett Jasper, draymn, 516 Billups
Barnett J D. msngr Exp co, h 411 Thomas
*Barnett J B. trek dvr, 153 Cherry *Barnett Weldon, plmbr, 153 Cherry
*Barnett John, farm lab. h 170 Trail Creek *Barnett Jeff, 170 Trail Creek


Freeman & Porter

Normal School


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Barnett Lucy, 170 Trail Creek Barnett John H, lab Comp co, 498 Athens Barnett John (Jessrell), cook, h Waddell Barnett J W (India), city eng City Hall, h 340 Milledge Barnett Lillian, h 816 Lumpkin Barnett Lollie, steno Ag Col, 549 Jackson Barnett Louise, Ind, h 766 Lumpkin
Barnett Mattie, 170 Trail Creek
Barnett Frances, 170 Trail Creek Barnett Martha, 170 Trail Creek Barnett Martin (Eula), lab auto repr shop, h 1374 Hancock Barnett Mattie, 294 Finley Barnett Murdell, 1553 w Broad Barnett Nettie, h 198 Rock Spring Barnett Nettie J, steno life ins co Barnett Otto (Lula), mach, h 1327 Hancock Barnett P (Janie), lab, h 148 Cherry Barnett Robert, gard, h 317 Chase Barnett Rosina, Ind, h 780 Bearing Barnett Mrs. Tennie, 844 Lumpkin Barnett William (Clara), wks clothing store, 620 Hancock Barney Oscar R (Ethel), h 259 Finley Barnhart Bert (Gertrude), phys, h 264 "Washington Barnhart Carrie, 264 "Washington
Barnhart Wade H (Hattie), mach, 901 Broad
Barnum John H (Jessie), waiter cafe, 188 Strong Barrett Ciniker (Mattie), cook oil mill, h 124 Hendricks
Barrett Mrs Drucilla L, h 527 Jackson
Barrett Sinnia F, emp hos mill, h 527 Jackson
Barrett Blonnie, emp hos mill, h 527 Jackson
Barrett Johnnie, emp hos mill, h 527 Jackson
Barrett Geo C, msng boy, h 527 Jackson
Barrett Janie, 134 Hendricks
Barrett James (America) fruit dealer, h 185 Peters Barrett Malone, sales, 185 Peters Barrett Katie, 348 Georgia Depot Barrett Lois Noyce, 335 Madison Barrett Selma, 335 Madison Barrett Walter, 335 Madison

James Fotou, Proprietor
Corner Lumpkin and Clayton Sts., Athens, Ga.


Julius Dornblatt, Proprietor


Washington St.

Telephone 347

Bills Due When Work is Completed



Barrott Ruth, opr S B Tel Co, 335 Madison Barrett Ruby, opr S B Tel Co, 335 Madison Barrett Horace, emp oil mill, h 335 Madison Barrett Mrs Thelma, 128 Miles Barrett Walter J (Eva), stone cutter, h 757 Pulaski Barrett Herbert H, electrician Enpr Co, 757 Pulaski Barrett Frank C, bottler, 757 Pulaski Barrett Walter Lewis (Daisy), pntr, 342 Oak Barrett W J (Allulah), ret ro, h 335 Madison Barrett Mary A. cash Athens Ry & Elec Co, 335 Madison Barren Willard C, vulcanizer, 335 Madison BARROW DAVID C (Fannie), Chancellor U. Ga, h Univ. Campus Barrow David F. surveyor, h University Campus Barrow James (Clara"), eity treasurer, City Hall, h 830 Hancock Barry Jessie M, h 668 Pulaski Barton Phil J, stone cutter, 663 Jackson Barwick Mary E, principal Nautahala Ave School, h 723 Hancock Barwick William S (Myrtle), bkpr. 723 Hancock *Basell Marie, Ind, 140 Second *Bassett Sam (Josie), draymn, h Glenn ave *Bassett Charlie, porter pool room, h Glenn ave Bates Calhoun, lab, 187 Chattanooga *Bates Cleo, 625 Hancock *Bates, Townsley, lab shoe store, 625 Hancock *Bates Corrie, svt, h 850 Broad Bates Henry II (Jessie), mill wkr, h 165 Mulberry Bates John' (Mattie) lab ctn mill, h 195 Broad Bates Rosa Lee, spinner ctn mill, h 195 Broad Bates Ruby, mill wkr, h 195 Broad *Bates Lenora. nurse, h 625 Hancock *Bates Mamie, cook, 625 Hancock *Bates Rosa, 625 Hancock Bates William (Fannie), mill wkr. Bates Minnie, mill wkr. Bates Louis, pntr. *Battle Jasper (Lovey), mill wkr. h 767 Lumpkin *Battle Ray, mnjr lunch stand, 767 Lumpkin *Battle Jim (Belle), ctn sampler, h 243 Cleveland *Battle Horace, lab Elect co, 243 Cleveland

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant



455 Clayton St.

Phone 621

Columbia Tailoring Company


"We please you and keep you pleased, no matter what the cost"





Battle John (Annie), r r lab, h 1463 Broad Pattle .John (Susie), cook rest. 389 Flint Baffin Simon (Mary), lab. h HO Cherry Baffin Wylie. bootblack, h 370 Pope Baujrh Jeff (Belle), emp Ajr Col Dairy, li Ajr Col Campus Baujrh Joseph 1). h 135 Waddell Baujrh Dolie. hemstitchei-. 135 Waddell Baujrh Charles B, bkpr Auto Sup Co. 135 Waddell Baujrh Frank, elk Cent of Oa Ry Baujrh Lies (Hattie). lab, h 486 Foundry Baujrh Lillit. 486 Foundry Baujrh Silvester, lab, 786' Foundry Baujrh Sara, Ind. h real 757 Hancock Baujrh Dolia A. 757 Hancoek Baujrheum Cornelius (Sallie). mill wkr. h 372 Thomas Baujrhcum Susie, mill wkr, 372 Thomas Baujrheum. Mrs Emma, elk, 357 Oeonee Baujrhcum Will K. trek dvr, book store, 357 Oeonee Baujrheum John. elk. 357 Oeonee Baujrhcum Mrs Katie, lab mill. 165 Injrlewood Baujrhn Preston (Lucy), waiter hotel, h 147 Newton Baxter Mrs Frances, 137 Park ave Baxter Lillian, bkpr, 412 Thomas Baxter Mrs. Sara, sect IT Ga, h 957 Baxter Baxter Thomas W (Susan) mnjr sash and door faet. h 1354 Milledjre Baynes Robert (Mary), brakeman r r. h 249 China Baxel Thomas C (Pauline), h 275 Rock Spring Bazzell Corrine, maid. 1330 Hancock Bazzell Laura. Ind, h w Waddell Baxxell Hampton, h w Waddell Beacham Calvin II (Leila M). mech oil mill, h 140 Becker Bf-acham Walter L (Estelle). bkpr bnk. h 174 Strong Beacliam W D (Mary Lo i), trav sales, h 540 Prince Bear-ham William, 540 Prince Beall Marcellus (Anna), h 139 Newton BEALL FRANK R, auto dealer Beall-White Motor Co. h Y M C A Beaman Clyde, Pope Beatty Estelle. sales, h 269 ^j Lumpkin Beatty Lessie, 269 V-j Lumpkin Beatty Frederica, tchr Lucy Cobb, 660 Reese


Freeman & Porter


Normal School

Athens, Georgia

The New Maxwell A Real Economical Gar

Martin Bros. Auto Department

383 Washington St.


Phone 646



Becker John (Carrie), real est agt, h 175 Pulaski Beddingfield C C (Martha), int dec, h 356 Strong Bedgood W E (Melba), bkpr bnk, h 539 Pulaski Beer Leo (Henrietta), meat cutter, h 185 Childs Beer Carrie, steno, 185 Childs Beer Jennie, steno, 185 Childs Beer Sylvester, sales, 185 Childs Beer Edwin, 185 Childs
BELL AUSTIN (Stella), atty. So Mut Bldg, h 126 Henderson *Bell Austin, prop pressing club, 248 Hoyt Bell Burma, elk, 220 Nantahala Bell Retjo, tel opr, 220 Nantahala *Bell Cleo, agt toilet articles, h 147 Hoyt *Bell Celia. Ind, h 340 Macon *Bell Charity, 160 Strickland Bell Charles M (Mary), lab gar, h 235 Clayton ' *Bell Charlie (Nancy), lab gar, h 708 Broad *Bell Edward (Connie), waiter Georgian Hotel, h 1668 Broad Bell Ethel J, 135 Park ave Bell Nellie C, 135 Park ave Bell Fred G (Minnie), prop gro st, h 415 Dougherty Bell Hubert, 415 Dougherty Bell Frances, tchr, 660 Reese *Bell Grady A, mech oil mill, h 348 Macon Bell Hattie O, bdnghs^ kpr, h 464 College *Bell Henry (Mary), grave digger, h 198 Green Bell James A (Jerm^e), clgymn, 980 Baxter Bell Wenona, steno, 980 Baxter *Bell John J, svt, h 944 College ave *Bell Josephus. 139 Newton *Bell Louise. Ind, 136 Trail Creek Bell Mrs Lilly, mill wkr, 172 Bryant Bell Molly, bkpr Trussell Motor Car Co, h 1082 Lumpkin Bell Mary S, wks Ag Col. h 1064 Lumpkin Bell Lee I, trained nurse, 1064 Lumpkin Bell Cora O, steno Ag Col. 1064 Lumpkin *Bell Mozelle. cook, 461 Hoyt *Bell James, lab. 461 Hoyt Bell Roy (Ruhnell), carp, h 808 Lumpkin________________

James Fotou, Proprietor
Corner Lumpkin and Clayton Sts., Athens, Ga.

Modern Drug Shops in Every Respect. PURITY PROMPTNESS COURTESY
That's how we built the business.



Bell R P (Frances), cont, h 135 Park Bell Wilbur, sales, 135 Park
Bell Willie L, tel opr, 135 Park Bell Wadie A, steno hdw co, 140 Becker Bell Wallace L (Maude), real est agt, h 147 Nacoochee *Belle Eliza, Ind, h 487 Odd *Belle Hazel, 165 Rock Spring *Belle Norman. 165 Rock Spring
*Belle Jerome, waiter hotel, 165 Rock Spring *Belle Judge (Hattie), draymn. h 165 Rock Spring *Belle Luther, mach gar, 165 Rock Spring
*Belle Waterloo, 165 Rock Spring Benedict Mrs Mattie, bdnghse kpr, h 411 Thomas Benedict Clarence (Belle), r r frgt elk, 411 Thomas *Benford Henry (Janie), lab elect pit, h 185 Rock Spring *Benford Johnriie, lab ctn oil co, 185 Rock Spring Bennett Hoyt H, tchr, 130 Field *Bennett McDonald, 537 Hancock Bennett Maggie, ofc girl, 150 Herring *Bennett Mary, cook, h 131 Lyndon Row *Bennett Rosa, cook rest, 369 Meigs Bennon Mrs Elizabeth, 185 Baxter *Benns Elizabeth, 652 Hull *Benns Charles, cobbler, 652 Hull *Benson Alfred (Lizzie), carp, h 168 Pope Benson Geo W (Natalie), auto sales. Yow Bros, h 525 Prince Benson W II (Lottie), prop Benson's Bakery, h 586 Franklin *Bentley Rabun (Annie), rock mason, h w Waddell Benton Dillard (Pearl), sales, h 165 Pulaski Benton Lorenzo D (Dell G). undertaker, h 193 Hancock *Beowner Henrietta, cook, rear 624 Milledge Berry Charles W (Mary), wks Ag Col Dairy, h Ag Col Campus Bernard II Y (Marguerite), trav sales, h 552 Cobb Bernard Will J (Gussie), elk comp. h 297 Boulevard Bernstein Hannah, 233 Hancock Bernstein Flora, 233 Hancock Bernstein Jake (Hannah "i. Bernstein Bros Furn Est. h 140 Hancock Bernstein Mose, Bernstein Bros Furn Est, h 233 Hancock Bernstein Selig (Hannah), pres People Bank, h 233 Hancock

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building

We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.


Athens Empire Laundry

Cor. Clayton and Lumpkin Sts.

Telephone 217



Betts Georgia, smstr. 250 Milledge Betts Jep L, blksmth, 1085 Lumpkin
Betts Dr. L N (Daisy), dentist, ofc Holman Bldg, h 970 Lumpkin Betts Walter T (Sonie). stock dealer, h 455 Dougherty Beusse Dedriek D (Minnie), sales, Callaway Gro Co, h 950 Lumpkin
Beusse Mrs Flonnie. tchr Athens Bus Col. h 227 Dougherty Beusse Allie, sales, 227 Dougherty Beusse Henry (Lina), eliief of police. City Hall, h lf>5 Baxter Beusse J II (Jessie), broker, h 634 Prince Beusse Henrietta, 654 Prince Bevers James, 134 Vine Bevers Jim (Ilattie), mill wkr, h 145 Vine Bevers Christine, mill v.:kr, 145 Vine Bevers Lonis (J (Lilly), ;ab leather shop, h Nantahala Bevis Mary A, tchr, 060 Reese Bickerstaff Robert H (Lola), com trav, h 226 Cloverhnrst *Biggs Eldora. svt, 224 Boulevard *Biggs Tracie. cook. 153 Hoyt Biggs Alice M. h 278 Newton Biggs Robert L, vet \vkr, 278 Newton Billings Fay M, 585 Prince Billings Josiah M. sect & treas Athens St Ry & Elect Co, 585 Prince *Billups Bernie (Sara., Ind. h Glenn *Billups Burrell (Janie). prop rest, h 367 Chase *Billnps Estelle, Ind. 1775 Broad *Bilhips Harry, lab. 160 Madison *Billups Ivry'(Evie), lab, h 670 Broad *Billups Anna, svt, 670 Broad *Billups James II (Maria), presser clb, h 272 Thomas *Billnps John B (Mary), jan sch, h 835 Reese *Billups Minnie, cook. 835 Reese *Billnps /epharine. 835 Reese *Billups John (Polly), brck rnson, b 1147 w Broad *Billnps Jordan, bootblack. 137 Billups *Billups Leila, 1086 Broad *Billups Lina. Ind, h 1086 Broad *Billups Adeline. 1086 Broad
*Billups Liddie, 1086 Broad *Billnps Maria, nnrse, b Upson Alley

Southern Construction Company
Office 8O4-5-0 Holman Building TELEPHONE 1797

s Canbp Ettdjeu

Chivilis & Company, Props.

Telephone 1742





*Billups Mary, hid. h 149 Pope
*Billups Mary, cook, 247 Fairview *Billups Stephen (Delia), bricklayer, h AVaddell *Binford Randolph (Lena), lab gro st, h 479 Finley Binns Mrs Susie, 648 College Birch Arthur M (Lonnie), bkpr. h 286 Boulevarfl Birch Mrs Clyde M, steno, 646 Boulevard Birch J B (Birdie), shp elk, li r>46 Pulaski
Birchmore F II (Nela), city sales Western Elect Co, h 178 Dougherty *Bird King, lab, h 540 Reese Bird Summer J (Willie), farmer, h 733 Pulaski Bird Annie M, steno, 733 Pulaski Bird Mrs Sara, h 125 Prince Bird Eula. tchr, 125 Prince Bird Ovid, bkpr Nat'1 Bnk of Athens, h 125 Prince Bird Margaret. 125 Prince Bird Lena tchr, 125 Prince Bird Sara, tchr, 125 Prince Bird Lucy, tchr, 125 Prince *Bird Mark (Matildi). brckmson. h 135 Third *Bird Alexander. 135 Third *Bird Selina, maid, 153 Hoyt *Bird Son (Jessie), lab, h 525 Reese *Bird Solomon (Lizzie), lab, 060 Broad
Birdsong Henry W (Bertha), phys. h 609 Cobb Bishop Albon C (M;iry). \vks cord mill, 765 Milledge Bishop B T (Mary E). r r frgt elk. h 363 Hancock Bishop Mrs Caroline, h 247 Milledge
Bishop Walter (Eleanor), com trav. 247 Milledge
*Bishop Clarence, butler, Hancock Bishop David N (Laura), snpt ctn mill, h 798 Boulevard
Bishop Edward. 144 Hall Bishop Edward E (Maggie), chemist Oconee Alkali Co, h 144 Hall Bishop Dan G, sales Bishop Marguerite, 144 Hall Bishop Emily M. 395 Church Bishop Henry C (Lila). meht ret gro, h 280 University Drive Bishop Florence E. 280 University Drive Bishop Jos II (Mary), trav sales, h 163 Nantahala


Freeman O Porter

Normal School


J. F. Shepherd


211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia

Bishop Joseph E, 163 Nantahala Bishop Norman G 163 Nantahala Bishop Judge E, student, 428 Lumpkin Bishop Julius F (Mattie), P O elk, h 251 Franklin Bishop Lucy M, h 365 s Jackson Bishop Arthur F (Jennie), evangelist, 365 s Jackson Bishop Oscar (Samantha), gro, h 110 Pope Bishop Andrew O, teleg opr, 110 Pope Bishop William A (Edna) firemn, city, h 454 Dougherty Bisson Bert G (Clara), mach auto rcpr shop, h Woodrow ave Bisson Emily, bkpr, 881 Pope Bisson James (Ida), sexton, h 297 Cemetery *Black Flemm, 170 Stevens Black Homer, prof Chem, U of Ga, 445 Milledge Black Mrs Nova, 445 Milledge Blackmon Archie T, 198 Oconee Blackmon Grady (Bertha), mach gar, h 248 Washington Blackmon Lonnie 0 (Bertha), farm lab, h 890 Barber Blackmon Robert, elk gro st, h 890 Barber Blackshear Mrs Katherine, h 436 Dearing Blaekshear Laura, 436 Dearing Blackstock Mrs Myttie, h 165 Springdale Blackstoek Pies J, lineman tel co, 165 Springdale *Blackwell John H (Angeline), lab, h 137 Franklin Blackwell Mrs Mary, h 575 Harris *Blakely Louise, cook hotel, 148 Foundry Blash Ira (Alice), mech, h 663 Milledge * Blasingame Cicero (Nira). trav sales, h 186 Barber *Bloodshaw Lnla svt, h 850 Broad Bloodworth B R (Emma), com agt Cent of Ga Ry, h 243 Cobb Bloomfield Mrs Cornelia O, h 150 Barber Bloomfield Marion, tchr, 150 Barber Bloomfield Dr J C (Lillie), occnlist. ofc So Mut Bldg, h 260 Milledge *Blount Jesse, del boy. 620 Church *Blount Green (Lizzie), emp mnf co. 620 Church *Blount Annie, cook. 620 Church Blount Tommie, elk dry gds st, 620 Church *Blue Guss (Blanche), sales dry gds st, h 150 Lyndon Blunt Augustus E ( Margaret), gen foremn r r shop, h 225 Grace
James Fotou, Proprietor
Corner Lumpkin and Clayton Sts., Athens, Ga.


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorsey

________________ ___Jno. R. Northcutt



Boatner Ez-kiel (Myrtle), wiremn So Bell Tel Co, 1230 Boulevard Boatner Louise, h 1230 Boulevard Bobb Thomas L (Oorrie), mech. h 412 Dougherty Bobb Willie O (Prances), carp, h 348 Oak Bocock Willis PI (Bessie), prof TJ of Ga, h 598 Milledge Bocock Natalie. 598 Milledge Boggs Sue, Incl, h 137 Pearl Boggs Wilburn, mill wkr, 344 Lakeview Bolding Mark E (Eugenia), ctn broker, 135 Prince Bolton Maude, tchr Athens High School, h 263 Hancock Bolton Geo (Alice), sales Smith Shoe Co, h 120 Springdale Bolton Mudge, trek dvr, 169 Newton Bolton Ora, h Ht;nclerson Ext Bolton Si (Ada), carp ,h 345 Pope Boley Sol J (Minn,<0. Sol J Boley Clothing St, h 470 Hill Boley Eveline, 470 Hill Boley Sidney (Minnie), Empire Shoe Co, h 240 Woodlawn Boley Bertram. 240 "Woodlasvn Bond G G (Claudia), supt city schools, ofc City Hall, h 198 Dearing Bond Parrar, student, 198 Dearing Bond Frances, music tchr, 198 Dearing Bond Margaret, 198 Dearing Bondurant E J (Martha), mng Athens Plw & Fndry Co, h 725 Cobb Bondurant Elizabeth, 725 Cobb Bone Mrs Caroline B, 170 Barber Bone Griff (Susie), auto mech, h 568 Pulaski Bonhart Albert (Ella), lab, h 1082 Broad Bonhart Oltip Mae, 1082 Broad Bonhart Ruth, 1082 Broad Bonnell Harry (Adelia) 857 Milledge Booker Ben, Ind, h 136 Trail Creek Boone Mrs Mattie, mill wkr, 230 Ga Depot st Booth Beatrice, 176 Milledge Booth George M (Isabella), h 443 Meigs Booth Ida Belle, bkpr life ins co, 445 Meigs Booth George J (Florence) auto sales, h 185 Hill Crest Booth Arthur, auto sales, 185 Hill Crest Booth Robert G, emp auto repr shop, 185 Hill Crest Booth George L, 185 Hill Crest Booth George Arthur (Alberta), station and printer, h 175 Dearing

Classic City Tailors

Begin the Savings Habit now by Starting an Account in this Bank FOUR PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS DEPOSITS
National Bank of Athens



Booth James H (Sallie), sanitary inspt, h 355 Madison Booth James H Jr, emp Webb &Oawford, 355 Madison Booth Clarence D (Addie), ret gro, 345 Madison Booth Erma, 345 Madison Booth Joe H (Lottie), sales, h 881 Pope Booth John L (Addie), live stock dealer, h 426 Milledge *Booth Richard (Dilsey), emp mnf pit, h 728 Hull Booth Mrs Vera, salesw, h Y W C A Booth William (Rosa), rang stock yd, h 185 Hull Bodenheimer Henry, mng dry gds store. 154 Hancock Born Marian A (Bessie), phys, h 744 Barber Born Larraine, 744 Barber Born Mrs Pearl, trained nurse, 336. Strong Born Elizabeth, cash dept store, 336 Strong Born Jack, farmer, 336 Strong *Bose Johnnie (Julia) elk, 151 Warsaw *Bostwick Alexander (Lula), wood cutter wood yd, h 155 Paris *Bostwick George (Liza), lab handle fact, h 1524 Broad *Bostwick Mary, 1524 Broad *Bostwick John, barber, 599 Hancock *Boswell AmaTula. 658 Hull Bowden Carl M (Mattie), trek dvr Texas Oil Co, h corner Eliza-
beth and Grace Bowden Frank II (Tolura), mng gro store, h 595 Pulaski Bowden Lee C, news dealer, 595 Pulaski Bowden Roy L, sales, 595 Pulaski Bowden Ilollis IT (CameliaV foremn An: Col Farm, h Ilort Orchard Bowden Roy A. florist, h Hort Orchard Bowden John II (Bessie), hotel prop, h 215 1//> Lumpkin Bowden Earl E. 215y.> Lumpkin Bowden Mrs Josie S. h 309 s Jackson Bowden Mattie B. 595 Pulaski Bowden Guy, 595 Pulaski Bowden Mrs Mollie (wid W D), h 646 Boulevard Bowen Fannie, 535 Pulaski Bowen Robert A. student. 428 Lumpkin Bowles Ben, lab pub wks, 286 Poplar Bowles Sam, mill wrkh. 286 Poplar Bowles Curtis, mill wkr, 286 Poplar

------------------------------------I>RTXK A BOTTL.E OF------------------------------------


Made From Sun-Kissed Ivemons--A Thirst Quenching, Cooling Drink Bottled Only By


Washington St.

Phone 263


197 Prince Avenue

Athens, Georgia



Bowles Judge (Valley), r lab, h 1376 Hancock Bowles John, butler, 1376 Hancock Bowles Randolph, mill wkr. 530 Xantahala Bowles James D, tinner, 530 Xantahala Bowles Mrs Tona Mae, h 180 Inglewood Bowles Willie (Ida), svt, h 1389 Hancock Boyce Mrs Martha C, 244 Barber Boyce Martha, cook, h 524 Strong Boyce Jerretta, 524 Strong
Boyd Julia, bookpr Indry, h 157 Grady ave Boyd Robert, dvr trash wagon, h 680 Bearing Boyd Thad, blacksmith, h 362 Hancock Boyd William R (Mattie), r r inspt, h 687 Pulaski Boyd Nada L, 687 Pulaski Bradberry Ira A (Ida), com trav who gro, h 145 Strong Bradberry Paul B, mug storage battery shop, 145 Strong Bradberry Virgina, 145 Strong Bradberry Mrs Lizzie, h 298 Oak Bradberry Mary, sales, 920 Broad Bradberry Robert E (Laura L), merct, 286 Boulevard
Bradberry Webster L, com sales, 286 Boulevard Bradberry Robert T, 2S(i Boulevard Bradberry Mrs Sarah, 28G Boulevard Bradberry Wm J, mill wkr, 187 Chattanooga Bradford Stella, cook. 1130 Atlanta Bradley Abner W (Noaley). plmbr, h 185 Inglewood Bradley Estelle, mill wkr. 185 Inglewood Bradley Rosa Lee, 185 Inglewood Bradley Alice, cook, h 461 Hoyt Bradley James (Susie), eng city water wks. h 146 First Bradley Robert Sales. 146 First Bradley Fannie, mill wkr. 146 First
Bradley Maude L, mill wkr, 140 Ga Railroad Bradley Ramond (Estelle). cobbler, h 420 Finley Bradley Robert (Nasrgie) .mill wkr. h 126 Bryant Bradley Sara. 220 Pearl Bradley William M (Fannie), mech, b 127 Miles Bradlev Viola, mill wkr, 127 Miles Bradwell James D (Julia), atty. h 300 Milledge Circle________

Southern Construction Company
Office 8O4-5-6 Holman Building TELEPHONE 1797


Telephone us your Drug Stories See how quickly we serve you

Palmer's Drug Store

Clayton Street

Prince Avenue



Bradwell Katherine E, 300 Milledge Circle Bramblett Mrs Elizabeth, 533 Nantahala Bramblett F L (Amanda), sales, h 784 Prince Bramblett C (Dessie), 784 Prince Bramblett Henry T (Leila), mill wkr, h 480 Nacoochee Bramblett Nellie, mill wkr, 480 Nacoochee Bramblett Beulah, mill wkr, 480 Nacoochee
Bramblett Charlie, mill wkr, 480 Nacoochee Branch Mrs Lula, h 156 Grady Branch Fannie S, 156 Grady Branch John S, shipping elk, who gro, 156 Grady Branch Mrs Marie E, 598 Prince Branch Robert D, (wk in Atlanta), 156 Grady Brand Chas H, atty, congressman, h 645 Milledge Brandenburg W L, r r emp, h 940 College Brandt C W, jeweler, 120 Dougherty *Branen Hattie, Ind, h 188 Second *Branham Annie, h Crawford *Branham Richard, cook oil co, h 157 Crawford *Branson Neal, dishwasher cafe, 135 Valley *Brantley Ella, wks shirt factory, 170 Green *Brash Ike, h 923 Water Bray Geo E (Mattie Lee), taxi dvr, h 840 College Bray Harrison (Ida), mill wkr, h 146 Miles Bray Mary, mill wkr, 146 Miles Bray Sadie Lee. mill wkr. 146 Miles Bray Luther mill wkr, 146 Miles
Bray Isham M (Nora), auto sales, 370 Madison ave Bray Lawrence, sales, 311 Thomas Bray Camilla, 311 Thomas
Bray Mrs Lucinda, bdnghse kpr, h 311 Thomas Bray James L (Bessie), ins agt. 311 Thomas Bray Irene, steno, Ag Col, 311 Thomas Bray Luther, taxi dvr, 162 Clayton Bray Mrs Mary F, h 372 Hancock Bray Mrs Mary Frances, h 372 Hancock Bray Pope, com trav, 372 Hancock Bray William G (Lollie). mill wkr, h 635 Nantahala *Brassell Nora, farm lab, h 396 Georgia Depot

Martin's Shoe Store

Across Street from Holman Building We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.

J. F. Shepherd


211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



*Braswell Julian (Mattie;, lab. *Braswell Mary, cook, h rear 120 Milledge Terrace *Braswell Peggie, Ind, rear 120 Milledge Terrace *Brawner Andrew (Hattie M), lab, rear 126 Milledge *Brawner Sallie, Ind, h 141 Newton *Brazel Thomas C (Pauline), cook, h 275 Rock Spring Brazelton Walter, msng exp co, 724 Hancock *Brewer Albert (Georgia), lab, 1018 Hobson ave Brewer D C (Jessie B), real est agt, h 773 Pope *Brewer Dennis, lab, 1018 Pope *Brewer Bennie, del boy, 1018 Pope Brewer James B (Mamie), mill wkr, h 162 Bryant Brewer Fred, mill wkr, 162 Bryant *Brewer Jewell (Elizabeth), lab, h 980 Water *Brewer S (Eula), lab, 986 Water *Brewer Pete (Susie), lab, 986 Water *Brewer Viola, 348 Church
Brice Mary, 897 Prince Bridges Alex R, sales Elect Co, 2151/2 Lumpkin Bridges Charles C (Muriel), butcher, h 149 Wilkerson
Bridges Claude C (Inez), lab, h 376 Oconee Bridges Mrs Emma J, 149 Wilkerson Bridges Annie P, 149 Wilkerson Bridges James F (Martha), butcher, h 141 Wilkerson Bridges Lewis M (Effie), butcher, h 901 Broad Bridges Mrs Mary Lizzie, 359 Hoyt Bridges Mrs Mary A, bdnghsekpr, h 327 Oconee Bridges Annie, 327 Oconee Bridges Powell, com trav, 897 Milledge Bridges Robert Y, cobbler, 327 Oconee *Bridie Willie (Nellie), lab Gas Co. h 160 Madison *Bridie Willie (Belle), lab, h 160 Madison Briggs William P (Annie), cash who gro, h 2501/o Jackson Brightwell George P (Clara), h 210 University Drive Brightwell Nell P, 210 University Drive Brightwell Edith M. 210 University Drive Brinkley Thomas, supt moto co. 189 Dougherty Briscoe^John C (Tina), Iksmth. h 149 Waddell Briscoe Henry C, Icksmth, h 293 Clayton

Walter H. Phillips

Real Estate, Dealer in Farm Lands and City Property

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia

National Bank of Athens



Brittain Ed (Sara), lab, 130 Berry
Brittain Geo W (Janie), carp, h 1158 Broad Brittain Willie (Katie), lab So Ry, h 147 Barrett Britton Fronie, Ind, 1186 Hancock Britton Albert, 1186 Hancock Britton Lucas (Stella), lab, 1186 Hancock Britton Sallie, cook, h 1186 Hancock Britton Julia, Ind, 1185 Hancock Britton Mary, 186 Mitchell Britton William (Nettie), lab, h 140 Glenn Brooch Mercer (Bertha), com trav dry gds, h 398 Milledge Broach Wm E (Mary), prof Ag Col, h 1342 Lumpkin Brobston Kennedy D (Annie), sales auto sup, h 387 Hill Brock William (Eliza J), carp, h ISl 1/^ Broad Brock Talmadge, ISl 1/^ Broad Broach George A (Ethel ine), lab, h Hobson ave Brookbank Jerome (Laura), typist Herald, h 248 River Brooks Abraham (Sara), sales shoe store, h 809 College Brooks Gussie, 809 College Brooks A L (Bessie), h 534 Pulaski Brooks A W. ctn buyer. 158 Milledge Brooks Beauchamp (Pansy), Ry postal elk, h 219 Waddell Brook Buddy, lab. h 840 Water Brook Lena, Ind, 840 Water Brooks Dempsey W, 282 Newton Brooks Earl B (Gussie), farm overseer, h Cleveland Brooks Henley H (Maude). U S mail del, h 1125 Carr's Hill Brooks Henrv (Alice), lab, h 180 Cherry Brooks Ed (Mathilda), lab, h 160 Cherry Brooks II K (Essie), ins agt, h 240 Nacoochee Brooks J A (Mary), mng dept store, h 382 Dougherty Brooks Lizzie, Ind, h 295 Cleveland Brooks Loyd E (Sallie), auto sales, h 373 Dougherty Brooks Roy L (Flitha), mng motor co. h 287 Broad Brooks Sid (Elnora), lab auto shop, h 200 Glenn Brooks Solomon (Harriett), delmn gro store, h 345 Lyndon Brooks Susan, 295 Oconee Brooks Susie, Woodrow Brooks W G, piano cabinet maker, 564 College

---------------------------------DRINK A BOTTLE OF---------------------------------


Made From Sun-Kissed Lemons--A Thirst Quenching, Cooling Drink

Bottled Only By


Washington St.

Phone 203

AGENT Office : 514 Southern Mutual Building



Brooks Wofford L (Fannie), com trav. 664 Eunice *Broughton Joe II (Eula), lab Ag Farm, h 119 Carlton*Broughton Lula, cook, rear 1440 Milledge
*Broughton Jerome, butler, rear 1440 Milledge *Brown Albert, ins agt, h 760 Chase Brown Will, 760 Chase *Brown Albert L (Ellen), janitor college, h 690 Hancock *Brown Irene, tchr, 690 Hancock *Brown Mary, hairdresser, 690 Hancock *Brown Alma E, ins agt, 446 Reese *Brown Anderson (Margie), carp, h 513 w Broad * *Brown Anderson (Mamie), lab, h 987 Reese *Brown Hamilton, 987 Reese *Brown Annie Mae, 55 Dobbs Brown Artie, h 994 Oconee *Brown Bell, 1277 Broad *Brown Caroline, 155 Valley Brown Chessie, mill wkr, 167 Chattanooga *Brown Cicero (Levonia), pruner, h Fuller *Brown Clifford, lab cafe, 269 Newton Brown Curly, mill wkr, 146 Miles * Brown Dave (Carrie), trek dvr. h 260 Thomas Brown D T (Minnie), prop rest, h 215 Williams Brown D, prop Greek rest, h 114 College *Brown Easter, cook, rear 158 Milledge *Brown Emma, h 472 River *Brown Essie L, cook. 834 Reese *Brown Fannie, farm lab. h 148 Broad *Brown Fanny, 197 Newton *Brown Fred (Florence), tailor, h 1340 Hancock Brown Geo (Mary), prop boarding house, h 115 Lumpkin Brown John, carp, 115 Lumpkin Brown Hassie, tchr, 115 Lumpkin Brown Geo R (Lucy G}. Brown-Yates Motor Co, h 845 Baxter Brown Joe, 115 Lumpkin *Brown George C (Mary), r r firemn. h 150 Water *Brown Gus (Lucy), janitor A H S. h 141 Lyndon Row *Brown Hattie, Ind, h 350 Lyndon Row Brown Worth, mach. 115 Lumpkin

Southern Construction Company
Office 804-5-6 Holman Building TELEPHONE 1797





American National Insurance Co.
605 Sou. Mutual Bldg.



Brown Nannie Mae, 115 Lumpkin Brown Andrew, mcht, 115 Lumpkin *Brown Howard (Julia), jari U of Ga, h 147 Lyndon Row *Brown Irwin (Ina), farmer, 344 Macon ave Brown James T (Minnie), mach, h 121 Hoyt; plmbr, 121 Broad Brown James N (Tishie), mill wkr, h 1150 Boulevard Brown Jerry, mill wkr, 1150 Boulevard Brown George (Louise), trek dvr, 1150 Boulevard *Brown Joe, lab, h 165 Rock Spring Brown John (Mary Lou), lab, h 124 Chase *Brown John Henry (Daisy), dvr, h Paris *Brown John (Olive), lab auto co, h 167 Crawford *Brown John H (Betty), minister, h 427 Baxter *Brown Carrie A, tchr, 427 Baxter *Brown Charles H, tchr, 427 Baxter *Brown John (Lilly), r r lab, h 770 Broad *Brown Joseph, lab, 160 Madison *Brown Julia, editor weekly paper, h 550 Hancock Brown L C (Martha), rang Athens Coca Cola Co, h 1250 Lumpkin Brown Virginia, 1250 Lumpkin *Brown Mamie, cook, h 166 Finley *Brown Veronica, nurse, 166 Finley *Browrn Frank, cook hotel, 166 Finley Brown Mrs Maria J, h 197 Hancock Brown Raymond T, mach gar, 197 Hancock Brown Parnell Y, sales, 197 Hancock *Browrn Mary, cook, 188 Strong
Brown Mrs Mary F, bdnghse kpr, h 385 Jackson Brown Ruby V, bkpr, 386 Jackson *Brown May, 175 Cohen Brown Marie E, steno, 454 College Brown Mrs Minnie E, rest mcht gro, h 790 Pulaski *Brown Murray, dentist, 690 Hancock Brown Peter p'(Sallie). Head Eng Dept S N S, h 629 Hill Brown Raiford, 629 Hill *Brown Reese (Carrie), auto meeh, h 271 Bridge *Brown Hattie, cook, 271 Bridge
*Brown John, lab, 271 Bridge *Brown Robert, pntr, h 120 Valley

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant



455 Clayton St.

Phone 621


Chivilis & Company, Props.

Telephone 1742





*Brown Roy (Zelma), lab oil mill, h 128 Odd *Brown Rufus (Hazzie), carp, h Rock Spring *Brown Sara, Rock Spring *Brown Sallie, nurse, 146 Church *Brown Seney, hair dresser, h Billups
*Brown Eugene, Billups *Brown Susie C, Ind, h 1355 Hancock *Brown Sylvester, plstr, 1226 Broad *Brown Virgina, tchr, 427 Baxter *Brown Herman N, 427 Baxter *Brown Perry M, 427 Baxter *Brown Virgil R, 427 Baxter *Brown Will (Lizzie), draymn, h 133 Second *Brown Will (Mandy), lab, h 180 Herring *Brown Willie (Ada), chauff, h 126 Crawford Brown W W (Gladys), physician, h 778 Cobb Brown Woodie B (Mary), emp lumb mill, h 968 College *Brown Wyatt (Sophia), lab, h rear 147 Rock Spring Browning M D (Alvida). shp elk who gro, h 143 Grady Broxton W T (Kate), cont. 323 Hancock Bruce David L (Callie), tailor shirt fact, h 590 s Lumpkin Bruce David F, dairymn. 590 Lumpkin Bruce Corrine E. 590 s Lumpkin Bruce James Wm (Bessie), plmbr. 612 Jackson Bruce Bolton, 612 Jackson Bruce Pearl, mill wkr, 247 Chattanooga Bruce William H (Emma), sales portraits, h 247 Pulaski Bruce Clifford (Clara), sales portraits, 247 Pulaski Brumby Mrs Belle H, h 24 3Hancock Brumby Mary Harris, 243 Hancock Brumby Annie, tchr Lucy Cobb. 243 Hancock Brunson Alice, Woodlawn Brunson Joseph Howard (Mary Frances"), fur dealer, h 547 College *Brunt Clinton (Pinkie), grocer, h 660 Hancock Bryan W T (Hattie). h 948 Prince
Bryan W T Jr, 948 Prince Bryant Augustus M (Fannie), barber, h 173 Wilkerson Bryant Binus, barber, 173 Wilkerson Bryant Howard L, tel opr, 173 Wilkerson

Walter H. Phillips

Real Estate, Dealer in Farm Lands and City Property

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia



279 Lumpkin Street





Bryant Frank, r r switchman, 293 Hoyt

Bryant Jasper, 348 Hiawassee

Bryant Jasper M (Mamie), ctn grader, 173 Wilkerson

Bryant Jos B (Frieda Norma), printer, h 146 Elizabeth

Bryant Kenneth (Eunice), agt real est, h 384 Church

Bryant Lonnie (Sallie), mach, h 267 Harris

Bryant Mrs Parmelia, h 147 Barrett

Bryant Mrs Sallie, 157 Barrett

Bryant Winnie, 157 Barrett

Bryant "Win M (Nettie), col U S revenue, h 129 Dougherty

Bryant Clinton B, com trav, 129 Dougherty


*Brydie Camilla, baker, h 193 Finley

*Brydie Mattie, tchr, 193 Finley

Buchwald Benjamin, 175 Bloomfield

Buchwald Mrs Rachael, steno, h 215 Dougherty

Buchwald Wolf (Shenesta), sales, h 175 Bloomfield

Buchwald Rosa, steno, 175 Bloomfield

Buchwald Bessie, steno, 175 Bloomfield

*Buggs Henderson (Eliza), lab saw mill, h 237 Tabernacle

*Buggs Seaborn (Julia), lab, h 190 Lyndon Row

*Bugg Thomas P (Amanda) ctn grader, h 488 River

Bullin Matilda, 820 Broad

Bullock B G (Cornelia), carp, h 146 Herring

Bullock Richard, pressmn, 146 Herring

Bullock Thelma, tel opr, 146 Herring

Bullock Comer A, mill wkr, 136 Bryant

Bullock Charles H (Annie), supt mill, h 824 Hill

Bullock John K, bkpr McGregor's. h 824 Hill

Bullock Lois, 824 Hill

Bullock Egnar (Nannie), mill wkr, h 273 Chattanooga

Bullock Geo (Demie), carp, h 140 Miles

Bullock Katie, tel opr, 146 Herring

*Bullock Lucas (Minnie), mach, h 190 Berry

Bullock Otto, carp, 545 Oconee

Bullock Pink, 148 Vine

Bullock Richard H (Collie), elk cloth store, h 168 Boulevard

Bullock Lloyd R, auto mng, 178 Boulevard

Bullock Emerson R, 168 Boulevard

Bullock W H (Mattie P), owner saw mill, h 297 Boulevard

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorsey

Jno. R. Xorthcutt



Bullock Lola Lee, 297 Boulevard Bullock Cleta, 297 Boulevard *Burikley Lula, Ind, h Herring *Bunkley Martha, hid, h 170 Trail Creek *Bunkley Mary, 170 Trail Creek *Bunkley Lula, 170 Trail Creek *Bunkley Massey, 694 Vine *Bunkley Robert, prop pressing: clb. 379 Meigs *Bunkley Alice, hskpr, 397 Meigs *Bunny Will (Emma), jan ofc, h 569 Finley Burch Geo W, mng pool room, 564 s Lumpkin Burch J M (Inez), daryrnn, h 189 Grady Burch Mrs Laura, h 471 Jackson Burch William A, billing elk r r ofc. h 471 Jackson Burch Alice ( steno, 471 Jackson *Burch Maney, cook, li Elder *Burch Bud, lab Ga depot, h Elder *Burch Laura, Ind, Elder Burch Rufus, bkpr auto shop, 471 Jackson *Burch Sara, Ind, h 148 Hoyt Burkhalter Roy (Mandine). emp Ag Col Farm, h Ag Col Burger Mrs Elizabeth. 231 Nacoochee Burger William H. h 545 Nantahala Burger Allie, 541 Nantahala Burgess Henry L (Ava), mill Avkr, h 150 Cemetery Burgess Henry C, emp candy fact. 150 Cemetery *Burgess Robert (Rosa), draymn. 652 Hull Burkhalter William A (Emma), dairyman, li 115 Green Burkhalter Roba M. 115 Green Burkhalter Walter C (Pearl), vet surgeon Ag Col. h 1560 Lumpkin Burnett Duncan (Tne/). librarian V of Ga, h Cloverhurst *Burnett Jennie, cook, h 384 Chase *Burnett, Marv. cook, rear 834 Hill Burnett Woldon, soda .inker. 169 Dougherty *Burney Tsadore II < Annie), dentist. 853 Reese *Burney William (Jannita), dentist, h G69 Hancock Burns Eleanor, tchr. 098 Cobb *Burns John (Mamie), trckmn hdw store, h 489 Rock Spring Burns Lemuel A (Ida), broker, li 876 College

Classic City Tailors

Palmer's Drug Store



BURNSIDE JAMES, life ins agt, ofe So Mut Bldg, 115 Lumpkin Burris Wm Norman (Annie Mae), r r conductor, h 134 State Burroughs George W (Annie), wks Ga Plow Co, h 263 Barrett Burroughs Robert, mill wkr, 136 Bryant Burpee R A (Lula), policeman, h 457 River Burpee Ruth, 457 River Burpee George, 457 River Burson Wm M (Mary M), vet surg Ag Col, h 1570 Lumpkin
Burson Susie, 1570 Lumpkin Burson Mildred, 1570 Lumpkin
Burt Clifford (Clyde), prop gro store, h 114 Grace Burt Mrs Lizzie, 114 Grace Burt Mrs Mildred, 397 Boulevard Burton Augustus (Eliza), farmer, h 240 Barrett Burton Dock (Estelle), mach, h 941 Broad Burton Benjamin B, 941 Broad Jinrton Effie, 941 Broad Burton John D (Stella), sales, h 197 Hancock Burton Harry, bkpr wrhse, 197 Hancock Burton John, 197 Hancock Burton John H (Edna), cotton warehouse, h 685 Cobb Burton Millie, 941 Broad *Busbee Bertie, lab Comp Co, 290 Athens *Bush Lula, cook hotel, h 760 Broad *Bush Clarence, dvr, 760 Broad *Bush demons, lab, 760 Broad *Bush Annie, Ind, 760 Broad Bush Jacob (Anne), jeweler, J Bush, Clayton st, h 480 Meigs Bush Aaron, 480 Meigs Bush Rose, 480 Meigs Bush Esther, 480 Meigs Bushner Mrs Ida. mill wkr. Bushner Harvey, mill wkr. *Butler Alien, lab hotel, 169 Newton Butler Ben M (Annie), printer newspaper, h 168 Dougherty *Butler Georsro. waiter, 040 Newton Butler Hoyt S. bkpr. 411 Thomas *Butler Irene, nurse, 16G Finley *Butler Isaac (Claude), draymn, h 599 Hancock

Office 804-5-6 Holman Building TELEPHONE 1797



279 Lumpkin Street




Butler Mrs Ida, 323 Hancock Butler I W (Florence), mcht r gro, h 735 Boulevard Butler Waiter, sales, 735 Boulevard *Butler James (Eula), lab fert pit, h 124 Elder *Butler Louis (Emma), lab U of Ga, h 398 Oak Butler Sam (Mary), pressman Banner, 137 Summey Butler Haywood, delmn, 137 Summey Butler Tempie R, h 693 Lumpkin
*Butts Joe (Ossie), emp mfn pit. 728 Hull By num. Will, 664 Thomas *Byrd Edward D (Annie), mail carrier, 187 Poplar Cabaniss Dr Win II (Bessie), eye specialist, h 360 Cloverhurst *Cade Addie, cook, rear Prince Cagle Buren F (Alabama), st car motorman, h Satula Cagle Clifford E, student, Campus Cain Florence E, Y W C A Secretary, 125 Milledge Cain Mrs Luna M, h 282 Hancock Cain Reuben, student, 282 w Hancock *Cakrey Dillard (Zilla). meat cutter, li 681 n Lumpkin Caldwell Emmett (Ha), mill wkr. h 148 Hiawassee Caldwell Dr H W (Annie), prof Ag Col, 1082 Lumpkin Caldwell Joe E (Georgia), sales hdw store, h 530 Nantahala Caldwell Mary, salesw, 530 Nantahala Caldwell Marjorie, clerk, 530 Nantahala Caldwell Charles, mill wkr, 530 Nantahala Calhoun Will (Priscilla), lab, h 759 Lumpkin Calvin John (Pearl), firemn oil mill, h 1697 Broad
Calhoun Grady H (Margaret), bkpr, Kilpatrick Ctn Co. 930 Lumpkin
*Callaway Anna B, cook, h 520 Foundry
*Callaway Cleveland (Lizzie), lab, h 475 Hoyt *0allaway Elnora, Ind ,h 285 Oak *Callaway Hosea, lab. Rock Spring *Callaway Major, rang, 516 Billups Callaway Marshall, h 1385 Oconee Callaway J H, farmer, 1385 Oconee *Callaway Riley (Annie), delmn, 150 Warsaw *Callaway Robt, gro, 389 Meigs

Walter H. Phillips

Real Estate, Dealer in Farm Lands and City Property

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia

ONSERVATISM COt NSEI.S SAFE LIFE-INSURANCE protection for every man. woman and child. Consideration for self, for family, for business, for creditors, for home, for society for present and future prosperity, for SAFETY and happiness- all these suppest that you utilize the wonderful facilities of a great Ml Tl'AL institution like the EQUITABLE LIFE
_____ ASSURANCE SOCIETY, to SAFE-GUARD the interests dependent on your life and efforts. We seek to serve SAFELY, systematically, satisfactorily.
Find out what the EQUITABLE will do for you and yours not for'a day only, not during YOUR lifetime only. Tint lonp after you shall have pone to the Great Beyond. \Vith the EQUITABLE yon run no risk of loss, of unsound contract, or of unfair treatment. SAFETY FIRST! T. L. Mite-hell, r>ist. Mr., G13-G14 Holman Bldg. Phone 746 or 540. IMPROVED life, health, accident, loan, income policies.
Commendation commands co-operation: condemnation creates contempt.



*Callaway Amanda, cook, 389 Meigs Callaway Robt L (Eva), pres Callaway Gro Co, h 545 Milledge Callaway John D, sales Callaway Gro Co, 545 Milledge Callaway Robert Jr, sales Callaway Gro Co, 545 Milledge Callaway Alfred, student, 545 Milledge Callaway Hamilton, 545 Milledge *Callaway Willie (Annette), lab barb shop, h 1379 Hancock *Callaway William G, 599 Hancock Call Mrs C "VV bdnghse kprr, h 663 Jackson Camak James "W, atty. h 279 Meigs Camak Louis, civil engineer, 179 Meigs Cammell Mamie, h 573 Hancock *Campbell Bass (Mary), janitor, h rear 389 Meigs Campbell Bernard, com trav, 273 Hoyt *Campbell Georgia H, bkpr, 1355 Hancock Campbell Geo Epsie. tchr Ag Col. 1192 Milledge *Campbell Jere, plstr, h 294 Lyndon *Campbell Mary, Ind, h 294 Lyndon *Camphcll Luke (Martha \ lai>. h 273 Lyndon Campbell Mrs Mary K. 227 Woodlawn *Campbell Xora. Ind. h 294 Lyndon *Campb"ll Ralph (Minerva), lab fcrtx oo. h 662 Augusta Campbell Roy 0 (Sadie), broker mdse. h 1591 Lumpkin *Camp "Walter (Gertrude), lab in bakery, 115 Newton Camp Geo "W (Lula), civil engineer, h 806 College *Camp Gertrude, cook. 340 Newton Candla J R (Nora), lineman "W 11. h 144 Grady Candell Thos'.T (Bertha), meeh. h 423 Dougherty Canning Dr J T. physician, h 788 Prince Canning Mrs Pauling, h Prince ave Canning "W R. who gro, 1143 Prince *Cannon Acor (Dolly), h 768 Madison *Cannon Samuel, lab Sou Mill. 768 Madison Cantrell J W (Gertrude), prof University. 322 Dougherty Cape Jay (Nancy). 237 Oak *Capers Alonzo (Rebecca), ins agt, h 176 Savannah ave Capps TV A (Minnie), watchmaker Scudder's. h 181 Barber Capps Helen. 181 Barber Capps Mary J, bkpr. 181 Barber
Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building
We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. V. Dorsoy

Jno. R. Northeutt



( apton Borry G (Nellie), tile setter, li 819 College *Carey Lucas ('Fannie), lab. ii 385 Arch Carithers Mrs Clara, mill wkr. h 170 Senoia Carithers Dora, mill wkr. 170 Senoia Carithers Mrs Creight. 297 Broad Carithers Mrs Enla W, h 580 Milledge *Carithers Frazier (Carrie), chauffeur. 556 Ilaueoek Carithers Gala way (Essie), mill wkr, 425 Nacooehee Carithers Hugh (Annie), mill wkr, h 424 Nacooehee Carithers Harvey, mill wkr. 424 Nacooehee Carithers M E. mill wkr. 424 Nacooehee Carithers J M (Nan), h 693 Boulevard Carithers Geo Lou. 693 Boulevard Carithers John C, elev boy. 693 Boulevard Carithers Mrs Julia, h 158 Dougherty Carithers L T (Fannie), com. h 197'Childs Carithers William G (Mary), li 524 Meigs Carithers Elizabeth, tchr. 524 Meigs Carithers Willie (Lois). mill wkr. 386 Iliawassee Carl ton Mrs Helen, h 575 Waddell Carlton Guy, emp ctn whse. 575 Waddell Carlton Meek, 575 Waddell Carlton Henry H (Jenie), mgr farm, h 348 Springdale Carlton Julia E. h 228 Henderson Carlton Dr William A (Susie), physician, h 750 Milledge Carlton Annie, librarian U of Ga. 750 Milledge Carmichael Mrs Belle C. h 183 Grady Carmichael James H. 183 Grady Carmichael Mary, 183 Grady C'arnes Robt Lee (Susan), salesman, h 167 Elizabeth Carpenter Fannie. 1193 Milledge Carrington George Calvin (Myra Jane) batteryman auto shop. 145
Barrett Can-oil Eugene W (Willie), editor Athens Herald, h 453 Hill Carroll Elizabeth, 453 Hill Carroll Marjorie, 453 Hill Carson Alien W, student rehab corps U of Ga. 189 e Broad Carson Calvin, barber, 115 Lumpkin Carson Henry B (Cora), lab ctn mill, h 270 Nacooehee

Classic City Tailors



279 Lumpkin Street




Carson Kinney, lab ctn mill, 270 Nacoochee Carson Myrtle, mill wkr, 270 Nacoochee ('arson Lattie, mill wkr, 270 Nacoochee *Carter Lee (Bessie), cook, h 635 Hull Carter Leonidas M (Mary E). adj prof Ghem, h 199 Wray *Caiter Maggie, cook. 334 Church Carter Mrs Mary, h 132 Arch Carter Charlie, mill wkr, 132 Arch *Carter Mozelle, gen wkr, h Fields *Carter Colley (Hulda), bootblack, h 1185 Hancock Carter Dewey, mach gar, 164 Hickorj' Carter Earl (Edna), pres Bus Col, 1/189 Dougherty Carter Ed A (Lizzie) ins agt, h 164 Hickory Carter Mary, 164 Hickory Carter Robert, 164 Hickory
*Carter Emory (Amanda), Ind, h Glenn Carter Eugene (Ruby), elect Ath Eng Co, h 995 Oconee Carter Henry M (Bessie), r r elk, h 685 College *Carter Howell, tailor, 213 Chase Carter Ina Mae, salesw. h 530 Nantahala Carter J P (Bunnie), lumber dealer, h 174 Grady Carter John (Carrie), mill wkr, h 186 Vine Carter Nina, sales. 538 Pulaski Carter Mrs Rowena, h 237 Hiawassee Carter Edgar E, mill wkr, 237 Hiawassee *Carter Rucker (Minnie), herb doctor, h 546 Odd *Carter Rosa, cook, h 546 Odd Carter Samuel (Bertha), mill wkr, h 146 Mitchell Carter Sara, tchr, h 550 Reese Carter Sidney J L (Emma), carp, h 237 Wynbourne *Carter Sophia, Ind, h 272 Newton *Carter Susie E, tchr, 220 Harris *Carter Will (Evelyn), prop pool room, h 835 Prince *Carter Carlton (Dora), firemn sta eng. h 424 Billups Carr J F (Annie Mae), bkpr P O, h 174 State Carrier Wm P (Elsie A), supervisor life ins, h 576 Harris Carrier Wm P. Jr. 576 Harris Carty Trwin, mech auto, 49 Oakland Carty Marjie, 49 Oakland___________________________

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621

Telephone us your Drug Stories--See how quickly we serve you
Palmer's Drug Store
Clayton Street ---------------- Prince Avenue



Cartoy Emmette M (Esther), r r postal elk, h 165 State

Cartledge Samuel J (Rebecca), pastor Cent Presb Ch. h 759 Cobb

Cartledge Samuel J Jr. 759 Gobi)

Cartith Drew, carp 438 River

Carnth Adam, ins elk, 438 River

Castle Edward (Virginia). drain, h 1227 Hancock

Castle Mary, cook, 1227 Hancock

Castle Scott, 1227 Hancock

Castle Fanny, h 1257 Hancock

Castle Susan, cook. 1257 Hancock

Caskoy G M (allic). h 11S7 PrinVce

Cash James (Maude), mill wkr, h 449 Strong

CASON DR W L (Minnie), dentist, ofc 306-8 So Mut Bldg, h 450


Cason Harry T, emp tire co, 450 Prince

Cash Young F (Almeda), h 860 Boulevard

Gate G W (Louela), trav sales, h 193 Grady

Cate Lillian, 193 Grady

Cauthen Robt L (Montie). stock dealer, h 327 Milledge

Cauthen Marshall, auto sales, 327 Milledge

Cauthen, Nannie L, 327 Milledge

Cauthen Kathleen. 327 Milledge

Cellus Andy, lab. h 252 Compress

Center Albon M (Linnie), mcht, h 724 Boulevard

Center Rufus. 724 Boulevard

Center Walter, com sales. 724 Boulevard

Center F L (Bessie), trav sales, h 424 s Lumpkin

Center Ellen, 424 s Lumpkin

Center Gladys, 424 s Lumpkin

Center Mrs Sara, h 145 State

Center Lula. 145 State

Center Guy, auto mech, 145 State

Cephus Carrie, h 648 Vine

Cephus Joseph, lab liv stable, 648 Vine

Cephus C (Lula). lab auto gar, 481 Oak

Cephus George (Fannie), blaksmth, h Georgia Depot

Cephus Leila, Ind, Georgia Depot

Cephus Mary, smstr. Georgia Depot

Cephus Johnnie, trek dvr, Georgia Depot


Walter H. Phillips

Real Estate, Dealer in Farm Lands and City Property

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia

Money c. c, Tlmrmond Farm Loans
Holman Bldg., Athens, Ga.

G, G. Tlmrmond
City Loans
Holman Bldg., Athens, Ga.



Chafin "W II (Ruby >, auto sales, h Dougrherty Chambers Geo B (Lilly), pntr, h 234 Peters *Champion Annie, nurse, 166 Finley Champion Mrs Kate M', bdnghse kpr. h 152 Clayton Champion Oeo M. wks vulcn pit. 15 2Clayton Ch; mpioii Lucy 152 Clayton *Champion liandall (Sarah), farmer, h Yonah Chancey Rufus \V (Minnie), repr shoe shop, h 194 State *Chancey Annie Lee. 195 Peters *Chandler Alice, cook. 440 Berry Chandler Mrs Carrie II, 297 Barber Chandler C B (Mamie), civ engr, h 640 Cobb Chandler Alice, 640 Cobb Chandler C N (Lily), mech, h 419 Boulevard Chandler Dr B B (Texie), physician, h 419 Boulevard Chandler Clarence (Helen), mcht, h 386 Hill Chandler Hoi 1 is. shp elk wholesale house, h 428 s Lumpkin Chandler Joe F (Vesta), mill wkr, 324 Oak Chandler Carl, mill wkr, 324 Oak Chandler Joseph M (Florence), carp, h 234 Barrett Chandler L O. U S recruiting: ofc, 337 Hoyt Chandler Otis G (Ruth), emp A Col Dairy, h Apr Col Dairy Chandler Simon (Mamie), hotel waiter, h 649 Hull Chandler T A (Lou). mech planing mill, h 244 Nacoochee Chandler Murphy (Reliah), 244 Nacoochee Chandler Clarence, mech grar. 244 Nacoochee
Chandler William C (Rilla), com trav, h 383 Hoyt Chandler O'Neil W. 383 Hoyt *Chapel Lee. ins apt, 190 Hull Chapman John P (Leila), junk dealer, h 820 Broad Chapman Mrs Nellie, 226 Waddell *Chapel West (Pearl), drmn, h Yonah
Chapin Jas P (Agrnes), com trav, h 195 Finley Chappell Mrs Annie, h 139 Miles Chappell Thomas M (Emily), overseer mill, h 585 Nantahala
Chappell Maybell, 585 Nantahala Chastain Mrs Viola, h 189 Miles Chastain Fred, mill wkr, 189 Miles Chastain Frank, mill wkr, 189 Miles

Southern Construction Company

Office 804-5-6 Holman Building TELEPHONE 1797

COURTESY INTEGRITY EFFICIENCY No Account too Large None too Small
National Bank of Athens



Cheatham Ida, milliner, 175 Pulaski Cheatham W J (Fannie), carp, h 763 Prince Cheatham Lizzie, 763 Prince Cheatham Mattie, drsmk, 763 Prince Cheatham Maude, milliner, 763 Prince Cheek Luther (Naomi), h Cloverhurst Cheek Humphrey, farmer, Cloverhurst Cheek Grady, farmer. Cloverhurst Cheeley Tonie, cook, 439 Strong *Cheney Annie, maid. 229 Strong Cheney Frances, h 490 Milledpre Cheney Maude, h 490 n Milledjre *Cheney Georgia, maid. 1336 Hancock *Cheney Olie, Ind, 1336 Hancock *('heney Andrew, lal), 1336 Hancock *Cherry Ed (Fannie) .trained nurse. 135 Warsaw Childers Carl M (Mary), h 192 Arch *Childers John M (Leatlia). lab, h 253 Bridge Childers Oler Mae. opr S B Tel Co. 125 Strong Childers Annie, 125 Strong Childers Mrs Winnie. 198 Arch *Chil(is Matilda. 389 Flint Childs Ross R. tchr Ag Col, 1295 Lumpkin Childs W L (Florence), farmer, h 248 Prince Chilevis Pete, prop candy kitchen, h 235 1 '-> Lumpkin Chipley John W (Alice), ctn buyer, h 535 Prince Chipley John Jr. h 535 Prince Christian Calvin, wagon dvr, 174 Bryant Christian Jesse James (Evie LeeV auto mach. h 145 Barrett Christian Richard E. mill wkr, 187 Nantahala Christian William D (Lucy), stitcher mattress factory, h 297 Baxter *Christopher Charlotte, bdnghse kpr. 115 Newton 'Christopher Emory (May), plast. h 1259 Hancock Chumbley Chas M (AliceV Presb minister, h 165 Becker Chumbley Elizabeth. 165 Becker Chumbley Lucile. 165 Becker Chumbley Chas. 165 Becker Church, W A E (Luna), carp, h 748 Jackson Church Alberta, 748 Jackson


All the Way From Sun-Blessed California The Most Delicious Ih-ink You Ever Tasted



Washington St.

Phone 363

Prince Avenue Garage

197 and 199 Prince Avenue


Phone 428-W

Athens, Georgia



Church Eldora, steno, 748 Jackson Church Ophelia, 748 Jackson Cinciola James (Angela), mug Q Room, h 375 Boulevard Cinciola Annie, 375 Boulevard *Clark Anna, svt, rear 625 Milledge *Clark Carlton (Rosa), lab, 462 River Clark Ernest E, mill wkr, 886 Boulevard Clark Father, Catholic Priest, 134 Prince *Clarke Hezekiah (Annie) trek dvr, h 180 Valley *Clarke Ivy C (Gertrude), trek hud ctn wrhse, h 240 Thomas *Clark James (Tenar). carp, h 320 Augusta *Clark James (Lena), yard man pvt home, h 320 Glenn Clarke L A (Eloise), bkpr Miller & Co, h 246 Dougherty *Clarke Lewis S (Rosa), tchr, h Pope *Clarke, Herbert, Pope *Clarke Maggie, cook. 139 Plum *Clarke Marguerite, Ind, 225 Derby Clemmons Nina, 411 Thomas Clemmons Walter, molder fndry, 411 Thomas Clarke Mrs Ossie, h 440 Foundry *Clarke Rena, cook, rear 948 Prince Clarke Thomas J ((Veil), farmer, h 1615 Lumpkin *Clarke Tom (Anna), elk gro st, h 448 River *Clarke Annie Mae, cook, 448 River *Clarke Neil, 448 River *Clarke Ida, 448 River *Clark Will am (Emm), lab mill, h 181 Valley *Clarke William (Julia), chauff. 144 Warsaw *Clarke William, Sll Thomas Clarke W A (Alice), r r c.oml, h 245 Boulevard Clarke W A Jr (Hattie). dent, 245 Boulevard Clay Augustus S, Y M C A *Clay Ralph (Orl.-sby) : del mn, h 198 Lyndon Row *Clayton Andrew (Parthenia), pool room. 660 Broad *f'layton Joseph (Lottie;, farm lab. h 224 Cleveland *Clavton Li/xie, bid. li 180 Field *Clayton Ethel. lr,d, 1<Q0 Field *Clayton Nellie, Ind, 180 Field *Clavton Marv, Ind, h 253 Bailev

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant



455 Clayton St.

Phone 621


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorscy

Jno. R. Northcutt



Clayton Randall, lab fert pit, 185 Angle Cleghorn John W (Ida), barber, h 180 Poplar Clements Clifford (Ida), trek dvr, h 464 Cleveland Clements Julian, elect, 132 Standard Oil
Clements Minnie, Ind, h 395 Cleveland 'Clements Will V, trc kdvr, 395 Clements Clements Eddie, lab, 395 Cleveland
Clements Mrs Norma G, salesw, h 145 Reese Clements Myrtle, sales, 145 Reese Clements Ruby, steno, 145 Reese Clemmons Harry (Lnla), mech, h 281 Athens Clemmons Marion, 281 Athens Cleveland Grover (Susie), carp, h 123 Broad 'Cleveland Henry (Cordelia), plstr, h w Broad 'Cleveland Charlie, dishwasher, hotel Cleveland Hollie (Jennie), mill wkr, h 163 New Cleveland Mrs Martha, 163 New
Cleveland John (Lizza), lab oil mill, h 893 Water Cleveland Martha, capt Salv Army, 290 Clayton Cleveland Mrs Helen, 290 Clayton
Clifford Albert, butler, h rear 1180 Milledge Cline William T (Beulah), com trav, h 412 Thomas Clinton Joseph E (Mary), com trav. Washington
Clontz Otto J (Sarah), wks Askin Clothing Co Cluster Ed (Isabella), lab .h 144 Willow 'Coatnie Joseph, cook, h 143 Church
Coatnie Ella, Ind. h 143 Church Cohort Mary, h 168 Pearl
COBB ANDREW J, Judge Superior Court, h 227 Woodlawn Cobb Howell. atty. 227 Woodlawn
Cobb Sara. 227 Woodlawn Cobb Carlisle (Katel. atty, h 985 Baxter Cobb Edward H (Florence^, cent, h 367 Oak
Cobb Foster H. carp, h 836 Lumpkin Cobb Jennie ,lnd, h 340 Newton Cobb Joe Henry, house boy. w AVaddell Cobb Julius (MattieV chaiiff. w Waddell
Cobb Mattie Julia, w Waddell Cobb Randall. del bov. w Waddell

Classic City Tailors




Phone 3 4 5

Smith Building



Cobb Mrs McK, 957 Baxter Cobb Will E (Eula), carp, li 145 Elizabeth *Cobb William, lab, 252 Compress Cobb Julian I (Lena), pntr, h 224 Peter Cochran Estelle, elk telag ofc, 215V2 Lumpkin Cochran Judy, 199 Mills Cochran W L (Mollie), sales, h 169 Grady Cody Henry B (Flora), mill wkr, 152 Bryant Cody Henry (Florie), mill wkr, 140 Iliawassee Cody Lillie, h 139 Mills Coe Florence, Nacoochee *Cofer Johnson (Li/a), lab city schools, h rear 725 Cobb *Cofer Emma, Ind, rear 725 Cobb Coffee James A (Cora), h 150 Standard Oil Coffee Lutrelle, elk, 150 Standard Oil Coffee Bertha, elk \V T Collins, h 150 Standard Oil Coffee John, sales, 150 Standard Oil *Coffer William (Jennie), lab, h Yonah *Coffer Willis, drmn, 548 Finley Cohen Aaron (Sarah), mclit ('has Stern, h 451 College Cohen Edward, sales, 451 College Cohen Susie, 451 College Cohen Edward B (Julia), com sales, h 619 Milledge Cohen Lottie, h 147 Dougherty Coile A B (Laura), deputy elk Sup Court, h 194 Prince Coile Francis P (Maude), clgmn, h 1462 Broad Coile J II (Lillie), delmn, McGregor's Coker Lucius M (Lettie), brickmason. h 866 College Coker Mack A (Georgia), brickmason, h 157 Springdale Colbert Daisy, real est agt, h 169 Barber Colbert Mrs Ella C. Barber *Colbort Rylee, lab, h 439 Baxter *Colbert Bertha, cook, 439 River *Colbert Pearl, 439 River *Colbert Sara, cook. 373 Dougherty *Cole Andrew (Rosa), lab ctn comp, h 134 Hendricks *Cole Bishop (Carrie), kpr liv stable, h s Lumpkin *Cole Robert C, helper liv stable, s Lumpkin


Walter H. Phillips

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia

Prince Avenue Garage

197 and 199 Prince Avenue


Phone 428-W

Athens, Georgia



*Cole Bridie D (Nannie B), nght wtchmn P O, li 1042 Reese *Cole Mamie L, tchr, 1042 Reese *Cole Beatrice, techr. ]042 Reese *Cole Hoppie, 672 Lumpkin
*Cole Henry G, lab ctn eomp, 672 Lumpkin *Cole John (Camilla), lab stock yd, h97 Billups *Cole John (Lizzie), lab oil mill *Cole Lucius (., street sweeper. 270 Newton *Cole Manuel, gen lab, 1537 w Broad *(Jole Nannette, 1042 Reese *Cole Bridie D Jr, mach gar, 1042 Reese *Cole Thad B, lab barb shop, 1042 Reese
*Cole Nona, 147 Strong *Cole Robert, pub lab, 349 Hull *( 1 ole Nonie, farm lab, 349 Hull
*Cole Savannah, Ind, h 183 Cherry *Cole William, janitor city school, h 186 Johns "Cole Mamie, Ind, h 186 Johns *Cole Hansel, h 186 Johns *('ole William, cook, h rear 815 Milledge *Cole William (Sarah), waiter cafe, h 1063 Reese Coletta Christiana, mill wkr, 193 Park *Coleman Mat, maid, h rear 1124 Milledge Coleman Mrs Ruth, h 529 Baxter Colemari Maud, milliner Henry's, h 527 Baxter Coleman Willie F (Bessie), moulder Moss Mfg Co. h 474 Ruth
Colley Mrs Paralee, mill wkr. h 159 Miles Colley Charles (Susie), ctn mill wkr. h 687 Nantahala Colley Edward (Lula), mill wkr. h 185 Tibbetts Colley Elmer, mil wkr, 185 Tibbetts
Colley William, mill wkr, 185 Tibbetts Colley Melissa, 185 Tibbetts Colley Geo F (Lizzie), sales hdw co, h 551 s Jackson Colley Arthur R. pntr, 551 s Jackson Colley Geo W (Nancy), mill wkr, 551 s Jackson
Colley Geo W (Annie Mae), pntr, h 449 Strong
Colley Walter (Ada), mill wkr. h 449 Strong *Collins Andrew (Julia), carp, h 1775 Broad

Southern Construction Company
Office 8O4-5-6 Holman Building TELEPHONE 1797

National Bank of Athens



*Collins Tilda, lab shirt fact, 1775 Broad *Collins Martha, 1775 Broad *Collins Andrew Jr, lab fert pit, 1775 Broad *Collins Mahala, lab shirt fact, 1775 Broad *Collins Lee, lab shirt fact, 1775 Broad *Collins Bennie (Sarah), porter r r, h 153 Cherry Collins Charles S Sr (Maggie), ret gro, h 833 College *Collins Ed (Daisy), lab, h 132 Willow 'Collins Eva, 157 Church Collins George E (Victoria), carp, 228 Henderson Collins George U (Effie), sales ret gro store, h 770 College Collins Gertrude, 770 College *Collins Isaac E (Lizzie), janitor, h 195 Billups *Collins Jeffry, jail Y M C A, 1256 Hancock *Collins Jennie Lou, 176 Newton Collins Joseph, carp, 227 Dougherty Collins Mrs Julia M, 473 Hancock *Collins Lee (Ina), lab. h 330 Macon *Collins Lila, Ind, 1658 Broad *Collins Lula, cook, h 177 Bridge *Collins Richard (Susan), jan, h 620 Broad Collins Robt A (Henrietta^, gro, h 1063 Hancock *Collins Walter (Mary), pub lab, h 1485 Broad Collins Wm T (Maude), mcht. W T Collins Co. 1380 Lumpkin Collins "Wm O, chemist Ag Col. h 1428 Lumpkin *Collins Willie (Delia), Ind. h 228 Fairview *Collins Alice, 228 Fairview Collopy Marie, 197 Hancock *Collums Jennie, 135 Warsaw *Colquitt Green (Kize), lab Mill's dairy, h 243 Macon Colquitt J C (Florence), auto mech, h 372 Hancock *Colquitt Mary. cook, h 420 Finley *Colquitt Lucius, lab oil mill, 420 Finley *Colquitt Reese (Annie), tailor, h rear 345 Cohen *Colquitt Wm (Hattie), lab, h 445 Barrett Comer Annie T. h U/niversity Drive Comer Austin (Mamie), com trav, h 161 Springdale Comer Mason. 161 Springdale


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Washington St.

Phone 263

Classic City Tailors



Comer Ben T (Edna), owner ctn mill, h 1160 Milledge Comer Guy W (Estelle), h 199 Barber *Comer Lizzie, Ind, 454 Broad
Comer Mrs Mattie, h' 155 Grady Comer Thomas F (Pauline), mng gro store, h 270 Barber Comer Martha II, 270 Barber Comer Frances E, 270 Barber Compton Charles S (Ida Mae), r r ticket agent S A L, 1196 Lumpkin Condon R S (Cora), auto mech, 373 Dougherty Conger David (Sara), civ eng, h 243 Bloomfield Conley Sam F (Lucidia), h 128 Pine Conley Norman A, mill wkr, 128 Pine Conley George S, mill wkr, 128 Pine Conley Russell, mill wkr. 128 Broad Connolly Marion (Katie), druggist, h 784 Cobb Connolly Paul II (Dixie), pres Athens Overland Co, h 146 Dearing Connolly Paul M (Estelle), druggist, h Woodlawn CONNOLLY WARiREN J (Ida), druggist, h 150 Grady Connolly Janie N, 150 Grady Conterio Charles (Blanche), cont, 373 Dougherty Conyers John L, student, Campus Cook Alonzo, mill wkr, 187 Nantahala
Cook Asbury (Bell), drv Itotel bus. 250 Barber Cook Charlie A (Effie). carp, h 127 Bryant Cook John, mill wkr, 127 Bryant Cook Beulah Lfe, mill wkr. 127 Bryant * *Cook Elizabeth, nurse, h 489 Rock Spring
*Cook Emma, drsmkr, h 487 River Cook Emmett A (May), carp. 146 Peter Cook Paul E. mill wkr, 146 Peter *Cook George (Emma), rest kpr, h 1092 Broad *Cook Harriett, 180 Cherry Cook Harvey L (EllMi^, asst cash bank, h 760 Boulevard Cook Rossie, 760 Boulevard Cook James O (Mattie). carp, h 150 Herring Cook Luther, night watchman, 150 Herring Cook Lorene, tel opr, 150 Herring Cook -lake (Daisys, car]), h 160 Hancock Cook James A (Nannie Mae), com trav. h 220 Cloverhurst


Walter H. Phillips

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia

















Cook Kyle, 226 Cloverhurst Cook Lucile, 220 Cloverhurst ( 1ook Lula. sales, 695 Boulevard *Cook Mary. Ind, h 362 Macon *Cook Magnolia, cook, h 153 Church Cook Maude M, elk, h 244 Barber Cook Olivia M, salesw, hl!87 Prince Cook Laura, salesw, 1187 Prince
Cook Susie ,bkpr hosp, 1187 Prince Cook Robt. dairy farm, li Nantahala Cook Minnie, Nantahala
Cook Mrs Sara B, h 154 Wad dell *Cook Susie, svt, 664 n Lumpkin Cooley Ed H (Lettie), court steno, h 282 Hancock *Cooley Lum (Rushia), lab ctn il co, Valley *Cooley Bernard, lab ctn oil co, h 160 Valley *Cooley Amanda, hairdresser, h 190 Lyndon Cooper Bessie, 187 Grace *Cooper Chessie. drmn trans co, 150 Valley *Cooper Crecie, Ind, 150 Valley Cooper C H (Lillian), carp, h 798 Pope
Cooper C "VV (Sallie), mng taxi line, h 343 Dougherty Cooper G H, barb, h 574 Jackson Cooper Henry K (Ella), h 195 Hill Cooper James S (Leila), carp, h 187 Grace Cooper James G, carp, 187 Grace Cooper Edna Mae, opr S B Tel Co, 187 Grace *Cooper Lizzie, Ind, 1668 Broad *Cooper Eddie, lab, 1668 Broad Cooper Lyn (Ida Bell), harness maker, Imp Co, h 285 Bloomfield Cooper L E (Missouri) barb, h 151 Cloverhurst Cooper Mrs Mary P. h 85 Boulevard
Cooper Paul C (Ora), sales Natl Bsct Co. h 167 Childs Cooper Rufus R (Jessie), auto mech, h 434 Dougherty Cooper Thomas J (Emily) ,butcher, 495 Baxter Cooper Warren R (Sara), mcht, meat mkt, h 227 Barrett Cooper Susie, h 227 Barrett
Cooper Thomas G, dvr. 227 Barrett Cooper William H (Olivia), mngr rest, h 337 Strong

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street


Phone 621



Phone 446

151 Broad St.



Cooper Winston M (Emma), auto meeh. h 327 Peabody Cope]and Russell G, mngr bat co Corbin Henry L (Pearl), tinner, h 671 Thomas *Corbin Willie, 157 Marlin *( 1 oriielius .Tulette, hid. h 171 Church CORNETT W G (Ola). Judpre Federal Court P O. Prof Law T' of
(Ja. b 210 Milledpre ( 1 ircle Cornwell John H (Lucy), maeh etn mill, li 290 Nantahala Cornell John (Lillie), mill wkr, 187 Chattanooga Costa Anthony (Beryl), mech auto prar. h 485 Boulevard Costa M F (Rosena), met. h 485 Boulevard Costa Michael (Teresa), fruit dealer, h 485 Boulevard Costa Antonia (Rosena). fruit dealer, h 138 Virginia Costa Joseph (Grace), mcht fruit, h 341 Boulevard Costa James A, mnf ice cream, Costa's, h 341 Boulevard Costa Frederick J, soda jerker. 341 Boulevard Costa Charles J, soda jerker, 341 Boulevard Costa Anita. 341 Boulevard Costa M J, h 341 Boulevard Costa Eleanora, 341 Boulevard Costa Lawrence C (Loretta). Costa's, h 870 Chase Costa Leonard (Eleanora), Costa's, h 138 Douprherty Costa Anthony (Nena). Costa's, 138 Douprherty Costa Marprarette, 138 Douprherty COSTAR LOUIS B (Edna), plmb, 390 Hancock Couch Alvin B (Sallie). enjrr comp. h 250 n Milledge Couch Emory, lab comp, 250 n Milledpre Couch Calvin R (Ella), tinner, h 447 Rock Spring: Couch Mrs Callie, 74 Hickory Couch Dewey H (Lucy), mach jrar. h 225 Washington Couch Henry T (Sarah), 225 Washington Couch Edward A (Leola). mill wkr. h 345 Hiawassee Couch Fred, street vender. 245i/> Thomas Couch Guy, mill wkr. 181 Hiawassee Couch Howell P. farmer, h 1097 Lumpkin Couch Annie L, 1097 Lumpkin Couch Maisie, mill wkr, 395 Hiawassee Couch Homer, elevator boy, ctn mill .395 Hiawassee


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Washington St.

Phone 363


Dorsey Furniture Company

AY. F. Dorsov

Jno. R. North cntt



Couch Weldon Lee (Ollie). auto mech, h Satula Couchman A (Cora), foreman handle fact, h 257 River Coulter Merton, Prof U of Ga. 297 Hancock Cox A C (Annie), r r cond, h 223 Boulevard Cox Arthur H. tchr. 223 Boulevard Cox Carson, 223 Boulevard Cox Claud Hill (Mary Lou), com trav. h 229 Henderson ave Cox Marvin. slip elk. 229 Henderson Cox .Tames E. wks Dozier Land Co. 229 Henderson *Cox John (Katie), teamster Tee & Coal Pit, h 267 Athens *Cox Jordan (Lizzie), lab. h 259 Chase *Cox Detrick .cook, 259 Chase *Cox Joseph H (Alherta). lab. h 270 Chase Cox Joseph M Sr (Elizabeth), lab overall fact, h 963 Baxter Cox Margaret, steno Ag Col. 963 Baxter Cox Louise, bkpr Webb &Crawford. 246 Dougherty *Cox Richard (Mollie), lab, h 236 Bridge Cox Ruth W. steno TT of Ga. 229 Henderson Craft R B (Frances), mill wkr, h 190 Wynbourne Craft Claude R (Ida), trek dvr. 190 Wynbourne *Craig Susanna, cook, h rear 1124 Milledge Crane Ben A (Blanche), ctn buyer, h 1147 Prince Crane Mrs Catherine, 1140 Prince Crane Mrs Fannie D. h 774 Prince Crane W M. ins agt, 774 Prince Crane Rufus (Esta), ctn buyer, h 774 Prince Crane George S (Mamie), real estate agt, h 897 Prince Crane J Ross, bkpr, 774 Prince *Crane Leon (Laura), porter hospital, h Hancock Crane B Sidney (Harriette), fertilizer co. h 50 King ave *Crane Thomas (Lula), lab, h 1132 Broad Crane Will M, student, Y M C A *Cranshaw Son (Annie), lab .h 185 Second Crawford Ellen M, h 560 Hill Crawford Virginia, h 560 Hill Crawford Annie, h 560 Hill CRAWFORD ELMER J (Annie), Clk Superior Court, h 506 Frank-
lin *Crawford Charlie (Mary), farmer, h Odd


Walter H. Phillips

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia

SAFETY SERVICE STRENGTH Accounts of Individuals, Merchants, Corporations Invited
National Bank of Athens



*Crawford I, h Odd Crawford Clarence, barb, 162 Clayton Crawford Frank (Cela), farmer, 273 Oak Crawford Grady J (Marguerite), mcht. li 150 Henderson Crawford Geo \V (Dora), prop blksmth shop, h 247 Madison *Crawford Harry (Annie), gard. h 147 Dearing *Crawford Annie, 147 Dearing *Crawford Harry (Ruby), comedian, Glenn ave *Crawford Hattie, Ind, Upson Alley *Crawford Howard -(Lillian), carp, h 324 Arch Crawford John W (Venora). carp, h 495 Ruth Crawford Howard, 496 Ruth Crawford Mary, 496 Ruth *Crawford Jonas (Mamie), lab comp. h 187 Cohen *Cvawford Mamie, Ind, h 165 Peter *Crawford Mary, Ind, h 537 Fourth *Crawford Mattie, Ind, 233 Pope Crawford Thomas R (Mattie), h 374 Madison *Creamer Elijah (Katie) ,teamster, h 240 Savannah *Creamer Georgia, Ind, h 582 Finley *Creamer Geo (Laura), lab oil mill, h 156 Barrett *Creamer Hembrick, del boy meat mkt, 165 Barrett
*Creamer Nellie, 165 Barrett *Creamer Geo (Mattie), lab, 270 Arch *Creamer George (Mattie) chauff, h 238 Vine *Crecy Jarrett, Ind, 160 Valley *Credell Carlton (Betty), Ind, h 295 Reese *Credell Henry (Georgia), gardner, h 663 Milledge *Credell Marion, stock dealer, 663 Milledge *Credell Alberta, Ind, h 663 Milledge Creekmore James M (Anna), overseer. 580 Nantahala Creekmore James R (mill wkr), h 580 Nantahala Creekmore Ross (Carolina), com trav. Rutherford Creighton Mrs Emma, h 247 Hancock Creighton Elizabeth, steno. 247 Hancock
*Cremer Griffin, carp. Broad
*Cremer Henry (Lillian), h 681 Lumpkin Creswell Mary E, head Home Economics Dept Ag Col, h 257 Wood-

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621

Classic City Tailors



Creswell Mrs Holenia. h 257 "Woodlawn Creswell Edith, student Ag Col. 257 \Voodlawn Crews Georgia, tchr, Ag Col, 420 Peabody Crider Mrs Effie. mill wkr, h 149 Tibbetts
Crider Rosa Boll, mill wkr, 149 Tibbetts Crighton Mattio K. hid. li 267 Ilarirs Crighton Tla P, smstr. 267 Harris Chrisler Mrs Alice, 367 Oak Crisler Lnla, 367 Oak *Crisler Alice, 650 Broad Criswell Wm T (Tiny), h 147 Chattanooga Croggins William ( Viola ( physicain. li 380 Madison Crook Claud W (Una), ctn buyer, h 290 Milledge Circle
*Crowder Geo, lab, Madison ave Crowe Everette E (Eugenia), com trav ,h 636 Jackson Crow H C (Florence), carp, h 579 Pulaski Crow Hallie, cash drug store. 579 Pulaski Crow Frances, 579 Pulaski Crow James E. carp. 117 Broad CrowT Leonidas (Lollie). physician, h 296 Broad Crow Louise, 296 Broad Crow Mrs Susie, h 127 Mitchell Crowley Mark (Ruth), nght wtchmn Holman Bldg, h 390 Hancock Crowley Mrs Susie N. h 140 Barrow Crowley Minnie, 140 Barrow Cruce Samuel M, bkpr. Crucedale, h \Yoodlawn
Crudelle Stella, nurse. St Mary's Crymes C F (Tishey), supt oil mill Cudabac Ralph E (Ruth), h 243 Dougherty Culbuson Lloyd M, grocerman, h 434 Foundry *Culbreth Ruby, cook, 425 Billups Culpepper Rossie, steno Hodgson Oil Refining Co, 256 Dougherty *Culpepper Willie, maid, rear 120 Grady Gulp Henry T, musician, h 465 Dougherty *Cully John C (Rena), lab, h w Broad Cumbus G W (Ambrosia), trav sales, h 720 Chase Cumbus Mary, steno, 720 Chase Cumbus G "W, sales ret gro store, 720 Chase Cummings Chas D (Fannie), farmer, h 982 Barber


Walter H. Phillips

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia

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Cunningham Howard (Corrinne). mill wkr, h 130 First Cunningham Alex (Mattie). h 130 First Cunningham Mrs Pink, h 653 College Cunningham Sallie, Y W C A *Curry Mary, maid, h rear 147 Chase _ Curry Rupert C (Annie), r r agt. h 257 Dougherty Curry Elizabeth, 257 Dougherty Curry Willie G (Daisy), h 799 Lumpkin Cutler PI (Bertha), butcher, h 815 College Cutler Lewie (Gertrude), butcher, h 270 Barrow Cutler Sam (Esther), prop moat mkt, h 228 Barber Cutler Bertha, 228 Barber Cutler Max. student, 228 Barber *Cntright, Easter, 230 Glonn DALE W A (Leila), bkpr Boll Marble Co, h 549 Jackson Dalholl Frank B (Maude), com sales hdw. h 565 Prince Dallard John W (Julia), carp. 550 Carr Dallard Walter, carp, 550 Carr Dallard William, lab, 550 Carr *Dallas Robert (Liza), farm lab. h 140 Trail Creek *Dallison Hattie, h 150 Newton Dalton Willie (Bessie), mill wkr. First Damonds Jackson (Eve), mill wkr. h 160 Mitchell Damonds Burnette. 160 Mitchell *Dammon Joseph, truck driver, cotton oil co. 160 Valley Dammons Pat (Pinkie), overseer, ctn mill, 197 Mitchell Dammons Clara, 197 Mitchell *Dammons Rosa, Ind, 260 Newton Damron Samuel N (Lee), mech cotton mill, h 135 Mulberry Damron James, auto mach, 135 Mulberry Damron Roy, mill wkr. 135 Mulberry Daniel Carter (Maude), com sales, gro, 226 Hill Daniels Clyde, nurse, 420 Wynbourne Daniel Carl, clerk, 420 Wynbourne Daniels C B (Mamie), trav sales, h 160 Barber

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Washington St.

Phone 263



Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg1.



Daniels Charlton (Effie M), cash trans co, 160 Barber *Daniel Charlie, press boy, oil mill, 668 Pulaski *Daniel Clara, cook, 1236 Hancock Daniel Clarence P (Hattie Mae), hdw sales I>aniel Mrs Cornelia, bkpr Gas Co, 1424 Broad Daniel Edgar A (Jessie), corp, h 124 Baldwin Daniel Mary, 124 Baldwin Daniels Ed (Ola), com trav, 166 Cloverhurst *Daniel Emma, cook, h 286 Arch *Daniel Annie Lon, lab shirt fact, 286 Arch *Daniel Mamie, cook, 286 Arch Daniel Ernma F, 360 s Lmmpkin Daniel Garnett L, Empire State Chemical Co, h 360 s Lnmpkin Daniel Marian, 360 s Lumpkin *Daniel Geo (Mary), blacksmith, h 181 Lyndon Road *Daniel Jack E (Minnie), florist, h "Wood row *Daniel Jake (Gertrude), carp, h 2 Upson Alley Daniel Jennie H, 885 Water Daniel Jesse F (May), mill wkr, h 147 Poplar *Daniel John (Lizzie), lab Ag Col, h 124 Peabody *Daniel Lonnie (Mary), lab, h 248 Augusta *Daniel Bessie. 248 Augusta *Daniel Edith, 248 Augusta *Daniel Lonnie Jr. 248 Augusta *Daniel Olcns (Rebecca-). tax driver, h 1189 w Broad *Daniel Blanche, maid, 1189 w Broad *Daniel Walter (Annie), cook, h 1695 Phinizy Daniel Mrs Mary (wid Y A), h 185 Grady Daniel Ora B. 185 Grady DANIELS C F (MRS). Daniels' Studio. Broad Darwin Jno A (Edna), ins. Holman Bldg, h 227 Milledge *Davenport Mollie. Ind, Waddell *Davenport Claudie, maid, Waddell *Davenport Mollie. Ind, h 170 Stevens *Davenport Rosa, 1043 Reese *Davenport Tune (Lillie). presser, h 296 Cleveland Davenport U II (Sallie), Prof U of Ga. h 1123 Prince Daves Claude (Cornelia), wireman Elect Co, h 553 Pulaski Daves Ethel, emp S B Tel Co, 578 Pulaski

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621

Erwin and Company


Phone 3 4 5

Smith Building



Daves James "W (Leila), mill, h 75 Inglewood
Daves George, mill lab, 175 Inglewood
Daves Annie, mill wkr, 175 Inglewood Daves Joel T, com trav, 857 Milledge David Elsie, h 175 Mitchell David Willie Mae, 175 Mitchell David Clifford, 175 Mitchell David F M (Ida), sales furn store, h 353 Dougherty David Roswell, elk drug store, 353 Dougherty David C R (Thelma H), auto tire sales *David Isaac (Ertie), mchnic, 250 Cleveland David Morena .175 Mitchell Davis Ben B (Odessa), mech, h 132 Standard Oil Davis Mrs Bertha, mill wkr, 440 Hiawassee Davis Emory, mill wkr, 440 Hiawassee Davis Cobb R (Julia), com trav, 975 Baxter *Davis Earnest, lab cont c, 368 Athens Davis Eddie C (Lillian B), sales, h 185 Bloomfield *Davis Eli B (Anna), laborer, 658 Hull *Davis Fannie, h 385 Odd *Davis James, mail carrier. U S A, h 385 Odd *Davis Fannie, cook, h rear 120 Milledge Terrace *Davis Clifford, servant, rear 120 Milledge Terrace Davis Florence. 245 Washington Davis Mrs Fredona, 245 Washington Davis Mary E, smtsr. 245 Washington Davis Fred G, mcht, 569 Meigs Davis Fred L (Mattie). mcht. ret gro. h 1440 Milledge Davis Fred L Jr. mcht. ret gro. 1440 Milledge Davis Jerome, student. 1440 Milledge Davis Geo B (Sara), bill elk r r, h 172 Hancock *Davis Gen (Emma\ bottler, bottling co. h 161 Lyndon Row Davis Glenn O (Macie). credit man whol dr gds co, h 748 Cobb Davis Grady (Maggie), mill wkr. h 195 Pine Davis Harry J (Janie), claim elk r r, Hull *Davis Hattie, maid, hotel. 253 Bridge *Davis Henry P (Carrie), lab fruit co. h 852 Reese Davis Jack W (Jonnie\ auto mech, 185 State Davis James C, mill wkr. 372 Thomas

Southern Construction Company

Office 804-5-6 Holmun Building TELEPHONE 1797

Prince Avenue Garage

197 Prince Avenue

Athens, Georgia



*Davis James (Minnie), mail carrier, 178 Strong *Davis Marie, 178 Strong *Davis Carrie, 178 Strong *Davis James P (Daisy), broker, h 853 Prince *Davis Emma, tchr, 853 Prince *Davis Madison J, 853 Prince *Davis Ella, 853 Prince Davis Jane, h 165 Inglewood Davis Geo W, mill lab, 165 Inglewood *Davis Jefferson (Edith), wood cutter, h Waddell Davis Jerry R (Maxie). prop gro store, h 223 Hiawassee Davis Albert E, elk, 223 Hiawasee Davis Allene E, salesw, 223 Hiawassee Davis Jona S, soda jerker, 484 College Davis Joseph B (Maude A), r r engineer, h 134 State Davis Joseph (Ida), mcht. h 135 Pulaski Davis Elizabeth, 135 Pulaski Davis Judd, sales. 178 Dougherty *Davis Lillie, Lnd, 180 Cleveland Davis Mrs Martha, 875 Boulevard Davis Mrs Mary 153 Park Davis Mrs MattL 245 Washington Davis John B, cr . trav, 245 Washington Davis Carolyn, bKpr jewelry store, 245 Washington *Davis Mary, h 273 Reese *Davis Walter, tailor, 273 Reese *Davis Julia, dressmaker, 273 Reese
Davis Mrs Mary Lee, h 565 n Milledge Davis Caroline. 565 n Milledge DAVIS THOMAS (Marie), Southern Tire & Rubber Co., h 565 Mil-
ledge *Davis Minnie, tchr, h 237 Billups *Davis Mollie. h 190 Green Davis Mrs Mollie E, h 794 Prince Davis Annie K, tchr music, 794 Prince Davis Paul .sales tru, 256 Dougherty Davis P M B Y (Mrs), barber, h 152 Arch Davis Irene, 152 Arch Davis Marie, 152 Arch____________________________

Walter H. Phillips

409-410 Holman Bldg.

Athens, Georgia


Dorsey Furniture Company

AV. F. Dorsey

Jno. R. Northcutt



Davis Nora Belle, 152 Arch *l)avis Rebecca, 179 Doujrherty Davis Riley, lab ctn mill. 250 Xacoochee Davis .Toll n II. slip elk. 250 Xacoochee Davis Ada Lou, 250 XTacoochee
Davis R F (Mary), dealer who produce, h 547 Boulevard Davis Mary, bkpr, 547 Boulevard Davis II C (Julia), com sales, who produce. 547 Boulevard Davis Robert (Maggie), barber, h 193 Xacoochee *Davis Thomas E (Ida^. serv, samp ctu whse. rear 365 s Jackson
*Davis Verdie Lee, h 350 Lyndon ave *Davis AVilliam (Junie), plasterer, h 237 Bridge *I)avis Lillian, music tehr. 237 Bridge *Davis AVillie, messenger boy. Herring *Davis AVillie (Effie), lab hi ml) yd, h 635 Hancock DAVISON ALBERT E (Stark), prop Davison-Xicholson, h 237
DAVISON AH (Ida), mcht. ret dry gds, h 740 Prince Davison A II Jr, sales, 740 Prince Davison O AV (Eliza B), mnjr packinjr co. h 195 Henderson Dawson Mrs Annie, h 235 Clayton Dawson IFallie. drmn. 235 Clayton Dawson Otis. sales, gro, 235 Clayton Dawson Ed (Sadie), mncr lunch stud, h 577 Pulaski Dawson J AV (Clara), emp Standard Oil Co. h-558 Pulaski *Dawson AFattie. nurse, rear 365 Cleveland Dawson Susie, salesw. 653 College ave
Day AFozelle. 535 Pulaski Deadwyler Ira. lab oil mill, h 140 Harris "Deadwyler Jno Henry, waiter res^. 150 s Baxter *I)eadwyler AVillie. waiter rest. 150 Baxter
Deadwyler Jno (Emily \ mill wkr. 1> 187 Chattanoojra Dt-adwyler Orover. mill wkr. 1S7 Chattanooga DeadAvyler T,ettie. mill wkr. 187 Chattanooga Deadwyler Jno AY COdollV mill wkr. h 126 Mills *Deadwyler John IT (Sallie). brick mason, h 117 Rock Spring *D<>adwyler Jolin (^Fary^. farm lab. h 525 Hancock
*Deadwylor ^Fartlia. cook, h 600 Broad *Deadwyler Mary, cook, 600 Broad

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant


455 Clayton St.


Phone 621

Classic City Tailors
145y2 Clayton Street




*Deadwyler Merck, carp, 987 College *Dead\vyler Neoma, Ind, h 185 Macon Deakides Nick (Mollie), fruit stand, 332 Broad *Dean Bertie, washwoman, h 268 Pearl *Dean Charles (Emma), drayman, h w Waddell *Dean Charley, chauff, Hancock *Dean Colonel, lab, h 198 Flint *Dean Georgia ,wshwmn, 198 Flint Dean Grover C (Vader), sales, h 464 Dougherty *Dean Gussie, cook, rear 150 Henderson *Dean Andrew, lab stock dealer, 150 Henderson *Dean Homer, candymaker, 788 Lumpkin *Dean Homer, emp candy fact, 153 Strickland *Dean Lunetto, 153 Strickland Dean Mrs Janie, 158 Dougherty *Dean Jennie, maid, h 260 "Water *Dean Cassie Belle, maid, 260 Water *Dean Linsly (Annie), carp cont co, h 211 Macon Dean Maude, trained nurse, hospital, 360 Milledge Dean William T (Nellie), linotype opr, h 165 Hill Crest Dean Freddie, office boy, Y M C A, 165 Hill Crest Dean Roy, elk gro store. 165 Hill Crest Dearing Albin P (Edith), farmer, h 338 Milledge Dearing Munro G. (Julia). Renting Agt,, Erwin & Co., 338 Milledge Dearing Mrs Margaret, h 197 Oak Dearing Mrs Mary W. 298 s Lumpkin Dearing Mary M, trained nurse, 298 s Lumpkin Dearing Mildred, ex agt, Ag Col, 298 s -Lumpkin Deas Wesley C (Evie), grocer, h 724 Lumpkin Debordelaben Jno (Myrtle), student, 187 Chattanooga DeLay James C (Ermine), mill wkr. h 243 Georgia Depot DeLay John M (Martha), h 193 Poplar DeLay Rose, mill wkr, 193 Poplar DeLay Ruth, mill wkr, 193 Poplar DeLoach Mrs Effie, 175 Barrett *Dellard Henry (Marjorie), lab, h 1696 Broad *Dennine Anderson .pntr, 147 Franklin DeMore Jennie ,975 Baxter DeMore Mattie, seamstress, 975 Baxter


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Washington St.

Phone 263

National Bank of Athens



Derapsey Elam F (Georgia), clgmn, h 325 Lumpkin DeMore Percy H, carp, 187 Chattanooga *Dennis Mike (Annie Mae), prop gro store, h w Waddell Denny Fay Lamar (Harriet), sales, h 356 Strong Denny James (Sarah Jane), sales, h 734 Oconee Denny Mary (Mrs), none, h 585 Oconee Denny Lettie B, mill wkr, Oconee Denny Willie (Fannie), shp elk, rooms 585 Oconee Denny Clifford (Jessie), invalid, 585 Oconee Denny W C (Inez), auto sales, Denny Motor Co, h 499 Ruth DeOra Anthony, Army Corp U of Ga, University Campus

Davison-Nicholson Co.

*Derricotte Andrew, pharm, 213 Chase *Derricotte Anna, maid, h 148 Strong *Derricotte Maria, 148 Strong *Derricotte Edward J (Charlotte), carp, h 213 Chase *Derricotte Ophelia, waiter, 213 Chase *Derricotte Edward, tailor, 213 Chase *Derricotte Fanny, Ind, h 825 Chase *Derricotte Willie, lab, 825 Chase *Derricotte Mary L, Ind, 825 Chase *T)erricotte Isaac (Laura), shoemaker, h 554 Hancock *Derricotte Beuna Vista, tchr, 554 Hancock *Derricotte Harriet, 554 Hancock *Derricotte John, lab, plow fact, h 264 Third *Derricotte Sherman (Lizzie), lab, brick yd, h 886 Water *Derricotte, D, lab, h 886 Water
Southern Construction Company
Office 804-3-0 Holman Building


Not a "Side Line"



Phone 3 4 5

Smith Building



*Derricotte Thomas B, lab press clb, 213 Chase *Derricotte Warren (Annabel), taxi driver, 157 Warsaw *Derricotte Sherman (Sallie Mae), auto mech, h 149 Warsaw Devane T L, mgr Chero-Cola pit, 153 Park Dews II W (Mrs II W), Chero-Cola Bottling Co Dial Lona, sales, 363 Hancock Dial Walter F (Leila), trek dvr, Bludwine Co, 697 Baxter Dick William F (Lula), minst, h 150 Vine Dick Florence, 150 Vine Dicks Jim (Sallie D), carp, h 291 Savannah Dickey Helen. Y W C A Dickens Mrs Mary, 1020 Hancock *Dill Ola. hid, h 360 Macon *Dillard Annie, cook, rear 724 Prince *Dillard Ben, farm lab, h 694 Vine *Dillard Ben Jr, farm lab, 694 Vine *Dillard Walter (Effie). lab fert pit, 649 Vine Dillard Escort, 550 Carr *Dillard Hawkin (May), farm lab, h 536 Fourth *Dillard Pearl. 536 Fourth *Dillard Jane, h 163 Marlin Dillard Mrs Lizzie, h 146 First *Dillard Susie, Ind, rear 244 Barber *Dillard Wat (Rosa), lab. h 337 Arch *Dixon Alice, Ind, 346 Reese Dohhs Albert (Heiirettel. real ost agt. h 5G8 Harris Dobbs Warren A. bkpr. Oil Refining, h 568 Harris Dobbs Maxine. tchr private school, h 568 Harris DOBBS BURNEY S (Louise), pinner cotton seed, h 834 Hill Dobbs James P, weiprhor cotton seed oil, h 568 Harris Dobbs Oliver R (Marion), mn<? ins co, h 425 Milledge Dodd F P (Lillian), student Ap- College, li 513 Jackson ' Dop-prett Sam L (Abye). mill wkr, h 179 Miles Domett Tva, mill wkr, 179 Miles *Donald Matilda, wshwmn, 175 Cherry Donaldson Chas W (Cora), cabinet maker, h 279 1/2 Lumpkin Donaldson Margaret, nurse, St Mary's Hospital Dooley Mrs Lizzie, knitter. Hosiery Mill. 125 Peters Dooley Erin knitter, Hosiery Mill, 125 Peters

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building

We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.


Dorsey Furniture Company

"W. F. Dorsey

Jno. R. Northcutt



Dooley Jess E, cash boy, 125 Peters _ Doolittle Arthur M, steno Exp Co, 115 Lumpkin Doolittle Mrs Lucy T, h 140 Field Doolittle Walter L, sales, 140 Field Doolittle Edna L, 140 Field Dootson Wm (Mary), supt cotton mill, h 1227 Broad Dornblatt Julius (Sophia), plmbr, h 259 Hancock Dornblatt Bernhart. 259 Hancock Dornblatt Amelia. 259 Hancock DOROUGH GLEN (Lilli<0. real est agt, Shackelford Bid?. Ga
Land & Loan Co, h 398 Dearing Dorough Ruth, 398 Dearing Dorough Annie Lou, 398 Dearing Dorough Lillian, 398 Dearing Dorsey Ab (Dorothy), Dorsey Furn Co, 256 Dougherty Dorsey Edward II (Laura), clothier. E II Dorsey. h 648 Milledge Dorsey Edward II Jr, sales, E II Dorsey. Clayton,' 648 Milledge Dorsey Joe II (Allee), tax rep, ct hse, h 1196 Lumpkin Dorsey Elizabeth. 1196 Lumpkin Dorsey Leo B, auto mchn, 625 n Lumpkin *Dorsey Lizzie, cook, h 340 Rock Spring *Dorsey Pierce, lab, 834 Reese DORSEY WILLIAM F (Clarissa), mcht, Dorsey Fnrn Co, h 235
Hill Doster Grady L (Pauline), mill wkr. h 155 Mitehell *Dotson Carrie L. cook, h 245 Rock Spring Dotson Charlie "W (Mary), mill wkr. h 123 Bryant Dotson Mary E (Mrs),']38 Mills Dotson Thos, mill wkr, 138 Miles Dotson Mattie. mill wkr. 138 Miles Dotson Walter R (Ella). oaT-n. 1i 188 Elizabeth Dotson Lillian, tel opr. 188 Elizabeth Dotson Johnnie, lab roller cover shop. 188 Elizabeth Dotson Marian, roller cover. 188 Elizabeth Dottery Rob T (Maude), musician, V of Ga. h 357 Peters Dove Mrs Gertie, mill wkr. 124 Bryant Dover James, carp, 187 Chattanooga *Down Washington (Ella), lab, 137 Second

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Washington St.

Phone 203


Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



Downs Joe II (Daisy), auto sales, h 750 Boulevard

*Downs Katie, rear 190 Miller

Dowdle Lovie P (Ella), h 1543 Lumpkin

Dowdle Lois P, dem agt. State of Ga, 1543 Lumpkin

Dowdle DeWitt D, elk, cotton exc, 1543 Lumpkin

Dowdle Frank T, 1543 Lumpkin

Doyle William (Bessie), emp handle fact, h 244 "Washington

Dozier Augustus (Emily), deal who Imhr, h 594 Hill

Dozier Olin (Mitt), real est dealer, Dozier Land Co, So Mut Bldg,

h 815 Milledge

Dozier Thomas II (Mary), supt county schools, h 760 Meigs

Dozier James H, Imbr dealer, 760 Meigs

Dozier Mary, 760 Meigs

Dozier Thos II (Katherine). real est agt, Dozier Land & Loan Co

Dozier Wm B (Anne), real est, Dozier Land Co, h 721 Milledge

*Drake Arthur (Mary), vulcanizer, h 149 Second

*Drake Cornelius (Virgie C). ins mng, h 986 Reese

*Drakes Johnson (Rosa Mae), lab, h 183 Valley

Drake Quillar G (Clifford), mill wkr, h 144 Bryant

*Dranker Charles, 143 Augusta

*Dranker Curtis. 143 Augusta

Dreyer William F CMattie M), mach, auto shop, h 837 College

Drewry Frank N (Ruth), pharmacist, Palmer's, Prince, h 620 Meigs

*Drinks P. drmn, 189 Warsaw

*Drinks Elizabeth, 189 Warsaw

*Drinks Lena, 189 Warsaw

*Drinkard Chas (Hattie). mill lab, h 360 River

*Drinkard Chas Jr. mill lab. 360 River

*Driver Silvia, wshwmn, h 630 Church

DuBose Boiling (Minnie), ins agt, 394 Prince

DuBose Marion (Lalage), advsor, fed Brd, 225 Milledge

DuBose Robert T (Jennie), agt real est & ins, h 445 Milledge

DuBose Welborn D (Frances), cotton grader, 215i/o Lumpkin

Dudley Alonzo (Valley), pres Hosiery Mill, h Henderson

Dudley J S (Frances)', farmer, h 481 Ruth

Dudley Julius T (Jane), secty IT of Ga, office of Dean, h 1593


Dudley Elsie .h 481 Ruth

Dudley Julia, 149 Tibbetts


Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621

Classic City Tailors
1451/2 Clayton Street




Dudley Ethel, mill wkr, 149 Tibbetts Duffell Charlie T (Minnie), lab saw mill, h 145 Ga Railroad Duffell Dewey, printer, 145 Ga Railroad *Duke Columbus (Mary), lab, h 185 Rock Spring Duke Mrs Fannie, stenog, 510 Dougherty *Duke (Gertrude), lab, ctn mill, rear 1160 Milledge Duke Mrs Jennie D, 1075 Prince Dunaway Frone, 195 Monroe _Dunaway Bela (Lenora), prop furn store, h 1290 Boulevard Duriaway Fra, 1290 Boulevard Dunaway Marian E, 1290 Boulevard Dunaway Joe (Lola), emp in mfg pit, h 526 Pulaski *Dunahoo Jeff, lab, rear University Drive
Dunaway Mrs Lillian N, h 259 Bloomfield Duribar Styles II (Rebah), undertaker, Dunbar & Dorsey, 134
Prince Duncan Alexander F, clerk, hotel Georgian, Jackson *Duncan Ernest (Janie), janitor, city hall Duncan Victor, watchman cotton warehouse, 774 Jackson *Duncan Viola, cook, h 228 Compress Duncan William R (Ida), pay elk S M C, h 533 Nantahala Duncan William, 533 Nantahala *Dunn Clara, waiter
*Dunn Laura, cook, h 664 Lumpkin *Dunn Lonie (Nannie), waiter, hotel, h 135 Rock Spring Dunn Parker (Sallie), blcksmth, 145 Poplar
Dunston Mrs Fannie, 866 College Dunston J F (Minnie), mng cafe, h 569 Pulaski Durison W L (Lillian), col furn store. 171 Grady
Dunson Young H. emp r r, 171 Grady *Dunkins Ada, 29 Hickory Dupree Dr Dan H (Bertha), physician, h 745 Milledge *Dupree Delsie. Ind. h 247 Vine *Dupree J C, lab oil mill, 247 Vine
*Dupree Josie, Ind. 247 Vine *Dupree Ruth, 1626 Oconee * Dupree Jessie, lab oil mill. 1626 Oconee



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Washington St.

Phone 263


National Bank of Athens




*Durham Amos (Fannie), lab, h Hobson ave *Durham Jolni (Anna), lab, h 187 Pearl *Durham Anderson, lab. h 1528 Broad *Durham Andrew (Ada), lab .h Carltoii *Durden Lizzie A, maid, h 228 Rock Spring Durden P H (Alzena), piano sales, li 273 Barrow Dyar Hubert, sales real est, 398 Bearing Dyar Carlisle, sales real est, 398 Dearing Dvche Ollie, 471 Jackson *Dye Ed (Anna), lab. h 248 Newton *Dyer Rosa, h 1918 Hobson ave *Eades Annie, h 1082 Broad Earherdt Columbus, mach, 530 Nantahala

Davison-Nicholson Co.


*Early Robert (Lizzie), repr man. furn co, h 1263 w Broad *Ealie Yelarie, Ind, h 232 Newton Eaton Chas (Annie), carp, h 500 Foundry Eaton Parks, carp, 500 Foundry Eaves Leib salesw, Y AY C A Eberhart Albert C, 140 Pulaski Heights *Eberhardt Aneta. h 247 Fairview *Eberhart Ann, 390 Chase *Eberhart Laura, maid, o90 Chase *Eberhart Mattie. salesw, gro store. 390 Chase Eb'Thardt Beatrice .mill wkr, 135 Poplar *E-.erliardt Brad (Lilly), farm lab. h 236 Fourth *Er>erhardt Annie, wshwmn. Fourth *Eberliart Carrie. Ind. h 269 Finlev
Southern Construction Company
Office 804-5-6 Hoi man Building

XPFRIENCK EXDORSKS EQIITABI.E ENSIRANCE: Expediency espoiisrs it. exigencies cx;x-t it, oilicieiicy extols it, everyday emphasizes the exhilarating effect on everybody enjoying its economic emoluments. EQl'ITAI1I,K Endowmei t Knsnriince evolves especially encouraging elements, enlargiug iiml enlivc ing endless enterprises, exciting enthusiastic ecomiuins. enlisting energies rstwhile endangered by excessive eunni. E(JI ITABI>E Educational Endo\ inent especi.-illy esteemed everywhere. Kvery KQl'ITA-
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K now iiraKement energizes everybody, elevates everything.



*Eberhart Fannie, Ind, h 360 Lyndon *Eberhart Ada, Ind, h 360 Lyndon ave *Eberhart Jeremiah, porter garage, h 360 Lyndon ave *Eberhart Green (Sallie). Ind, h 260 Glenn' *Eberhart Thwioia, cook. 26a Glenn *Eberhart Melvin, 260 Glenn *Eberbardt Geo, h 275 Fairview Eberhardt Geo, mill wkr, b 728 Oconee Eberhardt Minnie, mill wkr, 728 Oconee Eberhardt Lennie, mill wkr, 728 Oconee *Eberhart Hasty, cook, 635 Hull *Eberhart Louis (Minnie), drymn, 635 Hull *Eberhart Herman (Lucille), cook, h Odd *Eberhart Isaac P, woodcutter, h 983 College *Eberhart LeeRoy, lab, 983 College Eberhardt James G (Annie), prop vulc shop, h 1323 Lumpkin Eberhardt Jno W (Bessie), sales, h 140 Pulaski Heights Eberhardt Jno W Jr, tel opr, 140 Pulaski Heights Kberhardt, Julius ,mech, garage, 728 Oconee Eberhardt Emma, mill wkr, 728 Oconee Eberhardt Ella, steno, Andersou Plmb Co, 728 Oconee Eberhart Mrs Lillie, emp Hosiery Mill, 527 Jackson *Eberhart Lizzie. Ind, h 1247 Hancock *Eberhart Lucius B (Bertha\ carp, h 390 Chase *Eberhart Lucy, Ind, h 176 Newton Eberhart Luther (Willie), carp, 513 Jackson Eberhart Geo, meat cutter. 513 Jackson *Eberhart Mary, maid. 1163 w Broad Eberhart Nannie, h 799 Lumpkin Eberhart Fairy. 799 Lumpkin *Eberhart Ophelia, cook, h 195 Lyndon *Eberhart Paul, alb. Moss Mfg Co, 430 Cleveland *Eberhart Parthinia, 368 Athens *Eberhart Sara, 125 Crawford ave *Eberhart Melba, 125 Crawford *Eberhart Priscilla, 125 Crawford Eberhart Marvin, sales, 135 Poplar Eberhardt Edgar, emp Gas Co, 135 Poplar *Echals Georgia, bkpr, gro store, 324 Hancock

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant

455 Clayton St.


Phone 621

WHEN THE FIRE BELL RINGS You Unconsciously Inquire

Erwin & Company


Phone 3 4 5

Smith Building



*Eberhart Tom, whitewasher, Yonah *Eberhart Will (Beatrice), lab, h 146 Cherry *Eberhart Clara, maid. 146 Cherry % Eberhart William F (Viola), carp, h 177 Becker Eberhart Daisy E, 177 Becker Eberhardt William P (Mary), r mcht dry goods, h 135 Poplar *Ector Capt Marcus (Piety), janitor school, h 293 Finley *Ector John A (Ambrosia), lab. 293 Finley *Ector Mathilda, Ind, 293 Finley Echols A M (Tochie^. printer, h 130 Grady
*Echols Scott J (Julia), farmer, h 1443 w Broad *Echols Sydney, nurso, h 1163 w Broad Edge Geo M, stone cutter. 663 Jackson Edmund Johnie, mill wkr. 203 Chattanooga Edwards Alex C (Mannie), sales, dry goods Edwards Austin S (Miriam). Prof IT of Ga, 169 Barber Edwards Mrs Maria, 169 Barber Edwards C H, clgmn, 178 Dougherty *Edwards Callie, cook, 1560 Broad *Edwards Boston, painter, h 1560 Broad *Edwards Clarence, truck dvr, 130 Valley *Edwards Dilmus (Annie), firernn cotton comp, h rear 384 Barber Edwards Mrs Elizabeth, h 824 Hill Edwards Emory (Phronie). emp oil mill, h 291 Oconee Edwards Frank (Rosa), r r emp, h 564 Pulaski *Edwards Gilbert (Anna), lab, h 1365 Hancock *Edwards Clarence, lab. 1365 Hancock *Edwards Lizzie, 1365 Hancock *Edwards Harrison (Hattie). janitor, h 350 River *Edwards Willie, lab. 350 River *Edwards Harrison Jr. waiter. 350 River *Edwards Amanda, 350 River
*Edwards Delia, 350 River *Edward James W (Lizzie), chair maker .h 425 Billups *Edward Jim. section hand, r r, h Fourth *Edward Fred, firemn. r r. Fourth *Edwards Lizzie, h 250 China Edwards L Frank (Jennie). Mfg Braided Cord Co. h 440 Milledge

Office 8O4-5-6 Holman Building TELEPHONE 1797


Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



*Edward Mattie, h 327 Compress Edward Mrs Pearl, waiter Y W C A Cafe, 230 Ga Depot Edwards Wm T, ins agt, 663 Jackson Edwards William W (Maggie), mcht, h 875 Chase Edwingon John Y (Annie), firemn ctn mill, h 290 Williams Edwingon James, 290 Williams Edwingon Ohie, 290 Williams Egerton Frank N Jr. Prof V of Ga, Y M C A Eidam Mrs Eleanor, 185 Nacooehee Eidam Albert, meeh, cotton mill, 185 Nacooehee Eidam William, mill wkr, mech, 185 Nacooehee Eidam Ernest, musician, 185 Nacooehee Eidam Annie 185 Nacooehee Eidam Edward, electr. 185 Nacooehee Eidam Carl, 185 Nacooehee Eidam Robert (Hallie), mill wkr, h 179 Park Eidson Dewey (Ada), farmer, h 1425 Oconee Eidson Wm R (Kella), sales. 370 Lumpkin Eidson Murtis L, 370 s Lumpkin Elder Mrs Agnes P, mill wkr, 280 Baldwin Elliott David L (Leila), civil engineer, r r, 770 College *Elder Dora, cook, h rear 482 Cleveland Elder E C, foreman acid pit. 223 Nantahala "Elder Florence, nurse, 151 Warsaw *Elder Jane, wshwoman. h 326 Arch *Eldcr Josephine, nurse, h 179 Little
Elder Mrs Lucy, mill wkr, 323 Hiawassee *Elder Seymore (Laura'1, farmer, h 420 Peters Elder T L (Hattie), mgr mens clo store, h 145 Grady Elder Sara, h 145 Grady Elliott Wm H, sales, mens retail clo. h 317 Franklin Elliott Fairy, teacher private school, h 317 Franklin Elliott Innies, cashier, men clo. h 317 Franklin Elkins Millie Mae, teacher. 257 Dougherty *Ellis Anna, Ind. h Henderson Ext *Ellis Bery (Hattie). painter, h 387 Third *Ellis Henry, lab. foundry. 133 Hoyt Ellis John G, elk shoe store. 140 Becker

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Washington St.

Phone 363

Classic City Tailors
145y2 Clayton Street




Ellis Martha, salesw, 164 Strong *Ellis Thomas, dmn, h 560 Fourth Ellis Wilson (Mamie), lab, h 163 Valley Ellis Willie (Sara), farm lab, 537 Fourth Elliott Audry, h 317 Franklin Elliott Thos L (Ruby), com trav, h 188 Cloverhurst *Ellington Mascot, lab, 1092 Broad *Ellington William (Daisy), chauff, h 1236 Hancock Elmore Charlie (Sallie), student, h 174 Hickory Elrod John D (Ruth), auto mech, 485 Jackson Elrod Julius M, student, Campus Elrod Malvin D, mach, 940 College Elrod Warren Pressly (Clara), sales sft drnks, h 890 College Emerick Geo C, agt r r, h 767 Pulaski Emerick Roy. sales Imbr co, 767 Pulaski Emerick Fairy L, 767 Pulaski Emerick Joseph (Annie), mill wkr, h 157 First Emerick Lyman, h 157 First Emerick Alie. h 157 First Emerson Harrison (Hattie Lee), ext agt, Ag Col, 256 Dougherty England Arthur A (Lillie), painter, h 342 Becker England Cleo, teacher pub school, h 824 Hill Engle James WT (Paline). pres cotn mill, h 1190 Milledge Engle Ruth, 1190 Milledge Engle James, 1190 Milledge
English Eva. cook. 573 Fourth
Epps Abe F (Beulah), mill wkr, h 420 Hiawassee Epps Emory T (Ethel), contractor, h 765 Jackson Epps Howard. 287 Oconee Epps Jno W (Mary Lou), electr. h 327 Peabody Epps Francis (Mary), bkpr, h 297 Peabody Epps Fred, farmer. 297 Peabody Epps Lilly, teacher, 297 Peabody Epps Mildred, stenog, 297 Peabody Epps Charlie, 297 Peabody Epps Luther H (Bertie M), mach gar, h 225 Washington Epps Mrs Lucy A, h 287 Oconee Epps Charlotte. 287 Oconee Epps Lucile, 287 Oconee

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant


455 Clayton St.


Phone 621

H. O. Epting & Company


Hancock Bldg. Athens, Georgia

Broad St.



Epps Marshall (Sydney), mill wkr, h 150 Senora *Epps Mary, Ind, h 493 Broad *Epps Abbie, Ind, 493 Broad Epps Mrs Marion, 425 Hill Epps Thos L (Ollie), h 120 Broad Epps J T (Ruby), bkpr, h 423 Dougherty Epps Mrs Levie, tailoress, 155 State Epps Morrieson (Beulah), lab. h 156 Grove Epps Roy B (Pauline), supt battery station, 1020 Hancock Epps Thos J (Evie), carp, h 1020 Hancock Epps Carl, foreman knitting mill. 1020 Hancock Epps Rosamond, 1020 Hancock Eptinpr Norbut (Viola), 186 Grady EPTING H 0 (Nora A), real est agt. h 150 Cloverhurst EPTING J H (WillaV mcht. dry gds. h 186 Grady Eptinpr Cornelia, 186 Grady Ernest T) L (Vivian), Prof 'Science. S N S. h 782 Cobb ERWIN ANDREW C (Camilla), Mayor, real est, Erwin & Co. h
651 Mill edge Envin Howell Cobb (Lucy), law. Erwin. Erwin & Nix. li 294 Dear-
ing Erwin Julian (Louise), lawyer, li 448 Milledge Erwin Mrs Mary Ann, h 524 Hill Erwin Mary Lamar, 524 Hill Erwin Will L, lawyer, 524 Hill Esco Mrs Lucy A, h 130 Becker Esco Ed W, driv exp co, 130 Becker Esco Luther T (Myrtle), mchn, h 294 Barber Esco Jessie T (Lucinda). 294 Barber Esco William Y (Ola), merch live stock, h 253 Cobb Esco James D, merch. auto, h 253 Cobb Estes Robt Lee (Ruby), warden county prison, h Jackson Ethridge Charles (Ella), painter, h 110 Broad Ethridge Lola, steno ofc, 256 Dougherty Ethridge Nannie, bkpr. 256 Dougherty Evans Will A (Lulia), plumber ,h 712 Jackson Evans Mrs Georgia, dressmaker, 712 Jackson Evans Mamie Lou, saleslady dept. 712 Jackson Evans John C (Ina), lab, Imbr mill. 712 Jackson

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building

We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.

E. G. Fambrough & Company

REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 414 Southern Mutual Bldg.

Phone 516




*Evans Albert (Katie), lab ctn mill, h 766 Lumpkin *Evans Carl (Carrie), emp whol gro, li 549 Church *Evans Charlie (Sara), firmn elect pit, h 126 Newton *Evans Dennis (Ella), carp, h 483 Broad Evans Fred W (Evelyn), sales retail hdw, h 556 Meigs *Evans Green (Cassie). lab, h 130 Valley Evans Icay, h 1290 Carrs Hill Evans Andrews, lab. 1290 Carrs Hill *Evans Jerry E (Mary F), farmer, h 328 Athens *Evans Emma, 328 Athens *Evans Thomas, 328 Athens *Evans Jerry, 328 Athens *Evans John, butler, rear 387 Milledge Evans Martin V, mach, 443 Thomas *Evans Wm (J'.;iia), r r firemn C of Ga. h 488 Strong *Everson 185 Second Fain John R (Lida!, Prof Ag Col. h 1334 Lumpkin Fain Frances, tchr, 1334 Lumpkin Fain Elizabeth, tchr, 1334 Lumpkin Fambro Augustus A (Emma), Piggly Wiggly's, h 327 Oak Fambro Joe C, sales. 327 Oak Fambro Susie Elizabeth, 327 Oak Fambro Grady H. 327 Oak Fambrough Mrs Alice M. h 186 Hancock Fambrough Earl .acct hnk, 186 Hancock Fambrough Burnie. h 167 Grady Fambrough Dora, h 167 Grady
FAMBROUGH EMMETT G '(Cora), agt real est & fire ins. ofe So Mut Bldg. h 197 Milledge
Fambrough Carlton, 197 Milledge Fambrough Madaline. steno Smith Estate. 246 Dougherty *Fambrough Rachael. cook. 987 College Fane A. mng dry goods store, h 270 Barrow *Fanning Burrell (Fannie), farmer, h 13 OCleveland *Fanning Everett, lab corn mill. 130 Cleveland *Fanning Victoria, nurse. 130 Cleveland Farbstein Max (Fannie), h 475 Dougherty Farbstein Abe. 475 Dougherty Faris Geo (Vera). bookbinder, h 726 Pulaski







Washington St.

Phone 263


I-K-C is ono of the first essentials of a SAFE :im1 satisfactory life-insur ance institution: etlicacy of pl.-nis. efficacy of methods, efficacy of results. The great old Ml Tl AI, E<Jl ITABI.K LIFE ASSIRANCE SOCIETY comliines the inspiration of lofty ideals, the experience of age, the prestige of

world-recognized success, the advantage of vast numbers, the STRENGTH

of immense assets, the SAFETY of time-tested standards. The EQUI-

TABLE enjoys a long-established reputation for SAFE service-giving and

public-welfare undertaking never surpassed by any life insurance organization. The

E<M ITABLE IS EFFH'EN'T. and your prompt appropriation of available benefits

may avoid serious regrets in future. The EQl ITABI.E'S surplus alone is greater

than total assets of most life insurance companies. SAFETY FIRST! T. L. Mitchell

Hist. Mgr.. f>13-r,14 Ilolman I'.ldg. I'hone 740 or r>40. Life, health, accident, loan,

investment, insurance SERVIC'E.

Fnith "<! Fidelity foreseize Fortune's fairest favors.



Farmer Emory (Susie), driver exp eo. h Upson Alley Farmer Win C, farmer, h 346 Macon Farmer Lizzie, cook, 346 Macon Farmer Marshall, trek dvr, 346 Macon Farmer Zella, 544 Boulevard Farr Bert ,mill wkr, 124 Bryant Farrell Geo W (Hattie), wks McGrejror's. h 446 Clayton Faust Marion (Blondine), wks bank. 165 Springdale Faust Terry, lab knit mill. 145 Fairview Favors Brownie, cook, h Reese Favors Frank, 148 Pearl Favors Isaiah (Annie), butcher meat mkt. h 929 Water Favors Willie, h 929 Water Favors Mack (Mattie), butcher. 929 Water Favors Sam (Nancy), lab. h 460 Fourth Favors Tom (Susie), lab, h 148 Pearl Favors Mamie, 148 Pearl Favors Annie, 148 Pearl Favors Tom (Cynthia), lab. h 481 Billups Favors Ada, Ind, 481 Billups Favors Lillv, 481 Billups Fears Alford (Ada), lab. h ISO Willow Fears Elliott P, sales, h 227 Bloomfield Foars Mrs Emma, music tchr. h 609 n Lumpkin Fears Leila Mae. 227 Bloomfield Fellows C S (Sara) .sales hdw store, h 173 Barrow Fellows Ella, 173 Barrow Fellows Charity, hid, h 512 Fourth Fellors Nancy,' h 145 Trail Creek Fellows Frances, 173 Barrow Fen*; Choo, student .623 Lumpkin Fenley Hezekiah (dandle"), lab comp co. h 127 Odd Ferjrerson John (Sara), mill wkr. h 246 Miles Ferjrerson Lizzie. 346 Miles Fer<rerson William (Elizabeth), cont. h 460 Meigs Ferororson Rurel E. carp, 460 Meiprs Ferrebee Clarence E. sales. Y M C A Few William M (Minerva), h 1375 Hancock

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621





Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



*Few Henry W, servt, 1375 Hancock *Few Willie A, 1375 Hancock Fickett M F, optometrist, Brandt's, h 820 Hancock *Fieldie Mary, Ind, h 120 Hendricks *Field Belle, Ind, h 447 Odd *Fields Henry (Lily), h 225 Fourth *Fields Eldon (Susie), janitor, h 144 Barrow
Fields Geo A (Margie), shp elk, hosiery mill, h 832 Oconee *Fields Henry, svt, h rear 243 Bearing
Fields J M (Jewell), ins agt, h 538 Pulaski Fields Carl, 538 Pulaski Fields Lula, mcht, h 575 Jackson
Fields Ernest, mesng boy exp co, 575 Jackson *Fields Mack (Leila), lab, h 25 Angle *Fields Winnie, 125 Angle Fields Robert (Cora), sales, h 495 Ruth Fields Irwin, 495 Ruth Fields William O (Clara), barber, h 182 Oconee Filligaw Walter J (Sadie), student Ag Col, 512 Jackson Fillingim Alonso F (Mary), barber, h 184 State *Fillington Lilly, Ind, 390 Carr *Finch Curlie, Ind, 373 Hoyt *Finch Jim (Rosa), lab, h River
*Finch James, River *Finch Will, school janitor, h River Finch Millie, h 244 Barber *Finch Sam; tmstr fert co, 430 Cleveland Fing Paine, 174 Clayton *Finley Minerva, maid, h 422 Finley *Fireman James (Anna), lab, h 452 Broad

Watches, Jewelry, Silver and Diamonds



268 Clayton St.

Telephone 200

Gifts for Every Occasion

National Bank of Athens



Firor George H (Josie), h 197 Wray Firor Kathryn, 197 Wray *Fisher Ida, smstr, 291 Athens Fit/patrick Henry .] (I)esdrmona), h 153 Nellie B ave Fitxpatrick Minnie, 153 Nellie B ave Fit/patrick Grace, 153 Nellie B ave Fitxpatrick Ilowell II (Mattie Sue), moch. h 250 Peters Fitxpatrick Howard R (Hussie), h 190 Poplar Fitxpatrick James, 420 River Fitxpatrick James T (Martha"), maoh. h 697 Barber Fitxpatrick Mrs Ola, mill wkr. h 155 Bryant Fitxpatrick Annie Mae, mill wkr, 155 Bryant

Davison-Nicholson Co.


Fitxpatrick Silas (Ilattie). grocerman, h 420 River Fitxpatrick Maggie, 420 River *Flanigan Thomas, cook, h 1553 w Broad Flanigaii W II (Cora), mill wkr, h 185 Park Flanigan Andrew (Annie), mill wkr, 193 Nacoochee Flaniircn Mrs Carrie, cash Athens Steam Laundry, h 625 n Lumpkin FLANIGEN C D (Mary), pres Athens Ry &Elect Co, h 424 Prince Flanigen Jean. 424 Prince Flanigen Claudia. 424 Prince Flanigen Henry (Dora'1, mill wkr. h Senoia Flannigan Wilbur I (Nell), elk P O. h 636 Jackson Flatau Arthur (Pearl), com sales, h 246 Hancock Flatau Lncien B, mng machine shop. 148 1/> Clayton Fleeman Nettie, h 237 Dongherty
Classic City Tailors
1451/2 Clayton Street


Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant


455 Clayton St.


Phone 621


ATHENS, GA., (1920-1921) CITY DIRECTOKY ______

FLEMING ALLEN (Lena), ctn agency. Hancock Bldg, h 545 Prince Fleming1 George, 545 Prince Fleming Lucy, 619 Hill Fleming Luther I (Sallie), carp, 459 e Clayton 'Fleming Rebecca, cook, 635 Hull 'Fleming Sallie. svt. 274 Thomas 'Fleming Paul, svt, 274 Thomas Fleming T B (Cora). Fleming Hdw Co. h 397 Boulevard Fleming Lewelyn, soda jerker, 397 Boulevard Fleming Henry F, sales, 397 Boulevard Fleming William, real est agt, h Pulaski 'Fletcher Sara, Ind. 594 Vine Florence William T (Fannie), h 210 Hampton Court Florence William L (Marie), auto dealer, 210 Hampton Court Florence Loree. 210 Hampton Court Florence Geo A, sales auto. 210 Hampton Court Florence Wilbur S. auto sales, 210 Hampton Court Flournoy Ada, 744 Barber Flournoy Ed (Annie 1*, nght wtchmn handle fact, h 812 Lumpkin Flournoy Ada Mae. 812 Lumpkin Flournoy Robert Fred, emp handle fact, 812 Lumpkin Flournoy Fred C (Annie), taxi driver, h 1123 Oconee Flournoy Thomas, del boy. 812 Lumpkin Flournoy Mrs Martha. 812 Lumpkin Flournoy Len L (Nellie), taxi dvr, h 368 Oconee Flnry Albert L (Cora), minister, h 886 Boulevard Folger F B (Willella). ins agt, h 180 Grady Folsom Lou. cook, h 1689 Broad Forbes W T (Willie). sect Y M C A, h 550 Cobb *Ford Lewis (Mamie), chauff, h 860 w Waddell *Ford Anderson. 860 w Waddell
'Ford Lewis Jr. 860 w Waddell Ford Mrs Luella. h 297 Boulevard Ford Norris. collect Ice & Coal Co, 297 Boulevard 'Ford Lula. cook. 1157 Hancock 'Ford Hulda cook, 1157 Haneock 'Ford Malinda. cook, h 323 Fairview 'Ford Moses (Rebecca), drmn. h 695 Vine


All the Way From Sun-Blessed California The Most Delicious Drink You Ever Tasted



Washington St.

Phone 263


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorsey

Jno. R. North cutt



*Ford Myers (Adalaide), drmn, h 195 Crawford Ford Oscar, 162 Clayton *Ford Samuel (Viola), delmn, h 1126 Hancock Fordham Mrs Martha A. h 185 Mulberry Fordham Sadie Irene, mill wkr, 185 Mulberry Forester Tom (Mary), emp P 0, h 578 Pulaski Forgery Mrs Minnie, 125 Poplar Forrest Mrs Frankie, steno, 125 Meigs Fortson B E (Janie), atty, Fortson & Bradwell, So Mut Bldg, 1190
Milledge *Fortson Geneva, maid Georgian Hotel, h 775 Lumpkin * Fortson James, farmer, h rear 363 Cleveland * Fortson Howard, farmer, rear 363 Cleveland Fortson Thomas E (Sarah), 687 Milledge *Foster Alfred (Hattie), plmbr, h 680 Broad * Foster Earnest, lab barb shop, 680 Barber * Foster Pierce, lab barb shop, 680 Broad Foster Annie, steno, Y M C A, 367 Pulaski *Foster DeLanier (Mattie), lab, h 335 Arch *Foster Essie B, svt, rear 1509 Lumpkin Foster Guy, asst mnjr clo store, 153 Barrow *Foster Harry, 294 Finley *Foster Hattie, 536 Reese *Foster Henry, lab, h 389 Flint 'Foster Ethel, cook, 389 Flint *Foster Jasper, lab. Field 'Foster John, lab, h 440 Finley *Foster Lonnie (Willie), 1389 Hancock *Foster Lucy, cook, h "Waddell *Fostor Maliala. Ind. h 270 Chase *Foster Nancy. 270 Chase Foster Robert E (Clyde), sales, h 620 Reese *Foster Robert F (Frances), ins agt, h 327 Atlanta *Foster Sadie, cook, h 242 Thomas Foster "W J (Edna"), sales. Flanijran & Flanipran. h 153 Barrow Foster Sam, mnjr Columbia Tailoring Co, h 153 Barrow Foster Wallace, opr pict show, 153 Barrow *Foster William II (Alice'1, mail carrier, h 260 Foster Willie S, cook, h Green

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant


455 Clayton St.


Phone 621


Erwin and Company

Phone 3 4 5

Smith Building



*Foster Walter, lab, Green *Foster Mary, cook, h Green Fotou James (Esta). carp. Boulevard Fountain Willie, plstr, 554 Hancock Fowler E C (Emma), mach, h 695 Boulevard Fowler Jessie C (Onie Lee), emp mattress fact, 175 Hill Crest Fowler J J (Olivia), siipt elect r r, h 1509 Lnmpkin Fowler Joseph H, meter reader elect co. 1509 Lnmpkin Fowler Mrs Lizzie (wid J A), h 579 Prince Fowler William T (Ada), carp, h 168 Elizabeth Fowler Eunice, tel opr, 168 Elizabeth Fowler Dewey. printer Athens Herald .168 Elizabeth Fowler W A (Nora) supt Mallison Braided Cord Co. h 137 Na-
coochee Fo\vler Frank, part auto starter repair co, 137 Nacoochee Fowler Ruby, postmistress Normal Heights, 137 Nacoochee Fowler Roy, 137 Nacoochee Fox Frederick W (Leila), wks Bell Marble Co, h 458 Clayton Fox Fred W Jr, mach, 458 Clayton
*Fox Mary A. h 1267 Hancock Francis Mrs Martha. 135 Prince Franklin Haviland "W (Gladys), repairer, h 160 Becker *Franklin Irene, cook, 825 Chase *Franklin Rufus (Ethel), farmer, h 153 Lyndon *Franklin Mattie. 153 Lyndon *Franklin Boline. 153 Lyndon *Franklin Daisy Lee, 153 Lyndon Fraser Mrs Lucretia, 1196 Prince Frey C B (Seseherer), rang Kress, h 167 Childs Freeberg Carl (Dagny). trav sales, h Georgian Hotel Freeberg Hazel, h Georgian Hotel *Freeman Daniel (Jero), sampler ctn wrhse, 180 Green *Freeman Edward M r Julia), elk U S P 0, h 237 Church *Freeman Edward L. 237 Church
*Freeman Bernard C. 237 Church *Freeman Fanny. Ind. 567 Fourth Freeman Frederick K (Mary), mng pecan nursery, h 1225 Milledge Freeman Mrs Georgia, h 789 Pulaski


All the AVay From Sun-Blessed California The Most Delicious Drink You Ever Tasted



Washington St.

Phone 263

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621



*Freeman Isabella, cook, rear 930 Milledge *Freeman Joe, mill \vkr, 321 Athens *Freeman Willie, cook, 321 Athens *Freeman John (Marion), carp, h 160 Stevens Freeman Judge (Lilly), mill wkr, h New Freeman Maria, 763 Prince FREEMAN RANDALL S (Lilly), Guaranty Investment & Loan Co,
American State Bnk Bldg, h 749 Cobb Freeman Burnett (Georgia), 749 Cobb Freeman Sam (Hulda), sales, h 975 Chase *Freeman Sanders (Laura), lab, 354 Broad *Freernan Geo, 254 Broad *Freeman Tom (Leila), lab etn wrhse, h Upson Alley *Freeman Thomas, butler, h rear 285 Milledge *Freeman Van. tailor, h 439 River Freeman \Vm T (Onie), firemn, h 156 Boulevard Freeman Bessie, 156 Boulevard Freeman Jessie, 156 Boulevard Frierson Jas L, auto mech, 725 Thomas Frierson Mary Ann, h 820 ITancottk Frierson Mrs Sara L, 549 Jackson Frierson William "VV (Genobe). special deliv carrier, h 725 Thomas Frierson "VYm. L. auto mech. 725 Thomas Frierson Lula, salesw, 725 Thomas Frizzell Mrs Leila, steno E S Sport Goods, 256 Dougherty Frassier R (Jane), lab. h 477 Water Frost Loy (Virgie), h 151 Lumpkin Frye Mrs J C F, h 5 J75 Jackson Frve Mrs Stella, salesw, Nantahala PRY DR H E (Mrs II E). h Majestic Hotel Fulcher J W (Fannie), mill wkr, h 33 Senoia Fulcher Dess. mill wkr, 33 Senoia *Fuller A (Cassie), janitor, h Fuller *Fuller Idis (Janie), lab fert co, h Fuller
Fuller Flora, mill wkr. Fuller Sidney, mill wkr. Fuller Henry A (Nannie), Klein & Martin, h 524 Oconee Fuller Russell (Odessa), lab, 524 Oconee







Washington St.

Thone 263


Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorsey

Jno. R. Northcutt



Fuller James C (Leonora), grocer, h 523 Prince Fuller Mrs Elizabeth, 523 Prince Fuller John M (Maggie), blksmth, h 149 Mitcholl Fullilove I)r II M (Juliet), St Mary's Hospital, ofc So Mut Bklg,
h 380 Milledge Fullilove Henry Marshall Jr. student, h 380 Milledge FUNKENSTEIN LOUIS (Flora), prop Johnson Shoe Co, h 359 Han-
cock Funkenstein Samuel (Rachael), h 154 Hancock *Furr William (Lula), P O janitor, h 1256 Hancock *Furr Mary Lou, 1256 Hancock Gables Will S (Nannie), sect foreman r r, h 189 Elizabeth Gabriel Marion (Minnie), mill \vkr, h 160 Senoia *Gails Wesley (Bertha), lab glass house, h 1383 Hancock *Gails Sallie' 1383 Hancock Gains D I (Obie), mech gar, h 265 Barber *Gaines E Ivie (Hattie). trek dvr, h 240 Macon *Gaines James W, wagon dvr. h 788 Lumpkin *Gaines Jim (Mamie), lab, h 281 Savannah *Gaines Mamie, Ind. 137 Pearl Gaines Ralph D, cash, h 336 Hill Gaines S A (Laura), com sales gro, h 157 Grady Gallagher James, 373 Hoyt Gallimore Mrs Essie, bkpr Tel Co. Y W C A Galimore Mary, bkpr. 360 Hancock *Galloway Bella, gro. h 516 Billups Galloway John K (Mary), mill wkr, 126 Bryant' Galloway John W (Ella), druggist Royal Pharmacy, h 198 Barber Galloway Wesley D. 198 Barber *Galneter Mary J, nurse, h rear 659 Hancock Gamble John B (Mabel), atty. So Mut Bldg. h 395 Church Gann Mrs Florrie. sect Board of Health, h 215 Dougherty Gann Arthur, com sales. 215 Dougherty Gann Allie. steno. 215 Dougherty Gann Coyette. 215 Dougherty Gann Willie. 215 Dougherty Gann J H (Sabie). jeweler! h 169 Park Gann Mabel, mill wkr. h 169 Park
Gann Mrs Sallie. 343 Pope

Martin Bros. Autn Top Plant


455 Clayton St.


Phone 621



plinl to contracts with tin- KQl ITABLK I.IFK ASSIRANCK SOCIETY.
More than !ts per cent of E((I'ITAB1.K losses are p;ii<l within :M hours after proofs reach the home othVe. More than 7(MI.(MM> SAFE KQl ITABLK poli-

rics are in force ayrirreiratinir more than S'_VJ7<I.<HMMMMI of SAFE EiJI'ITA-

ItMC insurance. More than S.V.H.(MKt,IMIO of SAFE assets SAFELY protect

E()I'ITABI,E pc.licyholilers an.l heneliciaries. More I nan sir,o,(MMi.iMM of

S\IK EQl'ITABI^E Idisiness written in 1!il'.. More than .S7:'..!Hl,nut) paid to SAFE

MM ITABI.E policvliolders in 1!M!. More than X17,s'.>."i.iOO of SAFE E<)MTABI.E

premium refunds in 1'.0!>. More than Ss.iMMUMM) now SAFELY invested !>y t tie

! ;((( ITABI.E in GEORGIA. SAFETY FIRST! More KQl ITABI.E lads available

rif E<|IITABI.E Offices CKi-Cill Holnian ItldiT. I'hone 7KJ or ."iHi. I.MPKOVKI) life,

health, accident, loan, income policies.

(.iviriR ffladly. KiuninR Kloriously.



*Gannt Ellen, 340 Rock Spring (Jarbett Mrs Virginia, h 168 Virginia Garbett Louise, salesw, 168 Virginia *(}ardner Charley (Stella), butler, h Hancock Gardner Mrs Mamie, li 195 Baxter GARDNER WALTER J (Sara), printer, stationer, n Lumpkin,
h 1f>0 Waddell *(Jarey Dorsey (Lula), lab, h 523 Odd *Garfield Thomas B (Carrie), blksmth. h 1195 Hancock *Garfield Lilla B, h 1195 Plancock *Garfield Wm II (Mamie), blksmth. h 180 Rock Spring *Garfield Thomas, lab, press clb, 180 Rock Spring *Garfield ('arrie, 180 Rock Spring Garebold Mrs Mary, h 559 Pulaski Garebold Ellen, 559 Pulaski Garebold Horace, bkpr Scott Hdw Co, 559 Pulaski Garebold Bessie, 559 Pulaski Garebold Jessie, 559 Pulaski Garibaldi Jack (Gertrude), sign pntr. 250 Broad Garnette Wm E (Lucy), Prof I T of Ga, h University Campus Garrard Fannie L, nurse, 725 Cobb Garrison Emma, mill wkr. 295 Hiawassee Garrison Harwell. 295 Hiawassee Garrison Jim. mill wkr, 295 Hiawassee Garrison Jessie C (Roxie), butcher, h 197 Wilkerson Garrison John O, mach. fndry. 526 Water
Garrison Mrs Mattie, 465 Dougherty Garrison Paul (Ruth), mill wkr. 295 Hiawassee Garrison Sam J (Rettie), h 840 Broad Garrison Silas J, 840 Broad Garrison Robert. 840 Broad Garrison Nellie, 840 Broad Gary Robert L, mach. 162 Clayton *Oaston Geo (Beulah). lab. h'l40 Macon *Gaston Elizabeth, hid, 140 Macon *Gaston Ira. lab, 439 River *Gassett Estelle II, tchr, Pope *Gates Henry (Sara), school janitor, h 863 Reese






Washington St.

Phone 263



Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



*Gather Will (Juila), h rear 363 Cleveland *Gather Bennie M, rear 363 Cleveland Gaulding Mrs Mary E, h 197 Woodlawn Gaulding Sam, 197 Woodlawn *Gannter Robt (Lucinda( teamster Ice & Coal Co, h 290 Savannah
*Gearby Sweet, cook, h 416 Foundry *Gear Susan, quitter, h 196 Fifth Gentry Geo N (Delia), prop garage, h 155 State Gennitison Mrs Nimpha, 285 Barber *George L (Mary), hid, h 180 Marlin Gerdine Corrine, 1140 Prince Gerdine Mrs Susan G, h 124 Hancock Gerdine Susan ,tchr Lucy Cobb. 124 Hancock Gerdine Mary, tchr city schools. 124 Hancock Gerdine Linton, physician, 124 Hancock *Gervin Rena. cook, rear 390 Milledge Geron Mrs Nora, mill wkr. 132 Bryant *Geter Mathlee. maid. 285 Bridge Ghalston Lois, steno, 612 Jackson Gholston Wyatt, com trav. Y M C A "Gibbs Bessie, svt, h 177 Warsaw *Gibbs John (Eula), tailor, h 179 Berry Gibson Mrs Sadie, h 224 Baxter Gibson Thorn B. butcher, 224 Baxter Gidley Edward G .'LneyV mnsr Strand & Elite, h 247 Hancock Gleser Florence, tchr, h 220 Milledge Gilbert Boyce M, pharmacist. 464 College *Gilbert Georgia, ins agt, 193 Finley Gilbert Pearl. Y W C A *Gilbert Mattie. maid, rear 120 Milledge Terrace Gilden Jose, h 230 Georgia Depot *Gildham Edward (Pearlie). mech gar, h 287 Fairview *Gild ham Nancy, h 274 Arch *Gildham Enla, smstr. 274 Arch Giles Abson L fAddie). farmer, h 427 Rock Spring *Giles Ano. 467 Atlanta *Giles F C (Daisy), ins agt. h 1020 Hobson ave Giles Jake J. Prof Ag Col, 215y2 Lumpkin

Classic City Tailors
1451^ Clayton Street



Dorsey Furniture Company

W. F. Dorsey

Jno. R. Northcutt



Giles James W (Paralee), sweeper ctn mill, h 175 Peter *Giles Lula, Ind, h College Giles Marion A (Annie), sales, Fred G Davis, h 335 Peter Gilleland Mrs Minerva, h 393 Jackson *Gillen Dan (Belle), farmer, h 324 Hancock *Gilman Susie, Ind, h 394 Augusta *Gilman Delia ,lnd, 394 Augusta Gilmore Mrs Fannie, h 649 Boulevard Gilmore Henry Ford, billing elk. exp co. 411 Thomas Ginn LaFayett, mech, 129 Peter Ginn Thelma, 129 Peter Ginn Mrs Mary, h 963 "Water Ginn Patrick II (Electra), pntr. h 320 Barber Ginn Carter W, r r firemn, 320 Barber Ginn Patrick II Jr, asst supt Chemical Co, 320 Barber Ginn Vesta, salesw, Kress', li 785 Pope Ginn Wyley J (Dora), auto mech. Yow Bros, h 275 Boulevard *Glass Ben (Anna), porter, h 260 Strong *Gleasby Edna, cook, 1082 Reese *Glenn Earl, lab, h 527 River *Glenn Holmes (Lizzie), lab ,h 163 Marlin *Glenn Hope, 158 Strickland *Glenn Jim M (Mattie). carp, h 659 Hancock *Glenn Katie M, 659 Hancock Glenn John (Mattie), lab, h 253 Bridge *Glenn John Henry (Jessie), lab, h 983 College *Glenn Lennie (Edith), lab, h 887 Water *Glenn Nona, maid, h 480 Rock Spring *Glenn Perry, lab, 480 Rock Spring Glenn Walter L (Mary), mach. h 532 Barber Glenn William J (Cumin), ret mcht. h 350 Madison Glenn Magdeline, tchr, 350 Madison Glenn Mamie Lee, Madison Glenn William T (Sallie). mill wkr, h 286 Poplar Glenn Willie. lab, 286 Poplar Glenn Herman, mill wkr. 286 Poplar *Glover George W, blksmth. 523 w Broad *Glynn Richard (Lucy), lab, h 148 Willow *Glynn Mary. 148 Willow

Martin Bros* Auto Top Plant


455 Clayton St.


Phone 621


Phone 1671

549 E. Broad Street



Gold William (Gussie), salesw, M Link. 286 Broad GOLDMAN MAX (Sara), prop shoe store, e Broad, h 635 College Goldthwaith Herbert A (Nanlee), Empire State Chemical Co, h
573 Hill Goldtlnvaith Richard. 573 Hill GoTdwasser Benjamin, ret mcht, h 373 Hancock Goldwasser Sara. 373 Hancock *Golet Phelix (Daisy), lab, h 640 Broad *Good Charlie (Sallie), brckmson. h 387 Third Goodman N (Annie), mcht. pawn shop, h 818 College Goodman Abe, sales. 818 College Goodman Bessie. 818 College Goodrnm Leon. lab, 700 Broad Goodson S A (Margaret), student, 372 Hancock Goodwyn Richard T (Sallie), real est agt, So Mut Bldg, h 254 Dear-
ing Goodwyn Richard T Jr. civ eng, 254 Dearing Goodwyn Sallie, 254 Dearing Goodwyn Mrs Ada, h 1227 Broad *Goolsby Adeline, h 248 Vine *Goolsby Fannie. Ind, h 168 Johns *Goosby Geo. lab. 248 Arch *Goosby Eddie, lab. h 248 Arch *Goosby E J. lab. 248 Arch *Goosby John (Melissa). gro. h 377 Fairview Gordon Ada. steno. 363 Hancock *Gordon Boyd A (Sweet), farmer, h 1536 Broad Gordon Hugh II (Nanetta). pres Com Bnk, 1001 Prince Gordon J A (Nettie), mcht ret gro, h 645 Boulevard *Gordon Joe. lab. fert pit. 599 Hancock *Gordon Sophie. Ind. h 757 w "Waddell *Gordon Walter C (Louise) etn comp. h 390 Barber *Gordy John (Flonnieh lab, 1086 Broad *Gordy Lou. Ind. 340 Rock Spring *Gordie Zack. farmer, h w Waddell *Gorby Charlie, janitoi*. li 649 Milledge *Gorby Lnla 849 Milledge *Gorbv Emma. cook. 649 Milledge






Washington St.

Phone 363


National Bank of Athens




*Gorby Mary, 649 Milledge *Gorby Charlie, 649 Milledge *Gorby Annie, 649 Milledge (loss Anna, lab shirt fact, h 184 Elbert Goss Jessie Lewis, lab hos mill, 184 Elbert (Joss Montine, lab ctn mill, 184 Elbert (Joss Dr I H ; physician, h 297 Hancock Goss Dr Ralph M (Gallic), h 687 Milledge (Jottheimer Mrs Helen, h 247 Hancock Gottheimer Leo, coin trav, 247 Hancock *Graham Ansby (Winnie), lab, h 540 Fourth Graham Charlie I) (Bertha), lineman Tel Co, h 170 Virginia Graham Howard (Daisy), wks Smith Shoe Co, h 226 Dougherty Graham Jos C (Eva), cash Son Bell Tel Co, h 723 Baxter *Graham Tom, lab, 249 Pope *Graham Tom, lab, 849 Pope Graham Mrs Pearl F, 394 Milledge Graham Margretta, student. 394 Milledge Graham Frances, 394 Milledge *Graham Wm, lab, h 540 Broad Graham Thomas J (Maude E). city firemn, h 846 College *Graham Will (Minnie), del mn. h 374 Hull *Graham Will (Annie), lab brck yd. h 151 Strickland Grandger John J, student, 624 Thomas *Grant Andrew (Mamie), lab ctn mill, h 230 Glenn Grant Essie (Eva), svt, h 1060 Hobson *Grant Fannie, cook, rear 120 Milledge Grant Mrs Missouri. 636 Jackson *Grant Thomas (Bessie), butler, h 1053 Reese Gray Curtis (Ruby), mcht. h 620 Barber *Gray James, carp. Broad Gray John (Maude), auto mech, h 247 Baldwin Gray Mrs Arrenay. 347 Baldwin *Gray Lucy, maid, h 1330 Hancock Gray R B (Bethel), emp r r. h 175 Nacoochee Gray son Roy, 728 Cobb Graves John W (Maud) mill wkr. h 850 Boulevard. *Greason Dick (Priscilla). trnstr. h 320 Cleveland *Greason Dora, maid, h 147 Augusta *Gregory Mary, cook .h 540 Finley

Classic City Tailors

Hot Water at the Turn of the Faucet With a

Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



*Gregory Mattie B, cook, 540 Finley

Gregory Mrs Minnie, h 740 Hancock

Gregory Irene, salesw, 740 Hancock

Gregory Agnes, salesw, 740 Hancock

*Gregory Will, lab ctn mill, rear 244 Barber

*Green Andrew (Mattie), lab, h Inadale

Green Andy (Sara), mill wkr. h 149 Miles

*Green Annie, cook, h 160 Newton

*Green Annie M, 259 Chase

*Green Alice, cook, h 222 Oconee

*Green Beulah, Ind, 260 Newton

Green Chas W (Elizabeth), real est agt, h 697 Milledge

*Green Lula ,h 134 Chase

*Green Marion, special delv boy, 134 Chase

*Green Lyus (Cilia), lab 1mb yd, h 157 Crawford

*Green Mansey, h 190 Lyndon Row

*Green Moses (Mattie), lab, h 246 Miller

*Green Selina, tmstr, h 360 Lyndon ave

GREEN THOMAS F (Hope).'judge City Court, ofc So Mut Bldg,

h, 1220 Milledge

Green Thomas F Jr.. 1220 Milledge

Green Warren C (Hersie), auto supply dealer, h 19 Henderson

*Green Willie (Beulah), dvr, h 872 Broad

*Greener Lethia, cook, h 153 Church

*Greener Magnolia, nurse, 153 Church

Greenwood Mrs Octavia, salesw dept store, h 293 Hoyt

Greenwood Robt Elmo, soda jerker, 293 Hoyt

Greenwood William. 293 Hoyt

*Greeson Joe. Indymn, h 380 Hull

*Gresham Henry (Mary), farmer, h 623 Vine

*Gresham Arthur. 623 Vine

*Gresham Logan (Mary), cook, hotel, h 862 Reese

*Gresham Robert C. chauff, 862 Reese

*Gresham Lula, Ind, h 992 Water

*Gressum Julia, cook, h 478 Strong

*Gressum Elie, waiter. 478 Strong

*Gresham Nejar, lab. h 257 Rock Spring

Gridley R L, Prof of Ga, 1344 Lumpkin








Washington St.

Phone 263


Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant



455 Clayton St.

Phone 621

ATHENS, C.A., (1 920-1 f21l CITY DIRECTORY
(iritfeth Mrs Addie, h 780 Boulevard (iriffeth Letcher, motorman. 780 Boulevard *Grifffth Dud. clfl boy mkt. h fi6S Pulaski Griffoth Mrs Ceeelia. h 244 Barber Griffpth Geo -W. bkpr, 244 Barber (Jriffeth K L (Ethel), drmn. 894 Oak (Jriffeth Hunter, carp, h 824 Georgia Depot Griffeth Raymond, carp, h 824 Georgia Depot Griffpth Adelle. 824 ftoorpria Depot Criffetli John H (Lillian), rtn buyer. Miller & Co. h 2f."> Hill (Jriffeth VirjrH, auto sales. 29;") Hill (Jrifffith Lueile. 295 Hill firiffeth John II, auto sales. Yow Bros, h Georgian lli)t'l (Jriffeth Mrs Mattie II. nurse. 860 Boulevard (Jriffeth Mrs Mary, mill wkr. 197 Oak

Davison-Nicholson Co.
Athens, Georgia


<Jritfeth Mo/elle, steno. Y \V C A Oritfeth Allie. salesw, 145 Keese *(Jriffeth Bessie, cook, h 220 Atlanta 'Griffith Carrie B. Finley *Griffith Emory. 524 Hancock *(h-iffith Grady. 524 Hancock 'Griffith Eva. cook. 228 Rock Spring Griffith Frank R (MynO. farm overseer, h 1020 Lumpkin Griffith John \V (Zora), carp, h T89 Thomas Griffith Frances, 789 Thomas Griffith Mrs Katie .7 (wid F El. h Cobb Griffith Lindsay (Nannie), carp, h 1875 Oconee Griffith .Jess, pntr, 1875 Oconee Griffith Mrs Mollie B, 1875 Oconee "Griffith Walter (Annie Lou), porter, h Rock Spring Griffeth William G, mcht, Griifeth Imp Co, h 253 Dougherty GRIFPITH ARTHUR E (LueyV seety So Mut Ins Co, li 187 n
Milledge Griffith Arthur E .Jr. 187 n Milledge


National Bank of Athens




*Griffith Mary, cook, 183 Lyndon *Griffin Thomas .(Arrie), lab gar, 515 Reese *Griflfin Volia (Carrie), ins agt, li 337 Reese Griffin Walt on (Annie), undertaker, h 185 Hull *Griffin Will (Emma), waiter, h Yonah *Griffin Erie, nurse, Yonah Griggs E L (Sallie). Prof U of Ga, li 264 Bearing Griggs Rachael. h "264 Dearing _ Griggs William (Nancy), meht. 437 Carr *Grimcs Henry, lab, 178 Bridge Grimes John A, real est agt, h 135 Barrow Grimes Mrs Annie, 135 Barrow Grimes 01 inc. cashier, 135 Barrow *Grimes Lula. cook, h 439 River *Grimes Robert (Dora), lab oil mill, h 285 Fairview *Grimes Robt (Hattie). lab, h 1370 Broad Grimes Thomas A (Lula). real est agt. h 245 Barber Grimes Carol B. 245 BarbelGrimes Ida. 245 Barber *Grissom Pat (Florence), lab comp. h 131 Lyndon Row *Grissom Will (Maggie), lab oil mill, h 568 Pulaski *Grissum Willie. cook. 465 Iloyt Gnibb S R < Mabel), pastor Christian Church, h 490 Pulaski Guest Claud B (Ola), foreman oil mill), h 725 Pulaski Guest C E. bkpre Ice & Coal pit. 185 Boulevard Guest Lee II (Pansy), taxi dvr, h 697 Pulaski Guest Lueian D (Laura), mach. h 115 Mitchell Guest Norman E (Celestia). barber, h 167 Tibbetts Guest Iry J, taxi dvr. 167 Tibbetts Guest Valco (Doscia). mach. 117 Broad *Gullatte Irene. 883 Reese GuTinin Ben (Nellie), agt oil co. h 762 Pidaski Gunnells Rufus (Susie), mill wkr, h 432 River Gunnells Evelyn, 432 River Gunnells Wiley B (Carrie), wagon bldr. h 539 s Jackson Gunnells Fleming A. plmbr, h 539 s Jackson Guntharpe Arthur (Grace), carp, h 231 Elizabeth Guntharpe Mrs Bessie, salfsw. h 1120 Boulevard






Washington St.

Phone 263

Classic City Tailors



iniitliarpe Edward, carp, 1120 Boulevard (rtmtharpe Otis, carp, 1120 Boulevard (Jimtharpe Geo, mill wkr. 1120 Boulevard IFackett Thomas (Li/zie) .mill wkr. h 189 Miles IFarkett. Wylie (Bessie), mill wkr, h 385 Pine MFackney Edd (Lavada). mech par. h 135 Oohen IFadaway Coswell J, sales, jewelry, li 349 Finley IFadaway Milton, ins ajrt. h 349 P^inley IFadaway T G (Cynthia), hide doal-r. h 330 Strong [fadaway Paul (Irene), sales. Martin Shoe Co. h 673 Cobb *l Fadaway Willie. chauff. Rock Sprinjr IFadaway Pat (Elixabeth >. trav sales, h 960 Lumpkin IFaddoek William (Sara) .ret p'ro. Prince *IFailes Stonewall (Mamie), lab. h Ap: Col Farm MFailey Albert (Alice), li 250 Pope ''MFailey Frank (Lena), lah lumh yd. h 170 Strickland IF;iiley F M (Ethel), real est ajrt. h 724 Prineo Ujiines John T ('Vivian), ins aprt. 1086 Lumpkin lFf.ll Mrs Alice H. h 224 Milledo-e IFfill Bertha, mill wkr. h 250 Water *TFnll Eva. cook, h 177 Berry *ITall Ellen K. cook, h 883 Rcese TFall Eula M. 185 Grady *irall Os-car. 880 Reese *irall E B (Naomi). ins a}rt. h 194 Cherry TTall Jessie T. ofc attend. Dr E B Hudson, h 457 ILiucock TTall Jas P (Tishie). pntr. h 447 TLincock TTnll John R (Jane), butcher 763 College TTnll ^Irs Julia, mill wkr. h 344 Lakcview IFall Thelma. mill wkr. 344 Lakeview Hall J G (Nina), electr. h 337 Hoyt TTall Luther L, electr. 337 Hoyt *lTall Leo (Ruth), butler, roar 244 Barber TTall Lester. tchr. 115 Lumpkin Hall Odie, 857 College ITall Mary, wks McClellan's. 837 Collojre *TTall Rosena. svt. h rear 271 Hancock *ITall Willie B. 1324 Broad Hall Mrs Mary, h 88r> Water Hale Alma F (Mrs), sales, dept store. 765 Jackson
Martin's Shoe Store

Across Street from Holman Building

We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.

EI.PFfI.NESS TO THE INDIVll>f.\I.. to the family, to t lie community, to the nation, to humanity, should be uppermost in fhe plans of even rthy life-insurance institution. To he truly helpful it must l>e SAKE. i> lie SAFE it must have permanency ; to he pe manent it must posses^ .TREXiTH : strength must lie based on aire. ex] I'ience. reputation : able lonest. efficient management : ample assets. If I an be helpful to you in deciding on a SAFE life-insurance contract that ill prove of !_'enuiue ad
vantage 1 will lip glad : if "jrood salesmanship" reiiuires t it 1 indue,, you to tak. a policy that will not irive PERMANENT SATISFACTION then I prefer to be ;t poorer salesman and a better friend. SAFETY FIRST! 'I I.. Mitdiell, !>ist. Mjrr EQl 'ITAB1.E LIFE ASSfRAN<E SOCIETY. t;i:MS14 lloln n nidir. I'lione 74(i 01 ."WO. The E<JI ITABI.E is STRK TI.Y MfTFAl. and yoi jret 1h" best insurant-' service on earth :U actual cost of SAFETY.
Helping humankind i* harvesting liappine**.



Hale Mrs Annie F, li 150 Barrow Hale Mary F. tclir. 150 Barrow *Hale Ella, hid. h 141 Dearing Hale Mrs Elizabeth. agt drgs. 196 Hale Mary Kate. 196 Milledge Hale Emmett (Mary), auto sales, h 675 Cobb Hale Emel, 675 Cobb Hale Minnie. 675 Cobb Hale Gordon A (Lucy), inch. 640 Barber Hale John. mach. 198 Oconee Halcomb (ieo M. mill wkr. h 3S5 lliawassee Hallie Hennie. trained nurse, 1324 Milled <re *Ham Elbert. farmer, h 378 Elder *Ham Alexander, wks gas eo, 378 Elder *Ham William (Mamie'1, farmer. 463 Oak *Ham Fannie, cook, h Broad Hambrijrht Ernest (Mattie). carp. 140 Park *Hamilton Alice. 987 Reese Hamilton Anna, h 224 Milledge Hamilton Fred II (Maud), prop dray co. h 544 Boulevard *Hamilton -lim. lab, 141 Warsaw Hamilton Mrs Lucy A. h 495 Baxter ^Hamilton Mattie. cook, h 487 River *Hamilton Samuel (Mary), janitor, 238 Hancock Hamilton Wm T (Hallie), physician, h 465 Nantahala Hamilton Guy, drmn, 465 Nantahala Hamonds Philip W (Georgia), mill wkr. h 120 Herring Hamonds Lanra. mill wkr, 120 Herring Hammett Fred (Irene). Royal Pharmacy, h 199 Wray Harnmond Lollie. steno. 360 Hancock Hammond ('lias II (Vinnie), cash fgt depot. 134 State Hammond James F (Carrie), barber, h 280 Baxter
*Hammond .John, waiter, h 169 Newton Hammond Oliver (Rosa), mill wkr. h 1228 Broad Hammond Robt L. com trav. h 348 Hoyt
Hammond Gladys. 348 Hoyt Hampton Mrs Mary L, h 490 s Lumpkin

--------------------------------------I>J{|\K \ HOTTLK Of-'--------------------------------------


Made From Sun-Kissed lemons--A Thirst Quenching, Cooling Drink

Bottled Only By


Washington St.

Phone 363

Hot Water at the Turn of the Faucet With a

Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



Hampton Sibyl II, 490 s Lumpkin Hampton Belle L. 490 s Lumpkin Hampton Ernest \V, I' S X. 490 s Lumpkin ' Hampton Stephens (Lillie), 14S Willow Hancock Alonxo (.' (Tallulah), trav sales, h 496 Jackson Hancock Harold .1. 496 .Jackson Hancock (Jeo W, vulc tire shop. 1824 Lumpkin Hancock Mary Lou. 1824 Lumpkin Hancock Sundian, 1824 Lumpkin Hancock ] (J ((Jladys), asst cash bnk. 875 Hancock Hancock (Jarnett, teller bnk, 875 Hancock Hancock Robert J (Hattie M), gro. h 420 s Milledge Hancock Mrs Sara S. 420 Milledpre
HANCOCK WILLIAM L (Ethel), coal dealer, h 284 Hill Crest Hancock Wm J (Virginia), h 1824 Lumpkin Hancock Charlie S, farmer. 1824 Lumpkin Hancock Henry (r, elk bnk. 1824 Lumpkiii Haudrup Joseph II, farmer, h 885 Oconee Haudrnp Lettie. 885 Oconee 'Haney Ellen, cook, h 160 (Jlenn *IIaney Bonniv, chauft'. 160 (ilenn *IFancy Willie, elev boy. 160 Glenn Hanna Clay (Clola). prop hand fact, h 724 Cobb I Fauna (Maire. 724 Cobb Hanner Alfred (KlixabetlO. 661 Pulaski ! Fanner Rosalie. 661 Pulaski Hanst'ord ^lark S (Lnla). carp, h Peter Hanson Elford L (Latimcr). carp, h 49 Oakland Hanson Jas M (Bessie), cont. h 220 Hall Harbin James A. sanitary inspt. 101 Vo Clayton *Harden Kdrar C (CoraV. delmn. h 649 Hull *Harden John, lab. h 287 Bremart
* Harden Mary, h 247 Pope ^Harden Charlie P. lab. 247 Pope *lFarden Mary. cook, h 574 Stronjr 'Harden Washington (Mattie). lab. h 555 Berry Hardin James R (Geneva), carp, h 174 Cleveland Hardy Chas A (Ellen), mcht. h 1127 Oconee Hardv Rosa Lee. mill wkr. 1127 Oconee

Martin Bros. Auto Top Plant


455 Clayton St.


Phone 621

100 PER CENT NOW AVAILABLE There never will be any more land than there is now. The demand
is ever increasing. Get your's NOW
Erwin and Company



Hardy Bessie, mill wkr, 1127 Oconee

Hardy Charles 1 (Lon M). farmer, h 290 Baxter

Hardy Charles (Effie). firemn etn mill, 335 Oconee

Hardy Harry (Esther), mcht, h 617 Waddell

Hardy Joseph Hubert (Laura), ot'c asst, h 832 Oconee

Hardy Marvin, sales gro store, 1127 Oconee

Hardeman Benjamin F (Anne), ctn factor. Ilardeman & Phinizy,

h. 255 s Milled ge

*Hardeman Harry, lab gar. 171 Church

*'TIardeman John J (Nellie), lab pro store, h 233 Pope

ITardeman Mrs Laura, mill \vkr. h 735 Oconee

Hardeman Golden, mill \vkr, 735 Oconee

*Hardemari Rosa Lee .maid, h 333 Cohen

*Hardeman. Thomas (Annie), lab, h Odd

^Hardeman Mary, h 386 Odd

*Ha?deman Annie, h 386 Odd

*Hardeman "\Valter ("Mary). barber, h Fuller

"TTardeinan Charles, barber, h Fuller

"ildi'dcinai! Mary II, h Fuller


Hardeman "Win L (Hattie). foreman Ga R R. h 128 Bryant

*JIardeman Salemn. 240 Xewton

*Hardeman Eugene, del boy. 623 Hull

Hargrove Alexander G (Lilly), firemn r r. h 770 College

*IIar<yrove Elmira. I1 834 First

Ilarkins ^Irs Xaiu-y Bell. 248 River

Harlotve Willam AV (Amauda i. mill wkr. h 136 Bryant

Harm on Almira. steno. li 881 1,;. College

Harmon James Lovick (Mary), mcht, h 881^ College

Harmon Josie Lee. tc-hr, 881^ College

Harmon John P (Sallie'), eom trav, h 886 College

Harmon Gnrtrelle. wks <-xp co. 886 College

Jlnr-moii Mayo. 886 Colleg

Harms Chas H (Maude), com trav. h Milledge

Harnage J F (Ruth), r r tel opr. h 736 Jackson

Harper Albert L (Bertha), bkpr chem co. h 1370 Lumpkin

*ITarper Eddie. 614 Bridge

*Harper Ozella. 614 Bridge

Harper ^L-s Eugenia L. h 436 Bearing

*IIarper Florine. lab, h 962 Reese






Washington St.

Phone 33

J. F. Shepherd


.MI-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



*IFarper Florence, lab, 962 Reese *IFarper Homer, carp. 962 Reese *IFarper George (Thelma), barber, h 335 Pope *IFarpcr Henry, -wagon dvr. rear 148 Iloyt *Harper Jake (Martha), lab Avarelise, 600 Broad *Harper Jim, wks pool room. 640 Broad *lFai-per John (Martha), mnf mod. h 333 Broad *IFarper Lint on (Mattie), dvr, 480 Broad *MFarper Oscar (Jennie), lal) fact, 49S Fourth *IFarper Ora Lee, svt, 480 Broad *IFartfield Anthony (Mamie), lab. h 204 Xewton
TFartfield Julia, h'258 Fairvievr IFartley Wm B (Alice), sales, h 795 Baxter Ihrtley Eulalia. 'sales, 79") Baxter Hartley Ethelyn. 79r> Baxter *IFan-is Ap:nes, 1158 Broad *IFarris Anderson (Lucy), lab. h Rock Spring *lFan-is Will, lab. Rock Spring ': lFarris Andrew (Nora), lab r i-. b 462 Harris *Mlarris Willie R, lab. 462 Harris :;: iFan-is Anita. 1219 Broad : I Fan-is Sarah'H. 1249 Broad ' ''Fan-is Ava, ins atrr. 198 Chase Hurris ClaiV.l B (Eula). pntr. h 880 College Harris Robert L. pntr. h 880 College Harris Clarence L, pntr. S80 College 'Mtarris Daniel, pntr. h 'n."> Lyndon ave *IFan-is Albert, lab. h 3-'{5 Lyndon ave
''Harris Da vis (Lizzie), lab. h 386 Broad *IFan-is Sallie .lab, h 386 Broad *M fan-is Dick, lab, 957 Reese 0 1 Fan-is Duco (Tula), lab. h 295 Railroad ' "Harris Earle, ins agt. rear 1509 Lumpkin * I Fan-is Ed, lab fndry. 133 Iloyt
I Fan-is Ellington D (Stella), pharm. h 249 Billups l!;u-ris Emb?r Roscoe (M^aggie). lineman tel co. h 825 College *ir: .rris En ma. hid. h 120 Valley 'Harris Yancr .del bov

1>ltl\K A 110TTLE OP------------------------_____

From Sun-Kissed Lemons--A Thirst Quenching, Cooling Drink Bottled Only By


H'ashington St.

Phone 363

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621


ATHENS, GiA., (1920-1921) CITY DIRniC.ORY

Harris G\issi->, wks liuiry. h 280 Derby Harris Gladys, trained nurse, 390 Hancock Harris Harry, mngr press clb .1875 Hancock Harris Henrietta, nurse, rear 163 Mell Harris Hugh, 1253 Prince Harris Elizabeth. 1253 Prince Harris James (Mary), lab. h 140 Pearl Harris Hattie, maid, 140 Pearl Harris James II (Evie), wks botl co, h 190 Newton Harris Daisy Louise, 190 Newton Harris John W (\Vortil). sales, h 147 Dougherty Harris Joe (Mary) Jab. 235 Fourth Harris Jos F, ins agt. h 268 River Harris Ernest Dewey. pntr. 268 River Harris Mack J, janitor, h 1374 Hancock Harris James, gard, 1374 Hancock Harris Mamie, Irid, Cleveland

Davison-Nicholson Co.
Athens, Georgia


Harris Margaret, cook, h 439 River Harris Mary A, cook, h 223 Lyndon Harris Mary L, h 385 Odd Harris Mary, hskpr. 247 Hancock Harris Mamie, lab shirt fact, li 523 Arch Harris Minnie, cook. 345 Pope HARRIS RICHARD F (Mae Audlie). h 650 Meigs, ins agt N Y
Life, ofc Holman Bldg Harris Richard (Addie). ydmn. h 148 Rock Spring Harris Ulysses, sales. 148 Rock Spring Harris Daisy, 148 Rock Spring Harris Robert, barber, 348 Hoyt
Harris Rosa. Ind. h Third
Harris Mrs R S, bdnghse kpr, h 256 Dougherty Harris R L (Lula), drain, h 493 Third Harris Sallie, cook, h 1130 Hancock Harris Lee, li 1130 Hancock


Erwin and Company

phone 3--4--5

Smith Building

"We Sell It -- Insure It -- Rent It"



Harris Sam F (Judy), principal Athens II & Ind School, h 1149 \v Broad
Harris Susie, tchr, h 160 Oohen Harris Sword (Sara), farmer, h 398 Elder Harris Thomas (Mary), lab car track, h 147 Strickland Harris Tinnie. hid, h 131 Cain Harris Jesse, chauff, h 131 Cain Harris Vinie, Ind, h 118 Newton Harris Will, shoe repairer, h "226 Flint Harris Will, contr. Rock Spring Harris William II (.Tame), doctr, h 446 Reese Harris Hattie M. ins agt, 446 Reese Harris Roderick B. h 446 Reese Harris William P. h 446 Reese Harris Tolliver. 446 Reese
Harris Mr, trav sales. 256 Pongherty Harris Zach. lab, 780 Dearing Harrison Mrs Estelle, bkpr. Herald Harrison Louis C. r r emp. 830 College Iltirrison Pope G (May Sue), 162 Clayton Harrison Mrs Salena. 353 Broad Harrison Sam, waiter, 197 Bridge Harrison George, waiter, 197 Bridge Harrison Mrs Virginia, smstr. h 369 Finley Hartman Frank K. tailor, 464 College Hartman W M (Ruby), supt mnf pit. h 539 Pulaski Hartman C H, cai<f>. 539 Pulaski Hiirt -Tames F (Eva), bkpr real est. h 139 Milledge HART LEROY C (Margaret) .architect. Southern Const Co. IIol-
inan Bldg, h University Prive Hart Mrs Mary C. h 256 Water Hart T A (Cornelia"", policeman. Boulevard Harvey Alien, h 213 Trail Cr.-ek ITarvey Andrew, drmn, h 213 Trail Creek IIarvey Annie, Ind. 213 Trail Creek 'Harvey Mamie, Ind. 213 Trail Creek I.arvey Beatrice M. Ind. h 350 First Harvey Harlow W (Elizabeth), ext Ag Col. h 370 Church





Washington St.

Phone 263


Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



Harvey Harringtoii (Josie), h 238 Church

Harvey Mary, Ind, h 320 Vine

Harvev Jessie, lab, 320 Vine

Harvey Mozelle, Ind, h 447 Odd

Hattoii John (Laura), carp, h 397 Augusta

Haughey Angus G (Effie Louise), jeweler, Haughey & Haughey,

h 549 College

Haughey R E (Bessie), jeweler and musician, h 564 College

Hawkins Augustus (Priscilla). lab Armour & Co, h 258 Arch

Hawkins David (Lizzie), plstr, h 924 Oconee

Hawkins Pete, plstr, 924 Oconee

Hawkins Frank (Daisy), trek dvr. h 175 Miller

Ilawkins Fred, brcklayer, h 766 Lumpkin

Hawkins Harrison (Tweeda), lab comp co. h 336 Atlanta

Hawkins Julia .h 1043 Reese

Hawkins Jesse .cook, h 648 Hull

ITawkins Nora. 1043 Reese

Hawkins Mattie M, cook, h. 179 Strong


ITawkins Susie M. svt. 179 Strong

Hawkins AVillie A. del boy. 179 Strong

ITnwkins Knto. h 180 Poarl

ITawkins Robert, lab, 180 Pearl

Hawkins La Theresa, Ind. h 395 Arch

ITawkins Susie, hid. 395 Arch

Ilawkins "Washington, ehauf, 395 Arch

Hawkes Lodis (Lillian), h 168 Hancock

ITawkes Girl, elk. h 168 Hancock

Ilawkins Lonie (Daisy), sawyer wood yard, h Marlin

IIawkins Hyde, lab. h Marlin

ITaAvkins Guy. h Marlin

Ilawkins Marguerite. Ind. h 184 Flint

Ilawkins Ransom (Essie), lab. h 394 Rock Spring

Hawkins Ilagar, hid. 394 Rock Spring

Ilawkins Washington (Mamie), lab fert pit. h 170 Dublin

Ilawkins Philip, lab Moss mnf co. 170 Dearing

ITawkins AVillie. lab fert pit. 170 Dublin

Ilawkins "Washington Jr. 170 Dublin

Hawkes Essie. 1437 Broad






Washington St.

Phone 263

The Secret of Success lies in the Surplus. Deposit your Surplus Money in this Bank
National Bank of Athens



*FFaAvkes Joseph S (Grace), meht, h O'Farroll FFawkes Mrs Sara, 162 Clay ton IFawkes Oscar, 162 Clayton IFawkes Jas L, 162 Clayton Hawkes \Vm K (Tressie), enip r r. li 850 College Hayden Mrs Georgia, mill wkr. li 182 Bryant J Fay den Sam, mill wkr. h 182 Bryant *irayes lassie, hskpr. Wad dell IFayos Hubert, mill wkr, 550 Xantahala Hayos Howard (Georgia), street car motorman, h 780 Boulevard *irayes John, farmer, 1370 Broad *IFayes Joe. foreman elect co. h 126 Newton *IFayes Webster (('allies preacher, h 1280 Broad *FFares Annie, svt, 1280 Broad FFaygood Mrs Mary E, h 198 Boulevard IFavirood Doris M. 108 Boulevard HAYGOOD TRUMAN ( Lollie M). Prince Ave. Garage. IrTTfi Cobb Il'aygood Victor (Bertie), adv mug Athens TFerald. h 22G Douglierty Haynio Seth 8, student, Campus FFaynes A B (Mary), h 553 Pulaski IFaynes Roxio, mill wkr, 553 Pulaski IFaynes W J. fnch gar, 553 Pulaski IFaynes Bettie. 774 Jackson IFaynes Cellions (Mattie). mech. h 845 Oconee *IFay nes Christopher (Florence), physician *IFaynes Martin G, lab, 537 Hancock *FFaynes Robert M. 537 IFancock *FFaynes Hugh, 537 Hancock *FFaynes Ruth B, 537 Ilancoek IFaynes Clifford (Edn.O. mug auto co. h 145 Strong IFaynes Guy. 199 Miles IFaynes John J (Bessie\ lineman Tel co. 553 Pulaski IFaynes T'narl (Ruby 1), chanf, h 334 Oconee *IFayse Gilbert (Sallie). pntr, h 1082 Reese IFayse Claud, lab mkt. 1082 Reese
*IFayes Will (Pearl 1), pntr. h 248 Bridge Head FFarison V (Lula), mcht. Head & MeMahan. h 1553 Lumpkin HEAD JAMES C, wks Head & MeMahan. 1553 Lumpkin Head Herbert, 1553 Lumpkin Head J M (Lix/ie). bkpr niatrs fact, 372 Douglierty *IFeard Agnes. Reese
* Hoard Bessie, 708 Broad *IFeard James, butler, 708 Broad IFeard Charles W (Lucy), policeman, h 585 Barber Hoard Nadia B. opr So Bell Tel Co. 585 Barber Heard Charles H (Mattie), elect eng, h 585 Barber *Heard Floyd, lab, rear 126 Milledge

J. F. Shepherd


211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



*IIeard Hal (Mary Lou). drmn. h 224 Newton

*Heard Connie Mae, nurse, 224 Newton

*Heard Hill, farmer, h Fields

*Heard Lugene (Georgia), lab, h 174 Valley

Heard Mrs Margaret, 325 Milled"e

*IIeard Thomas (Maria), lawyer, h Reese

*Heard Lillian, Reese

*Heard Harriett, tchr, Reese

*Heard Wilson (Bessie), lab, h 167 Savannah

*Heard William (Hattie), lab ice & coal pit, h 486 Cleveland

*Heard William (Mattie), blksmth, h 475 Reese

Heatwole Cornelius J (Susan), prof IT of Ga, h 1420 Mil ledge

*Hector Mary, cook, h 857 Meigs

*Hector .lames (Daisy), drmn. h 185 A'alley

*Hector James, lab, h 159 Valley

* *

*Hector John. 159 Valley

Hedenburg Chas L (Florence), anto dealer, li 193 Clovt-rhurst

HEIDLER H S (Florence), mug steam Ind. 334 Prince

Held Sam (Bessie), mcht, h 295 Washington

Held Ben, 295 Washington

Held Morris, 295 Washington

Held Rosa. 295 Washington

Hellner John C (Julia), r r agt, h 1225 Milledge

Helms Fred B, asst mng cloth store, Y M C A

*IIemphill Heard (Marguerite), lab, h 199 Third

*IIemphill Bertha. 199 Third

*Henderson Atticus (Sara), minister, h 316 Peters

*Henderson Garfield. lab, 398 Cleveland

Henderson Henry L (Annie M). plmb. h 327 Baxter

Henderson Lester R (Mae), trek drvr. h 867 College ave

*Henderson Sara. Ind, h 120 Newton

*IIenderson Claud, cook, 120 Newton

Hendren L L. prof V of Ga. h 120 Morris

Henley Hiram. 540 Prince

*Henry Annie R. 223 Fairview

*IIenry Robert ,sales drug store. 223 Fairview

Henry Baxter, sales. 277 Hill

*Henry Edwin (rEdna). photog, h 140 Billups

*Henry Robert (Annie), carp

*ITenry Jefferson (Ella), minister, h 223 Fairview

Henry Lula M, 223 Fairview

*ITpn'rv Ruth. 437 River

HENSO*T GRADY C (Sarah), Maritn Bros Auto Dept, h 363 Boule-


*TTorrind Jim (Janie) emp oil mill, 773 Lumpkin

Forrinpr Mrs Clelia, binder print ofc, 940 Oconee

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621



Hcrrhifr K L (Ila). carp, h 1484 Broad Herring Geo \V (Susan), mil wkr. h 490 Xacoochee Herring James R. mill wkr. 490 Xacoochee H'Tring Mary, steno, 447 Hancock H.'iTiiigton Mattie L. h '290 Milledge Ili-rtx Mrs Rachael, 179 Dongherty H'-witt Claud A. cmp Athens mnf co. 193 Poplar H.-w.'tt Blanche, mill wkr. 1!>3 Poplar "Hewitt Philip (Dora), lab cont. h 15;") Valley Hicks .lulia. h lf>9 Finley "Hicks Lucy. Ind. h l.'UH Hancock 'Hicks Henrietta, 1M6 Hancock "Hicks Mary J. Ind. h 157 (iivcn * Hicks Charlie, waiter. 157 (ireen *IIicks Newton .]. bell boy hotel. 157 ClrccTi *Hicks Mary A. cook, 565 Hancock *Hicks Thomas L (Hattic>. chauf. h 229 Finley HifTfrinbotliam J C (Kstellei. sales, h 172 (Jrady Ilijrjrinbotham Ruby, steno Ajr ( 1 ol. 172 Grady Ilijrjrinbotham Julia, hskpr St. Mary's Hospital Hi^jriiibotham Thomas M^ (Lucy), carpt. h 845 Barrett Ilijrjrinbotliam Howanl, elk r r. 345 Barrett Hipryinbotham Thomas. 845 Barrett Hi^hsinith Lonnie J (Ednai. h 677 College ^Ilijrhsinith Charlie, lab. 14(i Cliurch *IIirhto\ver Cora. Ind. li 55K Broad *IIijrhto\ver Cliarlic. 55S Broad *Ili{rlito\ver John. 55S liroad Hilcman Actorius (Sarai. 1) 455 M^illedjre *IIill Ada. brdnjrhse kpr. h 480 Cleveland *Hill Aaron, r r lab. 430 Cleveland *IIill Sara K. cook, 430 Cleveland *IIill Alfred (Irene), window dresser, h 19S Chase "Hill Amanda. cook, w Broad *IIill Amelia. Ind. h 157 Trail Creek 'Hill John. 157 Trail Creek "Hill Luther, lab coiup, 157 Trail Creek *Hill Annie Mae. Ind. 680 Hearing



Ma<l' Ft-oiii Sun-Kissed IXMIIOIIS A Thirst Quenching. Tooling Drink

Bottled Only Ry



Phone 263




Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.

Phone 54

Holman Bldg,



Hill Archie, trekmn r r. 663 Pulaski

Hill Augustus (Ella), tailor, h 158 Church

Hill Ben (Emma), lab, h 156 Strickland

IIill Charlie, yrd mil, 1387 w Broad

Hill Dock (Mary), lab ice pit. h 1422 Broad


Hill Dock O (Lucile). trek dvr. h 29L Athens


Hill Duncan (Hattie). lab. h 543 Reese


Hill El lone. 220 Pearl

Hill Ellen, hid. h 140 Second

TTill Frank, svt. rear 867 College

Hill E L (Annie), pastor First Presbyterian Church, h 775 Cobb

Hill Evie L, hid. h rear 1509 Lumpkin

Hill Frank (Helen), cook bakery, h 173 Pearl

Hill Frank (Lucy), blksmth. 526 Fourth

Hill Sallic Mao. 526 Fourth

IIill Georgia, maid. 360 Pulaski

Hill Gertrude, maid, h Strickland


IIill Harrison (Susan), farmer, h 165 Paris

Hill Henry (Julia), lab. h 1615 Broad

Hill Jane. hid. h 1658 Broad

Hill Jane, h 550 Reese

Hill Jim. lab. 550 Reese

ITil! John (Mary), shot-maker, h 1525 w Broad

Hill Odessa. 1525 w Broad

Hill John II ..Lizzie), lab. h 478 Iloyt

IIill John. carp. 147 Berry

Hill Anna. cook. 147 Berry

Hill John (Rosai. t'oremn barber shop, h 141 Dougherty

Hill Fred, lab ctn mill, 1435 Oconee

Hill Jerrv. lab fort pit. 1485 Oconee

Hill Mrs Julia M. 615 Pulaski

Hill Kemmie (Leila), elk fruit stand, h 295 Oconee

Hill Lillian, cook, h 166 Finley

TIill Lillie. hid. li 120 Peabody

IIill Liza Jane, farm lab. h 253 Bailey

Hill Susie, farm lab. 253 Bailey

Hill ('has. farm lab. 253 Bailey

Hill (.'has. farm lab. 253 Bailev

Hill John, farm lab. 253 Bailey

Hill L J (Ruby), real est ajrt. 535 Pulaski

Hill Ralph, elk jrro store. 535 Pulaski

Hill Mandy. cook, h 362 Macon

Hill Marv. cook, rear 459 Milledge

Hill Mattie. hid. 149 Warsaw

Hill Sam. del boy. 149 Warsaw

Hill John, del bov, 149 Warsaw

DavisorvNicholson Co.
Athens, Georgia




*Hill Malvin (Rosabell), lab barber shop, h w Waddell Hill Jimmie. lab barber shop, h w Waddell J; Ilill Otis (Fannie;, drnui. h Arch "Hill Patsie, hid. 140 Newton *IIill Pecola, eook, 721 Carr *Hill Peter (Fannie), trek dvr, h 183 Billups *IIill Philis. eook, h 399 Meigs *lfill Ordinary, hair dresser. 399 Meigs *Hill Lena, sales. .399 Meigs *llill Portltenia. li 840 Reese I!ill Helx-cca. teacher. 350 rniversity Drive *Hill Rodgers, farm lab, 157 Trail Creek Hill Sam, newspaper carrier. 57") Jackson Hill Kent, sales, 57;") Jackson *Hill Sara, cook, h 195 Rock Spring *Ilill Susie, cook. 277 Bridge *Hill Squire \V (Airhea>. h 223 Billups *Hill Gladys 223 Billups *Hill Althea teacher, 223 Billups Hill Thomas Banks (Ellie V). owner cement const co. h 856 Lumpkin *Hill Whitman (Sara), lab wrhse. h 150 Church *Hill Will, lab, 422 Billups *Hill WiHie lab cafe, 269 X-wton *Hill Willie (Fannie\ light wtchnm school, h 550 Hancock *Hill Robert, lab etn wrhse, 550 Hancock *Hill Wm B (MamieV lab comp. h 497 Third *Hill Marion. 497 Third *Hill Wm O (Emma*, ins agt. h 565 Hancock Hilley Mrs Eva. bdnghse kpr, h 536 College Hilley W W (Leila), pres barber shop, h 333 Dougherty Hilley Wilmon P (Irene), barb, h 425 Doughertv Ililliard A C (Metta), cont. h 170 Virginia Hilliard Henry N (Mary^. h 597 Lumpkin Hilliard Mrs Ophelia. 953 Oconee Hilsman Edna J, h 196 Henderson Hilsman Mamie, salesw Michael's, h 196 Henderson Hilsman Pattie. prin Oconee St School, h 196 Henderson *Hilsnian Ida, h 348 Fourth
*Hilsman Charlie, lab. S A L depot, 348 Fourth *Hilsman Earnest. 348 Fourth
Hines Francis X. billing elk r r, h 599 Prince Hiiu-s Lenora, h 599 Prince

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



455 Clayton Street

Phone 621


ATHENS. fi-A.. (1920-1921) CITY DIRECTORY

Hines Marie. 599 Prince Hines \Yilliani K (Bessie), r r switchman, li 620 Meigs Hinsley Pearl, li 896 Liimpkin Hinsley Horace, bkpr ctn fact, 896 Luinpkin Hinton F E (Minnie), bus mug Bind wine co. li 1248 Prince Hinton Harold II (Alice), broker So Mnt Bid?, h 219 Cloverhurst Hinton Lacy (Hattie). meht. li 188 Second Hipkins Billnps, sales batteries. 286 Luinpkin Hipkins Luda C. real est agt. li 286 Luinpkin Hiram L C (Ida MV dentist, h 269 Finley Hiram Alice M. 269 Finley Hirams Mary. Ind. h 188 Pope Hirams Leila, niaid. 188 Pope Hirams Reuben, fanner, h \Voodrow Hitchcock Merle, 585 Pulaski Hitchcock Effie, hairdresser, 846 Reese Hitchcock Oliver (Addie). farm lab. 824 drove Hitchcock Jessie. 824 Grove
Hix Abe. lab. h Glenn Hoard .lonas A (Alice), mug who gro. h 580 Harris Hoard Stanley A. trav sales, h 580 Harris Hobson Hattie. cook, h rear 287 AVoodlawn Hobson Michael J. army sgt IT of Ga. h University Campus Hodge Mrs Docia A. mill wkr. h 117 Broad Hodges George C, mng "W V. h 788 Boulevard Hodges Daniel F. ofc boy. 738 Boulevard Hodgers Joseph (Kate), elect, h 850 Boulevard Hodge Lloyd F (Mary), mill wkr. h 129 Miles Hodge Clifton, mill wkr. 129 Miles Hodgson Diaries N (Irene), mng farm, h Cathedral Pines Hodgsori Xeal P. Cathedral Pines
HODGSON CHARLES N, Cathedral Pim-s. ofc Sluu-kelford Bldg Hodgson Mary V (wid E R Sr). h 1001 Prince
Hodgson E R -lr (Mary), pres Hodgson Oil Ref Co. h 150 Milledge Hodgson E R JJI. 126 Milledge Hodgson Roberta, head history dept. S N S. h 150 Milledge Hodgson Francis M (Mary A), bkpr. 296 Boulevard Hodgson William A. com sales. 296 Boulevard

------------------------------------JWLXK A lUXrTLK OF--_____________--


Ma<l- From Sun-Kissed Ixmons--A Thii-st Quenchiiift-, Tooling Drink
Bottled Only By


Washington St.

Phone 263

l F. Shepherd


211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



Hodgson Harold B, 296 Boulevard Hodgson Prince A, 296 Boulevard Hodgson Frederick C, 296 Boulevard Hodgson Roy O, 296 Boulevard Hodgson Russell C, 296 Boulevard Hodgson Geo T (India), ins agt, h 334 Prince Hodgson Marion C, 334 Prince Hodgson George T Jr. trav sales, 334 Prince HODGSON HARRY (Marie), vice pres Hodgson Oil Ref Co, h 126
Milledge Hodgson Hazel, 126 Milledge Hodgson Harry Jr, 126 Milledge Hodgson Hugh (Kate), King-Hodgson, h 165 Milledge Hodgson Joseph M (Belle), gro, King-Hodgson Co, Oconee; h 125
Milledge Hodgson Edith, 125 n Milledge Hodgson Clifford, 125 n Milledge HODGSON RALPH R (Tsabelle), gro, h 188 Milledge Hodgson Mrs Sara, 619 Hill Hodgson Asbury, 619 Hill Hodgson Walter (Ethel), sect & treas Hodgson Oil Ref Co, h 66
Chase Circle Hodgson Morton (Lyda). vice pres Chem Co, h 67 Chase Circle Hofmeister Frank (Ola Florence), shoemaker, h 853 College *ITolbrook Evelyn. 835 Prince *Holbrook Henry, lab water wks. h 412 Broad *IIolbrook Julia. 385 Rock Spring *lTolbrook Marion (Carried, postal elk, h 522 Broad *Holbrook Marion (Carrie i. postal elk. h 522 Broad *IIolbrook Stephen, paper hanger, h 1347 w Broad *IIolbrook William (Mamie 1. plmbr. h 1369 w Broad *Holbrook Robert, 1369 w Broad Holcomb J M (Saili Ma< >x>, repairer shoe shop, h 174 State *Holder Jane, h 187 Flint *Holder Xelia, 1ml, 330 Maeou Holden Horace M (Mary', atty. h 1080 Milledge Holden Frank A. lawver. 1080 Milledge Holdeu Queen Elizabeth. 10SO Milledge *Holland Tvery. 1287 Holland Holland Mrs Mary D. 243 BloomnYld Hollidav Dr Alien C (Cora !. ofc So Mut Bldg: h 357 Hill Holliday Annie Mae. inst Art Dept S N S, h 357 Hill Holliday Kate, 357 Hill Hollidav Norine, teaclier IIi-)i School. 357 Hill Hollidav Paul L, physician, ofc So Mut Bldg. 357 Hill IFolliday Alien C Jr, 357 Hill


National Bank of Athens




Holliday Martha W. 357 Hill Holliday Henry C. 357 Hill Holliday Pr Carl, ofc Holman Bldjr. 1) 524 Prince Holliday Pope, dentist. Holnian Hldjr. 534 Prince Hollinjrswortb T E (Gertrude K prof Math S N S, 1085 Prince Hollin*rswortli Louise, teacher Lucy Cobb. 1085 Prince Hollingrsworth Earnest. MeCircjror's, 1085 Prince *Hollis Clara, hairdresser. 142 Chase Hollis F M (Minnie), trek dvr. 887 College *Holmes Earl. lab. h 384 Chase *TTolmes Georjiv. del boy. h 384 Chase Holmes Edward .] (Lora). exp msnjr. h 910 Broad Holmes Edward .1 Jr. 910 Broad Holmes Lillie. 910 Broad Holmes Fred. mcht. h 720 Barber *Holmes. (ieorpre. del boy. 364 Chase *Holmes Earl, del boy. 364 Chase Holmes Ilarrison II (Mary), carp, b 147 Tibbetts Holmes Jack J (Jessie), sale's. 340 Boulevard Holmes Lewis ('(traceV mcht. h 273 Hall Holmes Tillman F. flajrman r r. 293 Hoyt *Holson Georgia (Mattie). lab. h 456 River *Holt Spencer, lab. rear 271 Hancock *Holt Susie, cook, li 447 Reese Hood James M (Bertie 1., sales auto, h 389 Meigrs Hood Lorine. 389 Meijrs Hood Katie. 389 Meiprs Hood Thomas (Allisj. auto mecli. h 125 Prince Hood Dftris. student. 125 Prince Hood Mary Sue, 125 Prince Hooper \V I) (Florence), prof Latin (' of (Ja. h 120 Milledj^e Ter-
race Hooper W I) Jr. teacher (J M C. 120 Milledjre Hooper Charles II. 120 Milled^ Terrace Hoover Harry i Jewel i. auto sales, h 141 Doujrherty *IIope Jessie Mae. Ind. 515 Reese *Hope Lucy. Jiurse. Billups *Hope Mary. Ind, Billups Hopkins (Jray (Lee), live stock dealer, h 387 Hill Hopkins James R. 387 Hill Hopkins Henry Ellis. lineman tel co, HJ7 Elixabeth Hopkins James H (Sara), bkpr real est. h 384 Church
*IJopkm Peai'l. h 250 (ilenn ave
*Hopson William P (Bessie) undertaker, li 136 Billups *Hopson Bessie, nurse. 136 Billups
*Hopson Harvey. 136 Billups
Hopkins William E (Bess), sales stck yd. li 243 Pearinjr

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building We Fit You--That's Sure--AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.



Hopper F II, sales, 256 Dongherty

Horn Bessie, V W (.' A

Norton Ed (Mary), lab oil mill, li 240 (Jlenn

Horton Fannie, hid, h 149 Rock Spring

Horton Flournoy, lal>. elect pit. Miller st

Horton .John (Sallie). li 540 Odd

Horton .John (Mattie), svt. li 1124 Broad

"Horton .John II. preacher, h 257 Finley

IForton Majrjjie, cook, h 445 Berry

Iforton Florence. 445 Berry

Horton Rich. lab. 150 Warsaw

llorton William ! (Susie i, mail carrier, h 1:{:?7 Hancock

Jlosey Samuel } t (Susie), maeh lumb mill, h 195 Monroe

Hosey Marguerite, sales. 195 Monroe

Hosey. Lenora. 195 Monroe

Hosey William B (Sara). 146 Eli/abeth

Ho/en (Vphus (Bessie i. lab. h Hobson ave

Houston Ella. :J20 Cleveland

Houston Florence, dressmaker, h :{9<S Cleveland

Houston Laura, hid. 760 Chase

Houston Mrs Ruby. 2S6 Poplar

Howard Annie, cook, h 400 Reese

Howard fleorjria. cook. 400 Reese

Howard Thomas, lab par. 400 Reese

Howard Arthur (Allijei. lab barber shop, h 1^9 Xewton

Howard Carrie, teacher. 596 Broad "Howard Mamie, teacher. 596 Broad


Howard Mattie. cook. 596 Broad

Howard Clifford (Sallie >. lab comp. h 290 Vine

Howard Daniel (Almirai, farm lab. h 2M5 Bailey

"Howard Edward (Ethel., h :U,s Grove

Howard Irene. :US (Jrove

"Howard Ella, h 573 Fourth

"Howard Evelyn, rear 7S9 Thomas

"Howard Fannie. Ind. h :i5S Peter

"Howard Washington, chauf. -S5S Peter

"Howard Daisy, maid. M5S Peter

"Howard Frank (Ilattiei. janitor S X S. h 125 Franklin

Howard (Ml (Alice), bkpr r r, li at Ernest IloweH's. Milledfre

Howard Harry (Etta>. emp Ath Ry & Elec Co. h 149 TVaring

"Howard He/ekiah. lab ctn mill. M:i5 Vine

"Howard II (Lavonia). cook, .'W5 Vine

"Howard .fames I* (Annie), mail clerk r r. h 25J-> Chase

"Howard .Jessie. Ind. h 870 Chase

"Howard .Jim. lab t'ert pit. h Broad

Howard John, li 400 Reese



Athens Gas, Light & Fuel Co.




Phone 54

Holman Bldg.



*Ho\vard Fannie, cook, h 400 Reese

*Howard John A (Rosa Lee), plasterer, h 424 Finley

"Howard June (Hattie), nurse, 228 Bearing

*Howard Jucy, Ind, h 270 China


"Howard Marie, h 264 Third


"Howard Auradite, lab ctn mill, h 264 Third


"Howard Mary, maid, h 183 Billups

"Howard Matthew, lab. 394 Fourth

"Howard Mattie, maid, h 863 Meigs

"Howard Lizzie, Ind, 863 Meigs

"Howard Houston, 863 Meigs

"Howard Minnie, smstr, 264 Newton

"Howard Wash, wks oil mill, h 189 Warsaw

"Howard Will (Willie), tmstr, h 145 Augusta

"Howard Willie, lab, 379 Meigs

Howard William E (Lizzie), trek dvr Standard Oil Co, h 921 Broad

"Howard Susie, Ind, 486 River

"Howard Lola. cook. 486 River

Howell Ernest M (Ruby). Moss Cotton Co, h 347 s Milledge

"Howell James H, 1375 Hancock

Howell John M (Hallie), sect & treas Webb & Crawford Groc Co,

h 180 Milledge

Howell Lottice, voice teacher, Lucy Cobb, h 660 Reese

"Howell Mattie, Ind. h 260 Newton

Howell William II (Pearl), ext work, Ag Col

"Hove Will (Willie). lab, h 866 Water

"Hubbard Aaron (Susie), h-190 Rock Spring

Hubbard Howard B ('Clara), carp, h 154 Inglewood

Hubbard Nat (Emma), drmn. h 237 Oak

"Hubbard Charlie (Bettie). r r porter, h 330 Augusta

"Hubbard Albert. 330 Augusta

Hubbard G M (Mary), com trav, h 185 Baxter

Hubbard Gordon T, 185 Baxter

Hubbard Ralph B (Helen), elect eng. 1075 Prince

Hubert Mrs Frances E. h 196 Cemetery

Hubert Max M (Rosena). shoe repairer, h 168 Grady

Hubert Marion A. 168 Grady

Hubert Randolph N. 168 Grady

"Hubert Robt H, (MadgiM. prop dye wks, h Rock Spring

Hud gin Wescon. ctn broker, h 770 Barber

"Hudson Byiiuin, farm lab, h Upson Alley

"Hudson Charley (Emma), lab dry goods store, h 1162 Broad

"Hudson Sylvanus, lab shoe store, 1162 Broad

Hudson Edward B (Emma), dentist, h 115 Miledge Terrace

Hudson Hattie C, steno, Y W C A

"Hudson Jim (Susie), lab, h 1545 Broad

J. F. Shepherd

ALL LINES _M 1-212 Holman lluilding

Athens, Georgia



Hudson John Henry (Clara) barbev, h 227 Flint Hudson Emma, nnrse, 227 Flint * Hudson John II, 227 Flint Hudson Mrs Sara L. mng Co-op I* of Ga. h 550 Jackson Hudson Mae, corsetiere Michael's, h f)50 Jackson
Hudson Louise, steno Ag Col. 550 Jackson
Hudson Mildred. 550 Jackson
"'Hudson Tommie (Pattie). lab press club, h 237 Billups Hudson Willie, mill wkr, h 343 Iliawassee ^Hudson William (AgieK lab Ice & Coal Co, li 140 Rock Spring linen S T, mcht, r gro. h 220 Lyndon *Huff Augustus, lab oil mill. 2S(J Grove *Huff Harbor, waiter hotel. COO Broad Huff Denton. 152 (Mayton Huff C R (Ruby), opr pict show. 569 Pnlaski *lluff Cordelia, cook, h rear 570 Prince *IIuff Dobbs (Elixa), minist. h 1S5 Angle *Huff Dora. 1S5 Angle Huff Dock W, mill wkr. 2S5 Cemetery *Huff Easter. Ind, h 327 Springdale Huff E II CAilabello^. st car motorman. h 190 Beuna Vista Huff Herschel. bailiff. 190 Hernia Vista Huff Mrs Leola 7^ 190 Beuna Vista Huff Foster ( Eubie\ carp, h 447 Rock Spring Huff Geo M, carp, 124 Willow Huff Geo W. emp steam ry, h 160 NarroAV Huff Harry II (Ruth), motorman st ry. h Satula Huff Henry C (Delia), cook restaurant, h 190 Narrow Huff Howard (Eva), sales, h 237 Dougherty :: IIuff Lnmpkin, macli. 542 Broad * I luff Mamie, cook, h 490 Rock Spring Huff Mrs Mary, 295 Oconee Huff Richard M (Mattie Lee'), prop restaurant, h 631 Thomas Hnir Walter (Mamie), lab. h 423 Dougherty Huff William M (.Alice), carp, h 796 Oconee Huff J William (Goldie>. cook restaurant, h 250 Barrow Huffman Robt W (Edna Lncile). com trav Nat Bsct Co. 120 Sprin"-
dale Huger Charlie, ctn buyer. 749 Prince Hushes Alma, bkper. h 95.'{ Oconee Hughes Arthur D (Marjorie). h 395 Georgia Depot
Hughes Fletcher (Nancy), lab for pit. Hughes Jessie Hugh Henry (Lucy"I. lab. h 247 Ilobson ave 'Hugh J C, lab. h 247 Ilobson ave
Hughes II M (Sallie), wks Athens Ry & Elect Co, h 775 Boulevard

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building

We Fit You--That's Sure--AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.



Hughes Louise. 775 Boulevard Hnghes Harry. 775 Boulevard Iluggins Hamilton II. 372 Hancock HUGGINS HUGH (May 1.. Iluggins Hdw Co. li 362 Cloverhurst Hnggins Percy L u\ddie KV. Huggins H<hv Store, h 228 Barber Hnghes -James J. lab. 137 Franklin Hnghes -lames (Maggie's, lab. h 663 Milledge Hrghes Louis, student. 412 Thomas Hughes Otis (Mattie). barber, h 953 Oconee Hulme Geo H (Willie). wholesale gro. Foundrv st ; h 398 Milledge Hulme Geo II Jr (Lizzie .1). Geo II Hulme Co. h 398 Milledge Hulme Garland, bkpr Geo II Hulme Co, h 398 Milledge Hulsey Mrs Carrie. 648 Xantahala Hulsey William C (Grace), switchman, h 134 State Hull'Pleasure (Leila), lab r r. h 1624 Broad Hull Mrs Rosa 1). h 327 Hill Hull Leila Mae. teacher Domestic Science A II S. 327 Hill Humphrey Katie. Ind. h 165 Inadale Humphrey Hoi ace. emp ice cream pit. h 165 Inadale Humphrey Hellena. nurse. 165 Inadale Humphrev Lucile. Ind. h 193 Lyndon Row Humphrey Will. lab. 193 Lyndon Row Hungerford DeForest (Ruth). State Col of Ag. h 1295 Lumpkin Hungerford Mary M. 1295 Lumpkin Hunnicutt Dnpree (Gavriella.). atty. h 386 Milledge Hunnicutt John A (Mary), h 325 Milledge Hunnicutt Mary. 325 Milledge Hunnicutt I)r .John (Julia), physician, h 1070 Milledge Hunnicutt Sara, 325 Milledge Hunt Ollie. ins agt. 227 Foundry Hunt Cornelia. 235 Arch Hunt Lewellyn 'Mamie), lab ctn wrhse. h 246 Vine Hunt Lewellyn Jr. 346 Vine Hunt Minnie. 277 River Hunt Sara Hunter Adaline. Ind. h 664 n Lumpkin Hunter Clarence (Nora), city fireman, h 1083 Lumpkin Hunter Edd (Annie), waiter cafe, h 548 Finley Hunter Louise. 548 Finley Hunter Earnest H (Ethel), molder foundry, h 133 Hoyt Hunter Mrs Elizabeth, 143 Grady Hunter Mrs. Jerusha. h 143 Grady Hunter Cora, h 143 Grady Hunter Gerome, Boulevard. Hunter H (Mary), minister, h 193 Bailey Hunter Carrie, trained nurse, 193 Bailey

Advice if you seek it, Money when you need it. Your Account solicited

National Bank of Athens



"Hunter Fred (Jessie), bib. h 198 Bailey *Hunter Horace, lab comp. 894 Fourth Hunter Howell ( '. prop cafe. Boulevard Heights ^Hunter Lucas (Matilda), del man who <*ro, h 160 (ileim *lhmtcr Luslien. lab. 186 Flint *!limter Miles (Nettie), farm lab. h 185 Glenn 'Hunter Mrs Melissa. cook, h 190 Paris *llnnter William, h 190 Paris *Hunter Malissa. cook, h 190 Paris *Huntor William. 190 Paris *Uunter .Richard (Rachtiel). lab, h 487 River *Hunter Annabel!, cook. 4S7 River ^Hunter Nellie B. 487 River *lfiiiiter Sim (Carrie), janitor, h College ave *Uunter Seaborn R (Rachael'. <rro. h 258 Chase *irnnter William, h 1868 Broad Hunt injrton Arthur I.. (Carrie i. house decorator, h 187 Summer Ifimtin<rton Mrs Olive K. 187 Summey *IIujitley B (Susie), lab. h 140 Cohen *![iintley Kmma. wks Indy. h 140 Coheu *lluntley Brutus, li Cohen *Hurden Annie, cook. (J40 Hancock 'Hurley Li/.xie. Ind. h 424 First Hurst Simon, wks marble yd. li 940 College ave *Hurt Frances, dremkr, li 880 River *Hurt Majrjrie. cook, 8SO River llutcliens Mrs Irene, sales bakery, h 17."> State Ifutchens Myrtis. 17."> State *Hutclieson Anna, 190 Newton Hutchson Elixabeth, !>ki)r. 21.") Hall Hutchson -Jessie. 215 Hall *Hutehsoii Preston (Irene . chauf. h 198 IMllups Hutchins .Joe .J (\VilliO, putr. I) 187 Ingh'wood Hutcliins Pearl, mill wkr. h 187 Inj:Iewood Hulcliins William. 187 Injrlewood
Hutchins .Joshua (' (Laura), bkpr. h 178 Deariug1 Iliitchinson Cieo A (Bertha), prof Ag Col, 1192 Milled^e *IIutchinsoii .James (An^eline^ {jlaxit-r liubr mill, li 270 Savannah Jliiti-hiiison .James N (LaviniaK H27 Waddell *llutc}iinson Minerva, h 187 Billups *Hutc!iinson Peter, lab. 272 Newton *Hutchinson Roy, 862 Reese ""Hi Lloyd () (Isabel!), carp, 170 Becker *Hutsoii Charlie, mcht. h 887 Odd *'f.vrams Mahala. hid. h 770 Broad *Rvrams C.raee. hid, 770 Broad

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Ingrram J P (Lativllc), real esl a't. li ")46 College Injrram Martin A (Estelle). carp. :U1 Thomas Injrram IT A. prof I T of Ga. h Universitv Campus Trhy Jas F (Mvrt). carp, h 19.1 Hall Trhy Kale, steno. h 195 Hall Trhy (ir.y. elevator man So Mut IMdp: Trl\v Susie. Ixlnprhsekpr. h 42S Lumpkin Tvt-y Rose, njrhtmn mill. 197 Childs *lslend Jeff. eook. 7T)7 Lumpkin Tverson Koht J (Susie), emp tel eo. h HO Sprin*r<lale *Jar-ks Mary. rook, h 15:^7 Broad Mar-ks Kir-h'ard. lab. 15:?7 Broad *Ja<-ks Emma. cook. 1537 Inroad Jaekson Andrew (Kmily). auto sales, h 186 ITaneock *Jaekson Andrew, hntler. h rear 524 Princo * Jackson Annie, cook, h 1052 Reese * Jackson Ashlmry (Annie), ins a<rt. h 1052 Reese * Jackson RoM (Ellen), waiter, h 1287 -Hancock *Jackson Annie, hid. h rear 724 Prince *Jackson Annie, eook. h 849 Meigrs *Jackson Alfred (Martha), tailor, h 385 Rock Spring *Ja<-kson Julian, plmbr. 285 Rock Spring Jackson Mrs Alice L. h 4S5 Jackson Jackson Ernest AY. wks press clb, h 485 Jackson *Jackson Arthur fITattiei. lab oil mill, h 137 Peabody * Jackson Lucille. Ind. 137 Peabody *Jrickso)i Bettie L. 1052'Reese Jackson Mrs Bertha, h 179 Dongherty Jackson Ethel, steno. 179 Dongherty Jackson Thomas, tel opr. 179 Dongherty Jackson Bessie, steno. 179 Dongherty Jackson Mrs Benlali, mill wkr. li 183 New Jackson Sallie. mill wkr. 183 New * Jackson Blondie. hid. h 445 A'ine * Jackson Christine. 1052 Reese *Jackson Asb,in-y T. 1052 Reese * Jackson Drisco. 1052 Reese * Jackson Clarence (Louvenia). h 228 Bridge
*Jackson Earnest (Hattie). brkmn. r r. h 293 Cleveland *Jaekson Edna. cook, li 812 Reese Jackson Edward < 1 (Lilly,;, mug hdw store, h 597 Harris
Jackson Ella, h 721 Carr *Jackson Leo. lab. 721 Carr Jackson Eli, lab. 721 Carr Jackson Ehvood T (Po-rlV srpt ctn mill, h 396 Oeonee Jackson Annie MH< . 396 Oeonee

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Jackson Eva h 234 Hancock Jackson Francis (Bessie), eng Ice & Coal Co, h 420 Boulevard Jackson Lucile, 420 Boulevard Jackson AC, 420 Boulevard Jackson Frank II (Georgia), com trav. h 196 Mill edge Jackson Audley M, 196 Milledge Jackson Frank II Jr, 196 Millodge "Jackson (Jussie, cook, h 197 Newton *Jackson Henry (Delia), svt, rear 886 Milledge * Jackson Beatrice, nurse, rear 886 Milledge *Jackson Henry (Lula). janitor, h Reese *Jackson Henry, lab, h 983 College ave Jackson Henry, ctn buyer Miller & Co. 256 Dougherty Jackson Herman E (Hattie^. r r oner, li 19S Waddell Jackson Herman Jr. 19-S Waddell Jackson Ernest, auto sup sales. 198 Waddell *Jackson Hester, cook, h 285 Bridge *Jackson fiartrelle. b 285 Bridge Jackson Hugh II (Ethel), com sales, b 529 Meigs Jackson Benjamin (Martha), b 529 Meigs *Ja.ckson IF (Mary). Avks hdvr store, b rear 175 Baxter *Jackson Ida, Imf, h 92 Tnadale *Jackson lla, cook. 311 Jackson Jackson James A, 457 Hancock * Jackson Jarrell (Alice), jeweler, b 232 Arch * Jackson Lucy, hairdresser. 232 Arch * Jackson Jessie. Ind. 128 Odd * Jackson Sara. hid. 128 Odd * Jackson Jim (Dora), del mn. 188 Strong *Jackson Jim (Mattie). lab ice pit. b 260 Cleveland * Jackson Joe, carp, 160 Newton * Jackson John (Josie). t'orenin lumb yd. b 132 Cleveland Jackson John Powell (Susan', real est agt. b 298 Lumpkiii Jackson John Powell Jr. bkpr. 298 1-2 Lumpkin Jackson Loon S. lab. 198 1-2 Lumpkin
Jackson Lillian L, 298 1-2 Lumpkin *Jackson Lady, hid. b 270 Thomas * Jackson Lena, maid. 234 Lyndon * Jackson Li/.xie. cook, b Rock Spring *Jackson Tom (Maria), farmer, b 170 Lyndon Row * Jackson Dedrick, lab oil mill. 170 Lyndon Row * Jackson Lucille. rear 198 Hull *Jackson Lucind. b 526 Reese *Jackson Lucy, hid, h Waddell * Jackson Cleo, maid, 150 Newton * Jackson Lutitia, cook, h 379 w Broad * Jackson Maria, cook, b 140 Cherrv

Martin Bros. Shoe Fixery



Phone 621



* Jackson Ralph, stable boy. 140 Cherry *Jackson John II. del boy. 140 Cherry *Jackson Mask (Effie). lab r r. h 17.") Macon
Jackson MeK (Winnie), miller, h 420 Strong Jackson Mrs Naomi. h 412 Thomas * Jackson Ola. pro]) rest *Jackson Rosalie, rear 148 Hoyt *Jackson Ralph (Annie), emp Griffith Imp Co Jackson Willie. anto mech. 145 Herring Jackson Ruth M. h 1073 Miledge *Jackson Rube. janitor jail, h rear 389 Meigs * Jackson Sallie. 270 Chase * Jackson Steve (Ida), lab comp co. 499 Third *Jackson Dorothy. Ind, 499 Third *Jackson Tom (Sweetie), lab corn mill, h 133 Cleveland *Jackson Faris. physician. 133 Cleveland Jackson Tommie. 133 Cleveland * Jackson Bnrnett. 133 Cleveland *Jackson Albon. 133 Cleveland Jackson Walter E (Ruth). sheriff. h 426 Milledge *Jackson Welton. l)lksmth. 169 Newton * Jackson Will (Vinnia). foreman ice pit. li 198 Cleveland * Jackson Will (Mary), carp, h 140 Cohen * Jackson Gus. h 140 Cohen *Jackson Edna. 140 Cohen Jacobson Capt Chai'les W, F S Army ofc. I' of Ga, 297 Hancock *Jago John, delmn. h 496 Rock Spring James Charles E (Mattie), barber, h 350 Oak James Clarence H ( Madge), piano sales, li 297 Broad James Henry L. student. 624 Thomas *James Jessie, mach. 546 Broad James Joseph L Elizabeth), r grocer, h 763 College *James Lilla, cook, rear 659 Hancock *James Lossie. svt. 659 Hancock James Mary, mill wkr. 223 Georgia Depot James Mi's Sara A. h 223 Georgia Depot James George W. mill wkr. 223 Georgia Depot James Leila, mill wkr. 223 Georgia Depot James William (Ella), pntr, h 212 Grace *Jones Spicer (Daisy), lab, r 137 Cohen Janett Mrs Carrie A. h 425 Nacoochee Janett Reba. mill wkr. 425 Nacoochee Jankower Maurice (Hattie). ins agt, h 153 Hancock Jankower Ruby. 153 Hancock Jankower Ed M, 153 Hancock *Jarnigan Carrie, cook. 758 Hull *Jam i gran Samuel t'Sara), collector ins. 257 Finley

Make your money beget more Money by putting it in this Bank. FOUR PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS DEPOSITS
National Bank of Athens



Jarrell Mrs Lorraine B, h 159 .Morris JarrdI Hampton M, 150 Morris Jarrcll John \V Sr (Cornelia), h 760 Cobb JARRELL JOHN W JR (Sadie i. dist mug So Bell Tel Co. h 367
Pulaski *Jarrell Sandy (Dusiei. lab comp eo. h 287 Atlanta Jarrett Willie 1), h 17.") Cleveland Jarrett Hattie Al, opr So Bell Tel Co. 17.") Cleveland Jarrett Roy E, mill \vkr. 17.") Cleveland "Jefferson Mary, set lodge, li 130 Harris Mefferson Robt. teacher, h 130 Harris *Jetferson Carrie. 130 Harris
* Jefferson Eleanor, 130 Harris *Jefferson Herman, tailor. 130 Harris * Jefferson Louise, 130 Harris *Jeffri<*s Alon/o. lab etn oil mill. 1S5 Rock Spring *Jenkins Anna, Ind, h 132 Pope Menkins Delia, 132 Pope *Jenkins Anna, cook, h rear 43."> Dougherty Jerikins Joe S (Mae), pntr. h 879 College Menkins Mary, Ind, h 235 Arch *Jenkins William (Fannie >. lab eat'e, h 145 Rock Spring Jenkins Willard II (Sallie Mae), shoemaker, li 345 Peters *Jenkins William ( Fannie i. lab. h 145 Rock Spring Jenninjrs Ben S (Lena), inadi Ag Col. h 359 Baxter Mannings Birdie. Ind, 327 Rock Spring Joinings Ernest II (Birdie 1 , pastor Tabernacle Baptist Chni'ch h
224 Boulevard Jennings (Jiles. fanner. 224 Boulevard *Jennings Ilattie, smstr, h S40 Water Jennings John, mill wkr. b 154 Bryant *Jennings Matilda, cook, h 464 Hoyt *Jennings Mary L, cook, h 133 Cohen * Jennings Richard, porter. 133 Cohen *Jennings Maul O (Pinkie*, lab. h 277 Bridge Jennings Robt M (Elenora). P O elk. li 156 Cloverhurst Jennings Tallie. 166 Cloverhurst Jennings \Vm R (Elixabeth), atty. h 840 Hancock Jester Earnest II. tobae sales. 215 1-2 Lumpkin JESTER J C (Nannie Mae), ins agt, 617 Holman Bldg : h 738 Cobb *Jeter Agnes, cook, rear 227 Bloomh'eld *Jewell Harvev, lab, 416 Foundry Mewell Matilla, 314 Atlanta * Jiles Robert (Amelia), wks gro store, h 190 Cohen *loel Abe (Rosenfeld), mcht. Abe Joel & Sons, h 140 Hancock *foel Jake, mcht, Abe Joel & Sons, h 140 Hancock Joel Bernard, mcht, h 140 Hancock

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building We Fit You--That's Sure--AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.



Joel Charles (Hilda), 140 Haiicock

Joel Jake B (Esther), motion picture enterprise, Holman Bldg; h

Georgian Hotel

Johnson Mrs Albert, sales, h 147 Dougherty

Johnson Alex (Lula). lab, h 232 Newton

Johnson Alfred (Lucy), butcher, h 150 Harris

Johnson Alice A, cook, rear S Michael's. Milledge

Johnson Will H, rear S Michael's. Milledge

Johnson Amos, svt, h rear 298 Prince

Johnson Annie, 134 Church

Johnson Mrs Annie B, 1324 Milledge

Johnson Arnold (Delia), chauf. h 324 Elder

Johnson Arthur (Lillie Mae), oil mill, h 359 Finley

Johnson Arthur, lab, 227 Vine

Johnson Arthur (Lucindy), mach. h 12S7 Hancock

Johnson Berry, lab, h 140 Warsaw

Johnson Birder, nurse. 390 Augusta


Johnson Robert, 390 Augusta

Johnson Birdie (Lizzie), lab fert pit, h 1482 Oconee

Johnson Bobbie, cook, 156 Church

Johnson Carlton, sales auto, h 595 Hill

Johnson Caroline. Ind, 681 n Lumpkin

Johnson Charley (Dollie), h 180 Newton

Johnson Charlie, ginner, 141 Newton

Johnson Cora. maid, rear 568 Pulaski

Johnson Cnrtiss (Minnie), auto mech. h 195 Bloomfield

Johnson Dora, cook, 170 Green

Johnson Eddie (Annie), delmn. h Billups

Johnson Edward (I)ena), janitor, h 145 Warsaw

Johnson Edward Jr. waiter. 145 Warsaw

Johnson Marguerite, 145 Warsaw

Johnson Edward (Essie), cook hotel, h 172 Newton

Johnson Ellen, cook. 228 Fairview

Johnson Elsie, cook, h 143 Church

Johnson Emmett (Mattie). carp, h 150 Berry

Johnson Emma Lee. h 882 Water

Johnson Ernest (Ella), fireman So Mut Bldg, 274 Arch '

Johnson Esper (Sara), lab. h 216 Newton

Johnson Ethel, Ind. h 660 Broad

Johnson Eugene, lab fert pit, h 555 Dobbs

Johnson Lizzie, 555 Dobbs

Johnson Perry, 555 Dobbs

Johnson Clinton, lab, 555 Dobbs

Johnson Eula, h 816 Lumpkin

Johnson Everette, 185 Hull

Johnson Fannv, 215 Chase

National Bank of Athens



Johnson Flem (Cindy), clelmn, h Hancock Johnson Florence, cook, Upson Alley Johnson Florine, farmer, h 295 Cleveland Johnson Floyd (Lnla), lab, h 215 Chase Johnson Neva, lab, 215 Chase Johnson Nellie, cook, 215 Chase Johnson Fred (Ruth), lab, h 439 River Johnson Fredocia, cook, h 499 River
Johnson F M (Emma) real est agt, h 530 Cobb Johnson Roy F, sales, 530 Cobb Johnson Albert S ,auto sales, 530 Cobb Johnson Gertrude, rear 264 Washington Johnson George (Malindy). chauf, h 1387 Broad Mohnson Geo, farmer, 1592 Oconee Johnson Eula, 1592 Oconee Johnson Georgia, Ind, h 270 Atlanta Johnson William, 270 Atlanta Johnson Eddie, lab fert pit, 270 Atlanta Johnson Hattie, Ind, h 422 Firiley Johnson Mary, 270 Atlanta Johnson Goodloe, presser, 1482 Oconee Johnson H A (Georgia"), barber, h 240 DuBose ave Mohnson Harry (Maggie), trek dvr. h 989 College ave Mohnson Rufus, 989 College ave. Mohnson Hazel, maid, rear Pulaski Johnson Henry, 287 Cemetery Johnson Claire, 287 Cemetery Mohnson Herbert (Mary), h 624 Church Mohnson Horace, lab. h 268 Bridge Mohnson Will (Mary), fireman elect pit. h 276 Bridge Johnson H N, broker, Holman Bldg. 524 Prince Mohnson James, svt, 115 Newton
Mohnson James C (Ethel), lab cloth, h 115 Pulaski Johnson James P. mcht. li 1323 Carr's Hill Johnson Pink. 1323 Carr's Hill Johnson James (Pearl), h 423 Dougherty Jolmson James W (Lilly \ col. li 330 Barber Johnson Cissero. 330 Barber
Johnson Jesse (Anna), lab, h 183 Lyndon Mohnson Joe T Sr (Janie). minist. li 125 Ilenderson Mohnson Joe T Jr. 125 Ilenderson Ext Johnson Envin, 125 Ilenderson Johnson Jesse Pate (Grace), 353 Oak
Mohnson John II (Nancy), plastr. h 390 Carr Mohnson John (Lula). in older, h 164 Willow Johnson John (Mahala), lab lumb mill, h 128 Augusta Johnson John, h 280 Water

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Building

We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.



*Jolmsoii John, eliauf. li 180 Lyndon ave *Johnson Julius, del boy. 139 Plum *Jolmson \Yillie (Rosa), inn <r press ell), h 123 Plum * Johnson Julius (Lnla). h rear 247 Pulaski *Jolinson Alice, cook, h rear 247 Pulaski *Johiison Lafayette (Mary), drnni. li 350 Barber * Johnson Peter, cobbler. 350 Barber *.lohnson -Jessie M. drsinkr, 350 Barber *Johnson Laura, h 360 Pulaski *Johnson Do/iei-. lab. tob co. 360 Pulaski *.Joh])son <Jeor<ria. cook. 360 Pulaski * Johnson AVillie May. svt. 360 Pulaski *Johnson Mattio Jjou. maid. 360 Pulaski *Jolinson Bert, maid, 360 Pulaski * Johnson Lewis (Janie). svt. h 596 Broad * John son Lee .blksmth, 523 Broad * Johnson Lei a. maid, h 354 Pope * Johnson Levie. cook, h 370 Pope * Johnson Lizzie, maid, h 178 Iloyt *Johnson Leila, maid. 178 Iloyt * Johnson Annie Mae. 178 Iloyt *Johnson Lizzie, cook, h 270 Athens Johnson Louis M (Bessie), auto dealer, h 243 Dearingr Johnson Martin L. 243 Dcarinjr Johnson Mrs Irene G. 243 Dearinjr *Johnson Majr (Lola), carp, h 178 Berry *Johnson Mamie, maid, r 143 Iloyt * Johnson Manuel (Lorraine), janitor Shackelt'ord Bldjr: h 260 Vin*Johnson Robert, h 260 Vine * Johnson Manuel (Annie), farmer, h Minor Johnson Martin (Bertha), wks Ath Ry & Elect Co. h 262 AYadd''i *Jolinson Mary. cook, h 414 Foundry Johnson M"ary. 530 Cobb * Johnson Matlie. cook, h Fields *Johson Maude, cook. 770 Broad *Joluison Minnie, hid. h 329 Lyndon ave *Johnson Emma, cook. 329 Lyndon ave *Johnson Miles, prop press club. 157 Church
* Johnson Mrs. Minnie *Johnson Mollie. jant. h 445 Vine * Johnson Nathan (Lucy), lab. h 26 Cleveland *Johnson ROSH L. maid. 26 Cleveland *Jolinson AVillie. del boy. 26 Cleveland * Johnson Nettie. Ind. h 1334 Hancock * Johnson Bennie. ])ntr. 1334 Hancock Johnson O L (Anna Belle), trav sales, h 1187 Prince

STRENGTH SAFETY COURTESY Capital and Surplus, $825,000.00
National Bank of Athens


. Ill

*Johnson Olive, maid, li roar f>70 Prince Johnson IVrcy S (Amye). mn<r billiard parlor, li 127 llenderson
*'Johnson Preston, svt. 170 Finley *Johnson Rodney, linl. h 882 Water "Johnson Minnie, Ind. li 882 Water
*Jolinson Lnla. Ind. 882 Water *Johnson Reese. lab niill. li ^7-") Third *Johnson Corbica, lab mill. .~>(;7 Third *Johnson Fred. lab. .'5(17 Third sJohnson Richard (Charity i. farmer, h 124 Craw ford '"Johnson M C. trekinn ctn eonip. 124 Crawford Johnson Robert L, r r ticket jirt. h 6G-'i Jackson Johnson Robert (Mary>. t'armei'. h 147:{ Oeonee *Johnson Mamie, hid. 147-J Oconcc Johnson Willie. farnn-r. 147^5 Oeonee Johnson Robert Lee (lrrii->. sales. :Uo' Strong *Johnson Rosa Ann. h ">SO Arch Johnson Roy R. wks (irit'tith Imp Co. 490 Milledjre Johnson Ralph 11. com sales, h 4f)() ^Iillt'd<>-,> ,
*Johnson Sallie. cook, h S47 ^ICifi's *Johnson Jake, carp, S47 "Mrirs ^Johnson Sam (Kstellei. dvr rro. h 1'J7 Hancock *Johnson Sain (Delia), lab. :W(i Arch *Johnson Sara, Ind. 10S(> Uroad *Johnson iMisie. Ind. h College ave *Johnson Thomas, drum. ">W> Hancock *Jolmson Thomas, lab. 7Sf> Thomas *Johnson Thomj)son (Susie), butler, h Waddell *Johnson Tommie (^Iar<ri i ). lab Inmb mill. *Johnson Walker (Klla-. farm lab. h :U6 Pope ^Johnson Fannie, cook. :>-!() Pope *:Johnson Allie, Ind. 'Ub' Pope Johnson Walter E (Maude), sales, h 749 Boulevard Johnson Mrs Mary K 749 lionlevard *Johnson Will H (Virginia), lab. h 47:i lloyt *J.)lmson Will 11. lab mill, h :tf>7 Third * Johnson AVillie. cook, h 2S9 Bridjre *Johnson Katie, cook. 2S9 Bridjrc*Johnson Willie. Ind. Wood lawn Johnson Yomijr (Ruby EV farmer. 290 Baxter *Joiner (leo W ('). sales Athens Ry & Elect Co. h 470 Hancock *lories Mrs Addie, sales Collins'. l2.")() Donjrherty " Jones Andrew M^ (Dorothy), physician, li 1196 Hancock *-lones Andy (Pheroase). svt. rear 150 Milledjre *Jones Aliee. 294 Finley
*Jones Angeline. h '^nO Lyndon ave
'ones Asa. lab oil mill. 11") Newton




Corner Broad and Jackson Streets



Jones Arthur, lab. h 489 River __

Jones Az/ie. cook. 226 Cloverhurst

Jones Ben. lab. h '288 Cleveland

Jones Benjamin C (Gussie) eom trav. h 657 Cobb

Jones Caliph (Amanda), janitor eloth store, h 170 Paris

Jones Charlie G, prop press clb, h 243 Jackson

Jones Christ (Annie), cafe mngr. h 325 Broad

Jones Clara, cook. 626 Hill

Jones Clarence W (Ethel), h 25 Waddell

Jones Claude R, flagman r r, 293 Hoyt

Jones Cula. Ind, 220 Johns

Jones Inez. Ind. 220 Johns

Jones Tessie. Ind. 220 Johns

Jones Daisy, nurse, h 760 Barber

Jones D (Lucile). auto dealer, h 115 Milledge

Jones Edward (Mary Ella), 234 Pope

Jones Annie. 234 Pope

Jones Hattie. 234 Pope


Jones Eugene, brck layer, 215 Pope

Jones Eugene (Lillie Mae), lab. h 360 Rock Spring

Jones Florence, maid hotel, h 153 Valley

Jones Xorford, dishwasher cafe, 153 Valley

Jones Fred L, paper agent. 464 Dougherty

Jonof Hinton V. 464 Dougherty

Jones Garnett. waiter. 142 Chase

Jones Georgia. 522 Broad

Jones Cicero (Lucy), lab. h 542 Broad

Jones Gussie. Ind, 341 Atlanta

Jon^s Gus (Mary) lab oil mill, h 115 Newton

Jones Harvey Key (Pav.liue), shoe maker, shoe shop, h 853 College

Jones Mrs ~ Jgry. h 857 College a\r e

Jones Lonnie Daniel, slip elk guano fact. 857 College

Jones Henry (Ella), pntr. h Glenn ave

Jones James, pntr. Glenn

Jones Schuyler (Irene), carp. Glenn ave

Tones Herman (Lillian), minister, 1225 Milledge

Jones Ida. Ind. h 380 Newton

Jones Cleo. svt. 380 Newton

Jones Ashford. lab. 380 Newton

Jones James M (Mamie), prop rest, h 285 Washington

Jones Jane. 243 Cleveland

Jones John, del bov. 623 Hull

Jonf.s Arlinf. 823 Hull

Jones John II (Callie), lab, h w Ilenderson

Jones Early B. mill wkr. h w ITenderson

Jones John ''Ada), drmn. h 286 First

Washington St. --Ladies Rest Room - Phone 271 Athens, Ga.

Steam heated storage space 150 cars Washing and Polishing

truck available day or night. Radiator department, (Generator and Distributor, llra/.ing and Oxyacetylene welding depa rtments ali under expert management. Twenty expert mechanics. Special facilities for unloading and assembling ears.
Distributors Diamond Grid "Cord Tire" batteries. Guaranteed for two years. Recharging and Parts Station.
Fisk tires and tubes in all sizes. Vulcanizing department renders free service on tires sold by us.

Kissel Kar, the Aristocrat of the road. High powered, luxuriant and distinctive. Are you in the Kissel Kar Klass?
The car of proven superiority. A four cylinder car with six cylinder api tea ranee and performance. A favorite with every memlMT of the family.
Kissel Trucks
The "uninterrupted transjK>rtation" truck. Custom built and backed by a real "Service Policy." From one to five tons.

Temme Springs for all Cars. Springs of long life and elastic qualities
Everything for the car from motometer to extra rim
Prompt Service from Courteous Employees





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National Bank of Athens



*.roncs William, lab fur store, h 286 First *Jones Brunchett, 286 First "Jones Lawrence, h 187 Poplar *.Tones Isaac (Ilattie). cook, h IN? Poplar * .Jones Lou, cook, 157 Warsaw *Ji>nos Mrs Lucy, h 275 Tabernacle *.fones Bridie, emp jrar, 275 Tabernacle *.|ones Brantley, chauf, 275 Tabernacle Jones I* Y. student. 412 Thomas *Jones Major, lab, h 495 Oak Mows Mandy, cook, h 863 w Broad *Jones Margaret, 160 Miller * Jones Cora, teacher. 160 Miller *Jones Margaret, h 465 Reese *Jones Mary, cook. 150 Newton *Jones Marv, cook, h 162 Hoyt *Jones Eddie, h 162 Hoyt *Jones Millie, hid, h Glenn Jones Milton N (Margaret), prop gin & wrhse, h 145 Henderson Jones Mrs Minnie Loy, music teacher, 195 Becker *Jones Minnie Mae. 183 Lyndon Row *Jrmes Nick (Annie^. lab, h rear 180 Green *Jones Oscar (Mary), lab, h 247 Chase * Jones Powell (Frances), lab. 345 Cleveland *Jones Powell Jr. lab, 345 Cleveland "Jones Johnnie, tmstr Exp Co. 345 Cleveland "Jones Eddie, lab. 345 Cleveland
Jones Richard L (Lounett). ins agt. h 444 Hill *Tones AVarner. 444 Hill Jones Mallory. 444 Hill *Jones Robert (Lena), lab. h 1570 Broad *Jones Raphael. 1570 Broad *Jones Robert (Lena"), lab. h 1570 Broad *-)ones Robert, carp, h Broad
*-lones Robert J (Flossie), presser cloth hse, h 234 Pope *Jones Boise, lab, 234 Pope Voiies Frank, janitor, 495 Rock Spring: *Jones Brandley, 234 Pope *-fones Robert, carp, h 370 Pope
*-Nmes Robt L (Effie), brick layer, h 167 Paris Voiies Robert (Lena), lab. h 1570 Broad Vones Rachael, h 1570 Broad *lories R R (Alice), carp, h 184 Childs *Tones Oberta, bkpr, 184 Childs
Vones Phillis. h 495 Rock Spring *Tones Aline, 184 Childs
*Tones Wiley, asst mng Strand. 184 Childs

Martin's Shoe Store
Across Street from Holman Bull ding |
We Fit You That's Sure AAA to EE 125 Clayton St.



*Jones R A (Emma), prop moat market, h 653 Milledge

*Jones Robert T, slip elk bakery, h 653 Milledge

* Jones Milo J, del boy. 653 Milledge

* Jones Seymore, lab. h 135 Inadale

* Jones Stephney (Florence), lab mill, b 948 Reese

*Jones Snsan. Ind. h 280 Savannab

*Jones Texie, Ind, b 127 Augusta

*Jones Mamie, Ind, 127 Augusta

* Jones Bennie. lab. 127 Augusta

*Jones Tom (Mattiei. firemn steam pit. b 145 Cherry

*Jones Anna M. maid. 145 Cherry

Jones Walter II (Marie), capitalist, b 930 Milledge

Jones Harris, b 930 Milledge

*Jones Walter, lab. b 220 Johns

Jones William (Lillie). mcht, b 339 Finley

* Jones Wilson (Eunice), lab wrhse. h 1428 Oconee

Jones Zora. sales, h 857 College


Jones Mr. barb, h 162 Clayton

*Jordan Albert (Mattie). jan sch. h Rock Spring

*Jordan Oscar, waiter S N S. Rock Spring

*Jordan Fannie. Rock Spring

Jordan Alvin. macb. 115 Lnmpkin

JORDAN A A, Athens Cycle Co. Lnmpkin

Jordan Claude (Recy), mill wkr, h 198 New

Jordan Clyde C (Bessie), auto mech. b 184 State

Jordan Mrs Daisy, sales. 454 College

Jordan George C (Eva), mill wkr. h 670 Xantahala

Jordan James (Mattic', convict guard, b 234 First,

Jordan Susie, mill wkr. 234 First

Jordan J II (Susie), mill wkr. b 182 Iliawassee

Jordan Bernice. mill wkr

Jordan Boyd. mill wkr. 182 Iliawassee

*Jordan Jerry, lab gar. 479 River

* Jordan Annie, cook, h 479 River

^Jordan .John (Gussie>. lab. h rear 118 Rock Spring

Jordan Mrs Sara A. 280 University Drive

Jordan Susie, nurse St. Mary's Hospital

Jordan "\Vilby C (Charlotte), vice-pres American State Bank. 1'

688 Milledge

Jordan William C (Susie), detective, h 564 Boulevard

Jordan Gladys. 564 Boulevard

*Jordan Wm (Palace), gro. h 542 River

* Jordan Ilulda. 542 River

* Joseph Annie L. 175 Cherry

* Joseph Bonnie. 175 Cherry

*Joseph Henry (Missie), lab, h 175 Cherry

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"Knorkinjt" kills the kernel in kindness.



Joseph Max, jeweler, h Clayton * Joseph Maggie, cook, li 260 Strong Joyner Mrs Bessie Lee, mill wkr. 2:57 Hiawassee Julian lien fEthel), adv mug Banner. 226 Dougherty Jiihlin (Susie), earp. h 158 Vine Jnhlin Alfred, 158 Vine *Jusoin Florence, Ind. li 885 Lyndon ave Kalvaransky Mrs Thresa. 168 Haneoe.k Kt-arwell Charlie (Leslie), carp, h lOSo Lumpkin Keatinj; John (Ethel), watchmaker, h 271 Hancock Keese J S (Louise), sales, h 562 Pulaski Kellar Paul A (Henrietta), mach. h 148 1-2 Clayton Kellar Sular. smstr tailoring shop, h 698 Pulaski Kelly Columbus. MY.] IToyt Kelly Mrs Dora, mill wkr. h S9:{ Bonlovard Kelly Frank J, sales dry jroods. 247 Pulaski
Kelly Bernard, sales, 247 Pulaski *Kelly Riley (Ella), lab press club, h 140 Church
Kelly Mrs Pearl, stmstr. h XT.} IToyt Kelley Solomon (r, wtchmn oil mill. 464 College Kelley William 1). nji'ht wtchmn ctn wrhse. 729 Jackson Kellojrjr E Forest (E Hale), ins aprt. h 180 Barrow Kellojrj; J R. ext a?t Ag: Col, 256 Douprherty Kellum Dave (Tempie). carp, h 885 Oconee Kellum Thomas (Julia) mach. h 1487 Broad Kemp John Wesley (BonniiO. sect t'oremn r r. h 887 College Kemp T) S. t'oremn foundry, h 887 College Kemp Chloe, cashier picture show. 887 College Kemp John, trek dvr. h 887 C'ollege Kemp Mrs Pellie. h 764 Jackson *KKendriek fleorge (Emma), widl digger, h 424 Georgia Depot * Kendrick J B. lab shirt fact. 424 Georgia Depot *Keudrick Allie Belle, wks hair dressinsr parlor. 424 Georgia Depot *Kennebrew Carl (TintO. lab. h 748 Hull Kennedy Clare, h Y \Y C A Kennedy F M! (Li/./ie). sales. Flanigan & Flanigan, h 778 Pope Kenney Albert T (Ella\ real est agt. h 255 Bloomlield Kenney Bert 1) (Nellie K guard prisoners, h 1097 Lumpkin *Kenney Charlie (RosaV lab. h 160 Madison *Kenney Charlie Jr. UK) Madison *Kenney Laura. 160 Madison *Kenney Daisv. h 170 Newton *Kenney Ella.' lab, 198 Finley *Kenney Marion, farmer. 198 Finley K'enney Emma E. agt mail order house, h Hill Crest Kenney Jemima, 270 Hill Crest


National Bank of Athens




*Kenney Emma, Ind. 1223 Hancock

*Kenney Clarence, butler. 1223 Hancock

*Kenney Mary, cook, h 529 Finley

Kenney Mell \Y (Lyda) police, h* 395 Baxter

Kenney Mrs Sara S. h 7S7 Baxter

*Kenney Swift (Nellie), waiter. 863 Meigs

Kenney Willie. emp bakery, 194 State

Kent James A (Eliza), farmer, h 348 Georgia Depot

Kent Walter, barber. 248 Georgia Depot

Kent James \V (Wra). barber, li 130 Georgia Depot

Kent Livie (Dora), lab ctn mill, h 1227 Broad

Kent William F (Fannie), mill wkr. li 2s3 Poplar

Kidd Mrs Soplironia. Idg bse kpr. h 820 Lumpkin

Kidd \Viley (Mandy). mill wkr. h 189 Little

Kilgore Clifford, auto mach. h 369 Cobb

Kilgore Henry A (Birdie), mill wkr. h Xantahala

*Killian Alma R. li Cain

*Killian "Wm (Mattie). draymn. h 145 Cain


*Killian Lnla Mae. li 145 Cain

*Killian Wm II. mail carrier, 145 Cain

Kilpatrick Irby T (Eva), ctn buyer, h 356 Hill

Kilpatrick Hallie. 356 Hill

Kilpatrick Martin. 356 Hill

*Kilpatrick Mary, cook, b 167 Finley

*Kimbro Love (Viola), trek drvr. li 341 Atbens

Kimsey Charles C (Maude), postal elk. li 259 Henderson

*K'mbrick Aaron (Julia), lab, h 197 Bridge

*Kinderland Jolin (Ellen), lab. li 439 River '

*King Bessie, cook, h Broad

**King James (Susie), farmer, b 180 Rock Spring

*King Janie Ind, 1) 170 Peters

*King Cornelia, techer, 170 Paris

*King Eddie, lab. 170 Paris

*King Lucius (Sallie). lab. li 190 Rock Spring

King Mary Ella, li 832 Water

King Mary. Thomas

King Robert, lab oil mill, li 424 First

*King Robert, lab. 170 Paris

King Thomas R (Belle), sales Tailor Elect Co. h 731 Cobb

*King Willie Mae. Ind. h Waddell

Kingon Wm J (Alice). P O elk. b 287 Oconee

*KiiLsley Charlie (Mary), butcher

Kinney Mrs Eliza, b 143 Bryant

Kinney Nora, mill wkr. 134 Bryant

Kinney Frank, mill wkr.

*Kinney Daisy, h 170 Newton

Kinnebrew E Ilulmc (Louise), sales Dorsey Cloth Co. h 226 Hill


National Bank of Athens




*Kinnebrew Emily. 248 Pope Kinnebrew Mrs Mary E. matron girls school, _69 Jackson Kinnehrew Mrs Ossie, salesw Michael's, h 293 Clayton Kirby II M (Fellie). wks So Mfg Co, h 875 Boulevard *Kirk Cornelia, dom. h 160 Paris Kirk Emory (Pearl), plmbr, h 9:5") Oconee Kirk Elmer, pressmn W J Gardner's, 935 Oconee Kirk Howard (Maggie), collector city water wks. h 1095 Oconee Kirk ?]lwood. pressmn. 1095 Oconee Kirk Janette, mill wkr. 1095 Oconee Kirk Ilowell C. mill wkr. So Mfg Co. 530 Xantahala Kirk James S (Elizabeth,), emp So Bell Tel Co. 115 Lumpkin Kirk Jos M (Elsie), street car conductor, h 863 Chase Kirk Samuel R (Lilly), plmbr. h Hill Kirk Stiles, 170 Poplar Kirk \V H (Carrie), overseer So Mfg Co, h 197 Park Kirk Albert J. mill wkr, 197 Park Kirkland P M (Myrtle), trav sales, 720 Chase Kirkpatrick Robert, pntr. h 280 Baxter Kirkpatrick Mattie L, 280 Baxter Kittle Arthur M (Clara). rang oil co, 260 Baxter Kittle Luther, opr tel co, h 395 Boulevard Kline Pauline, smstr. h 270 Water Klouse Bettie, 290 Baxter Knowles James P (Lillian), foreman r r yd, h 798 Baxter Knox Frank 1) Sr (Mary 1), dentist, h 806 College Knight Thomas M (Dolly), miller, h 186 Inglewood *Knox Lee (Belled emp mnf pit. 748 Hull *Knox Wingtield. tmstr Gulf Ret' Co. 224 Cleveland Knox l)r F 1) (Sara), dentist, ofc 306-8 So Mut Bldg. h 806 College Krat'ka Joseph (Bessie), prof V of Ga, h 60 Harris Krumrine Charlie II (Selena), civ eng. 125 Strong Kiyder Mrs Mary E. drsmkr. h 224 Thomas Kryder William, meht. 224 Thomas K-yder Mark, 224 Thomas Kytle Louise, 850 Prince Ktyder Estelle, 224 Thomas
"iBoon Lloyd Lamar (Mattie), prop auto repair shop, h 150 State -nlioon James Lamar. 150 State -aIJoon Emily M. 150 State Liibron Sallie. cook. 190 Green acy Louise, 1123 Prince 'Hiuar Sara, librarian V of Ga. 489 Milledge 'iiinar William (Bertlia), mill wkr, h 457 Baldwin amar Mary Lou. 457 Baldwin
-iimb Mary. 317 Milledge
ambert Charles A (Leila Ma), plmbr, h 301 Newton

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118______ATHENS. GA., (1920-1921) CITY DIRECTORY_________
*Lambert James (Alberta), lab. h w Henderson Lambert Mrs Josie. h 394 Pope Lambert Gladys, steno. 394 Pope Lambert Paul, waiter. 394 Pope Lampkin Cobb (Ketnrah), ins agt, h 158 Milledge Lampkin Eustace. Griffith Imp Co. 158 Milledge Lampkin Lucy. 158 Milledge Lampkin Lois. 158 Milledge Lampkin E A (Jeneva). h 230 DuBose ave Lampkin Eugene H (Leila), prop gro & mkt. h 356 Hoyt Lampkin Mrs Frances M. matron ladies rest room, h 619 Reese Lampkin Carrie Lou, teacher, 619 Reese Lampkin Marion A. teacher, 619 Reese *Lampkin Overn (Lula). lab. h 1127 Hancock *Lampkin Robert. 1127 Hancock Lancaster Nellie, steno, 550 Jackson Landers Roy W (Annie), com sales, h 238 Barber *Landrum Addie (Emma), lab shirt fact, h 523 Arch Landrum Mrs Ellen N. bdng hse kpr, h 774 Jackson Landrum Guy. mill \vkr, 744 Jackson *Landrum Frances. 424 First *Landrum Hut (Odessa), lab fert pit, h 1699 Broad *Landrum Lizzie, Ind, h 178 Warsaw Landrum Mrs Mattie. nurse, h 179 Hiawassee *Landrum Rogers (Alii Mae), emp. h 261 Strong *Landrum Sara. Ind. h 248 Arch *Landrum Mamie, Ind, 248 Arch *Lane Jim (Martha), farm lab. h 183 Derby Lane Mattie. lab shirt fact, 183 Derby *Lane Roy (Mattie). lab, h 1690 Broad *Lane "Wiles (Susie), lab Epps gar, h 365 Vine Lane Louie A. social wkr. h 378 Oak Lang Robert B (Alice), pntr, h 397 Barber Lang Allie M, drsmkr, 397 Barber Lang Eva. drsmkr. 397 Barber Lang Lewis, butcher. 397 Barber Langford A M (Etta), slip elk. li 1831 Childs Langford William II (Moxelle). mill wkr, li 152 Bryant Langford Clyde, mill wkr, 152 Bryant Langford O W (Pope), auto mech.'h 336 Iloyt Langston Ben. li 175 Billups
*Lanie Lum. shoe maker. 273 Reese Lanier Mrs Bessie, h 140 Barber LANIER FLEETWOOD, ins acjt Ermn & Co., 140 Barber Lanier Wilson, student, 140 Barber T.anier Warren. 140 Barber Lanier D W (Edith), auto sup sales, h 625 Lumpkin





Corner Broad and Jackson Streets



Lanier Louis C, 624 Thomas *I,arence ( 1 arrie. 112 Berry *Larg Florida, cook, h 850 Water Lassiter Carrie L. steno, 278 Barrow Lassiter Edith. 273 Barrow Lassiter R R (Ada), sales lumb. h 273 Barrow Lassiter Leon, mech gar, 273 Barrow Lassiter Carrie L, steno, 273 Barrow Lathern Gus (Lizzie Mae), ins agt. h 175 State Latimer Arthur F (Carolina), mng ctn ofc, 225 Hill Latimer Robt C. com sales. Y M C A *Laughten Estelle, svt, 156 Strickland
Lavender Robt E (Ida), sales, h 350 Harris LAWLER F J (Adelaide). Lawler Motor Co, e Washington: h 1150
M il ledge Lawson Ella. 345 Cleveland Lawrence Robert R (Marion), h 677 Milledge Lawrence Eugenia, 677 Milledge *Luvrenee William B (Lucy), minister, h 451 Billups *La\vrence William A (Rose), mng ins co, h 650 Hancock *Lawrence Charles, ins agt. 650 Hancock *Lay Henry (Fannie), mng wood yd. h 125 Inadale *Lay Millie, 125 Inadale *Lay Ethel. 125 Tnadale *Lay Mattie, 125 Inadale
*Lay Kemp (Susie), h 1327 Hancock 'Hyton Herbert B, prop bicycle shop. 464 College ave "i.vton Tillman B, mach, 464 College 'Lrals Louis I) (Mittie). lab comp co, h 498 Athens -fan! Liza, h 174 Bryant 't'ard Noah, mill wkr. 174 Bryant ^ard Rossie, mill wkr, 174 Bryant fathers Leon (Lottie), tinner,'h 889 Hill fathers Fred, 889 Hill gathers Clifford, 889 Hill .c Coc<i William, night \vtchmn, 198 Waddell ''<lford Donald M, elk r r ofc. 663 Jackson
'' Albert T (Susie), dvr gro wagon, h 424 Reese < Emory Mindora). h 132 Lyndon Row <-e Emory (Minnie), florist, h rear 190 Green ' Frances. Ind, h 522 Broad < Henry (Delia), lab, 188 Strong <' Henry (Cornelia), delmn. 188 Strong ''' Julia, hairdresser, 188 Strong
'<4 Katie Lou. svt. 652 Hull <'< Moses (Delia), draymn, h 189 Lyndon Row

Banking is also Business We are Merchants in Credit YOUR ACCOUNT INVITED
National Bank of Athens



*Lee Rosina, ]89 Lyndon Row

*Lee Rollie. lab, 985 College

*Lee Thomas (Reva), dvr gro store, h 123 Third

*Lee "Willie. mech gar, 237 Bridge

Leibing Frances E. dir pub seh music. S N S, 489 Milledge

Lemon John F (Mamie), brickmason, h 298 Peabody

Lemon John F Jr, 298 Peabody

Leonard Charles O (Ellie), h 349 Hoyt

Leophart Jacob "W (Minnie), r r inspt, h 775 Pulaski

LESSER MILTON (Ruth), prop Chas Morris Cloth Est, h 258 Han-


Lester Andrew C (Lnla), farmer State Col of Ag, h 1615 Lumpkin

Lester Charles A (Albina). mech. h 129 Peter

Lester Mrs Missouri, 129 Peter

*Lester George, rear 763 College ave

*Lester Henrietta, cook. 1760 College ave

*Lester Eva, Ind, 1760 Hancock

Lester Henry (Emma*, moulder iron fndry, 575 Jackson

Lester Hiram II (Fannie), farmer, h 367 Oconee


Lester "Wallie, fireman. 367 Oconee

Lester "Willie, taxi dvr, 367 Oconee

*Lester Lula, nurse, 853 Prince

Lester Ruth. 367 Oconee

*Lester Sanford. lab. h 170 Lyndon Row

*Lester Mosy, svt. 170 Lyndon Row

*Lester Sellar, drmn. h 190 Miller

*Lester Spencer (Mamie), well digger, h 1760 Hancock

LeSeur John A. 459 1-2 e Clay ton

Levey Edgar (Rachaelj ctn buyer, h 258 Hancock

Levey Moe (Minnie), ret mclit. h 179 Dougherty

*Leverette Mozelle, Ind, h 253 Bailey

*Leverett Nebraska, transfermn. h 180 Berry

*Leverett Nathan, butler. 180 Berry

Lewallen Harvey D (Fannie), gro, h 153 Cleveland

Lewd Chas C (Rilla). mill wkr. li 125 Bryant

*Lewis Armis. lab comp, h 425 Cleveland

*Lewis Ida M, maid, 425 Cleveland

Lewis Deb. prop Inch room, h 140 "Ware

*Lewis Fannie Mae. teacher, h 1280 Broad

Lewis Fred (Cora), rear 264 Washington

Lewis Herschel (Bertha), r r eng. h S78 Oconee

Lewis Mrs James M, h 878 Oconee

Lewis Lee. asst yd mug r r. S78 Oconee

Lewis Dallas, baggage mst. 878 Oconee

Lewis James, barber. 115 Lumpkin

Lewis Joe (Mattie). fireman city, h 245 DuBose ave

Lewis Josie, nurse St Mary's Hospital

Merchant Tailor

Phone 601-J

220 1-2 Clayton St.



Lewis Mary, steno, Pulaski Lewis Nelson (Ellen), woodcutter, h 187 Bilhips Lewis Olive, mill wkr, 742 Oconee Lewis Robert, lab comp, 394 Fourth Lewis Robert (Martha), emp shirt fact, h 245 Madison ave Lewis Thomas (Nina), acct, h 247 Dougherty Lewis Walter E (Jane), ctn buyer, h 453 Hill Lewis Will, 275 Hiawassee Lewis William (Annie), fireman, h 742 Oconee Lewis Fred, mill wkr, 742 Oconee Lewis Hallie, mill wkr, 742 Oconee Lightfoot James, wks Athens St Lndry. h 216 Newton Lightfoot William (Nancy), butler, rear 1080 Milledge Lilly Ethel I, opr S B Tel Co, 224 Barrow Lilly Aletta, 224 Barrow Lilly Fred (lola), briekmason, h 19.1 Mulberry Lilly Robert (Virginia), briekmason. h 224 Barrow Lilly lola, elk, 224 Barrow Lilly M Kendall, brick mason, 224 Barrow Leinbach Hugh C (Mary), furn packer. 664 Jackson LINDBORG ANDREW,'tailor, h 115 Lumpkin Lindborg Harry <'Alma'>, tailor, h 588 Meigs Line Lucy, hid. 136 Trail Creek Lingerfelt John L (Mary), pressmn newspaper, h 445 Meigs Lingle James C. emp lumb mill, h 824 College Link Benjamin (Evelyn), sales, h 536 Dougherty Link Morris (Sophie), mcht. h 286 Broad Link Emanuel, sales M Link. 286 Broad Link Abe (Mable). mcht. h 263 Clayton Linton Letha, svt. rear 298 Barber Linton Henry II. bookkpr ctn co, h 468 Milledge ave Lniton Annie, head manual arts dept. S X S, h 468 Milledge Linton Lucy, 468 Milledge Linton Mary C, 124 Hancock Linnie Jean, h 268 Fairview


1 > 1IC >NK 1 ( >t)



LIPSCOMB FRANK A .(May) ins agt Lipscomb & Co, College ave; h 285 Milledge



*Lipscomb Laura, svt. h 135 Cherry *Lipscomb Calloway, trek dvr. 135 ( 1herry Lipsey Paul R (Pat'ria). mill wkr. li 698 Nantaliala *Lisby Minnie, cook. 573 Hancoek Little Claude, sales book store. 866 College *Little John H (Jennie), carp, h 152 Willow Little Mrs Louis. 38:3 Hoyt *Littleton ('has (Willie\ prop rest, h 145 Valley *Littleton Lonis. presser. 145 Valley Littleton John H (Mandy). mill wkr, h 203 Chattanooga *Livingston Ethel. 148 Foundry Livingston G H (Mildred), printer, h 347 s Milledge *Livingston Richard (Lanra). V S mail carrier, h 540 Hancock *Livingston William C ( Charlotte ~}. minister, h 220 Flint *Livsey Lnnis. lab, 573 Hancock *Livsey Amenda. 573 Hancock Lloyd Jas O (Maude), ctn weigher comp, h 737 Jackson Ijloyd George E. soda jerker. 737 Jackson Lloyd Mrs Lnla. mill wkr. h 376 Oconee Lloyd Vergie. 376 Oconee Lo Rnono Joseph, wks Sr-udder's. h 125 1-2 Clayton
Lockhart Clara, bkpr. 612 Jackson *Lofton Dora. Ind, 187 Pearl *Lofton Annie M. Ind. 187 Pearl *Lofton H. lab. 187 Pearl *Long Calvin, waiter, h 628 Hull *Long Kitty, cook. 628 Hull Long Emma. 357 Milledge Long Harry (Sara), pntr, h Meiprs *Lorifr Jim (Eunice), lab. h 249 China Lon<r O R. phar dry <rds store. 353 Hancock Lonjr William F (Ora^. carp, h 199 Dougherty Long Ruth. 199 Dougherty Lord Etta, salesw, h Y W C A Lords Joel (Mattie\ farmer, h 137 Madison Lords Winifred. 137 Madison Lord Maude, sales. 137 Madison Lord May. 137 Madison Lord John Taylor Jr (Lizzie), mcht. h 290 Tabernacle Lord Hugh, chauf. 290 Tabernacle Lord Jessie Bell, mill wkr. 290 Tabernacle Lougheridge L D (Lottie), dentist. Holman Bldg, h 626 Cobb Lovern Mrs Eugenia, mill wkr. h 348 Hiawassee Lovern Ezell. mill wkr. 348 Hiawassee Lovern Edith, mill wkr. 348 Hiawassee Lovern Gertrude, mill wkr *Lowe Alonzo (Kizzie). h 240 Newton *Lowe Minnie. Ind. 240 Newton *Lowe Buddy, stoker gas co. 240 Newton *Lowe Annie, nurse. 240 Newton *Lowe Mrs Bert. Ind, 370 Branch *Lowe Janie, maid. 370 Branch *Lowe Fannv. h 370 Branch *Lowe Corkie, nurse, h 147 Strickland



*Lowe Eli/abeth, Ind, 236 Pearl I/we Mrs Eugenia, h 363 Boulevard Lo\ve Mrs Electra, steno. 363 Boulevard *Lowe Philip, lab, h 174 Marlin *Lowe William. 174 Marlin *Lowe Sam (Susie), farm lab. h 170 Macon *Lowe Elijah (Millie), mill wkr. h 194 Maeon *Lowe Abe (Alice), mill wkr, h 437 Macon Lowe William Virgil, barber, 37") Hancock Lowry Marion W, chemist, h 126 Hampton Lowry Mrs Eunice, 126 Hampton Lowry Nathan B (Annie), mill wkr Lowry Paloria, h 994 Oconee Loy Sara E, agt publication, h 195 Becker Lucas Mamie, teacher, h 220 Milledge *Lucas Will (Delia), trackmn. h 298 Lyndon Row *Lucas Bessie, cook, 298 Lyndon Row *Lucas Julia, h 298 Lyndon Row *Lumpkin Archie (Xella), delmn. h Yonah *Lumpkin Will (Julia), porter. Yonah *Lumpkin Dan. delmn. h 261 Strong LUMPKIN E K SR (Mary), atty. ofc Holman Bldg: h 973 Prince Lmnpkin Edward K Jr ( Kli/abeth ), atty, h 794 Hancock Lmnpkin J H, atty. 973 Prince Lurnpkin Bryan. 973 Prince LUMPKIN GERDINE (Augusta i. Northeast Ga Motor Co. Lump-
kin st: h 1150 Milledge *Lurnpkin Hopie. cook, h 264 Washington *Lumpkin Jessie (Irene), blksmth. h Billups *Luinpkin Joe, carp, 1267 Hancock *Lumpkin John (Rosa), porter. 1160 Hancock *Lumpkin Laura, farm lab, 463 Oak *Lumpkin Lithonia. lab, 247 Chase *Lumpkin Savannah. 247 Chase *Lumpkin Lixzie. maid, rear 287 Broad *I.umpkin Mamie. Ind. h 126 Inadale *Lumpkin Helen, hainlresser. 126 luadale *Lumpkin Lillian. Ind, 126 Inadale *L;uiipkin Obe (Lilly), trek dvr. h 160 Lyndon Row *L,impkin Sallie, Ind, 140 Chase *Lumpkin Sam (Magnolia), delmn. h 223 Strong *I.unipkin Samuel, lab. 140 Macon *Uimpkin Willie. chant'. 386 Broad -mid Daniel (Fannie), mcht dry goods, h 623 Milledge
'imd Mack, 623 Milledge mister Eugene A. tchr, 150 Cloverhurst 'I'strat Joseph (Eleanor), prof V of Ga, University Campus 'Uttrell Wm J. com trav. 145 1-2 e Clayton *Lyle Dilmus (Lelia). r r fireman, h 240 Crawford *Lyle Ben, putty wkr, h 627 Hull *Lyle Gib, mng store. 627 Hull *Lyle Eugene (Mattie). plstr, h 147 Plum kvle Benjamin F (Ruth), mech ctn mill, h 289 n Milledge Lyle Willie, tchr, 289 n Milledge



Lyle Lottie 289 n Milledge Lyle Crawford I) (Miriam), sales, h 361 Thomas Lyle Mrs Lois, Milledge Lyle Mary L. Ind. h 220 Miller Lyle Fred, plstr. 220 Miller Lyle Mary, h 279 Henderson Lyle Annie, asst post master, 279 Henderson Lyle Mary, cook, 1537 w Broad Lymons Lneille. Ind. h 170 Glenn Lynch James \V (Rebecca), past First Baptist Church, 480 s Mil-
ledge Lynch Grace. 480 s Milledge Lyndon John, frm lab. h Broad Lyndon Mrs Lucy, h 840 Hancock Lyndon Mary, dean woman's dept U of Ga, h 840 Hancock
Lynton Bertha, nurse. 365 Barber Lvons John II (Fannie), brickmason, h 1262 Broad Lyons Willis E. lab. 1262 Broad Mabry Oscar, prop r gro. h 152 Hoyt Mack Charlotte II, h 853 Reese
Mack Lucile. teacher, h 853 Reese Mack Millard. h 853 Reese Mack Dalis (Alice), lab comp co. h 127 Savannah Mack Edward (Cinthy), carp, h 220 Harris Mack Fannie. Ind. h 170 Green Mack Hugh, lab. h 160 Second Mack Johnson, lab, h 170 Berry Mack Louis (Queenie), lab Elect Co, Fuller Mack Scotty. engineer steam merry go round, 788 Lumpkin Mackle Ernest (Hattie). minister, h 135 Billups Maeon Carrie, steno, 186 Hancock Ave Maddis AVright f AnnieV lab. h 168 Strickland Maddux Henry T. pub dir Ag Col, 524 Prince Maddox Joe 'i Katie i. pub lab. h 1691 Broad
Maddox John B. carp. 258 Springdale Maddox Rosa E. teacher. 258 Springdale Maddox Julia. Ind, h 190 Hull Maddox Lonnie (Viola), lab plow fact, h 178 Strickland Maddox Nelson (Mamie), lab, h 138 Billups
Maddox Orion L (Vesta), carp, h 263 Hull
Maddox Tom (Martha), farmer, h 311 Cleveland
Maddox Orha. farmer. 361 Cleveland Maddox Clifford, farmer. 361 Cleveland Maddox Daisy. 361 Cleveland
Maddox W P. 311 Thomas
Madison Martha, lab ctn mill. 987 College ave M-igill Dan < Eli/abeth '. citv editor Athens Herald MM gill Edwin B. 215 1-2 Lumpkin Magill Mrs Martha L 215 1-2 Lumpkin Maguire Jack (Annie), sales, 749 Boulevard Maguire Mrs Margaret E. h 164 State
Maguire Agnes B. bkpr. 164 State Mahaffey Claud (Sara >. atty. 104 Shackelford Bldg; h 130 Field Mahaffey Effie R, 130 Field

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Mutuality mitiffatr* multitudinous misfortunes.



Mfiliom- Walter K (Ilda). ins a?t. 812 Thomas "Mfilfolm Henrietta, Ind, h 948 Reese Alfillory \V A (Birdie), tax oolleotor. li 486 Dearinr Ma 1 lory William. 486 Doarincr *Maloue Amis. lab. li 176 Willow *Malono Albert, lab. 176 Willow *Malone John IT, cook. V of fia. h 120 IVabody *Malone Susie, hairdresser. 422 Billnps *Malone Thomas (Essie T/). tailor, h Chase Malphurs IToraee E (Madelle'), real est Equitable Life Tus. Tlol-
inan T)ld<?;! li 524 Meijrs Maltby Robert T) < Rosaline), vocational educational dir, T' of Ga ; *Manrel Wilson (Savannah), h 892 Anjrnsta *.\fanj?el Evelena. 892 Anjrnsta Manfrle J f (Josephine), brick mfjr. h 184 Prince Manjrleburpr C 1 S (Sadie), com salesmu house supplies, h 267 DuBose ^riirlobiirjr G T (Helen), trav sales, h 1128 Prince Manley Gaston, carp. 760 DuBose Manly Julia, sales, 4S.~) Jackson Mann Frank P (Julia), firemn. h 1294 Boulevard Mann Thomas D. hdw sales. 1294 Boulevard *Mann John, r r firemn. 496 Athens *Mann John A (LulaX r r firemn. li 2S6 Anjrnsta ^Fann Wm T (Amanda*. mill wkr. h 187 Miles Manne Moses L. mnirr i<Mj pit. h 262 Milledjre Manm- Mrs Mollie. h 262 Milledre Manninjr AV S. 428 s Lumpkin *Mansfield Hattie, cook, h 499 River *Mansfield Fannie. 499 River *Mans Martha, cook. 440 Finley *Manytield Ella. 644 Hull *Manvn'eld Henry, innir pool room. 644 Hull *ManVtield Emily, cook. 190 Hull *Mapp A X, farmer, h 292 Xellie B ave *Mapp Jessie Belle. 292 Xellie B *Mapp Stephen. 292 Xellie B :*Mapp Cody (Lix./ie 1!, trek dvr. h Xewton Mapp J II (Janie Bell 1), bsn mnjr cord mill, h 247 Barber Mapp Arnold E, sales jrro. 247 Barber 'Mapp Juke (Carrine). Ib Inclry 'Mapp Winnie, hid, h 145 Fairview Marable Ella, steno. II O Eptinjr Co. l.")7 Sprinjrdale *Marable- Mrs Kunk-e, h 849 Hovt

J. F. Shepherd


211-212 Holman Uuilding


Athens, Georgia



Marable Anna, sales dept store. 849 IToyt *AIarable Lilly, li 246 Miller *AIarable Julia. '246 Miller Marable AVm C (Dorai. lal) eomp. li ISO Wynbourne Marable Mary .7. 180 AYynhourne *Marl>le Lucile. 422 Finley *AIarble Mary. Ind. li 229 Stroujr *Ararhle .Tolin iSallie'i. eont. li 228 Strong *Afarhle Ophelia. 24S Pope *AFarble Sain (Amyi. mech. li 262 Siroujr *Ararble Lucile. 262 Stronr Marbut llenw 1) dda . sales Talimul-r T.ros. li 49S Ruth M.-irbut Robert. 49::l Rutli ^iMrbin Ilup-h. 49:^ Ruth Marbut "Walter P CR'.ith . iuni jj-ro stoi'e. Kiujr-Iloil^son. I'rincc
ave: h f>64 s Luinpkin Alarbut Mrs M;:ry. 49:{ Ruth ^larlart Leo 1! (Manrarette . teacher T T of (Ja. h :"540 ^Meijrs Marlow Valbiirn (Rosa* ins ajrt. h M87 (lini-eh ^Farlo-vv Valburn -lr Ella), coin trav. h 3S7 Church ^larrett ('arson, elk ry ot'c. ."i:56 College ave ^Marshall Clarence AV '.lane', porter hotel, li 1."i8 Iloyt AFarshall (ieorjre. tlrnin. li 187 Plmn ^Marshall .L.lin (Maryi. lal>. 670 Hull Martini ('has i Edith . prof V of (ia. h 12:>4 Lumpkin Martin Alexander (Minnie), eljrinn. h 487 Hill Alartin Celeste, teacher. 487 Hill "Alartin Anthony, lab. h 168 .Johns Martin Aaron Olav . mill lab. First MARTIN CHAS E', real est ajrt. Krwin &Co. 42', Hill ATai'tin Dink Salliei. innjr shoe repi- shop, h 8(JO College Alartin A'ines (Azxie,. nsst niiij:- shoe repj- shop, h 860 College Alartiu Oabriel S ('Alice), fanner, h 780 P.arber Martin Mary II. 980 Barber *Martin <J<-o P . Parthenia .. lab f.-rt pit. li l.~>40 liroiul *"?Iartin James AV. ir>4() Kroad Martin Ceoi-jre C (Mae . student T of (Ja. h 180 Field Martin Herman (Leah '. r r ajrt. h 4.">7 e Hancock Martin II K fLula>. o\\n-r mfo- ph. h 10.~.~) Prince Martin Annette. 1 ().")."> Pi-inee Martin J M flOlmer!. candy unit', h .~>46 Pulaski *]\rartin Lena. svt. 890 Milh-d"v *Martin Hertlia. rear 890 Milled^*Martin Alary. Ind. 280 Dobbs Martin Alary Lee. 182 (Irady *Martin Mamie. Ind. li 224 Miller


Corner Broad and Jackson Streets



: Martin Jas C, lab, 224 Miller "Martin Robert II. waiter hotel. 224 Miller Martin Noath Alien. Hagman r r. 293 Hoyt Martin Onie F (Lena>. dairymn. h 620 Barber "Martin Reuben H, chauf. 224 Miller "Martin Julia E. 224 Miller Martin William II. carp. 774 Jackson ' 'Marvel Shenny. lab. 24H Pope *'Mason Douglas (Laura), dr sail dept. 1390 \\- Broad "Mason Louise. 723 Dearing "Mason Harry. 723 Dearing
ion Emilv. teachers. 524 Prince M son Regina, 524 Prince M. son fJeorge (Emily., ctn buyer, h 524 Prince M son Katie, teacher. 524 Prince M son Harry A, bkper. 524 Prince M son James H, dentist, h 259 Clayton *Mason Mamie, cook, h rear 56S Pulaski "Mason Mattie. nurse, h 1196 Hancock "Mason Sadie, cook Mason Wan-en B (dertrudet. t'uni sales, h 240 Clayton Mason Charlie, lab furn st. 240 Clayton Mason William (Belle), billing elk. h 247 Donjrherty M;;ssey J II (Mary), com trav. 575 Jackson Massey ^Irs Xancy. 496 Ruth
Massey Seaborn (Hassle), sales, h 3S3 Hoyt *Mathis Henry, cook, h Waddell *Matliis Lixxie, svt, Summey st
Mi'.this Mrs Lucy Leah. teachei- A II S. 595 Milledjiv Mathis Thomas II (Beatrice), barber, h 261 Beoker -Mathews Aubrey E. com trav. Washington "Mathews (Jartield i Frances >. lab ctn comp. h 1326 Hancock Mathews (n'orre, butler. 1327 Hancock
Mathews John T (Ma<r<rie\ farmer, li 1095 Hancock Mathews Mrs Lucy. 1073 Milledge
Mathews ^Marion R (Mayce). shoemaker, h 435 Uourherty -M a thews Milliard (^lamie), physician, h 270 Hancock Mathews Mar.jorie, 272 Hancock .Mathews Milton (Louie), lab. h 599 Hancock M;ithews Newton (Pearl), ajrt Intern Harv Co, h 434 Doiurherty Mathews Thomas L. sales. 127 Miles .Mathews Trussie, liul. h 1128 Hancock Mathews William M (Ettie). slip elk. h 699 College Mathews Wm II, wtchmn, 120 Broad -Mathews Mrs Willic E. drsmkr. h 331 Thomas Mathews Mvrtle, 331 Thomas



Mathews Jennie. Ind. h 1482 Broad Matthews Mamie, maid $ X S. 1482 w Broad Matthews John ( Viola 1. lal). 140 Warsaw Matthews Mabel, bkpr. 868 Haneoek Matthews ^1 aggie. 454 Reese Matthews Ollio. h 175 Barren Matthews Olivia, h 515 Reese
Matthews Roy (Camilla^ lab. h 825 Lyndon Matthews Susan, dem agt. Ag Col. 11 OH Lumpkin Mattox Ida. cook, h 127 Cherry Mattox Eleanor, cook. 127 Cherry Mattox Fisher Brown, mill wkr. 22S Rock Spring Maweather \Vayman (DaisyV V S mail carrier, li 148 Augusta Maxey Charlie (Addie"), carp, h 128 Augusta Maxey Robert L (Carried foreman gas pit. h 804 Lumpkin Maxeys William, transfermn. ISO Berry
Maxeys Kary. ma eh. ISO Berry Maxwell Alex (Miranda"), bottler, h Fuller Maxwell Mary Lou. nurse. Fuller
Maxwell Lueius (Patty Olivia), sales, 297 Broad Maxwell Rush M (Era), briekmason. h 176 Grace Maxwell Sam (Mary"), delmn who jrro. h 170 Cohen Maxwell Thomas (Babe'i, mill wkr. 844 Lakeview Maxwell Win P. briekmason. 440 Iliawassee Mayley Harry (Etta), fireman. 367 Oconee Maynard Marvin J (Mayln), ret meht. h 627 Waddell Mayne Geo B (Rosa ). mail carrier R F D, h 259 Finley Mayne C'arswell. r r agrt. 259 Finley Mayne Harictt. 259 Finley Maynes John (Annie i. svt, rear 226 Cloverhurst Mavfield Ida. cook. 150 Baxter Mayfield Tobc. pub lab. h 154 Odd Maynard F M. r r switchmn. 846 College Mcadcs T C (Alice), watch repairer, h 865 Boulevard Meadcs Charlie, mill wkr. 865 Boulevard Meades Jessie, mill wkr. 8(i5 Boulevard Meadow Mr* Susie A. h 585 Prince MEADOW WILL KING, atty. Sl.ackelford Bid jr. h 585 Prince Meadow Harold, naval student, h 585 Prince Mealor John II < Annie i. tax collector, h 51 Poplar Mealor Ruby, teacher. Poplar st Mealor Eddie D. Poplar Mealor John E (Essie), sales, h 125 Strong Means Vertner. teacher, h 1248 Lumpkin Medlin Sam J (Lula). li 180 Williams Megahee Lola, steno, li 840 Barrow
Mell Annie, teacher (College, 220 Milledge
Mell (Jeoi'ge A (Daisy), cash buk. h h57 Milledge
Mell John D (Helen)', minister, h 897 Milledge Mell E B. principal A H S. 897 Milledge Mell Thomas S. atty. Ji 257 Hill Mercer Mrs Katie, svt, 186 Bryant Merk Myrleen. teacher citv school, 180 Field Merk Harrv J. farmer. 180 Field

J. F. Shepherd


*211-212 Holnian IliiiKling


Athens, Georgia



Merck W II, h 157 Childs Merck Dave, sales. 157 Childs Merck Daisy, 157 Childs Merck Mattie. alterer women's clothes. 157 Childs Merck Harry, sales. 157 Childs *Mcrrith Henry (Ruby), farmer, h 280 Peters *Merrith Henry Jr. farmer. 2HO Peters 'Merrith Love Joy. lab, 2HO Peters
*Meriweather Geo < Annie), mng press clb. h 17-'? Lyndon
*Meriweather Gus, \V. 173 Lyndon *.Meri\veather Victoria, h 270 Newton *Meriweather Fred II. 270 Newton *Meriweather Wm (Carrie), jan I T of Ga, h 268 Thomas Merry M II (Bertha), who gro. h 169 Grady Merry Kathleen. 169 Grady Merry Viola S. 170 Virginia Messer John II (Georgia), eont, h 260 Baxter Messer Loy II, soda disp. 260 Baxter Methvin Nix, rang gro st. 187 Baxter Meu-born Eliza, h 297 Broad Mewborn Mack, 297 Broad Mewborn Curtis. 297 Broad Mewborn Mrs Margaret. 274 Thomas Mewborn Mrs Margaret. 274 Thomas Mewborn Roy \V. meeh. 274 Thomas Mewborn Eliza. 274 Thomas Michael Golden (Annie B). h 179 Virginia MICHAEL MAX (CeceliaL atty. h 120 Grady MICHAEL M G - EmmaK mclit. h 596 Prince Michael Leroy. Michael Bros. 596 Prince Mi.-hael David. Michael Bros. 596 Prince MICHAEL SIMON (Anna*. Michael Bros, li Milledge 'Michcrs Doc (.Josephine), lab comp. h Strickland
MnNiicbrooks Annie, nurse, h 680 Dearing Mh'dlebrooks C O, physician, ot'c llolman l>ldg. 6:U Prince Middlebrooks Tom E (LanctteK h 225 llcnderson Middlebrooks Tom, 225 llenderson M'.-vtfr Robert Lcc, r r exp msngr. 29:? Hoyt 'Milen Ella. In,I. h 145 Trail Creek "Mills Lula. h 227 Rock Spring '"Miller Bennie. lab. 574 Strong
filler Charlie M. slip elk. 664 Jackson ^Miller Clarence (Caroline), delmn exp co, h 663 Milledge *Miller Myra Lee, cook, 663 Milledge
Miller Charlie, lab, 663 Milledge Daisy, hid, h 753 Dearing



Miller Daisy, Ind, h 753 Dearing

Miller David F (Decie), ctn factor, h 347 Hill

MILLER FRANK 0, real est agt, Lawrence & Miller, Holman Bldg

h 347 Hill

Miller Katie Bell, 347 Hill

Miller Geo T (Hattie), mill wkr. h 285 Cemetery

Miller Ollie C. salesw, 285 Cemetery

Miller Lonis. 285 Cemetery

Miller H D (Rhoda), IT S deputy marshal, h 735 Prince

Miller Lloyd. 735 Prince

Miller Leonard. 735 Prince

Miller Eugene. 735 Prince

Miller Cleveland (Bessie), student V of Ga. 1057 Lumpkin

Miller Julian, teacher college. 215 1-2 Lumpkin

Miller J H? 467 Boulevard

Miller J Fletcher (Nona), mill wkr. h 147 Miles

Miller R L (Cora), r r conductor, h 467 Boulevard

Miller R D, 467 Boulevard

Miller Norma. 467 Boulevard

Miller Turner (Lucy), jan college, h 815 Reese

Miller "Walter E, mach. 464 College

Miller Well (Callie). mill wkr. h 498 Oak

Miller Frank, mill wkr. 498 Oak

Miller William J. civil eng, h 1393 Milledge

Mills Charles (Mary), minister, h Meigs


Mills Velma. Meigs

Mills George (Emma), svt. h 127 Franklin

Mills Joe, svt. rear 530 Milledge

Milner Joe (Susie), dvr gro wagon, h 135 Rock Spring

Milner John H (Mildred). 279 Meigs

Milner Joseph (Susie), cook, h w Waddell

Milner Lucy, Ind, h 28 Cleveland

Milner Moses S (Katie), ret gro. h 1483 Broad

Milner Sam (Ella), ernp who gro. h 168 Peabody

Milner Roberta, teacher, 168 Pe^body

Milner Willie P. waiter college dormitory, 230 Vine

Milton Willie (Alice), mcht. h 700 Broad

Mines Will H, sales dept store, 663 Jackson

Minder Joe (Lola), tailor. Clayton: li 195 Barrow

Minder Harriett. 195 Barrow

Minder Rein"-' J9~> Barrow

Mitchell Annie, drsrnkr. li 696 Lumpkin

Mitchell Asa L (Zipporahj, sales, h 824 Boulevard

Mitchell Corrine. teacher. Pope

''Mitchell Edward (Carrie), lab, h 195 Derby

^Mitchell Mattie, Ind, 195 Derby

Mitchell Mrs Elinia. h 473 Hancock

Mitchell Ebcnezer. farmer. 473 Haneoek

Mitchell Thomas L, ins agt. Holman Bldg: h 473 Hancock

Mitchell Augusta. 473 Hancock

Mitchell Etta G. 473 Hancock

Mitchell Frances L. 473 Hancock

Mitchell Mrs Elizabeth, 723 Hancock

Mitchell Mrs p]li/abeth, 723 Boulevard



Mitchell Mrs Emma, smstrs, 198 Boulevard *Mitchell Graham (Mary), bntler, h 125 Green *Mitchell Hinton (Alice), lab, h 1596 Broad Mitchell Mrs Jessie, St Mary's Hospital Mitchell Cornelia, St Mary's Hospital *Mitchell Johnson, florist, rear 175 Baxter *Mitchell Bay, trek mn, rear 175 Baxter Mitchell L C (Fannie), ctn buyer, 290 Milledge Circle *Mitchell Lum, garclenner, h 143 Peabody Mitchell Melebe (Kate), auto repr, h 199 Dougherty Mitchell Rndy, mill wkr, 187 Chattanooga *Mitchell Willie, farm lab, h 454 Broad Mitchum Homer (Alberta), carp, h 1023 Oconee Mitry George, peddler, 531 Thomas Mize Mrs Camilla, mill wkr, 372 Thomas *Mize James (Mollie), firemn, h 29 Hickory Mixe Martin C (Sara), farmer, h 340 Boulevard Mobley Chas W, instr Ag Col. 1190 Boulevard Mobley Chas W, instr Ag Col, 1190 Boulevard Mobley Dewey, 215 Washington Mobley Dewey. 340 Miles Mobley Mrs Ella A, h 215 Washington Mobley Jessie C, 215 Washington Mobley Herschel, 215 Washington Mobley T (Odessa), mill wkr, h 136 Miles Mock William, student, 199 Dougherty Monaham John F, sales, 247 Pulaski *Mongree Grace, cook, 140 Cherry *Mongree Eddie, butler. 140 Cherry Montgomery Mattie Lizzie, steno, 363 Hancock Montgomery William P (Martha), trek dvr. h 883 Lumpkin Montgomery John L (Cynthia), 883 Lumpkin *Moody Arthur (Mamie), farmer, h 230 Dobbs *Moody Ruth, maid), 230 Dobbs *Moody Cleo, waiter hotel, 349 Hull *Moody Mamie. 463 Hoyt *Moody Nat, cook, 463 Hoyt *Moon Alonzo (Carrie), lab. h 445 Barrett Moons Cecil (Mattie),'slip elk. Michael's, 1385 Oconee *Moon Charley T. farmer, h 1734 Broad *Moon Nancy. 1734 Broad Moon Mrs Cora, h 552 Pulaski Moon Robt, pntr, 552 Pulaski *Moon Fred (Cora), lab oil mill, h rear 264 Washington *Moon, h rear 264 Washington *Moon Green, h 567 Fourth *Moou Ada, lud, 567 Fourth Moon G rover C, sales, 282 Hancock Moon G W (Perlina). plinbr. h 393 s Jackson Moon Henry G (Ruby), mech. li 672 Barber *Moon Ivey, Ind, h 363 rear Cleveland "Moon Jacob 1) (Emma), cobbler, h 165 Athens "Moon Lessie, 166 Athens Moon J 1) (Grace), r r opr, h 237 Barber



Moon James B. farmer. 149 Beekor Moon Ellna. 149 Beeker Moon Mrs Louvinia. h 793 Hancock Moon Mrs Loii. li 230 DuBoso *Moon Mary. hid. h 246 Reese
*Moon Richard (Loudy). lab fert pit Moon Samuel (Jimmie). pharm. h 2S7 (Mayton Moon "Walter, col fnrn eo. h 597 Lumpkin *Moon Willie (Eliza), harbor, h 114 Rock Spring Mooney Sam 1, (MaryV carp, h 149 Mitcholl Moonoy Louis. 149 Mitchell Mooney Annie R. 149 Mitchell Moore Mrs Annie H. matron Y \V ( 1 A, 187 Hancock Moore Emma. 287 Hancock Moore Alva A (Lillian'), sales liprhtn rods. 247 Pulaski Moore Benjamin V (Ruby), prop par, 340 Boulevard Moore Mrs Bessie, drsmkr dept store. 664 Jackson *Moore Cora. cook. Yon ah ave Moore Mrs "Dicie. h 124 Bryant Moore Fountain, mill wkr. 124 Bryant *Moore F (Ada), lab. h 1236 Hancock *Moore Fred. lab. h 753 Dearinpr
Moore Geo. student. 624 Thomas Moore Geo (Nancy), student. 671 Thomas *Moore Georgia. 640 Broad *Moore Jessie, chauf. 640 Broad *Moore Genie, cook, h 987 College ave *Moore Gu i Winnie i. slip elk. h 198 Cleveland Moore Mrs Ilelda. h 226 First Moore Emory, mill wkr. 226 First Moore Robert, mill wkr. 226 First *Moore Henry, lab short fact, h Elder Moore Jam*'!- L (Reba). real est art. h 497 Ruth Moore Ilolman. wks meat fact. 497 Ruth Moore Willie. 497 Ruth
Moore Jessie, leacher. 550 Jackson Moore Mrs Josephine. 198 Waddell *Moore Lola. lab. li 160 Baxter *Moore Lola Ind. li 327 Athens Moore Mr> Majrjrie. mill \vkr. 550 Xantahala *Moore Maria, cook, h 72S Hull *Moore John. 728 Hull Moore Mrs Mary, h 149 Beeker *Moore Mattie. li 650 Hobson ave Moore Nancy. 624 Thomas Moore Xorris J (Ami), prop blksmlli slij). 284 Xacoochee Moore Maude, steno. 284 Xacoochee Moore Pansy, hairdresser. Clayton st : h 284 Xacoochee Moore Wallace, auto mech, 284 Xacoochee *Moore Richard (Mamie), draymn, h 168 Warsaw *Moore Robt (Orai. lab. h 486 River Moore Ruth. 479 Ruth Moore Gower. 479 Ruth Moore Ruth, teacher, 875 College



** Moore Shepherd (Rosa), draymn. h 1270 Broad .Moore S I*, cont, h 14.") Grady ave Moore Thomas C, r r eng, 343 Pope * Moore. Walter (Emma), janitor Y M C A. h 543 w Broad Moore William M (Delia), mill wkr. h 122 Bryant Morehead John B. trek dvr. h 193 Cleveland Morehead Pearl, 968 College ave Morgan Ed L (Lncile). mng tel co, h 350 Harris Morgan F I) (Cora), agt ins, h 230 DuBose ave Morgan Grover C (Maude), carp, h 187 Tihbetts Morgan William friary), drmn. h 465 Nacoochee Morgan Joseph, mill wkr. h 465 Nacoochee *Morris Annie, cook, h 497 Rock Spring *Morris Telhnan, 497 Rock Spring Morris Carey J. sales. 726 Pulaski Morris Charles. Charles Morris Clothing Est. Clayton : h 267 Dough-
erty Morris Rosena. 267 Dougherty Morris F F (Lessie). com sales, h 378 Dougherty Morris James (Martha), minister, h 623 Lumpkin *Morris Jep (Valley^, cook, h 150 Olenn *Morris Charley. 150 Glenn Morris John 'Gretchen). prof V of Ga. h 145 Mell MORRIS JOHN L (Theresa^. Morris Music Shop: h 225 1-2 Lump-
MORRIS LEE (Pauline i. Lee Morris. Clothier. Broad st: h 173 Hancock
Morris Joan. 173 Hancock Morris Paul. 173 Hancock Morris Louis (Pauline), sales, h 154 Hancock Morris Mrs Gussie. h 154 Hancock Morris Mary trained nurse. 794 Hancock Morris Mendel. 153 Hancock Morris Mrs Esther, 153 Hancock Morris Sylvanus (Annie), prof U of Ga. h 458 Bearing Morris Marv 1), art dept U of Ga. 45S Dearing Morris William I). 243 Bloomtield *Morrison Fred, lab ctn comp. h rear 327 Hill Morrison Thomas C (Annie), bill post, 411 Thomas *: Morrison William (Annie"), lab ctn comp. h rear 327 Hill
Morrison Burley. trek dvr. 327 Hill Morton Bridie, sampler ctn wrhse. h 180 Green '.Morton Claud, maid, h 784 Chase "Mortem Frank, tailor. 784 Chase Morton Leroy, orderly hospital, 784 Chase ''Morton Daisy, teacher. 220 Flint '.Morton Ella. cook. 150 Becker Morton Gilbert (Tilly), waiter, h 064 Hull Morton Geo D, 886 Milledge Morton J Andley (Mary'1, sect &treas ctn mnf co. h llenderson Morton .lohn \V (Mary L\ pres Natl Bnk Athens, h 886 Milledge Morion Margaret R. 886 Milledge Morton Louise. 886 Milledge *Morton Lena, cook, h 191 Lvndon Row



*Morton Powell. barhor. 191 Lyndon Row *Morton Lula. h 823 Prince * Morton Maude. 823 Prince *Morton Ida Mao. 82:? Prince *Morton Charlie S, 823 Prince * Morton Nancy, cook, roar 150 Lumpkin * Morton Nellie. Ind. h 215 Pope *Morton Susie, teacher. 784 Chase *Morton Clara Bell, nurse. 784 Chase *Morton \Vill H < Effie M). draymu. h UK) Field *Morton Lon E. nurse. 190 Field *Mose Zilla. svt. h 258 Lyndon Row Moseman Mrs Callie. h 830 Collojre Most-man Mark, sales. 830 College Moseman Doris, salesw. 830 College Moseman Mrs Maria, h 125 Peters Moss Amy. h 450 Prince *Moss Carrie. Ind. h 680 Lnmpkin Moss Eli/abeth L. h 479 Cobb Moss Lilly. 479 Cobb Moss Sarah II. 479 Cobb *Moss James i Mamie', cont. 324 Elder Moss John II Moss Rufus L. mclit auto supplies. 479 Cobb Moss Minnie. 479 Cobl> Moss Judith E. 479 Cobb
Moss William P,. 479 Cobb Moss Julia P. 479 Cobl)
Moss \Vm L. physician. 479 ('obi;
Mo^s .John I) P>yrd . dealer ctn. 479 Cobb *Moss Nancy, nijtid. li 1*0 Paris *Moss Frank, fii-cnin sta -n<r. ISO Paris *Moss Ernestine, maid. 1*0 Paris
*Moss Pinkney. delnm. 1M) Paris Moss Rufus L Leila . Moss Liimb Co. li (!2G Hill Moss Elixabeth. 026 Hill
Moss Thomas. (\2(\ Hill Moss Rufus. (Y>(\ Hill
Moss Susan S. (520 Hill
*Moss Virjrinia. teacher. 1052 Reese *Moss Annie M. 1052 Reese *Moss Sherman. 1052 Reese
*Mott Geo. lab bakery, h Reese *Muckle Dock 'Savannali). farmer, li 481 Oak *Muckle Mary, drsmkr. h 439 River *Muckle Peter (Mittie,. mnr i>ress clb. h 189 Newton *Muekle Will 'Li/./iei. lab oil mill, h 1(>3 Marlin *Mullens Willie .J (Naii(ry), dvr, h 223 Church Muuday Lewis (Li//ie Lon), ins apt. h 150 Elder *Murden Aaron H (Dora), minister, h 883 Reese *Murden Ruth L. 883 Reese *Murphv Rufus (Alma), brickmason cont, h 344 Macon Murrali'janie. 290 Barber
Murray Mrs Addio. mill \vkr. h 234 Oeorpia Depot



Murray Elmer, sales, 234 Georgia Depot Murray Cicero, sales. 240 Ifoyt Murray Mrs Aliee, 240 Hull ' Murray Frank E. slip oik. 240 Hull Murray Vincent I, com trav. 240 Hull Murray Frances E, 240 Hull Murray George (Lily), trav sales. .145 Pulaski Murrav Ida. hkpr. 412 Thomas Murray John T. 199 Miles Murray John (Clara), mill wkr. h Boulevard Murray Leon D, machinist. 663 Jackson * Murray Mary, cook, 640 Hancock Murray Nell, h 159 Dougherty Murray Tom (Xoliei, com sales. 159 Dougherty Murray Guy, sales. 1.19 Dougherty Murray Mary. 1.19 Dougherty ^Murray Phil, lab ctn comp. 140 Hendrieks Mus- Charlie (Lettie), shoe mkr. h 323 Pope Myers Jonas R (Frances M>. wholesale gro. h 679 Hill Mvgatt G T (LavibiaK h 1260 Prince Mygatt Rutli. 1260 Prince Mygatt Mrs Lixxie. 1260 Prince Mwrs Frank (Sophia >. Chas Stern Co. h 439 College Aly.-rs Jos B. sales. 439 College Mycrson Mrs Cassio. h 247 Hancock Myersou Irvin P. sales. 247 Hancock MacDorman Clyde (Leola). sales furniture, h 1S2 Childs .M:icGarity Wilford (Lucilei. hkpr. h 117 Springdale Me A fee Rose, nurse. St Mary's Hospital McAlpin Martha, dem agt Ag Col, 1196 Lumpkin MrAllister Charlie. 190 Baxter MeArthur Pace (Allied r r switchman. 230 Boulevard McArthur Xollie. teacher. 29.1 Hill M'-Cain Ernest, elk hnk. V M C A MeCall James R (Klixabethi. auto sales, 765 Jackson "'*.McCambrick Jerry i Lixxie). lab. h Grove
*McCambrick -Johnny. Grove st McCarthy Mrs Frances, steno. 3.13 Dougherty
*McCarthy Orou .J. cabinet maker, h 151 1-2 Lumpkin McCarthy William E, com sales, h 563 Broad McClain James I 1 (Carrie Mad. asst cash bnk, h 130 Spring-dale McClain -I L (Laura), mill wkr. 34S Cieorgia Depot McClain Mrs Minnie, h 197 Mitchell Mi-Clam Barr. 197 Mitchell McCU-llan ^Irs Martha, 1423 Broad McClendon Sam F (Margaret), ext agt Ag Col. 847 Mill *Mc('lcsky James, undertaker, h 147 Green McClurd James B (Celestia). dairymn. h 237 Barrett *Mc('lure Daisy, cook, h S47 River McC'lure Manson, student, 624 Thomas McClure Robert (Ola), auto mech. h 249 Bloomfield ^rcCommon Goldie, 1324 Broad McConnell James C (Ada), h 264 Nantahala
McConuell Vivian, 264 Nautahala

|-CROBIOTICS is the art of proloniiinir life, which is one of the special pro. vinces of every etlicient life-insuraii''e company. For instance the great old mutual EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOC'IETY tfives FREE health examinations to its members, and in other ways seeks to conserve health thereby prolon^rin.u; human life and happiness. Furthermore, mankind j s so influenced by personal conditions that a consciousness of SECURITY of liavinsr provided SAFE protection for ohl aye will inevitably tend to strength and to lengthen individual usefulness. Our earnest desire to serve
your interests does not end when the EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY receives application for your policy: it only beirins. Perhaps the EQUITABLE can help to protect YOUR family and property in SAFE wavs that have not occurred f> you: it costs nothing to obtain EQUITABLE FACTS from T. L. Mitchell. Dist. Mirr r,i:;-r,14 Ilolman Phone 74(i or .".40. SAFETY FIRST! Health, accident, lift/ loans: investment service.
McSimum merit in motive minimizes mistakes in method!



McConnell Hattie, 264 Nantahala McConnell J C, 26 4Xantahala McConnell Lyle, linotype opr. 155 Becker *McComb Nelson (Laura), preaeher, h 129 Newton *McCombs Nelson (Anna), dvr. h 115 Rock Spring McCombs William (Mattie). siipt etn mill, h 798 Oconee McCrary Mrs Janie, 178 Doujrherty *Mc('rary Nancy, rear 190 Miller *McCrary Daisv. maid. 190 Miller McCorkle F N (Bessie), broker, h 425 Hill McCorkle Bergrna. music teacher. 425 Hill McCorkle Francis, cash exp co. 425 Hill Mc( 1 orkle Anna. 425 Hill MeC'orkle Neil. broker. 425 Hill McCorkle Bessie. 425 Hill McCorkle Alice. 425 Hill *McCorkle Fannie. Ind. h Strickland *McC 1 orkl<1 Minnie, cook, li Strickland *McCorkle Joe. Strickland McCoy Barney C (Marrie), baker, h 749 College *McCoy Luther, lab shoe shop. 1200 Hancock McCoy Mrs Viola. 133 Chattanooga McCrackiii Robert, carp, 760 Cobb *McCree Ed (Nellie), lab. h rear 190 Green *McCree Maggie, hairdresser, rear 190 Green *McCree Willie. smtsr, 187 Flint McCrockin ^lason (Margie), mill wkr. h 287 Cemetery McCrocker. carp. 397 Boulevard McCruin Mrs (Jaliriel II. 748 Cobb McCrum R W ((Jabel). civ eng. h 748 Col)b MfCum- Daniel J. policeman, h 890 College
McCune .John M. sales gro store. 890 College McCune (irace Marie. 890 College MeCune Robert L (Nellie), pntr, h 155 Vine M^cCune Milton, clerical wk. 155 Vine McCune Sara, mill wkr. 155 Vine McCurdy Emma, steno. 172 Hancock McCurdv I.,ouis fCleo). mill wkr. h New McCURRY JULIAN B, atty. Holinnn I'.ldg: h 1137 Milledge McCuri'x Ilendei-son. elk law ot'c. 11:57 Milledge McCulloh Lucy, lab farm, h 190 Paris McDavid AVm E. r r l)ill elk. 282 Hancock *McI)aniel John (Ophelia), lab, h 200 Newton McDonald Mrs D N. h 172 Gnidv


Corner Broad and Jackson Streets



McDonald Jessie, mill wkr, 132 Bryant McDonald Mrs Mamie, salesw, h 528 Pulaski McDorman Geo W (Mattie). chief of firedept, 685 Pope McDorman Mrs Mary E. h 636 Jackson McDorman Fay. cashier dry goods store, 636 Jackson McDorman Mrs Rena. h 164 Strong McDuffie Jeff L, com trav, h Jackson McDuffie Julia, h 254 Hancock McDuffie Jeff, sales oil co. 234 Hancock McDuffie Reese (Marie), bkpr McElreath Frank (Julia), broker, h 395 Boulevard McElroy Mrs Amanda, mill wkr. 203 Chattanooga M'Entire Ben F (Annie Lou). pntr. li 250 Baxter McEvoy E C (Julia), h 794 Prince McGarrigle Chas (Mellene). militarv inst V of Ga. 424 Hancock *McGahee Andrew (Mary), lab. h \Vaddell McGregor Mrs Joanna AY. h 575 Waddell McGregor Jessie, teaclier, 575 Waddell McGowan Mrs Anna, 539 Pulaski Mcliatton Thomas H (Marie), prof V of Ga. h 163 Mell Mcllatton Mrs Elisa. 163 Mell McIIugh Myrtice. Y W C 1 A *McIntosh Susan, li 170 Paris
MeKellar Mrs Ella H. h 322 Dougherty M-Kellar Ella Claire, teacher A H S. 322 Dougherty MeKelvey Walter, r r eng, 846 College McKie Annie Sue. 229 Cloverhurst McKie Mamie, prin Nantaliala night school, li 229 Cloverhurst *McKinley Archie, lab. h University Drive *McKinley Mary. cook, h 360 Pope ' *McKinley Beatrice, nurse. 360 Pope *McKinley Susie. 215 Pope McKinnon Wesley (Emily), eng city water wks. h 357 Oak McKinnon Walter, plmbr. 357 Oak McKennon Charles A (Mary), plmbr, h 252 Georgia Depot McKennon Agnes, mill wkr, 252 Georgia Depot McKennon John H (Alice), supt Athens fndry. h 353 Oak McKennon Willie (Ruth), molder Athens Fin fry. h 353 Oak McKenney Dr J ( 1 (Caroline), physician, ofc Holman Bldg; pres
city board of health : h 275 Baxter McKeren Samuel 11 (Lillian), trek dvr. h 240 Barrow McKen/Je Mrs Myrtle. 150 Standard Oil st McLain IMrs Susie, mill wkr. h 172 Bryant McLain Ruby, mill wkr. 172 Bryant M'-Leod Wilhemina. teacher. 125 Milledge
McLeroy Clifford L (Clella). ginner. h 693 Pope

J. F. Shepherd

211-212 Holman Huilding


Athens, Georgia



McLerov Howard, elk hotel. 189 e Inroad *McLocklin Arthur. 620 Hancock *McLocklin Henry, delmn. 620 Hancock *McLocklin Susan, h 620 Hancock *McLocklin Ella, sales. 620 Hancock *McLocklin Alice. 620 Hancock *McLoAv Johnnie (Mattie). lab ctn conip. h 549 Finley
MeMahan Mrs Georgia, h 386 Hill McMAHAN THOMAS A iRuby). Head & McMahan. h 590 Milledge McManus Mrs Mafrprie. 197 Hancock *McMicliael John (Mandy i. pntr. h 694 Water *M<-Michael John, lal), 694 Water *McMichael Florence, cook, h 694 Water *McMoore Ida. lab. li 143 Savannah *McMoore Richard, prop rest, h 788 Lumpkin *McMullen Frank (Sue), lab elect pit. rear 224 Miller *McXeal Mamie. Ind. rear 285 Cleveland *McXeal Mattie. cook, h rear 285 Cleveland McXeil Mrs Julie, 619 Hill McPherson II T (Marjraret). prof T T of Ga. h 625 Milled^*
McPherson Win (Annie), cont. h 215 Hall *MeQue'n,Sam (Emma), barber, h 656 Hull *M.-Qu(-en Julia. 656 Hull *MeQiie,-n Lola. 656 Hull *MeQueen J Daisy, nurse McRae John ( Cornelia), stone cutter, h 850 College McRainev Mal<-olmn A. student T T of Cla :'>75 Lmnpkin MeRea Ilarmon. sales. 762 Pulaski McRee Hen. 185 Hull McRee Carlton. salesmn. 178 Dou^rherty McRee Frederick, sales, 411 Thomas *McRee Janie. 850 Waddell *McRee Mary E. 146 Chase *McRivieiv Clemos (Mandv,. lab. h 10:50 Hobson *McRiviere Alice, cook. 1030 Hobson *McRiviere Evie. svt. h 1030 Hobson *McRiviere Maude, 1030 Hobson *MeRinley Arthur (Grace). <j:'p. h 188 Lyndon av< MeWliorter Columbus M (Lula), com sales, h 115 Prince *McWhorter (ieo (Emaline). jrard. h 243 Vine *Mc\Vhorter (Jeorjre (Mamie), draynin. h 324 Rock Sprin<r *McWhorter Mamie. 324 Rock Spring *McWhorter Lawrence, svt. 324 Rock Spring McWHORTER HAMILTON (Sallie), atty MeWliorter, ofc So Mut
Bldjr: h Cloverhurst
McWHORTER ROBT L, atty. ofc So Mut Bid?: h Cloverhurst



McWhorter Howard. Griffith Imp Co. h Cloverhurst *Mc\Vhorter Julius (Mattie,. hid. li '24'} Rock Spring *Mc\Vhorter Lonbo (Ilattit-i. carp. 355 Third MVWhorter Marcus R (Josephine;. atty. h 375 Franklin *.\Ic\Yhorter Nancy, Ind. 137 Billups AfcWhorter Robert L, prof V of (ia. 585 Prince MrWhorter /ilia, steno, Y \V C A N'ash Carlton. 24.1 DuBose ave N'asli Claude, mach. 11;") Lumpkin N'ash Clifford, mach, 162 Clayton N'ash E C. sales, 145 Reese *Xash William (Elizabeth), draymn. li 2:54 Peters *Xash Cora. 234 Peters Xav Bruce (Hannah), clergyman, h 510 Dongherty X.-aley W B. sales. 397 Bou'levard *Xeal Carrie, svt. 156 Strickland *Xeal Eugene (Etta), lab. rear 196 Milledge *Xeal Foster (Ada), lab. h 1750 Broad *Xeal Lula. wks rest. 349 Hull Xeal Maurine. steno. h Y \V C A X'fcdham ^larjoric. t'aelier. (i<;0 Reese *N\M'l Amy. Ind. 3S5 Odd X'eel Perry .) (Hmma*. auto nn-ch. h 144 State *Xeely Peter (Fannie K carp, li 2(57 Fourth *Xeelv Lucinda. 186 Arch *Xeely Jessie, Ind. 223 Lyndon Xeiblinjr Tom ((iraoeK civ cni'. 1055 Prince *Xcily Mitchell (Lix/ie). h 34S Churoh *Xeelv Thomas, appr auto sliop. 348 Cluirch *XYlms Alfred (Ida) *Xelms ^lozelle. 263 Arch *\rlms Henry. 263 Arch Xelnis Dave \V (Mamie), cijrar store; h 290 Barber Xelins Clarence, floor walker. 2?0 Barber Xelins ^Frs Fannie, 245 DuBose Xelins .John M (Bevdah). policeman, h 301 Xewton Xelnis Mrs Willie. salesw, 359 lloyt *Xelson .lohnnie (Eva), lab comp. h 298 Augusta *Xeshit Clara, h 428 First *Xesbit Ellen, nurse, h 220 Pearl "Xesbit (Jeorge, lab hdw store. 445 Barrett !'*Xesbit King, lab r r. h llobson ave
*Nesbit Mike (Delia"), carp. 646 Ilobson ave Xesbit Xathaniel, hostler, h 724 Lum]>kin Xesbit Robert, mach auto, 724 Lnmpkin *Xesby Aildie. Ind. 1482 Oconee *Xesby (}ene (EmnuO. chant', h w Waddell
*Xesby Henry (Callie), emp Hoilgson Oil Ret' Co, h 683 Arch *Xesby John (Lessie), plstr. h 648 Vine Xessoros Ella, steno, h 172 Hancock Xeville Lucy, h Y AV C A Xewsome David D (({ussie"), city h'remn. 359 Oak Xewsome AVesley A, messenger boy SAL. 359 Oak Xewsome Ethel, mill wkr, 359 Oak

ATl'RAl, AFFKOTION and a natural sense of duty prompts each noriiisd 111:111 or woman to protect dependents: natnr;il law siijijr'sts to every liu 111:111 lieinjr tlie wisdom of protecting self. A very larire and rripidly inereasinj: nun11ior of persons in tliis coinnninity and throughout the I'nlteil States are depositing a portion of tlieir annual semi-annual, <|iiarterlv. nioiitlily. or weekly savings with tlie ureat old mutual Kt{l FI'ABI,K 1,1 FR
ASSl ' RANCH SOCIKTY. This wonderful mutual service-Institution offers SAI-K and liberal contracts ^uaranteein- a RK<U 'I,AR INCO.MK to betfin at tlie em| of ,-i specitie<l period lor at prior deatln. continuing TIIROI'GII 1,1 FE of Assured,
and ALSO throughout KNTIRK 1,1 FK of a loved one who has lieen named as lien pflHarv. The details of these and other K<|1 ITABI.K contracts are interesting, ami it costs nothing to trot them from T. I,. Mitchell. IMst. Mr., !i:{-14 Holmaii Illdu IMione 74ti or -",40. SAFKTV FIRST in life, health, accident, loan, investment servi.-,..
Afle'< no natural nrtnl of nearby neiKll>or.



*X<Mvsome Sidney (Maprprio). lah. h 323 Finloy *Xewsome Claude B (Ruby), uphlstr, h 313 Finley *Newsome Mrs Belle, cook, 313 Finley Newsome Mary L. smstr. 313 Finley *Newsome Sallie M, smstr. 313 Finley *\ewsome Will (Ophelia), mcht, h 367 Finley *Newsome Harris C, lab gar, 367 Finley *Newsome Ruby B. 367 Finley Newton C H (Mary D), sect So Mfg: Co, h 892 Prince Newton Marion. 892 Prince Newton Virginia. te?.che?%. 892 Prince Newton Katherine. 892 Prince Newton Charles H Jr. 892 Prince *Newton Ernet (Eliza), dvr coal wagon, h 750 Dearhi^ *Newton Mary Jane, h 367 Odd Nichols Clarence B (Olive), ins ajrt. h 764 Jackson *Nichols Johnnie. cook. 122 Lyndon Row Nichols Magrjrie C, 366 Strong' Nichols Mrs Mary A. 715 Jackson Nicholson Augustus (Mary). mnr ctn wrhse, h 277 Henderson Nicholson Homer J. civ enjr, 277 Henderson Nicholson Martha, teacher, 277 Ilenderson Nicholson Harvey K (Bertha), sales, h 345 Peters Nicholson Josephine. 277 Henderson NICHOLSON MADISON G (Lucv), Davison-Nicholson's, h 298
Hull Nicholson Raymond W (Carrie), mnd press clb. 215 1-2 Lumpkin Nicholson Robert H (Jewell). pntr. h 435 Hoyt *Nicholson William (Mattie). r r emp. h River Nickels (leo E. wtchmn 1mb mill. 522 Barber Nickels J II (Viola M j. cont. h 625 n Lumpkin Nickels Mervin. auto mech. 625 n Lumpkin Nickels Vesta. 625 n Lumpkin *Xickerson E. h 1626 Oconee '^Nickel-son Charlie, lab oil mill. HJ26 Oconee *Xickerson I)av<-. f1a<rmn r r. 1626 Oconee
Xickerson Tiiomas II (Lixxiei. inch hdw store, h 779 Hill Xickcfson S II. sales hdw store, h 779 Hill Xickerson Xorman G. 779 Hill Xickerson Mrs Zena. 779 Hill Xickols Daniel C. 624 Thomas Xijrel Pearl, steno. Sluickelford &Meadow. h 724 Lumpkin Xisbet Walker R (Evelyn i. teadier A^ Col, h 283 Hancock Xix Christopher (Xora). carp, h 167 Chattanoog Xix Marjie. mill wkr. 167 ('hattanooga



Nix Edward, mill wkr. 132 Bryant Nix John C (Jennie), mill wkr, h 175 Mulberry Nix II Abit (Eunice), atty. Krwin, Erwin & Nix. h 398 Hearing *Noble Ann. 385 Billups
Noell ( 1 arlton (Elizabeth), molder plow fact, h 337 Strong Noell Reba, sales, 337 Strong Noell Arnold, sales. 337 Strong
Noell Walter C (Mae), lab. h 443 River *Xolan Andrew (Clara), lab, h 783 Hearing *Nolan Pollie. 783 Dearing
*Xolan Jesse (Adaline). cook, h 142 Chase Nolan Mattie. 184 Childs *Nolan Robt (Marv), butler, h 167 Peabody *Nolan Valley, 167 Peabody *Xolan Otto (Frances), pntr. h 820 Reese Noles Joseph (Cleo). 806 College ave *Xorfiett William D (Sweety), preacher, h 1085 Hancock *NTorfiett James. 1085 Hancock *Norfiett Susie. 1085 Hancock *Norfiett Jessie M, 1085 Hancock
*Xorfleet Julian (Elmira^. ins agt. li 554 Hancock *Xorman Mance (Emma), lab, h 467 Iloyt *Xormaiul Clara C. hid. h 297 Lyndon Row
*Xormand John, h 537 Fourth Norrell Katie Mae. mill wkr, 270 Nacoochee *Xorris Harrison (Missouri), lab. h 447 Oak *Xorris John, svt, h rear 687 College Xorris John (Jessie), overseer ctn mill, h 657 Xantahala NORTHCUTT JOHN R (Annie), Horsey Furn Co. 235 Hill Xorton Geo M (Mary), clerk P 0. h 347 Pope Norton Pauline. So Bell Tel Co. 347 Pope Xorton Jeremiah L. emp marble co. 663 Jackson *Xowell George, lab comp co. 430 Cleveland *Xo.x Fannie, cook. 370 River *Xox Lola. cook. 370 River *Xox Susie, cook. 370 River
*Xunnally Magnolia, cook, h 260 Water *Xunnally Matilda, cook, h 497 Rock Spring Xunnally Lee W (Delia), mill wkr. li 148 Bryant Xunnally Pauline, mill \vkr. 148 Bryant Xunnally Pope W (Rosa^. h 127 Elizabeth Xunnally Laura, tel opr. 127 Elizabeth Xunnally Callaway. mach, 127 Elizabeth Xunnally Richard, 127 Eli/abeth N'uiin Adolphus (Mamie'1, pastor Oeonee St Church, h 603 Oconee XUHM Joe. student, h 603 Oconee
Xuiin T F L i Belle), carp, h 421 Boulevard N'miii Ruth. 421 Boulevard Oaks Lina. 189 Dougherty
O'CALLAGHAN M P (Florence i. hotel mug. Georgian Hotel ^ ('allaghan Robert I), student. Georgian Hotel () Callaghan Louise, Georgian Hotel
O'Farrell Charles J. mug Williams House, h 189 e Broad O'Farrell Marion (Rosalie), com trav. 785 Milledge


I,I> AGE IS ROBBED of many terrors und middle age of many by a OFE-INCOME contract with the EQIITABLE LIFE ASSIRAJU 1; SOCIETY one of the world's best known, strongest, most successful mu

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Mitchell. Dist. Mgr.. <tt3-fi14 Holinan Kids.'. Phone 74(i or 540. SAFETY FIRST

in life, health, accident, loan, investment service.

Optimism overrides opposition and overturns ominous obstacle*.



Od<ren Addie. maid. 524 Hancock Ogle Harkless (Mollie). mill wkr. h 140 Arch Ogle Almand. mill wkr. 140 Arch Oglesby Janie. 198 Lyndon Row Oglesby Walter, emp who gro. 198 Lyndon Row Oglesby Macon (Cora), mill wkr. h Trail Creek Oglesby Nathan (Corrie). svt. h 698 Pope Oglesby Sims (Lula). lab S A L r r. h Martin st Oglesby William, lab. h 534 Chase O'Kelley F Callaway (Carrie), carp, h 120 Barrow O'Kelley F Milton. J20 Barrow O'Kelley Miriam. 120 BarroAv O'Kelley James AV r Beatrice), sales, h 162 Clay ton O'Kelley J W (Effie). h 169 Virginia Oldham Elm C (Cora), shoemaker Oldham Bros, h 597 Baxter Oldham Geo L (Agnes), prop shoe shop, h 160 Becker Oldham J L /Pearl), sales. 263 Barrow Oldham Kinglev (Julia), mach ctn mill, h 1045 Hancock Olive Callie. Ind. h 519 Arch Olive Connie, lab. 519 Arch 01ive John (Mamie), lab. h 150 Dublin Oliver Annie, cook, h rear 570 Prince ""Oliver Benjamin. 130 Harris Oliver Francis A. h 223 Nantahala Oliver Thomas I* (Levonia). elk. 223 Nantahala Oliver Frank, lab. 987 College Oliver Geo (Priscilla). lab Gas Co. h 145 Pope Oliver Jones G (Leoline). ext a<rt Ar Col. h 324 Bloomfield Oliver Lix/ie. Ind. cook. 134 Fairview Oliver Ella. 134 Fairview Oliver Mark (Lizzie), mill wkr. h 857 Meijrs Oliver Minta. Ind. li 153 Strickland Oliver Soplii.-. li 270 Arch Oliver Tom. farm lab. 270 Arch Oliver Victor (Florriej. sales, h 158 Virginia Oliver Louise, 158 Virginia Olmstead B I (Martha), minister, h 360 Barber O'Neal Frank S, sales r *rro. 770 Collejre O'Neal Nancy, sales dept store. 770 College Orjrain Robert L (Frances), ins a<rt. h 238 Barber Orr Mrs Elizabeth, h 132 Grady Orr Mi-s Fannie. 189 Doiigherty Orr Fred J (Valeria), architect, h 1196 Prince Orr Oonald F. 1196 Prince




Corner Broad and Jackson Streets



Orr Fred W. 1196 Prince Orr G M (Maude), sect & treas Business College, h 1248 Prince
Orr Joe M, cin grader. 455 Dougherty Orr Robert Craig Sr (Florida Carr). ordinary, ot'c court house; h
Carr's Hill Orr Robert Craig Jr. landscape gardener, h Carr's Hill Orr Samuel P. teacher, h 1S2 Wray Orr Margery. 182 Wray Orr Benjamin. 182 s Wray Orr Walter George (Isabell). recruiting ofc, 774 Thomas Osborne Edgar R (Alyne). farmer, h 750 Boulevard Osborne Lonnie F (Addie), mng roller cover shop, h 876 College
*0sborne Ida. h 424 Elbert *0sborne Mary. 424 Elbert *Osby Robert.'trek dvr. 174 Valley
Oswald Robert (Cynthia), tel opr. h 785 Boulevard *0sby Willie (Lizzie), lab, h 248 Pope Outx Lloyd H. ius agt. 663 Jackson Overtoil Virginia, bkpr. 363 Ilanecok *Owens Alphonso, drinn. 147 Plum *Owens Andrew, lab. h 154 Billups *0weus Janie. attend dent ot'c. 154 Billups *Oweu Ellen. Ind, 140 Second Owens Norris C (Myrtle), ins agt. h 444 Hill *()wens Robt (Fannie), cook S X S. h 1227 Broad Owen Will H (Ruth), tin-lit, li 286 Boulevard *Paee Lauren (( 1leo). Indrymn. li 160 Martin 'addock David F (Laura), mng Piggly Wiggly. 178 Dearing 'aine E ( 1 (Florence), bkpr Coca-Cola pit. h 120 Dougherty 'aine J G (Mrs J G), 312 Thomas 'ainter Clifford (Willie). stone cutter, h 325 DuBose 'aimer Henry R (ElixabetlO. prop Palmer's drug store, h 283 Han-
cock 'aimer Lloyd, pharmacist. 283 Hancock
'aimer Eunice, teacher city schools. 263 Hancock 'aimer Mrs T W, h 361 Thomas 'aimer Katherine, bkpr knitting fact. 361 Thomas 'aimer William J, atty. 253 Dougherty 'almisano Gaspar, fruit dealer, h 285 Barber 'almisano Leonard. 285 Barber 'anagopolous Gallanos, cook rest. 812 Lumpkin 'an Benjamin H (Edna), pntr, h Nantahala 'apa Joe (Mary), ice cream dealer, h 193 Park ave 'apa Celia, sales. 193 Park
1'apa Lucy. 193 Park I'arham Henry (Maude), broker, h 1135 Prince

KRPBTI ATIN<; PROSPKRITY is one of our principal purposes in pro-


posing the PROTKC'TION of property and posterity liy proven panicproof participatinu policies. I'roniotion of PKRMANKNT PROMT pre-

dominates in a predilection for paramount potentialities l>y particularly

prudent pc.iplc. Please permit presentation of progressive plans predicated

i>n plnin principles of ]>riidently preserving precious personal possessions.

Pre-eminent preparedness and prompt procedures positively promised.

T. I,. Mitchcll Hist. Mirr.. KQl ITABI.K I.I KK ANSI RANTK SOOIKTV, <ii:(-t>14 Hoi

man I.ldsr. Plume 7 -Mi or -">4(l. Plentpons policies perfectly planned.

Pleasure and prosperity pine and perish if pessimism predominates.



Parham Gertrude, 1135 Prince Parham Alfred. 1135 Prince Parham James R (Ola), student Ag Col. 375 Lumpkin Parham Jessie Norman, sales gen mchdse, 881 1-2 College Park Etta, h 448 Milledge Parker Mrs Annie, h 828 Lumpkin Parker Ethel, sales. 828 Lumpkin Parker Annie Elizabeth. 828 Lumpkin Parker A S (Florence L cash Natl Bank Athens, h 1075 Prince Parks DeWitt (Temperance), draymn. h 1398 Broad *Parks Edna Cook, h rear 325 Milledge *Park Hattie P. cook, 220 Atlanta *Parks Henry, hackmn. h 139 Plum Parks Howard L (Lillian), policeman, h 1437 Broad Parks II T (Margaret), cont. h 421 Boulevard Parks \V B. cont. 421 Boulevard Parks T J. 421 Boulevard *Parks Ina. h 150 Strong *Parks Grant, presser press clb, 150 Strong *Parks Fannie, teacher. 150 Strong Parks Mack \V (Fannie Lee), mch, h 955 Oconee *Parks Percy R (Annie L), lab. h 186 Cherry Parks Ralph H (Mamie Inez), sales auto, h 840 College Park Robt E (Mary B^. prof Eng. U of Ga), li 145 Bearing Park Edward, sugar enterprise. 145 Dearing Park James, student, 145 Dearing Park Katherine, 145 Dearing *Parks Terrell (Bessie), butler, rear 165 Waddell Parnell Ambrose H (Nettie), bkpr So Bell Tel Co, 11 Thomas Parnell Cicero G (Georgia), carp, h 1443 Broad Parnell Mrs Clara. 148 Peter Parnell Wallace, carp, 148 Peter Parnell William V (Minnie), slip elk meat packing est. h 385 Finlev Parnell Ralph, trek dvr. 385 Finley Parr A M (Lily), h 236 Dougherty' Parr Wade, auto mech. 236 Dougherty Parr Harry (Maude), mech. 236 Dougherty Parr Charles W. cont. h 715 Jackson Parr Emory D (Ina). transferman exp co. li 1060 Hancock
Parr Fred. lab. li 290 Nantahala Parr Fred L (Willie). bkpr. 575 Jackson Parr Louis L (Ruby), sales, h 650 Boulevard Parr Mrs Emma, smstr, h 650 Boulevard Parr Mabel E. 1689 Jackson Parr Mac H (Emma), pntr. h 755 Baxter Parr Ed. pntr. 755 Baxter Parr Cora Belle. 755 Baxter



Parr Mamie L, 755 Baxter Parr Mrs Mary J, 227 Bloomfield Parr Merritt 6, 1689 Jackson Parr Frank II. asst supt, 1689 Jackson Parr Hugh O, bkpr fert co, 1689 Jackson *Parrett Mrs Mary, nurse, h 360 Macon *Parrett Lonnie, lab, 360 Macon *Parrott Eugene D (Emma), farmer, h 320 Pulaski *Parrott Ida, hairdresser, 1277 Hancock *Parrott Walter R, waiter hotel. 1277 Hancock *Parry Julia, Ind, 788 Lumpkin Partee Isaac (Mattie), yardmn. h 137 Becker Partee John W (Maria), mill wkr, h 146 Bryant Partee Leila, 146 Bryant Partee Clarke (Phillis), lab. h 187 Lyndon Row Parum Mell (Ida), pntr. 665 Pulaski Paschall Minnie, stno, 227 Dougherty Paschall Thomas W. linotvpe opr. Herald. 464 College *Paskill Rozie. Ind. h 283 Cavannah *Paskill Willie. lab. 283 Savannah
'atat Adolphus (Josie). barber, h 935 Oconee 'atat Mrs Emma L, h 729 Jackson 'atat Minnie M. bkpr meat packng co. 729 Jackson 'atat Samuel E, shp elk auto co. 729 Jackson 'atat Emory (Eula), wks meat inkt, h 123 Hoyt 'atat Francis 8 (Lula), upholsterer, h 838 Oconee 'atat Ada, steno. 838 Oconee 'atat Nina, milliner. 835 Oconee 'atat Mabel, h 838 Oconee 'atat Harry (Viola), bkpr mnf co. h 685 Cobb 'atat James W (Louise), pntr. h 763 Thomas 'atat Phillip L. butcher, 763 Thomas 'atat Mrs Lizzie, h 215 Williams 'atat Webster, 215 Williams 'atat Robert (Edna), mill wkr. 215 Williams *Path Minnie. Ind. 287 Bremart *l'ath Rosa. hid. 287 Bremart 'atman Annie E, teacher eity school, h 1509 Lumpkin 'atman Clyde, teacher, 1509 Lumpkin Patrick Amos (Nellie), lab. h 239 Strong 'atrick D P. r r cash. 256 Dougherty 'atrick Jack (Julia), farmer. 134 First 'atriek James Henry (Maude), r r foreman, h 836 Lumpkin 'atrick John S (Annie M), mill wkr, h 1249 Broad 'atriek Joseph K (Maude), druggist, h 186 Clayton 'atrick La Tesshire, mill wkr. h 147 Mulberry 'atrick Clarence, del bov. 147 Mulberry 'atrick Mamie Bell, 134 First 'atrick William (Olivia), barber, h 530 Pulaski 'attman John H (Annie), real est dealer, h 1344 Lumpkin 'attman James E, cashier bnk. 1344 Lumpkin I'attman Louis W, 1344 Lumpkin *Pattman Lonnie (Lula). lab, h 349 Pope I'attman Willie B (Bessie), lab, h 149 Newton



Patten Mrs Decy, dressmaker, h 479 Strong Patterson Early A (Etta), mill wkr. 164 Bryant Patterson El lie, steno, Y W C A Patterson Orange M (Belle), mill wkr, h 164 Bryant Patterson Edna, mill wkr, 164 Bryant Patterson John, mill wkr, 164 Bryant Patterson P L (Hannah), who mcht, h 1143 Prince Patterson Harold, 1143 Prince Patterson Mrs Sinnie C. emp hosiery mill, h 527 Jackson Patterson Guy, 527 Jackson Patterson "William P (Susie), r r eng, h 396 Pope Patton Mrs Adelaide S. 150 Elder Patton Ambler (Ruth), physician, 1275 Prince Patton dint (Olian), emp mat fact, h 297 Baxter Patton James R, h Williams House Paul James "W, city firemn. h 653 College Paul Myrtle, steno, 653 College Paul John M (Callie), lab mill, h 374 Oconee Paul Howard H (Bunnie). ex msng. 354 Oconee Paul William H (Gertrude), sales Bludwine Co, h 254 Oak Paulnot George T. wks Ag Col, h 123 1-2 Jackson *Payne Bell, cook, h 580 Finley *Payne Jessee. del boy. 580 Finley *Payne Alice M, 580 Finley *Payne Camilla, farmer, h Rock Spring *Payne Cornelia (Mattie B). teamster, h 290 Macon *Payne Etta, teacher, h 957 Reese *Payne Andrew H. undertaker, 957 Reese *Payne Julia M. 957 Reese *Payne Henry R (Rosa), lab. h 170 Rock Spring Payne James F (Elizabeth), real est agt, h 198 Cedar Payne Elizabeth, 198 Cedar Payjie John C (Dora), supt ctn mill, h 650 Thomas Payne Jim A (Mary), draymn, h 894 Oconee Payne Florence, steno. 894 Oconee *Payne Joe (Laura), h Rock Spring *Payne Joe (Laura), lab, w Waddell Payne Lill, emp Ga Natl Bnk. 225 Hill Pavne Rebecca, 225 Hill
Payne Annie. 225 Hill *Payne Minnie. 957 Reese *Payne Zepharee, 957 Reese *Payne Tishey. cook. 183 Cherry Payne W Anderson. sales. 150 Barrow Payne II Florence, 150 Barrow Payne W O (Klixabeth), prof 1 T of (la. h 1420 Milledge Peacock David L, dentist, h Jackson Peacock Mrs Ida, h Carr's Hill Peacock N D. hortieult Ag Col, 1196 Lumpkin *Peaks Henry (Sallie). butler, h 127 Lumpkin *Peek Edward E (Lixxie). chauf, h 1467 Broad *Peek Hubbard (Mary), trek hand, rear h 1593 Lumpkin *Peek Mattie, Ind, 135 Cherry *Peek Percy (Lizzie), lab, 614 Foundry



*Peek Sallie, Ind, h 250 Pope

Peek Will (Annie Aline), com trav. h 847 College

*Peeks Johnnie (Mattie). lab, h 230 Rock Spring

Peeler Clarence L (Julia), lab S A L. h 465 Ruth

Peeler Clovis T (Margaret), carp, h 244 Nantahala

Peeler Harry (Lula). city fireman, h 425 Meigs

Peeler Bell, 425 Meigs

Peeler Herbert, 425 Meigs

Peeler Joe A (Lettie). mcht r gro, h 135 Peters

Peeler Herman. 135 Peter

Peeler Kathleen, steno, 353 Dougherty

Peeler O H (Hattie). city fireman, h 785 Pope

Pejsa J Jere, tailor, 195 Barrow

Pendergraph Henry (Susie), Ath. Ry & Elec Co., 320 n Milledge

Pendly Harvey M (Frances), mill wkr. h Boulevard

Pendley Wessie, bkpr. 1190 Boulevard

Pendley Annie, steno. 1190 Boulevard

Pendley Ruby, 1190 Boulevard

Pendley James L (Julia), eye specialist, So Mut Bldg

Pendlev Belle B, 124 Boulevard

Pendley Clyde E. 124 Boulevard

*Peniston Mamie, cook, 168 Pearl

*Ponnington Estelle, Ind, 126 Newton

Pennock Herbert V (Edna), opr elect pit. 198 Bloomfiekl

Peimock Mrs Anna L. 198 Bloomfiekl

Pennock Thomas \V (Maggie), florist, h Woodlawn

Pennock Thomas W Jr. florist, Woodrow

Penny John \V (Etta), mill wkr. 187 Chattnagooga

Peeples Wm J (Edna), ins agt. h 390 Milledge


Peppond Mrs S B, mill wkr. 940 Broad


Perdue J P (Emma), trav sales, h 1185 Prince


Perdue James A, 1185 Prince


*Perkins Hattie, hid, 482 Cleveland


* Perry Cleveland, porter hotel, 25 Cleveland


* Perry Lillie. cook, 25 Cleveland


Perry DeWitt T (Susie), baker, h 369 Cobb


Perry Elbert A (Lula). mcht. h 340 Barber


Perry Owen D, slip elk. 240 Barber


Perry Grady T, auto meeh, 340 Barber


Perry Abie, 340 Barber


*Perry Henry (Margaret), jan V of Ga, h 147 Strickland


Perry Marvin B (Elixabeth). prof Ag Col, h 362 Cloverhurst

Persells H B (Ida), inspt T T S A


Potropol Goo P (WilliiO. sales, h 358 Oconee


Petropol John G (Elizabeth), sales, h 362 Dougherty


IVtropol Pete (Bessie), fruit dealer, h 189 Dougherty

Petty Geo W (Mattie), mill wkr, h 217 Chattanooga

Pew William J (Sallie). sales hosiery mill, h 911 Broad


Plielps Gardner, bkpr, 115 Lumpkin


Phillip Mrs Belle, hairdresser. 277 River

Phillips Clarence, tel opr, 697 Pulaski

Phillips Felix, mcht, 154 Hancock

Phillips James V (Clara), civil eng Ag Col. h 1193 Milledge

Phillips Mrs Lizzie, h 233 DuBose



Phillips W L, conductor street car, 233 DuBose ave Phillips Joe W, 233 DuBose ave Phillips Richard A (Elizabeth), ins apt, h 806 College ave Phillips James Leroy, 806 College ave Phillips R W (May), ins agt. h 233 DuBose Phinizy Mrs Anne, h 250 Milledge Phinizy Billups (Nellie^, pros So Mut Co, h 324 Milledge PHINIZY BAERETT (Martha), ins agt, Shackelford Bldg; h 250
Milledge Phinizy Chas H (Nellie W), ctn fact, Hardeman & Phinizy, h 397
Milledge Phinizy Chas H Jr, 397 Milledge *Phinizy "VVm (Mary), h 666 Augusta Philpot Thomas M (Hortelle). ctn dealer, h 749 Prince *Pierce Alma, maid, h 1185 Hancock *Pierce Annie, h 640 Hancock Pierce Mrs Clyde, mill wkr. h 648 Nantahala Pierce Mrs Ellie. mill wkr. h 297 Chattanooga *Pierce Henry (Lou). lab lumb yd. h 650 Broad *Pieree Fannie. Ind. 650 Broad *Pierce Annie, nurse. 650 Broad *Pierce Mabel. 650 Broad *Pierce Nelson (Lula). farmer, h 183 Lyndon Row Pierce Robert E. kpr lunch stand, h 789 Pulaski Pierce James A. 789 Pulaski Pierce Felton. sales, 789 Pulaski *Pinkard Amos M (Dianna). jan bank, li 264 Billups *Pinkard Alonzo M. 2(54 Billups *Pinkard Henry II. 264 Billups *Pinkney John, teaclier. Pope Pinson Lena, steno. 1K9 Dougherty Pinson Sannid W (Etliel). maeh gar. ii 247 Hancock Pioda Paul B. cash hotel. 282 Hancock *Pitner Carrie. Ind. 587 Fourth *Pitman Jann-s II (Mary), mecli. 323 Cleveland *Pitinan R ('. trckinn ctn comp, h 123 Crawford Pitner ('oily ( Lillian), col sewing machines, h 336 Hill Pitner James A (Cora), auto sales, h 298 Barber Pitner W C (India), broker trro, )i 724 Prince *Pittard ?>ank (Lela). waiter, h 141 Warsaw Pittard Mary, teaclier. 295 Hill *Pittard Riifus (Beulali). lab. h Ag Farm PiUard W F ( Annie Bell;, bkpr oil ref co, h 148 Virginia Pittman Mrs Maggie E. h 715 Jackson Pledger Adolphus I) (Alice), foremn lumb mill, h 733 Pulaski Pledger Iva. mill wkr Pledger John S (Lula), mecli gar. h 331 Nacoochee Pledger Ruby, mill wkr, 231 Nacoochee Pledger Jessie, mill wkr, 231 Nacoochee Pledger Lemuel O (Mary). 324 Hoyt Pledger Warren, rnach, 324 Hoyt Pledger Lemuel 0 Jr, blksmth, h 324 Hoyt Pledger Marshall N (Mary), gro, h 920 Broad Pledger Thelma, mill wkr, 231 Nacoochee



*Plumber Henry (Gertrude), lab, 1237 Hancock *Plumber James (Susie), lab, h 1370 Broad *Plummer Hattie, 264 Washington
*Plummer Prince Albin, w Waddell *Plummer Robert (Dudley), floormn, h w Waddell *Plummer Ruby May, w Waddell *Plummer Leroy, w Waddell *Plummer Robt, cook, 340 Newton *Plummer Sallie. Ind, 134 Church *Plummer Saul (Anna), h 680 Dearing *Poalind Amanda, Ind, 140 Doboy *Poldo Lizzie M, 1365 Hancock *Poldo Wallis, lab, 1365 Hancock *Poldo Cora, Ind, 1365 Hancock Polier Henry sales, 818 College *Pollan Rosa, h 148 Hoyt *Pollard Charlie, lab, 1157 Hancock Pollard Mrs Harriett E. h 126 Cemetery Pollard John T, pntr, 126 Cemetery Pollard Joseph U, pntr, 152 Hoyt Pollard Joseph I (Hattie), pntr, h 240 n Milledge Pond Robt S (Ethel), prof U of Ga, h 159 Dearing Poole DuPree, supt acid pit, 223 Nantahala * Poole Mary, hid, h 170 Newton *Pope Albert, lab, h 177 Warsaw *Pope Bailey (Minerva), h 448 Georgia Depot Pope Cadesman, civ eng, 197 Dearing Pope Evan (Minnie), lab ctn comp, h 325 Rock Spring *Pope Jim, lab hospital, 168 Paris Pope Mrs Mattie W, h 197 Dearing Pope Wilbur B, chief elk r r, 197 Dearing Pope Henry L, bkpr ctn fact, 197 Dearing *Pope Maria, 445 Oak *Pope Pierce (Julia), lab ctn wrhse, h 661 Branch *Pope Pierce (Mertise), farm lab, h Grove st *Pope Simon (Ida), lab oil mill, h 524 Vine *Pope Le Roy, cook bakery, 524 Vine *Pope Edmund, ofc boy, 524 Vine *Pope Celestine, 524 Vine *Pope Squire, street hand, h 198 Peters *Pope Tom (Eva), svt, h rear 740 Prince Pope Walter S, bkpr ctn fact, h 197 Dearing *Pope Will (Mary), lab Ga depot, h 326 Vine *Pope Will, butler. 150 Newton *Pope William (Lucindia), lab, h 196 Bridge *Pope Winnie, cook. 320 Glenn
*Pope Gertrude, cook. 320 Glenn *Pope Daisy, maid, 320 Glenn *Porter Albert P (Millie), mill wkr, h 197 Miles Porter Ed F (Cecil), cotton buyer, h 161 Cloverhurst *Porter Edgar (Ella), lab. h 349 Rock Spring *Porter Henry, lab, 349 Rock Spring Porter Mrs Mary B, h 700 Pulaski Porter William E, carp, 700 Pulaski



*Portor Tom, vulc auto shop, 380 Bilhips *Portor Walter (Susie), tailor, h 554 Strong *Porter Thomas. 554 Strong *Porter Susie. 554 Strong Porter W R (Mary), mng dry gels store, h 698 Cobb Porterfield Grover C (Lizzie), mech, h 716 Pulaski Porterfield Lock Collier (Minnie), sales, h!40 Ga Railroad Porterneld Martha H. h 190 Baldwin Porterneld Tempie C. 190 Baldwin Porterfield R. auto mech. 663 Jackson Porterfield Young J (Alline). trek dvr Poss Ed. policeman. Boulevard Poss Gaynelle. milliner. 550 Nantahala Poss Gladys. 550 Xantahala *Poss Gussie. washwoman. 185 Cherry *Poss James, r r fireman, h 360 Cleveland *Poss Jno (Bertha), porter. 188 Strong *Poss Nancy, 188 Strong Poss Joseph E (Martha), contractor, h 550 Nantahala Poss Mazelle. milliner. 550 Nantahala Poss Fred H. carp. 550 Nantahala Poss Robt E (Bertha), trav sales. 860 Boulevard Postero Leonard (Grace), prop pool room, h 640 Meigs Postero Josephine, steno. 640 Meigs Potter Lucy. 197 Mitchell Potter Willie. mill wkr, 197 Mitchell Potter Henry, mill wkr. 197 Mitchell Potter Vance. mill wkr, 197 Mitchell Potts Ernest C (Ottie). paymaster. So Mnf Co, h 742 Boulevard Potts Roy M. pntr. h 742 Boulevard Potts Rosa Mae. 742 Boulevard Potts John (Amanda). pntr, h 552 Pulaski Potts John R (Leitha), telg opr, h 650 Reese Potts Leitha. 650 Reese Potts W J (Minnie), asst chief fire dept, h 723 Boulevard Potts Edna Mae. teacher, 732 Boulevard Potts William J. 723 Boulevard Potts Emory M. 723 Boulevard Pough Walter T (Jennie M), ins agt. 293 Hoyt Pough Cyril E, sales ret gro store. 293 Hoyt *Poullam Maria, cook, 313 Thomas Poulnott Swift, auto sales, 215 1-2 Lumpkin Powell Alvin M (Evelyn), h 521 Lumpkin *Powell Emanuel (Luella). lab gas shop, h rear 299 Boulevard Powell James L (Maude), mill wkr, h 289 Cemetery Powell Grady G. 289 Cemetery Powell Clara B. 289 Cemetery *Powell Mack (Mamie), pressng clb, h 140 Valley *Powell Tissie, lab oil mill, h 198 Cloverhurst Powell Tunis W (Mary), farmer, h Cloverhurst Powell Davenport, supt ref co, h Cloverhurst Powell Annie F, Cloverhurst Powell William, slip elk, 940 College ave Powell William W (Susie), carp, 297 Boulevard



Powers Bessie, trained nurse, 190 Virginia *Powers Brown, h 50 Madison *Powers Viola, cook, 50 Madison Power Clara S. bkpr, h 590 Barber * Powers Grady, lab, 456 River Powers Mrs Jessie, bdnghse kpr. h 169 Dougherty *Powers Marshall (Viola), brickmason. h 50 Madison Powers Naomi, 169 Dougherty Power W D (Aria), eng So r r. h 150 Barrett *Powers William (Dolly), plasterer, h 390 Billups Prairie Chief (Vera), mnf pat med. h 165 Strong Praither Ben C (Goldie), trav sales, Tenn Coal Co *Prater Jane, h 269 Newton Prater Mrs Susan V. h 170 Nantahala Prater Frank, elect, h 170 Nantahala Prater Rosa Lee, steno, 170 Nantahala Prater Delia, smstr. 170 Nantahala Prater Susie, 170 Nantahala Prater Enoch A, 169 Park Prater Ethel V. emp hos mill, 459 1-2 e Clayton Prater John N (Lucille). stamp elk P O, h 255 DuBose *Prater John, lab, 264 Washington Prater Mrs Lizzie, h 120 Georgia R R st Prater Oliver (Dora), barber, h .368 Oak Pressley Spencer (Annie), mill wkr, h 140 Hiawassee Preston H J, sales, 564 College Price Edmund S (Annie), h 325 Madison Price Rosalind, teacher, 225 Madison * Price Edna C, 1253 w Broad * Price Gertrude, 337 Finley Price Hugh J (Julia), mng gen farm loans. 290 n Milledge Price James D (Leila), r r comr. h 248 Springdale Price Maria, 248 Springdale Price Francis, sales, 248 Sprhigdale Price Mrs Kate, 300 Milledge Circle Price L 0 (Nellie), mngr Piedmont Market. Lumpkin st; h "VVaddell Price Rankin (Lilla). matron Denmark Hall, h Denmark Hall Price Mrs Ruth P, 169 Dougherty *Price Tom (Dora) section hand r r, h 227 Vine Prickett Esty L, h 155 Becker Prickett Ollie (Rebecca)
Prickett Wretha B. 155 Becker Prince Basaline, teacher Lucy Cobb, h 220 Milledge Prince Edward A (Margaret), carp, h 145 Poplar Prince Ada, sales dept store, 145 Poplar Proctor Dr J P (Grace), surgeon St Mary's Hospital, h 455 Milledge Proctor William J (Annie), grocer, h 258 Springdale *Prophet Moses (Mary), carp, h 150 Hendricks *Prophet Lula, Ind, 150 Hendricks *Prophet Allie, Ind, 150 Hendricks Props Mrs Laura J, 749 Pulaski *Pruitt Anna, Ind, h 672 Lumpkin *Pruitt Charlie (Gertrude), r r mech, h 317 Athens *Pryer Jesse (Leona), lab, h 118 Rock Spring

|MCK AND CONSCIENTIOl s ATTENTION to all Interests of policyholders is a distinguishing feature of service required by the great old niutu:tl EQl ITABLE LIFE ASSl/RANCE SOCIETY of every representlve. It N vitally important for you to pet a SAFE LIFE INSURANCE CONTRACT, hut there are also many things Ol TSIDE the written instrument that it is well worth vour while to consider. The time and best attention of EQl ITABLE officers and agencies is at your service in every matter af
your PERMANENT insurance welfare; it is always a pleasure to serve your interests to the best of our ability, and FREE OF CHARGE. A cordial invitation to visit our offices is perpetually extended you and yours. SAFETY FIRST! T. L. Mitchell. Dist. Mffr.. 613-014 Holman Rldg. Phone'746 or 540. Life, loan, health, accident, income policies.
Quarrelling quafthea qualification and queers the quext of quality.



*Pryor Charlie (Susie), r r porter, 424 Elder Puekett Albert F (Emma Lou), prop gar, h 197 Milledge Puckett Wm. quarrymn marble co. h 152 Clayton Pugh John Thomas (Alice), mill wkr Pugh Ruby Puleston John, army sgt, U of Ga. h University Campus *Pulliam Robert L (Mattie), cont co. h 147 Peabody Pulliam Leora. h Y W C A Purcell Grover C (Cleo), mech, h 457 e Hancock Purcell Jones (Celestia). county demonstrator, h 770 Boulevard *Purifoy Alberta, cook, h rear 162 Hoyt *Purifor Geo (Carrie), lab. h 147 Franklin *Puryer Inez. 195 Billups *Pye Jesse (Jennie), lab, h 370 Branch Quillian A C, h 323 Hancock Quillian D D. student, 450 Prince Quill ian Amy. 450 Prince Quillian Leslie, 450 Prince Quinn John, 256 Dougherty Raiden Florrie P, sales, 199 Barrow Raiden \Viley R (Addie), mill wkr, \\ 154 Inglewood Raiford Fisher, supt Gas Co, 115 Lumpkin *Rakestraw Anderson, mech, 367 Finley *Raines Eugene, farm lab. 141 Dearing *Raines Adelle. hairdresser, 141 Dearing *Raines Newt (Mary), barber, 690 Hull *Raines Harry, porter, 690 Hull Raines Win II (Ada), carp, li 648 n Lumpkin Rainey Annabelle, sales dept store, 175 State Rainwater Houston. 197 Mitchell Rainwater James O (Lucille), mill wkr, h 226 Williams Ramirez Rafael W (Lucille), prof Spanish, U of Ga, h 663 s Jackson Rampley Mrs Leila. 980 Lumpkin Rampley Mattie, 980 Lumpkin Rampley Albert, 980 Lumpkin Ramsey Mrs Mabel C. bkpr. 920 Broad Ramsey Tracy. carp, 117 Broad Randolph Atee (Mary E), mech Athens Motor Co, 291 Baxter Randolph Pearl C (Nellie), metal wkr, h 190 Baxter Randolph T K. trek farmer, 190 Baxter Randolph Alice, smstr. 190 Baxter *Randolph Susan F. 1294 w Broad
"Range Clarke. lab, h Trail Creek *Ransom Pete (Mollie). wagon dvr, h 130 Newton
*Ransom Sam (Florine), lab botl wks, h 157 Newton Raleigh John (Malinda), mill wkr. h 167 Miles

JEPI TATION THROUGHOUT ALL AMERICA for progressive energy, alert enterprise, wise economy, wide experience, pleading efficiency, unselfish service, uniform satisfaction, beneficent results proven SAFETY, has attracted over 760.000 persons as present policyholders in the EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. One of the world's greatest MUTUAL finan cial institutions, its immense influence is all the while exerted to advance best interests of individual members and to promote the general public
welfare. If you are not familiar with the purposes and the practices <>f this SAFE :ind mighty humanity-serving mutual organization, an investigation will prove both interesting and profitable. SAFETY FIRST! T. L. Mitehell, Dist. Mgr.. 613-614 Holman Bldg. Phone 746 or 540. Life, loan, health, accident, income policies.
Reciprocity or reprisal? Iteasou or rawhnews? Regard or rebuke? Rejoicing or regretting:?



Rathbone Rosa Lee, teacher Ag Col, 626 Hill Rawson Frank S (Anna), mill wkr, h 915 Chase Rawson Mary W, steno, Ga R R, 915 Chase Rawson Clarence W, lab rub co, 915 Chase Rawson Charles E, 915 Chase Ray Anna Louise, 167 Odd Ray Jane, 167 Odd
Ray Ann S, 227 Waddell Ray Carl (Irish), supt auto repair shop, h 186 Hancock Ray Elsie, Ind, h 224 Lyndon ave Ray Alice, Ind, 224 Lyndon ave Ray Gibson S (Lillie Mae), mach auto shop, h 126 Grace Ray George (Belle), pub lab, h 193 Marlin Ray James R (Bettie Ussery), emp handle fact, h 263 Hoyt Ray Jessie (Myria), mail carrier Ag Col, h 429 Finley Ray Hallie, lab Ag Col. 429 Finley Ray Hallie, hid, 429 Finley Ray John, svt, Dougherty st Ray Johnnie, h 297 Lyndon Ray. Lizzie, cook, 82 Rock Spring
Ray Ralph, trek dvr, 82 Rock Spring Ray Lucille, cook, 82 Rock Spring Ray Lizzie, nurse, 82 Rock Spring Ray Robert Anderson (Maude), chief elk elect co. h 454 College Ray William T. auto sales, 454 College Rayle Dr A A Jr (Mary), ofc Holman Bldg. h 146 Mell Reade John M (Julia), prof U of Ga, h 166 Springdale Reaves Rufus, ctn grad, 313 Thomas Reaves Sidney P (Josephine), farmer, h 165 Waddell Reaves Olga, 165 Waddell
Reaves Joseph, 165 Waddell
Red Thomas (Janie), remn Indry, h 375 Hull Red Jesse M. chauf. 570 Hull Red Hamilton (Leo), wks steam Indry, 390 Hull Redding Blanco. lab, 122 Lyndon Row Redding Nicie. lab, h 122 Lyndon Row Redding James, lab. 122 Lyndon Row Redding Sam, lab, 122 Lyndon Row Redding Vallie, teacher h Pope Reed Alice, smstr, h 320 Water Reed Alice, Ind, 336 Vine Reed Emma, Ind, 157 Newton Reed Emma, maid. 157 Newton Reed Frank (Lavonia^. lab S A L Depot, h 420 Vine Reed Jack (Sallied gard, 375 Fourth



*Reed Julia, teacher, 123 Madison
*Reed Lawrence (Ella), lab, h 439 River
Reed L D (Mary), trav sales, h 170 Barber
*Reed Mamie. Ind. h 1623 Broad
*Reed Marinita. 525 Hancock
*Reed Vivian, 525 Hancock Reed Sara E, 125 Dearing Reed T \V (Eunice). Reg: IT of Ga, h 197 Boulevard *Reed William, lab, h 242 Bridge Reese Carrie L. h 271 Hancock *Reese Fletcher (Gussie). gard, h 187 Fairview *Reese Garfield (Rebecca), carp, h 384 Barber *Reese Lilly M. maid. 384 Barber *Reese Lula. cook, h 123 Franklin *Reese Mary Lou, farmer. 396 Georgia Depot Reeves Victor (Fannie), farmer, h 573 Pulaski Reeves Annie. 573 Pulaski *Reid Alice, hairdresser, h 256 Newton Reid Harvey J (Winnie D), mcht, Wingfield, Chamberlain & Reid,
cloth, h 183 Mell *Reid Lonzo. lab. Third st *Reid Lorenzo \V (Sara), barber, h 242 Bridge *Reid Mattie, cook, h 389 Meigs Reid Mrs Sallie E. h 125 Bearing Reid Henry, druggist, Reid Drug Co, 125 Dearing Reid Isaac D, pharmacist, Reid Drug Co, 125 Dearing *Resby Ed. lab. h 439 River Reynolds Dr Harold 1. ofc So Mut Bldg, h 425 Hill Reynolds Libby. drsmkr, h Hull Reynolds William. Hull Rt-vjiolds Evelyn. Hull RHODES ALEXANDER, bus mng State Normal School, h 619 Hill Rhodes Charles S (Sallie), pntr, h 198 Baldwin Rhodes Ed (Mildred), broker, 698 Cobb *Rhodes Edgar (Mamie), brickmason, h 170 Church *Rhodes Lloyd. 170 Church Rhodes John F (Anna), broker, h 267 Franklin Rhodes John F Jr. dentist, 267 Franklin Rhodes Harry, sales Athens Overland Co, 267 Franklin Rhodes Melba. travs Lyceum Co Rhodes Anna, 267 Franklin Rhodes John A (Lillian), bkpr John W Welch ctn wrhse, h 3rd
floor Holman Bldg *Rhodes Lent, cobbler, 280 Savannah *Rhodes Mary, waitress hotel, h 858 Meigs *Rhodes Rachael, cook, 858 Meigs Rhodes Mrs Mildred V, 665 n Lumpkin Rhodes William H (Bessie), mach, 225 n Milledge Rice Charles L (Pearl), ins agt, h 228 DuBose *Rice Georgia M, h 214 Vine *Rice John (Mary), cook rest, h 168 Johns *Rice Fannie, 168 Johns Rice Sam B (Maud), mach, h 554 Boulevard



Richards A G (Grace), Rector Emanual Episcopal Church, 489 Prince
Richards Paul N, 498 Prince Richards Allie (Lola), tinner. 145 Plerring Richards Raymond, printer, 145 Herring Richards Ethel, mill wkr, 145 Herring Richards Harry B (Jessie), foremn shoe shop, h 571 Lumpkin Richards James H (Lula), brickmason. h 890 College *Richard James (Henrietta), lab ctn mkt, h 350 Elder *Richard Mamie, teacher, 350 Elder *Richard Ruby, 350 Elder Richards Mrs Lucy, h 557 Oconee Richards Roy, pntr, 557 Oconee Richards Walter, sales. 557 Oconee Richards Mrs Goldie, 557 Oconee Richards Leonard, msng boy, 145 Herring Richardson Geo W, student, h Campus *Richardson Mary, teacher, h 186 Fifth Richardson M D, emp iron fndry, 459 1-2 e Clayton *Richardson Georgia, Ind, h 157 Franklin *Richardson Elizabeth, nurse. 157 Franklin *Richardson Clotelle, 176 Billups *Richardsoii Emaline, maid, 134 Chase *Richmond Virginia, teacher, Pope Riddick John G (Mary), mng Exp Co, h 557 Meigs *Riley Richard (Manilla), chauf, h 275 Arch Riley Thomas, stock elk, 336 Hill Ritch Marv C, trained nurse, 220 Milledge Ritchie II B (Edith), Dean S N S. 1248 Prince *Rivers Floyd (Mattie), delmn, 668 Hull *Rivers Liza, maid, 150 Strong Rivers Pearl, teacher, 220 Milledge Rivers Tyler F (Olivia), ret gro. h 226 Madison Riviere Mrs Ruby L, teacher, h 436 Dearing Riviere Annabel, 436 Dearing Rizak Ande, tailor, 195 Barrow *Roach Hattie, keeper lodg hse, h 182 Hoyt Roach Myrtle, nurse St Mary's Hospital Roan Ben II (Lillian), com sales, h 650 Meigs Roberson Mrs Ailie Roberson Geo W (Ida), barber, 327 Oconee *Roberson Hannah, wks hotel, h 350 Hancock *Roberson Rosina, Ind, 350 Hancock
*Roberson Thomas (Annie), pntr, h 160 Strickland Roberts Berry D (Lou Ophelia), mill wkr, h 135 Pine Roberts Clara, mill wkr, 135 Pine Roberts Grady (Fannie), h 280 Williams Roberts Letcher N (Daisy), com sales, 386 Hill Roberts Mrs Molly, 1082 Lumpkin Roberts O M (Ebba), Athens Eng Co, h 587 n Milledge *Roberts P W (Anna), brickmason, h 237 Fourth Roberts Mrs Sara J, h 357 Oconee Robertson Aubie (Bessie), postal elk, h 531 Thomas *Robertson Carrie, cook, h 932 College



Robertson Charlie, pntr, h 968 Water Robertson Bubber. lab. 968 Water Robertson John. 968 Water Robertson George, carp, 147 Berry Robertson Hattie. 147 Berry Robertson Joe i Alice), mill wkr. h 150 Iliawassee Robertson Mamie. Ind, h 250 Tabernacle Robertson Patsie. Ind. h Upson Alley Robertson Sam A (Nancy), mill wkr. h 297 Chattanooga Robertson Tup (Magnolia), carp, h 984 Water Robertson Will (Katie ), Jan. h rear 524 Prince Robertson Willie. lab fert co, h 128 Augusta Robinson Bessie. Ind. h 284 Savannah Robinson Camilla. 185 Rock Spring Robinson Christie, svt. rear 317 Milledge Robinson Claud F. sales. 530 Nantahala Robinson David A (Jessie Mae), mech Athens Motor Co, h 149
Waddell Robinson Edward (Emma), h 770 Bearing Robinson Emma. Ind. h 482 Cleveland Robinson Mrs Gertrude, 159 Virginia Robinson Geo (Evie). lab lumb mill, h 420 Cleveland Robinson John (Mary), drmn. 1269 Hancock Robinson Serena. 1022 Prince Robinson Thomas (Emma Lou). dvr, h 194 Cherry Robinson William (Lena), chauf, h 375 Rock Spring Robinson Willie Mae. maid, 327 Rock Spring Robinson Henry. 185 Hull Robson Anna. cook, h rear 930 Milledge Rocco Augusta R (Rosa), Costa's, 138 Dougherty Rodgers Blanche. 854 Hill Rodgers Mrs Lilly S. h 490 Hill Rodgers Mrs Lilly S. h 490 Hill Roebuck Roger (Katie), lab fert co. h 328 Atlanta Roese] Max (Annie Mae), auto mech. 134 State Rogers Annie. 153 Park Rogers Blanche, sales dept store, 153 Park Rogers Lois. 153 Park Rogers Blanche, teacher, 164 1-2 Clayton Rogers James M (Cassie). ctn buyer, h 277 Hill Rogers Julia. 277 Hill Rogers Violet, cook, h 124 Augusta Roland Lawrence. 650 Hancock Koland William 'Marv,. Ind, h 298 Augusta KoMo \Vallee (Mary Belli, delmn. h 681 n Lmnpkin ROLFE MONTE (Florence,, aviator. RoltV-Kpps Flying Co, 140
Barber Roper Mrs Elizabeth. 164 State Ross Alsa T (Hattie), h 287 Oconee Ross Fred. 287 Oconee Ross Jarnes A (Mattie). mill \vkr, h 184 Williams Ross Joel E (Eva;, ernp tel eo. 240 DuBose Ross Thomas J ^Lou j. overseer etn mill, h 435 Nantahala Rosette Croff. rear 740 Prince



*Rouch Ed, 133 Hoyt *Rouel William (Mary), waiter, h 286 Fourth *Rouel Nannie Lou, 286 Fourth *Rouel Susie E, 286 Fourth *Rouse Daniel (Annie), lab. h 140 Newton *Rouse John, lab eomp co. 140 Newton *Rouse Samuel H, ctn samp, h 140 Valley *Rouse William (Millie), draymn, h 161 Valley Rowland A S (Gussie). bkpr Callaway Gro Co. h 126 Milledge Rowland Ellene, 126 Milledge Rowland Dorothy, 126 Milledge Rowland C A (Effie H), dealer bagging & ties, h 1140 Prince Rowland Hampton, sales. 1140 Prince Rowland Elizabeth. 1140 Prince *Rowland Malissa, Ind. 170 Finley Rowe Hugh (Ada). Editor Athens Banner, h 220 Woodlawn Rowe Marguerite. 220 Woodlawn *Teasley Roy M (Caroline), lab. h 483 Third *Roy S (Lucy), cook, h 357 Lyndon Row *Roy Lucile, teacher, 357 Lyndon Row *Roy Lucille, teacher. 357 Lyndon Row *Roy Carrie E. Ind. 357 Lyndon Row *Roy Seymore, 357 Lyndon Row *Roy Rosa Bell, 357 Lyndon Row *Roy James G. 357 Lvndon Row Rua'rks Nellie, Y W C A *Rucker Dillard, tmstr ice pit. li 250 Cleveland Rucker Mrs Eniiua. h 124 Willow Rucker Minnie. 124 Wilhnv Rucker Hettio. 124 Willow RUCKER JEPTHA, Postmaster, h 328 Dearing * Rucker Jones, mclit r gro. h 328 Flint *Rucker Albert, lab, 328 Flint *Rucker A C. lab. 328 Flint *Rucker Budie M. 328 Flint *Rucker Mamie. 328 Flint RUCKER LAMAR C (Anita), atty. ot'c Court House, h 355 Milledge *Ruckcr Leonaril (Irene), stable boy. h 324 Lyndon *Rucker Mid (Katie), shoe maker, h 424 Reese *Rucker Sam, lab ctn mill. 148 Hoyt RUCKER TINSLEY W (Sara i. atty. h 220 Dearing Rucker Mary Ann, teacher, 220 Dearing *Rucker Victoria, maid, w Waddell Ruff Mrs Bertha. 798 Boulevard Ruff (Mint C. r\v slip elk. 79S Boulevard *Ruff Mary, cook, h 224 Rock Spring *Rumaelk Sam (Mattie). dvr. h 184 Cherry Rumsey Vera, tel opr, 175 Nacoochee *Russell Lovet, lab, 140 Warsaw Russell William J (Addict income tax col. h 348 Springdale Kustin Eunice. Y W C A Rutherford Mildred. Pres Lucy Cobb Institute. "The Villa." Mil-
ledge Kyaii Wm .) (llattie), 1 T S Army, h 315 1-2 Jackson



Rylee Edgar S (Mamie), prop meat mkt, h 858 Hill

RYLEE HUBERT M, atty. ofc 405 Holman Bldg, h 295 Henderson

Sailors Mrs Alexander. 198 Elder

Sailors Odessa, steno, 363 Hancock

*Sailors Rebecca. Ind. 640 Hancock


Salers Hopson O (Alice), carp, b 148 Hickory

Salers Robert, carp. 148 Hickory

Salers Ed. plmbr. 148 Hickory

Salers Mary. 148 Hickory

Salers Haiiey. 148 Hickory

Sammons Vernon. student. Campus

*Samson Nathan, lab. h w Waddell

*Samuel Bessie. 258 Fairview

*Samuel Neice, hskpr. h 389 Meigs

Sanders Mrs Anna, h 328 Oconee

Sanders William, taxi driver, 328 Oconee

Sanders Millard. city fireman. 328 Oconee

Sanders John R. 328 Oconee

Sanders Arthur (Hassie). trek dvr Chero-Cola Co, h 191 Hiawassee

Sanders Lincoln T (Annie), carp. 774 Jackson

*Sanders Lula. sweeper comp, 989 College

Sanders Noby. lab ctn mill, h Nacoochee

Sanders Mrs Sara, smstr. h 879 College

Sanford Steadman V (Grace), prof U of Ga, h 359 Cloverhurst

Sanford Shelton. vocationalist. 359 Cloverhurst

Sanford Charles. 359 Cloverhurst

Sanford Homer. 359 Cloverhurst

*Sanford Lula. cook, h 178 Bridge

*Sanford Mary L. cook

*Sanford Rose. 178 Bridge

Satcher Lollie. h Y W C A

Saunders Edna, bkpr gar. Y W C A

Saunders Harry W (Marion), com trav

Sawyer W S. trav sales. Y M C A

Save Alonzo IT. carp, h 164Strong

Save Mattie Eliza, sales, 164 Strong

Save Joseph A (Martha), carp, h 120 Poplar

Save Belle E. steno. 120 Poplar

Save Mary. 120 Poplar

Save Joseph A Jf. carp. 120 Poplar

*Harper Job)), svt. h rear 329 Dearing

Stovall William (Georgia), blksmth. h 400 Reese

Save John (Bessie), carp. 148 Poplar

Save Mrs Julia, h 545 Pulaski

Save Aleck (Jewel), circ mng Herald. 545 Pnlaski

Save Ralph, mail clerk Athens Herald, h 545 Pulaski

Save Grace. 545 Pulaski

Save Milton B (Elizabeth), carp, h 737 Oak

Save R A (Lela). county officer, h 270 Cobb

Save Roland. 270 Cobb '

Save Roscoe (Bessie), bkpr, 270 Cobb

Sara Nora M. 270 Cobb

Save William M (Mary E). minister, h 1452 Broad

Save Rov W. mech. 1452 Broad

STRENGTH, SI PREMACY, Sl'C'CESS; satisfying, systematic- service: the EQUITABLE LIFE ASSl RANOE SOCIETY is substantially supported by a lon^-established reputation for combining in hijrh decree all these requisites of the ideal Ml Tl AL life-insurance organization. Within its broad range of helpful contracts there is some form of protection suited to the needs of almost every man or woman. The company that jrives SAFE and satisfactory results to over 700.000 other persons, undoubtedly offers something of fjreat value to YOl'. Yon are MAKING MONEY: how much are you SAVING by investing in SAFE life insuranceV The Tinted States has only 5 per rent, of the world's population: we own X', per cent, of the world's wealth: but there are 14 nations that SAVE more than WE save. It costs nothing and incurs no obligation to sk for information. T. L. Mitchell, Dist. Mirr.. i>lo-014 Holman P.lrtg. Phone 746 or 540. .SAFETY FIRST In life, loan, health, accident, income policies.
Smiling is scattering sunshine: scowling is starting storms.



Save Newton, carp. 1452 Broad Saver Edward M (Mattie), com sales, h 198 Barrow Saylor Mrs Nellie, trav sales. Cedar Scarbrough B P (Mamie), barber, h 175 Boulevard Scarbrough Charles J. com sales, 311 Thomas Scarbrough John A, mill wkr, 133 Chattanooga Scarbrough Lewis A (Elvie), chemist, oil refining co, 445 Milledge Scarbrough Seaborn A (Daisy), grocer, h 688 Pulaski Scarbrough Carroll B, mech, 688 Pulaski Scherrer Charley, sales, 178 Dougherty
Scroth Nichols (Jennie), pntr, h 940 College Scott Clyde (Esther), trav sales. 287 Clayton Scott Eugene II (Estelle), auto agt. h 215 Hampton Court Scott Thomas J (Janie). mcht hdw. 215 Hampton Court Scott Geo E (Anna Lou), prop Scott Hdw Co, 1073 Milledge *Scott Harriett, maid, h w Waddell *Scott James (Susie), farmer, h Waddell *Scott Jane, h 165 Lyndon *Scott Ethel, nurse, 165 Lyndon *Scott John (Lula), ins agt. h 160 Lyndon Row *Scott Louise, teacher, h 160 Lyndon Row *Scott Paul, 160 Lyndon Row Scott Lamar (Dean), mug E & S Sporting Goods Co. 256 Dougherty
*Scott Lessie, cook. 92 Inadale Scott Mrs Lizzie, h 418 Chase Scott Robert, pntr, 418 Chase Scott Alonzo, pntr, 418 Chase *Scott Mary, cook, rear 1155 Milledge Scott Mrs Monte/, 197 AVoodlawn *Scott Sam (Anna), gardener, h Hobson ave Scott Thomas, mill wkr, 187 Nantahala Scott William J (Mitchell B), lab poultry farm, h 125 Carlton Scoville Edward P, glass cutter, 653 College
Scoville John B (Lois), prescription clerk, h 298 Barber Scudder Charles A (Nina), jeweler Scudder's, Clayton: h 490 Mil-
ledge Scndder Alexander, Scudder's. 490 Milledge Scudder Nina. 490 Milledge Scudder Susan, 490 Milledge
Segars Ray do (Viola), carp, h 1130 Boulevard Seagraves Charles C (Alton), detective, h 185 Poplar Seagraves Gilbert, 185 Poplar Seagraves Clelia, 265 Peters Seagraves Carl, farmer, 265 Peters

J. F. Shepherd

ALL LINES 211-212 Holman Building

Athens, Georgia



Seagraves Leonard (Annie), farmer. 265 Peters Seagraves Harvey H (Lucy), policeman, h 863 Chase Seagraves Harvey Lee, emp hosiery mill, h 149 Herring Seagraves Joseph ~\V (Sara), mill wkr. h 565 Nantahala Seagraves James H (Mary Sara), mill \vkr, h 565 Nantahala Seagraves Malindy. 138 Miles Seagraves Pink, h 265 Peters Seagraves Fred, police captain. 265 Peters Seagraves Edward P, farmer, 265 Peters Seagraves William P (Anna), mill wkr. h 138 Bryant
Seagraves Grady. mill wkr. 138 Bryant *Searls Moses (Decie). janitor church, h 450 Reese *Seals Emma, cook, 1324 Hancock *Seals Savannah. Ind. h 168 Paris *Seals Susie, teacher, 168 Paris *Seals Will (Mary), lab oil mill, h 137 Cohen *Sears Dora, cook, rear 247 Pulaski *Seldon Mary. Ind. h 236 Pearl *Seldon Ada. Ind. 236 Pearl Sell E S (Nettie), prof Agr S N S. h 650 Cobb Sellars Edgar Lee (Blanche), trav sales, h 372 Hancock Severin Dr Julius E (Cle), veterinary surgeon Ag Col, h 698 Mil-
ledge *Seward James (J. ins agt. 1063 Reese *Sewel1 Charl-s (Ada), ins agt. h 232 Fourth Sewell Mrs Mary L. 920 Lumpkin Sexton James L (Margaret), sect mnf pit, h 598 Prince Seymour Herman P (I)evonia). com trav, Holman Bldg Seymour Walter (Lois). mill wkr, h 247 Chattanooga *Shackelford Jirn (Lixxie). la)), h 247 Chattanooga *Shackelford Ann. 140 Lyndo'i Row Shaekclford John W (Eunice), mill wkr, h 157 Miles
Shackelford Ralph, mill wkr. 157 Miles Shackelford Claude, mill wkr, 157 Miles SHACKELFORD THOMAS J, atty. Shackelford Bldg, h 575 Harris SHACKELFORD FRANK, atty. Shackelford Bldg, 575 Thomas Shaeftel Harvev. sales dry goods, 293 Clayton *Shank Otis. lab. h 527 River Shannon II Albert, 490 Milledge Sharp Mrs Mary, smstr. 860 Boulevard Sharpton John T (Sara), auto top maker, h 853 College *Shaw Burrell (Louvinia). lab. h 180 Harris *Shaw Ruby, nurse, 180 Harris *Shaw Pearl, nurse, 180 Harris *Shaw Charlie (Dessie), brickmason, h 428 First *Shaw Henry (Charlotte), brickmason, 126 First



*Shaw Charles, lab, 524 Strong *Shaw Matilda, nurse, h 158 Warsaw *Shaw Charlie, del boy, 158 Warsaw *Shaw Sara, cook, h 390 Augusta *Shaw Warren (Lettie Mae), lab, h 875 Water *Shaw William (Emma), lab oil mill, h 967 Water *Shaw Rufus, lab oil mill, 967 Water *Shaw Wm (Mary). Indry. h 330 Pope *Sheats Governor (Florida Mae), lab, h* 148 Chase *Sheats Henrietta, 148 Chase *Sheats Laura, Ind, 1060 Reese Sheehee Wm E (Mattilon), barber, h 320 s Lumpkin Sheehee Lillian. 320 s Lumpkin Sheffer Lafayette (Marguerite), asst supt Ag Sheffield Henry C (Eunice), money lender, h 360 Oak Sheffield Roma, 360 Oak *Sheffield Tsoline, Ind, 140 Second Sheldon G (Katie), mill wkr. 148 Mulberry Shelnut James W (Quilla Mae), barber, h 249 Waddell Shen Joe. Indrymn, 174 Clayton *Sheriault Sidney (Carrie), briekmason. h 348 Reese *Shenault Hogan, briekmason. 348 Reese *Shenault Susie, trained nurse, 348 Reese *Shenault Lewis, 348 Reese
Shephard Sam. 459 1-2 Clayton *Shepherd Carrie, cook, 543 w Broad Shepherd David (Beatrice), lab tVrt pit. h 335 Vine Shepherd James F. ins ajjrt. 215 1-2 Lumpkin *Shepherd Robert ( Julia h draymn, h 396 Arch *Shepperd Rowena, trained nurse, h 733 Dearing
*Shepperd Elizabeth, maid. 733 Dearing *Sheppard Charles (Eddie>. blksmth. h 137 Billups *Sheppard Eugene, lab ctn mill. 125 Crawford *Sheppard Willie, auto mech. I'pson Alley Sheridan Carl, mach. 198 Oconee Sheridan Fred, mach, 198 Oconee Sherman Jesse, carp, 187 Chattanooga *Sherman Joseph, lab. h 7^9 Broad Shields Isolena. cook. 757 Hancock Shirley Mrs Olivia, mill wkr. h 342 Oak
Shirley Olivia C. mill wkr. 342 Oak Sliirley Albert, pntr. 342 Oak Shirley Frank W. carp. 186 Inglewood Sliirley Howard B. carp. 186 Inglewood Shirley John E. plmbr. h n Lumpkin Shirley Millie Jane, n Lumpkin Short Arthur (Ola), r r brakeman. h 866 College Short Hal R (Edna B), cont. h 543 Lumpkin *Short James (Stella) .lab Moss Mnf Co. h 866 Water
Short Jewel (Clara), printer Athens Herald, h 856 College Short Mamie E, mill wkr. h 234 Georgia Depot Short Ida, bkpr bnk, 234 Georgia Depot Short Dora. 234 Georgia Depot Short Mrs Martha, h 695 Prince



Short Francis, sales McGregor's, 695 Prince *Shorttie George, jan, 146 Church Shouse Mrs Fannie, h 390 Hancock Shouse Lillian. 390 Hancock Shonse Fannie Mae, steno U of Ga. 390 Hancock Shouse P S (Ellen), sales autos. 130 Grady Shupe C W (Ellen), sales, h 346 Strong Shurley Charles O (Blanche), lab handle fact, h 160 Ga Railroad Shy Hinton B (Lizzie Orr)*, gen mng City Gar, h 920 Lumpkin Shy Elizia, 920 Lumpkin *Shy Thomas (Fannie), trckmn. h 957 Reese *Shy Wyatt. lab ctn oil mill, h 185 Rock Spring Sickles Andrew J (Essie), sign pntr, h 153 1-2 Jackson Sigler Chas. switchman r r, 223 Nantahala Siggins Morris (Gussie). lab. h 475 First Sikes Mrs Bessie, steno, h 847 College *Sikes John, lab comp co, 291 Athens Siler Jack, bkpr Miller & Co.. 256 Dougherty Silver David F (Emma), lab oil mill, li 340 Oak Silvey Susie. 340 Oak Silver Mrs Ida R. h 220 Hull Silvey Lillv. opr So Bell Tel Co, 220 Hall Silvey Willie W (Sara), butcher, h 732 Pulaski Silvey Marion, sales gro store, 732 Pulaski *Simmons Anna, cook, works at 240 Hull *Simmons Detrick (lamina), h rear 287 Hancock
Simmons Gabriel (Mamie), U S Army, 115 Lumpkin Simmons Henry L, carp, 693 Lumpkin *Simmons Sophia, Ind. h 467 Atlanta *Simmons Tump, lab, 599 Hancock *Simms Anderson (Amanda), carp, h 280 Bridge *Simms Lyman, 280 Bridge Simms Josephine, teacher, li 220 Milledge *Simms Mary E. lab, h 840 Reese *Simms Laros D. lab. 840 Reese *Simms Ola. cook. 346 Reese *Simms William (Lola), draynin. h rear 725 Cobb Simpson Mary S (Archie), h 185 Virginia *Sims Amy. Ind. h 542 Odd Sims Bin ford, steno ins ofc, 390 Hancock Sims Charlie M (Maud), painter, h 170 Baldwin Sims John H, pntr. 170 Baldwin Sims Clarence, sign pntr. 170 Baldwin *Sims Claud (Lizzie), lab oil mill, h 183 Billnps *Sims Clinton (('allied, r r switchman, h 337 Finley *Sims Cosney (Mary), carp, 135 Warsaw *Sims Frank (Kate), gardener. 428 Elder Sims Geo H (Mattie), mill wkr. h 179 Miles Sims Mrs Mary E. 331 Thomas
Sims Olich. smstr. h 394 Fourth *Sims Ophelia, svt, h rear 253 Dougherty Sims Savannah, h 513 Jackson *Sims Viola, cook, 648 Vine *Sims Carrie, wks shirt fact. 648 Vine



Sing Joe, Indrymn, 211 Thomas KSingleton Ella, nurse St Mary's Hospital *Singleton Minnie, cook, h 1298 w Broad
*Singleton Mattie, cook, 1279 w Broad *Singleton Mattie, cook, 1279 w Broad Sisk Barney. (Leonora), mach, h 601 Thomas Sisk Dr C N (Nannie E), physician, h 524 Prince Sisk Ella, sales, 172 Hancock Sizer Richard, cash Am State Bank, 357 Milledge Sizer James, sales, 357 Milledge Skelton James H (Mary), r r foreran, h 663 Pulaski Skelton Mattie. 663 Pnlaski Skelton John G (Willie), prop bakery, h 165 Pulaski Skidmore Frank, oil co agt, 225 1-2 Lumpkin Skiles Miles, emp hand fact. 244 Washington Slack James A, city firemn. Prince & Hill Station, h 162 Clayton Slaughter Dr Wilson M (Willie). dentist, h 296 Hill *Slaughter Jos W (Josephine), dvr Exp Co, h 169 Green 'Slaughter Catherine, 16 9Green *Slaton Emory (Sadie), r r lab, h 180 Cleveland Slaymaker Frank (Margaret), sect Field Church Work, h 320 Mil-
ledge Sledge E D Sr (Mary), mcht farm imp, h 243 Hancock
Sledge E D Jr, student, 243 Hancock *Sloan Lucindy, 1132 Broad Sloman S (Rosina), h 465 College *Smith Albert (Martha Bell), lab oil mill, h Field *Smith Alex, lab, 123 Lyndoii Row *Smith Alex, pub lab. h 635 Vine Smith Mrs Alice, h 130 Ga Railroad Smith Omar Newton, mcht. 130 Ga Railroad *Smith Alma, svt. h rear 1185 Prince
*Smith Ann, h 380 Billups *Smith Asbury (Anita'1, farmer, h 170 Herring *Smith Callie,' 170 Herring Smith Mrs A R. smstr. h 965 Water Smith Billups (HattitO. h 408 River *Smith Candus, 1140 Hancock *Smith Bedney (Janie). butler, li 1160 Hancock *Small Charley (Viola \ lab. h Hancock *Smith Christine, 234 Pope *Smith Clinton, dentist, 823 Prince *Smith Colonel (Ella), draymn. h 270 Glenn Smith Comus B (Evie). lab. h 295 Nellie B ave. *Smith Daisy, maid, h 873 w Broad *Smith Dora, h 183 Green *Smith R U farm lab. 183 Green SMITH EDWARD I (Sara^. ins agt. h 146 Mell Smith Garland, teacher. 146 Mell Smith Edward 1 Jr (Wylie). teller bnk, h 635 Reese *Smith Ella, teacher. 168 Peabody Smith Elmer G (Liskah Alma), emp r r yd, h 224 Elizabeth *Smith Emma, cook, rear 645 Milledge Smith Ernest (Faith), emp Standard Oil Co, h 491 Ruth



Smith Fannie, Ind, h 139 Plum

Smith Fern, smstr, h 390 Water

Smith Frances. Ind. h 1679 Broad

Smith Jim, 1679 Broad

Smith Jim, 1679 Broad

Smith Frank (Katie), lab. h 190 Newton

Smith Tommie. trckmn, 190 Newton

Smith Fred (Susie), lab. h 1755 Broad

Smith George, lab, Boulevard

Smith Geo Burney Sr (Corrie). meat cutter mkt, h 224 Elizabeth

Smith George W (WillieV mach, h 328 Oconee

Smith Georgia, Ind. h 390 Athens

Smith W Gus (Lizzie), mill wkr. li 262 Waddell

Smith Guy H (Beulah). sales gro store, h 640 Reese

Smith Henry \V. real est agt, Georgian Hotel

Smith Henry W (Clara), mill wkr. h 297 Oak

Smith Henry (Nancy)', pntr, h 213 Third

Smith Homer (Het'tie). plstr. h 163 Reese

Smith Horace (Emily), col. h 770 Boulevard

Smith II \V (Denta), sales hdw. h 1189 Prince

Smith Mrs Ina Mae. salesw, 690 s Lumpkin

Smith Irene, h 335 Lyndon Row

Smith James S (Lizzie), waiter Georgian Hotel, h 1495 Broad

Smith James AY (Mary), butcher, h 420 River

Smith James T (Stella), carp, h 598 Nantahala

Smith James P (Emma), mill wkr. h 187 Miles

Smith James C. mill wkr. 187 Miles

Smith Janie. Ind. h rear 384 Oawford

Smith Jeff (Annie MV ctn trckmn. 239 Strong

Smith Jep R. mng bottling co. 247 Pulaski

Smith Jerry (Leila"), lab. h 1014 Hobson ave

Smith Joe (Annie V emp mnf co. li 623 Hull

Smith Joe B (Effie^. carp, h 1140 Boulevard


Smith Hattie Lee. elk. 1140 Boulevard

Smith John F f Minnie), ironer Indry. 126 Tnadale

Smith John T ( Viola 1. junk dealer. 1/439 Strong

Smith John W fBertha). lab dairy, li 1354 Hancock

Smith Bnzelle. butler. 1354 Hancock

Smith James, butler. 1354 Hancock

Smith James, bottler soft drnks, 1354 Hancock

Smith John (Annie), lab lunib mill, h 145 Cohen

Smith John (Mary\ lab. h 280 Fairview

SMITH J WARREN (Alta R). vice pros Ga Natl Bnk. h 230 Mil-

ledge Circle

Smith John II (Lizzie), drayman, h 549 Reese

Smith Sadie. 549 Reese

Smith John IT. lab. 140 Warsaw

Smith Joseph II (Grace), section foremn r r, 914 College ave

Smith Julia B. 690 s Lumpkin

Smith Joseph Leon. elk Exp Co, 690 s Lumpkin

Smith Susie C. 690 s Lumpkin

Smith Willie R. steno Ag Col. 690 s Lumpkin

Smith Julius T (Clara), mill wkr. h 184 Bryant

Smith Kitty L, 125 Henderson



*Smith Lamar C (Hattie), cont, h 126 Henderson

*Smith Laura, nurse, 812 Reese

Smith Len C, cont, 159 Bearing

*Smith Lela, 170 Berry

*Smith Linton, wagon dvr cont co, 160 Valley

*Smith Lizzie, Rock Spring

*Smith Lonnie (Mary), cook, h 294 Springdale

Smith Louis K (Lessie), farmer, h 125 Henderson

*Smith Louis, student, 125 Henderson

Smith Louise, h 951 Broad

Smith Herman D, tel opr, 751 Broad

*Smith Lovey, Ind, h 170 Lyndon Row

*Smith Lula, Ind, h rear 715 Jackson


Smith Mrs Lula, milliner, h 170 Barber


*Smith Mark (Rosa Lee), rear 886 Milledge


*Smith Lula, cook, h 188 Strong


*Smith Mary, Ind, h 122 Hendricks


Smith Mrs Mary G, 965 Chase


Smith Paul, carp, 965 Chase


Smith Minnie, mill wkr, 965 Chase


*Smith Mary J, h 834 Reese


*Smith Annie, cook, 834 Reese


*Smith Mary J, cook, 25 Cleveland


*Smith Mary Jane, nurse, 176 Newton


*Smith Mary L, teacher, h 125 Rock Spring


Smith Maude, dem agt Ag Col, 1196 Lumpkin


Smith May. smstr, h 1040 Hobson


Smith May, 798 Boulevard


Smith Hope I, auto sales, 798 Boulevard


*Smith Morgan (Annie), lab, h 253 Compress


Smith Mrs Nancy, h 375 Peters


Smith Albert Lamar. carp, 375 Peters

Smith Eldridge, upholsterer auto co, 375 Peters

Smith Newton A (Norma). foremn ctn mill, h 387 Oconee

Smith Obe J (Nancy), sales gasoline, h 225 Hill Crest

Smith Bailey, 225 Hill Crest

Smith Olwyn (Ruth), elk gro store, h 340 Lumpkin

*Small Ophelia, cook, h rear 763 Cobb

*Small Palace, maid, rear 763 Cobb

Smith Paul (Hattie), butter, 175 Lumpkin

Smith Paul (Leila), real est agt, h 397 Church

Smith Paul (Nell C), yd mst, h 664 Barber

*Smith Peter, h 387 Odd

*Smith Pinkie, cook, h 176 Willow

Smith Pleasant J (Mixia), atty, h 122 Poplar

Smith Selwyn, 122 Poplar '


*Smith Powell, draymn, h Minor

*Smith Queen E, cook, 127 Franklin

*Smith Robert (Pearl), carp, h 387 Flint

*Smith Robert (Irene), real est agt, h 263 Reese

Smith Robert L, slip elk, 129 Dougherty

Smith Ruby, 697 Milledge

Smith R B (Ida), auto mech, h 443 Thomas

*Smith Sam (Alma), carp, h Vine



Smith Sam (Cora Lee), live stock dealer, h 275 Grace Smith Lillian, sales, 275 Grace Smith Lottie Bell, 275 Grace *Smith Sanky, woodcutter, h 145 Church *Smith Sarah, hid, h 123 Lyndon Row *Smith Nannie, cook, 123 Lyndon Row *Smith Nathaniel, lab, 123 Lyndon Row *Smith Scott (Millie), carp, h 660 Hancock *Smith Scott Jr, waiter hotel, 660 Hancock *Smith Sherman, lab. h 397 Athens Smith Dr Singleton S (Lula), physician, h 135 Prince Smith Marie, music teacher, 135 Prince Smith Maude, teacher, 135 Prince Smith Milton, student, 135 Prince *Smith Solomon, lab oil mill, h 363 Cleveland Smith Susan, Milledge Smith Jennie. Milledge *Smith Susie. Ind. h 280 DuBose Smith Theo B (Willie B). sales dry goods store, h 357 Cobb Smith Hattie, teacher S N S. 357 Cobb Smith Thomas L (Eary). mill wkr. h 192 Bryant *Smith Tom ( Laura), lab. h 663 Milledge *Smith Tom (Lilly), stove repairer, h 1140 Hancock *Smith Minnie. 1140 Hancock *Smith Agnes. 1140 Hancock Smith Vesper (Lilly), emp hos mill, h 1475 Broad *Smith Will (Charlotte), r r section hand, h 137 Odd *Smith Will (Margaret), cook, h 340 Lyndon Row *Smith Will (Maggie), lab gar, h Trail Sreek Smith William B, nightwatchmn, 123 Chattanooga
Smith William E (SusaiO, supt city farm, li 1292 Boulevard Smith William H (Irene), sales, h 534 Meigs
Smith Mamie. 534 Meigs
Smith William J (Sara), carp, h 170 Becker *Smith William (Laura), fireman, h 186 Willow
Smith Wolver M (Katie B). atty. ofc Holman Bldg, h 176 Milledge Smith Woodson L, sales. 411 Thomas Smith Mr Barber, h 198 Oconee
Snead Mrs Mary, bdnghse kpr, h 312 Thomas Snead Mary, 312 Thomas Snelling Charles M (Matilda). Dean U of Ga. h 198 Hull
Snelling Pinckney. student Harvard, 198 Hull Snelling Chas M Jr, 198 Hull Snelling Albert. 198 Hull
Snelling David. 198 Hull Snelling Mrs Rosina. 198 Hull
Snipes Mrs Emma, h 132 Bryant Snipes Dillard, mach, 132 Bryant
Snipes Rosa Lee, 132 Bryant
*Snow Henry (Rosa), lab. h 183 Johns Snuffer Addison, plmbr. h 186 1-2 Clayton Sommerville Annie, h 560 Hill
Sorrell John C (Myrtis), farmer, h 487 Ruth Sorrell J W (Clara), st car motorman. h 250 Nacoochee



Soule Andrew M (Lillie P), Pres State Col Ag, h 846 Milledge Soule Edward, 846 Milledge Soule Murray, 846 Milledge *Southern John, lab oil mill, 115 Newton *Southers Burnett, butler, rear 240 Woodlawn *Spalding Sue, Ind, h 557 Arch Sparks Stella, student, 840 Hancock *Spearman Clarence (Fannie), lab oil mill, h 876 Water Speer Laura, h 725 Prince Speer Stark P (Lilly), ins agt. 141 Pulaski Heights
Sphinx J G (Mattie), carp, h 526 Pulaski Sphinx Cicero, auto mech, 526 Pulaski Sphinx Jack (Eunice), auto meeh Sphinx Gertrude, salesw, 526 Pulaski Sphinx Cleveland, auto lab, 526 Pulaski Sphinx Mrs Effie B, h 140 Barrow Sphinx Harlie (Nettie), carp, h 876 College Spinks James Edward (Lizzie Mae), repairer shop, h 185 State Spivey Geo W (Willie), student Ag Col, 128 Bryant Spivey Mrs Lillian B, h 785 Milledge Spratlin John II, mill \vkr, h 386 Lakeview Spratlin Mrs Annie C, 386 Lakeview Spratlin Malvern H (Kate), farmer, h 746 Pulaski
Spratlin Gladys, 746 Pulaski Spratlin Onie, Y W C A *Spratlin Sallie, lab, h 463 Hoyt *Spratlin Ed, lab, 463 Hoyt Spratlin AY II (Ida), elect, h 137 Park Spratlin Nora B, mill wkr, 137 Park Spratlin Mozelle. mill wkr. 137 Park Spratlin Elmer R, wks auto top cov co, 137 Park
*Spring Estella, Ind, h 670 Hull Sprout Helen C, head Latin dept. S N S, h 225 Hill *Spurlock Seve (Hattie), emp oil mill, h 645 Hull St John David B (Lucy), linotype opr McGregor's. h 731 Pulaski St John Leonidas, printer Athens Banner, 731 Pulaski St John Alclen, cobbler, 731 Pulaski Standfield Harvey L (Esther), wks fruit store, h 233 1-2 Broad *Standiv?r Sinia, Ind, 140 "Warsaw Standford Mrs Minnie, mill wkr, 247 Chattanooga Stanley Thomas P (Margaret), civ eng r r, h 824 Milledge Stanley Thomas P Jr, 824 Milledge Stanley Sallie P, 824 Milledge Stanton James C, bkpr. 126 Milledge Staples Harry (Mrs), stock dealer, h 353 Broad
Stapleton Luther L <Addie), bkpr Pitner & Beusse, h 188 Baxter Stapleton Thomas J, 788 Baxter *Starks Addie, cook. IT of Ga, h 322 Rock Spring *Starks Pleas, lab, 322 Rock Spring *Starks Addie Jr, 322 Rock Spring
STARK HOMER, real est agt, ofc Holman Bldg, h Marion Hotel *Stark Lois, Ind, 197 Newton Starling Owen, mill wkr, 372 Thomas

J. F. Shepherd

211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



Steadman Mrs Elizabeth, h Morton ave Steadman Win B (Billie). broker, h 735 Milledge Steed Leonard M, sales. Y M C A Stegeman Herman J (Dorothea), athletic coach IT of Ga, h 162
Springdale Stein Herman (Louise), clerk, h 282 Newton *Stelle Hettie. cook. 185 Hull *Stelle Andrew, fireman hotel
'Stephens Ben (Mary), lab elect co. h 249 Arch 'Stephens Bessie, cook, h 489 River 'Stephens Cleve (Ida), wks private family, h 193 Rock Spring 'Stephens Isabella, smstr. 193 Rock Spring 'Stephens Jessie, 193 Rock Spring 'Stephens Edward II (Ruth), elk drg store, h 221 Bridge 'Stephens Eliza, hid. 250 Glenn . 'Stephens Sam, 250 Glenn 'Stephens Ella, Ind, 286 Grove Stephens Henry D (Alice), sewing machine agt, h 160 Park Stephens Wrethie. sales, 160 Park Stephens Curtis, 160 Park Stephens Henry S, mill wkr, 174 Hickory
Stephens H E (Clara), prop gro store, h 195 Virginia Stephens Clinton, shipping elk, 195 Virginia Stephens Homer F. soda jerker. 195 Virginia
Stephens Howell P, 160 Park 'Stephens Lucas (Julia), lab, 326 Arch 'Stephens Mark (Annie), lab, h 1738 Broad Stephens Richard A (Margaretta), cont, h 869 Hill *Stephens Arthur. 869 Hill Stephens Robert P (Mable). prof V of Ga, h 230 Woodlawn
'Stephens Stanford (Susie), dvr Exp Co, h 223 Finley Stephens Mrs Susie. 184 Williams Stephens Charley C (Mary), h 247 Williams Stephens Thomas J (Evie). carp, h 194 Tibbetts 'Stephens Viola. 193 Rock Spring Stephens Win H C Hettie i. mill wkr, h 395 Hiawassee Stephens Horace, mill wkr. 395 Hiawassee
Stephens Mr, trav sales. 197 Childs Stephenson Mell M (Daisy), acct, h 1125 Prince Stephenson Mr. ctii buyer. 256 Dougherty Stern Myer (Rachael). pres Athens Saving Bank, h 125 Reese 'Stevens Cornelia, nurse, h 144 Chase 'Stevens Clyde, barber. 144 Chase 'Stevens May, cook. 144 Chase 'Stevens Delia Mae, maid, 140 Valley Stevens Eustace M (Grace), pharmacist, h 263 Hancock



*Stevens George (Julia), brickmason, h 680 Lumpkin *Stevens Jewel, maid, 144 Chase *Stevens Minnie, maid, 144 Chase *Stevens Laura, Ind, 327 Rock Spring Stevens Lilly, steno Kress', h 540 Nantahala Stevens Robert, mill wkr, h 485 Nacoochee Stevens Ethel, mill wkr, 485 Nacoochee Stevens Mrs Martha J, 485 Nacoochee Stevens Wm F (Emma), overseer, h 540 Nantahala Stevenson Grover, acct bnk, 459 Milledge *Stewart Ben J (Susie 1), r r fireman, h 285 Cleveland Stewart Henry S (Beulah), cont, h 793 Hancock Stewart Jack E, jeweler, h Georgian Hotel *Stewart James (Margaret), trek dvr, h 126 Augusta Stewart Joseph S (Selma), prof T T of Ga. h University Campus Stewart Joseph S Jr, osteopath, h University Campus Stewart, Frederick II. h University Campus Stewart. J D, lab, h 528 River Stewart Robert A (May), barber, h 255 Hall Stewart Rosa, maid hotel, h 758 Hull Stewart S Stanley (Katherine). street car condr. h 554 Boulevard Still E B (Sallie), carp, h 542 Pulaski Still Clarence, tinner, 542 Pulaski *$tinson Nelson (Mattie). lab. h 363 Cleveland
Stith Nathan, 815 Reese *Stockley Joseph, h 866 Water Stockton Mrs Margaret, trained nurse. 160 Barber Stockley Mrs Darlina, teacher, 1064 Lumpkin *Stokeley Geo (Lizzie), janitor, h 386 Chase Stokeley Katie, maid, 386 Chase Stokeley Mattie, 386 Chase Stokeley Geo Jr, del boy. 386 Chase
Stokeley Jennie. 386 Chase Stokes Houston (Lena), lab ctn mill, h 1228 Broad Stokes Lester G (Nina), dem agt. h 625 Pulaski Stokes Morris (Ltta), lab Stone C D (Leonora), sales, h 649 n Lumpkin Stone C D Jr, auto mech. 649 n Lumpkin
Stone Lillian, 649 n Lumpkin *Stone Charles (Martha'1, mach, h 504 Berry Stone Edwin P (LinnieV. asst mng Elite Theatre, h 291 Baxter Stone Jennie, opr So Bell Tel Co. 291 Baxter Stone Lennie, opr So Bell Tel Co, 291 Baxter Stone Ellison B (Lorine). postal clerk, h 315 Pope Stone Geo E (Florence), minister, h 930 Lumpkin Stone Jennie Leslie, librarian. 685 Lumpkin Stone Joseph II (Jennie), h 685 Lumpkin Stone Percy II (Estelle), dera agt. h 1253 w Broad Stone Reuben C (Eva),, sales, 247 Pulaski
Stone Win E (Sue), street car condr. h 245 "Wynbourne Storey Geo E (Crawford), emp ctn eomp. h 420 Wynbourne
Storey H G (Pearl), ctn buyer, h 227 DuBose Storey Hen (Willie Mae), lab, h 859 w Broad Storey James M (Bell), bkpr, h 628 Boulevard



Stovall Annie, maid, rear 115 Milledge

Stovall Harvey (Sarah), sect soda water co, h 850 Hancock

Stovall Jesse V (Florrie), svt, h 1440 Broad

Stovall James, svt. h 396 Broad

Stovall James S (Rosa), lab, h 160 Willow

Stovall Roy. ehanf. 146 Chase

Strahan Diaries M (Margaret), prof U of Ga, h University Campus

Strahan Mary. University Campus

Streatman Bas (Myrtle), mill wkr. Herring

Streatman M H, h 590 Peter

Street Ike (Mary), minist. h Fourth

Street James. Fourth

Striekland Alfred (Lillie), tmstr ice & coal pit, h 28 Cleveland

Strickland Ed. presser, 588 Hancock

Strickland May, housekeeper, 588 Hancock

Strickland Evelyn, cook, 233 Pope

Strickland Geo E (Sara), carp, h 297 Grace

Striekland Lavada. 297 Grace

Strickland Henry (Sarah), mill wkr, h 185 Peters

Strickland Joe (Julia), lab, h Strickland

Striokland John (Cora), lab, h 157 Marlin

STRICKLAND J J (Eleanor), atty, ofc Holman Bldg, h 459 Mil-


Strickland Linton (Matilda), h 170 Glenn

Strickland Mrs Lula. mill wkr, h 173 New

Strickland Minnie, 475 First

Striokland George. 475 First

Strioklaml Edward, lab saw mill. 475 First

Strickland Movena, maid, h Field

Strickland Robert, lab. h 193 Lyndon Row

Strickland Russell (Fannie), porter, h 645 Hull

Strickland Sam (Mary), mach h 735 Pumpkin

Stvickland Mrs Sara J. h 237 Oak

Stnckland Charlie, junk dealer, 237 Oak

Strickland Mary. 237 Oak

Strickland Mary. 237 Oak

Strickland Evie. mill wkr. 237 Oak

Strickland "Wallie, sales. 282 Hancock

Strickland "William (Mary), lab oil mill, h 158 Strickland

Strother "Walter F. fireman r r. 223 Nantahala

Stroud Ella. 360 Lyndon Row

Stroud Harriett. 360 Lyndon ave

Stroud Jessie (Kathleen), farm lab, h 136 Fairview

Stroud Sarah, cook, 553 Hancock

tSrozier Hattie, nurse. St Mary's Hospital

Studer "William, chef hotel, h Jackson st

Studdard Hattie. cook. 499 Finley

Stunner Sarah F, h 425 Arch

Sturgis A E (Evelyn), mgr compress, h 694 Boulevard

Stynchcombe D H (Sallie), teacher, h 561 Pulaski

Stynchcombe Loyle, 561 Pulaski

Stuben Daisy, knitter. 534 Jackson


Suddeth Mrs Mary. 149 Herring

Suelson Anthony (Laura), lab, h 252 Compress



Sullivan Mrs Louise, hskpr, 189 Broad Summerlin M T (Florence), dentist, h 546 College Summers Ed F (Isabelle), mill \vkr, h 128 Miles Summers H T (Elizabeth), h 900 Boulevard Summers Rural (Elizabeth), carp, h 137 Peters Summers Lois, knitter hosiery mill, 137 Peters Summers Irene, steno. 137 Peters Summers Cordelia, h 140 Baldwin Sunier Philip J, army corp, II of Ga, University Campus Sutherland Alfred, clerk. 575 Jackson *Swain Lula cook, h 286 Grove *Swain Mattie, lab Ag Farm, h Ag Farm *Swain Will, lab Ag Farm *Swain Jack (Ida), h 288 Bridge *Swain Jasper, 288 Bridge Swan Henry, h 173 Barrow
Swan Herschel, 173 Barrow Sweet Mrs Anna L, h 197 Wray
Sweet Chas V, hort Ag Col. 197 Wray Swift Bessie T, h 327 Dearing Swift Samuel, student 329 Dearing Swift Sara, 239 Dearing Swindle John W(Eula). owner beef mkt. h 808 Lumpkin Swindle Samuel (Allie), butcher, h 124 Poplar *Swinney John (Trudy), 1365 Hancock *Tabors Gertrude, Ind, h 164 Augusta Talmadge Charles A Jr, 1237 Cobb Talmadge John E Sr (Leta), 1253 Prince Talmadge Charles A Sr (Justine). gro, Talmadge Bros, h 1237 Cobb Talmadge Isabelle. 1237 Cobb Talmadge John, 1237 Cobb Talmadge C G (Lucy), h 1275 Prince Talmadge Clovis "VV, 1275 Prince Talmadge Alien Hill, ins agt, 495 Waddell Talmadge C W. 495 Waddell Talmadge Marion, 495 Waddell Talmadgr- J E (Edwina), prop gro store, h 298 Prince Talmadge Mrs Maude., h 495 Waddell Tamplin John B (Ella), bridge foremn, h 315 Jackson Tankersly Annie, hakpr. 187 n Milledge Tanklsley George (Ollie), lab. h 592 Oconee Tanksley Dock (Mandie), lab. h 592 Oconee Tanner James T (Mary'), carp, h 198 State Tanker Carl De Witt. lab r r. 198 State Tanner Wessie Mae, steno, 198 State Tappan Charles II (Maude), h travy sales, 238 Madison Tappan Mrs Cornelia, 238 Madison Tarpley Luther B (Rosa), policeman, h 877 College Tarpley Gertrude, 877 College *Tate Irene, bkpr mkt, 223 Finlev *Tate Roy, draymn. 178 Berry *Tate Rosetta, Ind, h 147 Peabody *Tate Nannie L, Ind, 147 Peabody *Tate Will (Gussie), lab, h 628 Hull

<;HTFUL MEN AND WOMEN recognize the indispensable value of ^ "* I SAFE life-insurance as a guarantee that their support of lived ones will
J| I ' ontinue beyond the uncertainties of any single human existence. There is no way of knowing how long the INDIVIDUAL will LIVE, how soon liis or her earning capacity mav EXI>, how quickly the accumulations of a lifetime may be LOST.' The great old MUTUAL EQUITABLff LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY has through many years proven a SAFE guardian
for all family or business insurance-interests instrusted to its care. There are only a few life insurance companies in the world whose ENTIRE ASSETS the EQUI TABLE could not LOSE and still remain SOLVENT. A contract with the EQUI TABLE is a WILL that no Executor will ever have to defend. It may prevent the future sacrifice of your family or estate if you acquire EQUITABLE FACTS at offices of T. I,. Mitchell. Dist. Mgr., 613-614 Holman Bldg. Phone 74G or 540. SAFETY FIRST in life, loan, health, accident, income policies.
Thrift thwarts Trouble'* threatened triumphs.



*Taukins Hassie, Ind, Upson Alley *Taylor Daisy, cook, h 525 Reese Taylor Ernest W, bkpr, oil co, 134 State Taylor Edward L (Irrovia), h 1234 Lumpkin Taylor Everett P (Myrtle), elect eng. Taylor Elec Co, 1234 Lump-
kin Taylor Susie, salesw Michael's, 1234 Lumpkin *Taylor Elbert (Gertrude), lab. h 120 Newton Taylor Mrs Frances L, h 357 Milledge Taylor Henry (Ada), h 350 Pope *Taylor Hopson (Donnie), farm lab, Grove *Taylor Ida, cook, 346 Reese *Taylor Isaac, lab oil mill, h 174 Atlanta Taylor John Lee (Ida Bell), mug: barber shop, 185 Hull Taylor Sanders I' (Lilly), carp, h 186 Boulevard Taylor Spurious (Lucille), cont, h 203 Finley *Teasley Walter (Ella), lab comp, h 447 Water Teat Mrs Addie. bookbinder, 196 Cemetery Teat Edward, del boy, 196 Cemetery Teat David R (Lydia). pntr, 465 Jackson Teat Emory E. repairer shoe shop. 465 Jackson Teat Tra S (Lettie). shoe repairer, 765 Jackson Teat Mrs Lucy, h 765 Oconee Teat Charlie, mill wkr. 765 Oconee Teat Effie. mill wkr. 765 Oconee
Teat Melvin (Pearl), mill wkr, h 324 Lakeview Teat Tom J (Annie), pntr. h 225 Georgia Depot Tel ford Lois. nurse St Mary's Hospital *Tcmpy Janie. nurse, Upson Alley *Terrell Charlie, lab. 140 Warsaw *Terrell Geo (Mamie), draymn, h 479 River Tyrrell Oscar (Addie). lab lumb yd. h 166 Finley *Terroll Frank, la)) lumb yd. h 166 Finley *Terrell Horace, lab. 166 Finlev *Trnvll Samuel (Lucy), lab. 186 Arch *T<j rrer Charlie (Julia), carp, h 335 First
*Torrer Kenon (Annie), cook F of Ga, li 159 First *Terry Lizzie, cook, h 167 Finley Thayer Earnest E. mach ctn mill. 230 Boulevard Tlntrp Mrs Majrjrie, 263 Hall *Thojnas Ada. cook, h rear 568 Pulaski
Thomas Mrs Ada Bell, mill wkr. h 159 Miles *Thomas Albert (Eliza), farm lab. h 499 Finley *Thomas Albert (Julia), cook, h 439 Finlev



Thomas Arrie, cook, h 519 Reese Thomas Beatrice, maid, h 360 Pope Thomas Bessie Cook, 597 Hancock Thomas Chas T (Minnie), carp, h 257 Wynbourne Thomas Charlie (Delia), lab, h 175 Second Thomas Eugene (Minnie), lab, 175 Second Thomas Charlie (Addie), emp Ath Rw & Elec Co, h 285 Arch
Thomas Cortelia, 130 Berry Thomas Courtney (Jessie), tailor, h 120 Harris Thomas Dallas,'Ind, h 238 Flint Thomas Geo, lab, 238 First Thomas Alice, 238 Flint Thomas Delia, cook, h 471 Hoyt Thomas Ella, 471 Hoyt Thomas Earl (Julia), cook, h 471 Hoyt Thomas Dora, svt, 348 Church Thomas Edward (Ella), Ind, h Trail Creek Thomas Ella, cook, 196 Bridge Thomas Lizzie, 196 Bridge Thomas Etta, cook, 287 Bridge Thomas Dora, cook, 289 Bridge Thomas Eugene (Sadie), trckdvr, h 212 Fourth Thomas Eugene J (Laura), candy maker, h 1248 Broad Thomas Fred (Essie), lab. h 771 Dearing Thomas Georgia, cook, h 132 Pope Thomas Geo C, atty, h 135 Hull Thomas Milton W, atty. 135 Hull Thomas Gus A (Nannie), lab. 247 Pope Thomas Henry (Ella), lab fert pit, h 342 Macon Thomas Ruby, Ind, 211 Macon Thomas Henry, janitor, h 882 Reese Thomas Lena, cook, 882 Reese Thomas Rosella. maid, 882 Reese Thomas II E (Ethel), carp, h 245 Nacoochee Thomas J B (Lizzie), mill wkr. h 144 Hiawassee Thomas James (Lovie), svt. h Miller Thomas Ellene H, Miller Thomas Jeptha L (Jane), engr r r. h 305 Jackson Thomas Earl S, mech auto, 305 Jackson Thomas John (Anne), lab Ag Farm, h 179 Finley Thomas Jose. Ind. h 468 Odd Thornas Mat. cook rest. 468 Odd Thomas Katie L. 1248 Broad Thomas Guy H, 1248 Broad Thomas Eugene, 1248 Broad Thomas Mrs Katie M, h 394 Prince Thomas Lena, cook, h rear 693 Pope Thomas Emory M, trek dvr. rear 698 Pope Thomas Mayola. nurse, 698 Pope Thomas Lonnie (Ethel), lab plow fact, h 165 Water Thomas Louisa, h 537 Reese Thomas Lucius. pressmn, h 588 Hancock Thomas Walter, wagon dvr .Indry. 558 Hancock Thomas Sylvester, presser, 538 Hancock

J. F. Shepherd


211-212 Holman Building

Athens, Georgia



*Thomas Manardy. maid, rear 624 Milledge *Thomas Mary. 139 Third Thomas Mrs Mary L. drsinkr. 397 Barber *Thomas Matt (Mary), yardman private family, h 547 Church *Thomas Mattie. nurse, h 246 Pope *Thomas Rilla. cook, 246 Pope *Thomas Nettie. 1ml. h 163 Reese *Thomas Ophelia, 1337 Hancock *Thomas Philip (Mattie). lab fert pit. h 175 Dublin Thompson Reese "W (Ola Mae), earp. I* of Ga. h 415 Foundry *Thomas Robert (Estella). h Third Thomas S S (Ruby). mug ref co. h 186 Barber *Thomas S (Hattie). brickmason. h 265 Fourth *Thomas Solomon (Bessie"), lab, h 356 Macon Thomas Mrs Susan, h 112 Hill Crest Thomas Jessie Robert, upholster, 112 Hill Crest Thomas Mary Lou. trained nurse. 112 Hill Crest *Thomas Tom (Cornelia), gard, h 650 Hobson ave *Thomas Tom. r r emp. h 168 Warsaw *Thomas Margaret. 168 "Warsaw *Thomas Hamilton, lab. 168 "Warsaw *Thomas Lula. 168 "Warsaw *Thomas "William ^Hattie). teamster ice & coal pit, h Atlanta *Thomas Violet, teacher. 558 Hancock
*Thomas Charlie. 558 Hancock *Thomas "Wayman (Addie). lab. h 223 Compress *Thomas "Wiley (Connie), lab oil mill, h 256 Vine *Thomas William (Emma), house mover, h 594 Vine *Thomas Willie (Savannah), packer paper co, h 120 College *Thomas Wm. plumber. 537 Reese *Thomas Young, brickmason. h 186 Flint Thomson Arthur( student. 250 Broad *Thompson B I), baker, h 139 Billups
Thompson Charles H (Eleanor), auto sales. 215 1-2 Lumpkin Thompson Edgar (Rosa), linotype operator, 250 Broad Thompson Fleyd. 198 Oconee
Thompson G G (Mamie), st car motorrnan, h 243 Nacoochee Thompson Mrs Ida. Washington Thompson Geo A. mech. h Washington Thompson Charles Y. h Washington *Thompson John (Martha), lab. h 587 Hancock *Thompson John (Maria), brickmason Thompson L J (Leila)', ins agt, h 367 Strong Thompson Robt G (Margie), city firemn. h 412 Dougherty Thompson Wm T (Nancy), carp. 412-Dougherty Thompson Thomas A (Hassie). pntr, 412 Dougherty



Thompson Ruby, mill wkr, 247 Chattanooga *Thompson William (Annie), farmer, h 480 Billups ""Thompson Joseph, 480 Billups *Thompson Herbert, 480 Billups ""Thompson Carrie, 480 Billups Thompson William (Fannie), foremn incinerator pit. h 756 Hancock Thompson Fern, steno Ag Col, 756 Hancock Thompson Dot, emp photo studio, 756 Hancock Thornton Annie L, elk gro store, 457 Hancock THORNTON ASA S (Minnie), prop Thornton 's Cafe, h 3rd floor
Holman Bldg *Thorntoii Carrie, Ind, h Arch Thornton Charles W, emp who gro, 1390 Lumpkin Thornton Geo (Lottie), McGregor's, h 412 Thomas Thornton Geo Jr, 412 Thomas Thornton W B, 412 Thomas *Thornton Green, farm lab, h 423 Billups ""Thornton Bertie, 423 Billups ""Thornton Henry (Tommie). cook, h 180 Lyndon Row Thornton I E (Ellie), sales bakery, h 785 Boulevard Thornton James B (Nora), com trav. h 380 Lumpkin Thornton Frank C, sales mng who gro. h 1390 Lumpkin Thornton Eva Mae, 1390 Lumpkin Thornton William J (Beatrice), city recorder, h 180 Barrowr Thornton Cordelia S, teacher, 180 Barrow Thornton Annie L, 180 Barrow *Thornton Lee, cook, 514 Berry Thornton May, steno Ag Col, h 270 Newton Thornton Arthur. 270 Newrton Thornton Virginia, 270 Newrton Thornton Prince D (Pearl), cash r r ofc. h 685 College ""Thornton Roy L (Anna), lab. h 553 Hancock ""Thornton Tennie (Martha), lab wood yd, h 198 Marlin Thornton Thomas (Carrie), stock dealer, h 180 Strickland *Thornton Willis (Lela). lab r r section hand, h 50 Madison Thornton W C (Willie Mae), r r agt. h 144 Grady Thornton William McCoile. elk r r ofc, 428 s Lumpkin Thrasher Ed (Arlene), 1234 Lumpkin ""Thrasher Gertrude. Ind, 185 Billups ""Thrasher Howlett, yardman, h Rock Spring ""Thrasher Mary. cook, h Rock Spring Thrasher J E (Ola^. ctn buyer, h 1238 Prince ""Thrasher John (Ruby), chauf. h 360 First ""Thrasher John, cook bakery. 360 First
""Thrasher Rosina, cook, 151 Warsaw Threadgill William H, student. 624 Thomas Threlkeld Josephine, steno, 879 College Threlkeld Tullie T (Sara), mill wkr. h 398 Hiawassee Thurmond Mrs Annie, mill wkr, h 159 Miles ""Thurmond Capt. lab. 985 College Thurmond C C, broker, ofc Holman Bldg, 524 Prince Thurmond Luther B (Susie), farmer, h 757 Hancock Thurmond Dewey. 757 Hancock Thurmond Willie Mae, 757 Hancock



Thurmond Clifford, sales, 757 Hancock *Thurmon Zestelle, butler, h rear 648 Milledge *Thurmond James, svt, rear 648 Milledge *Thurston Charlie (Annie), lab. Rock Spring *Thurston Charlie, lab. Rock Spring *Thurston Jim (Lmla). wks oil mill, h rear 442 Cleveland *Thurston John H, mill wkr, rear 442 Cleveland *Thurston Mary, waitress cafe, 363 Cleveland
Tibbetts John F (Henrietta), pres So Mnf Co, h 763 Cobb Tibbetts Roy \V (Tnez), Southern Mertcantile Co, h 384 Nacoochee Tibbetts Ruth, h 763 Cobb *Tiggs AYillie (Mary), butler, h 644 Hull *Tiller Clara, h 196 First *Tiller William (Ella), prop tin shop. 196 Fifth *Tiller Frank (Anna), butler, h 140 Chase Tiller Nance. 140 "VYilkerson Tiller \V G (Dorothy), cont plmbr, h 180 Virginia *Tillery Ruth, 196 Fifth *Tillman Robert (Emma), lab, h w Henderson Tilton Nathan B. cabinet maker, h 1063 Hancock *Timmons Ben (Jamie). wks Callaway Gro Co. 232 Glenn
Tims William, r r switchman, h 223 Nantahala Tolbert Helen, mill wkr. 179 Hiawassee Tolbert Grogan (Pearly"), mill wkr. 181 Hiawassee Tolbert James C (Ella), trckmn oil co, h 228 Elizabeth Tolbert Gladys. 228 Elizabeth Tolbert James AY (Clela Mae), mach ctn mill, h 185 Hiawassee Tolbert James N (Emma"), sales, h 175 Iliawassee Tolbert Floyd. mill wkr. 275 Hiawassee Tolbert Jesse. mill wkr, 275 Iliawassee Tolbert Jesse L (Fannie), soda jerker. h 250 Madison ave Tolbert Mrs Lilly, h 896 Boulevard Tolben Bertha, elk Kress'. 896 Boulevard Tolbert Jessie J (Annie), mill wkr. 896 Boulevard
Tolbert Luther M (Cora), com sales, h 112 Hill Crest Tolbert AYilliam AY. mill wkr. 187 Nantahala Tolbert W T 'Mary'), nglit wtchmn ctn mill, h 179 Hiawassee
TOLNAS OLAF J, atty. ofc 301 So Mut Bldg. h Milledge & Meigs *Thompson Bob (Carrie), truckdvr. h 335 Lyndon ave
Tonie Jackson, mill wkr. 155 Mitchell
Tonie Lois. 155 Mitchell
Toriey Mrs Lucy, mill wkr. h 324 Lakeview Toney Melvin f (Dora), sales, h 1160 Boulevard Torian Abert 185 Hull Towers Mrs Alice .317 Milledge *Town Lear, h Miller Towns Martha, bkpr McGregor's. h Y W C1 A
Towns Elizabeth. Y AY C A Tracy Mrs Sadie, bdnghse kpr. h 134 Prince Tracy Leon. auto sales, 134 Prince Tracy Annice. 134 Prince *Transue John (Catherine), minister, h 190 Paris Tread well AYilliam E (Clara), auto mech, h 569 Meigs Treanor Sallie. teacher, h 220 Milledge



Tribble Esther, h 198 Boulevard Tribble Mrs Minnie, ins, Tribble & Tribble, So Mut Bldg, h 419
Milledge Tribble Samuel Lamar. ins agt. So Mut Bldg, h 419 Milledge *Tribble Vassie Lee, cook, rear Green's, Milledge *Tripp Evvie. maid, h 841 Athens Troity Reuben (Ora), mill wkr. h 250 Williams Troity Manuel, 250 Williams Trousdale L ( 1 (Janie), elk who pro. h 171 Grady Trout Lillie, h 427 Rock Spring TRUSSELL CUYLER (LaGrange), Trussell Motor Co. h cor Mil-
ledge and Cloverhurst Tuck A B (EdmO. stewart hotel prop, li 324 Peabody " Tuck Naoini. news elk hotel Tuck Wildia. 324 Peabody Tuck Arthur II (Edye), tax driver, h 724 Hancock Tuck Percy, soda jerker. 724 Hancock Tuck Arthur Jr. soda jerker. 724 Hancock Tuck Eli/abeth. 724 Hancock Tuck William B (Ruby), night wtchmn hosiery mill, h 1446 Broad Tuck Harold K (Minnie), fruits and drinks, h 684 College Tuck Hattie. 684 College Tuck Mrs Jennie, mill wkr. h 870 College Tuck Lila. mill wkr, 870 Chattanooga Tuck W J (Hattie). sales who gro. 171 Grady Tuck Ben F (ftena). bkpr bnk. 171 Grady Tucker Geo A (Eva), blksmth. h 824 College *Tucker Jefferson, lab pvt home, h 385 Hull *Tucker Lula. ironer. 385 Hull Tucker Mary, h 142 Bryant Tucker Joseph, mill wkr. 142 Bryant Tucker Eunie. mill wkr, 142 Bryant Tuggle Mrs Jessie, mill wkr. 224 Iliawassee Tundell W R (Lucy), mng sugar co. h 255 DuBose *Turk Swan (Annie Lou). r r brakeman, h 523 w Broad Turman Ellen, maid, h 364 Chase Turner Addie. cook, h 216 Chase Turner Sanktum. chauf, 216 Chase Turner Crawford L (Emma), tiremn Gas Co, h 150 Derby *Turner Ella, nurse, h 384 Chase Turner John, butler, h 384 Chase Turner Mrs Fanny A, 125 11 Milledge Turner Garland M. com trav. 161 Springdale Turner Mrs Inez, smstr. h 136 Water Turner Joel P (Katie), mach. h 186 Grace *Turner John, chauf, 364 Chase Turner Mrs Leila, mill wkr. h 474 Dougherty Turner Earl V. lab. 474 Dougherty Turner Luther (Frances), lab S V r, h 970 Water Turner Lady. cook, rear 178 Dougherty Turner Mollie. 609 n Lumpkin Turner Mrs Rebecca, 476 Dougherty Turner Rufus (Irene), bkpr Michael's, h 728 Cobb Turner Edward. 728 Cobb


XIOX OIVKS STRENGTH: the ]>K\VT and profit resulting from wholesome co-operation nre \vellniirh limitless. This fact Is very substantially illustrated by over 7?0,000; whose interests nre S.\FEil AKI>KI>

by the preat old mutu:il K<l ITABI.E MFE ASSI KANTE SOCIETY.

Through an ideal application of the l:i\v of avi-rairc. this lmni<>iisi> nuni-i-jra -

tion of men an ilwoinen perpetuate* i ho ureatni-ss ami usefulness of our

world-approved mutual institution, and SAFELY distributes its protecting

benefits to the individual or the family. SAFETY and I SEFI I, NESS mn<t control

in satisfaction-srivinp SERVICE. The ireneral efficiency of moib>rn life Insurance is

largely due to improvements and reforms inaugurated by the Ei(I ITAItl.K. SAFETY

F'lRST! WE SEEK TO SERVE. T. 1.. Mitcliell. Iist. Msrr.. 111:! 151 I Holniaii Midi:.

1'lione 7-10 or 540. Life, loan, health, accident, income policies.

I nfairness nsnrps; unselfishness unfolds; unity tiphnilils.



Tnrnor "Whit (Ethel), student V of (Ja Hduibilitntion. h 180 Narrow Turnbul Mamie, teacher A II S. 2GM Hancock Twice W. h 311 Thomas I'mbaeh Fre^l G. farmer, li 2f)0 Ulayton Underwood Mrs Henrietta, wks tailor shop, h 10S." Luinpkin Underwood Charlie E. motion picture opr. h 10S.") Lmnjikin I'ndenvood II X (Mabel'), part mnf pit. h 109.") Prince T'nderwood Thomas II (Nannie'), trek dvr oil eo. h S14 Liiinpkin I'pshaw Annie. 629 Cobb *I'pshaw Henry, lab lnmb mill, rear 120 Milled<re I'pshaw James B (Elizabeth), ctn broker, h (>29 Cobl) Tpshaw Elixabeth. bkpr. fi29 Cobb T 'pshaw Ruth, 629 Cobb I'pshaw Millijran, 629 ("obb *1'pshaw Neal. farm lab. h 46.~> Fourth UPSON FRANK L, atty. h 1022 Prince Upson Emily, 1022 Prince Fpson Esther. 1022 Prince *I'pson Nancy. 349 Rock Sprhifr UPSON STEPHEN C (Louise), prof Law. School F of Ga. h 1124
Prince Fpson Louise, 1124 Prince T'pson Matilda. 1124 Prince * Fpson AVyatt (Minnie), svt. rear 223 Nantahala I'pton II G (Emma), sausajre maker. ]\ 290 Barrett Fsery S W (Nellie), bkpr ctn office, h 3s7 Franklin *T'sry Shedrick M (Cornelia). clerrymn. h 344 Rock Spring *I'sry Alon/o (Maryi. cook. 344 Rock Sprinjr *Fsry Irene. 344 Rock Sprinjr *Fsry James, auto mech. 344 Rock Sprinjr *Fsry Oscar, butler. 344 Rock Sprinjr *Fsry Ife/<-kial). dishv/asher cafe. 344 Rock Sprinjr *Fsry Willie 'Cornelia). 344 Rock S])rinr Vanatter Pharis O (liattie). teacher A? Col. h 1227 Lumpkin Vandiver Mrs p]li/abetli. Denmark Hall V.-sndiver II S. (Bertha ). mjrr jrarajre. li ."(;."> <'ollejre *Vann Laura, lab ctn mill, h 2S1 Macon Van Straaten Jacob (Minnie i. butcher sliop. li 1394 [Milledye Van Straaten Hubert, sales. 1394 .Milledjr,. Van Straaten Harry J. sales. 1391 Milledjre *Vi.rnell AVill (Nellie:. lab, 293 RCCMVaujrhan Mrs Enlalia. music teacli<-r. it 274 Thomas Vaujrlian Jessie Jerome (Verat. coin trav. li S43 Collejre Vaujrhan Albert (i. r r enjrineer. S43 Collej-e Vaujrlian Keifer. ehauft'er taxi. 1(>2 Clayton
Veal A L (Anna), lab ctn mill, h ISO Hiawassee

V AM ES OF A PERMANENT NATIRE accrue and increase under the great old MITIAI, EWITABKE MFE ASSI RANCE SOCIETY'S SAFE contract*. Those who are fated to die 0:1 r!y will leave largest direct insurance-returns to beneficiaries, lut none will live so lmig as to make an K<H'ITABL,E policy a poor investment. Whether a "straight life" transaction for protection only: a "Limited Payment" contract under which the possible burden of premium-paying cannot extend to extreme old age: or some other of many EQl ITABLE standard policy forms, the benefit* will be SAFE. substantial, satisfying. An EQMTABI^E "Life Income' P.ond" 'requiring no medical examination) guarantees absolute independence throughout ld a ire. If yon do not live to draw amounts equal to total deposits the DIFFERENCE will be paid to your beneficiary. Larger amounts proportionately. Life-Income I'.ond is available at ANY AE. T. L. Mitchell, T>ist. Mgr.. fil.'j-fiu' Ilolman Rldir. Phone 746 or 540. SAFETY FIRST in life, health, accident, loan, income service.
Vanity violates the virtue of Victory.



Veal Janie, mill wkr, 180 Hiawassee *Veal Philip, trek drv, 296 Cleveland *Vea/ey Pat (Essie), farm lab. h 688 Lnmpkin *Vea/ey Ossie. laundress. 688 Lumpkin Venable A F (Josephine). Methodist minister, h 131 Grady Vena))le Genie, sales dry proods store. 24o Xac-ooehee Venable Miss. Latin teaeher A H S. 256 Donp-herty Venerable Carl (p]llie). fireman. 138 Bryant Ver Nooy Chas A (Julia), h 007 Milledpre Vess Mrs Nina Eli/abetli. h 337 IToyt Vess Mary C, 337 IToyt
Vess Daniel. MicOiael. cotton buyer. 337 TFoyt
Vess Katherleen. 337 Iloyt Viekery W II (Bessie), tinner, h 543 Doujrherty Vincent. Jim. mill wki*. h 1423 Broad Vincent Leslie (Mary), affronomist Ajr Col. h 1086 Lnmpkin Vincent Mrs Notie F. li 834 Hill Vincent Otey B. h 834 Hill Vineent Thomas P Jr. 834 Hill *Virjrel Emmp., cook private family. .184 n Milledjre VonCannon Benferman (Lilly), prop auto jrarajre. h 3."6 Pulaski A- ronCannon Carl, machinist. 356 Pulaski Von<b-r Leith Carl R. slip elk. 464 Collejro Vonder T-oith Carl A (Janie HI. r r employee, h 665 Lumpkin Vonder Leith Rosa A. 807 Prince *\V~ade Alex (Majrjrie). 1;>1> freight depot, h 424 Lumpkin *\Vade Estelle. li Pulaski *Wnd. John (Molly), prop mkt. h 223 Finley *\Vade (M'anpre, porter depot. 261 Strong *\Vade R.-es,. fWillie). lab. h 17:5 Aujrusta *W:ule Andrew B. Trek dvr. 173 Auirusta Wade Rossi,>. !i r>9.1 Hill \Vadkius (leorvre ''Mamie), mill v.-kr. h 305 rieorii'ia Depot \Vadkins Archie, mill wkr. 305 Georgia Depot \Vadkins v ora Bell. 305 (Jrorjna Depot \Vadswortli I'arl (Esther), carp, h 558 Pulaski
Waff Mrs Caroline, h 160 Kinjr Waues Bailey, window trimmer. 653 College Wajres C P (Evie). farm.-r. h 250 DuBose Wajros Ralph M, 250 Duliose "XVajrcs James S. salesman. 250 DuBose Wajres Ilenrv J. maeh, 1045 Hancock Wa<res Jack (Susie), carp, h 250 Water Waves J( seph M^. farm lab, 250 DuBose

|ISI>OM IS SI I>PORTEI> BY EXPERIENCE ill sunirestine: a 8AFK. per-
W manent life-iiisiiriince contract as the only practical method by whioh most men and women may prolong Ilieir earnin;; capacity BEYOND DEATH ami adequately protect their families, or enterprises, or estates, ajrainst the EXIGENCIES OF CHANCE AN I) CHANGE. It is estimated that ;{."> of each UK) widows are left in absolute want; 47 must earn their support, and often lack for the comforts of life: only is are in fairly pood circumstances. The preat mutual EQIITABLE LIKE ASSl RANCE SOCIETY has for over (50 years been building a reputation that is second to none on earth. Men may come and men must iro, hut the EQl'ITABLE is here to STAY; to serve, to strengthen, to support, to SATISFY. Its SAFE contracts are many and complete: its wonderful facilities are yours to command. T. L. Mitchell. IMst. Mpr., fi!3-14 Holman Kldp. IMione 740 or 54(1. SAFETY FIRST, service, satisfaction.
\Veaith wanes; worry weeps; want waits; wan widow* weep; weigh well if weal
or woe !____________________________________________________________



A\'a<*rs Robert M. farm lab Wages S B (Susie), farm lab. 250 DuBose AVages .1 1) (Bessie), carp, h 167 Park AYaggoner Jack. carp. 152 Clayton *AVagner Minerva, Ind. 664 Hull *AYaies Cassie. Ind. h 234 Fourth * Wales Harry (Laura), carp, h f)f)6 Hancock *AValde Lewis (Louise), lab fert pit. h 866 Water AValden Mrs Mary, h 193 Mell *Walker Nathaniel T (Susie), preacher, h 294 Finley * Walker Robert (Winnie), lab. h 219 Waddell *Walker Roy A (Mary), lab Athens Indry. h 135 Valley Walker Roosevelt P (Ruby), prof V of Ga. 725 Prince *Walker Ruby. cook, h 499 River Walker Mrs Sara, mill wkr. 368 Oak *AYalker Taylor (Henrietta), lab. h Paris Walker AYillie .], 248 Washington *Walker Willie (LizzieV foremn ctn com]), li 348 Barber *Walker AYm (Mamie), baker, h 328 Lyndon ave *Walker Lavinia. teacher, h 328 Lyndon Row "Walker William. 328 Lyndon Row Wall Dr .1 M 1) (Xella). 'physician Wall Pel-vie (Lydie). prop auto auto gar., h 356 Pulaski Walls Mrs Desdemona, nurse, h 223 Iliawassee Wallace Arthur, sales. 223 s Jackson Wallace Arthur L (Nina), mill wkr. h 670 Xantahala Wallace Carl (Rado). vet surg I of (la. h 340 Harris Wallace Cora. 465 Xantahala 'Waller Nick (Mary i. farm lab. h 290 Elder *Wall'T Henry. f<mn lab. 290 Elder Walters William F. stone cutter. 443 Thomas Waltman Airs .Jessie A. mill wkr, 237 Iliawassee *AValton ChnrV't 1 ^ (Leila), doctor, h 183 Cherry * Walt on Charlie M'allie). drayman, h 390 Athens *AValton B<M .1 fXettie). tmstr. 368 Athens *AValton AVilriam. 368 Athens *Walton El (Lucy'), ejn-p. h 190 Berry Walden Caroline, prin Elementary dept Lucv Cobl), 193 Mell AA'alder. Julia, teacher, 193 Mell *AVald' Annie M, nurse, rear 161 Cloverhurst Waldrup Henry (Annie), fireman, 123 Chattanooga Waldrup Frances, mill ^"kr, 123 Chattanooga Waldrup Johnni-i. mill xvkr, 123 Chattanooga Waldrup W B (Elaino) mill wkr, h 648 Nantahala *Walker Ada, hid, h 460 Vine

J, F. Shepherd

211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



*Walker Fred D, wks oil mill. 460 Vine *Walker Will H, wks oil mill, 460 Vine *Walker Amanda. 145 Pope
*Walker Ben (Mary), h 370 Rock Spring *Walker Benjamin (Rosa), cook hotel *Walker Camilla, hairdresser, h 847 Meigs *Walker Carl (Rosalie), press clb prop, h 655 Jackson * Walker Charlie (Rosa), lab. 323 Fairview
Walker Dr C N (Lois W), osteopath, ofc So Mut Bldg, h 257 Woodlawn
* Walker Farris E (Nellie), clergyman, 183 Mell *Walker Geo D, lab fert pit. 599* Hancock *Walker Henry, farmer *Walker Henry (Annie), janitor club house, h 134 Church * Walker Isiaah (Patience), lab lumh yd, h 850 Waddell * Walker James (Bertha), draymn. h 250 China * Walker James (Mary), lab, h 664 Foundry *Walker John, lab dairy, h 1125 w Broad *Walker Ellen, hid. h 1133 w Broad * Walker Levie, lab. h 242 Vine *Walker Louise, hid. rear 698 Pope
Walters Noah Hulette (Lila Mae), supt Holman Mldg. h 890 Hill *Walton Fred (Carrie), lab Inmb yd. h 245 Atlanta Walton Mrs Jennie (wid W H H)', h 165 Strong Wang Shan C. student T T of Ga. 623 Lumpkin Ward Eutha. h Y W C A Ward Sarah Bell, steno, 134 State
Ward Tempie J, 134 State Ward Ralph W, freight clerk r r, 143 State Ward Raymond, emp rest, 134 State Ward V. 'l98 Oconee Ward William II. sales sew mach. 215 1-2 Lumpkin Ward Harry D. 215 1-2 Lumpkiu Ware Asa (Leila), lab oil mill, h 2S7 Madison Ware Alien. 2S7 Madison *Ware John, lab, 194 Macon *Ware Lizzie, cook, rear 724 Milledge *Ware Mattie. maid. 230 Thomas
WARE DR S J, dent. So Mut Bldg. h 584 n Milledge Ware L M, elk Georgian Hotel, h Jackson (Georgian Hotel) Warner Joe (Rebecca V sales, h 163 Hancock Warner Tessie, 163 Hancock *Warren Atkins, lab, 171 Church *Warren Ella, Ind, h 427 River *Warrens Ella, Ind, h 427 River *Warren Mary, Ind, 427 River



* Warren Darline. 427 River Wnrren Harry L Sr (Violet), bookbndr printing ofct, li 565 College *Wa'rren Henrv ( KatieV bid. b 177 Valley *Warrcn W iHattic). lab, 1682 Broad Warwick Fred (Elise). meat cutter, h 22(5 Waddell Warwick Lewis (Ruby^. elk. 22(5 Waddell Warwick Mae. tel opr. 415 Dougherty Waseline Mrs Linnie. mill wkr. 186 Bryant Wasbbnrn Robert, sales, b 290 Hull Washbnrn Willie X. 290 Hull Washington Emma L. 128 Augusta *Wasbington Xota. 259 ('base *Wasliinjrton Glenn. lab auto gar, 259 Chase * Washington Viola, svt. 167 Warsaw ' Waters Aleck, butler, h rear 595 Pulaski Watei's Daniel (Fannie\ 885 Oconee Waters David S (Alices mill wkr. h 598 Xantahala Watei's Dr W (J ('Maude'), osteopath, h Mil ledge Watkins Bass, gardener, h 1447 Broad Watkins Li/./ie. mill wkr. 1447 Broad "Watkins Mandy. 1447 Broad
* Watkins Elixa. li Trail Creek Watkins (i.-o II. butler, li rear 440 s Milledge Watkins John W (Marguerite'), carp, h 1424 Broad Watkins Mahala. 1424 Broad Watkin< William Lowry. sales. 1424 Broad Watkins Laura, nurse. 428 Elder Watkins Matliew (AnnieV nightwalrhman. h 125 Poplar Watkins Xiek (Essie*, bib. h 422 Billups Watkins William E. collector real est. 809 Finley Watson Cecil, fireman V of (la. h 120 Peabody Watson Doc B. janitor I' of Ga. 240 Thomas' Watson Ed C. ctn buyer. 277 Hill Watson Grorire (Ola), lab ice pit. h 1*526 Hancock Watson Henry 'Lena i. condr r r. li 780 Hancock Watson Marcus. 7^0 Hancock Watson .Jack A 'Fannie 1 , supt city works, b 127 Springdale Watson Theresa, sales. 127 Springdale Watson Agnes. 127 Springdale Watson Mrs Mary. cook. 828 Oconee Watsoji Wm T (Clara ). li 1171 Milledge Watts Lix/.ie. maid, h 170 Xewton Weatliert'ord Hundee. mech. 562 Pulaski AVeatherford .1 Golding ( Mamie), auto mech. li 270 Baxter
AVeatherly (^X (Jane), 198 Dongherty AVeatherly R P (Mattie Loin, stock dealer. 198 Dougherty AVeatherly I'sinl K. shoe sales. 198 Dougherty
AVeatherly Arthur T. elect. 198 Dougherty Weatherly Harry C (Lovie). mng wood yd, h 224 Washington Weatherly Hugh A (Dora'), stock dealer. 656 n Lumpkin Weatherly Mildred, mill wkr, 656 Lumpkin Weatherly Ruby, sales dept store. 656 Lumpkin Weatherly W A (Lucy), stock dealer, h 299 Boulevard Weatherly Marion, 299 Boulevard

Weatherly W II (Alice), h 393 Dougherty Weatherly B II (Lorene), com trav, 393 Dougherty "Weaver James \V, rehabilitation student, 1295 Liimpkin *Weaver John (Hattie). lab. h 128 Lyndon Weatherly Hugh, farm lab. 656 Lumpkin Weatherwax Paul (Mayi. prof V of Ga. h 170 Hall Webb Mrs Annie P,oyd', h 595 Waddell Webb Sara, teacher S N S. 595 Waddell *Webb p]nos, presser. 370 Pope *Webb Jim. lab, 1247 Hancock Webb J N (Susan), broker, ofc Holma nBldg. h 584 n Milledgo W'bb Janie. 584 n Millodge Webh Nettie. 584 n Milledge *Wel>b Mandy, Ind. h 280 Savannah *\Yebb Fred, tmstr ice & coal pit. 280 Savannah *Weems Mandy, h AV Waddell Wecms Thomas R. physical director Y M C A. 255 s Milledge AVelch Alvah C. student V of f!a. 194 Prince AV-leh Karl (r Harriett). prof V of Ga. h 327 Rloomfield Welch Mrs Miirp'aretta. h 394 Milledge WELCH JOHN W, otn factor. 394 Milledge Welch Mrs Mary Elixabeth. hskpr Cleorp-ian Hotel Welch Michael, inner trav show. 372 Hancock Wells Mrs Ella. 197 Hancock Wells James ('Lnla), mill wkr. h 247 Williams AVells John K (Minnie), farmer, h 1385 Oconee Wells Fi'ed. student Business College, 1385 Oconee Wells Pearl, 1385 Oconee Wells Ruby. 1385 Oconee AVells John ( Jessie). 140 Miles *Wells Laura. Ind. 1> "Rock Spring WENDLINGER EMIL fAidjO. tailor, ofc Holman Bldg. h -1G4 Col-
lege ave W-.-st Mrs Charity Eli/abeth. 1.94 State West Chester, cook cafe. 160 Narrow West Frances. 595 Milledge West Henry S Sr. atty. ofc Holman Bldg. West & West, li 595 Mil-
ledge West Pr Antlivw. physician, gen pract. h. 595 M.illedge West Henry Jr. atty. West & West. Holman Bldg, h 595 Milledge Westborn Ellen, hskpr. 973 Prince "Westor Winder (Lois). acct r r. h 256 Hill Wcstmoreland Earl (LuciltO. shoe maker, h 439 Strong *Wetcher Luke, lab. Fourth Wheeler J T (Bell EV prof, h 524 Prince Wheeler Lueile, 535 Pulaski AVheeler Marcus C (Lilly), carp, h 1455 Broad Wheless Mrs Cynthia A.'h 158 Dougherty AVhitaker James W (Emma), cir rang Athens Banner, h 686 Barber *Whitfield James (Fannie), plstr. h 190 Paris * \Vhito Anderson (Nettie), farm lab, h 1695 Broad White Annie, matron Y W C A. h 360 Hancock *White Carrie W. Ind. h rear 224 Miller * White Sara, 1257 Hancock

J. F* Shepherd

211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



*\Vhite Ellen, lab ctn mill, h 470 Atlanta *White Marion. 470 Atlanta White Emma, lab, 346 Reese *\Vhite Geo. waiter, 640 Hancock White Harry C, prof U of Ga, h 624 Milledge *White Henry (Hattie), lab, h 165 Valley *White Jack, street beggar. 443 River White Jake A. shoe maker, h 245 1-2 Thomas White Mrs Mary J. 245 1-2 Thomas White Alice M. 245 1-2 Thomas White John M (Minty). eng waterwks, h 1465 Broad White Beatrice. 1465'Broad White Joseph G. hide dealer, h 170 Field White Mrs Amanda, 170 Field White Gibson (Minnie), foremn Goodyear Tire Co. 170 Field White Mrs Julia, h 590 Prince White James, student V of Ga. h 590 Prince White Mrs Lena, h 317 Milledge White Levy 0 (Willie). sales hdw store, h 700 Pulaski White Mary H, 140 Pulaski Heights *White Ned, lab, h First st *White Ossie, cook, h 220 Johns st *White Reuben, minister, h 123 Madison *White William (Annabell), tmstr Exp Co, h Atlanta ave Whitfield Joseph H (Mae), student, 192 Bryant Whitmore Ollie. nurse. St Mary's Hospital * \YhitfiVld William (Middie), h 495 Reese WHITEHEAD A H (Clara), pres Athens Shoe Co, h 155 Grady ave Whitehead Thomas II, 155 Grady ave Whitehead A P (Katie), sales hdw store, h 543 Meigs Whitehead Annie Sue. sales music atore, 543 Meigs Whitehead Juliette. 543 Meigs Whitehead Fred (Austine), lab, h Barrett *Whitehead Geo. lab, h 439 River Whitehead Jasper E (Ruby), barber, h 730 Pulaski Whitehead Jane E. 280 Baxter Whitehead Martha, steno. 129 Dougherty *Whitehead Martha (Emma), farm lab, h 150 Strickland *Whitehead Mary, teacher. 150 Strickland *Whitehead Mary, h 148 Broad Whitehead Oscar L (Lizzie), farm lab. h 224 Grace Whitehead Dillard O. waiter, 224 ({race
Whitehead Tom, drmn. 189 Warsaw *Whitehead Walter (Lillie). lab oil mill, h 225 Fifth st Whitehead Will (Era), sales auto, h 175 Boulevard WThitehead Wm J (Lucy), h 1450 Lumpkin



Whitehead Willie Lon, 1450 Lumpkin Whitehead Mattie Lou, 1450 Lumpkin Whitley Pauline, elk dry goods store, 534 Hill * Whitman Richard (Annie), h 50 Madison Whitten Robert A (Susie), mcht, h 564 Boulevard Whitmore Albert, night wtchmn oil mill, h 198 Oconee Whitmore Thomas R (Neely), ret gro. Normal Heights, h 867 Hill Whitmore Berry A (Lillian), auto mech, 869 Hill Whitworth Wm 0 (Clara), cont, h 393 Findley Whitworth Lila, opr Tel Co. 393 Findley Wiggins James J, h 481 Ruth Wigley Charlie H (Minnie), pntr, h 184 Vine Wigley Elmer J, col furniture store, 1290 Boulevard Wigley J E (Laura, mill wkr, h 235 Hiawassee Wigley Luther, 235 Hiawassee Wigley Robert W (Maggie), mill \vkr. h 133 Bryant Wier Albert (Nannie B), mcht, h 126 Bearing Wier A L (Maybeth). bkpr So Ctn Oil Ref Co, Barber Wier Mrs Annie, h 149 Cobb Wier Edd. 149 Cobb Wier Mary Lou, teacher public schools, 149 Cobb Wier C Y (Annie), com sales shoes, h 224 Hill Wier Annie Laura, 224 Hill Wier C Y Jr, 224 Hill Wier Emmett L (Myrtis). asst mng who gro, h 595 Milledge Wier John N (Lucile), com trav, h 424 Hancock Wier John B (Julia), mng So Cot Oil Ref Co, h 238 Springdale Wier Van Noy (Janie). coin trav So Cot Oil Ref Co, 238 Springdale Wier Alex. auto sales. 238 Springdale *Wier John (Ella), dvr, h Waddell WIER JOEL A (Reosena). elec eng Athens Engineering Co. h cor *Wier Robert, tmstr Ice & Coal Co, 199 Atlanta
Oakland and Milledge *\Vier Minerva, dressmaker, h 199 Athens *Wier Willie. 199 Atlanta Wier R H (Mattie). policeman, h 173 Virginia Wier Reese. sales who gro, 173 Virginia Wier Roswell K (Sara), policeman, h 247 Franklin Wilder Cecil N (Gussie), prof U of Ga. 755 Baxter *Wiley Beman (Jennie), lab wood yd. h 487 Odd *Wiley Will (Ida), draymn, h 258 Lyndon ave *Wiley Louise. Ind, 258 Lyndon ave *Wilheight Henry (Elsie)!" lab, h 420 Foundry Wilhite H B (Pauline), bkpr broker. 561 Pulaski Wilhite Myra steno Ag Col, h 556 Meigs Wilhite Nina, steno Tel Co. 556 Meigs Wilkerson Henry. 367 Oconee Wilkes Hugar F (Frances), auto mech, h 250 Barber *Wilkins Cliff (Lola), lab, h 183 Billups *Wilkins John Zellars. cook S N S *Wilkins Minnie Lee, w Waddell *Wilkins Josephine, Ind. h Waddell *Wilkins John Zellars, w Waddell Wilkins Jno J (Jessie), president Ga National Bank, h 387 Milledge



Wilkins Josephine, 387 Milled gre Wilkins .Tno J Jr, 387 Milledre Wilkins Van Cleve, 3S7 Milledjre Wilkins Julius (Ada), carp. 387 Odd
WILKINS SAMUEL B (Adelaide), ins art. 303 So Mnt Kid?, 64!) Hill
Willard Edna, salesw. li 625 Lumpkin Willard Mrs Jennie W, h 227 Bloomtield Willbanks Frank A (Emily), earn, h 485 Baxter Willhanks Green (Mollie). li 347 Fairview Willbanks Edna. 347 Fairview Willhanks Mrs Minnie M. li 297 Bloomfield Willbanks Lucile steno bank. 297 Bloomficld "Willbanks Lamar. elerieal wk rr t'prht ofe. li 297 Bloomficld Willbanks Roy (Annie), farmer, h 353 Fairview Willbanks Guy (^FabelV lab. 3.13 Fail-view AVilliams A D (Callie), h 083 Boulevard Williams B-nford R. 683 Boulevard "\Villiams ^Frs Lneretia. 083 Boulevard Williams Aliee. 1ml. h 2.1 Clovdand Williams Pitman, earp. 2."> Cleveland Williams An.avlme. eook. h 260 Thomas Williams ^frs Annie, steno r r ofe. 394 Pope Williams Bush (Anprie). h 337 Fairview Williams ('albnvay (Margie), sales jrro store, h 240 Clayton Williams Charlie (Carrie), trackman street ry, h Waddell Williams Charles (Tnex"). supt oil mill. 291 Oeonee Williams Charles C (Julia). bridre foreman, h 220 Nantahala Williams Chester (Delia), r r porter, h 129 Willow Williams Lenora. eook. 129 Willow Williams Pomp, lab, 129 Willow Williams Cisseio (Ida), street ear condr. h :;9r> Barber Williams Lois. 39.") Barber Williams Claude (Nettie), elerk s r r. h 490 Ruth Williams Clarence (Minnie), lab. h 228 Cleveland Williams Crawford (Alice), presser tailor shop, h 150 aVlley Williams Daniel F (Viola), earp, h 390 Lnmpkin Williams Lois Byrd, clerk store. 390 Lumpkin Williams DreAvery, mach, 162 Clayton Williams Ed (Leila), porter, h 273 Lyndon Williams Ed B (Ruby), real est ajrt. h 667 Cobb Williams Mrs Eleanor B, University Campus Williams Emma, eateress. h 188 Lvndon ave Williams Eula4 Ind. h 153 Hoyt Wiliams Fannie, actress comedy show, h Glenn Williams Fletcher. chauf. 1092 Broad Williams Electra. nurse. 1092 Broad Williams Mrs Francina O. h 738 Boulevard Williams Dutch E, 738 Boulevard Williams Fred (Nomie C), mach jrar, li 958 Reese AVilliams Gradv, carp, 220 Nantahala Williams Glover (Viola), lab, h 273 Chase Williams Henry (Dona), emp oil mill, h 773 Lumpkin Williams Henry, svt, h 1159 Broad



* Williams Jake, plmbr, h 153 Valley * Williams James, porter, 190 Hull Williams Jas B (Eddie), farmer, h 14S Dougherty Williams F H, mgr livery stable, 148 Dougherty Williams Eddie, 148 Dougherty Williams James M (Bessie), h 290 Oconee Williams Edgar, 296 Oconee *Williams Swift, 296 Oconee *Williams Jarnos L (Mary Ann), lab oil mill, li 866 Water Williams James II, wks printing ofc. foreman, h 190 Baldwin *Williams Janie, farm lab, li 294 Cleveland *AVilliams Annie, maid, 294 Cleveland * Williams Jeff CFlorence), lab r r. h 549 Church
*\Villiams Jim Red, minist. li 170 Strickland *\Viliams -Joel V (Li//ie). ret druggist, h 176 Billups ^Williams John, wks comp co. li 294 Cleveland Williams John T. mclit. h 188 Chase Williams .Robert A. mill wkr. 9S8 Chase *W51liams Josiah. cook. 599 Hancock *Williams Josie. hskpr. li 9S5 College
*Williams Julie. h 1S5 Miller * Williams Enos. carp. 1S5 Miller * Williams Janie I). Ind. 185 Miller Williams J C (Eli/abetl) >. Williams Transfer Co, h 665 n Lumpkin Williams J II (Pearl), trav sales, h 547 Boulevard Williams Lee (Lola), overseer ctn mill, h Xacoochee * Williams Mamie. 185 Valley Williams Mrs Mandy. mill wkr. 12S Pine *Williams Mary, hid, 170 Stevens *Williams Matilda, cook, h 161 Willow *Williams Hampton, lab. 161 Willow *Williams Robert, lab. 161 Willow *Williams Nellie. 161 Willow *Williams Matthew .fAlma^. lab. li 172 Willow Williams La troll. 172 Willow
Williams P. janitor, 170 Green Williams Juilla L. carp, h 298 Baldwin Williams Edward R. carp. 298 Baldwin Williams Robbie (EtheH. lab city works, h 495 Rock Spring Williams Robert ^Mattie), lab, h 149 Striekland Williams Robert Smith, tinner. 742 Oconee Williams Robert J. pressman, h 180 Beeker Williams Rosalie, ofc work S B Tel Co. 180 Beeker Williams Juliotte. 180 Beeker Williams Mrs Rosa E. hdnghse kpr. h 876 Oconee Williams Zora. 876 Oconee Williams Rosa Lee. cook, rear 1187 Milledge Williams R E (Lucy), ctn dealer Williams Sam, cook r r bridge gang, 437 River
Williams Mrs Sarah II. h 224 Mill edge Williams Thomas E, sales, 799 Lumpkin Williams Thomas M (Ruby), sales clothing store, h 125 Strong Williams Virginia, cook, h 175 Lumpkin Williams Louise, cook, 175 Lumpkin



* Williams Vase (Beulah), lab, h 400 Tabernacle *AVilliams Wiley J (Sara B), h 240 Baxter Williams Mary E. ofc work Indry, 240 Baxter Williams Brooks, mech, 240 Baxter Williams John, mech, 240 Baxter * Williams Will (Susie), lab corap co, h 290 Athens Williams W T (Lenora), plmbr, h 295 Oconee Williams Harry, 295 Oconee Williams Annie. 295 Oconee Williams W H (Beulah). rehab soldier Ag Col, 180 Narrow Williams William M, cobbler, h 298 Baldwin Williams Lois, 298 Baldwin Williamson Evans Bernard, lab lumb mill. 165 Nacoochee Williamson Geo H, mcht. 775 Cobb *Williamson Harriett, 270 Thomas Williamson II M (Mary), sales, h 165 Nacoochee Williamson Florida, teacher, 165 Nacoochee Williamson John N (Katie), h 149 Virginia Williamson Helen C, steno, 149 Virginia Williamson Ruth. 149 Virginia * Williamson Ray. 125 Oawford Williamson Mrs Ruth, h 149 Virginia Williamson Catherine. 149 Virginia Williamson Newton. 149 Virginia *Williamson Theo (Lizzie), undertaker, h 146 Chase *Williamson Claud, 146 Chase Williford Mrs Kate, h 343 Pope Williford Carrie, teacher. 343 Pope *Willingham Clifford (Mamie), lab. 337 Flint *Willingham Emma, Ind. h 426 Billups *Willingham Frank (Estelle). prop press clb. h 250 Glenn *Willingham Geo W (Bessie), r gro. h 1324 Broad * Will is Florence Reese *Willis James, lab. 680 Dearing *Willis Jesse (Mollie). butler, h Upson Alley *Willis Albert (Lula). lab. h 140 Newton *Willis Leonard (Eliza), 114 Rock Spring *Willis Lucy, lab rest, h 349 Hull *Willoughby Ernest, farm lab. h 430 Peter *Willoughby Robert (Nina), carp, h 368 Branch Wills Fannie, steno. 172 Hancock Wilson Robert L (Estelle). ret gro, h 747 College *Wilson Arthur (Sallie Lou), trek dvr, h 160 Valley *Wilson Cornelia, cook, h 365 Rock Spring Wilson Earl (Bessie), carp, h 340 Barrett Wilson Mrs Emma. 648 Milledge Wilson Fletcher f Estelle). mach gar. h 164 Nellie B ave Wilson Fletcher Jr. lab, 164 Nellie B ave Wilson Octavia, 164 Nellie B ave Wilson Frank P (Nina), student Ag Col. h 375 Lumpkin *Wilson George (Ophelia), lab, h 235 Fourth Wilson George T (Marinza). mech., h 763 Broad Wilson Geo W (Mary), lab ice cream pit, li 345 Nacoochee Wilson Harry E (Jane), lab. h 130 Standard Oil

J. F. Shepherd

211-212 Holman Building


Athens, Georgia



*Wilson James, lab bakery. 1623 Broad Wilson Mrs Mary. 823 Pope *Wilson Oscar W, lab. Herring st *Wilson Pop, hackman, 380 Newton Wilson Dr Robert C (Grace), dean Pharm Dept. h 287 Henderson Wilson Rodney C (Bessie), mnpr Gas Co. li 420 Peabody Wilson Roy E (Bertha), printer Athens Herald, h 792 Oeonee Wier Mrs Sallie, 1390 Lnmpkin *Wilson Tom (Annie), lab ice pit. h 395 Cleveland Wilson Mrs Vera. salesw, h 256 Georgia Depot Wilson Estelle, 256 Georgia Depot Wilson Mr, 155 Beeker Wimley Sophia, drsmkr. h 510 Foundry *Winfrey Edward (Fannie), lab. h 182 Valley *Winfrey Ada. maid, h Broad st *Winfrey Sophia. Ind. h 139 Third st *Winfrey Luther. 139 Third *Winfrey Fannie M. cook, rear 886 Milledjre *Winfrey Helen, cook. 367 Chase *Winfrey John IT ( Sallie i. barb, li w Waddell *Winfrey TTenry M. h w Waddell *Winfrey Charlie, barb, w Waddell *Winfrey John (Ella), lab. 167 Warsaw * Win f rev Maria, cook, h 240 Rock Spring *Winfrey Martha, h Miller *Winfrey Mathew (Mary Ji. svt. h 285 Rock Sprinjr *Winfrey Nat (Magnolia), lab fert pit. h 735 Lnmpkin *Winfrey Walter (Cornelia), butler, h Waddell *Winfrey Wesley. 630 Church WT ing Mrs Annie G, 175 Barrow Wiiifield Mrs Ada E. h 159 Virginia Winjrfield Chandler. 159 Virginia Wingrfield Archibald. 159 Virginia *Winorfield Daniel (Ella), lab. 148 Rock Spring *Win^field Ellen, drsmkr. h 229 Bridge *Wingfield Walter, city mail carrier. 229 Bridge *Wingrfield Callie, drsmkr. 229 Bridge Wingrfield M B (Laura Mae), who rro. h 1189 Prince
Winsrtield S B (Annie), mcht. Winjrfield. Chamberlin & R-id. h ?12 Cobb
Wingfield Perino, 712 Cobb Winsrfield Elizabeth, 712 Cobb *Wingfield William, 555 Berry Wingfield William C (Emmie), mnjr ^ro store, h 156 Boulevard Wingfield Olief, 156 Boulevard Win^field Willard 156 Boulevard



Wingfield W C (Mabel), h 1248 Prince
Winn Annie. 363 Hancock Winn Mrs Emma L. h 497 o Hancock "Winn Omar meeh. 597 Hancock Winn Hirsch IT (MarprieV pntr. h 423 Doujrherty Winn ('"oyatta. 453 Doujrherty Winn Jolm H (Lilly N>. minister. 175 Second "Winn Lonnic (Blanche', casket maker. 170 Becker Winstead C P. teleq-raph editor Athens Herald, h 204 1-2 Lumpkin Winston Ambrose P (Julia"), prof Ac1 Col. h Ap- Col Campus Winters Mrs Mary J. 698 Pnlaski *Wise Johnnie. cook. 349 Meip-s *Wise Ruby. cook. 3-19 Meip-s *Wise Sara farm lab. h 1353 Oconee *Wise Wade, farm lab. 1353 Oconee *Wise Mrs Carrie. 1353 Oconee *Wise Annie. 1353 Oconee *Wise Walter, farm lab. li 328 Tabernacle *"Witcher Luke, lab comp co. 430 Cleveland AVitcber Mrs ^latibla. 257 Woodlawn *\Vitcher Rafe (MattieV farmer, h 348 \Vitcher Thomas P ('Nancy\ h 250 P;i\1er *AVitcher Will (Xola^. plmbr. h 1GO Rtronp Wolf Lawrence, artist. 624 Thomas "\Vonjr Yonn<r. Indrymn. h 174 Clayton *\Voodall Arnette. h 350 First st Wood all Mrs Emma L. h 298 Hull *Woodall Lonnie 'Cherry), lab. h 348 First st Wood Albon Y 'Ruth), slip elk. h 207 Madison avc *Wood Ticnnie 'Louise"', lab. h 385 T>illups Wood Mrs Bessie Stanley, tehr A? Col. Milled^,- ave (^F. M. Arnold)
Woods B F ;'AnnieV oinp ctn wrlise. li 180 Barber Woods Annie R, tchr. 180 Barber *Woods Carrie IT. cook. 519 Reesr AYood Airs Cdesti;! S. 1, 230 Boulevard "Wood Billups. freip-ht oik. 230 Boulevard Wood Annie Mae. county demonstrator, ofc court house. 230 Boule-
vard Wood Arthur. 230 Boulevard Wood Clarence W (Suei. sales ret <rro. h 077 College *Woods Clinton, butler. 1327 Hancock Wood Dolphus -E'nmaV col (Jas Co. h 278 River *Woods Easter, li 137S Hancock *Woods Odie ]*. i:]78 Ila-icock Wood Ernest B (Essie"), i'oremii oil mill, h 1200 Lumpkin Wood Mae L. sales Michael's. 1200 Lumpkin Wood Huprh L. repair man lei co. 1200 Lumpkiu Wood Etmnett 'Pearl >. policeman, h 940 P>road Wood E M (Lily), yard master, h 7sl I Joule van! Wood Hai-old L (Maud), sub's, h 994 Lumpkin Wood Henry E (Lucy', painter, h 310 Oconee Wood Jessie T fLovia'). steam finer, li 310 Oconee Wood James H. instr Poultry D.-pt Ajr Col. h 1195 Lumpkin
Wood J E (Dora'i. trav sales, h 190 (irady ave



Woods Joseph W (Emma), fanner, h 385 Madison
AVoods Elizabeth G. teacher. 385 Madison "Woods Emma. 385 Madison Woods Mary, teacher. 385 Madison * AVoods Marv. cook. 520 Foundry Wood Mrs Moll. 361 Thomas Wood Viola. 361 Thomas Wood Norman (Boll), shp elk Gulf Kef Co. h 186 (lev-land Wood Omer R. sales, 169 Donprherty *Woods Otha (Susie), earp. h 149 XeAvton Wood Osajrene. elk Postal Telejr. h 1260 Lumpkiii *Wood Rodith. eook. h 1030 Tlobson Wood Richard F (Ella'), county officer, li 198 Oeonee Wood Clara, elk pro store. 198 Oeonee Wood Sherman. 198 Oeonee Wood Robert W (Marcrllus'i. bookkpr who jrro. h 475 Ruth Wood Rosa Lee. 198 Oeonee Woods Sam E (Neta). real estate ajrt. D G Anderson. h 565 Prince Woods Gnssie, tchr citv schools. 565 Prince Wood Mrs Victoria J.' h 280 P>ald\vin Wood Weldon E Sr (Lixxie). captain police, h 174 Strong Wood William. 198 Oeonee Wood William IF (Leila!, i'oremn t'crt pit. h Morton ave *AVoodley Charlie (IFattio), draymn. h 230 Derby *Woodley William, plmbr. 230 Derby *AVoodley Frank, lab. 230 Derby *Woodley Nettie, waitress. 230 Derby *Woodloy TFattie. 230 Derby Woodward ^Fivs Maude L. Milledjre AVoofter T J (Callie). prof V of Ga. h 1140 Prince AYoofter T J Jr. 1140 Prince AVooten Mrs Ophelia, trained nurse, h 741 Thomas AVootcn Go<s. mncr trausf co. 741 Thomas *Wootcii Tiufiis 'Pearl'i. delmn ludry. h 534 Chase AVooten Thomas R. Justice of Peace. 255 1-2 Lumpkin AVooten Leila Pope. 255 1-2 Lumpkin AVorley Beatrice, mill wkr. 14S Mulberry AVorley Thomas, mill wkr. 14S AFiilberry' AVorley Landrum A' 'T.adii';. fanm-r, h 148 Mulberry AVoi'ley Li/xie. 148 AFulbeny \Vorley Claud, mill wkr. 148 Mulberry AVorsham AVilliam A, prof Chem. Ap Col. 575 Harris AVorlham George C (Louisj^. mill wkr. h 186 Mitchell Wortham AFinnie. 186 ^Fitehell AVortham John AV. mill wkr. 186 Mitchell AVnrtham Notly i May BelTi. lab. h Oeonee AVortham AV C (Alary), carp, h 545 Oconee AVortham Pearl (Christine), sales, h 530 Pnlaski AVray ({rover (Roberta), stipt oil eo. h 190 Cloverhurst *AVrijrht Amanda. Ind. 178 Savannah 5:*AVrifrht Annie, nurse, h 280 Athens Wvijrht Airs Cora, dressmaker, h 165 State AVriprht Rut'us. pntr. 165 State *Wright Franklin (Sallie), h rear 724 Prince

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Wright Geo A (Amy), pntr auto shop, h 315 1-2 Jackson
Wright V Hal (Maude), printer, h 940 Oconee
Wright Ida E. bdnghse kpr. h 380 Lumpkin Wright Henry D. meht. 380 Lumpkin Wright Gordon, mech. 380 Lumpkin Wright James A (Bernice). butcher, h 1476 Broad *Wright Jennie, cook, h 142 Lyndon Row Wright John A (Edna), stone cutter, marble yard, 367 Strong Wright Mrs Julia, h 170 Poplar Wright Nettie Leola, bkpr. 170 Poplar Wright Tempie Louie, milliner, 170 Poplar *Wright Lena. hid. h 369 Meigs *Wright Mattie. Ind. h 127 Savannah Wright Oscar (Nellie), trek dvr. 624 Nantahala Wright Robert T (Minnie), prop meat market, h 323 Jackson Wright Julia M. 323 Jackson Wright Mildred. 323 Jackson *Wright Sara, nurse. 360 Cleveland *Wright Jueenie. cook. 398 Cleveland WRIGHT TATE (Virginia), atty. clerk county commissioners, h
*Wright "William, lab ctn comp. h 125 Crawford *Wyche Frank (Bessie), farm lab, h 1432 Oconee *\Vyche Ollie. 398 Elder
*Wy1ey Frederick L. lab. 258 Chase *Wyley Serena. matron school. 258 Chase "Wynn F P ' Julia). govt bureau a^rt. h 147 Virginia "Wynn Lillian. 147 Virginia Wynn Henry. 147 Virginia Wynn H^sekiah. farmer. 590 Barber *Wynn Sara. cook. 456 River Wynn Mrs Virginia. 147 Virginia ave Vaum Nannie, h Y W C A Yarbroujrh James M Estelle). carp, h 103 Tnglewood ( Yarbroujrh Harvey (Lucy), carp, h 103 Tnglewood Yarbrough Robert (Alice), farmer, h 157 Grove Yarbroujrh Emma. 157 Grove Yarbroujrh "Walter (Cassie). sales, h 156 Grove Yarbroujrh AVoodie. sales. 195 Hill Yates George (Ethel), painter, h Meigs Yates Russell, carp. 428 s Lumpkin YATES ST JULIAN (Moselle). Motor Sales Co. h 229 Cloverlmrat *Yearby Homer (Lula). fireman r r, h 447 Third
*Yearby Mamie, hid. h 360 Cleveland *Yearbv Lizzie, cook. 178 Savannah

FINALLY, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are

honest. \vhats< ever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatso-

ever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of .-rood report: if there be

any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

One of the licst beloved ministers who ever lived in Athens wrote the

following to T. I,. .Mitdiell. District Manager. r.i:i-JH Holnian onildiiiR:

"I carried a :C>.0<> poliey in the EQl ITABLE LIFE ASSIKANCE SO-

CIETY for twenty-five years, and 'therefore am able to speak by the book with

reference to the points in the Society's business which are vital to its patrons its

fidelity to its contracts, its protection of the interests of oolicyholders. its sympa-

thetic accommodations to enable them to meet the payment of premiums, etc.

"My policy was of the old kind- with semi-annual payments. After twenty-five

years, when I went out of the active ministry, I asked 'the Society to issue to me

a 'paid up' policy for such amount as they judged equitable. To my surprise they

pave me the privilege of taking the cash value of my poliey, which I gladly ac-

cepted, for it brought me relief when I seriously needed. I got the benefit of my

own insurance!

"From the beginning of my connection witli the EOJITABLE LIFE ASSl RANCE

SOCIETY to the day when they paid the check in final settlement of my claim, they

showed unmistakably that they were as much interested to secure my best interests

as they were t<> protect their Own.

"Of course, the privileges granted me were available to ALL the Society's policy-

holders: but this "-ily gives it the higher commendation. Thev were open to all.

"T have the E((l ITAHLE LIFE ASSt RAXCE SOCIETY in high regard and in very

plensant memory."

(Signed I


"Prove all thinurs; hold f;iwt that which is Rood."



*Yearley. Willie (Annie), lab. h 260 Third Yeargin John C ^Eli/abeth). oik cafe, h 144 1-2 f'layton Yeargin Km M OMiee). rest, h 854 Hill Y^argin James (Eli/abetlO, waiter rest, 854 Hill Yearwood Mrs M. h 789 "Boulevard Yearwood Alice, sales. 739 Boulevard Year\vood P>en Ellis. mech. 789 Boulevard Yearwood Raymond, mech. 789 Boulevard *Yerby Carrie, cook, rear 586 Franklin Yoeame Etta B. teacher, h 660 Reese Youngblood Will, sales gen mchdse. 881 1-2 College *Young Annie B. maid, rear 198 Hull Youn j? Charles T. hotel kpr. Washington st Young Mrs Ella. 175 Naeoochee *Young Georgia, cook. Water st Young Gus R (Maggie), mech gar. h 729 Pulaski * Young Gussie. 127 Franklin *Young Ida G. 187 Franklin * Young Oscar, cook. 180 Harris Young Mrs Susie J. 757 Ilancoek Young Mrs Susie J. 757 Hancock Young Nellie, 757 Hancock *Young William (Annie'1, lab. h 780 Dearmg * Young Luther. 780 Dcaring *Young Oscar, cook, 780 Hearing *Young Willie Mae. 177 Berry *Young Willie (Fannie), lab. h 1870 Hancock *Young Willie. appr phnbr. 1128 Hancock Youngkin E 1 1 (Leona). gro. h 826 Hill Yoimgkin E H .lr. 826 Hill
YOW JONAS, Yow Bros Moto Co. h 1155 Milledge Yow Mrs Marv E, 1155 Milledge YOW MORRIS (Sara F). Yow Bros Moto Co. h 1124 Yudelson Leo, sales Bush Jewelry Co. 480 Meigs Yudelson Abe. sales cloth store, 480 Meigs Zalk Cook, lab *Zellmar Alfred H (Gussie). minister, h 210 Maeon Zimm Louis Arthur. Southern Construction Co., Holman Bldg. Zournwald Mrs. 424 Hancock Zournwald An/ie. 424 Hancock

DR. J.
The Optometrist and Optician

E:res Examined, Lenses Ground, Prescriptions Filled 206-7-8 Southern Mutual Building

n*, (6-eorgta, Street
\OTK .\li streets and <venu s arc arranged in alphabet iral order, with name <-f occupants a!'('.'r each number.
Star ( ::: ) befoi-c name means that such person is colored.



Angle Ave. 12.- *Fields, .Mack 185 *Hu. Dobby
Atlirns Avenue
166 Moon, Jacob D. 270 :'.K.l.nsou. Lizzie 280 *Wright, Annie 281 "Clei.irnons, Harry 29" *\Yillicir.s. \Vill 217 *PnMtt, Chariie S21 * Bailey, John 327 *I\Ioore, T.ola 328 * Evans, Jerry E. 341 *Trir>p, Evie 3GN *\Val:on. Charlie 397 ' Smith. Sherman 498 ::: i,c.ik, Lo'.iis 496 *.Mann. Jchn
Atlar.ta Ave.
174 :: Ta:ior. Kac.c 199 *Wier, Minerva 220 *Giiffe h, Liescio 24.1 *Walto:i. Frect 267 :; <"c>x. .John 270 ::: .ioi:nson, .'Irs. Georgia 287 *.Jarroli. ^andy 327 =' Fos ' r, : o'.-ert T. 328 * Roebuck, Ko:,er 3L16 *Hav.-k:nE. Harrison 341 *And'"rson. Maggie 467 ^ i iii 111 or? s . ft o oil in 470 * White, Ellen 480 *Joi;riSo!i, Ti>:nmy
'rc'i Street
132 Curt;>r, Mrs. Mary 140 Ogle . Harl;le.-s 1.12 Uavi.-. P. .M. U. Young 182 AJ-TJO;('. Joe C. 186 :: T::r v; . Samuel 192 -renders. Carl M. 232 *Jackson. Jarrell 23-1 ::: .ie!iluns, Mary 248 :; Goosby. Eddie 248 *Lan:!rum, Sarah

249 * Stephen. Hen 2.'.8 *il;i\vl>ins, Augustus
26:; 1=1 N elms, Alfred
270 * Oliver, Sophia 274 "(lilhain. Xancy 27T> *Rih-y. Richard 2 S.I *Thonias. Charlie 86 * Daniel. Kninia 324 :Ci awt'ord. Howard
* Elder, .lane
* Foster. J)el,anier ' Dillard, Watt 34.") !- Elder. Juires 3 S. *Carey. LIHMS . 39.-. "Hawkins. La Theresa 3 9 6 *She].herd, Robert. 42r> *Ptifnner. Snrali Florence
523 *Landru!n, Addie it ) I "Sprnlclint-:. Sue
580 *.Tohnson, Rosa Anne

Augusta Ave.

123 *A!axey, Charlie

124 *Rodgers, Violet

126 *Ste\vart. James

127 *.Ioncs, Texie

128 *Johnson, John


*Haiiey, Lucy * Howard. Will R.

147 TJreepson. Dora

164 *Tabors, Gertrude

173 *Wade, Reeese

248 *Paniel, Lonnie

286 *.Mann, John A.

298 * Roland. William

320 *Clark. Jamees

330 *Hublwrl. Charley

347 * Harper, William

380 *Mailey, Clarence

390 *Short, Sara

392 ^.Mangel, Wilson

397 *llolton. .lolin K.

662 *Campbell. Ralph

664 *Arnold. Chant

666 Thinizy, William



Bailey Street
193 Hunter, H. H. 235 Howard, Daniel 253 "Leverettc, Mozelle
124 Daniel, Edgar A. 140 Summons, .Mrs. Cordelia 170 Sims, Charlie M. 190 Porterlield. Martha H. 198 Rhodes, Charlie S. 224 Ancjors, .Joe H. 234 Kimbrough. Rainey R. 240 Sailors. Jei>i>ie 270 Short, All)in 1',. 280 Wood, Mrs. V. J. 298 Williams. Quilla L.
140 Lanier, Mrs. Bessie
150 I 'loom Held. Cornelia
160 Daniels, C. B. 169 Colbert, Daisy 170 Smith, Mrs. Lula 170 Reed, L. O. 180 Woods. B. F. 181 Capps, W. A. 186 Blasingame. Cicero 198 Galloway. John W. 199 Comer, Guy H. 229 Huggins. Percy L. 237 Moon, J. D. . 244 Cook, Maude M. 244 Griffith, Mrs. Celecia 245 (irimes. Thomas A. 247 Mapp, J. H. 265 Adair, J. T. 265 Gaines. D. I. 2S5 P-jlnvsano. Caspar ?tQ<7 7I Hu.sgins. Mrs. Mary E. 298 Pitner, James A. 298 Scoville. John R. 320 Ginn. Patrick H. 330 Johnson. James W. 340 Perry. Elbert A. 350 *Johnson. Lafayettee 360 "Olmstead, Martha 384 *Reese. Garfield 395 Williams. Cicero 395 Kenney. Mell W. 397 Lang. Robert R. 532 Glenn, Walter T.. 585 Heard. Charles W. 590 Power. Mrs. Clara 620 Martin. Mrs. Onie F. 640 Hale. Gordon A. 664 Smith. Paul 672 Moon, Henry G. 686 Whitakeer. .las. F. 697 Fitzpatrick. James 724 Holmes. Fred 744 Born. Marion A. 760 Jones. Mrs. Daisy 770 Hudgin. Wescon 890 Rlackinon, Lonnie 980 Martin. Gabriel 982 Cummings. Chas. D.

Barrett Street
145 Christian, Jessie James 147 Brittain, Willie J. 147 Bryant, Parmelia 150 Powers, Wilber D. 157 Hryant. Lollie 175 Mattheews, Olfie 227 Cooler, Warner R. 2:; 7 MrClurd, James 15. 240 Burton. Eliza M.
24;t Chandler. Joseph H.
263 Burroughs, George W. 290 Vpton. Henry Grady 340 Wilson. Eearl 445 "Colquitt. William 44:, ::: Moon. Loren;:o
Barrow Street
120 O'Kelley, Callaway F. 130 Kellogg. Forest E. 135 Grimes. John H. 140 Crowley. Mrs. Susie X. 150 Hale, Mrs. Annie F. 153 Foster. W. J. 173 Swanson. Henry 173 Fellows. C. S. 180 Thornton. William J. 195 Minder. Joe 198 Sayer, Edward M. 224 Lillv. Robert 2 5 0 Huff. William J.
26:; Oldham. J. L.
270 Culler, Lewis 270 Fain. A. 273 Durden. P. H.
27;) Laseter, R. S.
Baxter Street
140 * Carter. Samuel L. 150 *Mayfield, Ida 160 * Moore. Lola 165 Beusse. Ilenrv 185 Hubbard, G. M. 190 Randolph. Pearl C. 195 Gardner. Mamie E. 197 Dial. Walter F. 224 Gibson. Zadie 240 Williams. Wiley J. 250 McEntire. Ben F. 260 Messer. John H. 270 Watherford. Golding J. 275 MeKinney. Dr. J. C. 280 Hammond. James F. 290 Hardy, Charles 1. 291 Stone. E. P. 294 Esco. Luther 297 Patten. Clint 297 Christian. William D. 327 Henderson. Henry L. 359 Jennings. Ben F. 427 * Brown, John H. 485 Wilbanks. Frank A. 195 Hamilton, Mrs. Lucy A 529 Coleman, Mrs. Rutn 597 Oldham, E. C. 723 Graham, James f". 755 Parr. Mack 787 Kenney. Mrs. Sarah S.



788 Stapleton, L. L. 795 Hartley, William B. 798 Knowles, James P. 845 Brown, Geo. R. 957 Baxter, Sara C. 963 Cox,' Joseph M. 975 Alien, Jesse 980 Bell, James A. 985 Cobb. Carlisle
llerry Street
112 * Baker, Sam 130 *Brittain, d 147 *Hill, Emma 160 *Baker, Ed. 178 *Johnson, Mag 177 *Hall, Eva 177 *Hall, Eva 179 *Gibbs, John 180 "Leverett, Nebraska 190 *Walton, Ed 190 *Hullock, Lucas 440 *Barnett, Charles 445 *Horton. Maggie 504 *Stone. Charles 514 *Thornton, L,ou
Rouna Vista Avenue 190 Huff. Effort H.
Rillups Street
132 *Hnry, Edwin 135 *Muckle, Earnest 136 *Hopson. William P. 137 *Sheppard. Charles 138 :) Maddox. Nelson 139 *Thoni])snn. B. B. 149 * Henry, Robert 154 * Owens, Andrew 175 *L,angs:on, Ben 176 *Williams. Joel V. 183 *Hill. Peter 183 *Wilkins. Cliff 183 *Howard. .Mary 185 *Thrasher. Gertrude 185 *Hutchens, Minerva 187 *Lewis. Nelson 195 *Collins, Isaac E. 197 *Cole, John 223 *Hill. Squire W. 237 *Hudson, Tommie 237 *Davis. Minnie 249 *Harris. Ellington D. 264 *Pinkard, Amos M. 265 * A very, Albert 380 *Smith, Ann 385 *\Yood. Bessie 390 * Powers. William 422 *\Vatkins, Nick 423 *Thornton. Green 424 *Carter, Carlton 426 *Willingham, Emma 451 *Lawrence. William B. 452 Edwards, James W. 480 ''Thompson, William R. 481 *Favors. Tom
Kloomfield Street 175 Buckwald, Wolf 185 Davis, Eddie C.

195 Johnson, Curtis 198 Pennoch, Harbert 227 Fears, Elliott P.
243 Conger, David 249 McClure. Robt. 255 Kenney, Albert T. 259 Dunawav, Mrs. Lilliam M. 275 Ginn. Wyliee J. 285 Cooper, Lyn. W. 297 Willbanks, Mrs. iMinnie 324 Oliver, Jones G. 327 Welch, Earl G.

158 175 175
186 186 197 198 223 224 228 230 238 238 245 250 250
270 286 286 290
296 297
297 297
297 299 340 341
363 375 395 396
397 419
420 421
421 467 485 485
485 544
547 554
564 628 645 645
646 650 683 693

Pendley, Dr. J. L.
Freeman, Wiliam T. Wingfleld. William C.
Whitehead, W. W. Scarbrough, 11. P.
Bullock, Richard H. Sanders, Taylor Reed, T. W. Haygood. 'Mrs. Mary Cox, A. C. Jennings. E. H. Cutler, Sam Wood, Mrs. Celestia S. Orgain, Robert L. Landers. Rov W. Clarke, W. A. Cook. Asbury Wilkes, H. F. Comer. T. F. Bradberry, Robert E. Burch, Arthur M. Nelms, Dave W. Hodgson, Francis Bullock, W. H.
Bernard, W. J. Ford, L. E. Bernard. W. J. Weatherly. U. A. Mize, Martin C. Costa, Joseph
Henson Grady Cinciola, James iMcElreath, Frank Atkinson, Artred Fleming. F. B. Chandler, C. N.
Jackson, Francis Parks, H. T.
Xunn, F. L. Miller, R. L. Costa, 'Michael Costa, M. F.
Costa, Anthony Hamilton, Fred H.
Davis, R. F. Rice, Sam
Jordan, William C. Storey, James Gordan, J. A. Adams, James
Bowden, William Parr, Wiliam
Wiliams, A. D. Carithers, G. M.



695 723 724 735 739 742 749 750 760 770 775 780 781 785 789 790 824 830 835 850 850 860 865 870 875 886 893 896 900 1 120 1 130 1 140 1160 1 190 1230 1290 1292

Fowler, E. C. Potts, W. J.
Cen-;er. A. M. Butler, 1. N. Yearwoocl, M. A. Potts, E. C. Johnson, Walter Downs, .Joe H.
Cook, Harry L. Purcell, Jones
Hushes, H. -M. Griffith, !Mrs. Addle
Wood, E. M. Thornton, I. E.
Bishop. Daniel O. Wall, J. .M. M itch ell, A. L. Murray, John
Anderson, T. B. Hodgers. Joe Groves, John W. Cash, Young
Meades, T. C. Tuck, Mrs. Jennie Kirby, H. M. Flury, A. L. Alexander, Mrs. Tommie Tolbert, Mrs. Lilly
Summers, H. T. Guntharpe, Bessie
Segars, Raydo
Smith, Joe B.
Toney, Melvin Pendley, Harvey M.
Boatner, E. G. Dunaway. Bela Smith, William E.

Itranrh Street
368 *Willoughby, Robt. 370 *Pye, Jessie 661 Pope. Pierce. Jr.
liremart Street 289 *Hayden. John 290 *Annie, John
Bridge Street
177 *C'ollins, Lula 178 *Sunford. Lula 196 *Pope, William 197 *Kinbrick. Aaron 221 Stephens, Edward H. 228 *.Tackson. Ciaienee 229 *Winglield. Ellen 236 *Cox. Richard 242 *Reid. William K. 243 *Reid. Lorenzo 237 *Davis. William E. 248 *Haxe. Will 253 *Glenn. John 253 *Childers. John 264 " Adams. Earl 268 *Johni=on, Horace 271 * Brown, Reese 276 *.Iohnsoh. Will 277 *.Tennings. M. O. 280 *Simms, Anderson 285 *Jackson, Hester

288 *Swane, Jack

289 *Johnson, Willie

IJroad Street

117 Hodges, D. A.

121 Brown, James F.

123 Cleveland, Grover

189 O'Farrell. Charles J.

v233 1-2 Stanfield, Harvey E.

250 Thompson, Edgar

286 Link, Morris

286 Brooks, Roy L.

296 Crow, Leonidas

297 James, Clarence E.

297 Mewborn, Mrs. E. G.

325 Jones( Chris

332 Deakides, Xick

333 Cheleves, Andrew A.

333 Harper. John

353 Staples, Harry

354 * Freeman, Landers

379 *Jackson, Lutitia

379 *Cully. Rent

386 * Harris, Davis

390 *Johnson, Nancy

396 *Stovall, James

412 *Holbrook, lienry

452 * Fir em an, Ji'Ai

480 * Harper, Linton

513 *P>rown, Anderson

515 *Arnold, Chan

522 *Lee, Francis

523 *Turk. Swan

540 *Graham. William

542 *Jonos, Cicero

543 *Mocre, Walter

558 *Hightower. Cora

563 *MeCarty. William E.

583 * Evans. Dennis

596 :;Mohnson. Le\vis

600 * Dead \vyler. John

620 *Collins. Richard

640 Golo:. Felix

641 *Arnold. Fair

650 * Pierce. Henry

660 *Johnson. Ethel

670 *Billups. Ivory


680 * Foster, Alfred

700 *>.Iilton. Willie

708 *Bell. Charlie

737 *Sherman. Josie

760 *Bush. Lula

763 Wil.:on. George T.

770 *Hyrams, Mahala

820 Chapman. John P.

840 * Bates. Carrie

859 *Storey. Henry

863 * Austin, Mary

872 *Green. Willie

873 *Smith. Daisy

901 Bridges, L. M.

910 Holmes. Edward J.

911 Pew. William J.

920 Pledger. Marshall N.

921 Howard. William C.

941 Burton. D. G.

951 Smith. Louis

1010 Etheridge, Charles

1082 *Eades, Anna



10S2 1086 1086
1092 1124
1133 1146 1147 1149 1150 1 1 5S 1 1 .r, 9 1162 1163
118!) 1194 1226 1227 1228 1228 12 -IS 1249
1270 1277
1 2 7 f! 1280
i;;2 -i
1346 1 T, 4 7 1C 67 1368 i::70
1387 13f;8 1423
142-! 1434
1437 1437
1443 1447
1 4 :> r.
146:' 146:; 114466"".
14 75 1476
1483 1495
1537 154o 1545
1552 1596 1615 1623 1624
1638 1658 1668 1679

*Bonhardt, Albert =: Biliups, Lena * Johnson, Sara

:;: Cook, George *Horton, John
* Walker, John * Crane. Thomas
*Walker, Kllene * I'.illnps, John "Adam, I linerva
"Harris. Sam *Neal. Foster
;; !V/iitain. George \V. * Williams, Henry
"Hudson, Charley
*Echols, Sidney * Daniels. Ohlen * Church. Austin * Hanks. Jaiian W.

=:- Owens. Robert Stoke.i, Houston H.
Kent, L. !;; Thomas. Eugene J.
:;: Randolph, Susan
:;: Stone, Percy H. * Lyons, John H. *Eariy, Robert
.Moore, Shepherd !:: 15a:d A ir , Amanda

*SinglPton. Minnie :: Lev. ;s. Fannie M.

"Patrick. John S. ^Mc^o n~i :ions, Mealor
* ^hil'-p, Juke * I i { j i ; i r o o ! : . Stephen

*Hclbrook. William
* Hunter, Willinm * .'; urn tier, James

* t rt'. . -p i -, . .' U .. Jl . .'.-
''-r. ;,r. .

.-,-, -a
>-' V,v". ,-,!_

Virceiu. Jim
: \\ .itkius. John \V. Herring. E. L.

Kelluui. Thomas Parks. Howard L.
rarnell, C icoro J. V.'ailiir.s. 'liass

\ '-'heeler, .Marcus C. Coi:e Frances P. *Batt:e. John

White. .Tolin M.
*Poe!;. Edv, ar:l
Srni h, Vesper Wri-lit. Jciines 'A. *^'ilrer. ?"oses S. *Sn'ith. J. S. *.Tack--, Mary

*?"art:'p. George P. * Hudson. Jim *F]ar> :.scnr). ho?"aas

*MitPhell. Hinton

Collins, Walter ':'Rfrl. Mamie

*Hull. P.

*P,arnoet't. Alvin *Hill. Jane *Hell. Edward *Smitli, Francis

1682 * Warren, Hattie 1687 *Folsom. Lou 1690 *Lane, Roy 1691 * -\iaddox, .ioe 1692 "Warren, Hattie 1695 * White. Anderson 1696 :: Dellard. Henry 1697 *Cal\ in. .lohn 1699 *Landruin, Hut 1734 *.Moon, Charles F. 1 7 3 5 "Stephens. Mark 1755 "Smith, Fred 1775 "Collins, Andrew
X Hodgson. Charles N.
Hryaiit Street
122 Moore, William M. 123 Dotson, Mrs. Charley W. 124 Moore, Mrs. Alice 125 Lund, Charles C. 126 Cook, Charley 128 Hardemaii, William L. 129 liangus, Arthur 132 Snipes, Mrs. Emma 133 Wigley. Robert W. 134 Kinney, Eliza J. 135 Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Ola 136 Harlowe, William 138 Seagraves, William P. 142 Tucker, Mrs. Mary 144 Drake. Q. T. 146 Partee. John W. 148 Xunnally, I^ee W. 152 Langford, Wiliam H. 154 Jennings, John H. 162 Brewer. James P. 164 Patterson. O. M. 172 McClain, Mrs. Stisie 174 Leard, Mrs. Eliza 182 Hay;' en. Mrs. Georgia 184 Smith, Julius 192 Smith, Thomas LJ. 346 Fergerson, John
Tain Sfcveeet
131 "Harris, Timmie 131 Adams, Ethel 145 *Killian, William
Carl ton Street 119 "Broughton, Joe H. i25 Scott. Wing
Can- Streot
437 Aaron, Ella 550 Dillard, John \V'. 721 -Jackson, Ella
Cedar Street
19S Payne, James F. Cemetery Street.
126 Pollard, 'Harriett E. 150 Burgess, Henry L. 196 Hubert, Frances E. 285 Miller, George T. 287 McCrockin, Mason 289 Powell, James L. 297 Bisson, James H.
Chase Street



124 134 140 142 1 4 4 146 147 148 198 213 215 216 247 258 258 259 209 270 270 273 317 364 367 380 384 386 390 418 534 720 760 784 825 863
870 875 915
923 947
955 965 975

* Brown, John

:;: Green, Lula

* Tiller, >rank

*Noi:'.n, Jes-de

* Stephens, Cornelia

f- Williamson, Theo

"Banks, Nancy

*Shea''.s, Governor

*HilL Alfred

"Derricote, Edward

"Johnson, Floyd

"Turner, Addie

"Jones, Oscar


* Hunter, James P.

*Hunter, Seaborn R.

"Cox, Jordan

*Malone, Thomas

*Cox, Joseph H.

* Foster, Mahala

"Williams, Glover

T-arneett, Robert

*Turner, Ellen

*Billups, Burrell W.

* Bank f,. John H.

"Turner, Ella

*Stokley, George

::: Eberhardt, Lucius B.

Scott, Mrs. Lizzie

*\Vooten, Rufus

Cumbus, G. W.

* Brown, Albert

Mor.on, Clara

Dericote. Fanny

Kirk, Joseph M.

Costa, Lawrence C.

Edwards, William W.

Rawson, Frank S.

Parks. Earl W.

Atrawav. Harris H.

Parks, Max W.

Smith. Mrs. Mary G.

Freeman, Samuel T.

Williams, John T.

Chase Circle
66 Hodgson, Walter B. 67 Hoclgton, Morton S.

123 Waldrup, Henry W. 133 Scarbrough, John A. 147 Griswold Wiliara T. 167 Nix, Christopher 1S7 Deadwyler. John 203 Littletton, John H. 217 Petty, Geo. WT . 247 Seymour, Walter 273 r.v-lloc-k, Edsav 297 Pierce, Mrs. Ellie

Cherry Street
127 *Mattox, Ida 130 -Ackers, Eddie 133 '.Lipscorrb. Laura 140 v Battle, Simon 140 *Eberhardt, Will 145 *.Tones, Tom 146 *Eberhardt, Will

148 'L'arnett, P.
153 *Collins, Bennie 175 -'Joseph, Henry 180 "Brooks, Henry 183 :i: Cole, Savannah 184 -iUimelk, Sum 1 85 * Barnes, Jiui 186 -Parks, Ptrcy R. 194 -Ronhison. Thomas W.
194 -Hail, E. B.

Childs Streett
157 Merle, \\r . ii. 1G7 Frey, C. Ii. 167 Cooper, Paul C. 173 Anderson, J. P. 178 Bancroft, JikUvard W. 182 Anderoon, E. .U. 182 MacDornian. Clyde 183 Lanci'ord, A. lu. 184 .Jones, R. R. 1 8.) Beer, Leo 197 Carithera, L. T. 249 ;;: Lon^, Jim

249. 250 270

Cliina Strectt
*Bynes, Robert * Ed wards, Lizzie "Howard, Lucy

( hurch Street
1"?. ^i^Ider, Ira Jackson 134 -Walker, floury 140 :: Kellcy, Riley 143 Mosepa Conriney 1 45 "Smith, Sanky 146 "Alexander, Fanniee 150 -: Hili. Whitman 153 *Greene. Lethid.
157 * Alien, Xaucy B. 158 *Hill, Augustus
170 * Rhodes. Edgar 171 ^Cornelius. Julielte 223 *M aliens. '. "illie J. 237 * Freeman. Edward M. 238 *H'irvey. II a rr ing con 260 * Foster, William H. 348 *Xeely. Mitcheell 370 Harvety. Marlowe 370 Ho well, William H.
384 Hopkins, James H. 387 Marlow, Valburn 395 Gamble, John B 397 Smi-th, Paul L 547 *Thomas, Mott 549 * Williams. Jeff 620 *Blount, Green 621 "Johnson, Herbert 630 -Driver, Sylvia

Clayton Street
152 Champion, Mrs. Kate M 162 O'Kelley, James Wj 219 1-2 Mason, James H. 236 Bell, Charlie M. 240 Mason. Warren B. 240 Williams. Callaway 250 Umbach, Fred G.



263 Link, Abe 287 Moon, Samuel 290 Cleveland, Martha 293 Briscoe, Henry C. 446 Farrell, Geo. W. 458 Fox, Mrs. Frederick W. 49 1-2 Richardson, M. D.
25 * Williams, Alice 26 * Johnson, Nathan 28 *Strickland, Alfred 130 ^Fanning, Burrell ]32 *Jackson, John 133 * Jackson, Tom 153 Lewallen, Harvey D. 174 Harding, James R. 175 Jarrett, Willie D. 180 Staton, Emory 186 Wood, Norman 193 Morehead, John B. 198 *Jackson, Will 198 * Moore, Gus 224 * Clay ton, Joseph 228 *Williams, Clarence 238 * Jones, Ben 243 * Bat-i lc, Jim 250 * David Isaac 260 * Jack son, Jim 285 *(rear McNeal. Mattie 293 *Jackson. Earnest 294 *Williams, Janie 295 ^Johnson, Florme 296 "Davenport, Tunee 320 *Greason. Dick 3 C "Pittman, James G. 345 *.Tones, Powell 34S *Witcher. Rufe 360 *Poss. James 361 *Maddox. Tom 363 * Solomon, SmitTi 395 * Wilson, Thomas 39S ^Houston. Florence E. 420 :: Robinson, George 425 * Lewis, Amos 430 "Hill. Ada 442 *(rear) Thurston, Jim 462 *Clernents, Cliff 482 *Robinson. Emma 486 *Heard, William
123 -Pitman, R. C. 124 '! Johnson, Richard 125 *Wright, William 12C * Brown, Williee 157 *Branham. Richard 167 ''Brown, John 195 *Ford, Myers 198 * Powell, Tessie 240 384 (Rear)
150 Epting, H. O . 151 Cooper, L. E. 166 Jenings, R. M. 388 Elliott, Thomas L.

190 193 219 220 220 226 229 359 36C 362
149 243 253 270 357 369 479 530 550 552 609 626 629 640 650 657 667 673 675 685 698 712 724 725 728 731 738 74 S 749 759 760 i 63 776 778 782 775 784 1237
133 133 135 137 137 140 1144.0'
160 170 175 187

Wray, Grover H. Hedenberg, Charles L. Hinton, Harold H. Cook, James A. Cook, Jr -ffmory Bickerstaff McKie, Mamie Sanford, S. V. Cabaniss, Dr. W. II. Perry, Marvin Powell, T. Burnett, Duncan McWhorter Brooks, Earl B.
Cobb Street
Wier, Mrs. Annie Bloodworth, B. R. Escoe, W. Y. Saye, R. A. Smith, Theo Perry, D. T. Moss, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, F. M. Forbeb, W. T . Bernard. H. Y. Birdsong, Henry W. Lougheridge, Dr. L. D. Upshaw, James Chandler, C. B. Sell, E. S. Jones, Benjamin Williams, Ed B . Hadaway, Paul Hale, Emmett J. Patat, Harry F. Porter, W. R. Wingfleld, S. B. , Hannah, Clay Bondurant, E. J. Turneer, Kufus King, Thomas R. Jester, .1. C. Davis, Glonii O. Freeeman, Randall S. Cartledge, S. J. Jarrell, John W. Sr. Tibbetts, John F. Haygood, Truman Brown, W. W. Earnest, D. L. Hill, E. L. Conolly, Marion Talmadge, Charles A.
Coli en
*Hardeman, Rosa Lee *Jennings, Mary L. * Hackney, Ed 'Mones, Spencer *Seals, Will *Huntoey, B. *Jackson, Will. *Smith, John *Anderson, Lizzie * Max well, Sam *Coper, Arthur *Crawford, Jonas



190 *Jiles, Robert 345 *(rear) Colquitt, Reese

College Avenue x 114 Brown, D.

129 "Thomas, Willie

439 Miles, Frank J.

451 Coheen, Aaron 454 Jordan, Mrs. Bessie 454 Ray, Robert A. 464 Bell, Hattie
465 Sloman, S. 536 Hilley, Mrs. Eva 546 Ingram, J. P. 549 Haughey, A. G.
565 Vandiver, H. S. 635 Goldman, Max 649 Haughey, A. G. 653 Cunningham, Pink C.

677 Highsmith, Lonnie J. 684 Cline, William T.
685 Carter, Henry M. 699 Matthews, William M. 747 Wilson, Robert L. 763 James, Joseph L. 806 Phillips, Richard A. 809 Brooks, Abraham 815 Cu'tler, H. 81 S Goodman, N. 818 Capton, Berry G. 824 Linglee, James C.
825 Harris, Elmer Roscoe 830 Moseman, Gallic
833 Perry. Herbert A. 833 Collins, Charles S.

837 Dryar, William F. 840 Bray, Georgt E.lward
842 Vaughan, Jesse Jerome 846 Graham, Thomas Jefferson 847 Peek, Will &50 ^McH&e, John
8.::: Sharpton, John T.
SrG Short. .Towel
857 Jones. Mrs. Mary S60 Mar. n. Din!.
866 Coker, Lucius M. cSfif. Short. Arthur
867 II (riders on, Lester M. 87C Burii: Lemuel A. S7P Osborne. L. F.

S77 Tarpiry. Lutlu-r R.
0 7J J( ulcim;. Jye S.
sso Adanus. Marcus E.
881 Vz Harinon, James Lovick
M(\ Harnion, Jnhn P. SS7 Kemp. J(.lui Wesley

890 McCuui*. Dv.niel J.

890 El rod, Warren P.

914 Smith Jo.-.:ph H.

932 x K-)l>ert.(>n Ct-.rrie

940 Sdi rot a. Nicholas

944 Bell, John .1.

968 Brown, W. B.


*Glenn. JoTfn Henry *\Viliams. Josie

987 * Moore, Genie

589 *Reed, Eddie

X Collins, George C.

X Hargrove Alexander G.

Compress Street

2 *"' 3>

*Thom.i3, Wayman. !: Duncai. , Viola

i 5 L1 !"Saels)n. Antaony

253 Smith, Morgan

Dearing Street

125 ReH, Mrs. Sal lie E.

126 Wier, A. W.

140 *Hale, Ella

145 Park, Rob:. E.

146 Conolly, Paul H.

147 Crawt'ord Harry

159 Pond, Robert S.

175 Dorth. George Arthur

178 Hutclimo Joshua

197 I'ope, Urfc. Matlie

3ond, G. G.

2: o Rucker, Tinsley

243, Hopkin.s, William E. 2-'.4 Goodwill, Richard F. . 64 Gviggs, Earnest L.

204 Erwin, Howell C.

3-S iJuc'.vfir, jeptha

329 S\vifi, Mrs. Bessie F.

34:. Nix \bit 3'jS Dorough, (Jlenn

421 Meudor Mrs. Susie A.

Riviere, Mrs. Ruby

436 Blackshear, Mrs. Kather


436 Harper, Mrs. Eugenia L.

458 Morris Sylvanns


*Plummer, Soul Mason, Douglas

. ""3330 "50
' 53 "60 "70

Young, William *Sheph"rd. Rosvena *Newton. Forrest "Millei-, Daisy
Acker. Will>o/n * Robinson. Edward "Barnet, Rosina ::; Nolan. Andrew

Derby Street


Turner. C F. *O.ine I. m

225 *Clarl\p. Marguerite. 230 *Woo(lley. Charlie 280 -Smith. Susie

Dobbs Street.
230 -Moody. Arthur 555 *Johnson. Eugene

Doboy Street
140 -Poalind. Arnanda Dousi'herty Street
120 Paine. E. C. 129 Bryant. W. M. 138 Costa. Leonard 147 Harris. John W. 148 Williams, J. J. 158 Chafin, W. 11. 159 Murray, Mrs. Nell 169 Powers. Mrs. Jessie



I S Hirchmore. " H.

17'.! Jackson, :irs. Perttha

189 Peiropol, Pete

\\Vatlicrly, C. X.

i-ong, W. F.

215 Uitnn. .'.ii-f. FlonnieJ

J ahun, Bfii

Haygood, V. L.

*../it hum, Howard

iieusbe. ilrs-. Fionniioo

2 06 Pan, A. ii.

243 Cudabac. R. E.

240 Ciar.v, L. A.

247 ,.ewis, Thomas

oriii'eth. \V. G.

Harris, ii. t>.


Luiiy, Rupert C.

267 Morris. Charles

322 . icKelhir. Mrs. E. H.

1 alley. W. W.

Cooper, C. W.

L-a 1 id. F. TI.

3' 62

Petropol, John G 7T?:,d. J ;M.

l.rook*. Loyd E.

...orris, F. F.

V.'eatherly, W. H

41. Tlirinpson, Thomas A.

4 V2 Thompson, Robert G.

4:;4 Cco.ier, Hufus R.


.MaKhews. Xewton Mathe\vs. Marion P

4 .*> 4 l ' i ? h o p . W n; ."A .

4Gi Dean. Grover C.

464 Jones, Fred L.


Tumor. Mrs. Leila Farb:-tein. ^lax

Xay. I'.ruce

V:c*kery. W. H.

DuMin Streot
l.'O 'Olive. John ] 7.r> *Thomap. Philip 170 :: H:ivvkins. Washin.gton

DuIJoso Avenue
224 Cry nes. C. F. 227 Rice. Charles 230 Morgan. T. E. D. 2:;o Lampkin. E. A.
Phillip. .^ T rs. Lizzie Per^ells. Herman 240 John:=on. H. G. 240 Ros^. Joel E. 245 Le\vis. Joe 250 Wases. C. J. 25T, Tindell. W. R. 267 Man?Ieburs, C. S.

Ellipit Street
Appl5n.a;, Joe 150 Munday, Lewis 184 GOPR. Anna 19& Bailey, Cicero 290 *\Vallpr. Xick 324 'Johnson, R. 350 * Richard. James 378 *Ham, Elbert

:}9 * Harris, Sword 424 *Osborn, Ida 428 *Flu Alien, Nancy

127 145 146 167 1(58
231 ' 228

Eli/.al;<>Ui Street
Nunnallv. Pope \V.
Cobb, Well E. Hryaiit, Jodie H. Uarnes. Robert L,ee Fowler. \\ illiam R. Dootsoa, Walter it. Guntlirope, Arthur Smith, Elmer Guy

Fail-view Street
2:>s ::: llartfield, Julia
261 "Arnold, Simmie 268 *rieinie. Jean 275 *Eberhardt, George 2 SO *Smith. John 285 *Grimes, Robert
2S7 .iildham, Ecl\\ard 3 ''3 *Ford. Malinda oo 7 *Wilbanks, I'.ush 347 *Wili)auk^. Green 3 5 3 *Wiibanks, Ray 3 7u ::: Wilbunks, Guy
377 ''Goosby, John

Held Street
130 Mahaffey, Claude 130 Martin. Geo. C. 140 Dooliitle, Mrs. Lucy 170 White, Joseph G. 180 *Clayton. Lizzie
X :: Wier, John X -Heard, Hill X :: Johnson. Mattie X Strickland, M. X Smith, Albert

Fifth Street
186 * Richardson. Mary 196 "Filler, William 196 * Filler, Clara 196 "Gear, Susan 225 *Whitehead. Walter

Fiiiley Street
166 *Hill. LiHian 169 *Kilpatrick. Mary 170 *Rowland, \Veldon 193 *Mrydie, M^rs. Camilla 195 Chapin, James 203 Taylor. Spuri?eon C. 223 *Stephens, Stanford 229 *Hicks, Thomas L. 239 * Alexander. George 257 * Norton, George H. 259 ^layne, George S. 269 *Eberhart. Carrie 293 Ector. C. M. 294 *Walker, Nathaniel 331 *Newsome, Claud 332 *Newsome, Sidney 337 *Sime, Clinton 338 *.Tohnson, Arthur 339 *.Tones, William



349 Hadaway Carsweil J. 369 Harrison, Mrs. \irginia 385 Parnell, William V. 393, William C. 420 ''Bradley, Kannnd 422 *Johnson, Hattie 424 "Howard, John 429 ''Ray, Jessie 439 :: Thomas, Albert 440 * Foster. John 499 -Thomas, Albert 527 ''Kennedy, Mary 540 -Gregory, Mary 548 -Hunter, E;l 549 -McLaw, Johnnie 569 '-Bunny. Will 579 ''Thomas, John 580 :''Payne, Hell 582 -Creamer, Georgia
First Street
126 -Shaw, Henry 130 Cunningham. Howard
X Martin, Aaron 140 Bradley, James 157 Emerick, Joseph L'26 Moon, Hilda 234 Jordan, Mrs. Jane 280 -./ones, John 235 *Terer, Charlie 42 I "Hurley. Lizzie 350 -Woodall, Arnette 360 "Thrasher, J ohn 428 -Shaw, Charlie 475 Li^gins, Morris-
Flint Street
184 "Thomas, Youn: 1S6 *Ha\vkins. Marg erite 1S7 "Holder. Jones
*Dean, Colonel 220 *Lovington, William C. 227 -Hudson. John Henry 238 *Thomz'.s. Pallis 328 -Rucker, Jones 387 -Smith. Robert 389 -Barkes. Amos 389 * Foster, Henry
Foundry Street
114 -Johnson, Mrs. Mary 415 Thompson. Reese W. 416 -Gearby, Sweet 420 *Wilheight, Henry 434 Culbnrtson. L'oyd M. 440 Clark. Ossie Mrs. 486 *Ashley, Percy 486 *Baugh. Lies
500 Eaton, Chas.
5 1 0 Wimley. Sophia 520 Callnwav. Mrs. A. B.
614 *Peek, Percy 664 * Walker, Joseph
Fourth Street
212 *Thomas, Eugene X * Edward. Jim
225 * Fields, Henry

229 232 2 '4 235 235
236 237 26.j
267 2 ;->fj
348 375 3 94 460 465 498
512 526 536 540 537 ' 537

*Barnet, Carey
*Se\vell, Charles
* \\ales, Cussie * Harris, Joe * Wilson, George I'.. -Eberharcit, l./ad * Robert, P. W. *Taomas, Simon *Neelty, Peter -Paul. Williams *Hillsman, Ida *Recd, Jack *Sims, Oiick -Tavors, Sam -Upshavv, Neal -Harper, Oscar * Fellers, Charity *Hill. Frank *i)iilard, li.iwkins -Cjrahajii, Ausby -Moon, Greeu :'Ho \\ard. EUa

Fraukliii Street
123 - Reese ( Lula 125 * Ho ward, Frank 127 * Mills. George 1 3 7 * Black well. John J. 147 -Purifer. George 157 - ' :. ichardsoii. Georgia 247 \TIer, Rosxvoll K. 251 Bishop, Julius F.
267 Rhodes. John F. 317 Eliiott. William H. 3 75 A'cWhort-er, Marcus P. 3 S 7 \:v. ry. :-. W.
506 Crawford. Elmer 586 I'er,.-:on. W. H. 586 Arnold. J. L.

Fuller Street
X * Max well. A lex X *Fuller. A. X *Hardeman. Walter X *r,rown. Cicero

(ieori;ia Depot Street

223 225 230 234 243 256 324 348 353 3 63 395
396 424 448 728 1095

James. Sara A.
Teat. Tom J. Gilclen. .lose Short. Mamie DeLoy. J.i.mcs
Wilson, Vera Griffith. Hunter Kent. James A. Aaron, Henry D. Aaron. Walter A. Watkins. George *Brassell. Xora *Kendrick. George *Pope, Bailey Eberhart. George Hughes, Arthur D.

Georgia Railroad 120 Prather. Mrs. Lizzie 130 Smith, Mrs. Alice 140 Portertield, Rock Callie



145 Duffel. Charlie T. 160 Shurley, Charlie O.

Glenii Street
135 * Hunter, :AIiles 140 * Britton. William 148 *Glenn, Richard 150 *.Morris. Jepp 156 *Eilis, Dora 160 * Hunter, Lucas 170 *Strickland. Linton 200 ' Brooks. Sid
230 *Grant. Andrew 232 *Timmons. Ben
240 *Horton. Ed 250 * tt'illingham, Frank
260 *Eberhardt, Green 262 *Cole. John 270 *Smith. Colonel 320 *Clark. .lanies 365 * Wilson. Cornelia

Grace Street
114 Bust. Clifford 126 Ray, Gibbons 127 Aaron. William Russell 176 Maxwell. Ruck 186 Turner. Joel P. 1S7 Cooper, Jas. S. 212 James. Wilham 224 \\hitehead. Oscar L. 225 Blunt, Augustus 275 Smith, Sem

Grady Avenue

120 Michael. Max

130 Shonse. P. L.

120 Echols. P. M.

131 Venable. A. F.

132 Orr. Elizabeth

143 Browning. M. D.

144 Thornton. W. C.

144 Candla. J. R.

145 Elder. T. L.

15(1 Conollv. Warren J.

1 5 r. Whiteheal. A. II.

1 5 C, Branch. L:ili

157 Gaines. S. A.

167 Cochran, W. L.

168 Huher.. M:J\- M.

j- 9 j' 0

Alei.-v. A . H William?. .1. K.

J 71 Diins-.-?!. W. L.

172 Kig2finbolham, J. C.

174 Allan. O. E.

174 Carter, J. P.

ISO Foller. F. P.
is:-: Carmichael. Balle C.

ISO Eptiiir. J. H.

18f: Burcli, J. M.

19C Wood. J. E.

193 Cote, G. W.

Grove Street
ir.e Morrison
157 Yarbrough Robert
240 *Swain. Mrs;. Lula
324 Hitchcock, Olive

32S ** Wise, Walter


348 1Howard, Edward

X FPops, P. W.

X AAlcCormick, Jerry

Green Street
115 IBurkhalter, Wm. A. 125 **Alitchell, Graham 147 **McClesky, James 157 "Hicks, Alary J. 167 ** Adams, Dewey 169 * Slaughter, Joseph W. 170 **Aiack, Airs. Fannie 180 * Freeman, Daniel 183 <*SmiL'n, Dora 190 "*Davis. Aloliie 19iS **Bel!, Henry

Hall Street
144 1Bishop, Edward E. 17C >Wei'.'ti'er'.vax. Paul 196 .A- rby, Jas. F. 2 1 5 :AlcPhersoh, Wm. 220 IHanson, Jas. iAI. 255 JStewart, Robert A. 263 ?Aiaddox, Orion L.
27.; iHolmes. Lewis W.
Hampton Court 210 F1 lorence, W. AI. T. 215 gScott, Eugene H.

126 1Lowry. .Marion W. Hancock Avenue
124 (Gerdine, Airs. Susan 127 ": Johnson, Sam 140 1Bernstein, Jake 150 :Alorris, Airs. Gussie 15P .J1 ankower. Morris 15S 1\\heeless. Airs. Cynthia 163 W 1 arner, Joe 168 1Butler. Ben AI. 172 1Davis. George 173 :Alorris, Lee
ise iHa\vkes, Loclis
193 1Benton, Lorerfzo 197 1Burton. John D. 233 IBernstein, Selig 234 .'-:AicDufhe. Julia 24" : ge. E. D. Sr. 247 C( .idley. Ed. G. 247 A: ly^rson, Airs. Carrie 247 <Creighton, Airs. Emma 247 (Gottheimer, Airs. Helena 247 I on, Samuel 247 .Alien, Edward C. 258 1Levy, Edgar 259 1Dornblat'i, Jalius 263 iSlovens. Eustace AI. 264 Flatau, Arthur
271 IKeanng, .Tolin W. 271 ]Tleese, Carrie L. 272 :Mat thews. Miller 282 (Cain, Airs. Duna' 283 :Palmer, H. R. 287 M ,: oore, A'rs. .Annie M. 297 iGoss, Dr. I. H. 312 Feldmau, Abram J.



323 Quillian, A. C.

324 Gillen, Dan

J26 Matthews, Garfield

330 Gray, Lucy

343 Brumby, Mrs. Belle

360 Y. W. C. A.

362 *Boyd, Thad

372 Bray, Mrs. Mary

373 Goldwasst-r, Benjamin

390 Shouse. Mrs. Fannie

423 Winn, Hirsch H.

423 Johnson, James

423 Candell, Thomas J.

423 Epps, J. T.

424 Wier, John W.

425 Hilley, Melon

447 Hall, James P.

455 Belts, Walter F.

457 Purcell, Grover C.

457, Sherman

465 Gulp, Henry T.


Joiner, George W. /Mitciiell, Mrs. Elrnira

473 Mitchell, Frances L.


Winn, Mrs. Emma L. ""Griffith, Cicero

.' IT) Deadwyler. John

537 *Haynes, Christopher

540 "Livingston, Richard

550 *Hill, Willis

553 "Thorn'ton, Roy L.

554 :: I)erricote, Isu-ic

565 *Hill, VV. O.

566 * Wales. Harry

573 *Camel, Mamie


''Thompson, John *Thomas, Luci-is

599 * Butler, Isaac

599 1-2 * Hughes, Fletcher

620 *McLocklin. Susan

625 * Bates, Leonoro

635 *Davis, Willie

640 * Pierce, Annie 65 * Lawrence, William A.

659 '"Glenn. Jim A.

659 *Glenn. Jim A.

660 Smith, Scott

669 Buruey, William

690 Brown, Albert L.

723 Barwick, Mary

724 Tuck. A. H.

740 Gregorv, Mrs. Minnie

75fi Thompson, William

757 Tnunnor.d. Luther B.


Watson, Henry Stewart, Henry L.

794 Lumpkin. E. K., Jr.

820 Frierson, Mary Ann

820 Barrow, James

840 Jennings. William R.

850 Stovall, Harvey

1020 Eppps, Thomas J.

1045 Oldham. K. A.

1060 Parr. Emory D.


Collins, Robert A. Norfelt, W. D.

1095 'Matthews. John T.

112C *Ford. Samuel

H2S 1140 1150 1160 1185r' 1186 1195 119(1 1223 1236 1256
1259 1260 1267 1277 1287 1287 1327 1334 1336 1337 1340 1354 1355 1370 1375 H',74 1376 1378 1760

*Lampkin, Overn Mathews, 'Mrs. Tressie *Smith, Tom 'Ford, Lula *Smith, Bedney * Pierce, Alma
Britton, Sallie *Gareld, Thomas
*J6nes, Andrew M. *Kennedy. Emma *Ellington. William
*Furr, William
*Christopher, Emory
*Barnelt. Eddie *Fox. Mary A.
"Parrott. Ida
*.Johnson. Arthur
* Jackson, Robert *Barnett, Otto * Johnson, Nett'-e
* Hicks, Lucy *Horton. William J. '* Brown, Fred *Smith, John
5 Brown. Susie
*Young, Willie *Few. William M. *Barrett. Martin
*Bowles. Judge
* Woods, Esther *Lester, Spencer

Harris Strwt
120 Thomas, Courtney 130 "Mefferson. Mary 140 * Deadwyler. Ira 150 *! .Tohnson. Alfred 180 *Shaw. hurrell 220 *Mack. Edward 267 Crighton. Mattie K. 340 Wallace, Carl 350 *Morgan. Ed L. 56L Dobbs. A. M. 575 Blackwell. Mrs. Mary 576 Carrier, W. B. 580 Hoard. Jonas A.. 597 Jackson, E. C. 609 Krofka, Joseph

Henderson Avenue
125 Smith, Louis K. 126 Bell. Austin 145 Jones. Milton 150 Craw ford. J. Grady 195 Davison. O. W. 195 Greer. Warren C. 225 Middlebrooks. Tom 228 Carlton. Julia E. 229 Cox. Claude Hill 277 Nicholson. Augustus . 279 Morton. J. Audley 287 Wilson. Robert C. 295 Kimsey, Charles C.
X Dudley. Alonzo G. Henderson "Extension
X *.Iones. John Henrv X *Allen, Joel



X "Lambert, James G. X *Tillman, Robert E. X *Ellis, Anna X ::: Ackers, T h o m a s
Hemlrirks Avenue
120 : Fieldie, Mrs. Mary 122 "Smith, Mary 12-1 ' Biirr;U, Cimker
134 *Cole, Andrew
150 "Prophet, Mos^s
Herring Street
120 Howard. Philip W. 147) Jackson, Ralph I AC, Mullock. V. G. 149 Howard, Harvey 150 Cook, .lameh O. 171: "Sn.itli. Aiisburp, ISO * Brown. Will "Benkley, Lula
Hiawassce 1-10 Press-ley. Spencer R. 144 Thomas. .). B. 14S Caldwell. Emmett l."r Rohertson. Alice 170 Tollu'rt, W. T. ISO Y^al. A. L. 1ST Toll-ert, Grogan 182 Jordan. J. II. 191 Zanders. Arthur 22:1, D.i vis. Jerry R. 22-< AarsAi, Eainest 23." Wigley, .1. E. 237 Carter. R. 27" TMberl, James W. 295 Garrison. Mrs. Emma 34 S T.cTvern. Mrs. Eugenia 38f Cari'hers \Villie R. 39." Stenhens. William H. 398 Tlirelkeld, Tullie T. 420 Epps. Abo F. 440 Maxwell. William F.
Hickory Street
2f' *Mize, James 148 SaluH. Hobson P. 164 Carter. E.I A. .1 74 Elmorp. Charlie
Jim Street
]9 r> Coo.ier. Henry K. 19." Kirk, S. R. 224 Wier, C. Y. 22." Sprout. Helen L. 234 Hancock. W. F. 23;". Dorspv, W. F. 2."G Adams. Mrs. Alice 257 Mell. Thomas S. 270 K< nney, PJmTiia 21". Ro.'-'^rs. J. :j. 29" ririfnth. J. H. 2!G Rlaushtor. W. M. :^2G Younkin. Earnest H. 32" Hull. Rosa D. 336 Pitner. Colley 347 .Miller. David F. 3.".6 Kilpatrick, Irby T.

3 5 i lloliiday. Dr. Alien C. 386 Me. .ahan, Mrs. Georgia 387 Hopkins N Gray 42C McCorkle, Francis M.
453 C.irroll, Eugene W. 470 Holey, ^ol J. 490 Rogers. Mrs. Lilly 524 Krwin, Mrs. Mary Ann
5GO Cra ,vlord. Mrs. Ellen M. 594 Dozier, A. \\ . 595 Johnson, Cariton 619 Cohen, E. 1>. ,
629 P.rown. P b.
649 Wilkiiia, Sa:nuel C.
G79 Myors, Jcnas IJ. 779 Xickerson. T. H.
824 Itnllock. C. L. 834 Vincent, Mrs. Xottie F.
846 Arnold, J. W.
s :: -* Vincent. Mrs. Xotie F.
834 Yeargin, W. M. 858 Rylee, E. S.
869 S-.ephens, Richard A. SS9 Leatners. Lr.on M. 890 Walters, Hewlett M.

Hill Crest
1 12 Torx-rt. Luther M. 16o Dean, William T. 17-") Fowler, Jessie C. 185 Booth, George J. 225 Smith, Obe J.

247 646 650 1014 1018 1020
1030 10 4 0 1060

Hobson Avenue
*llugli, Henry *Nesbit. Mike *Thomas, Tom *3niith, Jerry * Brewer, 'Albert *Giles, Frank C. *McRevier, Amos **Smith, May Grant. Essie Broach, George A. Whitehead, Fred Xesbit. King Hozen, Cephus Dunham, Amos ocott, Sam

Hoyt Street

123 Patat, Emory

133 *Hunter, Earnest H.

143 *Johnsoii, Mamie

147 ::! Bell, Cleo

148 *Burch, Sarah

152 ::: Mabry, Oscar N.

153 *Williams, Eul?.


158 *Marshall, Clarence M.

162 *Jones, Mary

178 " Johnson. Lizzie

182 * Brooch, Hattie

248 *:-B^ll, Austin

263 Wray, James R.

293 Greenwood, Mrs. Oetavia

324 Pledger, Lemuel O.

336^ford, O. W.

337 Hall, J. G.

337 Vess, !Mrs. Nina E.


34S Hammond, Robert L.
349 Leonard, Charles O.
359 Barker, Charlie E.
365 Lampkin, E. H. 373 Ki'lley. .Mrs. Pearl 383 Massey, Seaborn 435 Xichok-on, Robert II.
447 Daniel, Cl.irence
461 - Bradley Alice 46.J *Spi-;itlin, Sallie
464 Menninss, Matilda 467 'Xorman, Xan"e
469 "Thomas, Earl 471 -Thomas, Delia 473 ::i .Johnson, Will H.
473 *llill, John H. 475 : Culla,\vay, Cleveland 648 t'aints, William H. G56 Weiithcrly, Hu^h A.

Hull Street
1 3 r, Tliomas, Georg-i C. 1 3 5 Hooth, William 190 *Maddox, .Juiia 198 Snollin;,"S, Charles M. 240 Bailey, Thomas 290 Wasaburn, Robert
2 y i Aikiiibon, Mrs. Carrie
298 Xiciiolson, Madison 349 nvillis, Lucy 370 Kcd, Thomas 374 -Graham, Will 380 *v.rreeson, Joe 385 :! Tucker, Jefferson 390 *Recl. Hamilton 623 :: Smi:h, Joe 627 *Lyle, Ben 628 :;: Tony, Calvin 628 *Tate, Will 635 * Carter, Lee 644 -Manyfield, Ella
645 *3trickland, Russell 647 *Andersou, Wesiey 648 *Ha\vkins, Jessie 649 *Chandler, Mamie 652 * Burgess. Robert 654 *McQueen, J. D. 636 *McQueen. Sam
658 *Davis, Elia 664 *Morton, Gilbert 668 * Rivers, Floyd 670 "Spring, Mrs. Estelle 690 ;: Raincs, Newt
728 * Moore, Marie 748 "Kennebrew, Carl
758 -Stewart, Rosa

92 125. 126 135 165 190
103 13C 145

Inadale Avenue
-: Jackson, Ida *Lay, Henry *Lum'_)kin. Mamie * Jones, Clara ^Humphrey, Katie * Harper, Toomer Injjlewood Avenue Yarbrough, James H. ugh, John Thomas Bushner, Mrs. Ida

154 Raicien, Wiley R. 165 la\ js, Jane 166 Bates, William 175 Daves. James W.
ISO Bowles. Tona M. 185 Br.i-11 :y, Aimer W. 186 Kni.mlu, Thomas M. 1 87 Hutch ins, Joe L. 357 Lov.iy, Xathan D.
>a<k>.oii Street
151 1-2 Sickles, Andrew J. 243 Jones. Charlie G. 125 1-2 Brings. William P. 305 Thomas, Jeptha L. 30 Bowvien, Mrs. Josie 315 1-2 Wright, George A. 323 \7rUi,1. Robert T. 365 Bishop, Lucy M. 375 Anderson, Troy B. 385 Brown, ..irs. Mary F. 393 Gilleland, Mr.-,. Minerva 465 Teat, Davfd R. 469 Hancock, Alonzo 471 Burch. Mrs. Laura 485 Jackson. Mrs. Alice L. 512 Arthur, W. G. 513 Sims, Savanna'i ~ 515 Doarsctt,'Win. S. 527 Barrett. Mrs. Drucilla
536 Link. Benjamin 539 Gunnells, Willie B. 549 Dodle, W. A. 550 Hudson, Sara L. 557 -Colley. Geo. F. 574 Cooper, G. H. \>H- Fi^ld-, Lula
X Estos. Robert Lee 612 I'.ruce, James William 636 McDorman, Mary E. 636 Crowe. Everette E. 663 Call. Marzee C. 664 Brooks. Wofford 665 Walker. Carl 712 Evans, Will A. 715 Parr. Charles W. 729 Pntat, Emma L. 736 Bail3v, David W. 748 Church. W. A. E. 7H4 XiHiols. Clarence B 774 Landrum. Ellen X. 6S9 Parr. Merrie O.
.Johns Strret
16S *Rice. John 183 *Sno\v. Henry 186 *Cole. William 220 * Jones. Ceila
King Avenue
150 Crane. Sidney B. 160 Bailey, Emily 170 Tibbetts, Jno. R.
I^akeview Avenue
324 Spratlin. John H. 344 Hull. Mrs. Julia 386 Ganey, Lucy



Little Street
179 *Elder, Josephine 189 Kidd. Wiley
Lumpkin Street 115 Rrown, George W. 127 * Peaks. Henry 151 Frost. Loy \v. 151 ^McCosty. Gron .1. 175 * Williams, Virginia 2151/feRowden. .lohn G. (Majes-
tic Hotel) 225 V2 Morris. John L. 235iChile\is, Pete
236 Hopkins. 'Mrs. Lula C. 255iElliott. John David 269 1/feReatty. Esnella
279iDonaldson, Charles W. 289^ Jackson, John P. 320 Sheehee. William E.
325 Dempsev, Elam F. 340 Smith, Olyn
360 Daniel. Emma T.
370 Eidson, William R. 375 McRainev, .Malcolm A. 380 Wright. Ida E. 390 William. Daniel T. 424 Center. F. L. 428 Irby. Susie X.
490 Hampton, Mrs. Mary 521 Powell. Alvin M. 564 Marbutt. Walter P.
571 Richards, Harry R. 590 Rruce, David L. 609 Fears. Mrs. Emma
623 Morris. James V. M. 625 Nickels, J. H.
625 Lanier. D. W. 64 P Stone, C. D.
665 Yonderleith. C. A. 685 Stone. Joseph H. 688 Veazy, Pat 690 Smith. Mrs. Julia 693 Rutler. Mrs. Tempie ""24 Deas. "Wesley '35 *Strickland. Sam "59 *Calhoun. Will "67 "Rattle. Joseph "73 *Williams. Henry "75 *.lames. Jessie "99 Eberhart. Mamie
804 Maxey. Robert L. 808 Swindle. John William
812 Flournoy. Ed. 816 Rarnett. Lillian 820 Kidd. Mrs. Sophronia 828 Parker. Annie 836 Cobb. Foster H. 844 Underwood. Thomas H. 855 Hill. Thomas Ranks 883 Montgomery. William P. 896 Hineslpv, Mrs. Pearl 898 Shv. Hinton R.
920 Shy. Sli/.a 930 Stone. George E. 950 Reusse. Dedrick 960 Hadaway, Pat
970 Betts. Dr. L. N. 980 Rampley, Lula

994 1015 1020 1057 1064 1082 1083 1085
1085 1086 1097 1196 122'< 1234 1248 1250 1260 1296 1323 1324 1324 1334 1344 1354 1380 1380 1390 1450 1543 1553 1560 1570 1591 1593

Wood. Harold Clark, Thomas Griffith, Frank P. Rowden, Carl M.
Rell, Mary S. Bell, Molly
Hunter, Clarence R. Underwood, Mrs. Henriet-
ta M. Harwell, Charlie M. Vincent, Leslie Couch, Howell P.
Dorsey, Joe H.
Vanatter, Phares O. Taylor, Edward L. iMeans, Vertner P. Rrown, L. C.
Wood, Earnest R. Hungerford. DeForest Eberhardt, James C.
Martini. Charles A.
Hancock, William J.
Fain, John R. Patman. John H.
Raron. Rudolph D. Thornton, Frank C. Thornton, James R.
Thornton, Frank C.
Whiteheacl, William J.
Dowdle, Lovic P. Head, H. V.
Rurkhart, Walter
Burson, William M. Campbell, Roy O.
Dudley, Julius T.

Lymlon Avenue

130 Hollis, F. M.
140 *Shackelford, Jim
150 *Rlue, W. G. 153 *Franklin, Rufus
160 *Scott, John 165 *Scott. Jane 170 * Smith, Lovey 173 *Merri weather, George
180 *Thornton, Henry 183 *.Tohnson, Jesse
188 *McRinley, Arthur 190 *Ruggs, Seaborn
195 *Eberhardt. Ophelia
220 *Huen, S. T. 223 *Harris. Mary .A. 224 *Ray, Elsie
234 *Rucker, Leonard 258 *Wiley. Will
273 *Austin, David 273 "Williams, Ed.
294 *Campbell, Jere 298 *Lucas. Will
328 *Walker, William 329 " Johnson, Minnie
335 Thompson, Robb 335 *Smith, Irene
340 *Smith, Will 345 *Rrooks, Solomon
350 *Rrown, Hattie
350 * Austin, Dennie
357 *Ray, Seymore 360 *Eberhardt, Fannie



360 *Green, Delina

122 123 128 131 140 141 142 147 160 161 170 171 181 183 187 189 191
193 195
140 j.70 175 185 194 210 211 240 243 251 281
290 329 330 340 342 344 344 346 348 256 360 362 437

Lyndon Row
*Redding, Nicie -"Smith, Sara * Weaver, John "Hennett, 'Mary * Bailey, Emory * Brown, Gus *Lee, Emory *Brown, Howard *Limpkin, Obe *T5avis, George "Jackson. Tom *Green, Toby "Daniel, George
* Pierce, Nelson
-Par lee, Clark *Lee, Moses *iMorton, Lena *Humphrey, Lucile *Clay. Ralph
Macon Avenue *Gaston, George *Lo\ve, Sam "Jackson, Mack *Deadwyler, Neoma *Lowe, Elijah *Zellmar, Alfred ''Dean, Lindsey
;*Gaines, Ivy E. "Colquitt, Green "Adkins, Leonard *Vann, Laura "Payne, Cornelius ""Parrott, Eugene
*Collins, Lee Bell, Celia *Thomas, Henry *Jackson, Erne ^'Murphy, Rufus * Farmer, WiWiam C. *Bell, Grady A. *Thomas, Solomon *Dill. Ola *Cook, Mary *Lowe, Abe

Madison Avenue
50 * Whitman, Richard 123 Ausby, Ike 137 Lords, Joel 160 * Bridie, Willie 225 Price. Edmund S. 226 Rivers, Tyler F. 238 Tappan, Charles H. 245 Lewis. Robert 250 Tolber:. .Jessie L. 267 Woods. Albon Y. 287 Ware, Asa 335 Barret, William J. 347 Crawford, Geo. W. 348 Booth, Clarence D. 350 llenn. William J. 355 Booth. James H. 370 Bray, Ibham H. 374 Crawford. Thomas H. 380 Coggins, William

385 Woods, Joseph W. 768 "Cannon, Acorr

Marlin Street
157 "Strickland, John 163 *Muckle, Will 163 *,Moon, Richard
163 *Glenn, Holmes
174 *Duncan, Earnest 180 * George, Lula 198 *Thornton, Tennie
ly9 *Hemphill, H.
X -Oglesoy, Sims X Hawkes, Lonnie

125 279 340 349 369
379 389 389
389 399 437
445 460 480 524 529 529 529
534 543
556 557 569
588 620 620 640
650 650 760
847 857
858 863

Meigs Street
Bird, Mrs. Sarah Camac, James W. Marlatt, Leo H. *Jackson, Annie "Wright, Lena 'Bunkley, Robert Hood, James* M. '(rear) Campbell, Boss *(rear) Alien, George O. Peeler, Harry * Martin, Alexander Owens, John Booth, George M. Fergerson, W. W. Bush, Jacob Carithers, W. J. Jackson, Hugh H. iMills, Charles Long, Harry Smith. W. H. Whi'tehcad, A. P. Evans. Fred W. Riddick. Fred F. Treadwell, William E. Lindborg. Harry Dre\vry. Frank N. Hines, William E. Postero, Leonnard Roan. Ben H. Harris, Richard Foster Dozier. Thomas II.
* Walker, Camilla
-Hector, Mary * Rhodes. Mary * Howard. Mattie

Mell Street
145 Morris, John 146 Smith. Edward I. 163 McHatton. Thomas H. 183 Reed, Harvey 193 Walden, Mrs. Mary A.

n!25 s!25 n!26 s!26
150 150 158

Milledge Avenue
Hodgson, Joseph M. Ashford. William H. Hodgson, Harry Rowland, Albert S. * ( rear ) Brawner. Andrew Hodgson, Edward R., Jr. *(rear) Jones. Andy
Lampkin, Cobb



165 Hodgson, Hugh 176 Smith, \\olver M.
187 Ciriffith. Arthur E. 1SS Hod.^son. Ralph R.
X Harms. Charles H.
X Waters. Dr. \V. G.
196 .Jackson. Frank H. 197 Fami>rough, Emmett
197 Pucke>:t. Albert F.
220 Rutherford, Mildred
224 Williams. Mrs. Sarah H.
n225 Allsood. A. L. n225 Rhodes. William H.
s225 Darwin. John A. n240 Pollard, .losepph
247 Bishop. Mrs. Caroline 250 Phinizy, Mrs. Anne S. 250 Couch. Alvin I).
255 Hardeman, Benjamin F. 260 Bloomfield. J. C.
262 Manne. Moses L.
285 Lipscomb. Frank A. 289 Lyle. Benjamin F. 290 Armstrong, Geo. C. 317 White. Mrs. Lena
320 Slaymaker. Frank 324 Phinizy. Billups
325 Hunnicutt. Jofcn A.
327 Cauthen. Robert L.
338 Dearinp. Alvin P. 340 P.arnett, J. W.
355 Rucker. Lamar C. 357 Taylor. Mrs. Frances L.
3 GO Dean, Maud 380 Fullilove, Dr. H. >M.
X St. Mary's Hospital 385 Hunnicutt. Dupree
387 Wilkins, J. J. 390 Peeples. Wm. J. 394 Welch. .lohn W. 397 Phinizy. Charles H.
39 T.roach. Meicer 419 Tribble. Mrs. Minnie M. 420 Hancock, Robert J. 525 Dobbs. O. R. 42C Inckson. Walf^r t. 440 Ed\vards, Frank L. 445 DuBose. Rober: T. 448 Parks, Etta 4 T, 5 Proclor. J. P. 459 Striekland. J. J. 463 Cheney, Misses Maude and

480 490 530 y*\o4f uTr 584 8970
s595 595 598
624 625

Lynch, James D. Scudder, Charles A. Carithers. Mrs. Lena Callaway, Robt. L. Davis, Mrs. Mary L. Webb. J. X. Robert. O. M. McMahan, Thomas H.
West, Henry S. Wier. Emmett L. Bocock. W. H. Lund, Daniel White, Dr. H. C. AlcPherscn. J. H. T.

645 Brand, Charles H. 648 Dorsey, E. H. 649 Gorley, Charlie 651 Erwin, Andrew C.
653 * Jones, R. A. 663 *Credell. Henry
663 * Hug lies, James
663 "Smith, Tom
677 Lawrence, Robert
687 Goss, Dr. Ralph M. 688 Jordan, W. C.
697 Green, C. W.
721 Dozier. Thomas 11., Jr.
698 Severin. Dr. J. C. 735 Sleadman, W. B. 745 DuPrep. Dr. Dan 11. 750 Carlton, Dr. W. A. 785 Spivey, Mrs. Lillian B.
815 Dozier. Olin A. 824 Stanley, Thomas
846 Soule, Andrew M. 857 Aiell, Geo. A. 886 'Morton. John White
897 Mell. John D. 925 Arnold. Oliver H. 930 Jones, Walter 997 Ver Xooy. C. A.
1070 Hunnicutt, Dr. John A.
1073 Jackson, Ruth 1080 Hol.-len, Horace M. 1124 Yow, 'Morris 1137 McCurry, Julian B. 1150 Lumpkin, Gerdine 1155 Yow, Jones
1160 Comer, Ben 1171 Watson, William F.
1190 Ingle, James W.
1192 Arnold, M. M. 1193 Philip, James V.
1195 Berry, James B. 1220 Green. Thomas F.
1225 Hillner. John C. 1324 Johnson, Mr?. Anne B.
X Michael, Simon 1354 Bax'Ujr, Thomas W.
1393 Hart. James F. 1394 Van Straaten, Jacob 1420 Payne, Wm. O. 1440 Davis, Fred L.
X Howell. Earnest Milledge Circle
180 Hov/ell, John M. 210 Cornell, Waller G.
230 Smith, John W. 29C Crook, Claude W. ?00 Bradv.'ell, .him us D.
Milled^' Terrace
115 Hudson, Edward B. 120 Hooper, W. D.
1360 Alexander, Joseph W. Miles Street
126 Deadwyler, Jno. W. 127 Brudley-i Wm. X.
128 Summers, Ed. F. 129 Hoil^e, Lloyd F.
136 Mobley, Tinney 137 Mann, Wm. I. 138 Dolson, Mrs. Mary E.



139 Chappell. Mrs. Annie MO Bullock, Geo. 14f. Bniy. Harrison
147 Miller. Fletcher F. 1 -1 9 Gre^n, Andy
i:>7 Shackclforcl, John W. i:>9 Tliui-inond. Airs. Annie
17!) Dogget, Sam L. 1S7 Ha -kett. i .:omas
197 Porter, Albert P. 199 Chastain, Mrs. Viola

Miller Street
169 *Jones. Margaret 17T, *Hawkins, Frank 18T, * Williams, Julia 190 *Loster. 'Sellers
X *Wint'rey, Martha X *Thomas, James 220 Lyle, Mary L. 224 * Martin, -Mamie 246 *Marablc, Lizzie

Miner Street
X *Smith, Powell X *Johnson, M.

Mitchell Street
1 ir, Guest, Lucian D.
120 Barker. Lizer 127 Crowij, Mrs. Susie 146 Carter, Samuel 149 (Mooney, Samuel L. 155 Doster, Grady L. 160 Damouds. Jackson 175 David, Mrs. Elsie 186 Wort ham, George C 197 McClain, ;Mrs. Minnie 197 Damonds, Pat

Monroe Street 195 Hosey. Samuel L.

Morris Street
120 Hendren, L. L. 150 Farrell, Mrs. Lorraine B. 180 Wright, Tate

135 145 147 - 148 167.
175 185

Mulberry Street
Damron. S. M. Anglin, Emory C. Patrick, L. F. Worley. TLandrum V. Bates. Henry H. Nix. John C. Fordhum. Martha A.
Lilly, Fred

Nantahala Avenue
163 Adams, John L. 170 Prater, .Mrs. Susan B. 220 Williams. Charles C. 223 Oliver, Francis A. 244 Anderson, Alonzo 289 Allgood. John H. 290 Cornvvell. John H. 435 Ross, Thomas J. 465 Hamilton. F.

530 Caldwell, Joe E. 534 Duncan, William R. 540 Stevens, William 545 Burger, William 550 Baker. John W. 550 Poss, Joseph E. 565 Seagraves, Joseph E. 58C Creekmore, James W. 585 Chappell. Thomas M. 590 Aughtman, James A. 598 Waters, David 598 Smith. James T. 635 Bray, \Vm. G. 624 Wright. Oscar 648 Pierce, .Mrs. Clydie 657 \orris, John X. 670 Jordan. George C. 687 Colley, Charles 690 Alien, Calhoun K 698 Lipsey, Paul R.
X Parr, Benjamin *I. X Kilsjore. Henry H. X Ariail, Delia V. X Cook, Robert X Bevers, Louis C.
Xaooochee Avenue
137 Fowler. W. A. 147 Bel:, Wallace L. 165 Williamson, H. M. 175 Gray, R. B. 185 Eidam, 'Mrs. Eleanor 193 Davis, Robert 231 Pledger. John S. 243 Thompson, G. G. 244 Chinr'ler T \ 245 Thomas, H. E. 250 Sorrels. J. \V. 270 Carson. H. B. 384 Tibbetts. Roy W. 425 Jarrett. C. A. 450 Alien. Jas. G. 465 Morgan. Wm. C. 480 Bramblett. Henry T. 485 Stev?ns. Roberr 490 Herring, Geo. W.
Nellie R. Avenue
153 Fitzpatrick. Henry J. 164 Wilson. D. Fletcher 292 *Mapp, Aldrich 295 Smith, Comus B.
New Street
153 McCuriey, Louis 163 Cleveland, Hattie 173 Strickl.ind, Lula 183 Jackson, Mrs. Beulah
Newton Street
115 *Chnsr.opher, Charlotte US " Harris. Vinie 120 *Henderson. Sara 1.26 * Evans, Sara 129 *.McComb. Nelson 130 * Ransom, Pete 139 s Beal, Marcellus 14 1> *Rouse. Daniel



140 *Willis, Albert 141 *Brawner, Sallio 147 *Baughn, Preston 149 *Paiman, Willie B.
149 *Woods. Otha 150 "Jackson, Mrs. Lula 157 *Reed, Mrs. Emma 160 ""Green, Annie 169 *Muckle, Peter 170 *Kinney, Daisy 172 *Johnson, Edward 176 *Eberhardt, Lucy 180 *Johnson, Charlie 197 -Starlv, Lois 200 .McPaniel, John 216 Johnson, E&per
224 Heard, Hal 232 Johnson. Alex 240 Lowe, Alonzo 248 Dye, Ed.
256 Reid, Alice Mrs. 259 Alexander, Rosa 260 Hartfield, Antnony 260 "Howell, Matti3
269 *Prater, Jane 270 *\, Victoria 277 Carter, Mrs. Sophia 278 Biggs, i.Mrs. Alice 282 Stein, Herman 201 Lambert, Charles A. 301 Xelms. John >M. 34H Cobb, 'Irs. Jennie
380 Jones, iMrs. Ida
425 Anderson, Mrs. Sallie

Oak Street

197 237 297 324 327 340 342 348 350
353 354 357
359 360 367 368
373 878 394 398 445
447 463 481 495
Art QIf Oo

Bearing, Marguerite Hubard, Nat Smith. Henry W. Chandler, Joe F. Fambro. A. A. Silvey, David F. Shirley. Alvia Bobo. Willie O. James, Charlie E. MoKinnon, John H. Paul. William H. McKinnon, VVesley
Newsome, David D. Sheffield. Henry C. Cobb, Edward H. Praither, Oliver
Saye, M. B. Lane. Lonnie A Griffith, Eula Lowe Br^dberry, Lizzie *Barnes. Lucas Harrison. Morris *Hain. William
*Muckle. Dock *Jones. Major Miller. Will Callaway. E^nora

Oakland Street
47 Carty, Erwin 41; 'Jaiison, Elford

182 198
220 287 291
296 316 316 328 328 329 334 335 354 357 358 367 368 O07< 4T
376 376 o76 387 386 524 524 542 545 557 585 585 592 S92 603
735 742 742 765 792 796 798 832 835 838 845 878
878 894 895 923
934 935 940
953 985
994 1095 1123 1125 1290 1353 1375 1385 1385 1425 1432

Ofonee Street
Fields, Wiliam O. Wood, Richard F.
Green, Alice Ross( Alsa F. Edwards, Emory Hill, K. A. Williams, James 'M, Wood, Henry E. Wood, Jessie T. Smith, George W. Sanders, Mrs. Bridges, Mrs. Mary A. Haynes, U. Handrup, Joseph H. Paul, Howard H. Roberts, Sara J. Petropol, George P. Lcster, Hiram H.
Flournoy, Len T. Paul, John M. Lloyd, 'Mrs. Lula Bridges, Claud Williams, Mrs. Rosa E. Smith, Newton A. Jackson, Ellwood Fuller, Henry A. Fuller, Russell Lewis, William R. Wortham, W. C. Richards, iMrs. Lucy Deny, >Mrs. .Mary Denny, Willie Denny, Clifford Tanksiey, George Nunn, Adolphus
Hardeman, Mrs. Laura Williams, Robert S. Lewis, William Teat, Mrs. Lucy Wilson, Roy E. Huff, W. M. McCombs, William Hardy, Josepph H. Kellum, Dave Patat, Mrs. Frances S. Haynes, Cellion Lewis, Mrs. James 'M. Lewis, Herschel L. Payae, James A. Aikftn, Joe * Patat, Adolphus A. *Hawkins, David Kirk, Emory S. Wright, Hal Hughes, Alma Richards, Allie Brown, Artie Kirk, Howard F.
Flournoy, Fred C. Brooks, Henley H. Johnson, James P. *Wise, Sara Griffith, Lindsey Wells, John K. Call j way, Mrs. Marshall S Edison, Dewcy *Wyche, Frank



1435 1473 1482 1592 1626

"Hill, Mrs. Julia *.Johnson, Robert
"Johnson, Birdie *Johnson, George *Xickerson, E. *Jones, Wilson O'Farrell Avenue
Hawkes, Josepph S. Heywood, Humphries

Paris Street
155 *Bostwick, Alexander 160 ''Kirk, Cornelia 165 *Hill, Harrison 167 *Jones, Rooert L. 170 'King, Janie 180 ""Moss, Nancy , 190 ""Whitfield, James

Park Street
135 Bell, R. P. 137 Spratlin, W. H. 140 Aaron, Jim 148 Ellkrtt, C. C. 153 Davis, Mrs. May 160 Stephens, Henry 167 Wages, J. D. 169 Glean, J. H. 18.') Flanigan, "W. H. 1 93 Pappa, Joe

Peafoody Street
120 *Hill, Liliie 124 *Daniel, John 137 'Mackson, Arthur 143 *Mitchell, Lun 147 *Pulliam, Root 167 *Xolan, Robert ? 168 *Milnor, Sam 298 Lemon. Jno. F. 324 Tuck, A. B. 327 Cooper. Winston M. 397 Epps, Francis 420 "Wilson. Rodney C.
X Epps, Jno. W.

Pearl Street
123 "Lee. Thomas L'68 "Dean, Bertie 12 Y *Fa.?gs, Sue 140 ""Harris, James 148 *Fivoris. Tom 168 ""Colbert, Mary 173 *Hill, Frank 180 *Ha\vkins, Kate 187 *Dunham. John 220 *Xesbit. Ellen 236 *Seldon. Mary 268 *Dean, Bertie

Peters Street
125 Dooley. Mrs. Lizzie 129 Lester, Charles A. 135 Peeler, Joe A. 137 Summers, R. 145 Baker, Mrs. Sara 164 Hansford, Marks 175 Giles, James W.

18c Barrett, James O. 198 *Pope, Squire 220 Campbell, James L. 224 Cob!), Quillian I. 234 Chambert, George B. 250 Fitzpatrick, Howell H. 258 *Howard, Fannie 265 Seagraves, Pink 280 ""Merritt, Ruby 316 Henderson, Atticus 335 Giles, Marion A. 345 Xickolson, Harvey K. 357 Dottery. Robert T. 375 Smith, Nancy 400 *Grierson, Cris 420 * Elder. Seymore
Phinlzy Street
1695 *Daniel, Walter
Pine Street
125 Anthony. Richard 128 Conley, Sam S. 135 Roberts, Berry D. 185 Hackett, Wiley 195 Davis, Grady
Plum Street
123 *Johnson, Willie R. 137 ""Marshall, George 139 *Smith, Fannie 139 *Park, Henry 147 *Lyle, Eugene
Pope Street
110 Bishop, Oscar 125 * Baker, Ida 132 "Thomas, Georgia 133 *Hirams, Mary 145 ""Oliver. George 146 ""Alien. Ben 149 ""Billups, Mary 168 *Benson, Alfred 215 *Morton, Xellie 233 *Hardeman. John J. 234 *.Tones. Robert J. 246 *Thomas, Mattie 247 ""Thomas. Gus A. 248 *Osby. Willie 250 *Peek. Sallie
315 Stone, Ellison B. 323 Muse, Charles 330 ""Taylor. Henry 335 *Harper. George 343 Williford. Mrs. Kate 345 ""Bolton. Si 347 Norton, George M. 349 ""Pattman. Lonnie 350 *Taylor, Henry 354 *Robertson. Hannah 354 ""Johnson. Leola 360 ""McKinley, Mary 370 ""Johnson, Levy 392 Autry. Samuel L. 394 Lambert. Mrs. Josie 396 Patterson. William P. 685 MacDorman, G. W. 693 McLerov, Clifford L.



608 Abney. \V. 1. 698 Oglesby, Nathan 773 Brewer, D. C. 773 Kennedy, F. M.
785 Peeler. O. H.
797 Cooper, C. H. 8S1 Booth. .loe H.
? Clarke. Lewis S.
Poplar Street
120 Save. Joseph A. 122 Smith. Pleasant .1. 124 Swindle. Samuel .125 Watkins. Matthew 135 Eberhardt. Wm. P. 145 Prince, Edward A. 147 Daniel. J. F. 170 Wright. Mrl>. .lulia 180 Cleghorn. .lobn \V. 185 Seagraves, Charles C. 187 Jones, L. 190 Fitzpatrick, Howard R. 19?, DeLay. .lohn M. 283 Kent. \Villiam F. 286 Glenn. William- T.
Prince Avenue
11.1 McWhorter. C. M. 12.1 Hood. Thomas S. 134 Tracy. Mrs. Sadie 135 Smith. Thomas S. 248 Childs. W. L. 298 Talmadge. J. E. 298 .lohnson. Amos 334 Hodgson. George T. 394 Thomas. Mrs. Katie M. 424 Flanisen. C. D. 434 Abney. O. W. 450 Quillian. D. D. 450 Cason, Dr. W. L. 498 Richards. Albert G. 5 ''3 Fuller. James C. 524 Robert son. Will 524 Wheeler. J. T. 525 Sisk, Dr. C. N. 525 Benson. George W. 535 Chipley. J. W. 540 Beacham. W. D. 545 Fleming. Albon 570 Johnson. Olive 585 Davis. Luella 596 Michael. M. G. 598 Sexton. James L. 599 Fowl erT 'Mrs. Lizzie 634 Beusse, J. H. 695 Short, Mrs. Martha D. 724 Pitner. W. C. 725 Speer, Laura 735 'Miller, H. D. 740 Davison. A. H. 749 Anderson, J. T. 749 Philpo'. Thomas M. 763 Cheatham. W. J. 763 Freeman, M. 774 Crane, Mrs. Fannie D. 774 Crane, R. R. 784 Bramblett, F. L. 784 Allgood, J. H.

788 Canning, Dr. J. T. 794 iMcEvoy, E. C. 823 *Morton, Lula 835 * Carter, Will
850 Kytle. W. H. 853 * Davis, J. P.
892 Newton. C. H. 897 Crane, George S. 948 Bryan. \V. T.
973 Lumpkin. E. K., Sr. 1022 t'pson, F. L. 1124 t'pson, Steve 1140 Woofter. T. J. 1196 Orr, Fred J. 1226 Ashe. W. C. 1238 Thrasher, J. E. 1248 Hinton. F. E. 1248 Orr, Guv M.
1248 Wingfield. W. C., Jr. 1248 Ritchie. H. B.
1253 Talmadge. l^ohn E., Sr. 1260 Mygatt. G. T.
1275 'lalmadge. C. G. 9 Mason, George

i ir.
135 165 175 194 247 247 :i.16 367 360 490 526 528
530 534 535 538 539 539 542 546 552 553 553 558 558 559 561 .162
564 568 568 569 .173
573 574 577 578
579 595 615 625

Pulaski Street
*Johnson. James C. Davis, Joseph Benton. Dillard Becker, Johr Coile. J. H. Adair, Herman G. Bruce, William H. Wall, Percie Jarrell, J. W., Jr. Johnson, Mrs. Laura Grubb. S. R. Spinx, J. H. McDonald. iMrs. Mamie Patrick. WiTlia'm Brooks, A. L. Hill, L. J. Field, J. M. Hart man, W. 'M. Bed good, W. R. .Murray, George Burch, J. B. Potts, John Daves, Claude Haynes, A. B. Handy, Eugene Dawson, J. Yv~. Garebold, Mrs. Mary Stynchcomb, D. D. Keese. J. S. Edwards. Frank *Bone, Griff (rear) Thomas, Ada Dunston, J. F. Reeves, Victor Adams, Mrs. Callie Alien, J. D. Dawson, Ed Forrester, Tom Crow, H. C. Bowden, Frank H. Bailey, William Stokes, Lester G.



661 Hanner, Alfred P. 663 Skelton, James H. 666 Berry, Jessie .VI. 6S7 Boyd, William 668 Griffeth. Bud 688 Scarbrough, Seaborn 697 Guest, Lee 698 Kellar, Sula 700 Porter, Mrs. Mary 700 White, Levy 716 Porteriield, Grover 721 Bailey, Ralph 725 Guest, Claude 726 Farris, Geo. H. 729 Young, Gus 730 Whitehead, Jasper 731 St. John, David 732 Silvey, Willie 733 Bird, Summer 733 Pledger, Adolphus 746 S]>ra:lin, Marvin 757 Barrett, Waler 762 Gunnin, Ben 767 Emerick, George 775 Leophart. Jacob 78f Pierce, Robert 789 Freeman, Mrs. Georgia 790 Brown, Mrs. Minnie
X Fleming, William
I'ulaski Heights
140 Eberhardt, John W. 141 Speer, Stark R.
Kail road Street
295 *Harris, Dueo 299 * Austin, Estefla
Reese Street
125 Stern, Meyer 163 Smith, Homer 163 Thomas, Nettie 243 * Walker. Benjamin 253 *Johnson, Mrs. Minnie 263 *Smith, Robert 273 * Davis, Mrs. Mary 293 *Credell. Carlton
337 Griffin. Viola 346 *Moon, Mary 346 *Taylor. Ida 346 *Dixon, Alice 348 *Shenault. Sidney 400 Stovall. William 424 Rucker, Mid 446 * Harris. William H. 447 *Holt, Susie 450 Searles, Moses 465 *Jones. 'Margaret 475 "Heard. William 495 Whitfield. William 515 Griffin, Thomas 519 "Thomas, Arrie 525 "Taylor, Daisy 526 "Jackson, Lucindy 537 "Griffin, Viola 540 "Bud, King 549 "Smith, John H. 550 "Hill, Jane J.

619 Lampkin. Mrs. Frances M. 620 Foster, Robert E. 635 Smith, E. I. 640 Smitii. G. 11. 650 Pot_s. John R. 660 Atkinson. Marguerite 812 *Jackson, Edna 815 * Miller. Thomas C. 820 *Xolan, Otto 834 * Smith. (Mary P. 835 ::: Billups, John B. 840 *Hjll, Portlienia 840 *3ims. Mary E. 852 "Davis, Henry P. 853 Mack, Charlotte H. 862 *Gresham, Logan 863 *Gates, Henry 870 ::: Allen. Edward 870 * Howard, Jessie 882 *Thomas, Henry 948 * Malcolm. Henrietta 948 * Jones, Stephney 957 Payne. Etta 958 Williams, Fred 962 * Harper, Florien 968 * Drake, Cornelius 987 * Brown. Anderson 1042 *Cole. Birdie D. 1043 "Hawking, Julia 1052 *Jackson, Annie 1053 * Grant, Thomas 1060 *Sheats, Laura 1060 *Allen, William 1063 *Cole. William 1082 *Hayse. Gilbert
River Street
248 Brookbank, Jerome A. 257 Couchman, A. 268 Harris. Joseph S. 277 Phillips. Belle 278 Wood, Dolphus J. 340 "Achels. Silas 350 * Ed wards. Harrison 350 *Drinkard. Charles 370 *Knox, Fannie 380 *Hurt, Frances 408 Smith. Billups 420 Fitzpatrick. Silas 426 Smitn. James W. 427 Warren. Ella 432 Gunnells. Rufus 43S Caruth. Drew 439 *Johnson, Fred 443 Noel. Walter C. 448 Clark, Tom 457 Burpee, R. A. 456 Halson, Georgia 462 Harris, Andrew 468 Bugg, Thomas P. 472 "Brown, Emma 486 "iMoore, Robert 487 * Hunter, Richard 499 "Mansfield, Hattie 527 "Shank, OtTs 528 "Stewart, J. D. 542 "Jordan, William



114 114 115 117 140 148 149 150 160 165
170 180 180 185 190 190 195 198
224 224 228 228 228 230 240
285 322 324
327 340 344 349 360 365 370 375 385 394 427 447 480 489 490 495 496 497

Rock Spring Street
*Willis, Leonard *Moon. \Villie *McCombs. Nelson *Deadwyler, John Henry "Henderson, William * Harris, Richard *Horton, Fannie * Maryland, Julius *Allen. Stephen H. * Brown, Joe
*Payne. Henry R. *Garfield, William H. *King, James O. *Benford. Henry
*Hubbard, Aaron *King, Lucius *Hill. Sara
*Barnette. Nettie * Banes, Pierce *Ruff, Mary *Durden. Lizzie A. "Howard, June
*Griffith, Eva W. *Peeks, Johnnie *Winfrey, Maria
*Winfrey. Matthew
*Starks, Addie *McWhorter, George *Crawford, Stephen *Dorsey. Lizzie
Tsry, Shedrick *Porter, Edgar "Jones, Eugene
* Wilson, C. "Walker, Ben
*Robinson. William *Jackson. Alfred *Hawkins, Ransome
Trout, Lillie Couch, Calvin *Glenn, Nona * Burns. John
*Huff. Mamie *.Iones, Phyllis
*Jago, John *Nunnally, Matilda

Ruth Street
460 Bray. Walter 465 Peeler, Clarence L. 474 Coleman. William F. 475 Woods, Robeft W. 481 Dudley. James S. 481 Wiggins, James J. 487 Sorrells, John C. 490 Williams, Claude D. 491 Smith, Ernest 493 Marbut. Henry D. 495 Fields, Robert 496 Crawford. John M. 497 Moore, James L. 499 Denny, W. C.
Rutherford Street
X Baines. Mrs. Eugenia N. X Creekmore, Ross A.

Satula Avenue
X Cogle, Buren F. X Hull', Harry H. X Couch, Wilson L.
Savannali Street
127 *Wright, Mattie 143 *MoMoore, Ida 167 *Heard, Wilson 176 *Capers, Alonzo 178 *Yearby, Lizzie 240 *Albritton. Manza 270 "Hutchinson, James 280 *Jones, Mrs. Susan 281 *Gaines, Jim 284 *Robinson, Bessie 290 *Jaunter, Robert 291 ' .Jicks, Jim 340 *Creamer, Elijah
Second Street
133 * Brown, Will 137 *Downs, Washington 138 *Henton. Lacey 139 *Anderson. Well 140 *Hill, Ellen 149 *Drake, Arthur 160 *Mack, Hugh 17;. *Thomas. Charlie 185 *Cranshaw. Son 182 *Branen, Hattie
Senoia Street
33 Fulcher. .1. W. 33 Flanigan, Henry 150 Epps, Marshall 160 Gabriel, Marion 170 Carithers, Clara
Springdale St.
117 McGarity 120 Bolton, George 127 Watson, O. J. 130 140 Iverson, Robert 157 Coker, Mrs. Mary A. 161 Comer, Austin 162 Stegeman. H. J. 165 Blackstock. Mrs. Mattie 166 Read, Dr. J. M. 238 Wier, J. B. 248 Price, James D. 258 Proctor, William J. 294 *Smith, Lonnie 327 *Huff, Ester 348 Canton. Henry H.
Standard Oil Street
130 Wilson. Harry E, 132 Davis, Ben B. 150 Coffee, James
State Street
134 Davis, Joseph B. 134 Burris, William 134 Hulsey, William C. 134 Ward, Tempie G. 144 Neel, Parry Jasper



145 Center, Sara 154 LaBoon, Loyd Lamar
164 Maguire, Mrs. Margaret E.
165 Cartey, Emmett M. 174 Carr, Jones Fletcher 175 Lathem, Inus 184 Chancey, Rugus Wright 185 Almand, Vicie 194 Jordan, Clyde 198 Tanner, James Thomas
Stevens Street
160 *Freeman, Jno. 170 *Davenport, Mrs. Mollie
Strirkland Street X *Strickland, Joe X *uMcCorkle, Fannie X *Michens. Doc 147 * Perry, Margarette 149 *Willia/ms, Robert 150 Whitehead, Nathan 151 * Graham, Will 153 *Oliver, Minta 156 *Hill, Ben 158 ""Strickland, Will 160 * Robertson, Thos. 168 *Maddis, Wight 170 *Williams, Jim Red 174 * Harris, Thomas 178 *Maddox, Lonnie 180 "Thornton, Thomas
Strong Street
125 Mealor, John E. 145 Bradberry, Ira A. 147 *Cole, Mrs. Nora 148 *Derricotte, Anna 150 *Parke. Ina 164 McDorman, Mrs". Rena 165 Walton, William 174 Beacham, Walter W. , 179 *Hawkins, Mattfe 188 *Smith, Lula 223 Marble, John 239 * Patrick, Amos 260 * Joseph, Nora 261 *Landrum, Rogers 262 * Marble. Sam 336 Hadaway, T. G. 337 Noel, Carlton 346 Shupe, C. W. 356 Bedingfield. C. C. 357 Cooper, William H. 366 Elliott, Marion 420 Barker, Charles E. 439 Snrth. Jolin T. 439 Westmorland, Earl 449 Colley, George W. 449 Cash, James 449 Colley, Walter 478 *Gresham, Julia 479 Patten, Mrs. Decy 488 * Evans, William 524 *Boyce. Martha 554 * Porter, Walter 655 *Harden, Washington 554 ""Harden, Mary

Summey Street
137 Butler, Luther S. Tabernacle Street
237 * Buggs, Henderson 250 * Robertson, Mamie 275 * Jones, Mrs. L,ucy 290 *Lord, John Taylor 400 *William, Vase
Thomas Street
211 Sing, Joe 224 Kryder, Mrs. Mary E. 230 *Allen, Fannie 240 *Clark, Ivy C. 245 l-2White, Jake A. 260 * Brown, Dave 268 *Merriweather, William 270 *Jackson, Lady 27^ *Billups, J. H. 274 Vaughan, iMrs. Eullia 311 Bray, Mrs. Lucy 312 Snead, Mrs. Mary
331 Matthews, Mrs. Willie E.
361 Palmer, Mrs. T. W. 372 Baughcum. C. 411 Benedict, Mrs. Mattie 412 Jackson. Mrs. Naomi 443 Smith, R. O. 531 Robertson, Aubie 601 Sisk, Barney
624 Bailey, Reuben X.
631 Huff, Richard iM. 650 Adams, Fred 650 Payne, John C. 671 Corbin, Henry L. 725 Allgood, James W. 741 Wooten. Ophelia 763 Patat, James W. 789 Griffith, John W. 147 Holmes, Harrison H. 149 Crider, Mrs. Effie 163 Ford. Richard A.
167 Gues't, Norman E.
187 Morgan. Grover C. 194 Stephens. Thomas J.
Trail Creek Street
136 *Booker. Ben 140 * Dallas, Robert
145 *Melin, Ella 157 Hill, Amelia 166 ""Thompson, John 170 *Barnette, John 170 *Bunkley. Martha 213 *narvey, Andrew
X *Watkins, Eliza . X Thomas. Edward
X Oglesby, Macon
University Campus
Price. Rankin Lustrat, Joseph Barrow. David C. Stewart. Joseph S. Strahan, Charles M. Garnett, W;m. E.
University Drive 210 Bright well, Geo. I.



X Hart. LeKoy C. X Comer, Mrs. Annie E. 280 Bishop. Henry C.
I'pson Alley
1 *Freeman, Tom 4 "Johnson, Florence
Valley Street
135 * Walker. Roy A.
140 * Rouse. Samuel H. 145 *Lit:leton. Charlie 150 *Williams. Crawford 153 "Jones. Florence 153 * Williams, .lake 155 *He\vett, Phillip
159 * Hector, James
160 * Wilson, ArlTiur 161 * Rouse, William 163 *Ellis. Wilson 165 * White. Henry 174 * Heard. Eugene 177 *Warren. Katie 180 *Clark. Hezekiah 181 *Clark. William 182 *Winfley. Edward 183 * Drakes, Johnson 185 * Hector. James
Vine Street
134 * Oliver. Lizzie 145 Hevers. .Tim 145 *irear> Mapp, Minnie 150 Dick. William F. 155 McCune. Robert L. 158 Juhlin. Henry 184 Wigley, Charley H. 186 Carter. John 187 Reese. Fletcher oo o * Henry. Jefferson 225 *Anderson. Robert 228 *Collins, Willie 236 "Hunt, Sara 238 *Sims. Callei 242 *Walker. Dcvie 245 "McWhorter. George 247 *DuPree, Deisie 248 *Goosby, Adeline 256 *Thomas. Wiley 260 *.Ionnson, Manuel 290 "Howard, Clifford 320 *Harvey. a.Mry 326 *Po]>e. Will 335 "Shepherd, Davis 346 *Hunt. Luellan 365 *Lane, Wiley 420 *Reed, Frank 445 * Johnson, MoTfie 460 * Walker. Ada 524 *Pope, Simion 623 *Gresham. Henry 635 * Smith, Alex 640 *Bardge, Richard 648 *Cephus, Carrie 684 *Nesby, John 694 *Dillard, Ben 695 *Ford, Moses

Virginia Avenue
138 Costa. Antonio 147 Wynn, F. P. 148 Pitanl. W. T. 149 \Villiamson. J. N. 158 Oliver, Victor 159 Wingiield, Mrs. Ada E. 160 Sturgis, A. E. 168 Garbett, Virginia H. 169 O'Kelley. J. W. 170 Hilliard, A. C. 173 Wier. R. H. 179 Michael. Golden 180 Tiller. G. W. 185 Simpsoii, Mary S. 195 Stephens, H. E.
Waddcll Street
135 Baugli. Joseph 149 Robinson, David A. 150 Gardner. Walter J. 154 Cook, Sara V. 165 Reeves, Sidney P. 198 Jackson, Herman 219 Brooks, Bauchanip 226 Warwick, Fred 227 Allgood, Frank Y. 249 Shelnut. James W. 259 Jones, Clarence W. 262 Johnson, Martin 495 Talma dge, Mrs. Maude 575 Carlton, Mrs. Helen or. qy o-~ Webb, Mrs. Annie Boyd 617 Hardy, Harry 617 Hardy. Frank 627 Maynard, Marvin J. 757 *Gordon, Sophie 850 * Walker, Isaac 860 *Ford, Lewis
X *Hill, Melvin X Hawkins, Eldon X *Winfrey, Walter X *Samson, Xathan X *"Cleveland, Henry X *Bentley, Robin X *Winfrey, John H. X *Dennis, Mike X *Plummer, Robert X *Cobb, Julius X *Davis, Jefferson X Bazzell, Laura
X *Wilkins, Josephine
X *Milner, Joseph X Mathis, Henry X Dean, Charles X Xesby, Gene X *Gordie. Jack X *"McGahee, Andrew X *Payne, Joe
Ware Street
140 Lewis, Deb.
Warsaw Street 135 *Cherry, Ed. 140 *Mathews, John R. 141 *Pittard, Frank
144 *Clarke, William



148 * Johnson, Edward 148 * Moore. Richard l.'O *Calla\vay. Riley 1 T 1 * Bose, John 1. 7 *Derricotte, Warren l.'S *Shore. Xatilla 1~7 *dibbs. Bessie 189 * Howard, Vosh 167 *Winfrey, John 168 *Tomos. Tob
Washington Street
148%Kellar, Paul A. 215 Alien, Thomas D. 224 Weatherly, Harry C. 225 Couch, Dewey H. 236 Akins, William H. 244 Doyle, William 245 Davis, Mattie V. 248 Blackmon. Grady 255 Hall, Fred 264 *Barnhart. Bert 264 *Lumpkin, Hopie 264 *'rear) Moon. Fred 264 ::: (rear) Johnson, Gertrude 285 Jones. James H. 289 Elder. James H. 295 Held, Satr
Water Street
136 Turner. Mrs. Inez 250 Wages, Jack 260 *Xunnally. Magnolia 270 Cline, Mrs. Pauline 320 Reed, Alice 390 Odewyer, Kate 526 Hart, Mrs. Mary C. 530 Arrcn. Ollie 694 *McMichael, John 840 *.Icnnings. Hattie 850 *Long. Florida 866 *Walden, Lewis 876 '-"Spearman. Clarence 882 *Johnson. Rhody 88?* Daniel. Mrs. 886 *Derricott. Sherman 887 *Glenn. Lennie 8^3 *Cleveland. John 923 * Brooks. Ike 929 * Favors. Isaah 963 Ginn, Mary 965 Smith, Mrs. A. R. 967 *Shaw, Emma 968 *Robertson. Charlie 970 *Turner, Luther 980 * Brewer, Jewel 984 *Robertson. Tuf 986 * Brewer. Starks 990 * Brewer, Peter 992 *Gresham, Lula
Water Oak Street 156 * Brown, George 165 *Thomas, Lonnie 477 "Tcasley. Walter 477 *Frassier, Raymond
Wilkerson Street
140 Boyd, John L. 141 Bridges, James F.

149 Briidges. Charles L/. 173 Brriyant, A. M.
19 7 GGaarrison, Jessie C.

^Williams Street

130 'Me i. Sam J

184 Ro Jas. A.

215 Br i, D. T.

w9 1 ~)i iPda

Mrs. Lizzie

2 1 5 Pa Robert

220 Raainwater. Jas. O.

247 W< James

247 Stteephens. Charles C.

250 Troity, Reuben

280 rxxooberts, Grady

29U Edwin. John (<.

Willow Street

120 Epps, Thomas L.
124 Ruucker, Emma 129 ** VWilliams. Chester
132 *"CCollins. Ed 144 *c hester, Ed 152 *LLittle. John 160 *SStovall, James S. 161 **V\Yilliams. Matilda 164 *JJohnson. John 168 *SSmith, William 172 **VWilliams. Mattliew
176 **SSmith. Pinkie 180 * -- ears, Ali'ard


197 GGaaulding, May E. 217 Arndrews. Henry C. 220 Reowe. Hugh 227 CCoobb, Andrew J.
237 DDaavison, Albert E. 240 BBeoley, Sidney
257 WWalker. Clarence X. X CCoonolly. Paul


X BBiisson. Bert G. X Hiirams. Reuben X DDaaniel. Jack -v. X Peennock. Thomas W.

Wra;' Street 182 OOirr. Proi. S. P. 197 SSvweet. Mrs. Anna 199 dCarter. Leonidas "M.

\W\ ynbourne Avenue

180 MMarable. \\~-rfS C. 190 CCiraft. Rolie 237 dCarter, Sidney 245 btone, E. Wm. 257 Tlhomas. Charley T. 420 Storey, Geo. E.

Yonah Avenue
X *"(Champion, Randall X Liumpkin. Archie X CCIhapel. West X GGiriffin, Will X CC(offer, William

City, County and Other Uuseful Information



Mayor--Andrew C. Erwin. Mayor Pro Tern--B. A. Crane.
First Ward--H. T. Gulp, R. T. Dottery.
Second Ward--W. C. Thornton, \V. W. Beacham.
Third Ward-- A. Davison, P. H. Conolly.
Fourth Ward-- B. F. Woods, B. A. Crane.
Clerk and Treasurer--James Bar row.
City Engineer--J. W. Barnett. City Attorney--B. E. Fortson. City Marshall--G. Ed O'Farrell. Foreman Street Force--Capt. Mann. City Physicians--Dr. C. X. Sisk, Dr. L. H. Crow. Sanitary Inspector--J. H. Booth, J. A. Harbin. Chief Fire Dept. --G. W. McDorman. Chief of Police--Henry Buesse. Supt. City Waterworks--J. W. Barnett. Supt. City Schools--G. G. Bond. Judge City Court-- J. D. Bradwell.
Plant located on Southern Rail way near Macon Ave., 3-4 mile from City Hall. Supt.--J. W. Barnett. Chief Engineer--W. McKinnon.
Andrew C. Er^in--Mayor. Finance and Claims--Woods, Crane and Beacham. Civil Service---Beacham, Gulp and Crane. Health and Markets--Dottery, Conolly and Beacham. Insurance and Public Property-- Davison, Thornton and Dottery. Rules. Resolutions and Ordinances --Conolly. Woods and Dottery. Schools an:l Printing--Thornton. Conolly and Woods. Streets and Lights--Crane, Gulp and Davison. Waterworks and Sewers--Gulp, Thornton and Davison.
Chief--H. W. Buesse. Captains--Fred Seagraves and E. M. Wood.

Motorcycle Officers-- H. L. Park, W. R. Whitehead.
Chief Detectives--C. E. Seagraves. Plain Clothes Officer--Hugh M. Moore. Patrolmen--E. M. Wood, J. W. Xelms, S. J. Medlin, C. M. Arnold,' R. A. Burpee, W. A. Patrick, C. H. Allgood, F. H. Adams, S. A. Ayers, R. K. Wier, Ed. Poss, J. P. Curry, W. iM. Kenney. Special Officer--D. J. McCune.
Chief--G. W. MoDorman. Station No. 1.--Thomas, corner Washington. Station No. 2--Prince, corner Hill.
City Hall--Pres. Dr. J. C. McKinney, Dr. Andrew M. Soule, Prof. C. M. Strahan, T. R. Crawford.
CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Chairman--A. G. Haughey; T. L. Elder, J. H. Epting. Clerk--James Barrow.
Judge Superior Court--Andrew J. Cobb.
Solicitor Western Circuit--W. O. Dean.
Demonstrator for Clarke County-- Jones Purcell.
Justice of the Peace--T. B. Wootten.
Bailiff-- R. T. Wood. Notary Public and Ex-Officio Jus tice of the Peace--W. Milton 'i homas. Bailiff-- H. D. Huff. Judge City Court of Athens--J. D. Bradwell. Clerk Superior Court--calmer J. Crawford. Deputy Clerk Superior Court--A. B. Coile. Ordinary--R. C. Orr. Sheriff--W. E. Jackson. Tax Collector--W. A. iMallory. Tax Receiver--J. H. Dorsey. Treasurer--E. I. Smith. County School Commissioner--T. H. Dozier, Sr. Solicitor City Court--Lamar C. Rucker. Chairman County Commissioners Hugh H. White. Clerk County Commissioners-- Tate Wright.



County iCommissioruers--J. M. Hodgson, J. H. Griffith.
County Bailiff--R. A. Saye. County Engineer--H. K. Nicholson.
Postmaster--J. H. Rucker. Asst. Postmaster -- Miss Annie Lyle. Supt. of Mails-- R. M. Jennings.
Judge--S. H. Sibley. Custodian--J. H. Rucker. Ass't. Custodian--J. F. Carr. Clerk and Commissioner--W. G. Cornet. Marshal--Claud Bond. Deputy Revenue Collector--W. M. Bryant. Local Deputy Marshal--H. D. Mil ler. Division Deputy-- H. D. Miller, W. M. Kidd. United States Attorney--Hooper Alexander. First U. S. Asst. Attorney--J. W. Hendley.
12 --Corner Broad and Poplar. 13--Central R. R. Depot. 14 --Corner Oconee and Peters. 15--Corner River and Thomas. 16--Corner Broad and Foundry. 17--Corner Oconee and Williams. 18-- Broad Street at river bridge. 19--Oconee and Grove. 112--Madison Avenue and Ruth Street. 115 --River and Bridge Street. 21--Corner Lumpkin and Cedar. 22--Corner Clayton and Thcmas. 23--Corner College and rioyt. 24--Corner Baldwin and Jackson. 25--Seaboard R. R. Depot. 26--Corner Broad and Jackson. 27--Col. Ave. between Clayton and Broad. 28--Moss Mfg. Plant, Cleveland Ave.--Private. 31--Corner Baxter and Pope. 32--Corner Broad and Pope. 33--Corner Baxter and Pope. 34--Corner Lumpkin and Clayton. 35-- Lumpkin, near Baldwin St. 36--Corner Milledge and Waddell. 37-- Corner Hancock and Church. 38--Milleda;e Ave. and Rutherford St. 41 --Corner Lumpkin and Strong. 42--Corner Barber and Boulevard. 43--Pulaski at R. R. Crossing. 44--Corner Prince and Cobb. 46--Corner Milledge and Meigs.

48--Corner Prince and Franklin. 49--Hiawassee at Southern Mfg. Co. 57--Atlantic Ice and Coal Co. Plant--Private. 412--Corner Hill and Chase. 413--Grady Ave. and DuBose St. 414--Normal School. 415--Corner Chase and Boule"ard. 444--Athens Compress Co., Chase St.--Private.
J. D. 'Mell--President. Aaron Cohen--Vice President. M. G. Michael--Treasurer. C. D. Flanigen--Secretary.
First Ward--Wm. Dootson, Term Expires January, 1924; John McKinnon, Term Expires, January, 1921.
Second Ward --Aaron Cohen, Term Expires January, 1920; E. D. Sledge, Term Expires January, 1921.
Third Ward-- M. G. Nicholson, Term Expires January, 1923; J. D. Mell, Term Expires January, 1924.
Fourth Ward--A. C. Holliday, Term Expires January, 1923; M. G. Michael, Term Expires Jan., 1920.
City at Large--L>. C. Barrow, Term Expires January, 1922; C. D. Flanigen, Term Expires January, 1922.
Ex-Officio--A. C. Erwin, Mayor of the City.
STANDING COMMITTEES Finance--->i. G. Nicholson. Chair man; D. C. Barrow. Aaron Cohen. Salaries--Aaron Cohen, Chairman; M. G. Michael. A. C. Erwin. Supplies--Aaron Cohen. Chair man; C. D. Flanigen. T. F. Green. Buildings and School Property-- M. G. Michael. Chairman; A. C. Er win M. G. Nicholson. Rules and Law--William Dootson. Chairman; D. C. Barrow, A. C. Holli day. Examinations, Courses of Study and Text Books--D. C. Barrow, Chairman; C. D. Flanigen, William Dootson. Sanitary Affairs--I'pson Harper, Chairman: A. C. Holliday. M. G. Mi chael. Library--A. C. Holliday. Chair man: D. C. Barrow. C. D. Flanigen. Grievances--A. C. Erwin. Chair man: 'M. G. Michael, Upson Harper.
SESSION 119 20 Superintendent--C. G. Bond. Asst. Supt.--E. B. 'Mell.


High School Principal -- E. B. Mell. College Ave. School --Miss Annie Pa tin nn. Prin. Baxter Street School -- Miss M. I.. \Vier. Prin. Nantahala AVP. Scliool -- Miss Ma ry Barwick. Prin. Nantahala Ave. Night School -- Miss Mamie McKie. Prin. Oconee Street School -- Miss Pattie Hilsman. Prin. Oconee Street Night School --^liss Louie Lane. Prin. Childs Street School -->Miss Clyde Patman. Prin.
Reese Street School. West Athens School. Newtown School. East Athens School.
First Baptist -- College Ave.. cor. Washington, i New First Baptist un der construction cor. Pulaski and Hancock I.
East Athens Baptist -- Broad cor. Poplar.
Prince Ave. Baptist -- Prince Ave. West End -- Boulevard cor. Hiawassee.
St. Joseph's Catholic Church -- Prince cor. Pulaski.
Christian Church--Cor. Pulaski and Dougherty.
Emmanuel Church--Prince cor. Pope.

Jewish Synagogue--E. Hancock cor. .Inckson.
First Methodist Church --Lumpkin cor. Hancock.
Oconee Street Methodist -- Oconee con. Poplar.
Young Harris Memorial -- Boule vard cor. Chase.
First Presbyterian-- Hancock Ave. between Lumpkin St. and Collego Ave.
Central Presbyterian -- Hancock Ave. between Lumpkin St. and Col lege Ave.
Central Presbyterian -- Prince cor. Milledge.
Lane's Chapel -- Oconee cor. Carr.
Ebenezer--Broad, cor. Newton. Hill's Chapel -- Harris, cor. Broad. Hill's First --Pope, cor. Heese. Newtown -- Savannah cor. Cleve land.
C 'ongrega t fo n al
Congregational--Pope, cor. Meigs.
Episcopal -- Hancock, cor. Pope.
Methodist First A. M. E.--'Foundry, near Hancock. Bethel A. M. E. Broad cor. Billups. St. John A. M. E. -- Stephens, near Atlanta Ave. St. Paul C. M. E. -- Flint, cor. odd. Union Temple--River, near Thom as.

r ==ll



}L=r j

Guarantee Investment &

Loan Company

JOHN J. WILKINS, President

W. R. DANIEL, Real Estaie Manager

J. WARREN SMITH, Vice-Presioent R. S. FREEMAN, Ins. Depi. Mgr.

We handle Fire, Life, Health and Automobile Insurance.
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company is one of our leading companies.
We have on hand for sale at all times farms, residences and business property at reasonable prices.
Money to loan on hand at all times,
It will be to your advantage to see us before trading in any of the above lines.

Guarantee Investment & Loan Company

i ii

1 11.11. .

ii.ii i ,11.i, ,1

.'"' . . . '*'", ' JV ' .'.. "*",'. iff ' C ' -" ''. .' ! . '' ''. .'"' .'',''".'.-' "> ''-
TTie Athens Banner
H. J. ROWE Editor
Associated Press Service

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