Athens city directory [1904]


W. D. O FARRELL, Alderman First Ward.
J. H. RUCKER, Alderman Third Ward
A. H. HODGSON, Alderman Fourth Ward.
W. P. VONDERAU, Alderman Second Ward.
J. F. RHODES, Mayor.
J. H. Dootson, Alderman Second Ward.
C. W. COOPER, Alderman First Ward.
F. A. LIPSCOMB, Alderman Third Ward.
H. J. ROWE, Alderman Fourth Ward.

Athens, Ga.
Mayor - J. F. Rhodes.
Clerk of Council - W. W. Turner.
City Attorney - H. C. Tuck.
City Engineer and Street Commissioner - J.W. Barnett.
Chief of Police - B.F. Culp.
Chief of Fire Department - George W. McDorman.
Superintendent of Water Works - W. L. Wood.
Sanitary Officer - A. M. Center.

First Ward - W. D. O'Farrell, C. W. Cooper.
Second Ward - W. P. Vonderau, J. H. Dootson.
Third Ward - J. H. Rucker, F. A. Lipscomb.
Fourth Ward - A. H. Hodgson, H. J. Rowe.

Finance-Rucker, Hodgson, Lipscomb.
Fire Department-Vonderau, Cooper, Dootson.
Health-Cooper, Rowe, Rucker.
Markets-Rowe, Lipscomb, O'Farrell.
Ordinances-Lipscomb, O'Farrell, Hodgson.
Pollce--Dootson, Cooper, Hodgson.
Printing-Dootson, Vonderau, Rucker.
Lights-Rowe, Rucker, Dootson.
Petitions-O'Farrell, Hodgson, Rowe.
Fire Alarm-Lipscomb, Dootson, Cooper.
Streets-Hodgson, Dootson, Cooper.
Railroads-Vonderau, O'Farrell, Lipscomb.
Waterworks-Rucker, Rowe, Vonderau.
Sewers-O'Farrell, Vonderau, Rowe.
Public Property-Cooper, Rucker, Vonderau.
Public Schools-Hodgson, Lipscomb, O'Farrell.


The City of Athens.
Some of the Striking Points in Regard to Her Resources and Facilities.
The city of Athens, situated within forty miles of the Blue Ridge mountains, is eight hundred feet above the sea level and has a climate so equable and salubrious that all four seasons of the year are equally delightful. The thermometer rarely registers a lower temperature than 20 degrees above zero nor does it often go as high as 94 degrees in the summer. The mean temperature is 47 degrees in the winter and 74 degrees in the summer. The annual rainfall is about 52 inches.
Athens has a population of about fourteen thousand. The census taken a few months since showed a population of 13,163, and since that time there have been many additions to the popula­tion of the city by the moving in of large numbers of families for the purpose of educating their children, as well as for the business opportunities that the city affords.
The health statistics of the city show that no epidemics of dis­ease arise from any cause and that what little disease exists here is traceable to ordinary causes. The death rate for many years has been less than one per cent. of the population and the greater number of deaths each year are among the young children or among the people who have passed middle age. Youth and vigorous manhood and womanhood enjoy almost an immunity from death in this community.
One of the main reasons for this excellent health record is the magnificent water supply of the city. The water is taken from the Oconee river, which has not a single town or village on its banks from the water works station to its source in the mountains. The water is filtered by the best system in the world and is sold at the low rate of 15 cents per thousand gallons. The water works plant cost the city one hundred and thirty thousand dollars and there are eighteen miles of mains that extend over the main parts of the city and give ample service to the people.
The city of Athens possesses natural drainage advantages that very few cities can boast and in addition has a magnificent sewerage system that traverses more than thirteen miles of streets. The sewage is carried off by the swift current of the river below the cemetery and on account of the falls at the factory dam the back


water from the point where the sewers enter the river cannot reach the waterworks plant in any way, thus making the water supply absolutely free from contamination.
Athens has a fire department consisting of a chief and fourteen men. It is equipped with the latest apparatus and has a Gamewell Fire alarm system. The records of the fire department for the past ten years show a loss of only nine per cent of the value of the property and less than three per cent of the value of the property en­dangered.
The city has a police department consisting of a chief, a lieuten­ant, a sergeant and twelve patrolmen, and the amount of crime in the city is reduced to a minimum. The sale of liquor in Athens is under the dispensary system, the dispensary being operated by the city and the profits therefrom being divided between the city and the county of Clarke.
In the educational field of Georgia Athens easily holds first place. In this city is located the University of Georgia, founded in 1801. With one hundred and twenty-five dollars the entire expenses of a year's stay at this institution may be met. The attendance this year has gone beyond all previous records. For full information concerning the University of Georgia address Chancellor Walter B. Hill.
The State Normal School of Georgia is another of Athens' splendid educational institutions. Its average annual attendance is fully six hundred. It Is pre-eminently the school for the common school teachers of the state. The entire expenses of a student at this institution amount to only eighty-five dollars per annum. For full information concerning this school address President E. C. Branson.
Lucy Cobb Institute, a high grade college for girls, was founded in this city in 1858 by Gen. Thomas R. R. Cobb. As a school for the finishing of a girl's education it has no superior in the south. For full information concerning Lucy Cobb Institute address Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, principal.
Athens has a magnificent system of city schools. This system is unsurpassed in the United States. They are maintained at an annual expense of twenty thousand dollars. Many systems of schools throughout the union have been modeled after the Athens system. For full information address Supt. G. G. Bond.
In addition to these institutions of learning there are maintained an excellent night school in the factory district and several splen­did private schools.
Athens is also a great business center. The Athens Chamber of Commerce, of which Mr. M. G. Michael is president, invites the correspondence of all people desiring information of the city.
The country immediately surrounding Athens is thoroughly adapt-


ed to agriculture and quite a variety of crops are ralsed successful­ly. Cotton and corn are the chief crops, although wheat, oats, rye, barley, potatoes, fruits, etc., grow well and can be cultivated at a good profit.
Athens is one of the largest cotton markets in the state. The receipts per season average eighty thousand bales. Fully half of this cotton comes to Athens on wagons. Cotton mllls can be sup­plied with all the cotton they need without having to send from the city for a single bale. Athens has been made a concentrating point by the railroads and thus cotton is brought here over the direct lines practically without freight.
Four railroads enter the city, viz.: the Seaboard Air Line, the Southern, the Central of Georgia and the Georgia. The city has one of the most complete and up-to-date electric street railway systems in the United States.
The volume of business in the city exceeds twenty-million dol­lars per annum. The wholesale trade here is something enormous, especially in groceries, dry goods and hardware.
Athens has ample banking facilities. There are two national banks here, one state bank and two savings banks, and they are in position to supply to the business of the city all the money that is demanded.
No city in the state is making as rapid strides in a business and industrial way as Athens. The future of the city is one of assured success, and to the home seeker and investor there is no other city in the state that affords so inviting a field.


Street Guide.
Adams, from S Milledge ave, westerly.
Angle, from Arch southerly to Elberton. 5th e of Trail Creek.
Arch, from Poplar s to city limits. 1st n of E Broad.
Athens ave, from the Southern R R w to Barber. 3d n of S A L R R track.
Atlanta ave, from the Southern R R track w to Barber. 2d n of S A L RR track.
Augusta ave, from Cleveland ave n. 3d w of Southern R R track.
Bacon, from College ave easterly to the Oconee river.
Bailey, from Oconee to city limits.
Baker, from Vine northeasterly. E. A.
Baldwin, from S Lumpkin e to Oconee river. 1st s of Broad.
Barber, from Prince ave n to city limits. 2d w of Pulaski.
Barrett, from the river northerly to city limits. E A.
Barrow, from Barber easterly to Pulaski.
Baxter, from S Lumpkin w to Rock Spring. 3d s of W Broad.
Berlin, from Fourth n to River. 1st e of Water.
Billups (N) from W Broad to Cobb.
Billups (S,) from W Broad to Waddell.
Bird, from Atlanta ave n to new city water works. 1st w of Southern R R track.
Bloomfield, from Baxter e. 1st n S Milledge ave.
Boulevard, from Barber w to Buena Vista ave, thence southerly to Prince ave. 1st n of Prince.
Bowdre, from Meigs to Clover.
Branch, from Simons s to Elberton. 1st w of E Broad.
Bridge, from E Strong n to River. 4th e of River.
Brittain ave, from Carlton westerly to Scott.
Broad (E,) from N Lumpkin e to the river, thence southerly to El­berton.
Broad (W,) from N Lumpkin w to Phinizy. Opp University of Georgia.
Buena Vista ave, from Prince ave n to Nantahala ave. 2d w of Park ave.
Burnett ave, from Fowler ave westerly to Fairview ave.
Carlton, from S Lumpkin to Fowler ave.
Carlton ave, from Springdale s to Olivia.
Castalia ave, from Springdale s to 1st block e of Olivia.
Cedar, from S Lumpkin e. 5th s of Broad.


Chase (N,) from W Broad n to Prince ave. 8th w of N Lumpkin.
Chase (S,) from W Broad s to Dearing.
Chase ave, from Prince ave n to Chattooga ave. 2d w of Milledge ave.
Chattooga ave, from Barber w to city limits. 3d n of Prince ave.
Cherokee, from Barber westerly.
Childs, from Prince Ave north to S A L Ry.
Church (N,) from W Broad to Prince ave.
Church (S,) from W Broad to Baxter.
Clarke County Square, bet Prince ave and Meigs and N Pope and N Finley.
Clayton (E,) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 1st n of Broad.
Clayton (W,) from N Lumpkin w to Pulaski. 1st n of Broad.
Cleveland ave, from the Southern R R track w to Barber. 1st w of S A L R R track.
Clover, from Cobb southerly to Jacob.
Cloverhurst ave, from S Milledge ave, westerly.
Cobb, from Prince ave w to Glover, thence northwesterly to Prince ave. 1st s of Prince ave.
College ave, from E. Broad n to Oconee river. 1st e of Lumpkin.
Compress, from E Broad southerly to the river rear of Oconee.
Crawford, from Cleveland ave s. 2d w of Southern R R track.
Dearing, from Finley w to Miller. 1st s of W Broad.
Derby, from Broad running northeasterly and southwesterly. 2d s of Trail Creek.
Doboy, from Baldwin s. 1st e of S Lumpkin.
Dougherty (E,) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 4th n of Broad.
Dougherty (W,) from N Lumpkin w to Pulaski. 4th n of Broad.
Dublin, from Broad northwesterly. E A
Eighth, from Broad northwesterlyETAOINETAOInald&-Princesci
Dublin, from Broad northwesterly. 4th e of Trail Creek.
Eighth, from Long ave, southwesterly. E A .
Elberton, from Oconee easterly to city limits. 4th s of Peters. E A.
Eleventh, w of Barrett. Bet Russell and Woods aves. E A.
Eleventh, w of Barrett. Bet Russell and Woods tves. E A.
Elizabeth, from the S A L R R track to the river, crossing Bacon and Grace.
Fairview ave, from S Lumpkin to city limits.
Fairview, from Peters southerly. 3d e of Broad.
Ferdinand, from S Milledge ave to Fairview ave.
Field, from Cedar s to Green.
Fifth, from Water northeasterly. 8th n of E Broad.
Finley (N,) from W Broad n to Meigs. 4th w of N Lumpkin.
First, from Water northeasterly to Fourth. 1st n of E Broad.
Finley (S,) from W Broad.
Flint, from Third n to Odd. 1st e of Water.


Foundry (N,) from E Broad n to Strong. 5th e of Lumpkin.
Foundry (S,) from E Broad to Oconee. 5th e of Lumpkin.
Fourth, from Water ne to city limits. 5th w of Broad.
Fowler ave, from S Lumpkin to Carlton.
Franklin, from Reese to Prince ave.
Fulton, from S Jackson e to S Thomas. 2d s of Broad.
Gantt, from Pulaski one block w to Hendricks.
Glendale, from Springdale s to Olivia.
Griffeth, from Third to Odd. E A.
Grace, from College ave to the river.
Grady ave, from Prince ave to Boulevard.
Green, from S Lumpkin e. 6th s of Broad.
Grove, from Oconee southwesterly. 4th e of Peters.
Habersham, from S Milledge ave westerly.
Hall, from Bloomfield easterly.
Hampton, from Milledge ave e.
Hampton ave, from S Milledge ave e to White.
Hancock ave (E,) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 3d n of Broad.
Hancock ave (W,) from N Lumpkin w to Rock Spring. 3d w of Broad
Harper, from Herring s w to Branch. 1st s of Peters.
Harris (N,) from W Broad to Prince ave.
Harris (S,) from W Broad to Peabody.
Helen, from Carlton ave westerly to Glendale.
Hendrick, from Cleveland ave s. 1st s E Broad.olC...ROt..Va2hs
Hendrick, from Cleveland ave s. 1st w of Southern R R track.
Herring, from Peters s to erby. 1st s E Broad.
Hiawassee ave, from Nacoochee ave w one block thence n to Chat­tanooga ave.
Hickory, from E Broad northerly. 1st e of Foundry.
Hill, from Prince ave w to Clover. 1st n of Meigs.
Hodgson, from E Strong n to Bridge. 1st e of N Foundry.
Hoyt, from Jackson e to River. 7th n of Broad.
Hughes ave, from Barrett to limits.
Hull {N,) from Broad n to Ware.
Hull (S,) from Broad s to Waddell.
Jackson (N,) from E Broad n to Hoyt. 2d e of Lumpkin.
Jackson (S,) from E Broad s to Baldwin. 1st e of Lumpkin.
Jacob, from Phinizy to Clover.
John, from Third n to Odd. 3d e of Water.
Lenoir ave, from Chase ave w to Hiawassee ave. 1st n Prince ave.
Leonard, from Phinizy to Clover.
Lilly, from Fairview ave to Whitehall Drive.
Long ave, from River n w to Barrett.
Lumpkin (N,) from Broad n to Ware.
Lumpkin (S,) from Broad s to limits.


Macon ave, from Atlanta ave n to New City Water Works. 2d w of Southern R R track.
Magazine, from S Jackson e to S Thomas.
Marion, from Carlton ave westerly 1-2 block thence southerly to Helen.
Mealor, from E Broad s w to Herring. 1st s of Peters.
Meigs, from the junction of Pulaski and Prince ave w to Chase, re-
­Meigs, from the junction of Pulaski and Prince ave w to Chase, recommences at Rock Spring, running in a southerly direction 1st n W Hancock ave.
Milledge ave (N,) from Broad n to Prince ave.
Milledge ave (S,) from Broad to city limits.
Miller, from Dearing n to Reese.
Mitchell, from S Thomas e to Williams. 2d s of E Broad.
Morris, from Prince ave n. 1st w of Milledge ave.
Morton ave, from White westerly to Fairview.
Nacoochee ave, from Prince ave n to Chattanooga ave. 3d w of Milledge ave.
Nantahala ave, from Barber w to Buena Vista ave. 2d n of Prince ave
Narrow, from S Lumpkin e to Doboy. 2d s Broad.
Nellie B ave, from Vine to the limits. E A.
Newton, from W Broad n to Prince ave. 3d w of N Lumpkin.
Ninth, from Long ave southwesterly.
Oak, from Poplar southeasterly to Elberton. 2d e of Oconee river.
Odd, from Water n e to John. 4th n of E Broad.
O'Farrell, from Hampton ave northerly.
Olivia, from S Milledge ave westerly to Glendale.
Oneta, from Barber westerly.
Paris (N,) from W Broad.
Paris (S,) from W Broad.
Park ave, from Prince ave n to the Boulevard. 4th w of Milledge ave
Peabody, from S Milledge ave e. 1st s of Baxter.
Park ave, from Prince ave n to the Boulevard. 4th w of Milledge ave
Peabody, from S Milledge ave e. 1st s of Baxter.
Peabody, from S Milledge ave e. 1st s of Baxter.
Pearl, from Third to Odd. 2d e of Water.
Peters (N,) from E Broad southerly. 2d e of Trail Creek.
Peters (N,) from E Broad northery to city limits. 2d e of Trail Creek.
Peters (S,) from E Broad southerly. 2d e of Trail Creek.
Peters (S,) from E Broad southerly. 2d e of Trail Creek.
Phinizy, from junction of Rock Spring and W Hancock ave s w to city limits.
Pine, from Broad southerly to Oconee river. Near Check Factory. E A.
Plum, from W Strong and N Lumpkin northerly.


Pope (N,) from W Broad.
Pope (S,) from W Broad.
Pottery, from Ga R R track to the Oconee river.
Prince ave, from Pulaski w to the boulevard. 4th n of W Broad.
Pulaski, from W Broad n to Cleveland ave. 2d w of N Lumpkin.
Railroad, from the river northeasterly.
River, from Jackson e to Thomas thence northeasterly to city limits. 6th n of Broad.
Reese, from Pulaski w to Phinizy. 1st n of W Broad.
Rock Row, from First southerly.
Rock Spring (N,) from Broad to Clover.
Rock Spring (S,) from Broad to Rockdale.
Russell ave, from Barrett to the city limits.
Rutherford, from S Lumpkin n westerly to Milledge ave. 2d s of Baxter.
Sabula ave, from Prince ave n to Nantahala ave. 1st w of Park ave.
Sapelo, from S Lumpkin east to Doboy. 2d s of Broad.
Savannah, from College ave westerly to Lumpkin.
Savannah ave, from Cleveland ave n. 4th w of Southern R R track.
Scott, from S Lumpkin to Hampton ave.
Second, from Water e. 2d n of E Broad.
Seminole ave, from Boulevard n to Chattanooga ave.
Seminole ave, from Boulevard n to Chattanooga ave. 1st w of Barber
Seventh, from Long ave southwesterly. E A.
Simons, from Broad southwesterly to Branch. 5th e of Trail Creek.
Sixth, from Long ave southwesterly.
South, from S Jackson e to S Thomas. 1st s of Broad.
Springdale, runs e and w from Milledge ave. 2d s of Baxter.
Henderson ave, from Church w to Milledge ave. 1st s of Waddell.
Stonewall ave, from River to Woods ave. E A.
Strong (E,) from N Lumpkin e to the River. 5th n of Broad.
Summey, from S Lumpkin e. 4th s of Broad.
Tabernacle, from Oak northerly to Branch; nr Elberton.
Tenth, from Long ave southwesterly.
Third, from Water e to First. 3d n of E Broad.
Thirteenth, w of Barrett bet Russell and Woods aves.
Thomas (N,) from E Broad n to Hoyt. 3d n of E Broad.
Thomas (N,) from E Broad n to Hoyt. 3d e of Lumpkin.
Thomas (S,) from E Broad s to Baldwin. 2d e of Lumpkin.
Trail Creek, from First easterly to city limits.
Trilby, from Oconee to G R R depot.
Twelfth, w of Barrett bet Russell and Woods aves.
Valley, from W Broad one block s.
Vine, from Peters s to Dublin. 2d w of E Broad.
Waddell, from S Hull w to Spring. 1st s of Broad.


Wall, from E Broad to E Clayton. 1st e of W Jackson.
Ware, from College ave w to R R track. 7th n of Broad.
Warren, from Vine easterly.
Warsaw, from N Lumpkin to N Hull.
Washington (E,) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 2d w of Broad.
Washington (W,) from N Lumpkin w to Pulaski. 2d n of Broad.
Water, from E Broad northerly to city limits. 1st e of Oconee river.
Water Oak, from Griffeth to First. E A.
White, from Hampton ave n two blocks.
White ave, from S Lumpkin w to Hull. 1st s of Broad.
Whitehall Drive, from S Lumpkin to the Park.
Wilkerson, from E Broad s to the river.
Williams, from Oconee s to Baldwin.
Willow (N,) from E Broad.
Willow (S,) from E Broad.
Woods ave, from River westerly to the limits.
Wray, from S Lumpkin w to Hull. 2d s of Broad.
Wynburn Place, from Boulevard n to Chattooga ave. 1st w of N Milledge ave.


Business Directory.
Containing Names of Firms Not Appearing in the Residence Directory.
Abney Brothers Company (W I Abney, M J Abney, H P Lawrence), wholesale grocers, 20 N Thomas.
Abney, Thomas L, groceries, N Thomas.
Allgood Bros (J R Allgood, E L Allgood), plumbers, E Clayton.
Anderson, John T, real estate, 107 College avenue.
Arnold, John L, drugs and paints, cor E Clayton and Jackson.
Arnold, Marion M, grocer, 101 W Hancock avenue.
Arnold Grocery Co (O H Amold, Sr, N D Arnold, O H Arnold, Jr), wholesale grocers, N Thomas and Hoyt.
Athens Banner (H J Rowe, editor and prop), N Lumpkin.
Athens Coal & Coke Co (W P Vonderau, Manager), office cor Lump­kin and Clayton.
Athens Coca Cola Bottling Company (C. V. Rainwater, pres, L C Brown, sec) cor Hancock avenue and Hull street.
Athens Compress Company (W Hudgin, supt), E Broad.
Athens Dispensary (J M Allen, mngr), E Broad.
Athens Electric Street Railway Company (J Y Carithers, pres, W T Bryan, sec and treas, C D Flanigen, gen mngr), cor College ave and E Broad.
Athens Empire Laundry (J M Fleming, N W Collett), cor N Lumpkin and Clayton.
Athens Foundry and Machine works (John R White, pres, Thomas Bailey, manager), N Foundry.
Athens Fruit Company (A Costa, A Corso), E Clayton.
Athens Gas Company, office Moss building, Clayton street.
Athens Hardware Company (R Nickerson, pres, W B Jackson, vice pres, T H Nickerson, sec and treas), 248-250 E Broad.
Athens Housefurnishing Co (Arthur Flatau, mngr), N Lumpkin.
Athens Ice & Coal Co, dealers in ice, coal and wood, Seminole ave.
Athens Mutual Fire Insurance Co (H H Carlton, pres, A L Brooks, sec), E Clayton.
Athens Roller Cover Co (W P Vonderau, mngr), office cor Lumpkin and Clayton.
Athens Savings Bank (M Stern, pres), 125 E Broad.
Athens Telephone Exchange (H C Conway, mngr), 116 E Clayton.
Bailey, C F, groceries, 975 Oconee.
Bailey, D W, plumber, E Washington.
Bailey Supply Company (G A Bailey, F M Hailey), E Clayton.
Bell & Little (F M Bell, J F Little), marble dealers, N Hull.


Bernstein, J S, furniture, 234 E Broad.
Boley, Sidney, dry goods, 228 E Broad.
Boley, Sol J, dry goods, E Broad.
Bondurant & Co, stoves and housefurnishings, 30 and 32 E Clayton.
Bowden, F H, groceries, cor E Broad and Foundry.
Brandt, R, Jeweler, 104 E Clayton.
Brown, J T, groceries, E Broad.
Bryant, A M, barber shop, College ave.
Buchwald, E, dry goods, cor Broad and Wall.
Buchwald, S H, general mdse, 105 E Broad.
Burch Cash Grocery Store, cor Clayton and Lumpkin.
Canning Bros and Patterson (W R Canning, L P Canning, R L Pat­terson) wholesale grocers, Foundry street.
Citizens Barber Shop (J H Dootson, prop), Moss building, E Clayton.
Clarke County Courier {J E Gardner, editor), E Broad.
Clifton, Arthur V, photographer, College avenue.
Climax Knitting Mill (J W Ingle, A G Dudley), Oconee and Williams
Collins, George, groceries, cor College avenue and Savannah street.
Commercial Hotel (S T Philpot, prop), cor Broad and College ave.
Crane, J R & Co, real estate, E Clayton.
Davis, William H, pool room, E Clayton.
Davison & Lowe (A H Davison), cor E Clayton and N Jackson.
Deadwyler & Co (G E Deadwyler, Jr, W C Ash, T A Smith, D F Mil­ler), cotton factors, Oconee street.
Dearing Hardware Company, 9 E Clayton.
Dornblatt Plumbing Co, cor Lumpkin and Jackson.
Dorsey, E H, clothier, 115 E Clayton.
Dorsey & Funkenstein (W F Dorsey, P Funkenstein), furniture and undertaking, cor Clayton and Wall.
Dozier Realty Company (T H Dozier, Jr, mngr), E Clayton. street.
DuBose, R Toombs, real estate, Southern Mutual Ins Co building,
Eppes-Wilkins Co (W E Eppes, mngr), wholesale grocers, cor Thomas and Broad.
Empire Chemical Co (E R Hodgson, pres), office E Broad.
Farbstein, M, dry goods, E Broad.
Fears, E P, livery stable, W Clayton.
Fears, J P & Son (J P Fears, A C Fears), grocers, E Clayton.
Flatow, Lucien B Company (L B Flatow, mngr), dry goods, cor Clayton and College ave.
Fleming, T & Sons (J H Fleming, mngr), hardware, 207 E Clayton.
Freeman, F K, grocer, cor Thomas and Clayton.
Georgia National Bank of Athens (J J Wilkins, pres), 121 E Broad.
Gilleland, C E, restaurant, College avenue.
Griffeth Implement Co, E Broad,
Griffith & Welch (C B Griffith, J W Welch), cottton factors, W Clayton.


Harbin, James A, grocer, 513 Prince avenue.
Harris, R S (col), barber shop, E Clayton.
Haselton, D P, music dealer, 17 College avenue.
Haudrup, Joseph H, grocer, cor Oconee and Williams.
Head & McMahan (H V Head, T A C McMahan), clothiers, 112 E Clayton.
Hodgson Bros, brokers, cor Thomas and Clayton.
Hodgson Cotton Company, fertilizers, office E Broad.
Holman, Deadwyler & Co, horses and mules, N Thomas.
Huggins, J H & Son (H T Huggins, mngr), crockery, E Broad.
Hulme, Geo H, wholesale grocer, E Broad and Oconee.
Imperial Hotel (J B Toomer, prop), cor Clayton and Jackson.
Joel, Abe, dry goods, wholesale and retail, E Broad.
Johnson Shoe Company, 233 E Broad.
Joseph, Max Mercantile Co (Max Joseph, mngr), E Broad.
King, J S & Co, grocers, E Broad and Oconee.
Klein & Martin (J. H Klein, H E Martin), wagon manufacturers, Oconee street.
Kutres & Petropol (Nicholas Kutres and Pete Petropol), fruits, E Broad.
Lampkin, Cobb, general mdse, cor Lumpkin and Washington.
Link, M, dry goods, E Broad.
Lipscomb & Co, insurance, cor College avenue and Clayton street.
Lyndon Manufacturing Co (E S Lyndon, prop), near Southern depot.
Mallison Braided Cord Co (L F Edwards, pres), cor Lumpkin and Broad.
Mallory, W A & Co, wholesale merchants, Foundry and Broad.
Michael Bros Company (S Michael, pres, M G Michael, vice pres, H E Choate, sec-treas), wholesale anl retail dry goods, cor Clayton and Jackson.
Moore, J O, candy store, E Clayton.
Morris, M & L, dry goods and clothing, cor Broad and Jackson.
Morris Bros, dry goods, cor Broad and Jackson.
Moss, R L & Co (R L Moss, Sr, J D Moss), cotton factors, 209-217 E Clayton.
Moss Manufacturing Company, The R L, sash, doors and blinds. Cleveland avenue.
Mutual Life and Industrial Association of Georgia (J L Webb, pres, John A Darwin, sec), 14 College avenue.
McClure Ten Cent Store (O C Stone, mngr}, E Clayton. cor College avenue and Clayton street.
McConnell Leather Mfg Co, The J C, office at plant near Cleveland avenue.
McCurdy, J M, butcher, E Broad.
McEvoy, E C, druggist, Prince avenue.


McGregor, D W, book store, E Clayton.
McMahan & Son (J J C McMahan, R I McMahan), grocers, E Clay­ton.
National Bank of Athens (John R White, pres), cor Broad and Jack­son.
Oconee Oil and Fertilizer Company (J C Cooper, pres), 426 Oconee.
O'Farrell, A H, broker, cor E Broad and Spring.
O'Farrell Furniture Company, The C J, E Clayton.
Oliver, Thomas P, grocer, Prince avenue.
Orr Drug Company (C H Phinizy, prop), cor College avenue and Clayton street.
Palmer, H R & Sons (H R Palmer, A J Palmer, Loyd Palmer), drug­gists, E Clayton.
Peeples, W J, grocer, College ave.
Phinizy, Billups, cotton factor, E Broad.
Richards, M A, broker, cor E Broad and Spring.
Scudder, C A, jeweler, cor Clayton and College ave.
Skalowski, M H, soda water cafe, College avenue.
Sledge, E D, agricultural implements, N Thomas.
Smith, E I & Co (E I Smith, W M Crane), shoes, E Clayton.
Southern Electric Co (R E Bloomfield, E P Taylor), College ave.
Southern Express Company (A P Merriwether, agent), E Clayton.
Southern Manufacturing Company (J Y Carithers, pres, W T Bryan, sec), office, cor College avenue and Broad street
Southern Mutual Insurance Co, cor College avenue and Clayton st.
Stern, Charles & Co (C Stern, S Sloman, Jake Stern), clothiers, E Clayton.
Stone, E D, job printing, N Lumpkin.
Talmage Hardware Co (W W Scott, G E Scott, T J Scott), E Clayton
Talmadge Bros & Co (J E Talmadge, Sr, C A Talmadge, J E Tal­madge, Jr, C G Talmadge, J Y Talmadge), wholesale grocers, E Clayton.
Talmage, Allen H, buggies and wagons, E Clayton.
Toomer, J B, sewing machines, cor Clayton and Jackson.
Turner & Hodgson (B C Turner, J M Hodgson), dry goods, E Clay­ton.

Union Manufacturing Company, near S A L depot.
Vonderlieth, Miss Rosa A, fancy work, College avenue.
Webb & Crawford (J N Webb, M L Beacham), wholesale grocers, 220 E Broad.
Western Union Telegraph Co (W B Stuart, mngr), E Clayton.
Williamson, G H, Groceries, E Clayton.
Williamson, J N, livery stable, W Clayton.
Windsor Hotel (S T Philpot, prop), cor Lumpkin and Broad.
Wooten, T B, book store, E Clayton.


Athens City Directory
Aaron, D M (Malinda), merchant, r 919 Oak.
Abney, Martin J, merchant, r 328 E Dougherty.
Abney, Oscar W, merchant, bds 14 W Dougherty.
Abney, TL, merchant, bds 14 W Dougherty.
Abney, W J (Fannie), merchant, r 302 E Dougherty.
Abrams, Mrs S, r 111 Washington.
Acker, Tom (c), laborer, r 1116 Dearing.
Adams, Mrs A E, r 364 Williams.
Adams, Mrs Alice, r 625 Henderson avenue.
Adnms, J L (Clara), butcher, r 430 Pulaski
Adams, Jane (c), cook, r 615 N Lumpkin.
Adams, John (c), laborer, r 1020 W Hancock avenue.
Adams, Lucy (c), washerwoman, r 603 N Hull.
Adams, Miss Mamie, oper Sou Mfg Co, r Nacoochee Ave.
Adams, S H (M J), machinist Athens Foundry, r 660 S Lumpkin.
Adams, Mrs S L, seamstress, r 49 Mulberry,
Adams, Samuel (c), laborer, r 1012 W Broad.
Adams, Mrs T A, r 467 Oconee.
Adkins, Lula (c), washerwoman, r 1405 W Broad.
Aiken, Joseph (c), laborer, r 438 Bridge.
Akin, W B (Clara), farmer, r 205 W Broad.
Alexander, David, insurance agent, bds 437 Oconee.
Alexander, S P (Rachel), farmer, r 1001 W Hancock avenue.
Alexander, Joseph, tailor, r 17 Pulaski.
Alexander, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 508 Ash row. Alexander, Moses, pressman, boards 17 Pulaski.
Alexander, Miss Rosa, clerk Sol Boley, r 17 Pulaski.
Alexander, Sol, clerk Michael Bros Co, boards 17 Pulaski.
Allen, Eva (c), nurse, r rear of 207 Milledge avenue.
Allen, Henry (c), laborer, r 809 Athens avenue.

Allen, Isaac (c), works Central of Ga Ry, r 216 S Thomas.
Allen, Jesse M (Virginia), manager Athens dispensary, r 488 Barber
Allen, John (c), works Central of Ga Ry, r 216 S Thomas.
Allen, Luther (c), laborer So Mfg Co, r 546 Barber,
Allgood, Ab (Alice), horse trader, r 3 Pine.
Allgood, J R (Maude), plumber, r 114 Baxter.
Allgood, J W (Mattie), works Climax Knitting Mill, r 701 E Broad.
Allgood, Mrs Lizzie, r 224 Strong.
Allgood, Mrs Mary, r 19 Wilkerson.
Almand, Jim (c), laborer Moss Mfg Co, r 231 Cleveland avenue.
Amos, W C (Anna), brickmason, r 750 College avenue.
Amy, Dan (c), laborer, r 433 Rock Spring.
Anderson, A E (Cornelia), engineer Union Mfg Co, r 608 Pulaski.
Anderson, Ed (c), gardener, r 710 Cohen.
Anderson, Miss Emma, clerk Flatow Co, bds 4 W Dougherty.
Anderson, Eugene (c), laborer, 426 Bridge.
Anderson, Henry (c), r rear of 425 Oconee.
Anderson, J P (Fannie), merchant, r 615 Pulaski.
Anderson, John (c), painter, r 1025 W Broad.
Anderson, John T (Annie L), real estate agent, r 707 Prince avenue.
Anderson, Robert (c), painter, r 1212 Vine.
Anderson, William (c), laborer, r 117 N Findley.
Andrews, A R (Lena), stone cutter, bds 203 S Jackson.
Andrews, John (Mary), U S Navy, r 27 Pine.
Anthony, Thomas B (S M), boarding house keeper, r 402 Oconee.
Appling, William S (Celestia). merchant, r 458 Oconee.
Archer, Mrs N N, r 521 Prince avenue.
Armstrong, Henry (c), laborer, r 8 Valley.
Armstrong, Henry Jr. (c), laborer, r 6 Valley.
Armstrong, Sallie (c), washerwoman, r 715 N Lumpkin.
Arnold, Arthur E (Mary), liveryman, r 214 E Hancock avenue.
Arnold, John (c), laborer, r Hill.
Arnold, John L (Alice), druggist, r 517 S Lumpkin.
Arnold, Jordan (c), laborer, r Water.
Arnold, Julia (c), washerwoman, r 27 Billups.

Arnold, Marion M (Laura), merchant, r 14 W Dougherty.
Arnold, O H Jr, (Aurie), merchant, r 609 S Milledge avenue.
Ash, Howard C (Yula), clerk Abney Bros Co, r 519 College avenue.
Ash, Mrs Lula, r 486 Barber.
Ash, Rufus R, foreman batting mill, r Prince and Park avenue.
Ash, William C (Eula), cotton factor,, r Prince and Park avenue.
Atkins, Boyd (c), laborer, r 36 Warsaw.
Atkinson, T H (Susie M), linotype operator Athens Banner.
Atkisson, Miss Eva, clerk postoffice, bds 15 Strong.
Atkisson, George B (Carrie), teacher, r 15 Strong.
Atkisson, George E, printer, bds 15 Strong.
Attaway, J W (Minnie), carpenter, r 410 N Church.
Auffling, Ned (c), tinner, r 9 Warsaw.
Austin, John (c), carpenter, r 1100 W Broad.
Austin, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 110 N Pope.
Autry, S L (Jeffie), farmer, r Hill.
Aycock, Elvira (c), washerwoman, r 210 Elberton.
Aycock, Fannie (c), washerwoman, r 38 Willow.
Bacon, Ed (c), shoemaker, r 416 Strong.
Bacon, Rosa (c), cook, r rear of 603 Henderson avenue.
Baer, L E (Henrietta), plumber, r 9 Strong.
Bailey, A B (Marion), engineer Georgia R R, r 609 N Jackson.
Bailey, Andrew (c), barber, r 212 N Pope.
Bailey, Mrs C, r 749 College avenue.
Bailey, C F (Laura), merchant, r 149 Elberton.
Bailey, D W (Lula), plumber, r 30 Grove.
Bailey Fred L (Minnie), mac Ath Fdry & Mach Works, r 341 S Jackson.
Bailey, Geo A, merchant, boards 118 S Hull.
Bailey, Joseph (Mary), carpenter, r 784 Oak.
Bailey, L E (Mattie), foreman Athens Foundry, r Boulevard.
Bailey, Mrs M, seamtress, r 32 Baldwin.

Bailey, R E (Emma), eng Moss Mfg Co, r 24 Cleveland avenue.
Bailey, R W (Anna), carpenter, r 457 Bloomfield.
Bailey, Susie (c), washerwoman, r 552 Athens avenue.
Bailey, Thomas (Sarah), manager Athens Foundry, r 118 S Hull.
Bailey, William (Mattie), teacher, r 611 Third.
Bain, Fred N (Lottie), clerk Davison & Lowe, r 103 N Hull.
Baker, Georgia (c), cook), r 109 Rock Spring.
Baker, J W (Annie), cotton mill overseer, r 19 Summey.
Baker, W J T (Sarah), watchman Athens Mfg Co, r 15 Peters.
Baker, John (c), gardener, r 1004 Cobb.
Baldwin, Ben (c), driver Michael Bros Co, r 646 Chase.
Baldwin, Savannah (c), seamstress, r 653 Morris.
Ball, Caroline (c), laborer, r 61 Green.
Bancroft, Edward, bookkeeper Webb & Crawford, r 248 S Pope.
Banks, Clark (c), barber, r 11 Chase.
Banks, Anderson (c), laborer r Fair Grounds.
Banks, Linton (c), carpenter, r 603 N Lumpkin.
Barber, H B, merchant, r 808 River.
Barber, S M, merchant, r 808 River.
Barnes, Frank (c), laborer, r 729 College avenue.
Barnes, Matilda (c), washerwoman, r 708 Fourth.
Barnett, H H, carpenter, r 1300 Vine.
Barnett, J W (India), city engineer, r 17 S Milledge avenue.
Barnett, Nettie (c), washerwoman, r 175 Rock Spring.
Barnett, Sam (c), laborer, r 539 Pulaski.
Barnett, Steve (c), laborer, r 515 N Milledge avenue.
Barnett, William (c), laborer, r 117 Chase.
Barrett, Thos H (Isa), lumberman, r 773 College avenue.
Barrow, Miss Clara, teacher city schools, bds 708 Dearing.
Barrow, David C (Fannie), prof Univ of Ga, r 708 Dearing.
Barry, Eugene (Fannie), mail carrier, r 315 Strong.
Barry, Fred (Fannie). fireman city dept, r 510 N Thomas.
Barry, John, r 510 N Thomas.
Barry, Paul, works C A Rowland, bds 510 N Thomas.
Barry, Mrs R C, r 510 N Thomas.

Barwick, Mrs Emma, r 603 W Hancock Ave.
Barwick, Howell, collector Tele Ex, boards 603 W Hancock Ave.
Barwick, Miss Mary, teacher city schools, bds 603 W Hancock Ave.
Basinger, Miss E G, r University campus.
Basinger, Wllliam S (Margaret), attorney, r University campus.
Basner, G F (Louisa), drayman, r 947 Oak.
Bass, Martha (c), nurse, r 1127 Reese.
Batise, Prince (c), laborer, r 240 S Hull.
Battle, Jim (c), laborer, r 501 E Broad.
Baugh, Chas V, clerk M M Arnold, bds 435 Bloomfield.
Baugh, J D (Savannah), clerk J P Fears & Son, r 435 Bloomfield.
Baugh, Miss Sarah, seamstress, r 723 Baxter.
Baugh, W C (Maggie), salesman, r 107 Baxter.
Baughcum, Cornelius (Sallie), farmer, r 621 Oconee.
Baughn, Mrs J F, r 363 S Church.
Baxter, Claud (Belle), plumber, r 716 Georgia Railroad street.
Baxter, Mrs Frances, r 716 Georgia Railroad street.
Baynes, Eugene, student, r 609 S Milledge avenue.
Bazell, Ham (c), laborer, r 26 Waddell.
Bazell, James (c), gardener, r 611 Plum.
Beasley, Thomas, painter, r 18 Hickory.
Beall, Marcus (c), butcher, r 17 Newton.
Beatty, Rev Troy (Frederika), rector Emmanuel church, r 705 Prince
Beatty, Mrs W H, r 612 Meigs.
Bell, C M (M E), hackman, r 608 E Broad.
Bell, Charles (c), laborer, r 655 Odd.
Ball, F J (Olive), artist, r W Broad near Lumpkin.
Bell, F M, marble dealer, bds 109 N Lumpkin.
Bell, Georgia (c), washerwoman, r 1213 W Broad.
Bell, Miss Hattie, dressmaker, r 320 E Washington.
Bell, Henry (c), laborer, r 44 Green.
Bell, Henry (c), laborer, r 1213 W Broad.
Bell, John (c), laborer, r 1232 Vine.
Bell, Judge (c), drayman, r 15 Rock Spring.
Bell, Mrs N B, r 320 E Washington.

Bell, Thos M, hackman, bds 608 E Broad.
Bellamy, J D (Ophelia), carriage maker, r 112 Baxter.
Belle, Lula (c), washerwoman, r 712 Little.
Benedict, Samuel C (Annie), physician, r 9 E Broad.
Bennett, T R, stenographer Arnold Gro Co, bds 505 N Jackson.
Benson, J W (Alice), mechanic, r 700 Peabody.
Benson, John (Mary), drayman, r 411 Poplar.
Bernard, G T, clerk, bds 115 Waddell.
Bernard, Hugh R (Mary), minister, r 115 Waddell.
Bernard, Lee M, clerk, bds 115 Waddell.
Bernstein, S (Janie), merchant, r 114 W Hancock avenue.
Berry, Melinda (c), cook, r 467 Compress.
Betts, B M (Minnie), city fireman, r 313 S Lumpkin.
Betts, Burke (Vallie), clerk McMahan & Son, r 314 S Lumpkin.
Betts, Dr. L N (Daisy), dentist, r 314 S Lumpkin.
Betts, T Parks, collector, bds 44 Cedar.
Betts, W Frank, liveryman, boards 44 Cedar.
Betts, Dr W P (Lizzie), dentist, r 44 Cedar.
Beusse, Dedrich (Minnie), fireman, r S Lumpkin.
Beusse, Fred, bookkeeper Dorsey & Funkenstein, bds 625 Henderson.
Beusse, C G (Flonnie), clerk So Ry, r 103 N Church.
Beusse, Mrs H, r 625 Henderson avenue.
Beusse, Henry W, clerk, bds 625 Henderson avenue.
Beusse, Jesse H (Jessie), trav salesman, r 625 Henderson avenue.
Billups, Burrell (c), waiter, r 115 Chase.
Billups, Joanna (c}, washerwoman, r 603 N Hull.
Billups, Steve (c), laborer, r 1 Lyndon row.
Billups, Steve (c), works Hodgson Cot Co, r 44 N Findley.
Binns, Luella (c), washerwoman, r 614 Strong.
Bird, Alice (c), washerwoman, r 311 Reese.
Bird, Clifford E, works So Ry, boards 701 Barber.
Bird, Miss Eula, teacher city schools, boards 701 Barber.
Bird, Miss Ferry, teacher, boards 701 Barber.
Bird, John (Tallulah), r 701 Barber
Bird, Joseph (Mattie), butcher, r 604 Oconee.

Bird, J Ovid, bookkeeper Michael Bros Co, boards 701 Barber.
Bird, Mark (c), laborer, 1 Lyndon row.
Bird, Solomon (c), carpenter, r 422 W Broad.
Bisson, B G, Stone cutter, boards 216 W Hancock avenue
Bishop, B T (Mollie), carpenter, r 219 E Hancock avenue.
Bishop, Charles, electrician, r 219 E Hancock avenue.
Bishop, Miss Lucy, r 227 S Jackson.
Bisson, J H (Ida), stone cutter, Cemetery.
Blackman, Mrs T C, seamtress, r 32 Baldwin.
Blackstock, Lee, barber A M Bryant's, bds 2 W Hancock avenue.
Blair, Ferd (Cora), cotton mill operator, r 314 Mitchell.
Blair, Mrs Mary, r 461 Oconee.
Blakely, Louis (c), butler, r 526 Hodgson.
Blakey, Jim (c), laborer, r 18 N Pope.
Bloomfield, Mrs C O, r 503 Hill.
Bloomfield, James C (Lillian), Physician, r 445 Barber.
Bloomfield, Robert E, electrician, bds 503 Hill.
Blount, Lewis (Ida), machinist Ath Foundry & Mach Co, r 623 W Hancock Ave.
Blumberg, H, peddler, bds 216 W Hancock avenue.
Bocock, Willis H (Bessie), prof Univ of Ga, r S Milledge avenue.
Bolding, Miss A, boarding house keeper, r 437 Oconee.
Boley, Sidney (Minnie), merchant, r 130 W Hancock avenue.
Boley, Sol J (Minnie G), merchant, r 27 W Dougherty.
Bolton, E H (Mattie), clerk Cobb Lampkin, r 225 N Findley.
Bolton, W E (Callie), carpenter, r 1308 Springdale.
Bond, Mrs C P, r 716 Oak.
Bond, E F (Hettie), undertaker Dorsey & Funkenstein, r 441 Pulaski.
Bond, G G (Claude), supt city schools, r 430 Dearing.
Bond, U. L (c), laborer, r 651 Odd.
Bondurant, Emmett J (Birdie), merchant, r 109 W Hancock avenue.
Bone, Miss Dorcas, seamstress, r 117 S Harris.
Bone, Miss Lula, milliner Michael Bros Co, bds 505 N Jackson.
Booker, Ben (c), laborer, r 220 S Thomas.
Booker, Ben (c), laborer, r rear of 227 S Jackson.

Booker, Moses (c), plumber, r 1006 W Broad.
Boone, S B, carpenter, r 331 E Hancock avenue.
Booth, Dewitt (Addie), merchant, r Barberville.
Booth, George M (Belle), farmer, r 633 College avenue.
Booth, J N, clerk E H Dorsey, bds 505 N Jackson.
Booth, James H (Sallie), liveryman, r Barberville.
Booth, John N (Rosa), farmer and cattle, r Boulevard.
Booth, Thomas M, butcher, bds 410 N Jackson.
Booth, W R (Rosa), merchant, r Barberville.
Bostwick, Alex (c), laborer, r 1202 W Broad.
Bostwick, George (c), laborer, r 1429 W Broad.
Boswell, Mrs S A, boarding house, r 28 W Hancock Ave.
Bowden, C C (Josie), prop Ath Bot Wks, r 207 S Jackson.
Bowden, F H (Lula), merchant, r 317 E Dougherty.
Bowden, W D (Mollie}, ice cream mfg, r 114 N Thomas.
Bowles, Mannie (Sallie), clerk D M Aaron, r 794 Oak.
Boyce, N O, foreman, bds 326 Oconee.
Boyd, Bailey (c), laborer, r 410 Strong.
Boyd, Basiline (c), teacher, r 307 N Pope.
Boyd, William (c), shoemaker, r 307 N Pope.
Bradberry, Ira A (Ida), city marshal, r Nacoochee avenue.
Bradberry, J E (Sarah), farmer, r Boulevard.
Bradberry, Miss Lou, Milliner, r Boulevard.
Bradberry, Mrs M E, r 319 Mitchell.
Bradberry, Miss Maggie, milliner, r Bouevard.
Bradberry, R E (Lallie), candy mfg, r Boulevard.
Bradley, Abner (Nelia), plumber, r 356 Williams.
Bradley, J F, r 614 Pulaski.
Bradley, J R (Minnie), works S A L Ry, r 704 College avenue.
Bradley, John (c), teacher, r 109 N Findley.
Bradley, R D (Eliza), sec foreman S A L Ry, r 657 College avenue.
Bradley, Richard (c), laborer, r 110 Athens avenue,
Bragg, John (c), laborer, r 503 River.
Brand, Charles H (Mary), sol gen Western Circuit, r 1023 Prince.
Brand, Rufus (Mamie),oper Sou Mfg Co, r Nacoochee Ave.

Brandt, C W, jeweler, r Prince.
Brandt, Mrs. I J, r Prince avenue.
Brandt, Rudolph (Vessie), jeweler, r 626 Dearing.
Brannen, Bud (c), laborer, r 512 Ash row.
Brannen, Bud (c), laborer Athens Oil Mill, r 546 Barber
Brannen, John (c), laborer Athens Oil Mill, r 546 Barber.
Brantley, J R (Dora), cotton buyer, W Dougherty.
Brawner, Isabelle (c) washerwoman, r 832 Cherry.
Brawner, Richard (c), laborer, r Barberville.
Brawner, Richard (c), laborer, r 851 S Lumpkin.
Bray, Walter, dairyman, bds 721 S Lumpkin.
Brewer, Matilda (c), washerwoman, r 916 Meigs.
Brewer, Walker (c), laborer, r Barbervllle.
Bridges, Mrs Anna, seamstress, r 615 Oak.
Bridges, J O (Emma), r 26 Mulberry.
Bridges, Mrs M J, seamstress, 212 River.
Briggs, William P (Annie). Ry Agt, r 303 N Milledge avenue.
Brightwell, Miss Evie, seamstress, r 15 E Dougherty.
Brightwell, J W, clerk Wingfield & Co, r 25 S Findley.
Brightwell, Miss Lessie, trained nurse, bds 25 S Findley.
Briscoe, Miss Cassie, teacher, bds 226 S Lumpkin.
Briscoe, M P (Ella), insurance, r 226 S Lumpkin.
Briscoe, Miss Ossie, teacher, bds 226 S Lumpkin.
Briscoe, Miss Sallie, teacher, bds 226 S Lumpkin.
Brittain, Lake (c), servant, r rear of 919 Cobb.
Brittain, Mrs Mary, works Athens Mfg Co, r 184 Water.
Broach, G A, (I A), car inspector S A L R R, r 741 College avenue.
Brooks, A L (Annie), real estate agent, r Boulevard.
Brooks, Charley (c), laborer, r 1113 W Hancock avenue.
Brooks, D W (Louisa), eng city rock crusher, r 114 Baxter.
Brooks, David (c), shoemaker, r 1571 Arch.
Brooks, Emmett (c), servant, r rear of 402 Prince avenue.
Brooks, H, clerk J Wolf, bds 105 S Jackson.
Brooks, Henry (c), laborer, r First.
Brooks, Ike (c), laborer, r 1234 Vine.

Brooks, Katie (c), cook, r 411 China.
Brooks, Lizzie (c), cook, r Grady avenue.
Brooks, Loyd E (Sallie), salesman Talmage Hardware Co, r 129 Washington.
Brooks, Lucy (c), washerwoman, r 1113 W Hancock avenue.
Brooks, Mrs Matilda, r 129 Washington.
Brooks, Ned (c), driver T L Abney, r 525 College avenue.
Broome, J D (Mamie), carpenter, r 330 W Dougherty.
Broughton, Elijah (c), laborer, r 424 N Findley.
Brown, A Clifton, carpenter, r Nantahala Ave.
Brown, A J, bds 222 S Lumpkin.
Brown, Albert (c), janitor, r 444 Athens avenue.
Brown, Anderson (c), clerk postoffice, r 1023 Reese.
Brown, Anderson (c), laborer, r 22 Baxter.
Brown, C R (M J), mfg rubber stamps, r 754 College avenue.
Brown, Callie (c), laborer, r 217 S Thomas.
Brown, Charlie (c), laborer, r 650 Chase.
Brown, Cicero (c), laborer, r Waddell.
Brown, Ed (c), laborer Athens Oil Mill, r 28 Cleveland avenue.
Brown, Ernest S, stenographer, r 660 Barber.
Brown, Escott H (Nellie), jeweler, r 660 Barber.
Brown, Fannie (c), cook, r 18 S Hull.
Brown, George (c), r Elberton.
Brown, Gus (c), janitor, r 440 N Findley.
Brown, J H (c), teacher, r 731 S Lumpkin.
Brown, J T (Julia), merchant, r 22 S Lumpkin.
Brown, Jerry (c), blacksmith, r 928 W Broad.
Brown, John (c), laborer Moss Mfg Co, r 207 Savannah avenue.
Brown, Joseph, salesman, bds 410 N Jackson.
Brown, Miss L A, r 201 Hoyt.
Brown, L C, manager Coca Cola Co, r 29 W Dougherty.
Brown, Miss Lizzie, clerk Michael Bros Co, r 22 E Clayton.
Brown, Loyd (c), shoemaker, r 442 River.
Brown, Miss M A, r 503 Hill.
Brown, M L, carpenter, r Nantahala Ave.

Brown, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 207 Savannah avenue.
Brown, Minor W, carpenter, r 202 Nantahala avenue.
Brown, Reese (c), works Moss Mfg Co, r 22 Cleveland avenue.
Brown, Sanford (c), laborer, r 9 Lyndon row.
Brown, Miss Sue, houskeeper, r 707 Oak.
Brown, West (c), laborer, r 5 15 N Milledge avenue.
Brown, Will (c), fireman Athens Empire Laundry, r 407 Reese.
Browning, M D (Wilda), clerk Webb & Crawford, r 312 N Church.
Bruce, S (Susan), painter, r 28 Baldwin.
Bruce, W H (Fannie), works Moore's Cafe, r 28 Baldwin.
Brumby, Miss A W, teacher city schools, bds 213 E Hancock ave.
Brumby, Course (c), drayman, r 34 Valley.
Brumby, Miss Hattie, sten Strickland & Green, bds 605 Hill.
Brumby, John W (Belle H), farmer, r 213 E Hancock avenue.
Bryan, William T (Harriet), sec Athens St Ry Co, r 908 Prince ave.
Bryant, A M (Francis), barber, Georgia Railroad street.
Brydie, Eugene (c), barber, r 101 N Findley.
Brydie, Nancy (c), washerwoman, r 1227 W Broad.
Bryson, John W, r 622 Pulaski.
Bryson, L G (c), brick mason, r 626 Fifth.
Buchner, Fred (Ida), carpenter, r 947 Oak.
Buchwald, E (Mary), merchant, r College avenue.
Buchwald, M (Rachel), clerk, r 107 Washington.
Buchwald, Samuel H (Libbie), merchant, r 37 W Dougherty.
Budget, Molly (c), teacher, r 1112 W Broad.
Budget, Sol (c), laborer, r 1112 W Broad.
Buffington, Miss Julia, seamtress Miss Cone, r Boulevard.
Bugg, Perry (c), laborer, r 432 River.
Bulloch, James R (May), clerk Turner & Hodgson, r W Dougherty.
Bullock, B G (Nellie), carpenter, r 1216 Herring.
Bullock, Bartow, carpenter, r Wilkerson.
Bullock, Dock (Pinkie), carpenter, r 628 Oconee.
Bullock, George (Susie), carpenter, r Herring.
Bullock, Green (c), laborer, r 444 Bridge.
Bullock, Mrs Ida, r 712 E Broad.

Bunkley, Frank (c), laborer, r 1200 Arch.
Bunkley, Matthew (c), laborer, r First.
Burch, Miss Alice, milliner Misses Bradberry, bds 318 E Dougherty.
Burch, Arthur M (Lonie), Merchant, r Boulevard.
Burch, George W, works W H Davis pool room, bds 110 Baldwin
Burch, J M, salesman, bds 110 Baldwin.
Burch, Jim B, clerk, bds 318 W Dougherty.
Burch, John, clerk So Ry, bds 318 E Dougherty.
Burch, Joseph L (Mary), elks J S King & Co, r 110 Baldwin.
Burch, Lee (c), laborer, r Barberville.
Burch, Luther H ( Laura), clerk Burch Gro store, r 318 E Dougherty.
Burch, Mandy (c), cook, r 141 Elberton.
Burch, Mary (c), cook, r 306 S Lumpkin.
Burch, Rufus, clerk Abney Bros Co, bds 318 E Dougherty.
Burch, Mrs S C, seamstress, r 730 Oak.
Burch, Scott (c). laborer, r 763 Oconee.
Burch, Willie, clerk Burch Gro Co, bds 318 E Dougherty.
Burkhalter, Robert (c), servant, r rear of 319 Meigs.
Burnett, Mrs Annie R, r 710 Hill.
Burnett, W B (Mattie), clerk L B Flatow Co, r 20 Foundry.
Burns, Hattie (c), washerwoman, r 16 Warsaw.
Burns, W A (C J), cotton buyer, r 604 N Jackson.
Burpee, Miss Lula, dressmaker, r 222 E Clayton.
Burpee, Miss Mary, dressmaker, r 222 E Clayton.
Burpee, Robert A (Lula), policeman, r 429 River.
Burriss, George (Dora), works Klein & Martin, r 13 Peters.
Burton, A V (Eliza), machine agent, r 412 N Jackson.
Burton, Miss Daisy, milliner Davison & Lowe, bds 412 N Jackson.
Burton, Miss Janet, milliner Michael Bros Co, bds 412 N Jackson.
Burton, Martha (c), washerwoman, r 328 Cleveland avenue.
Bush, S J, clerk Commercial Hotel, r Commercial Hotel.
Bush, Sol (c), laborer, r 510 W Broad.
Butler, Betsy (c), cook r 18 N Pope.
Butler, Dick (c), servant, r rear of 666 S Milledge avenue.
Butler, J F, r 1310 E Broad.

Butler, J P (Emma), supt Oconee Oil Mill, r 432 Oconee.
Bulter, J W (Stella), trav salesman, r cor Hancock and Jackson.
Butler, Mrs S A, r 529 Baxter.
Butler, S L, pressman Athens Banner, r 529 Baxter.
Buttel, Mrs A, r Reese.
Buttel, Miss Elsa, teacher Lucy Cobb Institutite, r Reese.
Buttrill, Samuel (Naomi), carpenter, r 775 College avenue.
Cain, John R (L M), boss city hands, r 326 Oconee.
Caldwell, John (c), fireman, r 1127 Reese.
Calloway, Brantley (c), laborer, r 150 Water.
Calloway, Knox (c), laborer, r 10 Wray.
Calloway, Sue (c), washerwoman, r 420 Prince Ave.
Camak, James W, attorney, bds 319 Meigs.
Camak, Louis, bookkeeper Athens Foundry & Mach Works, bds 319 Meigs.
Camak, Mrs M W, r 319 Meigs.
Campbell, Aolnzo (c), laborer, r 632 Foundry.
Campbell, Miss Agnes, seamstress, r 404 Foundry.
Campbell, Charles (c), laborer, r 506 Ash row.
Campbell, Crawford (c), carpenter, r 1217 Vine.
Campbell, Della (c), washerwoman, r 652 Morris.
Campbell, Harrison (c), carpenter, r 1223 W Hancock avenue.
Campbell, J A, clerk Athens Hdw Co, r 109 N Lumpkin.
Campbell, Jerry (c), laborer, r 636 Morris.
Campbell, John (c), butler Capt R Nickerson, r 642 Morris.
Campbell, John P (Martha), prof Univ of Ga, r 19 S Milledge avenue.
Campbell, Louis (c), carpenter, r 1223 W Hancock avenue.
Campbell, Luke (c), laborer, r 652 Morris.
Canning, L P, merchant, r Prince ave near Park avenue.
Canning, W R ,merchant, r Prince ave near Park avenue.
Cannon, Oscar (c), laborer, r Barberville.
Cape, Miss Lizzie, houskeeper, r 328 E Dougherty.

Capps, William A, jeweler, bds 114 N Thomas.
Carithers, D J, carpenter, r Childs.
Carithers, Miss Eula, clerks D W McGregor, bds Childs.
Carithers, Herschel, bookkeeper So Mutual Ins Co, bds 604 Meigs.
Carithers, Horace (c), laborer, r 970 Oconee.
Carithers, James Y (Eula), pres Athens St Ry Co, r 726 Hill.
Carithers, John G, cotton buyer, bds 604 Meigs.
Carithers, L T (Fannie), carpenter, r Childs.
Carithers, Mrs Lucy, r 25 Peters.
Carithers, W E (Annie Laurie), printer Athens Banner, r Childs.
Carithers, William G (Mary), collector, r 604 Meigs.
Carlovitz, Otto (Belle), clerk Central R R, r 221 E Dougherty.
Carlton, Bud (c), laborer, r near 225 S Lumpkin.
Carlton, Major Henry H (Helen), insurance, r 221 S Pope.
Carlton, H H Jr, insurance, bds 221 S Pope.
Carlton, John N (Annie), cotton weigher, r 1220 Springdale.
Carlton, Miss Livy, teacher city schools, bds 221 S Pope.
Carlton, Miss Marion, teacher, bds 221 S Pope.
Carlton, W A, physician, r cor Milledge and Springdale.
Carlton, W T (Belle), fireman city department, r 444 Oconee.
Carmack, Albert (c), laborer, r 243 Cleveland avenue.
Carr, C L, clerk Webb & Crawford, bds 505 N Jackson.
Carr, Miss F C, r 786 Oconee.
Carson, Harriet (c), nurse, r 407 E Broad.
Carter, Colonel (c), works Bryant's barber shop, r 9 Paris.
Carter, D L (Emma), miller, r 23 Summey.
Carter, Mrs J W (Georgia), works Athens Banner, r 712 Oak.
Carter, Laura (c), washerwoman, r 143 Elberton.
Carter, Mrs Margaret, r 15 Mulberry.
Carter, Sanford (c), laborer, r 228 S Hull.
Carter, Susie (c), teacher city schools, r 803 Prince avenue.
Carter, W G (c), pool room manager, r 803 Prince avenue.
Carter, W T (Lula), collector, r 749 College avenue.
Carter, Y J (Mamie), works So Mfg Co, r 712 Oak.
Cartledge, S C {Belle), mail carrier, r Hill.

Cartledge, Rev Thomas D (Ada), minister, r 522 Franklin.
Cash, Y F (Almeta), clerk Cobb Lampkin, r 605 College avenue.
Caskey, G M, contractor, r 19 E Clayton.
Caskey, J W, contractor, r 19 E Clayton.
Cason, Henry (c), works E H Dorsey, r 833 Cherry.
Center, A M (Lillie), city sanitary inspector, r 706 Oconee.
Center, FL (Bessie), works Athens Foundry, r 710 Oconee.
Chafin, H L, bicycle repairer, r N Lumpkin.
Chambers, Z T, factory operative, r Baldwin.
Chandler, B M G (Mary), blacksmith, r Barberville.
Chandler, Charles B (Mamie), farmer, r 1114 Cobb.
Chandler, Mrs J J, r 1124 Cobb.
Chandler, James, clerk Ga National Bank, bds Grady avenue.
Chandler, Ralph A (Lena), ins agt, r 1124 Cobb.
Charlton, West (c) laborer, r 846 Cherry.
Chastain, Ephraim (c), r 1625 Nellie B avenue.
Chatman, John (c), farmer, r 546 Barber.
Cheney, A D (Mamie), sec Athens Mfg Co, r 401 N Jackson.
Cheney, Neb (c), laborer, r 837 Cherry.
Cheney, James S (Emmie), liveryman, r 409 N Jackson.
Childers, Fred, clerk, bds 3 Strong.
Childers, J Hammond, Clerk Ga R R depot, bds 3 Strong.
Childers, John (Linnie), brickmason, r 488 Oconee.
Childers, Joseph (Mary), farmer, r Little.
Childers, S P, blaster, r 202 Water.
Childers, Wiley, tinner, r 3 Strong.
Chinn, Harry (c), laborer, r 1590 E Broad.
Choate, H E (Julia), sec-treas Michael Bros Co, r Hill near Billups.
Christian, Alexander (c), laborer, r 403 Bridge.
Christian, Geo, works So Mfg Co, r 536 Barber.
Christopher, Miss Jessie, teacher city schools, bds 600 Henderson.
Christy, J R (Cora), sten Northern Circuit, r S Lumpkin.
Church, Iowa (c), servant, r 109 Pulaski.
Church, W A E (S L), clerk, r 755 S Lumpkin.
Clark, Lewis S (c), teacher, r 413 W Hancock Ave.

Clark, Maggie (c), cook, r 13 N Hull.
Clark, Mat (c), farmer, r 978 Oconee.
Clark, Mid (c), laborer, r 634 N Hull.
Clark, W F (Ellen), painter, r 485 Hall.
Clark, Will (c), laborer, r 208 E Dougherty.
Clarke, Alex (c), laborer, r 833 Cherry.
Clarke, John (c) laborer, r 838 Cherry.
Clarke, Tom (c), whitewasher, r 16 Peters.
Clay, Robert (c), laborer, r 62 Field.
Clayton, Joe (c), laborer, r 17 Green.
Clements, Cliff (c), driver Dorsey & Funkenstein, r 335 Strong.
Clements, Harry (c), waiter, r 630 Athens avenue.
Clements, J E (Emma), carpenter, 742 Fourth.
Clements, Meck (c), washerwoman, r 308 Cleveland avenue.
Clements, Nathan (c), works Athens Foundry, r 27 Willow.
Clements, Nathan (c), laborer, r 642 N Hull.
Cleveland, W P, commission broker, bds 426 Dearing.
Clifton, Arthur V (Kate), photographer, r 124 Waddell.
Clifton, Mrs Y B, boarding house, r 232 S Lumpkin.
Clinton, Ophelia (c), washerwoman, r off from S Lumpkin.
Clodfelter, Mrs D F, seamtress, r 412 W Hancock Ave.
Cobb, Miss Carolyn, teacher, bds 6 N Milledge avenue.
Cobb, Howell (Mary), judge city court of Athens, r 6 N Milledge ave.
Cobb, J B L, clerk Windsor Hotel, r Windsor Hotel.
Cobb, Joe (c), farmer, r 437 Compress.
Cobb, Julius (c), laborer, r 1105 W Hancock avenue.
Cobb, Lamar (Olivia), r 499 Barber.
Cobb, Robert (c), carpenter, r 26 Rock Spring.
Cochran, A P (Minnie), farmer, r 210 N Church.
Cofer, Ephraim (c), gardener, r 436 N Findley.
Cofer, Willis (c), gardener, r 436 N Findley.
Cohen, Aaron (Sarah), trav salsmn, r Commercial Hotel.
Cohen, Edward B, trav salesman, r W Dougherty.
Cohn, Mrs Daisy, boarding house, r 37 W Dougherty.
Cole, Andrew (c), drayman, r 510 Ash row.

Cole, Billy (c), gardener, r 339 Johns.
Cole, Bishop (c), driver, r 217 S Thomas.
Cole, Brydie (c), servant, r 1108 Reese.
Cole, Hansell (c), janitor city schools, r 339 Johns.
Cole, John (c), works J P Fears & Son, r 1025 Reese.
Cole, Manuel (c), carpenter, r 615 W Broad.
Coles, Nettie (c), cook, r rear of 1173 Cobb.
Cole, Richard (c), works St Ry, r 1271 Arch.
Cole, Will (c), servant, r 1111 Reese.
Coleman, Mrs Ann, r 218 River.
Coleman, Cora (c), cook, r 7 Hickory.
Coleman, Oliver (Mary), butcher, r 618 N Jackson.
Colbert, Mrs E C, r 421 Pulaski.
Colley, Alvin, oper So Mfg Co, r Nantahala avenue.
Colley, Charles, oper So Mfg Co, r Nantahala avenue.
Colley, Ed (Lula), oper So Mfg Co, r Nantahala avenue.
Colley, G W, drayman, r Foundry.
Colley, George (V F), carriage trimmer, r 802 E Broad.
Collier, B S (Maud), sec foreman So Ry, r 623 College avenue.
Collier, George (c), servant, r 105 Chase.
Collier, Jesse, section hand So Ry, bds 623 College avenue.
Collins, Andrew (c), laborer, r 1698 E Broad.
Collins, Ben (c), laborer, r 422 Bridge.
Collins, Charles, painter, bds 639 College avenue.
Collins, Ed (c), laborer, r 1263 Fairview.
Collins, George (Effie), merchant, r 639 College avenue.
Collins, Isaac (c), bill poster, r 715 Washington.
Collins, John clerks Davison Lowe, bds 28 W Hancock Ave.
Collins, Joseph M (Victoria), carp, r 113 Washington.
Collins, R A (Henrietta), shoemaker, r 409 Rock Spring.
Collins, Richard (c), janitor, r 414 W Broad.
Collins, Tom (c), farmer, r 1114 Dearing.
Collins, Will, clerk Davison & Lowe, bds 2 W Hancock avenue.
Colquitt, Jeff (c), laborer, r 1011 Waddell.
Colquitt, Reese (c), tailor, r 212 Newton.

Comer, Miss Anna, r Church.
Comer, Austin F (Mary), clerk E H Dorsey, r 223 S Milledge avenue.
Comer, Thos F J (Pauline), clerk King & Co, r 502 Barber.
Compton, Mrs Mattie, r 76 Cedar.
Conaway, L D (Cora), mail carrier, r 329 E Washington.
Cone, Miss Myra, dressmaker, r 219 E Hancock avenue.
Conlon, D J, clerk Michael Bros Co, r Cor Clayton and Lumpkin.
Connally, Mrs Lizzie, r 611 Third.
Connell, Miss S E, housekeeper, r 1014 Hill.
Conway, Alfred T (Bessie), bookkeeper Ga Nat Bank, r Reese.
Conway, Henry C (Mattie), manager Athens Tel Ex, r 517 Prince.
Conway, William B (Julia), physician, r Wynburn Place.
Cook, A H (Mary), horseman, r Fair Grounds.
Cook, Arthur (c), laborer, r 19 Warsaw.
Cook, D J (Martha), policeman, r 520 N Lumpkin.
Cook, Harriet (c), cook, r 708 Cohen.
Cook, Harvey L (E F), bookkeeper Abe Joel, r College avenue.
Cook, J A, clerk Athens Hdw Co, bds 410 N Jackson.
Cook, J E (Maude), clerk Athens Hdw Co, bds 410 N Jackson.
Cook, J O (Mattie), carpenter, r 1218 Herring.
Cook, Miss Olivia, milliner Davison & Lowe, r 219 E Hancock ave.
Cook, Miss Vida, dressmaker, r 219 E Hancock avenue.
Cook, Walter, works Henry Reaves, r Fair Ground.
Cook, William (Lula), farmer, r 27 Pine.
Cooper, Burrell (c), laborer, r 1550 Oconee.
Cooper, C C (Mamie), bkpr Oconee Oil & Fert Co, r cor College and Strong.
Cooper, Charles, carpenter, r 780 Oak.
Cooper, Charles W (Beulah), horse dealer, r 303 E Dougherty.
Cooper, H K (Julia), carpenter, r 780 Oak.
Cooper, J C (Mamie), pres Oconee Oil & Fert Co, r 220 Prince ave.
Cooper, John H, student, bds 303 E Dougherty.
Cooper, J P, fertilizers, bds Windsor Hotel, N Lumpkin.
Cooper, John Z, r 303 E Dougherty.
Cooper, Marcellus, mechanic, r 703 Peabody.

Corbin, Henry (Laura), tinner, r 962 Oconee.
Corso, A, merchant, r 509 Barber.
Cosby, Lum (c), laborer, r 324 Strong.
Costa, A (Rosina), merchant, r 509 Barber.
Couch, Mrs M J, r Wood.
Couch, Mrs Nancy, r 611 Third.
Cox, Arthur C (Annie), conductor So Ry, r 630 College avenue.
Cox, Bob (c), laborer, r rear of 5 E Hancock avenue.
Cox, C D (Mary L), agent Ga R R, r 259 S Church.
Cox, Claud H (Mary L), trav salsmn Talmadge Bros & Co, r 602 Hill.
Cox, Dick (c), driver, r rear of 14 W Dougherty.
Cox, E C (Mary), conductor So Ry, r 630 College avenue.
Cox, Edward D, collector Athens Banner, r 511 College avenue.
Covert, Angeline (c), cook, r 335 Strong.
Crane, Benjamin A, cotton buyer, bds 716 Prince avenue.
Crane, Mrs Fannie T, r 716 Prince avenue.
Crane, James R (Daisy), real estate agent, r 716 Prince avenue.
Crane, Rufus, cotton buyer, bds 716 Prince avenue.
Crane, William M (Irmine), merchant, r 820 Springdale.
Crawford, Mrs E A, teacher, r 818 Hill.
Crawford, George (Dora), r River.
Crawford, Ike (c), laborer, r 502 Ash row.
Crawford, Jane (c), washerwoman, r 145 Tabernacle.
Crawford, Mack (c), laborer, r rear of 604 N Jackson.
Crawford, Thomas R (Mattie), farmer, r 854 River.
Credelle, Annie (c), cook, r 306 S Lumpkin.
Credelle, Mamie (c), cook, r 306 S Lumpkin.
Creighton, Belle (c), washerwoman, r 619 N Hull.
Creighton, Miss Ida, music teacher, r 117 S Harris.
Crenshaw, Charlie (c), laborer, r 621 Third.
Croft, Major (c), laborer, r 207 Rock Spring.
Cronenburger, J, pastor Christian church, r 444 Barber.
Crow, Dr L H (Lollie), physician, r 128 W Broad.
Crtuchfield, Miss Hallie, sten Michael Bros Co, bds 410 N Jackson.
Culberson, Clarence (c), laborer, r 663 Water.

Culberson, Will, clerk Sol Boley, bds 449 Oconee.
Culp, Benjamin F (S A), chief of police, r 617 Baxter.
Cumbers, George (Ambrosia), insurance agent, r 217 Strong.
Cumming, Frank (c), bottler, r 209 Waddell.
Cunningham, J F (Pink), butcher, r 740 N Lumpkin.
Dailey, D C (A A), clerk J S Bernstein, r College avenue.
Dalton, George (c), works So Ry, r Fairview.
Daniel, Miss Clara, clerk, bds 507 S Lumpkin.
Daniel, D W (Emma), carpenter, r 24 Grove.
Daniel, E A (Hilda), machinist, bds 114 N Thomas.
Daniel, Emory, painter, r 209 Hoyt.
Daniel, Glenn (c), restaurant, r 526 W Broad.
Daniel, Henry (Fannie), mechanic, r 321 E Dougherty.
Daniel, J D (Mary), butcher, r 507 S Lumpkin.
Daniel, J G (Emma), elk Boley & Funkenstein, r 216 S Lumpkin.
Daniel, J H (Sarah), roller cover mill, r 321 Dougherty.
Daniel, J M, Blacksmith, bds 507 S Lumpkin.
Daniel, John (c), laborer, r 10 Lyndon row.
Daniel, Lowndes (c), farmer, r near 701 Barber.
Daniel, M N (Carrie), watchman Moss Mfg Co, r 24 Cleveland ave.
Daniel, Mark A (M T), r507 E Broad.
Daniel, Miss Myrtis, clerk, bds 507 S Lumpkin.
Daniels, S (Cora), barber, r 404 Foundry.
Daniel, Will (c), laborer, r 1016 Reese.
Darwin, John A (Edna), sec Mut of Ga Ins Co, r Hill.
Davenport, Miss Dahlia, milliner, bds 104 Baldwin.
Davenport, Herschel, elks Southern Railway, bds 104 Baldwin.
Davenport, J W (Sarah), canvasser, r 104 Baldwin.
Davenport, Jake (c), shoemaker, r 225 Prince Ave.
Davenport, Jake (c), laborer Athens Oil Mill, r 605 Stephens.
Davenport, Martha (c), r rear of 601 N Thomas.
Davenport, U H (Sallie), prof Univ of Ga, r 209 Prince avenue.

Davenport, William (c), laborer, r 216 W Hancock avenue.
Daves, Claud (Nelia), works Athens St Ry Co, r 19 Willow.
David, Arthur (c), laborer, r 403 Cleveland avenue.
David, F M (Ida), clerk Bailey Supply Co, r 723 Oconee.
Davis, Alonza (c), laborer, r 847 Cherry.
Davis, B B (Sallie), r Wood.
Davis, Cobb R (Julia), salesman, r Barrow.
Davis, Mrs Bertha, oper Sou Mfg Co, r Chattanooga Ave.
Davis, Mrs. E A. r 301 S Lumpkin.
Davis, Ellen (c), seamstress, r 25 Strong.
Davis, Eugene, works Athens Gas Co, r 304 Foundry.
Davis, Foster (c), butler, r 662 Augusta avenue.
Davis, Fred (c), butler, r 538 Barber.
Davis, Fred L (Mattie), broker, r 424 Barber.
Davis, G O, bookkeeper Union Mfg Co, bds 505 N Jackson.
Davis, George, r 512 Oconee.
Davis, George (c), laborer, r 19 Sapelo.
Davis, Henry (c), driver, r 914 Reese.
Davis, Herschel, sec hand S A L Ry, r 704 College avenue.
Davis, J R (Maxie), carpenter, r 53 Poplar.
Davis, J W (c), mail carrier, r 24 Strong.
Davis, James (Alice), merchant, r 345 S Thomas.
Davis, James P (c), bookkeeper, r 27 Newton.
Davis, John K (Belle), electrician, r 443 Bloomfield.
Davis, Laura (c), teacher city schools, r 27 Newton.
Davis, Miss Lena, clerk Flatow Co, bds 301 S Lumpkin.
Davis, Louis (c), butcher, r 666 Fifth.
Davis, Miss Lucy L, teacher State Normal School, bds 715 Prince.
Davis, Mrs M, r 919 Oak.
Davis, Mary (c), seamstress, r 319 Reese.
Davis, Miss Minnie, cashier Flatow Co, bds 301 S Lumpkin.
Davis, Nancy (c), washerwoman, r 662 Augusta avenue.
Davis, Nancy (c), washerwoman, r 309 Mitchell.
Davis, P M B Y (Annie), barber, r 1116 Arch.

Davis, Piety (c), washerwoman, r 621 S Lumpkin.
Davis, Pink, drayman, r 512 Oconee.
Davis, R G, works Street Ry Co, r Park avenue.
Davis, Rebecca (c), seamstress, r 25 Strong.
Davis, Tobe, clerk, r 345 S Thomas.
Davis, Tom (c), porter E I Smith & Co, r 25 Strong.
Davis, Will (c), servant, r 513 Reese.
Davis, Will (c), plasterer, r 425 Bridge.
Davis, William C (Olivia), bookkeeper Arnold Gro Co, r 499 Barber.
Davis, William H (Luella), manager pool room, r 521 Prince avenue.
Davison, Albert E, clerk Davison & Lowe, bds 708 Prince avenue.
Davison, Alexander H (Ida), merchant, r 708 Prince avenue.
Davison, Dewitt, salesman McClure Company, r 613 Waddell.
Davison, J H (Laura), trav salesman, boards 28 W Hancock Ave.
Deadwyler, Geo E, cotton factor, bds Prince and Park avenue.
Deadwyler, John Henry (c), laborer, r 11 Billups.
Deadwyler, Robert (c), carpenter, r 1001 Waddell.
Dean, C C, r 246 E Broad.
Dean, Joel T (Jennie), policeman, r 1220 E Broad.
Dean, William T (Nellie), printer Clarke Co Courier, r 461 Oconee.
Dearing, A P (Edith), merchant, r 216 S Milledge avenue.
Dearing, Bert, works H N Reaves, r Fair Grounds.
Dearing, Frank H (Pauline), 216 S Milledge avenue.
Deason, Miss Bessie, works Athens Mfg Co, bds 27 Poplar.
Delbridge, Mrs M M, r 316 N Milledge avenue.
Deloney, Thomas C, bookkeeper Dearing Hardware Co, bds 2 W Hancock avenue.
Demore, Miss Mattie, seamstress, r 488 Barber.
Denard, J C (Maggie), butcher, r 10 W Clayton.
Dennard, F G (Maggie), jeweler, r 1220 Nellie B avenue.
Dennard, J M (Mary), watch repairer, r 614 N Jackson.
Dennie, Mike (c), servant, r 1019 W Broad.
Dennis, Oscar (c) plasterer, r, 704 Cohen.
Denny, Mrs Nancy, housekeeper, r 1243 Prince avenue.
Derricotte, Andrew (c), laborer, r 223 Pulaski.

Derricotte, Bart (c), gardener, r 615 Fifth.
Derricotte, Charles (c), driver, r 1107 W Broad.
Derricotte, Ed (c), servant Lucy Cobb Inst, r 107 Chase.
Derricotte, Fanny (c), washerwoman, r 703 W Hancock Ave.
Derricotte, Henry (c), carpenter, 1107 W Broad.
Derricotte, Henry Jr, (c), carpenter, r 112 Billups.
Derricotte, Isaac (c), shoemaker, r 418 W Hancock Ave.
Derricotte, John (c), laborer, r 729 First.
Derricotte, Maria (c), washerwoman, r 16 Strong.
Derricotte, Marion (c), laborer, r 426 Brilge.
Derricotte, Neb (c), driver, r 29 Rock Spring.
Derricotte, Randall (c), carpenter, r 615 N Hull.
Derricotte, Sherman (c), laborer, r 657 Water.
Derricotte, Warren (c), laborer, r 17 Warsaw.
Diccola, G, merchant, r 509 Barber.
Dillard, Alex (c), laborer, r Fairview.
Dillard, Ben (c), farmer, r 1599 Vine.
Dillard, J W (Julia), carpenter, r 736 Oak.
Dillard, S H (Martha), physician, r Boulevard.
Dillard, William (c), laborer, r 640 Fourth.
Dixon, Anthony (c), laborer, r 416 Reese.
Dixon, R B, bookkeeper Mut Life of Ga, bds 505 N Jackson.
Dixon, Richard (c), carpenter, r 908 Reese.
Donald, Luther (c), laborer, r 526 N Lumpkin.
Doolittle, W H (Lucy), baker, r 902 W Hancock avenue.
Dooly, Thomas (c), laborer, r 526 Hodgson.
Dootson, James H (Florence), prop barber shop, r N Jackson.
Dootson, Walter R (Ella), Supt Athens Mfg Co, r 364 Williams.
Dootson, William (Mary), manufacturer, r 470 Oconee.
Dootson, William F, bds 470 Oconee.
Dornblatt, Julius (Sophia), plumber, r Hill.
Dorsey, E H (Laura), merchant, r Boulevard.
Dorsey, Miss Fannie, teacher, r Grove.
Dorsey, J H (Allee), county tax receiver, r 330 Grove.

Dorsey, Jesse (c), laborer, r 632 Prince avenue.
Dorsey, Thomas (c), minister, r 230 Cleveland avenue.
Dorsey, William F (Cassie), merchant, r 511 Hill.
Dottery, E L (Mary), r 139 Peters.
Dottery, Edward, works Empire Laundry, bds 212 River.
Dottery, Green, r 212 River.
Dottery, Isaac (Lula), painter, r 12 Hickory.
Dozier, Augustus W (Emma), lumber dealer, r 818 Meigs.
Dozier, James H, lumber dealer, r 818 Meigs.
Dozier, Thomas H (Mary), county school com, r 818 Meigs.
Dozier, Thomas H Jr, real estate agent, r 818 Meigs.
Douglas, George, blacksmith, bds 326 Oconee.
Downer, Gaines (c), laborer, r 658 Morris.
Drake, Cornelius (c), janitor State Normal School, r 111 Billups.
Drake, J M (Emma), Insurance solicitor, r 804 Prince avenue.
Driver, Mrs Nancy, operative Athens Mfg Co, r 704 Oak.
DuBose, Charles S, cotton buyer, bds 616 Prince avenue.
DuBose, C Wellborn, cotton buyer, bds 616 Prince avenue.
DuBose, Mrs L D, r 616 Prince avenue.
DuBose, Marion D, prof Univ of Ga, bds 616 Prince avenue.
DuBose, R Toombs (Jennie), real estate agt, r 307 N Milledge ave.
Duckworth, S J (Lula), trav salesman, r Barberville.
Dudley, J S (F L), works Climax Knitting Mill, r 1309 E Broad.
Dudley, Alonzo G, supt Climax Knitting Mill, r 1309 E Broad.
Duke, Columbus (c), laborer, r First.
Duke, Mrs J A, r 609 N Jackson.
Dukes, Sallie (c), cook, r 605 Stephens.
Dunn, Eb (c), laborer, r 605 Foundry.
Dunn, Laura (c), cook, r 524 N Lumpkin.
Dunaway, Miss E, r 32 Peters.
Dunaway, J Y (Lillian), merchant, r 759 S Lumpkin.
Dunaway, Miss N, r 32 Peters.
Dunston, J F (Minnie), merchant, r 412 W Hancock avenue.
Durando, Miss Daisy, teacher State Normal School, bds 715 Prince.

Durham, Miss Blanche, clerks L B Flatow Co, boards 426 W Hancock avenue.
Durham, Mrs J L, r 426 W Hancock Ave.
Durham, Lucy (c), cook, r 303 Cleveland avenue.
Durham, Mattie (c), cook, r 108 W Clayton.
Dye, John (c), farmer, r 712 Cohen.
Eades, Annie (c), cook, r 511 N Milledge avenue.
Eakes, M H ( Elmira), pastor Oconee Street Mthodist church, r 603 Oconee.
Earnest, D L (Vivian), Prof State Normal School, r Prince avenue.
Earle, Margaret (c), washerwoman, r 216 W Hancock avenue.
Easly, Mary (c), cook, rear of 212 N Pope.
Eberhart, Miss Goldie, clerk McClure store, bds 461 Oconee.
Eberhart, Miss Lillie, works Athens Mfg Co, bds 320 Mitchell.
Eberhart, J W (N E), carpenter, r 26 Cleveland avenue.
Eberhart, John W Sr (M E), carpenter, r 417 College avenue.
Eberhart, John W Jr, (Bessie), trav salsmn Michael Bros Co, r 417 College avenue.
Eberhart, Louis (c), drayman, r 609 N Hull.
Eberhart, Miss Pearl, works Climax Knitting Mill, bds 461 Oconee.
Eberhart, Robert (c), laborer, r rear of 47 S Church.
Eberhart, Sam (c), farmer, r 1201 W Hancock avenue.
Eberhart, Thomas (Mamie), merchant, r 1248 E Broad.
Eberhart, Thomas (c), laborer, r 115 N Findley.
Eberhart, W L (C B), works Moss Mfg Co, r 26 Cleveland avenue.
Eberhart, W P (Mary), clerk Louis Morris, r Peters.
Echols, Caroline (c), cook, r 107 Waddell.
Echols, Felix (c), laborer, r 1422 W Broad.
Echols, Hiram (c), laborer, r 333 Johns.
Echols, John (c), laborer, r rear of 5 E Hancock avenue.
Echols, Magnolia (c), teacher, r 1422 W Broad.
Echols, Scott (c), farmer, r 1406 W Broad.

Echols, Sidney (c), nurse, r 1019 W Broad.
Ector, Cap (c), farmer, r 916 Meigs.
Ector, John (c), farmer, r 916 Meigs.
Edge, Mrs Emma, r 314 Foundry.
Edwards, Charles H, minister, r N Lumpkin.
Edwards, Cicero (c), whitewasher, r 412 China.
Edwards, Miss Elise, teacher city schools, bds 415 N Jackson.
Edwards, Mrs E, r 722 Oak.
Edwards, Harrison (c), janitor court house, r Meigs.
Edwards, Jim (c), fireman, r 624 Pulaski.
Edwards, Jim (c), laborer, r 630 Fourth.
Edwards, L F (Jennie), pres Mallison Cord Co, r 310 S Milledge.
Edwards, L V, clerk, r E Broad.
Edwards, Mat (c), cook, r 437 Compress.
Edwards, Violet (c), cook, r 303 Cleveland avenue.
Eldam, Henry (Elinor), guard Ath Mfg Co, r 415 Doboy.
Eidson, B H, clerk Talmadge Bros & Mo, bds 1103 Baxter.
Eidson, B S (Cynthia), clerk E H Dorsey, r 1103 Baxter.
Elder, Elijah (Delilah), r 705 E Broad.
Elder, G P (Lily), trav salesman, r 226 W Hancock avenue.
Elder, J H (Francis), physician, r 312 Baxter.
Elder, J Ira (c), teacher, r 7 N Church.
Elder, Jones (c), laborer, r 776 Georgia Railroad street.
Elder, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 416 Reese.
Elder, Seymour (c), laborer, r Fairview.
Elder, Thomas L (Hattie), clerk E H Dorsey, r 207 Reese.
Elliott, Henry (Jessie), clerk Abe Joel, r 628 College avenue.
Elliott, John (Agnes), clerk Abe Joel, r College avenue.
Ellis, Fanny (c), cook, r 236 S Hull.
Ellis, Miss Mattie, seamstress, bds 4 W Dougherty.
Elrod, M D (Ellen), works Athens Foundry, r 140 Georgia Railroad.
Elrod, Mrs Sallie, r 140 Georgia Railroad street.
Emerick, Mrs E, r 16 Wilkerson.
Emerick, George (Ola), oper Sou Mfg Co, r Nantahala Ave.
Emerick, William, blacksmith, r 16 Wilkerson.

England, Arthur, fireman city department, bds 11 Hickory.
England, W A (M C), r 11 Hickory.
English, Robert (c), laborer, r Boulevard.
English, Winch (c), driver J L Arnold, r Morris alley.
Eppes, Miss Annie, seamstress, r 441 Pulaski.
Eppes, Francis (Mary), bookkeeper, r 623 Peabody.
Eppes, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 229 W Broad.
Eppes, William E (Irene), merchant, r 603 Henderson avenue.
Epps, Mrs E, r 706 Oconee.
Epps E O (Annie L), carpenter, r 617 Waddell.
Epps, Howard (Lucy), painter, r Hall.
Epps, Miss Ida, seamstress, bds 330 Oconee.
Epps, J M (Genie), carpenter, r 471 Pulaski.
Epps, Miss Omie, seamstress, r 330 Oconee.
Epting, J H (Cornelia), clerk L B Flatow Co, r 608 N Jackson.
Erwin, Alex S (Mary A), attorney, r 804 Hill.
Erwin, Andrew J, clerk Erwin & Erwin, bds 804 Hill.
Erwin, Howell C, attorney, bds 804 Hill.
Ethridge, Charles (Ella), works Athens Foundry, r 9 Wilkerson.
Evans, Dennis (c), laborer, r 207 W Broad.
Evans, Estelle (c), cook, r 8 Valley.
Evans, Green (c), laborer, r First.
Evans, Ida (c), cook, r 321 Cleveland avenue.
Evans, J A (Georgia), watchman So Ry, r 218 River.
Evans, Sam (c) waiter Denmark Hall, r 832 Cherry.
Evans, Samuel D (Mary), farmer, r 733 College avenue.
Evans, Mrs Susan, r 525 Baxter,
Evans, Thomas (c), laborer, r 8 Valley.
Ewing, Mrs Thomas, r 627 College avenue.
Ewing, William S, clerk Michael Bros Co, bds 627 College avenue.
Fairman, W H (Ethleen), Railway mail service, r 201 Hoyt.
Falk, A, boards 37 W. Dougherty.

Fannin, Burrell (c), farmer, r 712 Cohen.
Farbstein, M (Fannie), merchant, r E Dougherty.
Favor, Henry (c), laborer, r 18 Valley.
Favor, Sam (c), laborer, r First.
Favor, Tom (c), laborer, r 21 Rock Spring.
Favors, Georgia (c), cook, r 110 W Clayton.
Favors, Tom (c), laborer, r 727 First.
Fears, Andrew C (Emma), merchant, r 509 N Lumpkin.
Fears, E Parks (Leila), liveryman, r cor Washington and Hull.
Fears, J P (Elizabeth), merchant, r 511 N Lumpkin.
Fellows, C S (Sallie), clerk W J Peeples, r 110 N Church.
Fellows, C S Jr, collector, bds 110 N Church.
Fellows, George R, clerk, bds 110 N Church.
Felton, R J (Mattie), policeman, r Meigs.
Ferrabee, Miss R, r 109 N Church.
Few, Miss Ethel, operator Tel Exchange, bds 114 N Thomas.
Few, Will (c), laborer, r Meigs.
Fields, Curtis (c), laborer, r 612 Fourth.
Fields, Elden (c), driver, r 10 Warsaw.
Fields, Miss Lou, factory operative, r 9 Pine.
Fields, Thomas (Nancy), oper So Mfg Co, r Park avenue.
Fields, William, fireman, r 9 Pine.
Fillingin, H H (Rella), works Coca Cola Bot Co, bds 327 E Broad.
Finch, Annie (c), washerwoman, r 23 Sapelo.
Finch, John F, butcher, r 109 N Church.
Fisher, Geo (c), farmer, r 1 Atlanta avenue.
Fitzpatrick, H R (A M), merchant, r 50 Poplar.
Fitzpatrick, Henry (M D), merchant, r Nellie B avenue.
Fitzpatrick, I N (c), minister, r 518 N Hull.
Fitzpatrick, J T (Melissa), merchant, r 625 Barber.
Fitzpatrick, M V B (Mary), merchant, r 36 Peters.
Fitzpatrick, Silas (Hattie), merchant, r 406 River.
Flanigen, C D (Mamie), gen mgr Athens St Ry Co, r 402 Prince ave.
Flatau, Arthur, merchant, bds 29 W Hancock avenue.
Flatau, Jacob (Augusta), hackman, r 29 W Hancock avenue.

Flatau, Max, clerk, bds 29 W Hancock avenue.
Flatow, Lucien B, merchant, 109 Pulaski.
Fleming, Elbert (c), laborer, r 608 N Hull.
Fleming, Harry C (Sylvia), laundryman, r cor Prince ave and Morris
Fleming, William, postmaster, r 209 Prince avenue.
Fleeman, A G (C J), farmer, r 753 Oconee.
Fleeman, Miss Berta, clerk Michael Bros Co, bds 208 S Lumpkin.
Fleeman, Miss Maude, clerk Davison & Lowe, bds 208 S Lumpkin.
Fleeman, Mrs. N L, r 208 S Lumpkin.
Fleming, J M (Ethel), prop Ath Laundry, r cor Prince and Buena Vista.
Fleming, Joseph H (Alice), merchant, r S Milledge avenue.
Floyd, Ed (c), blacksmith, r 21 Willow.
Floyd, G (Elmira), carpenter, r Strickland.
Floyd, John (c), blacksmith, r 337 Flint.
Floyd, Robert (c), laborer, r 348 Water.
Floyd, William (c), blacksmith, r 604 Fourth.
Flournoy, E L (Annie), watchman So Mfg Co, r 245 S Thomas.
Flournoy, Robert (Martha), butcher, 18 Hickory.
Forbes, Walter T (Willie), sec Y M C A, r E Broad.
Ford, Lula (c), cook, r 1011 W Hancock avenue.
Ford, Milas (c), drayman, r 1008 W Hancock avenue.
Ford, Mose (c), farmer, r 1599 Vine.
Ford, Richard (c), laborer, r rear of 213 E Hancock avenue.
Forrester, Mrs. Mary, r 701 E Broad.
Forrester, Thomas M (Mary), 2nd asst chief fire dept, r 19 Willow.
Fort, John P (Lula), planter, r 121 S Milledge avenue.
Foss, Ed (c), laborer, r 1217 Fairview.
Foster, Alfred (c), laborer, r 418 W Broad.
Foster, Charlie (c), carpenter, r 120 Washington.
Foster, Harris (c), laborer, r 868 S Lumpkin.
Foster, Harry (c), laborer, r S Lumpkin.
Foster, Henry (c), laborer, r 103 N Pope.
Foster, James F (Anna), attorney and J P, r 229 N Pope.
Foster, Lowe (c), janitor, r Water.

Foster, S Floyd, cotton buyer, bds 114 N Thomas.
Fouche, W P (Fannie), driver, r Poplar.
Fowler, J C (Daisy), r 715 E Broad.
Fowler, John A (Elizabeth), distiller, r 607 Prince avenue.
Fox, Fred W (Leila), stone cutter, r 222 E Clayton.
Franklin, John (c), minister, r rear of 615W Hancock Ave.
Franklin, John L (Elizabeth), constable, r 316 Baxter.
Franklin, Mrs L, r 1124 Cobb.
Franklin, Rufus (c), waiter Windsor Hotel, r 633 Morris.
Fraser, Mrs Lucretia, r Park avenue.
Freeman, F K (Mary), merchant, r 445 Barber.
Freeman, Fletcher, miller, bds 627 Pulaski.
Freeman, John (c), laborer S A L Ry, r 221 Cleveland avenue.
Freeman, Miss Maria, r 713 Prince avenue.
Freeman, R L, miller Talmadge Bros & Co, r 627 Pulaski.
Freeman, Sanders (c), butler O H Arnold, r Rutherford.
Freeman, Tom (c), laborer r 510 Foundry.
Freeman, W F, miller, r 627 Pulaski.
Fretwell, G T (Beulah), contractor, r 118 Baldwin.
Fretwell, J T (Mary), peddler, r 726 S Lumpkin.
Frierson, John T (Sarah), hackman, r 23 E Dougherty.
Frierson, Miss M A, dressmaker, r 304 S Milledge avenue.
Frierson, Miss Sarah, librarian Univ of Ga, r 304 S Milledge avenue.
Fuller, Andrew (c), works Lyndon Mfg Co, r 8 Lyndon row.
Fuller, Henry (Nannie), blacksmith, r 302 Baldwin.
Fuller, J C, clerk, r 215 W Broad.
Fuller, W H (Elizabeth), merchant, r 215 W Broad.
Fuller, William, bricklayer, bds 105 S Jackson.
Furrer, William (c), laborer, r 661 Field.
Fullilove, H M (Julia), physician, r W Broad near Lumpkin.
Funkenstein, Louis, merchant, bds 20 W Hancock avenue.
Funkenstein, P (Rosa), merchant, r 20 W Hancock avenue.
Funkenstein, Samuel M (Ray), merchant, r W Dougherty.

Gaines, Angeline (c), cook, r 650 Chase.
Gaines, Mrs F L, dressmaker, r 620 N Jackson.
Gaines, Jim (c), works So Ry, r 533 Savannah avenue.
Gaines, Miss Mattie, clerk Davison & Lowe, bds 620 N Jackson.
Gaissart, L J, clerk Ga R R, bds Imperial Hotel.
Gales, Bob (c), driver Turner & Hodgson, r rear of 26 N Milledge.
Galliher, Miss Hattie May, clerk Turner & Hodgson, r 312 Newton.
Galliher, J Thomas, mail carrier, r 312 Newton.
Galloway, J W (Ella), Pharmacist Orr Drug Co, r 408 N Jackson.
Galloway, Mrs James, r 26 N Milledge avenue.
Gamble, John B, attorney, 19 1-2 E Clayton.
Gann, John, peddler, r 772 Georgia Railroad street.
Gann, Mrs Liza, r 772 Georgia Railroad street.
Garbett, Mrs V H, r 521 College avenue.
Garebold, H L, bookkeeper Talmage Hardware Co, bds 449 Pulaski.
Garebold, J A (Mary), upholsterer, r 449 Pulaski.
Garebold, William J, cigar maker, bds 449 Pulaski.
Gardner, Mrs. J B, r 802 E Broad.
Gardner, J E editor Clarke County Courier, r 201 Baxter.
Gardner, Mrs Mary, r 215 W Broad.
Gardner, Robert S, r 802 E Broad.
Gardner, Samuel (Lina), laborer, r 691 Berlin.
Garfield, Will (c), laborer, r 22 Waddell.
Garrison, James D (Mattie), brickmason, r 348 S Thomas.
Garrison, S J (Retty), oper Southern Mfg Co, r Hiawassee Ave.
Gary, Bob (c) carpenter, r 838 Cherry.
Gear, Doc (c), cook, r 34 Strong.
Gear, Nathan (c), laborer, r Barberville.
Gee, Lindsay (Emma), r 360 Williams.
Gentry, Miss Allie, clerk McClure Store, r 330 E Dougherty.
Gerdine, John, trav salesman, bds 10 E Hancock avenue.
Gerdine, Mrs S G, r 10 E Hancock avenue.
Gerdine, Miss Susie, teacher city schools, bds 10 E Hancock avenue.
Gervin, Robert (c), laborer, r 922 Reese.
Gibson, Mrs O C, r 204 Baxter.

Gibson, O C, stenographer J F Rhodes, bds 216 W Hancock avenue.
Gilbert, Robert (c), tailor, r 601 Plum.
Giles, J W (P E), works Athens Mfg Co, r 25 Peters.
Giles, Sandy (c), works So Ry, r 15 Atlanta avenue.
Giles, Son (c), laborer, bds 15 Savannah avenue.
Gillam, Charlie (c), bricklayer, r 633 Morris.
Gillam, Dan (c), laborer, r 1279 Fairview.
Gillam, Ella (c), r rear of 818 Hill.
Gillam, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 124 Cleveland avenue.
Gillam, Moses (c), merchant, r 110 Peters.
Gillam, William (c), minister, r 1219 Arch.
Gilleland, C E (Lulie), restaurant keeper, r 247 S Jackson.
Gilleland, Mrs M, r 247 S Jackson.
Ginn, Charles (Annie), blacksmith, r 448 River.
Ginn, Mrs M J, r 731 First.
Ginn, W J, machinist Empire Chemical Co, r 1112 Arch.
Glaser, Edward (Gertrude), trav salesman, r 111 Washington.
Glass, Ben (c), driver, r 1118 W Broad.
Gleason, Will (c), laborer, r rear of 128 W Broad.
Glenn, Holmes (c), laborer, r First.
Glenn, Jane(c), washerwoman, r 41 Newton.
Glenn, John H (c), farmer, r Hill.
Glenn, Lee (c), laborer, r rear of 5 E Dougherty.
Glenn, Thomas, clerk Kutres & Petropol, bds cor Jackson and Bald­win.
Glenn, Tom (c), laborer, r First.
Glore, Thomas A, carpenter, r 817 Cobb.
Godfrey, John (Mattie), clerk W C Weatherford, r 782 Oak.
Godfrey, W D (M L), carpenter, r 147 Peters.
Goldwasser, B (Esther), r E Broad near Foundry.
Goode, Charlie (c), laborer, r 344 Johns.
Goolsby, Billy (c), laborer, r 348 Johns.
Goolsby, Lucius (c), laborer, r 661 Water.
Goosby, Thomas (c), laborer, r 636 Second.
Gordon, J A (Anna), r cor Jackson and River.

Goss, Isham H (Virginia), physician, r 129 W Hancock avenue.
Gottheimer, Mrs E, r 111 Washington.
Grant, Miss Claudia, sten Abney Bros Co, bds 216 W Hancock Ave.
Grant, Cordelia (c), cook, r 21 Warsaw.
Grant, Mrs Laura, r 216 W Hancock avenue.
Grant, Morgan (c), laborer, r 236 S Hull.
Grant, Miss Norma, sten J C Cooper, bds 216 W Hancock avenue.
Grant, Reuben, (c), waiter Normal School, r 631 Morris.
Grant, Will (c), driver, r 21 Warsaw.
Gray, W E, barber, bds 326 Oconee.
Gregory, Ellen (c), cook, r 39 Green.
Gregory, Hunter (c), gardener, r 20 Rock Spring.
Gregory, Mat (c), farmer, r 407 Baxter.
Green, J J, watchman State Normal School, r 521 College avenue.
Green, Roy (c), works Southern Mfg Co., r Nantahala Ave.
Green, Thomas F (Hope), attorney, r 426 Barber.
Greene, Andrew (c), laborer, r 15 N Church.
Greene, Geo E (Katie), bkkpr Davison & Lowe, r E Clayton.
Greene, J E, bkkpr, r 103 W Washington.
Greene, S E, dentist, r 103 Washington.
Greer, Miss L S, clerk L B Flatow Co, r 324 E Washington.
Greer, Mrs Mary, r 324 E Washington.
Gresham, Henry (c), farmer, r 1529 Vine.
Gresham, Henry (c), cook, r Compress.
Gresham, Joe (c), cook, r 407 E Broad.
Gresham, Julia (c), cook, r rear of 323 Strong.
Gresham, Leola (c), washerwoman, r 546 Barber.
Gresham, Logan (c), cook Gilleland's Cafe, r 546 Barber.
Gresham, Richard (c), laborer S A L Ry, r 615 Savannah avenue.
Gresham, Sallie (c), washerwoman, r 219 S Thomas.
Gresham, Sam (c), blacksmith, r 327 Reese.
Greyhound, William (c), laborer, r 665 Water.
Griffeth, F E, merchant, r W Dougherty
Griffeth, F P (Myra), farmer, r 704 S Lumpkin.
Griffeth, J D (Elizabeth), r 407 Bridge.

Griffeth, J D Jr, laborer, r 318 River.
Griffeth, J T (Annie), merchant, r W Dougherty.
Griffith, J H bkkpr Deadwyler & Co, r cor Jackson and Dougherty.
Griffeth, Mary (c), washerwoman, r rear of 412 W Hancock Ave.
Griffeth, Newt (Bertie), rock mason, r 766 Georgia Railroad street.
Griffeth, W G, merchant, r W Dougherty.
Griffeth, W R, merchant, r W Dougherty.
Griffith, Mrs A B, r 23 N Milledge avenue.
Griffith, Arthur E, sec So Mutual Ins Co, r 23 N Milledge avenue.
Griffith, Charles B (Frances), cotton factor, r 458 S Milledge avenue.
Griggs, E L (S C), prof Univ of Ga, r 425 Dearing.
Gunnells, Flem, plumber, r 311 S Thomas.
Gunnells, Wylie (Hattie), machinist, r 311 S Thomas.
Gunter, Mrs Fannie, seamstress, r Georgia Railroad street.
Gunnels, Mrs Lillian, seamstress, r 728 Little.
Gryce, Hattie (c), washerwoman, r 25 Sapelo.
Hadaway, C J, harness maker Dearing & Co, r 222 N Findley.
Hadaway, Pat (Mary), clerk Bondurant & Co, r cor Hancock avenue
and Newton.
Hadaway, Paul (Irene), clerk Turner & Hodgson, r 614 Meigs.
Hadaway, Thomas G (C S), manager Dearing Hdw Co, r 614 Meigs.
Haddock, Miss Ada, teacher, bds 433 Pulaski.
Haddock, Isaac (Sarah), brickmaker, r 433 Pulaski.
Haddock, William (Sarah E), clerk T P Oliver, r 311 Prince avenue.
Hagan, Wesley (Maggie), manager bottling wks, bds 28 W Hancock.
Hailey, Frank M (Ethel), merchant, r 427 Pulaski.
Hale, E H (Annie), physician, r Barrow.
Hale, Ella (c), washerwoman, r Warsaw.
Hale, Miss Gussie, dressmaker, r 804 Prince avenue.
Hale, R L (Nellie), clerk S A L Ry, r 634 College avenue.
Haley, Miss Bessie, clerk Flatow Co, bds 225 S Lumpkin.
Haley, Earnest (c), laborer, r rear of 5 E Dougherty.

Hall, Miss Berta, clerk M & L Morris, r 614 Barber.
Hall, Emeline (c), washerwoman, r 34 Strong.
Hall, J P, painter, r 217 Elberton.
Hall, Mrs Jessie, works Climax Knitting mill, r 14 Foundry.
Hall, Lizzie (c), washerwoman, r 807 Athens avenue.
Hall, Lula (c), washerwoman, r 27 Rock Spring.
Hall, Miss Vesta, clerks M & L Morris, r 704 College avenue.
Hallman, Hosea, carpenter, r 219 E Hancock avenue.
Ham, Elbert (c), farmer, r Elberton.
Hamilton, F M (Vanna), painter, r Herring.
Hamilton, J T (Lou), policeman, r 525 Baxter.
Hammond, P W (Georgia), drayman, r 43 Mulberry.
Hamilton, Sam (c), gardener, r 23 N Findley.
Hammontree, W R (Sarah), farmer, r 1506 E Broad.
Hampton, Mrs B C, r Church.
Hampton, Tom (c), drayman, r 415 N Milledge avenue.
Hamilton, W J (Laura), lather, r 455 Bloomfield.
Hancock, A C (Tallulah), trav slsmn Arnold Gro Co, r 409 N Jackson
Hancock, Robert J (Hattie), trav salesman Webb & Crawford, r 628 Meigs.
Hancock, Mrs Sarah S, r 628 Meigs.
Hancock, W L, setn Hodgson Bros, bds 628 Meigs.
Hanft, Miss Annie, sten Bondurant & Co, bds 109 W Hancock avenue
Hansford, J G (Ollie), carpenter, r 20 Foundry.
Hanson, Albert (Ruth), carpenter, r Wood.
Harbin, James A (Mattie), merchant, r 513 Prince avenue.
Harbin, O C (Mary), works at Athens Ice Coal Co. r Nantahala Ave.
Harbin, Oliver, carpenter, r 614 N Jackson.
Hardeman, B Frank (Anne), cotton buyer, r 220 N Milledge avenue.
Hardeman, Frank (c), laborer, r 607 N Hull.
Hardeman, Juliet (c), laundress, r 23 Pulaski.
Hardeman, L C, farmer, r 311 Baxter.
Hardeman, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 7 Lyndon row.
Hardeman, P D (Sarah), farmer, r 311 Baxter.
Hardeman, Tom (c), laborer, r 642 Odd.

Hardeman, Will (c), cook, r near 486 Barber.
Harden, Ann (c), cook, r 760 N Hull.
Hardman, Miss Emma, stenographer, boards 104 Baldwin.
Hargrove, A C (Lillie), R R fireman, r Strong.
Hargrove, Frank, bookkeeper Klein & Martin, bds 330 Grove.
Harlow, Miss Kate, seamstress, bds 12 E Dougherty.
Harper, A B (Fannie), supt Athens Check Factory, r 24 Foundry.
Harper, Albert, bookkeeper Eppes-Wilkins Co, bds 24 Foundry.
Harper, Claud, dray line, bds 24 Foundry.
Harper, Dock P, plumber, r 800 Oak.
Harper, Edward, bookkeeper Webb & Crawford, bds 24 Foundry.
Harper, Frank M (Clara), assistant supt city schools, r 26 S Pope.
Harper, Mrs J R, r 798 Oak.
Harper, Jake (c), laborer, r 225 N Findley.
Harper, Jerry (c), laborer, r 35 Elberton.
Harper, P B, machinist, bds 24 Foundry.
Harper, Upson (Susie), works Athens Foundry, r 735 Oconee.
Harris, Abe (c), farmer, 124 Pulaski.
Harris, Anderson (c), laborer, r 20 Waddell.
Harris, B Yancey (Daisy), bookkeeper Athens Sav Bank, r Prince.
Harris, Charley (c), laborer, r 220 Cleveland avenue.
Harris, Charlie (c), gardener, r 917 Meigs.
Harris, D (c), laborer, r 608 Arch.
Harris, Mrs Ella, r 112 Baxter.
Harris, Mrs H N, r 5 S Milledge avenue.
Harris, Henry (c), laborer, r 8 Valley.
Harris, J W (Wortie), bookkeeper G H Hulme, r Grady avenue.
Harris, James (c), laborer, r 602 Arch.
Harris, Jim (c), waiter, r 503 N Milledge avenue.
Harris, J Otis, clerk Athens Dispensary, bds 326 Oconee.
Harris, Miss M A, r 435 Baldwin.
Harris, Mrs Nancy, r Rock row.
Harris, Nancy (c), cook, r rear of 109 N Church.
Harris, Porter (c), glazier, r 348 Johns.
Harris, R S (c), barber, r 503 N Milledge avenue.

Harris, Robert (c), laborer, r 332 Flint.
Harris, Robert (c), mechanic, r 687 First.
Harris, Miss S A, r 435 Baldwin.
Harris, Sam (c), teacher city schools, r 413 Foundry.
Harris, Shepherd (c), janitor, r 710 Cohen.
Harris, Stephen (c), shoemaker, r 502 Foundry.
Harris, Susan (c), washerwoman, r 41 Newton.
Harris, T J (c), cook, r S Milledge avenue.
Harris, T J (c), minister, r 318 W Broad.
Harris, Tom (c), blacksmith, r 665 Morris.
Harris, Tom (c), laborer, r Nacoochee avenue.
Harris, Tom (c), laborer, r 1307 W Hancock avenue.
Harris, W H (c), physician, r 516 Reese.
Harris, W Alva (Leila), r 22 Clayton.
Harris, Willis (c), driver, r 18 Valley.
Harrison, Miss Emily, teacher State Normal School, bds 715 Prince.
Harrison, Mrs. James, r 317 E Hancock avenue.
Harrison, P P, clerk So Ry, bds 505 N Jackson.
Hart, James F (Eva F), bookkeeper Billups Phinizy, r 130 S Hull.
Hart, James F Jr, tutor University of Georgia, bds 130 S Hull.
Hart, Mrs Mary, merchant, r 342 Water.
Harvey, Belle (c), washerwoman, r 348 Water.
Harvey, Christopher (c), laborer, r 1252 Vine.
Harvey, Epsey (c), cook, r 22 Strong.
Haselton, D P (Zena), music dealer, r 907 Hill.
Hass, Julia (c), washerwoman, r 764 N Hull.
Haudrup, Miss Gussie, clerk Abe Joel, bds 455 Oconee.
Haudrup, Joseph H, merchant, bds 455 Oconee.
Haudrup, Miss Lottie, clerk Abe Joel, bds 455 Oconee.
Haudrup, Mrs S E, r 455 Oconee.
Haudrup, Wllllam N, shoemaker, bds 455 Oconee.
Haughey, A G (Effie), jeweler, r 517 College avenue.
Haughey, Kenneth, clerk R Brandt, bds 517 College avenue.
Hauser, Emil, attorney, bds 126 W Clayton.

Hauser, George (Mary R), r 126 W Clayton.
Hawkins, Albert (c), janitor, r 622 N Hull.
Hawkins, E C (c), barber, r 608 N Hull.
Hawkins, Frank (c), laborer, r 112 Chase.
Hawkins, Gus (c), laborer, r 1238 Arch.
Hawkins, Henry (c), butler, r rear of 1211 Cobb.
Hawkins, Jerry (c), farmer, r 754 Oconee.
Hawkins, John (c), cook, r rear of 534 S Milledge avenue.
Hawkins, Julia (c), cook, r 14 Chase.
Hawkins, Peter (c), butcher, r 411 China.
Hawkins, Sarah (c), washerwoman, r 313 Rock Spring.
Hawks, J S (Clyde), clerk Jos Wolf, r 246 S Lumpkin.
Hawks, Sherman B (Lizzie), liveryman, r 209 Hoyt.
Hayes, Alfred (c), blacksmith, r 417 Bridge.
Hayes, Gilbert (c), works Hinton's cafe, r 1130 Reese.
Hayes, J E (Annie), works Moss Mfg Co, r 716 Oak.
Hayes, James (c), laborer, r 621 Third.
Haygood, Bud(c),gardener, r 848 Cherry.
Haygood, Gertrude (c), teacher, r 16 Rock Spring.
Haygood, Olivia (c), teacher, r 16 Rock Spring.
Haynes, A P (Cornelia), drayman, r 709 E Broad.
Haynes, C S (c), physician, r 407 W Hancock avenue.
Haynes, E A, r 601 N Thomas.
Haynes, H G, butcher, r 601 N Thomas.
Haynes, J W, butcher, r 414 River.
Hays, Mrs L, r 417 S Jackson.
Head, Harrison V (Lella), merchant, bds 5 E Hancock avenue.
Head, W B (Sallie), insurance agent, r 223 Strong.
Heard. Ben (c) brickmason, r 830 Cherry.
Heard, C W (Lucy), carpenter, r 615 Barber.
Heard, Eugene (c), farmer, r 832 Cherry.
Heard, Henry (c), farmer, r 1421 W Broad.
Heard, Isaac (c), brickmason, r 1 Pulaski.
Heard, James (c), laborer, r 230 Strickland.
Heard, Phil (c), farmer, r Hill.

Heard, William (c), laborer, r 552 Athens avenue.
Heard, William (c), blacksmith, r 519 Reese.
Heath, Callie (c), laborer, r 414 Foundry.
Hector, Sherman (c), shoemaker, r 415 N Milledge avenue.
Hemphill, Mary (c), cook, r 304 Chase.
Hemphill, Mrs Sarah A, r 311 Prince avenue.
Henderson, Henry (c), driver, r 915 Meigs.
Henry, Bob (c), carpenter, r 12 Billups.
Henry, Jeff (c), laborer, r 1249 Fairview.
Henry, John (c), laborer, r rear of 773 College avenue.
Herring, Miss Bitha, oper Southern Mfg Co, Hiawassee Ave.
Herring, E (Margaret), works Athens Mfg Co, r 343 W1lliams.
Herring, Mrs E J, r 1303 E Broad.
Herring, George (Susan), works So Mfg Co, r 110 Water.
Herring, J H, works McClure store, r 345 Williams.
Herring, Mrs J N, r 1219 E Broad.
Herring, M B (S G), peddler, r 601 N Thomas.
Herring, Miss S, r 104 Water.
Herring, Mrs T, works So Mfg Co, r 104 Water.
Herrington, Sylvester M (Mattie), r 124 N Milledge avenue.
Hester, D R (Lillian), r 511 N Lumpkin.
Hester, Earl (c), laborer, r 8 Valley.
Hicks, Charlie (c), cook, r 21 N Findley.
Higginbotham, G D (Genie), works Athens Foundry, r 625 N Thomas
Hightower, Charley (c), laborer, r near 228 S Hull.
Hightower, Peter (c), brickmason, r 18 Valley.
Hill, Baker (c), carpenter, r 844 Cherry.
Hill, D W (Julia), policeman, r Hoyt.
Hill, Dave (c), laborer, r 618 Second.
Hill, Easter (c), cook, r 539 Pulaski.
Hill, G W (E E), policeman, r 215 Baldwin.
Hill, George (c), barber, r 1110 Dearing.
Hill, Harrison (c), farmer, r 15 Paris.
Hill, Hattie (c), washerwoman, r 10 Atlanta avenue.
Hill, Henry (Julia), policeman, r 425 River.

Hill, Henry (c), laborer, r 1499 E Broad.
Hill, J G (Rosa), barber, r 303 S Lumpkin.
Hill, J T, merchant, r Nacoochee Ave.
Hill, John (c), shoemaker, r 1401 W Broad.
Hill, Jane (c), washerwoman, r 37 Elberton.
Hill K A (Cora), oper Sou Mfg Co, r Nacoochee Ave.
Hill, Leila (c), cook, r 205 Pulaski.
Hill, Lena (c), r rear of 18 W Dougherty.
Hill, Lizzie (c), washerwoman, r 110 Athens avenue.
Hill, Parthenia (c), cook, r 19 Billups.
Hill, Rhodell (c), servant, r 130 S Hull.
Hill, Sam, r 303 S Lumpkin.
Hill, Squire (c), upholsterer, r 109 Billups.
Hill, Tom (c), laborer, r 515 N Milledge avenue.
Hill, Walter B (Sarah B), chancellor Univ of Ga, r University campus
Hill, Whitman (c), laborer, r 114 Washington.
Hill, William (c), laborer, r 689 Third.
Hill, Willis (c), driver G H Hulme, r 501 Foundry.
Hilley, W N (N M), carpenter, r 601 N Thomas.
Hillsman, Carlisle, clerk G H Hulme, bds 35 W Dougherty.
Hillsman, Cyrus (c), carpenter, r 678 Fourth.
Hillsman, J O (Edna), news agent, r 35 W Dougherty.
Hillsman, Miss Mary O, clerk Michael Bros Co, bds 35 W Dougherty.
Hillsman, Miss Patti, teacher, bds 35 W Dougherty.
Hillyard, H N (Mollie), collector, r 313 S Lumpkin.
Hillyard, R P, painter, bds 313 S Lumpkin.
Hinton, H Price (Armontine), merchant, r 1034 Prince avenue.
Hinton, Lucius (c), porter Windsor Hotel, r 302 W Broad.
Hinton, O R (Mary), broker, r S Milledge avenue.
Hipkins, R R (Luda), r 613 Waddell.
Hiram, Lace (c), porter, r 538 Barber.
Hiram, Sam (c), laborer, r 527 S Lumpkin.
Hiram, William (c), laborer, r 1236 Herring.
Hirschfield, Simon, clerk Michael Bros Co, bds 4 W Hancock avenue.
Hitchcock, Henry (c), blacksmith, r 112 Washington.

Hixon, Aaron (c), driver Michael Bros Co, r 1107 W Hancock avenue
Hodge, Gus (c), laborer, r 987 First.
Hodges, Luther (c), laborer, r 706 Little.
Hodgson, Asbury H (Sarah), merchant, r 1211 Cobb.
Hodgson, Charles N (Irene), broker, r Boulevard and Grady.
Hodgson, Edward R Sr, (Mary), fertilizer manfg, r 1001 Prince ave.
Hodgson, Edward R Jr, fertilizer manfg, bds 1001 Prince avenue.
Hodgson, Frank B, bookkeeper J S King & Co, bds 1211 Cobb.
Hodgson, George T (India F), insurance, r 322 Prince avenue.
Hodgson, Harry (Marie), fertilizer manufacturer, r Prince avenue.
Hodgson, Henry G, student, bds 1211 Cobb.
Hodgson, Joseph M (Isabella), merchant, r 5 N Milledge avenue.
Hodgson, Mrs Maria, r 313 E Dougherty.
Hodgson, Robert P (Mary), r Boulevard.
Hoke, John Z (Kate), agt S A L Ry, r 21 W Hancock avenue.
Holbrook, M J (c), postal clerk, r 302 W Broad.
Holbrooks, Dick (c), janitor So Mut Ins Co, r 30 Strong.
Holbrooks, Mat (c), plumber, r Rock Spring.
Holbrooks, W M (c), seamstress, r 803 Prince avenue.
Holbrooks, William (c), plumber, r 1221 W Broad.
Holder, Julius (c), laborer, r 319 Flint.
Holliday, Alvin C (Cora), physician, r 615 Hill.
Holliman, E F (Mary E), clerk J S King & Co, r 321 E Hancock ave
Hollingsworth, T T, R R clerk, r Hancock avenue.
Holmes, E J (Laura), merchant, r 612 Morris.
Holmes, George (c), laborer, r 1141 Prince avenue.
Holsey, Albon (c), upholsterer, r 524 Barber.
Holt, Mary (c), cook, r 642 Morris.
Hope, Ben (c), janitor Lucy Cobb Institute, r 1230 W Broad.
Hopkins, Ben (c), laborer, r 117 Chase.
Hopkins, Isaac S, pastor First Methodist Church, r 203 N Lumpkin.
Hopkins, Lizzie (c), cook, r 530 N Lumpkin.
Hopson, W P (c), shoemaker, r 12 Billups.
Horton, Alfonso (c), shoemaker, r 1211 W Hancock avenue.
Horton, Floyd (c), works Strickland & Green, r 1211 W Hancock ave.

Horton, Henry (c), shoemaker, r 1211 W Hancock avenue.
Horton, Henry (c), shoemaker, r 1118 W Broad.
Horton, J H (c), preacher, r 117 N Findley.
Horton, Joe (c), gardner, r 303 Athens avenue.
Horton, Joe (c), servant r 1111 Reese.
Horton, John (c), driver, r 1002 W Broad.
Horton, Tom (c), r 11 Rock Spring.
Horton, Willie (c), shoemaker, r 1211 W Hancock avenue.
Hosey, Sam (Susie), carpenter, r 25 Cleveland avenue.
Hosey, W. B. (Sarah), carpenter, r 1211 Herring.
Hosey, W Parks, works So Ex Co, bds 1211 Herring.
Howard, Carl (c), laborer, r 432 Compress.
Howard, Daniel (c), farmer, r 2 Vineyard.
Howard, Earnest (c), driver J T Brown, r 432 Compress.
Howard, George (c), laborer, r 774 Fourth.
Howard, James (c), laborer, r 785 Oconee.
Howard, Jennie (c), cook, r 28 Baxter.
Howard, John (c), laborer, r 1281 Fairview.
Howard, Lina (c), washerwoman, r 1005 Waddell.
Howard, Lucy (c), restaurant keeper, r 10 N Jackson.
Howard, Oscar (c), laborer, r 432 Compress.
Howard, Robert S, attorney, r cor Clayton and Lumpkin.
Howard, Sam (c), farmer, r 415 N Milledge avenue.
Howard, Sue (c), washerwoman, r 1113 Dearing.
Howard, William (c), laborer, r 1550 Oconee.
Howard, Wylie (c), laborer, r 1289 Vine.
Howell, E M (Ruby), bookkeeper Moss & Co, bds 232 S Lumpkin.
Howell, Holcomb (c), laborer, r 609 S Lumpkin.
Hower, A B, photographer, bds 326 Oconee.
Houston, Albert (c), porter So Ry, r 309 Cleveland.
Houston, William (c), cook, r 113 Rock Spring.
Hubbard, Liza (c), servant, r 510 Barber.
Hubbard, M H (Georgia), laborer, r 768 Oconee.
Hubbard, Seab (c), laborer, r 957 Oak.
Hubert, Mrs Emeline, r 414 Cemetery.

Hubert, Frank H, clerk J P Fears & Son, bds 363 S Church.
Hubert, J P (Sarah), 363 S Church.
Hubert, Miss Marion, photographer, bds 363 S Church.
Hubert, Max (Rosina), harness maker, r Grady avenue.
Hudgin, Mrs A B, r 1220 Springdale.
Hudgin, Thomas B, bookkeeper Cleveland Com Co, r 1220 Springdale.
Hudgin, Wescom, supt Athens Compress, r 1220 Springdale.
Hudson, Charlie (c), laborer, r 641 Odd.
Hudson, Emma (c), washerwoman, r 1598 E Broad.
Hudson, Frank (c), laborer, r 38 Green.
Hudson, John H (c), laborer, r 641 Odd.
Huff, Aldora (v), restaurant keeper, r 7 Hickory.
Huff, D M, shoemaker, r 34 Narrow.
Huff, Edmund (c), laborer, r 420 Strong.
Huff, G W (Della), fireman Central of Ga R R, r 22 Narrow.
Huff, George, peddler, r 301 S Thomas.
Huff, Jacob (c), laborer Moss Mfg Co, r 230 Cleveland avenue.
Huggins, H T (Mary), merchant, r 511 Barber.
Huggins, J H (Molly), bookkeeper, r 1101 Baxter.
Huggins, Percy L (Addie), merchant, r 511 Barber.
Hughes, Henry M (Sallie) Supt Ath St Railway, r Nantahala Ave.
Hughes, T J (M L), farmer, r 749 Oconee.
Hull, Augustus L (Callie), treasurer Univ of Ga, r 109 S Milledge.
Hull, A L Jr, bookkeeper, bds 109 S Milledge avenue.
Hull, Mrs J H, r 605 Hill.
Hull, Miss May, teacher Lucy Cobb Inst, bds 109 S Milledge avenue.
Hull, William (c), plasterer, r 532 N Lumpkin.
Hunnicutt, Dupree, attorney, bds 205 N Milledge avenue.
Hunnicutt, John A (Mary), farmer, r 205 N Milledge avenue.
Hunnicutt, J H (Cornelia), eng Athens Ice & Coal Co, r 617 Barber.
Hunt, Lewellyn (c), driver King & Co, r 1218 Vine.
Hunt, William (c), gardener, r rear of 510 S Jackson.
Hunt, William (c), laborer, r 1216 Vine.
Hunter, Alfred (c), laborer, r rear of 128 W Dougherty.
Hunter, Charley (c), laborer, r 16 Rock Spring.

Hunter, Ed (c), works Athens Dispensary, r 440 N Findley.
Hunter, Hugh (c), works Univ of Ga, r 1222 W Broad.
Hunter, Isaiah (c), mail carrier, r 60 Bailey.
Hunter, Mrs J C, r 312 N Church.
Hunter, J R (Maggie), newspaper agt, r 410 N Jackson.
Hunter, James (c), brickmason, r 320 Flint.
Hunter, Joseph J, clerk Ga R R, bds 312 N Church.
Hunter, Morgan (c), farmer, r Grove.
Hunter, Ransom (c), laborer, r Grove.
Hunter, Richard (c), laborer, r 632 Second.
Hunter, Mrs. S M, r 312 N Church.
Hunter, Seab (c), laborer, r Church.
Hunter, Susan (c), washerwoman, r 663 Third.
Hunter, William (c), plasterer, r 1118 W Broad.
Hurdle, Jesse (Della), photographer, bds 105 S Jackson.
Hurt, Houston (c), laborer, r 143 Elberton.
Hurt, Janie (c), washerwoman, r 121 N Findley.
Hurt, Robert (c), gardener, r 6 Lyndon row.
Hurt, Robert (c), porter E K Lumpkin, r 121 N Findley.
Hurt, Walter (c), laborer, r 448 N Findley.
Hussey, Clarence T (Carrie), brick manfg, r 608 Henderson avenue.
Huen, J H (Laura), r 514 N Thomas.
Huen, S T, merchant, r 514 N Thomas.
Hulme, George H (Willie), merchant, r 303 N Jackson.
Hutcheson, S O (Itasca), bookkeeper Griffith & Welch, r 512 College.
Hutchins, J C (Laura), bookkeeper Talmadge Bros & Co, r 428
Hutchinson, Ann (c), washerwoman, r 442 Bridge.
Hutchinson, Charlie (c), laborer, r 1020 W Broad.
Hutchinson, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 502 Hodgson.
Hutto, D (M M), farmer, r 648 First.
Ingle, J W (Leila), manufacturer, r Grady avenue.
Irby, James (Myta), carpenter, r 414 Hall.

Iverson, Miss Jessie, teacher, bds 23 Pulaski.
Iverson, Robert (Fannie), farmer, r 23 Pulaski.
Iverson, Robert, Jr, photographer, bds 23 Pulaski.
Ivey, J S (Lizzie), fireman Central Ry, r Foundry.
Ivey, Miss Mattie, sten Hodgson Cotton Co, bds 32 W Hancock ave.
Ivy, Z W (Victoria), convict guard, r 506 Franklin.
Jackson, A T (c), insurance, r 1112 Reese.
Jackson, Alfred (c), tailor, r 1230 W Broad.
Jackson, Andrew (c), laborer, r 1282 Fairview.
Jackson, Andrew (c), laborer, r 1003 Waddell.
Jackson, Andrew (c), servant, 12 S Lumpkin.
Jackson, Annie (c), cook, r 109 Pulaski.
Jackson, B F, clerk Athens Hdw Co, bds 114 N Thomas.
Jackson, Betsy (c), cook, r 105 N Findley.
Jackson, Mrs D W, r 139 Peters.
Jackson, Davis (c), waiter, r 1024 Barber.
Jackson, Dock (c), laborer, r 823 College avenue.
Jackson, E B, trav slsmn Bondurant & Co, bds Imperial Hotel.
Jackson, E C (Lillie), clerk Athens Hdw Co, bds 114 N Thomas.
Jackson, Ed (c), laborer, r 37 Billups.
Jackson, Ed (c), cook, r 40 Willow.
Jackson, Edna (c), servant, r 1103 W Broad.
Jackson, Eli (c), laborer, r Little.
Jackson, Miss Evie, r W Hancock avenue.
Jackson, F H (Georgia), salesman, r 246 S Lumpkin.
Jackson, Fred C, clerk Athens Hdw Co, bds 304 N Thomas.
Jackson, H H, clerk Athens Hdw Co, bds 114 N Thomas.
Jackson, Hattie (c), washerwoman, r 120 Savannah avenue.
Jackson, Henry (c), laborer, r Springdale.
Jackson, Henry J, carpenter, boards 604 W Hancock Ave.
Jackson, Howard (c), driver, r 39 Billups.
Jackson, J L (Cliff) broker, r 463 Pulaski.

Jackson, Jack F, farmer, r 452 S Milledge avenue.
Jackson, James (c), laborer, 246 S Lumpkin.
Jackson, Miss Jessie, stenographer, boards 604 W Hancock Ave.
Jackson, Jim (c), laborer, r 530 N Lumpkin.
Jackson, John F (M J), carpenter r 604 W Hancock Ave.
Jackson, Joseph A (Hattie), butcher, r 450 Pulaski.
Jackson, Mrs M C, r 238 S Lumpkin.
Jackson, Mat (c), servant, r 109 Pulaski.
Jackson, Paul, clerk Cotton Exchange, boards 604 W Hancock Ave.
Jackson, Ralph (Annie), harness maker, r 622 Pulaski.
Jackson, Rebecca (c), washerwoman, r 1101 W Hancock avenue.
Jackson, Reuben (c), servant, rear 419 Hill.
Jackson, Roy, boards 604 W Hancock Ave.
Jackson, Sim (c), drayman, r 846 Cherry.
Jackson, Steve (c), laborer, r 216 N Pope.
Jackson, Tom (c), driver Talmadge Bros & Co, r 120 Cleveland ave
Jackson, W A (Maud), civil engineer, r 450 Pulaski.
Jackson, W P (Belle), bookkeeper Bondurant & Co, r Cobb.
Jackson, Walter E ,Policeman, boards 604 W Hancock Ave.
Jackson, Washington B (N A), merchant, r 304 N Thomas.
Jackson, Will (c), coachman A H Hodgson, r 41 Billups.
Jago, T E (Eunice), verterinary surgeon, r E Clayton.
James, Laura (c), cook, r 12 Valley.
James, Mrs W B, r 328 Mitchell.
James, William, brickmason, bds 326 Oconee.
Jamison, Shoals (c), butler, r 23 N Findley.
Jankower, Maurice (Hattie), insurance, r 19 W Hancock avenue.
Jarrell, J W Jr, bookkeeper Bell Tel Co, bds 502 Barber.
Jarrell, Jesse L (Mattie), farmer, r 707 Oak.
Jarrell, Miss Myrtle, teacher, r 707 Oak.
Jarrett, William, flagman So Ry, r 626 College avenue.
Jefferson, Amanda (c), cook, r 123 N Findley.
Jefferson, Cecile (c), teacher city school, 22 Valley.
Jefferson, Ella (c), seamstress, r 22 Valley.
Jefferson, R H (c), tailor, r 8 S Harris.

Jenkins, Dallas (c), milkman, r 9 Rock Spring.
Jenkins, Ella (c), cook, r 219 Pulaski.
Jenkins, Frank (c), laborer, r 1219 Arch.
Jenkins, Tom (c), works D W McGregor, r 9 Rock Spring.
Jenkins, William, (c), laborer, r 9 Rock Spring.
Jennergan, Lon (c), laborer, r 420 Prince Ave.
Jennings, Jefferson, newspaper agent, r N Lumpkin.
Jennings, Ben (c), laborer, r 652 Odd.
Jennings, W M (c), restaurant, r 1125 W Broad.
Jennings, W R (Alma), carpenter, r 453 Bloomfield.
Jester, J Carlton, bookkeeper Athens Savings Bank, bds 1172 Cobb.
Jester, William A (Alice}, farmer, r 1172 Cobb.
Jeter, Denk (c), laborer, r First.
Jewell, Jerry (c), laborer, r 22 Baxter.
Joe, Jesse, laundryman, r 8 N Jackson.
Joel, Abe (Etta), merchant, r 4 W Hancock avenue.
Johns, W S bookkeeper Mut Life of Ga, bds 505 N Jackson.
Johnson, Albert, clerk C Stern & Co, bds 2 W Hancock avenue.
Johnson, Alex (c), farmer, r 18 Waddell.
Johnson, Andrew (c), laborer, r First.
Johnson, Angeline (c), washerwoman, r 609 S Lumpkin.
Johnson, C W, farmer, r near Cedar.
Johnson, Charles (c), laborer, r 238 S Hull.
Johnson, Cicero (Mary), carpenter, r 735 Oak.
Johnson, Dock (c), laborer, r 38 Green.
Johnson, Ed (c), janitor, r 9 Warsaw.
Johnson, Ed (c), laborer, r Boulevard.
Johnson, Miss Effie, clerk, r 221 Elberton.
Johnson, Elijah (c), driver S Upson, r 638 Morris.
Johnson, Miss Ethel, sten Talmadge Bros, bds 505 N Jackson.
Johnson, Floyd (c), farmer, r 982 Oconee.
Johnson, Frank (Lou), r 474 Oconee.
Johnson, Mrs George T, cor Hill and Franklin.
Johnson, George (c), laborer, r 984 Oconee.
Johnson, Gladden (c), laborer, r 706 S Lumpkin.

Johnson, Griff (c), butcher, r 1300 W Broad.
Johnson, Gus (c), laborer, r 15 Sapelo.
Johnson, Hariet (c), farmer, r First.
Johnson, Hattie (c), washerwoman, r 526 Hodgson.
Johnson, Isabella (c), cook, r 120 W Hancock avenue.
Johnson, J P, merchant, r 221 Elberton.
Johnson, Jeff (c), laborer, r 632 Athens avenue.
Johnson, Jeff (c), laborer, r 201 Elberton.
Johnson, Joe (c), laborer, r 111 N Pope.
Johnson, John (Myrtie), laborer, r 14 Rock row.
Johnson, John, tile layer, r 626 College avenue.
Johnson, L M (Irene), insurance, r 851 S Lumpkin.
Johnson, L M Jr, clerk, bds 851 S Lumpkin.
Johnson, Lee (c), laborer, r 12 Atlanta avenue.
Johnson, Lige (c), gardener, r 46 Elberton.
Johnson, Lizzie (c), cook, r 218 Augusta avenue.
Johnson, Malinda (c), cook, r 847 Cherry.
Johnson, Manuel (c), janitor Lucy Cobb Inst, r 1107 Reese.
Johnson, Mark (c), laborer, r 756 Georgia Railroad street.
Johnson, Miles (c), dyer, r 1 Pulaski.
Johnson, Mitchell (c), laborer, r 243 Cleveland avenue.
Johnson, Nelson (c), laborer, r 1302 W Broad.
Johnson, Ollie (c), washerwoman, r 1599 E Broad.
Johnson, Percy, clerk Armour & Co, bds 851 S Lumpkin.
Johnson, R L, clerk Bondurant & Co, bds 438 Oconee.
Johnson, Ralph, farmer, r 221 Elberton.
Johnson, Robert (c), farmer, r 957 Oconee.
Johnson, Rose (c), washerwoman, r 1658 Arch.
Johnson, Sally (c), washerwoman, r 238 S Hull.
Johnson, Sam (c), laborer, r 906 College avenue.
Johnson, Sarah (c), washerwoman, r 90 Billups.
Johnson, Sue (c), cook, r 9 Warsaw.
Johnson, Tom (c), laborer, r Odd.
Johnson, Tom (c), laborer, r 313 Hoyt.
Johnson, Vina (c), washerwoman, r 518 Hodgson.

Johnson, W D (Grace), barber, r 101 S Findley.
Johnson, W D (c), minister, r 529 N Lumpkin.
Johnson, W T, works McConnell Leather Co, bds 109 N Lumpkin.
Johnson, Mrs W T, r 438 Oconee.
Johnson, Walker (c), works Webb & Crawford, r 412 Doboy.
Johnson, Walter, clerk L B Flatow Co, bds 438 Oconee.
Johnson, Warren (c), farmer, r 215 Vine.
Johnson, Will (c), servant, r 1001 W Broad.
Johnson, Will (c), plumber, r 454 Bridge.
Johnson, William (c), dyer, r 1 Pulaski.
Joiner, G W (Pearl), works Athena Gas Co, r 49 Mulberry.
Joiner, John (c), laborer, r rear of 329 E Washington.
Joiner, Mrs M M, r 11 Poplar.
Jonas, Mrs Eliza, r 118 Baldwin.
Jones, Ben (c), laborer, r 619 N Hull.
Jones, Brown (c), janitor Athenaeum, r 1284 Fairview.
Jones, C (c), laborer, r 1235 W Hancock avenue.
Jones, Cicero (c), laborer, r 312 W Broad.
Jones, Mrs E E, r 415 N Jackson.
Jones, Ed (c), carpenter, r 643 Augusta avenue.
Jones, Ed (c), bricklayer, r 108 N Pope.
Jones, Edward (c), works Commercial Hotel, r 650 Fourth.
Jones, Elbert (c), farmer, r 113 Chase.
Jones, Emily (c), washerwoman, r rear of 26 S Pope.
Jones, Miss Emmie, sten E S Lyndon, bds 32 w Hancock ave.
Jones, Hannah (c), cook, r 607 N Hull.
Jones, Harvey (c), laborer, Barber near Boulevard.
Jones, Iverson (c), gardener, r 525 College avenue.
Jones, Joe (c), laborer , r 906 College avenue.
Jones, John (c), gardener, r 302 W Broad.
Jones, John (c), laborer, r 3 Atlanta avenue.
Jones, Manda (c), washerwoman, r 101 N Pope.
Jones, Margaret (c), seamstress, r 331 Strong.
Jones, Martha (c), washerwoman, r 207 Chase.
Jones, Oscar (c), laborer, r 1203 W Hancock avenue.

Jones, Sarah, (c), laborer, r S Lumpkin.
Jones, Silas (c), farmer, r 1318 Springdale.
Jones, T B (Alice), mfg roof paint, r 703 Baxter.
Jones, Tom (c), tailor, r 613 Reese.
Jones, W A (Lavinia), carpenter, r 31 Poplar.
Jones, Wesley (c), gardener, r 403 Cleveland avenue.
Jordan, A A, bicycle repair shop, bds 327 E Broad.
Jordan, J H (S A), carpenter, r Herring.
Jordan, Will (c), laborer, r Flint.
Joseph, Courtney (c), cook, r 20 N Church.
Joseph, Max, merchant, r 109 Pulaski.
Joyner, John (c), laborer, r 11 Peters,
Kathan, Miss Maud, teacher State Normal School, bds 715 Prince.
Kecke, Max (Lena), baker, r 937 S Milledge.
Keese, John S, merchant, r 601 Prince avenue.
Keipp, Miss Madeline, teacher Lucy Cobb Inst, r 104 N Milledge av.
Keith, J M (Hattie), Ry mail service, r 252 S Lumpkin.
Keith, Oscar L, student, bds 252 S Lumpkin.
Kellogg, F E, Railway Insurance, bds 2 W Hancock avenue.
Kellum, J A (Susan), farmer, r 537 Oak.
Kemp, William (c), laborer, r Springdale.
Kendrick, George (c), laborer, r 754 Georgia Railroad street.
Kennard, Mrs J D, housekeeper, r 23 N Milledge avenue.
Kennard, Miss Mamie, teacher city schools, r 313 E Dougherty.
Kennedy, Doc (c), driver, r 414 W Broad.
Kennedy, J F (Mamie), brickmason, r 1220 Nellie B avenue.
Kenney, David M (Sarah), contractor, r 717 Baxter.
Kenney, Miss E E, sten R T DuBose, r 530 Hill.
Kenney, J L, carpenter, r 654 Barber.
Kenney, Miss J W, r 530 Hill.
Kenney, Jack (c), gardener, r 16 Rock Spring.
Kent, Joseph (c), gardener, r 53 Elberton.
Kenney, Joseph K (Alice), collector, r 916 W Hancock avenue.

Kenney, Miss M E, r 530 Hill.
Kenney, W H (Jeffie), carpenter, r 436 Peabody.
Kidd, S A, dressmaker, r 611 N Lumpkin.
Killian, William (c), drayman, r Morris Alley.
Kilpatrick, I T (Eva), cotton buyer, r Hill near Harris.
King, Anderson, student, bds 1173 Cobb.
King, Bob (c), laborer, r 339 Flint.
King, Fred (c), works for city of Athens, r 16 Paris.
King, James S (Sallie), merchant, r 1173 Cobb.
King, John (c), laborer, r 1016 Reese.
Kinnebrew, Benjamin H (Mollie), bookkeeper J H Carlton, r University campus.
Kinnebrew, E C (Georgia), U S Commissioner, r 15 Wray.
Kinnebrew, E R (Nannie), physician, r 714 Fields.
Kinney, Ed (c), laborer, r 1009 Waddell.
Kinney, James (c) laborer Coca Cola Co., r 706 Cohen.
Kinyon, W J (Alice), clerk postoffice, r 330 Oconee.
Kirk, Emory (Pearl), plumber, r 537 Oak.
Kirk, H P (c), teacher, r 916 Reese.
Kirk, Howard (Maggie), collector city waterworks, r 618 Oconee.
Kirk, J C (M A), clerk Bullock's store, r 617 Oconee.
Kirk, Mary (c), teacher, r 916 Reese.
Kirk, W H (Carrie), oper So Mfg Co, r Nantahala avenue.
Kirk, Walker (Lavada), carpenter, r 620 Oconee.
Kirkpatrick, R E (Lena), tanner, r 501 S Lumpkin.
Kittle, Reese (Dora), merchant, N Lumpkin.
Klouse, John (S E), stone cutter, r 407 Bridge.
Krasselt, Otto, bookkeeper T Fleming & Sons, bds Imperial Hotel.
Kutres, Nicholas, merchant, r cor Jackson and Baldwin.
Kyle, Inman (Lula), lineman, r 410 Prince avenue.
Kytle, William H (Pearl), bkkpr Ath Hardware Co, r 526 W Han­cock Ave.

Lambert, Charles A (Josie), undertaker, r 227 E Dougherty.
Lambert, J G, clerk Bondurant & Co, bds 26 N Milledge avenue.
Lambert, John H (Annie), bookkeeper Nat Bank of Athens, r 26 N Miledge avenue.
Lampkin, Carl, painter, bds 623 Pulaski.
Lampkin, Cobb (Keturah), merchant, r 18 W Dougherty.
Lampkin, O (c), driver Imperial Hotel, r 1003 w Hancock avenue.
Lampkin, Mrs Sue, r 203 N Thomas.
Lampkin, T C (Mattie), carpenter, r 623 Pulaski.
Lampkin, Mrs W W, r 300 N Lumpkin.
Landrum, Joseph, road master S A L Ry, r 624 College avenue.
Landrum, Marvin, time keeper S A L Ry, bds 624 College avenue.
Lane, James (c), laborer, r 66 Derby.
Lane, Julian R, brick manfg, r 123 W Hancock avenue.
Lane, Miss Louie, principal night school, r 745 Oak.
Long, H M (Louise), trav salesman, bds 707 Prince avenue.
Langford, Mrs C, seamstress, r 621 Oconee.
Langston, Ben (c), driver, r 17 Billups.
Latimer, Arthur F, cotton buyer, bds 821 Hill.
Latimer, Robert C (Maggie), insurance, r 821 Hill.
Lavender, R A (Kate), lunch stand, r 20 Baldwin.
Lawhead, W B (Margaret), blacksmith Klein & Martin, r 227 S Pope.
Lawrence, R B (Marion), trucker, r S Milledge avenue.
Lawrence, H P (Mattie), merchant, r 300 E Dougherty.
Lee, Charlie (c), brickmason, r 607 Foundry.
Lee, Ed (c), shoemaker, r 624 N Hull.
Lee, Elizabeth (c), washerwoman, r 517 Doboy.
Lee, Henry (c), driver, r 222 N Pope.
Lee, Phil (c), laborer, r 310 W Broad.
Lemon, J F (Mamie), bricklayer, r 622 Peabody.
Lemond, R H (Emma), eng So Ry, r 619 Pulaski.
Lentz, S A (N E), mechanic, r 224 Strong.
Leolie, Will (c), laborer, r 22 Warsaw.
Leonard, Miss Evie, seamstress, r 419 River.
Lester, A N (Lula), clerk Athens Housefurnishing Co, r Park avenue

Lester, Adeline (c), nurse, r 526 N Lumpkin.
Lester, Albert, conductor Athens Street Ry, r Park avenue.
Lester, Arthur, machinist, bds 27 Poplar.
Lester, Brantley, carpenter, boards 104 Baldwin.
Lester, Mrs E H, r E Broad.
Lester, Frank (c), cook, r 833 Cherry.
Lester, Henry (Emma), works Athens Foundry, r 9 Pine.
Lester, J D, fireman city department, r E Broad.
Lester, Leon, butcher, r Park avenue.
Lester, Mrs M R, r 27 Poplar.
Lester, T E (S E), farmer, r E Broad.
Levy, Edgar (Rachel), cotton factor, r 120 W Hancock avenue.
Lewis, Armus (c), laborer, r 321 Cleveland avenue.
Lewis, James, works So Mfg Co, r 619 Oconee.
Lewis, Jep (c), laborer, r 121 Savannah avenue.
Lewis, Joe (c), laborer, r 868 S Lumpkin.
Lewis, Virginia (c), washerwoman, r 621 S Lumpkin.
Lewis, William, Sr, r 619 Oconee.
Lewis, William, Jr (Annie), fireman city department, r 619 Oconee.
Lilly, Robert (Virginia), brickmason, 718 N Lumpkin.
Lingle, J C (Lula), mechanic, r 752 College avenue.
Link, M (Sophia), merchant, r W Dougherty.
Linton, Miss Annie, teacher State Normal school, r Barber.
Linton, H H, tax collector Clarke county, r Barber.
Linton, Miss Mary, bds 10 E Hancock avenue.
Lipscomb, Francis A, insurance, r 104 N Milledge avenue.
Lipscomb, Mrs M A, prin Lucy Cobb Inst, rThe Institute, Milledge.
Liscombe, Mrs Alice, r 25 E Dougherty.
Liscombe, Walter K (Adelaide), architect, r 25 E Dougherty.
Little, J F (Nettie), marble dealer, bds 109 N Lumpkin.
Livingston, L (c), cook, r 526 N Lumpkin.
Livingstone, Emiline (c), baker, r 823 Prince avenue.
Livingstone, Richard (c), mail carrier, r 823 Prince avenue.
Lloyd, J O (Maude), supt dray line, r 213 W Broad.
Lockhart, Allen (c), janitor State Normal School, r 14 Chase.

Lockhart, Miss Clara, milliner Davison & Lowe, r 458 Pulaski.
Lockman, A E (P T), oper Sou Mfg Co, r Hiawassee Ave.
Lord, Miss Emmie, dressmaker, r 227 Hoyt.
Lord, Miss Sallie, dressmaker, r 227 Hoyt.
Lovejoy, W P (Anna L), pres Elder Athens district M E church, r
Lovin, Ben F (Maggie), carpenter, r 13 Wilkerson.
Lovin, Charles, butcher, bds 618 N Jackson.
Lovin, Monroe (H A), driver city wagons, r 18 Peters.
Lovingood, Joe (c), painter, r 1019 W Hancock avenue.
Lovingood, Mary (c), seamstress, r 1019 W Hancock avenue.
Lowe, Abram (c), gardener, r 13 Rock Spring.
Lowe, C A, asst bookkeeper Davison & Lowe, bds 329 E Clayton.
Lowe, Elijah (c), laborer, r 618 S Lumpkin.
Lowe, Mrs Isaac, bds 219 Reese.
Lowe, Mrs S J, r 329 E Clayton.
Lowe, Will (c), laborer, r 445 Augusta avenue.
Lowrance, H A (Ella), dentist, r 826 Hill.
Lowry, Mrs M R, r 729 Oconee.
Lucas, F B (Susan), broker, r 204 S Lumpkin.
Lucas, Frederick W, Justice of peace, r 510 S Jackson.
Lucas, George E (O C), trav salesman, boards 214 N Milledge Ave.
Lucas, Miss Mamie, teacher Lucy Cobb Inst, r The Institute, N Milledge avenue.
Lucas, Miss Susie, matron Lucy Cobb Inst, r The Institute, N Milledge avenue.
Lumpkin, Charley (c), laborer, r 423 Rock Spring.
Lumpkin, Daniel (c), driver W J Morton, r 804 Billups.
Lumpkin, Edwin K (Mamie), attorney, r 911 Prince avenue.
Lumpkin, Floyd (c), farmer, r 620 Hill.
Lumpkin, Henry (c), laborer, r 15 N Church.
Lumpkin, James M, minister, r N Lumpkin.
Lumpkin, Sam (c), laborer, r 28 Baxter.
Lumpkin, Tom (c), carpenter, r 120 Savannah avenue.
Lustrat, Joseph (Elinor), prof Univ of Ga, r University campus.
Lyle, Miss Annie, clerk Athens Postoffice, r Henderson avenue.

Lyle, Eugene (c), plasterer, r 201 Plum.
Lyle, Gib (c), laborer, r 612 N Hull.
Lyle, Mrs J R, r Henderson avenue.
Lyndon, Mrs A J, r 822 Prince avenue.
Lyndon, Edward L, clerk Lyndon Mfg Co, bds 822 Prince avenue.
Lyndon, Edward S (Anna E), manufacturer, r 201 Hoyt.
Lynn, W S A, r Poplar.
Lyons, John (c), laborer, r 1116 W Broad.
Mack, Ed (c), carpenter, r 104 S Harris.
Mack, James (c), carpenter, r 19 Green.
Mack, John (c), carpenter, r 30 Green.
Mack, John R (c), clerk postoffice, r 915 Reese.
Macon, L (c), laborer, r 825 College avenue.
Maddox, J B, carpenter, r 832 Springdale.
Maddox, J E, artist, r 832 Springdale.
Maddox, O L, carpenter, r 832 Springdale.
Maddox, Miss Rosa, teacher city schools, r 832 Springdale.
Malcolm, Ed (c), laborer, r 326 River.
Malcolm, Mrs. N, r 128 Baldwin.
Malcolm, Viola (c) servant, r Nantahala Ave.
Mallory, Clarence, merchant, bds Prince avenue.
Mallory, Henry (c), r 24 Warsaw.
Mallory, Walter A (Bertie), merchant, r Prince avenue.
Malone, George (c), laborer, r 649 Odd.
Malone, R L, woodworkman, bds 437 Oconee.
Mangleburg, Frank, clerk, r E Clayton.
Mann, John ( c), fireman So Ry, r 605 Augusta avenue.
Mann, Morgan (c), laborer, r 671 Third.
Mann, Squire (c), laborer, 502 Barber.
Manns, Will (c), laborer, r 7 Green.
Manuel, Minnie (c), cook, r 442 Compress.
Mapp, Alex (c), laborer, r 1227 Fairview.
Mapp, J H (Jennie), bkkper Mallison Cord Co, r Baxter.

Mapp, Julius (c), carpenter, r W Broad.
Mapp, Lorenzo (c), works Dorsey & Funkenstein, r 1005 Waddell.
March, E L, agent Athens Gas Co, r Foundry.
Mark, Jesse, laundryman, 8 N Jackson.
Marbut, H D (Ida), clerks F H Bowden, r 639 College avenue.
Marks, Mrs P S, r 109 Pulaski.
Marler, J L (Fannie), insurance agent, r 223 Strong.
Marshall, John (c), laborer, r 607 Plum.
Marshall, Nancy (c), servant, r 607 Plum.
Martin, Anthony (c), laborer, r 312 Johns.
Martin, Mrs C, r 323 Strong.
Martin, Horace E (Lula V), manufacturer, r 425 Oconee.
Martin, J D (Sarah), baggage master So Ry, r 633 College avenue.
Martin, James S (Ida), mechanic, r 323 Strong.
Martin, M L (S G), farmer, r 2 Grove.
Mason, Douglas (c), driver, r 1024 W Hancock avenue.
Mason, Geo W (Gussie), cotton buyer B Phinizy, r 12 S Lumpkin.
Mason, Rucker, cotton buyer Inman & Co, bds 12 S Lumpkin.
Mason, Wm P, clerk J S King & Co, bds 12 S Lumpkin.
Massey, John (Georgia), plasterer, r 440 Church.
Mathews, Eliza (c), washerwoman, r 212 Rock Spring.
Mathews, Mrs Lula, r 1014 Hill.
Matthews, Anderson (c), laborer, r 1303 W Broad.
Matthews, C (c), laborer, r 1303 W Broad.
Matthews, D N (Lizzie, traveling salesman, r 426 W Hancock Ave
Matthews, George, Painter, r 209 Hoyt.
Matthews, Jessie (c), washerwoman, r rear of 312 N Church.
Matthews, Lizzie, washerwoman, r 8 Sapelo.
Matthews, M F (M C), physician, r 205 N Thomas.
Matthews, M P, merchant, r 516 N Thomas.
Matthews, Vincent (Susan), clerk Arnold Gro Co, r Grove.
Matthews, Mrs W E, dressmaker, r 22 E Clayton.
Mattox, Adam (c), laborer, r 1560 E Broad.
Mattox, Jos H (Minnie), trav salsmn Arnold Grocery Co, r 29 W Dougherty.

Mattox, T V (c), minister, r 311 Reese.
Maxon, J H, supt Athens Gas Co, r Foundry.
Maxwell, Lila (c), washerwoman, r 146 Tabernacle.
Maxwell, Nellie (c), washerwoman, r 624 Morris.
Maxwell, Sam (c), driver T L Abney, r 624 Morris.
Mayfield, Mrs Beulah, r 428 Pulaski.
Mayfield, Glenn (c), laborer, r 456 Stephens.
Mayfield, Ida (c), washerwoman, r 26 Baxter.
Mayfield, Jessie (c), cook, r 456 Stephens.
Mayfield, W J (Lottie), foreman Moss Mfg Co, r 501 N Thomas.
Mayfield, W T (Barbara), foreman Moss Mfg Co, r 440 Pulaski.
Mead, Mrs Fannie, r 977 Oak.
Mead, Thomas (Mary), merchant, r 505 River.
Mealor, Gus (Pearl), carpenter, r 722 Oak.
Mealor, Henry, plumber, bds 1104 E Broad.
Mealor, J A (Mary), carpenter, r 617 Oconee.
Mealor, J H (Emma), moulder Athens Foundry, r 1104 E Broad.
Mealor, William, moulder Athens Founddry, bds 1104 E Broad.
Mears, John (c), cook, r 125 Pulaski.
Medlin, Joe (c), laborer, r 224 Strickland.
Mell, Charles I (Mary), insurance, r S Milledge avenue.
Mell, E B (Belle), principal Baxter Street school, r 318 S Milledge.
Mell, Miss Ellen L, music teacher, r 515 Hill.
Mell, George A (Daisy), cashier Athens Sav Bank, r 628 Dearing.
Mell, James C, insurance, bds 318 S Milledge.
Mell, John B (Stella), supt marble works, r 644 College avenue.
Mell, John D (Helen), minister, r 318 S Milledge avenue.
Mell, Mrs Patrick H, r 318 S Milledge avenue.
Mell, Thomas S, attorney, r 515 Hill.
Meriwether, A P (Emma), agt So Express Co, bds 32 W Hancock ave.
Meriwether, Seney (c), washerwoman, r 26 Rock Spring.
Merritt, Bessie (c), cook, r 305 Cleveland avenue.
Merritt, Henry (c), laborer, r 638 Second.
Merriwether, Billie (c), laborer, r 30 Valley.
Merriwether, Victoria (c), laundress, r 1 Pulaski.

Merriwether, William (c), laborer, r 215 S Thomas.
Merry, M H (Berta), ticket agt So Ry, r 408 N Jackson.
Messer, J H, plasterer, r 506 Hancock avenue.
Mewborn, Miss Eliza, works Athens Tel Exchange, bds 327 E Broad.
Mewborn, Miss Eulalie, wks Vaughn's music store, bds 327 E Broad.
Mewborn, Ezra, works Athens Coca Cola Bot Co, bds 327 E Broad.
Mewborn, S M (L M), boarding house keeper, r 327 E Broad.
Michael, Ernest, clerk Michael Bros Co, bds cor Prince and Grady.
Michael, Max, student, bds cor Prince and Grady avenues.
Michael, Morris, trav salsmn Michael Bros Co, bds cor Prince and Grady avenues.
Michael, Moses G (Emma), merchant, r Prince avenue near Grady.
Michael, Simon (Annie), merchant, r cor Prince and Grady avenues.
Middlebrooks, Isaac (c), laborer, r 1011 W Broad.
Middlebrooks, Joe (c), laborer, r 1007 W Broad.
Middlebrooks, Joe (c), farm laborer, r Bloomfield.
Middlebrooks, John (c), blacksmith, r 510 Barber.
Miller, Miss Corinne, clerk W D Bowden, r College avenue.
Miller, D F (Decie), cotton buyer, r 403 N Jackson.
Miller, George(Hattie), foreman Sou Mfg Co, Chattanooga Ave.
Miller, J T (c), farmer, r Dublin.
Miller, Mrs T M seamstress, r College avenue.
Mills, Ed (c), driver M M Arnold, r 31 Rock Spring.
Mills, George (c), janitor Univ of Ga, r 920 W Broad.
Mills, Isaac (c), works Star Bakery, r 31 Rock Spring.
Mills, L H (c), minister, r 1002 W Broad.
Mills, Lou (c), nurse, r 31 Rock Spring.
Milner, Beaufort (c), laborer, r First.
Milner, Robert (c), laborer, r 437 Bridge.
Milner, Sam (c), blacksmith, r 512 Reese.
Milton, Guy (Pearl), painter, bds 437 Oconee.
Minder, Joseph (Lula), tailor, r E Washington.
Mines, W H, Salesman Davison & Lowe, bds 232 S Lumpkin.
Minnefield, Ella (c), washerwoman, r 614 N Hull.
Mitchell, Albert L (Jessie), attorney and ins, r 24 W Dougherty.

Mitchell, Anderson (c), laborer, r 636 N Hull.
Mitchell, Cicero A (E C), minister, r 319 W Hancock avenue.
Mitchell, Miss Dora, coshier, M H Skalowski, bds 449 Oconee.
Mitchell, Dock (c), laborer, r 324 Strong.
Mitchell, E L, Publisher, r 319 W Hancock Ave.
Mitchell, Miss Fannie, teacher, r 26 S Pope.
Mitchell, Ransom (c), laborer, r 706 S Lumpkin.
Mitchell, Thomas L, bookkeeper Sou. Mutual Ins. Co, r 319 W Hancock Ave.
Mize, M C (Bessie), butcher, r 414 Pulaski.
Mize, Miss Nannie, r 204 N Thomas.
Monahan, J F, peddler, bds 402 Oconee.
Monroe, Charles A, teacher, boards 28 W Hancock Ave.
Montgomery, J L (C J), painter, r 523 S Lumpkin.
Montgomery, W P (Martha), fireman, r 523 S Lumpkin.
Moody, Tom (c), laborer, r 417 Strong.
Moon, Barnett (c), r 304 Chase.
Moon, Ben (c), porter, r 304 Chase.
Moon, Mrs B B, r 723 Baxter.
Moon, Mrs Bena, dressmaker, r 428 Pulaski.
Moon, Miss C, houskeeper, r 467 Oconee.
Moon, D J (c), minister, r 304 Chase.
Moon, Lorenzo (c), laborer Lyndon Mfg Co, r 307 Cleveland avenue.
Moon, R C, painter, r 723 Baxter.
Moon, Sam (c), laborer, r rear of 212 N Pope.
Moon, Mrs Turner, r 723 Baxter.
Moon, W H C (Lucy), drayman, r Little.
Moore, C J, prof Univ of Ga, bds 209 Prince avenue.
Moore, Ed (c), laborer S A L Ry, r 245 Cleveland avenue.
Moore, Gus (c), tanner, r 1001 W Broad.
Moore, Henry (c), laborer, r 197 First.
Moore, Henry (c), laborer, r 630 Athens avenue.
Moore, Hettie (c), washerwoman , r 448 N Findley.
Moore, J O (Mattie), merchant, r 152 E Clayton.
Moore, James, r 323 Mitchell.

Moore, John N (Mollie), distiller, r Nacoochee avenue.
Moore, Mary (c), cook, r 532 Barber.
Moore, Miss Maud, sten Shackelford & Shackelford, r Nacoochee.
Moore, Miss Minnie, tel operator, bds 716 Prince avenue.
Moore, P A (Bessie), clerk, r 203 N Thomas.
Moore, Seymour (c), mechanic, r 630 Athens avenue.
Moore, T R, r 755 S Lumpkin.
Moore, Thomas C (Mary), engineer So Ry, r 627 College avenue.
Moore, Tom (c), laborer, r Water.
Moore, Walter (c), driver J S King & Co, r rear of 1173 Cobb.
Moore, Wash (c), drayman, r 625 Odd.
Moore, Will (c), plasterer, r 259 Augusta avenue.
Morris, Charles (Norma), trav salesman, r 109 Pulaski.
Morris, J V M (Martha), minister, r 931 Oconee.
Morris, John (Gretchen), prof Univ of Ga, r cor Milledge and Springdale.
Morris, Mrs Joseph, r 18 W Hancock avenue.
Morris, Lee (Pauline), merchant, r 205 E Dougherty.
Morris, Louis (Pauline), merchant, r 18 W Hancock avenue.
Morris, Mrs Mary M, r cor Milledge and Springdale.
Morris, Mendel (Sarah), merchant, r 17 W Hancock avenue.
Morris, Mollie (c), cook, r 463 Pulaski.
Morris, Moses (Esther), merchant, r 17 W Hancock avenue.
Morris, Senie (c), cook, r 125 Savannah avenue.
Morrison, Odessa (c), nurse, r 499 Barber.
Morton, Andrew (c), laborer, r 60 Field.
Morton, Clinton (c), drayman, r 739 Atlanta avenue.
Morton, Fred S (Roberta), editor Athenian, r 821 Hill.
Morton, Henry (c), laborer, r 101 N Pope.
Morton, J Audley, student, bds 18 S Hull.
Morton, John White (Mamie L), cotton Mfg, r S Milledge avenue.
Morton, Joseph W, clerk So Ry, bds 18 S Hull.
Morton, M B (c), contractor, r 801 Prince avenue.
Morton, Monroe (c), laborer, r 14 Atlanta avenue.
Morton, Robert F (Nannie), trav salesman, bds Imperial Hotel.

Morton, Will (c), laborer, r Warsaw.
Morton, William (c), laborer, r 682 Chase.
Morton, William J (Rosina), r 18 S Hull.
Moseman, J H (Callie), mechanic, r 626 College avenue.
Moss, Carrie (c), washerwoman, r 528 N Lumpkin.
Moss, John D (Birdie), cotton merchant, r 205 Pulaski.
Moss, L R (Jennie), laundryman, bds cor Prince and Buena Vista.
Moss, Rufus L Sr (Elizabeth), cotton factor, r 919 Cobb.
Moss, Rufus L Jr (Leila), manufacturer, r 904 Hill.
Moss, William L, student, bds 919 Cobb.
Motes, C. W., photographer, r 316 N Milledge avenue.
Muckle, John (c), farmer, r 10 Atlanta avenue.
Mullen, William (c), laborer, r 18 Peters.
Munday, Miss Lula, teacher city schools, bds 303 N Milledge avenue.
Murden, A B (c), minister, r 923 Reese.
Murray, Henry (Addie), tinner, r 628 Oconee.
Murray, Mrs I V, r 204 Waddell.
Murray, John (Rachel), peddler, r 751 Fourth.
Murray, L D (Sallie), conductor So Ry, r 709 Peabody.
Murray, William T, clerk Ga R R, bds 204 Waddell.
Murrell, George T (Leila), farmer, r 615 W Hancock Ave.
Murren, Joe (c), laborer, r 417 Bridge.
Muse, J T, clerk Central of Ga Ry, bds 114 N Thomas.
Muse, W A, salesman, bds Windsor Hotel, N Lumpkin.
Mygatt, George T (Lavinia), slsmn Talmadge Bros & Co, r Prince.
Mygatt, Joe C (N E), clerk Talmadge Bros & Co, r Prince avenue.

McAlister, Mrs C, r Waddell.
McClain, Mary (c), cook, 246 S Lumpkin.
McClurd, J B (Celestia), car inspector So Ry, r 729 College avenue.
McCombs, Cicero (c), gardener, r 901 Reese.
McCombs, N J (c), preacher, r 7 Newton.
McCombs, Nelson (c), waiter, r 12 Billups.

McConnell, A N (Lillie), bookkeeper McConnell Leather Co, r 203 N Thomas.
McConnell, F J (Rena), tanner, r 615 Pulaski.
McConnell, J C (Ada), manufacturer, r 607 Pulaski.
McConnell, J S, tanner, r 607 Pulaski.
McCray, Laura (c), baker, r Prince avenue.
McCree, James (Maggie), bag master Ga R R, r 219 E Hancock ave.
McCurdy, J D (Lucy), engineer, bds 232 S Lumpkin.
McCurdy, J M (Emma), butcher, r 112 Waddell.
McCullough, Nathan (c), minister, r 1311 W Broad.
McCune, Andy (Belle), carpenter, r 521 Oconee.
McCune, Mrs C, r 779 Georgia Railroad street.
McCune, Daniel (Gertrude), painter, r Rock row.
McCune, Robert (Nellie), painter,r 29 Peters.
McDavid, Richard (c), laborer, r 30 Valley.
McDorman, George W (Mattie), chief fire department, r N Jackson.
McDorman, R E (Lizzie) clerk J A Harbin, r Grady avenue.
McDuffie, A A (Julia), insurance, r 123 W Hancock avenue.
McDuffie, Jeff, bookkeeper, bds 123 W Hancock avenue.
McDuffie, Reese, bookkeeper Bondurant & Co, bds 123 W Hancock.
McElhannon, J W, clerk Turner & Hodgson, bds 326 Oconee.
McElhannon, Mrs Martha, r 615 Hill.
McElreath, W M (Lois), machine agent, r 114 Baldwin.
McEvoy, E C (Julia), druggist, r 802 Prince avenue.
McGinty, H C (Janie), supt brick yard, r 721 Henderson avenue.
McGinty, Luther (Maud), salesman Abney Bros Co, r 120 S Lumpkin.
McGregor, D W (Joanna), merchant, r 509 Dearing.
McGregor, E R, merchant, r 509 Dearing.
McIntosh, Luther (c), laborer, r 220 Cleveland avenue.
McIntyre, Mrs M F, seamstress, r 23 Wilkerson.
McKay, Genie (c), laundress, r 23 Pulaski.
McKinley, Archer (c), laborer, r Church.
McKinley, Arthur (c), carpenter, r 634 Morris.
McKinley, Charlie (c), gardener, r 634 Morris.
McKinney, M F, clerk Dixie Loan Co, r 109 N Lumpkin.

McKinnon, Charles (Mary), machinist, r 337 S Thomas.
McKinnon, Walter, painter, r 725 Oak.
McKinnon, Wesley (Emma), engineer city waterworks, r 725 Oak.
McMahan, J J C (Georgia), merchant, r 5 E Hancock avenue.
McMahan, Lawrence, clerk Head & McMahan, bds 5 E Hancock ave.
McMahan, Robert I, merchant, bds 5 E Hancock avenue.
McMahan, T A C (Janet), merchant, bds Hancock and Jackson.
McNeely, W A (Mary), insurance, r Grady avenue.
McNeill, D H (Julie), dentist, r 1211 Cobb.
McPherson, J H T, prof Univ of Ga, r 437 S Milledge avenue.
McQueen, Amanda (c), seamstress, r 626 N Hull.
McQueen, Mack (c), expressman, r 630 N Hull.
McQueen, Sam (c), barber, r 628 N Hull.
McRee, Ed (c), laborer, r 14 Green.
McRee, Len (c), laborer, r 27 Billups.
McRee, Miss Lula, sten Moss & Co, r 723 Baxter.
McRee, Sarah (c), cook, r 14 Billups.
McThurster, Andrew (c), laborer, r W Broad.
McWhorter, George (c), drayman, r 1107 W Broad.
McWhorter, Hamilton (Sallie), attorney, r 534 S Milledge avenue.
McWhorter, R L, prof Univ of Ga, bds 209 Prince avenue.
Nance, William (c), laborer, r 1283 Fairview.
Nash, Mrs Ellen, r 36 Grove.
Nash, Linton, telegraph messenger, r 2 Grove.
Neely, Peter (c), laborer, r 529 Fourth.
Nelms, Alfred (c), finisher Klein & Martin, r 327 Reese.
Nelms, Anthony (c), laborer, r 1241 Arch.
Nelms, J A (Fannie), blacksmith, r 204 Foundry.
Nelms, Kate (c), cook, r 608 Third.
Nelson, E C, canner, r 316 Baxter.
Nelson, Mrs L E, r 316 Baxter.
Nesbit, Mike (c), carpenter, r 606 Fifth.

Nesbit, Nathaniel (c), laborer, r 538 N Lumpkin.
Newsom, D D (Ella), fireman city department, r 727 Oak.
Newsom, Mrs M W, r 1013 E Broad.
Newsome, Sanford (c), laborer, r rear of 128 W Broad.
Newsome, V, engineer Ga R R, r 444 Oconee.
Newsome, William (c), laborer, r 737 S Lumpkin.
Newton, Charles H, fire insurance, r Prince near Morris.
Newton, Rev Henry, minister, r Prince near Morris.
Newton, Miss Susie, teacher State Normal School, r Prince near Morris.
Niblack, Carl, bookkeeper Cot Exchange, bds 114 N Thomas.
Nichols, C B (Barbara), blacksmith, r 750 College avenue.
Nichols, Clarence, bds 15 E Dougherty.
Nichols, Guy (Maud), clerk L B Flatow, r 409 N Thomas.
Nichols, J F (Susie), blacksmith, r Barberville.
Nichols, John (Susie), carpenter, r 618 Pulaski.
Nichols, Mrs M A, r 15 E Dougherty.
Nichols, Oscar, clerk L B Flatow Co, bds 15 E Dougherty.
Nicholson, Augustus R (Maud), cotton weigher, r 239 S Milledge av.
Nicholson, Mrs Homer K, r 713 Henderson avenue.
Nicholson, M G, bookkeeper Turner & Hodgson, bds 130 S Hull.
Nickerson, Reuben (M A), pres Athens Hdw Co, r 104 N Thomas.
Nickerson, Thomas H (Lizzie), merchant r 1013 Hill.
Nixon, Peter (c), gardener, r rear of 1114 Cobb.
Noland, J S (Mattie), jeweler, r 7 Strong.
Norris, Samuel (Emma), photographer, bds 105 S Jackson.
Nowell, Bertha (c), washerwoman, r 515 N Milledge avenue.
Nunnally, Matilda (c), washerwoman, r 125 Savannah avenue.

O'Farrell, A H (Kate), broker, r S Milledge avenue.
O'Farrell, Mrs Annie, r Barber near Boulevard.
O'Farrell, Charles J, merchant, bds Imperial Hotel.
O'Farrell, Charles P, clerk Imperial Hotel, bds Imperial Hotel.
O'Farrell, Marion, works Arnold Gro Co, bds 114 N Thomas.

O'Farrell, William D, merchant, r N Thomas.
Oglesby, Louis (c), laborer, r 345 Flint.
Ogletree, Everett (Cornelia), r 15 E Dougherty.
Oldham, William, clerk J Van Straaten, bds 2 W Hancock avenue.
Oliver, Mrs D C, r 403 N Jackson.
Oliver, George (c), laborer, r 793 Oconee.
Oliver, Philip (c), r 35 Elberton.
Oliver, Thomas P (Fannie), merchant, r Nantahala Ave.
Oliver, Victor E (Florida), clerk, r 113 Washington.
Orr, B T, r 128 W Dougherty.
Orr, Fred J (Valeria), prof State Normal School, r Park avenue.
Orr, John, merchant, r Hiawassee avenue.
Orr, Joseph M, cotton buyer, r 317 E Dougherty.
Orr, Robert C (Florida), pharmacist J L Arnold, r 786 Oconee.
Orr, S P, teacher, r 128 W Dougherty.
Orr, W C (Emma), cotton buyer, r Grady avenue.
Osborn, Robert (c), drayman, r 1356 Arch.
Osborn, Tom (c), laborer, r 2 Elberton.
Osborne, Ike (c), brickmason, r 250 Strickland.
Overby, N B, bookkeeper Bell & Little, bds 23 E Dougherty.
Owens, Andrew (c), laborer, r 28 Billups.
Owens, Francis (c), seamstress, r 347 Flint.
Owens, Isabell (c), cook, r 202 Cleveland avenue.
Owens, Jack (c), cook, r 615 Fourth.
Owens, John (c), gardener, r 26 Rock Spring.
Pace, John (c), laborer, r Barberville.

Palmer, Arthur J, pharmacist, bds 147 E Hancock avenue.
Palmer, Edmund, clerk, bds 76 Cedar.
Palmer, Miss Eunice M, teacher city schools, bds 121 E Hancock.
Palmer, George H (Barbara), bookkeeper, r E Hancock avenue.
Palmer, Miss Grace A, teacher city schools, bds 121 E Hancock ave.
Palmer, Henry R (Elizabeth), druggist, r 147 E Hancock avenue.
Palmer, J R (Florence), carpenter, r 76 Cedar.

Palmer, John (c), works Athens Oil Mill, r 1403 W Hancock avenue.
Palmer, Miss Katie, clerk Turner & Hodgson, bds 330 E Clayton.
Palmer, Miss Lena, candy maker, bds 76 Cedar.
Palmer, Loyd, pharmacist, bds 147 E Hancock avenue.
Palmer, Miss Myrtle, milliner Michael Bros Co, bds 76 Cedar.
Palmer, Mrs T W, r 330 E Clayton.
Palmer, Miss Vallie, operator Tel Exchange, bds 330 E Clayton.
Palmisano, G (Mary), merchant, r 509 Barber.
Panyard, Liza (c), r 740 N Lumpkin.
Park, Robert E (Belle), prof Univ of Ga, r cor Dearing and Findley.
Parker, Albert S (Florence), teller Nat Bank of Athens, r Prince.
Parker, J T (Ann), insurance, r 707 S Milledge.
Parker, Mose (c), laborer, r 1402 W Broad.
Parker, Mrs P, r 421 Baldwin.
Parker, Shelton (Ada), oper Sou Mfg Co, r Chattanooga Ave.
Parks, Charles F (Ethel), salesman Abney Bros Co, r 120 S Lumpkin
Parks, Henry (c), hackman, r 646 N Hull.
Parks, John, mechanic, bds 402 Oconee.
Parks, Marion (c) washerwoman, r 834 Cherry.
Parnell, C G (C L), carpenter, r 18 Peters.
Parnell, E P (M A), carpenter, r 506 Franklin.
Parnell, E P (Mary), carpenter, r 101 Chattanooga Ave.
Parnell, Harley, plasterer, r 101 Chattanooga Ave.
Parnell, Holly, plasterer, r 506 Franklin.
Parnell, Victor (Ida), carpenter, r 101 Chattanooga Ave.
Parnell, Victor (Ida), carpenter, r 506 Franklin.
Parr, Alonzo N (Lilly), policeman, r 623 Baxter.
Parr, BenjaminH (Leila), painter, r 10 Sapelo.
Parr, Mrs. C A, r College avenue.
Parr, Calvin W (Mary), candy mfg, r cor Washington and Hull.
Parr, Earnest, painter, bds 450 S Milledge avenue.
Parr, Edward, painter, bds 450 S Milledge avenue.
Parr, Emory (Adele), painter, r 750 S Milledge.
Parr, Ferd L, salesman Webb & Crawford, bds 711 Baxter.
Parr, G D (Ophelia), merchant, r 925 S Lumpkin.

Parr, M H (Emma), painter, r 450 S Milledge avenue.
Parr, V J (Mary), paper hanger, r 711 Baxter.
Parrish, Miss C S, teacher State Normal School, r 715 Prince ave.
Parrott, Henry (c), janitor, r Rutherford.
Parrott, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 651 Augusta avenue.
Partee, D J (Lizzie), clerk W C Wingfield, r 622 Oconee.
Patat, Mrs E, r 629 N Thomas.
Patat, Emory (Eula), mechanic, r 409 Bridge.
Patat, F S (Lula), carriage trimmer, r 716 Oconee.
Patat, James, liveryman, r 629 N Thomas.
Patat, Phil, keeper city hall building, r 629 N Thomas.
Patat, Thomas (Sallie), blacksmith, r 715 Georgia Railroad street.
Patman, Miss Annie, teacher, r 408 S Lumpkin.
Patman, Miss Clyde, teacher, r 408 S Lumpkin.
Patman, J H (Annie), butcher, r 755 S Lumpkin.
Patman, John, 755 S Lumpkin.
Patman, John B, r 408 S Lumpkin.
Patterson, A H (Elinor), prof Univ of Ga, r University campus.
Patterson, Andrew, works So Mfg Co, bds 320 Mitchell.
Patterson, James (Nina), harnessmaker, r 464 Oconee.
Patterson, R H (Jane), boarding house, r 203 S Jackson.
Patterson, R L (Lula), merchant, r Prince ave near Park avenue.
Patterson, R M (Kate), conductor St Ry, bds 203 S Jackson.
Patterson, Mrs S C, r 320 Mitchell.
Patterson, Sandy (c), laborer, r 109 Pulaski.
Patton, Mrs Decie, seamstress, bds 212 River.
Paul, William (c), waiter Commercial Hotel, r 650 Fourth.
Pavesich, Paul (Elizabeth), fresco artist, r Boulevard.
Payne, B E, clerk D P Haselton, bds 120 S Lumpkin.
Payne, C L, clerk D P Haselton, r 19 E Clayton.
Payne, Miss Cornelia, clerk Gem Cafe, bds 120 S Lumpkin.
Payne, E Talmadge, printer, bds 120 S Lumpkin.
Payne, Henry (c), merchant, r 1020 Reese.
Payne, Howard (c), farmer, r Waddell.
Payne, J F (Lydia), r 120 S Lumpkin.

Payne, Jas A (Mary F), clerk M Link, r 535 Oconee.
Payne, Joe (c), laborer, r 120 Rock Spring.
Payne, Miss Lillian, milliner, bds 120 S Lumpkin.
Payne, Lizzie (c), washerwoman, r 412 Doboy.
Payne, W A, printer, bds 120 S Lumpkin.
Payne, W O, prof Univ of Ga, bds 219 Reese.
Pearce, Andrew (c), whitewasher, r 174 W Hancock Ave.
Pearce, R P (Alice), policeman, r 409 N Thomas.
Peacock, D Lee (Ida), dentist, r 1119 Prince avenue.
Peek, J S D (Mamie), clerk T Fleming & Sons, r 119 Foundry.
Peek, Will (Alleyne), trav slsmn T Fleming & Sons, r 511 College.
Peeks, Ed (c), laborer, r 109 N Findley.
Peeks, Tom (c), carpenter, r 642 Morris.
Peeler, Hiram (Lula), fireman city department, r 505 Meigs. 607 Meigs.
Peeler, Joseph (Louise), butcher, r 7 Peters.
Peeler, Mrs Susan, works Athens Mfg Co, r 40 Poplar.
Peebles, Miss M A, r 818 Hill.
Peeples, Tyler, clerk H R Palmer & Sons, bds 2 W Hancock avenue.
Peeples, W J (Ida), merchant, r cor Milledge and Meigs.
Perkins, John (c), tailor, r 41 Newton.
Perry, Elbert A (Lula), grocer, r 310 Foundry.
Perry, Lavinia (c), servant, r 731 S Lumpkin.
Petropol, Peter, merchant, r cor Jackson and Baldwin.
Pew, William J (Sallie), works Climax Knitting Mill, r 705 E Broad.
Phelps, Mrs J M, r 258 S Lumpkin.
Phillips, Felix, trav salsmn Michael Bros Co, bds cor Prince and Grady avenues.
Phillips, Marshall (c), carpenter, r 1221 Arch.
Phillips, Will (c), laborer, r 120 Cleveland avenue.
Philpot, S T (Elinor), hotel proprietor, r Commercial Hotel.
Phinizy, Mrs A S, r 110 S Milledge avenue.
Phinizy, Barrett, r 110 S Milledge avenue.
Phinizy, Billups (Nellie), cotton factor, r 204 S Milledge avenue.
Phinizy, Charles H (Nellie), ins, r cor Milledge and Henderson.

Pickrell, B R (Sallie), carriage blacksmith, r 28 Grove.
Pierce, Cleveland, attorney, boards 28 W Hancock Ave.
Pierce, Henry (c), mechanic, r 418 W Broad.
Pierce, J A (Fannie), butcher, r 19 Mulberry.
Pierce, Mitchell (c), bricklayer, r 518 Reese.
Pinkard, Amos (c), janitor, r 112 Billups.
Pinkard, Ben (c), janitor Sigma Nu Fraternity, r 112 Billups.
Pipkin, Miss Lou, r 517 N Jackson.
Pitner, Collette L (Lillian), bookkeeper, r 614 Hill.
Pitner, Hoyt, student, bds 516 Barber.
Pitner, J A (Cora), clerk King & Co, r 516 Barber.
Pitner, John R, clerk, bds 133 W Broad.
Pitner, W C (India), trav slsmn Webb & Crawford, bds 516 Barber
Pitt, L E, cigar maker, r 216 S Lumpkin.
Pittard, Frank (c), tailor, r 212 Newton.
Pittard, Isham H (Mamie), farmer, r 227 S Jackson.
Pittman, J E, r 233 Hoyt.
Pittard, Myrick, bds 326 Oconee.
Pittman, W A (Ida), r 233 Hoyt.
Pittman, W M (Margaret), merchant, r 449 Bloomfield.
Pledger, A F, blacksmith, r 16 W Dougherty.
Pledger, Emory (Mary), oper Sou Mfg Co, r Hiawassee Ave.
Pledger, M N (Mary A), merchant, r 708 E Broad.
Plumer, Jim (c), butler S Michael, r 1011 W Hancock avenue.
Plummer, Robert (c), laborer, r 918 Reese.
Plunkett, A E (Callie), conductor Ga R R, r 606 N Jackson.
Poley, L E, agt Central of Ga R R, r Commercial Hotel.
Pollard, H C (Harriet), gunsmith, r 318 Foundry.
Pollard, Ira, painter, r 318 Foundry.
Pollard, John, painter, r 318 Foundry.
Pollard, Joseph, painter, r 318 Foundry.
Pope, Bailey (c), farmer, r 778 Georgia Railroad street.
Pope, Clara (c),washerwoman, r 18 N Church.
Pope, Henry (c), laborer, r 611 Second.
Pope, Mrs J E, r 429 Dearing.

Pope, Johnson (c), farmer, r Dublin.
Pope, Sarah (c), washerwoman, r 23 Green.
Pope, Simon (c), laborer, r 1255 Vine.
Pope, Squire, (c), laborer, r 36 Peters.
Pope, W B, clerk Seaboard Air Line Ry, bds 429 Dearing.
Pope, William (c), farmer, r 1520 Branch.
Porterfield, Miss Lizzie, seamstress, r 32 Baldwin.
Porterfield, Miss M H, seamstress, r 32 Baldwin.
Poss, C E, clerk E Buchwald, bds 430 Pulaski.
Poss, H A (Ava), collector, r 430 Pulaski.
Poss, Miss Katie, clerk Sol Boley, bds 430 Pulaski.
Poss, T M (Marzee), liveryman, r 209 Hoyt.
Porter, B F (c), minister, r 18 Cleveland avenue.
Potter, J T (Lizzie), works Athens Mfg Co, r 323 Mitchell.
Potts, Alfred (c), laborer, r rear of 205 N Milledge avenue.
Potts, Ernest C, clerk John L Arnold, bds 442 Pulaski.
Potts, H (c), laborer, r University campus.
Potts, John (Amanda), painter, r 442 Pulaski.
Potts, Roy, painter, bds 442 Pulaski.
Potts, W J (Minnie), fireman city department, r cor Chase and Boulevard.
Poullain, Emeline (c), washerwoman, r 414 Doboy.
Powers, Henry (c), laborer, r 1289 Vine.
Powell, John K, clerk S A L R R, bds 505 N Jackson.
Power, Luther R (Lula), slsmn Michael Bros Co, r 620 N Jackson.
Powers, Marshall (c), bricklayer, r Barberville,
Power, Miss Myrtie, clerk Michael Bros Co, r N Jackson.
Powell, T W (Francis), farmer, 665 Barber.
Power, W W (Susie), carpenter, r cor Jackson and River.
Prater, F L, conductor St Railway, r Nantahala avenue.
Prater, J J N, conductor St. Railway, r Nantahala Ave.
Pratner, A M (Mary), works Athens Mfg Co, r 341 Williams.
Prather, Miss Annie, clerks Sol Boley, bds 410 Cemetery.
Prather, Ben C, bookkeeper J H Patman, bds 410 Cemetery.
Prater, Miss Della, seamtress Miss Cone, r Nantahala Ave.

Prather, Enoch, drayman, r 488 Oconee.
Prather, Gabriel (c), laborer, r 121 Newton.
Prather, Miss Hattie, works Climax Knitting Mill, bds 402 Oconee.
Prather, Mrs Ida, works Climax Knitting Mill, bds 402 Oconee.
Prather, Mrs L C, r 410 Cemetery.
Prather, Oliver (Dora), barber, r 356 Williams.
Prather, W C (Elizabeth), merchant, r 143 Georgia Railroad street.
Prather, William (c), rock mason, r 642 Ffth.
Price, E S (Annie), attorney, r Barberville.
Price, Mrs Katie L, r cor Franklin and Meigs.
Price, Mattie (c), washerwoman, r 44 Augusta avenue.
Price, Walter (c), laborer, r 612 Strong.
Pridgeon, R K, city hostler, r 205 S Thomas.
Prince, Miss Basiline, librarian Lucy Cobb Inst, r 104 N Milledge av.
Prince, E A (Margaret), carpenter, r 1313 E Broad.
Proctor, W J (Annie), merchant, r 832 Springdale.
Pruitt, James (c), laborer, r 315 Hoyt.
Pruitt, W B (Henrietta), r 725 Henderson avenue.
Pryor, John (c), laborer S A L R R, r 1026 Barber.
Purifoy, Lumus (c), farmer, r 272 Athens avenue.
Purucker, Miss Lois, teacher Lucy Cobb Institute, r Reese.

Quarterman, Jacob (c), farmer, r 607 Foundry.
Quillian, A C (Janie C), dentist, r 205 E Hancock avenue.
Quillian, D D (Fannie), physician, r 124 W Hancock avenue.
Quinn, Amanda (c), cook, r rear of 452 S Milledge avenue.
Quinn, John G, insurance agent, r W Dougherty.

Radford, Jennie (c), washerwoman, r S Lumpkin.
Raiden, G W B (Emma), r 241 S Jackson.
Raines, W H (Ada), carpenter, r 617 Baxter.
Rainwater, C V, pres Athens Coca Cola Co, bds 32 W Hancock ave.
Randolph, T K (Alice), tinner, r 8 Pine.
Rankin, Millie (c), cook, r 851 S Lumpkin.

Rawson, Frank S (Anna), r 307 Hoyt.
Rawson, Miss Julia, r 26 W Clayton.
Ray, Grant (c), driver Eppes-Wilkins Co, r 683 Third.
Read, Ida (c), cook, r 526 N Lumpkin.
Reaves, H N, horseman, r Boulevard.
Reaves, Mrs J H, teacher city schools, r W Dougherty.
Reaves, Rufus K (Mary P), farmer, r 204 N Thomas.
Redd, Ed (c), laborer, r 609 S Lumpkin.
Reed, Emma (c), cook, r 30 Valley.
Reed, Lorenzo (c), barber, r 431 Bridge.
Reed, Tom (c), barber, r 512 Foundry.
Reed, Thomas B (c), butcher, r 1024 Reese.
Reed, Thomas W (Eunice), mang editor Athens Banner, r Boulevard.
Reese, Charles, clerk, bds 123 W Hancock avenue.
Reese, Mrs S C, r 123 W Hancock avenue.
Reid, G H (c), barber, r 401 W Hancock Ave.
Reid, Jeff (c), laborer, r 1217 Fairview.
Reid, Joe (c), laborer, r Barbervllle.
Reynolds, Sam (c), laborer, r 634 N Hull.
Reynolds, Thomas, section hand So Ry, bds 623 College avenue.
Rhodes, Alexander (Alena), prof State Normal School, r 1138 Cobb.
Rhodes, J F (Anna), broker, mayor of Athens, r Boulevard.
Rice, J H (Etta), carpenter, r 428 River.
Rice, Paul (Lillie), blacksmith, bds 402 Oconee.
Richards, Adolphus (Lucy), painter, r 603 Poplar.
Richards, Allie (Lola), tinner, r 618 Oconee.
Richards, C B (Bessie), policeman, r 714 Oconee.
Richards, Mrs E, r 616 Third.
Richards, Fred (Callie), painter, r 150 Poplar.
Richards, J H (Lula), bricklayer, r 1120 Arch.
Richards, M A, broker, bds 505 N Jackson.
Richards, Thomas S (Sarah), works Athens Mfg Co, r 14 Poplar.
Richardson, C D (Ione), tel opp So Ry, r 618 Barber.
Richardson, Green (c), laborer Athens Ice Wks, r 613 Savannah ave.
Riddle, Felix (c), farmer, r River.

Ridgeway, T D (Fanny), farmer, r Chattanooga Ave.
Ridling, Mrs Julia, r 225 N Findley.
Ripley, William (c), laborer, r Grove.
Ritch, Mrs Jerry E, r 510 Barber.
Ritch, Joseph, r 510 Barber.
Rivers, F T (Olivia), merchant, r 738 Fourth.
Roberts, Mrs M J, r 1201 E Broad.
Robertson, C H (c), minister, r 2 Vineyard.
Robertson, Charles (c), drayman, r 221 Pulaski.
Robertson, Eliza (c), washerwoman, r 12 Rock Spring.
Robertson, Ernest (c), porter, r 221 Pulaski.
Robertson, Geo (c), laborer Lyndon Mfg Co, r 322 Cleveland avenue.
Robertson, Mrs. Gertrude, r 486 Barber.
Robertson, Hattie (c), nurse, r 14 Augusta avenue.
Robertson, John (c}, driver, r 901 Reese.
Robertson, Judge (c), waiter Commercial Hotel, r 30 Strong.
Robertson, S (c), blacksmith, r 221 Pulaski.
Robertson, Sarah (c), cook, r 228 S Hull.
Robertson, W H (Carrie), mechanic, r 426 River.
Robertson, Miss Willie, cash Wingfield Gro Co, bds Boulevard.
Robinson, J W (Emma), agent Standard Oil Co, r Nantahala.
Robinson, L M (Eliza), buyer shuttle mill, r 227 E Dougherty.
Robinson, Will (c), farmer, r 1206 W Broad.
Rogers, E A (Daisy), bottler, r 305 S Lumpkin.
Rogers, H T (L F), county coroner, r 22 Hickory.
Rogers, Mrs Mattie, oper Sou Mfg Co, r Chattanooga Ave.
Roland, Will (c), laborer, r 121 Savannah avenue.
Roose, Charles (c), laborer r rear of 1243 Prince avenue.
Rose, B O W (Georgia), policeman, r 449 Oconee.
Rosette, Crock (c), servant, r rear of 708 Prince avenue.
Ross, A T (Hattie), painter, r Hall.
Ross, Henry (c), laborer, r First.
Rouse, John (c), laborer, r 22 Willow.
Rowe, Hugh J (Ada), editor Athens Banner, r Prince and Church.
Rowland, Charles A (Effie), broker, r 426 Dearing.

Rowland, Dock (c), laborer, r 114 Washington.
Rowland, John (c), gardener, r 32 W!llow.
Rubenstein, I A (Matilda), rabbi, r 202 E Dougherty.
Rucker, A C, r 606 Dearing.
Rucker, J H, cotton factor, r 606 Dearing.
Rumney, Mrs S E F, r 326 E Dougherty.
Russell, Pomp (c), laborer, r 447 Augusta avenue.
Rutherford, Miss Mildred, teacher, r 104 N Milledge avenue.
Ryder, Charles A (Lucy), dentist, r 113 W Hancock avenue.
Sailors, Miss Hattie, clerk Sidney Boley, r 149 Elberton.
Sailors, Mrs Mary, r 149 Elberton.
Salter, E, photographer, r E Broad.
Samson, Nathan (c), laborer, r 26 Waddell.
Samuels, Annie (c) cook, r 833 Cherry.
Samuels, Clem (c), laborer, r First.
Samuels, George (c), brickmason, r 843 Cherry.
Samuels, John (c) brickmason, r 843 Cherry.
Samuels, Lula (c), cook, r 119 Rock Spring.
Sanders, Alex (c), porter Ga Ry, r 302 W Broad.
Santee, Bill (c), plasterer, r 449 Augusta avenue.
Sanders, Ike (c), laborer, r 25 Warsaw.
Sanders, L (Salie), works So Mfg Co, r 536 Barber.
Sanders, Lula (c), washerwoman, r 123 N Findley.
Sanford, G R, electrician, r Nantahala Ave.
Sanford, S V (Grace), prof Univ of Ga, r 39 W Dougherty.
Sapp, Edward (c), mail carrier, r 412 Bridge.
Sapp, M (c), janitor, r 119 Washington.
Satterfield, J L (Flora), tel operator Central R R, bds 327 E Broad.
Saye, A H, carpenter, r 306 S Lumpkin.
Saye, J P (Bessie), carpenter, r 146 Poplar.
Saye, J Aleck (Julia), contractor, r 733 Baxter.
Saye, Joseph A (Martha), carpenter, r 704 E Broad.
Saye, M B (Lizzie), carpenter, r 1110 Arch.

Saye, Miss M B, Cashier Turner & Hodgson, bds 519 N Jackson.
Saye, Mrs Margaret, r 15 Mulberry.
Saye, Mrs N B, r 403 S Lumpkin.
Saye, R A (Leila), sergeant police, r 519 N Jackson.
Saye, Robert E (Rose), carpenter, r 326 E Clayton.
Saye, Willie (Lizzie), minister, r 1238 E Broad.
Scarborrough, J A (Mittie), laborer, r 542 Oconee.
Scoggins, Homer (Exa), carpenter, r 4 Strickland.
Scoggins, J M (Mary), carpenter, r 726 N Lumpkin.
Scoggins, Matthew (Mary), works Moss Mfg Co, r 6 Cleveland ave.
Scott, Alex (c), laborer, r E Broad.
Scott, C H, merchant, bds 666 S Milledge avenue.
Scott, George E, merchant, bds 666 S Milledge avenue.
Scott, John (c), farmer, r 650 Fifth.
Scott, John (c), porter E H Dorsey, r 628 Morris.
Scott, Phil (c), laborer, r Church.
Scott, Robert (c), laborer, r 740 N Lumpkin.
Scott, S E (c), teacher city schools, r 421 Bridge.
Scott, Sam (c), farmer, r 666 Fifth.
Scott, Thomas J (Montie), farmer, r 666 S Milledge avenue.
Scott, W W, merchant, bds 666 S Milledge avenue.
Scott, Wash (c), restaurant, r 1012 W Hancock avenue.
Scudder, Charles A (Nina), jeweler, r cor Milledge and Baxter.
Seagraves, Andy (Emeline), watchman Oconee Oil Co, r 512 Oconee.
Seagraves, Charles (Alton), carpenter, r Rock row.
Seagraves, H C (P E), watchman Athens Mfg Co, r 37 Peters.
Sears, Richard (c), laborer, r 1508 E Broad.
Sears, Richard (c), works Athens Gas Works, r 1224 Arch.
Shackelford, Charles W (C N), farmer, r 916 Prince avenue.
Shackelford, Frank C, attorney, r 916 Prince avenue.
Shackelford, Thomas J, attorney, r 916 Prince avenue.
Shakespeare, Hampton (c), laborer, r rear of 214 E Hancock avenue.
Sharp, Miss Mary, seamstress, r College avenue.
Shaw, Burrell (c), gardener, r 655 Morris.
Shaw, Charlie (c), laborer, r 327 Flint.

Shaw, Charles (c), bricklayer, r 707 First.
Shaw, Miss Georgia, r 716 Prince avenue.
Shaw, J H (c), laborer, r 632 Foundry.
Shaw, Matilda (c), cook, r 17 Warsaw.
Shaw, Mattie (c), laborer, r 199 First.
Shaw, Nancy (c), washerwoman, r 707 First.
Shaw, William (c), laborer, r 218 Augusta avenue.
Sheats, Ed (c), driver, r 1213 W Broad.
Sheats, Laura (c), washerwoman, r 41 Billups.
Sheats, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 1402 W Broad.
Sheats, Will (c), merchant, r 10 Rock Spring.
Sheffield, Isaac (c), drayman, r 725 First.
Shelton, W H (Georgia), sec McConnell Leather Mfg Co, r 109 N Lumpkin.
Shenault, Sidney (c), laborer, r 21 Green.
Shepherd, Matilda (c), washerwoman, r 416 Chase.
Shewell, Mrs Ida, r N Milledge avenue.
Shields, Rachel (c), washerwoman, 32 Valley.
Shockley, Frank (c), laborer, r 120 Cleveland avenue.
Short, A B (Curtice), carpenter, r217 Elberton.
Short, Miss Ida, works Climax Knitting Mill, bde 977 Oak.
Short, J F (Katie), carpenter, r 977 Oak.
Short, Miss Mamie, works Climax Knitting Mill, bde 977 Oak.
Shorter, Geo (c), laborer, r 238 S Hull.
Shupe, Charles W (Ellen), clerk Abe Joel, bda 438 Oconee.
Shy, W H (Eliza), boarding house, r 213 S Jackson.
Sigler, S H, yardmaster Central R R, r 449 Oconee.
Simmons, A T (c), minister, r 119 Savannah avenue.
Simmons, H R (Mattie), supt Athens Oil Mill, bds 2 W Hancock ave.
Simpson, Levi (c), laborer, r 2 Lyndon row.
Sims, A B (c), minister, r 639 Morris.
Sims, A B (c), preacher, r 827 Cherry.
Sims, Miss Addie,r 104 N Thomas.
Sims, Clinton (c), laborer, r Barberville.
Sims, S B (c), minister, r 434 Bridge.

Sims, George (c), farmer, r 752 Fourth.
Sims, J B (Lilla), clerk Sol Boley, r 666 S Lumpkin.
Sims, J H (c), minister, r 1501 E Broad.
Sims, Mary (c), washerwoman, r 1002 W Hancock avenue.
Sims, Vina (c), cook, r 19 Chase.
Sims, W G (S J), farmer, r 17 Poplar.
Sims, W W (M E), farmer, r 22 E Clayton.
Sims, William (c), laborer, r 19 Chase.
Sing, Hong, laundryman, r 8 N Jackson.
Singleton, Albert (c), driver W J Peeples, r 23 Paris.
Sisk, Barney, works Athens Foundry, r 27 Pine.
Sizer, Richard W (Clara), Agt So Ry, r Henderson avenue.
Skalowski, M H (Nellie), merchant, r Commercial Hotel.
Slaughter, Dr N G (Mamie), dentist, r 408 S Lumpkin.
Sledge, E D (Mary N), merchant, r 101 E Hancock avenue.
Sloman, Simon, merchant, bds 25 E Hancock avenue.
Smith, Miss Annie, milliner Davison & Lowe, r 219 E Hancock ave.
Smith, Bedney (c), gardener, r 1014 W Hancock avenue.
Smith, Bud (c), laborer, r 108 Athens avenue.
Smith, Charles (Margaret), machinist, r 115 Foundry.
Smith, Charles H (Mattie), boarding house, r 2 W Hancock avenue.
Smith, Claud, printer, r 107 Baxter.
Smith, Miss Daisy, clerk, bds 625 College avenue.
Smith, Don (c), plasterer, r 605 Plum.
Smith, Ed (c), drayman Webb & Crawford, r 228 Pulaski.
Smith, Edward, clerk E I Smith & Co, boards 510 S Jackson.
Smith, Edward I (Sarah), merchant, r 510 S Jackson.
Smith, Euler B (Emily), prof State Normal School, r 1148 Cobb.
Smith, F W (Lorene), boarding house, r 105 S Jackson.
Smith, Fannie (c), cook, r 104 N Church.
Smith, Frank (c), driver, r 223 Pulaski.
Smith, G K (Kate), clerk J S Bernstein, r 213 Strong.
Smith, Miss Garland, teacher city schools, bds 510 S Jackson.
Smith, Gilbert (c), gardener, r 510 Ash row.
Smith, Henry (c), works M Morris, r 3 Rock Spring.

Smith, I B, telegraph operator, bds Imperial Hotel.
Smith, I G (Mary), brickmason, r 1224 Nellie B avenue.
Smith, Isham (c), laborer, r First.
Smith, Miss Jennie, teacher Lucy Cobb Inst, r 123 Washington.
Smith, J H (Julia B), r 713 Prince avenue.
Smith, Jerry (c), laborer, r 217 Stephens.
Smith, Jobe (c), drayman Webb & Crawford, r 228 Pulaski.
Smith, John (c), farmer, r 646 Morris.
Smith, John (c), drayman, r 10 S Harris.
Smith, John (c), laborer, r 20 N Church.
Smith, John (c), driver, r rear of 222 E Clayton.
Smith, John (c), laborer, r 607 Pulaski.
Smith, John (c), farmer, r 1592 E Broad.
Smith, K I (Mary), r 14 Foundry.
Smith, Miss Laura, teacher State Normal School, bds 715 Prince.
Smith, Loyd (Ruth), carpenter, r Rock row.
Smith, Marie( c), nurse, r 228 Pulaski.
Smith, Mrs Mary F, works Athens Mfg Co, r Water.
Smith, Mitchell (c), laborer, r 22 Baxter.
Smith, O P, clerk Davison & Lowe, bds 327 E Broad.
Smith, Miss Opal, milliner Misses Bradberry, bds 412 Pulaski.
Smith, Patrick L (Pearl), attorney, r 726 S Lumpkin.
Smith, Paul L (Lula), assistant postmaster, r 612 Meigs.
Smith, Paul M (Essie), druggist, bds Imperial Hotel.
Smith, Pinky (c), cook, r 12 Valley.
Smith, Mrs R G, r 1116 Arch.
Smith, Robert (c), driver J H Fleming, r 1256 Prince avenue.
Smith, Sallie (c), servant, r 530 N Lumpkin.
Smith, Sam (c), carpenter, r 1237 Vine.
Smith, Scott (c), carpenter, r 518 W Hancock Ave.
Smith, Seab (c), laborer, r 643 Fifth.
Smith, Sherman (c), laborer, r 407 River.
Smith, T C S (Cora), cattle buyer, r 625 College avenue.
Smith, Talford (Ellen), bookkeeper, r 720 S Lumpkin.
Smith, Tom (c), driver Talmadge Bros & Co, r 220 Augusta avenue.

Smith, W E (Susie), dairyman, r 721 S Lumpkin.
Smith, W H (Helen), clerk Dorsey & Funkenstein, r 412 Pulaski.
Smith, W J (Sarah), carpenter, r 403 Doboy.
Smith, Warren J (Ida), druggist, r Grady avenue.
Smith, William (c), laborer, 512 Ash row.
Smith, William (c), laborer, r First.
Smith, William (c), laborer, r 678 Third.
Smith, William (c), laborer, r 344 Water.
Smith, Wolver M (Katie), attorney, r 319 S Milledge avenue.
Snead, Mrs Emma, bds 209 Prince avenue.
Snead, Mrs Mary R, r 204 N Thomas.
Snelling, Charles M (Matilda), prof Univ of Ga, r 18 S Hull.
Snelling, William (c), laborer, r Compress.
Snellings, J L N (c), teacher, r 119 Washington.
Snow, James (c), laborer, r 1289 Vine.
Snow, Henry (c), laborer, r 617 W Broad.
Sorrells, R P, physician, r Prince avenue.
Sosnowski, Miss Callie, teacher, r 1119 Prince avenue.
Sparks, L W (Katie), bookkeeper J C Cooper, r 238 S Lumpkin.
Spaulding, Jack (c), farmer, r Elberton.
Speed, George (c), brakeman S A L Ry, r 17 Newton.
Speer, Mrs E W, r 113 College avenue.
Speer, Miss Laura, r 113 College avenue.
Spinks, Bradford, carpenter, r 1101 Baxter.
Spinks, Homer, candy maker, r 1101 Baxter.
Spinks, John (Mattie), carpenter, r 1101 Baxter.
Spratling, Mitchell (c), gardner, r 32 Valley.
Spratling, Mitchell (c), laborer, r 313 Hoyt.
Spring, Charles (c), butcher, r 646 N Hull.
Sprout, Miss Nellie, teacher, r 503 Hill.
Spurlock, Mrs L C, r 27 Pine.
Stanford, Fannie (c), washerwoman, r 12 Paris.
Stanley, Miss Sallie, r 904 Hill.
Steedley, Mrs W B, boarding house, r 32 W Hancock avenue.
Steedman, A H (Rebecca), salesman Eppes-Wilkins Co, r 625 Prince

Stephens, David (Frances), farmer, r 322 Baxter.
Stephens, Frank (c), laborer, r 1428 E Broad.
Stephens, Grant (c), laborer, r Fairview.
Stephens, Mrs J L, r 713 Prince avenue.
Stephens, J W (Hester), carpenter, r 116 Baxter.
Stephens, Robert (Nancy), oper Sou Mfg Co, r Hiawassee Ave.
Stephens, Thomas, carpenter, r 404 River.
Stephens, William (Emma),oper Sou Mfg Co, r Nantahala Ave.
Stephenson, Graves F (Ada), bookkeeper Nat Bank of Athens, r 211 Franklin.
Stephenson, James M (Minnie), teacher, r 219 Reese.
Stern, Charles (Rosina), merchant, r 25 E Hancock avenue.
Stern, Jake, merchant, bds 25 E Hancock avenue.
Stern, Myer (Rachel), Athens Sav Bank, r 203 Reese.
Stevens, Cleve (c), works C A Scudder, r 21 Rock Spring,
Stevens, Geo (c), brickmason, r 528 N Lumpkin.
Stewart, J F (M A), candy maker, r 756 College avenue.
Stewart, J R (Hully), carpenter, r 734 N Lumpkin.
Stewart, Joseph S (Selma), State Agt Univ of Ga, r 304 N Milledge.
Stills, Margaret (c), cook, r 303 Cleveland avenue.
Stinchcomb, J M, laborer, r 322 River.
Stinchcomb, Wesley, collector Lyndon Mfg Co, r 535 Pulaski.
Stokely, Geo (c), laborer, r 225 S Lumpkin.
Stokely, Mrs M C, r 851 S Lumpkin.
Stone, Clement D (Lenora), mail carrier, r 641 College avenue.
Stone, E B, manager McClure Store, bds Imperial Hotel.
Stone, E P (Linnie), merchant, 504 S Lumpkin.
Stone, Rev Ellison D (Emma), minister, r 403 S Lumpkin.
Stone, George E (Florence), minister, r 128 Baldwin.
Stone, J H (Jennie), printer, r 407 S Lumpkin.
Stone, J W, bookkeeper St Ry Co, bds 407 S Lumpkin.
Stone, Martha (c), washerwoman, r 419 Compress.
Stone, O C, merchant, r cor Thomas and Hancock.
Stone, W A, printer, bds 407 S Lumpkin.
Story, S F, cotton buyer, bds 114 N Thomas.

Stovall, A J (c), minister, r 111 Rock Spring.
Stovall, Frank (c), laborer, r 111 Rock Spring.
Stovall, Harvey, bookkeeper Billups Phinizy, bds cor Milledge and Hancock avenues.
Stovall, Mrs M W, r cor Milledge and Hancock avenues.
Stovall, W H (c), laborer, r 111 Rock Spring.
Strahan, Charles M (Margaret B), prof Univ of Ga, r Univ campus.
Streetman, Powell (Vina), farmer, r Hill.
Strickland, Burton (c), laborer, r 1120 E Broad.
Strickland, Charlotte (c), washerwoman, r 615 N Hull.
Strickland, Ed (c), labore, r First.
Strickland, Henry (c), laborer, r 9 Peters.
Strickland, John J (Elinor), attorney, r 322 N Milledge avenue.
Strong, Mrs. Susan, r 904 Hill.
Stroud, Adeline( c), washerwoman, r 25 Warsaw.
Stroud, Gussie (c), cook, r 616 Morris.
Stroud, Mrs M S, housekeeper, r 452 S Milledge avenue.
Stuart, W B, manager W U Tel Co, r Imperial Hotel.
Suber, Miss Lillie, wks Climax Knitting mill, bds 407 S Jackson.
Suber, Mrs R M, r 407 S Jackson.
Suddeth, Mrs Mary, seamstress, r 794 Oak.
Summers, H T (Elizabeth), works Athens waterworks, r 30 Foundry.
Summers, J W (Maggie L), works C T Young stable, r 109 S Jackson
Summers, R K (Eliza), works Athens Mfg Co, r 503 Cemetery.
Sumner, Mrs L B, r 113 College avenue.
Swafford, Charles, conductor St Ry, bds 449 Oconee.
Swann, Miss Belle, dressmaker, r Childs.
Swann, Henry, laborer, bda Childs.
Swann, Herschel, laborer, bds Childs.
Swann, Miss Rebecca, seamstress, r 486 Barber.
Swinney, Jim (c), laborer, r 25 Rock Spring.

Talmadge, Charles A (Justine), merchant, r 1239 Prince avenue.
Talmadge, Clovis G (Lucy), merchant, r 1243 Prince avenue.
Talmadge, John E Sr, (Lizzie), merchant, r 1243 Prince avenue.
Talmadge, John E Jr, (Olivia), merchant, r corner Prince and Childs.
Talmadge, Julius Y, merchant, r 1243 Prince avenue.
Talmage, Allen H (Maud), merchant, r 47 S Church.
Tarpley, R M (Carrie), wood worker Lyndon Mfg Co, r 564 Pulaski.
Tate, Esau (c) laborer, r 832 Cherry.
Tate, Will (c), laborer, r 504 Ash row.
Taylor, E L (I C), clerk, r 701 S Lumpkin.
Taylor, Ira (c), farmer, r 1278 Fairview.
Taylor, Isaac (c), laborer, 447 Athens avenue.
Taylor, James (c), shoemaker, r 629 Morris.
Taylor, Miss Susie, clerk Michael Bros Co, bds 226 S Lumpkin.
Taylor, T H, works Standard Oil Co., r Nantahala Ave.
Taylor, W B (Fannie), inspector Central R R, r 326 E Clayton.
Teat, Charles (L E), works Athens Mfg Co, r 337 S Thomas.
Teat, D R (Mallie), boss Athens Mfg Co, r 317 Baldwin.
Teat, W N (L A), boss Athens Mfg Co, r 325 Baldwin.
Teat, William (Addie), works Fleming & Sons, r 406 Cemetery.
Teasly, Martin (c), farmer, r First.
Templin, Lewis (c), laborer, r Vine.
Terrell, A T (c), laborer, r 1209 Arch.
Terrell, Sam (c), r rear of 773 College avenue.
Thacker, O, clerk Central of Ga Ry, bds 114 N Thomas.
Thomas, Alice (c), cook, r 109 Pulaski.
Thomas, Caroline (c), restaurant keeper, r 17 N Jackson.
Thomas, Charlie (c), laborer, r 631 Second.
Thomas, Charles (c), laborer, r 18 N Church.
Thomas, E (c), laborer, r 825 College avenue.
Thomas, Ed (c), laborer, r 772 Fourth.
Thomas, Ed (c), laborer, r near 225 S Lumpkin.
Thomas, Ed (c), laborer, r 512 Hodgson.
Thomas, Ed (c), janitor Univ of Ga, r 501 Foundry.
Thomas, Garland (c), laborer, r 1224 Arch.

Thomas, Gene (c), tailor, r Miller.
Thomas, Georgia (c), washerwoman, r 209 Waddell.
Thomas, Geo C (Anna), attorney, r 5 N Hull.
Thomas, Grandison (c), laborer, r 1425 W Broad.
Thomas, Gus (c), laborer, r 109 Pulaski.
Thomas, H N (Henrietta), policeman, r Boulevard.
Thomas, Henry (c), laborer, r 405 Foundry.
Thomas, J L (J G), eng Central R R, r 324 E Washington.
Thomas, Mrs Katie M, r 328 Prince avenue.
Thomas, Lawrence (c), barber, r 430 River.
Thomas, Lucius (c), pressman, r 715 Washington.
Thomas, Lula (c), washerwoman, r 670 Fourth.
Thomas, Mrs M E, seamstress, r 107 Baxter.
Thomas, Mars (c), carpenter, r 646 Morris.
Thomas, Milton, clerk Bailey Supply Co, bds 5 N Hull.
Thomas, Sally (c), washerwoman, r 909 Reese.
Thomas, Simon (c), laborer, r 508 Hodgson.
Thomas, Tom (c), laborer, r 20 Warsaw.
Thomas, Tom (c), laborer, r 438 Bridge.
Thomas, W W (Pamela), pres So Mut Ins Co, r cor S Milledge and Baxter.
Thomas, West (c), laborer, r Paris.
Thomas, Weyman (c), laborer, r 405 Foundry.
Thomas, William (c), carpenter, r 1527 Vine.
Thomas, Zach (c), laborer, r 411 Rock Spring.
Thomason, Mrs G A, r 603 N Jackson.
Thompson, Clifford (c), drayman, r 611 Plum.
Thompson, Edgar (Rosa), printer Athens Banner, r 606 N Jackson.
Thompson, Emma (c), washerwoman, r 639 Morris.
Thompson, G W, conductor Ga R R, bds 326 Oconee.
Thompson, W H (Quilla), farmer, r 539 Pulaski.
Thompson, W H (Mattie), boarding house, r 4 W Dougherty.
Thompson, Will (c), butler H McWhorter, r rear of 534 S Milledge.
Thornton, Mrs A C, r 258 S Lumpkin.
Thorton, Asa, clerk, bds 258 S Lumpkin.

Thornton, Miss Cordelia, teacher city schools, r E Clayton.
Thornton, Frank C (Eva), clerk, r W Dougherty.
Thornton, Geo H (Lottie), clerk D W McGregor, r 258 S Lumpkin.
Thornton, Homer (c), porter, r 124 Athens avenue.
Thornton, Ida (c), washerwoman, r 124 Athens avenue.
Thornton, J B (Nora), clerk G H Hulme, bds 258 S Lumpkin.
Thornton, J B, candy maker, r 614 N Jackson.
Thornton, J T, liveryman, bds 36 Baldwin.
Thornton, Miss Lula, teacher city schools, r E Clayton.
Thornton, Rufus, clerk Skalowski, bds 258 S Lumpkin.
Thornton, Susie (c), washerwoman, r 1108 W Broad.
Thornton, Tim (c), laborer, r 1258 Fairview.
Thornton, W T (May), clerk Max Joseph Mer Co, r 523 S Lumpkin.
Thrasher, Charlie (c), farmer, r 1544 Oconee.
Thrasher, Easter (c), washerwoman, r 443 Augusta avenue.
Thrasher, Laura (c), cook, r 662 Augusta avenue.
Thrasher, Will (c), drayman, r 433 Reese.
Tiller, Frank (c), laborer, r 513 Reese.
Tiller, William (c), tinner, r 630 Fifth.
Tolbert, Claud (Ella), driver T H Barrett, r 25 Cleveland avenue.
Tolbert, Jack (Hattie), fireman Lyndon Mfg Co, r 535 Pulaski.
Tolbert, William (Lucindy), works Athens Mfg Co, r 514 Oconee.
Toomer, J B (Annie), merchant, r cor W Dougherty and College ave.
Torrence, J M, manufacturer, bds 505 N Jackson.
Torrence, W C, manufacturer, bds 505 N Jackson.
Towns, Mrs Alice M, r Grady avenue.
Towns, Miss Lena, teacher, bds Grady avenue.
Towns, Miss Lutie, teacher, bds Grady avenue.
Towns, William D, express messenger, bds Grady avenue.
Trammell, Thos P (Rosa), dep U S Marshal, r 311 N Jackson.
Tribble, S J (Minnie), sol gen Western Circuit, r 1117 Prince avenue.
Trussell, J G, painter, r 216 E Washington.
Tuck, Miss Anna, oper Southern Manufacturing Co, Hiawassee Ave.
Tuck, Henry C (Mary F), city attorney, r cor Milledge and Hill.
Tuck, Thomas R, carpenter, r 516 College avenue.

Tuck, Wilburn J (Hattie), clerk Eppes-Wilkins Co, r 309 Foundry.
Tucker, Charles (c), carpenter, r 513 N Milledge avenue.
Tucker, Jefferson (c), laborer, r 237 S Hull.
Tunson, J D (c), laborer, Fair Grounds.
Turnbull, Miss M, teacher city schools, bds 101 E Hancock avenue.
Turner, B C (Anna), merchant, r 111 Waddell.
Turner, E V (Lilla), carpenter, r 706 College avenue.
Turner, Edward G, clerk, bds 107 Waddell.
Turner, Joseph W (Mary), railway clerk, r 107 Waddell.
Turner, Mrs R A, r 1217 E Broad.
Turner, R J, bookkeeper, bds 107 Waddell.
Turner, W C, clerk, bds 107 Waddell.
Turner, W W (Belle), city treasurer, r 107 Waddell.

Umbach, F G, carriage maker, W Broad near Lumpkin.
Underwood, C E (Mamie), carriage maker, r off from S Lumpkin.
Upshaw, Nancy (c), washerwoman, r 205 Rock Spring.
Upshaw, Neal (c), laborer, r 34 Willow.
Upshaw, Wyatt (c), carpenter, r Nantahala Ave.
Upson, Frank L, U S referee in bankruptcy, r 1022 Prince avenue.
Upson, Stephen (Matilda), attorney, r 1022 Prince avenue.
Upson, Stephen C (Louise), attorney, r cor Prince and Nacoochee.

Van Straaten, J (Minnie), butcher, r 12 W Hancock avenue.
Varnell, Tom (c), blacksmith, r 27 Rock Spring.
Varnell, William (c), blacksmith, r 407 Reese.
Veal, Ernest A (Nola), baker, r 704 College avenue.
Veal, John B (Lucy), harness maker, r 756 College avenue.
Vess, Alfred W (Nina), salesman Michael Bros Co, r 941 Oconee.
Vess, Mrs M E, r 941 Oconee.
Vincent, Fate (c), laborer, r 706 S Lumpkin.
Vincent, George (Eliza), blacksmith, r 709 Little.
Vincent, Mrs Sarah, r 202 Water.

Vincent, Thomas P (Notie), pres Athens Mfg Co, r 1914 Hill.
Vincent, William, clerk J H Haudrup, r 332 Mitchell.
Virgil, Emma (c), cook, r 133 W Broad.
Vonderau, L J (Hattie), saw mill man, r 458 Pulaski.
Vonderau, Mrs L J, r 5 E Dougherty.
Vonderau, William P, coal dealer, r 5 E Dougherty.
Vonderleith, C A (Janie), merchant, r 511 N Lumpkin.
Vonderleith, Mrs C F, r 16 College avenue.
Vonderlieth, Miss Hattie L, r 320 E Washington.
Vonderleith, Miss Rosa, merchant, r 16 College avenue.

Wagner, Geo (c), plasterer, r 19 Warsaw.
Wagnon, Miss Nellie, oper Tel Ex, bds 418 Hall.
Wagnon, Miss Nettie, oper Tel Ex, bds 418 Hall.
Wagnon, Vance, carpenter, bds 418 Hall.
Wagnon, W A (Octavia), carpenter, r 418 Hall.
Walden, Rev J W (Mary), pastor Presbyterian church, r 13 N Hull.
Waldrup, Henry (Ann), farmer, r 16 Poplar.
Wales, Caroline (c), washerwoman, r 650 Morris.
Wales, Milton (c), whitewasher, r 851 Cherry.
Walker, Adeline (c), laborer, r 38 Green.
Walker, Berry (c), laborer, r 38 Green.
Walker, Emma (c), cook, r 115 Waddell.
Walker, Henry (c), laborer, r rear of 534 S Milledge avenue.
Walker, John (c), porter, Windsor Hotel, N Lumpkin.
Walker, Levi (c), laborer, r 1257 Vine.
Walker, Mandy (c), servant, r 1115 W Broad.
Walker, Miss Mary, r 203 N Thomas.
Walker, Sarah (c), servant, r 18 S Hull.
Walker, Taylor (c), laborer, r Waddell.
Walker, Violet (c), washerwoman, r 29 Cleveland avenue.
Walker, William (c), baker, r 664 Morris.
Wallace, S A, clerks M & L Morris, bds 326 Oconee.
Wallace, Mrs Susan, r 18 Peters.

Walters, N H, electrician, r Nantahala Ave.
Walton, Charlie (c), laborer, r 501 River.
Walton, Ed (c), farmer, r 1520 Branch.
Walton, Lula (c), washerwoman, r 1586 E Broad.
Walton, Seab (c), plasterer, r 837 Cherry.
Ward, M W (c), merchant, r 416 Reese.
Ware, George (c), laborer, r Cleveland avenue.
Ware, Jim (c), butler, r 1208 W Broad.
Warren, Alex (c), laborer, r Water.
Warren, Harrison (c), laborer, r 1202 Vine.
Warren, Loss (c), laborer, r rear of 612 E Broad.
Washburn, Mrs H K, r 124 S Hull.
Washburn, Robert, merchant, r 124 S Hull.
Watkins, Miss A, mill operative, r 1227 E Broad.
Watkins, Miss Cornelia, asst bkkpr Michael Bros Co, r 1214 E Broad.
Watkins, G W (Marietta), works S A L R R, r 919 Oak.
Watkins, J W (Margaret), carpenter, r 1214 E Broad.
Watkins, Miss L, mill operative, r 1227 E Broad.
Watkins, Miss S, mill operative, r 1227 E Broad.
Watkins, Speed (c), laborer, r rear of 310 Milledge avenue.
Watkins, William, carpenter, r 317 E Hancock avenue.
Watson, A J (Fannie), boss city hands, r 525 N Lumpkin.
Watson, Andrew (Georgia), carpenter, r 36 Grove.
Watson, DeWitt T, carpenter, boards 402 Baldwin.
Watson, Doma A, fireman city department, bds 402 Baldwin.
Watson, E P (Lindy), carpenter, r 514 Oconee.
Watson, James W (G H), contractor, r 402 Baldwin.
Watson, Mrs N E, r 1310 E Broad.
Watson, Will (c), butcher, r 11 Rock Spring.
Weatherford, Wiliam C (Effie), merchant, r 474 Oconee.
Weatherly, Charles N (Jennie), ice dealer, r Barberville.
Weatherly, J M (Mary), junk dealer, r 326 E Dougherty.
Weatherly, W A (Lula), ice dealer, r 448 Barber.
Weatherly, W H (Alice), clerk Freeman & Co, r 12 E Dougherty.
Weaver, Thomas, peddler, bds 105 S Jackson.

Webb, Charles S, cotton buyer, r N Jackson.
Webb, G M, minister, r Hill.
Webb, Jeff (c), laborer, r 1222 Fairview.
Webb, Joseph N (Nettie), merchant, r 133 W Broad.
Webster, A E, carpenter, bds 213 S Jackson.
Weil, R B, works So Ex Co, bds 210 N Church.
Welch, Jessie (c), washerwoman, r 607 N Hull.
Welch, John W, cotton factor, r 232 S Milledge avenue.
Welch, Reuben (c), laborer, r 431 Compress.
Wells, Laura (c), cook, r 120 Rock Spring.
West, Charlie (c), laborer, r Barberville.
West, Henry S (Marion), attorney, r 619 Hill.
Westbrook, Anthony (c), merchant, r 11 Billups.
Whale, Georgie (c), washerwoman, r 235 Cleveland avenue.
White, Anderson (c), laborer, r 1575 E Broad.
White, Ben (c), laborer, r 3 Strong.
White, James (Julia), cash Nat Bank of Athens, r Prince avenue.
White, H C (Ella), pres State Col of Agri, r 207 S Milledge avenue.
White, John (c), laborer, r 124 Rock Spring.
White, Keziah (c), washerwoman, r 221 Cleveland avenue.
White, Mrs L A, r 215 Baldwin.
White, Mrs M H, seamstress, r 417 College avenue.
White, R T (c), minister, r 677 River.
Whitehead, A H (Clara), elk Turner & Hodgson, r 231 E Dougherty.
Whitehead, Alonzo L (Minnie), clerk Fears & Sons, r S Lumpkin.
Whitehead, D R, blacksmith, r 727 Oconee.
Whitehead, E G (Susie), clerk W J Peeples, r 720 Fields.
Whitehead, Fred, clerk D W McGregor, bds 231 E Dougherty.
Whitehead, W J (Lucy), farmer, r S Lumpkin.
Whitfield, William (c), blacksmith, r 527 Reese.
Whitman, W D (Annie), sewing machine agt, r 640 College avenue.
Whittaker, James F (Emma), printer, r 625 Pulaski.
Whitworth, W C (Corrie), contractor, r 740 Oconee.
Whelchel, Clarence, jeweler C A Scudder, r Nacoochee avenue.
Whelchel, Miss Effie, teacher, r Nacoochee avenue.

Whelchel, Miss Ella, teacher, r Nacoochee avenue.
Wier, Albert W, clerk Arnold Grocery Co, bds 419 Hill.
Wier, Clarence Y (Annie), traveling salesman, r 711 Baxter.
Wier, E D, salesman Arnold Grocery Co, bds 419 Hill.
Wier, Emmett L, clerk Michael Bros Co, bds 419 Hill.
Wier, Mrs F C, dressmaker, r 103 N Hull.
Wier, John (c), driver Lyndon Mfg Co, r rear of 214 E Hancock ave.
Wier, John B (Julia), mgr Athens Oil Mill, r 438 Barber.
Wier, John W (Annie L), sheriff Clarke co, r 419 Hill.
Wier, Miss Mary Lou, teacher city schools, bds 419 Hill.
Wier, W C (Sarah), carpenter, r W Dougherty.
Wiley, F L (c), minister,r 626 Fifth.
Wiley, Will (c), laborer, r 849 Cherry.
Wilkerson, Miss Callie, seamstress, r 507 E Broad.
Wilkins, E L, student, bds 919 Hill.
Wilkins, J C, r 760 N Hull.
Wilkins, John J (Jessie), pres Ga Nat Bank, r 917 Hill.
Wilkins, Mrs L V, r 919 Hill.
Wilkins, Samuel B, collector Ga Nat Bank, r 919 Hill.
Wilkins, Willie (c), cook, r 112 W Clayton.
Wilbanks, J B (Minnie), foreman Banner Job Office, r cor River and Jackson.
Willbanks, Bush (c), farmer, r Fairview.
Willbanks, Green (c), farmer, r Fairview.
Wiliams, Anthony (c), laborer, r 646 Chase.
Williams, Bessie (c), washerwoman, r 25 Warsaw.
Williams, Ed R, bookkeeper J B Toomer, r 919 S Lumpkin.
Williams, Emma (c), washerwoman, r 225 N Findley.
Williams, Ferd A, printer Athens Banner, bds 411 S Jackson.
Williams, Mrs H, r 409 Rock Spring.
Williams, Hallie (c), laborer, r Morris Alley.
Williams, Harriet (c), washerwoman, r rear of 227 S Jackson.
Williams, Harriet (c), washerwoman, r 220 S Thomas.
Williams, Ike (c), farmer, r Grove.
Williams, J H, foreman Athens Banner, bds 36 Baldwin.

Williams, J J (Eddie), elks J P Fears & Son, bds 28 W Hancock.
Williams, J R (Mary), foreman McGregor Press, r 411 S Jackson.
Williams, J R (Annie), sewing machine agent, r 521 College avenue.
Williams, James (Bessie), machinist, r 1220 Herring.
Williams, John (c), laborer, r First.
Williams, John F, mach Ath Fdry & Mach Wks, bds 335 SJackson.
Williams, Jordan (c), laborer, r 1231 Fairview.
Williams, Mrs M J, r 21 Poplar.
Williams, Mrs Mattie, r 335 S Jackson.
Williams, Miss Maud, clerk Miss R Vonderlieth, bds 129 Washington.
Williams, Minerva (c), servant, r 628 Morris.
Williams, Miss Pearl, clerk Turner & Hodgson, bds 335 S Jackson.
Williams, R E (Lucy), cotton weigher Inman & Co, r Boulevard.
Williams, Mrs S H, r 14 S Milledge avenue.
Williams, W J (Sallie), carpenter, r 208 Baxter.
Williams, w T (Leona), plumber, r 21 Poplar.
Williams, William (Millie), carpenter, r 488 Oconee.
Williams, William D (M J), brickmason, r 36 Baldwin.
Williamson, F M (c), minister, r 103 Chase.
Williamson, Miss Florette, clks Davison & Lowe, r Boulevard.
Williamson, George H, merchant, bds 505 N Jackson.
Williamson, John N (Katie), liveryman, r Nantahala Ave.
Williford, John S, r 113 S Findley.
Willingham, B B (Lula), attorney, r 713 Prince avenue.
Willingham, Cicero (c), laborer, r near 108 Athens avenue.
Willis, Adolphus (c), laborer, r Hill.
Willis, E W (c), r 225 Prince Ave.
Willis, Hal (Lula), laborer, r 139 Georgia Railroad street.
Willis, Lucy (c), farmer, r 924 Oak.
Wills, J E (Josie), laborer, r 537 Oak.
Wills, J F, cigar mfg, r 7 1-2 E Clayton.
Wilson, C G (Lizzie), postal clerk, r 1109 Baxter.
Wilson, Charles, carpenter, bds 402 Oconee.
Wilson, Cora (c), washerwoman, r 415 N Milledge avenue.
Wilson, Mrs E A, r 112 Baxter.

Wilson, F S (Estelle), clerks Gainesville Shoe Store, r 28 Baldwin.
Wilson, J E (Mary), r 22 Hickory.
Wilson, Mrs J L, r Hill near Billups.
Wilson, J P (Mary), auctioneer, r 620 Barber.
Wilson, J W (Averane), carpenter, r 602 Pulaski.
Wilson, Jim (c), laborer, r 16 Rock Spring.
Wilson, Jos H, clerk Talmadge Bros & Co, r near Church.
Wilson, Mrs Love, dressmaker, r near Church.
Wilson, Mrs Nancy, r 318 Foundry.
Wilson, Pop (c), driver, r 29 Rock Spring.
Wilson, R S (Varia), works Athens Mfg Co, r 722 Oconee.
Wilson Richard (c), laborer, r 13 Sapelo.
Wilson, Robert C, Pharmacist, bds E H Dorsey, Boulevard.
Wimberley, Mrs J L, r 304 Foundry.
Wimberley, Miss Sophie, seamstress, r 304 Foundry.
Wingfield, A S (Ada), clerk J P Fears & Son, r Grady avenue.
Wingfield, James (c), farmer, r 967 Oak.
Wingfield, Lucy (c), washerwoman, r 918 Reese.
Wingfield, Maggie (c), cook, r 17 Sapelo.
Wingfield, R S (Mattie), clerk, r cor Hancock ave and Newton.
Wingfield, S B Sr, (Elizabeth), Ordinary Clarke Co, r Barber.
Wingfield, S B Jr (Anna), clerk Head & McMahan, r Grady avenue.
Wingfield, W C (Emmie), merchant, r Boulevard.
Wingfield, William (c), restaurant, r 512 Foundry.
Winfrey, John (c), laborer, r 1586 Branch.
Winfrey, Miles (c), laborer, r 514 Hodgson.
Winfrey, Robert (c), farmer, r Dublin.
Winfry, Robert (c), laborer, r 428 W Broad.
Winfry, Sam (c), farmer, r 106 Washington.
Winn, H H (Maggie), painter, r 233 Hoyt.
Winn, W L (Emma), engineer Empire Chemical works, r 987 Oak.
Winn, Webb (c), laborer, r Barberville.
Winn, Wilson (c), well digger, r 160 Water.
Witcher, Mrs W T, r 600 Henderson avenue.
Wolf, Joseph (Lillie), merchant, r cor Strong and College.

Woller, Gus (c), laborer, r 621 Second.
Wood, A J (Victoria), carpenter, r 321 S Thomas.
Wood, C W (c), minister, r 1115 W Hancock avenue.
Wood, E W (Lizzie), works Athens Mfg Co, r 488 Oconee.
Wood, Lizzie (c), servant, r 130 S Hull.
Wood, R F (Ella), carpenter, r 329 Mitchell.
Wood, William L (Celestia), Supt Athens Waterworks, r Boulevard.
Woodberry, Miss Rosa, teacher Lucy Cobb Inst, r 104 N Milledge av.
Woods, A Y, clerk T B Wooten, bds 673 Berlin.
Woods, B F (Annie), cotton buyer, r Barberville.
Woods, J W (Emma), farmer, r 673 Berlin.
Woods, Mrs S F, r Barberville.
Woody, Jim (c), butler, r 10 N Pope.
Woofter, T J (Callie), prof Univ of Ga, r Hill.
Wooten, A T, mechanic, bds 23 E Dougherty.
Wootten, Miss Lizelle, milliner, bds 109 Baxter.
Wootten, T B (Ophelia), merchant, r 109 Baxter.
Wortham, George (Louisa), farmer, r 184 Water.
Wortham, William (Hulda), carpenter, r Wilkerson.
Wray, Anna (c), cook, r 118 S Hull.
Wray, Jesse (c), cook, r 706 S Lumpkin.
Wray, John (c), laborer, r 28 Cleveland avenue.
Wray, Seymour (c), cook Normal School, r 667 Morris.
Wright, Bob (c), works Athens Ice and Coal Co, r 188 Billups.
Wright, Clarence (c), laborer, r 663 Water.
Wright, James (c), merchant, r 305 Cleveland avenue.
Wright, Robert T (Minnie), clerk Athens Dispensary, r 464 Oconee.
Wright, V H (Maud), printer McGregor Press, r 612 E Broad.
Wright, Mrs W B, r 48 Poplar.
Wright, William (c), laborer, r 303 Cleveland avenue.
Wylie, Jane (c), washerwoman, r 764 N Hull.
Wymbs, John (c), carpenter, r 24 S Harris.

Yancey, Lewis (c), laborer, r 1269 Arch.
Yarborough, Mrs India, r 309 Strong.
Yarbrough, D W, r 109 N Lumpkin.
Yarbrough, W H (Hattie), butcher, r 419 River.
Yearwood, C H (Melita), blacksmith, r Boulevard.
Yearwood, Ewell, carpenter, r Boulevard.
Yearwood, Miss Moena, seamstress Miss Cone, r Boulevard.
Yerby, Phil (c), laborer, r 657 Third.
Young, Charles M, city editor Athens Banner, bds 603 N Jackson.
Young, Charles T (Hortense), liveryman, r 603 N Jackson.
Young, D (Ida), carpenter r 12 Sapelo.
Young, Earl, carpenter, boards 12 Sapelo.
Young, Evie (c), nurse, r 109 Pulaski.
Young, Miss Ida, teacher State Normal School, bds 1173 Cobb.
Young, L N, with Athens Gas Co, r Foundry.
Young, Lucy, (c), washerwoman, r 237 Cleveland avenue.
Young, Mose (c), carpenter, r 648 Chase.
Young, Rich (c), laborer, r 220 Rock Spring.
Young, T R (Emma), agent, r 10 Wray.
Young, Rev W H (Annie), pastor First Baptist church, r 125 S Hull.
Young, William (c), laborer, r 4 Lyndon row.
Young, William (c), porter, Windsor Hotel, N Lumpkin.
Youngblood, W J, works Athens Mfg Co, r 1013 E Broad.
Youngkin, Ernest H (Leona), merchant, bds cor Hancock and Hull.
Zealy, W W (Libbie), bookkeeper Athens Ice & Coal Co, r cor Boulevard and Seminole.

Zuber, J M, mechanic, bds 23 E Dougherty.