Athens city directory [1897-1898]

JOS. MINDER. MERCHANT TAILOR 10 COLLEGE AVENUE, Opposite side Commercial Hotel.
ATHENS FOUNDRY & MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURERS OF MINING AND MILL MACHINERY WATER WHEELS, Etc. Portable and Stationery Steam Engines, Saw Mills, Cotton Presses, Smithing and Repairing. Promptly Attended To. N. FOUNDRY STREET, Athens, Ga.
C. F. McDannell, Photographer, Photo-Engraver, 115 BROAD STREET, Athens, Georgia.
D. W. Bailey, Plumbing, Steam gas fitting, Tin Roofing and Guttering. Sanitary Plumbing a specialty. Estimates Promptly Given. ALL REPAIR WORK IN MY LINE PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. TERMS REASONABLE. 222 WASHINGTON STREET.
MOORE'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Y. M. C. A. BUILDING, ATHENS, GEORGIA. Formerly Located in Atlanta, Ga. AN ORGANIZED BUSINESS COMMUNITY-A MODEL SCHOOL -ACTUAL BUSINESS -STUDENTS DAILY ON CHANGE -OVER 4000 STU­DENTS and GRADUATES Who are now holding lucerative and responsible positions in business houses. banks. railroads. manufactories and in nearly every pursuit of business in every State in the South and in many of the Northern and Western States, date their "start in life." on the day they entered "Moore's." REAL PRACTICAL BOOKKEEPING conducted by students who are supplied with capital and started in business on the day they enter. No copying of supposed transactions. The latest and most approved labor-saving forms for keeping books are used in the course of study. THE COURSE OF STUDY embraces Bookkeeping by actual business. Penmanship. Arithmetic. Correspondence. Banking. Commercial Law. Partnership Settlements. Accounting. Spelling. SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, ETC. The credenials of this institution are universally res­pected, and itd Diploma is a passport to favor among business men, wherever it is known. Send for Circulars containing Testimonials, References, etc. B. F. Moore, Principal.
OFFICE, 20 Clayton Street, Phone 79, YARDS, G. C, & N. Depot, College Avenue. Phone 39. ATHENS Coal & Coke Comp'y. W. P. Vonderau, M'g'r, dealers in COAL, COKE AND WOOD, Wood Cut to Order. Prompt Delivery.
DR. S. K LIDSTONE, OPTICAL SPECIALIST, ATHENS, GEORGIA. GOLD, SILVER, AND ALUMINUM, SPECTACLES AND EYE-GLASSES, AT LOWEST PRICES. Glasses properly and scientifically adjusted to the eyes. Old Frames Repaired and Refitted. Gold and Silversmith and Watchmaker.
PALACE MARKET. JAMES M. McCURDY, Prop. Fresh, Dried and Salt Meats, Fish, Oysters and Game. Telephone 155. 5 N. Jackson Street.
Mount Vernon Hotel. GEORGE M. BOOTH, Proprietor. Headquarters for Students. 28 W. Hancock Avenue.
GARDEN IMPLEMENTS. Greatest Invention of the 19th Century. Manufactured solely by ULRICH MANUFACTURING CO., ROCK FALLS, ILL.
Lyndon Drug Co. LEADING WHOLESAERS AND RETAILERS IN Drugs, Patent Medicines, Chem­icals, Perfumery, Toilet Arti­cles, Window Glass, Oils, Putty, Paints, Field AND Garden Seed. PRESCRIPTIONS Carefully and accurately filled by two experienced Druggiests. Prompt and courteous attention assured to all. OUR PRICES ALWAYS THE LOWEST. LYNDON DRUG CO.
ATHENS CITY DIRECTORY For 1897-'98. Containing an Alphabetical List of Business Firms and Private Citizens, a Directory of City and County Officers, Churches, Schools, Secret, Benevolent, Social and Literary Societies, etc., etc., TOGETHER WITH A COMPLETE Classified Business Directory. W. G. & M. E. R. FINNEY, Publishers and Compilers.
BE SURE AND READ THIS! Directory Hints.
1. Be sure you know the correct spelling of the name you are looking for.
2. Do not think that you know better how it should be spelled than the person for whom you are searching.
3. If you do not find it at once do not jump at, the con­clusion that it is not in the book: remember, as yet, names are not all spelled PHONETICALLY.
4. Remember. also. that many foreign names are Americanized by the younger members of the family. and you will often find a father spelling his name one way whilst the son adopts a more phonetic form. In no coun­try is so much license taken as to the changing of names both in regard to the first or Christian name as well as surname.
5. Publishers should not be held responsible for in­formation given them incorrectly by the public.
6. If the merchants and the public generally would evince more interest in this work the result would be an almost perfect Directory, and hence less fault-finding.
7. A good and well-patronized Directory is to the outer world an index of the progressive character of a city.
8. Show us a Directory well supported by the busi­ness firms and we will show you a live city.
9. As your neighbor is as well able as yourself to pur­chase a Directory, do not lend yours. Every BUSINESS man should have one of his own.
W. G. & M. E. R. FINNEY. Compilers.
PREFACE. In many cases "silence is more eloquont than speech." we shall therefore say nothing, but let every page of this volume speak for itself-each one having a tale of its own to tell. W. G. & M. E. R. FINNEY. Publishers and Compilers. Athens. 1897.
The A. J. Showalter Co., Printers and Binders, Dalton, Georgia.
Miscellancous Directory.
Civic Officers.
Mayor - J. J. C. McMahan.
Clerk of Council - W. W. Turner.
City Attorney - F. C. Shackelford.
City engineer and Street Commissioner - J. W. Barnett.
Chief of Police - B. F. Culp.
Chief of Fire Department- George W. McDorman.
Superintendent of Water Works - W. L. Wood.
Sanitary Officer - J. C. ORR
A. M. Center. J. S. Cheney - First Ward.
J. L. Arnold. Isaac Lowe. - Second Ward.
J. S. Methvin. D. C. Barrow, Jr. - Third Ward.
J. F. Rhodes. J. F. Foster. - Fourth Ward
Standing Committees.
Finance - Rhodes, Barrow, Methvin.
Fire Department - Cheney, Foster, Arnold.
Public Property - Lowe, Cheney, Foster.
Fire Alarm - Center, Lowe, Barrow.
Health - Lowe, Center, Arnold.
Streets - Barrow, Rhodes, Cheney.
Markets - Foster, Barrow, Lowe.
Printing - Methvin, Center, Rhodes.
Lights - Rhodes, Methvin, Center.
Petitions and Communications - Cheney, Arnold, Barrow.
Police - Arnold, Foster, Cheney.
Railroads - Foster, Methvin, Center.
Public Schools - Barrow, Lowe, Foster.
Waterworks - Methvin, Cheney, Rhodes.
Sewers - Center, Arnold, Lowe.
Ordinances - Arnold, Rhodes, Methvin.
Police Department.
F. Culp. Chief; L. D. Goodrum, Lieutenant: J. S. McKie, Sergeant; Privates, J. C. Bernard, B. O. W. Rose, J. T. Dean, J. T. Hamilton, W. D. Kelley, R. J. Felton, C. S. Suddeth. T. A. Saye, W. T. Moon. Henry Hill. J.E. Hayes.
S. B. Wingfield. Sr., Clerk Market.
Geo. W. McDorman, Chief; W. J. Potts. First Assist­ant Chief; J. T. Beasley, Second Assistant Chief; Hiram Peeler, Hoseman; J. F. Dunston, Hoseman; J. D. Lester, Driver; T. M. Forrester, Hoseman; D. D. Newson, Hose­man; R. B. Bullock, Hoseman; C. H. Allgood, Driver; O. S. McCarty, Ladderman; J. W. Bailey, Ladderman; F. S. Rawson, Ladderman; H. W. Beusse, Hostler.
FIRE SIGNALS. Number of boxes, Locations and Instructions.
Fire Headquarters, Telephone 90.
12 - Corner Broad and Poplar.
14 - Oconee and Peters
15 Corner Strong and Thomas.
16 - Corner Broad and Foundry.
17 - Oconee Street, near Bridge.
24 - Corner Baldwin and Jackson.
25 - G. C. & N. R. R. Depot.
26 - Corner Broad and Jackson.
32 - Corner Broad and Pope
34 - Corner Lumpkin and Clayton.
35 - Lumpkin Street near Baldwin.
36 - Corner Milledge and Waddell.
42 - Corner Barber and Boulevard.
44 - Corner Hancock and Pulaski.
45 - Corner Prince and Hill.
46 - Corner Milledge and Meigs.
48 - Corner Prince and Franklin.
Keys always to be found on post at Box. Break glass to get key.
One blow - Break in the line.
Two blows - Superintendent's test.
Three blows - Fire out.
Four blows - Noon.
Five blows - Additional water pressure.
Six blows - Calls police force.
These signals will only be given by special order of the chief or officer in command.
1st. To give an alarm open the door. pull the hook once and let go, then close the door.
2d. Do not pull the hook if the fire bell or the small bell in the box is striking. as that indicates an alarm has already been given.
3d. Be particular to remain at the box until the arrival of an officer of the Fire Department.
4th. Always give the alarm from the box nearest the tire.
If alarm is sounded from box No. 15, the alarm bell will strike one, then pause and strike five: thus: I - I I I I I, indicating the fire to be in the neighborhood of box No. 15.
If sounded at box No. 45, the alarm strikes four, pause. five. thus: I I I I - I I I I I.
Every alarm is repeated three times.
Above examples apply to all numbers.
JOHN GERDINE, M. D..............................................President.
J. A. HUNNICUTT .......................................... Vice-President.
A. L. HULL......................................................Treasurer.
C. D. FLANIGEN..................................................Secretary.
1st Ward - GEO. H. PALMER...................... Term expires January 1899.
R. C. Orr........................... " " " 1901.
2d Ward - CHAS. STERN.......................... " " " 1900.
DR. JOHN GERDINE................... " " " 1901.
3d Ward - A. L. HULL........................... " " " 1898.
D. C. BARROW, JR. .................. " " " 1899.
4th Ward - E. R. HODGSON....................... Term expires January 1897.
J. A. HUNNICUTT..................... " " " 1900.
City at Large - G. H. YANCEY.................... " " " 1897.
C. D. FLANIGEN.................... " " " 1898.
Ex-Officio - J. J. C. McMAHAN, Mayor of the City.
Finance - HUNICUTT, Chairman: HODGSON, YANCEY.
Salaries and Supplies -­ORR, Chairman; STERN, FLANIGEN­
Buildings and School Property - HODGSON. Chairman: McMAHAN. HUNICUTT.
Grievances - YANCEY, Chairman; PALMER, HULL.
Rules and Law - McMAHAN, Chairman: BARROW, PALMER.
Examinations and Text Books - HULL. Chairman; PAL­MER. BARROW.
Sanitary Affairs - PALMER, Chairman: STERN. ORR.
Library - BOND. Chairman: BARROW. FLANIGEN.
F. M. HARPER. Principal. 8th and 9th Grade.
MISS CLYDE PATMAN. Assistant Principal. 3d Grade.
MISS M. JARRELL. 7th Grade.
Miss HALLIE HODGSON. 6th Grade.
Miss SUSIE GERDINE. 5th Grade
MRS. J. H. REAVES. 4th Grade.
MR. E. B. MELL. Principal 5th Grade. Jan. to June.
MISS S. A. BRUMBY, 3d Grade.
MISS E. THORNTON. 1st Grade January to June.
MISS ANNIE PATMAN, Principal. 1st Grade.
MISS F. BIRD. 1st Grade.
MISS A. BRUMBY. 1st Grade. B.
MISS M. KENNARD. 2d Grade.
MRS. M. J. FREEMAN. Principal. 1st Grade.
MISS EULA BIRD. 1st Grade, B.
MISS M. RUSSELL. 2d Grade.
J. A. BRAY, Principal, 7th, 8th and 9th Grades.
MISS JUDIE JACKSON, 5th and 6th Grades.
MISS MATTIE DAVIS. 3d and 4th Grades.
JAMES DAVIS. 2d Grade.
MRS. MINNIE DAVIS. 1st Grade. B.
CARRIE Z. BADGER. 1st Grade.
F. G. SNELSON, Principal. 3d and 4th Grades.
JNO. R. MACK. 2d Grade.
WVM. E. BOGGS. D.D.. L.L.D.. Chancellor and Professor of Metaphysics and Ethics.
ADAM BOGGS. Emeritus. Professor of Mathematics.
L. H. CHARBONNIER, A.M.. Ph.D.. Dean of the Fac­ulty.
H. C. WHITE. D.Sc.. Ph.D.. F.C.S.. Professor of Chemistry.
JOHN P. CAMPBELL, A.B.. Ph.D.. Professor of Biol­ogy.
DAVID C. BARROW, JR.. C. & M. E.. Professor of Math­ematics.
W. H. BOROCK, A.M.. Professor of Ancient Langua­ges.
J. H. T. McPHERSON, A.B.. Ph.D.. Professor of His­tory and Political Science.
B. F. RILEY. D.D.. Professor of English.
C. M. SNELLING, A.M.. Adjunct Professor of Mathe­matics.
W. D. HOOPER, A.B.. Adjunct Professor of Ancient Languages.
C. H. HERTY, B.P.H.. Ph.D.. Adjunct Professor of Chemistry.
A. H. PATTERSON. B.E.. A.M.. Instructor in Physics.
JOHN MORRIS, A.M.. Instructor in English and Modern Languages, and Secretary of Faculty.
C. M. STRAHAN, Registrar.
Catholic Church - Corner Prince ave. and Pulaski.
Christain Church - Corner Dougherty and Pulaski.
Congregation of the Children of Israel - Corner Jackson street and Hancock ave.
East Athens Methodist Church - Tabernacle street.
Emanuel Episcopal Church - Prince ave. opposite Hill.
First Baptist Church - Corner College ave. and Washington street.­
First Methodist Church - Corner North Lumpkin and Hancock ave.
First Presbyterian Church - Hancock ave. near Lumpkin.
Hoyt's Chapel (Presbyterian) - Barbersville.
Oconee Street Methodist Church - Oconee street.
St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Oconee.
Samuel Lane Church - North Thomas and River.
Second Baptist Church - Broad.
West End Chapel - Union.
Ordinary - S. M. HERRINGTON.
Clerk - J. K. KENNEY.
Sheriff - J. W. WIER.
Deputy Sheriff - J. A. SUDDETH.
Tax Collector - H. H. LINTON.
Tax Receiver - W. T. CARTER.
Treasurer - J. A. PITNER.
Surveyor - C. M. STRAHAN.
Coroner - H. T. ROGERS.
Postmaster - JAMES O'FARRELL.
Assistant Postmaster - H. J. ROWE.
Mailing Clerk - GEO. E. O'FARRELL.
General Delivery Clerk - JOHN W. REID.
Letter Carriers - EMORY J. HALE. No. 1: JAMES M. MABRY, No. 2: EDWIN P. STONE, No. 3: LUCIUS M. DUNCAN, No. 4: CLEMENT D. STONE, No. 5.
Office open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
General Delivery and Carriers' Windows open on Sunday 9 to 10 a.m., and from 1 to 2 p.m.
Keystone Chapter No. 51 R. A. - H. H. Linton. H. P.; W. J. Garebold. Secretary. Meets at Dupree's Build­ing the first Friday night of each month.
Mt. Vernon Lodge No. 22. F. & A. M. - H. H. Linton. W. M.; D. M. Kenney. Secretary. Meets at Dupree's Building the third Friday night of each month.
Classic City Lodge. F . & A. M. - John J. Strickland. W. M.; H. E. Choate. Secretary. Meets at Dupree's Build­ing the second and fourth Thursdays.
I. O. O. F.
Williams Lodge No. 15. - R. L. Bramlett. N. G.: J. A. Mealor. R. S. Meets Carlton Building every Monday night.
Clarke Lodge No. 30. - T. .J. Mitchell. N. G.: A. B. Harper. R. S. Meets at Dupree's Building the first and third Wednesday nights of each month.
Glenn Lodge No. 75. - H. C. Kenney. N. G.: W. T. Carter. R. S. Meets Carlton Building every Wednesday night.
Oconee Council No. 138 - Meets the first and third Tuesday nights at Carlton Building. S. M. Herrington. Regent; D. M. Kenney. Secretary.
Thomas R. R. Cobb. Ruling; J . K. Kenney. Ruler: D. M. Kenney. Secretary and Collector.
Council No. 96. - Geo. W. Palmer, Commander: Jack F. Jackson, Collector.
A. O. U. W.
Lodge No. 40. - W. A. Burns. Collector.
Electric Lodge No. 46. Fraternal Union. - J. S. Methvin, President; W. D. Griffeth. Secretary; C. B. Petrie. Medical Examiner.
Athens Council No. 111. - E. I. Smith. Commander: J. F. Jackson, Secretary and Treasurer.
Oconee Tribe No. 15. - Meets at Carlton Building every Friday night. J. K. Kenney, Sachem: W. T. Parker. Chief of Records.
Evans Lodge No. 76. I. O. G. T. - J. K. Kenney. Chief Templar: Miss Leila Cook. Recording Secretary. Meets Carlton Building every Monday night.
Golden Rule Lodge No. 211. - J. S. Nolan. Dictator: J. F. Jackson. Reporter.
St. Elmo Lodge No. 40. - Meets every Monday night in Dupree's Building. A. S. Parker. C. C.: Thomas H. Nick­erson. K. of R. & S.
Endowment Rank. - A. W. Vess, President: T. H. Nickerson. Secretary.
Poplar Camp. No. 7. - L. W. Sparks. Consul Com­mander: C. H. Colson. Adviser Lieutenant: D. D. Quillian. Camp Physician: Martin J. Abney, Clerk: W. P. Vonde­rau. Banker: E. L. Hulme. Escort: M. C. Watson. Guard: C. B. Lyle. Sentry.
Cobb-Deloney Camp No. 478 - United Confederate Veterans. organized in Athens. April 14. 1894, in honor of General Thomas R. R. Cobb, killed at Fredricksburg. Va.. and Col. William G. Deloney, wounded at Jack's shop, (near Madison court-house.) Va., and died a prisoner in hospital at Washington, D. C.
Organized from members of Ex-Confederate Survivors' Association of North-east Georgia.
Officers for 1895-6. - J. E. Ritch. Capt. and Commander; H. H. Carlton. First Lt. Commander; - W. S. Basenger, Second Lt. Commander; S. D. Mitchell, Third Lt. Com­mander; J. P. Wilson, Fourth Lt. Commander; George H. Palmer, Adjutant, C. W. Reynolds, Quartermaster; R. C. Latimer, Commissary; Edwin D. Newton, Surgeon; Hugh N. Harris, Asst. Surgeon: C. W. Lane, Chaplain; G. H. Yancy, Officer of the Day; James O'Farrell, Sergeant Major; J . E. Talmadge, Vidette; George W. Mabny. Color Sergeant: E. C. Knnebrew, First Color Guard; George B. Atkisson, Second Color Guard; David E. Sims, Third Color Guard; G. Hauser. Fourth Color Guard.
Charter Members of the Athens Chapter of the Daugh­ters of the Confederacy: Officers - Miss Mildred Rutherford, President; Mrs. Callie Cobb Hull, Mrs. Mary Ann Lamar-Cobb Erwin, Vice-Presidents; Miss Susie Gerdine. Treasurer; Mrs. Margaret Basinger Strahan. Correspond­ing Secretary; Miss Annie Wallis Brumby, Recording Secre­tary; Mrs. Minnie Warren Sledge. Historian. Miss Eliza­beth Georgia Basinger. Miss Sallie Phinizy Billups. Mrs. Marion Alexander Boggs. Miss Mary Harris Brumby. Miss Sophie A. Brumby. Mrs. Annie Jones Burnette. Mrs. Mary Welborn Camak; Mrs. Mary McKinley Cobb. Miss Annie S. Crawford, Mrs. Ellen Peebles Crawford. Mrs. Rosa Huguenin Delany. Miss Katie Louise DuBose. Mrs. Mary Lamar Erwin. Miss Mary Anthony Frierson. Miss Sarah Adeline Eugenia Frierson. Mrs. Susie Golding Gerdine. Mrs. Mary Eugenia Crawford Hamilton. Mrs. Mary Strahan Hodgson, Miss May Virginia Hodgson. Miss Nannette Hodgson. Miss Mary Nisbet Hull. Mrs. Rosa Delaney Hull. Mrs. Laura Williams Rutherford Hutchins. Miss Lucy Linton. Mrs. Maggie Talmadge Lipscomb. Mrs. Mary Ann Rutherford Lipscomb. Mrs. Kate Moreno Lucas. Mrs. Mamie Thomas Lumpkin. Mrs. Eliza Woodson Mandeville. Miss Lily Cloud Mandeville. Miss Ellen Lurene Mell. Miss Emma Virginia Mell. Miss Annie Maude Mitchell. Mrs. Florence Wallace Mitchell. Mrs. Jessie Dunham Mitchell. Miss Kathleen Singleton Mitchell. Miss Leonora Octavia Mitchell. Miss Mary Louise Morris. Mrs. Nellie Stovall Phinizy. Mrs. Emma Hutche­son Snead. Mrs. Annie McWhorter Thomas. Mrs. Nettie Pitner Webb. Miss Alice Kennon Williams. Mrs. Sallie Jones Hamilton Williams. Miss Rosa Woodberry
The Ladies' Memorial Association. - Miss Mildred Rutherford, Mrs. Ellen Peebles Crawford, Mrs. Susie Golding Gerdine, Mrs. Eliza Woodson Mandeville, Mrs. Jessie Dunham Mitchell, Miss Rosa Woodberry, Mrs. Flor­ence Wallace Mitchell.
Athenaeum Club. - Billups Phinizy. President. W. W. Thomas. Vice-President; A. H. Patterson. Secretary; A. W. Griffeth. Treasurer. Board of Governors - Billups Phinizy, W. W. Thomas, L. H. Charbonnier, J. H. Flem­ing, H. C. White, C. A. Scudder, A. E. Griffeth, House Committee - J. H. T. McPherson, A. H. Patterson, C. H. Phinizy.
Farmers' Club of Clarke County. - Edwin D. Newton, President; E. K. Lumpkin, Seeretary; H. A. Linton, Treas­urer.
Commercial Club. - W. A. McDowell, President; W. D. Griffeth Vice-President; C. A. Talmadge, Treasurer; W. M. Crane, Secretary. Board of Directors - W. D. Griff­eth, J. S. Cowles, J. F. McGowan, W. A. McDowell, H. K. Nickolson, M. G. Michall, H. H. Crawford. House Committee - W. D. Griffeth, Chairman; A. H. Davidson. S. C. Upson. Club rooms located on College ave. s. w. cor·. of East Clayton st.
Ladies· Gardon Club of Athens, Georgia. Officers of the Club - Mrs. E. K. Lumpkin, President; Mrs. Lamar Cobb, Vice-President; Mrs. S. J. Tribble, Secretary; Miss Julia Carlton, Treasurer; Mrs. Charles Chandler, Librarian. Executive Committee - Mrs. R. D. Mure, Chair­man; Mrs. S. P. Thurmond; Mrs. H. A. Lowrance; Mrs. R. L. Bloomfield, Mrs. Moses Myers, Mrs. T. P. Vincent, Mrs. J. N. Webb, Mrs. A. H. Hodgson, Mrs. G. C. Thomas, Mrs. Henry West, Mrs. John Gerdine, Mrs. W. B. Burnett, Mrs. H. H. Carlton, Mrs. F. S. Morton, Mrs. S. Lacy.
The organization of this club in 1892 was effected by Dr. E. D. Newton of Athens, a gentleman of travel and of broad and liberal views, the like of whom we wish we had many more in our midst. Such men build up cities and elevate mankind generally.
Company H. Third Regiment Infantry Georgia Volun­teers. (Clarke Rifles.) - Captain J. H. Beusse; First Lieut., T. C. Crawford; Second Lieut., J. M. McCurdy. Ser­geants - C. G. Wier, E. G. Turner, B. C. Turner, H. Cari­thers, L. R. Powers. Corporals - H. A. Grant, G. H. Thornton, G. W. Cox, E. D. Wier. Privates - W. H. Parker, J. E. Davison, E. L. Hulme, E. P. Short, J. M. Stephenson, jr., A. S. Johnson, C. W. Durose, J. J. Oliver, J. J. Carr, G. W. Carter, Leon Few, R. W. Sizer, W. T. Crews, R. Daniel, J. H. Vickers, J. Alexander, C. M. Bar­nard. O. Hawks, Horace Garebold, W. A. Muse, J. R. Wil­banks, W. C. Shackelford, W. C. Stanley, J. W. Turner, G. E. Lucas, W. D. Hammette, John O'Farrell, J. E. Kennedy, E. F. Bond, J. R. Crane, J. T. Comer. jr., N. Hauser, J. G. Carithers. Surgeon-C. B. Petrie.
Officers - D. C. Barrow, jr., President; Jno. D. Moss, Vice-President; F. M. Harper, Recording Secretary; E. R. Hodgson, jr., Treasurer. Board of Directors - G. G. Bond, Jno. D. Moss, D. C. Barrow, jr., W. M. Rowland, Fred J. Orr, C. A. Rowland, jr., C. Morton Strahan, E. R. Hodgson, jr., W. P. Vonderau, W. D. Griffeth, F. M. Harper. Executive Officer - Walter S. Stallings, General Secretary. Board Committees: Executive Committee - J. D. Moss, Chairman: W. P. Vonuerau, E. R. Hodgson, jr. Building Cummittee - W. M. Rowland, Chairman: C. Morton Strahan, G. G. Bond. Finance Committee - W. D. Griffeth, Chairman; C. A. Rowland. F. M. Harper.
(Bessie Mell.) - Cor. S Lumpkin and Broad streets. Mrs. Emma Davis, Matron.
Oconee Hill Cemetery. - Situated at foot of Cemetery st. Willis A. England, Sexton. Colored Cemetery is located in East Athens.
Athens Street Guide.
Adams. from S Milledge ave. westerly.
Angle. from Arch southerly to Elberton. 5th e of Trail Creek.
Arch. from Poplar s to city limits. 1st n of E Broad.
Athens ave. from the M & N G R R. w to Barber. 3d n of G C & M R R track
Atlanta ave. from the M & N G R R track w to Barber. 2d n of G C & M R R track.
Augusta ave. from Cleveland ave. n. 3d w of M & N G R R track.
Bacon. from College ave easterly to the Oconee river.
Bailey. from Oconee to city limits.
Baker. from Vine northeasterly. E A.
Baldwin. from S Lumpkin e to Oconee river. 1st s of Broad.
Barber. from Prince ave n to city limits. 1st w of Pulaski.
Barrett. from the river northerly to city limits. EA.
Baxter. from S Lumpkin w to Rock Spring. 3d s of W Broad.
Berlin. from Fourth n to River. 1st e of Water.
Billups (N.) from W Broad to Cobb.
Billups (S.) from W Broad to Waddell.
Bird. from Atlanta ave n to new city Water Works. 1st w of M & N G R R track.
Bloomfield. from Baxter e. 1st n S Milledge ave.
Boulevard. from Barber w to Buena Vista ave. thence southerly to Prince ave. 1st n of Prince ave.
Bowdre. from Meigs to Clover.
Branch. from Simons s to Elberton. 1st w of E Broad.
Bridge. from E Strong n to River. 4th e of River.
Brittain ave. from Carlton westerly to Scott.
Broad (E.) from N Lumpkin e to the river. thence southerly to Elberton.
Broad (W.) from N Lumpkin w to Phinizy. Opp Univer­sity of Georgia.
Buena Vista ave. from Prince ave n to Nantahalla ave. 2d w of Park ave.
Burnett ave. from Fowler ave westerly to Fairview ave.
Carlton. from S Lumpkin to Fowler ave.
Carlton ave. from Springdale s to Olivia.
Castalia ave. from Springdale s to 1st block e of Olivia.
Cedar. from S Lumpkin e. 5th s of Broad.
Chase (N.) from W Broad n to Prince ave. 8th w of N Lumpkin.
Chase (S.) from W Broad s to Dearing.
Chase ave. from Prince ave n to Chattooga ave. 2nd w of Milledge ave.
Chattooga ave. from Barber w to city 1imits 3d n Prince ave.
Cherokee. from Barber westerly.
Church (N.) from W Broad to Prince ave.
Church (S.) from W Broad to Baxter.
Clarke County Square. bet Prince ave and Meigs and N Pope and N Finley.
Clayton (E.) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 1st n of Broad.
Clayton (W.) from N Lumpkin w to Pulaski. lst n of Broad.
Cleveland ave. from the M & N G R R track w to Barber. 1st w of G C & N R R track.
Clover. from Cobb southerly to Jacob.
Cloverhurst ave. from S Milledge ave westerly.
Cobb. from Prince ave w to Glover. thence northwest­erly to Prince ave. 1st s of Prince ave.
College ave. from E Broad n to Oconee river. 1st e of Lumpkin.
Compress from E Broad southerly to the river rear of Oconee.
Crawford, from Cleveland ave s. 2d w of M & N G R R traek.
Dearing. from Finley w to Miller. 1st s of W Broad.
Derby. from Broad running northeasterly and southwest­erly. 3d e of Trail Creek.
Doboy. from Baldwin s. 1st e of S Lumpkin.
Dougherty (E.) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 4th n of Broad.
Dougherty (W,) from N Lumpkin w to Pulaski. 4th n of Broad.
Dublin. from Broad northwesterly. 4th e of Trail Creek.
Eighth. from Long ave. southwesterly. E A.
Elberton. from Oconee easterly to city limits. 4th s of Peters. E A.
Eleventh. w of Barrett. Bet Russell and Woods aves. E A.
Elizabeth. from the S A L R R track to the river. cross­ing Bacon and Grace.
Fairview ave. from S Lumpkin to city limits.
Fairview. from Peters Southerly. 3d e of Broad.
Ferdinand. from S Milledge ave to Fairview ave.
Field. from Cedar s to Green.
Fifth, from Water northeasterly. 8th n of E Broad.
Finley. (N.) from W Broad n to Meigs. 4th w of N Lumpkin.
Finley. (S) from W Broad s to
First. from Water northeasterly to Fourth. 1st n of E Broad.
Flint. from Third n to Odd. 1st e of Water.
Foundry. (N.) from E Broad n to Strong. 5th e of Lumpkin.
Foundry. (S.) from E Broad to Oconee. 5th e of Lumpkin.
Fourth, from Water n e to city limits. 5th w of E Broad.
Fowler a e, from S Lumpkin to Carlton.
Franklin, from Reese to Prince ave.
Fulton, from S Jackson e to S Thomas. 2d s of Broad.
Gantt, from Pulaski one block w to Hendricks.
Glendale, from Springdale s to Olivia.
Griffeth, from Third to Odd. E A.
Grace, from College ave to the river.
Grady ave, from Prince ave to Boulevard.
Green. from S Lumpkin e. 6th s of Broad.
Grove, from Oconee south-westerly. 4th e of Peters.
Habersham. from S Milledge ave westerly.
Hall. not officially accepted. From Bloomfield easterly.
Hampton, from Millege ave e.
Hampton ave. from S Milledge ave e to white.
Hancock ave. (E,) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 3d n of Broad.
Hancock ave. (W) from N Lumpkin w to Rock Spring. 3d w of Broad.
Harper. from Herrings w to Branch. 1st s of Peters.
Harris. (N) from W Broad to Prince ave.
Harris. (S) from W Broad to Peabody.
Helen. from Carlton ave westerly Glendale
Hendrick. from Cleveland ave s. 1st w of M & N G R R track.
Herring. from Peters s to Derby. 1st s E Broad.
Hiawassee ave. from Nacoochee ave w one block thence n to Chattanooga ave.
Hickory, from E Broad northerly. lst e of Foundry.
Hill. from Prince ave w to Clover. 1st n of Meigs.
Hodgson. from E Strong n to Bridge. 1st e of N Foun­dry.
Hoyt. from Jackson e to River. 7th n of Broad.
Hughes ave. from Barrett to limits.
Hull. (N.) from Broad n to Ware.
Hull. (S.) from Broads to Waddell.
Jackson, (N.) from E Broad n to Hoyt. 2d e of Lump­kin.
Jackson. (S.) from E Broad s to Baldwin. 1st e of Lumpkin.
Jacob. from Phinizy to Clover.
John, from Third n to Odd. 3d e of Water.
Lenoir ave. from Chase ave w to Hiawassee ave. 1st n Prince ave.
Leonard. from Phinizy to Clover.
Lilly. from Fairview ave to Whitehall Drive.
Long ave. from River n w to Barrett.
Lumpkin. (N) from Broad n to Ware.
Lumpkin. (S) from Broad s to limits.
Macon ave. from Atlanta ave n to New City Water Works. 2d w of M & N G R R track.
Magazine. from S Jackson n to S Thomas.
Marion. from Carlton ave westerly 1/2 block thence southerly to Helen.
Mealor. from E Brand s w to Herring. 1st s of Peters.
Meigs. from the junction of Pulaski and Prince ave w to Chase. recommences at Rock Spring, running in a southerly direction. 1st n W Hancock ave.
Milledge ave. (N) from Broad n to Chattooga ave.
Milledge ave. (S.) from Broad to city limits.
Miller. from Dearing n to Reese.
Mitchell. from S Thomas e to William. 2d s of E Broad.
Morris, from Prince ave n 1st w of Milledge ave.
Morton ave. from White westerly to Fairview.
Nacoochee ave. from Prince ave n to Chattanooga ave. 3d w of Milledge ave.
Nantahala ave. from Barber w to Buena Vista ave. 2d n of Prince ave.
Narrow. from S Lumpkin e to Doboy. 2d s Broad.
Nellie B ave, from Vine to the limits. E A.
Newton. from W Broad n to Prince ave. 3rd w of N Lumpkin.
Ninth. from Long ave southwesterly.
Oak. from Poplar southeastery to Elberton. 2d e of Oconee river.
Odd. from Water n e to John. 4th n of E Broad.
O'Farrell. from Hampton ave northerly.
Olivia. from S Milledge ave westerly to Glendale.
Oneta. from Barber westerly.
Paris (N) from W Broad.
Paris (S) from W Broad.
Park ave. from Prince ave n to the Boulevard. 4th w of Milledge ave.
Peabody, from S Milledge ave e. 1st s of Baxter.
Pearl, from Third to Odd. 2d e of Water.
Peters, (N,) from E Broad northerly to city limits. :!d e of Trail Creek.
Peters, (S) from E Broad southerly. 2d e of Trail Creek.
Phinizy, from junction of Rock Spring and W Hancock ave s w to city limits.
Pine, from Broad southerly to Oconee river. Nr Check Factory. E A.
Plum. from W Strong and Lumpkin northerly.
Pope, (N) from W Broad.
Pope, (S) from W Broad.
Pottery, from Ga R R track to the Oconee river.
Prince ave. from Pulaski w to the Boulevard. 4th n of W Broad.
Pulaski, from W Broad n to Prince ave. 2d w of N Lumpkin.
Railroad, from the river northeasterly.
River, from Jackson e to Thomas thence northeasterly to city limits. 6th n of Broad.
Reese, from Pulaski w to Phinizy. 1st n of W Broad.
Rock Row, from First southerly.
Rock Spring. (N) from Broad to Clover.
Rock Spring. (S) from Broad to Rockdale.
Russell ave. from Barrett to the city limits.
Rutherford. from S Lumpkin n westerly to Milledge ave. 2d s of Baxter.
Sabula ave. from Prince ave n to Nantahalla ave. 1st w of Park ave.
Sapelo, from S Lumpkin east to Doboy. 2d s of Broad.
Savannah, from College ave westerly to Lumpkin.
Savannah ave. from Cleveland ave n. 4th w of M & N ­G R R track.
Scott, from S Lumpkin to Hampton ave.
Second. from Water e. 2d n of E Broad.
Seminole ave. from Boulevard n to Chattanooga ave. 1st w of Barber.
Seventh, from Long ave south-westerly. E A.
Simons. from Broad south-westerly to Branch. 5th e of Trail Creek.
Sixth, from Long ave south-westerly.
South. from S Jackson e to S Thomas. 1st s of Broad.
Springdale, runs e and w from Milledge ave. 2d s of Baxter.
States Right. from Church w to Milledge ave. 1st s of Waddell.
Stonewall ave. from River to Woods ave. E A.
Strong. (E.) from N Lumpkin e to the River. 5th n of Broad.
Strong. (W.) from N Lumpkin west to N Hull. 5th n of Broad.
Summey. from S Lumpkin e. 4th s of Broad.
Tabernacle, from Oak northerly to Branch; nr Elberton.
Tenth, from Long ave south-westerly.
Third. from Water e to First. 3rd n of E Broad.
Thirteenth. w of Barrett bet Russell and Woods ave.
Thomas. (N) from E Broad n to Hoyt. 3rd e of Lumpkin.
Thomas, (S) from E Broad s to Baldwin. 2d e of Lumpkin.
Trail Creek. from First easterly to city limits.
Trilby. from Oconee to G. H. R. R depot.
Twelth. w of Barrett bet Russell and Woods aves.
Valley. from W Broad one block s.
Vine, from Peters s to Dublin. 2d w of E Broad.
Waddell, from S Hull w to Spring. 1st s of Broad.
Wall. from E Broad to E Clayton. 1st c of W Jackson.
Ware. from College ave w to r r track. 7th n of Broad.
Warren, from Vine easterly.
Warsaw, from N Lumpkin to N Hull.
Washington, (E) from N Lumpkin e to Foundry. 2d w of Broad.
Washington, (W) from N Lumpkin w to Pulaski. 2d n of Broad.
Water. from E Broad northerly to city limits. 1st e of Oconee river.
Water Oak. from Griffeth to First. E A.
White, from Hampton ave n two blocks.
White ave. from S Lumpkin to Hull. 1st s of Broad.
Whitehall Drive. from S Lumpkin to the Park.
Wilkerson. from E Broad s to the river.
William. from Mitchell s to Baldwin.
Willow. (N) from E Broad.
Willow. (S) from E Broad.
Woods ave. from River westerly to the limits.
Wray. from S Lumpkin w to Hull. 2d s of Broad.
Wynburn Place. from Boulevard n to Chattooga ave. 1st w of N Milledge ave.
A C & C Co - Athens Coal and Coke Co.
A E R Co - Athens Electric Railway Co.
A E L Co - Athens Electric Light Co.
A F & M W - Athens Foundry & Machine Works
A G L Co - Athens Gas Light Co.
Agt - agent.
Asst - assistant.
A K M - Athens Knitting Mills.
A M Co - Athens Manufacturing Co.
Ave - Avenue.
Bet - between.
Bkkpr - bookkeeper.
Blk - block.
C C L S - Classic City Livery Stables.
Carp - carpenter.
Clk - clerk.
Cor - corner.
Dom - domestic.
E - east.
E S - East side of.
H - house (head of)
L C I - Lucy Cobb Institute.
Lab - laborer.
L M Co - Lyndon Manufacturing Co.
Mnfr - manufacturer.
Mnfg - Manufacturing.
Mngr - manager.
N - north.
Nr - near.
Alphabetical List of White Residents
Aaron Caroline, wks A M Co. r 919 Oak. E A.
Aaron Daniel M. grocer 757 Oconee, h 919 Oak. E A.
Aaron Marietta, wks A M Co, r 919 Oak, E A.
Aaron Walter, wks A M Co, r 919 Oak, E A.
Aaron Wm. wks T B & Co, r 919 Oak, E A.
Abney Adeline, wid Aaron. h 330 Oconee.
Abney Bros, (W I and M J Abney) who and ret grocers. 20 N Thomas.
Abney Martin J. (Abney Bros) and bkkpr G H Hulme, h 101 Dougherty.
Abney Thomas L. mngr Abney Bros. r H30 Oconee.
Abney Wm Isham, (Abney Bros) and trav salesman G H Hulme, h 15 W Dougherty.
Abney Wm Oscar, salesman Abney Bros. r 330 Oconee
Abney Willie A. clk G H Hulme. r 330 Oconee.
Adams Angeline. wid John R. h S Poplar and Oconee, E A.
Adams Mamie. wks A M Co. r 49 Mulberry, E A.
Adams Sallie L. wid M. h 49 Mulberry. E A.
Adams Susan Mrs. h 411 Pulaski.
Adams S H, wks J L Bradbury, r 660 S Lumpkin.
Adams T A Mrs, (Adams & Williamson) h 467 Oconee.
Adams Willie A Mrs, wks check factory, r 49 Mulberry, E A.
Adams & Williamson. (Addie Adams, Eva Williamson). milliners. 116 E Clayton.
Akerman Alfred, stud. r 111 W Washington.
Akerman Charles, stud. r 111 W Washington.
Akerman Clement, stud. r 111 W Washington.
Akerman M R Mrs, h 111 W Washington.
Alexander Joseph. dry goods 225 E Broad. h 222 E Clayton.
Allen J G, wks A M Co. h e of Ga R R track between Peters & Ga R R, E A.
Allen Ella, wks A M Co. r with J G Allen. E A.
Allgood Chas H, driver Fire Dept. h 304 N Foundry.
Allgood Edgar L, r 304 N Foundry.
Allgood Elizabeth F, wid J H. h 304 N Foundry.
Allgood Jas F. h 27 N Peters.
Allgood, Jas W· wks Bailey & Gilbert, r 212 River.
Allgood, John. wks A E L Co. r Baxter nr Tannery.
Allgood John M, h 212 River.
Anderson Augustus, stonemason, r 402 Oconee.
Anderson John T. real estate. 17 College ave, h 303 Frank­lin.
Andrews Allington E. foreman P S & B Co, h 21 Wilkerson.
Andrews Green, watchman Colleges Campus, h 736 Oak. E A.
Andrews John, painter J L Arnold, Jr. r 736 Oak. E A.
Antony James A, lawyer. h 628 Oconee.
Appling C S. W S Appling manager, grocer. 476 Oconee r same.
Appling W S. manager C S Appling. h 476 Oconee.
Arnold Arthur E. asst Holman & Scott. h 28 Baldwin.
Arnold Jno L. Jr. paints, oils, &c. also alderman, 2d Ward. 229 E Clayton. h 513 S Lumpkin.
Arnold Hugh L. painter and paper hanger, J L Arnold jr. r 513 S Lumpkin.
Arnold Marion M, grocer 301 Prince ave, h 225 N Finley.
Arnold N D. Thomas Bailey & Co, r Crawford Ga.
Ash John Mrs. h 486 Barber
Ash Wm C. cotton classer J G Carithers & Co. h 505 N Jackson.
Askew Fanny Mrs. h 22 Hickory.
Askew Wm A. folder Woman's Work Publishing Co, r 22 Hickory.
Athenaeum The, cor E Broad and Lumpkin.
Athens Banner, (daily and weekly) Phinizy and Upson lessees. S C Upson editor. 13 N Jackson.
Athens Bottling Works. C C Bowden propr. 519 N Lump­kin.
Athens Broom Works. John G Bowden propr. 4 W Strong.
Athens Building Co. James White pres. Ed H Dorsey sec and treas, off 115 E Clayton.
Athens City Water Works, off College ave.
Athens Coal & Coke Co. W P Vonderau manager. dealers in coal. coke and wood. off 26 E Clayton.
Athens Commission Co. (A H O'Farrell and George T Hodgson). brokerage. Swift Bldg Oconee.
Athens Consolidated Ice Co. Wm L Briant manager retail dept. 12 N Jackson.
Athens Cooperative Store. P B Baughn manager, 713 E Broad.
Athens Cycle Co. The Rowland & Collins proprs. 120 E Clayton.
Athens Electric Light Co. P J Voss gen manager. 17 N Jackson.
Athens Electric Railway Co. W S Holman pres. J Y Carithers vice-pres. W T Bryan sec and treas. C D Flanigen supt, off and barns. Boulevard
Athens Foundry & Machinte Works. James White pres. G P Brightwell sec and treas. off and works N Foundry.
Athens Gas Light Co. Walter A Mallory receiver, office Savings Bank Bldg, wks N Foundry.
Athens Hardware Co The, R Nickerson pres. T H Nicker­erson sec. 248-250 E Broad.
Athens Knitting Mills The, Jas H Dootson pres, W R Lipscomb sec and treas, mnfrs of misses and boys seamless hose, office and mills S Foundry.
Athens Leather Manufacturing Co. W D Griffeth receiver, off 14 College ave.
Athens Manufacturing Co The. Robert L Bloomfield pres. Geo H Palmer sec. off and mills Baldwin and Williams.
Athens Mercantile Co. Dootson & Mitchell props. 2 N Foundry.
Athens Mutual Fire Insurance Co, home off F W Lucas E Broad.
Athens Oil Mill, G E Lyndon prop. Pulaski.
Athens Opera House, Athens Building Co props. Ed H Dorsey mngr. off 115 E Clayton.
Athens Park and Improvement Co The, A H Hodgson pres, C A Rowland treas. C D Flanigen sec. off cor E Broad and S Thomas.
Athens Roller Covering Company. James H Dootson propr. Swift Bldg.
Athens Savings Bank. The. Thomas P Vincent pres. 125 E Broad.
Autry Emma, wks cheek factory. r 678 Factory. E A.
Autry Sarah F. wid Green B. wks A M Co. h 678 First.
Bailey Cicero F. grocer 975 Oconee. h 149 S Elberton.
Bailey David W. plumber 222 E Washington. h Bailey. E A.
Bailey Fred. mach. h 188 S Hull.
Bailey George A. r 118 S Hull.
Bailey Green. h 19 Mulberry. E A.
Bailey James W. city fire dept. h e of G R R track bet Peters and Ga R R st.
Bailey L E. loreman T B & Co. h Oconee.
Bailey Minta Mrs. nurse. r 32 Baldwin.
Bailey Ralph E. eng A E R Co. h Nautahala ave.
Bailey Thomas, (Thomas Bailey & Co) (Bedingfield & Bailey). h 118 S Hull.
Bailey Thomas & Co. (Thomas Bailey, O H Arnold. N D Arnold. L F Edwards),machinists, n Thomas and Hoyt.
Bailey Wesley, carp, h Bloomfield
Bailey Wm H. constable. J F Foster. r 19 Mulberry: E A.
Bain Fred N, salesman Davison & Lowe, h 113 W Hancock ave.
Baker Caroline Mrs. h 120 N Peters. E A.
Baker Ethel, wks A M Co. r 15 N Peters. E A.
Baker Eula, topper A K M, r 311 S Thomas.
Baker Eva, works A M Co. r 780 Oak, E A.
Baker Harris. shoes, 19 N Thomas. r 22 Hickory.
Baker James. wks A M Co. r 15 N Peters. E A.
Baker John W. wks A M Co. h 311 S Thomas.
Baker J A, Rev, h 535, N Church.
Baker Mary. r 120 N Peters. E A.
Baker Mary C. r 780 Oak. E A.
Baker M J Miss, r 407 E Broad.
Baker W J Thomas, works A M Co. h 15 N Peters. E A.
Baker Mattie, wks A M Co. r 780 Oak E A.
Baldwin Charles W, mngr Piedmont Spool and Bobbin Co, h Boulevard bet Milledge and Chase.
Bancroft Daisy Miss. r 248 S Pope. ­
Bancroft Edward. farmer, h 248 S Pope.
Bancroft Edward Jr. bkkpr Webb & Crawford, h 227 S Pope.
Bancroft Emily Miss. r 248 S Pope.
Bancroft Percy. r 248 Pope.
Bank of the University, The. R. Nickerson pres. A L Hull cashier, 121 E Broad.
Banks Fanny Mrs. h 1303 E Broad, E A.
Banks Willie, office boy J S King & Co, r 1303 E Broad.
Bapteste John, tailor B Raphael.
Barber Henry R, grocer 808 River, h 806 same. E A.
Barber Rosa, knitter A K M. r 617 Oconee, E A.
Barber Samuel M. salesman H B Barber. r 806 River. E A.
Barber. Wm P. grocer 854 River, same. E A.
Barnes Judge, stud. r 103 N Hull.
Barnes Wm. J. h 103 N Hull.
Barnett J W Capt, city engineer and street commis­sioner. h 116 W Dougherty.
Barnhart Wm L. bkkpr. r 114 N Thomas.
Barrett Lumber Company, T H Barnett supt. J H Dozier sec and treas. off 26 E Clayton. mill and yard G C & N depot.
Barrett Thomas, supt Barrett Lumber Company, h 773 Barrett
Barrow David C Jr. C & M E. prof University of Georgia also alderman, 3d Ward h 708 Dearing.
Barry Eugene. carp. h 305 Hoyt.
Barry Frank, hack line. h 513 N Thomas.
Barry Fred, clk C Weatherly, r 508 N Thomas.
Barry Rosa Mrs. h 508 N Thomas.
Barth Emily. wks Hang Lung. h 309 Mitchell.
Barth John. wks A M Co. r 474 Oconee.
Barwick Emma Mrs. h 603 W Hancock ave.
Barwick John A. stenog R L Moss & Co. r 603 W Hancock ave.
Basner Geo F. watchman A M Co. h 415 Doboy.
Basner John wks A M Co. r 772 Oak. E A.
Basner Otto. wks A M Co. h 772 Oak. E A.
Bassinger Wm S Major. lawyer. College Campus.
Bangh J D, city salesman G C Witte & Co. r 4th outside city limits. E A.
Baughn J Foster. hardware. h College ave n of River.
Baughn P B. r with J F Baughn.
Baxter Addie Miss. r 718 Old Ga Depot, E A.
Baxter Bertram R. h 718 Old Ga Depot. E A.
Baxter Claude, wks A M Co. r 718 Old Ga Depot, E A.
Baxter Frances Mrs, r 718 Old Ga Depot. E A.
Baxter Ida Miss, wks A M Co. r 718 Old Ga Depot. E A.
Beacham W D, trav salesman Webb & Crawford, r bey city limits.
Beasley J T, 2d asst chief fire dept. h 18 Hickory.
Bedingfield James H. (Bedingfield & Bailey) h Bailey nr city limits. E A.
Bedingfield & Bailey. (James H Bedingfield and Thomas Bailey) wine and grape cider mnfrs. Bailey nr city limits. E A.
Bell Chas M. night watchman Ga R R. h 608 E Broad.
Bell Hattie Miss. dressmaker. r 320 E Washington.
Bell Henry B. pres clk. h 10 W Clayton.
Bell N B Mrs. dressmaker 320 E Washington, h same.
Benedict John A, cashier The Exchange Bank, h 207 S Milledge ave.
Benedict Samuel C, physician and surgeon. off 106 E Clayton, h 9 E Broad.
Benedict Mattie Mrs. wks A K M. r 9 W Strong.
Bennett Jno Mrs. wks A M Co. h 1236 Herring. E .A.
Bennett Maggie. r 1236 Herring. E A.
Benson J W. foreman wood dept Klein & Martin. h 440 Church.
Bernard Hugh R Rev, grocer Prince ave. h 115 Waddell.
Bernard J C. r 115 Waddell.
Bernard J C Jr. policeman. r 115 Waddell.
Bernard Lee M. clk. r 115 Waddell.
Bernstein B S. livery S Thomas, h W Hancock ave.
Bernstein Flora Miss. r 15 W Hancock ave.
Bessie Mell Industrial Home. Mrs Emma Davis matron, 2 S Lumpkin
Betts George, manager G M Booth's Berkshire Farm. r Barrett. E A.
Betts G W Mrs. h 907 Hill.
Betts Wm P. dentist 15 E Clayton. h 338 Oconee.
Beusse Carlton. r 625 States Right.
Beusse Dederick, r 318 N Foundry.
Beusse Frederick M. salesman H Beusse, r 625 States Right.
Beusse Henry, harness. &c. N Thomas. h 625 States Right.
Beusse H W. hostler fire dept. r Shy House.
Beusse Jesse H, trav salesman G H Hulme, r 625 States Right.
Beusse Lulu Miss. teacher. r 625 States Right.
Bevers Elizabeth Miss, h 259 S Church.
Biggers L C. Mrs, r 734 N Lumpkin.
Billups Edward S. dentist 216 E Washington. r Watkins­ville.
Billups Sallie P Miss, society editor Daily Weekly Athens Banner. r 112 S Milledge ave.
Bird Clifford. clk M M Arnold. r 701 Barber.
Bird C R Mrs. h 224 E Strong.
Bird Eulu Mrs. clk Davison & Lowe. r 224 E Strong.
Bird Ferry Miss, teacher Oconee St School. r 701 Barber.
Bird Harvey. asst bkkpr Webb & Crawford. r 701 Barber.
Bird John. h 701 Barber.
Bishop Cobb. stud, r 204 S Lumpkin.
Bishop Claude. scalesman Phinizy & Griffith. r Wray.
Bishop Joseph H. Steward Commercial Hotel. r same.
Bishop Martha Mrs. h 227 S Jackson.
Bisson Bert G. (Bisson & Sons). r 221 E Clayton.
Bisson James H. (P Bisson & Sons). h 411 S Jackson.
Bisson Peter. (P Bisson & 8ons). r 411 S Jackson.
Bisson P & Sons. (Peter, James H and Bert G). quarry owners and manfrs of Georgia Blue Granite. Quarries Oglesby, Ga. off Cemetery st.
Blackman Robert E. engr N E R of Ga.
Blackshear A B. stud. 713 Prince ave.
Blackshear Everard. stud. r 713 Prince ave.
Blackshear K M Mrs. h 713 Prince ave.
Blair Anna M. wks A M Co. r 521 Oak. E A.
Bla r Mary. wid Green. wks A M Co, h 521 Oak. E A.
Blair Nellie. wks A M Co. r 521 Oak. E A.
Bloomfield J O Mrs. h 221 S Pope.
Bloomfield Marion Miss. r 221 S Pope
Bloomfield Robert E. clk A M Co's store. r 221 S Pope.
Bloomfield Robert L. pres A M Co. r 9 E Broad.
Blount Louis. wks T B & Co, not yet located.
Blumenthal George, cigars College ave. h 103 Washington.
Bocock Willis H. A M prof University of Georgia. h S Milledge ave nr Bloomfield.
Bode F C Mrs. baker 122 E Clayton. h same.
Boggs Adam Prof. University of Georgia, h 708 Prince ave.
Boggs Caroline, wid Richard. r 499 Barber.
Boggs Wm E. DD LLD, chancellor and professor of Meta­physics and Ethics University of Georgia, h College Campus.
Boly Sidney, clk Abe Joel, r 18 W Hancock ave.
Boly Sol, clk Abe Joel, r 18 W Hancock ave.
Bond C P Mrs. h 716 Oak. E A.
Bond Ed F, collector Funkenstein & Stern. h 226 W Han­cock ave.
Bond Emmett, salesman, r 22 W Hancock ave.
Bond George G. supt of city schools, off 115 E Broad. h 430 Dearing.
Bondurant Emmett J. (Bondurant & Co). h 109 W Hancock ave.
Bondurant Frank W. stenog and typewriter. r 109 W Han­cock ave.
Bondurant Mary J Mrs. r 109 W Hancock ave.
Bonduraut & Co, (Emmett J Bondurant and Rufus L Moss), stoves, tinware plumbing and plumbers supplies. 30 and 32 E Clayton.
Bone Dora, wks A M Co. r 754 Old Ga Depot. E A.
Bone Dorcas Miss, r 436 Bherry.
Bone J Henry, painter, h 754 Old Ga Depot. E A.
Bone Lulu Miss, milliner Michael Bros. r 114 N Thomas.
Booth Asa J. clk J F Finch. r Pulaski.
Booth A J Mrs. boarding house, 221 E Clayton.
Booth Bros. (J H and C D Booth). grocers. 507 River.
Booth Clarence D. (Booth Bros). r 507 River.
Booth DeWitt. (Booth Bros). r River. Bakersville. E A.
Booth Estelle Miss. bkkpr Dr Betts. r 221 E Clayton.
Booth George M. meat market also propr Mt Vernon Hotel 30 W Hancock ave. h 28 same.
Booth Gussie Miss. r 221 E Clayton.
Booth James H. (Booth Bros). h 773 River. E A.
Booth John M. h 115 E Dougherty.
Booth Wm R, (Booth & England). h River. Barbersville. E A.
Booth Willie Miss. telephone oper, r 221 E Clayton.
Booth & England. (Wm Booth and Arthur England). gro­cers. 452 River.
Born D L Mrs. h 220 Prince ave.
Boswell Edgar. stud. r 630 College ave.
Boswell Edgar T. feed and sale stable 212 E Washington. h 630 College ave.
Boswell Wm J. h 219 Reese.
Bowden C C. propr Athens Bottling Works. h 4 W Strong.
Bowden Frank H. grocer 519 N Lumpkin. r 4 W Strong.
Bowden Hugh L. salesman. h 208 S Lumpkin.
Bowden John G. propr. Athens Broom Works. r 4 W Strong.
Bowden T Harwell, messenger W U Tel Co. r 4 W Strong.
Bowden Wm D. hack line. h 114 N Thomas.
Bowls Marion. farmer. r 919 Oak. E A.
Bowls Sallie. wks A M Co. r 919 Oak. E A.
Bowman H E. salesman G C Witte & Co. r Hotel Victoria.
Boynton Daniel J. manager Consolidated Ice Co. h 616 College ave.
Bradberry Allison. wks A M Co. r 601 Oak E A.
Bradberry Ira A. clk W C Wingfield & Co. h 409 N Jack­son.
Bradberry Joseph E. farmer. h 311 Baxter.
Bradberry Lou Miss. (The Misses L & L Bradberry) r 311 Baxter.
Bradberry Louie Miss. (The Misses L & L Bradberry) r 311 Baxter.
Bradberry L & L Misses The. (Lou and Louie). milliners not yet located.
Bradberry M E. wid Robert. h 601 Oak. E A.
Bradberry R E. candy maker. r 258 S Lumpkin.
Bradberry Sadie Miss, milliner. r 311 Baxter.
Bradberry John L. blacksmith 16 W Washington. h 30 S Lumpkin.
Bradley James W. wks A M Co. h 302 Water. E A.
Bradley Maggie. r 104 Water. E A.
Bradley Ola. wks check factory. r 104 Water. E A.
Bradley Robert W, farmer, h 10. Water. E A.
Bradley R Mrs. wks A M Co. r 104 Water.
Bradley Wm. r 104 Water, E A.
Bramblett Robert L, grocer, 230 E Broad.
Brewer John C. trav salesman. h 407 S Jackson.
Briant Wm L, manager Athens Consolidated Ice Co. retail dept 12 N Jackson. h 608 Pulaski.
Bridges H, wks Watson Bros.
Brightwell G P. sec and treas A F & M W, h 1/2 mile e of city limits beyond Nellie B ave.
Brinson Harry J. propr the Commercial Hotel. r same.
Briscoe John C. locksmith, etc. 12 E Clayton, h 418 Hull.
Briscoe Madison P. general repair shop 12 E Clayton. h 418 Hull.
Brittain M Mrs, wks A M Co. r 184 Water.
Brittain Nancy Mrs. h 184 Water, E A.
Broach G Albert. car inspr S A L. h 754 College ave.
Brock James, lab. h 1032 E Broad. E A.
Brock James Mrs. wks A M Co. r 1032 E Broad.
Brock John W. lab. h 32 N Peters. E A.
Brooks Dempsey, tanner. r Baxter nr Tannery.
Brooks Thomas M. salesman Charles Stern & Co. h 621 Barber.
Brown Andrew J. r 619 N Jackson.
Brown Callie. wks C C L Stables. h 217 Thomas.
Brown Edward T. lawyer 13 College ave. h 602 Prince ave.
Brown Ernest S. (J W Brown & Sons), r 941 Oconee. E A.
Brown Escott H. (J W Brown & Sons) h 957 Oconee. E A.
Brown G A Mrs. h 518 Reese
Brown John T. general store 23 E Clayton. h 619 N Jack­son.
Brown J W Mrs. h 941 Oconee. E A.
Brown J W & Sons, (Escott H and Ernest S Brown), house furnishings, china, crockery, etc, 227 E Broad.
Brown L A Miss, r 201 Hoyt.
Brown Mary A Miss. h Hill w of N Billups.
Brown M W. carp A E R Co.
Brown Nellie Miss. school 941 Oconee. r same. E A.
Brown Susan Miss. seamtress. r 621 Oconee. E A.
Brown Warren A. notary public 13 College ave. h Grady ave.
Brown Wm. h 621 Oconee, E A.
Browning Jas A. clk Webb & Crawford. r 312 N Church.
Browning Marathus D. salesman Webb & Cawford. h 312 N Church.
Bruce Elizabeth. h 53 Mulberry. E A.
Brumby A Miss. teacher. r 213 E Hancock ave.
Brumby Campbell W. bkkpr. r 311 Pulaski.
Brumby Drug Co. 9 E Clayton.
Brumby Ephram R. druggist. h 311 Pulaski.
Brumby John W. h. 213 E Hancock ave.
Brumby Mabel Miss. r 311 Pulaski.
Brumby Sophie A Miss. teacher. r 304 S Milledge ave.
Brumby Wallis, asst weigher R Patterson. r 213 E Hancock ave.
Bryan Wm T. (J G Carithers & Co) (Newton & Bryan). h 908 Prince ave.
Bryant Augustus M. barber 230 E Broad, h 765 Oconee. E A.
Buchwald Ephraim. (Funkenstein & Buchwald). h 23 W Dougherty.
Bullock Barto, carp. r 21 S Poplar. E A.
Bullock, B G, carp Watson Bros. h rear of 1220 Herring. E A.
Bullock E Sarah Mrs. h 21 S Poplar. E A.
Bullock George. carp. h 13 N Peters. E A.
Bullock John B. carp Watson Bros. h 628 Oconee. E A.
Bullock R B, hoseman fire dept. r 21 S Poplar. E A.
Burbank C W. watchmaker C A Scudder, r 1108 Baxter.
Burbank E L. h 1108 Baxter.
Burbank Ida Miss. r 517 Jackson.
Burch Arthur M. shipping clk G H Hulme, r 502 Barber.
Burch Cicero B. trav salesman Galloway Lambert & Co. r 326 Oconee.
Burch Jessie. wks A M Co, r 730 Oak.
Burch John, clk, r 502 Barber.
Burch, Joseph L. trav salesman J S King & Co. h 110 Baldwin
Burch L H. agt R Reaves. h 502 Barber
Burch Susan, wid James. h 730 Oak. E A.
Burch Wm. clk Crane Bros. r 502 Barber.
Burnes Wm A cotton exchange, h 602 N Jackson.
Burnett J W, r 710 Hill.
Burnett Wylie B Captn. (Lumpkin & Burnett.) h 701 Hill.
Burpee Ellen Miss, (Burpee Sisters), r 429 River.
Burpee Lula Miss, (Burpee Sisters), r 429 River.
Burpee James Mrs. h 429 River.
Burpee Robert A. (Esw & Burpee). h 414 River.
Burpee Sisters. (Lulu and Ellen). dressmakers 144 N Thomas.
Burrows Benjamin W N. grocer 101 N Thomas. h 326 E Dougherty.
Burton Augustus V. grocer 221 Elberton. h Colleg e ave.
Burton Ella Miss, store 1201 Phinizy. h same.
Burton Mattie Miss. clk Davison & Lowe.
Busle Guy. clk R C Orr & Co. r 408 S Lumpkin.
Butler Ben. carrier banner, r 1211 Herring. E A.
Butler Henry H. mach A F & M W, h 323 E Strong.
Butler Isaac N, grocer 655 College ave. r 726 N Lumpkin.
Butler James F, carp. h 1309 E Bro.d. E A.
Butler J W. trav salesman. h 444 Barber.
Butler Matthew. wks A M Co. r 1211 Herring. E A
Butler M E, wid R J. r 115 N Foundry.
Butler Oscar O. foreman A F & M W. 115 N Foundry.
Butler Ray, wks A F & A M, r 115 N Foundry.
Butler Sam, salesman W H Shy & Son, r 1211 Herring, E A.
Butler Sarah. wid F. h 1211 Herring. E A.
Byrd Joseph, meat market. 604 Oconee. h same. E A.
Cain John R. supt of street gang. h 326 Oconee.
Caldwell Albert, cashier Max Joseph, r 102 N Church.
Caldwell D S P Mrs. h 102 N Church.
Caldwell Joseph, W U Tel Co, r 102 N Church.
Callahan C Miss, milliner Davison & Lowe, r 209 Prince ave.
Callaway Miles R. h 669 S Milledge ave.
Camak James W, r 319 Meigs.
Camak Louis. r 319 Meigs.
Camak M W Mrs, h 319 Meigs.
Campbell G A. ticket clk S A L, h 752 College ave.
Campbell John P. A B PhD prof Univ of Ga, h 25 S Milledge ave.
Cape Lizzie Miss. r 101 W Dougherty.
Capps S J Miss. r 113 W Broad.
Cargell J A. bkkpr. r Central Hotel.
Carithers Bertha Miss, saleslady Morris Bros. r 417 s Jackson.
Carithers David. carp. h 417 S .Jackson.
Carithers Eula Miss. saleslady D W McGregor. r 417 S Jackson.
Carithers Ernest. carp. r 417 S Jackson.
Carithers Herschel, bkkpr W D Griffeth. r 604 Meigs.
Carithers James G. (J G Carithers & Co.) h 726 Hill.
Carithers John, asst bkkpr Phinizy & Griffeth, r 604 Meigs.
Carithers John J. h 217 S Elberton. E A.
Carithers J G & Co. (James G Carithers and Wm T Bryan) cotton commission merchants. Oconee and Broad.
Carithers Luddie T. clk J S King & Co. r 417 S Jackson.
Carithers Lucy. h Rock Row. E A.
Carithers P. wks A M Co. r Rock Row. E A.
Carithers Wm G, collector for Royal Arcanum, off 7 N ­Lumpkin, h 604 Meigs.
Carlton Blacksmith Shop B F Sheftall mngr. 207 E Washington.
Carlton Henry H Hon. lawyer, h 534 S Milledge ave.
Carlton Henry H jr. bkkpr E J Smith. r 534 S Milledge ave.
Carlton E A Miss. r 534 S Milledge ave.
Carlton Jennie J Miss, r 534 Milledge ave.
Carlton Helen Miss, teacher, r 534 S Milledge ave.
Carlton James A. r 223 S Milledge ave.
Carlton John N, cotton buyer, r 534 S Milledge ave.
Carlton Joseph H. feed and sale stable 212 N Jackson, h Park ave
Carlton Mollie, wks Check Factory, r E Broad nr Trail Creek. E A.
Carlton W A. physician. off cor Jackson and Clayton. h 204 College ave.
Carlton Wm T, drayage, h 1202 Herring. E A.
Carr Florida Miss. r 786 Oconee. E A.
Carr John J. clk N E R of Ga. r 415 N Jackson.
Carter Chas, wks A M Co. r 25 Mulberry. E A.
Carter D Louis. wks A M Co, h 356 Williams.
Carter George W. bkkpr. r 114 N Thomas.
Carter Haseltine. wks A M Co. r 25 Mulberry. E. A.
Carter Marie wid Charles, wks AM Co. h 26 Mulberry. E A.
Carter Wm T, tax receiver, h 749 College ave.
Cash G F. clk Cobb Lampkin. h 619 College ave.
Carson Charles, grocer, College ave opp S A L depot.
Carson Dorby E. roadmaster S A L. h 752 College ave.
Center Albin M. city salesman Galloway, Lambert & Co, also alderman 1st ward, h 706 Oconee, E A.
Center Fonney, with T B & Co. r 706 Oconee. E A.
Center Rosina, knitter A K M. r 706 Oconee.
Central Hotel. (Russell House), L M Fowler propr. cor N Lumpkin and W Broad.
Chamberlain Sidney. cotton classer R Patterson, r 415 N Jackson.
Chance Elizabeth Mrs. h 731 Oconee, E A.
Chance Hattie. wks A M Co. r 731 Oconee. E A.
Chance Mary. wks A M Co. r 731 Oconee, E A.
Chance Minnie, wks A M Co. r 731 Oconee. E A.
Chandler Benjamin G, lab, h 791 River. E A.
Chandler Charles B. sol ft agent Southern R Co. off 201 E Clayton, r 1114 Cobb.
Chandler J J Mrs. h 1124 Cobb.
Chandler Ralph A, clk Ga R R r 1124 Cobb.
Chandler Tom, wks T B & Co.
Charbonnier L H. A M Ph D. Dean of the Faculty Univ of Ga also pres Clarke County B & L Assoc, h 239 S Milledge ave.
Charbonnier L H Jr. (L H Charbonnier Jr & Co), r 239 Milledge ave.
Charbonnier L H Jr & Co. (L H Charbonnier Jr). ins agts, etc, 201 E Clayton.
Chaplen Mary Mrs. h 216 N Peters. E A.
Chapple Robert, h 916 Oconee. E A.
Chastain Sarah. wid Jacob. r 919 Oak. E A.
Chastain W A Rev. pastor Christian church. r 304 N Thomas.
Chatmuth Genie Mrs. h 448 S Finley.
Check Factory, E Broad junction of First and Water. E A.
Cheney Frances M Mrs. h N Milledge ave.
Cheney John P. r Hotel Victoria.
Cheney J S. (J S Cheney & Co) also alderman 1st ward. h. 24 N Fonndry.
Cheney J S & Co. (J S Cheney) horse dealers. 212 N Jack­son.
Childers Asbury. carp, r 8 Pine, E A.
Childers Charles. wks A F & M Co. h 204 N Foundry.
Childers Hammond. clk Ga R R. r 205 W Broad.
Childers Henry J, h 315 E Strong.
Childers Lulu Mrs. r 545 Cemetery.
Childers Samuel P. lab, h 320 E Strong.
Childers Wylie. tinner 8 E Clayton. h 205 W Broad.
Childs A K, pres 1st Nat Bank. r 708 Dearing.
Choate Herbert E. Michael Bros.
Christman Lillian B Miss. milliner Michael Bros. r Com­mercial Hotel.
Christy John R. stenographer and court reporter, h 246 S Lumpkin.
Christy Wm D, book and job printer 109 E Broad n 19 Summey.
Church Bros. (Wm A E and Felix L), general store 619 Oconee. E A.
Church Felix L Rev. (Church Bros), h 617 Oconee. E A.
Church Wm A E Rev. (Church Bros), h 617 Oconee. E A.
City Drug Store, R C Orr & Co proprs. 12 College ave.
Clark Charles. wks A M Co. r 320 Mitchell.
Clark C L, yard tireman C of Ga R R.
Clark Wm F, painter Parr Bros. h 485 Hall.
Clarke Lulu. wks A M Co. r 314 Mitchell.
Clark Mathilda C Mrs. h 314 Mitchell.
Clarke Conuty Building Loan and Imrpovement Co. L H Charbonnier pres. W D Griffeth sec and treas. Jno D Mell attorney. off 14 College ave.
Clarke Fanny Miss. r 467 Oconee.
Classic City Livery Stables. B S Bernstein propr. 200 S Thomas.
Clay. Rufus G. mngr The Georgia Aid Association. r 1O1 S Jackson.
Clements Charles J. (Clements & Son,) r outside city limits.
Clements Jas C, electrician A E R Co. r W Strong.
Clements Noble A. (Clements & Son,) r outside city limits.
Clements & Son. (Chas J and Noble J.) meat market. 631 N Thomas.
Clifton G B. Mrs. h. 232 S Lumpkin.
Clouse John. stone cutter P Bisson & Sons
Cobb Andrew J. (Erwin & Cobb,) r Atlanta, Ga.
Cobb Howell Hon. Judge city court of Athens. h 709 Hill.
Cobb Howell jr. U S guager, r 709 Hill.
Cobb Lamar Major. lawyer 220 E Washington. h 1173 Cobb.
Cobb Mary B Mrs. r 710 Hill.
Cobb Thomas Mrs. r 109 Dearing.
Cobb W L. stud, r 919 Cobb.
Cobb Wm McKinley. clk pension bureau. Washington, D C. r 709 Hill.
Cobb Zach L. r 709 Hill.
Cohen Herman. salesman, h 27 W Hancock ave.
Cohen Julius, salesman Davison & Lowe, h W Dougherty.
Coker Calvin H. shoemaker 319 E Broad. h 626 Fifth. E A.
Colbert E C Mrs. h 421 Pulaski.
Coleman Andrew (Bud). bkkpr Mrs M A Coleman. r 529 Prince ave.
Coleman Emma. wks A M Co. r 9 W Strong.
Coleman H C. carp. h 9 W Strong.
Coleman John R. clks Mrs M A Coleman. r 529 Prince ave.
Coleman Myrtie. looper A K M, r 9 W Strong.
Coleman M A Mrs. general store 529 Prince ave. h same.
Coleman O C, salesman G M Booth. r 30 Hancock ave
Coleman Sarah Miss, teacher The Home School. r same.
Colley Edward M. wks A M Co. r 403 Doboy.
Colley George. drayman. h 403 Doboy.
Colley George W. wks Klein & Martin. h 414 Cemetery.
Colley Jake C. drayage 406 Cemetery. h same.
Colley Lula. knitter A K M. r 406 Cemetery.
Collier G. r Hotel Victoria.
Collins George U. (Athens Cycle Co.) also cotton buyer. h 515 College ave.
Collins James. cash boy M Joseph. r 717 Baxter.
Collins John W. salesman The Athens Cycle Co. r 515 College ave.
Collins Joseph M. carp Watson Bros. h 717 Baxter.
Collins Laura Miss. r 515 College ave.
Collins Rufus. clk W U Tel Co. r 515 College ave.
Collins Willie. cash boy Davison & Lowe. r 515 College ave.
Colson Charles H. embalmer and funeral director with Funkenstein & Stern. h 226 W Hancock ave.
Colt Lizzie Miss. r 506 Franklin.
Comer A T Miss, r Hampton and Fairview aves.
Comer A F Jr. salesman Charles Stern & Co. r Morrell Station. permanent home at Comer.
Comer Henry. salesman J S King & Co. r Fourth bey city limits. E A.
Comer Tallie. salesman J S King & Co.
Comer Thomas. salesman J S King & Co. h 213 Reese.
Commercial Club The. cor College ave and E Clayton.
Commercial Hotel The. Harry J Brinson propr. cor E Broad and College ave.
Compton M W L Mrs. h 76 Cedar.
Conaway Lorenzo. letter carrier. h 118 Baldwin.
Conaway T C. pianos 123 E Clayton. h 5 E Dougherty.
Conlon Daniel J. clk Michael Bros. r 114 N Thomas.
Conway Alfred T. bkkpr.J H Huggins & Son, h 510 Barber.
Conway Henry C. mngr S Telegraph Co, h 116 E Clayton.
Conway Wm B, physician 116 E Clayton. h 510 Barber.
Cook Asbury H. hack line. h 416 River.
Cook David J. night watchman C of Ga R R. h 437 Oconee.
Cook H L. bkkpr T B & Co. r 437 Oconee.
Cook James O. carp. h 1216 Herring. E A.
Cook J E. clk Griffeth Bros & West. r 660 S Lumpkin.
Cook Leila Miss. r 437 Oconee.
Cooler C A. clk and opr C of Ga R R. r 415 N Jackson.
Cooper Anna. dressmaker. r 703 Peabody.
Cooper Char es W. grocer 410 N Thomas, r 303 E Dougherty.
Cooper G W. feed stable, 410 N Thomas.
Cooper Henry K. carp. h 553 S Milledge ave.
Cooper John A opr W U Tel Co. h N Jackson and Hoyt.
Cooper John T. clk. J T Brown. r 619 Jackson.
Cooper John Z. h 303 E Dougherty.
Cooper Mark, clk C W Cooper. r 703 Peabody.
Cooper P F Mrs. h 703 Peabody.
Cooper W T, agent J B Toomer. h 30 W Washington.
Corbin Henry. works J S Methvin. r with D W Bailey.
Corley Jas C H, agent J B Toomer. h 820 Springdale.
Costa A. fruits, 5 E Clayton. r same.
Couch Lizzie wks A M Co. r e of Ga R R track nr Peters, E A.
Couch Lizzie, wks Check Factory. r 611 Third, E A.
Couch Mattie Miss. music teacher, r 611 Third, E A.
Couch Nancy, wid James D. h 611 Third. E A.
Couch Nancy. wid Samuel. h e of Ga R R track and nr Peters. E A.
Couch Samuel, drayage, P of Ga R R track and s of Peters. E A.
Cowles John S. life ins. h 116 N Milledge ave.
Cox Arthur C. baggage master N E R of Ga. r 22 W Clayton.
Cox Charles D. depot agt Ga R R. h 602 Hill.
Cox E Carson. conductor N E R R. h 22 W Clayton.
Cox Edward D. solicitor and collector Athens Banner. h 503 College ave.
Cox George W. clk J P Fears & Sons. r 503 College ave.
Cox Lemuel. clk Athens Coal and Coke Co. r 503 College ave.
Cox L W. clk. r 503 College ave.
Cox Maggie Miss. 22 W Clayton.
Cox Nathan P. clk N E R of Ga. r 22 W Clayton.
Cramer Edna Miss, housekeeper. 233 Hoyt.
Crane Benjamin. r 716 Prince ave.
Crane Bros. (Wm M and James R) coal and fire ins. junction E Broad and Oconee. yards A F & M W.
Crane Fanny. wid John, h 716 Prince ave.
Crane Frank G. salesman T Fleming & Sons. r 716 Prince ave.
Crane George S. clk Bondurant & Co, r 716 Prince ave.
Crane James R. (Crane Bros). r 716 Prince ave.
Crane Rufus. salesman J H Huggins Jr. r 716 Prince ave.
Crane Wm. (Crane Bros). r 716 Prince ave.
Crane Wm M. (Crane Bros). 1/2 mile w of city limits.
Crawford E A Mrs, young ladies' school 808 Hill, h same.
Crawford J R. general store, River 1st n of city limits. E A.
Crawford G Washington. carriage shop 890 River, h 842 River. E A.
Creighton Ida Miss. music teacher 117 N Harris. r same.
Creighton Wm. carp also manfr of Creighton's Biscuit Mill 117 N Harris. h same.
Crew Lily, wks A M Co. r 121 Factory.
Crews Thomas W. agent N E R of Ga. r 505 N Jackson.
Crow Leonidas H. physician also county physician 231 E Broad h 617 Oconee. E A.
Culp Benjamin F. chief of police. h 617 Baxter.
Culp Henry. painter Parr Bros. r 1428 Broad. E A.
Culp Martha. wid Peter. h 707 Oak. E A.
Culp Susie Miss, r 707 Oak. E A.
Dailey Walter S, clk J S Farmer, r 35 N Elberton. E A.
Daniel Clarence J, salesman M Joseph. r Hotel Victoria.
Daniel G B. with Watson Bros. r 402 S Jackson.
Daniel Mark A. salesman J W Brown & Sons also auctioneer, h 507 E Broad.
Daniel Oscar. carp. h 215 Baldwin.
Daniel Richmond. clk N E R R of Ga. r 505 N Jackson.
Davant Selma Mrs. r 298 S Lumpkin.
Davenport James, carp. h 104 Baldwin.
Daves J Wm. wks A M Co, h 358 Williams.
David F Marion. salesman J S Methvin. h 726 Oconee, E A.
Davis B Bibb. dentist 115 1/2 E Clayton. h 625 College ave.
Davis Claude. trimmer Electric St Co. h 22 Hickory.
Davis Edgar, tailor B Raphael.
Davis Elby. barber C Payton. h 16 Wilkerson.
Davis H C. r Hotel Victoria.
Davis Edward. wks P S & B Co. h 16 Willow.
Davis Emma Mrs. matron Bessie Mell Industrial Home. h same.
Davis Emory, clk. r 407 Broad.
Davis Howell C. restaurant 101 S Jackson. r same.
Davis James A. patentee Turbine Wheel. r 9 Strong.
Davis Jerry R. wks A M Co. h 53 N Poplar. E A.
Davis Joe, h e of N Ga R R track bet Peters and Ga R R. E A.
Davis John. wks A M Co. h 411 S Poplar. E A.
Davis J K. lineman A E R Co.
Davis Polly Mrs. r rear 488 Oconee.
Davis Robert, h 751 Fourth, E A.
Davis Samuel L, chief clk S A L depot, h 734 N Lumpkin.
Davis Wm C. manager Athens Commission Co, r 1173 Cobb.
Davis Wm H. pool room Commercial Hotel. h 521 Prince ave.
Davison Alexander H. (Davison & Lowe), h 327 E Broad.
Davison J E. clk Davison & Lowe, r 327 E Broad.
Davison & Lowe. (Alexander H Davison and Joseph B Lowe) who and ret dry goods, E Clayton cor N Jackson.
Dean Joel T. policeman. h 1220 E Broad, E A.
Dean Wm T. compos Athens Banner, r 1220 E Broad, E A.
Dearing Albin P. buggies wagons and harness 240 E Broad. h 216 S Milledge ave.
Dearing Eugenia E Mrs. r 216 S Milledge ave.
Dearing Frank H, clk University Bank, r 216 S Milledge ave.
Dearing Harry T. stud. r 216 S Milledge ave.
Denard Frank G. r 30 N Foundry.
Denard John C. hackman. r 30 N Foundry.
Denard John M. jeweler, h 30 N Foundry.
Deloney R E Mrs. h 605 Hill.
Deloney Thomas C. bkkpr. r 605 Hill.
Desgraves Bell. looper A K M.
Deupree's Hall, 247 E Broad.
Dickson Minnie. h 655 Water. E A.
Dillard Drug Co. Dr S H Dillard propr. 9 College ave.
Dillard S H. physician and propr Dillard Drug Co 9 College ave. h 722 Cobb.
Dillard Wm. farmer, h 143 Ga R R. E A.
Dispensary The. M C Johnson mngr. 315 E Broad.
Dixon John K. agt S A L. h 639 College ave. Dobbs S C Mrs. h 304 N Thomas.
Dooley Martin H. supt N E R R of Ga. r 22 W Clayton.
Dootson Mattie. wid John. r 707 Oak. E A.
Dootson James H. propr Athens Roller Covering Co. h 464 Oconee.
Dootson Walter R. wks Athens Roller Covering Co. r S Poplar.
Dootson Wm. supt A M Co. h 470 Oconee.
Dornblatt Joannie Miss. r 529 Hill.
Dorough Walter R. agent. h 111 Waddell.
Dorsey A M Miss. r 327 E Broad.
Dorsey Ed H. (E H & W F Dorsey) also sec and treas Athens Building Co. h Boulevard.
Dorsey E H & W F. (Edward H and Wm F) clothing ­and gent's furnshings at 115 E Clayton. also furni­ture dealers. who and ret. and undertakers at 117 119 E Clayton.
Dorsey Hugh H. shipping clk Talmadge Bros & Co. h 108 W Dougherty.
Dorsey J H. trav ft agt G S & L. h 916 Oconee. E A.
Dorsey Kate Miss. r 108 W Dougherty.
Dorsey S R. wid A S. h 327 E Broad.
Dorsey Wm T. (E H & W F Dorsey) h 108 W Dougherty.
Dottery Emmett. wks T Fleming & Sons. r 139 S Peters. E A.
Dottery Green. r 24 N Harris.
Dottery LaFayette. mach A M Co. h 139 S Peter. E A.
Dottery Lamar. wks T Fleming & Sons. h 1218 Herring. E A.
Dottery Robert. presser A K M. r 139 S Peters. E A.
Dozier J H. sec and treas Barrett Lumber Co. r 818 Meigs.
Dozier Captn. h 818 Meigs.
Dozier Thos A jr. r 818 Meigs.
DuBose L David C S. h 616 Prince ave.
DuBose Wellborn. clk J H Rucker. r 616 Prince ave.
Dudley A John. clk Parr & Sitton. r 735 Oak. E A.
Dudley James S. lab. h 735 Oak. E A.
Duffor Ed. wks Watson Bros.
Dunaway Alton. collector. r 118 Baldwin.
Dunaway B. shoemaker 407 Baxter h same.
Dunaway Emily, wks A M Co. r 48 N Poplar. E A.
Dunaway J G. (J G Dunaway & Co). h 707 S Milledge ave.
Dunaway J G & Co. (J G Dunaway). general store. 701 S Milledge ave.
Dunaway Marion L. r 118 Baldwin.
Dunaway Narcissa. wks Check Factory. r 48 N Poplar. E A.
Duncan Lucius M. letter carrier, h 443 Bloomfield.
Dunn T C, cotton buyer, r 114 N Thomas.
Dunston J F. fire dept. 507 W Hancock ave.
Dunston J O, r 9 W Strong.
Dunston M Miss. stud. r 458 Oconee.
Durham Ben. clk J T Anderson. r 426 W Hancock ave.
Durham Lula Mrs. r 426 W Hancock ave.
Eberhart Allie. wks A M Co. r 501 E Broad. E A.
Eberhart Claude. wks A M Co. r 501 E Broad. E A.
Eberhart Goldy. topper A K M, r 501 E Broad.
Eberhart John W. carp. h 417 College ave.
Eberhart John W Jr. clk Michael Bros. r 417 College ave.
Eberhart J Thomas. grocer Poplar and Arch, h 1248 E Broad. E A.
Eberhart Thomas. dyer. h 1248 E Broad. E A.
Eberhart Omer A, salesman furn dept E H & W F Dor­sey, r 326 Oconee.
Eberhart Otto. clk J T Eberhart. r 1248 E Broad. E A.
Eberhart Richard P. wks A M Co., r 501 E Broad, E A.
Eberhart Thomas. carp. r 8 Pine. E A.
Eberhart Wm P. clk Morris Bros. h 56 N Poplar. E A.
Eclipse Livery Stables. Keown Bros props. 105 N Thomas.
Edge Fanny Mrs. r 209 N Pope.
Edmonds Martha. cook J D Moss.
Edwards Eloise Miss. teacher. r 120 S Lumpkin.
Edwards Elizabeth wid Richard, r 730 Oak. E A.
Edwards Howard M. physician. off and r E Clayton.
Edwards Jessie Miss, wks A M Co. r 730 Oak. E A.
Edwards J G M. h 120 S Lumpkin.
Edwards Julius G. stenog J J Strickland, r 902 W Han­cock ave.
Edwards Lola. h Toomer Row First. E A.
Edwards L F (Thomas Bailey & Co) h S Milledge ave.
Edwards Maggie Miss, Toomer Row First. E A.
Edwards Patrick. r Toomer Row First. E A.
Edwards P B Mrs h 220 Prince ave.
Edwards Thomas R. school 219 E Hancock ave. h same.
Eidam Henry, watchman A M Co. h 415 Doboy.
Eidam Rosa, wks A K Co. r 415 Doboy.
Eidam Rudolph. wks A M Co. r 415 Doboy.
Eidson B S. grocecr. 1232 Prince ave.
Elder Alphonso G. trav salesman Talmadge Bros & Co. h 513 Meigs.
Elder Elijah. med manfr. h 329 Mitchell.
Elder George P. city salesman Talmadge Bros & Co. h cor Meigs and Thomas.
Elder Mattie Mrs. r 312 N Church.
Elder Sallie Miss. wks A M Co. r 329 Mitchell.
Elder Thomas L. collector E H & W F Dorsey. r 513 Meigs.
Elliott Benjamin F Rev, h 1116 Arch. E A. ­
Elliott Henry. clk Abe Joel. r 1116 Arch. E A.
Elliott Wm H. clk Abe Joel. h 419 W Hancock ave.
Elrod James I. wks Johnson's Gin. h 754 Oak. E A.
Elrod John E. wks A M Co. h 140 Ga R R. E A.
Emerick George. wks A M Co. r 712 E Broad.
Emerick Emma. ribber A K M. r 712 E Broad.
Emerick E. wid of Joseph. h 712 E Broad.
Emerick Ida. knitter A K M. r 712 E Broad.
Emerick Joseph H. fireman City Water Works. h Cleveland ave nr College ave.
Emerick Wm. wks A M Co. h 20 Pine. E A.
England Arthur (Booth & England) r 452 River.
England Edward S, r 555 Cemetery.
England Sherman R Rev, pastor of the Oconee St Methodist church, h 426 Oconee.
England Willis A. sexton Oconee Hill Cemetery. h 555 Cemetery.
Eppes Francis. bkkpr S F Story, h 623 Peabody.
Eppes Wm E. (Galloway Lambert & Co) h 603 States Right.
Epps Alice Miss. dressmaker. 14 N Foundry. r same.
Epps Annie Miss. tailoress. r 441 Pulaski.
Epps Catharine. wid John. r 12 N Willow.
Epps Frank. bkkpr. h 623 Peabody.
Epps Hattie Miss. dressmaker. r 14 N Foundry.
Epps Howard. painter J L Arnold. r 14 N Foundry.
Epps Ida Miss. dressmaker. r 14 N Foundry.
Epps Marshall. h 14 N Foundry.
Epps Milton J. carp. h 316 Baxter.
Epps Mary Mrs. h 229 W Broad.
Epps Nona Miss, dressmaker. 14 N Foundry.
Epting Harry. clk M Joseph. r 321 E Hancock ave.
Epting J H. chief clk M Joseph. h 321 E Hancock ave.
Erwin Alex S Judge. (Erwin & Cobb) r 804 Hill.
Erwin Alex S jr. (Erwin & Cobb.) r 804 Hill.
Erwin & Cobb. (Alex S Erwin. Andrew J Cobb and Alex S Erwin jr.) lawyers Univ Bank Bldg.
Esco Joseph A. (Esco & Burpee.) h 442 Pulaski.
Esco & Burpee. (Joseph A Esco and Robert A Burpee.) blacksmiths etc.. E Washington nr N Thomas.
Ethridge Chas, packer E H & W F Dorsey. h 705 E Broad.
Evans E J Mrs. r 110 Baldwin.
Evans Fred P. shipping clk Webb & Crawford. r 204 Baxter.
Evans Joseph G. h 204 Baxter.
Ewing John. wks T B & Co. r 218 E Clayton.
Ewing Tom. wid Will. h 218 E Clayton.
Ewing Will S, clk Michael Bros. r 218 E Clayton.
Exchange Bank The, J J McMahan pres. J A Benedict cashier. 124 E Clayton.
Farabee Roxie Miss. r 109 N Church.
Farbstein Esther Miss. saleslady M Farbstein. r 404 N Foundry.
Farbstein Marcus. dry goods 207 E Broad. h 404 N Foundry.
Farbstein Sarah Miss. clk M Farbstein. r 404 N Foundry.
Farmer John S. grocer. 35 N Elberton. h same. E A.
Faulkner Emma. wks A M Co. r 38 Rock Row. E A.
Faulkner Joseph K. wks A M Co. h 38 Rock Row. E A.
Fears Andrew. h 520 N Lumpkin.
Fears A C. (J P Fears & Sons.) r 511 N Lumpkin.
Fears E P. (J P Fears & Sons) and Fears & Parr. r coun­try.
Fears James P. (J P Fears & Sons.) h 511 N Lumpkin.
Fears J P. (A C and E P Fears) groceries and provisions. 37 E Clayton.
Fears & Parr. (E P Fears and C W Parr). proprs Rosadale Dairy. n of city limits and Barber.
Fellows Almyra Miss. h 103 N Church.
Fellows Cyrus S. shipping clk Galloway Lambert & Co. h 110 N Church.
Fellows Ella Miss, r 103 N Church.
Felton Rodolphus J. policeman. h 309 N Foundry.
Few Leonidas I. clk G H Williamson, r Boulevard nr Park ave.
Few Marcus C. h Boulevard. nr Park ave.
Fields Jesse L Rev. h 1112 Arch, E A.
Finch John S, meat mkt Prince ave. h 109 N Church.
Finley Charles H. M D. (Smith & Finley), r 314 E Dough­erty.
Finney Margaretta E R Mrs. (W G & M E R Finney). r Carlton House.
Finney Wm G. (W G & M E H Finney). r Carlton House.
Finney Wm G & M E R. (Wm G & Margaretta E R Finney). directory publishers, off Carlton House.
Fitzpatrick Henry. stone mason. Nellie B ave. E A.
Fitzpatrick Howell R. groceries and provisions 1525 Vine. h same. E A.
Fitzpatrick James T. groceries, etc. Barber opp Athens ave. r same.
Fitzpatrick Moses. wks A F & M W. h 412 China.
Fitzpatrick Silas. grocer cor First and Fourth. h same. E A.
Flanigen C D. Supt A E R Co. h Prince ave n w cor Barber.
Flatau Jacob. bus line. 110 W Hancock ave.
Flatau Lucius. r 109 Pulaski.
Flatau Mat. hack line. 19 W Washington.
Flatau Otto. clk, r 110 W Hancock ave.
Flatau Sol. lawyer 17 E Clayton. r 110 W Hancock ave.
Fleeman Annie L. wks A M Co. r 349 S Thomas.
Fleeman A G. wks A M Co. h 349 S Thomas.
Fleeman Bertha Miss, clk. r 226 S Lumpkin.
Fleeman Maggie, wks A M Co. r 349 S Thomas.
Fleming Herbert. pres T Fleming & Sons. h 209 Prince ave.
Fleming Joseph H. sec and treas T Fleming & Sons. h S Milledge ave.
Fleming Tom. h 209 Prince ave.
Fleming T & Sons, Herbert Fleming pres. E Deloney Sledge vice-pres. Joseph H Fleming sec and treas, jobbers of hardware and cutlery and manfrs of harness. 207 E Clayton.
Flournoy Edward. butcher J M McCurdy, h 407 E Broad.
Flournoy Maude. wks A M Co. r 715 old Ga depot. E A.
Flournoy Robert. bkkpr G M Booth. h 18 W Hancock ave.
Foote Wm R Rev. pastor First M E church. h 209 N Lumpkin.
Fordham Martha. wid Wm. h 147 S Peters. E A.
Forrester T M. fire dept. h 326 E Clayton.
Foster James F. justice of the peace and alderman of the 4th ward. off Moss Bldg. h 209 N Pope.
Foster Mrs. h 715 E Broad.
Fouche Alberta. wks knitting. r 201 S Elberton. E A.
Fouche Nellie. knitter A K M. r 201 S Elberton.
Fouche Wesley S. farmer. h 201 S Elberton. E A.
Fowler Coke A. salesman M Farbestein.
Fowler J A. distiller. h 607 Prince ave
Fowler James C. wool carder. etc. E Broad. r same.
Fowler Lewis M. propr Central Hotel. r same.
Fox Fred W. marble worker. r 429 River.
Franklin John. h 741 Barrett. E A.
Franklin Katie. clk Mrs Bode. r 741 Barnett. E A.
Franklin Samuel. salesman B Goldwasser, h 17 Poplar. E A.
Freeman Bertha Miss. saleslady Funkenstein & Buchwald. r 629 Pulaski.
Freeman Bessie J. dressmaker. 629 Pulaski. r same.
Freeman Fletcher. asst miller Model Millls. r 629 Pulaski.
Freeman F K. (Matthews & Co) h 446 Barber.
Freeman Robert L. miller Model Mills. h 629 Pulaski
Freeman M J Mrs. teacher Meigs st school. r 446 Barber.
Frierson Jas L. r 213 E Strong.
Frierson John T. hack line E Clayton. h 213 E Strong.
Frierson Mary A Miss. h 304 S Milledge ave.
Frierson Sarah A Miss. librarian Univ of Ga. r 304 S Milledge ave.
Frierson Wm W. driver J T Frierson. r 213 E Strong.
Fuller Henry. wks A F & M W. h 26 Galloway.
Fuller Wm H. grocer 215 W Broad. h same.
Funkenstein Louis. salesman. r 26 W Hancock ave.
Funkenstein Minnie Miss. saleslady Morris Bros. r 26 W Hancock ave.
Funkenstein Pincus. (Funkenstein & Stern). h 26 W Hancock ave.
Funkenstein Samuel. (Funkenstein & Buchwald). h 15 W Dougherty.
Funkenstein & Buchwald. (Samuel Funkenstein and E Buchwald). clothing 211 E Broad.
Funkenstein & Stern. (P Funkenstein & F Stern) furni­ture. who and ret. also undertakers. 39 and 41 E Clayton.
Gallaher J Thomas. printer Woman's Work Pub Co, r 20 N Foundry.
Galloway James. (Galloway Lambert & Co.) h Milledge ave.
Gallaway Lambert & Co, (James Galloway, J H Lam­bert and W Eppes) who groceries and provisions. 243 E Broad.
Gann David. h 318 N Foundry.
Gann Eliza. h cor First and Water Oak. E A.
Gann Joseph T. r 318 N Foundry.
Gann Wm, painter Parr Bros, r E A.
Gardner Julian E, printer 203 E Broad. h 201 Baxter ave.
Gardner Mary Mrs. r 215 W Broad.
Gardner Walter J. printer. r 201 Baxter ave.
Garebold Horace, salesman D W McGregor, r 449 Pulaski.
Garebold John A. upholsterer 11 W Washington. h 449 Pulaski.
Garrison Anna E Mrs. r 418 W Hancock ave.
Garrison Eugene P. clk N E R R of Ga, h 615 Pulaski.
Garrison James D. brick mason contractor 348 S Thomas. h same.
Garrison S J, wks A M Co. h 50 N Poplar. E A.
Garrison Wesley W. plumber Bondurant & Co. h 501 Prince ave.
Geiger J C. r Central Hotel.
Georgia Aid Association The. Rufus P Clay manager. room 1 Carlton Bl
Georgia Immigration and Investment Bureau, W D Griffeth agent. 14 College ave.
Georgia Railroad Co. Homer K Nicholson general agent. 18 College ave.
Gerdine Celia Miss, teacher. r 10 E Hancock ave.
Gerdine John. physician, off and r 10 E Hancock ave.
Gerdine John jr, cotton buyer Hall. r 10 E Hancock ave.
Gibbes A M Mrs. h 606 Church.
Gibson Thomas C. stud Dr Wm Betts.
Gibson Abe C, bailiff, h 507 S Lumpkin.
Gilbert Henry F (Bailey & Gilbert) h 212 River.
Gilleland Clement E, cafe 105 E Broad. r 247 S Jackson.
Gilleland John W. trav salesman J H Huggins & Son. r 1 1/2 miles bey city limits.
Gilleland M Mrs. h 247 S Jackson.
Gillespie Bertha. wks A M Co. h 150 S Poplar. E A.
Gleeson Rosa Mrs. r 216 N Peters. E A.
Ginn Jack wks T B & Co. r 947 Oak. E A.
Ginn James M. painter. h 947 Oak. E A.
Ginn Mary Mrs. h First and Water Oak. E A.
Ginn Toombs. mach, r 947 Oak. E A.
Gober Claude. motorman A E R Co.
Goldwasser Benjamin. dry goods 229 E Broad. r 230 E Broad.
Goodrum John. stud. r 660 Barber.
Goodrum L G. Lieut of Police. h 660 Barber.
Gordon E B. trav salesman. r 10 Wray.
Goss Lizzie Mrs. washing, h 728 Little. E A.
Goss I H. physician and surgeon 107 College ave. h 129 W Hancock ave.
Gould Stephen Mrs, h 805 Hill.
Grady Jefferson D. gen agt Singer Manfg Co. h 520 Meigs.
Graham Bothwell. prof Math State Normal School. h Boulevard cor Grady ave.
Grant James A Mrs. h 216 W Hancock ave.
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. F K Freeman manager. 115 N Lumpkin.
Green Jerome E. clk G C & N R R h Pulaski.
Green Thomas F, lawyer Moss Bldg. r Prince ave be­yond city limits.
Green Moses P. clk Michael Bros. r 5 N Hull.
Grier J A Mrs. r 641 College ave.
Griffeth Bros & West (F P and R S Griffeth and H S West) who and ret grocers. 15 E Clayton.
Griffeth Frank P (Griffeth Bros & West) h 704 S Lump­kin.
Griffeth R S (Griffeth Bros & West) r country.
Griffeth Wm D. real estate insurance etc, sec and treas Clarke County Bldg Loan and Improvement Co. receiver Athens Leather Mnfg Co, County Admin­istrator and agt Ga Immigration and Investment Bureau. 14 College ave, h 919 Hill.
Griffith Amherst W. bkkpr Phinizy & Griffith, h 107 W Washington.
Griffith Arthur E. sec Southern Mutual Insurance Co, h 23 N Milledge ave.
Griffith Chas B. (Phinizy & Griffith,) h 458 S Milledge ave.
­Gunnels Catharine, wks A M Co, r 714 Oak, E A.
Gunnels Flem. wks A M Co. r 714 Oak. E A.
Gunnels Junius. wks A M Co, r 714 Oak. E A.
Gunnels Nettie. wks A M Co. r 714 Oak. E A.
Gunnels Thomas. h 714 Oak, E A.
Gunnels Wylie, wks A M Co. r 714 Oak. E A.
Gunter Blanche. wks A M Co, r 735 Oconee, E A.
Gunter Fanny wid Alonzo, h 735 Oconee. E A.
Hadaway Caswell J. harness maker A P Dearing. h 217 N Finley.
Hadaway Paul. clk E J Smith r 2 1/2 miles w of city limits.
Hadaway Thomas G. salesman A P Dearing. r 2 1/2 miles w of city limits.
Haddock Isaac. grocer 101 W Hancock ave. h 433 Pulaski.
Hajos Albin. photograph 31 E Clayton. r Commercial Hotel.
Hale Emory J. letter carrier, h 225 N Finley.
Hale Gussie Miss. dressmaker 218 E Clayton. r same.
Hale Hope H. pianos and organs 26 E Clayton. h 432 Pulaski.
Hale Robert L. agent Standard Oil Co, h 622 Pulaski.
Hall E H, motorman A E R Co, r 326 Oconee.
Hall James T. clk. h 149 S Elberton. E A.
Hall J S. cotton buyer. r Commercial Hotel.
Hall Wm M. tinner. h 987 Oak. E A.
Hamilton Anna Miss. r 14 N Milledge ave.
Hamilton Charles E. lather. h 436 Cherry.
Hamilton Joseph T, policeman. h 525 Baxter.
Hamilton Mary Miss. r 14 N Milledge ave.
Hamilton Marion, painter, r 673 Berlin. E A.
Hamilton R C Mrs, h 14 Milledge ave.
Hamilton Wm J. painter 501 E Broad. h same. E A.
Hammett James A. grocer 926 W Hancock ave. h same.
Hammett W D. cashier C of Ga R R. r E Washington n w cor Jackson.
Hammond Childers, wks Ga R R.
Hammond W J. r Hotel Victoria.
Hammontree Wm R, farmer. h 1502 E Broad. E A.
Hampton Robert R. clk Hodgson Bros. r Hampton and Fairview aves.
Hampton Robert I. dentist S M I Bldg. h Hampton and Fairview aves.
Hang Lung (Hang Lung & Co) r 78 E Clayton.
Hang Lung & Co (Hang Lung laundry) 78 E Clayton.
Hanserd Belle Miss. teacher The Home School. r same.
Hanserd Mary Miss. teacher The Home School. r same.
Harbin James A. general store 513 Prince ave. h 511 same.
Harbin Octavius C. engr A E L Co. h 27 Pine. E A.
Hardeman B Frank. cotton buyer, r 213 E Hancoek ave.
Hardrup Gussie Miss. clk. r 455 Oconee.
Hardrup Joseph H. trav salesman. r 455 Oconee.
Hardrup S E. wid N W, h 455 Oconee.
Hardrup W N. shoemaker. r 455 Oconee.
Harper Albert B. supt A M Co. h 708 E Broad.
Harper Annie Miss. teacher The Home School. r same.
Harper Doctor P H. wks A M Co, r 800 Oak. E A.
Harper Frank M, teacher, r 121 S Milledge ave.
Harper James R. grocer also wks A M Co 800 Oak. h same. E A
Harper Richard L. agt J R Toomer. h 16 W Dougherty.
Harper Upton, mach T B & Co. r 800 Oak. E A.
Harper W A. (Whitehead & Harper) r Oconee county.
Harrington Ida Mrs. r 654 Barber.
Harris Allen P, stud, h 619 Pulaski.
Harris H W D, agt Ga R R. 5 S Milledge ave.
Harris Jack. wks Myers & Co. h 1002 W Broad.
Harris Thomas B. wks Check Factory, h 648 3d. E A.
Harrington Ida Mrs. r 654. Barber.
Hart Bros. (Edward C and Charles C), 5 ct and 10 ct store 1 E Clayton
Hart Charles C. (Hart Bros), r Commercial Hotel.
Hart Edward C. (Hart Bros), r Atlanta, Ga.
Hart Mary, h 342 Water. E A.
Harward F T L. h 1318 Springdale ave.
Haselton Dennis P. organs 112 E Clayton, h 123 W Washington.
Hatton E Mrs. r 1558 Vine. E A.
Hatton Lizzie Miss, dressmaker. h 1558 Vine. E A.
Haudrup Wm N, boot and shoemaker Victoria Hotel Bldg 455 Oconee.
Hauser George. h 126 W Clayton.
Hauser Francis H N, watches clocks and jewelry 249 E Broad. h 314 N Foundry.
Hawks O, salesman The Athens Hardware Co. r 203 N Thomas.
Hawks Sherman B. foreman C C L Stables, h 203 N Thomas.
Hayes Wm, fireman Model Mills. h 415 N Jackson.
Hayes Alfred P. tmst. h 709 E Broad.
Haynes Barto. asst J Haynes, h 106 W Washington.
Haynes Caroline. wid R H, h 648 First. E A.
Haynes Dollie. knitter A K M, 184 First. E A.
Haynes James, h 106 W Washington.
Haynes Lily. wks A M Co. r 684 First.
Haynes Lankie. C grocer 533 College ave. h 629 N Thomas.
Haynes Minnie. wks A M Co. r 684 First. E A.
Haynes T B. r Hotel Victoria.
Haynes Wm M. peddler, h 629 N Thomas.
Hayes J Ed. policeman, h 715 old Ga depot. E A.
Head H V. bkkpr E H & W F Dorsey E Washington. r next Opera House.
Helms David L. wks Check Factory, r Smith's Bdg House. E A.
Hemphill S A Mrs, h 311 Prince ave.
Henderson John C. (Smith & Henderson) h 424 Barber
Henley M L Mrs. h 730 Cobb.
Henry George, salesman. r Prince ave.
Herring Alfred. wks A M Co, r rear 648 First. E A.
Herring Elisha, lab. h 319 Mitchell.
Herring E Mrs, wks A M Co. r rear 648 First. E A.
Herring Emory, sweeper A K M. r rear 648 First. E A.
Herring George, beamer Check Factory, h 110 Water. E A.
Herring Harry L. wks A M Co, r 319 Mitchell.
Herring Jas R, wks A M Co, r 110 Water, E A.
Herring Lizzie. wks A M Co, r 319 Mitchell.
Herring Susie, wks A M Co. r 319 Mitchell.
Herring Millie, wks A M Co. r 319 Mitchell.
Herring M C. wid J N. h nr Rock Row. E A.
Hering Sarah. r 329 Mitchell.
Hering T Mrs. wks A M Co, h 329 Mitchell.
Herring Rufa, wks A M Co, r rear 648 First. E A.
Herrington Sylvester M, ordinary Clarke county. off court house, h 124 N Milledge ave.
Herty C H. BPH PhD, prof Univ of Ga. h 705 Prince ave.
Hewell Arthur, mach. r 20 N Foundry.
Higginbotham John C. distr agent Singer Manfg Co. h 718 N Lumpkin.
Hill, night opr S A L, r 511 N Lumpkin
Hill Dearing W. restaurant 10 Wall. r same
Hill Hattie, wks A M Co, r 503 Cemetery.
Hill Henry, policeman. h 425 River.
Hill Jesse T. carpenter. h 503 Cemetery.
Hill Kendrick. wks A M Co. r 503 Cemetery.
Hill Mattie, wks A M Co, r 503 Cemetery.
Hillsman Carlyle. cash boy M Joseph. r 403 N Jackson.
Hillsman John. clk. h 403 N Jackson.
Hillsman Josey R. r 403 N Jackson.
Hillsman Mamie Miss. clk Michael Bros, r 403 N Jackson.
Hipkins Russell R. engineer, h 426 W Hancock ave.
Hirschfeld Simon. asst G Blumenthal. r 103 W Washington.
Hodgson A G Miss. r 1023 Prince ave.
Hodgson Asbury H. (Hodgson Bros). h 1211 Cobb.
Hodgson Bros. (Edward R. Asbury Hand Charles A Rowland jr), merchandise brokers. cor S Thomas E Broad.
Hodgson Charles N. clk C of Ga R R, r 1211 Cobb.
Hodgson Cotton Co. (E R, A H and J M Hodgson), cotton buyers and dealers in fertilizers. 301-307 E Broad.
Hodgson Edward R (Hodgson Bros) h 418 N Harris.
Hodgson E R Jr. salesman J S King & Co, r 418 N Harris.
Hodgson George T (Athens Commission Co) h 322 Prince ave.
Hodgson Hallie Miss, teacher. r 313 E Dougherty.
Hodgson Joseph M (J S King & Co) h 5 N Milledge ave.
Hodgson Maria wid W H, h 313 E Dougherty.
Hodgson Robert P. bill clk N E R of Ga, r 1211 Cobb.
Hodgson Robert D r, stud. jr 1023 Prince ave.
Hodson J M. vice pres Mallison Braided Cord Co. r Phila­delphia. Penn.
Hoff Louis. salesman Funkenstein & Buchwald. r 21 W Hancock ave.
Hoff Samuel. tailor 216 E Broad. h 21 W Hancock ave
Holliday Allen C. phys E Clayton. h 488 Barber.
Holliman Ellington F. salesman Abney Bros. h 217 E Strong.
Hollis Sarah wid Herb. r 728 Little. E A.
Holman W s, (Holman & Scott). r Mitchell's Bridge Road w of city limits.
Holman & Scott, (W S Holman and T J Scott), livery 107-111 N Thomas.
Home School The. Miss C Sosnowski principal. Prince ave.
Hong Sing. laundry 8 N Jackson, r same.
Hood India Mrs. h 447 River.
Hood J M. mach T B & Co, r 9 W Strong.
Hooper W D A B. prof Univ of Ga. h N Milledge ave cor Meigs.
Hosey Ella. topper A K M. r 1220 Herring. E A.
Hosey Napoleon. wks Woman's Work Publishing Co. r 1220 Herring. E A.
Hosey Parks, wks Banner. r 1220 Herring, E A.
Hosey Samuel L. wks L M Co. r 673 Berlin. E A.
Hosey Wm B. carp, h 1220 Herring. E A.
Hotel Victoria, W G McKenzie propr. 205 E Clayton.
Houghtaling A K. candy maker G C Witte & Co. r 225 S Lumpkin.
Houston Newt. bridge foreman S A L. h 657 College ave.
Howard George. wks A M Co.
Howard Robert S. lawyer 3 E Clayton. r same.
Howard Wiley, wks A M Co.
Howell John, wks A M Co
Howell W W. supt A M Co. h 364 Williams.
Hubbard Charles L. trav salesman. h 8 W Hancock ave.
Hubbard Philander C. salesman J W Brown & Sons. r 8 W Hancock ave.
Hubert Amelia. wks A M Co. r 461 Oconee.
Hubert B T, messenger Southern Express Co. r with Mrs Baughn.
Hubert Carrie Miss. wks A M Co. r 461 Oconee.
Hubert Chas E. foreman harness mkrs T Fleming & Sons. h 461 Oconee.
Hubert Maxey V. harness mkr T Fleming & Sons. r 461 Oconee.
Hudgin A B Mrs. 1220 Springdale.
Hudgin Thos B. clk H R Bernard. r 1220 Springdale.
Hudson Frank, wks Rope Factory. h 623 W Hancock.
Huen John H, h 408 N Church
Huen Seaborn T. grocer. 601 Prince ave. h 408 Dhurch.
Huggins Harvey T. (J H Huggins & Son,) h 403 S Jackson.
Huggins Jas H. (J H Huggins & Son,) r Lula, Ga.
Huggins J H Jr, (James H). tinware 33 E Clayton, h 314 S Lumpkin.
Huggins J H & Son, (James H and Harvey T Huggins.) china, crockery, glass and tinware, 218 E Broad.
Hughes H F, electrician A E R Co. r Nantahala ave.
Hughes Thomas J. wks P S & B Co. h 740 Oconee, E A.
Hull Augustus L, cashier Bank of the University. h 109 Dearing.
Hull May Miss. asst prof of English L C I.
Hulme Easton L . city salesman G H Hulme. r Hotel Victoria.
Hulme G H. (George H ). wholesale grocer E Broad and Oconee. h 303 N Thomas.
Hulme T M. r Hotel Victoria.
Hunley Charles J. bkkpr. r 114 N Thomas.
Hunnicutt J A Dr. h 205 N Milledge ave.
Hunnicutt James B Prof. h 406 Dearing.
Hunnicutt Thos. r 406 Dearing.
Hunter G W M, ins agent. h 712 Reese.
Hunter J H Mrs. r 312 N Church.
Hunter. wks Williamson livery. r 312 N Church.
Hunter Samuel G (S M Hunter & Son) r 622 W Hancock ave.
Hunter Samuel M (S M Hunter & Son) h 622 W Hancock ave.
Hunter S M & Son (Samuel M and Samuel G) merchandise brokers and cattle dealers. 18 N Jackson.
Hussey Clarence T. clk. h 128 W Broad.
Hutcheson Simpson O, bkkpr Davison and Lowe, h 512 College ave.
Hutchins Joshua C. bkkpr Talmadge Bros & Co. r 121 S Milledge Ave.
Hutchins J C Mrs. h 121 S Milledge ave.
Hutchins M W. condr Georgia R R. r Commercial Hotel.
Jackson Ada. wks A M Co. r 337 S Thomas.
Jackson David W. dyer A M Co. h 131 S Peters. E A.
Jackson E H Miss. r 128 W Broad
Jackson Edward C, trav salesman. r 252 S Lumpkin.
Jackson Frank, physician. off and r 226 S LumpKin.
Jackson Frank jr. mnfrs agent, r 226 S Lumpkin.
Jackson Jack F. (Jackson & Vincent) h Hill w of N Billups.
Jackson Jack P. asst Dr F Jackson, r 226 S Lumpkin.
Jackson Jas L. bicycle repairer, r 226 S Lumpkin.
Jackson John, motorman A E R Co. h Nantahala av.
Jackson John. wks Parr Bros. r 613 Waddell.
Jackson Jno F H. contractor. h 613 Waddell.
Jackson Mary A Mrs. wks A M Co. h 337 S Thomas.
Jackson Paul. painter Parr Bros. r 613 Waddell.
Jackson Pierce. bkkpr. r 226 W Hancock ave.
Jackson Roy. office boy Lumpkin & Burnette. r 613 Waddell.
Jackson Rush. wks A M Co. r 337 S Thomas.
Jackson T H. supt Dye Works A M Co. h 488 Oconee.
Jackson Wm H. salesman. h 634 College ave.
Jackson W B. with A H Co. h 252 S Lumpkin.
Jackson W Pierce, bkkpr Bondurant & Co. r 252 S Lump­kin.
Jackson W. r 488 Oconee.
Jackson & Vincent. (Jack F Jackson and Thos P Vincent) general store 1 E Clayton.
James Wm. mason contractor 326 Oconee. r same.
James Wm B. mason contractor. 114 Baldwin h same
Jankower Maurice. (Mendel Morris & Co.) r 15 W Hancock ave.
Jarrell Chas W T . trav mach. h 615 N Jackson.
Jarrel Henry F. trav salesman The Athens Hardware Co. h 25 S Finley· ­
Jarrell M Miss. teacher. r 25 S Finley.
Jarrett C P. dray line. off E I Smith & Co.
Jarrow Susan Mrs. h 617 Waddell.
Jennings Ada Miss, clk Hart Bros, r 412 W Hancock ave.
Jennings James. h 412 W Hancock ave.
Jester Wm A. horse dealer. h 1172 Cobb.
Joel Abe. dry goods 216 E Broad. h 19 W Hancock ave.
Johnson Albert S. salesman C Morris, r Hotel Victoria.
Johnson Buford Miss. stud Normal school, r 15 W Dougherty.
Johnson Cicero. wks P S & B Co. h 622 Oconee. E A
Johnson Early F. stone cutter T Bisson & Sons. r 411 S Jackson.
Johnson Ed L. farmer, h 330 Grove, E A.
Johnson Eva. topper A K M.
Johnson George T. h 628 Dearing.
Johnson H W Captn. r 330 Grove. E A.
Johnson James W. salesman Morris Bros, r Hotel Victoria.
Johnson John G. gin and mill 786 old Ga depot. h 1586 E Broad. E A.
Johnson J M. h 506 W Hancock ave.
Johnson Leander M. ins agt 26 E Clayton. h 857 S Lumpkin. ­
Johnson Lucretia Mrs. h rear 488 Oconee.
Johnson Macon C. mngr Thc Dispensary, h 223 S Milledge ave.
Johnson Maggie Miss wks A M Co. r rear 488 Oconee.
Johnson Miles. r 217 S Elberton. E A.
Johnson Paul E. r Hotel Victoria.
Johnson Wm. wks A M Co. h 334 Mitchell.
Johnson Wm F. carp. h 727 Oconee. E A.
Johnson Young, salesman Max Joseph. r 326 Oconee.
Jonas Rachael A Mrs. r 316 Oconee.
Jones Albert S. meat peddler 218 E Strong. h same.
Jones Bessie Miss. tailoress J Mender. r 226 S Lumpkin.
Jones E E Mrs, h 120 S Lumpkin.
Jones Toliver B. bkkpr J R Moore. r 225 S Lumpkin.
Jones W B, agt Southern Ex Co, h 520 N Lumpkin.
Joseph Maurice, salesman M Joseph, r Hotel Victoria.
Joseph Max, clothing 221. 223 E Broad and E Clayton. h 109 Pulaski.
Joyner George, r 11 S Poplar. E A.
Joyner Harris, wks A M Co. r 11 S Poplar. E A.
Joyner Ida, topper A K M, r 11 S Poplar. E A .
Joyner John, (Joyner & Wilson.) 11 S Poplar. E A.
Joyner & Wilson, (John Joyner & Edward Wilson) cabinet makers. 15 S Poplar.
Kann Salmon. fruits, etc. 12 N Jackson. r same.
Keipp Madeline Miss. prof of music L C I, r same.
Keese E R Mrs. grocer 927 W Hancock ave. h same.
Keese John, painter, r 927 W Hancock ave.
Keith Jarrett M, postal clk N E R R. h 720 S Lumpkin.
Kelly Wm D. police. h 606 N Jackson.
Kennard Mary Miss. school teacher. r 313 E Dougherty.
Kennebrew Ben H. r 298 S Lumpkin.
Kennedy James E. watchmkr V W Skiff. r Kenney Alice Miss.
Kenney David M. contractor. Nantahala ave and Wynburn Place. h same.
Kenney Alice Miss. clk Michael Bros. r 530 Hill.
Kenney E E Miss. copyist court house. r 530 Hill.
Kenney E F Mrs. r 654 Barber.
Kenney Joseph K, clk Superior Court. h 916 W Hancock ave.
Kenney Joseph L, clk W W Lampkin. h 654 Barber.
Kenney H C. pattern maker A F & M W. r 511 N Lumpkin.
Kenney W H, lab. h 506 W Hancock ave.
Keown A J, (Keown Bros). r Mitchell's Bridge Road w of city limits.
Keown Bros. (A J and W W). proprs Eclipse Livery. 105 N Thomas.
Keown W W. (Keown Bros). r Mitchell's Bridge Road w of city limits.
Kern Sam. blacksmith. h First nr Toomer Row. E A.
Ketchum Walter H, spec agent The Mutual Life Ins Co of New York. r Hotel Victoria.
Kidd F. wks A M Co, r 29 N Peters. E A.
Kidd S A Mrs. wks A M Co. h 29 N Peters. E A.
King Alfred L. asst manager "The Dispensary." h 509 Barber.
King James S. (J S King & Co). h 499 Barber.
King J S & Co. (James S King and Joseph M Hodgson), who and ret grocers, 301-307 E Broad.
Kinley Jas. wks A F & M Co. h 16 N Poplar. E A.
Kinley Mamie. wks A M Co. r 16 N Poplar. E A.
Kinnebrew Edwin R. (Palmer & Kinnebrew,) h 714 Field.
Kinnebrew Eugenius C. (Lyle & Kinnebrew) also U S Commissioner, h 15 Wray.
Kirk Emory S. wks A M Co. r 301 S Thomas.
Kirk Howard F. wks A M Co. r 301 S Thomas.
Kirk Howell C. wks A M Co. r 301 S Thomas.
Kirk John C. wks A M Co. h 301 S Thomas.
Kirk Lucy A. wks A M Co, r 301 S Thomas.
Kirk Thomas C. wks A M Co, r 301 S Thomas.
Kirkpatrick John K. tanner. h 3 W Strong.
Kirkpatrick Mertis Miss. r 3 W Strong.
Kirkpatrick Robert. wks tan yard. h 501 S Lumpkin.
Kirkpatrick Roy. clk Davison & Lowe, r 3 W Strong.
Klein John H. (Klein & Martin), r Oconee.
Klein & Martin. (John H Klein and Horace E Martin). carriage manufacturers and general repair works. Oconee.
Knapp Alex, wks A K M, h 1227 Fairview. E A.
Knight M M Miss. h 204 S Lumpkin.
Krassett Otto. bkkpr T Fleming & Sons, r Carlton Bldg.
Kytle Wm H. bkkpr Athens Hardware Co. h 458 Oconee.
Lacy S M. wid G C. r 209 Prince ave.
Lambert C A. wks C C Stables.
Lambert J H (Gallaway Lambert & Co) h 26 N Milledge ave.
Lambert Charles, clk. h 109 S Jackson.
Lampkin Cobb. general store cor E Washington and N Lumpkin. h 18 W Dougherty.
Lampkin Susan Mrs. r 304 N Thomas.
Lampkin W W. general store 21 E Clayton. h 14 W Dougherty.
Landerer Mathilde M'lle, prof of French etc. L C I r 104 N Milledge ave.
Latimer Robert C. ins agt 17 College ave. r 11 E Hancock ave.
Lavender Maude Miss. teacher. r 433 Pulaski.
Lawhead Wm B. foreman Klein & Martin. h 703 Baxter.
Lawrence Robert B. book agt. r 216 S Milledge ave.
Lenry Martin. baggageman Ga R R. r 326H Oconee.
Lee B C. agt J B Toomer. h 820 Springdale.
Lemmond Robt H. foreman N E R R. h 619 Pulaski.
Leppard Kate Miss, h 609 S Lumpkin.
Lester Henry. lab r 27 S Poplar E A.
Lester E H Mrs. h 1221 E Broad. E A.
Lester Jabez D, tire dept. r 1221 E Broad.
Lester Louisa. wks A M Co. r 27 S Poplar. E A.
Lester Missouri, wid Charles. h 27 S Poplar. E A.
Lester Thomas E, farmer. h 1221 E Broad. E A.
LeSueur Sarah Mrs. h 3 Strong.
Letson May Mrs. h 726 N Lumpkin.
Levy Edgar. (Orr & Co). h W Hancock ave.
Lewis Joe. wks A M Co. r 620 Oconee. E A.
Lewis Livia, wks A M Co. r 620 Oconee. E A.
Lewis M W. lab. h 620 Oconee. E A.
Lewis Wm. wks A M Co. h 620 Oconee. E A.
Lewis Wm Mrs. wks A M Co, r 620 Oconee.
Lidstone Samuel K. R F D optical specialist and jeweler 227 E Broad. h 621 College ave.
Lilly John. brickmason. h 329 E Washington.
Lilly Cora Miss. teacher. r 329 E Washington.
Lilly Frederick A, lab. r 901 S Lumpkin.
Lilly John jr. carrier Athens Banner. r 329 E Washington.
Lilly Robert. brickmason. h 901 S Lumpkin.
Lilly Singleton. carrier Athens Tribune, r 329 E Washington.
Lilly Smith H. brickmason. r 329 E Washington.
Lingle James P. contractor 1103 Baxter. h same.
Linton Henry H. tax collector. h 742 Barber.
Linton Mary C Miss. r 10 E Hancock ave.
Lipscomb Francis A. bkkpr The Athens Savings Bank also insurance agent. r 121 S Milledge ave.
Lipscomb M A Mrs, principal Lucy Cobb Institute. r same.
Lipscombe W R, sec and treas of the Athens Knitting Mills. h 453 S Milledge ave.
Looney M Thomas. motorman A E R Co. h Nantahala ave.
Lord Emma Miss. (Lord Sisters.) r E Broad nr Simons. E A.
Lord Fanny Miss. (Lord Sisters.) r E Broad nr Simons. E A.
Lord M. topper A K M.
Lord Sallie R Miss. (Lord Sisters.) h E Broad nr Simons. E A.
Lord Sisters. (Sallie R. Fanny and Emma) dressmakers. E Broad nr Simons. E A.
Love Walter R. salesman M Myers & Co. r 8 W Hancock ave.
Lovejoy Wm P Rev. h 607 Meigs.
Lovejoy Hatton. stud, r 607 Meigs.
Loven Charles W. wks A F & M W. h 18 N Peters. E A.
Loven Monroe. grocer 18 K Peters, h same, E A
Lowe Charles W. agt L M Johnson. r Winterville.
Lowe Isaac, alderman 2nd Ward, h 101 E Hancock ave.
Lowe Joseph B (Davison & Lowe) h 101 E Hancock ave.
Lowrance Henry A, dentist 15 E Broad. h 826 Hill.
Lowry Cora. wks A M Co. r 607 Oak, E A.
Lowry Ida. wks A M Co. r 613 Oak, E A.
Lowry Laura. wks A M Co. r 607 Oak, E A.
Lowry Margaret. wid Wm G. h 607 Oak, E A.
Lucas Fred W. notary public 224 E Broad. h 510 S Jackson.
Lucas George E. manfr agent 220 E Broad. r 510 S Jackson.
Lucas M Miss, prof of history, etc. L C I. r same.
Lucy Cobb lnstitute, college for young ladies. Mrs M A Lipscomb principal. 117 N Milledge ave.
Lumpkin Edward K. (Lumpkin & Burnett). h 911 Prince ave.
Lumpkin James Dr. h 311 N Jackson.
Lumpkin & Burnett. (Edward K Lumpkin and Wylie B Burnett.) lawyers. 246 E Broad.
Lyle Chas B. clk A M Co's store, r 15 Wray.
Lyle Crawford W. clk Talmadge Hardware Co. r 15 Wray.
Lyle Eugene C. trav salesman T Fleming & Sons. r 15 Wray.
Lyle Fanny Miss. r 15 Wray.
Lyle Henry B. tireman N E R of Ga. r 633 College ave.
Lyle Jas R Hon. (Lyle & Kinnebrew). h 633 College ave.
Lyle & Kinnebrew. (Jas R Lyle and Eugenius C Kinnebrew). lawyers N Lumpkin and Washington.
Lyndon Andrew J. pres Lyndon Mnfg Co. h 821 Prince ave.
Lyndon Drug Co. Smith & Finley props. 249 E Broad.
Lyndon Edward. stud. r 201 Hoyt.
Lyndon Edward S. sec L M Co. h 201 Hoyt.
Lyndon George E. propr Polar Ice Works. r Washington. Ga.
Lyndon Manufacturing Co. A J Lyndon pres. E S Lyndon sec and treas. N Thomas.
Lyndon Moselle Miss. r 201 Hoyt.
Lyndon Oscar. stud. r 201 Hoyt.
Lynn Wm S. r 20 S Elberton. E A.
McAllister Charles Mrs. r 486 Barber.
McCollum E V, gen agent for Marble Work ect. r 326 Oconee
McCarty O S, ladderman fire dept. r 407 N Thomas.
McClurd James B. car inspr N E R R. h Barrett. E A.
McCluskey Mrs. r 327 E Strong.
McCormac Henry, substitute Athens Banner. r 1211 Herring. E A.
McCormack W L. wood worker Klein & Martin. r 221 E Clayton.
McCorry Jones, r Hotel Victoria.
McCulloch James, architect and civil engineer. off and r 107 E Clayton.
McCune Andrew. wks A M Co. h 411 S Poplar. E A.
McCune Mrs. h 731 Little, E A.
McCurdy James M, meat market 5 N Jackson. h 10 College ave.
McCurdy John H H, collector J M McCurdy, r 618 Pulaski.
McCurdy J D. car inspr N E R of Ga, r 618 Pulaski.
McCurdy J David night watchman N E R of Ga. r 618 Pulaski.
McCurdy S R Mrs. h 618 Pulaski.
McDannell C F, photographer 115 E Broad. r 8 Hancock ave.
McDonald India, wid J. h 504 Oconee. E A.
McDonald Laura, wks A K M. r Tabernacle, E A.
McDonald Mable. wks A M Co. r 504 Oconee. E A.
McDonald Minnie. looper A K M. r 931 Oconee. E A.
McDonald Robert Dewitt. salesman. r 615 Jackson.
McDonald Sam, wks J A Garebold. r 504 Oconee, E A.
McDorman George W, chief fire dept. h 118 N Jackson.
McDorman Robert E. clk J N Harbin. h N Church.
McDougall Wm. clk Mendel Morris & Son. r 226 S Lumpkin.
McDowell Wm. (McDowell & Son). h 8 College ave.
McDowell Wm A. (McDowell & Son). r 8 College ave.
McDowell & Son. (Wm and Wm A McDowell). fancy gro­ceries and confectionery. 8 College ave.
McGinty H Collett. brick manfr. h 721 States Right.
McGinty Frank. h 624 Peabody.
McGowan J L. cotton buyer. r 239 S Milledge ave.
McGraw J W. foreman Watson Bros. r 214 E Hancock ave.
McGregor David W. bookseller and jobbing stationer 103 E Broad. h 17 S Milledge ave.
McGregor Ernest R, salesman D W McGregor, r 17 S Milledge ave.
McIntyre Joseph F. wks A M Co. r 715 E Broad.
McIntyre M F, wid W. h 715 E Broad.
McIntyre. Nellie. wks A M Co. r 715 E Broad.
McKeller J J. day opr S A L.
McKenzie Allie Miss. r Hotel Victoria.
McKenzie W G. prop Hotel Victoria. r same.
McKie John S. sergeant of police. h 721 Cobb.
McKinney Mattie Mrs. h 213 S Jackson.
McKinnon Charles. carrier Athens Banner, r 722 Oconee.
McKinnon John, mach T B & Co. h 722 Oconee. E A.
McKinnon Wesley. engineer pumping station City Water Works. h 725 Oak. E A.
McLain Lucretia Mrs. h 306 S Lumpkin.
McMahan J J C Hon. (McMahan & Co), pres The Exchange Bank and mayor of the city of Athens. h 615 W Hancock ave.
McMahan Tober I, collector The Exchange Bank. r 615 W Hancock ave.
McMahan & Co, (J J C McMahan and C A Stevens). boots and shoes, 123 E Clayton.
McRee Joseph H. h 214 E Hancock ave.
McRee Naomi Miss, dressmaker 214 E Hancock ave. r same.
McRee Orlando F. building materials 231 E Broad. r 214 E Hancock ave.
Mabry Clara Miss. seamstress. r 1308 Springdale.
Mabry Fred. printer. r 1308 Springdale.
Mabry Geo W. compos E D Stone. h 1308 Springdale.
Mabry Geo, jr. substitute Athens Banner. r 1308 Springdale.
Mabry James N, letter carrier. h 4 W Dougherty.
Mabry Oscar N, cabinet mkr. r 20 N Foundry.
Maddox Alice L Miss. r 832 Springdale.
Maddox Bros. (Claude C Maddox) photographers 109 E Broad.
Maddox Claude C, (Maddox Bros), r 832 Springdale.
Maddox Daisy R Miss, r 832 Springdale.
Maddox Joe B Mrs, dressmaker, r 10 Wray.
Maddox John M. cabinet maker. r 832 Springdale.
Maddox Rosa E Miss. teacher. r 832 Springdale
Maddrey Alice Mrs. r Hill w of N Billupps.
Maddrey Moses Mrs. r 113 W Hancock ave.
Maffett Henry. clock maker. r 452 River.
Malcolm Jane. wid Richard. r 513 N Jackson.
Mallison Braided Cord Co. N D Arnold pres. J M Hodgson vice-pres. L F Edwards sec and treas. off N Thomas, works 3 miles w of city limits.
Mallory Walter A. reamer Athens Gas Light Co also dealer in coal and coke. main off Athens Gas Works. h 802 Prince ave.
Malone Isaac, wks King & Co. h 38 Willow.
Mandeville A S Mrs. h 102 W Dougherty.
Mandeville R Miss. vocal culture. 102 W Dougherty, r same.
Marks King, mcht. r 109 Pulaski.
Marks Myer, r 109 Pulaski.
Marks P S Mrs. h 109 Pulaski.
Marks Samuel. salesman C Morris. r 109 Pulaski.
Martin George, h 19 Wilkerson.
Martin Horace E, (Klein & Martin), h 425 Oconee.
Martin J Daniel. wks N E R R. h 623 Pulaski.
Martin James. carp, h 428 River.
Martin, agt S A L. h 626 College ave.
Martin R E L . agt C of Ga R R. h 626 College ave.
Martin Leila. knitter A K M. r 20 N Foundry.
Martin Tallendar Mrs, r 428 River.
Mason Geo W. cotton buyer. h 12 S Lumpkin.
Massey James H. grocer 242 E Broad. h 644 College ave.
Mathews C B. r Hotel Victoria.
Matthews Claude. pressman Banner. r 329 E Clayton.
Matthews Catharine N. wid L C, h 412 W Hancock ave.
Matthews Edward, r 44 Cedar.
Matthews Ira L Miss. clk Abe Joel. r 412 W Hancock ave.
Matthews John W. (Matthews & Co). r 44 Cedar.
Matthews Lizzie Mrs. h 329 E Clayton.
Matthews Lucy Mrs. h 103 N Lumpkin.
Matthews Norma L Miss. clk Michael Bros. r 412 W Hancock ave.
Matthews Parmelia E Mrs, h 44 Cedar.
Matthews Phineas T. clk Matthews & Co. r Cedar.
Matthews R E. clk Matthews & Co. r 44 Cedar.
Matthews Vincent. clk. r 103 N Lumpkin.
Matthews Willie. W U Tel Co. r 44 Cedar.
Matthews, city salesman G C Witte & Co. r 109 N Lumpin.
Matthews & Co. (John W Matthews and F K Freeman) grocers. 115 N Lumpkin.
May Alice, wks A M Co. r 539 Cemetery.
May Charles. wks A M Co. r 539 Cemetery.
May George W, wks A M Co. h 539 Cemetery.
May John, wks A M Co. r 539 Cemetery.
Mayfield Lawrence C. bkkpr Lyndon Manfg Co. r 615 Barber.
Maytfield Wm J. with Lyndon Manfg Co. Strong.
Mayfield Wm T. supt Lyndon Manfg Co. h 615 Barber.
Mayson Cliff. r Hotel Victoria.
Mead James A. painter. h 967 Oak. E A.
Mead Nellie. A M Co. r 967 Oak. E A.
Meadows Bessie Mrs. r 730 Cobb.
Meadows Charles W. ins. r 101 S Jackson.
Meadows Claude, clk Max Joseph. r 103 W Dougherty.
Meadows Isaac J. rev officer. h 104 W Dougherty.
Mealor Annie. topper A K M. r 618 Oconee. E A.
Mealor Daniel. molder. r 618 Oconee. E A.
Mealor James M. carp. h 618 Oconee. E A.
Mealor John H. wks T B & Co. h 5 S Poplar. E A.
Mealor Vera. wks A M Co. r 618 Oconee. E A.
Mealor Wm. wks T B & Co, r 5 S Poplar. E A.
Medlin James A. compos Athens Banne,. h 673 Berlin. E A.
Medlin Josephine Miss. h 327 E Strong.
Mell Edward B. r 318 S Milledge ave.
Mell Ellen L Miss. music teacher. r 515 Hill.
Mell Emma V Miss. music teacher. r 515 Hill.
Mell George A. cashier Athens Savings Bank. r 318 S Milledge ave.
Mell John D. lawyer E Broad, r 318 S Milledge ave.
Mell P H Mrs. h 318 S Milledge ave.
Mell Thomas S. lawyer Savings Bk Bldg. h 515 Hill.
Melton Sarah Mrs. h 301 S Lumpkin.
Methvin Thomas S, tinware ect 128 E Clayton, h 222 S Lumpkin.
Metropolitan Life Ins Co. of N Y. E P Short asst supt. Deupree Bldg.
Michael Bros, (S and M G Michael) dry goods, carpets, millinery etc, cor E Clayton and N Jackson.
Michael M G (Michael Bros) h 130 W Hancock ave.
Michael Simon (Michael Bros) h 17 Pulaski.
Miller David J. cotton weigher J G Carithers & Co. h 15 W Strong.
Miller George. wks A M Co. h 337 S thomas.
Minder Joseph, merchant tailor 10 College ave. r same.
Mines W H, salesman. r 232 S Lumpkin.
Mitchell Albert L, general agent for Georgia Nederland Life Insurance Co (Id) Southern Ins Bldg. h 24 W Dougherty.
Mitchell C A Rev. publisher Woman's Work. h 319 W Hancock ave.
Mitchell Ebenezer L, supt Woman's Work Publishing Co. h 319 W Hancock ave.
Mitchell Elizabeth B Mrs. h 617 Oconee. E A.
Mitchell J R Mrs. dressmaker 623 W Hancock ave. r same.
Mitchell J S. (Dootson & Mitchell). r 617 Oconee.
Mitchell Kathleen Miss. teacher, r 437 S Milledge ave.
Mitchell Minnie, cutter A K M. r 617 Oconee, E A.
Mitchell S D Capt. ins. h 437 S Milledge ave.
Mitchell Thomas L, bkkpr Southern Mutual Ins Co, r 319 W Hancock ave.
Mize Martin C, meat market W Washington. h 724 S Lumpkin.
Mize Nannie Mrs. r 204 N Thomas.
Model Mills, Talmadge Bros & Co proprs, College ave nr S A L R R.
Montgomery John L. tanner. h 523 S Lumpkin.
Montgomery L May Miss. teacher, r 523 S Lumpkin.
Montgomery Wm P, teaming. r 523 S Lumpkin.
Moon Bena Mrs. dressmaker. h 428 Pulaski.
Moon Beulah Miss. clk Michael Bros, r 428 Pulaski.
Moon Elizabeth Mrs. 95 yrs old. h 12 Hickory.
Moon Fred, r 428 Pulaski.
Moon Robert, painter J L Arnold, jr. r 428 Pulaski.
Moon Ola Miss. clk Michael Bros. r 428 Pulaski.
Moon Susan Miss. r 12 Hickory.
Moon Therina Miss. r 12 Hickory.
Moon Walter. agent for enlarging potraits. r 723 Baxter.
Moon Wm T, policeman. h 723 Baxter.
Mooney W T. blacksmith Klein & Martin. r 221 E Clayton.
Moore B F, prin Moore's Business College. h 505 N Jackson.
Moore Charles K. salesman J R Moore, r 627 College ave.
Moore John jr, clk. r 627 College ave.
Moore John R. grocer 235 E Broad. h 627 College ave.
Moore J T. r Hotel Victoria.
Moore Mattie L Miss. teacher.
Moore Philander A. grocer 331 E Broad. h 11 Hickory.
Moore R J Mrs. h 30 W Dougherty.
Moore Thomas C. engr N E R R. h 603 Oconee. E A.
Moore Walter T. bkkpr Palmer & Kinnebrew. r 114 N Thomas.
Moore Wm C, clk City Drug Store, r 603 Oconee. E A.
Moore's Business College, B F Moore prin. Y M C A Bldg.
Morgan Nell Houston Miss, prof of music L C I. r same.
Morgenstern Augustus. trav salesman. h 215 E Dougherty
Morris Abe A (Abe A Morris & Co) h 221 E Dougherty.
Morris Abe A & Co, (Abe A and Joel S Morris) clothing, 209 E Broad.
Morris Bros. (Louis and Joseph J), dry goods 202 E Broad.
Morris Charles. clothing cor College ave and E Clayton. h W Dougherty.
Morris Hattie Miss. clk Michael Bros. r W Hancock ave.
Morris Jacob. mailing clk Athens Banner. r 215 E Dougherty.
Morris Joel S. (Abe A Morris & Co). r 215 E Dougherty.
Morris Joseph J. (Morris Bros). r 18 W Hancock ave.
Morris John A M. instr Univ of Ga. h College Campus.
Morris Lee. r 15 W Hancock ave.
Morris Louis. (Morris Bros). h 18 W Hancock ave.
Morris Mary. wid Charles. r with Prof Morris College Campus.
Morris Mendel & Co. (Mendel Morris and Maurice Jank­ower). furniture. etc. 204 E Broad.
Morris Mendel & Son. (Mendel and Moses). clothing 201 and 205 E Broad also 210 E Broad. h 15 W Han­cock ave.
Morris Moses. (Mendel Morris & Son). r 15 W Hancock ave.
Morris Sylvanus Prof. lawyer also Prof of Law Univ of Ga. Moss Bldg. h 712 Dearing.
Morris Thomas S. clk. r 15 W Dougherty.
Morrison Ella Bell Miss. r 104 N Milledge ave.
Morton Fred S. ins agent 17 College ave. h 821 Hill.
Morton John W. h S Milledge ave beyond Springdale.
Morton Orderly. r 18 S Hull.
Morton Robert F. salesman Talmadge Bros & Co. r Hotel Victoria.
Morton Wm J Col, h 18 S Hull.
Moseley Montgomery. r 10223 Prince ave.
Moss Building, 24 E Clayton.
Moss John D (R L Moss & Co). h 205 Pulaski.
Moss Julia P Miss. r 919 Cobb.
Moss Rufus L jr. soliciting ft and pass agt Central of Ga R R 20 College ave. r 919 Cobb.
Moss Rufus L. (R L Moss & Co). h 919 Cobb.
Moss R L & Co. (Rufus L sr and John D). cotton factors and exporters, 209-217 E Clayton.
Mounce Jane Mrs. dressmaker 106 W Washington.
Mt Vernon Hotel, G M Booth prop. 28 W Hancock ave.
Mulkey D Isaac. head salesman M Joseph. h 221 E Dougherty.
Mullikin Ed. salesman Charles Stern & Co. r 415 N Jackson
Mure Robert D. h 1023 Prince ave·
Mure Robert D jr. stud. r 1023 Prince ave.
Murray Ida Miss, clk Davison & Lowe. r 227 W Dougherty.
Murray I V. shipping clk T B & Co. h 227 E Dougherty.
Murray John. peddler. h 839 River. E A.
Muse Wm A. asst bkkpr G H Hulme. r Hotel Victoria.
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York The, Walter H Ketchum spec agent. off 17 College ave.
Myers Bertha. wid Moses, h 529 Hill.
Myers M. salesman. r 529 Hill.
Myers M & Co. (Mrs B M Myers and Philip Stern), in the hands of a receiver, 9 and 11 College ave.
Myers S A. wid A. r 27 W Hancock ave.
Mygatt J C. h 401 W Hancock ave.
Mygatt Talmage. plumber Bondurant & Co. r 401 W Hancock ave.
Nash Fannie Miss, prof of elocution etc L C I. r same.
National Bank of Athens. A K Childs pres James White cashier. E Broad cor N Jackson.
Nations Wm R. r 601 N Thomas.
Nederland Life Insurance Company, A L Mitchell gen agt for Georgia. off Southern Ins Bldg.
New Opera House, W Washington.
Newman George. clk. h 2 S Lumpkin.
Newman Theodore. baker. h 468 Pulaski.
Naussbaum W H. r Hotel Victoria.
Nevitt M E. Mrs, Prince ave.
Newsom Annie, wks Check Factory. r E Broad nr Trail Creek. E A.
Newsom Bessie. wks Check Factory. r E Broad nr Trail Creek.
Newsom David D. fire dept. h 326 E Clayton.
Newsom Mrs. h E Broad nr Trail Creek.
Newton Chas H, (Newton & Bryant), bkkpr Bk of University, r 411 College ave.
Newton & Bryan. (Cas H and Wm J Bryan) ins agts (fire) off Univ Bank Bldg.
Newton Edwin D Dr. r 534 S Milledge ave.
Nichols John. trustee Barrett Lumber Co. h Barrett. E A.
Nichols Lewis J, clk. r Bloomfield.
Nichols M A Mrs. h Bloomfield.
Nichols Wescom. clk. r Bloomfield.
Nicholson Homer K. gen ft agt Ga R R, h N Milledge ave
Nicholson Julia Miss. r N Milledge ave.
Nicholson M E. clk. r N Milledge ave.
Nicholson M G. bkkpr J S King & Co. r N Milledge ave.
Nickerson Augustus, cotton buyer. h 112 Waddell.
Nickerson Reuben, pres The Athens Hardware Co and pres Bank of the University, h 104 N Thomas.
Nickerson T H, sec The Athens Hardware Co. h 1013 Hill.
Nix Millie Mrs. r 1201 W Hancock ave.
Noland Julius S. jeweler, h 3 W Strong.
Norwood Lizzie Miss. r 22 Hickory.
Nuttall George T. foreman A K M. r not yet located.
Oates Louisa Mrs, h 420 Prince ave.
O'Callahan Mary Mrs, housekeeper Mt Vernon Hotel. r same.
O'Droyer Katie Miss. h 609 S Lumpkin.
O'Farrell A H. (Athens Commission Co), h 125 Pulaski.
O'Farrell Geo E. mailing clk p o. r 23 Pulaski.
O'Farrell James. p m. h 23 Pulaski.
O'Farell John M. clk T S Methvin. r 23 Pulaski.
O'Farrell Kate Mrs. r 306 S Lumpkin.
O'Farrell Leila Miss. r 23 Pulaski.
O'Farrell Wm D, r cor E Broad and N Thomas.
Olive T H Mrs. boarding 130 S Hull. h same.
Oliver D Cran Rev. ex-chief of police, r 15 W Strong.
Oliver James J, bkkpr Orr & Co. r Nantahala ave.
Oliver Thomas P. grocer 615 Prince ave. h Nantahala ave.
Oliver Victor E. clk r Nantahala ave.
Orr Benjamin Towns, r cor W Washington and Pulaski.
Orr Elizabeth K. wid J M. r 317 E Dougherty.
Orr Fred J. prof of drawing. r Grady ave.
Orr Josiah C M D, sanitary inspector. off City Hall. h cor W Dougherty and Pulaski.
Orr Joseph M. cotton buyer. h 317 E Dougherty.
Orr Robert C Dr (R C Orr & Co). h 786 Oconee. E A.
Orr R C & Co (R C Orr). proprs City Drug Store. 12 Col­lege ave.
Orr Wm C (Orr & Co), h Grady ave.
Orr & Co (W C Orr and E Levy). cotton buyers. 18 N Jack­son.
Osborne Robert. wks A M Co.
Page Ann Mrs. seamstress. h 707 Springdale.
Palace Market, J M McCurdy propr. 5 N Jackson.
Palmer Florence H Miss. clk A M Co. r 420 Oconee.
Palmer Geo H. sec A M Co. h 420 Oconee.
Palmer Henry R, (Palmer & Kinnebrew). h 449 Oconee.
Palmer Katie. wks Check Factory. r E Broad opp N Poplar.E A.
Palmer Lloyd P. clk Palmer & Kinnebrew. r 449 Oconee.
Palmer Lou Mrs. wks Check Factory. h E Broad opp N Poplar. E A.
Palmer T Mrs. wks A M Co.
Palmer Vallie. topper A K M. r E Broad upp N Poplar. E A.
Palmer Kinnebrew, (Henry R Palmer and Edwin R Kinnebrew). druggists and manfg pharmacists. 105 E Clayton.
Parker Albert S, teller 1st Nat Bank also rep Interstate Bldg and Loan Association of Colmubns Ga. h Prince ave.
Parker Eliza A. wks A M Co. r 121 Factory.
Parker Jas T. wks A M Co. h 43 Mulberry, E A.
Parker J R. wks Watson Bros.
Parker Maude Miss. r 306 S Lumpkin.
Parker Parmelia Mrs. h 121 Factory.
Parker Sarah M. wks A M Co. r 121 Factory.
Parker Wm H. r cor E Broad and N Thomas.
Parks P. compos Athens Banner.
Parnell Henry. wks A M Co.
Parr A N. painter J L Arnold. jr. h 403 S Milledge ave.
Parr Benj, painter. h 704 Peabody.
Parr Bros (Calvin W & V J Parr). paints oils and wall paper. etc. 317 W Broad.
Parr Calvin W (Pears & Parr). r country.
Parr Charles A. glazier. h cor Bloomfield and Springdale
Parr Clifford. painter. r 711 Baxter.
Parr C C. painter. r 711 Baxter.
Parr Emory B. collector W D Griffeth. r 925 S Lumpkin.
Parr Fred L (Parr & Sitton). r 711 Baxter.
Parr General D. general store. 925 S Lumpkin. h same.
Parr M Henry. grocer 1125 W Broad. h same.
Parr Rebecca Mrs. r 449 Bloomfield.
Parr V J. (Parr Bros). h 711 Baxter.
Parr & Sitton. (Fred L Parr and Edward W Sitton). groceries and provisions 111 E Broad.
Patman Annie Miss. teacher. r 408 S Lumpkin.
Patman Clyde Miss. school teacher, r 408 S Lumpkin.
Patman J B. h 408 S Lumpkin.
Patat Elizabeth. wid Frank. h 309 E Strong.
Patat Emory. r 309 E Strong.
Patat Frank S. harness mkr. h 716 Oconee. E A.
Patat James. hostler. r 309 E Strong.
Patat Leila. topper A K M.
Patat Lizzie Miss. h 454 Bridge.
Patat Philip. lab. r 309 E Strong.
Patrick Eliza J. wid Robert. h E Broad opp Rock Row. E A.
Patrick J J. wks A F & M W. r Foundry.
Patten Henry N. teaming. h 413 N Foundry.
Patterson Andrew. wks A M Co. r 320 Mitchell.
Patterson A H. B E A M. instr Univ of Ga. h N Lumpkin cor Washington.
Patterson James. wks A M Co. r 320 Mitchell.
Patterson S T Mrs. h 320 Mitchell.
Patterson Robert H. peddler. h 402 Oconee.
Patterson Robert. agent J H Sloan. off 201 E Clayton. r Commercial Hotel.
Patterson Robert H Mrs. boarding. 420 Oconee.
Patton James H. drayage. h Derby cor Herring. E A.
Paulin A J Miss, prof of mathematics L C I. r same.
Payton Claude. barber also agent Envoy & Fleeturing bicycles and Gutleman's laundry. 5 College ave. h 404 Pulaski.
Peebles M A Miss. r 808 Hill.
Peek John S D. salesman T Fleming & Sons. r Hotel Victoria.
Peek Wm, salesman T Fleming & Sons. h 503 College ave.
Peeler Robert, wks A M Co. r 40 N Poplar.
Peeler Hiram. fire dept. h 46 N Poplar. E A.
Peeler Joseph A. asst J VanShanten. h 7 N Peters. E A .
Peeler Robt A. wks A M Co. r 40 N Poplar.
Peeler Susan J Mrs. 40 N Poplar. E A.
Peeples Wm J. bkkpr R L Moss & Co. h 114 N Thomas.
Peterson Mollie Miss, r 104 N Milledge ave.
Petrie Charles B. physician off Central Hotel. h 315 N Milledge ave.
Phelps Asher W. baker 467 Pulaski. h 463 same.
Phelps E W Mrs. h 463 Pulaski.
Phillips Felix. clk Michael Bros. r 3 E Clayton.
Phinizy Ann, wid Ferdinand. h 110 S Milledge ave.
Phinizy Barrett. r 110 S Milledge ave.
Phinizy Billups. (Phinizy & Griffith). h Milledge ave.
Phinizy C H, (Phinizy & Upson) r 110 S Milledge ave.
Phinizy & Griffith, (Billups Phinizy, Chas B Griffith), cotton factors W Clayton.
Phinizy & Upson. (C H Phinizy and E S Upson). lesses and mngrs Daily & Weekly Athens Banner. 13 N Jackson.
Pickrell Benjamin R, h 441 Oconee.
Piedmont Spool & Bobbin Co. C W Baldwin mngr. mnfrs of bobbins, spools, etc. E Broad and Willow.
Pipkin L A Miss. mngr W U Telegraph, r 517 N Jackson.
Pitner Collette. clk depot G C & N. h 614 Hill.
Pitner C L. yard master S A L.
Pitner James A. salesman J S King & Co. r 506 Barber.
Pitner John, clk Ga R R.
Pitner Thomas A. trav salesman Webb & Crawford. r 133 W Broad.
Pitner Walter. clk Webb & Crawford. r 506 Barber.
Pittard James. manfrs agt. 9 E Clayton, r same.
Pittman John E. h 233 Hoyt.
Pittman John E, stud. r 233 Hoyt.
Pittman Wm M. general store 7 N Lumpkin. h 449 Bloomfield.
Pittman Wm A. r 233 Hoyt.
Pitts Mary Mrs, r 414 River.
Pledger Adolphus. r 9 Pine E A.
Pledger Laura, wks check mills. r 9 Pine. E A.
Pledger Lemuel. wks Klein & Martin. r 9 Pine, E A.
Pledger Marshal N. cloth pressman. h 9 Pine. E A.
Pledger N Miss. knitter A K M, r 501 E Broad.
Pledger Wm A. grocer 502 S Lumpkin. h 504.
Polar Ice Works, G E Lyndon propr. Pulaski.
Pollard Henry C. farmer, r E A.
Pollard Ira. farmer. r E A.
Pollard Joseph. r E A.
Pollard John, farmer r E A.
Poole Fanny. wks A M Co. r 613 Oak. E A.
Poole Hester, wks A M Co. r 613 Oak. E A.
Poole Narcisse wid Fred, h 613 Oak, E A.
Pope John E, physician and surgeon 15 E Broad. h 429 Dearing.
Porterfield B Mrs. h 32 Baldwin.
Porterfield Elizabeth Miss. dressmaker. r 32 Baldwin.
Porterfield Martha. dressmaker. r 32 Baldwin.
Porter Charles. r rear 140 Ga R R, E A.
Porter Ed Mrs, h rear 140 Ga R R. E A.
Porter Robert L. fireman city water works. r rear 140 Ga R R. E A.
Postoffice 108 E Clayton.
Poss Thos M, wks Cheney & Co. h 24 Narrow.
Potter John T, wks A M Co. h 328 Mitchell.
Potter Mary A Mrs. r 328 Mitchell.
Potts Ernest C, conductor A E R Co. r 414 Pulaski.
Potts John, painter, h 414 Pulaski.
Potts W C Mrs. r 430 Prince ave.
Potts Wm J. asst chief fire dept. h 617 Oconee
Poullain H C. cotton buyer, r Commercial Hotel.
Power Hortensia Miss. r 428 Bloomfield.
Power L R. clk Michael Bros. r 428 Bloomfield.
Power Minnie M Miss, r 428 Bloomfield.
Power Wm W. grocer 733 Boxter. h 428 Bloomfield.
Praither Ben C. manager coal dept L H Charbonnier jr, & Co. h 410 Cemetery.
Praither Ida Miss, ribber A K M. r 410 Cemetery.
Praither Mrs. h 410 Cemetery.
Prather Andrew, wks A M Co. h 341 Mitchell.
Prather Ann Mrs, r 1009 Prince ave.
Prather Enoch, lab. h 704 Oak. E A.
Prather Enoch A. wks A M Co. r 341 Mitchell.
Prather Hattie, topper A K M. r 501 E Broad.
Prather Hugh. night watchman L C I. r 8 Pine. E A.
Prather Lucy Mrs. wks A K M. h 350 Williams.
Prather Rufus, wks A M Co. r 341 Mitchell.
Prather R D A Mrs. r 501 E Broad.
Prather Thomas. wks A M Co. r 704 Oak. E A.
Prather Wm L. painter. h 1009 Prince ave.
Prather Willie, wks A M Co. r 704 Oak. E A.
Prather Zahra. wks A M Co, r 704 Oak. E A.
Presnell George W jr. horse shoer cor E Broad and S Foundry. h Second. E A.
Price E Sterling, lawyer 119 E Clayton. r Barbersville, E A.
Pridgeon R K. fruit stand, h 526 W Hancock ave.
Proctor J P. stud. r 908 Prince ave.
Pruitt W B Major, advertising solicitor Athens Banner and notary public. h 725 States Right.
Quillian Asbury C. dentist 105 E Clayton. h 205 E Hancock ave.
Quillian D D. physician 107 E Clayton. h 124 Pulaski.
Quillian Houston. r 205 E Hancock ave.
Quillian K M Mrs. r 124 W Hancock ave.
Ramsey Hartwell M, L M Co, h 329 E Clayton.
Ramsey James, general agt. also manfr of Lightning Compound Salve. h 443 Oconee.
Ramsey Lillian Miss, clk, r 443 Oconee.
Ramsey Mellison Miss, dressmaker. r 443 Oconee.
Raphael B. tailor 107 E Broad. h 238 S Lumpkin.
Raphael Samuel. manager B Raphael. h 238 S Lumpkin.
Rawson Annie Miss. r 126 W Clayton.
Rawson F S, fire dept. h 15 Sapelo.
Rawson George R. wks A F & M W. h 119 N Foundry.
Rawson Julia Miss. 119 N Foundry.
Rawson Wm W. wks A F & M W. r 119 N Foundry.
Reaves Robert L. horse dealer. h 522 Franklin.
Reaves Rufus K. h 204 N Thomas.
Reaves Mrs, teacher. r 125 Pulaski.
Reed Thomas W, city editor Daily and Weekly Athens Banner, h Henry Grady ave.
Reese S C Mrs, h 12 W Hancock ave.
Reese V B wid Charles. h 511 College ave.
Reed J W, del clk P O, r Commercial Hotel.
Rexinger Samuel. ice merchant. r Commercial Hotel.
Reynolds Charles W. h 30 W Washington.
Reynolds Evaline Miss. dressmaker 708 Reese. r same.
Reynolds Ida Miss. dressmaker 708 Reese. r same.
Reynolds Wm P, h 708 Reese.
Rhodes Leonard C, commission and storage warehouse Georgia R R, r Boulevard.
Rhodes John F, brokerage and commission also alderman 4th Ward 17 E Clayton. h Boulevard.
Rice J T, asst Dr W T Betts. r Whitehall.
Rice Robert T. blacksmith T B & Co. r 20 N Foundry.
Richards Allie. tinner W Childers. r 345 Thomas.
Richards Charles V. painter Parr Bros. h 150 S Poplar, E A.
Richards, bkkpr Natl Bank, going into new house next door to 907 Hill.
Richards Doc. lab. h 35 N Peters. E A.
Richards Charles. h 150 S Poplar. E A .
Richards Fred. wks Check Factory. h 603 S Poplar. E A.
Richards Evaline, wid John C. h 616 Third, E A.
Richards James. stone mason. h nr Fairview and city limits. E A.
Richards Lucy. wks A M Co. r 35 N Peters. E A.
Richards Thomas. wks A M Co. h 141 S Poplar. E A.
Richards Thomas. trimmer A E L Co. r 613 Third. E A.
Riley Benjamin F. prof Univ of Ga. h College Campus.
Ritchie Gus, trackman A E R Co.
Rivers Frank T, wks T B & Co. h 751 Fourth. E A.
Rivers Mary M. wid J H, h 751 Fourth. E A.
Rivers Wm J. farmer, h 742 Fourth. E A.
Roberts Crate. farmer, h 776 S Lumpkin.
Robertson A R. marble works. h 450 S Milledge ave.
Roberts Jesse A. shoemaker. 1201 E Broad. h same, E A.
Roberts W W. physician. off and r 230 E Broad.
Robinson Si. blacksmith. r Pulaski.
Rogers Henry T. h 412 Oconee.
Rose B O W, policeman h 501 E Broad.
Rose G A Mrs. groceries and provisions 501 E Broad, r same.
Rose Nannie Miss. clk Hart Bros. r 501 E Broad.
Ross Ella Miss. housekeeper C Lumpkin. r 18 W Dough­erty.
Rowe Eli. miller. h 641 College ave.
Rowe Fanny Miss. r 209 Hoyt.
Rowe H J. (H J Rowe & Co). asst p m, h 16 W Strong.
Rowe H J & Co. (H J Howe). lessees opera house and city bill posters. off 108 and 110 E Clayton.
Rowland Charles A jr. (Hodgson Bros). r 411 W Broad.
Rowland John. wks Ga R R. h 32 Willow.
Rowland T L. r 121 S Milledge ave.
Rowland Wm M. (Rowland & Collins), r 411 W Broad.
Rowland & Collins. (Wm M Rowland and George U Col­lins), proprs The Athens Cycle Co, E Clayton.
Royal Benjamin L, wks A M Co, h 8 Pine. E A.
Royal Carlton, wks A M Co. r 3 Pine, E A.
Royal Lone, hack driver. h 1310 E Broad, E A.
Rubenstein I A Rev, Rabbi of the congregation of the children of Israel. h 202 E Dougherty.
Rucker Alexander C. h N Milledge ave cor Meigs.
Rucker Aurelia C Mrs. r 125 Pulaski.
Rucker Jeptha H, compress E Broad, also alderman 3d Ward. h 606 Dearing.
Rucker Lamar. stud. r 606 Dearing.
Rucker M E Mrs. h 726 N Lumpkin.
Rucker Tinsley. stud. r 606 Dearing.
Rumney E S Mrs. h 326 E Dougherty.
Russell Bicycle Co, W J Russell jr. prop. 209-211 E Washington.
Russell House, see Central Hotel.
Russell Mary B Miss. teacher. r 319 S Milledge ave.
Russell W J, h 319 S Miliege ave.
Russell W J jr, propr Russell Bicycle Co. also special agent Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association. r 319 S Milledge ave.
Rutherford Mildred Miss. prof L C I. h 104 Milledge ave.
Rutledge Chas B. motorman A E R Co. r Nantahala ave.
Rutledge Floyd W H. asst W G & M E R Finney. r Carlton House
Sailor Flora C Miss. clk. r 40 N Thomas.
8ailor Hattie A Miss.clk. r 40 N Thomas.
Sailor Mary B Mrs, h 40 N Thomas.
Sanford Charles T. trav salesman Huggins & Son. r Bar­ber 4th n Cleveland ave.
Sanford G R, asst A E R Co. r Barber 4th n Cleveland ave.
Sanford Walter M, asst A E R Co. r Barber 4th n Cleve­land ave.
Sanford Wm S, h Barber 4th n Cleveland ave.
Sawyer Peter. wks A R C Co. h 722 Oak. E A.
Saye Arthur B. mgr Athens Gas Light Co Works. h 1009 Oak.
Saye A H. carp. h 931 Oconee. E A.
Saye Chester, wks A M C Co. r 15 Mulberry. E A.
Saye John, carp. h 931 Cemetery.
Saye John A. carp. h 623 Baxter.
Saye John N. carp A M Co. h 512 Oconee. E A.
Saye Joseph A, policeman. h 753 Oconee. E A.
Saye Margaret Mrs. h 15 Mulberry. E A.
Saye Milton B. carp. h 1219 E Broad. E A.
Saye Nancy Mrs. r 403 S Lumpkin.
Saye Nellie, wks A M Co. r 753 Oconee. E A.
Saye Norma. wks A M Co. r 753 S Oconee. E A.
Saye Robert A. night watchman S A L depot. h 740 N Lumpkin.
Saye Willie. asst A E L Co, r 535 Oak. E A.
Schaller Ida Miss. asst music teacher the Home School. r same.
Schevenell Leonard. r 409 N Jackson.
Scheed Lizzie Miss. r with Chancellor Wm E Boggs, College Campus.
Scott T J. (Holman & Scott). h Mitchell s Bridge Road.
Scott Wm. salesman Morris Bros.
Scudder C A Mrs, h 11 E Hancock ave.
Scudder Charles A, jeweler 113 E Broad. h cor S Milledge ave and Baxter.
Scurry Minnie Mrs, r 444 Barber.
Scroggins Minnie. h 655 Water. E A.
Seagraves Andrew, wks A M Co. h 962 Oconee. E A.
Seagraves Bell. wks A M Co. r 962 Oconee. E A.
Seagraves Chas. wks A M Co. h 13 N Peters. E A.
Seagraves Eddie. wks A M Co. r 37 N Peters. E A.
Seagraves Ella. wks A M Co. r 926 Oconee, E A.
Seagraves Fred. wks A M Co. h 37 N Peters, E A.
Seagraves Hardy C. lab. h 37 N Peters. E A.
Seagraves Henry. wks A F & M W, r 27 Derby. E A.
Seagraves James. wks A M Co. h 317 Baldwin.
Seagraves Lizzie. wks A M Co, r 962 Oconee. E A.
Seagraves Lula, topper A K M. r 37 N Peters, E A.
Seagraves Maude. wks A M Co. r 962 Oconee, E A.
Seagraves Maude. wks A M Co. r 317 Baldwin.
Seagraves Mattie. wks A M Co. r 317 Baldwin.
Seagraves Thomas. wks A F & M Wks. r 27 Derby, E A.
Seagraves Wm. wks A F & M Wks. h 27 Derby. E A.
Sewell John M Rev. pastor of the Whitehall mission. h 614 Barber.
Shackelford Chas W. h 430 Prince ave.
Shackelford F C. (Shackelford & Shackelford) also city attorney. r 430 Prince ave.
Shackelford T J. (Shackelford & Shackelford). r 430 Prince ave.
Shackelford L A. salesman J H Huggins jr, h 519 College ave.
Shackelford U C. salesman The Athens Hardware Co, r 430 Prince ave.
Shackelford & Shackelford. (T J & F C.) lawyers Univ Bank Bldg.
Shaw Georgie Miss. r 716 Prince ave.
Sheffield Oscar H, prof Univ of Ga. r cor Lumpkin and Washington.
Sheftall Benjamin F. mngr Carlton Blacksmith Shop, r 214 E Hancock ave.
Shepard Marvel H, agt Nat Pub Co, h 660 S Lumpkin.
Shepherd Walter, printer Woman's Work Pub Co. r 660 S Lumpkin.
Sherman Claude. lab. r 322 Cleveland ave.
Shewell Ida Mrs. h 609 N Jackson.
Shields Caroline. h 423 China. E A.
Shields Charles E. plumber. r 423 China. E A.
Shouse Hugh A. fireman C of Ga R R. r 412 Oconee.
Short Albin P. carp. h 138 Tabernacle. E A.
Short Ernest P, agent Metrop Life Ins Co, h Boulevard and N Chase.
Short Hattie, wks A M Co, r 977 Oak. E A.
Short John F, carp, h 977 Oak. E A.
Short Mamie. wks A M Co. r 977 Oak. E A.
Shy House, Wm H Shy, propr. 213 S Jackson.
Shy Wesley S. grocer 9 N Jackson, r 326 Oconee.
Shy Wm H. propr Shy House, 213 S Jackson.
Sims E Chas. clk Griffeth Bros & West. r 660 S Lumpkin.
Sims Mary, nurse J D Moss.
Sims M V, wid Wm, h 625 Prince ave.
Sims J H. wks J L Bradberry.
Simpson Wm H, gen trav agent, loans, investments and insurance. r 326 Oconee.
Singer Manfg Co, J C Higginbotham agent. 26 E Clayton.
Sitton Edward W. (Parr & Sitton) r 455 Oconee.
Sizer Richard W, auditor N E R of Ga. h 517 Prince ave.
Skelton Mamie. h 657 Water, E A.
Skiff Valentine W. watchmaker 104 E Clayton, h 5 E Dougherty.
Sledge E Deloney. vice-pres T Fleming & Sons, r Mitchell's Bridge Road.
Sledge L D, of City Drug Store. r 11 E Hancock ave.
Sloman S. (Charles Stem & Co). r 25 E Hancock ave.
Smith Austin L. (Smith & Finley). r 114 N Thomas.
Smith Calla, wks A M Co. r 55 Oak, E A.
Smith Charles. with T B & Co, r 513 N Jackson.
Smith Clayton T, r 701 River.
Smith C H Mrs, h 432 Pulaski.
Smith C T, farmer, h 701 River, E A.
Smith Dozier. messenger W U Tel Co, r E Broad.
Smith Emma, wks A M Co, r 8 Baldwin.
Smith Edward I, shoes E Clayton, h 506 Franklin.
Smith Ella. wks A M Co. r 535 Oak. E A.
Smith Frank, lab, h 8 Baldwin.
Smith I B, opr W U Tel Co, r Hotel Victoria.
Smith James M. watchman. h 1303 E Broad.
Smith Jennie Miss, art teacher L C I, r 129 W Washington.
Smith Marion. clk, r 608 Pulaski.
Smith Mary Miss. r 915 Meigs.
Smith Mary Mrs. 1275 Fairview. E A.
Smith Mary F. wid E, r E Broad opp Rock Row. E A.
Smith Mary W Miss, r 8 Pine. E A.
Smith Melinda Miss, boarding, 8 Pine, E A.
Smith M A M Mrs. boarding, 203 S Jackson, r same.
Smith Netuine. wks A M Co, r 535 Oak. E A.
Smith Paul McL. (W J Smith & Bro). r Hotel Victoria.
Smith Pearl. wks A M Co. r 8 Baldwin.
Smith Robert E. lab. h 535 Oak. E A.
Smith S F. com trav, h 29 W Dougherty.
Smith S Fariss, (Smith & Henderson). h 6 N Milledge ave.
Smith Thomas. foreman Lyndon Manfg Co, h 513 N Jackson.
Smith Thomas L jr. night watchman Lyndon. r 513 N Jackson.
Smith T C S. cattle buyer S M Hunter & Son. h 915 Meigs.
Smith Viola Miss. r 715 Prince ave.
Smith Warren J, (Warren J Smith & Bro). h 318 E Dougherty.
Smith Warren J & Bro. (Warren J and Paul McL). drugs 233 E Broad.
Smith W Mrs, h 129 W Washington.
Smith Wm H, salesman furniture dept E H & W F Dorsey. h 12 W Dougherty.
Smith & Henderson, (S F Smith and Jno C Henderson). books and stationery, school and office supplies. etc. 114 E Clayton.
Smithers Minna Miss. operator S B T & T Co. information as to r refused.
Sneed Emma Mrs. r 11 E Bancock ave
Snelling C M. A M prof Univ of Ga.
Sommers Ruel K. wks A M Co. h 245 S Thomas.
Sosnowski C Miss, principal The Home School, Prince ave.
Sosnowski S Mrs. r The Home School.
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. Henry C Conway mngr, 116 E Clayton.
Southern Express Co. W B Jones agent. 11 College Place.
Southern Insurance Bldg. cor College ave and E Clay­ton.
Southern Mutual lnsurance Co, Wm W Thomas. pres and treas; Arthur E Griffith. sec. Southern Ins Bldg. College ave.
Sparks L W, ins. h 634 College ave.
Speer Eustace W Rev. h 113 College ave.
Speer Laura Miss. r 113 College ave.
Spence Ellen B Mrs. r 412 W Hancock ave.
Spencer Emma Miss. clk Max Joseph. r 316 Baxter.
Spencer Nettie Miss. r 209 Hoyt.
Spencer Robert, clk. r 316 Baxter.
Spencer Wm M. meat market 108 N Lumpkin. h 316 Baxter.
Spratling John H. wks A M Co. h 345 Williams.
Spratling Philip. h 634 Morris.
Spratling Wm H. wks A M Co. h 332 Mitchell.
Sprout Ellen Miss. r Hill w of N Billups.
Stallings W S, sec Y M C A. h 427 Pulaski.
Stanley Sallie F Miss. music teacher. r 205 Pulaski.
Stanley T P, surveyor and civil engineer Moss Bldg. r same.
Stanley N C. clk Southern Express Co, r same.
Statham Fanny Miss. wks A H Co. r 20 Foundry.
Steedly Georgetter Mrs. h 102 W Hancock ave.
Stephens Cynthia. wid Joseph. r 26 Mulberry, E A.
Stephens Wm. wks Check Factory. h 26 Mulberry, E A.
Stephenson Jas M jr. teacher. h Grady ave.
Stern Chas. (Chas Stern & Co). h 25 E Hancock ave.
Stern Chas & Co. (Chas Stern, S Sloman and Jake Stern) clothing and gent's furnishings. 109 E Clayton.
Stern Jake, (Charles Stern & Co). r 25 E Hancock ave.
Stern M. (Funkenstein & Stern). h 203 Reese.
Stern Philip. h 511 Hill.
Stevens C A, (McMahan & Co). r Sandy Cross. Oglethorpe county.
Stevens David, farmer. h 322 Baxter.
Stevens J L Rev, of Southern Presbyterian city mission work. h 71 Prince ave.
Stevens CA. (McMahan & Co). r Sandy Cross. Oglethorpe county.
Stinchcomb Nevada, wks Hong Sing. r 457 Bridge
Stokely M C Mrs. r 851 S Lumpkin.
Stone Clement D. letter carrier. r Shy House.
Stone E D Rev. (Ellison D) book and job printer, also local elder of the M E church. 15 N Jackson. h 403 S Lumpkin.
Stone Ed P. letter carrier. h 313 S Lumpkin.
Stone Geo H. job printer E D Stone. h 128 Baldwin.
Stone Joseph H. bus mngr E D Stone. h 407 S Lumpkin.
Story Samuel F. cotton buyer. 13 N Thomas. r Hotel Victoria.
Stovall Bolling A Mrs. h 214 N Milledge ave.
Stovall Harvey, r 214 N Milledge ave.
Strahan C M. registrar Univ of Ga, r College Campus.
Streckfuss C F. h 721 S Lumpkin.
Strickland John J. lawyer, Moss Bldg, h 902 W Hancock ave.
Stroud M S Mrs. music teacher and artist, r 604 Meigs.
Stummer Sarah J F Mrs. h 1603 Arch. E A.
Suber Daisy. topper A K M. r 768 Oconee. E A.
Suddeth Charles S, policeman, h 607 Baxter.
Suddeth Etter. wks A M Co. r 792 Oak. E A.
Suddeth Mary, wid Frank. h 792 Oak. E A.
Summers Howell T. (Summers & Hunter). h 701 E Broad.
Summers & Hunter. (Howell T Summers and Samuel M Hunter). drayage, 18 N Jackson.
Summey Alice Miss. r 19 Summey.
Swann Becky Mrs. r 486 Barber.
Swann M E Mrs. seamstress. h 408 W Broad.
Swann Henry. r 408 W Broad.
Swann Henry, wks A M Co. r 323 Mitchell.
Swann Herschel, r 408 W Broad.
Swift Building. S Foundry.
Swindle S L Mrs. r 29 N Peters, E A.
Talmadge Bros & Co, (Charles A. John E, jr. and John E Talmadge. sr.) who and ret groceries and provis­ions also proprs of the Model Mills, 25-27 E Clay­ton.
Talmadge Chas A. (Talmadge Bros & Co). h 1243 Prince ave.
Talmadge C G Mrs. r 227 S Jackson.
Talmadge C G jr, salesman Talmadge Bros & Co. r 227 S Jackson.
Talmadge John E. (Talmadge Bros & Co). h 1243 Prince ave.
Talmadge John E jr. (Talmadge Bros & Co). r 221 S Pope.
Talmage Allen H. (Talmadge Hardware Co), 705 States Right.
Talmage Hardware Co, (Allen H Talmage), hardware 19 E Clayton.
Taylor Lovell R S, r with Mrs M A M Smith.
Teshudi Eleanor Miss, r with C D Flanigen.
Teat Alice, wks A M Co. r 325 Baldwin.
Teat Charles, wks A M Co. h 362 Williams.
Teat David, wks A M Co. r 325 Baldwin.
Teat Mary. wks A M Co. r 325 Baldwin.
Teat Wm, wks A M Co. h 312 Baldwin.
Teat Wm N. wks A M Co. h 325 Baldwin.
Thomas David A N. physician. h 435 Bloomfield.
Thomas George C. lawyer 115 E Clayton. h 5 N Hull.
Thomas Henry N, carp Nantahala ave.
Thomas John. messenger W U Tel Co. r Nantahala ave.
Thomas J L, engr C of Ga R R, r 402 Oconee.
Thomas J J Mrs. r 402 S Milledge ave.
Thomas Wm W, pres and treas Southern Mutual Insur­ance Co, h 402 S Milledge ave.
Thomas Mrs. r 715 Prince ave.
Thompson Jasper N. h 713 States Right.
Thompson Lulu. h between Fourth and River, E A.
Thornton A C Mrs. h 258 S Lumpkin.
Thornton Asa. r 258 S Lumpkin.
Thornton Eunice Miss. teacher. r 10 Wray
Thornton Frank C. salesman Webb & Crawford. r 258 S Lumpkin.
Thornton Geo H. salesman D W McGregor. r 258 S Lump­kin.
Thornton Jas B. clk The Commercial. r same.
Thornton John T. bkkpr and collector Klein & Martin. h 207 S Jackson.
Thornton Kent. well digger. h 1258 Fairview. E A.
Thornton Lula Miss. teacher. r 10 Wray.
Thornton Prince D. r 10 Wray.
Thornton Rufus R. salesman J W Turner. r 258 S Lump­kin.
Thornton W J. bkkpr. h 10 Wray.
Thurman Mary Mrs. r 516 N Lumpkin.
Thurman M Obie Miss. private school. 516 N Lumpkin. r same.
Thurmond Elizabeth Mrs. h 607 Dearing.
Tilton M Russell. cabinet maker. h 409 S Rock Spring.
Tolbert John, engineer Barrett Lumber Co. h 457 Bridge.
Tolbert J Mrs. wks Hong Sing. r 457 Bridge.
Tolbert Wm. wks A M Co. h 511 Oconee. E A.
Toomer J B. sewing machines. off Hotel Victoria. r same.
Towns W H Mrs. h Grady ave.
Towns Willie. messenger W U Tel Co, r Grady ave.
Tribble Samuel J. lawyer Moss Bldg. h Prince ave.
Trussell Jesse G. sign writer J L Arnold jr. r 231 E Broad.
Tuck Bessie Miss. saleslady Miss R A Von der Leith. r 516 College ave.
Tuck Henry C, lawyer 303 E Broad. r 315 N Milledge ave.
Tuck Harold T. cashier Max Joseph. r 516 College ave.
Tuck Thomas. carp, h 516 College ave.
Tuck Wilburn J. guager. h 704 E Broad.
Turner B Clifford. clk Davison & Lowe, r 107 Waddell.
Turner Early V. carp. h 625 Pulaski.
Turner Edward G. salesman J S King & Co. r 107 Waddell.
Turner Joseph W, cigars and tobacco. smokers' mater­ials, etc. 18 College ave. r 10, Waddell.
Turner Rebecca. wid Ben. h 1428 E Broad. E A.
Turner Rufus J. r 107 Waddell.
Turner Wm C. advance agent. r 107 Waddell.
Turner W W. clerk of council. h 107 Waddell.
Umbach Fred G. blacksmith and horseshoer, also manfr Umbach's patent harrow. 114 W Clayton. h 607 Pulaski.
Underwood Chas. woodwkr Klein & Martin. h 330 E Clayton.
Upson Edward S. (Phinizy & Upson), r 1022 Prince ave.
Upson Frank L. lawyer. 246 E Broad. r 1022 Prince ave.
Upson Stephens Col. h 1022 Prince ave.
Upson S C. editor daily and weekly Athens Banner. r 1022 Prince ave.
Upson Burrell. wks Carlton's blacksmith shop. h 1217 Fairview. E A.
VanStraaten Jacob, meat market Y M C A Bldg. h 12 W Hancock ave.
Veal John B. harness maker. h 564 Pulaski.
Venable C W. paper hanger and decorator Smith & Hen­derson. h Pulaski.
Vess Alfred W. clk. h 321 E Dougherty.
Vess Mary, wid Alfred W. r 321 E Dougherty.
Vickers A Jodie, clk J L Arnold jr. r 20 N Foundry.
Vickers Loney. pairer and folder A K M. r 20 N Foundry.
Vickers Dora, mender A K M, r 20 N Foundry.
Vickers Erah. examiner A K M. r 20 N Foundry.
Vickers John H. pres clk Dillard Drug Co. r 20 N Foundry.
Vickers Margaret. wid E H. h 20 N Foundry.
Vincent B A Mrs. r 103 N Lumpkin.
Vincent Ike, trustee. h 416 China. E A.
Vincent Jas, wks A M Co. r 416 China. E A.
Vincent Joe. wks A M Co. r 731 Little. E A.
Vincent John. wks A M Co. h 731 Little. E A.
Vincent Mary. wks A M Co. r 53 Mulberry. E A.
Vincent Thomas P. (Jackson & Vincent). h 1014 Hill.
Vincent Sarah. h 2020 Water. E A.
Vonderau Wm P, mgr Athens Coal & Coke Co. h 620 N Jackson
Vondereau Louisa J Mrs. r 620 N Jackson.
Von der Leith C A. cotton buyer. h 525 N Lumpkin.
Von der Leith C F, wid E H. h 16 College ave.
Von der Leith Rosa A Miss. embroidery, silks, etc, toys and confectionery 16 College ave. r same.
Voss P J, electrician, h Nantahala ave.
Wagnon Wm A. contractor and builder 1109 Baxter. h same.
Walden J W Rev, pastor First Presbyterian church.
Walker Sarah Mrs. wks A M Co. r 350 Williams.
Wallace Abel B Dr. r Commercial Hotel.
Wallace J H P. carp, h 501 Prince ave.
Wallace Willis J, carp. h 741 College ave. E A.
Walls Frank. sewing machine repairer, h 784 Oak. E A.
Walton A J. warehouseman R L Moss & Co. r 114 N Thomas.
Warren Linda Miss. r 213 E Hancock ave.
Washburn H K, r 124 S Hull.
Washburn R A. salesman. h 124 S Hull.
Waters Bersheba. wid Samuel, h 1309 E Broad. E A.
Waters David. blacksmith. h 40 Narrow.
Waters John. r 40 Narrow.
Watkins Cornelia. wks A K M, r 1214 E Broad, E A.
Watkins Edward B, carp. h 1227 E Broad. E A.
Watkins John. carp, h 1214 E Broad. E A.
Watkins Lizzie. wks A M Co. r 1227 E Broad. E A.
Watkins Mahela. wks A M Co. r 1214 E Broad. E A.
Watkins Sarah. wks A M Co. r 1227 E Broad. E A.
Watson Adam J, asst Watson Bros. h 341 S Jackson.
Watson Bros. (Marion C and Joseph M F). builders and contractors. off and yard N Foundry.
Watson Eunice Mrs. h 1304 E Broad. E A.
Watson E P. carp. r 1304 E Broad. E A.
Watson Lucy Mrs. housekeeper W D Kelly.
Watson Jasper. newsboy Smith & Henderson.
Watson Joseph M F. (Watson Bros). r Winterville.
Watson J B. r 620 Barber.
Watson J W. vet surg, r Hotel Victoria.
Watson Marion C. (Watson Bros). h 402 S Jackson.
Watt Elizabeth J Miss, prof of Latin. etc. L C I. r same.
Weatherford Wm. h 474 Oconee.
Weatherly Chas N. grocer 502 N Thomas. r BarbersYille.
Weatherly Charles M. h River. E A.
Weatherly Harry C, grocer College ave. r 23 W Dougherty.
Weatherly Joseph M. clk Jackson & Vincent. h 23 W Dougherty.
Weatherly Wm. salesman B W N Burrows, r 625 States Right.
Webb Eva, r 166 Water. E A.
Webb Hattie. h 166 Water. E A.
Webb Joseph N. (Webb & Crawford) h 133 Broad.
Webb Luther. horse trainer. h 212 College ave.
Webb & Crawford. (Joseph N Webb), who grocers 220 E Broad.
Weil Peter. shoemaker 16 E Clayton. h 526 W Hancock
Weil Fanny C Mrs. dressmaker 113 W Hancock ave. r same.
Welsh Margaret. wid Wm P. h S Milledge ave.
Welsh John W. lawyer. r S Milledge ave.
West Henry S (Griffeth Bros & West). h 621 Hill.
Western Union Telegraph Company, Miss L A Pipkin manager. 118 E Clayton.
Westmoreland Ellen Miss, r 911 Prince ave.
Westmoreland Freeman, r with D M Kenney Nantahala ave.
Whaley W S, physician. off and r 715 Prince ave.
White H C. DSc PhD FCS. prof Univ of Ga. h 207 S Milledge ave.
White Bessie Miss. clk. r 209 Hoyt.
White E Mrs. r 209 Hoyt.
White E M. photographer. r Commercial Hotel.
White Thomas. h 793 Oconee, E A.
White James, cashier The National Bank of Athens, h 518 Prince ave.
White H C Dr. prof L C 1.
Whitehead Alonzo L. clk. r 718 Field.
Whitehead E G. clk. r 71 8 Field.
Whitehead Thomas L. h 601 N Thomas.
Whitehead Willie L Miss. teacher. r 718 Field.
Whitehead W J. (Whitehead & Harper), h 718 Field.
Whitehead & Harper. (W J Whitehead and W A Harper), grocers 243 E Broad.
Whittaker James, printer Athens Clipper. r 804 E Broad.
Whittaker J L. salesman. r Hotel Victoria.
Whitworth W Crawford. carp Watson Bros. r E A.
Wier Albert. clk C G Wier. r 419 Hill.
Wier Cicero, supt Sewer Works, h 450 Pulaski.
Wier Clarence G. groceries and provisions Prince ave. r 419 Hill.
Wier Edward. clk I Haddock. r 419 Hill.
Wier Emma E Miss. clk Davison & Lowe, r 450 Pulaski.
Wier Eva M Miss. milliner. r 450 Pulaski.
Wier Hal, r Nantahala ave.
Wier John W, sheriff, h 419 Hill.
Wier Lovie. clk. r Nantahala ave.
Wier Sam. h Nantahala ave nr Boulevard.
Wight E Mellen. photographer, r Commercial Hotel.
Wilkerson Callie Miss, dressmaker, r 507 E Broad.
Wilkins John J, collection clk National Bank of Athens also local treas Equitable Bldg and Loan Asso­ciation. h 911 Hill.
Wilkins Samuel B. bkkpr Galloway Lambert & Co. r 911 Hill.
Willbanks Adolphus W. clk George M Booth, r same.
Willbanks John B, job printer W D Christy. r 326 Oconee.
Williams Alice Miss. r 14 N Milledge ave.
Williams Ben. wks T B & Co. r 335 S Jackson.
Williams Carlton. r 32 Baldwin.
Williams Daniel. clk J Moore. h 648 First. E A.
Williams Dorsey P. wks A M Co. h 302 Baldwin.
Williams Edward R. agent J B Toomer. r 919 S Lumpkin.
Williams Ed L, molder T B & Co, r 20 N Foundry.
Williams E Mrs. wks A M Co. r 409 Rock Spring.
Williams Elijah. r 302 Baldwin.
Williams Francis M, h 709 Peabody.
Williams Fred. lab. r 335 S Jackson.
Williams George. h 919 S Lumpkin.
Williams G W Mrs. r 412 Oconee.
Williams Hillary. printer. r 32 Baldwin.
Williams Ike. lab, h 37 Willow.
Williams John, lab. r 335 S Jackson.
Williams John W. salesman E H & W F Dorsey- clothing dept. h 103 W Dougherty.
Williams Jordan. wks A M Co.
Williams J Daniel. clk. J R Moore. r 627 College ave.
Williams J Hillary, compositor W D Christy. r Baldwin.
Williams Laura Mrs. r 315 E Strong.
Williams Maggie, wks Check Factory, r 648 First. E A.
Williams Matt Mrs. h 102 Baldwin.
Williams Minnie wks A M Co. r 648 First. E A.
Williams Robert. foreman printer Woman's Work Publishing Co. r 102 Baldwin.
Williams Robert S. tinner. r 302 Baldwin.
Williams Sarah H. wid Edwin A. r 14 N Milledge ave.
Williams Thomas. mach. h 335 S Jackson.
Williams Wm. plumber Bondurant & Co. r 102 Baldwin.
Williams W D, mason. h 36 Baldwin.
Williamson A B. h 1307 W Hancock ave.
Williamson George H, grocer, 29 E Clayton. Clayton & Jackson.
Williamson John N. livery W Clayton. h 665 Barber.
Williamson M E. wid J C (Adams & Williamson). r 467 Oconee.
Williford John S. real estate and general agt Southern Ins Bldg. h 1/2 mile n of the city limit Newton Bridge Road.
Willis Tommie, looper A K M, r 20 N Foundry.
Wills James F, salesman Jackson & Vincent, r 103 N Lumpkin.
Wilson A S, manager Holman & Scott. h Mitchell's Bridge Road. w of city limits.
Wilson Edward (Toyner & Wilson), h 17 S Poplar, E A.
Wilson Emma Miss. r Boulevard with Ed H Dorsey.
Wilson J B, motorman A E R Co.
Wilson Joseph P. auctioneer E Clayton. h 620 Barber.
Wilson Pearl, topper A K M. r 24 Derby. E A.
Wilson Lucy, wid Thomas, h 32 Derby. E A.
Wilson P K. mgr Wilson's Auction and Commission House.
Wilson Robert, wks A M Co. h 24 Derby. E A.
Wilson Wesley W, coffin and cabinet maker, 9 Wilkerson, h 802 E Broad.
Wilson Wm O E. asst A E R Co. h Morris cor Prince ave.
Wilson's Auction and Commission House. P K Wilson mgr, E Clayton.
Wimberly Harriet. wid John, dressmaker, h 327 E Dougherty.
Wimberly Sophie Miss. dressmaker, r 327 E Dougherty.
Wingfield M Lillian Mrs, prof of mnsic L C I. r same.
Wingfield George T, stud. r 665 Barber.
Wingfield Samuel B, clerk of the market, h 665 Barber.
Wingfield Samuel B jr, clk. r 665 Barber.
Wingfield Wm C, (W C Wingfield & Co), h 314 E Dougherty.
Wingfield W C & Co (Wm C Wingfield and Warren J Smith), grocers, 237 E Broad.
Witcher Henry M, manager McMahan & Co. h 618 Barber.
Witcher Wm T, wks A M Co, h 113 S Finley.
Winter L A Mrs. r 222 S Lumpkin.
Witte George C. (George C Witte & Co). h 216 S Lumpkin.
Witte George C & Co. (George C Witte). wholesale fruits, etc. 228 E Broad.
Wolfe Gussie Miss, saleslady M Myers & Co. r 511 Hill.
Woman's Exchange The. Mrs Lamar Cobb pres. Miss Mildred Rutherford vice-pres, Miss Lula Moss sec, Mrs H C White treas. 11 E Clayton.
Woman's Work. (monthly). Rev T L Mitchell editor. 319 W Hancock ave.
Woman's Work Publishing Co. T L Mitchell sec and treas, publishers of Woman's Work and job printers, 319 W Hancock ave.
Woodberry Rosa Miss, prof natural science, etc, L C I. r same.
Wood John J, farmer, h 27 W Dougherty.
Wood Wm. clk. r 12 N Willow.
Wood Wm L, supt of the Athens Water Works, off city hall, h 12 N Willow.
Woods Benja F. warehouseman R L Moss & Co. h 824 River, E A.
Woods Sallie Miss, saleslady Michael Bros. r 27 W Dougherty.
Woods Samuel F. h 857 River, E A.
Wootten L Benjamin, clk Smith & Hendnrson. h 109 Baxter.
Wright Harry. printer Banner. r 612 E Broad.
Wright James. wks J M McCurdy, r 612 E Broad.
Wright Wm B, bkkpr. h 612 E Broad.
Wright Robert, wks Geo Booth, r 612 E Broad.
Writesman John. carriage trimmer Klein & Martin, h 201 E Washington.
Yancey Goodloe H. h 509 Dearing.
Yarbrough India Mrs, r 447 River.
Yarbrough J C, night operator S A L.
Yearwood Charles. blacksmith. h Chattooga ave.
Young Charles M. stud, r 603 N Jackson.
Young Charles T. livery feed and sale stables. old Dobbs warehouse E Clayton. tel 46. h 603 N Jackson.
Young Jeremiah J. compositor Athens Banner, h 317 E Hancock ave.
Young Wm H Rev. pastor of the 1st Baptist church, h 125 S Hull.
Youngkin Ernest H. trav salesman Talmadge Bros & Co. h Boulevard.
Adams Fanny, h 109 N Pope.
Adams John, tmstr Athens Commission Co, h 1012 W Broad.
Adams John H Rev, h Augusta ave.
Adams Sam, tmstr Athens Commission Co, r 1012 W Broad.
Alexander Claude, r rear 425 Oconee.
Alexander Doc, lab, h 10 S Pope.
Alexander Fanny, r 1228 Vine, E A.
Alexander Glover, waiter G M Booth.
Allen George T, truckman N E R of Ga.
Allen Hattie, h 312 Newton.
Allen Nelson, wks C of Ga R R. r 215 Thomas.
Allen Seaton, clk M Derricotte, r 621 N Hull.
Allgood Clippes, wks C C L S.
Allgood Ed, wks C C L S.
Allison John W, painter, h 1025 W Broad.
Amey Sam. lab, h 510 S Milledge ave.
Anderson Eugene. h 302 W Broad.
Anderson Henry. lab, h rear 425 Oconee.
Anderson Robert, wks Klein & Martin.
Anderson T, lab, h Crawford.
Andrews Cicero C, solicitor Abney Bros. r Broad.
Andrews David, lab. h 24 S Peters, E A.
Annison Bob, h Arch. E A.
Appleby Susie Mrs, h 614 N Foundry.
Armstrong Henry, brick mason. h 113 N Finley.
Armstrong Thomas. h Savannah ave.
Armstrong Tom, wks R Nickerson. r 217 Stevens.
Arnold Gilbert. h 42 Green.
Arnold Zach, st lab.
Athens Clipper The, Samuel B Davis propr, 205 N Hull.
Athens Steam Dye Works. Miles Johnson propr, 1 Pulaski.
Aufling Ned, tinner T S Methvin. h College ave beyond Cleveland ave.
August Mary, h Springdale.
August Mary, r rear 54 S Milledge ave.
Austin Dennis, h Harris alley.
Austin Dennis, h 1222 Fairview, E A.
Austin John, lab, h 1102 W Broad.
Austin Mary, h 112 N Pope.
Austin Mary. h 620 Hill.
Bacon Edward, (Boyd & Bacon), h 416 E Strong.
Badger Carrie Z, teacher W A school.
Badger Martha, h 1422 W Broad.
Bailey Chas, washing, r 222 W Broad.
Bailey Eliza, h 629 Fourth, E A.
Baker Georgie, h 212 N Pope.
Baker John, lab.
Baker John, well digger, h 1004 Cobb.
Baker J W Rev, h 530 N Church.
Baker Maggie, cook, 303 Franklin.
Baker Wm, lab. h 344 Johns, E A.
Baker Wm, porter J H Huggins jr.
Baldwin Cato, carp, h 606 Fifth, E A.
Baldwin Mary, h 7 Newton.
Baldwin Richard, wks Phinizy & Griffith.
Banks Henry, truckman N E R of Ga.
Banks John, drayman G H Hulme.
Banks L L. carpenter. h 603 N Lumpkin.
Banks M L. teacher, r 603 N Lumpkin.
Banks Simpson, lab. h rear 666 Fifth. E A.
Baptist Church. Athens ave.
Baptist Prince. lab, h 240 S Hull.
Barber Ellen Mrs, r Valley.
Barber Wm. plumber, h 307 N Pope.
Barnes Emma, dom. 203 Reese.
Barnes Lucius. wks Tannery, h 327 Reese.
Barnes Mathilda, r Savannah ave.
Barnett Doc, lab. h 827 Prince ave.
Barnett Joe, dorm. Prof B F Riley.
Barnett Mathilda, h 1015 W Broad.
Barnett Mattie, r 770 First. E A.
Barnett Miranda, h 1121 Dearing.
Burnett Nettie, h 32 S Rock Spring.
Barnett Wm. lab, h 117 N Chase.
Barrett Geo, lab, h 564 Morris.
Bass Annie, r 1024 Reese.
Bass Ed Mrs. teacher, r 1024 Reese.
Bass Edward W. barber Dick Harris, r 1024 Reese.
Bass Martha. h 1024 Reese.
Bass Mamie, teacher. r 1024 Reese.
Bass Sidney, cook G H Hulme.
Batties Della Mrs, h 430 River.
Battle James. propr pool room. 11 Wall, r same.
Baugh Frank, driver Standard Oil Co. h 215 Dublin, E A.
Baughn Daniel, h Grove. E A.
Baughn Lucy, dom. 503 College ave.
Baughn Preston, wks Hotel Victoria.
Baxter Violet. r 1256 Prince ave.
Bazell James C. lab.
Bazell Mary. h 115 N Rock Spring.
Bazell Richard, wks C C Bowden.
Beal Marcellus, meat market 302 W Broad. r W Broad nr city limits.
Bell Allison. lab, r 701 Cherokee.
Bell Charles. lab, h 642 N Hull.
Bell Henry, h 44 Green.
Bell Henry, lab. h 12 S Peters. E A.
Bell Judge, porter Webb & Crawford. h 24 Warsaw.
Bell Mary Ann. h 337 Flint. E A .
Benes Charles, lab, h 527 S Lumpkin
Benes Elsie, h 428 W Broad.
Bennett Joe, porter Parr & Sitton, h 105 N Finley.
Berry John, wks C of Ga R R. h 235 Mitchell.
Billups Adeline. h 920 W Broad.
Billups Beryl, cook Hotel Victoria. r 27 N Finley.
Billups Eliza. h 607 N Foundry.
Billups Peter. butler G M Booth. h W Strong cor N Hull.
Billups Robert, hostler J H Carlton.
Binion Alvin, wks A C W Wks.
Binion Sina. cook S F Smith.
Birch Frances, cook H Cohen. h 339 E Strong.
Bird Mack. h e of Oconee. nr S Elberton.
Bird Solomon. lab, h 422 W Broad.
Black Emma, h 836 Cherry.
Blackwell Letty. h 103 N Billups.
Blackwell Lucin, wks Hotel Victoria.
Blakeley James, lab, h 18 S Pope.
Blakely Louis. butler Burnett, h 526 Hodgson.
Bludsaw Lulu, h 220 Newton.
Booker Moses. st lab. h 236 S Hull.
Borthurik Charles, lab. h 820 College ave.
Bowden James, section hand, h 532 Barber.
Bowles Richard. wks A E R Co.
Bowles Levi, tmstr Griffith & West, h 688 Fourth, E A.
Boyce Martha Mrs, h 410 E Strong.
Boyd Martha. nurse, 207 S Milledge ave.
Boyd Ross.
Boyd Rosa. h 307 N Pope.
Boyd Thad. (Boyd & Bacon), h 1109 W Hancock ave.
Boyd & Bacon, (Thad Boyd & Edward Bacon). shoemakers, 203 E Broad.
Braden Martha. h 328 Cleveland ave.
Bradford Sarah. dom. Prof B F Riley.
Branner John, carp. h 11 N Billups.
Brannon John, wks S A L. h Crawford.
Brawner John, wks Mrs O'Farrell. h 26 W Dougherty.
Brawner Richard. lab. h 896 River. E A.
Brawner Wm B. driver Funkenstein & Stern.
Bray J A. prin West Athens School.
Brewer Frank. porter C Weatherly, r 326 River.
Brewer Fred. lab. h 326 River.
Brewer Hill, wks Burrows. r 326 River.
Brewer Katie Mrs. cook Victoria Hotel. r 326 River.
Brewer Sherman, lab. r 326 River.
Bridges Horace T. wks Ice Co, r 24 N Harris.
Bridges M J, h 24 N Harris.
Britton Abel, lab. r 512 N Foundry.
Bromer Sallie, cook, 25 E Hancock ave.
Bron Bill, driver Dorsey. h 1111 Reese.
Brooks Anthony, wks A G L Co, h 1111 W Hancock ave.
Brooks David. office boy T F Green.
Brooks Geo, lab, h Toomer Row, First. E A.
Brooks Henry, wks Classic City Market.
Brooks Isaac, lab. h 1218 Fairview, E A.
Brooks Isaac, wks Harrington's. h 1011 W Broad.
Brooks Josephine. h 38 Green.
Brown Albert L. lab. h 444 Athens ave.
Brown Anderson S. barber Dick Harris also sub letter carrier, h 109 N Rock Spring.
Brown Annie, h 1001 W Broad.
Brown Caroline, washing. h 114 W Washington.
Brown Cicero. h w of Rock Spring bet Baxter and Waddell.
Brown Ed, lab. Macon ave.
Brown Emma, h 219 S Thomas.
Brown George. lab. h nr city limits and W Broad.
Brown Geo jr. lab. 57 Elberton.
Brown Green Rev, minister A M E, also school teacher. h bet Fourth and River. E A.
Brown Jerry, blacksmith, h 1214 W Broad.
Brown John. cook Hill & Smith.
Brown John, lab. r S Milledge ave.
Brown John H. prin Jeruel school. h 731 S Lumpkin.
Brown Lloyd. shoemaker 506 River. h 440 same.
Brown Lucy. cook 111 W Strong.
Brown Lula. h 651 Odd, E A.
Brown Magdalene. r 109 Pulaski.
Brown Maria. h 407 Reese.
Brown Martha. h 709 Hill.
Brown Mary, h Athens ave.
Brown Mary, h 646 Morris.
Brown Randall. lab. h 119 W Washington.
Brown Randall. r 18 S Hull.
Brown Robert, porter D P Hazelton.
Brown Tom. porter L C Haynes.
Brown Wm. lab. h rear 409 Bridge.
Brown Winnie. cook, r 603 States Right.
Broughton. Eliza. 605 Hill.
Brumby Corse, tmstr, Valley. h same.
Brydie Eugene W. (Harris & Brydie). barber Dick Harris, h 101 N Finley.
Brydie Nancy, h 1227 W Broad.
Budden Nancy, 22 Willow.
Budge Saul. lab, h 11 S Billings.
Bugg Perry, cotton marker, h 432 River.
Bullock Green, farmer, h 444 Bridge.
Bunkley Frank, temperance drinks. 8 N Foundry, h 1120 E Broad, E A.
Bunkley Martha, h 227 S Hull.
Burch Amanda, h e of Oconee nr S Elberton.
Burdell Georgie, r Pulaski.
Burden Louis, lab. h Atlanta ave.
Burks Henry, lab. h w of Rock Spring bet Waddell and Baxter.
Burns David. h 101 N Pope.
Burton Ella, h 1203 W Hancock ave.
Burton Mary, r rear 665 Barber.
Bush Almon. h 516 W Broad.
Bush Clarence. wks G C & N R R, r 516 W Broad.
Bush William, porter Brumby Drug Co, r 516 W Broad.
Butler Emanuel, waiter Central Hotel.
Butler Henrietta. cook 499 Barber.
Callahan Alma, dom. 453 S Milledge ave.
Callahan Richard, carp. h 1237 Vine. E A.
Callaway John. lab. r 18 S Hull.
Callaway John. lab. h 909 Reese.
Callaway Knox, h 22 K Willow.
Camp Wm. h 1115 Springdale.
Campbell Adeline, h 1108 W Broad.
Campbell Charles, wks I N Butler, r 760 N Hull.
Campbell Croft, carp, h 1219 Vine, E A.
Campbell Dora, teacher, r 1108 W Broad.
Campbell Harrison. h 1223 W Hancock ave.
Campbell John, porter J R Moore, r 700 N Hull.
Campbell Miller, Palmer & Kinnebrew, r 760 N Hull.
Campbell Prophet, carp. h 1217 Vine. E A.
Campbell Z, lab. h 1403 W Hancock ave.
Carithers Horace, lab. r Oak.
Carlton Levi. porter Griffeth Bros & West.
Carson Harrison, tmstr, h 631 Second. E A.
Carson Nancy, h 19 S Rock Spring.
Carter Augustus, barber Wm Carter, r 15 Warsaw.
Carter David, lab. h 1308 W Broad.
Carter Dorsey, engineer L M Co.
Carter Laura, h 426 Compress.
Carter Lowe. porter G D Parr.
Carter Wm. barber, cor College ave and E Clayton. h 803 Prince ave.
Carter Wm. lab, h 15 Warsaw.
Case Julia. r 24 S Rock Spring.
Cassell Fanny. cook 109 Dearing.
Chambers Ben, lab, r 9 N Miller.
Charlton Wesley, h 844 Cherry.
Chatman Fanny, h rear 23 Warsaw.
Cheney Lucius, h rear 11 N Chase.
Chillis Amy, h 608 N Hull.
Christie Alec, lab. h 530 N Lumpkin.
Clark Andrew, butler, 209 Prince ave.
Clark Charity. h 978 Oconee.
Clark Clara, r 109 Pulaski.
Clark Lorenzo, lab, h 1606 Arch. E A.
Clark L S. a m. prin Knox Institute. r 104 N Harris.
Clark Maggie. r W Strong nr Hull.
Clark Newton. blacksmith 873 Oconee. h 145 Tabernacle, E A.
Clark Thomas, lab, h 16 S Peters, E A.
Clayton Rand, lab. h 12 N Chase.
Clayton Robert, lab, h 44 Green.
Clement Freeman. h Arch nr Derby, E A.
Clemmons John. wks Hotel Victoria.
Clemmons Mat, wks Boggs', h 309 Cleveland ave.
Clemmons Mike, h Toomer Row, First. E A.
Cleveland Emma, r 11 E Hancock ave.
Cleveland John, h Oneta.
Clock Jack, lab. h Crawford.
Cobb Jennie, dom, Prof Morris.
Cobb Robert, carp. h 26 N Rock Spring.
Coens Emma. r 407 River.
Coffer Cato. h 440 S Finley.
Coffer Ephram. h 436 S Finley.
Colbert Lizzie, r 602 N Hull.
Cole Andrew. lab, h 646 Chase ave.
Cole Brydie. cook, h 1108 Reese.
Cole Emanuel, r rear 406 Prince.
Cole Emanuel, carp. h Newton.
Cole George, porter. r 418 Hancock ave.
Cole Hattie, laundress, h 929 Oak. E A.
Cole Hopie, r 109 N Finley.
Cole Jennie r 109 N Finley.
Cole John C. lab. h Cleveland ave.
Cole Lucius, lab. h 117 N Finley.
Cole Ophelia. dom. Mrs Miller. r 929 Oak EA.
Cole Priscilla. h 1012 W Hancock ave.
Cole Wm. lab. h 339 Johns. E A.
Coleman Ben, porter Hotel Victoria. h 1264 Arch, E A.
Coleman Cora, h 7 Hickory.
Coleman Hattie. cook, 722 Cobb.
Coleman Lela. h 638 Morris.
Coleman Louis. lab, h 1570 Vine.
Coleman Nellie, h 1572 Vine. E A.
Coleman Richard. st lab. h 1277 Arch. E A.
Coleman Sarah. dom. 104 N Thomas.
Coleman Wylie. porter J H Huggins & Son, h 15 Wilkerson.
Collier George, porter Dick Harris, r Odd.
Collins George, lab, h 105 N Chase.
Collins Richard, lab, r 11 N Church.
Colored Cemetery. E Athens.
Colquist Reese, tailor A W Jackson, Barber.
Connell Emma, r rear 639 College ave.
Cook Camilla, h 722 First, E A.
Cook Fanny, r First nr Water Oak.
Cook Barry. lab. h Harris' alley.
Cooley Jackson, lab.
Cooper Charlotte, h 749 old Ga depot, E A.
Cooper Geo, r rear 608 E Broad.
Cooper Martha L, teacher. r 415 Baxter.
Cox Jordan, coachman. h 616 Morris.
Cox Richard, drayman Talmadge Bros & Co. h E Broad. E A.
Craddock Bob, carp. h 849 Cherry.
Craft Green, wks L M Co.
Crakes Louis, lab. h Atlanta ave.
Cramer Luther lab. h 979 Oconee.
Crave Green, h 321 Hoyt.
Crawford Harry, farmer.
Crawford Jane. h 766 Oak.
Crawford Joe, lab. h 9 N Paris.
Crawford Jonas, porter C S Appling. r 766 Oak. E A.
Crawford Peter, butler 418 Harris.
Crawford Wm. lab. r 766 Oak. E A.
Croft Major, lab, h 209 Rock Spring.
Croley Charles. broom-maker, h 432 Compress.
Crumley Caroline, cook 630 College ave.
Cuffey Thomas, valet Athens Banner, Valley.
Cunningham Edward, porter Talmadge Bros & Co.
Dalton George, lab. h Fairview. E A.
Dalton Josie. h 637 Water. E A.
Daniel John. wks Holman & Scott. r 107 N Thomas.
Daniel Robert, drayage. h 14 Savannah ave.
Darnnport Gus, 103 N Lumpkin.
Davenport Hallett, plumber, h 1269 Arch. E A.
Davenport Jake. dishwasher Hotel Victoria. h Athens ave.
Davenport John, wks Watson Bros.
Davenport Martha, r 109 Pulaski.
Davenport Mattie, h 602 Baxter.
Davis Amelia, dom, 12 S Lumpkin.
Davis Eli. Jab. h 124 Athens ave.
Davis Harrison. lab, h Macon ave.
Davis Hattie, h 229 S Hull.
Davis Henry D, restaurant. E Clayton, h 1023 Reese.
Davis James, clk G Hodgson, r 27 Newton.
Davis James W, teacher W A School, h 25 W Strong.
Davis John A, Janitor Athenaeum, r 25 W Strong.
Davis Madison, Real Estate 35 E Clayton. h 27 Newton.
Davis Mary, r rear 665 Barber.
Davis Mary A. h 319 Reese.
Davis Mattie Miss, teacher W A School. r 27 Newton.
Davis Mertis, lab. h 109 N Pinley.
Davis Mrs Minnie. teacher W A School, r 1107 Reese.
Davis Piety, r rear 314 S Lumpkin.
Davis Rebecca. wid Edward. h 25 W Strong.
Davis Robert. wks W H Davis, r 319 Reese.
Davis Samuel B. prop and publr The Athens Clipper, 205 N Hull. h 1107 Reese.
Davis Thomas. r 25 W Strong.
Davis Wm. janitor E Athens School. h 425 Bridge.
Deal George. lab, h Atlanta ave.
Dean Andrew, lab, 1114 Cobb.
Dean C C. wks C C L S.
Dean Colonel, driver Barrett Lumber Co. r nr Toomer Row.
Dean Elijah. lab. h 11 N Chase.
Dedwiler Mary. r 11 N Church.
Demry Wm. painter. h 717 Cherokee.
Denion Lucinda. h 20 River.
Derricotte Anna, dom. Rev E W Speer.
Derricotte Bart, farm hand. h 608 Odd. E A.
Derricotte Bart, lab. h 764 N Hull.
Derricotte Ed, carp, h 103 N Chase.
Derricotte Fanny, h 703 W Hancock ave.
Derricotte Frank. porter E I Smith. r Reese.
Derricotte Henry, lab. h 1108 W Broad.
Derricotte Isaiah. P, shoemaker. 8 E Clayton, h 1139 Reese.
Derricotte James, h 632 Morris.
Derricotte John, lab. h 663 Third. E A.
Derricotte Mike, grocer, 621 N Hull. h same.
Derricotte Mike, cook G M Booth.
Derricotte Randall. carp, h 615 N Hull.
Dickson Mary Mrs. h 334 River.
Dickson Richard, wks Ice Co, r 453 Bridge.
Dillard Wm, gardener. h 640 Fourth. E A.
Dixon Mary, cook Dr Benedict.
Dixon Pauline, dom. 503 College ave.
Dodson Lucy Mrs, r 407 River.
Dodson Sarah Mrs, r 409 Bridge.
Doggett Jack, h 1008 W Hancock ave.
Doggett Jack, store, cor Reese and Chase. r 1008 W Hancock ave.
Dooley Thomas, gen help, attached to city headquarters. h 611 Plum.
Dozier Hattie. pastry cook, Hotel Victoria.
Dozier Lucy. pastry cook. Hotel Victoria.
Drake Cornelius. janitor Commercial Club, h 819 Prince ave.
Dukes Mary, 27 W Hancock ave.
Dunlap Cicero, porter Talmadge Hardware Co.
Dupree Dulcie, h 1227 Vine. E A.
Dupree Ella, cook C H Herty, r Hill.
Dupree L. cook, h 620 Hill.
Dupree Myra, cook. 424 Barber.
Durham Mamie. nurse C W Baldwin.
Durham Nancy. cook, r 221 S Thomas.
Eads Jack, lab. h 511 N Milledge ave.
Eads Melinda, h 528 N Lumpkin.
Eads Minnie, cook Mrs R Felton, r 511 N Milledge ave.
Eads Stephen. wks C C L S.
Early Anna. h 208 E Dougherty.
Eberhart Eliza, r Trail Creek, E A.
Eberhart Frank. gardener 722 Cobb.
Eberhart Harrison, plasterer. h 643 Morris.
Eberhart John, del clk Parr & Sitton.
Eberhart Louis, h 609 N Hull.
Eberhart Louisa. h rear 23 Warsaw.
Eberhart Parafine. r 407 River.
Eberhart Robert. grocer. 205 N Hull.
Eberhart Susie. r 312 N Church.
Eberhart Tom, grocer, 203 N Hull. r W Strong.
Echols Camilla. h 512 Hodgson
Echols Caroline. cook, 107 Waddell.
Echols Essex. lab. h 333 Johns, E A.
Echols J Scott, store. 1406 W Broad. h same.
Echols Sidney. lab. h 1116 W Broad.
Echols Wiley. wks Fowler. h 614 Hill.
Edener Charles, wks Macon Johnson. h 1112 W Broad.
Edge E S. lab. h 309 N Foundry.
Edmondson Pat. porter C T Young.
Edwards Cicero. lab, h 326 Pearl. E A.
Edwards Bradley. wks Watson Bros.
Edwards Dave. tmstr.
Edwards Fred. lab, h 630 Fourth. E A
Edwards Harrison. porter Bailey & Gilbert.
Edwards Hattie. r 430 River.
Edwards Jennie, dom. 130 S Hull.
Edwards W, h 29 Green.
Elder Isa. h 778 old Ga depot, E A.
Elder Jane. h 772 old Ga depot, E A.
Elder J Ira, teacher Knox Institute. r 7 N Church.
Elder Richmond. h 1209 Arch. E A.
Elder Seymour. farmer, h 310 N Peters. E A.
Elliott Jack, h Grove. E A.
Elliott James, h Atlanta ave.
Ellis Clarke, lab. h 1011 W Hancock ave.
Ellis Jake, lab. h 1402 W Broad.
Emanuel Jesse Rev, gardener 1023 Prince ave.
England Wes, lab. h rear Boulevard bet N Chase and Milledge ave.
Epps I I. phys 229 W Broad.
Epps Thomas, shoemaker 207 N Hull. h 109 N Finley.
Epster Jake, wks C C L S.
Erwin Willis, yardman Barrett Lumber Co.
Evans Dennis. drayman Talmadge Bros & Co, h 227 W Broad.
Evans Jeannette, h 407 River.
Evans Thomas, lab. h Atlanta ave.
Eve J H, wks H C Davis.
Falls Lucy, h Waddell w of Rock Spring.
Fambrough Oscar. tmstr Summers & Hunter.
Favor Thomas, st lab, h Lyndon Row.
Fields Curtis. wks A M Co, h 612 Fourth E A.
Fields Mack, wks A M Co, r 612 Fourth.
Fields Eldon. driver Southern Express Co. h 10 Warsaw.
Finch Annie. h 13 Sapelo.
Finch Dinah. cook Dr J C Orr.
Finn Clinton, tmstr J S King & Co.
Fish Lucy. r 216 S Lumpkin.
Flagg Sarah. h 1110 Dearing.
Flemming Becky. cook 118 S Hull.
Floyd John. lab. h 1116 S Dearing.
Floyd Matthew. lab. h 414 W Broad.
Floyd Sadie. r 219 Reese.
Floyd Wm. blacksmith 723 Oconee. h 624 Fourth. E A.
Fluellyn Nancy, dom, 140 Ga R R. E A.
Folster Roy. porter G M Booth.
Ford Hulda, h 17 Valley.
Ford Milos, h 28 S Billups.
Ford Rebecca, h 1570 Vine E A.
Ford Richard. lab. h 774 Oconee. E A.
Fortson Lucy. h 18 River.
Foster Albert. wks A G L Co.
Poster Annie, cook Mrs A H O'Farrell.
Foster Eliza, h 120 W Washington.
Foster Felix, lineman A E R Co, h 418 W Broad.
Foster Henry, h 425 Meigs.
Foster James, porter C F McDannell.
Foster Lizzie. h Crawford.
Foster Lowe. janitor city offices.
Foster Robert W. lab. Water, E A.
Fowler Wm, driver Athens Lumber Co.
Fowler Wm. lab. h 635 Fourth. E A.
Fox Mary Ann. cook. h 433 Rock Spring.
Franklin John W, clk H Baker, r W Hancock ave.
Freeman Amy, r 503 River.
Freeman John, h 1019 W Broad.
Freeman Lily. r 327 Reese.
Freeman Thomas. farm hand, h 510 N Foundry.
Fuller Andrew, wks L M Co. h 8 Lyndon Row.
Gaines James, h 533 Savannah ave.
Gale Henderson. h 27 N Billups.
Gautt Ellen. dom. Prof Morris.
Gardener R B Mrs. matron Jeruel School Boarding House. h 415 Baxter.
Garfield Thomas B, general repair shop 31 W Washington, h 114 N Billups.
Garlington Larry. lab, h 928 W Broad.
Gear Nathem, lab. E A.
George Maria. h 424 E Strong.
Gerbin Robert, wks J N Williamson.
Genvin Robert. wks Williamson. h 12 N Chase.
Gilbert Robert W H. tailor 7 N Jackson. h 615 Strong.
Gilbert Robert, tailor, h 601 Plum.
Giles Josie. r Fairview. E A.
Gilham Alex, wks Hotel Victoria.
Gilliam Ben, carp, h 658 Morris.
Gilliam Dan, farmer, h Fairview. E A.
Gilliam Henry, carp, h 650 Morris.
Gilliam Ned, shoemaker, 762 Oconee. h same.
Gillespie Henry, carp. r rear 133 W Broad.
Glassby Willis. lab. h 1101 W Broad.
Glenn Dan, lab, h 634 Morris.
Glenn Holmes, lab, h 656 Fourth, E A.
Glenn Mitchell, yardman A C & C Co. h 1141 Prince ave.
Glenn Thomas, farmer, Trail Creek, E A.
Goosby Adeline, h 1222 Arch. E A.
Goosby Christopher, farmer.
Goosby John, cook Hotel Victoria.
Goosby John, lab. h 1224 Arch. E A.
Goosby Mose. st lab. h 1218 Arch. E A.
Goosby Wm. lab. h 348 Johns, E A.
Goss Delia, r 219 Reese.
Graham Henry, carp 33 W Washington, h 310 W Broad.
Grant Reuben. porter C G Wier, h 21 Warsaw.
Grant Venus. r 415 N Jackson.
Green Alice, h 419 Compress.
Green Emma, h 20 S Rock Spring.
Green Louis. 232 S Lumpkin.
Green Sydney, carp. h 616 W Broad.
Green Willie, h 417 Milledge ave.
Gregor Ellen. h 39 Green.
Gregory Hile. lab. h 113 Dearing.
Gregory Sam, wks C C L S.
Gresham Adeline, r rear 425 Oconee.
Gresham David, lab. h 508 Hodgson.
Gresham Henry, farmer, 1529 Vine.
Gresham Logan, h 546 Barber.
Gresham Sam, lab, h rear 425 Oconee.
Gresham W, wks G C Witte & Co.
Grice Wm. lab, h 11 N Church.
Griffin Sam. wks Klein & Martin.
Griffiths John, lab. h 833 Cherry.
Grigsbury Emma. h 29 S Rock Spring.
Grison Dick, h Atlanta ave.
Grison Dick, h rear 618 Barber.
Grison Henry. h 1529 Vine, E A.
Grison Julia, r 11 E Hancock ave.
Groves Lela, 1023 Prince ave.
Groves Mary, 1023 Prince ave.
Grovin Sue, h 9 N Miller.
Haley Wyatt, carp, h 1235 W Hancock ave.
Hall Albert section hand S A L. nr College ave opp S A L track.
Hall Emmeline, rear 306 S Lumpkin.
Hall Wm. lab. Macon ave.
Hamilton Lulu, h 124 Cleveland ave.
Hancock Jane, r 604 W Hancock ave.
Hardeman Frank, porter G H Williamson.
Hardeman Jake, del clk W C Wingfield & Co.
Hardeman Joseph, h 220 S Chase.
Hardeman Julia, h 433 Reese.
Hardeman Sam. lab. r corner Athens and Macon aves.
Hardeman Tassie, dom. 455 Oconee.
Harden Ann, h 760 N Hull.
Harden Anthony, lab. h 220 S Chase.
Harden Edward. cabinet maker, h 32 Valley.
Harden Robert. h 322 River.
Harding Mary, cook J Morris, r 420 E Strong.
Harper Clara. r 213 Reese.
Harper John. order boy J S King & Co, r 213 Reese.
Harris Alice. h l03 N Billups.
Harris Amanda. nurse. 209Prince ave.
Harris Anderson. h Waddell w of Rock Spring.
Harris Bill. h 925 Meigs.
Harris Bill. brickmason. h 849 Cherry.
Harris Bob. wks L M Co.
Harris Chas, h Oneta.
Harris Charles. porter H. R. Bernard.
Harris Dick. (Richard S) barber and baths. 117 E Broad, h 503 N Milledge ave.
Harris D, lab, h 607 Odd. E A.
Harris Ed, h 15 N Miller.
Harris Emma, r rear 704 S Lumpkin.
Harris James, lab. h 325 Pearl. E A.
Harris James F, blacksmith, 1244 Prince ave.
Harris Jennie Mrs. h 419 River.
Harris Robert. lab. h 689 Third. E A.
Harris Robert. tmstr. h 332 Flint. E A.
Harris Sarah, r 117 W Hancock ave.
Harris Sheppard, blacksmith. 1244 Prince ave.
Harris Stephen R. (Harris & Lee). h 502 N Foundry.
Harris Susan. h 41 Newton.
Harris S F. teacher W Athens School, r 603 N Lumpkin.
Harris Thomas, lab, h 636 N Hull.
Harris Thomas R. asst Dick Harris.
Harris Tom. blacksmith. h Harris alley.
Harris Wm, brickmason. h 849 Cherry.
Harris Willis. lab brick yard. h 222 W Broad.
Harris Wm H. lab. h rear 704 S Lumpkin.
Harris W H, phys, otr and res 413 W Hancock ave.
Harris & Brydie, excursion managers. 117 E Broad.
Harris & Lee, (S H Harris and E Lee), shoemakers, 7 N Jackson.
Hartley Felix. wks Merchants' Hotel.
Hartley Mose, h 61 Green.
Harvey Allie. h 679 Third. E A.
Harvey Chris, tmstr City Work, h 1252 Vine. E A.
Hattaway Lee, h 431 Compress.
Hawkins Albert F. restaurant. 203 N Hull. h 622 N Hull.
Hawkins Ann. wid Benjn. r 411 China.
Hawkins Cyprian B, Shoemaker. r 622 N Hull.
Hawkins David F. plasterer, h 732 Oconee.
Hawkins Jennie, r 14 N Billups.
Hawkins Jerry, farmer, h 754 Oconee.
Hawkins Margaret. h 312 Flint. E A.
Hawkins Perry, lab. h 320 Pearl, E A.
Hawkins Peter, meat market, 19 N Jackson. r 411 China, E A.
Hawkins U S A. barber Wm Killian. r 622 N Hull.
Hayes Alfred, blacksmith, h 640 Odd, E A.
Hayes Becky, r 118 S Hull.
Hayes Bettie Mrs. h 411 River.
Hayes Caroline, h 652 Morris.
Hayes Gilbert, del clk McDowell & Son. h 1132 Reese.
Hayes Polly, r 219 Reese.
Haygood Josephine, h 513 N Chase.
Haygood Wm. tmstr. h 417 N Rock Spring.
Haygood Young, farmer, h Barber.
Haynes C Stephen, physician. h 407 W Hancock ave.
Haynes C S Mrs. teacher Knox Institute, 407 Hancock ave.
Heard see also Hurd.
Heard B S. mason. h 832 Cherry.
Heard Lizzie. h 834 Cherry.
Heard Sally A, bet Fourth and River nr Barbersville. E A.
Heard Steve, lab. r Savannah ave.
Heard Thomas, brick mason. h 303 Cleveland ave.
Hector Walter, lab. h 114 Rock Spring.
Hempfield Mary, r 304 N Chase.
Henderson Wm. wks Watson Bros.
Henry Jeff Rev. h 1249 Fairview. E A.
Henry Phyllis. h 1278 Fairview, E A.
Henson Burrow. lab. h 778 old Ga depot, E A.
Heywood Young, r rear 486 Barber.
Hicks Julia. teacher. r 21 N Finley.
Hicks Charles, cook, h 21 N Finley.
Hightower Peter, h 11 N Rock Spring
Hill Alice. h 4B6 River.
Hill Amanda. h 348 Water, E A.
Hill Ann, h 1401 W Broad.
Hill Baker. carp. h 842 Cherry.
Hill Bart. lab, h 331 E Hancock ave.
Hill Cary, h 12 S Paris.
Hill's Chapel. N Harris.
Hill Fanny, h 429 N Rock Spring.
Hill Gaines. h 1311 W Broad.
Hill Harrison, farmer. h 15 S Paris.
Hill James. h 436 River.
Hill Jane, h 1625 Arch, E A.
Hill John, shoemaker, 204 N Hull.
Hill Mooney. cook. 18 S Hull.
Hill Obadiah. h 1101 W Broad.
Hill Robert. cook, h 605 N Foundry.
Hill Savannah. h 421 River.
Hill Squire, wks Michael Bros. h 107 N Billups.
Hill Wm. h 23 S Rock Spring.
Hill Wilson. h 213 W Broad.
Hiram Luke, wks Phinizy & Griffith.
Hiram Mabela h 312 W Broad.
Hiram Sam, tmstr. E Broad nr Simons, E A.
Hiram Sam, porter Hodgson Bros. r E Broad nr Simons. E A.
Hiram Sim, wks Phinizy & Griffith.
Hiram Wm. wks A F & M W. h 38 Simons. E A.
Holbrook Henry. plumber Wm Holbrook, r Brooklyn.
Holbrook Henry. butler Central Hotel, r Pulaski.
Holbrook L W. wks W Childers, h 313 Rock Spring.
Holbrook Matthew, wks Bailey & Gilbert. h 11 N Rock Spring.
Holbrook Patsy Mrs. r 410 E Strong.
Holbrook Richard. janitor, h 30 Strong.
Holbrook Wm. plumber and gasfitter. 17 N Thomas. r 313 Rock Spring.
Holbook Wm. wks C C L S.
Holder Julius. lab. h 319 Flint, E A.
Holman Louis. porter S T Huen.
Holmes George. porter Mrs M A Coleman.
Holmes Mary. h 624 Morris.
Holsey Albert. gardener. h 542 Barber.
Holt Henry. lab. h 1111 Reese.
Holt Julia. h 1203 W Hancock ave.
Holt Laura, h 514 N Chase.
Holt Sylvia, h 5 Lyndon Row.
Hope Wylie. lab, h rear 502 Barber.
Hopson Ben, gardener 1001 Waddell.
Horton Alphonso, (H Horton & Son), r 1211 Phinizy.
Horton Henry jr. shoemaker 35 E Clayton, r 1211 Phinizy.
Horton Henry Rev. pastor Mt Pleasant Baptist church, h 1211 Phinizy.
Horton Henry Rev. pastor Ebenezer church, r 19 N Billups
Horton Henry & Son, (Henry and Alphonso), shoemakers 1209 Phinizy.
Horton John H, night watchman Commercial Hotel, r 27 N Finley.
Houston Albert, truckman N E R of Ga, h 120 Cleveland ave.
Howard Carrie Mrs, washing, h 122 W Washington.
Howard Daniel. lab, h Grove, E A.
Howard George W, wks A M Co. h 36 S Peters, E A.
Howard Grant. lab. h 339 E Strong.
Howard Henry, lab, E A.
Howard Jack, r 109 Pulaski.
Howard John. porter G M Booth, r 122 W Washington.
Howard J H, wks laundry. h 987 First, E A.
Howard Linn. h Hendrick.
Howard Lucy, r 11 N Church.
Howard Margaret. nurse J Booth's, r 339 E Strong.
Howard Sarah. r rear 507 S Lumpkin.
Howard Virginia, cook, h 621 S Lumpkin.
Howard Wm. driver Athens Transfer Co, h 23 W Wash­ington.
Howard Wylie. lab, h 1267 Vine, E A.
Hubbard Delia, h 764 old Ga depot. E A.
Hubbard Seaborn. porter G H Hulme.
Hubbard Steve, lab. h 764 Barber.
Hudson Charles, hostler J H Carlton, h 641 Odd, E A.
Huff Aldore. restaurant and grocery 4. 6 and 10 N Foundry. h 7 Hickory.
Huff Ed. r 227 S Jackson.
Huff Henry. wks R L Moss & Co.
Huff Nancy. h 331 E Hancock ave.
Huff Silas, lab. h 25 Warsaw.
Hughes Henry, 312 N Church.
Hughes Rowena. cook. h 27 N Finley.
Hull lab, h 103 N Billups.
Hunt Amelia, r 110 W Washington.
Hunt Ella Mrs, h 110 W Washington.
Hunt George, st lab. h 1290 Vine, E A.
Hunt Georgie. h Arch nr Derby, E A.
Hunt John D. lab, h 1228 Vine, E A.
Hunt Levy, lab, h Toomer Row. First. E A.
Hunt Llewellyn, tmstr J S King & Co, h 1219 Arch, E A.
Hunt Wm, lab, h 1266 Vine, E A.
Hunter Adeline, h 611 N Lumpkin.
Hunter Alfred, house cleaner, r cor W Dougherty and Pu­laski.
Hunter Hugh, lab, h 627 Odd, E A.
Hunter James, lab. h 318 Pearl. E A.
Hunter Richard. foreman street gang. h 611 Odd, E A.
Hunter Susan, h 663 Third, E A.
Hunter Wm. janitor College Campus, h 1222 W Broad.
Hunter Zebron. farmer, h 608 States Right.
Hurd see also Heard.
Hurd Augusta, r 110 W Washington.
Hurd Ben. wks Watson Bros.
Hurd Henry, h 1425 W Broad.
Hunt Harriett. h rear 425 Oconee.
Hurd K. wks Watson Bros.
Hurt Millie. h 1008 W Broad.
Hurt Robert, grass cutter, 6 Lyndon Row.
Hutcheson Ann, laundry, h 442 Bridge.
Hutcheson Floyd, lab. h 502 Hodgson.
Hutcheson John. shoemaker 118 E Hancock ave, h 641 Odd.
Hutcheson Mary Mrs. h 516 Hodgson.
Hutcheson Preston. apprentice Wells & Thomas, r 502 Hodgson.
Hutcheson Wm. wks Watson Bros.
Hutchins Joe. wks A F & M W.
Hutchinson John H. lab. h 1501 E Broad, E A.
Iverson Edmund, h 8 Valley.
Iverson Mattie. teacher E A school. r 8 Valley.
Irving Wm. wks Esco & Burpee, r rear 211 Jackson.
Jackson Alfred W. merchant tailor. 9 E Clayton. r 1230 W Broad.
Jackson Andrew, 1204 W Broad.
Jackson Andrew, carp. h 1230 W Broad.
Jackson Ed. st lab, r Hull.
Jackson Edna. h 220 Newton.
Jackson Eli. wks A M Co. h 706 Little.
Jackson Elsie. dom, 605 Hill.
Jackson E F, lab. r Bloomfield nr S Lumpkin.
Jackson Judge, lab, r rear 512 College ave.
Jackson Judith. teacher W A school, r 101 N Finley.
Jackson Lucinda. r 109 N Church.
Jackson Lucy, dom. L C I.
Jackson Martha. h 311 Reese .
Jackson Mary, h 7.,3 S Lumpkin.
Jackson Minnie. r Pulaski.
Jackson Mittie. h Pulaski.
Jackson Reuben, lab. r 419 Hill.
Jackson Sam. r 15 S Billups.
Jackson Sidney. r rear 608 E Broad.
Jackson Steve. lab. h College ave bey Cleveland ave.
Jackson Susie. h Rutherford.
Jackson Thos, Jab. h 119 Savannah ave.
Jackson Thos, drayman. Talmadge Bros & Co.
Jackson Thos. h 19 S Miller.
Jackson Trump. lab. h w of Rock Spring bet Waddell and Baxter.
Jackson Virginia. teacher. r 415 Baxter.
Jackson Welston. blacksmith Klein & Martin. h 212 N Billups.
Jackson West. driver W D Bowden, r rear 114 N Thomas.
Jackson Will. wks C C L S.
James Ella, cook, 209 Prince ave.
James Felix, st lab, h 1259 Arch, E A .
James King, lab. h 1101 W Hancock ave.
Jeder Wm. lab. h Macon ave.
Jefferson Ella. h 22 Valley.
Jefferson Richard, tailor, r 22 Barry.
Jefferson Robert B, tailor 35 E Clayton. h 8 N Harris.
Jenkins Dallas, h 849 Cherry.
Jenkins Ella. h Crawford.
Jenkins Emma. h 11 N Billups.
Jenkins Emma. dom, 252 S Jenkins.
Jenkins Julia. h 1221 W Broad.
Jenkins Thomas. r 12H W Broad.
Jennings Ben. lab. h 654 Odd. E A .
Jeter Mary, r rear 665 Barber.
Jewel Jerry, lab. h 610 Broad.
Jewel Savannah. r rear 26 Baxter.
Johnson Albert. butcher. h 9 Warsaw.
Johnson Alec. wks A G L Co.
Johnson Alfred. wks 851 S Lumpkin.
Johnson Amanda. r 26 River.
Johnson A. cook. h 112 W Washington.
Johnson B. lab. r 415 N Jackson.
Johnson Carrie. r 237 S Hull.
Johnson Charlie. sweeper A K M.
Johnson Dorritt. lab. r 518 Hodgson.
Johnson Edward. porter C A Scudder. r 529 N Lumpkin.
Johnson Eliza. cook J M Orr.
Johnson Ella. h Trail Creek nr R R track.
Johnson Ellen, h bet Fourth and River, E A.
Johnson Elsie. r 18 S Pope.
Johnson Favette, lab. h 438 Barber.
Johnson Fielding. lab. h Oconee. E A.
Johnson George. r nr Pollard's farm, E A.
Johnson Griff. porter J F Finch. h 632 Morris.
Johnson Gus, drayman. h 15 Sapelo.
Johnson Hager. washing. h 453 Bridge.
Johnson Harrison. lab, h 982 Oconee.
Johnson Henry, lab. h 613 Third, E A.
Johnson Henry H. blacksmith. r 207 Chase.
Johnson Jane. h 20 Warsaw.
Johnson Jeff. brickmason, h Athens ave.
Johnson Jerry. Grove on Trail Creek st. E A.
Johnson Joe. janitor College Campus. h 1026 W Broad.
Johnson John. h Rutherford.
Johnson J F. wks Watson Bros.
Johnson John H, grocer, 207 N Hull, r 411 China, E A.
Johnson Lizzie, cook Dr Conaway. r 204 Cleveland ave.
Johnson Lizzie, cook. 506 Franklin.
Johnson Lizzie, h 27 Angle. E A.
Johnson Lou, h Hendrick.
Johnson Louis, hostler C T Young. h 614 N Foundry.
Johnson Lucinda. r 237 S Hull.
Johnson Mary, washing. r 453 Bridge.
Johnson Mary, r 1115 Springdale.
Johnson Miles, dyer. h 1 Pulaski
Johnson Miles jr. clk J H Johnson.
Johnson Mitt. h Oneta.
Johnson Noah, horse shoer Klein & Martin. h 15 N Rock Spring.
Johnson Nelson. janitor court house, h Barber.
Johnson Nelson. lab, h 612 Morris.
Johnson Ollie. h 1599 E Broad, E A.
Johnson Paris. h 1658 Arch. E A.
Johnson Peter. lab. E A.
Johnson Phila, h Crawford.
Johnson P, coachman, h 538 Barber.
Johnson Robert. porter I Haddock.
Johnson Robert, porter Mrs M A Coleman.
Johnson Sallie. h Macon ave.
Johnson Sam, h rear 124 Cleveland ave.
Johnson Sarah, h 507 S Milledge ave.
Johnson Sophia, h 605 Reese.
Johnson Sue Mrs. h 9 Warsaw.
Johnson Susie. h 806 College ave.
Johnson Victoria, cook Mrs S R Dorsey.
Johnson Vinie. h 518 Hodgson.
Johnson Walker, drayman G H Hulme.
Johnson Wm. asst M Johnson, r 1 Pulaski.
Johnson Wm. r rear 412 Oconee.
Johnson Wm D Rev. presiding elder Rome District A M E church. h 529 N Lumpkin.
Jones Albert, barber 530 W Broad. h 1120 W Broad.
Jones Albert, porter Griffeth Bros & West. h 113 N Chase.
Jones Amanda, h 433 Reese.
Jones Anna, r 603 N Hull.
Jones Annie, cook, Ash, r rear 512 College ave.
Jones Bub. wks C C L S.
Jones Cain, lab. 331 E Strong.
Jones Cain, lab, h 657 Third, E A.
Jones Carrie, dom. Capt W W Thomas.
Jones Cicero, st lab. h 310 W Broad.
Jones Daniel, lab, h Augusta ave.
Jones Dave, hostler J N Williamson.
Jones Ed, assistant J Battle. r 11 Wall.
Jones Ed, porter Bondurant & Co.
Jones Ed, lab. h 108 N Pope.
Jones Emily. h 16 N Rock Spring.
Jones Esther, cook, r 109 Pulaski.
Jones Eugenia, cook, 30 W Dougherty.
Jones Evaline. h 105 N Pope.
Jones Floyd. h Augusta ave.
Jones Georgia. dom, Capt W W Thomas.
Jones Georgia. h 313 Hoyt.
Jones Henry, painter, r 109 Pulaski.
Jones Henry, r rear 607 Pulaski.
Jones Hudson, porter T S Methvin.
Jones Ive, r 311 K Jackson.
Jones Joe, wks Watson Bros.
Jones John. carp. h 425 Meigs.
Jones John. dom Capt W W Thomas.
Jones Mamie, h 615 N Lumpkin.
Jones Maria, h bet Fourth and River. EA.
Jones Mary, r Atlanta ave.
Jones Nellie, h 419 Meigs.
Jones Oliver, lab, r rear 30 W Dougherty.
Jones Prince, wks Classic City Market. r Cleveland ave.
Jones Thomas. cook, r 529 N Lumpkin.
Jones Tom. porter M M Arnold.
Jones Wesley, shoemaker, h 128 Cleveland ave.
Jones Willis A, carp, h 31 S Poplar, E A.
Jordan Wm. porter Abney Bros. Barber.
Joseph Coatney, lab, r 414 W Broad.
Kenney James. porter Wm Carter.
Killian Wm, barber 215 N Hull. h rear Boulevard bet N Chase and Milledge ave.
Killian Wm. wks T B Garfield.
King Caroline. h 1544 Vine, E A.
King Fred, porter, h 1020 W Broad.
King James, porter M M Arnold.
King Julia, h 1120 W Broad.
King Lula. r 115 Waddell.
King Mary, r 115 Waddell.
King Mattie. r 21 W Washington.
King Winnie, h 414 Doboy.
Kinney Jack, well digger, h 636 Morris.
Knox Institute, 22 N Pope.
Lachlan Burrows. tmstr L M Co, h 7 Lyndon Row.
Langston Ben, porter J W Brown & Sons. h 15 N Billups.
Lane Clara. cook. h 220 Pulaski.
Lawrence Thomas, porter S McQueen. 338 Flint.
Lawrence Wm, lab. 25 E Hancock ave.
Lazarus Mary, h 28 Baxter.
Lee Ed. (Harris & Lee), h 527 S Lumpkin.
Lee Eliza. r 511 N Milledge ave.
Lee Jack, wks Watson Bros.
Lee Frances, h 314 W Broad.
Lee Harrison. blacksmith W Crawford.
Lee Henry. driver W Thomas. h 1020 W Hancock ave.
Lee Jack. carp, h 649 Morris.
Lee Lizzie. h 517 Doboy.
Lee Moses, tmstr L M Co.
Lee Vina. h 649 Odd, E A.
Lee Wes. h 604 W Hancock ave.
Leg Bob. wks Carlton blacksmith shop.
Lester Frank, tmstr Summers & Hunter, h 423 Meigs.
Lester Nancy, h 1213 W Broad.
Lester Ned, h College ave bey Cleveland ave.
Lewis Armour, r Toomer Row, First, E A.
Lewis Joseph. wks A M Co. h Arch nr Derby, E A.
Lewis Nancy. h 212 Newton.
Lewis Nelson, h 20 N Paris.
Lewis Robert, wks Klein & Martin, h 1122 W Broad.
Lewis Thomas. h 321 Cleveland ave.
Lewis Wm. lab. h W Hancock ave.
Livingstone Emmeline. h 823 Prince ave.
Logan Will. wks C C L S.
Long Ann. r rear 412 Oconee.
Long John. lab. r Atlanta ave.
Lowe Abraham. wks F Moulton. h 21 N Rock Spring.
Lowe Hattie, r 227 S Jackson.
Lowe Henry. r w 701 River, E A.
Lowe James. butler Dr F Jackson.
Lowe Jas W. barber Wm Carter. also straw hat cleaner. r 21 N Rock Spring.
Lowe Sim. r rear 314 S Lumpkin.
Lumpkin Al. h 58 N Elberton, E A.
Lumpkin Berry. h Grove, E A.
Lumpkin Caroline H. r 76 Cedar.
Lumpkin Chas, lab. r 1108 Prince ave.
Lumpkin Dan. driver. r Meigs.
Lumpkin James. lab. h 1224 Prince ave.
Lumpkin Levi. wks A E R Co, r 1108 Prince ave.
Lumpkin Maria, cook. 1172 Cobb.
Lumpkin Maria, dom. W A Jester, r 1224 Prince ave.
Lumpkin Matt, r 18 S Hull.
Lumpkin Matt, restaurant, 213 N Hull, r country.
Lumpkin Rena, h 348 Water, E A.
Lumpkin Rosa, h rear 501 Prince ave.
Lumpkin Sam, lab. h 30 Batxter.
Lytle Addison, barber S McQueen. r Newton.
Lyles Gilbert, butcher. h 602 N Hull.
McCluskey Ed, carp, h 104 N Harris.
McCluskey James, farmer. h 19 Green.
McComb Bessie, h 7 N Church.
McComb Cicero, farmer, h 901 Reese.
McCray Laura, cake shop, 821 Prince ave. h 819 same.
McCree Ed, lab. h 42 Green.
McCree Lendsay. h 920 W Broad.
McCree Louisa. h 1112 Reese.
McEmory Ben. lab. h 13 N Elberton, E A.
McGee Thos. waiter Commercial Hotel.
McKinney Ben. wks Watson Bros.
McKinley Chas. lab. h 208 E Dougherty.
McKinley Charles. porter Webb & Crawford.
McQueen Amanda, h 626 N Hull.
McQueen Maheely, h 628 N Hull.
McQueen Sam, barber 3 College ave. r 628 N Hull.
McQueen Wm A, driver Southern Express Co. h 630 Hull.
McWhorter Ann, r 312 Newton.
McWhorter, h 318 River.
McWhorter John, driver Athens Transfer Co.
McWhorter Julia, r 216 Cleveland ave.
McWhorter Mary E. r 5 N Hull.
McWhorter P. wks Klein & Martin. h 159 Pearl, E A.
Macgregor Mary, r rear 814 S Lumpkin
Mack Cora, h 13 Valley.
Mack Eugene, del clk Whitehead & Harper.
Mack James, lab, h 34 Green.
Mack John H. h 30 Green.
Mack John R, teacher E Athens school. h 915 Reese.
Mackintosh Susan. h 1203 W Hancock ave.
Maddox Georgie. h 978 Oconee.
Maddox Larken. lab. h 105 N Chase.
Maddox Robert, r rear 612 E Broad.
Malone Isaac, porter J S King & Co. r 38 N Willow.
Mann Morgan, wks N E R of Ga. h 671 Third. E A.
Mann Squire, gardener R K Reaves. r 204 N Thomas.
Mapp Alex. engineer, r 1227 Fairview.
Mapp Carrie. h 11 N Church.
Mapp Julius. h 26 S Rock Spring.
Marks Wash. h Waddell w of S Rock Spring.
Marshall David, h cor Athens and Macon aves.
Marshall Geo, lab, r cor Athens and Macon aves.
Marshall John, lab. r Athens and Macon aves.
Marton Clinton. truck hand S A L.
Martin E, lab, r cor First and Water Oak.
Martin John, lab. h 609 Plum.
Martin Mary. h 648 Odd, E A.
Martin Tobe. r rear 412 Oconee.
Mason Douglas, lab. h 1024 W Hancock ave.
Mason Felix, h 9 N Rock Spring.
Mason Rebecca. r rear 425 Oconee.
Massey Eddie, wks J P Fears & Sons, r w of city limits nr the Ball Park.
Matthews Ed. r rear 23 W Dougherty.
Matthews Jennie, h 1303 W Broad.
Matthews John, h 4th nr city limits. E A.
Matthews Lizzie, r 312 N Church.
Maxey Steve. lab. r rear 322 Baxter.
Maxon Fanny. h 227 S Hull.
Maxwell Georgie. r S Elberton.
Maxwell Lena. nurse C Lambert. r 339 E Strong.
Maxwell Robert, lab. h 339 E Strong.
Maxwell Sallie, h 634 N Hull.
Mayfield Glenn, lab. h 307 Cleveland ave.
Mayfield John. lab, r 516 Hodgson.
Mayfield Ida, h 26 Baxter.
Merriwether David. r 19 Warsaw.
Merriwether George. porter Dick Harris.
Merriwether Jim, coachman, h 848 Cherry.
Merriwether Sarah, r 508 N Foundry.
Merriwether Wesley. blacksmith. h 19 Warsaw.
Merriwether Wm. blacksmith, r 19 Warsaw.
Mickens Doc, lab. h 414 N Foundry.
Mickens Eliza, dom, 214 N Milledge ave.
Middlebrooks Isaac. wks 124 N Milledge ave.
Middlebrooks John. blacksmith, h 909 Reese.
Middleborough John, wks T B Gartield.
Milburn John. lab. h rear 110 W Clayton.
Milligan Mary, washing. r 2 W Hancock ave.
Miller Thomas. porter The Dispensary, r 1210 W Broad.
Milliken Mary. r rear 608 E Broad.
Mills Alfred. carp. h 31 N Rock Spring.
Mills Alfred jr, r 31 N Rock Spring.
Mills Nannie. h 16 N Rock Spring.
Milner Robt. wks Rucker's Compress, h 437 Bridge.
Milton Cassey Rev. pastor A M E, h Arch cor Derby. E A.
Minnefield John, jr. waiter Hotel Victoria. r 614 N Hull.
Minnefield Henry. r 614 N Hull.
Minnefield John. calciminer. h 614 N Hull.
Minnefield Wm. lab, h 111 N Billups.
Mitchell Aaron. lab. h 616 Reese.
Mitchell Anderson. lab. h 636 N Hull.
Mold Ben. truckman Ga R R.
Montgomery Hugh. st lab. h 15 N Church.
Montgomery John, h 1289 Vine.
Moody W H, lab. h 110 N Billups.
Moon Kate. h 634 N Hull.
Moore Allen. lab, h Rock Spring nr Parr.
Moore Amanda. h 1127 Reese.
Moore Redley, lab. h College ave bey Cleveland ave.
Moore Bertha. wks Model Steam Laundry. r Rock Spring.
Moore Ed, lab. h 220 S Rock Spring.
Moore Henry, lab. h 209 Pearl, E A.
Moore Jane. h 630 Athens ave.
Moore John. lab. h 916 Meigs.
Moore Laura. h Athens ave.
Moore Lee, wks tan yard. h 412 Doboy.
Moore Lucy. wks Model Steam Laundry, r Rock Spring.
Moore Maggie Mrs. h 508 N Foundry.
Moore Martha, r 3 Lyndon Row.
Moore Wash. tmstr. h 635 Odd, E A.
Morris Joe, porter H R Bernard.
Morrison David. porter W W Lampkin.
Morrison Jerry, lab, h bet Fourth and River. E A.
Morton Bailey. lab, h 125 Augusta ave.
Morton Clara, h 682 Chase ave.
Morton Emma S Susie, librarian Knox Institute. r 801 Prince ave.
Morton Emma S. librarian Knox Institute.
Morton M, wks Watson Bros.
Morton Susie. teacher. r 801 Prince ave.
Morton M B, wood yard. College ave. h 801 Prince ave.
Moss Allen. yardman A C & C Co.
Moses Anna, h 614 W Broad.
Moss Carrie. h 124 Cleveland ave.
Moss Haley, blacksmith J Moss. r Fourth e of city limits.
Moss Harrison. blacksmith Joe Moss. r Fourth e of city limits.
Moss Harrison. yardman A C & C Co.
Moss Joe. blacksmith and horseshoer. cor Water and River. h Fourth e of city limits. E A.
Moulton C. lab. r Atlanta ave.­
Moulton G, lab. h Athens ave.
Moulton Thomas. lab. h Savannah ave.
Nash Wm. h 1124 E Broad.
Neely Peter, wks A G L Co. r 518 Hodgson.
Nelms Alfred. wks Klein & Martin. h Oconee.
Nelson Albert. h 425 Compress.
Nelson Anthony, h 419 Compress.
Nesbit Clara. h 1537 Vine, E A.
Nesbit Ella, h 219 Pearl, E A.
Nesbit Helen. h 219 Pearl, E A.
Nesbit James. h 1218 Fairview. E A.
Nesbit Nathaniel. fireman. 538 N Lumpkin.
Nesbit Sarah. lab. h 304 Pearl, E A.
Newsom James, h 29 Valley.
Newsom James, tmstr Galloway, Lambert & Co, h 29 Valley.
Newsom James. drayman G H Hulme.
Newsom Lint, lab. h 646 Morris.
Newton Dan. asst H D Davis, r country.
Nicholson A M Miss. teacher Knox Institute.
Nix John, truckman Ga R R.
Nixon Peter. lab, h 1124 Cobb.
Noble Wm, lab. h Hendrick.
Norman James, farmer, r Dearing.
Norman John. st lab. h Fifth nr R R track.
Norman Matilda. r 220 Newton.
Norwood Annie, h 631 Morris.
Nunnally John. lab. h 125 Savannah ave.
O'Bryant John H, stud Jeruel School, r S Lumpkin.
Oglesbly Becky, h 330 Grove, E A.
Oliver Amanda. h 1203 W Hancock ave
Oliver Philip, farmer. h 1637 Arch, E A.
Oliver Prescilla. h 1008 W Hancock ave.
Oliver Tempe, r 709 Hill.
Osbey Robert. h Oconee, E A.
Osborn Henry. porter Talmage Hardware Co.
Osborn Tilda. h 2 N Elberton, E A.
Osborn Tom. lab. h 2 N Elberton, E A.
Owens Anderson, wks Stern, h 204 Cleveland ave.
Owens Belle, h 202 Cleveland ave.
Owens Frances, h 347 Flint, E A.
Owens Jack, cook Commercial Hotel. h 615 Fourth. E A.
Owens Willie, lab. r 14 N Billups.
Pace John M, shoemaker 403 E Broad. h bet Fourth and River, E A.
Pace Lizzie. h 852 Cherry.
Paine see Payne.
Palo Charlotte, r rear 232 S Lumpkin.
Paris Beryl. h Augusta ave.
Parker T. hostler C T Young.
Parks Bud. hostler Keown Bros. r 105 N Thomas.
Parks Ed. waiter G M Booth.
Parks Emma. h 646 N Hull.
Parks Grant. lah. h 524 N Lumpkin
Parks Lum. porter Gill Booth. h 511 Hill.
Parks Mary Ann. h 212 N Pope.
Parr Columbus, lab. h N Chase.
Parr Ed, wks Booth's Hotel. r 27 N Finley.
Parrott Beryl, plasterer, h Augusta ave.
Partee Allie, r 22 River.
Partee Clarke. st lab. h 604 W Hancock ave.
Partee Levi. tmstr J S King & Co.
Paul Will. head waiter Hotel Victoria.
Paul Wm. lab. h 650 Fourth. E A.
Paul Wm M, waiter Commercial Hotel.
Payne Ed, st lab. h 444 S Finley.
Payne Henry, lab. h 11 S Billups.
Payne Henry M. wks Dr Lyndon. h 1012 Reese.
Payne Howe, h Rutherford.
Payne John, r Valley.
Payne Lizzie, r 238 S Hull.
Payne Mose. lab. nr Springdale.
Payne Thomas. porter G H Hulme. h 316 W Broad.
Pearce Mollie. cook, 28 Baldwin.
Peek Dolly. cook. 130 S Hull.
Peek George. porter C Lampkin. h 1105 W Hancock ave.
Peek Ole. lab, h 623 College ave.
Peek Preston, blacksmith McGinty. h 411 Meigs.
Peek Wm. lab. h 414 Broad.
Pierce Jno. wks Davidson & Lowe.
Perry Stephen. porter Athens Banner, h 624 N Hull.
Peters Anna. r W Strong cor N Hull.
Perteet Len. h 16 N Miller.
Pettis Emma. h 404 River.
Pettijohn Hattie. dom. J H Fleming.
Pettijohn Jasper. wks Ed Brown. h Cobb.
Phillips Esther. cook. 332 Prince ave.
Phillips Lizzie. h 149 Ga R R, E A.
Phillips Mike, carp, h Vine nr E A.
Pie Mary. h 428 W Broad.
Pierce Andrew, whitewasher, h 514 W Hancock ave.
Pittard Wm. lab. h 329 Cleveland ave.
Pledger W A. lawyer. h 209 Pearl.
Plummer James. porter J A Harbin.
Plummer Robert. porter Galloway. Lambert & Co.
Poe S E Rev. pastor C M E Church. h 343 Flint, E A.
Pollins Hannah, nurse, 18 S Hull.
Pope Bailey, h Grove, E A.
Pope Ben. h 1018 Reese.
­Pope Cora. r 203 Reese.
Pope George. truck hand S A L.
Pope Georgie, r 109 N Church.
Pope Lizzie. nurse. 130 W Hancock ave.
Pope Pierce, farmer. h Grove, E A.
Pope Squire, st lab. r Compress.
Pope Willie. lab. h 1698 E Broad. E A.
Porter Edgar, lab. h 513 rn N Milledge ave.
Porter Emma, h 17 Newton.
Porter Lem. tmstr city work, h 151 Pearl. E A.
Potts Jack, wks C C L S.
Potts Lou, dom. 205 N Milledge ave.
Poulin Thomas, lab. h 970 Oconee.
Prather Gabriel. tmstr, h 121 Newton.
Price Albert, lab. h 19 Sapelo.
Price Mattie. h Hendricks.
Price W T. wks Watson Bros.
Pride Sarah. h Grove, E A.
Pyant Josephine. r 109 Pulaski.
Quarterman Jacob, lab. h Harris' alley.
Quinn Irving. butler Mrs M Welsh.
Quinn Spencer, lab. h 1003 W Hancock ave.
Raiden Martha Mrs. r 11 Sapelo.
Ransom Delia. h 764 old Ga depot. E A.
Ratan Lizzie, h 528 N Lumpkin.
Rawdon Anna. h 14 N Billups.
Ray Cander. h 437 Compress.
Reaves Minnie, dom, 522 Franklin.
Reese Emma. cook 1211 Cobb.
Reeves Jack, h 678 Fourth, E A.
Reid Adeline, wid George. h 512 N Founry.
Reid George. barber T Ried. r 421 Bridge.
Reid Lorenzo W. barber, 17 N Thomas. h 421 Bridge.
Reid Thomas. barber, 11 N Jackson. h 421 Bridge.
Reid Thomas jr. barber T Reid, r 421 Bridge.
Reynolds James W. r 798 Oak, E A.
Reynolds Richard. lab, h Fifth nr R R track, E A.
Rhodes Josephine, h 852 Cherry.
Riley John. lab. h 435 Mitchell.
Roberson James, waiter C E Gilleland. r Washhington.
Roberts Thomas H. barber. r 515 Milledge.
Roberts Young, wks L M Co. h 145 Pearl, E A.
Robertson George, tmstr L M Co. h nr Corn Mills Cleveland ave.
Robeson Blandy, r rear 306 S Lumpkin.
Robeson Charles. porter C Carson.
Robeson Henry, lab, h 336 River.
Robeson Mary. r 313 Hoyt.
Robeson Wade, r 336 River.
Robinson Colley. porter J F Finch.
Robinson Decey A. dom. 826 Hill.
Robinson Detha. cook. 826 Hill.
Robinson John. h 631 Morris.
Robinson Lily. h 525 College ave.
Robinson Lily. dom, 504 S Lumpkin.
Robinson Mattie. house girl J Morris. r 420 E Strong.
Robinson Mehaley. h 438 Compress.
Robinson Sophia, cook, r rear 227 Hoyt.
Rogers Lock, carpenter, h 16 Warsaw.
Roland G W, store. h 19 Billups.
Ross Ed. lab. h 1263 Fairview, E A.
Ross Henry, lab, h Trail Creek, E A.
Rowe Emma, r rear 718 N Lumpkin.
Rowe Jenks, lotman, h 116 N Pope.
Rowe W A. tailor A W Jackson. 16 Pope.
Rowland Doc. sampler Orr & Co. r Pulaski.
Rowland Geo W, lab, h 19 Billups.
Rowley Nancy. r rear 15 Wilkerson.
Rowley Wm. lab. r rear 15 Wilkerson.
Rouse Daniel, porter Booth Bros.
Rouse John. h rear 467 Oconee.
Rouse Walter. porter Booth & England.
Rozell Bob, wks Watson Bros.
Ruff Pompey. lab, h 742 Barber.
Samuel George, brickmason, h 628 Morris.
Sanford Mary, wks Wm Wingfield.
Sanson Nathan. Waddell w of Rock Spring.
Sapp Edward. hotel porter. h 438 Bridge.
Scoggins Laura, r 1115 Springdale.
Scott Agnes. h 1007 W Broad.
Scott Amos. h 612 Morris.
Scott Emma, r 442 Compress.
Scott George, wks C C L S.
Scott Jack, farmer, h 650 Fifth, E A.
Scott John, carp, h Second.
Scott Philip, lab, h Atlanta ave.
Scott Samuel S, teacher, h 666 Fifth, ave.
Scott Tom. wks C C L S.
Scott Wash. h 36 S Billups.­
Seagraves H. wks C C L S.
Sears Dick. wks Electric St Co. h 1220 Vine, E A.
Seddon Thomas. h Atlanta ave.
Self Bowell, farmer. h 426 Bridge.
Shakespeare Susan, r 109 Pulaski.
Shanklen Bob, lab. h 414 W Broad.
Sharp Lucy, cook 124 N Milledge ave.
Shaw Adeline Mrs. nurse. h 417 Bridge.
Shaw Beryl. lab. h Hendrick.
Shaw Burrow. farm hand. r 410 E Strong.
Shaw Charles. farmer, h 770 First, E A.
Shaw Charles. farm hand. h 409 Bridge.
Shaw Charlie jr, carp. h rear 110 First. E A.
Shaw Jerietta. r 410 E Strong.
Shaw Milledge. lab, h 15 S Billups.
Shaw Pinkie, r 503 River.
Shaw Wm. r rear 726 N Lumpkin.
Sheets Frank. 103 K Lumpkin.
Sheets Ruth. r nr S Miller.
Sheets Sarah. r rear 916 W Hancock ave.
Sheets Sarah. h 202 S Rock Spring.
Shepherd Robert. lab. h 1600 Arch. E A.
Shepherd Tilda. r 27 N Finley.
Sherman Celia. h 322 Cleveland ave.
Sherman Scott. porter Matthews & Co. r 322 Cleveland ave.
Sherman Willis. lab, r 322 Cleveland ave.
Shield Rachael, h 838 Cherry.
Shorter George. lab. h 238 S Hull.
Shunard Sidney. h 31 Green.
Sim Amos. wks King & Co, h 550 Macon ave.
Simmons Sophie. lab. h Atlanta ave.
Simpson Harry. h 415 N Milledge ave.
Simpson Joanna. h Harris alley.
Sims C, wks Wilson's stables. r 422 Bridge.
Sims George. wks J R Cofffeth. h bet Fourth and River. E A.
Sims Henry. lab. h 165 Pearl. E A.
Sims Joshua. h 422 Bridge.
Sims Solomon B Rev, pastor A M E Church. h 518 N Hull.
Sims Rev. Baptist minister. h 1270 Arch, E A.
Sims Wylie, wks McGowan's. r 422 Bridge.
Singleton Charlie. wks Hotel Victoria.
Singleton Salter, lab. r rear 518 Prince ave.
Sloan Sally. r 603 N Hull.
Smith Ada. r rear 20 Barber.
Smith Annie, h 410 Reese.
Smith Alex. h 19 Angle, E A.
Smith Bedley. driver. h 1014 W Hancock ave.
Smith Collie. wks G M Booth.
Smith Dan. plasterer, 605 Plum, h same.
Smith Edward. wks candy dept G C Witte & CO.
Smith Elsie. r 1127 Reese.
Smith Frank, soda water, etc. 506 River, h 414 N Foun­dry.
Smith Georgie. h 301 Cleveland ave.
Smith Henry. lab. h Augusta ave.
Smith Henry. lab. h 32 Baxter.
Smith Henry, lab. h 1208 W Broad.
Smith Henry, porter Mendel Morris & Co. h 3 N Rock Spring.
Smith Henry L Rev, h rear 443 Oconee.
Smith Josepha. r 312 N Church.
Smith Jabez, drayman Talmadge Bros & Co. h 228 Pulaski.
Smith Laura, r 404 Pulaski.
Smith Laura. h 637 Water, E A.
Smith Letha. h 438 Compress.
Smith Letha. cook. 11 E Hancock ave.
Smith Mary. h FairvieW. E A.
Smith Mary. h 1223 Vine. E A.
Smith Melinda. h 203 S Finely.
Smith Minerva. cook, h 115 N Chase.
Smith Mudge. porter J A Harbin.
Smith Nelson. farm lab. h 1232 Herring, E A.
Smith Nettie. r 407 River.
Smith Perry. h Fourth nr city limits, E A.
Smith Robert. wks Fleming's. r 1256 Prince ave.
Smith Rose. cook. h 7 Newton.
Smith R Rev. r 1307 W Hancock.
Smith Sam, lab. h 1240 Vine, E A.
Smith Scott, carp. h 518 W Hancock ave.
Smith Sherman. lab. h College ave bey Cleveland ave.
Smith Susie. h 13 N Church.
Smith Thomas, dom. V Oliver.
Smith Thomas, porter.
Smith Weldon. lab. h bet Fourth and River, E A.
Smith Wm. tmstr city work. h 344 Water. E A.
Smith Wm. tmstr Watson Bros. h Hendrick.
Smith Wm. tmstr White. h 628 Second. E A.
Smith Wm. wks Dr C B Petrie.
Snellings Wm. wks Klein & Martin.
Snelson Floyd G. prin EA School. h 619 Third, E A.
Snelson Waterloo, teacher E A School. r 619 Third.
Snow Lena. h 1321 E Broad, E A.
Sorrells Nathan. porter The Athens Hardware Co.
Springer Charles. wks G M Booth. h 646 N Hull.
Sprawling Jack. S Elberton nr R R track.
Sprawling Lela. h 1637 Arch. E A.
Stach John. shoemaker. 448 River. h same.
Steward Charles. cotton sampler S F Story.
Steward Charles. lab. h 1223 Arch. E A.
Steven Biddy. h 339 Flint, E A.
Stevens Charles. r 1108 Prince ave.
Stevens Ella. r 238 S Hull.
Stovall Albert J Rev, h 1115 W Broad.
Stone Martha. h 110 W Washington.
Streets Kate, h 16 S Paris.
Strickland Burton. whitewasher. h 1120 E Broad, E A.
Strickland Charlotte. h 613 N Hull.
Strickland Ed, wks A M Co. h First cor Fourth. E A.
Strickland John. lab. h 11 N Peters. E A.
Strickland Susie. h Harris alley.
Strickling Henry, st lab. h 9 N Peters.
Strickling Laura, cook. 916 Oconee. E A.
Stroud Adam. lab. h 23 Warsaw.
Suddeth Thomas. wks A E R Co.
Tait Delia, h bet Fourth and River, E A.
Talbot Maria, h 8 Sapelo.
Tapley Harriet, r rear 752 College ave.
Tapley Harriet, r rear 15 Wilkerson.
Taylor Berd, wks Carlton Blacksmith Shop.
Taylor Bill. lab. h 530 N Lumpkin.
Taylor Isaac, porter Bondurant & Co. h 655 Morris.
Taylor Jas G. shoemaker P Weil. h 629 Morris.
Taylor Julia. h 925 Meigs.
Taylor Margaret. h 1304 W Broad.
Teasley Amanda, r 722 First, E A.
Teasly Patsy Mrs. cook Mrs Dubbs. h 632 N Foundry.
Teasley Rebecca. h 160 Water, E A.
Terrell Amy. h 638 Odd, E A.
Terrell Wm. wks Hotel Victoria.
Thomas Albert. lab. h 24 Baxter.
Thomas Alice. r Valley.
Thomas America. h 212 S Rock Spring.
Thomas Anderson. carpenter. r 502 Hodgson.
Thomas Carrie. h 221 S Thomas.
Thomas Charles. lab, h Arch nr Derby. E A.
Thomas Charles. lab. h 1636 Second. E A.
Thomas Eugene, tailor. h 41 Newton.
Thomas Frank, tmstr. h 338 Flint. E A.
Thomas Grandison. lab, h 1425 W Broad.
Thomas Harrison. wks T B Garfield.
Thomas Henrietta. dom. 207 S Milledge ave.
Thomas Henry. carp. h 12 S Billups.
Thomas Henry, lab, h 14 S Billups.
Thomas Henry F. butler. 207 S Milledge ave. r 212 S Rock Spring.
Thomas Issac, porter A M Co. r Vine, E A.
Thomas James E, lab, r 204 S Rock Spring.
Thomas Jean. (Wells & Thomas). cor Reese.
Thomas Jesse, st lab, r Vine.
Thomas Lela, r S Elberton. E A.
Thomas Lizzie. r rear 608 E Broad.
Thomas Lucius. pressman E D Stone, r 23 Valley.
Thomas Lula. h 684 Fourth, E A.
Thomas Miles. h 10 S Rock Spring.
Thomas Minnie. r s w cor Pulaski and W Hancock ave.
Thomas Mirandas r s w cor Pulaski and W Hancock ave.
Thomas Nancy, 510 S Jackson.
Thomas Simon, sampler Orr & Hunter. h 432 Brid e.
Thomas Tom. porter J F Fears & Sons.
Thomas Wm. carp. h 1526 Vine. E A.
Thomas Xenia. r 705 States Right.
Thompson Clarke, lab. h 10 S Rock Spring.
Thompson Nora Mrs. r 119 W Washington.
Thompson Thomas. porter, h 20 Warsaw.
Thompson Wm. porter T Fleming & Sons. r outside city limits.
Thorton Della, 529 Hill.
Thornton Melinda, r rear 639 College ave.
Thornton Nish, h 844 Cherry.
Thornton Kemp. lab, 1240 Fairview
Thornton Theresa. h 247 Mitchell.
Thornton Willis, lab. r rear 639 College ave
Thrasher Lulu. h 806 College ave.
Thresher Chas, lab, h Grove, E A.
Thresher Esther, r nr the Park Lake on Prince ave.
Tiller Maggie. h 412 Reese.
Tiller Wm C. tinsmith. h 630 Fifth, E A.
Treadwell Dick. h 833 Cherry.
Trucker Charles, cabinet maker. r 515 N Milledge ave.
Trucker James Mrs. h 515 N Milledge ave.
Turner M L M. teacher Knox Institute, 682 Chase.
Turner Warren. lab. h 312 Johns. E A.
Twiggs Eliza B, teacher Knox Institute.
Upshaw Berge, wks Carlton blacksmith shop.
Upson Al. butler. h 1112 Reese.
Upson Ben. carp. h Oneta.
Upson Ben, porter. M H Parr.
Upson Minnie, dom, V Oliver.
Upson Nancy. h 225 S Rock Spring.
Varnell Thos. blacksmith. h 1002 W Hancock ave.
Veal Gus . teaming. r nr city limits and W Broad.
Venables Adam. plumber. h 849 Cherry.
Vincent Fanny. r 1115 Springdale.
Virgil Sam. lab. h 38 S Peters.
Virgil Samuel. porter Talmadge Bros & Co. Broad.
Wagner George. plasterer. h 111 W Strong.
Wales Caroline. h bet Fourth and River, E A.
Wales Georgie, laundress. h 241 Cleveland ave.
Wales Mattie Mrs. h 622 N Foundry.
Wales Milton, wks R L Moss & Co. h 527 S Lumpkin.
Walker Alfred. shoemaker 225 Prince ave. r same.
Walker Berry. lab. h 42 Green.
Walker Charles. h e of Oconee. nr S Elberton.
Walker Felix, h 618 S Lumpkin.
Walker Laura. r rear 916 W Hancock ave.
Walker Mary, r 247 Mitchell
Walker Minnie. h 12 River.
Walker Narrisee. h 613 Cobb.
Walker Perry, lab. h 1412 Broad. E A.
Walker Taylor. h w of S Rock Spring bet Waddell and Baxter.
Wallace Jim. wks Watson Bros.
Walters Lou. h 1520 E Broad. E A.
Walters S. asst T Eberhart. r W Hancock ave.
Walton John. driver. r 532 N Lumpkin.
Walton Wm. tmstr Crane Bros. h 532 N Lumpkin.
Ware Mary. h 845 Oconee.
Warren Harrison. lab. h Fairview, E A.
Warren Hack. st lab. r Fairview.
Warren Lucy, dom, 19 W Hancock ave.
Washington Nancy Mrs, h rear 601 N Thomas.
Washington Wm. wks Watson Bros.
Watkins Eliza. E A.
Watkins Esther. h 1429 W Broad.
Watkins Wm. lab. r 419 River.
Watson Zeke. h 34 Green.
Wayne Captain. lab. r 532 N Lumpkin.
Wayne Henry, lab. r 532 N Lumpkin.
Wayne Mat. lab. r 207 N Hull.
Webb Newt, lab. h rear Mills.
Wells Andrew. tmstr. h 426 Compress.
Wells Judge D. (Wells & Thomas). r 1114 Dearing.
Wells & Thomas. (Judge D Wells and Jean Thomas). tailors. 203 E Broad.
Welsh Reuben. h 1575 E Broad. E A.
Wentford Maria. cook Central House. r rear Central Hotel.
Wentworth Alex. shoemaker 984 Oconee. h same.
Wentworth Robert. lab. h Grove. E A.
West Ella, h 767 Fourth. E A.
West James Rev. pastor Baptist church. h 652 Morris.
West Nero. farmer. r Morris.
West Sam. h 111 N Rock Spring.
Westbrook Anthony. driver Parr & Sitton. h 318 W Broad.
Westbrook Chas. drayage. h 1115 W Hancock ave.
White Ben. tmstr. h 505 Meigs.
White Dolly. h 768 Fourth. E A.
White Hulda. h 112 N Pope.
White Julia. cook H C Davis.
White John. lab. h 124 S Rock Spring.
White Mary. h 120 S Rock Spring.
White Ned. porter Wm M Pittman.
White Reuben T Rev. pastor C M E Church. h 677 River, EA.
White Sam. lab. r 604 W Hancock ave.
White Wm. tailor 12 Rock Spring.
Whittield Clovis. shoe black E I Smith. r 527 Reese.
Whitfield Ella. h 655 Morris.
Whitfield James. porter Charles Stern & Co.
Whitfield Julia. h 527 Reese.
Whitfield Wm. wks Klein & Martin. h 527 Reese.
Whitltock John. r 807 Athens ave.
Wilder Willie. section hand. h Vine.
Wiley Jane. washing. r 756 N Hull.
Wiley Wm. drayman G H Hulme, h 848 Cherry.
Willbanks Bush, farmer. h Fairview, E A.
Willbanks Green. farmer. h Fairview, E A.
Wilkins Charles. porter I N Butler.
Wilkins James. carp. h 526 N Lumpkin.
Wilkins Edward. lab. r 526 N Lumpkin.
Williams Alfred. carp. h 613 Reese.
Williams Billy. carp. h 23 S Miller.
Williams Chas. head waiter Commercial Hotel.
Williams Emma. h 287 Cleveland ave.
Williams Emma. r rear 607 Pulaski.
Williams Henry. carp. h Derby bet E Broad and Arch. E A.
Williams Howard. lab. h 25 Warsaw.
Williams Henry. porter. r Morris.
Williams Hester Mrs, h Atlanta ave.
Williams Isaac, lab, h 420 E Strong.
Williams Jordan. lab, h 1231 Fairview, E A.
Williams Judy, r rear 712 E Broad.
Williams Lucius. brickmason, h 923 Reese.
Williams Lucy, h 1405 W Broad.
Williams Mattie, r 1218 Fairview. E A.
Williams Steve, chef Commercial Hotel.
Williams Tom, h Harris' alley.
Williams Washington, h Fairview, E A.
Williams Wesley. shoemaker 650 Morris, h same.
Williams Wm, lab, h 308 W Broad.
Williamson Bailey, lab. h 1307 W Hancock ave.
Willingham Lucy, r 19 W Hancock ave.
Willis Al. lab, 330 Grove, E A.
Willis Tim. lab. h 1402 W Broad.
Wilson E P. hack driver Bowden. h 302 W Broad.
Wilson James. h 637 Morris.
Wilson Nanny. 620 Hill.
Wimbush Laura, h 513 N Milledge ave.
Wimbush Robert. porter C G Wier.
Winfrey Cornelia. dom. 128 W Broad.
Winfrey Jane, 1, Pulaski.
Winfrey Robert. wks H C Davis.
Winfrey Robert. farmer. h 1520 Branch. E A.
Winkfield Wm. restaurant. 12 N Jackson. h 412 Bridge.
Winn Lindsay, butler Dr Benedict. r 27 N Finley.
Wooden Lettie. h Hendrick.
Woodall Pet. wks Watson Bros.
Woodhall Robert, Trail Creek. E A.
Woods Lulu. cook. r 105 N Chase
Wray see also Ray.
Wray Grant, lab. h 683 Third. E A.
Wright Frank, porter Michael Bros, h 304 N Chase.
Wright J W, grocer 243 Cleveland ave, h same.
Wright Wm, b Athens ave.
Wylie Amanda, h 108 N Pope.
Wylie George. wks C C L S.
Yancey Lewis. tmstr city work. h 105 N Pope.
Yank Bill. h Chase.
Young Agnes. h 438 Bridge.
Young George. lab, h N Peters nr limits, E A.
Young Minnie. wks G M Booth.
Young Moses. carp, h 646 Morris.
Young Thos. h rear 601 N Thomas.
Young Wm. lab. h 17 Newton.
Athens Business Directory.
Headings marked * are special.
The public are respectfully reminded that this "Busi­ness Directory" does not form an integral part of the "City Directory," but is compiled solely for the benefit of our "Patrons," " Traveling Salesmen" and "others" visiting the city.
If any "Non-Patrons" are omitted they have no right to complain; the publishers are not compelled to give "two Somethings" for "one Nothing".
McCulloch J. 107 E Clayton.
Smith & Henderson. 114 E Clayton. (See lines.)
Arnold J L, 229 E Clayton. (See lines.)
Daniel M A, 227 E Broad.
Wilson J P. E Clayton.
Benedict S C. 106 E Clayton.
Bode F C Mrs. 122 E Clayton.
Phelps A W. 467 Pulaski.
Bank of the University. 121 E Broad. (See front cover.)
Exchange Bank The. 124 E Clayton. (See front cover.)
National Bank of Athens. E Broad cor N Jackson. (See front cover.)
Bowden W D. 5 College ave.
Carter Wm (c), cor College ave and E Clayton.
Harris Dick, (c). 117 E Broad. (See p 117.)
McQueen S. (c). 3 College ave.
Harris Dick, (c). 117 E Broad.
Athens Cycle Co The, 120 E Clayton.
McGregor D W. 103 E Broad.
Payton Clande, 5 College ave.
Russell Bicyclc Co. 209 and 211 E Washington. (See page I.)
Rowe H J & Co, off 108 E Clayton.
Creighton W. 117 N Harris.
Bradbury J L, 16 W Washington.
Carlton Blacksmith Shop, 207 E Washington.
Clarke N, (c), 873 Oconee. E A.
Esco & Burpee, E Washington nr N Thomas.
Floyd Wm. (c). 723 Oconee. E A.
Harris J F, (c). 1244 Prince ave.
Pressnell G W jr, cor E Broad and S Foundry.
Umbach F G, 114 W Clayton.
Smith & Henderson, 114 E Clayton. (See lines).
McGregor D W, 103 E Broad (See p H.)
Booth A J Mrs, 221 E Clayton.
Bowden H L Mrs, 208 S Lumpkin.
Bowden W D Mrs, 114 N Thomas.
Olive T H Mrs, 130 S Hull.
Shy W H. 213 S Jackson.
Smith's, 8 Pine. E A.
Smith M A M Mrsm 203 S Jackson.
Christy W D, 109 E Broad. (See p G.)
Gardner J E, 203 E Broad.
Stone E D. 15 N Jackson.
Woman's Work Publishing Co, 319 W Hancock ave.
McGregor D W, 103 E Broad. (Seep H.)
Smith & Henderson, 114 E Clayton. (See lines.)
See Shoemakers.
McMahan & Co, 123 E Clayton.
Bowden C C, 519 N Lumpkin.
McGinty H C, 721 States Right.
Athens Commission Co. Swift Bldg.
Rhodes J F, 17 E Clayton.
Rhodes L C, 17 E Clayton.
Dearing A p. 240 E Broad.
Fleming T & Sons, 207 E Clayton.
Klein & Martin. 419 Oconee.
Barrett Lumber Co, off 26 E Clayton. (See p C.)
McRee O F, 231 E Broad.
Watson Bros, N Foundry. A F & M Wks. (See back cover.)
Clarke County Building, Loan and Improvement Co, 14 College ave. (See front cover.)
Athens Transfer Co, 110 W Hancock ave.
Moore B F, Y M C A Bldg. (See p J.)
Joyner & Wilson. 15 S Poplar.
Tilton M Russell, 409 S Rock Spring.
Wilson W W. 9 Wilkerson.
Gilleland C E. 105 E Broad.
McCray L, (c), 821 Prince ave.
Witte G C & Co. E Broad.
Hunter S M & Son, 18 N Jackson.
Brown J W & Sons, 227 E Broad. (See p D.)
Bedingfield & Bailey, Bailey nr city limits.
Kann S. 12 N Jackson.
Brumby Drug Co. 109 E Clayton.
Turner J W, 18 College ave.
Stanley T P. Moss Bldg.
Alexander J. 225 E Broad.
Baker H, 19 N Thomas.
Dorsey E H & W F, 115 E Clayton. (Sec p III.)
Farbstein M. 107 E Broad.
Funkenstein & Buchwald, 211 E Broad.
Joel A, 210 E Broad.
Joseph Max, 221 E Broad.
Morris Abe A & Co, 209 E Broad.
Morris C, cor College ave and E Clayton.
Morris Mendel & Son, 201 E Broad.
Stern C & Co. 109 and 111 E Clayton.
Athens Coal & Coke Co, off 26 E Clayton. (See p C.)
Crane Bros, off junction E Broad and Oconee. yards N Foundry.
Lyndon Manfg Co, N Thomas and Hoyt.
Athens Coal & Coke Co, off 26 E Clayton. (See p C.)
Crane Bros. off E Broad. yards N Foundry.
Crawford E A Mrs. 808 Hill.
Edwards T H. 219 E Hancock ave.
Home School The, Prince ave.
Lucy Cobb Institute. 117 N Milledge ave.
Thurman M O Miss. 516 N Lumpkin.
Bailey W H. Moss Bldg.
Gibson O C. Moss Bldg.
Jackson J F H . 613 Waddell. Kenney D M Nantahala ave.
Lingle J P, 1103 Baxter.
Wagnon W A. 1109 Baxter.
Watson Bros. off A F & M Wks, N Foundry. (See back cover.)
Garrison J D, 348 S Thomas.
James Wm, 326 Oconee.
James Wm B, 114 Baldwin.
Lilly J. 329 E Washington.
Bodgson Cotton Co. E Broad.
Orr & Co. 18 N Jackson.
Patterson R. 201 E Clayton.
Story S F, 13 N Thomas.
Rucker J H. E Broad.
Moss R L & Co. 200-217 E Clayton.
Phinizy & Griffith, W Clayton nr Hull.
Jones T B, 225 S Lumpkin.
Rosadale Dairy and Stock Farm, n of Barber and city limits.
Betts Wm P. 15 E Clayton.
Billups E S, 216 E Washington.
Davis B B, 115 1/2 E Clayton.
Hampton R T. Southern Ins Bldg.
Lowrance H A. 15 E Broad.
Quillian A C. 105 E Clayton.
Bell N B Mrs, 320 E Washington.
Burpee Sisters, 114 H N Thomas.
Epps A Miss. 14 N Foundry.
Freeman B J Miss. 629 Pulaski.
Hale G Miss, 218 E Clayton.
Hatton L Miss, 1558 Vine, E A.
Jones Margaret Mrs, 331 E Strong.
Lord Sisters, E Broad nr Simons. E A.
McRee N Miss, 214 E Hancock ave.
Maddox J B Mrs, 10 Wray.
Moon B Mrs. 428 Pulaski.
Mounce J Mrs. 106 W Washington.
Reynolds E Miss. 708 Reese.
Reynolds I Miss. 708 Reese.
Weil F C Mrs. 113 W Hancock ave.
Wimberly H Mrs. 327 E Dougherty.
Dillard Drug Co, 9 College ave.
Lyndon Drug Co, 249 E Broad. (See p L).
Orr R C & Co, 12 College ave. (See p I).
Palmer & Kinnebrew, 105 E Clayton. (See back cover.)
Smith W J & Bro. 233 E Broad.
Davison & Lowe. 127 E Clayton.
Michael Bros, E Clayton and N Jackson.
Opening for a good white man
Athens Foundry & Machine Works, N Foundry. (See p H.)
Harris & Brydie, (c). 117 E Broad.
Southern Express Co. 11 College ave.
Carlton J H, 212 N Jackson.
Hodgson Bros. 301 E Broad.
Booth G M, 30 W Hancock ave. (See p F. )
Burrows B W N. 101 N Thomas.
McCurdy J M, 5 N Jackson. (See p E.)
Athens Foundery & Machine Works. N Foundry, (See p H.)·
Smith & Henderson, 114 E Clayton. (See lines).
Kann S. 12 N Jackson.
Witte Geo C & Co. E Broad.
Dorsey E H & W F, 117 and 119 E Clayton. (See p III).
Funkenstein & Stern. 39 and 41 E Clayton.
Garebold J A, 11 W Washington
Athens Gas Light Co. off Athens Savings Bank, works N Foundry. nr Macon and Georgia Ry tracks
Athens Co-operative Store, 713 E Broad.
Lampkin C. cor E Washington and N Lumpkin.
Lampkin W W, 21 E Clayton.
Jackson & Vincent. 1 E Clayton.
Dorsey E H & W F, 115 E Clayton. (See p III).
Stern C & Co, 109 E Clayton.
Johnson J G. 786 Old Ga Depot, E A.
Galloway, Lambert, & Co, 243 E Broad.
Griffeth Bros & West, 15 E Clayton.
Hulme G H, E Broad.
King J S & Co, 301-307 E Broad.
Talmadge Bros & Co. E Clayton.
Webb & Crawford, 220 E Broad.
Aaron D M, 757 Oconee, E A.
Abney Bros, 20 N Thomas. (Seep G).
Appling C S. 476 Oconee.
Arnold M M. 301 Prince ave.
Athens Mencantile Co. 2 N Foundry.
Bailey C F. 875 Oconee, E A.
Barber H B. 808 River, E A.
Barber W L. 854 River. E A.
Bernard H R, Prince ave.
Booth Bros. 507 River.
Booth & England, 452 River.
Bowden F H. 519 N Lumpkin.
Burke & Weir, Y M C A Bldg.
Burrows B W N, 101 N Thomas
Burton E. 1201 W Hancock ave.
Butler I N. 655 College ave.
Cason C. College ave opp S A L Depot.
Church Bros. 619 Oconee, E A.
Cooper C W. 410 N Thomas.
Crawford J R, n of city limits, E A.
Doggett J. Reese and Chase.
Eberhart J T, Poplar cor Arch, E A.
Eberhart R, 205 N Hull.
Eberhart T, (c) . 203 N Hull.
Eidson B S, 1238 Prince ave.
Farmer J S, 35 N Elberton, E A.
Fears J P & Sons, 37 E Clayton.
Fitzpatrick H R, 1525 Vine, E A.
Fitzpatrick J T. Barber opp Athens ave.
Galloway, Lamhert & Co, 243 E Broad.
Griffith Bros & West, 15 E Clayton.
Haddock I, 101 W Hancock ave.
Hammett J A. 926 W Hancock ave.
Harper J R. 800 Oak, E A.
Haynes L C. 533 College ave.
Huen S T, 604 Prince ave.
Johnson J H. (c). 207 N Hull.
Keese E R Mrs. 927 W Hancock ave.
King J S & Co, 301-307 E Broad.
Lovin M, 18 N Peters, E A.
McDowell & Son. 8 College ave.
Massey J H, 242 E Broad.
Matthews & Co. 115 N Lumpkin.
Moore J R, 235 E Broad.
Moore P A, 331 E Broad.
Oliver T P, 615 Prince ave.
Parr M H. 1125 Broad.
Pan & Sitton, 111 E Broad.
Pittman W M, 7 N Lumpkin.
Power W W. 733 Baxter.
Rose G A Mrs. 501 E Broad.
Shy W H & Son. 9 N Jackson.
Weatherly C N, 502 N Thomas.
Weatherly H C. 401 College ave.
Williamson G H, 29 E Clayton.
Wingfield W C & Co, 237 E Broad.
Wright J W, (c), 243 Cleveland ave.
Briscoe J C, 12 E Clayton.
Barry F. 514 N Thomas.
Cook A H. 416 River.
Frierson J T, E Clayton.
Athens Hardware Co The. 248-250 E Broad.
Fleming T & Sons, 207 E Clayton.
Talmage Hardware Co. 19 E Clayton.
Bondurant & Co. 30 and 32 E Clayton. (See p L).
Fleming T & Sons, 207 E Clayton.
Beusse H, 103 N Thomas.
Umbach F G, 114 W Clayton.
Cheney J S & Co. 212 N Jackson.
Reaves R L, South.
Webb L. 212 College ave.
Central Hotel. cor N Lumpkin and E Broad.
Commercial The. cor E Broad and College ave.
Hotel Victoria. 205 E Clayton.
Mt Vernon Hotel, 28 W Hancock ave. (See p F).
Brown J W & Sons, 227 E Broad. (See p D).
Huggins J H & Son. 218 E Broad.
Polar Ice Works. Pulaski.
Georgia Immigration and Investment Bureau, W D Griffeth Agent. 14 College ave.
INSURANCE AGENTS. Charbonnier L H jr & Co. 201 E Clayton.
Crane Bros. junction E Broad and Oconee.
Griffeth W D. 14 College ave. (See p B).
Johnson L M. 26 E Clayton.
Ketchum W H. Hotel Victoria.
Latimer R C. 17 College ave.
Lipscomb F A. Athens Savings Bank.
Mitchell A L. Southern Insurance Building.
Morton F S, 17 College ave.
Southern Mutual Ins Co. off Southern Ins Bldg.
Mutual Life Ins Co of N Y, Walter H Ketchum Sepcial Agent.
Nederland Life Insuance Co, (ltd), A L Mitchell gen agt for Ga, off Southern Ins Bldg.
Lidstone S K, 227 E Broad. (See p E).
Foster J F. Moss Bldg.
Brown J W & Son. 227 E Broad. (See p D).
Hang Lung & Co. 26 E Clayton.
Hong Sing, 8 N Jackson.
Brown E T. 13 College ave.
Basinger Wm S. College Campus.
Carlton E E. off at residence.
Cobb Lamar, 220 E Washington.
Erwin & Cobb, Univ Bk Bldg.
Flatau Sol. 17 E Clayton.
Green T F. Moss Bldg.
Howard R S, 3 E Clayton.
Lumpkin & Burnett. 246 E Broad.
Lyle & Kinnebrew. N Lumpkin and Washington.
Mitchell A L. Southern Insurance Bldg.
Morris S. Moss Bldg.
Mell J D. Savings Bank Bldg.
Mell T S. Savings Bank Bldg.
Price E S. 119 E Clayton.
Strickland J J, Moss Bldg.
Shackelford & Shackelford, Univ Bank Bldg.
Thomas G C. 115 E Clayton.
Tribble S J. Moss Bldg.
Tuck H C, 303 E Broad.
Upson F L. 246 E Broad.
Arnold A. 28 Baldwin.
Bernstein B S, S Thomas.
Holman & Scott. 107-111 N Thomas.
Keown Bros. 105 N Thomas.
Williamson J N, W Clayton.
Young C T. E Clayton.
Barrett Lumber Co, off 26 E Clayton, mill and yard G C & N depot. (See p C).
Watson Bros, off and yards A F & M W. (See back cover).
Woman's Work, 319 W Hancock ave.
Athens Foundry & Machine Works, N Foundry. (See p H).
Bailey T & Co. N Thomas and Hoyt.
Pittard J, 9 E Clayton.
Orr R C & Co. 12 College ave. (See p I).
Palmer & Kinnebrew, 105 E Clayton. (See back cover.)
Bisson P & Sons, Quarries Oglesby, Ga. off Cemetery. (See back cover.)
Robertson A R. 115 N Thomas.
Beal M, 302 W Broad.
Booth G M, 30 W Hancock ave. (See p F).
Clements & Son. 631 N Thomas.
Byrd J. 604 Oconee, E A.
Finch J F. Prince ave.
Hawkins P. 19 N Jackson.
McCurdy J M, 5 N Jackson. (Seep E).
Mize M C. W Washington.
Spencer, Wm M. 108 N Lumpkin.
Van Straaten J. Y M C A Bldg.
Hodgson Bros, E Broad and Oconee.
Hunter S M & Son. 18 N Jackson.
Rhodes J F, 17 E Clayton.
see also tailors
Minder J. 10 College ave. (See p G).
Talmadge Bros & Co, off 25 E Clayton.
Adams & Williamson. 118 E Clayton.
Bradberry Misses The. not yet located.
Mitchell J R Mrs. 623 W Hancock ave.
Athens Foundry and Machine Works. N Foundry. (See p H).
Bisson P & Sons. quarries Oglesby, Ga. off Cemetery. (See back cover.)
Creighton I Miss, 117 N Harris.
Mell Misses The. 515 Hill.
Stanley S F Miss. 205 Pulaski.
Stroud M S Mrs. 604 Meigs.
Athens Banner The. (daily and weekly).
Athens Clipper, (c) (weekly). 205 N Hull.
Foster James F, Moss Bldg.
Griffeth Wm DB, 14 College ave.
Bailey M Mrs. 32 Baldwin.
Smith & Henderson. 114 E Clayton. (See lines).
Standard Oil Co, 622 Pulaski.
Athens Opera House, E Washington.
Lidstone S K, 227 E Broad. (See p E).
Haselton D P. 112 E Clayton.
Arnold J L. 229 E Clayton. (See lines).
Parr Bros. W Broad.
Arnold J L. 229 E Clayton. (See lines).
Lyndon Drug Co, 249 E Broad. (See p L).
Orr R C & Co, 12 College ave. (See p I).
Palmer & Kinnebrew. 105 E Clayton. (See back cover).
Parr Bros, W Broad.
Smith & Henderson, 114 E Clayton. (See lines.)
Hajos A, 31 E Clayton. (See lines).
McDannell C F, 115 E Broad. (See p I ).
Maddox Bros, 109 E Broad. (See p III).
Benedict S C. 106 E Clayton.
Carlton W A. Carlton Bldg.
Conway W B, 116 E Clayton.
Crow L H. 231 E Broad.
Dillard S H. 9 College ave
Edwards H M. E Clayton.
Gerdine J. 10 E Hancock ave.
Goss I H. 107 College ave.
Jackson F. 226 S Lumpkin.
Petrie C B, Central Hotel.
Pope J E, 15 E Broad.
Quillian D D. E Clayton.
Roberts W W, 230 E Broad.
Thomas D A N. 435 Bloomfield.
Whaley W S, 715 Prince ave.
Conaway T C. 123 E Clayton.
Hale H H. Moss Bldg.
Smith & Henderson, 114 E Clayton. (See lines).
Bailey & Gilbert, 229 Washington. (Seep I).
Bondurant & Co, 30 and 32 E Clayton. (See p L).
Bondurant & Co, 30 and 32 E Clayton. (See p L).
C of G R R, College ave.
Georgia R R, Galloway and E Broad.
N E of George, Mitchell.
Seaboard Air Line. College ave.
Anderson J T. 20 College ave
Davis M, (c), 35 E Clayton.
Griffeth Wm D. E Clayton (See p B).
Williford J S. Southern Ins Bldg.
Briscoe M P. 12 E Clayton.
Bramblett R L, 230 E Broad.
Davis H C, 101 and 105 S Jackson.
Hill D W. 8 10 and 12 Wall.
Athens Roller Covering Mfg Co. Swift Building.
Bailey & Gilbert. 229 Washington. (See p I).
Barrett Lumber Co, off 26 E Clayton. (Seep C).
Watson Bros, N Foundry. (See back cover).
Athens Savings Bank. 125 E Broad.
Smith & Henderson. 114 E Clayton. (See lines).
Jeruel School. Baxter.
Knox Institute. N Pope.
Lyndon Drug Co, 249 E Broad. (See p L).
Orr R C & Co, 12 College ave. (See p I).
Palmer & Kinnebrew, 105 E Clayton. (See back cover).
Singer Manfg Co, 26 E Clayton.
Toomer J B. off Hotel Victoria. N Jackson.
Coker C H. 319 E Broad.
Haudrup W N. Victoria Hotel Bldg.
Roberts J A. 1201 E Broad. E A.
Weil P, 16 E Clayton.
Smith E I. cor College ave and E Clayton.
Edwards G, Moss Bldg.
Hill J B. 246 E Broad.
Bisson P & Sons, Quarries- Oglesby Ga. off Cemetery. (See back cover).
Bondurant & Co, 30 and 32 E Clayton. (See p L).
Brown J W & Son, 227 E Broad. (See p D).
Hoff S. 216 E Broad.
Raphael B, 107 E Broad.
Athens Leather Manfg Co. off 14 College ave.
Colley G, 403 Doboy.
Colley J, 406 Cemetery.
Couch S, East Athens.
Montgomery W P, 523 S Lumpkin.
Patten H N. 413 N Foundry.
Patton J. Derby cor Herring, E A.
Summers & Hunter, 18 N Jackson.
Westbrook C. (c), 1115 W Hancock ave.
W U Telegraph Co, 118 E Clayton.
Bailey & Gilibert, 222 E Washington. (Seep I).
Bondurant & Co, 30 and 32 Clayton. (See p L).
Childers W, 18 E Clayton.
Huggins J H, jr, 33 E Clayton.
Von der Leith R A Miss, 16 College ave.
Smith & Henderson. E Clayton. (See lines).
Dorsey E H & W F. 17 E Clayton. (See lines).
Hart Bros.7 E Clayton.
Watson J W, Hotel Victoria.
Umbach F G, 114 W Clayton.
Arnold J L. 227 E Clayton (See lines.)
McGregor D W. 103 E Broad. (See p H).
Parr Bros. W Broad
Smith & Henderson. 114 E Clayton. (See lines).
Hauser F H N. 249 E Broad.
Lidstone S K. 227 E Broad. (See p E ).
Scudder C A. 113 E Broad.
Athens Foundry & Machine Works. N Foundry. (See p H).
Brown J W & Sons, 227 E Broad. (Seep D).
"It is easier to criticize thn to be correct."
The compilers of this work do not claim to be "infalli­ble." A perfectly conect directory is a moral impossi­bility, and the public in their criticisms of this work are respectfully invited to bear in mind the above facts.
Rucker J H is alderman vice T S Methvin.
Standing Committees City of Athens, 1897.
Finance- Rhodes, Barrow, Foster.
Fire Department- Cheney, Foster, Arnold.
Public Property- Lowe, Cheney, Rucker.
Fire Alarm- Center, Lowe, Barrow.
Streets- Barrow, Rhodes, Cheney.
Markets- Rucker, Barrow, Lowe.
Printing- Foster, Center, Rhodes.
Lights- Rhodes, Rucker, Center.
Petitions and Communications- Cheney, Arnold, Barrow.
Police- Arnold, Foster, Cheney.
Railroads- Rucker, Foster, Center.
Public Schools- Barrow, Lowe, Rucker.
Water Works- Foster, Cheney, Rhodes.
Sewers- Center, Arnold, Lowe.
Ordinances- Arnold, Rhodes. Rucker.
Health- Lowe, Center, Arnold.
A E R Co's office is now 20 College ave.
Benedict M Mrs from 9 E Strong to 503 College ave.
Bradberry Sisters have moved to 112 E Clayton.
Burke T A, (Burke & Wier), r 602 Prince ave.
Burke & Wier, (T A Burke and C A Wier), grocers, Y M C A Bldg.
Carithers J G should read J Y.
Clements James C from 9 E Strong to 503 College ave.
Coleman H C and family from 9 E Strong to 503 College ave.
Collins G U and family from 515 College ave to 9 E Strong.
Cox E D and family from 503 to 515 College ave.
Doyal G H. h 435 Bloomfield.
DuBose L D C S should read L Mrs.
Dunston J O from 9 E Strong to 503 College ave.
Gallaway, Lambert & Co should read Galloway, Lambert & Co.
Griffiths John D, grocer 447 River, r same.
Hill Julian B. stenographer. r 205 Pulaski.
Hunnicutt J B Prof has moved 604 W Hancock ave.
Inman & Co, cotton brokers Oconee.
Klouse J, stone cutter. r 447 River.
McQueen S, (c). barber, is now McQueen & Carter.
Moss R L jr, office should read 17 College ave.
Newton Henry M D. h 411 College ave.
Phinizy & Griffith is now Griffith & Welch.
Reed J W should read Reid J W.
Shy Wesley S has moved to 205 E Broad.
Smith W M. lawyer 119 E Clayton. r Watkinsville.
Thomas D A N. MD, from 435 8loomfield to Nantahala ave
Wade Robert, MD, h 916 Prince ave.
Waters & Oliver, wholesale fruits, etc. 7 N Jackson.
Welsh should read Welch.
Index to Advertisers.
Abney Bros., grocer .......................................................G
Arnold, J. L., paints, oils, etc. ................................. see lines
Athens Coal and Coke Co. ..................................................C
Athens Foundry and Machine Works..........................................II
Bailey & Gilbert, plumbers, etc............................................I
Bank of the University...........................................front cover
Barrett Lumber Co..........................................................C
Bisson P. & Sons, monuments, etc..................................back cover
Bondurant & Co., stoves. etc...............................................L
Booth, G. M., meat market..................................................F
Brown, J. & Sons, stoves, glassware, etc...................................D
Christy, Wm. D., printer...................................................G
City Drug Store............................................................I
Clarke County Building, Loan and Improvement Co..................front cover
Commercial Club, The..............................................Back cover
Dorsey, E H. & W. F., clothing, etc......................................III
Excange Bank.....................................................front cover
Griffeth, Wm. D,, real estate, etc.........................................B
Hajos, A., photographer............................................see lines
Harris, Dick, barber.......................................................K
Lidstone, S. K , oculist, etc..............................................E
Lyndon Drug Co.............................................................L
McCurdy, J., meat market...................................................E
McDannell, C. F ., photographer,...........................................I
McGregor, D. W., books, etc................................................H
Maddox Bros., photographers..............................................III
Minder, J., merchant tailor................................................G
Moore, B. F. business college..............................................J
Mt. Vernon Hotel...........................................................F
National Bank of Athens...........................................front cover
Palmer & Kinnebrew, druggists.....................................back cover
Russell Bicycle Co.........................................................I
Smith & Henderson, books, etc......................................see lines
Ulrich Manufacturing Co., garden tools.....................................K
Watson Bros., contractors, etc....................................back cover
Bicycles to Rent.
Guarantee all Work Satisfactory.
New and Second-Hand Wheels Bought, Sold and Exchanged.
225 Washington St., near Opera House.
It is generally admitted that among the many indications of a live and progressive city and one desirable to locate in, is the existence therein of colleges, schools, churches of all denominations, hospitals and other charit­able institutions, fraternal societies, clubs, social: literary and musical, etc., and when these are accompanied by good municipal government controlling efficient fire, health and police departments, there is not much else to be desired.
Athens can justly lay claim to possessing all of the above named advantages and should advertise the fact far and wide as does the lie, progressive merchant his wares.
Especially has she a right to boast of and feel proud of her Fire Department and its Chief. G. W. McDorman, whose portrait we present above, and unaer whose man­agement it has reached its present efticieney-her citizens can return to rest feeling assured that should "one of the best of servants but worst of masters." visit them in their slumbers, the Chief, and his force, will quickly be on the spot and arrest its ravages.