Athens city directory [1889]

Phil. J. Voss Jos. B. Maddox Voss & Maddox manufacturers agents for all kinds of machinery supplies Engines, Boilers, Saw Mills, Belting. Also Agents for the Van Winkle Gin, best cotton Gin Known and Electric Light Plants Plans and specifications for the Erection of Ginneries Funnished Free Office - Cotton Seed Oil Mill, P. O. Box 266. Athens, GA.
A. S. Wilson, 107, 109 and 111 Thomas Street, Athens, GA. Livery, Feed and Sale Stables I endeavor to keep the finest stock and best vehicles at the lowest prices Your Patronage Solicited
Hodge & Evans, Frank J. Cohen, General Agent, Manufacturers of Printing and Lithographic Inks, Varnishes, Etc. 23 East Alabama Street, Atlanta, GA. All our goods are made of the most carefully selected materials, by experienced workmen, under our personal supervision, and will be found in every respect the equal of any on the market
L. D. Sledge & Co. dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Chimicals, Patent Medicines, Rubber Goods, Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Colognes and Fine Perfumeries of all kinds. Prescription Work accurately and carefully done at moderate prices. Clayton St., Athens, GA.
Jos. S. Milner, Artistic Photography (Old Clifton Gallery) 109 East Broad Street, Athens, GA. Call and examine Specimens of work
John L. Arnold, House and Sign Painter paper hanging, etc. Office at Lyndon's Drug Store, Broad Street
R. T. Brumby & Co. 6 College Avenue, Athens, GA. A full and complete line of Drugs, Medicines Toilet Articles, Etc. Best Goods, Lowest Prices Merchants will consult their own interests by securing our wholesale prices before placing their orders.
H. C. Tuck, Attorney at Law, 245 East Broad St., Athens, Ga.
George Davis Dick Harris Davis & Harris, Artistic Barbers 117 East Broad Street, Athens, GA. In inviting the public, we do so confident in our ability to give entire satisfaction - to do your work in a manner that will induce your continued patronage. Hot and Cold Baths a Specialty.
Adams & Williamson 123 East Broad Street, Athens, Ga. Fashionable Millinery, bonnets, flowers, etc. Ladies' Fancy Goods Generally
B. M. Noble Attorney at Law 17 Clayton Street, Room no. 16, Athens, Ga. Specialties: Collections, Conveyancing, Assignments
Weatherly & Ware dealers in General Merchandise Cotton Buyers, Etc. 103 Thomas Street, Athens, GA.
Pioneer Paper Manufacturing Company, R. K. Reaves President, W. D. Griffeth Secretary, Manufacturers of all kinds of news and wrapping papers Athens, Georgia
Parr Bros. House and Sign Painters Decorators and dealers in wall paper, paints, oils, varnishes, brushes, etc. 17 North Jackson St., next door to the Banner Office, Athens, Georgia.
Julius Dornblatt Plumber Steam and Gas Fitter Gun and Locksmith, 118 East Clayton Street, Athens, GA.
Lucy Cobb Institute, Athens, Ga. [Image of Lucy Cobb Institute] A Boarding School for Girls, Lady Teachers, All denominations represented. Board $15.00 a Month. No Secret Societies. Health Record Unsurpassed. Miss M. Rutherford, Principal
R. Lucas Northeast Georgia Machine Works, Engines, Boilers, Gins, Saw Mills, Flour Mills, Etc. Put up, altered or repaired, Shops on Wilkinson Street, Off Broad Adjoining the Georgia Railroad Trestle, Athens, Georgia.
McGinty & Hunnicutt Contractors and Builders Manufacturers of and dealers in standard guanos brick, laths, shingles, white lead, mixed paints, oils, varnishes, builders hardware, lime, plaster paris, cement, also sash, doors and blinds, Proprietors Athens Steam Planing Mills, at Northeast Depot, all orders promptly filled and estimates made Office - South Street, Near Jackson, Athens, Georgia.
Carriage and Wagon Manufacturing Klein & Martin, manufacturers of fine carriages buggies and wagons, Build but one grade of work - the best, make a specialty of ordered work. Blacksmithing, general blacksmithing, repairing and painting promptly done at reasonable prices. Horse shoeing done first class, under the latest scientific instruciton by sober, practical workmen. Oconee St., Athens, Ga.
Witherspoon & Hamilton House & Sign Painters and dealers in paints, oils, etc. 122 E. Clayton Street Athens, Georgia
Peter Weil, Boot and shoe manurfacturer and dealer in leather repairing neatly done 28 E. Clayton Street Athens, Georgia
The Tailor Making pants a specialty cleaning and repairing neatly done all work guaranteed, Can be found over Max Joseph's Broad St., Up stairs, Bob Jefferson
F. G. Umbach E. H. Brown Umbach & Brown, Carriage Shop blacksmithing, woodwork, painting, repairing of all kinds promptly done Horse shoeing a specialty Jobs of all kinds built to order
Bessman Nurseries J. L. Huss, Proprietor, Greene Street, Augusta, Ga. Greenhouse and ornamental plants and trees roses magnolias, camelias, etc. A specialty is made of out-of-town orders for both plants and cut flowers send for catalogue J. L. Huss, Augusta, Ga.
E. R. Schneider importer, wholesale and retail dealer in fine wines, cigars, tobaccos brandies whiskies, gins, porters, ales, mineral waters, etc. 601 and 802 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia
The Athens Banner published daily, Sunday and weekly T. L. Gantt, editor and proprietor, Jackson Street, Athens, GA. The Athens Daily Banner is delivered in the city or mailed postage free to any address at $5.00 per year, $2.50 for six months, $1.25 for three months, 10c. per week. The Weekly or Sunday Banner - $1.00 per year, 50c. for six months. The Athens Banner is the only Morning Paper in the Eighth Congressional District, and has a large and influential circulation throughout this section.
The Banner Job Printing Office a large and complete stock of stationery constantly on hand. Every variety of job printing done in the neatest manner and at reasonable rates. Orders by mail promptly filled. The Banner, Athens, Georgia
E. I. Smith and Co. Boots and Shoes exlusively 21 College Avenue and 40 Clayton St. Athens, Ga.
The Athens Clipper circulation, seven hundred weekly the only Colored paper published in North-East Georgia. In Politics Republican. Devoeted ot the Advancement of the Colored Races. Published weekly at 116 East Clayton Street, Athens, Ga. Terms one year $1.25, six months .75, three months .50 S. B. Davis, Publisher and Proprietor.
Wesley Merriwether Blacksmithing & Horse shoeing wagon making, repairing, etc. 222 Fulton Street, Athens, Georgia
Electric fire alarm and guests' call bells in every room free omnibus, The Adkins House, A. J. Adkins, Proprietor, Rates $1.50 per day, No. 811 Ellis Street Augusta, Georgia
Athens City Directory 1889 containing a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, public and private schools, fire department, churches, banks, secret societies. Also, an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens. A classified list of all trades, professions, etc. etc. Sold only by subscription price three dollars, published by M. C. Pope & Co. Athens, GA.
We feel confident that the citizens of athens will appreciate, and be proud of this edition of the Athens City Directory. Its appearance indeicates an enterprising, prosperous city, and the contents of the volume will amply prove that appearances in this instance ar enot deceitful. The plan of the work divides the information, consisting of lists of city and county officers, church directory, secret and benevolent societies, schools, State government, post-office information, the police and fire departments, an dmany other useful items; this is followed by the Directory proper, showeing the names, occupation, and addresses of all the residents of the city and the whole is supplemented by a complete classified Business Directory, containing the names and addresses of all persons engaged in business, or th eprofessions arranged under the headings to which they properly belong. This information has been compiled an dcollected by competent and experienced persons, and we have spared neither time nor expense to make the work as complete and reliable as possible.
We desire to return our thanks to the business men and citizends who have favored us with their patronage, and who have so cheerfully given all information requested of them.
July 1889. M. C. Pope & Co.
Census of Athens, Clarke County, Ga.
(Taken by order of Athen City Council)
Males - Adults 965
Infants 916
Females - Adults 1,145
Infants 898
Total white population 3,924
Males - Adults 850
Infants 1,194
Females - Adults 1,040
Infants 1,101
Total colored population 4,185
Total population of Athens 8,109
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[Image of Hon. John A. Hunnicutt, Mayor of the City of Athens]
Coal and Coke Athens Gas Light Company Telephone No. 41
Athens City Directory 1889
General information
The City government
City Officers 1889.
Election held first Wednesday in December in each year
Mayor - Dr. John A. Hunnicutt
Mayor pro tem - W. A. McDowell
Clerk of Council - W. A. Gilleland
Treasurer - W. A. Gilleland
Chief of Police - D. C. Oliver
Street Commissioner - John D. Moss
Overseer Street Hands - R. W. Wilkinson
City Engineer - see Street Commissioner
City Attorney - A J Cobb
Clerk of Market - Chief of police
Clerk of Magazine - Clerk of Council
S. Rapheal, Merchant Tailor and Men's Furnisher 3 College Ave., Athens, GA.
Haselton and Dozier's Music House 112 Clayton Street. Pianos, Organs, violins, banjos, guitars, musical merchandise, etc.
Assessors of Real Estate - R. Chappel, A Dearing, Cobb Lamkin
Chief Engineer Fire Department - George W Mason
Sanitary Inspector - Dr. J. C. Orr
Board of Aldermen
First Ward - W McKinnon,* William Dootson
Second Ward - W McDowell,* J N Booth
Third Ward - W D Griffeth,* M B McGinty
Fourth Ward - D C Barrow,* J A Pitner
*Time expires first Wednesday in January 1890, balance first Wednesday in January 1891
Standing Committees for 1889
Finance - Barrow, Griffeth, McDowell
Streets - Griffeth, Barrow, Booth
Public Property - Booth, Dootson, McKinnon
Market - Dootson, Pitner, McKinnon
Police - McGinty, Griffeth, McDowell
Fire Department - McKinnon, McDowell, Dootson
Ordinances - McDowell, Pitner, Booth
Petitions and Communications - Pitner, McKinnon, Booth
Railroads - Griffeth, McGinty, McDowell
Printing - Dootson, McKinnon, McGinty
Lights - McDowell, Booth, Pitner
Water Works - Barrow, McGinty, Griffeth
Public Schools - McGinty, Barrow, Pitner
Health - Barrow, Griffeth, Dootson
The Board of Aldermen and Mayor of the City of Athens meet in Council Chamber on Jackson Street, at 4pm first Monday in each month. J A Hunnicutt, Mayor, presiding W A Gilleland, Clerk of Council
John L. Arnold, House and Sign Painter Paper Hanging, etc. Office at Lyndon's Drug Store, Broad Street
Board of Health
Dr. J A Hunnicutt
W A McDowell
Dr. John Gerdine
R Nickerson
Prof L H Charbonnier
Mayor's Court
Dr. J A Hunnicutt, Mayor, presiding
W A Gilleland, Clerk
A J Cobb, Attorney
D C Oliver, Chief of Police
Court held every Tuesday, at 4 pm, in Mayor's Court Room, 103 Jackson Street
Police Department
Headquarters 103 Jackson Street
Chief - D C Oliver
Patrolmen - L D Goodrum, W T Moon, B F Culp, Henry Hill, W D Kelly, J S McKie
Fire Department
Chief - George W Mason
First Assistant - W F Dorsey
Second Assistant - I N Butler
Secretary and Treasurer - R Nickerson
Elected by City Council. Term of office one year.
White Companies
Hope Steam Fire Engine Company no 1
Organized 1857
W W THOMAS - President
W A McDowell - Captain
M Myers - Treasurer
Hugh Dorsey - Secretary
I Miller - Assistant Secretary
Jas McCurdy - First Foreman
O C O'Farrell - Second Foreman
W B Williford - Engineer
Hall on Washington Street. Meets second Tuesday night in each month.
Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company no. 1
Organized 1858
C G Talmadge - President
James A Grant - Captain
J Y Carithers - Foreman
G W McDorman - Assistant Foreman
C A Vonderlieth - Secretary
H H Linton - Treasurer
Dr S C Benedict - Surgeon
Hall corner Jackson and Washington Streets. Meets second Wednesday in each month.
Bloomfield Reel Company no. 4
Organized 1884
R S Williams - President
J S Mitchell - Captain
W J Potts - First Foreman
J O Dunson - Second Foreman
Lee Parnell - Secretary
James H Dootson - Treasurer
G E Sisk - First Pipeman
Thomas Forrester - Second Pipeman
Hall corner Broad and Oconee Streets. Meets last Thursday night in each month.
Pioneer Reel Company No. 5
Organized 1886
George T Hodgson - President
J H Beusse - Captain
H H Crawford - First Foreman
C I Mell - Second Foreman
E B Cohen - Secretary
Meets in Pioneer Hook and Ladder Hall, corner Jackson and Washington streets,second Tuesday night in each month.
Little Giant Reel Company No. 7
Organized 1889
T S Dobbs - Captain
W H Norris - Secretary and Treasurer
Haselton & Dozier's Art Supply Depot 112 Clayton Street. Paints, brushes, plaques, canvass, oils, easels, drawing papers, crayons, etc.
Colored Companies
Relief Fire Company No 2
William Hunt - Captain
Wyatt Upson - First Foreman
Henry Jackson - Second Foreman
Ed Adkins - Third Foreman
Robert Cobb - Secretary
Albert Hawkins - Treasurer
Meets at Morton's Hall, Hull Street, first Monday night in each month.
Champion Fire Company No. 3
Noah Johnson - Captain
Emory Hill - First Foreman
William Brawner - Second Foreman
William Thomas - Third Foreman
William Thomas - Secretary
A L Tucker - Treasurer
Meets at Morton's Hall, Hull Street, first Tuesday night in each month.
Julius Cohen Reel Company No. 6
Ned Lester - Captain
Stephen Jackson - First Foreman
Henry Holt - Secon Foreman
Henry Thomas - Third Foreman
William Harris - Secretary
Gaines Hill - Treasurer
Meets at Morton's Hall, Hull Street, first Wednesday night in each month.
John L. Arnold forn House and Sign Painting, Lyndon's Drug Store
O'Farrell Hook and Ladder Company No 2
M B Morton - Captain
Meets at Morton's Hall, Hull Street, first Thursday night in each month.
Athens Public Schools
Board of Education 1888-9
A J Cobb, President
R K Reaves, Vice President
C D Flanigen, Secretary
A L Hull, Treasurer
R K Reaves, G H Palmer, 1st ward
Chas Stern, Dr. John Gerdine, 2nd ward
David C Barrow, A L Hull, 3rd ward
E R Hodgson, A J Cobb, 4th ward
C D Flanigen, R B Russell, at large
E C Branson
Oconee Street School (down town primary) 150 pupils
Principal Miss F A Carr
Miss Bessie Conger
Miss Mamie Kennard
Miss Mary Brumby
Davis & Garebold, 111 E. Broad Street, Athens, GA. Booksellers & Stationers and Dealers in Musical Merchandise the cheapest house in the city
Meigs Street School (up town primary) 150 pupils
Miss A Linton, principal
Miss Hallie Hodgson
Miss M E Noble
Miss M J Roper
Washington Street School (Grammer high school) 400 pupils
Mr G G Bond, principal
Miss Mamie Bacon, Assistant
Miss Claude Thompson
Miss Mollie Bernard
Miss Ruby Thurmond
Miss Mary Newton Cobb
Miss Jennie Woodfin
Miss Lizzie Bacon
Baxter Street School, Colored, 350 pupils
O A Combs, principal
A L Tucker, assistant
Mattie Iverson
Elizabeth Davis
Mrs. O A Combs
Minnie Young
Sarah Maxwell
A J Cary
Best grades Anthracite and Bituminous Coal carefully screened Athens Gas Light Co.
The University of Georgia offers unequalled opportunities
for young men desirous of obtaining a finished education.
Provided with an ample faculty and with extensive means of
illustration, its courses of study are fully up to all the requirements
of modern thought.
The scientific departments are equipped with apparatus
necessary for investigation, so that students can become familiar
with the manipulation of instruments and do practical
work. The equipments of the engineering, of the physical and
of the chemical departments are especially complete. In Geology
and Biology, the apparatus, while, however, sufficient for illustration,
needs additions, which it is hoped, will soon be made.
For students studying Agriculture there is connected with the
University a good farm of sixty acres in charge of Dr. W. L.
Jones, which is well equipped and arranged for field experiments.
Tuition in the University is free, board can be had from $13.-
50 per month to $18 the former being in the college boarding
house, the last in private families. The college boarding house
has lately been entirely renovated, and is now an exceedingly
comfortable building. It is in charge of Rev. J. R. Stillwell,
and substantial fare is furnished the students.
The library consists of some 17,000 volumes, and the leading
magazines and newspapers are found on its tables. It is
open all day, and students have access to it at all hours, to
read, study or consult references. It is in charge of Miss
Frierson, arid rigid order is observed, so that a student can
always expect in the room the silence and order necessary for
study. Religious exercises are held every morning in the
College Chapel to which all students are required to be present,
and there is among them a prayer meeting organization whose
meetings are always well attended. Dr. W. E. Boggs, the
chancellor, has now taken charge of the University, and under
his energetic management the University bids fair to enter
upon a new career of prosperity.
Chancellor and ex officio President State College
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Professor of Modern Languages
Professor of Ancient Languages
Professor of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Professor of Pure Mathematics
Professor of English Literature
D C BARROW, Jr., C and M E
Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Professor of Agriculture
Professor of Biology
Professor of Geology
Adjunct Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Tutor in Ancient Languages and English
Instructor in Mathematics and Military Tactics
For information, etc., address Chancellor of University, Athens, Ga.
ART SCHOOL, 129 Washington street, Miss Jennie Smith, principal
HOME SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, Prince avenue, Mme S Sosnowski
Miss C Sosnowski, associate principals
LUCY COBB INSTITUTE, Milledge avenue, Miss M Rutherford, principal
Prince avenue and Pope streets, Mrs E A Crawford,
GROVE SCHOOL, 819 Cobb street, Miss Julia P Moss, principal
SCHOOL of STENOGRAPHY, 419 North Jackson street, L Schevenell,
KNOX SCHOOL, 22 Pope street Lewis S Clark, principal
JARRELL HIGH SCHOOL, Baxter street, John Brown, principal
METHODIST SCHOOL, Hancock avenue. Carrie Pledger, principal
105 Jackson Street
Julius Cohen, president
W A Gilleland, cashier
Capital $25,000, Surplus $1,500
Capital increases monthly by installments.
Corner Jackson and Broad sts
A K Childs, president
James White, cashier
Capital $100,000, Surplus $100,000
121 East Broad Street.
Jno A Hunnicutt, president
A L Hull, cashier
Capital $125,000, Surplus $15,000
245 Broad Street.
President, R B Russell
Secretary, John W Brumby
Attorneys, L & H Cobb
Directors - A A McDuffie, J H Mealor, Max Joseph, E I Smith, M Myers
Try the Convenience and Safety of Gas Light. A little more expensive
than Kerosene, but everything else in its favor.
11 East Clayton Street.
President, M B McGinty
Secretary and Treasurer, John W Brumby
Attorney, R B Russell
Directors A A McDuffie, John Gerdine, Louis Morris, M Myers, W A Gilleland
245 East Broad Street.
President, E S Lyndon
Secretary and Treasurer, John W Brumby
Attorneys, L & H Cobb
Directors - E I Smith. George H Palmer, Charles Morris, P Funkenstein, A A McDuffie
5 College Avenue.
W Williams, Agent
The City Cemetery is located at foot of Cemetery street
Andrew ROSS, Sexton
The Colored Cemetery is located in East Athens
Corner Lumpkin and Broad St.
Mrs G A Mell, President
On College Campus.
Used only by the Faculty, Students and Alumni of the University,
Miss S. Frierson, Librarian
Demosthenian Society. 3,000 volumes
Phi Kappa Society. 3,000 volumes
Washington Street School. 2,500 volumes
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Cor College avenue and Washington st.
Dr C D Campbell, pastor. Sunday services 11 a m and
7:30 p m. Sunday-school 9am, Prof Williams Rutherford,
superintendent. Weekly prayer meeting every
Wednesday 4.30 p m. Clerk of church, Jack F Jackson,
Treasurer, W B Jackson
EAST ATHENS BAPTIST CHURCH Rev B F Elliott, pastor. Oconee
street. Sunday services 11 am and 7.30 p m. Sunday
school 9am, Daniel Williams, superintendent. Prayer
meeting Sunday 3 pm. Clerk of church, B W Hall, Treasurer, Peter Culp
CHRISTIAN CHURCH Cor Dougherty and Pulaski streets, Rev D R
Pickens, pastor. Sunday services every 5th Sunday,
11 a m. Sunday school 9.30 a m. R K Pridgeon, superintendent
CATHOLIC CHURCH Cor Prince avenue and Pulaski street,
Rev A J Semmes, pastor. Services every 4th Sunday 11
EMANUEL CHURCH Cor Clayton and Lumpkin streets, Rev J C
Davis. rector. Sunday services 11 a m, Sunday-school
9.30 a m Prof Charles Morris, superintendent. Weekly
prayer meeting every Wednesday 4:30 p m.
ST MARY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Oconee street, R L Bloomfield,
reader. Sunday services 11 a m, Sunday-school 9.30 a m
R L Bloomfield, superintendent
Hancock avenue, Dr Rosenstein, rabbi, M Myers president,
Philip Stern, secretary and treasurer. Services Saturday
10 a m, Sunday school 9 a m. M G Michael, superintendent.
Weekly services Friday 8pm
FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Cor Lumpkin street and Hancock
avenue, Rev W D Anderson, pastor. Sunday services 11 am and 7.30 p m, Sunday school 9.30 a m, Judge Y L G
Harris, superintendent, Prof D C Barrow, jr., assistant superintendent.
Weekly prayer meeting Wednesday 5pm
Thursday, 8.30 p m. Clerk and treasurer, L A Shackleford,
secretary, D C Barrow, Jr
Quillain, pastor. Sunday services 11am and 7.30 p m.
Sunday school 3.30 p m, R Nickerson, superintendent,
L A Shackelford, assistant superintendent. Weekly prayer
meeting every Wednesday 7.30. Secretary and treasurer
William Pittman.
Quillain, pastor. Sunday services 11 am and 7.30 p m.
Sunday school 3.30 p m, A H Saye, superintendent.
Weekly prayer meeting every Wednesday 7.30 p m
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH—Hancock ave, Dr C W Lane, pastor.
Sunday services 11 a m and 4 p m. Sunday-school
9 a m. C G Talmadge, superintendent. Weekly prayer
meeting every Tuesday 7.30 p m and Wednesday
4 p m. Clerk of church A M Scudder, Treasurer J H Beusse
HOYT'S CHAPEL—Barbersville, in charge of Dr C W Lane. Sunday
school 4pm. Prayer meeting every Friday 7.30 p m
PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH—Corner Chase and Reese streets
Lacy, pastor
PIERCE'S CHAPEL—Barber street, Rev Anderson Pierce, pastor
EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH—East Athens, Rev A L Brown, pastor
FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH—East Athens, Rev Richard Smith
LANDRUM'S CHAPEL—Cor Mitchell and Thomas streets, Rev C H
Lyon, pastor
HILL'S FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH— Pope street, Rev L F Smith, pastor
CONGREGATIONALIST—Pope st, Rev G E Clark, pastor. Sunday
services 11 am and 7.30 p m Sunday school 3 p m,
Lewis Clark, superintendent. Weekly prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 pm
PIERCE'S CHAPEL, AM E Foundry street, Rev J A Cary, pastor
Sunday services 11 a m, 3.30 p m and 8 p m. Sunday
school 9.30 a m. O A Combs, superintendent. Class
meeting Tuesday 8pm. Weekly prayer meeting Thursday
8pm. Clerk of church, A J Cary, Treasurer, Chas
BETHEL AM E CHURCH Corner Broad and Billups streets, Rev A
G Gonickey, pastor. Sunday services 11 am, 3.30 p m
and 8pm. Sunday school 9.30 a m, A L Tucker, superintendent.
Class meeting Wednesday 8pm
MISSION CHAPEL A M E CHURCH East Athens, Rev A G Gonickey,
C M E CHURCH East Athens, Rev George Taylor, pastor
ZION CHURCH Rock Spring street. Rev Seymour Moore, pastor
THE ATHENAEUM (incorporated).
19 East Broad Street.
C B Griffeth, President
C M Strahan, Vice President
F S Morton, Secretary
W M Rowland, Treasurer
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John A Benedict, C D Flanigen, E A
Sanford. Club meets January, April and October
Clayton Street.
P Stern, President
S Michael, Vice President
L Flatau, Secretary
M Marks, Treasurer
105 E. Broad, new building corner Lumpkin and Clayton Sts.
E E Jones, President
F M McCleskey, Vice President
T W Reed, Secretary
A P Henley, Treasurer
C A Vonderleith, President
C T Hussey, Secretary
J M McCurdy, Treasurer
Hall on Clayton street, opposite Episcopal church
H H Carlton, President
J E Ritch, Vice President for Jackson county
B E Overby, Vice President for Oconee county
Edwin D Newton, Secretary
A L Mitchell, Treasurer
Captain—G H Yancey
First Lieutenant—L D Sledge
Second Lieutenant—Frank Hughes
Junior Second Lieutenant—D P Haselton
Orderly Sergeant—Harry Charbonnier
Second Sergeant—F S Morton
Third Sergeant—J C Carlton
First Corporal—J Pullain
Second Corporal—B A Stovall
Third Corporal—J Robertson
Quartermaster—Sol Flatau
Chaplain—E D Stone
Surgeon—Dr S C Benedict
Treasurer—W Reaves
Worshipful Master, S C Dobbs
Senior Warden, John Crawford
Junior Warden, W F Dorsey
Secretary, C D Vincent
Senior Deacon, W McKinnon
Junior Deacon, C B Veronee
Tyler, Edward W Porter
Meets at Masonic Hall, Booth Building, third Friday night
H H Linton, High Priest
W P Briggs, King
C W Baldwin, Scribe
W J Garebold, Secretary
Meets at Masonic Hall second and fourth Tuesday nights
A P Henley, N G
H C Tuck, V G
J K Kenney, R S
T R Childers, P S
D Hemerick, Treasurer
Meets at Odd Fellows Hall, corner Clayton and Jackson streets, every Monday night
W J Garebold, N G
T M Brooks, V G
C O Adams, R S
A B Harper, P S
J N Herring, Treasurer
Meets every Tuesday night at old Masonic Hall, in Deupree building
George W Rush, C P
D M Kenney, H P
A B Long, S W
J K Kenney, Scribe
Meets at Odd Fellows Hall, corner Clayton and Jackson streets, on first and third Thursday nights.
J H Mealor, Sachem
Joel Dean, Vice Sachem
Robert Flournoy, C of R
Meets every Wednesday night at Old Masonic Hall, in Deupree Building.
D M Kenney, P C
W H Lampkin, N C
T H Dearing, V C
J K Kenney, M R
Mark A Daniel, K E
J B Mattox, C E
M L Dunaway, H
Meets every Friday night at Odd Fellows Hall, corner Clayton and Jackson Streets
J E Gardner, C T
Miss Rosa Williams, V T
Miss Mima Kenney, Treasurer
George Stone, Recording Secretary
C C Bailey, Financial Secretary
R B Hartsfield, Chaplain
H C Kinney, Treasurer
Miss Mary Williams, I G
Luther Power, O G
J W Brown, L Deputy
D C Oliver, P W C T
Meets every Friday night at their hall on Clayton Street, over Johnson & Moore's store
Z W Betts, Master Workman
J F Wills, Recorder
T M Brooks, Collector
J A Pitner, Receiver
Meets second and fourth Friday nights, at Talmage & Carithers' Hall, Clayton Street.
L A Shackleford, Regent
D M Kenney, Secretary
J S McKie, Collector
A M Scudder, Treasurer
Meets first and third Tuesday nights, at Talmage & Carithers Hall, Clayton Street.
Geo H Palmer, Past Commander
Geo Meadowcroft, Vice Commander
J M Head, Secretary
J F Jackson, Collector
Z W Betts, Treasurer
D C Oliver, Chaplain
J S McKie, Guide
Meets second and fourth Tuesday nights, at Talmage & Carithers' Hall, on Clayton Street.
Geo W Rush, Dictator
H C Davis, Vice Dictator
Z W Betts, Reporter
C L Pitner, F Reporter
J A Pitner, Guide
J F Wills, Treasurer
J S Nolan, Chaplain
Meets second and fourth Wednesday nights, at Talmage & Carithers' Hall, Clayton Street.
The Post-office is located at numbers 108 and 110 East Clayton Street
W B Burnett, Postmaster
J H Reaves, Assistant Postmaster, Money Order and Registered Letter Clerk
Hugh Rowe, Mailing Clerk
Miss Lottie Haudrup, Delivery Clerk
Office hours from 8 a in to 6:30 p m, except one hour after
arrival of mails. Sundays 8 to 9 a m, 1:30 to 2:30 p m and
5:30 to 6 p m
J H Reaves, Money Order Clerk
Office open daily except Sundays from 8 a m to 6:30 p m, except one hour after arrival of mails
For sums not exceeding $5 ........................ 5 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10. ........... ........ 8 cents
Over $10 and not exceeding $15. ................... 10 cents
Over $15 and not exceeding $30 ............ ....... 15 cents
Over $30 and not exceeding $40 .................... 20 cents
Over $40 arid not exceeding $50 .............. ..... 25 cents
Over $50 and not exceeding $60 .................... 30 cents
Over $60 and not exceeding $70 .................... 35 cents
Over $70 and not exceeding $80 .................... 40 cents
Over $80 arid not exceeding $100 ... ................ 45 cents
A single Money Order may include any amount from one
cent to one hundred dollars, but must not contain a fractional
part of a cent
J H Reaves, Register Clerk
Office hours same as Money Order Department
Valuable letters or parcels should be registered, the fee for
same being ten cents in addition to the regular rates of
letter postage, to be paid in stamps, i. e., stamps sufficient
must be attached to letters or parcels before presenting
for registration
Stamps are sold from both Money Order and Delivery Windows
On letters, sealed packages, mail matter wholly or in part
written (unless accompanied by corrected proof), and all printed
matter so marked as to convey any further information than is
conveyed by the original print, etc., two cents for one ounce or
fraction thereof.
On newspapers and periodicals (not mailed from office of
publication to subscribers), one cent for each four ounces or
fraction thereof; books, printed and blank circulars, other matter
wholly in print, proof-sheets, corrected proof-sheets and
manuscript copy relating to same, hand-bills, posters, chromos,
lithographs, engravings, heliotypes, photographic and stereoscopic
views (title may be written, in general) all impressions or
copies obtained on paper, parchment or card-board, by means
of printing, lithographing or any other mechanical process,
except the copying press and type- writer, may go at the same
rate as transient newspapers, one cent for each two ounces or
fraction thereof. All packages must be so enclosed as to be
open to easy inspection by the postal authorities.
Postal cards may be sent either in print, pencil or ink, or
partially in all. They are regarded by postmasters the same as
sealed letters, except that in no case are they advertised. In
using postal cards be careful not to write or have any thing
printed on the side to be used for the address, except the address,
as they will thus be rendered unmailable. Nothing
whatever must be attached to a postal card. To use or attempt
to use in payment of postage, a postage stamp or stamped
envelope which has been used before in payment of postage,
or a stamp cut from any such stamped envelope and placed
upon another envelope, is punishable with a fine of fifty dollars.
Blanks, cards, card-board, other flexible material, patterns,
letter envelopes and paper imprinted, merchandise, and samples
of merchandise, models, ornamental paper, sample cards,
samples of ores, metals, minerals, seeds, cuttings, bulbs, root
scions, paintings in oil or water colors one cent for each ounce
or fraction thereof.
Athens Banner-Watchman—Established 1834, T L Gannt
editor and proprietor. Issued every morning except Monday.
Terms daily $5 per year, weekly edition $1 per year. Sunday
edition $1.00 per year
Athens Chronicle— Established 1876, Stone & Christy
editors and proprietors. Issued every evening except Sunday.
Terms $5 per year, weekly edition $1 per year
University Reporter—Issued weekly during the collegiate
year by Students of the University of Georgia
Athens Clipper (colored)—Established 1887, S B Davis
editor and proprietor. Weekly $1 per year
Womans Work—Established 1888, T L Mitchell proprietor,
Kate Garland editress. Issued monthly, 50 cents per
The Southern Farmer—Established 1886, Louis J Brumby
editor and proprietor. Issued monthly, $1 per year
Main office Augusta, Ga
J W Green, General Manager
E R Dorsey, G P & F A
Depot, corner of Broad and Galloway Streets
H N Harris, Agent
H R Bernard, Soliciting Agent
General offices, Macon, Ga
A J McEvoy, Superintendent
A G Craig, General Passenger Agent
Depot, Mitchell Street
A S Hughes, Agent
J H Dorsey, Soliciting Agent
General offices, Washington, D C
James L Taylor, General Passenger Agent
Depot, Hull Street
L L McCleskey, Division Passenger Agent
F M Hardin, Agent
C B Chandler, Soliciting Agent
Up stairs corner Clayton and Jacksou Streets.
Miss Lou Pipkin, Manager
Miss Ida Burbank, Assistant
Over old Post-office building.
H C Conway, Manager
Near Northeastern Railroad Depot.
Near Water Works.
George Davis, leader and manager
Office in Davis and Harris Barber shop.
Corner of Jackson and Washington Streets.
Seating Capacity, 1,300
D P Haselton, Manager.
Athens is the county seat.
The Court House is situated on Prince Avenue.
Judge, Howell Cobb
Solicitor, Sylvanus Morris
Clerk, C D Vincent
Sheriff, John W Weir
Ordinary, S M Herrington
Tax Collector, H H Linton
Tax Receiver, David E Sims
County Treasurer, C J O'Farrell
County Surveyor, C B Daniel
Coroner, J A Pitner
Meets in Clarke County Court House quarterly and oftener if
occasion demands
Howell Cobb, Judge
Sylvanus Morris, Solicitor
C D Vincent, Clerk
J W Weir, Sheriff
Meets in Clarke County Court House first Monday in each
S M Herrington, Judge
Meets in Clarke County Court House, second, third and fourth
Mondays in April and October
N L Hutchins, Judge
R B Russell, Solicitor General
George M Napier, Court Reporter
Governor—John B Gordon, elected 1888, term expires in
1890, salary $3,000.
Secretaries—J W Warren, Jas T Nisbet, salaries $2,000.
Adjutant-General, and Keeper of Public Buildings, John
Mclntosh Kell, salary $1,500.
Department Clerk—W H Harrison, salary $1,850.
Secretary of State—Nathan C Barnett, elected 1888 for
two years, salary $2,000, bond $10,000.
State School Commissioner—J S Hook, salary $2,000.
Edgar H Orr, clerk, salary $1,200
State Board of Education - Hon J B Gordon, president,
Hon N C Barnett, Hon Clifford Anderson, Hon W A Wright.
Comptroller-General—William A Wright, elected 1888 for
two years, salary $2,000, bond $20,000. Book-keeper, Charles T
Furlow, salary $1,800. Insurance clerk, R C Erwin, salary
$1,200. Wild land clerk, G T E Hardeman, salary $1,000.
Attorney General—Clifford Anderson, elected 1888 for two
years, salary $2,000.
Treasurer—R U Hardeman, elected 1888 for two years,
salary $2,000, bond $200,000. William J Speer, cashier, salary
Librarian—John Milledge, salary $1,500. Assistant W R
Rankin, Jr., salary $500.
Keeper of Penitentiary—J R Towers, salary $2,000, bond
M. C. Pope & Co's Alphabetical Directory of Athens Georgia
e......east or east of
e s....east side
mach ...machinist
n ......north or north of
n e.....northeast
n s.....north side
n w.....northwest
s.......south or south of
s e.....southeast
s ......south side
s w.....southwest
w.......west or west of
w s.....west side
AARON DANIEL, pedler, res 772 Oak
Aaron Thomas W, genl store, 201 Elberton, res same
Abney Miss Carrie, res 603 East Broad
Abney Martin J, clk G H Hulme, bds 24 North Thomas
ADAMS ADDIE MRS. (Adams & Williamson) res 467 Oconee
Adams Miss Anna T, tailoress, 441 Pulaski, res same
ADAMS Fanny, c, laundress, res 1012 West Broad
Adams Hettie, c, laundress, res 407 Reese
Adams Jane, c, cook res rear 318 East Dougherty
Adams Jerry, c, porter Booth Bros
Adams Lula, c, domestic, res 514 Hodgson
Adams Mattie, c, laundress, res 513 North Chase
Adams Marion, wks Check Fy, res 754 Oak
Adams M C, lab, 610 3rd
Adams Nathaniel, wks Athens Planing Mill, res East Athens
Adams Clarence O, ship clk J H Rucker, bds 467 Oconee
Adams Samuel, c, lab, res 1012 West Broad
Adams Samuel A, butcher, res 754 Oak
Adams Samuel H, woodwkr Athens Found and Mach Co, res 660 South Lumpkin
Adams Sanford, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 345 Williams
Adams Miss Susan, res 441 Pulaski
Adams Viney, c, 111 South Pope
Adams Wm, res 345 Williams
Adams Wm B, farmer, res 441 Pulaski
ADAMS & WILLIAMSON (Mrs Addie Adams and Mrs Eva Williamson), millinery and fancy goods, 123 East Broad
Adkins Edward, c, drayman Webb & Crawford, res 128 West Broad
Adkins Lucy, c, laundress, res 615 North Lumpkin
Ahearn John J, printer Banner-Watchman, bds Allan House
Aiken Miss Lucy, dressmkr 409 North Jackson res same
Akeridge Thomas, c, lab, res 106 North Thomas
Alexander Major, c, lab, res l120 East Broad
Alexander Rose, c, laundress, res 10 South Pope
Alexander Sankey, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 22 River
Allan A B, carp, res East End Pulaski
Allan House. Mrs Laura L Allan propr, 221 East Clayton
Allan Isaac G, bkkpr J Z Cooper & Son, res
Allan House Allan Mrs Laura L, propr Allan House, res same
Allan Annie, c, laundress, res 718 College ave
Allan Carey, c, train hand R & D R R, res Lula, Ga
Allan Fanny, c, cook, res 215 South Thomas
Allan Hattie, c, laundress, res 718 College ave
Allan Jackson,c, fireman, res 718 College ave
Allan Jesse M, clk Commercial Hotel, res 302 East Dougherty
Allan Owen, c, blcksmth 907 South Lumpkin, res Allenville
Allan Thomas. drayman J S King & Co, res 602 North Jack­son
Allgood James H, temperance saloon and pool room 12 Wall, res 38 Rock Row
Amis Samuel, c, lab, res 519 South Milledge ave
Anderson Anna, c, cook, res 5 East Hancock ave
Anderson Rev E F, res 204 South Lumpkin
Anderson Harvey L, clk W C & R N Snead, bds 204 South Lumpkin
Anderson Henry, c, porter C & M R R, res 437 Oconee
ANDERSON JOHN T, attorney at law and real estate agt 111 East Broad, res Prince ave
Anderson John W, c, painter, res 1020 West Broad
Anderson Joseph, tailor Lucas & McDuffie
Anderson Malissa, c, cook, res 1020 West Broad
Anderson Mitchell, c, lab Orr & Hunter compress
Anderson Robert, c, lab Klein & Martin
Anderson Rev Wm D, pastor First M E Church South, res 203 North Lumpkin
Andrew Emma, c, cook, res 438 Oconee
Andrews Abbie, c, cook, res 518 North Hull
Andrews Elbert, carp, res 782 Oak
Angland James J, grocer Prince ave near city limits, res same
Anthony George, c, lab, res 741 College ave
Appleby Alex, c, lab, res 605 North Foundry
Archer Mme Rosa, res end of West Broad
Archibald Mrs Ellen, night school, East Athens, res same
Archibald Miss Ellen B, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds East Athens
Archibald Miss Euphemia, wks Athens Mfg Co bds East Athens
Archibald Miss Mary C, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds East Athens
Argo D Thomas, eng Ga R R, res Hickory and Broad
Armis Lewis, c, lab Orr & Hunter Corrmpress
Armstrong Henry, c, brickmason, res 428 West Broad
Armstrong Mollie, c. cook, res 213 South Milledge ave
ARNOLD JOHN L, JR., house and sign painter at Lyndon's Drug store, Broad, bds Allan House
Arnold Lou, c, cook, res 205 West Pulaski
Arthur Wiley, c, lab Orr & Hunter, res 1133 Prince ave
Ash John C, cotton weigher Reaves W House Co, res 486 Bar­ber
Ash Thomas J, cotton weigher Reaves W House Co
Ash Wm C, (O'Farrell & Ash), res 606 North Jackson Askea Francis, housekeeper, res 3 Pine
Askea Mrs Mary, Res 312 Baldwin
Athemeum The, C B Griffith, president, C M Strahan, vice­ president, F S Morton secretary, Wm Rowland, treasurer, club rooms 19 Broad
Athens Baptist Church, Rev C D Campbell, pastor, Washing­ton cor College ave
Athens Building Co (cap $12,000), James White, president, A E Griffith, secretary and treasurer, props Athens Opera House, 102-104 College ave
Athens Building and Loan Association, J W Brumby sec and treas, 219 East Broad
Athens Candy Mfg Co, R B Hartsfield mngr, wholsale candy mfgrs, 7 East Clayton
Athens City Mills, the Athens mfg Co props, Oconee river s of Broad
Athens City Tannery, Jno W Brumby, prop, Tanyard Branch
Athens City Water Works, Wesley McKinnon, supt, South Lumpkin cor Tanyard Branch
ATHENS CLIPPER THE, c, (weekly), S B Davis pub and prop, 116 East Clayton
Athens Cotton Seed Oil and Guano Mills, McGinty & Hunni­cutt proprietors, Phil J Voss mngr and supt, Northeastern depot
ATHENS EVENING CHRONICLE, daily and weekly, Stone & Christy proprs, 234 East Broad
Athens Foundry and Machine Works, R Nickerson, pres, Thos Bailey, agt, J G Hutchins, sec; 116 North Foundry
ATHENS GAS LIGHT CO, R L Moss, pres, C D Flanigen, agt and mngr, J T Jones, supt; foot of Hancock ave, (See adv top lines)
Athens Ice Works, R R Hipkins supt, 863 College ave
Athens Mfg Co The, R L Bloomfield pres, F W Cheney agt, Wm Dootson supt, mnfrs cotton and woolen goods, 408 Baldwin
Athens Opera House, Athens Building Co proprs, D P Haselton mngr, Washington bet Jackson and College aves
Athens Planing Mill, McGinty & Hunnicutt proprs, R & D R R depot
Athens Pottery Works, Bloomfield & Peeler proprs, manufrs brick, sewer pipe and land tiling, 18-20 Wilkerson
Athens Saving Bank, Julius Cohen pres, M B McGinty vice­president, W A Gilleland cashier, Russell & Hughes attor­neys, 105 South Jackson
Atkisson Miss Fannie A, teacher, res 620 North Jackson
Atwood George, c, lab, res 714 College ave
Auffiing Ned, c, tinner E E Jones, res 209 East Broad
August Phoebe, c, cook res 5 South Milledge ave
Austin Dennis, c, lab, res 116 North Pope
Austin John, c, drayman. res 1102 West Broad
Austin Mary, c, laundress, res 116 North Pope
Austin Nicey, c, chambermad, res 1102 West Broad
Autrey Green, res East Athens
Autrey Mrs Sarah, wks Check Fy, res East Athens
Autrey Willis, farmer, res Water
Ayers Malinda, c, res 113 North Chase
BACON EDWARD, c, shoemaker, 232 East Broad, res 416 East Strong
Bacon Miss Lizzie, teacher Washington Street School, res 226 South Lumpkin
Bacon Miss Mamie, teacher Washington Street School, res 226 South Lumpkin
Bacon Minerva, c, cook, res 414 North Foundry
Bailey Calvin, moulder, Athens Found & Mach Co, res 9 Wilkerson
Bailey Cicero C, clk Childs, Nickerson & Co, res 444 Oconee
Bailey C F, butcher. res 149 South Elberton
Bailey David W, tinner E E Jones, res 204 South Elberton
Bailey Miss Eliza, res 957 Oconee
Bailey Miss Emma, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 9 Wilkerson
Bailey Fanny, c, laundress, res 603 North Jackson
Bailey Fred, appr Athens Found & Mach Co, bds 444 Oconee
Bailey Green R, res 19 Mulberry
Bailey John N, laborer, res 149 South Elberton
Bailey Lee, res 736 Oak
Bailey Lewis E, pattern mkr Athens Found & Mach Co, res 432 Foundry
Bailey Mary, c laundress, res 925 Oconee
Bailey Mattie, wks Check Fy, res 19 Mulberry
Bailey Mrs Minty, res 9 Wilkerson
Bailey Ralph E, fireman Athens Planing Mill, res Hancock ave
Bailey Richard W, carp, res 957 Oconee
Bailey Thomas (Gann, Murray & Co) agent Athens Found and Mach Co, res 444 Oconee
Bailey Thomas, c, lab, res 620 Hill
Bailey Wm, watchman, Athens Found and Mach Co, res 736 Oak
Bailey W, carp, D S Forrester
Bain Henry D, carrier Athens Evening Chronicle, res 17 East Clayton
Baker John, carder, res 311 South Thomas
Baker Louisa, c, cook, res 344 John
Baker Thomas, c, lab, res 325 Pearl
Baker Wm, c, lab, res 344 John
Baker W J T, wks Check Fy, res 33 North Peters
Baldwin Benjamin, c, lab res 14 East Dougherty
Baldwin Cato, c, carp, res 606 5th
Baldwin Charles W (C W Baldwin & Co), res 107 East Clayton
Baldwin C W & Co (C W Baldwin-John Cohen), boots and shoes, Broad cor Thomas
Ball Caroline, c, laundress, res Green
Ball Frank, c, lab, res 215 Dublin
Ballard Harry, c, Jr, res South Millege ave
Bancroft Edward, Jr, cashier Talmadge Bros, res 625 State­rights
BANK OF THE UNIVERSITY, J A Hunnicutt, pres, A L Hull, cashier, 121 East Broad
Banks Adam, c, lab, res 732 West Foundry
Banks Laura, c, dressmaker, res 502 North Foundry
Banks Linton, c, carp, res 502 North Foundry
Banks Martha, c, laundress, res 622 North Foundry
Banks Mary, c, domestic, res 501 Prince ave
Banner-Watchman (daily and weekly), T L Gantt pub and prop, 11 North Jackson
Baptist Church, c, Rev C H Lyons, pastor, junction Thomas and Factory
Barber Ellen, c, res 30 North Foundry
Barber H B, gen store 808 River, res same
Barber S M, clk, res 808 River
Barber W L, gen store, 854 River
Barefield Henry, c, drayman Gann, Murray & Co
Barnard Eugene, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress
Barnard Nettie, c, laundress, res 15 North Church
Barnett George, c, lab, res Railroad Cut
Barnett Miss L, teacher Lucy Cobb Inst
Barr John, teacher, 902 West Hancock ave
Barrett George, c, farmer e of Fair Ground
Barrett Thomas H, supt Planing Mills, res 750 College ave
Barrow Andrew, c, lab, res 672 Barber
Barrow David C, Jr, Alderman Fourth Ward, Prof University of Georgia, res 708 Dearing
Barrow James, clk William McDowell & Son, bds 440 Prince ave
Barrow Pope (Barrow & Thomas) res 430 Prince ave
BARROW & THOMAS (Pope Barrow-George Dudley Thomas) attorneys at law, cor Broad and Jackson
Barry Eugene, student, bds 508 North Thomas
Barry Joseph M, res 508 North Thomas
Bass Edward W, c, barber Davis & Harris, res 1024 Reese
Battise Michael, c, res 430 River
Battise Prince, c, res 436 River
Baugh Frank, c, porter J H Huggins, res East Athens
Baughn Henry, c, waiter Commercial Hotel
Baughn Newton, c, waiter Clayton House
Baxter Violet, res 1256 Prince ave
Beal Gus, c, lab. res 1115 North Church
Beavers Miss Elizabeth, seamstress, res 259 South Church
Beavers T P, carp, res 259 South Church
Bell Henry, c, lab Orr & Hunter compress, res 215 South Thomas
Bell Henry, c, lab, res 759 South Lumpkin
Bell Judge, c, porter Webb & Crawford, res 238 South Ball
Bell Julia, c, laundress, res 22 River
Bell Lewis, c, lab, res College ave
Bell Mary, c, laundress, res 215 South Thomas
Bell Mrs N B, dressmaker, res 438 Oconee
Bell Polly, c, laundress, res 236 Factory
Bell Sallie, c. laundress, res 1235 West Hancock ave
Benedict John A (Lucas & Benedict), res 510 South Jackson
Benedict J T, spinning boss, res 358 Williams
Benedict Samuel C, physician 106 East Clayton, res 9 East Broad
Bennett A H M, wagon mkr and repairer 220 Fulton, res South Thomas
Bennett John, wks Check Fy, res 611 3rd
Bennett Wm, c. lab, res 146 South Elberton
Benson Wm, wks Check Fy, res 20 Rock Row
Benson Wm J, woodwkr Klein & Martin
Bernard Rev Hugh R, contracting freight agt Ga R R and commissioner County schools Clarke County 121 East Clayton, res 115 Waddell
Bernard Jo C, grocer 201 East Broad, res 115 Waddell
Bernard Miss M, teacher Washington st school, res 226 South Lumpkin
Bernstien S, live stock, res 437 Oconee
Berry Harriet, c, laundress, res 418 West Broad
Berry John, c, drayman Hodgson Bros, res 422 West Broad
Bertling Alfred, meat market 108 N Lumpkin, res 40 Narrow
Bethel A M E Church, c, Rev D L Durand, c, pastor, Broad-cor Billups
Betts Zedeck W (J Y Carithers & Co), res 907 Hill
Beusse Henry, bkkpr G H Hulme, res 405 Oconee
Beusse H W, clk, res 405 Oconee
Bensse Jesse H, clk S C Dobbs, res 405 Oconee
Billings John P, blcksmith Athens Found & Mach Co res 800 Oak
Billups Barham, c, res 602 North Thomas
Billups Cicero, c, lab, res 646 Morris
Billups Edward, c, lab Athens Gas Light Co, res 437 Oconee
Billups Edward E, dentist l03 East Clayton, res Watkinsville Ga
Billups Lula, c, nurse, res 5 South Millege ave
Billups W D, c, lamplighter, res East Athens
Binnion Albert, c, lab, res near Grove
Binnion Wm, c, lab Gann, Murray & Co, res 19 Warren
Birms Wm, c, porter T Fleming & Sons, res 12 East Dougherty
Binyon Andrew, c, helper Klein & Martin, res 204 North Thomas
Bird Mrs C H, seamstress, res 331 East Hancock ave
Bird G H, res 331 East Hancock ave
Bird John, clk O'Farrell & Jankower, res 701 Barber
Bird Mark, c, lab, res South Elberton
Bird Miss Nelia, clk Max Joseph, res 331 East Hancock ave
Bird Samuel, lab Athens Found and Mach Co
Bird Solomon, c, carp Athens Planing Mill, res 422 West Broad
Birdsall Solomon, c, res 1511 Branch
Bishop Alex, res 114 West Millege ave
Bishop Mrs M M, res 227 South Jackson
Blackmon R E, train hand, R & D R R
Blackston J T, pump tender Ga R R, res 37 Williams
Blackston Richard, c, lab res 30 South Billups
Blackwell Mrs Lizzie, boarding house, 303 North Thomas
Blair F, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 512 Oak
Blair Green, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 521 Oak
Blair Linnie, res 521 Oak
Blair Nathaniel P, painter Parr Bros, res 937 South Lumpkin
Blakely James, c, lab, res 713 States-Rights
Bloomfield Mrs C G, res 221 Church
Blount Mrs Elizabeth, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 3 Pine
Bloomfield Robert L (Bloomfield & Peeler), pres the Athens Mfg Co, res East Broad
Bloomfield & Peeler (R L Bloomfield-J A Peeler), proprs Ath­ens Pottery works, 18-20 Wilkerson
Blumenthal George (Hirschfeld & Blumenthal), res 130 West Hancock ave
Bode Cass, baker, confectioner, toys and ice cream saloon Clayton cor College ave, res same
Body Nancy, c, laundress, res 612 Hill
Boggs Wm E, D D, chancellor University of Georgia, res Col­lege Campus
Boldin Alex, c, lab, res 1011 West Hancock ave
Boling Wm, c, lab, res 44 Green
Boley Miss Minnie, clk Casper Morris, res Hancock ave
Bolles Miles, c, lab, Reaves W House Co, res 505 Meigs
Bond Glenn G, prin Washington st school, res 203 North Thomas
Bone Mrs C M, seamstress, res 306 South Lumpkin
Bone Edward, painter J L Arnold, Jr, res 306 South Lumpkin
Bone George W, butcher, res 604 West Hancock ave
Bone Henry, painter, res 765 Oconee
Bone James W, clk, res 306 South Lumpkin
Bone Joseph H, butcher, wks Booth Bros, res 306 South Lumpkin
Bonner Minta, laundress, res 25 Warsaw
Booker Benjamin, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, bds 452 Oconee
Booker Moses, c, lab Ga R R, res 452 Oconee
Booth Asa J, grocer 101 West Washington, res South Lump­kin
Booth Brothers, (George M and John N) Meat Market, res 5 North Jackson
Booth Building, 105 North Jackson
Booth Edwin J, clk A J Booth, bds 501 South Lumpkin
Booth George M, (Booth Brothers) res 28 West Hancock ave
Booth James J, clk R R Hipkins, res 501 South Lumpkin
Booth John, c, dyer Athens Mfg Co, res 225 Factory
Booth John N, (Booth Bros) Alderman Second Ward, res 403 North Jackson
Booth W R, drayman, res 842 River
Bostick Alex, c, lab, res 419 Hill
Bolles Levi, c, farmer, res 14 East Dougherty
Bowles Wiley, c, lab, res 313 South Lumpkin
Bowles W R, lab Athens Found & Mach Co
Bowles W V, lab Athens Found & Mach Co
Boyce Bailey, c, res 410 East Strong
Boyce Martha, c, laundress, res 410 East Strong
Boyce Mary, c, laundress, res 416 East Strong
Boyd Mary, c, cook, res 22 East Clayton
Boyd Minta, c, seamstress. res 1019 West Hancock
Boyd Thaddeus, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress, bds 1O19 West Hancock ave
Boyd Thaddeus, c, shoemkr 232 East Broad, res 1019 West Hancock ave
Boyd Wm H, c, shoemkr 225 Prince ave, res 307 North Pope
Bradberry Miss Emma, dressmkr, res 214 East Hancock ave
Bradberry I E, farmer, res 214 East Hancock ave
Bradberry I E, Jr, carp, res East Strong
Bradberry J, blacksmith Athens Found & Mach Co, bds 214 East Hancock ave
Bradberry Miss Lizzie, tchr, bds 214 East Hancock ave
Bradberry Miss Lonie, (Misses Bradberry) bds 214 East Han­cock ave
Bradberry Miss Lou, (Misses Bradberry) bds 214 East Hancock ave
Bradberry Misses (Lou and Lonie) dresssmkrs and millinery, 7 College ave
Bradberry Mrs Sarah, res 214 College ave
Bradberry Miss Tudie B, seamstress Miss Gussie Hale. bds 749 College ave
Bradeen A R, railroad contractor, res 14 North Foundry
Bradeen Lewis R., clk, John Crawford & Co, bds 14 North Foundry
Bradshaw Charles, lab, res 703 East Broad
Bradshaw Oswald, clk, res 703 East Broad
Bradshaw Wm C, tinner, res 802 College ave
Bramlette Frank L, clk J H Huggings, bds 403 South Baldwin
BRANSON PROF E C, prin Athens City schools, office Washington st school, res 219 Hancock ave
Branner Jackson, c, lab, res 11 North Billups
Branner John, c, carp, res 11 North Billups
Brazzell Leonard, c, asst cook Commercial Hotel, res 112 West Clayton
Briggs Wm, c, driver, res 12 River
Briggs Wm P, clk ticket agt Ga R R, res 329 East Clayton
Bright James, c, lab, res 129 West Hancock ave
Brightwell George P (Talmadge & Brightwell), res 470 Oconee
Briscoe George, c, lab, res 1203 West Hancock ave
Briscoe John, clk John H Newton
Briscoe Kisiah. c, laundress, res 25 Valley
Briscoe M P, salesman, res 412 Oconee
Briscoe Young, apprentice Julius Darnblatt, bds 412 Oconee Brittain Albert N (Brittain & Walthall), res 611 College ave
Brittain Henry L, plasterer, res 776 South Lumpkin
Brittain Mary, wks Check Fy, res 184 Water
Brittain Mrs Nancy, res 184 Water
Brittain & Walthall (A C Brittain-E G Walthall), dry goods and notions, 115 East Clayton
Brock James, sewing mach agt, res 1124, East Broad
Brock John W, lab, res 613 3rd
Brooks Alice, c, laundress, res 754 Oconee
Brooks D W, supt Brumby's tannery, res North Baxter
Brooks Henry, clk 242 East Broad
Brooks Josie, c. laundress, res 38 Green
Brooks Lucinda, cook, res 1022 Prince ave
Brooks Malinda, c, seamstress, res 412 Bridge
Brooks Thomas M, salesman Chas Stern & Co, res 442 North Pulaski
Broughton Anna, c, laundress, res 14 North Billups
Brown Arthur, c, lab, res 1118 Prince ave
Brown Rev A L, c, res 19 Angle
Brown Benjamin, c, porter Commercial Hotel
Brown Bettie c, teacher Normal school, res 1116 West Broad
Brown Caroline, c, cook, res 455 Bridge
Brown Charles, c, lab, res 628 Prince ave
Brown Rev Cyrus, c, res 909 Reese
Brown David, c, well digger, res 17 Newton
BROWN EDWARD T, attorney at law 107 College ave, res 715 Prince ave (See adv front cover)
Brown Emma, c, laundress, res 1008 West Broad
BROWN ESCOTT H, mfgr and repairer carriages, wagons, etc 227 Prince ave, res 941 Oconee (See adv)
Brown Mrs Fannie, trader, res 203 East Dougherty
Brown Gardner, c, res 104 North Thomas
Brown George, c, lab, res 57 North Elberton
Brown Rev George, c, baptist, res 655 Morris
Brown Green, c, teacher, res Barberville
Brown Harriet, c, res 454 Bridge
Brown Remy, res 203 East Dougherty
Brown Hulda, c, laundress, res 603 College ave
Brown James, c, lab, res 538 Barber
Brown Jane, c, laundress, res 1304 West Broad
Brown Jerry, c, blacksmith F G Umback, res 1008 West Broad
Brown John H, c, tchr Jarrell High School, res 1116 West Broad
Brown John W, bkkpr M M Maddrey, res 941 Oconee
Brown Julia, c, laundress, res 1221 West Broad
Brown Laura, c, laundress, res 628 Prince ave
Brown Lizzie, c, laundress, res 538 Barber
Brown Loyd, shoemkr Stephen Harris, res 446 River
Brown Lucius, genl store 1126 West Broad, res 3 North Spring
Brown Lucy, c, laundress, res 446 River
Brown Lucy, c, laundress, res 3 North Rock Spring
Brown Lula, c, laundress, res 609 5th
Brown Marie, c, laundress, res 246 South Lumpkin
Brown Mary, c. laundress, res 646 Morris
Brown Mattie, c, cook, res 1238 West Hancock ave
Brown Randall, c, lab, res 119 West Washington
Brown Richard, c, lab, res Barberville
Brown Robert, c. restaurant, res 2 South Rock Spring
Brown Sanford, c, lab, res Rutherford
Brown Silla, c, cook, res 509 Dearing
Brown Sylvia, c, seamstress, res 655 Morris
Brown Wesley, carp, res 613 Cobb
Brown Wm, c, lab, 603 College ave
Brown W G, carp, res 137 East Poplar
Browning Marcellus D, clk Talmadge Bros, res 513 Meigs
Brumby Mrs A B, boarding house, 232 South Lumpkin
Brumby Ephraim R (R T Brumby & Co) res Pulaski
Brumby John W, manufctr shoes, propr steam tannery, dealer in hides and leather, res 213 East Hancock ave
BRUMBY LOUIS J, Editor and propr Southern Farmer, bds 232 South Lumpkin
Brumby Miss Mary B, tchr Oconee Street School, bds 232 South Lumpkin
BRUMBY R T & CO (E R Brumby) druggists, 6 College ave
Brunker Richard, c lab, res 896 River
Bryan Wm T, bkkpr Michael Bros
Brydie Daniel H, c, tailor S Raphael, res 1227 West Broad
Brydie E W, c, barber, res 601 Plum
Brydie Mattie, c, teacher, res 1227 West Broad
Buchwald Ephraim, clk L & J Morris, res 15 West Hancock ave
Bugg Anna, c, laundress, res 12 Warren
Bugg Henry, c, lab, res 1001 Waddell
Bugg Lilly, c, laundress, res 620 Hill
Bugg Malinda, c, cook, 1001 Waddell
Bugg Perry, c, cotton marker R L Moss & Co, res 9 Warren
Bullock Beauregard, carp, res East Athens
Bullock Boston, carp, res East Athens
Bullock Ella, wks Check Fy, res East Athens
Bullock Mrs E S, res East Athens
Bullock George, carp, res 22 Rock Row
Bullock Green, c, lamplighter, res 444 Bridge
Bullock J B, carp, res 17 South Poplar
Bullock Susan, wks Check Fy, res 22 Rock Row
Bullock Wm R, wks Check Fy, res East Athens
Bunker Felix, c drayman Orr & Hunter
Bunkley Frank, c, drayman Gann, Murray & Co, res 1120 East Broad
Bunkley Lou, c, laundress, res 1120 East Broad
Bunkley Sarah, c, laundress, res 208 South Peters
Burbank Ebin L, bkkpr Jo C Bernard, res 227 South Pope
Burbank Miss Ida E, operator W U Tel Co, bds 311 North Jackson
Burbank Mrs L W, res 311 North Jackson
Burbank Wm H, watchmaker C A Scudder, bds 227 East Pope
Burch Alex, train hand, R & D R R, res Lula, Ga
Burch Amanda, c, laundress, res South Elbertor
Burch Cicero B, trav salesman Hodgson Bros, res 17 East Clay­ton
Burch Jack, c, lab, res South Elberton
Burch John B, cond R & D R R, res Lula, Ga
Burch Joseph L, clk J S King & Co, res South Jackson near Cemetery
Burch L N, clk, res 604 West Hancock ave
Burch Scott, c, lab 1599 Arch
Burch Mrs S C, seamstrees, res 703 Oak
Burdell Ephnam, c, lab, res 509 Dearing
Burnett W B, lawyer and port master, res 710 Hill
Burpee James B, carriage mkr, res 429 River
Burpee Miss Lula, dress mkr 429 River, res same
Burpee Robert A, blacksmith Klein & Martin, bds 429 river
Burrows Benjamin W N, clk Michael Bros, res 326 East Dough­erty
Bush George, c, drayman. res 657 John
Bush Kate, c, cook, res 26 Milledge ave
Butler Frank, carp, res 1304 East Broad
Butler Frederick, carp, res cor Simon and Branch
Butler Isaac N, 2nd asst eng fire dept, res 648 3rd
­Butler John F, carp and builder 225 Prince ave, res 38 Branch
Butler Miss Olivia, wks Check Fy, res 3 Pine
Butler W F, carp, res near Grove
CAIN JOHN R, drayman supt Orr & Hunter, res 723 College ave
Cain Joseph, pipe fitter, J H Hull
Cain Sarah E, res 326 Factory
Callahan Miss Cecelia, milliner Michael Bros, res 720 Prince ave
Callahan Miss Jessie, house kpr, res 418 Milledge ave
Callahan Richard, c, lab, res 207 College ave
Callaway Isaac, c, lab, res Rutherford
Callaway Jennie, c, cook, res 715 States Rights
Callaway Miles R, farmer, res 669 South Millege ave
Camak Dr James, capitalist, res 319 Meigs
Camp Wm, c, lab. res 115 North Thomas
Campbell Andrew, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress
Campbell Rev Charles D, pastor Athens Baptist Church, res 308 South Milledge ave
Campbell Chas D jr, clk C & M R R, bds 308 South Milledge ave
Campbell Harman, c, carp, res, 1223 West Hancock ave
Campbell Henrietta, c, laundress, res 625 5th
Campbell John P, prof biology University of Ga, bds 5 East Hancock ave
Campbell Marcellus, c, carp, res 1223 West Hancock ave
Campbell Profit, c, carp, res 1217 Vine
Cantaloe James R, express messenger Ga R R, res 326 Oconee
Carithers James Y (J Y Carithers & Co), 220 Prince ave
Carithers J J, genl store 215 South Elberton, res same
Carithers J Y & Co (J Y Carithers-Z W Betts & J A Pitner), fertilizers and buggies, 9 East Clayton
Carithers Wm G (Griffith, Whitehead & Co), res 246 South Lumpkin
Carlton Miss Emma H, res 410 South Milledge ave
Carlton Miss E A, res 203 North Thomas
Carlton Hon Henry H, member congress 8th congressional district, lawyer 245 East Broad, res 534 South Milledge ave
Carlton James A, teller the National Bank of Athens, res 821 Hill
Carlton Joseph H, farmer, res 410 South Millege ave
Carlton Wm, lab, res 677 river
Carlton Wm A (Carlton & Steedly), res 212 College ave
Carlton & Steedly (W A Carlton-W B Steedly), physicians 107 North Jackson Carr Miss F A, prin Oconee st school, res 786 Oconee
Carrington W D, brick mkr, res 426 Hancock ave
Carroll Albert, c, drayman, Orr & Hunter, res 415 North Milledge ave
Carroll Nancy, c, laundress, res 417 North Milledge ave
Carson Floyd, c, tanner, res 19 South Rock Spring
Carter Augustus, c, porter McQueen & Durham, bds 15 War­saw
Carter Charles, wks Check Fy, res 1132 East Broad
Carter David, c, lab, res 1306 West Broad
Carter Dorsey, c. eng, res 15 Warsaw
Carter D L, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 337 South Thomas
Carter Eddie, res 310 North Foundry
Carter Hamilton, wks Check Fy, res 1132 East Broad
Carter J N, butcher, res 106 West Washington
Carter Mrs Mary, res 1132 East Broad
Carter Neary, c, laundress, res 1206 West Broad
Garter Oliver, c, lab, res South Elberton
Carter Sanford, c, well digger, res 414 North Church
Carter Wm T, collector, res 601 North Thomas
Carter Wm E, c, barb McQueen & Durham, res 15 Warsaw
Cary Rev I A, c, pastor Pierce Chapel A M E Church res 578 North Hull
Cary J S Jr, c, teacher, bds 57S North Hull
Cary Voss, c, gardner, res 643 5th
Cary Towns, c, lab, res 1018 Reese
Cash---, c, laundress, res rear 701 Barber
Cash Francis, clk, bds 14 West Dougherty
Cash Young F, clk Cobb Lampkin, bds North Foundry
Castles Fanny, c, nurse, res 109 South Milledge ave
Catholic Church, cor Prince ave and Pulaski st, Rev A J Semmes, pastor
Center Alben M, grocer 11 South Foundry, res same
Chambers Mrs Polly, wks Check Fy, res 43 Mulberry
Chambers Z T, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 903 Oak
Champion Burrell, c, lab, res 631 Odd
Champion Clara, c, cook, res 215 East Dougherty
Chandler B M G, machinist, res 760 South Milledge ave
CHANDLER CHARLES B, soliciting agt Piedmont Air Line 117 East Clayton, res 1124 Cobb
Chandler Cicero Guy, clk Ga R R, res 1124 Cobb
Chandler Cyrus, c, lab, res 318 River
Chandler Mrs Julia, res 1124 Cobb
Chaplin Mrs Mary, res 226 Peters
Chapman Fanny, c, laundress res 6 East Washington
Chapman Grant, c, porter Commercial Hotel, bds 6 East Wash­ington
Chappell Robert, real estate assessor, res 916 Oconee
Charbonnier Edward R, clk Henderson Warehouse Co, bds 239 South Milledge ave
Charbonnier Leon H, prof University of Georgia, res 239 South Milledge ave
Charbonnier Leon H, Jr, cotton weigher J H Rucker, bds 239 South Milledge ave
Charlton Anna, c, laundress res 217 South Thomas
Charlton Wesley, c, lab, res 634 Morris
Cheatham Ernest A, clk J J Angland, res same
Check Factory, East End of Broad
Cheek Mrs Lillie, wks Athens Mfg Co, res rear 503 Cemetery
Cheek Samuel, lab, Green
Cheeley Mrs Cynthea, milliner Emil Gottheimer, res States Rights
Cheney Frank W, agt The Athens Mfg Co, res 615 West Han­cock ave
Childers Wyley, tinner E E Jones, res North Foundry
Childress Charles, eng Ga Roller Mills, res 38 Willow
Childress Mrs Elizabeth, mattress maker, res 327 East Dough­erty
Childress Henry C, car driver, res 214 South
Childress Samuel P, res 327 East Dougherty
Childress Thomas R, carp, res 666 South Lumpkin
Childs A K, pres Nat Bank of Athens, res D C Barrow, Jr
Childs, Nickerson & Co (W L Childs, Reuben and T H Nickerson and W B Jackson) hardware, 248-250 East Broad
Childs Walter L (Childs, Nickerson & Co) bds DC Barrow, Jr
Christian Church, Rev C R Pickins, pastor, cor Dougherty and Pulaski
Christy Mrs A A, res 20 Baldwin
Christy Henry P, printer, res 740 College ave
Christy John R, stenograph reporter Northern Circuit, res 20 Baldwin
Christy Walter S (Christy & Stone) res 20 Baldwin
Church Albert H, clk Haselton & Dozier, bds Turner House
City Cemetery, South End Cemetery
CITY COUNCIL, meets first Monday each month 4 o'clock p m, City Hall
City Council Chamber, City Hall
City Court, Howell Cobb, judge, C D Vincent, clk, meets third Monday March, June, September and December
City Hall, 103-105 South Jackson
City Water Works, Pulaski cor Tanyard Branch
Clark Charles L, tinner M M Maddrey, res 555 Cemetery
Clark Rev George V, c, Congregationalist, res 413 West Han­cock ave
Clark John, c, lab, res 502 Barber
Clark Lewis, c, teacher, res 384 South Chase
Clark Lorenzo, c, lab, res 1606 Arch
Clark Margaret, c, laundress, res 603 North Lumpkin
Clark Mrs M C, seamstress, res 555 Cemetery
Clark Wm F, painter Parr Bros, res 733 Baxter
Classic City Social Club, Philip Steam, Pres, 125 East Clayton
Clayton Crit, c, porter Talmage Bros, res fi34 Morris
CLAYTON HOUSE, J G M Edwards propr, Clayton cor North Jackson
Clayton Lethea, c, laundress, res 302 West Broad
Clayton Lucy, c, laundress, res 634 Morris
Clayton Maria, c, laundress, res 450 Pulaski
Clayton Monroe, c, lab, res 302 West Broad
Clemons Clifford, c, porter Isaac Haddock
Clemons Nathaniel, c, lab, res e Barber
Cleveland Andrew, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res Pope
Cleveland John, c, lab, res rear 701 Barber
Clifton Mrs Z B, res 623 West Hancock ave
Coakley Lula N, c, teacher, res 128 Dougherty
Cobb Andrew J, City Attorney, lawyer ll9 East Broad, res 304 North Milledge ave
Cobb Howell, Jr, train hand R & D R R
Cobb Howell (L and H Cobb), judge City court, res 606 Dear­ing
Cobb Mrs Howell, res 717 Hill
Cobb James R (J R Cobb & Co), soda water mfgrs 7 East Clayton, res 18 West Dougherty
Cobb Jennie, c, cook, res 115 Waddell
Cobb J R & Co (James R Cobb-S I Hartsfield), wholesale and retail confectioners and Bakers, 7 East Clayton
Cobb Lamar (L and H Cobb), res 1173 Cobb
Cobb L and H (Lamar & Howell), lawyers, 245 East Broad
Cobb Robert, c, carp, res 26 North Rock Spring
Cofer Wm, c, boot black Davis & Harris, bds 593 Thomas
Cohen John (C W Baldwin & Co), ref 203 East Broad
Cohen Julius (Julius Cohen & Co), res 22 West Clayton
Cohen Julius & Co (Julius Cohen-G H Yancey), dry goods and notions, 226-27 East Broad
Cohen Herrman, clk M Myers & Co, res 529 Hill
Coker Calvin H, shoemaker 15 South Foundry, res 134 Taber­nacle
Colbert Mrs E C, res 412 Pulaski
Colbert Wesley, c, lab, res 330 Grove
Cole Daniel B, c, drayman, res 5 North Milledge ave
Cole Randall, c, lab, res 1013 West Hancock ave
Cole Wm, c, drayman, res 239 South Milledge ave
Cole Wm, c, driver, res 339 John
Cole W m, c, waiter Allan House
Coleman Andrew, dry goods, tinware, etc, 214 East Broad and 601 Prince ave, res same
Coleman Arthur, clk R T Brumby & Co, res South Thomas
Coleman Friday, c, lab, res 209 Hoyt
Coleman H C, carp, res 301 South Thomas
Coleman Lelia, c, laundress, res 220 South Thomas
Coleman Lewis, c, lab, res 1587 Vine
Coleman Richard, c, lab res 628 Prince ave
Coleman Robert, brick mason, res 301 South Thomas
Coleman Sarah, c, nurse, res 214 East Strong
Colley J C, lab, res 414 Doboy
Collier George, c, butler, res 627 Odd
Collier Amanda, c, laundress, res 313 Pearl
Collins Mrs Bessie, boarding house, 219 Reese
Collins George, wks with Klein & Martin
Collins Joseph M, carp, res 717 Baxter
Collins Richard, c, janitor public school, res 514 West Hancock ave
Collins Thomas, c, drayman Haselton & Dozier, res 313 Pearl
Colson Mrs, res 16 Willow
Colson Charles H, clk Ga Roller Mills
Combs O A, c, teacher, res 803 Prince ave
Comer Henry, clk Hodgson Bros, res East Athens
Camer R T, farmer, res 673 Berlin
Comer Thomas, clk J S King & Co
COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Mrs H D Stanley prop, Broad cor College
Compton Mrs Martha, res 76 Cedar
Confederate Monument, College ave cor Washington
Conger Miss Bessie M, teacher Oconee st. school, res 207 Waddell
Conlon Michael F. clk Max Joseph, bds Pulaski
Connell G M, drayman, res 503 Cemetery
Connell Nora, c, cook, res 437 Oconee
Connell Stella, wks Check Fy, res 8 Pine
Conniton Lewis, rock mason, res 50 Poplar
CONWAY HENRY C, mngr Telephone Exchange res same
Cook Alice, c, laundress, res 519 West Jackson
Cook Camilla, c, laundress, res East Athens
Cook D J, siriker Athens Found & Mach Co, res 414 Pulaski
Cook Fariby, c, laundress, res 519 North Jackson
Cook Harriet, c, laundress, res 616 North Lumpkin
Cook Harvey L, printer J E Gardner, bds 414 Pulaski
Cook James O, carp, res 792 Oak
Cook John, c, carp, ms 619 Hill
Cook Miss Sallie, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 503 Cemetery
Cook Zachariah, c, plasterer, res 10 East Hancock ave
Cooper Miss Alma, dressmaker Miss M A Frierson, res 323 East Strong
Cooper Charles W (J Z Cooper & Co) res 303 East Dongherty
Cooper Charles W, collector J B Toomer
Cooper H K, carp, res 223 East Strong
Cooper John J (J Z Cooper & Son) res 303 East Dougherty
COOPER J Z & SON, ( John Zand Charles W) livery, sale and feed stable, l6-18 West Washington
Cooper Lucy, c, laundress, res 227 South Hull
Cooper Maria, c, cook, res 126 West Clayton
Cooper W O, carp, res 223 East Strong
Cothran Henry, c, lab, res 642 North Lumpkin
Couch Mrs Nancy, res 611 Third
County Court House, Prince ave cor West Finley
County Jail, J W Weir jailer, Prince ave cor North Pope
Covington Alexander, c, drayman Orr & Hunter res South Elberton
Covington Charles, c, lab, Ga Roller Mills
Covington Seymour, c, lab, res rear 611 North Thomas
Covington Seymour, , porter G H Hulme, res rear 16 Warsaw
Covington & Macon R R, A S J Hughes agt, 229 Mitchell
Cox Arthur C, receiving clk R & D R R, bds 450 Pulaski
Cox Elisha C, cond R & D R R, res 450 Pulaski
Cox Jordan, c, lab, res 615 Morris
Cox Malissa, c, laundress, res 1601 East Broad
Cox Richard, c, drayman Talmadge Bros, res 1601 East Broad
Craddock Mary, c, cook, res 239 South Milledge ave
Craddock Robert, c, carp, res 690 North Chase
Craig W H, bridge builder, res 326 Oconee
Crane James R, clk J S King & Co, res 716 Prince ave
Crane Mrs Fannie T, res 716 Prince ave
Cranford Horace L, book and job printer 8 North Jackson, res 602 Hill
Cranford John R, merchant, res Barberville
Crawford Mrs A E, tchr private school, res 501 Prince ave
Crawford Dobbs c, carrier Banner-Watchman, res 19 Warren
Crawford Hiram H (Webb & Crawford) bds 367 Reese
Crawford John (John Crawford & Co) rms 107 East Clayton
CRAWFORD JOHN & CO (John Crawford) druggist 12 College ave
Crawford Macon, c, lab Gann, Murray & Co, rms same
Crawford Thurston C, dray supt Orr & Hunter
Creighton Mrs Sarah, seamstress, res 314 South Lumpkin
Creighton Miss Hallie, seamstress, bds 314 South Lumpkin
Creighton Mrs S W, dressmaker, 117 North Harris
Creighton Wm, carp, res 117 North Harris
Crenshaw Amy, c, cook, res 461 Oconee
Crider Reese, c, lab, res 341 River
Croft Major, c, lab, res 321 Rock Spring
Culp Benjamin F, policeman, res 617 Baxter
Culp Peter, ship clk Athens Mfg Co, res 707 Oak
Cunningham Edward, c, porter Talmadge Bros, res South Lumpkin
DALE MISS E H, dress mkr 114 Hancock ave, res same
Dammons Hoyt, c, drayman Edge, Dorsey & Co, res 217 South Thomas
Daniel Charles B, County Surveyor, Court house, res McNutts
Daniel Fannie, c, laundress, res 19 Chase
Daniel Mark A, grocer, soda water, cigars and tobacco 205 East Broad, res 507 East Broad
Daniel Robert, c, lab R & D R R, res 707 South Milledge ave
Daniel R G, gen store, 901 South Lumpkin
Daniel Wesley, c, lab, res East of Barber
Davenport Jacob, c, drayman Hodgson Bros
Davenport Martha, c, laundress, res 341 River
Davenport Mattie, c, res 453 Bridge
Davenport Peter, c, porter S C Dobbs, res 1241 Fair View
Davenport Sarah, c, cook, res 1250 Prince ave
David Mrs Mary, quilting res 43 Mulbery
DAVIS DR B B, dentist 119 East Clayton, res 607 College ave
Davis Carlton, clk J H Dootson, res 619 Oak
Davis Caroline, c, cook, res 16 North Rock Spring
Davis Cornelia, c, cook, res 430 Prince ave
Davis Emma, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 615 Oak
Davis Mrs Emma A, clk Miss R A Vonderlieth, bds 18 Col­lege ave
Davis Esther, c, laundress, res 105 Finley
Davis George H, c, (Davis & Harris), res 319 Reese
Davis Henry, c, cook W A Jester, res 1024 Reese
Davis H Cobb, clk Talmadge Bros, res Hancock ave cor Church
Davis James P, gen store 901 Oconee. res 202 East Clayton
Davis John, c, waiter W A Jester, res Strong
Davis Rev J C, rector Emmanuel church, res 515 North Jackson
Davis Lizzie H, c, teacher, res 27 Newton
Davis Madison, c, real estate cor Broad and Wall, res 27 Newton­
Davis Marion, tailor S Raphael
Davis Mattic B, c, teacher, res 27 Newton
Davis Murtis, c, tailoress, res 8 North Harris
Davis Polk, res 407 East Broad
Davis Rebecca, c, seamstress, res 25 West Strong
DAVIS SAMUEL B, c, publisher and prop Athens Clipper, res 16 Rock Spring
Davis Samuel L, tel operator and ticket agt R & D R R, res 732 College ave
Davis Wm, c, clk, res 12 North Jackson
Davis Wm H (Davis & Garebold), res 110 West Hancock ave
Davis W H, c, teacher, res 27 Newton
Davis W W, res 20 Rock Row
DAVIS & GAREBOLD (W H Davis-W J Garebold), books and stationery, 111 East Broad
DAVIS & HARRIS, c (Geo H Davis, Sr-R S Harris), bar­bers, 117 East Broad
Davison Alex H, trav salesman Julius Cohen & Co, res 327 Broad
Deadwyler Charles, c, carp, res 916 Meigs
Deadwyler George E (Holman & Deadwyler) res Maysville Ga
Deadwyler Matt, c, cook, res 3 West Strong
Deadwyler Sarah. c, nurse, res 604 West Hancock ave
Dean Elijah, c, lab, res 11 Chase
Dean Joel T, wks Check Fy, res 1201 East Broad
Dean Nancy, c, boarding, 215 North Hull
Dean Ruth J, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 1320 East Broad
Dearbon Reese, c, lab, res 130 West Hancock ave
Dearing Alben P, city real estate assessor. res 215 South Milledge ave
Dearing E E (wid Albin P) res 216 South Milledge ave
Dearing L S, clk, res 222 South Lumpkin
Dearing Thomas H, genl store 105 North Thomas, bds 216 South Milledge ave
Deloney Mrs R C, res 605 Hill
Deloney Thomas C, clk, bds 605 Hill
DeMore Miss Mattie, milliner Michael Bros, bds 302 East Dougherty
Derricotte Barcus, c, carp, res Rock Spring
Derricotte Bart, c, farmer, res 615 Fifth
Derricotte Charlotte, c. laundress, res 222 West Broad
Derricotte Edward, c, lab, res 222 West Broad
Derricotte Frank, c, porter E I Smith & Co, res 605 Reese
Derricotte Henry, c, carp, res 1107 West Broad
Derricotte Isaiah T, c, shoemaker 16 East Clayton, res 16 Strong
Derricotte Michael, c, cook, 621 North Hull
Derricotte Randall, c, carp, res 615 Plum
Derricotte Savannah, laundress, res 1107 West Broad
Derricotte, Wm, c, shoemaker, res 703 West Hancock ave
Dibowski Miss M, music teacher Lucy Cobb lnst
Dillard, Wm, c, gardener, res 640 Fourth
Dixon Floyd, c, 437 Bridge
Dixon Parthenia, c, cook, res 426 West Hancock ave
Dobbs John E, clk S C Dobbs, res North Thomas
DOBBS STEPHEN C, whol and retail grocer 313 East Broad, res 304 North Thomas
Dobbs Wm L, clk S C Dobbs, res 125 Waddell
Doggett Clark, c, drayman Gann, Murray & Co, res 518 Prince ave
Dooly Thomas, c, lab, res 517 North Hull
Dootson Miss Ada, milliner Michael Bros, res William cor Baldwin
Dootson James H, grocer, 497 Oconee
Dootson Wm, supt The Athens Mfg Co, alderman First Ward, res Williams cor Baldwin
DORNBLATT JULIUS, plumber, steam and gas fitter, lock and gunsmith 11 East Clayton, res George cor Hull (See adv)
Dorough Walter P, trav salesman J B Toomer, bds cor Dough­erty and Jackson
Dorsey A S, farmer, res 327 East Broad
Dorsey E H, commercial trav, res 327 Broad
Dorsey J H, with M & C R R, res 458 Oconee
Dorsey Wm F (Edge Dorsey & Co) res 329 East Clayton
Dottery Arthur, mach Athens Found & Mach Co, bds 139 East Poplar
Dottery E L, mach Athens Found & Mach Co, res 139 East Poplar
Donglass Jack, c, carp, res e Barber
Downs Wm A, clk T G Hadaway, bds 226 West Hancock ave
Dozier Luther, med student, bds 818 Meigs
DOZIER THOMAS H (Haselton & Dozier) res 818 Meigs
Dozier Wash, c, lab, res 19 Sapilo
Dozier W Brantly, clk Haselton & Dozier, bds 818 Meigs
Duggard W S, c, private school Pierce Chapel, res same
Dukes Mary, c, cook res 216 Hancock ave
Dunaway Emily, wks Check Fy, res 19 Wilkerson
Dunaway Misss M, bds 19 Wilkerson
Dnnaway Narcissa, wks Check Fy
Dunaway Valentine, appr Athens Planing Mill, bds Princeton Factory
Duncan Lizzie, c, cook, res 16 North Rock Spring
Dunn Laura, c, cook, res 205 East Clayton
Dunnon George, c, lab Gann, Murray & Co res same
Dunston Mrs N A, res 320 Factory
Dunston Miss Pearl, clk Andrew Coleman, res 625 Prince ave
Dunston Mrs, boarding House, 625 Prince ave
Dupree Building, Broad near cor Thomas
Dupree Ella, c, cook, res 646 North Hull
Dupree Joseph, c, lab, res 1227 Vine
Dupree Thomas, c, drayman Orr & Hunterter, res 646 North Hull
Durand Rev D L, c, res 1026 Broad
Durham John, c, lab, res 23 Valley
Durham Nancy, c, nurse, res 410 Reese
Durham Robert, c, (McQueen & Durham) res 410 Reese
Durham Willis, c, farmer, res near West Broad
EADS HENRY, c, lab res 1642 Arch
Eads Jack, c, basket mkr, res 1548 East Broad
Ebenezer Baptist Church, c, Rev A L Brown, c, pastor
Eberhart Amanda, wks Check Fy, res 25 Mulberry
Eberhart Harrison, c, lab res 643 Morris
Eberhart Hasty, c, laundress, res 609 North Hull
Eberhart John W, carp Athens Planing Mill, res 621 College ave
Eberhart John W Jr, clk Hirschfeld & Blumenthal, bds 621 College ave
Eberhart Lewis, c, res 609 North Hull
Eberhart Louisa, c, laundress, res 517 North Hull
Eberhart Mollie, c, cook, res 603 North Hull
Eberhart Ormand, clk, bds 17 North Jackson
Eberhart Parthenia, c, res 332 North Foundry
Eberhart R P, carder Athens Mfg Co, res 323 Factory
Eberhart S P, res 25 Mulberry
Eberhart Thomas, wks Athens Mig Co, res 1248 East Broad
Eberhart Thomas, c, lab, res 608 North Hull
Echols Dock, c, clk Emiline Echols, res 1406 West Broad
Echols Emaline, c, grocer 1406, res same
Echols Essick, c, lab, res 333 John
Echols Felix, c, farmer, res 1432 West Broad
Echols George, c, lab, res 220 Rock Spring
Echols Stepney, c, drayman Hodgson Bros, res 246 South Lumpkin
Echols Wiley, c, lab Lyndon's Planing Mills, res 509 Prince ave
Edge, Dorsey & Co (E S Edge, W F Dorsey and P Funken­stein), furniture and undertakers 236-240 East Broad
Edge Ezekiel S (Edge, Dorsey & Co), res 309 North Foundry
Edge Warren, cooper Hancock ave cor Pope, res 209 North Pope
Edwards Adeline, c, res 630 Fourth
Edwards Cicero, c, janitor University of Ga, res 326 Pearl
Edwards Mrs E, res 722 Oak
Edwards Fred, c, grocer 506 River, res same
Edwards John G M, prop Clayton House, Clayton cor North Jackson
Edwards John R, painter, res 722 Oak
Edwards Mrs J R, boarding, 722 Oak
Edwards Wesley, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 326 Oconee
Edwards Wm, clk E E Jones, bds Clayton House
Ehrhardt Bernard, stenographer J H Rucker, res 224 East Strong
Eidson Benjamin S, grocer 1232 Prince ave, res same
Eidson Wm, carp, res 412 Doboy
Eitam Henry, clk Athens Ice Wks
Elder Abbey, c, laundress, res 811 Cobb
Elder David, c, lab Ga R R
Elder Elijah, lab, res 488 Oconee
Elder Emily, c, res 225 Factory
Elder John, c, porter Athens Evening Chronicle, res North Jackson
Elder Mary, c, laundress, res 1211 Arch
Elder Minta, c, lanudress, res 1219 Ga R R
Elder Richard, c, lab, res 1211 Arch
Elder Seymour, c, lab, res 310 Peters
Elevator Mills, Taylor Bros & Hall, lessees, North Hull
Ellington Allen, c, lal, res 615 North Lumpkin
Ellington Wesley, c, lab, res 615 North Lumpkin
Elliott Rev B F, Baptist, res 785 Oconee
Ellis Clark, c, lab, res 7 Newton
Ellis Jacob, c, lab, res 1121 Dearing
Elrod John E, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 140 Ga R R
Elrod Melvin, apprentice Lucas & Chippindale, bds 140 Ga R R
Emerick Joseph H, Watchman Rucker Compress, res 712 East Broad
Emerick Joseph H, Jr, weaver Athens Mfg Co, bds 712 East Broad
Emmanuel Church (Episcopal), Rev J C Davis, rector, East Clayton cor North Lumpkin
England Willis A, grocer and meat market 8 North Foundry, res 24 Rock Row
English Wince, c, drayman Orr & Hunter
Eppes Frances, bkkpr C D Mckie, res 617 States Rights
Epps Miss Allie, dressmkr, res 248 Pope
Epps Miss Catharine, mattress mkr, res 407 East Broad
Epps Elizabeth, res 312 Baldwin
Epps Mliss Lou, res 314 South Lumpkin
Epps Miss Maggie, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 312 Baldwin
Epps Marshall, farmer, res 248 South Pope
Epps Mary, c, laundress, res 229 West Broad
Epps Miss Sallie, tailoress, res 441 Pulaski
Epps Samuel, painter J L Arnold Jr
Epps Thomas, c, shoemkr 232 East Broad, res 109 Finley
Epps Wm E, clk J S King & Co, res Church
Erwin A S, lawyer and R R Commissioner 309 East Broad, res 804 Hill
Estes Charles, c, lab, res 214 Newton
Etheredge Charles, packer Edge, Dorsey & Co, res Hancock ave
Evans David, c, porter, res 455 Oconee
Evans Dennis, c, drayman Talmadge Bros. res 10 Pope
Evans Fred, clk Jo C Bernard, bds 204 Baxter
Evans Henry, bds 104 Water
Evans Jack, c, lab, res 330 North Foundry
Evans James A, bottler Alex Nabers, res College ave corner Dougherty
Evans Rev Jordan B, c, shoemkr 511 Prince ave, res 902 West Hancock ave
Evans Joseph G, notary public, ex officio, justice peace, oil in­spector Athens district 11 East Clayton, res 204 Baxter
Evans Lucinda, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 150 South Poplar
Evans Maria, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 150 South Poplar
Evans Mary, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 150 South Poplar
Evans Mitchell, c, lab, res 330 Oconee
Evans Rhodes, lab, res 150 South Poplar
Evans Sarah, res 104 Water
Evans William, c, lab, Georgia Roller Mills
Evans W J, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 150 s Poplar
Ewalt John, baker, J R Cobb & Co
FAMBROUGH GEORGE, c, porter, res 201 South
Fann William, c, gardener, res 227 s Jackson
Farbstein Marcus, tailor, Lucas and McDuffie, res s Lumpkin
Farr David A, (Smith & Farr,) res 407 s Jackson
Favor Thomas, c, lab, Athens Plaining Mill
Fears Andrew C, clk Orr & Hunter Compress, bds Fears House
Fears House, J P Fears propr, 326 Oconee
Fears James P, propr Fears House, 326 Oconee
Fellows Miss A C, res 103 North Church
Fellows Cyrus S, clk M M Maddrey, res 110 North Church
Few Emma, laundress, res 805 Cobb
Field Eldred, c, driver So Express Co, residenec 10 Warsaw
Fields Curtis, c, lab, res 612 4th
Fields Dolly, c, cook, res College Campus
Finch William F, butcher, Booth Bros, res 5 North Jackson
Finney Columbus, c, waiter Commercial Hotel
First Baptist Church, c, Rev L T Smith pastor, cor Reese and Pope.
First Congregational Church, c, Rev G V Clark pastor, foot of Reese.
First M E Church, South, Rev W D Anderson pastor, South­west cor Hancock and Lumpkin.
Fitzpatrick H R weaver, res 202 Water
­Fitzpatrick J T, merchant, res 35 North Elberton
Fitzpatrick Moses, mach, Athens Foundry and Mach Co
Fitzpatrick V B, lab, res 204 North Foundry
Flagg William, c, butler, res 1110 Dearing
FLANIGEN, C D, agt and manager Athens Gaslight Co, res 406 Prince ave.
Flatau Brothers (Sol and Max), brokers, 11 East Clayton
Flatau Jacob, drayman, res 18 West Hancock ave
Flatau Lee, clk M Myers & Co, bds 18 West Hancock ave
Flatau Max, (Flatau Brothers,) bds 18 West Hancock ave
Flatau Sol, (Flatau Bros,) bds 18 West Hancock ave
Fleming Elizabeth, res 435 Baldwin
Fleming Emma, c, cook, res 220 Rock Spring
Fleming Herbert, (T Fleming & Son,) res 209 Prince ave
Fleming Joseph H, (T Fleming & Sons,) res 116 North Milledge ave
Fleming Thomas, res 209 Prince ave
Fleming T, & Sons, (J H & H Fleming,) hardware, buggies, sash doors and blinds, 8-10 North Thomas
Flournoy Robert, bkkpr, Booth Bros, res 166 Water
Floyd John, c, lab 1307 West Hancock ave
Floyd William, c, pipe fitter, J H Hull, res 108 Pope
Foo Sing, laundry, 202 East Clayton, res same
Ford Anderson, c, lab, res 205 West Broad
Ford Moses, c, res 1570 Vine
FORRESTER, D S, contractor and builder and hardwood finisher, 18 East Clayton, bds Fears House.
Foster Charles, c, carp, res 120 West Washington
Foster Felix, c, lab, res 44 Green
Foster Francis, c, res 1,243 Prince ave
Foster James F, bkkpr and supt Ga Roller Mills, rest 407 West Hancock ave.
Foster J D. carp, res 18 Hickory
Foster Miss Laura, wks Check Factory, bds 18 Hickory
Foster Lizzie, c, cook, res 514 West Hancock ave
Foster Low, c, lab, res 906 College ave
Foster Miss Marnie, wks Check Factory, bds 18 Hickory
Foster Mrs Mary, res 362 Williams
Foster Robert, c, lab, res 219 Reese
Foster Thomas, wks Check Factory, bds 362 Williams
Fowler J A, distiller, residence 605 Prince ave
Fowler Lewis M, grocer, 1118 Prince ave, res same
Fowler Thomas C, grocer, 808 East Broad, res 802 same
Fowler William, c, lab, res 630 4th
Fox Mary Ann, c, laundress, res 658 Morris st
Francis William B, clk, bds 13 North Lumpkin
Franklin A L, prof State University, bds Commercial Hotel
Franklin J S, clk Johnson & Moore, res Cemetery
Frazier E A, res 628 2d
Frazier Mrs Mary, factory operative, res 628 2d
Freeman Clem, c, lab, res 517 North Hull
Freeman Lilla, c, laundress, res 929 Oak
Freeman R L, carp, res 645 North Chase
Frierson John F, stable boss, Gann, Murray & Co, res 227 Hoyt
Frierson Miss Mary A, dressmaker, 10 College ave, bds 203 East Dougherty
Frierson Mrs M R H, res 203 East Dougherty
Frierson Miss Sarah, librarian University Library, bds 203 East Dougherty
Fuller Henry, striker Athens Foundry and Mach Co
Fuller James M, eng, res 704 Broad
Fuller William H, justice of the peace, 216 district G M, 245
East Broad, res 211 West Broad
Funkenstein Pincus, (Edge, Dorsey & Co,) res 15 West Han­cock ave Funkenstein Samuel M, clk Julius Cohen & Co, bds 15 West Hancock ave
GAINES JAMES, c, truck hand R and D R R
Gales Robert, c, drayman Athens Gaslight Co
Galloway James, eng Ga R R, res 30 North Foundry
Gann A M, bridge builder, res 326 Wingfield
Gann David, (Gann, Murray & Co,) res 318 North Foundry
Gann Eliza, res West Broad
Gann Frederick L, transfer agt Gann Murray & Co, bds 318 North Foundry
Gann, Jessie wool carder, res 319 Factory
Gann J Thomas, liveryman, bds 318 North Foundry
Gann Murray & Co, (David Gann, Isaac V Murray, Thomas Bailey,) livery, sale and feed stable, 201-203 South Thomas
Gann William, painter, Witherspoon & Hamilton
Gantt T Larry, publisher and propr Banner-Watchman
Gantt William, c, lab, res 851 South Lumpkin
Gardner Henry, lab, Athens Pottery Works
GARDNER, JULIAN E book and job printer, 103 East Broad, res 741 College ave
Gardner J B, carp, Lyndon Mfg Co, res 402 South Jackson
Gardner Mary, (wid Robert J) dressmaker Miss Gussie Hale, res 13 College ave
Garebold Horace L, clk Davis & Garebold, bds 449 Pulaski
Garebold J A, cabinet maker, res 449 Pulaski
Garebold William J, (Davis & Garebold) bds 449 Pulaski
Garfield T B, c, blacksmith, res 919 Hill
Garrison John, mach, Athens Foundry and Mach Co, res 617 3d
Garrison J D, brick mason and plasterer, res 447 South Thomas
Garrison Marion, brick mason, res 39 East Peters
Garrison S J, operative Athens Mfg Co, res 617 Thomas
Gause Thomas, bkkpr Athens Candy Mfg Co, res 30 North Foundry
George Maria, c, laundress, res 424 East Strong
Georgia Railroad, (Athens division) H N Harris agent, depot East Broad, cor Galloway
Georgia Roller Mills, Taylor Bros & Hall, proprietors, grist mill, Galloway, near Broad
Gerdine John, physician, 19 College ave, res 10 East Hancock ave
Gesner Andrew, tailor Lucas & McDuffic
Gibson O C, carp, res 315 East Strong
Gibson R S, wks McGinty's shop, residence 315 East Strong
Giles J D, opr Athens Planing Mill, res East Athens
Giles George W, carp, Athens Planing Mill, res East Athens
Giles Isaac J, operative Athens Mfg Co, res 332 Factory
Gilleland George, tinner A O Lyndon, res 116 East Clayton
Gilleland John W, clk T Fleming & Sons, bds 4 West Strong
GILLELAND WILLIAM A, clk City Council, 107 South Jackson, res 247 South Jackson
Gillman Angie, c, cook, res 2227 South Jackson
Ginn Charles, blacksmith, res East Athens
Ginn J M, painter, res 242 South Thomas
Ginn Mary, res East Athens
Glasby Henry, c, carp, res 133 Broad
Gleason William, c, porter Lucas & McDuffie
Glenn Henry, c, shoemaker, res 12 North Foundry
Glenn Reuben, c, lab Athens Gas Light Co, res 109 Pulaski
Glenn Thomas, c, lab, res 656 4th
Glenn William, c, lab, res 201 Pulaski
Goodrum L D, policeman, residence 632 Prince ave
Goolsby Chris, c, lab, res 1250 Prince ave
Goolsby Moses, c, lab, res 416 River
Goolsby Sarah, c, laundress, res 348 John
Goolsby William, c, lab, res 348 John
Gordon John, c, lab, res 715 Prince ave
Goss R G, bottler J R Cobb, res 11 South Foundry
Gottheimer Emil, dry goods and clothing, 234 East Broad, res 16 West Hancock ave
Grady Mrs Ann E, res 509 West Barber
Graham J P, restaurant, 427 Prince ave
Graham Lucy, c, lanndress, res 310 West Broad
GRANT JAMES A, (Grant & Willcox) res 216 West Hancock
Grant John, c, porter J B Toomer.
GRANT & WILLCOX, (James A Grant, Hugh N Willcox) general insurance and merchandise brokerages 213 East Clayton. See ad
Grant Mrs --, res 30 North Foundry
Green Emma, c, laundress, res 20 South Rock Spring
Green Joe, c, cook, res 316 South Lumpkin
Green Lucinda, c, laundress, res 24 Warsaw
Green Nathan, c, lab, res - River
Green Robt, c, lab, res 2 West Hancock ave
Green Sidney, c, carp, res 610 North Broad
Gregory Ellen, c, cook, res 139 Green
Grier A J, res 22 Hickory.
Griffith Arthur E, (Griffith & Mell) and bkkpr So Mutual Ins Co, res 23 North Milledge ave
Griffith Charles B, (Henderson Warehouse Co) pres The Athe­naeum, res 23 North Milledge ave
Griffith Frank P, (Griffith, Whitehead & Co) res Baxter
Griffith Harriet, c, laundress, res 920 College ave
Griffith John, c, lab, res 902 West Hancock ave
Griffith M C, clk, bds 23 North Milledge ave
Griffith S E, weaver, res 709 East Broad
Griffith, Whitehead & Co (F P Griffith, W J Whitehead and W G Carithers), genl store, 3 East Clayton
Griffith William D, alderman 3d ward, secy Pioneer Paper Co, res 222 South Lumpkin
Griffith & Mell (A E Griffith, Geo A Mell), insurance agts, 121 East Broad
Grigsberry Emma, c, cook, res 21 South Rock Spring
Grisham Davis, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress, res Railroad Cut
Grisham Dennis, lab, res 214 East Hancock ave
Grisham Henry, c, carp, res 310 West Broad
Grisham Joe, c, cook, res College Campus
Grisham Logan, cook, res 546 Barber.
Grisham Stephen, c, lab, res 1216 West Broad
Grove School, Miss Julia P Moss principal, 819 Cobb
Guill W H, fireman Ga R R. res East Broad
Gunn Amos, c, res 313 Hoyt
Gunter Alonzo P, lab Athens Planing Mill, res 715 Oconee
Gunter Marion, res 18 Rock Row
Gunter Susan, wks Check Factory, bds 18 Rock Row
HADAWAY CASUAL J, harnessmkr T G Hadaway, res 226 West Hancock ave
Hadaway Thomas G, saddles and harness manufacture, 128 East Clayton, res 226 West Hancock ave
Haddock Isaac, grocer, 101 West Hancock ave, res 433 Pulaski
Haddock Wm, grocer 301 Prince ave, res same
Haggard Ellen, c, cook, res 501 Prince ave
Haines W H, blacksmith Klein & Martin, res 321 Strong
Hale Ella, c, laundress, res 216 Fulton
Hale Engene H, physician, 201 College ave, res 776 Milledge ave
Hale Miss Gussie, dressmaker, 1½ East Clayton, res 749 College ave
Hale Hope H, lawyer, 306 Oconee, res 309 East Broad
Hale Mrs Mary G, res 749 College ave
Hale Robert L, forwarding agt R and D R R, res 749 College ave
Hale Miss Sarah A, milliner, res 749 College ave
Hall B W, student, bds 485 Springdale
Hall Kenan, Taylor Bros & Hall res 17 South Milledge ave
Hall Mrs L E, seamstress, res 339 South Thomas
Hall Miss R, res 488 Oconee
Hamilton C E, painter, res 458 South Milledge ave
Hamilton Guy C, bkkpr Bank of the University, res 14 Mil­ledge ave
HAMILTON JOSEPH T, (Witherspoon & Hamilton, res 525 Baxter
Hamilton Marion, painter Parr Bros, res Church
Hamilton Thomas, c, drayman Orr & Hunter
Hamilton Willis, c, lab, res 966 College ave
Hampton Robert I, dentist 3 East Clayton, res Blairsville
Hapner Richard, tailor, res 326 Oconee
Harbin James A, grocer 519 Prince ave, res same
Harbin O C, Eng Check Fy, res 27 Pine
Hardeman Callaway, c. lab F G Umbach, res 605 Hill
Hardeman Dock, c, lab, res 455 Oconee
Hardeman Samuel, cook, res 105 West Washington
Harden Ed, cabinet mkr, res 33 Valley
Harden Joseph, c, porter Alfred Bertling
Harden Mary, c, cook, res 305 Franklin
Harden Robroy, c, painter, res 109 Pulaski
Hardin Frank M, agt R and D H, R, res Church
Harmon D Clinton, clk Haselton & Drozier, bds Turner House
Harper A B, supt Check Factory, res 1013 East Broad
Harper George, c, boatman, res 151 Pearl
Harper Henry, lab Orr & Hunter Compress
Harper James, c, lab, res Rutherford
Harper James R, operative Athens Mfg Co, res 798 Oak
Harris Ann, c, restaurant, 6 North Foundry, res 114 Baldwin
Harris Charles, c, lab, res 1402 Milledge ave
Harris Christopher, c, lab, res 415 North Milledge ave
Harris Edward, c, lab, res 710 North Chase
Harris Elijah, c, well-digger, res rear 701 Barber
Harris Esther, c, laundress, res 1002 West Broad
Harris Evaline, c, 313 South Lumpkin
Harris Henry, c, lab, res Pulaski
Harris Holcombe H, bkkpr Orr & Hunter, res Pulaski, cor Reese
Harris Dr Hugh N, agt Ga R R, res 5 South Milledge ave
Harris Isaac, c, lab, res 202 North Peters
Harris Jacob, c, helper Julius Dornblatt
Harris Jeff, c, drayman Gann, Murray & Co, res 861 Oconee
Harris John, c, messenger W U Tel Co, res East Broad
Harris Laura, c, cook, res 419 Hill
Harris Mary, c, laundress, res 332 Flint
Harris Nancy, c, laundress, res 509 Prince ave
Harris Richard, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress
Harris Richard S, c(Davis & Harris), res 503 North Milledge ave
Harris Robert, c, lab, res 332 Flint
Harris Samuel, c, shoemkr, res 502 North Foundry
Harris Sarah, c, laundress, res 17 Newton
Harris Stephen, c, shoemkr, 20 North Jackson, res 502 North Foundry.
Harris Susan, c, laundress, res 41 Newton
Harris Thomas, c (Johnson & Harris), res 710 New Chase
Harris William, c, carp, res 41 Newton
Harris William, c, lab, res 1243 Prince ave
Harris Willis, c, lab, res 22 West Strong
HARRIS YOUNG L G, pres and treas So Mutual Ins Co, res cor Pope and Dearing
Harris Zach, c, lab, res 1002 West Broad
Harrison Myra, c, cook, res 603 States-Rights
Harrison Mrs Virginia, res 419 River
Hart Miss Mary C, seamstress, res 617 3d st
Hart William, c, lab, res 16 North Miller
Hartsfield Richmond B, manager Athens Candy Mfg Co, res 30 North Foundry
Hartsfield Mrs Susan I (J R Cobb & Co), res 30 North Foundry
Harvey Christopher, c, lab, res 22 West Strong
Harvey Mrs F P, dressmaker Miss M A Frierson, res 103 East Hancock ave
Harvey Jesse, c, porter Bank of the University, res 22 West Strong
Harvey Rufus, wks Holman & Deadwyler, bds 103 East Han­cock ave
Harvey Mrs R W, dressmaker, res 103 Hancock ave
HASELTON D P, (Haselton & Dozier), and manager Athens Opera House bds Clayton House
HASELTON & DOZIER, (D P Haselton, T H Dozier), musi­cal instruments, art goods and picture frames, 112 East Clayton See top lines
Hattaway John B (Shackelford & Hattaway), res 512 Franklin
Hatton Lizzie, res 1558 Vine
Haudrup Miss Ida, saleslady Michael Bros, bds 455 Oconee
Haudrup Joseph H, clk Webb & Crawford, bds 455 Oconee
Haudrup Miss Lottie, delivery clk postoffice, bds 455 Oconee
Haudrup William N, shoemaker Peter Wiel, res 455 Oconee
Hauser G, cigar manufr, cigars and tobacco, 1 College ave, res 126 West Clayton
Hawkins Albert, c, lamplighter, res 622 North Hull
Hawkins Benjamin, c, lab, res 748 Oconee
Hawkins David, c (Winkfield & Hawkins), res 748 Oconee
Hawkins Hoyt, c, drayman, res 718 College ave
Hawkins Kate, c, laundress, res 320 Pearl
Hawkins Margaret, c, laundress, res 718 College ave
Hawkins Perry, c, lab, res 320 Pearl
Hawkins Shadrack, c, porter, res 650 4th
Hawks J C, clk, bds 112 Hancock ave
Hayes Alfred, c, blcksmith, res 642 Odd
Hayes Betsey, c, res 404 River
Hayes Charles, c, porter, Weatherly Bros, res 603 North Jackson
Hayes Gilbert, c, porter Wm McDowell & Son, res 603 North Jackson
Hayes Gus, c, lab, res 1003 Waddell
Hayes Isaac, tailor Lucas & McDuffie, bds 204 East Broad
Hayes J, city night watchman, res 716 Oak
Hayes Mrs Sarah A, seamstress, res 117 West Clayton
Haygood Young, c, lab, res 429 Rock Spring
Head Harrison V, clk C W Baldwin & Co, bds Fears House
Heard Benjamin, c, brick mason, res 832 Cherry
Heard James, c, plasterer, res 628 Morris
Heard George E, planter, res 553 South Milledge ave
Heard Seaborn, c, lab, res 418 West Broad
Heard Thomas, c, blacksmith, 618 Oconee
Heard Thomas, c, plasterer, res 438 Bridge
Heard William, c, lab, res 1569 Vine
Heery Mrs L S, asst teacher, res 323 East Strong
Hemphill Mary, c, cook, res 319 Meigs
Hemphill Mrs S A, res 311 Prince ave
Hemrick David, grocer and cabinet mkr, 214 East Clayton, res same
Henderson Warehouse Co, Hodgson Bros & Griffith proprs, cotton factors, Clayton, cor Hull
Henley Albert P, lawyer, 245 East Broad, res 103 East Clayton
Henley W L, clk Johnson & Moore, res Thomas
Henry Jeff, c, lab, res 1243 Fairview
Henry Robert, c, carp, res 12 South Billups
Henry Samuel, blacksmith, 323 East Strong
Henry Thomas, c, lab, res Arch
Herring C R, operative Athens Mfg Co, res 766 Oak
Herring Elisha, miller, res 766 Oak
Herring G W, wks Check Factory, res 110 Water
Herring John, moulder Athens Foundry and Mach Co
Herring J N, merchant, res 1 Elberton
Herring Martha, res 28 Rock Row
Herring Mary A, clk, res 1 Elberton
Herring Mildred, operative Athens Mfg Co, res 766 Oak
Herring Sarah, res 746 Oak
Herrington Sylvester M, ordinary Clarke County, office Court House, res 207 College ave
Hicks Charles, c, lab, res 609 5th
Hill Ann, c, res 1401 West Broad
Hill Mrs E A, res 205 Pulaski
Hill Emmett, c, hostler, res Cherry
Hill Gains, c, lab Athens Gas Light Co, res 1309 West Broad
Hill Harrison, c, lab, res 15 South Paris
Hill Henry, policeman, res River
Hill Henry, c, waiter Clayton House
Hill Jane, c, laundress, res 1625 Arch
Hill John, c, lab. res 1401 Broad
Hill Lizzie, c, cook, res 5 East Dougherty
Hill Martha, c, cook, res 804 Hill
Hill Samuel, c, lab, res near John
Hill Squire, c, porter M Myers & Co, res 431 Hill
Hill S J, express messenger, bds Commercial Hotel
Hill Thomas, c, lab, res 1625 Arch
Hill William, c, dairyman, res 23 South Rock Spring
Hillman Silas, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress
Hilton Walter, c, lab, res 112 South Rock Spring
Hines Alex, packer Ga Roller Mills
Hinton Crawford, lab, res ll6 North Thomas
Hinton John W, pres High Shoals Mfg Co, res 616 Prince ave
Hipkins Russell R, restaurant, 9 North Jackson, supt Athens Ice Works, res Cobb
Hiram Alex, c, lab, res 312 West Broad
Hirschfeld Simon (Hirschfeld & Blumenthal), res 13 West Han­cock ave
Hirschfeld & Blumenthal (Simon Hirschfeld, George Blumeunthal), dry goods and clothing, 242 East Broad
Hodges Harvey, clk, bds 112 Hancock ave
Hodgson Miss Ann, bds 425 Oconee
Hodgson Asbury H (Hodgson Bros), res 1211 Cobb
Hodgson Brothers (George T, Asbury H and Edward R), whole­sale grocers, Henderson Warehouse Co, Oconee, Southeast cor Thomas
Hodgson Edward R (Hodgson Bros), res 418 Milledge
Hodgson George T (Hodgson Bros), res Prince ave
Hodgson Miss Hallie, teacher Public School, res 740 North Lumpkin
Hodgson Harry, shipper, 21 East Clayton
Hodgson Joseph M (J S King & Co), res 107 Waddell
Hoffman Gustavus, salesman Jacob Hoffman, bds 9 East Strong
Hoffman Jacob, dry goods and notions, 243 East Broad, res 9 East Strong
Hogan Peter, c, lab, res 225 South Lumpkin
Holbrook L W, c, tinner, res 313 Rock Spring
Holbrook Patsy, c, laundress, res 607 North Foundry
Holbrook Richard, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 30 West Strong
Holbrook Wiiliam, c, tinner M M Maddrey, res 117 Finley
Holder Julius, c, boatman, res 319 Flint
Holman & Deadwyler (William S Holman, George E Deadwyler), live stock, 107-111 North Thomas
Holman William S (Holmar, & Deadwyler), res Mitchell Bridge Road, 2 miles
Holmes Thomas, c, lab, res near Gann, Murray & Co
Holmes Wash, c, lab, res 616 Prince ave
Holsey Alvin, c, porter The Athenaeum, res 542 Barber
Holsey Sallie, c, dressmkr, res 22 Valley
Holt B C, painter Klein & Martin
Holt Henry, c. porter C A Scudder
Holt Julia, c, laundress, res 207 North Chase
Holt Laura, c, laundress, res 514 North Chase
Home School, Madame Sosnowski, Miss C Sosnowski, principals, Prince ave
Hood W F, grocer, 408 River, res same
Hopkins Benjamin, lab, res 1001 Waddell
Hopkins John, c, lab Ga Roller Mills, res 225 South Lumpkin
Hopkinson Edward, mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co, res 304 North Foundry
Horn Marie, nurse, res 204 Waddell
Horton Anna, c, cook, res 207 South Milledge ave
Horton Henry, c, shoemkr, res 1211 Hancock ave
Horton John, c, lab, res 124 North Milledge ave
Horton Queeny, c, laundress, res 437 Oconee
Hosey W B, carp, res Branch
House Ezekiel, c, lab, res 1172 Cobb
Houston James, c, fireman, res 425 Bridge
Houston Mary, c, laundress, res 21 West Strong
Houston Walter, c, cook Allan House, res 303 East Dougherty
Houston Wm, c, restraurant 10 North Foundry
Howard Carrie, c, laundress, res 520 North Lumpkin
Howard George, c, lab, res 113 North Chase
Howard George, c, lab, res 56 South Peters
Howard Jack, c, lab, res 28 Baxter
Howard John, c, res 36 Peters
Howard Wiley, c, lab, res 1247 Vine
Howard Wm, c, lab, res 520 North Lumkin
Howell H A, music tchr, res 509 Barber
Hubbard Etta, c, laundress, res 16 East Dougherty
Hubbard James, c, lab, res, 11 North Rock Spring
Hubbard Seaborn, c, shoemkr 16 Dougherty, res 13 North Hull
Hubbard Stephen, c, lab, res East Barber
Hubert Charles E, harnessmkr T G Hadaway
Hudgins Mrs A G, res 1220 Springdale
Hudgins Wesley, clk Reaves W House Co, bds 1220 Spring­dale
Hudson Charles, c, lab Gann, Murray & Co, res 641 Odd
Hudson Emeline, c, laundress, res 641 Odd
Hudson Susan, c, laundress, res 415 North Milledge ave
Hudgens Wescom, clk, res 1220 Springdale
Huen Sebron T, bkkpr Andrew Coleman, res North Lumpkin
Huff Aldora, barber, 13 Wall, res same
Huff Martha, c. laundress, res 932 College ave
HUGGINS HARVEY T, manager J H Huggins, res 403 South Jackson
Huggins Henry, c, porter Athens Candy Mfg Co
Huggins James, c, carp, res 309 Factory
HUGGINS JAMES H, H T Huggins, manager, china. crock­ery and glassware, 220-222 East Broad
Huggins James H Jr, bkkpr J H Huggins, res South Lumpkin
HUGGINS JAMES H, c, restaurant and grocer, 9 Wall. res 109 Mitchell
Huggins Viney, c, laundress, res 309 Factory
Hughes Albert S, agt C and M R R, bds Clayton House
Hughes David A, clk M Myers & Co, bds Fears House.
Hughes Frank M (Russell & Hughes), bds Prince ave
Hughes Jane, factory operative, res East Athens
Hughes John H, res 718 North Lumpkin
Hughes Mrs Mary A, res 324 South Milledge ave
Hughes Rowena, c, cook, res 27 North Finley
Hughes Thomas J, wks Check Factory, res 14 Rock Row
Hull Augustus L, cashier Bank of the University, res 109 South Milledge ave
Hull John H, plumbing, gas and steam fitting, 36-38 East Clay­ton, res 605 Hill
Hulme George H, dry goods and grocer, 17-20 North Thomas, res 24 North Thomas
HUNNICUTT HON JOHN A, Mayor of Athens (McGinty & Hunnicutt), and pres Bank of the University, res 205 North Milledge ave
Hunnicutt Fred Bkkpr, bds 205 North Milledge ave
Hunt George, c, lab, res 1238 Arch
Hunt Harriet, c, farmer, res 137 South Elberton
Hunt Jasper, c, lab, res 203 East Dougherty
Hunt Lewellyn, c, drayman J S King & Co
Hunt Thomas, mail agt C and M RR, bds Clayton House
Hunt William, c, janitor Court House, res 1266 Vine
Hunter Alfred, c, lab, res 102 West Dougherty
Hunter Henry L, dray supt Orr & Hunter, res 622 West Han­cock ave
Hunter Hugh, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress, res 25 West Strong
Hunter James, c, fireman Water Works, res 304 Pearl
Hunter Mrs J C, seamstress, res 513 Meigs
Hunter Richard, c, lab res 611 Odd
Hunter Samuel M (Orr & Hunter), res 622 West Hancock ave
Hunter Susan, c, res 421 River
Hunter Wiley, c, porter, res 326 Oconee
Hurt Robert, c, lab res 42 Green
Hussey Clarence T, clk Orr & Hunter
Hutchens B P, clk 112 Hancock ave
Hutchens Matthew W, cond Ga R R, bds Commercial Hotel
Hutchins Joshua C, bkkpr and secty Athens Foundry and Mach Co, res Dearing
Hutchins Nathan L, Judge Superior Court Court House, res Lawrenceville, Ga
Hutchison Ann, c, laundress, res 442 Bridge
Hutchison Floyd, c, carp, res 502 Hodgson
JACKS WILLTAM, c, lab, res 236 South Hull
Jackson Alice, c, laundress, res l6 South Rock Spring
Jackson Andrew, c, lab, Gann, Munay & Co, res 1230 West Broad
Jackson Miss Anna, clk Cass Bode, bds same
Jackson Anna, c, laundress, res 31 Valley
Jackson Miss Caro, milliner Michael Bros, res Dougherty
Jackson Daniel, porter, res 19 College ave
Jackson David, c, tailor, res 105 Finley
Jackson Ebenezer, c, porter Dr H A Lawrence, res 1230 West Broad
Jackson Edward, c, lab N R Tilton, res College ave
Jackson Eliza, c, laundress, res 19 South Miller
Jackson Elvira, c, laundress, res 247 Factory
Jackson George, c, shoemkr, 1 North Lumpkin
Jackson Harriet, c, res 516 West Broad
Jackson Jack F (Jackson & Vincent), res 109 North Lumpkin
Jackson Jennie, c, laundress, res 657 Water
Jackson John, c, plasterer, res 311 Run
Jackson John F H, carp, res 417 South Jackson
Jackson Martha, c, cook, res 311 Run
Jackson Mary, c, laundress, res 630 5th
Jackson Mary C, c, teacher Public Schools, res 101 Finley
Jackson M B, brick mason, bds 112 Hancock ave
Jackson Stephen, c, lab Orr & Hunter, res 16 South Rock Spring
Jackson Thomas, c, lab, res 19 South Miller
Jackson Thomas, c, tailor, res 327 Run
Jackson Trump, c, hostler, res nr Rock Spring
Jackson Wesley, c, lab, Orr & Hunter Compress
Jackson W, mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co
Jackson W B (Childs, Nickerson & Co), res 252 South Lumpkin
Jackson W H, clk 112 East Clayton
Jackson & Vincent (Jack F Jackson, Thomas P Vincent), farmers' supplies, fertilizers and cotton buyers, 1 East Clayton, cor Lumpkin
Jacobs Henry, clk Myer Myers, bds cor Strong and Lumpkin
James Felix, c, lab, res 203 East Dougherty
James George, c, fireman Ga Roller Mills, res 1222 Fairview
James William, brick mason, res 128 Balwin
Jankower David, bkkpr Reaves Warehouse Co, res Oconee
Jankower Morris (O'Farrell and Jankower), res 27 Hancock ave
Jarrell Henry F, clk T Fleming & Sons, res North Thomas
Jdeur H A, baker, res 415 Doboy
Jealous S, tailor Lucas & McDuffie, res South Lumpkin
Jefferson Ella, c. dressmaker, res 22 Valley
JEFFERSON ROBERT B, c, tailor and repairer, 219 East Broad, res 22 East Broad. See adv
Jenkins Frank, c, porter McGregor & Robertson
Jenkins Thomas, c, lab, res 28 South Billups
Jennings Benjamin, c, lab, res 654 Odd
Jennings Richard, c, res G54 Odd
Jester William A, grocer and confectioner, 241 East Broad, res Dougherty
Jewell Ida, c, laundress, res 932 College ave
Jewish Synagogue, Dr Rosenstein, Rabbi, cor Jackson and Hancock ave
Joel Abe, clk I Morris & Son, res Hancock ave
Johnson Alfred, c, lab J Z Cooper & Son
Johnson Annie, c, laundress, res 629 5th
Johnson Charles, c, lab, res 420 Prince ave
Johnson Charles, c, restaurant, 11 Wall, res same
Johnson C L, c, teacher res 635 5th
Johnson Ed, c, whitewasher, res 518 West Hancock ave
Johnson Elijah, c, lab, res 50 North Elberton
Johnson Felix, c, lab, res 438 Oconee
Johnson Frank, c, porter, res 603 Run
Johnson Fred, c, barber MoQueen & Durham
Johnson F M, brick mason, bds 112 Hancock ave
Johnson Griff, c, butcher Alfred Bertling, res 20 River
Johnson Gus, c, lab, res 17 Sapilo
Johnson Rev Harrison, c, res 786 Oconee
Johnson Hattie, c, laundress, res 602 Thomas
Johnson Henry, c, (Johnson & Harris), res Broad
Johnson H B. clk, bds 326 0conee
Johnson James M, mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co, bds Fears House
Johnson John. c, lab, res 222 South Lumpkin
Johnson John H, dyer Miles Johnson, bds 8 East Clayton
Johnson Jordan, c, carp, res 514 North Chase
Johnson Joseph, c, glazier, res 311 Run
Johnson Joseph, lab, res 1599 East Broad
Johnson Lafayette, c, lab J Z Cooper & Son, rms 14 West Wash­ington
Johnson Lewis, c, lab J Z Cooper & Son, res 528 North Lump­kin
Johnson, Macon C, Johnson & Moore, res 223 South Milledge ave
Johnson Miles, c, steam dying, cleaning and repairing, 8 East Clayton, res same
Johnson Mitchell, c, lab, res bet Barber and Pulaski
Johnson Morris, c, lab, res 236 South Hull
Johnson Moses, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress
Johnson Noah, c, horseshoer Klein & Martin, res 15 North Rock Spring
Johnson Parish, c, porter J S King & Co, res 45 North Elberton
Johnson Pink, c laundress, res 50 North Elberton
Johnson Richard, painter Parr Bros, res East Athens
Johnson Richard, lab, c, res 1263 Fairview
Johnson Sallie, c, cook, res 575 Hill
Johnson Samuel, c, lab, res 920 College ave
Johnson Simon, c, lab, Gann, Murrny & Co
Johnson Sophia, c, laundress, res 605 Reese
Johnson Thomas, c, porter W H Towns
Johnson & Harris, c, (Henry H Johnson, Thomas Harris), blacksmiths, 1244 Prince ave
Johnson & Moore, (M C Johnson, J R. Moore, grocers, 9 East Clayton
Joiner H, wks Cheek Factory, bds 11 South Poplar
Joiner J W, wks Check Factory, bch, 11 South Poplar
Joiner Mary, wks Check Factory, bds 11 South Poplar
Joiner Maxey, wks Check Factory, bds 11 South Poplar
Joiner W, wks Check Factory, bds 11 South Poplar
Jones Allen, c, lab. res 574 Hodgson
Jones R J, c, lab, res 20 South Peters
Jones Edgar E, stoves, tinware and house furnishing goods, 209 East Broad, res Clayton House
Jones Edward, c, lab, res 1208 West Broad
Jones Ellen, c, laundress, res 801 Cobb
Jones Floyd, c, lab, Raves W House Co
Jones Frank B, clk E E Jones, bds Clayton House
Jones Georgia, c, laundress, res 311 North Thomas
Jones Harrison, c, lab, res Barberville
Jones Harrison, c, lab, res 603 North Jackson
Jones Iverson, c, lab, res 311 North Thomas
Jones Jack, c, brick mason, 112 Pope
Jones John, c, lab, res 306 West Broad
Jones John, c, carpenter, res 24 North Harris
Jones John F, agent, Singer Mfg Co, bds 103 Hull
Jones J, Supt Athens Gas Light Co, res 203 East Clayton
Jones Martha, c, laundress, res 22 West Strong
Jones Noah, c, carpenter, res 502 River
Jones Oliver, c, lab, res 13 Elberton
Jones Thomas, c, res 221 Factory
Jones Wesley, c, shoemaker 12 North Foundry, res 201 Pu­laski
Jones William, c, lab, res 201 Pulaski
Jones William H, clk John Crawford & Co, res North Thomas cor Washington
Jones Rev W A, c. res 609 South Lumpkin
Jordan F, operative Athens Mfg Co, bds 312 Baldwin
Jordan Thomas, c, lab, res 403 River
Joseph Floyd, c, lab, res 1223 Vine
Joseph Max, drygood and millinery 221-3 East Broad, res 109 Pulaski
Justice Court, W H Fuller J P, J G Evans N P ex of J P, meets first Monday each month Court House
KEESE MRS E R, res 32 Rock Row
Keese John, painter J L Arnold, Jr, res 32 Rock Row
Keith Robert A, messenger So Express Co, bds Allen Honse
Kelly John D, salesman Chas Stern & Co, res 119 Reese
Kelly W D, policeman, res 218 River
Kennard Miss Mamie, teacher Oconee St School, res 740 North Lumpkin
Kennedy James E, clk A S Mandeville, bds 330 Oconee
Kennedy Miss Rosa, teacher Old College
Kenney David M, contractor and builder and supt Lyndon Mfg Co Junction Thomas and Hoyt, res 916 West Hancock ave
Kenney Miss Florence, housekpr Commercial hotel, bds same
Kenney Miss Ida, seamstress, bds 523 South Lumpkin
Kenney J K, clk, bds 410 North Church
Kenney Miss M, seamstress, bds 205 North Millege ave
Kidd Henry, carriage mkr, res 412 River
Kidd Miss Mary (Misses Kidd), res 218 East Clayton
Kidd Misses (Mary & Alice), dressmkrs, 218 East Clayton
King Henry, c, porter Reaves W House Co, res 768 Oconee
King Jack, c, blacksmith, res 833 Cherry
King James, c, lab, res 505 Meigs
King James, c, porter Griffith, Whitehead & Co
King James S (J S King & Co), res 502 Barber
King J S & Co (J S King-J M Hodgson), wholesale and retail grocers, North Thomas cor Broad
King Robert, c, lab, res 339 Flint
KING DR WM R, specialist 33 East Clayton, res same
King Winnie, c, laundress, res 326 Oconee
Kinley James, mach Athens Foundry and Mach Co, res 16 East Poplar
Kinnebrew Edwin R, physician 237 East Broad, res Hull cor Clayton
Kinney Miss Alice, saleslady Michael Bros, bds 530 Hill
Kinney Mrs C A, res 530 Hill
Kinney Henry C, mach hand Athens Planing Mill, res 530 Hill
Kinney Jack, c, lab, res 25 Warsaw
Kinney Peter, c, horseshoer 2 East Washington, res 530 North Lumpkin
Kinnion Wm, c, drayman Orr & Hunter
Kirkpatrick R E, Tanner, res Barber
Kittle Mrs M A, res 414 River
KLEIN JOHN H (Klein & Martin) res 413 Oconee
KLEIN & MARTIN (John H Klein-H E Martin), carriage and wagon mfgrs, 413-l9 Oconee
Knox School, c, L S Clark, prin, 22 Pope
Krassett Otto, bkkpr T Fleming & Son
LAMAR HENRY clk, bds 212 Reese
Lambert J, bkkpr the National Bank of Athens, res 26 North Milledge ave
Lampkin Cobb, city real estate assessor, gen merchandise and furniture, 110 North Lumpkin, res 1014 Hill
Lampkin Mrs Lucy P, res 14 West Dougherty
Lampkin R H, res 602 Prince ave
Lampkin William H, bkkpr S C Dobbs, bds 1014 Hill
Lane Rev C W, D D, pastor Presbyterian Church, res 13 North Hull
Laney Samuel, supt farm, Carlton
Langford Mrs Laura, housekpr Andrew Coleman, res same
Langston Benjamin, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 7 Newton
Latimer Edward S, clk Hodgson Bros, res 53 East Dougherty
Latimer Robert C, trav salesman Julius Cohen & Co, res 53 East Dougherty
Law William, c, lab, res 258 South Lumpkin
Lawless Miss Dicy, wks Check Factory, bds 32 Williaim;
Laws William, c, lab, res 15 Sapelo
Lawson Carrie, c, laundress, res 620 College ave
Lawson T F, tinner, 427 Pulaski
Layton Mark K, clk L D Eledge & Co, rms over 29 East Clay­ton
Leach Milus, c, lab Hunter & Orr Compress
Leaman Harvey, horse trainer, res 201 East Washington
Lee Alexander, c, plasterer, res 10 South Pope
Lee Edward, c, shoemkr, res 409 Bridge
Lee Philip, c, coachman, res 314 West Broad
Lee Viney, c, laundress, res 649 Odd
Leslie John, c, lab, res 5 East Strong
Lesseur Miss N V, tchr, bds 5 East Strong
Lesseur Mrs S J, dressmkr, res 5 East Strong
Lester Eugene H, clk Childs Nickerson & Co, bds North Thomas
Lester Frank, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 24 Warren
Lester John, c, brick mason, res 1402 West Broad
Lester J D, wks Check Factory, res East Athens
Lester Lewis, c, lab, res 236 Factory
Lester Lizzie, wks Check Factory, bds East Athens
Lester Martha M, wks Check Factory, res East Athens
Lester Ned, c, lamplghr, res 25 East Hancock ave
Lester Sally, c, laundress, res 236 Factory
Lester Van, c, cook, res 26 Baxter
Lester W, clk, bds 219 Reese
Levy Edgar, cotton classer Orr & Hunter, bds 27 West Hancock ave
Lewis Jeff, c, drayman, res 210 North Chase
Lewis Lou, c, cook, res 722 Cobb
Lewis Nancy, c, cook, res 214 Newton
Lewis Queen, c, laundress, res 216 Fulton
Lewis Robert, c, painter Klein & Martin, res 1122 West Broad
Lilly Albert, brick mason, res 750 South Milledge ave
Lilly John, stone mason, res 750 South Milledge ave
Lingle J C, carp, res 501 North Thomas
Link Herman, tailor Lucas & McDuffie
Linton Miss Annie, tchr Lucy Cobb Inst, bds 742 Harber
Linton Henry H, bkkpr J H Rucker and tax collector Clarke County, 12 North Thomas, res 742 Barber
Linton Dr J S, planter, res 742 Barber
Lipscomb Dr A A, res 6 North Milledge ave
Lipscomb Mrs M A, tchr Lucy Cobb Inst, res 121 Milledge ave
Lipscomb Ophelia, c, cook, res 326 Oconee
Livingston Albert, c, cook, res 823 Prince ave
Lockett Eliza, c, cook, res 214 East Strong
Lofton Ransom, c, lab, res 17 Valley
Lofton Richard, c, lab, res 611 North Lumpkin
Logan Lucy, c, laundress, res 1009 Waddell
Long A B, clk W G Lowry & Co, res 607 Dean
Long J W, farmer, res 805 Hill
Lord Miss Emma (Misses Lord), res North Lumpkin
Lord Misses (Sallie, Fannie and Emma), dressmkrs North Lumpkin
Lord Miss Sallie (Misses Lord), res North Lumpkin
Loving Charles, molder Athens Foundry & Mach Co
Loving Monroe, operative Athens Mfg Co, res 503 Cemetery
Loving Wm, wks Check Fy, res Rock Row
Lowe Francis, c, nurse, res 101 College ave
Lowe Harriet, c, cook, res 1216 West Broad
Lowe Isaac, merchant, res 101 East Hancock ave
Lowe Joe B, clk Julius Cohen & Co, bds 101 East Hancock ave
Lowe Richard, c, porter, res 21 North Rock Spring
Lowman N N, res 826 Hill
LOWRANCE DR HENRY A, dentist 17 East Broad, res 826 Hill
Lowrance N W, salesman William McDowell & Son, bds 862 Hill
Lowry Wm G (W G Lowry & Co), physician 105 East Clayton res 603 Oconee
Lowry W G & Co (Wm G Lowry-George W Rush), druggists 105 East Clayton
Lucas Miss Fannie res 1122 Broad
Lucas Frederick B, (Lucas & Benedict), res 510 South Jackson
Lucas Frederick W, clk Julius Cohen & Co, res 510 South Jackson
LUCAS GEORGE E, (E I Smith & Co), res 510 South Jackson
Lucas Joe T. clk E I Smith & Co, bds 510 South Jackson
Lucas John H, (Lucas & McDuffie), res 510 South Jackson
Lucas Miss Mary, teacher Home School
LUCAS ROBERT, engineer and mechanist, Wilkenson, res East Broad nr Ga R R
Lucas & Benedict, (F B Lucas, J A Benedict), merchandise brokers and commission merchants, 117 East Clayton
Lucas & McDuffie, (John H Lucas, A A McDuffie), merchant tailors and gents' furnishers, 107 East Broad
LUCY COBB INSTITUTE, Miss M Rutherford principal, college for young ladies, 117 North Milledge ave
Lumpkin Daniel, clk M Myers & Co, bds Fears House
Lumpkin E K, lawyer, res 911 Prince ave
Lumpkin Dr J M, res 311 North Jackson
Lumpkin Lucinda, c, laundress, res 603 North Hull
Lumpkin Mack C, c, grocer 211 N Hull, res same
Lumpkin Thomas B, clk C W Baldwin & Co, bds Thomas
Lyle Eugene C, clk T Fleming & Sons, res 15 Wray
Lyle Eugene, c, porter Smith & Farr, bds 270 North Hull
Lyle Gib, c, porter Smith & Farr, bds 270 North Hull
Lyle Mrs N E, res 15 Wray
Lyndon Albert O, stoves and tinware 15 East Clayton, res 201 Hoyt
Lyndon A J & E S, proprs Lyndon Mfg Co, office 237 East Broad
Lyndon E S, druggist 237 East Broad, res 201 Hoyt
Lyndon Mfg Co, A J & E S Lyndon proprs, D M Kenney supt, planing mill, sash, doors and blinds, junction Thomas and Hoyt
Lyons Rev C H, c, pastor Baptist Church, res 731 South Lump­kin
McALPIN HENRY, lawyer, 119 East Broad
McBain F, bridge builder, res 326 Oconee
McCain A, wks Check Factory, res 709 East Broad
McClesky Edward, c, carp, res 104 North Harris
McCleskey Fred W, chief clk R & D RR, res 616 College ave
McClesky Jeff L, cond C & M R R
McClesky John, c, carp, res 13 Valley
McCombs Cicero, c, cap, res 901 Run
McCombs Lizzie, c, tchr, res Church cor West Broad
McCombs Nelson L, c, baker, res 602 West Broad
McCormack William L, wood wkr Klein & Martin, res 414 Cemetery
McCormack Will, factory operative, bds 414 Cemetery
McCray Laura, c, cake baker, res 819 Prince ave
McCree Edward, c, lab, res 664 Rutherford
McCree Georgia, c, laundress, res 664 Morris
McCree Hill, c, drayman Parr Bros, res 1213 West Broad
McCree Lindsey, c, hostler, res 644 Morris
McCree Louisa, c, laundress, res 110 West Hancock ave
McCree Reed, c, carp, res 655 Morris
McCree Wash, c, lab, res 655 Morris
McCULLOCH JAMES, architect and civil engineer, 17 Col­lege ave, bds Commercial Hotel
McCune Mrs C, res 709 East Broad
McCurdy J M, salesman William McDowell & Son, res 22 Nar­row
McDonald Carter, factory operative, res 208 South Elberton
McDonald Mrs India, seamstress, res 422 River
McDonold J W, bridge builder, res 326 Oconee
McDonald Laura, factory operative, bds 208 S Elberton
McDonald Sarah J, res 208 South Elberton
McDorman George, wks Check Factory, bds 648 1st
McDorman Miss Lena, clk Casper Morris, res Oak
McDormon Robert, wks Check Factory, bds 26 Mulberry
McDowell William (William McDowell & Son), rms 10 College ave
McDOWELL WILLIAM A, (William McDowell & Son), Mayor pro tem, Councilman 2d ward, rms 10 College ave
McDowell William & Son (William and W A McDowell), grocers, 8 College ave
McDuffie Arch A (Lucus & McDuffie), res 124 West Hancock
McElroy L, wks Check Factory, res 8 Pine
McElroy Mollie, wks Check Factory, res 8 Pine
McGinty Frank, clk, bcls 603 States-Rights
McGinty H C, brick mason, res 721 States-Rights
McGinty J E, carp, res 326 West Hancock ave
McGinty L F, clk 204 South
McGinty Manassas B (McGinty & Hunnicutt), alderman 3d ward, res 120 South Lumpkin
McGINTY & HUNNICUTT (M B McGinty, John A Hunni­cutt), contractors and builders, sash, doors, blinds, builders' hardware, etc, 204 South
McGregor David W (McGregor & Hobertson), res 204 Wad­dell
McGREGOR & ROBERTSON (D W McGregor, J W Robert­son), wholesale and retail books and stationery, Broad cor College ave
McHenry Benjamin, c, lab, res 2 Elberton
McIntosh George, c, porter Brittain & Walthall, res 530 North Lumpkin
McKie Charles D, agt, genl store and cotton buyer 13-19 North Thomas, res 129 Hancock ave
McKie John S, policeman, res 808 Prince ave
McKinley Charles, c, porter Webb & Crawford, res rear 355 Oconee
McKinnon John, mach Athens Foundry & Mach Co, res 725 Oak
McKinnon Wesley, Supt Athens City Water Works, Alderman 1st ward, res 725 Oak
McLane Miss L, bds 306 South Lumpkin
McLester G E, c, teacher, res 304 North Chase
McLester James G, capitalist, res 317 East Dougherty
McLester Wm, c, teacher, res 304 North Chase
McMahon J J C, merchant, res 10 Wray
McMillan Fred, factory operator, res 784 Oak
McWilliam Robert L, clerk, bds 101 West Hancock ave
McQueen Mack, c, driver So Express Co, bds 628 North Hull
McQueen Samuel, c, (McQueen & Durham), res 628 North Hull
McQueen & Durham, c, (Samuel McQueen, Robert Durham), barbers 9 College ave
McWhorter Pleasant, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress, res east of Barber
McWhorter Thomas, c, lab, res 326 River
MABRY E S, carrier Athens Evening Chronicle
Mabry George W, printer H L Crrwford, res Watkins­ville Rd 2 miles
Mabry George W jr, carrier Athens Evening Chronicle
Mabry James, printer Banner-Watchman
Mack John Henry, c, carpenter, res 759 South Lumpkin
Mack Milledge, c, res 643 5th
Maddox C C, photographer, res 820 Springdale
Maddox E E, bds 820 Springdale
Maddox John B, wood turner Athens Planing Mill, res 824 Springdale
MADDOX JOSEPH B, (Voss & Maddox), foreman Athens Planing Mill, res 618 Pulaski
Maddox J E, clerk, bds 820 Spingdale
Maddox Orion L, opr Athens Planing Mill, bds 820 Springdale
Maddox Wm E, steward Commercial Hotel, bds same
Maddrey Moses M, stoves, tinware and housefurnishing, tin roofing and guttering 218 East Broad, res 207 South Jackson
Mahoney Joseph, printer Banner-Watchman, bds Allan House
Malone Amy, c, nurse, res 708 Prince ave
Malone Isaac, c, porter J S King & Co, res Oconee
Mandeville Albert S, watches, clocks and jewelry 105 East Broad, res 102 West Dougherty
Mann John, c, lab R & DR R
Mann Morgan, c, lab R & D R R, res 407 Hoyt
Mann Squire, c, lab, res 204 College ave
Mapp Alex, lab, 1227 Fairview
Mapp Louisa, c, cook, res 526 Barber
Marable Margaret, c, laundress, res 433 Pulaski
Marable Matilda, c, laundress, res 1133 Prince ave
Marcus Wash, c, lab, res 120 Rock Spring
Marks King M, floor mgr Max Joseph, res 109 Pulaski
Marks Mrs P S, res 109 Pulaski
Marks Samuel, bkkper, bds 109 Pulaski
Marshall Clarence, c, porter Commercial Hotel
Marshall Daniel, c, lab, res 634 North Lumpkin
Marshall Willie, c, lab, res 632 Prince ave
Martin Miss Bessie, housekpr, res 226 South Lumpkin
Martin E Thomas, clk, res 221 East Dougherty
Martin Henry, merchant, 3 South Foundry
MARTIN HORACE E (Klein & Martin), res 419 Oconee
Martin John E, clk Ga R R bds Fears House
Martin Wm, butcher Alfred Bertling
Martin Wm, c, waiter Commercial Hotel
Martin W A, carp, res 26 Rock Row
Mason Douglass, c, lab, res rear 205 North Millege ave
Mason George W, chief engineer fire department, cotton buyer O'Farrell & Ash, res 12 South Lumpkin
Mason Mattie, c, lab, res 1501 E Broad
Massey Claud, carrier Athens Evening Chronicle, bds Cemetery
Massey Henry, merchant, res 726 Oak
Massey James H, merchant, res 713 Oconee
Matthews Mrs A L, res 109 North Lumpkin
Matthews James, c, carp, res 2 North Harris
Matthews Lee C, clk Max Joseph, res 412 West Hancock ave
Matthews M P, merchant, res 509 River
Matthews R D, merchant, res 701 River
Matthews Sarah, c, laundress, res 2 North Harris
Mattox Clark M, clk Julius Cohen & Co, bds Fears House
Mattox Dennis, c, lab, res 518 West Hancock ave
Mattox Smith, c, lab, ras 505 Meigs
Maxley George, c, paker Georgia Roller Mills
Maxwell Georgia, c, laundress, res 1250 Fairview
Mayfield Glenn, c, lab Reaves W House Co, res 666 Fonrth
Mayfield W F, Foreman Lyndon's shop, res 514 North Thomas
Mayor's Court, Hon J A Hunnicutt, judge, meets every Tues­day 4 p m, City Hall
Mays Asbury lab Athens Pottery Wks
Mead K, Fy operative, res 216 South Elberton
Mead M F, res 216 South Elberton
Mead Thomas, Fy operative, res 216 South Elberton
Meadowcroft George C, mach Athens Found & Machine Co, res 464 Oconee
Mealor Henry, molder Athens Found and Mach Co, res 1104 East Broad
Mealor James A, carpenter 714 Oak
Mealor Josie, Fy operative, res 714 Oak
Mealor Wm D, Fy operative, res 714 Oak
Medlin Mrs B W, res 734 North Lumpkin
Medlin James A, printer Athens Evening Chronicle, res 734 North Lumpkin
Mell Charles I, warehouseman R L Moss & Co, res South Milledge ave
Mell E B, music teacher, res 515 Hill
Mell Miss EL, music teacher, bds 515 Hill
Mell George A (Griffith & Mell), bkkpr Bank of the Universi­ty, res Dearing cor Harris
Mell Joh D, lawyer 246 East Broad, res South Milledge ave
Mell Thomas S, lawyer 246 East Broad, res 515 Hill
Melton Sarah, res 301 South Lumpkin
Merriwether James, c, blacksmith, res 229 Factory
Merriwether James, Jr, tanner, res near Baxter
Merriwether Thomas, c, porter W A Jester, res 216 South Thomas
MERRIWETHER WESLEY, c, blacksmith 222 Fulton, res 216 South Thomas
Merriwether Wm, c, blacksmith Wesley Merriwether, bds 216 South Thomas
Mettais Mme M, teacher, Lucy Cobb Institute
Michael Brothers (Simon and M G) whol dry goods, shoes and millinery 202 East Broad
Michael David, cashier Michael Bros, res 23 Pulaski
Michael Henry, genl store 312 East Broad, res 437 Oconee
Michael Isaac, merchant, 427 Oconee
Michael Moses G (Michael Bros), res 23 Pulaski
Michael Simon, (Michael Bros), res 23 Pulaski
Middlebrooks Isaac, c, lab, res 486 Barber
Middlebrooks Sally, c, cook, res rear 14 South Milledge ave
Miles Ernest, c, whitewasher, res 614 North Foundry
Miller Alice, c, seamstress, res 145 Pearl
Miller Andrew J, salesman and cabinet mkr J B Toomer, bds Allen House
Miller David J, cotton weigher Reave W House Co, res 201 Baxter
Miller Israel A, clk, Rucker Compress, res Hancock ave
Miller J W, clk, 114 East Clayton
Miller Thomas, c, porter Julius Cohen & Co, res South Lumpkin
Miller Rev Wm H, c, res 145 Pearl
Milligan Parthenia, c, cook, res 621 North Foundry
Mills Alfred, c, carp Athens Planing Mills, res 31 Notth Rock Spring
Mills Charles B, photographer, 115 East Broad, res same
Mills Edward, c, carp, res 16 North Rock Spring
Mills Isaac, c, butler, res 1122 West Broad
Mills Joe, c, lab, res 1548 E Broad
Mills Louise, c, teacher, res 31 North Rock Spring
Mills Rachael, c, laundress, res l548 East Broad
MILNER JOSEPH S, photographer l09 East Broad, bds Oconee
Milner Robert, c, lab Orr & Hunter, res 215 South Thomas
Mines Wm H, clk M Myers & Co, res Jackson
Mitchell Albert L, attorney at law 125 East Broad, res 24 West Dougherty
Mitchell Andrew, c, lab, res 240 South Hull
Mitchell Rev C A, res 209 Hoyt
Mitchell Dora, Fy operative, bds 317 Oconee
Mitchell E L, clk, bds 209 Hoyt
Mitchell Mrs E V, bds 617 Oconee
Mitchell Miss Fannie, teacher home school, bds 319 West Hancock ave
Mitchell Henry, clk 25 East Broad
Mitchell John S, mach Athens Found and Mach Co, res 6l7 Oconee
Mitchell Minnie, Fy operative, bds 617 Oconee
Mitchell Miss M, dressmkr, bds 312 Newton
Mitchell Robert J, bkkpr Webb & Crawford, res 705 State-Rights
Mitchell Robert J, Jr, cashier Webb & Crawford, bds 705 States-Rights
Mitchell Samuel D, bkkpr Griffith, Whitehead & Co, res 824 Prince ave
Mitchell Miss S, bds 319 West Hancock ave
Mitchell Thomas L, asst bkkpr Reaves Warehouse Co, publish­er Woman's Work, res 209 Hoyt
Mitchell W Erwin, tinner M M Maddry, res Narrow
Mize Martin C, grocer, 201 North Hull, res 112 West Washington
Mize Miss Nannie, housekpr R K Reeves, 204 North Thomas
Montgomery Hugh, G, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 5 East Han­cock ave
Montgomery Thomas, c, lab Reaves Warehouse Co
Moody Larkin, c, lab Porter & Wilson
Moon Mrs Elizabeth, res 12 Hickory
Moon J L, lab, res 1586 Branch
Moon Laura, c, laundress, res 507 South Milledge ave
Moon Robert, painter Parr Bros, res 723 Baxter
Moon William, c, lab Porter & Wilson
Moon W T, policeman, res 723 Baxter
Moon Mrs, dressmkr, res 428 Pulaski
Moore Augustus, tanner, res Baxter
Moore Caroline, c, nurse for invalids, res 209 Pearl
Moore Charity, c, laundress, res 633 College ave
Moore Edward, c, lab, res 202 Rock Spring
Moore Mrs Emma, res 30 West Dougherty
Moore Floyd, c, lab, res 915 Run
Moore Henry, c, lab Ga R R, res Ash
Moore Huldah, c, laundress, res 202 Rock Spring
Moore John, c, harness mkr, res 510 Barber
Moore J E, c, gen store, 1305 West Broad
Moore J R (Johnson & Moore), res College aye
Moore Lee, c, tanner, res 8 Sapelo
Moore Mary, c, nurse, res 116 Milledge ave
Moore Mary H, c, laundress, res 635 Odd
Moore PA, watchman C & M R R, res 474 Oconee
Moore Sylvia, c, cook, res 335 East Strong
Moore Thomas C, eng R & D R H, res 726 Lumpkin
Moore Wash, c, porter Johnson & Moore, res 635 Odd
Morganstein Mrs Emma, saleslady Emil Gottheimer, res 215 Dougherty
Morganstein Gustav, res 215 East Dougherty
Moroney Caroline, factory operative, res 539 cemetery
Morris Abraham, clk Casper Morris, bds Dougherty
Morris Casper, dry goods 230 East Broad, res 8 West Hancock ave
Morris Charles, prof University of Ga
Morris Charles (I Morris & Son), bds 120 West Hancock ave
Morris Israel (I Morris & Son), res 120 West Hancock ave
Morris I & Son (Israel and Charles), dry goods and clothing, 216 East Broad
Morris Joseph, clk L D Sledge & Co, res 212 East Dougherty
Morris Joseph (L & J Morris), res Hancock ave
Morris Louis (L & J Morris), res Hancock ave
Morris L & J (Louis and Joseph), dry goods, 228 East Broad
Morris Mendel, dry goods, 206 East Broad, res same
Morris Sylvanus, solicitor City Court, 203 East Broad, res Uni­versity Campus
Morrison Charles W, trav salesman J B Toomer, res 101 East Dougherty
Morrison Jerry, c, lab, res Barberville
Morton Fred S, clk National Bank of Athens, sec The Athenaum, 18 South Hull
Morton Gratton, c, porter Andrew Coleman, res country
Morton M B, c, res 801 Prince ave
Morton W J, res 18 South Hull
Moss Miss Hennie, housekeeper 616 Prince ave
Moss John D, City Eng and Street Commr City of Athens 215 East Clayton, res 919 Cobb
Moss Miss Julia, teacher, bds 919 Cobb
MOSS RUFUS L, (R L Moss & Co), pres Athens Gas Light Co, res 919 Cobb
MOSS R L & CO, (R L Moss, W M Rowland), cotton factors, warehouse 209-207, office 215 East Clayton
Mounce Mrs Jane, dress maker, res 312 Newton
Mulane J A, law student Russell & Hughes, res Prince ave
Mulkey David I, clk Max Joseph, bds Allan House
Muir Robert D, bkkpr Henderson Warehouse Co, res 425 Oconee
Murrah Will, painter, res 221 East Clayton
Murray Isaac V, (Gann, Murray & Co), res 227 East Dougherty
Murray John C, fireman, res 212 North Pope
Myers Moses, (M Myers & Co), res 529 Hill
Myers Myer, dry goods and clothing 217 East Broad, res cor Strong and Lumpkin
MYERS M & CO, (Moses Myers, Philip Stern), dry goods, clothing, carpets, boots and shoes, 13-15-17 Collegc ave
Myers Mrs S A, boarding house, 27 West Hancock ave
Mygatt Joseph C, del clk Talmadge Bros, res 401 West Han­cock ave
NABERS ALEX, bottling works and pool room 19 North Jackson, res college ave cor Dougherty
Nash Miss Rosa, dressmkr Miss M A Frierson, res Hickory
National Bank of Athens The, A K Childs pres, James White cashier, East Broad cor Jackson
Neeling Nancy, c, laundress, res 1230 Vine
Nelms Hattie J, (wid Wm), dressmkr Miss Gussie Hale, res 410 Cemetery
Nelms Wm, harness mkr T G Hodaway
Nelson Albert, c, lab, res 107 Pope
Nesbit Helen, c, laundress, res 219 Pearl
Nesbit John, c, brick mason, res 310 Pearl
Nesbit Lucy, c, cook, res 538 North Lumpkin
Nesbit Nathaniel, foreman Bucker Compress, res 538 North Lumpkin
Nesbit Remus, c, lab, res 1537 Vine
Nesbit Sarah, c, laundress, res 304 Pearl
Nevill Mrs M E, res 420 Prince ave
Newton Charles S, bkkpr O'Farrell & Ash, res Lumpkin
Newton Dr E D, Commercial Traveler, res 1173 Cobb
Newton John H, prop Robbin Mill, 1173 Cobb
Newton Susan, c, cook, res 14 East Dougherty
Nichols James A, grocer, Prince ave bey limits, res same
Nichols James C, res 1318 Rockdale
Nichols John, lab, res 621 2d
Nicholson James M, clk, res 130 South Hull
Nicholson M G, bkkps J S King & Co, res 130 South Hull
Nicholson Mrs R M, res 130 South Hull
Nichols Wescomb, painter Parr Bros, res Springdale
Nickerson Reuben (Childs, Nickerson & Co), pres Athens Found and Mach Co and sec Fire Brigade, res 104 North Thomas
Nickerson Thomas H (Childs, Nickerson & Co), res 503 Hill
Nix Henry, c, drayman Orr & Hunter
Noble Mrs A H, res 205 Pulaski
NOBLE BLANTON H, attorney at law, 17 East Clayton, County Administrator, res 205 Pulaski
Noble Miss M E, tchr Pub School, res 205 Pulaski
Noland John, c, lab Ga RR, res College ave
Nolan Julius S, jeweler V W Skiff, res 5 East Strong
Noland Porter, c, drayman Talmadge Bros, res Oconee
Norman James, c, carp, res nr West Broad
Norris William H, clk Grant & Willcox, res Baldwin
NORTHEAST GEORGIA MACHINE WORKS, R, Lucas, propr, 31 Wilkerson
Norton Phillis, c, laundress, res 77 North Hull st
Nungeeser George H, brick mason, res 725 States-Rights
Nunnally John, c, lab Holman & Deadwyler, rms same
OCONEE STREET M E CHURCH, SOUTH, Rev H M Quillian pastor, 324 Oconee
O'Farrell A H, clk, res 203 Hancock ave
O'Farrell Charles J (O'Farrell & Jankower), county treasurer, res 205 East Hancock ave
O'Farrell James, merch broker, res 507 South Lumpkin
O'Farrell O C, res 507 South Lumpkin
O'Farrell William D (O'Farrell & Ash), res 205 East Hancock ave
O'Farrell & Ash (W D O'Farrell, W C Ash), whol grocers, 6 North Thomas and 311 East Broad
O'Farrell & Jankower (C J O'Farrell, Monis Jankower), furniture dealers and undertkrs, 41 East Clayton
Oglesby Ann, c, cook, res 211 Dougherty
Oglesby Clark, lab, res South Milledge ave
O'Kelley James F, photographer, 203 East Broad, res Country
Oldham William, res 778 River
Oliver Miss Decie, milliner Michael Bros, res 213 South Jackson
OLIVER D CRAN, Chief of Police, City Hall, res 213 South Jackson
Oliver John, c, butcher Alfred Bertling, res 944 College ave
OLIVER THOMAS P, grocer, 615 Prince ave, res 619 Hill
Ordinary's Court, S M Herrington Judge, meets 1st Monday each month, Court House
ORR JOSEPH C, Sanitary Inspector, res 128 West Dougherty
Orr Joseph M (Orr & Hunter) res 317 Dougherty
Orr Robert C, clk R T Brumby & Co, rms 6 College ave
Orr William C, gen manager Orr & Hunter, res 321 East Dougherty
Orr & Hunter (J M Orr, S M Hunter), cotton buyers, merch brokers, fertilizers, coal and wood and lumber, 18 North Thomas
Orr & Hunter Compress, Orr & Hunter, proprs, North Eastern Depot
Osborne Thomas, c, helper Athens Planing Mill, res 3 Elberton
Owens Anderson, c, lab, res 739 College ave
Owens Jackson, c, cook Commercial Hotel, res 615 4th
Owens Robert, c, carp, res 347 Flint
PACE JAMES I, c, harber Davis & Harris, res 514 West Hancock ave
Page Mrs Ann, seamstress, res 707 Springdale
Paine Abram, c, lab, res 213 Run
Paine Arthur, c, lab, res 437 Oconee
Paine Edward, c, butcher Alfred Bertling
Paine Henry, c, drayman E S Lyndon, res North Jackson
Paine Howard, c, lab, res Rutherford
Paine Moses, lab, c, res 1308 Rockdale
Paine Thomas, c, porter Hodgson Bros, res 316 West Broad
Palmer Geo H, bkkpr The Athens Mfg Co, res 420 Oconee
Palmer Henry R, bkkpr E S Lyndon, res 449 Oconee
Palmer Tallulah, wks Check Factory, res 21 Pine
Paner T A, woodwkr Athens Found & Mach Co
Parker Harry, c, lab, 609 North Hull
Pape August H, clk J H Rucker, res Hancock ave
Parker J T, wks Athens Mfg Co, res East Athens
Parker Mrs J W, res 421 Baldwin
Parker Wm, wks Athens Mfg Co. res 360 William
Parks Emily, c, laundress, res 611 North Lnmpkin
Parks Henry c, lab res 1025 West Broad
Parks John, c, lab, res 603 North Lumpkin
Parks Thomas, c, lab J Z Cooper & Son
Parks Wesley, c, lab, res 1251 Vine
Parks Wm H, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress, res 603 North Lumpkin
Parnell Lee, (Williams & Parnell), res Mitchell
PARR ALONZO N, (Parr Bros), res 701 Baxtor
PARR BENJAMIN H, (Parr Bros), reg 701 Baxter
PARR BROTHERS, (C W, V J, C A, B H and A N), wall paper, paints, oils, etc 17 North Jackson
PARR CALVIN W, (Parr Bros), res 319 South Milledge ave
PARR CHARLES A, (Parr Bros), res 403 South Milledge ave
Parr Daniel G, painter Parr Bros, res 925 South Lumpkin
Parr Ferd L, clk W M Pittman, res 711 Baxter
Parr James S, painter Parr Bros, res Baldwin
Parr L N, painter, res 623 Baxter
Parr M H, genl store 1129 West Broad, res same
Parr Mrs Sarah C, res 623 Baxter
PARR VARDY J, (Parr Bros), res 711 Baxter
Parsons T M, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 320 Factory
Partee Berry, c, lab, res 12 Green
Partee Clarke, c, lab, res 1115 Springdale
Partee Levi, c, lab, 1111 Hancock ave
Pass Wm, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress
Patat Frank S, trimmer Klein & Martin, res 612 East Broad
Patat F, cabinet mkr Athens Planing Mill, res Spring
Patat Henry E, helper Klein & Martin, res 415 River
Patat Joseph A, res 415 River
Patat Thomas, helper Klein & Martin
Patman John B, res 408 South Lumpkin
Patrick Jane, res 16 Rock Row
Patrick Robert, wks Check Factory, res East Athens
Patterson M A, carp, res 726 Prince ave
Patterson R, molder Athens Found and Mach Co
Patton J H, carp, res 1229 Branch
Paul John M, gen store, 773 Oconee, res same
Paulin Miss A J, tchr Lucy Cobb Inst
Peak William, c, lab, res 1321 East Broad
Peek Williarn, c, lab, res 209 Hoyt st
Peeler Hiram, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 648 3d
Peeler, Joseph A (Bloomfield & Peeler), res 29 Wilkerson
Peeler Robert, lab, res 343 Williams
Peeler Mrs S J, res 343 Williams
Peoples Norris, photographer C B Mills, bds Allan House
Perry Stephen, c, lab, res 624 North Hull
Peters Rufus, c, lab. res 104 Dougherty
Pettis Alfred, c, carp, res 27 North Billups
Phelps Asher W, fireman R & D R R, bds 463 Pulaski
Phelps E W, car insp R & D R R, res 463 Pulaski
Phelps W R, fireman R D R R, res 463 Pulaski
Phillips Abram, res 4 West Dougherty
Phillips Felix (Rosenburg Spectade Co), res 4 West Dougherty
Phinizy Billups, planter, res 124 North Milledge ave
Phinizy Ferdinand, capitalist, res 1123 Cobb
Pickens Rev D R, pastor Christain Church, res 403 North Jack­son
PIEDMONT AIR LINE (R & D R R), C B Chandler, solicit­ing agt, 117 East Clayton
Pierce Andrew, c, whitewasher, res 318 West Broad
Pierce Henry, c, drayman Athens Planing Mill, res 418 West Broad
Pierce's Chapel A M E Church, c, Rev J A Cary, pastor, North Foundry
Pinson Peter, c, lab, res 655 Odd
Pioneer Paper Mfg Co, R K Reaves pres, W D Griffith sec, Oconee cor Thomas
PIPKIN MISS LOUISE A, manager W U Tel Co, res 313 North Jackson
Pitman J E, farmer, res 233 Hoyt
Pitner C L, bkkpr William McDowell & Son, res 614 Hill
Pitner James A (J Y Carithers & Co), Coronor Clarke County, res 521 Barber
Pitner John R, clk Ga R R, res 133 West Broad
Pitner Thomas A, clk Griffith Whitehead & Co, res 133 West Broad
Pittard James, grocer, 115 North Lumpkin, res 419 Meigs
Pittard Mrs J D, res 419 Meigs
Pittard William, c, gardener, 1113 Dearing
PITMAN WILLIAM M, grocer and dry goods, 19 East Clayton, res 21 same
Pledger Margary, res 334 Factory
Pledger W A, carp, res 504 South Lumpkin
Pledger W A, c, res 209 Pearl
Pledger W N, wks Check Factory, res 9 Pine
Plummer Anderson, c, porter James Pittard, res 232 South Lumpkin
Plunket Elijah A, cond Ga R R, bds Commercial Hotel
Police Court, Hon J A Hunnicutt judge, meets every Tuesday 4 o'clock p m, South Jackson
Police Headquarters, D Cran Oliver chief, City Hall
Pollard Albert, c, lab, res 328 Prince ave
Pollard John, c, lab Athens Pottery Wks, res 1637 Arch
Pool Francis, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 615 Oak
Pool Ida, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 615 Oak
Pool Mina, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 615 Oak
Pool Narcissa, res 615 Oak
Pope Bailey, c, lab, res 218 South Elberton
Pope Benjamin, c, lab, res near Grove
Pope James M Jr, c, grocer 3 North Foundry, res same
POPE JOHN E, physician 15 East Broad, res 429 Dearing
Pope Pierce, c, lab, res Chapple Farm
Pope Squire, c, lab, res 314 South Lumpkin
Porter Charles, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 620 Oconee
Porter Edgar, c, lamp lighter, res 602 North Hull
Porter Edward W, bailiff Justice Court, res 720 Oconee
Porter John, c, lab, res 149 Ga R R
Porter John E, R R contr, res 201 Baxter
Porter Lula, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 620 Oconee
Porter Len, c, lab, res 621 North Foundry
Porter Mary, c, laundress, res 101 Pope
Porter Newton, c, lab, res 861 Oconee
Porter Robert, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 620 Oconee
Porter Vick, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 620 Oconee
Porterfield Mrs B, seamstress, res 32 Baldwin
Post Office, W B Burnett P M, East Clayton bet College ave and Jackson
Potter Emma, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 512 Oconee
Potter Gussie, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 512 Oconee
Potter J F, wks Athens Mfg Co, res South Poplar
Potter Mrs Martha, res 53 Poplar
Potter Mary, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 512 Oconee
Potter M A, res rear Lower Bridge
Potter Willie, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 512 Oconee
Potts John, plow mkr Athens Found & Mach Co
Power W W, clk, res 34 Narrow
Powers A G, clk, res 505 North Jackson
Powers Wm W, physician 7 North Jackson, res 110 Baldwin
Powers Armstead W, c, lab, res 27 Angle
Powers Luther, clk Michael Bros
Powers Robert H, clk Max Joseph, res Prince ave
Prather A M, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 1220 East Broad
Prather E A, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 341 Factory
Prather Gabriel, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 5 East Hancock ave
Prather H N, supt drays Orr & Hunter, res 213 West Broad st
Prather John, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 350 Willams
Prather Melinda, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 1220 East Broad
Prather William, lab, res 350 Williams
Prather W L, carp, res 523 South Lumpkin
Prewitt D M, butcher, res 1256 Arch
Prewitt J M, lab, res 1256 Arch
Prewitt Lou, wks Check Factory, res 1256 Arch
Price W W, clk, res 2 West Hancock ave
Pride Olive, c, laundress, res 786 Oconee
Pridgeon R K, mach hand Athens Planing Mill, res 608 Pulaski
Pridgeon William, painter Witherspoon & Hamilton, res 608 Pulaski
Primitive Baptist Church, c, Chase
Pruitt William B, solicitor and reporter Banner-Watchman, res 107 West Hancock ave
Pulliam Thomas C, clk Julius Cohen & Co, bds Fears House
QUARTERMAN JACOB, c, porter A M Center, res 205 East Hancock ave
Quillian Rev H M, pastor Oconee st M E Church
RAGSDALE J E, foreman Banner-Watchman, res Strong
Raines Thomas, c, porter McGregor & Robertson
Raney A J, c, tchr, res 304 North Chase
Ransom Hiram, c, lab, res 608 Broad
Ransom William, c, porter Childs, Nickcerson & Co, res East Clayton
RAPHAEL SAMUEL, merch tailor and gents' furnisher 3 College ave, res 238 South Lumpkin
Ray F C, blacksmith, res 501 East Broad
Ray Mrs J C, dressmkr, res 501 East Broad
Ray F M, lab, res 214 South
Ray Seymour, c, waiter Caroline Thomas, bds same
Reaves, O'Farrell & Ash (R K Reaves, O'Farrell & Ash proprs), Reaves Warehouse Co, res Thomas cor Washington
Reaves Harper, c, lab, res bet Barber and Pulaski
Reaves James H, clk Post-office, res 511 North Lumpkin
Reaves John, c, driver, res 678 4th
Reaves R K, pres Pioneer Paper Mfg Co, res 204 North Thomas
Reaves R L, res 201 East Washington
Reave Warehouse Co (Reaves, O'Farrell & Ash proprs), storage and com 6 North Thomas, 311 East Broad
Reaves William A, clk J H Rucker, bds 511 North Lumpkin
Reaves W J, carp, res 743 4th
Reddick Emily, c, laundress, res 202 West Broad
Redwine R G, train hand R & D R R
Reed Rose, c, cook, res 108 Pope
Reed Lorenzo, c, barber 14 North Jackson, res 431 Bridge
Reed Thomas, c, barber, res 431 Bridge
Reed Caroline, c, dressmkr, res 431 Bridge
Reid George, c, porter A P Henley, res Foundry
Reese Asa, c, lab, res l06 North Milledge ave
Reese Mrs S C, res 123 West Hancock ave
Reese Mrs Martha, res 314 Factory
Reese Mrs N B, res 123 West Hancock ave
Relief Fire Co, c, Ned Lester capt, 429 Prince ave
Resler Prof A, music tchr 31 East Clayton, res same
Rexinger Samuel, prop Athens Ice Wks
Reynolds C W, res 329 East Washington
Reynolds Eugene, wks Athens Mfg Co, res South Poplar
Reynolds Miss E K, dress maker, res 708 Reese
Reynolds Jeff W, painter J L Arnold Jr, res 703 East Broad
Reynolds Miss Mary, dress maker Miss M A Frierson, res 329 East Washington
Reynolds M W, wks Athens Mfg Co, res South Poplar
Reynolds W B, carriage mkr, res 708 Reese
Rhodes J F, bkkpr Talmadge Bros, res 205 West Broad
Rhodes N E, clk, res 104 North Church
Richards Adolphus, painter Witherspoon & Hamilton, res 45 East Peters
Richards Alex, carpenter, res 141 South Poplar
Richards Ally, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 South Poplar
Richards Charley, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 South Poplar
Richards Fred, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 South Poplar
Richards John C, rock mason, res 613 3d
Richards Joseph H H, brick mason, res 616 3d
Richards Thomas, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 South Poplar
Richardson Cornelius, c, lab, res 453 South Milledge ave
Richardson Miss Lula, teacher, res 607 Meigs
Richardson Reese, c, carp, res 605 Heese
Richardson Richard, c, porter Hodgson Bros, res Meigs
Richardson Ross, c, carp 423 Prince ave, res Church cor Taylor
Richardson Rev Simon Peter D D, presiding elder M E Church South, res 607 Meigs
Richardson Simon P Jr, clk McGregor & Robertson, bds 607 Meigs
Richmond & Danville R R, (N-E Division), F M Hardin Agt, depot River cor North Hull
Rivers F T, wookwkr Athens Found & Mach Co
Rivers James O, helper Klein & Martin, res 751 4th
Rivers J H, bailiff Justice Court, res Barbersville
Rivers Tyler, drayman, res 731 4th
Roberts Henry, c, whtwshr, res nr West Broad
Roberts Sarah J, res 512 Oconee
Roberts Thomas, c, barber McQueen & Durham, res 510 North Foundry
Roberts Thomas H, c, porter So Mutual Ins Co, res 410 North Foundry
Robertson A R, marble wks 115 North Thomas, res 450 South Milledge ave
Robertson James R (McGregor & Robertson), bds 450 South Milledge ave
Robertson J M, res 1219 East Broad
Robertson Mary, c, laundress, res 62 North Jackson
Robinson James, c, waiter Commercial Hotel
Robinson Jane, c, laundress, res 109 Pulaski
Rogers H T, lamplghter, res 21 Pine
Rogers Larkin, carp, res 26 East Dougherty
Roland Dock, c, porter Henderson Warehouse Co
Roland John C, lab, res 734 College ave
Roland Nancy, c, laundress, res 13 Sapolo
Roland Wash, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 724 Collge ave
Roper Miss G S, teacher, res 715 Prince ave
Roper Miss M J, teacher pub school, res 715 Prince ave
Rose Benjamin O W, wtchmn Ga R R, res 603 East Broad
Rose Miss Georgia, dressmkr 603 East Broad, res same
Rose P O, res 309 East Strong
Rosenberg Herman, (Rosenberg Spectacle Co), res 496 Barber
Rosenberg Spectacle Co, (H Rosenberg & F Phillips), jobbers and manufrs spectacles 104 East Clayton
Rosette Crocket, c, lab Gann, Murray & Co, res 7 Hickory
Rosette Wm, c, grocer 530 West Broad, res 516 same
Ross Andrew, sexton city cemetery, res city limits
Ross Miss Ella, housekpr for E R Brumby, College Campus
Ross Henry, c, lab, 122 West Washington
Ross Minerva, c, laundress, res 122 West Washington
Rowe Eli, miller Ga Roller Mills
Rowe Hugh, 222 East Clayton
Rowe Jenks, c, drayman Orr & Hunter
Rowe Mrs Julia, seamstress, res 455 Oconee
ROWLAND CHARLES A, bkkpr Hodgson Bros, rms 103 East Clayton
Rowland Wm M, (R L Moss & Co), treas The Athenaeum, rms 103 East Clayton
Royal Benjamin, butcher Smith & Farr, res 22 Willow
Royal Deloney, painter, res 1313 East Broad
Rucker Alex C, Supt Rucker Compress, res 303 N Milledge ave
Rucker Compress, J H Rucker propr, A C Rucker supt, cotton compress Ga R R Depot
Rucker Jeptha H, cotton buyer 12 North Thomas, res 5 North Milledge ave
Rucker Tinsley W, lawyer 203 East Broad, res 726 Hill
Ruff Richard, c, lab, res 742 Barber
Ruff Thomas, c, truck hand R & D R R
Rush George W, (W G Lowry & Co), res 220 Prince ave
Russell Richard B, solicitor gen, (Russell & Hughes), res 628 Prince ave
RUSSELL & HUGHES, (R B Russell, F M Hughes), attys at law 11 East Clayton
RUTHERFORD MISS MILDRED, principal Lucy Cobb Institute, res 117 North Milledge ave
Rutherford Williams, Prof Mathematics Unv of Ga, res Dearing
Rutledge Jacob, c, shoemka, res 432 Bridge
Ryan Emma, c, cook, res 318 River
St. Mary's Church, Episcopal, Oconee, R L Bloomfield reader
St. Paul A M E Church, c, Rev L D Durand pastor
Salesbury Mrs S G, bds 102 West Dougherty
Saye A H, carp, res 931 Oconee
Saye Chester, wks Ckeck Fy, res 15 Mulberry
Saye Hoyt, carp D S Forrester
Saye J A, carp, res 1238 East Broad
Saye J N, miller Athens City Mills
Saye Miss Lula, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 406 Cemetery
Saye Margaret, res 15 Mulberry
Saye M B, carp, res 704 Oak
Saye Mrs N B, res,128 Baldwin
Saye R A, carp, res 804 North Lumpkin
Schaller Miss Ida, tchr Home School, res Prince ave
Schaller Miss Sophie, tchr Home School, res Prince ave
Schevenell Lemuel, mfg agt. res 419 North Jackson
Schuhardt Charles, butcher, res 40 North Peters
Scott Isaac, c, lab, res 129 West Washington ave
Scott Jack, c, res 5th
Scott James, c, carp, res East Athens
Scott Samuel, c, tchr, res 666 5th
Scott Wash, c, turner, res 2 North Harris
Scott William, c, carrier Banner, res East Athens
Scott Z W, lab, res 216 South Milledge ave
Scudder A M, tchr, res 5 East Hancock ave
SCUDDER CHARLES A, jeweler 113 Broad, res 5 East Han­cock ave
Seagraves Andrew, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 942 Oconee
Seagraves Bessie, works Cheek Factory, res 37 South Peters
Seagraves Charles, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 37 South Peters
Seagraves Hardy, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 37 Peters
Seagraves James, lab, res 539 Cemetery
Seagraves Mattie, wks Check Factory, res 8 Pine
Seagraves William H, wks Athens Foundry and Mach Wks, res 731 Oconee
Seay Mrs Sarah, res 443 Oconee
Self Howell, c, carp 426 Bridge, res 428 same
Shackelforcl H T, farmer, res Grove
Shackelford Love A (Shackelford & Hattaway), bds 617 Prince
SHACKELFORD & HATTAWAY, (LA Shackelford, J B Hattaway), guano and farmers' supplies and real estate, 14 North Thomas
Sharp Claiborne, c, porter John Crawford & Co, res 1230 Vine
Sharp Norman, trav salesman Childs, Nickerson & Co, bds North Thomas
Shaw Burrell, c, lab, res 606 North Foundry
Shaw Charles, c, butler, res 417 Bridge
Shell Frank, c, lab, res l09 North Lumpkin
Shepard Marvel H, clk G H Mulme, res 232 North Foundry
Shepp James, c, drayman Orr & Hunter
Sheppard M H, clk, res 322 River
Sheppard Robert, c, lab, res 1600 Arch
Shields Harry, c, porter A G Turner & Son, res 694 4th
Shirley Alex, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 53 Poplar
Shirley Clark, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 Ga R R
Shirley Eliza, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 Ga R R
Shirley Girty, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 Ga R R
Shirley Lou Ella, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 141 Ga R R
Short W A, supt farm, res 534 South Milledge ave
Shouse A F, lab Athens Planing Mill, res East Athens
Shivereudt Bernard, tailor S Raphael
Silberman Joseph, clk Solomon Silberman, bds 120 East Clayton
Silberman Marx, clk Solomon Silberman, bds 120 East Clayton
Silberman Solomon, clothing 120 East Clayton, res same
Simpson Jordan, c, lab, res 248 South Pope
Sims Albert, c, porter J M D Wall, res 802 Prince ave
Sims David E, tax receiver Clark County City Hall, res country
Singer Mfg Co, J F Jones agt, sewing machines, cor Clayton and Jackson
Singleton Jeff, c, gardener, res rear 510 South Jackson
Sirk John, car driver, res 214 South
Skelton Jamie, seamstress, res 845 Oconee
Skiff Valentine W, watchmkr and jeweler 233 East Broad, bds cor Lumpkin and Clayton
Skinner Archer, gen store 926 West Hancock ave, res same
Skinner Betsy Ann, wks Check Fy, res 144 Water
Skinner Clara, wks Check Fy, res 144 Water
Skinner Mrs Lucinda, res 144 Water
Sledge Edward D, clk T Fleming & Son, bds 102 West Dough­erty
SLEDGE LEON D (L D Sledge & Co), res 114 West Dough­erty
SLEDGE L D & CO (L D Sledge), druggists 29 East Clayton
Sloman Sallie, c, laundress, res 603 North Hull
Sloman Simon (Charles Stern & Co), res 25 East Hancock ave
Sly Charles, c, drayman Orr & Hunter
Smith Ann, c, laundress, res 619 North Jackson
Smith Annie, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 532 Oak
Smith Bedney, c, porter C W Baldwin & Co, res 1012 West­ Hancock
Smith Butler, c, Bricksmn, res 462 Pulaski
Smith Candy, c, seamstress Miss M A Frierson, res Prince ave
Smith Christopher, c, confectionery 16 North Jackson, res Bar­berville
Smith Daniel, c, brickmsn, res 605 Plum
Smith Daniel, c, lab, res 605 Odd
Smith Daniel O, stenographer Barrow & Thomas, bds cor Thomas and Washington
Smith Edward, printer Banner, bds West Hancock
SMITH EDWARD I (E I Smith & Co), res 216 South Lumpkin
SMITH E I & CO (E I Smith-George E Luccs), boots and shoes, 21 College ave and 40 Clayton
Smith Frank, trav salesman Talmadge Bros, bds Commercial Hotel
Smith Grant, c, lab, res 1127 Reese
Smith Henry, c, grocer 3 North Rock Spring, res same
Smith Jabe, drayman Talmadge Bros, res 511 North Lumpkin
Smith James, lab, res 611 2nd
Smith Miss Jennie, art tchr Lucy Cobb Inst, res cor Washing­ton and Pulaski
Smith John, c, tr hand Ga RR, res 1224 Fairview
Smith John H (Smith & Farr), res 30 West Washington
Smith John H, clk Webb & Crawford, res 374 Oconee
Smith J Larkin, eng R & D R R, res Lula Ga
Smith J J, strikr Athens Found & Mach Co
Smith Lewis, c, train hand Ga R R, res 18 River
Smith Littleton, c, lab, res East Athens
Smith Lloyd, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 539 Oak
Smith Mark, c, lab, res 554 South Milledge ave
Smith Miss Mary, housekpr 443 Oconee
Smith Mary E, wks Atheun Mfg Co, res 535 Oak
Smith Mary F, wks Check Fy, res 16 Rock Row
Smith Mattie, wks Check Fy, res 8 Pine
Smith Miss Milly, boarding house, 8 Pine
Smith Minerva, c, restaurant 12 North Jackson, res same
Smith Perry, c, lab, res East Athens
Smith Mrs P J, seamstress, res 701 East Broad
Smith Robert, c, porter Dr J E Pope, rms 429 Dearing
Smith Robert, c, porter Thomas & Strickland, res North Foundry
Smith Robert W, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 535 Oak
Smith Mrs Rosa, res 506 Franklin
Smith R G, lab, res 535 Oak
Smith Sallie, wks Check Fy, res 8 Pine
Smith Samuel, carp, res rear 117 Hoyt
Smith Samuel, c, brick mason, res 609 Plum
Smith Scott, c, carp, res 915 Reese
Smith Seaborn, c, lab, res 657 Water
Smith Susan, c, restaurant 427 Prince ave, res same
Smith Susie, wks Check Fy, res 735 Check Fy
Smith Mrs S Frances, res 129 West Washington
Smith Taylor, c, tchr, res 626 North Hull
Smith Tiller, c, lab, res East Athens
Smith Warren J, prescriptionist E S Lyndon, res North Jackson
Smith William, c, carp, res 1133 Prince ave
Smith W F, c, grocer 520 River, res same
Smith W L, miller, res R L Bloomfield's yard
Smith Z T, drayman, res 735 Oak
SMITH & FARR, (Jno H Smith, David A Farr), meat market, 207 North Hull
Snead Robert N (W C & R N Snead), res 5 East Hancock ave
Snead William C (W C & R N Snead), res Newnan, Ga
Snead W C & R N (William C & Robert N), boots and shoes, 233 East Broad
Snellings John, c, lab, res 1572 East Broad
Snelling Prof Chas M, Inst Mil Tac University of Ga
Snelson John, c, lab, res 403 River
Sorrels C L, clk, res 701 River
SOUTHERNBELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO (Athens Exchange), H C Conway manager, College ave cor East Clayton
SOUTHERN EXPRESS CO, William Williams agt
SOUTHERN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO, Young L G Harris pres and treas, Stevens Thomas sec and gen agt, William W Thomas asst sec and adjuster, College ave cor East Clayton
Sosnowski Madam S, princpl Home School, Prince ave
Sosnowski Miss C, principal home school, res Prince ave
Speer Rev E W, master in chancery, res 113 College ave
Spratling Mitchell, c, lab, res 111 Pope
Spring Charles, c, lab, res 616 North Hull
Spurlock John, c, lab, res 902 West Hancock ave
Stanley F R, clk M Myers & Co, res 442 Pulaski
STANLEY MRS D, prop Commercial Hotel, res same
Stanley Maj M, capitalist, res 406 Dearing
Stanley Samuel, c, St car driver, res Bridge
Stark W T, bootmkr 22 North Jackson
Starks John, c, lab, res 402 River
Statch John, c, shoemkr, res 448 River
Steedley Wm B, (Carlton & Steedly), res 220 Prince ave
Steiffer Mrs --, (wid Dr Homer), res 721 South Lumpkin
Steiffer M V, tchr penmnshp, res 721 South Lumpkin
Steiffer P B, penman, res 721 South Lumpkin
Steiffer S M, penman, res 721 South Lumpkin
Stephens Cynthia, res 356 Williams
Stephens Jake, c, lab, res 314 South Lumpkin
Stephens Rev J L, Presbytn Minister, res 715 Prince ave
Stephens L L, brick mason, res 603 State-Rights
Stephens Mrs Sarah J, res 328 Factory
Stephens Wm, c, lab, res 664 Rutherford
Stephens Willie, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 356 Williams
Stern Charles, (Charles Stern & Co), res 25 East Hancock ave
Stern Charles & Co, (Charles Stern, Simon Sloman), clothing and gents' furnishers 229 East Broad
Stern Myer, capatilist, res 23 Pulaski
Stern Philip, (M Myers & Co), res 529 Hill
Stewart Charles, c, lab, res 1290 Vine
Stilwell Miss Julia, clk Haselton & Dozier, res College Campus
Stilwell Miss O, clk, College Campus
Stilwell Rev W R, boardg house, College Campus
Stone Clement D, carrier Athens Evening Chronicle, bds 403 South Lumpkin
Stone Edwin P, printer Athens Evening Chronicle, res 114 Baldwin
Stone George E, printer Athens Chronicle
Stone Joseph H (Stone & Christy), res 407 South Lumpkin
Stone Ellison D, (Stone & Christy), res 403 South Lumpkin
STONE & CHRISTY, (E D and J H Stone, W S Christy), props Athens Evening Chronicle 234 East Broad
Storey S F, cotton buyer C D McKie, res Thompson Ga
Stovall A J, c, carp, res 4 South Rock Spring
Stovall Bolling A, reporter Banner, bds 214 North Milledge ave
Stovall Mrs M W, res 214 North Milledge ave
Stovall Willis, c, carp, res 46 Branch
Strahan C Morton, Prof Univ of Ga, vice pres The Athenaeum, res Harris
Streckfus C F, res 44 Cedar
Street Hattie, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 503 Cemetery
Strickland Burton, c, lab, res 1120 East Broad
Strickland Dock, c, lab, res 615 North Hull
Strickland Henry, c, lab, res Peters
Strickland John, c, lab, res 58 North Elberton
Strickland John J, (Thomas & Strickland), res Church
Strickland W E, clk C D McKie, res 961 Berlin
Stroud Adam, c, lab, res 23 Warren
Stroud Gus, c, porter Lucas & Benedict
Stroud Isaiah, c, lab, res 508 North Foundry
Stummer Sarah J F, res 1603 Arch
Suber E M, mill wright, res 731 Oconee
Superior Court, N L Hutchins Judge, C D Vincent Clk, meets second Monday April and October, Court House
Summey P A, res 19 Summey
Sutton Thomas, sewing much agt, 1586 East Broad
Swan Miss J O, seamstress, res 314 West Broad
Swan Mrs M E, res 314 W est Broad
TALMADGE A H (Talmadge & Brightwell), bds 452 Oconee
Talmadge Bros (Clovis G and John E), whol and retail grocers, 23 25 27 East Clayton
Talmadge Clavis G (Talmadge Bros), res 453 Milledge ave
Talmadge Charles A, ship clk Talmadge Bros, bds 1247 West Prince ave
Talmadge John E (Talmadge Bros), res 1247 West Prince ave
Talmadge Mrs W P, res 452 Oconee
Talmadge & Brightwell (A H Talmadge-George P Brightwell) hardware, East Clayton nr Lumpkin
Tate David, paintr Witherspoon & Hamilton
Tate Jerry, c, lab, res 111 Dublin
Taylor Bros & Hall (H N & R G Taylor-Kenan Hall) millers brokers, 123 East Clayton
Taylor H N (Taylor Bros & Hall) res 17 South Milledge ave
Taylor Isaac, c, porter E E Jones, res 214 North Milledge ave
Taylor James, c, apprentice I T Derricotte
Taylor Lewis, c, plumber J H Hull, res Cooper's stables
Taylor Lizzie, c, cook, res 14 Dougherty
Taylor Neal, c, lab, res 14 West Dougherty
Taylor R G (Taylor Bros & Hall), res 821 Hill
Taylor Wm, c, porter Jackson & Vincent, res 106 North Thomas
Terrell Henry, c, porter J T Anderson, res East Athens
Thomas Abram, c, res 130 South Hull
Thomas Anderson, c carp, res 508 Hodgson
Thomas Arthur, c, waiter R R Hipkins, res 20 Warsaw
Thomas Caroline, c, restaurant 10 Wall, res same
Thomas Charles, c, lab, res 474 Oconee
Thomas Clark, lab, res 13 North Rock Spring
Thomas Daniel, c, porter, res 17 Newton
Thomas Edgar, c, lab, res 207 South Milledge ave
Thomas Edward, c, driver Webb & Crawford, res 409 Reese
Thomas Edward, c, lab, res 607 Odd
Thomas Eugene, candy mkr Athens Candy Mfg Co, res 11 West Washington
Thomas Foster, c, lab, res 611 Plum
Thomas Frank, c, drayman, res 338 Flint
Thomas George, c, boatman, res 620 Odd
Thomas George C (Thomas & Strickland), res 5 South Hall
Thomas George Dudley (Barrow & Thomas), Prof Unv Law School, Prince ave cor Barber
Thomas Grandson, c, lab, res 1425 West Broad
Thomas Hamilton, c, cabinetmkr, res 20 Warsaw
Thomas Harrison M, c, porter Max Joseph, res South Thomas
Thomas Henry, c, carp, res 14 South Billups
Thomas James, c, lab, res 638 Morris
Thomas J L, fireman Ga R R, res 29 Hickory
Thomas Lou, c, restaurant 102 Hancock ave, res Reese
Thomas Lucuis, c, porter H L Crawford, res 110 West Hancock ave
Thomas Randall, c, gardener, res 12 East Dougherty
Thomas Remus, c, lab, res 212 Rock Springs
Thomas Sandy, c, lab, res 418 Milledge ave
Thomas Simon, c, lab, res 512 Hodgson
Thomas Stevens, sec and gen agt So Mutual Ins Co, res 125 Pulaski
Thomas Thomas, c, porter J H Hulme, res 20 Warsaw
Thomas Wiley, c, lab, res 638 Morris
Thomas William, c, porter Orr & Hunter, res 1218 Arch
Thomas William C, c, tailor R B Jefferson, res 105 Finley
Thomas William W. asst sec and adjuster So Mutual Ins Co, res 758 Prince ave
Thomas & Strickland (G C Thomas, J .J Strickland), lawyers, 306 Oconee
Thomasson Oscar, c, lab, res 698 North Chase
Thompson Miss Claude, tchr public school, bds 226 South Lumpkin
Thompson Daniel, c, shoemkr, res 507 South Lnmpkin
Thompson J N, merch, res 713 States-Rights
Thornton Mrs Asa, res 258 South Lumpkin
Thornton Frank, cash boy Hodgson Bros, res 208 South Lump­kin
Thornton George H. clk McGregor & Robertson, bds 256 South Lumpkin
Thornton Homer C, fireman Ga R R, res 608 East Broad
Thornton Moses, c, waiter Commercial Hotel
Thornton Thomas J, clk Hodgson Bros, bds 258 South Lumpkin
Thornton W J, clk, res 109 Baxter
Thrasher Moses, c, lab, res 204 South Lumpkin
Threlkeld T C, sewing mach agt, res Pulaski
Thurman Miss O, milliner, res 106 West Washington
Thurmond Mrs E A, res 607 Dearing
Thurmand Miss Ruby, tchr public school, bds 226 South Lump­kin
Tiller William M, c, tinner M M Maddrey, res 636 5th
Tilton Nathan R, cabinet mkr and upholsterer 14 East Clayton, res 739 College ave
Tolbert Belle, fy operative, res 511 Oak
Tolbert William, fy operative, res 511 Oak
Toomer Joshua B, furniture, undertkr and sewing mach 114 East Clayton, res 101 East Dougherty
Towns Mrs Susan, res 203 South Elberton
Towns William H, dry goods and grocer 101 North Thomas, res 330 Oconee
Treadwell Richard, c, res 128 Dougherty
Tuck Ann E, wks Check fy, res 104 Water
TUCK HON HENRY C, lawyer, 245 East Broad, bds Com­mercial Hotel
Tuck Thomas R, carp, res 305 Hoyt
Tuck Virginia, wks Check Fy, res 104 Water
Tucker Annie P, tchr, res 515 North Milledge ave
Tucker A L, c, res 513 North Milledge ave
Tucker Charles, c, cabinet mkr, res 615 North Milledge ave
Tucker James, c, porter, res 515 North Milledge ave
Tucker Jeff, c, lab, res North Pope
Tuggle Caroline, fy orperative, res 632 2d
Tuggle Joseph, fy operative, bds 632 2d
Tuggle Levi, fy operative, blls 632 2d
Tuggle S G, res 632 2d
Turner Anderson G (A G Turner & Son), res 111 Waddell
Turner A G & Son (A G and W W Turner), china and glassware and jewelry, 33 East Clayton
Turner B Cliff, cash boy Julius Cohen & Co, bds 824 River
Turner Edward G, clk A G Turner & Son, bds 824 River
Turner E V, apprentice, bds 717 College ave
Turner J A, carp, res 717 College ave
Turner J H, carp, res 717 College ave
Turner Mary, c, nurse, res 420 Prince ave
Turner Meshach A, cutter Lucas & McDuffie, res Dougherty
Turner Peter, c, lab, res Barbersville
Turner Wallie W, bkkpr Julius Cohen & Co, bds 824 River
Turner Wm A, res Dougherty
Turner Wm Walter, (A G Turner & Son), res 824 River
Tweedy Jacob R, clk J H Rucker, bds 20 North Foundry
Tweedy Mrs J K, res 20 North Foundry
Tyler Miss E, musc tchr Lucy Cobb Inst.
UMBACH FRED G, blksmth, woodwkr and carrgc pntr 223 Prince ave, res 607 Pulaski
Upshaw Ben, c, lab, res 1004 Cobb
Upson Col Stephen, res 1022 Prince ave
Upson Frank L, lawyer 246 Broad, res 1022 Prince ave
Upson Wyatt, c, carp, res 619 Hill
Upson Minnie, c, cook, res 619 Hill
VAIL W B, wks Orr & Hunter
Varnell Wm, c, blksmth Wesley Merriwether, res Col­lege ave
Veal Annie, milliner, res 609 North Jackson
Veal John B, harnessmkr T G Hadaway, res North Jackson
Veronee C B, tinner, res 442 Pulaski
Vess Alfred W, clk Michael Bros, res 411 South Jackson
Vickers Dora, Fy operatve, res 150 South Poplar
Vickers John H, Fy operative, bds 150 South Poplar
Vickers Margaret, res 150 South Poplar
Vickers M E, Fy operative, res 150 South Poplar
Vincent Charles D, clk Superior Court, Court House, res 722 Cobb
Vincent Obediah, drayman Athens Found & Mach Co, res 204 North Foundry
Vincent Thomas P (Jackson & Vincent), res 109 North Lump­kin
Von der Leith Carl A, ship clk Orr & Hunter, bds 14 College ave
Von der Leith Miss Rosa A, toys and confecty, ladies fancy goods 14-16 Collage ave res same
Von Donhoff Edward, physician 19 College ave, res 449 Bloom­field
Von Dreau Wm P, trav salesmn Michael Bros, res Jackson cor Clayton
VOSS PHILIP J (Voss & Maddox), supt and mgr Athens Cotton Seed Oil & Guano Mills, res 717 Colleef ave
VOSS & MADDOX (Phil J Voss, Jos B Maddox), mfgrs' agts, engines, boilers, saw mills, cotton gins, etc, office at Athens Oil Mills
WADE PEYTON L, atty at law 9 East Clayton, res 916 Prince ave
WADE ROBERT, M physician 9 East Clayton, res 916 Prince ave
Wagner George, c, plumber, res 608 North Lumpkin
Wagner Henry clk, bds 13 North Lumpkin
Wales Charles, c, drayman, res Cleveland
Wales Milton, c, lab R L Moss & Co, res 9 Warsaw
Wales Thomas W, wood, res 621 2d
Wales Wm, c, blksmtb, res 503 River
Wall James E, merchant, res 108 North Lumpkin
Wall J Monroe D, grocer 802 Prince ave, res same
Wall Miss Ophelia, clk, bds 108 North Lumpkin
Walker Berry, c, lab, res Green
Walker Felix, c, lab, res 621 South Lumpkin
Walker Henry, c, lab, res 979 Oconee
Walker Jonas, c, lab, res 619 Hill
Walker Perry, c, farmer, res 979 Oconee
Walker Mrs Sarah, fy operative, res 503 Cemetery
Walker Taylor, c, farmer, res 1120 Baxter
Walker Wilson, c, wks Cass Bode, res Oconee
Walter James, c, lab, res 109 North Lumpkin
Walthall Edgar G (Brittain & Walthall), res 611 College ave
Walton James A, res 518 Reese
Walton William, c, lab, 312 Hoyt
Ware Henry, c, blcksmth, res 892 River
Ware William, c, lab, res 436 River
WARE WILLIAM E (Weatherly & Ware), res Hoyt
Washington George, porter Jo C Bernard, res 2d River
WASHINGTON STREET SCHOOL (gram and high school), G G Bond principal, Washington cor Jackson
Waters Bershareba, res 1309 East Broad
Watkins Bascom, carp, res 138 Tabernacle
Watkins C V, res 1227 East Broad
Watkins F W, fy operative, bds 1227 East Broad
Watkins James, c, lab res 304 North Thomas
Watkins John W, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 1214 East Broad
Watkins Martha, c, laundress, res 428 West Broad
Watkins M G, res 1227 East Broad
Watkins P E, bds 1227 East Broad
Watkins S O, bds 1227 East Broad
Watkins William, bds 419 River
Watson A W carp, bds 1304 East Broad
Watson A W, messenger So Express Co
Watson Mrs N E, res 1304 East Broad
Watson Obediah, eng, res 488 Oconee
Watt Miss E J, tchr Lucy Cobb Inst
Wayne Henry F, trav salesman Childs, Nickerson & Co
Weatherford, W C, res 865 Oconee
Weatherford Sarah, tchr, res 22 Rock Row
Weatherly Bros (Wm A and Charles N), dry goods, grocers and shoes, 121 East Clayton
Weatherly Charles N (Weatherly Bros), res North Jackson
Weatherly H A, clk, bds 218 East Strong
WEATHERLY JOSEPH M (Weatherly & Ware), res 218 East Strong
Weatherly William A (Weatherly Bros), res North Jackson
WEATHERLY & WARE (J M Weatherly, W C Ware), gen store, 103 North Thomas
Webb Alex, blcksmth Athens Planing Mill, res 411 Meigs
Webb Mrs A W, seamstress, re8 411 Meigs
Webb Joseph N (Webb & Crawford), res 133 West Broad
Webb Mrs L J, seamstress, res 417 Rock Spring
Webb Newton, c, lab, res 325 Pearl
WEBB & CRAWFORD (J J Webb-H H Crawford), grocers 37-39 East Clayton
Webster Bage H, c, blcksmth Wesley Merriwether, res College ave
WEIL PETER, boot and shoe manufr and leather 28 East Clayton, res 521 West Hancock ave
Wells Dilmus, c, porter The Athenaeum, res Dearing
Wells Henry, civil eng, res 506 Franklin
Wells James B, c, apprentice R B Jefferson, res 1014 Deariug
Wells James F, clk Jackson & Vincent, res 733 College ave
West Charles, c, carp, res Barberville
Westbrook Anthony, c. lab, res 23 Pulaski
Westbrooks Charles, c, lab, res 1115 West Hancock ave
Westerland Joshua W, tinner E E Jones, res 406 North Thomas
WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY, Miss L A Pipkin mngr, 125 Clayton
Westmoreland Ellen, seamstress, res 916 West Hancock ave
Whaley Miss S P, tchr, bds 715 Prince ave
Whaley W S, physician 715 Prince ave, res same
White Alice, wks Check Fy, 302 Water
White Benjamin, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 6 East Wash­ington
White Charles, c, lab, res 1115 Springdale
White Huldah, c, laundress, res 112 Pope
White H C, prof Univ of Ga, res 207 South Milledge ave
White James, cashier The Nat Bank of Athens, res 518 Prince ave
White James W, carp, res 302 Water
White John, c, lab, res 124 Rock Spring
White Milledge, c, driver, res 626 5th
White Ned, porter W M Pittman, res rear 15 East Clayton
White Sarah, wks Check Fy, res 302 Water
White Warren, c, porter Weatherly & Ware, res 773 River
White Wm, c, messenger W U Tel Co, res Rock Spring ave
White Wm T, mail carrier railroads, res 601 North Thomas
Whitehead Wm J, (Griffith, Whitehead & Co), res Baxter
Whitefield George, c, janitor, res 527 Reese
Whitfield James A, c, blacksmith 322 East Broad, res 527 Reese
Whitfield James B, c, wks J A Whitfield, bds 527 Reese
Whitfield Wm, c, blksmth, res 527 Reese
Whitfield Wm, c, porter So Express Co
Whittock John, c, lab Athens Found & Mach Co
Wier Edward, clk Isaac Haddock
Wier Mrs Fannie, dressmkr, res 203 South Jackson
Wier John B, grocer Prince ave beyond limits, res same
Wier John W, Sheriff Clark Co, Court House, res 419 Hill
Wilbanks F A, carp, res 307 Hoyt
Wilbanks John L, printer J E Gardner, bds Baldwin
Wilbanks Miss Mary, clk, bds 203 South Jackson
Wilbanks Miss Mattie, saleslady Brittain & Walthall, bds 203 South Jackson
Wilbanks Sarah E, res 203 South Jackson
Wiley Philip, c, lab, res 813 Cobb
Wilkerson Miss Callie, dressmkr Miss M A Frierson, res 507 East Broad
Wilkins Edward, c, porter J H Rucker
Wilkins J C, supt Orr & Hunter Compress
Wilkins Wm, c, barber Lorenzo Reed, res North Lumpkin
Willcox C P, prop Univ of Ga, res College Campus
WILLCOX HUGH N, (Grant & Willcox), res College Campus
Williams Albert, c, lab, res 412 West Hancock ave
Williams Albert, c, lab, res 532 North Lumpkin
Williams Alfred, c, carp N R Tilton, res 613 Reese
Williams Alfred, c, waiter Commercial Hotel
Williams A C, wks Check Fy, res 49 Mulberry
Williams Bart, c, lab Reaves W House Co
Williams Calvin, Fy operative, res 631 2d
Williams Charlotte, c, laundress, res 613 Reese
Williams Daniel, c, lab, res 509 Prince ave
Williams Dawson P, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 302 Baldwin
Williams Ferdinand A, printer H L Crawford, res Hoyt head of Thomas
Williams Flora, Fy operative, bds 631 2d
Williams Frank, c, well digger, res R R cut
Williams George, res 919 South Lumpkin
Williams George W, (Williams & Parnell) res East Broad
Williams Harriet, c, laundress, res 612 Broad
Williams Henry, c, lab Athens Gas Light Co
Williams Henry, c, lab, res Carlton
Williams Henry, c, lab, res 1405 West Broad
Williams Howard, c, lab, res 205 East Hancock ave
Williams lsaac, c, train hand Ga R R
Williams lsaac, c, lab, res 624 Morris
Williams Isaac, c, lab, res 420 East Strong
Williams J M, carp, res 321 South Thomas
Williams James, carp, res 321 South Thomas
Williams James, c, carp, res 526 North Lumpkin
Williams James H, printer Athens Evening Chronicle, res Baldwin
Williams Jordan, c, lab, res 1233 Fairview
Williams J D, clk, res 631 2d
Williams Marcus W, clk J R Cobb, bds 18 West Dougherty
Williams Minnie, wks Athens Mfg Co
Williams Nicholas, c, lab, res 412 West Hancock ave
Williams P L, brickmsn, res 27 South Poplar
Williams Riley, c, lab, res rear 66 South Milledge ave
Williams Thomas D, printer H L Crawford, res Hoyt head of Thomas
Williams Thomas R, mach Athens Found & Mach Co, res 335 South Jackson
Williams Wesley, c, carp, res 532 Barber
WILLIAMS WM, agt So Express Co. bds College ave
Williams Wm, c, plumber Julius Dornblatt
Williams W A, wtchmn, res 15 Wilkinson
Williams W D, brickmsn, res 36 Baldwin
Williams W J, tanner, res near Baxter
Williams & Parnell, (G W Williams, Lee Parnell), barbers 308 East Broad
WILLIAMSON EVA, (wid James C), (Adams & William­ son), res 467 Oconee
Williamson George H, clk W A Jester, rms 17 East Clayton
Williamson John N, clk W A Jester, rms 17 East Clayton
Williford John S, real estate, Ins Bldg, res Newton Bridge Road 2 miles
Williford W B, mach Athens Found & Mach Co, res 757 Col­lege ave
Wills J F, clk, bds 1 Lumpkin
WILSON ALBON S (successor to Porter & Wilson), livery, feed and sale stable 107-109-111 North Thomas, res 5 Lumpkin
Wilson George C, printer Athens Evening Chronicle, res 901 Oconee
Wilson J Ed, carp, res 34 Narrow
Wilson James, c, lab, res 837 Cherry
Wilson James F, farmer, res 603 North Jackson
Wilson James P, clk J H Huggins, res 407 South Jackson
Wilson John E, blcksmth, res 618 South Lumpkin
Wilson J Fletcher, cabinet mkr, res 311 Baxter
Wilson J P, boarding, 116 North Thomas
Wilson J P, painter, res 1586 Branch
Wilson Kinnebrew, clk Michael Bros
Wilson W W, carp, res 406 Cemetery
Wimberly John L, res 314 North Foundry
Winfrey Alex, c, lab, res 330 Grove
Winfrey John A, c, grocer 331 East Broad, res North Foundry
Winfrey Scott, c, lab, res 518 Hodgson
Winfrey Solomon, c, res 1218 Fairview
Winfrey West, c, lab, res 923 Reese
Wingfield Miss Annie, dressmkr, bds 326 Broad
Wingfield Archibald S, clk Isaac Haddock, res 207 South Jack­son
Wingfield Samuel, clk Emil Gottheimer, bds 207 Jackson
Wingfield Samuel B, bkkpr W H Towns, res 207 South Jack­son
Wingfield William, clk, bds 326 Broad
Wingfield William, c, lab, res 101 Pope
Wingfield William C, clk, bds 115 North Lumpkin
Wingfield William C, clk James Pittard, bds 207 South Jackson
Winkfield William, c (Winkfield & Hawkins), res Upper Bridge
Winkfield & Hawkins (William Winkfield, David Hawkins), restaurant 18 North Jackson
Winn Mrs Hattie, res 902 West Hancock ave
Winn Matthew, c, drayman Gann, Murray & Co, res 312 Hoyt
Witcher Henry M, clk Julius Cohen & Co, res 10 Wray
Witherspoon Isaac, c, carp, res 508 North Foundry
WITHERSPOON ROBERT L (Witherspoon & Hamilton), res 629 North Thomas
WITHERSPOON & HAMILTON (R L Witherspoon, J T Hamilton), house and sign painters, paints and oils, 122 East Clayton
Wood Fannie, wks Check Fy, res 18 Rock Row
Wood Moses, c, porter S C Dobbs
Wood Thomas J, undertkr J B Toomer, res 48 East Poplar
Wood T G, bridge builder, bds 326 Oconee
Wood William, hostler J Z Cooper & Son, rms 16 West Wash­ington
Wood William L, bkkpr C and M R R, grocer 2-4 North Foundry, res 12 Willow
Woodfin W G, prof University of Ga, res College Campus
Wooten H Mid, clk G H Hulme, res S Hull
Wooten T Benjamin, clk McGregor & Robertson, res Hull
Wortham Dora, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 147 East Peter
Wortham Effie, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 147 East Peter
Wortham Emily, res 611 2d
Wortham George, lab, res 618 2d
Wortham J R, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 147 East Peters
Wortham William, lab, res 1120 Arch
Wortham W C, lab Athens Planing Mill, res East Athens
Wray J, blcksmth Athens Foundry and Mach Co
Wright Andrew, clk, bds 28 Baldwin
Wright Ed, wks Athens Mfg Co, bds 615 Oak
Wright Frank, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 615 Oak
Wright Frank, c, lab, res 925 Meigs
Wright James, c, lab, res rear 104 North Milledge ave
Wright Samuel, wks Athens Mfg Co, res 615 Oak
Wright Sarah, res 615 Oak
Wright Thomas, c, drayman Wm McDowell & Son
Wright Wm, c, lab Orr & Hunter Compress, res rear Fair Grounds
YAXCEY GOODLOE H, (Julius Cohen Dearing & Co), res 509 Dearing
Yancey Lewis, c, drayman Orr & Hunter, res 1321 East Broad
Yearby Jack, c, lab, res 305 John
Yarbrough Mrs Indiana, res 447 River
Yarbrough Robert Fy operative, res 545 Cemetery
Yarbrough Wm, butcher, res 447 River
Young Agnes, c, laundress, res 438 Bridge
Young Frank, c, porter Chas Stern & Co
Young Jerry J, printer Banner, bds 112 East Hancock ave
Young Joe, c, lab, R R cut
YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, E E Jones pres, F M McCleskey vice pres, T W Reed vice pres, H C Tuck secy, A P Henley treas, 105 East Broad, new buildg in course of construction cor Clayton and Lumpkin
Young Moses, c, carp, res 646 Morris
Young Wm H, train hand Ga R R, res East Clayton
Young Wm K, clk So Express Co, bds Fears House
Youngkin Earnest H, clk Talmadge Bros, res Reese
ZIMMERMAN JOHN K, 21 East Clayton
Classified Business Directory
McCulloch James, 17 College ave
Bode Cass, Clayton cor College ave
Cobb J R & Co, 7 East Clayton
Athens Savings Bank, 105 South Jackson
Bank of the University, 122 East Broad
National Bank of Athens, East Broad cor Jackson
DAVIS & HARRIS, c, 117 East Broad, (See adv)
Huff Aldora, c, 13 Wall
McQueen & Durham, r, 9 College ave
Reed Lorenzo, c, 14 North Jackson
Williams & Parnell, 308 East Broad
Allgood James, 12 Wall
Nabers Alex, 19 North Jackson
Stanley, Mrs H D, Commercial Hotel
Allen Owen, c, 907 South Lumpkin
Heard Thomas, c, 618 Oconee
Johnson & Harris, c, 1344 Prince ave
Kinney Peter, c, 2 East Washington
KLEIN & MARTIN, 413-419 Oconee (See adv)
MERRIWETHER WESLEY, c, 222 Fulton (See adv)
UMBACH F G, 223 Prince ave (See adv)
Whitfield J A, c, 322 East Broad
Blackwell Mrs Lizzie Z A, 303 North Thomas
Brumby Mrs A B, 232 South Lumpkin
Collins Mrs Bessie, 219 Reese
Edwards Mrs J R, 722 Oak
R Lucas, 31 Wilkerson (see adv)
DAVIS & GAREBOLD, 111 East Broad
McGREGOR & ROBERTSON, Broad cor College ave
Bacon Edward, c, 232 East Broad
Boyd Thaddeus, c, 232 East Broad
Boyd W H, c, 225 Prince ave
Coker C H, 15 South Foundry
Derricotte J T, c, 16 East Clayton
Epps Thomas, c, 232 East Broad
Evans Jordan, 511 Prince ave
Harris Stephen, c, 20 North Jackson
Jones Wesley, c, 12 North Foundry
WEIL PETER, 28 East Clayton (See adv)
(See also Dry Goods, also General Stores)
Baldwin C W & Co, Broad cor Thomas
Michael Bros, 202 East Broad
Myers M & Co, 13-17 College ave
SMITH E I & CO, 21 College ave and 40 Clayton (See adv)
Snead W C & R N, 233 East Broad
Weatherly Bros, 121 East Clayton
Cobb J R, 7 East Clayton
Nabers Alex, 19 North Jackson
Bloomfield & Peeler, 18-20 Wilkerson
Tilton N R, 14 East Clayton
Athens Candy Mfg Co, 7 East Clayton
Butler J F, 225 Prince ave
Forrester D S, 18 East Clayton
Hemrick David, 214 East Clayton
Kenney D M, junct Thomas & Hoyt
Porter J E, Baxter
Richardson Rose, c, 423 Prince ave
Myers M & Co, 13-17 College ave
Carithers J Y & Co, 9 East Clayton
Bennett A H M, 220 Fulton
BROWN E H, 227 Prince ave (See adv)
KLEIN & MARTIN, 413-419 Oconee (See adv)
UMBACH F G, 223 Prince ave (See adv)
Coleraan Andrew, 214 East Broad
Huggins J H, 220-222 East Broad
Turner A G & Son, 33 East Clayton
Hauser G, 1 College ave
(See also Druggists, also Grocers)
Hauser G, 1 College ave
Weatherly Bros, 121 East Clayton
McCulloch James, 17 1\2 College ave
(See also Dry Goods, also General Stores)
Gottheimer Emil, 234 East Broad
Hirschfeld & Blumenthal, 242 East Broad
Morris I & Son, 216 East Broad
Myers Myer, 217 East Broad
Myers M & Co, 13-15-17 College ave
Silberman Solomon, 120 East Clayton
Stern Charles & Co, 229 East Broad
ATHENS GAS LIGHT CO, foot of Hancock ave
Orr & Hunter, 18 North Thomas
(See Miscellaneous)
Lucas & Benedict, 117 East Clayton
Reaves Warehouse Co, 311 East Broad
(See also Carpenters, Contractors and Builders)
Forrester D S, 18 East Clayton
Kenney David M, res 916 West Hancock ave
Edge Warren, Hancock ave cor Pope
Jackson & Vincent, East Clayton cor Lumpkin
McKie C D, 13 North Thomas
Orr & Hunter, 18 North Thomas
Rucker J H, 12 North Thomas
WEATHERLT & WARE, 193 North Thomas (See adv)
Orr & Hunter Compress
Rucker Compress, Ga R R Depot
Henderson Warehouse Co, Clayton cor Hull
Moss R L & Co, 215 East Clayton
Reaves Warehouse Co
Billups E S, 103 Clayton
Davis Dr B B, 119 1/2 East Clayton
Hampton R I, 1 1/2 East Clayton
Lowrance, Dr H A, 17 West Broad
Aiken Miss Lucy, 409 North Jackson
Bradberry Misses, 7 College ave
Burpee Miss Lulu, 479 River
Dale Miss E H, 114 Hancock ave
Frierson, Miss M A, 10 College ave
Hale Miss Gussie, 1 1/2 East Clayton
Kidd Misses, 218 East Clayton
Lord Misses, North Lumpkin
Rose Mrs Georgia, 603 East Broad
BRUMBY R T & CO, 6 College ave
CRAWFORD JOHN & CO, 12 College ave
Lowry W G & Co, 105 East Clayton
Lyndon E S, 237 East Broad
SLEDGE L D & CO, 29 East Clayton, (See adv)
(Wholesale and Retail)
Brittain & Walthall, 115 East Clayton
Cohen Julius & Co, 225-227 East Broad
Coleman Andrew, 214 East Broad and 601 Prince ave
Gottheimer Emil, 234 East Broad
Hirschfield & Blumenthal, 242 East Broad
Huffman Jacob, 423 East Broad
Hulme G H, 16-20 North Thomas
Joseph Max, 221-223 East Broad
Michael Bros, 202 East Broad
Morris Casper, 230 East Broad
Morris I & Son, 216 East Broad
Morris L & J, 228 East Broad
Morris Mendel, 206 East Broad
Myers Myer, 217 East Broad
MYERS M & CO, 13, 15, 17 College ave
PITTMAN W M, 19 East Clayton
Towns W H, 101 North Thomas
Weatherly Bros, 121 East Clayton
R LUCAS, 31 Wilkerson ave, (See adv)
VOSS & MADDOX, office Athens Oil Mills (See adv)
Athens Foundry & Mach Works, Foundry, etc
Athens Cotton Seed Oil & Guano Mills, Northeastern Depot
Carithers J Y & Co, 9 East Clayton
Jackson & Vincent, East Clayton cor Lumpkin
Orr & Hunter, 18 North Thomas
Athens Fouud & Mach Co, 116 North Foundry
R Lucas, 31 Wilkerson
Jester W A, 241 Broad
Smith Christopher, c, 16 North Jackson
Von der Leith Miss R A, 14-16 College ave
Edge Dorsey & Co, 236-240 East Broad
Lampkin Cobb, 110 North Lumpkin
O'Farrell & Jankower, 41 East Clayton, 103-105 College ave
Toomer J B, 112-114 East Clayton
Aaron T W, 201 Elberton
Brown Lucius, c, 1126 West Broad
Barber H B, 808 River
Barber W L, 854 River
Carithers J J, 215 South Elberton
Davis J P, 901 Oconee
Dearing T H, 105 North Thomas
Griffith, Whitehead & Co, 3 East Clayton
Jackson & Vincent, 1 East Clayton
Lampkin Cobb, 110 North Lumpkin
McKie C D, agt, 19 North Thomas
Michael Henry, 312 East Broad
WEATHERLY & WARE, 103 North Thomas
Athens City Mills, Oconee, River, s of East Broad
Elevator Mills, nr N E R R Depot
Fowler T C, 808 East Broad
Georgia Roller Mills, Taylor Bros & Hall, Galloway ur East Broad
Dobbs S C, 313 East Broad
Hodgson Bros, Oconee, s e cor Thomas
Hulme G H, and retail, 16-20 North Thomas
King J S & Co, and retail, North Thomas cor Broad
O'Farrell & Ash, and retail, 6 North Thomas
Talmadge Bros, 33-37 East Clayton
Angland J J, cor Chase and Prince ave
Bernard Jo C, 201 East Broad
Booth A J. 101 West Washington
Center A M, 11 South Foundry
Coleman Andrew, 601 Prince ave
Daniel M A, 205 East Broad
Dobbs S C, 313 East Broad
Dootson J H, 497 Oconee
Echols Emaline, c, 1406 West Broad
Eidson, B S, 1232 Prince ave
England W A, 8 North Foundry
Fowler, L M, 1118 Prince ave
Fowler, T C, 808 East Broad
Haddock Isaac, 101 West Hancock ave
Haddock Wm, 301 Prince ave
Harbin J A, 519 Prince ave
Henrick David, 214 East Clayton
Hood W F, 408 River
Huff Aldora, c, 28 West Washington
Huggins J H, c, 9 Wall
Jester W A, 241 East Broad
Johnson & Moore, 9 East Clayton
Lumpkin M C, c, 211 North Hull
McDowell Wm & Son, 8 College ave
Mize M C, 201 North Hull
Nichols J A, Prince ave bey limits
Oliver T P, 615 Prince ave
Peeler G O, East Broad at Bridge
Pittard James, 215 North Lumpkin
PITTMAN W M, 19 East Clay ton
Pope J M Jr, c, 3 North Foundry
Talmadge Bros, 33-37 East Clayton
Towns W H, 101 North Thomas
Well J M D, 802 Prince ave
Weatherly Bros, 121 East Clayton
Webb & Crawford, 37-39 East Clayton
Wier J B, Prince ave bey limits
Winfrey J A, c, 331 East Broad
Wood W L, 2-4 North Foundry
DORNBLATT JULIUS, 118 East Clayton (See adv)
Athens Cotton Seed Oil and Guauo Mills, Northeastern Depot
Shackelford & Hattaway, 14 North Thomas
Childs, Nickerson & Co 248-250 East Broad
Fleming T & Sons, 8-10 North Thomas
Hadaway T G, 128 East Clayton
Clayton House, liayton cor North Jackson
COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Broad cor College ave (See adv)
Fears' House, 326 Oconee
Southern Mutual Insurance Co, fire, College ave cor East Clayton
Grant & Willcox, genl, 213 East Clayton (See adv front cover)
Griffith & Mell, fire, 131 East Broad
Evans J G, 11 East Clayton
Fuller W H, 245 East Broad
Foo Sing, 202 East Clayton
ANDERSON J T, 111 East Broad (Sec adv)
Barrow & Thomas, cor Broad and Jackson
BROWN E T, 107 College ave (See adv front cover)
Burnett W B, 246 East Broad
Carlton Hon H H, 245 East Broad
Cobb L & H, 245 East Broad
Hale H H, 306 Oconee
Henley A P, 245 East Broad
Mell J D, 246 East Broad
Mell T S, 246 East Broad
Mitchell A L, 125 East Broad
Morris Sylvanus, 203 East Broad
NOBLE B H, 17 East Clayton
Rucker T W, 203 East Broad
RUSSELL & HUGHES, 11 East Clayton
Thomas & Strickland, 306 Oconee
TUCK H C, 245 East Broad
Upson F L, 246 East Broad
Wade P L, 9 East Clayton
Weil Peter, 28 East Clayton (See adv)
Jno W Brumby, Athens Tannery
Holman & Deadwyler, 107-111 North Thomas
Cooper J Z & Son, 16-18 West Washington
Gann, Murray & Co, 201-203 South Thomas
WILSON A S, 107-111 North Thomas (See adv)
Lyndon Mfg Co, junction Thomas and Hoyt
Orr & Hunter
Athens Planing Mills
VOSS & MADDOX, office Athens Oil Mills (See adv)
R LUCAS, 31 Wilkerson
Robertson A R, 115 North Thomas
Bertling Alfred, 108 North Lumpkin
Booth Bros, 5 North Jackson
England W A, 8 North Foundry
Smith & Farr, 207 North Hull
(See also Clothing, also Dry Goods)
Lucas & McDuffie, 107 East Broad
RAPHAEL S, 3 College ave
Stern Charles & Co, 229 East Broad
Flatau Bros, 11 East Clayton
GRANT & WILLCOX, 213 East Clay ton (See adv front cover)
Lucas & Benedict, 117 East Clapton
Orr & Hunter, 18 North Thomas
(See also Dry Goods)
ADAMS & WILLIAMSON, 123 East Broad (See adv)
Bradberry Misses, 7 College ave
Michael Bros, 202 East Broad
Resler A, 31 Clayton
HASELTON & DOZIER, 112 East Clayton (See top lines)
Athens Evening Chronicle, daily, 234 East Broad
Banner, daily, T L Gannt pub and editor, 11 North Jackson
Athens Chronicle, wkly, 234 East Broad
Athens Clipper The, c, wkly, 116 East Clayton
Banner, wkly, T L Gannt pub and editor, 11 North Jackson
University Reporter, wkly
The Southern Farmer, monthly, 232 South Lumpkin
Woman's Work, monthly
Athens Cotton Seed Oil & Guano Mills Northeastern Depot
ARNOLD J L Jr, house and sign, Lyndon's Drug Store (See top lines)
PARR BROS, house and sign, 17 North Jackson (See adv)
WITHERSPOON & HAMILTON, house and sign, 122 East Clayton, (See adv)
Parr Bros, 17 North Jackson (See adv)
Witherspoon & Hamilton, 122 East Clayton (See adv)
PARR BROS, 17 North Jackson (See adv)
Pioneer Paper Mfg Co, Oconee cor Thomas
Mills C B, 115 East Broad
Milner, J S, 109 East Broad (See adv)
0'Kelly J F, 20 South Broad
Benedict S C, 106 East Clayton
Carlton & Steedly, North Jackson
Gerdine John, 17 1/2 College ave
Hale E H, 201 College ave
King W R, 3U East Clayton (See adv)
Kinnebrew E R, 237 East Broad
Lowry W G, 105 East Clayton
Pope J E, 15 East Broad
Power W W, 7 North Jackson
Von Donhoff Edward, 19 College
Wade R M, 9 1/2 East Clayton
Whaley W S, 715 Prince ave
(See also Books and Stationery, also Furniture)
HASELTON & DOZIER, 112 East Clayton (See top lines)
Toomer J B, 112-114 East Clayton
Athens Planing Mills, R and D R R Depot
Lyndon Mfg Co, junct Thomas and Hoyt
DORNBLATT JULIUS, 118 East Clayton (See adv)
Hull J H, 36-38 East Clayton
Athens Pottery Works, 18-20 Wilkerson
Banner, book and job, T L Gannt pub and editor, 11 North Jackson
Crawford H L, 8 North Jackson
Gardner J E, 103 East Broad
Athens Evening Chronicle, daily, 234 East Broad
Banner, daily, T L Gannt pub, 11 North Jackson
Athens Chronicle, wkly, 234 East Broad
Banner, wkly, 11 North Jackson
ATHENS CLIPPER, c, wkly, 116 East Clayton (See adv)
University Reporter, wkly
SOUTHERN FARMER, monthly, 232 South Lumpkin
Woman's Work, monthly
Covington and Macon R R, 229 Mitchell
R & D, (Piedmont Air Line) 117 East Clayton
Ga R R, East Broad cor Galloway
Anderson J T, 111 East Broad (See card)
Shackelford & Hattaway, 14 North Thomas
Williford J S, Insurance Bldg
Hipkins R R, 9 North Jackson
Huggins J H, c, 9 Wall
Jester W A, 241 Broad
Johnson Charles, c, 11 Wall
Smith Minerva, c, 12 North Jackson
Thomas Caroline, c, 10 Wall
Thomas Lou, c, 102 Hancock ave
Winkfield & Hawkins, c, 18 North Jackson
Jones E E, tin, 209 East Broad
Maddrey M M, tin, 218 East Broad
Allgood James, temp, 12 Wall
Nabers Alex, temp, 19 North Jackson
Fleming T & Sons, 8-10 North Thomas
Lyndon Mfg Co, junct Thomas and Hoyt
McGinty & Hunnicutt, South cor Thomas
Johnson Miles, c, 8 East Clayton
Singer Manufacturing Co, Clayton st
Toomer J B, 112-114 East Clayton
KING DR W R, 31 1/2 East Clayton (See adv)
Rosenberg Spectacle Co, mfgs. 104 East Clayton
(See also Planing Mills)
Forrester D S, 18 East Clayton
Reaves Warehouse Co, 311 East Broad
Coleman Andrew, 214 East Broad
Jones E E, 209 East Broad
Lyndon A O, 15 East Clayton
Maddrey M M, 218 East Broad
Lucas & McDuffie, merch tailors, 107 East Broad
RAPHAEL S, raerch tailor, 3 College ave (See bottom lines)
Adams Miss A T, tailor and repairer, 441 Pulaski
JEFFERSON R B, c, 219 East Broad (See adv)
Athene Gas Light Co, foot Hancock ave (See top lines)
Sou Bell Tel & Tel Co, College ave cor East Clayton
Western Union Tel Co, 123 1/2 East Clayton
Gann, Murray & Co, 201-203 South Thomas
Mandeville A S, 105 East Broad
SCUDDER C A, 113 East Broad
Skiff V W, 233 East Broad
Turner A G & Son, 33 East Clayton
Edge Dorsey & Co, 236-240 East Broad
O'Farrell & Jankower, 41 East Clayton and 103-105 College ave
Toomer J B, 112-114 East Clayton
Tilton N K, 14 East Clayton
Jno. M. Miller General Bookseller & Newsdealer 31 Mariette St., Atlanta, GA.
Having Special Facilities for Supplying the Demands of
OUT-OF-TOWN CUSTOMERS, we Solicit the Patronage of
the Citizens of Athens and Vicinity. We can Order for you,
on the Shortest Notice, any Book or Periodical published, at
Publishers' Prices. Trial Orders Solicited. Write for what you
want, and any Information desired will be cheerfully furnished
31 Marietta Street, Atlanta, Ga.
Endowment that Endows
By this plan not only are the dependent ones pro-
vided for in case of death, but provision for the later
years of the insured himself is made, if he lives.
Among the policies of this class reaching maturity as
endowments we present the following, which will serve
as an illustration of all others. We give the accumu-
lated surplus deposit, which is the reserve belonging
to the policy, plus its share of the profits from all
sources, less its share of the losses and expenses as
stipulated in the policy contract.
Local and Special Agents wanted. Address
T. H. P. BLOODWORTH, General Agent
36 and 37 Fitten Building, Atlanta, Ga.