Role difficulties in predicting emotional stress among family caregivers

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Role difficulties in predicting emotional stress among family caregivers
Aldawsari, Salma A.
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United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.749, -84.38798
In modern society, family caregivers play a critical economic and social role in dealing with care as well as treatment of vulnerable individuals. While caregiving is done at a professional level, it is associated with numerous challenges especially on the health, emotion and well-being of the caregivers. This research study focused on the issue of stress that caregivers undergo while delivering their services. Family caregiving comes with massive responsibilities especially when dealing with old age, diseases or disabilities. In this study, attention is directed towards the difficulties and challenges faced by caregivers which lead to stress and anxiety among caregivers. To better comprehend these issues, the study adopted primary research methods involving the use of questionnaire to collect data for analysis. It is important to note that this research involved participants from different backgrounds and the findings involved two hypotheses. With the help of previous studies, the research used a sample of 1563 participants extracted from secondary data-set used in a study undertaken by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and New Alternatives for Children (NAC) in 2015. Consequently, the data collected were analyzed using the SPSS to obtain information used to present findings and conclusion. It is evident from this research that health care workers’ discussions, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), and caregiving support needs are predictors of caregiving stress. Similarly, this study has also established that there is no significant statistical difference between male and female family caregivers with regard to levels of emotional stress. This study discusses in details how the research was undertaken, findings established, and relevant conclusions.
Date of award: 2020-07
Degree type: dissertation
Degree name: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Granting institution: Clark Atlanta University
Department: School of Social Work
Advisor: Alhassan, Mustapha
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Clark Atlanta University
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