Student Sermons by Bernard R. Wilson, circa 1969

Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection
Student Sermons by Bernard R. Wilson, circa 1969
Wilson, Bernard R.
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African Americans--Religion
Theology--Study and teaching
Theological seminaries
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.749, -84.38798
Interdenominational Theological Center student Bernard R. Wilson delivers sermons titled Essentials toward Unity, Recognizing the Real Christian, and The Purpose of Temptation in Dr. Isaac R. Clarks homiletics class.
00:00:08 Audio begins with prayer., 00:00:22 Introduces the book of Romans., 00:01:59 Introduces sermon: Essentials toward Unity., 00:02:11 Talks about divisiveness in the community of believers., 00:06:25 Talks about being united in mind., 00:12:19 Prayer., 00:12:43 Audio cuts off., 00:12:58 Audio returns with prayer., 00:13:07 Introduces 2nd Corinthians., 00:15:21 Introduces sermon: Recognizing the Real Christian., 00:20:19 Talks about hypocrites in the church and classroom and three significant ways in recognizing real Christian., 00:27:58 Talks about how true Christian leaves an unforgettable impact., 00:32:01 Prayer., 00:32:13 End of sermon., 00:32:26 Prayer., 00:32:57 Introduces the book of James., 00:34:15 Introduces sermon: The Purpose of Temptation., 00:36:32 Talks about the importance to understand the importance of temptation., 00:41:51 Talks about the reason it must be determined if lesson has been learned relative to temptation., 00:45:49 Sermon ends.
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