Theological Definition of Preaching: Proclaimed or Announced by Dr. Isaac R. Clark, circa 1963

Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection
Theological Definition of Preaching: Proclaimed or Announced by Dr. Isaac R. Clark, circa 1963
Class Lecture: Theological Definition of Preaching Lecture 2
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Dr. Isaac R. Clark gives the second lecture on the theological definition of preaching. Dr. Clark focuses on preaching as proclaimed or announced. He explains why the preacher as proclaimer must not show carelessness with the message. Dr. Clark also explains why the preacher should speak with conviction and authority. Also included is coverage of the assassination and funeral of Robert Kennedy and a speech given by his brother Ted Kennedy at the funeral. The coverage also includes discussion on American racial issues, moral conflicts and identity.
00:00:36 Dr. Clark talks about the lecture being the second one on theological definition of preaching which has to do with the issue of proclaimed or announced., 00:01:16 Talks about considering the third element chronologically in the proposed working definition of preaching (proclaimed or announced) ., 00:10:55 Talks about how a proclaimer should not get careless and lose the official message of the king., 00:22:42 Talks about how to distinguish the voice of God from our own thoughts. Talks about ways of checking on lies and fallacies that gets into our preaching., 00:27:52 Talks about how proclaimers must speak with authority as if they have the divine right to say to people what needs to be said., 00:36:26 Says preaching is a divine activity when the word of God is proclaimed or announced with dogmatic conviction on contemporary issues., 00:37:02 Ted Kennedy speaks about moral conflict at his brothers Robert Kennedys funeral. Coverage of Robert Kennedys assassination and funeral., 02:33:37 Audio ends.
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