Critique on Preaching and Ministry Identity by Dr. Isaac R. Clark, circa 1963

Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection
Critique on Preaching and Ministry Identity by Dr. Isaac R. Clark, circa 1963
Class Lecture: Side 1-Critique on Preaching #2, Side 2- 4th and 5th part of definition
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Dr. Isaac R. Clark delivers a class lecture on the critique of contemporary preaching, purposes of preaching, and the identity of the minister. He describes contemporary preaching as shallow and in the shadows. Dr. Clark further details the causes of contemporary preaching through the psychological and historical perspective of the Black experience. He also discusses the significance of oral proclamation in Christian communication. Finally, he references President Dwight Eisenhower with regard to the presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.
00:00:16 Dr. Clark talk about recording lecture, reading matters concerning the class., 00:09:44 Talks about the causes of poverty of contemporary preaching as it relates to the Black experience from the psychological and historical perspective., 00:12:39 Talks about the meaning of conditioning, deconditioning and reconditioning from a psychological perspective., 00:16:44 Talks about the two ways to break a conditioned response (deconditioning and reconditioning)., 00:24:05 Talks about how humans can be conditioned in their preaching and religion., 00:40:55 Talks about how white southerners found support for their dogmas in the bible, and gives example of Ham., 00:47:52 Talks about the sin of omission made by Americas founding fathers who were religious men who created the constitution but omitted Black people., 00:59:32 Talks about the fifth and final sin dealing with the fact that many Blacks have transported second class inferior foolish meaning in religion beyond the emancipation proclamation to their present aspirations for freedom. Says you will never be free with religion that comes from the little shack behind the big white house a religion for slaves., 01:03:32 Audio cuts off., 01:03:51 Dr. Clark talks about the emotions of the crisis that has happened. Talks about textbooks., 01:10:24 Goes over previous class that introduced purposes of the course and key terms (interpret, transmit, Christian truth) ., 01:23:46 Gives illustration of self-understanding and responsible functioning through delinquent student., 01:39:37 Talks about giving major attention in the class to grasping the significance of oral proclamation in Christian communications., 01:58:12 Audio cuts off., 01:58:25 Unidentified man talks about testimonies of the middle ages., 01:58:58 Dr. Clark talks about what will be discussed in class material., 02:29:03 Talks about ministerial identity., 02:41:05 Talks about how to keep truth away from person by dazzling them with half-truth and keep their mind distracted. Mix truth with a big lie., 02:50:38 Talks about the Nixon/Kennedy debates and Dwight Eisenhower., 02:58:51 Audio ends.
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