Home Going Services for Mrs. Dorothy Lee Matthews Lockhart, 1923-1989, Friday, October 27, 1989, 1:00 P.M., New Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 795 Maynard Street, Macon, Georgia, Pastor Richard Gammage, Officiant

J allhrarrrs
Th e Deacon Board of Old Mario n Baptist Ch urch

~nunrury ltfallbrarrrs

'vir. Ern est 0. Wiggins 'vir. Benjamin Lockhart , Ill 'vir. Herm el A. Lockhart 'vir. J ermain e Lockhart

Mr. H erman Lo ckhar t, Jr.
Mr. Dante' 0. Wiggins
Mr. Larry Em ery, J r.

1J11nmrr i\ttru?tants

The Ladies of Old Mario n Baptist Church

~ nunrary 1J11nmrr i\ttrubnttt!i

Miss Daph ne Ware Mrs. Angela Emery Miss Charlotte Lockhart Miss Patrice L ockhart

Miss Sony a Lockhart Miss Chaunicey Wiggins Miss Crystal Lo ckhart Miss Angelica Lockhart

e appreciate 1ur trus t in us, d sincerely 1pe that o ur t-vice has been serving of ur confidence.

If we have helped to lighten your burden, our aim has been accomplished.

F inal Arrangements Entrusted To HICKS AND SONS MORTUARY, INC. 2233 Anthony Road, West at Henderson Drive
MACON, GEORGIA *788-4300
781-5500 781 -7900 781-7 183 781 -5245 743-8836

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i\r kun mlrbgtmrut
Kindness, concern and thoughtfulness are Christian virtues expressed in many ways by sincere friends. The family of the late Mrs. Dorothy M. Lockhart, is eternally grateful for all the expressions of friendship and love shown during the passing of our loved one; they &re pillars of strength. May God bless each of you in His divine way.

1923 19B9

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27,1989 1:00 P.M.

On the wings of death and sorro 11', God sends us ne1v h ope for tomorrow: an d in His m ercy and His grace, He giJ..es us strengt h to bral'ely face the lonely days that stretch ahead, and knoH' ou r lo1ed one is not dead: but o 11ly sleeping and oul of our sight, and we 'II meet in that land ll'ltere there is no night. MRS DOROTHY Lt:t: MA TTHt.'WS LOCKHART, the daughter of the late Mr. To!l.V Matthews and the late Mrs. Amanda Little Mattheii'S, was born January 6. 1 9.:!3 in Talbot County, Georgia . She gre1v up in lzer nathe area and attended the public schools. Size started her Christian life at an early age at the Count)' Line Baptist Church in Howard, Ga. On December ]4 , 1939. she joined in Holy Matrimony 1vith R ev. B.J. Lockhart , Sr. To tllis union of 49 years, lH'O sons and three daughters were bu rn : one daughter preceded her in death. She was a retired employee of tlze late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 's !z ouselwld. She 1vas a lo~t ing and caring mother and .fjiend, who 1vo uld ah\'ays .find tirn e for th e needs of others. She passed a1 1'ay ./(Jr h er eternal home on October ]3, 1 989 at her residence. H er SW'I'iPors include: Hu sband R eJJ. B.J. Lock.lzart, Sr.. Macon, Ga. J so ns: R eJJ. B.J. Lockhart. Jr. . A tlanta. Ga. R et. Dr. Herman Lockharl, Macon. Ga. ] dauglzrer:;: Mrs. Mary Ogletree and Mrs. Christine Wiggins bo th of Macon, Ca . 13 grandchildren : Miss Daplzne Ware. Miss Chaunicey Wiggins. Mr. Herman Lockhart. Jr.. and Miss Angelica Lockhart all of Macon : Mr. L:'rnest Wiggins. Mrs. Angela l:..'mery, Miss Charlotte Lockhart, Miss Patrice Lockhart. Miss Sonya Lockhart, Mr. Benjamin Lockhart, 111, Mr. H ermcl Lockhart, Miss Cr) stal Lockhart, Mr. J ermaine L ockhart all of Atlanta, Ca. 1 great grandson. Mr. Dante Wiggins, Marietta , Ga. 4 bro th ers: Mr. Thomas Matthe\vs. Detroit, Mich .. Mr. Amos Mauhew s. C/eJJe!and. Oh io. Mr. Howard Matthe,rs, Th omas ton , Ca .. Bishop Frank Paul Matt iU! IVS, Los Angeles. Calif 1 au nt: Mrs. Luie Barrerr. Cleveland, Ohio. 1 daughter-in-law: Mrs. J ean Lock han. Atlanta, Ga. J sons-in-la1v: Mr. Ru./zH Ogletree and Mr. Ernest Wiggins. both of Macon. Ga. 8 sisters-in-la11': Mrs. Sadie Matthell's, Detroit. Mich ., Mrs . Leola Matthe1 vs. Thomaston. Ga., Mrs . Lstelle Lockhart, Clel'eland, Ohio, Mrs. Verna Mae Lockhart, i:.'aronton. Ga.. Mrs. Shirley Lockhart, Mrs. Gertha Lockhart, Ms. Ida Mary Lockhart and Mrs. Saluder Bryant all of Talb otton. Ga. 3 brothers-in-/a""': Mr. Willie C. Lockhart, Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. J ohnny Frank Lockhart. Talbotton, Ga., Mr. Woodroll' Lock hart, Eatonton, Ga. 1 grandson -in-law: Mr. Larry Emery , Jr.. A tlanta. Ga. A lz ost of nieces, nephews, cousins , other relatives and fiiends.
I will lUI up mine eyes unto th e hills, from whence come th m y help. My lzelp cometlz ji-om the Lord, which made heat~en and earth.
Psalms 121 : 1 & :l

rbrr nf ~rruirr

R ev. Richard Gammage, Presiding

PRt'L UDt.'

PROCESSIONAL . .... ..... . Su.tr Music . . .......... "Amazing Grace"

St'Li:..'CT10N . ........ .. ...... . .. . .................. .N. P. G. Choir

IN VOCA T10N ... . ..... . . ... .. ... ... . ..... R e1. Jacob Parker, Pasto r Lbene:er Baptist Church

SCRIPTURts . . . .. .. Old Testament . . . NeH' Testament . .. .. .

.R ei'. Lon::.y t 'dwards, Pasto r Mt . Moriah Baptist Church
..... R ev. J. C. Carter. Pasto r NeH' Hope Bap tist Church

SOLO .. ... "H is Lye Is On The Sparro\\'' ' . ... . .R eF. Wayne El'ans. Pasto r l aitlz Tabernacle Baptist Church, Arlanta, Ca.

SPL'CIA L t 'XPRLSSIONS . ..... .. ......... R ei'. Alvin L. Hudson. Pasto r

(5 minutes)

Tremont Temple Baptist Church

SLLECTION . ......... .. ...... .. ....... ...... . ...... N.P.G. Ch oir

POt'M . ... ..... . .By Granddaughter . ......... . Miss Charlotte Lockhart

Rt'MARKS . . . .. .. As A Minisrcr's Wife . ...... Mrs. Mary Ashley Stewart

(3 m.inll!cs)

Old Marion Baptist Church

SOLO . .. ..... " You Will Never Wa lk Alone". . .. . .. . Rev. Kent Florence Son of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Marietta, Ga.

S!Lt.NT Rt'A DING OF SUMMAR1UM......... .. .. . .. ... .. Soft Music

HYMN . ...... . ..... .. .. . . . ......... . .. .. R ev. Charles Jones, Pasto r Greater Bellel'ue Baptist Church

LULOG Y ....... ........... . ........ R ev. Richard Gammage, Pastor


INTt'RMENT . ... .. ..... . ........ Matthews' Fam ily Memorial Gardens Th omaston, Ga .

1 if r 1J.a fttrttal
" Life is t'temal". the Good Lord said. So do not think of you r lured one as dead.
For death is only a stepping ston e To a beautiful life we hal'e never known, A place \\'here God promised man he 1\'(JU/d be
t 'ternally happy and safe and free, A wonder.f~d land Hhere we li ve ane11' When our journey on earth is over and through.
So trust God and doubt Him neJ!er for a/l \VhO love him five forever. And while we cannot understand
Just let the saviour take your hand. For when D eath 's Angel comes tu call " God is so great and we're so small". ..
And there is nothing yo u need fear For Faith in God makes all things clear.
Christine Wiggin s - Daughter
His soul shall dwell at ease. .. Psalms 25:13