Funeral Services for Mrs. Jennie M. Lawrence, Friday November 1, 1974, 4:00 P.M., Hutchings Funeral Home Chapel, Interment, Ft. Hill Street, "Hutchings Service"

Mr. Leonard Searcy Mr. Willie Harris Mr. Walter Lamar Mr. Joseph Culp Mr . James Rushin
Mr. Raymond Baker
When I must leave you for a little while P1ease do n.ot grieve and shed wild tears and hug your sorrows to you through the years,
But start out bravely with a gallant smile: And for my sake and in my name Live on and do all things the same,
Feed not your loneliness on empty days But fill each working hour in useful ways, Reach out your hand in comfort and cheer And I in turn will comfort you and hold you near:
And never, never be afraid to die, For I am waiting for you in the sky!

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1974 4:00P.M.
"Hutchings' Service"

.1w/ Uml shall u ,;P~' au ay all tears from thei1 eyes; and
!/,, .,.,. shall hP no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying,
twilher shall therf! hP any more pain." Rev. 21:4
Mrs. Jtnnit Mae Howell Lawrence was born in Taylor County. (;<orgia on June 5, 1913. She was the oldest daughter of t hf' Iat' I I nry and Ida Howell.
Sh attended school in Ft. Valley, Ga. The Howell family
ruovpcf to Macon and she joined the St. Paul A.M.E. Church undf'r th pastorage of the Rev. J. S. Bryant.
Sh( was unitNi in marriage to Mr. Henry J. Lawrence. who yt>t su r vivt>s . To thi union, one daughter was born, .Jt~anita Ida Lawnrwe Howard, who preceded her in death on .January ~8. 1968.
Mrs. Lawrence lived all of her adult life in East Macon \\ h(n she was a s<'amstress for many years. She was also
:t'-'!'cwiat<'d with th Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Lawrence entered into t trnal nst on Tu<'sday October 29, 1974 at the Medical
( \nl pr nf Cent.ral G<'orgia. SIH is sur viv(d by her husband, Henry J. Lawrence; Five
~~r<tntkhild r('ll, V;dariP I> . Lawrence, Gregory K. Howard, K('lHld.h P. lloward, Rupert Howard and Violet Francine ll ow ard: Orw gT(.at grandson, Sterling A. Lawrence, all of
\\' :rrnP r l{ohins: Orw s is tPr, Mrs. Dessie 0. Ware of Macon;
'l'\\1) urwl(s . .latk ~an fo rd of Ma<'on anrl Henry Sanford of
\I lanta: Two aunts, Mr~. ,Jf'nnif' B. adams of Chicago, Illinois and Mrs Lu .. iJ J., Sa nfo rd of Ma<on; Neites, Mrs. Arlethia L.
t 'dh(rt of \\'arrwr Jtohins, Mr . Patri<'ia W. Child('rs of ( )llw ha. NdL and Mrs. Wanda II. Daniels of Springfield, \l.r ..; , : NPp hP \\'- . Mr I.a w r<n<'(' War<'. Jr. and Mr. O s len K. \\' :t n ol :Yiatun : 'l'hn( -..;j <.;fprs in -law. Mrs . Viola Horne of i\Lwon. M~'" . l\1 ary W ooda II of Detroit. Mi<'higan anrl Mrs. !\I; n ll o\\ .-11 ol S p ri ng-fi<'ld. Mass.

Processional Hymn . Prayer St"ripture Solo
Viewing of R('mains Hecessional

. Hcv. M. M. MeTier . . . Ms Jean Draper
. Rev. E. S. Mallory

The family wishes to aeknowlPrlgf' all the kind anrl thoughful rlcNis that made our hurrlens easier to bear. May God bless and k<'PP eath and Pvery OIH' of you.