Homegoing Celebration for Mrs. Rosene Blount James, March 8, 1939 - March 5, 1998, Wednesday, March 11, 1998 1:00 P. M., New Griswoldville Baptist Church 3003 Truitt Place, Macon, Ga., Rev. Edward Dawson, Officiating

Bro. Donald Gainey Bro. Raymond Whisby Dea. Ulysses Finney Dea. John Hillman
Dea. Emanuel Taylor

Honorary Pallbearers

Charlie Richardson

James Odom

Oeveland James

Greenis E. Russell

Willie Pitts

Fred Lamar

Arrangements Entrusted To
Jones Brothers
E astlawn Memorial Chapel , Inc.
3035 Millerfield Road Macon, GA 31217
"Served With Dignity and Reverence"

A Farewell Celebration
M - is for the Meekness she would
always portray.
0- is for her Obedience to God's
T - is for her Thankfulness. She always paused to pray.
H - is for the Honor, she gave God so
E - is for the Enthusiasm, she showed to the church.
R - is for the Respect she earned from all who knew her.
Our mother was a gif_t from God. A sweet precious jewel, she held us in her arms so tight and prayed for
us with all her might.
She left us with a path so bright and she taught us how to pray. Thank you God for our mother's
love. A gift like her comes only from
ab ove. - !Her Cliidren
''Thanks is such a little word to be received or even give. Butit'stheone most often heard where the nicest peoplelive". Please accept our deepest a:ppreciation for all the colnforting expressions of love and caring each of you nave shown during our time of great loss.

%Jmegoing Cefe6ration
Mrs. !l{psene 'Bfount James
Marcli 8, 1939 . Mardi 5, 1998
Weanescay, Marcli 11, 1998 1:00P. M.
!J..&w (jriswoUvifk '13aptist Churcli
3003 tiruitt Pface !Macon, (jj{

Pkase ion't say tliat I gave up, just say I gave in.
'Don't say I Cost tlit 6attk,for it uw qols um to fost
or win.. Pkase tfon't say fwwgootl I was, 6ut that I aumy
6est. Just say I trid to cfo wftat's rignt, togive tlie most I
coultl, not to rio Cess.
Pilose ion't give me wintfs or fulfos, tnat'sfor qoclto cfo.
I want no more tftan I tftseroe, no e~, just my am.
Pfease cfon't!Jive j(owers or talK_in.liarsli totrlS. 1Jon't Ee concerndaoout me
I'm wtflwitli (jot, I'vt matft it hmnt. 'Don't t~aoout wha.t couftlliavt Eeen, it's over ani
it's cfom. Just see to afl my family metls, tlie Eattft fr.as 6een
~n you iraw apicture of me, cfon't tfraw me as a
I've cfone somegoot I've tfone some wrong. So use a[[ yourpaint, notjust tlie fnigftt cow ani{ig/it tontS,
use someamy ani tfar~ In fact cfon't put me iowtt on canvas, paint me in
your lieart.
'Don'tjust rememDergoo{ times, OUt rememDerSOtnl
Eai. ~or !ife isfull ofmany things, some happy ani
some sat.
'But ifyou must cfo sometliing tften Iliave one fast 1lJquut.
!Forgive. me for tlie wrong I've. done
aniwitli tfu Cove tliat's !eft.
TlianK.. (jotfor my soul's resting~ TlianK_. (jot for I've 6un 6fessu!. TlianK_.(jotfor allwlio Covet me,
Praise. qotlwlio fovetl ~ 6est.

The Order Of Service
Last glance
Selection ....................... Combined Choirs "Ride On King Jesus"
Scripture: Old Testament......Rev. J. L. Hill New Testament..Rev. W. Finney
Prayer .......................Rev. Timothy Rouse
Solo ............................ Bro. Moses Dup ee
Remarks ................. Dea. John D. Hillman Unity Missionary Baptist Church
Sis. Mary Knight Mt. Salem Baptist Church
Sis. Pearlina Lockett Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
Solo ............................ Sis. Priscilla James
Silent Reading of Obituary ...... Soft Music
Eulogy ............................. Rev. E. Dawson
Acknowledgments ....... Mr. Freddie Jones
Interment Middle Georgia Memory Gardens
Following the committal the repast will be held in the New Griswoldville Baptist Church Annex.

The Obituary
The soul of our beloved one Sis. Rosene Blount James, entered into eternal rest on March 5, 1998. Sis. James was born to the parentage of the late ElbertBlountandBurnest WrigfitBlount in Washington County on Marcfi 8, 1939. Her early clrildhood was s~nt in Washington County. She later moved to Bibb CounD' where she attended the Bibb County Public Schools and graduated from Otay Mesa College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in counseling from San Diego, Calif, 1975. She worked at the Youth Development Center as a house parent and later worked as a substitute teaclier in the Bibb County School System until she became ill. She was baptized at Harrison Spring Church in Harrison, GA at an early age. She later joined the Unity Missionary Baptist Church where she served as president orthe Deaconess Board. She was a faithful, happy person who had a love for n1usic. She organized the Deaconess Gospel Ensemble, 1980. Sis. James was a devoted wife, mother and
~andmother. She was married to Ernest ed) James on July 27, 958. To this unio our children were born. She leaves to mourn her memory: a evoted husband, Dea. EmestJames, two sons, est (Vema) James, Jr. and William C. James, two daughters, Regena (Calv ) James and
heila L. (Robert) Jordan, all of Macon, GA; Five grandchildren, Sherita L. James, LaKec1a Y. James, Ernest James, ill, Jarvis T. James and Dorian J. Jordan; five brothers and six sisters, William R. Blount, Burnestine (Jake) Barron, Sadie (Wilson) Bowen and MargrettaBlountall ofAtlanta, Leroy Blount, Sylvester (Betty) Blount and Gladine Blount
all of Miami, Fla., NealY. Blount, Barbara
(Andy)Lewis all ofColumbus,Ohio,Emmitt Blount and Gwendolyn Blount both of Sandersville, GA; and a host of other relatives, brothers and sisters-in-law andfriends.