A Service of Praise in Celebration of the Life of Felton E. Irvin, "To live in the hearts of those who love you is not to die", Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Camden, South Carolina, Friday, November 25, 1988, 3:30 P.M., Rev. James Charles Levy, Jr., Pastor

If we did not go to sleep at night we'd never awaken to see the light and the joy of watching a new day break or meeting the dawn by some quiet lake would never be ours unless we slept while God and all his angels kept a vigil through this "little death'' that's over with the morning's breathand death, too, is a time of sleeping, for those who die are in God's keeping and there's a "sunrise for each soul, for LIFE not DEATH is God's promi ed goalso trust God's promise and doubt him never for only through death can man LIVE FOREVER.

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"To live in the hearts of those who love you is not to die. "

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~eu. Jjames Ql4arles 1firuy, Jjr., Jastor

A Tribute from the Family and F riends of MR. F ELTON E. IRVIN
Family, genuine friends and acquaintances dearly loved Felton Irvin, and will forever remember his nobility, loyalty and dignity as a man, his personal pride in all his endeavors, the splendor of his friendship and his complete integrity and boundless enthusiasm for whatever task he pursued. His everlasting love for his wife and members of his family and friends will always be remembered.
His faith was unshakeable. He was a member of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia, where he served on the Trustee board. Mr. Irvin later moved to Camden, South Carolina, where he joined Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. He served on the Deacon Board, Usher Board and was a faithful member of Esther Point. He was a Sunday school teacher, Boy Scout leader, commun'ty worker and participated in many other religious groups.
He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gennie (Corine Broad1..1sj Jr vin, orn in Tennile, Georgia and the husband of Mrs. Louise Dowdell I Tin.
Not only was he totally devoted to many religious affiliac.io s, but he gained great satisfaction from his many years working with the Sea Board C astline Railroad.
Mr. Irvin transcended these earthly bounds into everlasting life on November 21 , 1988 in the Kershaw County Memorial Hospital, Camden, S.C. Yet he leaves to rejoice in his memory, mourn in his loss, and celebrate his life a devoted wife, Mrs. Louise D. Irvin, one sister-in-law, Mrs. Eloise Dennis, Macon, GA; two faithfully loyal nieces, Miss Juanita Dennis, Macon, GA and Mrs. Jacquelyn Wilder, Atlanta, GA; one brother-in-law, Walter Williams, Pensacola, FL; several cousins and many friends.
The family acknowledges the many kind gestures of sympathy and love extended in loving memory of their loved one. May God forever bless each of you.
The Family


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HYMN NO. 44 . . ... . .... . . . ..... . ...... . .... . ... "Love Divine"

SCRIPTURE .. . . . . ........ The Old Testament Scripture Psalm 90 PRAYER

NE\V T ~STA~IENT SCRIPTURE .. . .. .. . . . .. St. John Chapter 14

TRIB UTES . ..... . .. . .. ... ...... .. . . .. ... Deacon Esau McLeod

MEDITATION . .. . .. . .. .. . ...... ."Breath On Me Breath of God"

WORDS OF CONSOLATION ........ Rev. James Charles Levy, Jr.

HYMN NO. 405 ... . . ... .... ... "0 Master Let MeWalk With Thee" BENEDICTION


Commital1ites, Woodlawn Cemetery, Macon, Georgia Saturday, 2:00p.m.
PALLBEARERS . .. ..... ..... . .Deacons & Trustees of the Church