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The Hargrett Library, a leading repository on Georgia history and culture, holds 200,000 volumes in its rare book and Georgiana collections, 6 million pages of historical manuscripts and photographs, along with maps, broadsides, and UGA archives and records. Other areas of emphasis include performing arts and natural history. Holdings date from the 15th century to the present.

The Hargrett Library focuses on Georgia history and culture, holding rare books and Georgiana, historical manuscripts, photographs, maps, broadsides, and UGA archives and records. Other areas of emphasis include performing arts and natural history.
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University of Georgia
Hargrett Library Richard B. Russell Building 300 S. Hull Street University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602


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Agreement between Angus McQueen and Ellen Bill of sale from Savannah, Georgia for the purchase of an enslaved woman, Ellen, and her child, Caroline, and an agreement made between Ellen and Angus McQueen dated 1864-1865.
Alexander H. Stephens Family Papers Plantation account books and writings of Alexander Hamilton Stephens, born near Crawfordville, Georgia in 1812 to Margaret Grier and Andrew Baskins Stephens; he was vice president of the Confederacy during the Civil War, a United States congressman, and died in office as Georgia governor in 1883.
Alexander H. Stephens Family Papers (Will) Materials including an 1860 will belonging to Alexander Hamilton Stephens (1812-1883), who was born near Crawfordville Georgia, and served as the vice president of the Confederacy during the Civil War, as a United States congressman, and died in office as Georgia governor in 1883.
American Civil War Variety of important documents and artifacts from the American Civil War held by the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
America's Turning Point: Documenting the Civil War Experience in Georgia Civil war manuscripts from the Atlanta History Center, Georgia Historical Society, and the Hargrett Library (UGA).
Athens, Georgia City Directories Athens, Georgia city directories from 1889 to 1958.
Athens, Georgia City Records, 1860-1970 Records dating from 1860 to 1970 of the city of Athens, Georgia related to taxation, city disbursements, engineering, housing/urban renewal, and the city's mayors.
Atherton Seidell photo album Photo album created between 1890 and 1899 by renowned medical research chemist Atherton Seidell when he was a student at the University of Georgia.
Atkins Family Papers Correspondence and writings, photographs, and newspaper clippings chiefly by and about Florence Ewell Atkins, her speeches, and her work with the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, dating from 1912-1946.
Bailey-Grantland family papers Family papers pertaining to the Grantland and Bailey families, ranging from around 1818-1966.
Banks family papers The collection consists of papers of the Banks family of Elbert and Muscogee Counties, Georgia from 1818-1923, specifically the will of Lucy Banks Yonge, the history of Ralph Banks and family, the genealogy of the Banks, Daniel, and Watkins families, and the estate of W. K. Banks.
Barnard's Photographic Views of the Sherman Campaign, ca. 1866 Albumen prints of Sherman's Campaign through Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas taken by Brady Studio member, George N. Barnard.
Benjamin Lincoln notebook and order book Notebook and order book of General Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1810) containing essays he composed from 1780-1795.
Bill of sale for an enslaved girl named Catherine Bill of sale dated December 11, 1850, for an enslaved girl named Catherine, exchanged from J. S. and J. D. Glass of Bethel, North Carolina to Ross Crane of Athens, Georgia. The girl is described as being a light-complexioned ten-year-old girl.
British warrant for payment to James Oglethorpe The collection consists of a warrant issued by the British crown to pay James Oglethorpe for services rendered from 1738-1743, dated July 5, 1744.
Catalogue of the Trustees, Officers, Alumni and Matriculates of the University of Georgia at Athens, Georgia, 1785-1906 from the Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library Catalogue containing brief biographical information about the trustees, officers, alumni, and matriculates of the University of Georgia from 1785 to 1906
Centennial Celebration of the Capture of Fort Galphin Manuscript of historian Charles Colcock Jones' address given in Silver Bluff, South Carolina on May 21, 1881 about the caputure of Fort Galphin.
Chandler Family Papers Papers and other materials pertaining to the Chandler family, originally from Columbus, Georgia, dating mostly from the 1830s-1920s.
Chicopee Manufacturing Company Records Records of the Chicopee Manufacturing Company (Athens, Ga.) and its predecessor, the Athens Manufacturing Company, from 1824-1975 that include a minute book (1835-1935) that documents the management and activities of a cotton manufacturing plant.
Clayton family papers Genealogical research, correspondence, and legal materials dating from 1812 to 1922 for the family of Augustin Smith Clayton (1783-1839).
Cobb-Newton-Jordan Family Papers Papers regarding various related families of Georgia from the nineteenth century, including the Cobbs, the Jordans, and the Newtons made up primarily of family correspondence, estate papers, slave bills of sale, and a land grant.
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) Photograph Collection Photographs of agricultural educational programs sponsored by the University of Georgia's College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.
Continental Congress collection Eight Georgia-related Continental Congress pieces, including legislative records, certificates, correspondence, receipts, and signatures, dated 1773 to 1798.
Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864-1865 A personal account of Sherman's march through Georgia and north through the Carolinas.
Documents from UGA's History Documents dating from 1883 to 1979 related to the history of the University of Georgia.
Documents Related to Slavery in Georgia and Virginia This collection contains legal documents dating from 1831-1863 related to slavery including estate appraisals and inventories, legal orders, and judgments from Georgia; it also includes a tax statement from Virginia.
Dusenbury and Sperry Families Papers Correspondence belonging to Catherine Dusenbury Sperry dating from the mid-nineteenth century.
Earnest Photographs Early 20th-century photographs taken by Athens professor, David Earnest, of locations around Athens and northeast Georgia, including university buildings, residential homes, and religious and business facilities and of individuals and groups, both white and African-American.
Ebenezer Kellogg Diary The collection consists of the diary of Ebenezer Kellogg from 1817-1818 that describes plantations and farming practices, particularly cotton and rice; and slavery, including how enslaved populations lived, their treatment, and religious instruction.
Edward Harden Family Papers Materials relating to Edward Harden (1784-1849), a planter and politician from Savannah and Athens, Georgia including indentures, receipts, account books for his law practice, and commonplace books containing accounts for his plantations, legal notes, and journal entries.
E. Merton Coulter manuscript collection
Felix Hargrett Collection Collection of University of Georgia alumnus Felix Hargrett (graduated in 1924) that consists primarily of letters, but also includes materials dating from 1758 to 1844 that document the colony of Georgia and slavery.
Fountain Family Papers Papers of the Fountain and McCants families of Georgia, a large portion of which is comprised of the correspondence and financial records of Jonathan Jackson "Jack" McCants, Sr. (1845-1920) of Butler, Georgia as well as deeds, titles, surveys, receipts, insurance policies, tax information, and printed material from the Fountain, McCants, and McCrary families.
Francina Elizabeth Cox Greer King Diaries, 1844-1866, 1871-1883 Thirteen diary volumes dated July 12, 1844, to July 23, 1866, and June 14, 1871, to October 29, 1883, written by Francina Elizabeth Cox Greer King, wife of an Oglethorpe County, Georgia plantation owner.
Francina Elizabeth Cox Greer King diary, 1866-1868 Diary of Francina Elizabeth Cox Greer, wife of an Oglethorpe County, Georgia plantation owner, from July 24, 1866 to October 24, 1868.
G. Dorsey estate vendue list The collection consists of a list of the sale of the effects of the late Mr. G. Dorsey, by his administratrix Eliza Dorsey, and administrators, David Stewart and William Moore. The list gives buyers' names, articles bought, and prices. Instructions for the auction state that "minors, servants, and slaves who may bid not to be noticed by the crier."
George Horace Lorimer Family Papers Family papers of American journalist, author, and Saturday Evening Post editor George Horace Lorimer dating from 1858 to 1952 that includes business correspondence, business and estate papers, writings, printed material, scrapbooks, blueprints, and photographs.
George Walton and Richard Howley letter Letter dated August 13, 1781, and signed by Georgia delegates George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Richard Howley, member of Congress.
George Walton letter to his son Letter written by George Walton to his son George Walton, Jr. on July 31, 1801, that contains a reference to his role as part of a committee in the selection of land and in contracting builders for the future University of Georgia.
Georgia Cooperative Extension Service pictures Photographs of various aspects of home improvement, rural life and education as well as Home Demonstration Council and 4-H activities dating from 1916 to 1969.
Green Family World War II Letters Collection consisting of materials that cover William Walter Green’s time serving in the United States Navy during World War II, from 1943-1945.
Hammond family papers Documents dating from 1800 to 1920 which deal mainly with land transactions relating to the Hammons/ Hammonds and allied families of Walton, Wilkes and Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library Rare Map Collection Early maps of colonial and revolutionary America and of Georgia from revolutionary times through the nineteenth century including Georgia city maps, maps of Georgia's coastal areas and transportation maps including rail, river, and highway maps.
Hartrampf's Vocabulary manuscript Two handwritten manuscript volumes dating from 1922 that contain notes by Gustavus A. Hartrampf; the volumes were later published as what is now known as Hartrampf's Vocabularies: Synonyms, Antonyms, Relatives.
Henry Ellis papers The collection consists of two poems, one rejoicing over Ellis' arrival in Georgia, the other denouncing Ellis' predecessor, John Reynolds, who was detested by the colonists. These have been reproduced in facsimile by the Ashantilly Press under the title A pair of odes. There is also a copy of the London Gazette, May 6-9, 1758, announcing Ellis as Reynolds' successor, a letter to Governor Ellis signed Edm. Atkin, dated Ft. Moore, Jan 25, 1760, regarding Indian Affairs, and a notice to Henry Ellis of a meeting of the Royal Society, dated Nov. 20, 1767 and signed Morton.
Henry Hicks Ledgers Ledgers kept by Henry Hicks, a physician in Wrightsville, Georgia, that include names of people who were enslaved, loose papers that include a freedmen list, lectures from the Medical College of Georgia, and lists of household goods and livestock.
Henry W. Longfellow letter to Andrew A. Lipscomb The collection consists of a letter from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Andrew A. Lipscomb dated Cambridge, July 4, 1853. Longfellow discusses his view of slavery "the meanest form of tyranny," the influence of newspapers upon public opinion, and his future meeting with Lipscomb.
Historical Broadsides Over 2,100 broadsides from the 1740s through the 1980s from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library
History of the University of Georgia by Thomas Walter Reed Manuscript history of the University of Georgia from its earliest days to 1948 as recorded by former university registrar Thomas Reed.
Howell Cobb Family Papers Papers of Howell Cobb and the Cobb family dating from 1793 to 1932.
Institute of Ecology Records, Interviews Interviews from 1984 to 1985 about the Institute of Ecology with topics including its origins, its approaches to research, its relationship with colleges and universities, and its structural and funding challenges.
Inventory of people enslaved by Henry Bourguin Handwritten estate inventory created December 11, 1779, by Henry Bourguin’s daughters that includes a list of the people enslaved by Bourguin, including name with approximate monetary value, and is divided into three columns showing the division of his estate by his three daughters.
Jacob Waldburg papers A list of slaves owned by the family of Jacob Waldburg of Chatham County, Georgia (dated 1793); a promissory note to Waldburg from John M. Harvey (dated 1818); and a land grant to Waldburg for property in Lee County, Georgia (dated 1829).
James Pleasants Waddel Diary Diary of James Pleasants Waddell (1801-1867) with entries from September 1845-October 1847 that include temperature readings for the morning, noon, and evening along with weather conditions and details of daily life in Athens, Georgia. Waddel discussed family, friends, University of Georgia personnel and students, what he was reading, and plantings in his garden or greenhouse.
James Rembert Smith letters to George Gilman Smith Correspondence from James Rembert Smith, a medical doctor and Methodist preacher in Sandersville, Georgia, and his nephew, George Gilman Smith, dating from 1853-1888.
John B. Lamar plantation book Materials documenting John B. Lamar's plantation in Sumter County, Georgia dating from 1847-1880, including a book with lists containing names of enslaved people; a diagram of crop rotation for cotton, corn, oats, and rye; a map of the plantation; an inventory of plantation items; tax accounts; and food supplies.
John Brown Gordon Family Papers Materials digitized includes a set of letters dating from 1941-1948 to and from Rev. John Dawson Gordon, whose parents were enslaved by and, later, servants of the Gordon family from 1854 until they moved to California in the 1890s.
John C. Greer land deed One deed, dated November 2, 1847, from James P. Mayne, administrator of the estate of John G. Mayne, for 146 acres of land in Clarke County, Georgia, sold to John C. Greer for $250.00.
John Clark letter to the Governor of Alabama William Wyatt Bibb The collection consists of one letter to the Governor of Alabama William Wyatt Bibb, regarding the apprehension and return of a "negro man slave, property of Theoderick Montfort of [the] County of Putnam."
Johnston family papers Papers of the Malcolm Johnston family dating from the nineteenth century that include documents concerning enslaved people owned by the Johnston family: bill of sales for a slave received by Richard Johnston; wills of Malcolm Johnston and E. L. Johnston; “List of property belonging to M. Johnston,” listing 800 acres of land, and the name, sex, age, and monetary value of enslaved people.
John Vason Will Last will and testament, dated 1852, of John Vason of Morgan County, Georgia, a landowner and slaveholder.
Joseph E. Brown Papers The online collection consists of correspondence belonging to Georgia governor Joseph E. Brown from 1876
Joseph Henry Lumpkin Family Papers Antebellum letters dated 1850-1861 to Callie Lumpkin King, wife of Alabama lawyer and plantation owner Porter King and daughter of Joseph Henry Lumpkin that touch on family life, local and national politics, marriage, and the social life in Athens, Georgia.
Joseph Rucker and Clarinda Pendleton Lamar Papers Correspondence dating from 1792 to 1938 of Georgia and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Rucker Lamar and his wife, Georgia writer and clubwoman Clarinda Pendleton Lamar.
Joshua Warsham account Accounts of Colonial-era Georgian Joshua Warsham for the years 1735 to 1736.
Judy Smith Articles of Apprenticeship
Keith M. Read Collection, 1732-1905 Historical manuscripts collected by Keith M. Read documenting the history of Georgia from 1732- to 1905.
L. A. Chamerovzow letter to Miss Hildrith The collection consists of one letter written on British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society letterhead: dated February 15, 1855, "Dear Madam," signed "L. A. Chamerovzow," regarding the publications Slave Life in Georgia, and the Anti-Slavery Reporter. Chamerovzow mentions several influential British anti-slavery leaders and alludes to the policy of emancipation in South Africa.
Lillian Eugenia Smith Papers
List of Georgia settlers Twenty-volume list of Georgia settlers dated 1740 to 1749 organized in loose alphabetical order including information about their age, occupation, date of arrival, land lots, and if they died, quit, or ran away from the colony.
McClatchey family papers, 1838-2005 Correspondence and photographs documenting the genealogical history of the McClatchey family from 1838-2005, focusing primarily on Marvin McClatchey Jr. (1916-2002), son of Marvin McClatchey (1886-1939) and Juliet Neel McClatchey (1885-1960), and Sally Bruce Blackford McClatchey (1922-2015)
McIntosh County, Georgia bill of exceptions A bill of exceptions in the Supreme Court of Georgia, at Savannah, January Term, 1848, for the recovery of three African American enslaved people "named Judy, Bella, and John her son...that were the property of Ann Cunningham," in the case Ann Grigg vs. Charles Spalding.
M. H. Mitchell, Inc. 94th Infantry Division Collection Correspondence and records reflecting on World War II and the 94th Infantry Division, a military unit that was activated in 1942.
Michael Dennis Account Book The collection consists of an account book of Michael Dennis for his general store, sawmill, and grist mill in Eatonton, Georgia from 1855-1867.
New Georgia Encyclopedia Encyclopedia articles related to the history and culture of Georgia.
Noble Jones Family Papers Bound volume of papers of the Noble Jones family of Savannah, Georgia from 1754-1838 that contain legal instruments including wills and indentures, business records, and the sales and dispensations of enslaved people.
North American Slave Narratives Documents the individual and collective story of the African American struggle for freedom and human rights in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Omer Clyde Aderhold Papers The collection documents the administrative business of the University of Georgia during O.C. Aderhold's tenure as president from 1950-1967. Materials of particular interest are those documenting the desegregation of the university in January 1961 when Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Hamilton Holmes became the first two African American students to attend UGA.
Pandora: Yearbook of the University of Georgia from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library Yearbooks of the University of Georgia from 1886 to 1899 and 1965 to 1974.
Prudential Committee Records Correspondence relating to the activities of the Prudential Committee from 1873 until 1931 that provide a particularly good window into the daily administration of the University of Georgia during the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Rare Books Online Scanned books from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library covering Georgia history, literature, education, figures, and Native American and African American life in the state
Ravaud Kearney Rodgers papers, 1671-1879 Correspondence and scrapbook documenting New Jersey Presbyterian minister Ravaud K. Rodgers from 1671 to 1879.
Rebecca Latimer Felton papers Correspondence, speeches, articles, and scrapbooks dating from 1851 to 1930, all reflecting Rebecca Latimer Felton's lengthy public career as author, newspaper columnist, lecturer, as she actively pursued her interests in politics, religious issues, penal and temperance reform and women's political rights.
Robert E. Williams Photographic Collection: African-Americans in the Augusta, Ga. Vicinity (Richmond Co.), circa 1872-1898 Late-nineteenth-century photographs of Augusta-area African American people, places, agriculture, family life, and more.
Robert Toombs, Letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs, 1850-1867 Correspondence from Robert Toombs to his wife, Julia Ann DuBose Toombs in Washington, Wilkes County, Georgia from 1850 to 1867.
Samuel B. Clark papers
Samuel Edward Butler diary Diary of Samuel Edward Butler dating from 1784 to 1786 documenting farming, hunting, slavery, the aftermath of the American Revolution, and Native Americans in the South.
Samuel Meeker letter to General James Winchester The collection consists of a letter from Samuel Meeker writing from Philadelphia on 27 December 1804 to General James Winchester of Cragfont, Tennessee. The letter discusses enslaved persons and their possible sale in New Orleans. The list of enslaved mentioned in the letter unfortunately is not present.
Seaborn J. Mays papers The collection consists of receipted bills, promissory notes, and tax receipts of Seaborn J. Mays, including a bill of sale for an enslaved man named Phil, purchased from Thomas R. R. Cobb by Mays, and an enslaved woman named Caroline, and a fi fa against William Moon for a debt owed to Mays. Also included is a record book of the Athens Benevolent Society.
Second Seminole War, Okefenokee region manuscript map Handwritten manuscript map of the seat of the Second Seminole War in the Okefenokee Region, dated 1837-1838.
Senatus Academicus minutes Minutes dating from 1799 to 1842 of the Board of Trustees and the Minutes of the Senatus Academicus, the two major governing boards of the University of Georgia before the creation of the Board of Regents and the University System of Georgia.
Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm records Land grants, legal papers, farm records, photographs, correspondence, and artifacts documenting the history of the Jefferson, Georgia farm on which the Shields and Ethridge families ran from colonial settlement through the twentieth century.
Sidney Swinney letter to Lord George Townshend Letter written by Sidney Swinneyto Lord Townshend dated March 8, 1768 that mentions General Oglethorpe.
Sir Patrick Houston letter The collection consists of a letter by Sir Patrick Houston, dated April 28, 1773, concerning land surveys.
Slave bills of sale Two slave bills of sale to John C. Greer dated January 4, 1848, for enslaved man, Pompey, and February 5, 1850, for enslaved woman, Milly.
Sons of Temperance Ledger The collection consists of a ledger that contains the occupations and names of members of the Sons of Temperance, Cane Creek Division in Rutherford County, North Carolina, the 1852-1855 minutes of the Stephenson Gold Mining Company, Dahlonega, Georgia, from 1861 and the constitution, by-laws, list of members, and minutes of the Dahlonega Debating Society, Dahlonega, Georgia, from 1871.
Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842 Over 2,000 documents and images dating from 1730 to 1842 on the history of Native Americans in the Southeastern U.S., letters, legal proceedings, military orders, and more.
Southern Photographs Collection The online collection consists of a 1935 print of African American labor organizer Angelo Herndon in prison.
Stewart family genealogy The collection consists of a four-page handwritten document that records births, deaths, and marriages of the Stewart family of Georgia, descendants of John and Susannah Stewart; much of the information recorded is of the family during the eighteenth century.
Telamon Cuyler Historical Manuscripts, 1609-1942 Historical manuscripts relating to Georgia history covering the period 1754-1905
The 116th AAA Gun Bn Mobile Typescript (photocopy) The volume, compiled and styled by John Grove Murray, chronicles the 116th AAA Gun battalion unit from its beginning in 1943 through the Normandy Invasion on Utah Beach on 6 June 1944, on through Paris and Sedan, France into Belgium, Holland, and Germany. Included are unit commendations, rosters, and other vital statistics, and comments added by Colonel James D. Shearouse 42 years later.
The Davis Souvenir Album of the University of Georgia Souvenir album containing fourteen photographs of the University of Georgia, published at "Davis Photo. Art Place," Athens, Georgia published around 1875.
Theodore G. Sledge estate document Collection of documents pertaining to the estate of Theodore G. Sledge, who died leaving behind six enslaved men and women, Maria, Lucinda, Spencer, Hester, Minerva, and Francey, and fifteen hundred and thirty-six dollars of Confederate currency. Several family members sought legal action, but the case was dismissed in November 1864.
The University Bumble Bee: From the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library Satirical newspaper from graduating students of the University of Georgia from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth.
Thomas Carr family papers The collection consists of the papers of Thomas Carr and his son, William A. Carr of Columbia County, Georgia from 1730-1891.
Transcripts of the Earl of Egmont papers Transcripts created by E. Merton Coulter from contemporary, hand-written copies of letters and documents from 1732 to 1745 relating to the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America
Treaty of Hopewell Treaty dated November 28, 1785 between the Cherokee Indians and the United States government that ceded many of the lands along the French Broad and Holston Rivers to the United States.
U. Harrold Davenport Papers Collection consisting of financial records of Uriah Harrold Davenport, a member of the faculty of the University of Georgia, and the estate of his wife Sallie Fleming, who had considerable land holdings in Athens, Georgia, particularly in African American neighborhoods.
United States Ex-slave Owners Registration Bureau form letter This collection contains a form letter from the fraudulent United States Ex-slave Owners Registration Bureau (a scam targeting former slave owners eager to be reimbursed for the loss of their slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation) assuring former slave owners that by paying a fee, the bureau would register the number of slaves they lost at the time of the Emancipation Proclamation so that they could be compensated.
University of Georgia Board of Trustees Correspondence and Reports Materials of the University of Georgia's Board of Trustees, including meeting minutes, drafts of resolutions, annual reports, committee reports, auxiliary reports such as catalogs, fiduciary documents, recommendations on degrees, petitions, and correspondence.
University of Georgia Centennial Alumni Catalog from the Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library Biographical sketches of University of Georgia students prior to 1901.
University of Georgia Faculty Minutes and Records University of Georgia faculty minutes, reports, and support documents dating from 1822 to 1873
University of Georgia Literary Societies papers The University of Georgia Literary Societies collection consists of records dating from 1854 to 1880 from the Demosthenian Literary Society and the Phi Kappa Literary Society.
Warrant for convict William Jackson This collection consists of a writ dated January 15, 1748 from King George the Second commanding that William Jackson be convicted for debt.
William C. Dawson Letter of Recommendation
William C. Towle letters
William H. Torrance letter to George W. Crawford "The collection consists of one letter: dated Milledgeville, February 15, 1830, to George W. Crawford, signed William H. Torrance, regarding the arrest of Elijah H. Burritt of the Milledgeville Statesman & Patriot for possessing insurrectionary literature, which was discovered by John Polhill."
William Jones Family Papers The collection consists of papers of the William Jones family of Augusta, Georgia from 1813-1910 and includes financial records, bills of sale for enslaved people, and freedmen contracts.
William Joseph and Nancy Wallis Short family papers Correspondence of William Joseph "Joe" Short (1834-1924) and Nancy "Nannie" Wallis (1840-1875), as well as an army roll book, writings, and photographs produced between 1862 and 1916.
William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. estate county documents Legal and land records, estate administration records, business records, and correspondence arranged chronologically by county and state. It also includes records of criminal cases, slavery trade, land grants, plats, wills, and divorce.
William Tate UGA Desegregation Files William Tate (1903-1980) was the Dean of Men, University of Georgia, 1946-1971. The materials in this collection document events surrounding the desegregation of the University of Georgia in January 1961.
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Projects in Georgia Photographs of WPA projects in Georgia including school construction, street repair, water improvement, public health support, and federal theater and archival projects.
Zachary Taylor Adair diary Two diaries dating from 1860 to 1869 belonging to Zachary Taylor Adair, a Confederate soldier from Greenville, Meriwether County, Georgia.