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The Hargrett Library focuses on Georgia history and culture, holding rare books and Georgiana, historical manuscripts, photographs, maps, broadsides, and UGA archives and records. Other areas of emphasis include performing arts and natural history.
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University of Georgia
Hargrett Library Richard B. Russell Building 300 S. Hull Street University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602


Name Description
Agreement between Angus McQueen and Ellen
Alexander H. Stephens Family Papers
Alexander H. Stephens Family Papers (Will)
America's Turning Point: Documenting the Civil War Experience in Georgia
American Civil War
Athens, Georgia City Directories
Athens, Georgia City Records
Atherton Seidell photo album
Atkins Family Papers
Bailey-Grantland family papers
Banks family papers
Barnard's Photographic Views of the Sherman Campaign, ca. 1866
Benjamin Lincoln notebook and order book
Bill of sale for an enslaved girl named Catherine
British warrant for payment to James Oglethorpe
Broadside Collection
Catalogue of the Trustees, Officers, Alumni and Matriculates of the University of Georgia at Athens, Georgia, 1785-1906 from the Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Centennial Celebration of the Capture of Fort Galphin
Chandler Family Papers
Chicopee Manufacturing Company Records
Clayton family papers
Cobb-Newton-Jordan Family Papers
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) Photograph Collection
Continental Congress collection
Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864-1865
Documents Related to Slavery in Georgia and Virginia
Documents from UGA's History
Dusenbury and Sperry Families Papers
E. Merton Coulter manuscript collection
Earnest Photographs
Ebenezer Kellogg Diary
Edward Harden Family Papers
Felix Hargrett Collection
Fountain Family Papers
Francina Elizabeth Cox Greer King Diaries, 1844-1866, 1871-1883
Francina Elizabeth Cox Greer King diary, 1866-1868
G. Dorsey estate vendue list
George Horace Lorimer Family Papers
George Walton and Richard Howley letter
George Walton letter to his son
Georgia Cooperative Extension Service pictures
Green Family World War II Letters
Hammond family papers
Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library Rare Map Collection
Hartrampf's Vocabulary manuscript
Henry Ellis papers
Henry Hicks Ledgers
Henry W. Longfellow letter to Andrew A. Lipscomb
History of the University of Georgia by Thomas Walter Reed
Howell Cobb Family Papers
Institute of Ecology Records, Interviews
Inventory of people enslaved by Henry Bourguin
Jacob Waldburg papers
James Pleasants Waddel Diary
James Rembert Smith letters to George Gilman Smith
John B. Lamar plantation book
John Brown Gordon Family Papers
John C. Greer land deed
John Clark letter to the Governor of Alabama William Wyatt Bibb
John Vason Will
Johnston family papers
Joseph E. Brown Papers
Joseph Henry Lumpkin Family Papers
Joseph Rucker and Clarinda Pendleton Lamar Papers
Joshua Warsham account
Judy Smith Articles of Apprenticeship
Keith M. Read Collection, 1732-1905
L. A. Chamerovzow letter to Miss Hildrith
Lillian Eugenia Smith Papers (circa 1910-2001)
Lillian Eugenia Smith Papers (circa 1920-1980)
Lillian Smith Letters
Lillian Smith Letters To Rochelle Girson, Circa 1960
Lillian Smith and Paula Snelling letters
Lillian Smith letter to Kelsey Guilford
Lillian Smith letters to Ashley Montagu
List of Georgia settlers
M. H. Mitchell, Inc. 94th Infantry Division Collection
McClatchey family papers, 1838-2005
McIntosh County, Georgia bill of exceptions
Michael Dennis Account Book
New Georgia Encyclopedia
Noble Jones Family Papers
North American Slave Narratives
Omer Clyde Aderhold Papers
Pandora: Yearbook of the University of Georgia from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Prudential Committee Records
Rare Books Online
Ravaud Kearney Rodgers papers, 1671-1879
Rebecca Latimer Felton papers
Robert E. Williams Photographic Collection: African-Americans in the Augusta, Ga. Vicinity (Richmond Co.), circa 1872-1898
Robert Toombs, Letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs, 1850-1867
Samuel B. Clark papers
Samuel Edward Butler diary
Samuel Meeker letter to General James Winchester
Seaborn J. Mays papers
Second Seminole War, Okefenokee region manuscript map
Senatus Academicus minutes
Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm records
Sidney Swinney letter to Lord George Townshend
Sir Patrick Houston letter
Slave bills of sale
Sons of Temperance Ledger
Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
Southern Photographs Collection
Stewart family genealogy
Telamon Cuyler Historical Manuscripts, 1609-1942
The 116th AAA Gun Bn Mobile Typescript (photocopy)
The Davis Souvenir Album of the University of Georgia
The University Bumble Bee: From the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Theodore G. Sledge estate document
Thomas Carr family papers
Transcripts of the Earl of Egmont papers
Treaty of Hopewell
U. Harrold Davenport Papers
UGA Black Alumni Oral History Project, 2019-2020
United States Ex-slave Owners Registration Bureau form letter
University of Georgia Board of Trustees Correspondence and Reports
University of Georgia Centennial Alumni Catalog from the Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
University of Georgia Faculty Minutes and Records
University of Georgia Literary Societies papers
University of Georgia charter
Warrant for convict William Jackson
William C. Dawson Letter of Recommendation
William C. Towle letters
William H. Torrance letter to George W. Crawford
William Jones Family Papers
William Joseph and Nancy Wallis Short family papers
William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. estate county documents
William Tate UGA Desegregation Files
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Projects in Georgia
Zachary Taylor Adair diary