Atlanta History Center

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The Atlanta History Center is located on 33 acres in the heart of Atlanta's Buckhead district and includes: one of the Southeast's largest history museums; a research library and archives that annually serves more than 10,000 patrons; two historic houses illustrating over a century of Atlanta's history; a two-acre midtown campus which houses the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum; and a series of gardens unique in both design and horticultural presentation in the metropolitan area.

130 West Paces Ferry Road NW Atlanta, GA 30305


Name Description
Adams-Cates Company Photograph Collection, 1956-1973
Adelaide Ruff McCarty Photographs, 1905
Adolph Rosenberg Photographs, 1945-1955, undated
Allen D. Albert Photographs, 1860-1958
Allen Family Photographs, 1840-1990, undated
America's Turning Point: Documenting the Civil War Experience in Georgia
Andrew Sparks Photographs, 1949-1954
Arthur S. Montgomery Photograph Collection
Atlanta Art Association Film
Atlanta Blue Print and Graphics Company Photographs, 1961-1962, undated
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Visual Arts Materials
Atlanta Crackers Photograph Collection
Atlanta History Photograph Collection
Atlanta History: A Journal of Georgia and the South
Atlanta Housing Authority Photographs, 1940-1942
Atlanta Lung Association Photograph Collection 1913-1972 (bulk 1945-1955)
Atlanta's Unspoken Past Oral History Project
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad Photograph Collection
Bedford Pine Neighborhood Photograph Collection, 1970-1971
Bell Aircraft Corporation photographs, 1942-1952
Belle Isle Family Photographs, circa 1900-1940
Bernard L. Solari Photographs, 1978
Berry O. Pyron photographs, 1968-1978
Bill Horne Marietta Street Film
Bill Wilson Photographs, 1938-1979, undated
Boyd Lewis Photographs
Buford Burch Photographs, 1969-1974
Carl Dixon Photographs, 1952
Carlisle Family Photographs, circa 1870-1960
Central Atlanta Progress, Inc., 1960-1981, undated
Charles Bickerstaff and Joel Hurt Photographs, circa 1893-1923
Charles E. Troutt Photographs
Charles Longstreet Weltner films, approximately 1958-1970
Cortlandt F. Luce, Jr. Photographs, 1948-1988, undated
Cotten Alston Photographs, 1972-1998, undated
Dale Elliott Roberts Photographs, 1954
Darlene Roth & Associates Photographs, 1984
Delta Air Lines Public Relations Department Photographs of Atlanta, Georgia, 1953-1972
Dodson W. Hancock Photograph Collection, February 1954
Druid Hills Elementary Photograph Collection, 1935-1936
Duane L. Cronk Photographs, 1978-1980, undated
Emory Cocke Photographs, 1943-1952, undated
Floyd Jillson Photograph Collection, 1957-1992 and n.d., (bulk 1965-1975)
Frances Outlar Photograph Collection, circa 1950, 1952-1953
Francis E. Price Photograph Collection, 1906-1928, undated
Frank B. Davenport Photographs, 1917
Fred L. Howe 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition Photographs, 1895
Gay Bolling Shepperson Photograph Collection, 1933-1945 (bulk 1935-1937)
Harvey Dan Abrams Photographs of Medora Field Perkerson, 1924-1961
Herbert H. Lee Photographs, 1919-1968, undated
Herbert T. Jenkins Photographs
J.J. Allen Photographs, 1954
Jack Etheridge Photographs, 1961-1962
Jo Beth Garrard Photograph Collection, 1915-1976
Jo Crawford Phelps Photographs of the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, 1982
Joe McTyre Photograph Collection, 1889-1985, undated
John Burrison Georgia Folklore Archives Collection
John Clark McCall Photographs, 1950-1972
Joseph Brown photographs of downtown Atlanta
Joseph C. Fisch Photographs, 1954, 1963
Joseph Richardson Jones Film
Kathleen Moon Photographs
Kenneth Rogers Photograph Collection
Leo Frank Papers, 1912-1916
Lester Maddox Papers
Lester Maddox Photographs, 1934-2000, undated
Living Atlanta oral history collection
Mackle Construction Company Photographs, 1916-1920
Manning, Selvage & Lee Forward Atlanta Campaign Photographs, 1960-1970
Marion Johnson Photograph Collection
Martin Stupich Photographs, 1977-1978
Maynard documentary interviews, 2017
Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce records, 1900-2012 (MSS 1077)
Minor Studio Photograph Collection
Mrs. Francis C. Smith Photographs, 1948-1955
Mrs. William Gayle photographs, circa 1953
Norman F. Bielowicz Photographs, 1978
O.J. Coogler Photographs, 1954
Oral History: Veterans History Project
Parker Lowell Photograph Collection, 1949
Patricia Kennedy Photographs, circa 1940
Paul Talbott, Jr. Lakewood Speedway and Gone With the Wind premiere film, 1937
Raymond B. Nixon Photographs, 1943
Reeves Studios Photographs, 1925-1930, undated
Robert D. Klein Photographs, circa 1920-1925
Ross Ingram Photographs, circa 1885-1969, undated, bulk 1964-1969
Russell Bellman Gone With the Wind Premiere Film
Sally A. Parker Photographs, 1948-1949
Sam Massell Papers
Sarah Slaughter Photographs, 1910-1920
Southern Voice newspaper collection, 1988-1995
Southline Press, Inc. Photographs
Southwind recordings
Stephen Goldfarb Photographs, 1979
Steve B. Campbell Atlanta Fire Department Photographs, 1882-1972
Strother Family Genealogical Papers
T. Cobb Benning Photographs, 1897-1898
The City Builder
Thomas Maguire Papers, 1829-1949
Thurston Hatcher Photographs, 1916, 1948-1952
Tina Beatrice Maxey Photograph Collection
U.S.S. Atlanta Photograph Collection, 1942
Unitarian Universalist Lesbian and Gay Community Newsletters
Van Buren Colley photographs, 1873-1970, undated, (bulk 1953-1970)
Veterans History Project: Oral History Interviews
Vincent A. Irick Photographs
Vine City Oral History Interviews
Voices Across The Color Line Oral History Collection, 2005-2006
W.M. Edwards Photographs, 1923
William Fulmer Hull Photographs
William Hartsfield Gone With the Wind Premiere Film
William R. Mitchell Jr. Photograph Collection, 1889-1986
William Stanford, Sr. Photographs, 1960
Zachariah A. Rice correspondence and military commission