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Name Description
Ad Hoc Collection Highlights of the collection of the Georgia Archives.
Beauty in Stone: The Industrial Films of the Georgia Marble Company Two industrials films depicting the Pickens County-based Georgia Marble Company's operations during the 1950s and 1960s
Chatham County Deed Books, 1785-1806 Deeds for Chatham County from March 1785 to July 1806 from the collections of the Georgia Archives
Civil Rights and the Pulitzer Prize in Georgia Digital exhibition celebrating the centennial of The Pulitzer Prizes by featuring Pulitzer winners with ties to Georgia and featuring Pulitzer winning work that has promoted civil rights.
Colonial Will Books, 1754-1779 351 wills probated in the Royal Colony of Georgia from the collections of the Georgia Archives
Colonial Wills, 1733-1778 Wills and accompanying documents, including attestations, letters of administration, warrants of appraisement, and estate inventories, from the Colony of Georgia.
Confederate Enlistment Oaths and Discharges Enlistment oaths and discharges from Confederate troops raised by the State of Georgia.
County Maps State-produced maps of Georgia counties from 1866 to 1935.
County Tax Digests Eighteenth-century Georgia tax digests from the Georgia Archives
District Plats of Survey Original surveys of land districts in counties made prior to distribution of land by lottery, between 1805 and 1833, plus resurveys or renewed surveys of districts.
District Survey Field Notebooks Field notes of Georgia's surveyors created prior to distribution of land by lottery from 1805 to 1833.
Flag Collection Flags from every major military conflict of the 20th and 21st centuries and many non-military flags collected as part of the history of Georgia and the Capitol.
Governors' Letterbooks Letterbooks of Georgia governors from 1872 to 1899.
Headright and Bounty Plats of Survey, 1783-1909 Headright and lottery plats for Burke and Screven County from 1783 to 1909
Historic Maps (Georgia Archives) Maps dating from the 1740s collected by Georgia's Office of Surveyor General.
Historic Postcard Collection (Georgia Archives) Postcards dating from 1900 to 1979 depicting historic buildings and landmarks throughout Georgia.
Lamar Q. Ball Photograph Collection: World War II in Georgia Photographs of World War II efforts in Georgia collected by author Lamar Q. Ball.
Leo Frank Clemency File Application for Executive Clemency and supporting documentation filed by Leo Frank in 1915.
Militia Enrollment Lists, 1864 Enrollment lists of all free white males between sixteen and sixty not serving in Confederate or State service from 1864.
Small Print Collection Visual images from the collections of the Georgia Archives including historic buildings, Georgia industry, and politicians.
Trademark Registrations, 1894-1959 Trademarks from products sold in Georgia from 1894 to 1959
Vanishing Georgia Historically significant photographs of people, places, and structures from Georgia's past from the Vanishing Georgia Collection at the Georgia Archives.
Virtual Georgia The Virtual Georgia collection is intended to document the lives of Georgians from all walks of life: their religious and social celebrations, homes, art, architecture, dress, and customs. As the collection grows it will encompass a broader and richer documentation of Georgia life, particularly in the early part of the 21st century.