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The Berrien Historical Foundation was formed to preserve, share, and display the history of Berrien County since its creation in 1856. This effort requires the gathering of oral and written histories, artifacts, and photographs of events, families, locations, and the way of life of the residents of the county over the 15 decades of its existence. Generations of families, farmers, store keepers, turpentiners, teachers, preachers, and government officials have passed on and their legacy can only be preserved if their desecendants act now. This great task can only be accomplished through the dedicated efforts of individuals who have a sincere interest and desire to willingly participate in such a worthwhile goal.

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Name Description
Berrien County Georgia Historical Photos Collection Photographs dating from 1850 onwards that document the history of Berrien County, Georgia: the collection features Berrien County families, communities, schools, business establishments, and religious life.