"Thar's gold in them thar hills": Gold and Gold Mining in Georgia, 1830s-1940s

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General Resources

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Prospectuses and Reports (not generally available)
Mining companies for which a library holds either reports or prospectuses are listed with corresponding dates.

Georgia Archives

  • Auraria Mines, 1860.

  • Crown Mountain Gold Mining and Milling Company, 1899.

University of Georgia Libraries

  • Chestatee Hydraulic Company, 1858.

  • Hand Gold Mining Company, 1874.

  • C. K. Jarrett Mine, 1870.

  • Lincoln Gold Mining Company, 1854.

  • Nacoochee Hydraulic Mining Company, 1860.

  • Pascoe Gold Mine, 1858.

  • Southern Gold Company, 1859.

  • Sprague Gold Mining Company, 1867.

  • Standard Gold Mining Company, n.d.

District of Columbia:
Library of Congress

  • Kingsmount Gold Mine, 1860.

North Carolina:
Duke University

  • Lumpkin Chestatee Fluming and Mining Company, 1867.

University of North Carolina

  • Stephenson Gold Mining Company, 1861.