Patricia Kennedy Photographs, circa 1940

This collection of photographs contains seemingly random images of the American South during the 1940s. Some of the photographs show scenes in Atlanta, Georgia, however the locale of many of the images has not been determined. Images of Atlanta include a Civil War monument in Piedmont Park, the Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street, and Union Station and the Federal Reserve Bank downtown. Also included is a photograph of the Confederate Memorial carving on Stone Mountain. Some of the unidentified photographs depict rural areas and include images of farm equipment, waterfalls, and a Sinclair service station with a display that pays tribute to President Franklin Roosevelt. Other rural images include a roadside barbecue restaurant with a bi-plane on its roof, and a parade featuring an unidentified dignitary in a stretch limousine. The rest of the collection contains images of unidentified urban areas and include numbered trolley cars, telephone poles, a storefront, a bus station, a mule-driven buggy in an unidentified residential area, and a motorcade with soldiers posing for a picture.

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