Atlanta's Unspoken Past Oral History Project

This collection includes oral history interviews surrounding lesbian and gay history and culture in Atlanta prior to the explosion of gay rights movements that occurred in cities across the United States in the early 1970s. Gay women and men were asked to share their backgrounds; coming out experiences; reasons for staying in, moving to, or away from Atlanta; recollections of same-sex relationships and local gay life; and ideas about community, race, gender, and religion, region, and sexuality. The collection documents the specific features of Atlanta that facilitated and structured social interactions; the institutions of everyday life (church, school, clubs, sports, etc.) that figured into participants' identities; how work and leisure activities limited or facilitated same-sex friendships and relationships; and how race and gender shaped the everyday lives and experiences of participants. The online collection features clips of two to five minutes in length of each of the interviews. Complete transcripts are available online.

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