Southern Highlander, 1959 December, Volume 46, Issue 6

We give Thee but Thine own, Whate'er the gift may be; All that we have is Thine alone, A trust, 0 Lord, from

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/ ?eep in the heart of nearly every freshman who enrolls at Berry is a dream to be the kind of person, to do the kind of things that made Berry great.
After four years on this campus, seniors find their dreams coming to fruition. They are preparing to take those dreams, those ideals, into the world and make them come true and guide them in their daily lives. These young men and women with high hopes and pure aspirations are the gift of Berry to the world.
Christmas, perhaps, is the time to meditate on the gift of Christian idealism Berry has loosed upon the world.
Berry was envisioned through the eyes of pity. It grew and became strong because the dreams and ideals that started the school attracted strong men and women with dedicated lives.
Berry will continue to grow in stature and service as it continues to attract men and women who have the love of Christ and his services in their hearts.

William McChesney Martin, Jr., chair man; John A. Sibley, vice chairman; Dr. Harmon Caldwell; Mrs. Virginia Campbell Courts; J. Battle Hall; Mrs. Inez Henry; Nelson Macy, Jr.; E. W. Moise; G. Lamar Wescott; and R. W. Woodruff.


December 1959

Vol. 46 No. 6

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Boys came to the schools at first to learn to read and write. Students come today with a strong background of high school education. The first boys came because there were no other schools they could attend. Students come today because Berry still has something for them they have failed to find elsewhere-- an idealistic approach to study, to work, to live.
The idealism of Berry is no accident. It was a part of the beginning; it is in the present, and it will guard and guide the future.
Christian idealism, deep in the hearts and lives of her students and graduates, is Berry's gift to the world. It is her Christmas gift.
Yet, this gift would be impossible were it not for you, the loyal friends who have in your hearts the same ideals that brought the Berry dream to reality. Every stone, every brick, every white pillar on the campus is a tribute to you and your support. Every student who goes from Berry goes because you have cared enough to share.
At this Christmas time it is our privilege to wish to you, friends of Berry, a joyous, happy Christmas.
John R. Bertrand, President, The Berry Schools

"And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us."
Dear Friends of Berry:
You have made Christmas brighter and richer for hundreds at Berry. You have given joy to those of us who are privileged to pass your gifts on to these young people and to see the results in their lives.
As the year comes to a close some of you are sending additional gifts. Only God can tell, as we go into the New Year, how far-reaching these year-end gifts may be. We are grateful for your help and even more grateful for your friendship and prayers.
In a world filled with changes and differences of opinion among men and nations we send to each of you the age-old Christmas wishes:
May the presence of the Christ Child bless and cheer;
May His Peace fill your mind; His light illumine your pathway; His love flood your heart; His gift of life come to you anew with the
Miracle of Christmas.
May we all, in His name and for His sake, keep Christmas now and for always.
Faithfully yours,

Inez Henry, Assistant to the President


Please accept my enclosed Christmas Gift for Berry.


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