Southern Highlander, 1958 December, Volume 45, Issue 6



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x vVeeds of skepticism cannot gain a firm roothold at Berry.
They cannot take over permanently an area cultivated by fiftysix years of faith and loving effort.
And as I write these lines in one of the earliest buildings at Berry, I realize once again: These are the schools that faith built. Faith of the founder took hold and grew, and friends everywhere rallied to help bring about faith's tangible re sults--our schools!
We have been touched little by skeptical people who be lieved only in what they could see or hold in their hands. Absolute materialists along the way who could not compre hend the potentialities of Berry would happily and with sur prise note the realities here today.
We are enthusiastic about our campus and about neces sary additional edifices of education--construction of our new men's dormitory is nearing--but we are more enthusiastic

William McChesney Martin, Jr., chair man; John A. Sibley, vice chairman; Dr. Harmon Caldwell; Mrs. Virginia Campbell Courts; J. Battle Hall; Mrs. Inez Henry; Nelson Macy, Jr.; E. W. Moise; Pollard Turman; G. Lamar Westcott; and R. W. Woodruff.


December 1958

Vol. 45 No. 6

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on a/2.
Christmas, 1958
about the building of character. True, one cannot actually see character or hold it in one's hand. But the strong and eternal things in this world are felt and realized even when not seen.
There is only one sure way I know to the future. The way of faith can help us push aside the curtain to the view beyond. Is faith real? Yes, I firmly believe there is nothing more real and everlasting.
That's why, in the beginning of this season which re kindles faith, I want to express our deep gratitude to you for your faith in Berry's future.
With the coming new year, we rededicate ourselves to ever-increasing effort for Berry's continued growth and de velopment. We do it in the belief that thousands of years from today faith will continue to warm the hearts of mankind at Christmastime and always make for positive and enduring acts of wisdom and goodness. In Jesus' words: "My peace I give unto you. Arise, let us go hence."
A Merry Christmas to you--everyone!
John R. Bertrand, President, The Berry Schools

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Dear Friends of Berry:
the Old Year comes to a close I cannot think of more appropriate words in which to express our thanks than the familiar Biblical quotation, "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." We are grateful that you, with all of your obligations, have remembered The Berry Schools. Because thousands of you have cared and have shared in the work we have educated more than 16,000 young men and women for this period of need. And our world, despite all of its shadows, is brighter because of you. For your interest, your prayers and your help we are truly grateful. We ask your continued faith and friendship that we may, again, unite our efforts in the New Year to train new lives, foster new hopes and help to build a per manent peace.
Gratefully yours,
Inez Henry, Assistant to the President
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