Southern Highlander, 1957 December, Volume 44, Issue 4



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Glowing wishes for your Cheery Christmas and Peaceful 1958

The Berry Schools Bulletin

mount Berry, Georgia

Speaking of Berry

with John R. Bertrand Pres., The Berry Schools


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The Cover. The custom of candlelighting at Sunday morning services at
Mount Berry Chapel has particular significance in its acquiring even warmer, cheerier radiance at Christmastime for students and friends of The Berry Schools and College. The Schools' sincere wish is that these glowing candles-- here and everywhere you see them--kindle a merry Christmas spirit in your heart and brighten your pathway to happy tomorrows.

The Berry Schools Bulletin

Vol. 44

December 1957

No. 4

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: William McChesney Martin, Jr., chairman; John A. Sibley, vice chairman; Dr. Har mon Caldwell; Mrs. Virginia Campbell Courts; Mrs. Inez Henry; Nelson Macy, Jr.; E. W. Moise; Pollard Turman; G. Lamar Westcott, and R. W. Woodruff.

Published by The Berry Schools, inc. --Founded by Miss Martha Berry Jan. 13, 1902--at Mount Berry, Georgia Printed by students on the schools' press.
Printed and published quarterly at Mount Berry, Georgia. Entered as second-class mail matter at Mount Berry, Georgia, Act of Congress, March 3, 1879. Acceptance for mailing at special rates of postage provided for by section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917. Authorized July 24, 1918.
The Southern Highlander

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from the Senior Class President Berry College
WE ARE approaching Christmas--the season perhaps with more sig nificance than any other. During the past year, man has learned much about our world, and today artificial moons and space travel can become realities.
As we observe this yuletide season in a modern age, may the traditional significance of Christmas be foremost in our hearts. Let us not forget the first Christmas and our Savior's birth in the manger because "there was no room for them in the inn."
This Christmas may we rededicate ourselves for the Christchild and strive for lives worthy of his blessings--lives that will create an era of genuine peace and good will among all men.
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from the Senior Class Vice President Berry College

TThE YULETIDE Season makes old friendships dearer and instills a desire for new friends. The universal meaning of Christmas, Love, is reborn in the hearts of men.
May the glow of the Christmas lights which symbolize the splendor of a star illuminate your heart and enrich your life this Christmas season and seasons to come.

December 1957

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Macauley said of Carlyle that he knew how to pack truth close and make it portable.

May we carry the truth of Christmas-- purposeful good will from God to man, and from man to man-- into the next 364 days.

With the ingredients of the Full Life:

Work well done. . .

Play well played. . .

Persons well met. . .

Reading well chosen. . .

God well served.


Friends of Berry:

May these ingredients all be blended in your living in the days to come.

Your interest, your gifts, and your prayers have made possible

the on-going, the outreach, and the continuance

of those ideals that have been Berry's since her beginnings in 1902.