Southern Highlander, 1956 December, Volume 43, Issue 4

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GREETINGS TO OUR FRIENDS! With every good wish for a Blessed Christmas Season and a New Year filled with happiness and opportu nities for service.

Joy to the world--the Lord is come!"

The Southern Highlander

Vol. 43

December 1956

No. 4

Founded by Miss Martha Berry January 13, 1902
Mount Berry, Floyd County, Georgia

Berry Schools are eleemosynary institutions. Gijts are tax exempt according to federal law.

Printed and Published quarterly at Mount Berry, Georgia. Entered as Second Class Mail Matter at Mount Berry, Georgia, Act of Congress, March 3, 1879. Acceptance for mail ing at special rates of postage provided for by section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917. Author ized July 24, 1918.

Printed hy Students on the School's Press


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That night when in the Judean skies The mystic star dispensed its light, A blind man moved in his sleep-- And dreamed that he had sight!
That night when shepherds heard the song Of hosts angelic choiring near, A deaf man stirred in slumber's spell-- And dreamed that he could hear!
That night when in the cattle stall Slept child and mother, cheek by jowl, A cripple turned his twisted limbs-- And dreamed that he was whole!
Jhat night when o'er the new-born babe The tender Mary rose to lean, A loathsome leper smiled in sleep-- And dreamed that he was clean!
That night when to the mother's breast The little King was pressed secure, A harlot slept a happy sleep-- And dreamed that she was pure!
That night when in the manger lay The sanctified who came to save, A man moved in the sleep of death-- And dreamed there was no grave!
--Author Unknown

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The purpose and standards for which the Berry School stands are shown on her seal.
The seal is shaped like a shield. Across its top the Schools' motto, "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister," is written.
Simplicity, labor and religion, these are the Berry standards. The seal is divided into four parts, each part having an emblem of the criteria.
Simplicity is represented by the Original Log Cabin. Miss Berry began her Sunday School at Possum Trot in that simple way. The same spirit is still a part of the Schools.
The Lamp of Learning stands for academic training which is stressed not only in the classroom, but knowledge and truth are ex emplified and applied to daily living.
The Plow signifies labor, and at Berry we are taught that hand training is as important as head training. There is great satisfaction in work well done and Berry students are encouraged to be faithful in the work hour.
For the religious life of the Schools the open Bible is the emblem. The Bible, the foundation of all truths, was most important in the beginning of the Berry Schools. Today, it remains the most important factor.
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At this Season of the year our thoughts turn to our friends who have always helped to meet our needs, and have constantly renewed our courage and inspiration. Because of your faith in us we, hereby, dedicate ourselves anew to the great task of ministering to young people who need the Christian training that only the Berry Schools, with their distinctive program, can provide.
We are grateful for your gifts, your interest, and above all your friendship and your prayers.



place these gifts on my altar this Christmas;



Gifts that are mine, as the years are mine:


The quiet hopes that flood the earnest cargo of my dreams: !B

The Best of all good things for those I love,





A fresh new trust for all whose faith is dim.



5? The love of life, God's precious gift in reach of all:


Seeing in each day the seeds of the morrow.

! 2$

Finding in each struggle the strength of renewal,


Seeking in each person the face of my Brother.

5?: I place these gifts on my altar this Christmas; Q?5r

5?. Gifts that are mine, as the years are mine.

5?. %

--Howard Thurman