Sankofa Scale Validation: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Racial Identity, Academic Confidence, and Success

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Sankofa Scale Validation: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Racial Identity, Academic Confidence, and Success
Talpade, Medha
Talpade, Salil
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African Americans--Education (Higher)--Georgia
Clark Atlanta University
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.749, -84.38798
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The intent of this project is to establish the construct validity of the 'Sankofa' scale which was developed to identify and synchronize the values and perceptions of the students of culturally relevant teaching and learning practices, in the academic realm. Participants (n = 171) who were students from a historically black university, reported the extent to which teaching strategies were present on a 5-point likert-type scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree and their importance on a 3-point scale ranging from not at all important to very important. A new variable, 'Relevance' was formed based on the multiplicative function of importance and presence of a teaching and learning strategy. Results of a factor analyses identified 8 factors which students deemed relevant to their learning. To establish construct validity, variables such as racial identity, academic confidence, and academic success were included on the survey. Racial identity was measured by the Black Identity Development Scale, academic confidence was measured by the Academic Confidence scale. Academic success was defined as the student grade point average (GPA). Results indicated significant relationships between specific items on the Sankofa scale, specific subscales on the racial identity scale, as well as academic confidence and GPA. Understanding these relationships is a step towards being responsive to the increasingly diverse student body. Thus, establishing construct validity of this scale is important to help guide academicians in the realm of scholarly teaching and learning.
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