Student Sermons by Brenda H. Tapia, circa 1969

Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection
Student Sermons by Brenda H. Tapia, circa 1969
Tapia, Brenda H.
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African Americans--Religion
Theology--Study and teaching
Theological seminaries
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.749, -84.38798
Interdenominational Theological Center student Brenda H. Tapia delivers two sermons titled Controlling a Potentially Deadly Weapon and Essentials for Good Leadership. In the first sermon she discusses words as a deadly weapon. In the second she discusses the minsters character.
00:00:06 Audio begins with greeting and prayer., 00:01:23 Introduces James 3:6-12., 00:03:29 Introduces sermon: Controlling a Potentially Deadly Weapon., 00:06:52 Illustrates about the problem of speaking about others in negative ways., 00:10:38 Talks about steps to take relative to controlling a potentially deadly weapon., 00:14:41 Talks about calling on the almighty to help in controlling ones speech., 00:19:24 Sermon ends., 00:19:42 Greeting and prayer., 00:21:19 Introduces 1st Timothy 3:1-7., 00:23:58 Introduces sermon: Essentials for Good Leadership., 00:24:10 Talks about students at ITC receiving their calling., 00:29:21 Talks about getting a full understanding of what it means to have impeccable character., 00:30:48 Illustrates how to live a descent and honest life., 00:36:20 Talks about the benefit of a full understanding of having an impeccable character., 00:36:50 Sermon ends., 00:37:18 Audio ends.
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