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The Tarlton Law Library in the Jamail Center for Legal Research supports the research and curricular needs of the students and faculty of the School of Law, as well as the research needs of the University community, members of the bar, and the public. The Tarlton Law Library is one of the largest academic law libraries in the country, with a physical collection of more than a million volumes and extensive electronic resources. In addition to a comprehensive collection of United States primary and secondary legal materials in print and digital formats, Tarlton has a broad interdisciplinary collection from the social sciences and humanities.

Library collections are comprehensive in terms of American law. The Library also collects extensively in foreign and international law and in several interdisciplinary areas of study. Our Virtual Library is designed to be an inclusive gateway to online legal research. You will find descriptions of legal research sources organized by subject matter and by jurisdiction. The Virtual Library is designed to be useful both to the legal community and to members of the general public.
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University of Texas
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Papers of Justice Tom C. Clark: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Cases of the U.S. Supreme Court Dockets, drafts of opinions, notes, and conference memorandums for the U.S. Supreme Court desegregation cases Sweatt v. Painter, Brown v. Board of Education, Heart of Atlanta v. Georgia, and Katzenbach v. McClung.